Childhood Lymphoma

The term childhood lymphoma refers to cancers that originate in the body's lymphatic tissues during childhood and include the lymph nodes, thymus, spleen, tonsils, adenoids, and bone marrow, as well as the lymph vessels that attach them. Although there are many types of cancer that actually spread to parts of the lymphatic system, lymphomas are distinct because they originate there. Statistics report that there are about 1,700 children below 20 years of age who are diagnosed with lymphoma each year in the United States. Childhood lymphomas are divided into two basic categories, Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, based on the appearance of their cancerous cells, and is the third most common type of cancer in children.

Some of the children have other nonspecific symptoms, such as fatigue, poor appetite, itching, or hives. They also show symptoms such as unexplained fever, night sweats, and weight loss.

In the United States, there are approximately 500 new cases of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma detected each year in children. This disease occurs generally after 3 years of age in children. NHL is more common than Hodgkin's disease in children younger than 15 years of age.

Although there are no lifestyle factors that have been definitively linked to childhood lymphomas, children who have received either chemotherapy or radiation treatments for other types of cancer are at a greater risk of developing lymphoma. The first important step in the diagnosis of the enlarged lymph node is a biopsy that involves the removal and examination of tissue, cells, or fluids from the body.

Treatment of childhood lymphoma is significantly determined by staging, a way to classify patients as per the spread of the disease at the time of diagnosis.

There are four stages of lymphoma, ranging from Stage I to Stage IV. This stage at diagnosis guides medical professionals determining the type of therapy and helps doctors in prognosis. Treatment injections radiation, chemotherapy or both, depending on the type and stage of the cancer as well as the age and health of the child.

How to Stop Mind Chatter When Trying to Sleep

You know the feeling: it's time for bed, you're tired, but your mind does not want to stop chattering to itself. And in the process, it's stopping you from going to sleep. It's just racing around as though it's the middle of the day. Here are some tips to help you get over the problem of your mind chatter stopping you from getting to sleep.

Start unwinding about an hour before going to bed

Part of the problem with mind chatter is that our mind does not have an on / off switch.

It really has trouble moving from being fully engaged to doing something more restful.

I find that by starting to unwind and slow down about an hour before bed time, my mind has Chance to finish most of the chatter it had started and allows me to get to sleep without too much interference from the background chattering.

Cut down on the caffeine

Caffeine is obviously in things like coffee and cola. But it's also in tea, so simply swapping from coffee to tea will not needarily do the trick.

Students know to drink coffee and pop caffeine tablets to help them stay wake to study.

Which means that you need to do the opposite to help you quiet your mind and get a good night's rest.

A good rule of thumb is to reduce your caffeine eye from about midday and cut it out altogether from mid to late afternoon.

But a word of warning: caffeine is a powerful drug, so cut down gradually rather than go cold turkey. Otherwise it will not be mind chatter that's keeping you awake, it will be a nasty throbbing headache instead.

Have a nice warm bath

This goes well with the first tip.

A nice, long, warm bath is a great way to unwind. It also helps sooth your body and helps you to relax.

If you're feeling especially slowly, light some aromatherapy candles to add to the atmosphere but even without that, a warm bath in subdued lighting can go a long way to relaxing you and cutting down the mind chatter.

Turn off all lights

The darker your room, the better.

That means turning off or covering all lights – even the alarm clock or the standby light on the television (which you should not have been watching just before retiring to sleep anyway!).

A pitch black room is best – you may need to get a blackout lining for your curtains or blinds but it's well worth the investment.

Learn to relax

Relaxation is something we instinctively knew when we were stillger but seem to forget as we get older.

You can learn to relax using methods such as yoga, meditation (a breathing meditation is simple and works very well) or hypnosis.

Some people seem to find it difficult to switch off, so listening to a pre-recorded relaxation track can be a good way to nudge your body in the right direction.

If you combine that with some binaural beats – a high tech name for playing two slightly different tones, one in each ear – then you've got a recipe for a really excellent night's sleep.

Can I Run a Race Without Registering For It?

I often have athletes that I coach decide that they want to run a race in training to help them prepare for their up-coming goal race. Sometimes they either want to use the race to simulate the conditions for their goal race, or they want to get in a long run while having the company of other runners and the help of aid stations.

Many times my clients ask me if they must register and pay for the race or can they just run it and not take the medal as your cross the finish line. I always tell my clients that they need to register and pay the fee. This is the same information I pass on to you. I recommend this for many reasons.

Running a race without registering and paying the entry fee is very common. It is called being a bandit. The first reason to register for a race is to be allowed to be on the course. I most cases races do not want unregistered runners on the course. They can be a liability to both the race and the other runners. They put an additional burden on race officials and they can cause someone else or themselves to get hurt in some way.

The second reason is to think about the other runners. Use the 2007 Chicago Marathon as an example. Both years the weather was warmer than usual for that time of year. There were even reports of aid stations that had run out of water or Gatorade. Imagine yourself in the marathon that year. The temperature is in the low 90’s and you are approaching mile 20. As we all know mile 20 seems to be where everyone falls apart in the marathon. As you approach the aid station you feel like a glass of water or Gatorade is essential to helping you make it to the finish line. As you reach the aid station you see a volunteer hand out the last cup of water to a runner without a bib on. You decide to move on to the Gatorade just to discover that it too has run out. Now you have to run another mile hoping that the next aid station has fluids all the while know that the glass of liquid you paid for when registering for the race was just stolen by the bandit just in front of you who did not pay the entry fee. How would you feel?

The third reason is for safety purposes to you. You have decided to bandit a 25 kilometer trail race. The trail takes you through a very remote section of the wilderness that consists of steep hills that you must negotiate. You think that the race will make an ideal situation for you to get in a long run and hill training to prepare you for an up-coming hilly marathon. About mid-race your reach the top of a hill and you are headed down the other side of it. Suddenly you toe catches a rock and you are tumbling down the hill. Sometime during your slide down the hill you hit your head. Now you are unconscious. A race official is notified of your position and emergency personnel are summoned. The only problem now is that they have no idea who you are because you have no identification and no bib number to match up with registration information. The emergency personnel have no idea what medication you may or may not be allergic to or what your past medical history may include that could help them treat you.

These are just three reasons why it is important to register and pay the entry fee anytime you run a race. Being a bandit can seem like a cheap way to get into a race it should be avoided. Do yourself and all your fellow runners a favor and pay that entry fee.

Side Effects With Using Hydrocortisone Cream As Eczema Treatment

In my teens, I was first introduced to using hydrocortisone cream for my eczema treatment. Since then, every time I had an outbreak, I would turn to it. This continued for more than ten years. However, in the last few years, I noticed that increasingly applying hydrocortisone creams on my affected skin is not as effective as before. In fact, it got harder and harder to control my eczema. My affected skin also got thinner and I would get abrasions very easily. I then decided to find out the truth behind the side effects of using hydrocortisone creams.

Hydrocortisone cream (1%) is one kind of topical corticosteroids and is easily available at your local store without prescription. They are packaged in various forms such as creams and lotions and are marketed under different brands.

Corticosteroid creams are topical skin applications which are used for skin itching, redness, discomfort and other skin-related problems. They come in varying strengths. Stronger ones are only available via prescription by your doctor. Corticosteroids are referred to as steroids. The term steroids often have a negative ring to it because of a number of side effects that this drug is known to bring. Corticosteroids for eczema are different from anabolic steroids, which are used by some athletes to increase their endurance.

However, just like any other type of drugs, hydrocortisone cream for eczema treatment also has its own side effects especially if you do not administer it properly. You should always check to see if you are allergic to steroids in the first place. Ask your doctor if in doubt. Secondly, as I have found out, prolonged use can cause skin to thin out. This is a condition known as atrophy. Because your skin is now more sensitive due to thinning out, you are more prone to skin abrasion and infection. That is why if you have eczema and have used hydrocortisone cream for weeks or months, you are more susceptible to a fungi and bacteria infection. With an infection, your eczema symptoms are sure to worsen.

You also get the appearance of stretch marks with prolonged use. Your blood vessels swell and there is loss of skin pigment in the affected areas. Your bloodstream may also absorb the strong steroids and this can affect other body systems. In the worst case scenario, it can also suppress the production of your natural adrenaline, thus causing you to be prone to a lot of illness including Cushing’s syndrome.

In all situations, it is in your best interest to minimize the use of hydrocortisone creams or corticosteroids for your eczema treatment. If you need to use them, do so sparingly and use only as directed. If you find that your medication is not working within a week, stop its usage and see a skin doctor right away. You may need a stronger prescription. It is far better to treat your eczema with an appropriate strength medication than to use one that is not effective. A stronger prescription also allows you to get your eczema treated within a shorter period of time. In addition, look for alternative eczema treatment options which are natural and potentially produce fewer or no side effects.

Glaucoma Signs – Effective Step to Eliminate Glaucoma Signs

Are you afraid of blindness? My answer is absolutely yes and I'm sure that all people on this earth are afraid of losing our ability to see. Imagine living in the darkness will surely make us scary.

Some unfortunate mankind was born blind but some of human lose their ability because of eye disease. Nowadays there is an eye sickness called glaucoma which can lead us to blindness. Not many people know why it happens and how to prevent it. Actually Glaucoma happens due to excess pressure to eyeballs. Even it sounds scary but not many of us realize it.

Glaucoma signs are first marked by the narrowing field and tunnel vision. If we do not take any action to heal it, then permanent blindness can occur. Most of the time, glaucoma is caused by stress. We tend to be worry, anxious, and panic if blindness comes to us. The more stress and strain on eyes we get the worse glaucoma symptoms we have.

When you feel this first symptom, hurriedly go to a doctor to have our eyes checked. Get your doctor to prescribe medication to relieve your eyes tension and to drain the fluid in your eyes.

Beside going to doctor, you can also do an effective and natural step to eliminate glaucoma signs. Try to practice relaxation every time we can. Clear your mind and take time to relax all over your body including our eyes. The simple way is to practice it before you go to sleep. Lie down in your dark room, inhale and exhale deeply. Imagine beautiful things which can make us feel a total relaxation. You can feel the relaxation from your head to your toes. Try to focus on relaxing your eyes.

Glaucoma signs are possible to be cured if you have a strong willingness to practice the natural and effective step as mentioned before. Do practice it constantly and you will be amazed to experience the result. However, if the ailment is not coming better or even worse, you'd better have your eyes checked by the professional doctor.

A Healing Heart, Positive Attitude, And Open – Mind

There is no such thing, as an accurate, crystal – ball, when it comes, to foreseeing, one's health, and happiness. However, most experts agree, one's attitude, focus, self-confidence, and willingness to consider options, and alternatives, with an open – mind, gains one's abilities, and potential! Are you someone, who considers, obstacles, as problems, or, simply, as challenges, to overcome? Do you believe in yourself, and that you'll succeed, or focus on the negatives? Do you prefer to try to get along with others, and proceed through life, with genuine empathy, with a so-called, healing heart, or are you confrontational, adversarial, and polarizing? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, how these things, coincide, with one's overall health.

1. Healing heart: Those who proceed, through life, with a true, healing heart, often, enjoy living, more, and enjoy more moments, than those, who lack this quality! Those who seek to bring people together, for the common good, generally, minimize undesirable, unnecessary stresses, and tensions. When you are happy, you are usually healthy! How will you proceed, to enjoy things more, and look for the good, in people, rather than being, judgmental, and confrontational, toward others?

2. Positive attitude: How strong one's will, to live, is, often dictates, his enjoyment, satisfaction, and how, he handles, stresses and strains, and life's challenges! Are you able to handle disappointments, by converting, lemons, to lemonade? Will you do, what benefits you, by believing in your ability, etc, and proceeding, in a more satisfied, happier, and, this, often, healthier way? If you think you can, you will, and if you believe you can not, you will not. However, generally, either way, you'll be correct, so, which do you think, is the more effective, better way, to live?

3. Open – mind: There is no such thing, as a, one – size – fits – all, way, of living, and / or believing. However, those who are able to maintain an open – mind, and consider the possibilities, options, and alternatives, your little struggles, will not become expanded, and, you will consider, the best way, to proceed. When one follows a system, based on overall, wellness, rather than limiting itself, to only, conventional remedies and approaches, often, experiences, far more unnecessary challenges, and issues!

If you maintain a healthy heart, a true, can – do, positive attitude, and have a real, consistent, open – mind, you will probably enjoy a healthy life! Are you prepared, to do, what is in, your own, best interests?

Chord Progressions For Modes – A How-to Guide

People often email me to ask how I write jam tracks in a specific mode.
Most guitarists have at least a vague idea about modes and many have gotten as far as learning some positions / shapes and are left thinking "what next ?!". This article will explain how to write chord progressions and vamps to accompaniment modes of the major scale and explain why they work with each mode.

How to construct / spell the modes of the major scale
How to harmonize a major scale (chord scale, roman numeral analysis)

Most players understand modes as the notes from a major scale but starting and ending on a different note. This is true but it's not the full story. What is in the accompanying harmony, particularly the bass provides the all important (and oft-neglected) context.
For example, playing in C major / ionian (CDEFGAB); starting and ending on an E does not immediately yield a phrygian sound. E phrygian over C major chord still sounds like C major. It sounds like E phrygian when played over an E minor chord.

The important thing is to get the tonality or the mood of each mode firmly into your ear and brain.

Three Methods for Writing Modal Vamps and Chord Progressions

Method 1: IV and V of the Parent Major Over the Root / Tonic of Mode
If you have not learned how to harmonize a major scale you should cover that now. Also, a basic understanding of slash chords is assumed.

In this method you play the IV and V chords from the key that the mode is derived from. For example C # phrygian is the third mode of (and in the key of) A (spelled ABC # DEF # G #). The modal tonic (or root) is simply the note that gives the mode it's name – in this example, C #. The IV and V chords of A are D and E. So, we would play D / C # and E / C # to create a phrygian sound.

Let's do another example in the same key. If we wanted to play in D lydian we would use the same IV and V chords as we're in the same key but put D (the modal root) in the bass. Thus, D and E / D.

Method 2: Modal Root / Tonic Chord with an Adjacent Chord (s) for Movement
A simple but often overlooked principle is that scales / modes and chords are made from the same notes. We build chords from the notes in scales and we name the notes in chords according to their position in a scale. Scales sound good over chords that contain the same notes. This means that major chords are good for major modes and minor chords good for minor modes.

A vamp large sticks to one chord. But this can get a bit boring so we add an adjacent chord to create movement and contribute to the modal sound. By adjacent chord, I mean a chord next to the tonic chord in the chord scale. For example, the chords in the key of C are I – CMaj7, II – Dmin7, III = Emin7, IV = FMaj7, V = G7, VI = Amin7, VII = Bdim7. If we wanted to play in D dorian we would play primarily the Dmin7 (IImin7) and add the Emin7 (IImin7) and Cmaj7 (IMaj7) as passing chords.

Method 3: Modal Root / Tonic with Cadence Chords
This method relies on using unstable chords, which sound like they need to resolve to move into more stable chords ie cadence.

Each mode has a character note, which identifies it from other modes and is there before critical to establishing it's unique sound. They are as follows:

Character Tones
Ionian (Major) = natural 4th
Dorian = natural 6
Phrygian = b2nd
Lydian = # 4th
Mixolydian = b7
Aeolian = b6

Chords with the character tone in resolve well to the more stable modal tonic.

Use these chords along the tonic (I) chord to construct modal vamps:

Ionian = IVMaj7, V7
Dorian = Iimin7, IV7, bVIIMaj7
Phrygian = bIIMaj7, bVIImin7
Lydian = II7, Vmaj7, VIImin7
Mixolydian = Vmin7, bVIIMaj7
Aeolian = IVmin7, bVIMaj7

NB: In the example above, roman numerals refer to the modal degree rather than the parent major eg "IV" refers to the 4th chord in the mode not the key as in previous examples.

For those wishing to extend these chords, add available tensions.

Caveats and Things to Consider
Because the major (ionian) sound is so familiar we do not have to work so hard to maintain it's tonality. Therefore method 3 works best for the remaining, less familiar, modes.

The locrian mode is ignored in this method because it has the paradox of having an unstable b5 in the tonic / root chord, which we want to sound more stable.

Also, dominant 7 chords are avoided because they have such a strong cadence pull towards the root chord of the parent major. Replacing the dominant 7 with the diatonic triad namesake avoids this ie use GMaj rather than G7.

How to Begin
A sensible first step is to explore the tonality (mood or feel) of each mode. Start with jam tracks and play simple melodies that capture the mood of the mode.

Lasik Surgery – What Causes Nearsightedness?

Lasik Surgery – taking the mystery out of nearsightedness

Nearsightedness, known as myopia, can be caused by one of two conditions. The cornea or crystalline lens is too powerful or the eyeball is too long and shaped more like an oval than a sphere. Both of these conditions cause the image you are viewing to be projected in front of the retina instead of on the retina, where it belongs for clear vision. Young children with myopia may need stronger and stronger glasses because the length of their eyeball continues to grow as they grow and the images become farther out of focus. Myopia for some adults stabilizes in their late 20s.

People with myopia can not see objects clearly in the distance and their crystalline lens is not able to adjust their focus automatically for them. They are able to see near objects clearly which is where the term nearsighted came from. There are 3 categories of myopia; low myopia, moderate myopia and high myopia. As myopic persons age, those with low myopia may find it easier to read by removing their glasses. But in contrast, those with moderate to high myopia, find their near vision is limited as they age and may need to wear bifocals to read.

For those with moderate to high myopia who elect to have Lasik surgery, they may find that Lasik surgery corrects their distance vision but they may still need bifocals for reading. Many patients find that this is a good trade off because it eliminates the need for wearing glasses or contacts when they drive, go sight seeing on vacation and participate in sports. They only need to wear glasses when they read or do close up work. For most, this is a compromise they are happy to make.

A well shaped cornea allows light to focus through the pupil evenly and the light rays display on the retina in an even pattern. With a normal, but less perfect cornea, the light focuses through the pupil unevenly at varying angles. To correct myopia, the surgeon uses a laser to flatten the corneal curve of the eye to reduce its focusing strength. The laser thins the center of the cornea by vaporizing a small amount of tissue (less than the thickness of a human hair). This change to the cornea, allows the image to be projected on the retina where it belongs. With Lasik surgery, your nearsightedness can be a 'thing of the past'.

What Happens During A SmartLipo Procedure?

SmartLipo is essentially a kind of advanced liposuction procedure. It is used to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat especially around the abdomen, thighs, upper arms and neck. The treatment is quick and painless and is usually carried out as an outpatient basis.

Here's what you can expect when you go in to get that extra fat removed.

The SmartLipo Procedure

The practitioner will first anesthetize the areas from where you want the fat removed. You will be wake and aware of everything that is happening but you will not feel any pain because the areas to be appreciated are anesthetized.

First, a tiny incision the size of a pen tip is made in the area that has just been anesthetized. A small tube is then inserted through this incision. The Smartlipo laser fiber goes into your body through this tube.

When the laser reaches the fat cells, it ruptures the membranes, permanently destroying the cells. The laser then auctions the liquefied fat out gently through the ruptured membranes.

You can leave and go home as soon as the treatment is over. There is no need for an overnight stay.

What To Expect After The Treatment

After the SmartLipo procedure, you will need to wear a compression garment for about 7 days. In the days following the fat removal, the body starts producing new collagen, which coagulates and tightens the skin.

The number of sittings you need to go for will depend on the number of areas that you want treated. In most cases, one treatment is sufficient.

The best part about this treatment is that you can see the results much faster than what you can expect with any other procedure. In most cases, the results will start to be noticeable in about a week after your appointment. Then, over the next three to six months you will see a gradual but continuous improvement.

Why You Should Consider Getting A Smartlipo Triplex Treatment

If you want to get rid of stubborn fat, this is the best treatment available today. It offers several advantages not just over traditional liposuction but also over most other cosmetic procedures that are carried out for fat removal.

Smartlipo is a minimally invasive procedure, which means less pain and less recovery time. It also means there are fewer risks and fewer expenses involved.

The treatment is supported by several years of clinical studies and has been proven to be safer and more effective than several other fat-removal procedures.

Natural Therapy For Pancreas Diseases

The pancreas is an elongated and tapered gland that is located at the back of the abdominal cavity behind the stomach in the loop of the duodenum, where the small intestine begins. The pancreas has several jobs to do in the body. Two of these important tasks are: One, it secretes digestive enzymes into the duodenum that helps break down food into particles that the body can absorb. Two, it releases hormones, such as insulin, into the bloodstream.

A brief anatomy course on the pancreas can be helpful. The pancreas has cells that release digestive enzymes. These enzymes flow into a series of ducts. One particular duct is called the pancreatic duct. This duct has an important function – it connects with the common bile duct at the ampulla of Vater. The Sphinster of Oddi is the muscle valve between the ampulla of Vater and the duodenum, where the small intestine begins. The Sphinster of Oddi has a binary purpose. One, it regulates the flow of bile and pancreatic juice through the ampulla of Vater into the duodenum. Two, it prevails the entry of duodenal content back into the ampulla of Vater.

Every part of the anatomy noted above has a particular function or functions. The Sphinster of Oddi controls the movement of bile and pancreatic juice towards the small intestine that helps the body digest food. But it also acts like a door and shuts itself so that no toxins from the duodenum can re-enter the pancreas and go back upstream, so to speak.

The pancreas also works with sodium bicarbonate. You guessed it. It also has a binary function. One, the pancreas secretes large amounts of sodium bicarbonate, which protects the duodenum by neutralizing the acid that comes from the stomach. Two, the secreted sodium bicarbonate creates an alkaline environment for the proper function of digestive enzymes and the normal function of the Sphinster of Oddi.

It can easily be deducted that all these parts need to work properly for the pancreas to do its job. If the pancreas is unhealthy, a large number of pancreatic diseases or illnesses can materialize. Key reasons for pancreatic diseases like pancreatitis are the results of having a problematic liver or gallbladder.

Many scientists believe the Sphinster of Oddi Dysfunction (SOD) is a result of pancreatic diseases. If the Sphinster of Oddi does not work properly, there can be congestion and inflammation of the pancreatic gland. The Sphinster of Oddi is a valve, allowing bile and pancreatic juices to move onward so that the digestive process can be fully completed. If there are difficulties with the secretion or elimination of bile, the pancreatic duct backs up, like the pipe in your kitchen sink. Pancreatic digestive enzymes, which are now clogged, start to digest their own pancreatic cells. This self-destruction can cause congestion, inflammation, pain, cysts and extremely, the death of the tissue in the pancreas.

Pancreatitis and SOD are a few of the pancreatic diseases and illnesses that can stem from an unhealthy pancreas. Millions of people suffer from symptoms ranging from mild to acute due to pancreatic illnesses.

In the 1700s in Europe, a gift from Mother Earth was found. Karlovy Vary thermal spring water hails from a town called Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in the Czech Republic. This thermal spring water stimulates the stomach and small intestine (duodenum) to release digestive hormones and the correct amount of them. These digestive hormones regulate the entire digestive process, promote secretion and elimination of bile and pancreatic juices, and control the proper function of bile and the pancreatic ducts and valves.

European doctors have been prescribing Karlovy Vary healing mineral water for the treatment of pancreatic, liver and gallbladder diseases for more than 250 years. This mineral healing water is impressive in its ability to multitask. Its benefits are multifold and can help a person heal in several key ways.

Karlovy Vary healing mineral water supplies the pancreas with minerals and bicarbonates, the main ingredients of the pancreatic juices. Healing mineral water created from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt may help with two major problems-pancreatic pain and pancreatic insufficiency. When the pancreas has sufficient minerals and bicarbonates, it runs on a full tank. A well-oiled machine has fewer pains and aches than one running on fumes.

Czech scientists also found that this healing mineral water could promote secretion and increase the activity of pancreatic enzymes in healthy volunteers, people with chronic pancreatitis, and patients who had their gallbladders removed. This healing mineral water not only can help someone with an ailing pancreas, but it can also help someone who is healthy and strong. Karlovy Vary healing mineral water can boost anyone's pancreatic overall health, which is great preventive medicine.

This healing mineral water contains almost all minerals and trace elements that are important for the human body. Water created from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt heals inflammations and repairs malfunctions of the digestive tract. It promotes energy, immunity and removals harmful toxic substances.

From the centuries of years of experience using Karlovy Vary mineral water, European doctors not aware that to achieve optimal results, a patient had to drink this water under the supervision of a knowledgeable health practitioner. How much of this mineral water is needed? When should it be consumed, in the morning, in the evening, or both? Not every individual is the same nor has the same symptoms. An experienced health practitioner can advise a patient accordingly.

With that said or in this case written, Karlovy Vary healing mineral water can be used by many in the medical world. Medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and colon hydrotherapists can add this healing option to their arsenal in fighting pancreatic illnesses and disorders. For the millions suffering from pancreatic ailments, they have an organic, non-drug option available to them.

Pancreatic disorders have proven difficult to treat or cure by conventional medicinal methods. Using a non-drug approach that encourages the pancreas to heal and rebuild itself has demonstrated to be effective. This article focuses on the healing properties of the European Karlovy Vary healing mineral water made from the original Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt. Its properties have been tested, studied, and documented by the medical community in Europe. As most of these finds were written in languages ​​other than English, the American public, and its medical professionals remain unaware of this healing option for people suffering from pancreatic disorders.

The information in this article is presented for educational, informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and advice of a qualified licensed professional.

The Gamma Brainwave and Manifestation in the Law of Attraction

You may have come across various experts and exponents of The Law of Attraction discussing the links between the Gamma brainwave and manifestation. Or, more accurately, the link between the Gamma brainwave and successful manifestation.

So, what are Gamma brainwaves and what is its connection to manifestation and The Law of Attraction?

Gamma brainwaves are the fastest of all the brainwave frequencies (certainly of those that have been successfully and comprehensively studied). Gamma brainwaves typically ranges from anywhere between 28 and more than 80 cps (cycle per second), with each of these cycles comprising an ‘on’ state (a peak) and an ‘off’ state (a trough).

Gamma brainwaves are generally only found to be active in the minds of people undergoing extreme mental stress or other mental activity. It is also prevalent in those who have achieved an unusually deep meditative state. A recent study of Buddhist monks in Tibet recorded Gamma brainwave activity in the region of 40 cycles per second, coinciding with their meditative activities, particularly when they had reached a higher state of clarity and insightfulness.

Given that manifestation calls for clarity of mind and focus, it need hardly be said that the ability to achieve these higher Gamma brainwave states would undoubtedly be of considerable benefit. In fact, there are those who believe that successful manifestation (as defined by The Law of Attraction) is virtually impossible for those who aren’t capable of achieving these higher states.

This explains the recent explosion of interest amongst Law of Attraction devotees in binaural beats, monaural beats, isochronic tones and other brain entrainment systems to stimulate the brain into adopting a particular frequency.

The link between the gamma brainwave and manifestation is likely to become more pronounced as time goes by.

Is a Full Fletched Millets Diet Good For You?

One is just about sure to have heard about millets or may even have tried out millets at some time in the past. But it very often happens that people are caught unaware of the qualities that this food grain is held with.

Nutrition content of millets may take one by surprise. If one makes millets a part of one's daily diet, it comes with a host of benefits for one's health.

1. Millets Are Easy To Digest

High alkaline content in millets ensures that these are easy to digest. Millets are also known to induce healthy weight loss.

2. A Fine Way To Control Diabetes

With a high level of fibers and low sugar levels, millets help control diabetes.

For maintaining consistent blood sugar levels, millets are the option to go for. Millets and finger millet in particular have been shown to keep one's blood sugar levels at its healthiest. With its high content of complex carbohydrates, it works by reducing starch digestion and absorption.

Millets are whole grain food grains, and are digested slowly by the body. So they do not spike the blood sugar levels, and are an excellent food for diabetics. Glycemic index of millets is lower as compared to wheat and rice.

3. A Way Towards Youthfulness

Millets are high in collagen. This keeps the skin elastic and keeps you looking young.

4. Rich In Minerals

Millets are rich in a host of minerals which are required for health and well being. These are in the right proportion and are present in an ingestible format. Some of these minerals include phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium.

As one goes for a food such as millets, there may be no need to go for mineral supplements!

5. High In Protein

Protein value of millets is exceptionally high. These are also rich in amino acids tryptophan and cystine.

Millet acts as a vegetarian friendly source of protein. While its protein value is similar to that of unprocessed wheat, millet is a richer source of essential amino acids. Roasting millets has been shown to retain most of its protein value.

6. Probably the Best Grain to Soothe Your Mood!

Millets are high in serotonin, which has a positive effect on one's mood. It works towards calming one's mind.

7. Millets Are A Great Food For The Heart

Consumption of millets gives a significant boost to one's cardiovascular health, mainly due to their high percentages of dietary fibers. Alternately, millets contain a higher percentage of carbohydrates (fibers) and lignins which are extremely beneficial for one's vascular health.

8. Miletts Let You Find The Entire Nutritional Value Of A Foodgrain!

Millets are whole grain cereals and this ensures that they retain their own nutritional value. It makes millets richer in minerals and micronutrients.

The Right Way to Consume Miles:

Millets are a much loved food in India. There is also a fundamental demand for the food grain in western countries. There are thousands of millets recipes which are very common in India. Nutritionists often recommend that one must try out single millet at a time instead of mixing them all together.

Even while there are innumerable millets dishes to try out, it is recommendable to swap one meal everyday for a dish made from millets, and that would help you achieve the best results for great health and well being.

International Medical Insurance

International travel for business or pleasure keeps growing at a fast pace, and a slowdown is not in the cards. The most serious problem the international traveler faces when he is on the move is the possibility of having a medical problem in a foreign country. International medical insurance goes a long way in softening the problem.

There are so many types of insurance, each with its range of small prints, that most people are better off taking assistance from reputed brokers or other professionals who are in the know. For a start, US insurance, like Medicare, should be checked about the amount of its coverage, or the possibility of buying additional coverage. The coverage of health and accident insurance must cover hospitalization, doctor bills and medicines. The time frame needs to be restricted to the actual time of being out of the country. The shorter duration obviously will reduce the cost.

Evaluating a person who has met with an accident or taken ill in an isolated place can be potentially expensive. So ensure that emergency evacuation is fully covered in any insurance that you buy. Some insurance policies do not cover pre-existing illnesses, and they ask for a history of medical problems. Others do not accept hazardousous vocations like mountain climbing or even skating. Many plans have a waiting period after the premium is paid. Ensure that the coverage is in place before leaving abroad. Keep the addresses and phone numbers of relevant persons who are to be notified to make a claim.

In case emergency medical treatment is needed, have all expenses listed in itemized bills to make a claim in the USA. The watchword in international medical insurance should be prudence and care to the smallest detail. If you find an insurance company with integrity, it will be possible to take the financial worry out of your travel.

Chronic Inflammation and Disease

You need inflammation to live. However it can also kill you. Acute infection is the immediate response to injury or infection. It is the redness and swelling following a cut or scratch which you need, or the infection could kill you. When it's chronic, the infection is an ongoing long term process in your body which causes a more serious medical condition.

You can not see this invader. It's inside your cells, tissues and arms, smoldering and doing its damage, and you do not know it's there until the damage is well on it's way to a serious illness or even death.

Most Chronic And Degenerative Illnesses, And Even Aging Is Caused By Inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation is determined by:

  • What you eat – do you eat fruits and vegetables, or do you eat chips, soda and all sorts of junk food?
  • What do you, do you exercise, or do you sit on the couch and let the tv entertain you?
  • Are you exposed to chemicals at home or at work – this could even be hairspray, or spray deodorant?

These are things we have control over, and have to take responsibility for. Inflammation causes autoimmune diseases which are diseases of an overactive immune system, such as, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus and many others.

Milder forms would be allergies, and skin conditions. If your immune system is underactive, you have an infection in your body and you will have colds, and flu more often than most people do.

The Most Common and Deadly Result of Chronic Inflammation Is Heart Attack and Stroke And Some Cancers. It is also the cause of weight gain and also the RESULT of weight gain. You can ask your doctor for a c-reactive protein test next time you are at the clinic. It's a simple blood test which will tell if you have an infection raging in your body, so you will know if you should make some lifestyle changes.

The Eye Health Producing Benefits Of Kefir For Maximum Health

Are you looking for a different way to improve your eye health and your general health at the same time? Then, you may want to consider adding Kefir to your diet. What is Kefir? Kefir is a cultured milk product resembling yogurt that you can drink which contains probiotic content. It supports the health of the digestive system and provides a series of different health benefits. Kefir boosts immunity, builds bone density, improves digestion, fights allergies, and improves the process of detoxification in the body to name a few. Kefir improves eye health due to its ability to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Due to its properties to promote digestive health, it can improve the absorption of nutrients to the visual system. Additionally, it does consist of Vitamin A; an essential eye promoting nutrient that is good for the development and protection of eye health. Therefore, here are some good reasons to incorporate this product into your diet for better health.

Kefir consists of different cultures and fermented foods. The word Kefir came from the Greek word which means to feel good. From that point of view, you will feel a sense of well – being after drinking Kefir due to the fact that it is helps the central nervous system, relieves anxiety, stress and boosts mood.

The people of Western Russia live to a ripe old age of 100. They are known to be one of the cultures in the world with the highest percentage of Centenarians. What was their secret? They consumed Kefir as a regular part of their diet. Dr. Alexander Leaf conducted a research study on the health of the Abkhazian people of Western Russia and the positive effects that Kefir played in improving their quality of life. The findings of this study revealed that Abkhazians were full of health and vigor and lived to 100 years old. Additionally, the research study revealed that even in spite of the fact that 80% of the people were over 90 years of age; they were mentally sharp and outgoing. Also, only 10% of the people complained of hearing problems and only 4% reported that they had poor eyesight.

Here are some of the vitamins and minerals found in Kefir. Kefir consists of Vitamin B12, Vitamin K2, Calcium, Magnesium, Biotin, Folate, enzymes and also it’s actually a better alternative to taking a probiotic supplement in capsule form because it’s better to obtain friendly bacteria from actual nutritional sources. It’s actually better than Yogurt for supporting digestive health. This is because it consists of 30 cultures of beneficial friendly bacteria that support gut health whereas Yogurt has only 10 cultures of friendly beneficial bacteria.

The key to excellent health is a properly working digestive system. This is due to the fact that 70% of the body’s immune system is found in the digestive tract. In terms of probiotic content the probiotic content in Kefir assists with improving digestive function. In order to function efficiently the digestive tract needs a good healthy composition of good healthy bacteria. There are 2 different types of bacteria in the gut. There is good bacteria and bad bacteria. Most digestive problems are related to the concentration of too much bad bacteria in the gut. Kefir helps to normalize the healthy ratio of good to bad bacteria in the gut thereby improving the efficiency of our digestive system. What does this have to do with improving eye health? Well, this helps our visual system because our eyes rely on a properly working digestive system for the proper absorption of vision supporting nutrients. Additionally, Kefir consists of Vitamin A an essential eye health promoting nutrient that promotes night vision and helps relieve dry eye.

If you are interested in improving your immunity and improving the function of your digestive system for maximum general health, taking the necessary steps to incorporate Kefir into your diet is a good idea.