The Sleeping Disorder of Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis occurs when the person is not able to move around at all as there is a problem in every action and motion including speech. This problem mainly occurs when the person is just about to sleep or he is just up from sleep. There is a feeling that relates to the fact that there is some sort of presence, a feeling that often causes fear but is also accommodated by an inability to cry out. This problem may last only for a couple of seconds and the person also has an association with the problem of narcolepsy that is a neurological condition in which the person has uncontrollable naps. There are some people who are detected with disturbed sleep schedules or circadian rhythm disturbances experience sleep paralysis.


People suffering from sleep paralysis have a complaint of inability to move the trunk or limbs at sleep sunset or upon awakening that is one of the basic symptoms. In some cases it is seen that there is presence of brief episodes of partial or complete skeletal muscle paralysis. A person suffering from this has a lot of problems associated with hypnologic hallucinations or dream-like mentation. The causes of this disorder are still unexplained but most people report feeling very afraid because they do not know what is happening, and within minutes they are either or abruptly able to move again. In rare cases people experience the feeling that someone or something is sitting on their chest and they feel impending death and suffocation.

Controlling of this problem:

Reduction of stress and tensions is the basic key for getting out of all the possible psychological complications and this is not an exception. Exercising can help a lot as it can cause a relief but it should not be a case that one should exercise close to bedtime. There should be an appropriate consultation of a doctor who can guide the patient properly and there should be a neurological assessment of the problem to begin with an appropriate medicine for the best cure.

Other then that all other normal sleep advice applies such as:

Keep the Room Dark

Not everyone has the privilege of sleeping at night. Many people work an afternoon or night shift, forcing them to sleep for at least part of the day. If you are one of those people, keeping the room dark will help you get a better sleep. Hang dark colored towels or a blanket over the window. If there is not a curtain rod, use duct tape to keep it close to the wall and no sun rays peeking in around the corner.

Close the Curtains For Privacy

Not only do curtains keep sunrise from waking you up too early, they keep wandering eyes away all night long! When the curtains are shut, you will not need to worry about peeping toms or potential burglars in the night. If they can not see what's in your room, they will not want to break in. If you can feel relaxed about that, then you can sleep easier during the night. If your night of sleep happens to be in a hotel, take a clothespin to keep the curtains shut.

Neurological (Nerve) Pain and Acupuncture

Neurological pain is one of the most difficult kinds of pain for people to tolerate. Nerve pain usually presents as a sharp shooting pain or a constant burning sensation. It will generally present in the same location with each episode and can often be traced by the patient along the nerve pathway. There may also be fatigue or impaired function in the affected area and the skin may be either overly sensitive or numb.

Nerve pain can increase from trauma (including surgery), inflammation, stroke, disease, infection, nerve degeneration, and even exposure to toxic chemicals. However, many times the origin of nerve pain is unknown because it does tend to affect the older population more often.

Some of the more common types of nerve pain are: trigeminal neuralgia (also called Tic Douloureax) which affects the face, sciatica which typically starts in the lower back and runs down the leg, shingles which affects one side of the body, usually in the chest and back and is the after effect of a herpes zoster attack and diabetic neuropathy which often affects the feet. Other potential causes are AIDS or HIV, multiple sclerosis, chemotherapy, alcoholism and amputation.

Not only can the pain from these and other neurological conditions be debilitating in its intensity, pain medications are generally ineffective in treating the discomfort. Fortunately acupuncture; often used with electrical stimulation in treating nerve conditions, is very effective at relieving the pain and restoring normal function. There are several ways this is thought to work, all of which have been carefully researched.

oAcupuncture stimulates the brain to release chemicals (neurotransmitters and ovoids) into the body that reduce sensitivity to pain and normalize the nervous system.

oAcupuncture activates nerve receptors that decrease or "gate-out" (like a gate being closed) pain signals.

oAcupuncture with electrical stimulation interrupts the pain signal allowing the nerve to calm down thereby reducing pain.

o Acupuncture increases the amount of endorphins in the body and focuses them on the affected areas. These natural chemicals reduce inflammation that can cause, or be a result of, nerve pain.

oAcupuncture promotes actual healing by altering the body's electrical system to allow the transfer of material and electrical energy between normal and injured tissue thereby reducing the amount of recovery time.

The electrical stimulation that is used is not painful and oftentimes patients state it feels very good. It may take several treatments to achieve long lasting results but patients usually feel better after the first treatment. In the case of a degenerative disease complete relief may not be obtainable but the quality of life can be improved by reducing pain, increasing function and slowing the degenerative process. An acupuncture treatment for nerve pain takes about a half an hour from start to finish.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering with nerve pain please consult a licensed acupuncturist so that you or they, can get the relief they deserve.

Plants and Herbs of the Cycladic Islands – Greece

The Cycladic islands are famous all over the world as an ideal holiday destination, especially one worth exploring by sailing boat, which allows the visitor to get to know many islands. The sea is the protagonist in a sailing trip but the visitor shouldn’t miss coming into contact with the unique landscape and products of these islands, where the origins of the first Hellenic civilizations have been found and where nowadays you can come across a rare gastronomy made up of local products and herbs that create a unique tradition.

The combination of bright sunlight, salty breeze and strong winds is the gift of nature to the flora and fauna of the islands. In the Cycladic islands, you can find many indigenous plants with specific characteristics. Their flavor is more intense as a result of the Cycladic microclimate and they therefore give extra taste to food.

On a yachting cruise, apart from enjoying the sea, the visitor can go hiking and become acquainted with the local flora and also a plethora of endemic species. Dry stone walls keep the soil from eroding. This primitive land in the Mediterranean Sea has a great biodiversity of flora and fauna. On each and every one of the islands, the bright sun, the stones and the lack of rain balance with the aroma of herbs, vines and olives that grow on these arid lands, situated in the center of the Aegean Sea. These particular environmental conditions make the islands a unique location where you can find organic products.

The initiated traveler can pick and then dry or just use plants and herbs. The most appropriate and healthiest parts of plants (leaves, flowers, stems, roots) are picked by hand during the right season for each plant and always according to tradition. The gathering regions are far away from any human activity. This gives an excellent opportunity to visitors and their kids to come into immediate contact with and develop respect for nature, an important factor for our wellbeing. As a result, these islands offer both adults and children the pleasant pastime of gathering and learning about plants and herbs. All products can be used in gastronomy, have therapeutic properties and other uses.

The most characteristic products are:

Caper or capparis spinosa:

The plant is best known for the edible flower buds (capers), often used as a seasoning, and the fruit (caper berries), both of which are usually consumed pickled. Other species of Capparis are also picked along with C. spinosa for their buds or fruits. Other parts of Capparis plants are used in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics. It is grown during summer on rocks, along the stone land near sea with strong sun light and humidity. The Cyclades islands are the ideal place for this plant.

The salted and pickled caper bud (called simply a caper) is often used as a seasoning or garnish. Capers are a common ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine, especially Cypriot, Italian, and Maltese. The mature fruit of the caper shrub are prepared similarly and marketed as caper berries.

The buds, when ready to pick, are a dark olive green and about the size of a fresh kernel of corn. They are picked, then pickled in salt, or a salt and vinegar solution, and drained. Intense flavor is developed as mustard oil (glucocapparin) is released from each caper bud. This enzymatic reaction leads to the formation of rutin, often seen as crystallized white spots on the surfaces of individual caper buds.

Therapeutic properties

Diuretic properties, disinfectants kidney, stimulant and aphrodisiac. Although it is calorie free it contains a variety of vitamins and antioxidants, aromatic and appetizing substances.

Wild thyme, coridothymus capitatus

It is also called as “Spanish oregano”. It has similar aroma and properties with oregano. It is considered one of the best foods for bees and the honey produced in regions where thyme is abundant is of excellent quality. Thyme leaves are oblong and smooth. The flowers are pink and rarely white. Can be consumed fresh or dried.

It was the symbol of ancient Greek gods Ares and Aphrodite who represented the power, war and the love. They used thyme to add aroma to cheese and wine and were very fond of thyme honey. They used it also as a mild sedative drink that empowered their health. They also used to burn thyme to repel poisonous reptiles and scorpions.

Therapeutic properties

Besides culinary uses, thyme is known about its beneficial properties.

It is used to sooth bronchitis and intense coughing and for respiratory problems and flu. It is also used for tonsillitis and pharyngitis. It helps with asthma as an infusion. It is used as a tea for tackling phlegm, ground and combined with vinegar. It is a diuretic and helps treat bladder and urinary tract infections.

It soothes the stomach, has anti-ageing properties and helps strengthen mental health. It is excellent for stimulating the immune system and considered to be very effective in the treatment of toothaches.

Thyme is used as an antioxidant in foods and as a spice. It fragrances olive oil, olives, pickles, vinegar, salt, pulses, vegetables, salads, sauces and soups, giving a delectable taste. Marinates meats, poultry and fishes.

A handful of dried thyme in a warm bath is helpful for rheumatoid pains. Reduced to a high density, thyme tea can be used in the form of compresses for the treatment of eye sties.

It may well be a very effective natural alternative solution for the treatment of acne.

St. John’s wort or balsam oil

It was named St John’s wort because, along with other plant tips, St John used them as food when in the dessert. Another version about the origin of the name is the fact that the plant blooms around St John’s the Baptist’s day on the 24th of June.

Therapeutic properties

St John’s wort is thought of as:

An antidepressant, calming, antispasmodic and an aid for improved quality of sleep during times of insomnia. According to several international scientific studies, the effect of St John’s wort on depression is positive. According to tradition balsam oil was used as treatment for stomach ulcers.

External use, mild rubs or applies local patches with saturated gauze

Soothing agent for the sensation of burning and an aid for healing of burns and wounds.

Tonic and stimulating for exhausted systems.

Soothing and relieving in cases of bronchitis, cough and asthma.

Emmenagogue and regulatory for periods.

Diuretic. Spasmolytic.

Antipyretic and painkiller

Lavender (Lavandula stoechas)

Is the most popular cultivated species. Its stems bear oblong leaves which are covered in fine hairs and it is intensely aromatic. Lavender flowers are small, usually violet in color. It has been well-known since antiquity. Ancient Romans used lavender in cookery, but also to scent garments, bed sheets and baths. The word lavender is derived from the Latin lavare (to wash).

Therapeutic properties, use.

It can be used fresh or dried. Lavender essential oil is used in perfumery, soap making and treatment of neurasthenia. As, mentioned, it also has antiseptic properties and thus is used to treat injuries and burns.

According to folk medicine, lavender is spasmolytic, diuretic and a disinfectant.

Wild lavender was used to prepare a potent therapeutic oil which had wide use in past times; karabachi, which was also used as a beauty product. It has also been used in cases of skin conditions as massage oil.

Aromatherapists use lavender for the treatment of all skin problems, including psoriasis.

The herb has antiseptic, bacteriocidal, emmenagogue, analgesic, relaxing, soothing, spasmolytic, antihypertensive, demulcent, tonic, diaphoretic, bile-stimulating, antirheumatic, antihelminthic properties and is an antidote in some cases of poisoning.

It acts against coughs, asthma, whooping cough and laryngitisς.

A few drops of essential oil applied to the bed pillows can combat insomnia.

Lavender oil can also sooth pain. Aching areas can be massaged with a few drops of lavender oil, diluted in olive oil. Diluted in a bath it can help with vaginitis. Lavender flowers are used to scent clothes and protect them from moths.

Lavender is used in sweet and in savory dishes and, in the form of a decoction containing honey as well, it is exceptionally tonic in cases of a tired and weakened system.

In cookery it can be used in combination with other aromatic plants such as thyme, fennel, and rosemary, oregano to marinade meats, poultry and fish. It combines very well with lemon. In general it suits all citrus fruits, as it mellows their acidity. As a result, less sugar is needed for sweet citrus-based recipes.

It is also used in distillery and in bakery.

Greek Sage (Salvia fruticosa)

Sub-shrub with woody stems and grayish-green ovate leaves. It has white/purple/pinkish flowers that form bunches. The name of the plant is derived from the Latin verb “salvare”, which means “to save”; hence it is the savior plant. It is thought of almost as a panacea.

Therapeutic Properties

It is used as a condiment and as a preservative in the food and the oil industry. It gives aroma to poultry, meats, fish, pasta and legumes. Aids the treatment of tonsillitis, gingivitis, mouth ulcers and bad breath. It is anti-pyretic, stops diarrhea and is effective against sore throats and headaches.

Sage contains a number of substances that fight vaginal yeast infections. It helps with memory and British scientists confirmed that sage blocks the action of the enzyme that breaks down acetylcholine, which results in the preservation of the complex that prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. Aids the relief of symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and rheumatoid disease.

In the case of tonsillitis and mouth ulcers, gargle warm sage infusion made with two to three teaspoons of dried sage per cup of boiling water


It is a hardy, perennial herb with yellow flowers and feathery leaves. It is a highly aromatic and flavorful herb with culinary and medicinal uses and, along with the similar-tasting anise, is one of the primary ingredients of absinthe. Florence fennel or finocchio is a selection with a swollen, bulb-like stem base that is used as a vegetable.

Therapeutic properties, use

Dried fennel seeds are often used in cooking as an anise-flavored spice. Fennel’s dried ripe seeds and oil are used to make medicine. Fennel is used for various digestive problems including heartburn, intestinal gas, bloating, loss of appetite, and colic in infants. It is also used for upper respiratory tract infections, coughs, bronchitis, cholera, backache, bedwetting, and visual problems.

Some women use fennel for increasing the flow of breast milk, promoting menstruation, easing the birthing process, and increasing sex drive.

In foods and beverages, fennel oil is used as a flavoring agent.


It is a small shrub with multi-branched stems covered with small grayish-green oval leaves and small white or pink flowers. Greeks and Romans holding oregano as a symbol of joy and happiness. In Mediterranean climates oregano grows as a native in many regions with a different aroma in a different planting area. In Cyclades, the dry climate, the sea and the plain sun develops unique flavors of the Cycladic oregano.

Whenever possible, choose fresh oregano over the dried form of the herb since it is superior in flavor. The leaves of fresh oregano should look fresh and be a vibrant green in color, while the stems should be firm.

Therapeutic properties, use

The warm, balsamic and aromatic flavor of oregano makes it the perfect addition to Mediterranean cuisine. In foods and beverages, oregano is used as a culinary spice and a food preservative. Oregano is used for respiratory tract disorders such as coughs, asthma, croup, and bronchitis. It is also used for gastrointestinal (GI) disorders such as heartburn and bloating. Other uses include treating menstrual cramps, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract disorders including urinary tract infections (UTIs), headaches, and heart conditions.

Oregano contains chemicals that might help reduce cough and spasms. Oregano also might help digestion by increasing bile flow and fighting against some bacteria, viruses, fungi, intestinal worms, and other parasites

Other products

Do not forget to experience the taste of and take with you the traditional products of the Cycladic islands, which concentrate all the natural juices in them. The local honey has an intense thyme aroma; cheese and grass-fed lamb (local flora and bushes, mostly aromatic and indigenous) are extremely delicious. Taste Santorini fava which has a particularly strong flavor owing to the soil and particular weather conditions as well as the plant variety. Pick the wine of your choice among a long list of quality local wines. This huge variety is due to the variety of grapes and dry and organic farming.

In local markets as well as in the islands’ nature you will discover many more products or simple mementos (a stone, a pebble, a fruit just picked from a tree) which will cause great pleasure and happy memories for a future visit.

Discover plants and herbs of the Greek islands while sailing Greece with a charter yacht.

Puffy Eyes

The eye is a ping-pong-ball-sized organ located in the eye sockets. It receives the light reflected from objects, focuses it on the retina, pre-processes it and transmits to the brain for recognition through the optical nerve.

The outer covering of the eyeball, the sclera, is made of strong materials and looks white except for the iris. The cornea is the transparent, semi-spherical part that covers the iris and bends the light to direct it to the pupil. The iris controls the dimensions of the pupil according to light conditions. The light passing through the pupil passes through the lens. The lens focuses the light on the retina, which does the initial processing and passes the image through the optical nerve to the brain, which identifies the image. The eye can suffer from many medical conditions, which include nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts, conjunctivitis, estimation, glaucoma, tumors and infections.

Puffy eye is a condition where the eye is puffed up under the eyes. It spoils the looks of the face and eyes, but is rarely a serious problem. The cosmetic importance of puffy eyes can not be taken lightly, as it gives a tired, sad look to the eyes.

Eyes with bags under them run in the family. Fluid retention in the body due to any reason, such as hormonal problems or allergies, can cause puffy eyes. The other causes include Blepharitis, eyelid edema, swollen eyelid, glaucoma, conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers and sinusitis.

Avoiding late nights and reducing salt intake are some of the lifestyle habits that can prevent puffy eyes. There are many home remedies used by individuals to reduce Puffy eyes. Cold water splashing, tea bags, sliced ​​cucumber and aloe-vera-based gels all have their proponents. Sleeping with the head elevated may drain the fluid from the eyes. But if the condition is severa a doctor's advice should be thought, to rule out any serious problems, such as kidney or thyroid problems.

Epileptic Types

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that affects the nervous system. There are many different types of epilepsy. Each epileptic syndrome is characterized by a specific set of symptoms. Epilepsy is known to be hereditary in some cases. Epilepsy is classified by symptoms or by the position in the brain where the symptoms originate. Some common types of epilepsy are absence epilepsy, psychomotor epilepsy, temporal lobe epilepsy, frontal lobe epilepsy, occipital lobe epilepsy and parietal lobe epilepsy. There are many other types of epilepsy, each with its own characteristic set of symptoms.

People suffering from absence epilepsy have repeated absence seizures that result in momentary lapses of consciousness. These seizures almost always begin in childhood or adolescence. This form of epilepsy tends to run in families, which suggests that it may be partially due to a defective gene or genes.

Psychomotor epilepsy is another term for recurrent partial seizures, especially seizures of the temporal lobe. The term psychomotor refers to the strange sensations, emotions and behavior seen with these seizures.

Temporal lobe epilepsy, or TLE, is a common epilepsy syndrome with partial seizures. TLE often begins in childhood. Research has shown that repeated TLE could cause certain brain structures to shrink over time. While it may take years of temporal lobe seizures for any significant brain damage to occur, it needs to be treated early and as effectively as possible.

Frontal lobe epilepsy usually involves a cluster of short seizures with a sudden onset and termination. The symptoms depend on where in the frontal lobe the seizures occur. Many subtypes of frontal lobe seizures are known.

Occipital lobe epilepsy usually causes visual hallucinations, rapid eye blinking or other eye-related problems. The other symptoms resemble those in the case of temporal or frontal lobe epilepsy.

Several types of epilepsy begin in infancy. The most common type of epilepsy seen in infants is infantile spasms. Some Infants suffer from seizures from as early as 6 months. During these seizures the infant may bend and cry out. Anticonvulsant drugs often do not work for infantile spasms, but the seizures can be treated with ACTH (adrenocorticotropic hormone) or prednisone.

People should discuss the implications of their type of epilepsy with their doctors to understand the full range of symptoms, possible treatments and the prognosis.

The Nutritional Value of Pomelo

According to the modern pharmacological analysis, the nutritional value of pomelo is rather high. Pomelo contains abundant carotene, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, mineral substances, sugar and volatile oil. The peel of pomelo plays an important role in resisting inflammation for the human body. The flesh of pomelo contains abundant nutrients like vitamin C and para-insulin and it plays an important role in decreasing the blood fat, beautifying the skin and helping people lose weight.

The potassium, a kind of natural trace element, contained in pomelo can effectively improve the health for the patients with high blood pressure and cerebrovascular diseases. But, the patients with hyperpotassaemia should not eat pomelo excessively. The rich vitamin C contained in pomelo can decrease the content of cholesterol in the blood. The pectin can not only decrease the level of low-density lipoprotein, but also reduce the damaged condition of artery wall. The adequate intake of pomelo can also enhance the immunity for the human body. It can improve the absorption of calcium and iron for the human body. The natural folic acid can also prevent anemia and accelerate the normal growth of the fetuses. In addition, the chromium contained in pomelo can reduce the blood sugar for people.

Although the nutritional value of pomelo is rather high, there are some items which should be paid attention to so as to prevent the possible harms. People should not eat the pomelo with bitter taste. At the same time, people should not eat pomelo excessively at a time. The excessive intake of pomelo can not only hurt the liver, but also cause other discomfortable symptoms and even poisoning, such as dizziness and weariness. When people take the medicines like anti-allergic agent, they can not eat pomelo or drink pomelo juice. These medicines can react with pomelo to cause arrhythmia. In addition, the patients with high blood pressure should not eat pomelo, or the serious side effects can be induced. Some people think that the abundant l-ascorbic acid and para-insulin can decrease the blood sugar and blood fat for the human body, so they frequently eat pomelo in daily life. However, if people take the hypotensor and pomelo at the same time, the blood pressure can be decreased greatly to induce angina, myocardial infarction and apoplexy. In addition, the patients with kidney diseases should eat pomelo under the doctors’ guidance, as pomelo contains a large amount of potassium.

After a Stroke, Do Not Give Up

Although the world as you know it seems to have come to an end, after a stroke, do not give up! Whatever you achieve your normal abilities is large up to you. It may be a fight, but any ability you can regain will be a big victory. Following this brain injury illness, you may simply have weakness on one side of the body or the other. Alternately, you may need to relearn even the most basic of skills. You may need to regain the power of speech or remember how to put one foot in front of the other.

In truth, many of the skills that you rediscover will be greatly due to your personal perseverance. You loved ones will be the best cheerleaders on the planet; but, you have to want to get better, even if it means hard work. For example, you may need:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy

Each type of therapy will target different areas of the brain and the body that has been injured by the stroke. Many people have to relearn how to speak again after a stroke. It means that the brain will have to relearn how to talk. Maybe different muscles will have to take on a new job, so you can talk again.

Occupational therapy is generally designed to help you regain the finer motor skills. For example, you might have to rediscover how to comb your hair, brush your teeth, or button your shirt. But, with any ability that is restored to you, it is a remarkable victory and a testament to the power of your spirit.

Finally, physical therapy will probably be necessary to help your larger muscles remember what to do. During the process, it will also prevent your inactive muscles from atrophying. It is up to you to teach your brain how to control your body again. No, it will not be easy, but it will be worth it not to give up!

What if. . .

What if you never regain 100% of your former abilities? What next? Well, you make allowances for your disability, and implement any devices or equipment to make your life that much easier. For example, maybe you will never be able to walk steadily again, even if you manage to leave the wheelchair behind. Then, you will need to find a good cane, pair of crutches , or a walker that will help you keep your balance. Do not risk further injury by a nasty fall.

In addition, make sure the bathroom is a safer place. Even under the best of circumstances, it is simply too easy to slip in the tub or shower. You do not want to rattle your brain any further with a nasty goose egg or worse.

In short, it is so important not to give up. Sure, there will be days of total depreciation and frustration. But, when the therapies seem too hard and you want to throw in the proverbial towel, look back to how far you have come back from a devastating and often deadly illness.

The Mystery Behind Mental Disorders And Dreams

Today we learn many things about humanity and the world from the beginning of our lives. We became more intelligent thanks to the transmission of information to the entire world.

Everything was totally different in the past, when time passed slowly and everything was complicated and difficult. However, people had time to talk and sing together because there was no television.

We believe that our historical time is very advanced because we have many alternatives that our ancientors could not have thanks to our scientific and technological progress, but the truth is that the world became more than commercial, and everyone is forced to become a marketer in our cruel and greedy system.

The truth is that falsity characterizes every person because we have a satanic nature and marketing is a theater based on manipulation.

Since everyone here is forced to be a marketer (directly or indirectly), everyone is greedy, even if this is not visible. The intention to make money is a necessity for everyone, but it became a true obsession for most people because they were controlled by their absurd anti-conscience and they became extremely materialistic.

In this aspect we can visibly verify the degradation of the human spirit. We started doing everything we can in order to make money, abandoning philosophy, religion, and art. Only science and technology seems to be important for the modern civilization.

In parallel with the terror that characterizes the life of the poor and the weak, the world became a theater where everyone is busy trying to make money, since everyone here is selling either goods or services.

Science is part of the marketing game, exactly like our hypocritical justice.

We abandoned our religion, considering it a stupidity that could not be scientifically explained, and therefore, had no value.

We abandoned the introspectives of brilliant philosophers, who analyzed our tragic history based on superior thoughts and conclusions because they could see what most people disregarded.

We stopped being able to understand the beautiful messages contained in poems.

Therefore, we can not say that we are more intelligent than our ancestors. Perhaps Socrates was more intelligent than those who are able to use computers.

The truth is that there were various extraordinary exceptions in our long history, marked by cruelty and injustice. Some people could make a difference, whereas the largest part of the population unavoidably followed the commercial world and tried to adapt to its rules.

How about you?

What will you do now that you know that the largest part of your brain contains craziness because you are in fact a demon who must be transformed and cured?

Will you obey God's guidance in your dreams in order to become a mentally healthy human being and attain sanctity?

The scientific method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung helped me find explanations for many unexplained phenomena and discover the meaning of life and the meaning of death.

The bitter truth is that the human being is Satan. God tries to transform our satanic nature into human nature thanks to the tiny conscience we receive from birth, and thanks to the information He gives us in our dreams and in our religion.

Now we can understand why we have many psychological problems from the beginning of our lives and why we are so stupid, violent, immoral, absurd, and cruel.

We are in fact violent primates that can think. We followed an evolutionary process, but we still are more than far from being reasonable, calm, sensitive, and intelligent. We need psychotherapy.

God created our planet with the characteristics that could help us follow a mental health treatment and learn the meaning of goodness. The fact that we must stop being cruel vampires that exploit and kill one another defines the meaning of life and the meaning of death.

Our wars and crimes confirm our satanic nature, but we do not define our behavior as we should. If we do not seem to be absurd according to the definitions of the hypocritical and ignorant world we believe that we are 'normal', even though we are totally insensitive.

God created for us a planet where many animals violently kill and eat other animals with the intention to survive in order to show us how cruel we are, while we believe that we only have the intent to survive.

We can think. We are not as stupid as irrational animals, but our reason is absurd, and we are ignorant.

We can survive and share our bread without killing and exploiting other people. We can also survive by eating vegetables, without being murderers like wild animals.

The fact that we are rational animals does not mean that we are intelligent. We are very far from sound mental health and wisdom, and we act like irrational animals in many situations.

We are like wild lions, but we hide our cruelty, and we have a few human characteristics. These characteristics are artificial because they were created by God, who gave us a conscience that works based on human standards in order to help us eliminate our satanic anti-conscience and become really human.

You have to be a good student and patient and pay attention to God's lessons in your dreams. God's messages are therapeutical because He knows the information you need in order to agree with Him instead of agreeing with Satan.

All mental disorders are generated by our satanic anti-conscience through absurd thoughts. Thoughts are very dangerous alternatives.

This means that you must be afraid of your thoughts, especially when they have an evil character, and remember that only goodness can help you find peace and sound mental health.

Kalonji Oil – History, Nutrition, Benefits & Uses

Both Kalonji oil and seed are equally good but kalonji oil is preffered over seeds as it is 35to 50% more potent and convenient to use

Kalonji oil is made from truly a remarkable herb called nigella sativa, popularly known as Black cumin or Black seed.

Kalonji is known around the world by many names because of its ancient popular history and medicinal value viz: black caraway, roman coriander, carvi (french), schwarzkummel (german), kalonji (Hindi/urdu), kezah(Hebrew) chernushka (Russian), corek-otu(Turkish), habbat-albarakah or habbatus-sauda (Arabic) siyah daneh (Persian) etc.

Kalonji is sometimes misleadingly confused with similar looking onion seed and black sesame, both of which are totally unrelated and deffinately are not the same.


Kalonji seeds have been found in several sites from ancient Egypt, including Tutankhamun’s tomb. Although its exact role in Egyptian culture is unknown, it is known that items entombed with a pharaoh were carefully selected to assist him in the after life.

The earliest written reference to N. sativa is thought to be in the book of Isaiah in the Old Testament where the reaping of nigella and wheat is contrasted (Isaiah 28: 25, 27). Easton’s Bible dictionary states that the Hebrew word ketsah refers to without doubt to N. sativa (although not all translations are in agreement)

In Islam, it is regarded as one of the greatest forms of healing medicine available. Muhammad (S.A.W.) once stated that the black seed can heal every disease-except death-as recounted in the following hadith:

[Sahih Muslim: Book 26 Kitab As-Salam, Number 5489]

It is also included in the list of natural drugs of ‘Tibb-e-Nabavi’, or “Medicine of the Prophet (Muhammad)(S.A.W.)”, according to the tradition “hold onto the use of the black seeds for in it is healing for all diseases except death” (Sahih Bukhari vol. 7 book 71 # 592).

Nutritional Components of Kalonji

Kalonji contains over 100 valuable nutrients. It is comprised of approximately 21% protein, 38% carbohydrates, and 35% plant fats and oils. The active ingredients of Kalonji are nigellone, thymoquinone, and fixed oils.

Kalonji contains significant proportions of protein, carbohydrates and essential unsaturated fatty acids, namely linoleic acid and gamma linolenic acid(omega3 &6), which are essential for a healty immune system other than calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B2, niacin, and vitamin C.

Nigellon semohiprepinon is an effective treatment of bronchial asthma and respiratory allergies because of its ability to expand and relax the air ways. It also reduces the release of histamines into the bloodstream and thus works against allergic reactions.

Another active ingredient of kalonji isThymohydrochionon, also acts as an antihistamine and pain reliever.

Use of kalonji helps in synthesis of prostaglandin E1. Prostaglandin E1 suppresses the release of allergic messenger substances and harmonizes the immune system. During the course of long term use the body’s defence mechanism stops its excess activity and regains its balance. This ameliorates ailments caused by allergic hyper-reactions, such as asthma, hay fever, and eczema

Long-term supplementation with Kalonji can reduce allergic symptoms greatly

It has been traditionally used for a variety of conditions and treatments related to respiratory health, stomach and intestinal health, kidney and liver function, circulatory and immune system support, as analgesic, antiinflammatory, antiallergic, antioxidants, anticancer, antiviral and for general well-being

Scientific research

Thymoquinone and pancreatic cancer treatment

Researchers at the Kimmel Cancer Center at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have found that thymoquinone, an extract of nigella sativa seed oil, blocked pancreatic cancer cell growth and killed the cells by enhancing the process of programmed cell death, (apoptosis). While the studies are in the early stages, the findings suggest that thymoquinone could eventually have some use as a preventative strategy in patients who have gone through surgery and chemotherapy or in individuals who are at a high risk of developing cancer.

“The seeds are also rich in sterols, especially beta-sitosterol, which is known to have anticarcinogenic activity.”

– Dr. Michael Tierra L.AC. O.M.D

Black Seed stimulates bone marrow and immune cells and raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroys tumor cells and raises the number of anti-bodies producing B cells.. U.S. Patents Sections, Antiviral Agents Bulletin #5,482,711

Black Seed proves to have an anti histamine, ant-oxidant, anti=biotic, anti-mycotic and broncho-dilating effect. Cancer Immuno-biology Laboratory, South Carolina

Black Seed is valuable source of protein, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, C and niacin as well as minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron magnesium & zinc Study of Black Seed oil on humans, American Scientists

Kalonji /Black seed/oil uses/home remedies

Cough and Asthma Mix a teaspoon of Kalonji Oil in boiling water and inhale the vapors twice a day. Half a teaspoon (2.5 ml) of Kalonji Oil mixed in a cup of warm water and a tablespoon of honey is also to be given twice daily in the morning and evening. Continue the treatment for 40 days

Dry Cough 2.5 ml Kalonji Oil should be mixed in coffee and given twice a day before meals.

High Chloestrol Give 2.5 ml Kalonji Oil mixed with hot milk daily in the mornings (only once a day). This dissolves fats and dilates veins and arteries

Headache and Ear ache Apply Kalonji Oil on the forehead, sides of the face adjacent to the ears and behind the ears and then bandage the forehead. Give 2.5 ml Kalonji twice a day and continue for 3 days.

Loss of Hair & Premature Graying. Scrub the scalp thoroughly with lemon, leave it for 15 minutes. Wash with water and shampoo after thoroughly drying, Thereafter apply Kalonji Oil to the scalp. Repeat for one week and the loss of hair will stop completely. Kalonji Oil stops falling of hair, and gives a new life to dry, damage, dull unmanageable hairs and prevents premature graying of hair. Use continuously for one month.

Weak Eyesight. Take half a teaspoon of Kalonji Oil along with a cup of carrot juice twice a day before meals. For weak eyesight continue the treatment for about 6 months

Backache and Rheumatic pain Mix 2,5 ml Kalonji Oil with one spoon of vinegar and a tablespoon of honey and take this mixture in the morning before breakfast and at night after dinner. Continue the treatment for 40 days.

Nausea/Vomiting Take half tsp of fresh ginger juice mixed with equal amount of Kalonji Oil, twice a day.

Toothache Mix half teaspoon (2.5 ml) of Kalonji Oil with warm water and gargle. Apply oil on the affected tooth, it will alleviate pain quickly

Nervous Tension/ Stress 2.5 ml of Kalonji Oil with a cup of tea twice a day before meals makes you calm down and eliminates all symptoms of tension.

General Weakness & Lethargy/Ed Take half teaspoon (2.5 ml) of Kalonji Oil with one cup orange juice in the morning for ten days.

For Improvement of of Memory Take half a teaspoon of Kalonji Oil mixed with 10 gms. of boiled mint twice a day before meals for 20 days.

Diabetes Mix 2.5 ml of Kalonji Oil in a cup of Black Tea and drink in the morning before breakfast and at night after dinner. Continue the treatment till sugar level becomes normal.

Dyspepsia, Acidity & Stomachache

A cup of milk mixed with a teapoon (5 ml) of Kalonji Oil to be taken two times a day for 5 days.

Restful Sleep 2.5 ml Kalonji Oil mixed in a hot drink after supper gives a quiet sleep all through the night.

Leucorrhoea, Amenorrhoea and PMS Take 1 g dried mint leaves and boil in 2 glasses of water till one cup of water is left. Put half teaspoon of Kalonji Oil and give on an empty stomach in the morning and at night. Continue the treatment for 40 days.

Piles and Constipation Mix 2.5 ml of Kalonji Oil in a cup of Black Tea and drink in the morning before breakfast and at night after dinner.

Obesity Mix 2.5 ml of Kalonji Oil and a tablespoon of honey in lukewarm water and drink in the morning before breakfast and at night after dinner

Burning Sensation Mix 2.5 ml Kalonji Oil in one cup of Sweet Lime Juice and drink in the morning before breakfast and at night after dinner.Continue the treatment for 10 days.

Psoriasis Mix 50 ml Kalonji Oil with 60 ml Lemon Juice and apply on the affected area..

Burning in Urine Mix 2.5 ml Kalonji Oil and 10 ml Honey in 250 ml milk and drink twice a day.

Half tsp(2.5 ml) daily with pure honey two times a day is good for general health

Alopecia Areata

The hair is often considered one of the most predominant parts of the human body. Also known as your "crowning glory", the hairs undergo a lot of procedures just for it to look nice. Sometimes, hair is often used as an item of fashion, and can be treated made into different and innovative hairdos. However, some people are unfortunate enough to suffer a condition in which their hairs, more commonly from the scalp fall off without re-growing any replacement. Alopecia Areata or more commonly known as "baldness" can cause not only a lot of hassle but also a person self-esteem and ego. His social interaction and relationship with other people may get affected.

What causes alopecia areata? Frankly, the root cause of this condition is still unknown. However, there are recent studies which point out possible reasons for hair loss. Initially, genetics and heredity is a factor that is being considered. Hair loss is more common in males than in females because of a particular chromosomal reaction in the DNA. Another cause could be an autoimmune reaction; this occurs when your antibodies fight and kill normal cells in the hair root rather than foreign microorganism which it is supposedly to do. Another cause would be stress and hormonal imbalance. Too much stress especially at work can trigger your hair roots and hair follicles to waste away and fall off. Sometimes, when applied with warm compress, the blood flow is increased, hence also increasing the tissue function. Please keep in mind that alopecia or baldness is not contagious and can not be passed from contact to airborne. An imbalance in which the rate of falling hair overcomes the rate of hair being replaced results in faster progress of the condition. Here, as an immediate remedy, one may try not to scratch the hair too much even if it really pains you to do so.

If you have a relative who is suffering from alopecia arreata, one of the best way to treat this is to initially stay calm and accept this condition. This may be difficult at first since this is a major change in body appearance. Through its course of condition, a person develops a white patch of baldness onto an area which gradually increases its size. One of the most common sign is the increasing number of hair strands left on the surface of the pillow as the person raises up from bed every morning. Never ever tease or ridicule the person's appearance. Not only are you not helping, but you are actually making the situation worse for them. Show a little bit of concern and consideration for others. There are several shampoos out there in the market which help restore blood flow in the scalp and reestablish hair root activity. Relaxing from work is also advised. Drinking multivitamins, especially vitamins A and E is strongly recommended. The course of treatment varies, as some may be as short as days while others as long as years. It all depends on the person's way of reacting to the medication or the mode of treatment.

The Ear Infection

The ear is a complex structure that consists of three sections: the outer ear, the middle ear and the inner ear. A tiny tube, called the eustachian tube, connects the middle ear to the back of the throat and nose. This is the tube that we open by yawning or swallowing.

Ear infection

Most parents are familiar with ear infections and they are usually the most common reason for a visit to the doctor. Chances are, that by the time a child reaches the age of 6 they will have suffered an ear infection of some form. Most ear infections get better without any treatment, but if you are in doubt of the severity of the problem you should always contact your doctor.

Inflammation of the ear is called ‘otitis’. Otitis ear infection occurs when bacteria or a virus invade the external, middle or inner part of the ear. There are 2 common types of ear infections, otitis media and otitis externa. t for the rest of their lives.


Outer ear infections can spread from general skin infections, or might just happen on your ear.
They can be caused by:

* viruses like herpes,

* bacteria such as Staphylococci, or

* fungi such as candida, which causes thrush.

Infections often get into the outer ear because of scratching the skin. You might scratch the skin because it is itchy due to eczema or psoriasis inside the ear. You might also damage skin and allow infection to enter if you put objects such as cotton buds or pencils in your ear to try to get rid of earwax. This infection is sometimes called swimmer’s ear, because it can be caught though infected or polluted water getting into the ear.

Inner ear infections are often caused by the common cold, which spreads through the tube that connects your ears and nose (the Eustachian tube). They can also be caused by common childhood illnesses such as measles, or by getting water in your ear when you have a burst eardrum.



* Treat with acetaminophen (like Tylenol) to relieve pain.

* Elevate the head of the bed by resting the bed frame on books or lift the crib or bed mattress the same way. This will facilitate draining of the tubes and help relieve pressure and thus pain.

* Relieve pain with a warm compress held to the ear.

* Drink fluids to help keep mucus thin and flowing. The act of swallowing opens the tubes and encourages them to drain, and the fluids fight infection.

* Use a vaporizer in the bedroom at night.

* If you or your child has a tendency to ear Infections, always use a decongestant at night when either one of you has a cold.

* Drink a dropperful of echinacea (available at health food stores) dissolved in a glass of water three times daily. This is safe for adults and children over a year old.

* During the acute stage of infection, take 200 mg. of N-acetylcysteine two times a day. (This is not recommended for babies under a year.)

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss, typically abbreviated SSHL, is a frightening problem that hits about 4,000 people each year in the United States. It is an affliction that doctors still do not quite understand, as there are over 100 things that can cause sudden hearing loss. Even then, some people who are stuck with SSHL never do find out what caused their problem.

SSHL is technically defined as a loss of hearing that reduces your hearing capabilities by more than 30 dB, spanning at least three contiguous frequencies. This loss can happen either suddenly or over a span of about 72 hours. While SSHL usually only strikes one ear, some people have reported the unexplainable deafness in both. With this type of hearing loss, a person may also experience tinnitus and / or dizziness.

Most people say that they wake up to discover that they are deaf in an ear. Others do not notice the change until they try to use one ear alone, like listening to the phone. Even more rarely, some people hear a "pop" noise before suddenly losing their hearing. People can recover from SSHL just as suddenly, with some undergoing a spontaneous recovery without medical intervention within three days after the strike. Others only have to wait a week or two before their hearing is restored, although 15% of sufferers of SSHL never recover and actually get worse.

In looking for the likely cause for the hearing loss, doctors may interview you about your past health issues or any injuries you might have sustained. Only about 10-15% of SSHL sufferers can determine what might have hurt their ears, which may include:

Infectious disease or virus

Loss of blood circulation

Toxins like chemicals or snake bites

Head or ear trauma

Birth defects or abnormal tissue growth

Immunological or neurological disorders

Because so little is known about the cause of SSHL, doctors do not have an exact method to fight the problem. They do, however, recommend to visit a physician immediately because research has shown that the quicker the treatment, the better. After asking you about medications or experiences that may have caused the deafness, a doctor may ask you to discontinue a potentially harmful medicine. Typically, a healthcare professional will prescribe stereoids, which help reduce inflammation and promote immunological strength. These can help with the SSHL if it is infection or virus-related.

Sadly, sometimes doctors can not help with the SSHL. Thus, to stay active and able to hear, many people turn to hearing aids. Studies have shown that bone anchored cochlear systems tend to have the most success with people with SSHL, although there are a number of other hearing aid devices that can help with the deafness.

For more information on hearing disorders and the hearing aids that help, check out Hearing Planet today.

Teenage Illegal Aliens – What Happens After High School?

The issue of illegal immigration has reached a fever pitch. But what about those who are caught in the cross-hairs and did not even know it?

Economists at Bear Stearns, a leading Wall Street firm, tell us there are almost 20 million undocumented people living in the United States. Many of them are school-aged kids.

Angel, a 17 year old senior at El Toro High School in Lake Forest, CA, came here from Guatemala at the age of 4. Twelve years later, he realized he was undocumented. "I was going to get this job so I needed my Social Security number," he explains. "My mom said I did not have one. It was crazy; I've been here most of my life."

He's not alone. According to a recent article by Anne Ryman of The Arizona Republic, nearly 4,000 college students in Arizona were denied in-state tuition because they failed to prove legal residency. Like Angel, many teenagers who have been in the US for most of their lives are suddenly finding it difficult to remain here in this country that they've called "home" for so long.

"It's like, I'm glad [my parents] brought me here, but I do not know what I'm going to do later," says Angel.

The Pressure Is On

More than 185,431 people were transported from the US last year, according to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Arizona, Oklahoma, and Utah have passed new legislation that will make it tougher for undocumented immigrants to live and work in those states. Immigration law has become a hot-button issue for politicians across the country.

There Is Hope

While it can seem overwhelming, the US does offer several paths to legal residency. Under the right circumstances, even so-called "illegal aliens" can legally obtain a United States Visa. The good news for teenagers is: as long as they are under the age of 18, the government does not hold their undocumented status against them. There are options available to these children. But the quicker they act, the easier it will be. Adults over 18 may also have a good chance, especially those who have at least one family member who is already an American Citizen. Hardship Waivers, which can allow an undocumented person to legally stay in the US, are approved by immigration officials surprisingly often.

Learning the in's and out of US Immigration law can be complicated, but successfully navigating through them is the best chance for staying in the US for undocumented teens like Angel.

Never Multitask on a Conference Call

Conference calls are quickly becoming the general way of doing business with people around the world. With the advent of this service, the incidence of conference calls has shot up manifold. How to set up conference call is very simple which further adds to the popularity of conference calls.

Making contact has become easy and there is no longer any need for your physical presence every time. This is definitely a big boon, but the lack of face to face contact can make participants a little lax as well. Indeed, many people think that they can get away with doing almost anything while attending a conference call.

For instance, you may think that you can send that pending email to your subordinates while listening to the other participants as they discuss the timeline for the new project. Or maybe, finish signing the papers with one ear on the ongoing debate. Especially when you are not involved in a discussion, it is very tempting to complete pending tasks in the meanwhile.

And this is quite commonplace. According to a 2013 Meeting Behavior Survey, 92% of information workers admit to multitasking during meetings, and 41% of respondents say they do it often or all of the time.

You may be trying to save time or get more work done. Alas, neither works as you end up just wasting your own time and that of others as well. This is because you are bound to get diverted with the other work and will lose track of what people are saying on the conference call. It gets quite embarrassing when someone has to prompt you to give your input or even worse, you have to ask someone to repeat a question that was posed to you!

What's more, the sound of typing, shuffling papers or even chewing can easily carry over the air waves and everyone will know that you are doing something else even while the call is in progress. This can distract other participants or even disrupt the ongoing proceedings. Muting the call is an option, but it often happens that you may forget to mute or later unmute the call, leading to problems galore.

So, being out of sight does not mean that you can make it out of mind as well – or even get other things on your mind. When a conference call is in progress, you should give your full attention and participation actively without getting diverted with other tasks. Even when you take notes or do something else, ensure that you do not make too much noise.

So, be it a free conference call service or a paid one, the call demands your complete concentration and consideration. Give as much attention to what is going on in the call as you would say, learning how to set up conference call. The mails, the files and even the sandwich can wait until later …

Remedies For Stammering

Living with a stamming makes life very difficult. You do not have the same confidence that other people have because of your stutter. You feel like you are unable to communicate properly with people and it definitely affects your self esteem. If you are a person with a stammer then you know how badly you want a cure.

You wish that you could speak clearly and without a stutter because then you would feel normal. You would notice that people were more attracted to you and that they listened to you more. It would make life so much better and definitely much more enjoyable. You would be more confident and dating life would be so much easier as well. You need some remedies for stuttering so you can feel good about yourself again.

Thankfully, there are some options for you. You can get rid of your stuttering and feel much better about yourself. A great remedy for stuttering includes taking a stress relieving class such as yoga. This will help to calm your nerves, which actually will make your stuttering better. When you are nervous, your stutter worsens so if you can become a calmer person, then you will notice that your stutter will subside and you can become confident. Also, practicing in front of a mirror is a great remedy for stammering as well. You can see what words you have the most trouble on and learn how to speak clearer. Also, you can control your pace of speech so you will not talk as fast.