Pubic Hair Removal Made Easy – The Ultimate Shaving Kit Review

Hair Care Down There is an e-commerce beauty company that creates products exclusively for pubic hair grooming. They recently relaunched their flagship product, The Ultimate Shaving Kit, in time for summer. The kit won the “Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Award for the Best Bikini-line Beautifier”. The formulas, Shave, Soothe & Smooth, were designed by a woman chemist to eliminate the rashes, ingrown hair, bumps and itching that some people experience after they groom their pubic hair.

The first thing I noticed when I received The Ultimate Shaving Kit, a Hair Care Down There exclusive, was the cute waterproof aqua carry-all case. The case keeps the pubic hair grooming formulas and tools discreetly stored between uses and there are extra pockets if you want to add some of your own beauty supplies.

Inside the case I found:

* A style guide.

* The three signature products: Shave, Soothe & Smooth.

* Round-tipped safety scissors with a rubber grip.

* Lightweight and narrow cartridge razor.

* 2-sided magnifying mirror.

* Brush and comb.

* Heart and landing strip stencils and stencil pencil.

* Decorative bindi adhesive jewels to enhance your design.

I was nervous about using the kit for my first bikini shave but I read the instruction guide that explained how to use the formulas and tools. The included tips and color pictures of the various styles of pubic hair grooming were very helpful.

By using the three gentle formulas made for pubic hair I discovered that I need not fear nicks, cuts or ingrown hair. The Shave, Soothe & Smooth products are a clear shaving gel (so you can see where you are shaving), a spray that prevents itching and rashes and an aloe and green tea moisturizer to keep skin smooth. These products can be reordered separately so that I restock the kit anytime.

The instructions were very easy to follow and the products did not sting or burn my skin. If you’re like me you’ll start out with a conservative bikini shave and progress to creative designs and bindi jewels when you grow more confident.

My fear of shaving my bikini area was completely unfounded. Hair Care Down There made it simple and safe. I highly recommend The Ultimate Shaving Kit for novices and those who are experienced in pubic hair grooming. It is wonderful to have everything you need all in one place and with a carry case that I will take with me when I travel.

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Skin Care, Body Rhythms, and Sleep

Most of us are all too familiar with that "dreaded" internal clock that wakes us at 7:00 AM on the weekend, despite our desire to sleep in. We fail to appreciate that this internal clock is part of a natural body rhythm that can dramatically impact our skin.

Scientific studies have revealed that our skin's biological functions follow "circadian cycles" which vary over the course of a 24 hour period. In the skin's biological clock, epidermal cell renewal and the permeability of the skin are both highest during the night.

The trick to good skincare is taking advantage of this knowledge and utilizing it to enhance our skin's health. Because the permeability of the skin is higher at night, more water loss naturally occurs at night. Consequently, a moisturizer that offers greater skin permeability and fluctuations water loss, should be applied before bedtime, to ensure moist, hydrated skin.

To provide the greatest effectiveness, a moisturizer should meet two tests. First, it should contain certain natural ingredients that have been specially formulated to be easily accepted by the skin. Green tea compounds, for example, are a must for today's moisture creams, as these compounds are seen by many scientists as skin cell rejuvenators.

Secondly, moisturizing cream should contain the latest silicone technology. Silicone molecules in a moisturizing cream provide a more even coverage than the molecules in hydrocarbon-based moisturizers by forming a sheet of hydration over the skin.

We sleep for approximately one-third of our lives, so let's make our sleep useful by developing good sleep habits and utilizing products that rebuild skin while we sleep. With ingredients that are formulated to work on a sub-cellular level and provide extra hydration to your skin, you'll be working with your skin's natural rhythms.

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Eczema on Feet – Aloe Vera for Eczema Feet

Eczema on feet, like other eczema, can be very annoying. If you have eczema on your feet, you are probably well aware of the itchiness, redness and general discomfort you have from it. Unfortunately, since many of us are constantly on our feet all day, foot eczema can be particularly easily irritated and made worse. The good news, though, is that Aloe Vera can help with eczema on feet. In fact, Aloe Vera can help with any sort of eczema, as well as several other skin and general health issues.

How can Aloe Vera help with eczema on feet? Well, Aloe Vera is known for being an excellent moisturizer. When you apply it topically, such as in a gel form, it can tie itching and burning and help to moisturize and speed up the healing process. Many people apply Aloe to their feet and then put on protective socks.

While that is useful, I bet you did not know that you can take Aloe internally too? Well, you certainly can! Drinking Aloe Vera juice can also help you to treat eczema on feet. That is because Aloe Vera juice contains essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, which help to keep you generally healthy.

Aloe Vera juice is also a major source of building block materials, which help to heal the skin by increasing collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the substances that give skin its stretchy, yet smooth, appearance. So, Aloe Vera juice can both help to prevent the aging process of the skin and also improve several skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis.

So, Aloe Vera has many excellent benefits. It is great for your general health. It can improve a number of ailments. Above all, though, it can help to treat eczema on feet, as well as other body parts.

Quick Natural Cure for Acne Treatment

Nobody wants to have acne. It affects people with a problem that has become almost a social disease because of the mental pain and embarrassment that it causes. Although acne typically strikes those that are younger, usually in their teens, it can also strike adults, and the effects are generally the same. If you have an acne problem then I'm sure that you have tried many of the over the counter, and sometimes some of the prescription remedies are available to rid yourself of the acne. Sometimes those things will work, but they are not natural and they can also cause some side effects that are just as bad as the acne itself. When looking for a way to get rid of the problem many have turned to a nature cure for acne treatment, and have found good results.

There are so many things that you can do for your acne to cure it naturally. I know people that have had success with soaking a cotton ball in vinegar and sea salt and then rubbing it on their face. They then leave the mixture dry on their skin for 10 minutes or so and then rinse it off. The friends that I have, that have tried this, claim to see very quick results. Another friend of mine has gone more after the cause of the acne instead of just treating the symptoms. He has tested supplements that cleanse the liver and the blood, problems that can manifest themselves in skin problems. Believe it or not he said that eating a slice of raw red beet (preferably organic) 2 times a day will do wonders for your body, including your skin. Just make sure that you chew the pet until it is completely masticated. This is one nature cure for acne treatment that you can find at almost any grocery store.

Pet Allergies – Tips for Living with Your Furry Friends

Your pets may be your best friends, but are they on good terms with your allergies? Most allergists suggest that the best method for reducing your allergy attacks is simply avoiding the source of allergens-but when it comes down to it, would you be willing to give up your pets? If your allergies are not too severe, this article can help you get some tips to help keep your house a little more dander-free, whether it be for yourself or your visiting friends and relatives with allergies.

Did you know?

15% of people with allergies are allergic to animal dander-for individuals with asthma the rate is almost doubled, leaving 20-30% of people affected by animal allergens.

An allergen protein is found in the dead skin cells, saliva and urine of animals. Once these tiny, sticky particles become airborne, they land on the sensitive linings of the eyes and nose, triggering an allergic reaction. Typically, it takes minutes for the allergens to begin irritating allergies, but sometimes hours pass before the trigger has a full effect on a sensitized individual. For some individuals, animal allergies have a cumulative effect-so after several hours of exposure, the body begins to react hours later. In this case, the worst reactions occure 12 hours after contact with the animal has stopped.

Symptoms associated with animal allergies:

Most of the eyes, nose and lungs are affected. The eyes usually feel itchy and watery, while the nose may become stuff or runny, accompanied by sneezing. Some people experience an itch or tightening of the airways. It is also possible to develop rashes and hives if the animal's fur, saliva or urban were in direct contact with skin.

Without having to give up your animals, here are some allergen solutions:

Some Tips for Your Animals-

  • It may be time to start a weekly pet bathing regimen. By washing away excess dander and saliva build-up, you can minimize the amount of allergens shed by your pet. There are several shampoos that you can find at pet shop or pet specialty stores that are formulated for allergies in particular.
  • Have a non-allergic family member brush pet outside. This removes loose hair and allergens without having spread through your home.

Target your bedroom-

  • If you share your bed with your pets, it would be advisable to set up your pet's own bed in some other area of ​​the house. It may take a little while for them to realize that your bed is not theirs-but in the end, both you and your pet can enjoy a comfortable, healthy environment.
  • It is prefer to have hardwood or laminate floors if you have bad allergies, because allergens are easier to sweep up. It your home has pre-existing carpets, be mindful of when it comes time to vacuum-unless you own a vacuum with special filters for allergens, the process of sweeping the floors will kick up a lot of dander.
  • If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, period steam cleaners are can be beneficial
  • If you have rugs on your hard wood floor, make sure that they are durable enough for regular washing
  • If you've shared your bed or sofa with your pet in the past, it may take several weeks to a few months for the amount of dander on the fabric to decrease. One way to cut down on animal dander in your bed is by using allergy bedding like plastic or densely woven material casings. These casings will prevent any allergens that have sunk into your pillows or mattress to be stirred up every time you climb into bed.
  • You may occasionally want to air out your house-if you are not also affected by pollen allergies. The best time to do this is in the afternoon or at night (when less pollen is released by plants). Although there is the chance of pollen coming in the house, for the most part, airing out the house can remove concentrated allergens. If your house is a newer, energy-efficient model, what you are saving on your energy bills might be irritating your allergies. One study showed that super-insulated homes had up to 200% more allergens than older less airtight homes.
  • Try Allergy or Asthma Treatments-

  • Medication that suppress symptoms like over-the-counter-antihistamines are best used if you are only have minimal contact with animals. Taking OTC antihistamines can leave you feeling "drugged".
  • Many prescription antihistamines do not leave you feeling drowsy and require only a quick trip to your doctor.
  • Immunotherapy (allergy shots) treatment can improve symptoms over time. This treatment is most effective if you do not live with animals, but have unavoidable situations where you visit friends or family with pets, etc.
  • Our Article On Herbs for Depression

    Today with the growing population an increasing amount of people are discovering that they have depression and have no idea how to deal with it. There are such pills and techniques that they have found that can help, but there are many natural herbs for depression that are not very known.

    St. John's Wort

    When it first hit the market they could not keep it on the shelves, it was the hottest new natural thing out there. St. John's Wort also commonly called hypericum, can easily be bough at local health stores and online in most cases. It is said that St. John's Wort affects the neurotransmitters the same way that a typical antidepressant drug may. This simple herb for depression gets it's power from a small flowering yellow hedgegrow plant, called Hypericum Perforatum.

    The key ingredient is hypericin, which is extracted from the leaves of the plant with the use of alcohol. Compared to the increasing amount of the over the counter prescriptions today, St.. John's Wort is showing promise, with less side effects than such drugs as Amitriptyline. This herb has shown great promise with mild to moderate cases of depression and is still being tested for severed depressed cases. Now if St. John's Wort sounds ideal to take, it is said by professionals to alert your doctor if you're taking or plan on taking this herb.

    Valerian Root

    Other than the popular St. John's Wort there are other herbs for depression such as Valerian Root. In Latin it means "to be strong or healthy", and this translation is commonly accepted because of it's strong medicinal use. This herb can be found in dried herb / tea, liquid, and in capsule form today. Valerian Root, unlike the other herbs for depression, does not directly treat depression, it instead beats the insomnia that sometimes companies suffer depression. Valerian Root works by raising the level of what is called Gamma-Aminobutyric (GABA), which often hits low levels when anxiety is occurring.

    Though not directly used for treating depression Valerian Root is very used for treating the symptoms of not only depression but also of anxiety, which professionals say are are interlinked.

    Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo Biloba does not fall under the typical herbs for depression because it's not commonly used for the younger generations. Physicians say that in the elderly, depression is caused by the lack of blood flow to the brain. Ginkgo Biloba has been proven to increase blood flow through the whole body, not just the to the brain. This herb is recommended for the elderly with depression because not only does it increase blood flow, it contains antioxidants, and helps fight blood clots. You might be digesting this and not even know it now, because it is commonly added to energy drinks, but the amount within the drink is not enough to be noticed.


    Most natural herbs for depression can be purchased, but what about one that you make everyday? SAM-E (S-adenosylmenthionine) is made in the quantity of about 8 grams a day inside your liver. It's the glutathione that comes from the SAM-E that is used throughout the body, as well as other enzymes. How does this affect depression? Well some levels of SAM-E have shown that they influence the amount of melatonin, serotonin and dopamine that is produced.

    These neurotransmitters directly affect moods, the social interaction, and sleep, which the lack of these is commonly associated with depression or anxiety. SAM-E is not only said to aid in the cure of symptoms associated with depression, but it also assists in the fight against osteoarthritis and even helps protect the eyes from cataracts. The amount your body makes daily is not always sufficient though and SAM-E can be purchased in capsules online mostly.

    Social Anxiety & Sweating in Teens – The Dangerous Negative Feedback Loop

    It is possible to have both hyperhidrosis and social phobia. In fact, this is not uncommon. Many times in cases of hyperhidrosis, some social phobia can present itself as well. And it is not difficult to see why as you will learn … You see, social encounters can be difficult. Especially for people in their teenage years. During these formative years, your body and mind are changing so much that it is very difficult to feel comfortable with yourself. I believe that most young teenagers have some degree of social anxiety. Feeling awkward in social situations causes everyone to sweat. It's natural to sweat more than normal when you're feeling awkward. So I would not be surprised to find out that you have a form of social anxiety. BUT, I do not think that this is out of the ordinary, nor do I think it is that big of a deal.

    People between the ages of 12 and 21 arguably have the hardest lives of anyone. In addition to having to deal with the "daily grind" of working all the time, they have some major uncertainties in their lives that adults do not need to have to deal with. These uncertainties add up to create a sense of anxiety and sometimes even a "social phobia" which makes normal interaction difficult and awkward. To add to this awkwardness, a lot of times the anxiety is accompanied by sweating which tends to make this even worse. So how should today's teenager cope with social anxiety and excess sweating? That's what this article aims to discover …

    First off, this is large due to names that we use to define certain realities. You see, when you call it "Social Anxiety" or "Social Phobia" it makes it sound like it's a bigger deal than it really is. If you were to simply say that, "I feel a little nervous in social situations" than it would more accurately reflect reality and not sound so serious.

    The sweating, however, works to compound this effect. You are already feeling a little funny socially, and then you notice that you are sweating more than usual. This happens naturally when one feels uncomfortable, but it does not help. Because then what happens is, as you notice that your sweating continues increasing, you feel even more awkward. As that increased awkwardness kicks in, you begin to sweat even more heavily, and as you notice this increased sweating (which could at this point be actually dripping) then you feel very very awkward.

    I call this the Never-Ending Negative Feedback Loop and it's a doozie.

    It really is tough. But here's what I would recommend you do …

    It sounds like your hands and palms are the main areas which are effecting you with regard to sweating. Go see a doctor about this. Tell them that your hands get sweaty sometimes and that it is bothersome to you. They will likely give you a prescription antiperspirant for you to apply to your hands at night. After a few nights you will more than likely find that your hands no longer sweat at all. This will give you more confidence in social situations and you may find that your problem evaporates completely (no pun intended).

    Second, as opposed to trying to get rid of your social anxiety, I would simply do some confidence-building exercises. There are tons of different ways to build confidence. One of the most successful ways that I have found is with self-hypnosis. This is where you close your eyes, get into a very comfortable and relaxed state, and visualize yourself acting with a high level of confidence. As you are doing these visualizations, and immediately when you come out of your hypnotic state, you will feel very, very confident. Next time you are in a situation that calls for confidence, you will find yourself remembering how confident you felt in your last hypnotic dream, and this will bring real feelings of confidence into your present moment. You will see results from the hypnosis after a few days. After a few weeks it should become automatic with you permanently enjoying a higher level of confidence.

    So that's what you should do …

    # 1 – Go to the doctor

    # 2 – Try confidence-builders

    One thing to keep in mind through your journey is that the feelings and symptoms you are experiencing are far from unique. Almost every young teenager goes through some sort of social anxiety. Most likely what will happen is you will grow out of it rather quickly. Do not pay too much attention to this problem. I can almost guarantee you that a few years down the road, you will look back on this and laugh about how you were making a big deal out of it.

    I remember when I was first entering high school I used to be scared out of my mind that the big kids would stuff me in my locker. All the way up to the first day, I was sooo scared. But it turned out the lockers were not even close to big enough to do this. I then made fun of myself in relief that I was so scared.

    Same thing here. Do what I told you and continue living your life. This, like everything else, will pass.

    The Toe Nail Fungus Cure – Natural Ways

    Natural methods are some of the best options when it comes to toe nail fungus cure. Because natural methods don’t have adverse side effects, are readily available and cheap, more and more people are going for it to cure their infection. You can even get the ingredients for the cure from the local supermarket. But there are some treatments that may only work on some people; on some people it may not. Worse, it might to some other complications since the toe nail fungi may spread around the feet or even to other parts of the body.

    These toe nail fungus remedies are usually discovered by people by accident, or even by trial and error. A lot of people have shared their experiences with these cures with other people until a lot of people have also discovered that it works with them too. Here are some popular and most effective natural toe nail fungus cures:

    1. Vinegar and Apple Cider – If you are searching for a toe nail fungus cure, natural materials such as apple cider vinegar, as well as tea tree oil are the most popular ingredients. You soak your toes in a solution containing these ingredients. You’ll see a difference in a couple of weeks, but it will take a lot of months to be finally rid of it.

    2. Using Natural Oils – Other toe nail fungus cure natural materials are clove oil, lavender oil, red rosemary oils, lemongrass oil, and Epsom salts. These have antifungal as well as antibiotic properties, so they will help contain the toe nail fungus.

    3. Common Household Items – Household materials such as Listerine, Hydrogen Peroxide and Vicks vapor rub have been also shared by a lot of people as other effective cures. Some have even reported that their nail fungus have disappeared only a few days since they’ve tried these alternative cures. They mix these ingredients with water and then soak their toes in it for around 30 minutes a day. Though household materials, these don’t pose any health threats like prescription medicines. By the way, a lot of prescription medicines can cause damage to the liver, so be careful in using them.

    4. Pepper – Many people are also recommending cayenne pepper as well as coconut oil as a toe nail fungus cure (natural method). It will take several months for the fungus to completely disappear, but if one takes precautionary measures such as wearing sandals more often and avoiding moist environments for the feet, this will speed up the treatment.

    5. Zetaclear – There are also products available that are made of all-natural materials that are proven to cure toe nail fungus. Examples of which are zetaclear. Their key ingredients include tea tree oil, lavender oil and clove oil, which are nature’s antibiotics.

    6. Alternative Treatments – Urine therapy is another promising natural cure for toe nail fungus. One has to drink around 3 cups of one’s own urine in the morning. The results come in just a couple of days, most have reported. Urine therapy has a lot of benefits aside from curing toe nail fungus. One can research more about it and discover its different benefits.

    It’s always advisable to try the natural means of treatment before going for medication. Though they may take different healing times, you can be assured that you are safe as well as you can save on the costs since they are readily available.

    Facial Issues

    I have a concern about some recent lumps on my face I noticed. I am now in my mid thirties and have always been good to my skin in regards to cleaning, moisturizing, and toning it on a regular basis. A few times a year I even splurge to go get a really good facial to get rid of all the dead skin. I am really fair skinned with red hair so I wear make up with sunscreen in it year round. If I go to the beach in the summer I wear sunscreen 50 plus. So I am a little concerned about these small lumps on my face. The lumps appear mostly in the corners of my mouth and or lips.

    I often wonder if they are black heads but the acne never sees to reach the surface and just remains as an annoying lump on my face. I have tried acne cream and gel and even changed my make up but nothing appears to help resolve these small facial lumps. The lumps are very annoying and noticeable and if I do try to cover them with makeup they get dry and flaky. I have tried to squeeze them but there appears to be no fluid or pus in them and this attempt to solve my problem has only resolved in leaving yet more marks on my face. I wonder if anyone else has a similar problem and if the have a solution for solving it.

    A friend of mine suggested that they may small cysts and I should make an appointment with a dermatologist. I tried to make an appointment with a dermatologist but the wait was almost a year. I booked the appointment of course but I will go insane before that if I can not find a way to get rid of them. I decided to do a little research online and just type in the word lumps on face to see what and how many hits came up. Just a few thousand.

    So slowly and very slowly I went through the sites to see if there was any information or suggestions to help me solve and or fix the lumps on my face. Some sites were just quick get rich sites they were trying to get you to buy stuff as soon as possible with guarantees to solve all your problems, make you look ten years younger and have your skin shine. Let's get real and realistic I just want those little annoying worms on my face to go away or get smaller a healthy and not too expensive way. So I kept plugging a different internet sites and found a great and very helpful one:

    HEALTHTOPICSSITE.INFO This site is very honest and informative on all type of health related issues. I would highly suggest it to friends and family who are looking for health information.

    Good Contents of a Recipe for Candida Diet

    There are different types of yeast that stay in our body. While most of these microorganisms are good for the body, one type poses a threat to the well-being of a person once there is an imbalance of its growth within the body. This yeast, known as Candida albicans, usually lives in human mouth, throat, intestines, and genital or urinary tract. An imbalance of the growth of this type of yeast can lead to Candidiasis, a condition where the imbalance affects many organisms of the body and causes various infections such as vaginitis, vulvar rash, oral thrush, conjunctivitis, kidney and bladder infections, and many more .

    For people who have Candidiasis, one of the best remedies that are recommended is to alter the diet. A yeast-free diet must be followed since this helps lessen or minimize the Candida yeast in the body.

    There are many recipes for Candida diets that you can make use of in your Candida diet endeavor. These recipes may be different from each other but all of them are sure to contain foods that hinder the growth of candida yeast. Foods that should not be present in the recipe for your Candida diet may include: aged cheeses, alcohol, chocolate, dried fruits, fresh fruits, fermented foods, mushrooms, vinegar, glutenous foods (wheat, rye, oats, barley), all sugars , honeys and syrups (that includes any 'ose', like lactose, sucrose etc), and foods that contain yeast or mold (breads, muffins, cakes, baked goods, cheese, dried fruits, melons, peanuts – although nutritional and brewer's yeasts are not harmful, as they do not colonize in the intestines).

    On the other hand, for an effective recipe for your Candida diet, the following foods may be included: vegetables (including plenty of raw garlic), protein foods (beef, chicken, eggs, fish), live yogurt cultures (both dairy and non -dairy), whey, acidophilus, green algae (such as spirulina and chlorella), nuts, seeds and oils, and non-glutenous grains (like millet, rice, rice bran and oat bran).

    5 Thoughts Women Wish Men Knew

    Ever wish you could read a woman’s mind? I can’t, so instead I asked “what do women wish men knew?”

    Last night I tried to gather a group of friends together for some “Taco Tuesday” specials in Old Town San Diego. The dudes in the group bailed (ahem, Mike) so it was just me and a few great ladies. Of course conversation has to eventually cover dating, relationships, men, women, bad communication and more.

    What’s great, is two people sitting directly past our table, in my line of sight, were not having a good time. The absolute divide between this 20-something couple was obvious. Lady Girlfriend was leaning back, crossing her arms, and about to chew her middle finger off. Mister Boyfriend was trying his hardest. To seemingly no avail. Oh, if this guy knew what women wish men knew.

    I was telling Jenna, who was sitting next to me, my plan to write an article on How to Escape Zip Ties In The Case of Your Kidnapping (you guys want to know this stuff, right??). Instead I decided I need to make some demonstration videos first so that’ll have to come in a week or two. But this couple across from us inspired me to ask, “If you could tell all men five things all women wish men knew, what would they be?” Here’s the material gleaned from my conversation with Jenna:

    Communicate what you’re thinking

    We’ve heard this before. And whenever I hear this from women I think, “Uh, are you sure? Because when I say what I’m thinking I usually get in trouble.” Well, despite the many things I’ve said to make a woman mad, women still wish they knew what we were thinking. Why? Because they are often busy making up what we could possibly be thinking. When it comes to relationships, they often would rather have these thoughts laid to rest.

    I asked Jenna for some examples so we’d understand what women wish men knew.

    • Be up front (if you like a girl)

    What are your intentions? If you want to get together, tell her. If you’ve been wanting to ask her out for weeks and you’ve got a budding friendship, waiting too long will either hurt and confuse her, or get you grounded in the Friendzone.

    • Are we still going out tonight?

    If you tell her you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t leave her stranded someplace because you wanted to change plans or something came up last minute. If you have plans or a date, follow through. Don’t say you had to work all night and bail.

    • Don’t say something to make her feel good that’s not honest.

    I love this point. Often as guys we are tempted to avoid the tempest of a woman. Anger, tears, rage, sadness. Frustration and accusations. If you’ve ever experienced those things you’re probably like me and have felt it easier to not argue, just say something to make her happy. That WILL make it easier for you in the very short-term. But if you keep making those investments into short-term happiness, you’re really making long-term withdrawals. As you become passive in communication you’ll have dysfunctional tools to resolve conflict.

    • Communicate what you’re thinking in the relationship.

    Don’t leave her in the dark. Don’t know where you’re at, what you’re feeling or what you want? At some point, you should be open and talk about that too.

    • Listen, don’t try to fix problems

    Try to be a psychologist not a mechanic. If it’s your first time listening to a frustration or problem, just be there to support and listen.

    Here’s an example statement Jenna said women wish men knew to help them process:

    “I’m sorry to hear that. Want to talk about it?”

    It seems so simple…

    Sometimes a woman wants to vomit out a roommate issue. Well, not actually puke, just vent. So let her. If this is a pattern the lady continues to bring up, it’s might be time to point that out. Process what a conversation with her roommate could look like and encourage her to have that conversation.

    Chivalry isn’t dead

    Here’s some habits that shouldn’t die:

    • Opening the door
    • Walking on the street side of the side walk
    • Compliments-tell her she smells and looks nice.
    • Anything that lets her know you’re thinking about her.
    • If you’re on a date, keep the phone in your pocket.
    • Give her a hand when she’s walking up steps, getting out of a car, or stepping down from something.

    Be confident in your decisions

    When you’re deciding what to do for a date, do it confidently. Do you feel like you keep getting shot down when you share date plans? Here’s how Jenna says you might respond:

    “Italian is a bad idea? Okay, it sounds like you know what you want to do. Where should we go?”

    When it comes to bigger decisions, if you’re serious, feel free to include her in your mental process. But at some point, when an individual decision (unlike a mutual decision such as a married couple buying a house) must be made, make it boldly and confidently.

    When she’s emotional just let her be emotional

    Whether its sadness, anger or rage-mode, let her have room for it. Be patient with it and let it go. Don’t be bothered or angry. Be there for her, but give her space. She’s got a process to go through and she’ll invite you in when she’s ready! Trust me, women wish men knew this.

    More thoughts women wish men knew?

    To our female audience, any other thoughts on what women wish men knew? Or any sage advice from some wise men out there?

    Foods That Cause You to Lose Weight

    These foods that cause you to lose weight that I am going to share with you are based on research I've done in the past and my own personal experience with each one. Some foods that I will be talking about include grapefruits, pineapples, nutrient den foods. I will also be giving small tips that can help you lose weight.

    1. Green Tea
    I know green tea is not a food, but it is a very good drink that can cause you to lose weight. The reason is because it contains antioxidants called catechins that inhibit fat absorption. Catechins plus the small amount of caffeine that green tea has also causes your metabolism to increase, meaning that you burn calories quicker. Whenever I drink green tea, I end up feeling hungry way quicker than normal. This means that my body metabolized the food quicker because of the green tea. This is a good thing, except you might end up wanting to eat more because of it. One topic that is up for debt is whether to drink it cold or hot. Drinking it cold has its benefits because your body burns more calories automatically by taking that cold water and making it back to regular temperature inside your body. Then it also could be best hot because the heat might make your body naturally warmer and burn more calories. Regardless of drinking it hot or cold, you will still be able to lose weight with either option.

    2. Grapefruits
    Grapefruits are acidic, and that acid is able to burn fat. I recommend this because I've done this before and it works really well. The only thing that you need to be careful of is not eating too many. I once ate about 2 grapefruits a day, and after a week my stomach started to hurt really bad. The reason is because the hardships from the grapefruits eat up your mucus lining that surrounds the stomach. Also be careful because the pains can also mess up your teeth. So I recommend eating 1 grapefruit a day at the most, but half a grapefruit a day would be safer.

    3. Pineapples
    Pineapples contain an enzyme in them called Bromelain, that is used to aid in digestion. You can also feel the difference when you eat pineapples, but it is not as good as green tea.

    4. Nutrient den foods
    Nutrient den foods are foods that cause you to burn more calories digesting them than they actually contain. These are pretty much fruits and vegetables. It's not all fruits and vegetables, but the ones that are lower in calories. Some examples of nutrient den foods are lettuce, tomato, carrots, cucumbers, apples, watermelon, etc … If you are not sure ones are nutrient lean foods, you can do a Google search for nutrient dessert foods and find a list of them. Eating more nutrient lean foods in your diet will cause you to start losing weight even quicker.

    How Cardiac Symptoms Are Different for Women

    Most people think of heart disease as the list of symptoms they’ve grown up with, like discomfort in the center of the chest, squeezing in the chest, pressure, fullness, pain that goes away but then comes back. Those are the symptoms of men’s heart disease. Symptoms of women’s heart disease go barely noticed and it’s become the number one killer of women because of that fact.

    The first difference between men and women is that women don’t usually get the chest pain that men do. In fact, lack of pain is the significant difference; one that also has women not bringing up the subject because they only feel a slight discomfort and don’t want to be a bother to anyone. Even their doctors misdiagnose it to be more anxiety then illness. So women chalk it up to getting the flu, acid reflux or just aging.

    Another difference is how women feel angina pain. In men a squeezing in the chest is felt with great pain. Women experience it as a hot, burning sensation and not in the chest, but in shoulders, back, or jaw.

    Women having heart attacks vomit or have dry heaves. They experience shortness of breath, nausea, acid reflux, or extreme, sudden fatigue. Or even NO symptoms at all. Men usually have chest pain and clutch at their chest.

    Women minimize their symptoms and unless they go out of their way to get the attention of a doctor, most doctors will not investigate further due to over demand on their own time and resources.

    Many times a woman only knows she has had a heart attack is when a doctor examines a woman’s heart and sees damage from a “silent heart attack”, meaning a heart attack that went untreated because the woman had little to no pain. A great deal of damage can happen this way and weaken the heart.

    Seek immediate medical help or call 911 if you feel any of the following, even one of them:

    Shortness of breath lasting more than 10 minutes

    Sudden sweating with no reason

    Sudden feelings of doom in a panicky way (this is a real symptom)

    Loss of consciousness or fainting

    Sudden severe vomiting or indigestion

    Sudden severe fatigue

    Women must start feeling that it is not alright to quietly suffer in silence. Get attention and seek help. Don’t put it off, or it can have far reaching implications to your family and you.

    Understanding Gout Attacks

    Gout predominately affects middle age and older people, rarely occurring in young adults or children. Although it occurs in both sexes, gout has the highest incidence in the male gender. Women typically develop the disease at more advanced stages of life, particularly after menopause.

    Gout is a disease that generates symptoms similar to those of rheumatoid arthritis. Common symptoms experienced by gout sufferers are pain in the joints and adjunct connective tissues, as well as swelling and inflammation of the lower limbs. Gout has a pronounced chronic character and its clinical manifestations tend to reoccur on a regular time basis. The joint pain induced by gout is perceived in recurrent attacks, which can last from a few hours to even a few days. As the disease progresses, the duration of gout attacks can exceed 7-10 days.

    At first, gout attacks occur in the lower levels of the body, around the areas of the toes, heels and ankles. Around 75 percent of patients diagnosed with gout experience acute attacks in the region of the big toe. Gout attacks in the region of the big toe are referred to as podagra and they involve infection, swelling, pain and a sensation of burning. Acute gout attacks are very intense but they are usually ameliorate quickly. This type of attacks is more likely to occur during the night, generally lasting for 2-3 hours. Podagra can also occur due to acquired injuries or intense physical effort that involves the lower limbs.

    Chronic gout attacks are usually long-repeating and they occur in multiple regions of the body. Apart from the region of the results, recurrent attacks also involve pain and inflammation of the knee, elbows, shoulders, wrists and fingers. Both types of gout attacks can generate low to moderate fever and sweating.

    The frequency and intensity of gout attacks are strongly affected by obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol abuse and inappropriate diet. In order to prevent the occurrence of such attacks, gout sufferers are advised to limit the intake of seafood and meat in their diet. Foods like fresh fruits, raw vegetables, soy and low-fat dairy products are known to prevent the occurrence of episodic symptoms and to speed up the amelioration of already existing gout attacks. Gout sufferers are advised to divide their usual meals into smaller portions and to avoid eating right before going to bed.

    In order to alleviate the symptoms generated by gout attacks, doctors usually prescribe medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs. Patients who experience severe gout attacks may be prescribed injections with corticosteroids, which provide rapid relief for joint pain and tenderness. Common medications that can prevent the occurrence of future gout attacks are probenecid, sulfinpyrazone and allopurinol.

    Best Chest Exercises for Men at Home to Train Chest Muscles

    This article talks about best chest exercises. If you do not know how to train your chest at home, then read it until end. You will learn how easy it is.

    What is the best chest exercises for men at home? This question is very familiar to me. When I start to train chest muscles, I could not find any answer. There was a lot of chest exercises which are only available in the gymnasium. The problem is, I do not like to go to gymnasium. Seeing those recommendations I realized that in the world is only weight lifters. If I do not like to go to a gym, I can not train my muscles.

    It is true that some of the best chest exercises you can do in the gym. There is different muscle training equipment. Sometimes is difficult to choose to which gymnasium to go. I think that going to the gym is unnecessary spending of time. I prefer spend this time with my family or friends.

    If you do not want to go to gymnasium you can train chest muscles at home. Certainly, you can use different exercises with different weight dumbbells. If you have your own gymnasium, then do not read on because you will not find here tips for weight lifting. Do you know how you can train chest muscles at home? Do not think about weight lifting, think of simpler exercise.

    Are you ready? The best chest exercise for men at home is push up. It is simple to do and any man can do it. If you think that it is rubbish, then you are wrong. Push up is just as effective as bench press. Changing the push up type you can change the difficulty level. You can choose nine push up types how to train chest muscles. These types are listed below.

    • Pitched push up
    • Nappy push up
    • Frog push up
    • Navi push up
    • Light push up
    • Exchange push up
    • Wide push up
    • Simple push up
    • Fast push up

    I build my chest muscles with these nine push up types. It is simple and quick to do. Certainly it will be difficult at the beginning because your body need to get used to the workout. The main reason is, chest muscle training takes only 15 minutes of my free time. I like it! Train your chest muscles with simple chest exercise. Make your training interesting.