Multiple Personality Disorder and the Power of the Mind to Heal

Split personality disorder has been an enigma to psychologists and doctors for at least 100 years. It is strange enough that a person can split their personality into at least 2 distinct personas, with some even having 100 separate personalities, changing between them at random. Each personality has their own uniqueness, name and other traits but none of the other personalities are aware of the others.

What is even more strange, and psychologists are baffled by this, is the psychological and physiological changes that occur when a different personality takes over. For instance….physical scars on the body disappear and re-appear in an instant with the dominance of different personalities.

Let’s say for instance that someone has two personalities…and for ease of understanding we’ll name them “John” and “Peter”. If John is dominant and injures himself, and the wound then heals to a scar….this would then become part of who he is. So now when Peter takes over and becomes dominant the scar disappears…only to return when John takes over again.

The same thing happens to other ailments…allergies, diseases like diabetes, colour blindness, lazy eye, and even eye colour, have all been observed to completely disappear or change when a different personality is dominant. Intelligence is also affected. If John is fluent in French, peter would not be able to speak a word of French.

Even tolerances to administered drugs are altered. If one part becomes drunk and then a different personality takes over, that new dominant part will become totally sober.

Spiritualists and alternative therapists have put forward the notion that the body and mind are inextricably linked for a long time now, but psychologists and doctors have been unwilling to see this, to the detriment of their patients. But after seeing firsthand what happens with split personalities, they are beginning to understand the mind-body link and what it means for humans and our power to heal ourselves and become the person we want to be.

‘If the mind can do this in tearing down body tissue, I think it suggests the same potential for healing,” said Dr. Braun, who directs a 10-bed psychiatric unit that uses psychotherapy, hypnosis and drugs to treat people with multiple personalities. He said he believed that the drastic physical changes seen in patients going from personality to personality could be duplicated for emotionally normal people under hypnosis….(source: New York Times).

Why do some people have split personalities?

This disorder usually begins in childhood as a defense against prolonged trauma, usually some kind abuse either mental or physical. The theory is that the mind spits in two, so that it can retreat into the other personality or personalities in times of extreme distress….and to allow the newly created part to take some of the burden of distress by sharing the pain. Another explanation, and this seems more likely… could be that the mind is creating an untouched personality knowing that the original one has been severely corrupted….much like when we partition a hard drive in case one part becomes corrupted, then we still have the other clean partition to work with. And the reason each part knows nothing of the other and its experiences, could be to protect it from the corruption and disorder of the abused part in order for that newly created part to function properly. If the new part had any memory or knowledge of the abuse the other went through, it too would become damaged.

How do these dramatic physical changes happen?

If the mind and body are linked as closely as this suggests, then it would seem that the memory, experiences and beliefs of the person are linked to every cell in the body, so that when the person changes personality all previous beliefs and so-on on are completely erased for the duration….therefore changing the whole biology, molecular structure, cell structure and chemistry of the body according to the new part.

So what does this all mean, and how can it help us.?

This is showing us how powerful the human mind is, and that our bodies and their ailments both mental and physical are not permanent, but can be changed by the power of belief and thought. If we believe something without doubt surely we can affect our own bodies at the cellular level just as people unconsciously do with multiple personalities. We could just imagine that we are healed and it would happen, we could see in our mind that the cancer has gone, and it would be done. Disease of every kind would be a thing of the past. All we need is the unwavering belief of our inner power…and the seemingly strange things that occur with people with multiple personalities should give us this belief.

There are many ways we can utilize this mind power. Through hypnosis we can gain access to the subconscious to create new beliefs using visualization and other transformation techniques.

 Hypnosis is well known to be able to create the same phenomena described in this article in emotionally normal people. Even without formal hypnosis, a person can learn powerful visualization techniques which if vivid enough can be very powerful. Visualization works because the mind cannot differentiate between mental images and real images, so if we see something vividly enough and for long enough, the body’s cell structure will begin to conform to what is being seen in the mind. Just like when a multiple personality takes over from a previous one, his cell structure and mental state is changed according to the beliefs of the new part.

So….if you believe something so totally, it will become your truth. Please read my other article on the power of belief to explore this idea further.

By Mark Turnbull

Diabetes and Your Vision

If you have diabetes, you are at risk of losing your vision. In fact, approximately half of all people who have diabetes are at risk, simply because they do not know that they have diabetes. One in four people who have diabetes will experience vision problems.

There are many things that can go wrong with your vision when you have diabetes. First, people who have diabetes are more likely to have cataracts at a younger age. Diabetes also doubles the risk of developing glaucoma. The biggest problem, however, is the fact that diabetes can lead to diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is the most common cause of blindness in people under the age of 65.

Diabetic retinopathy occurs when the blood vessels that feed the retina weaken and begin to leak. This causes the retina to swell, which impairs vision. Vision will first change by becoming blurry. As the problem grows, the circulation in those blood vessels keeps the retina from receiving oxygen. They vessels will eventually become completely blocked, causing vital parts of the retina to essentially die and stop functioning.

If you are diabetic, it is a good idea to have your vision checked yearly, and to be tested for diabetic retinopathy every three to five years. There is treatment for diabetic retinopathy, however the best option is to keep your blood sugar levels in check and avoid it altogether.

Diabetic retinopathy is a direct result of the problems in the circulatory system that result from diabetes. If you are following your doctor’s advice and eating right and exercising, the chances of developing diabetic retinopathy, as well as many other diabetes-associated health problems, can be avoided, or at the very least delayed for numerous years.

Make sure that your eye doctor is aware that you are diabetic, so that he knows what to be on the lookout for. Also, ask your eye doctor to send a copy of your files, including additions made to those files in the future, to your medical doctor for evaluation.

Do not End Up Fat and Crazy

We are all too familiar with the risks associated with having a fatter than usual belly. No prizes to single out the usual suspects and all their close cousins ​​of having this excess fat. However, the stakes are now raised. Dementia in the elder years has recently been identified as one of the close cousins.

The fat tissues in our abdominal region have been established as an indicator of dementia as reported in a 2008 study by Rachel A. Whitmer, an epidemiologist for Kaiser Permanente who has conducted several important studies on the relationship between weight and dementia. Whitmer says that it is time we started paying attention to belly size as a bona fide health indicator, like cholesterol levels and blood pressure readings, not just a source of aesthetic anguish or wardrobe malfunction.

Researchers in this field of study have many theories on how fat bellies makes you crazy. Many of these theories are circumstantial. But one theory that is generally easy to digest is that fat tissues affect the brain by causing damage damage to arteries that supply blood to the brain and by making the blood sticker, blood clots are more likely to form. Some researchers have also proposed that fat tissues affect the brain by weakening the blood-brain barrier thereby letting harmful harmolecules cross it.

The theories are many and some may may hold true, other may point to genetic causes and some even put blame on cultural elements. However, the thing to note is that the essence of all these is that excess abdominal fat will in time make you crazy. To have a clear mind, clear out the excess fatty tissues in your body. Another strong reason to remain trim.

In combating obesity, there are many things that we can put under our control and manage, such as moderate eating and less alcohol. And now that it has been established that weight, fat and dementia are connected, the jewel in this is that achieving a healthy weight is good not only for the body but more importantly for the mind too.

Super Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Think You Are Ready?

If airsoft games are played in your school, chances are you have seen a lot of impressive weapons. You probably have watched a lot of firepower going around; but if you wish to join them, start scouting for the weapon you can afford. If you have swift feet, then you may want something you can lug around easily. If you think you are better off crouched behind bushes all day, then get your self and your friends airsoft sniper rifles.

Airsoft sniper rifles are lightweight, have simple clean lines, and are flexible. Airsoft sniper rifles are powered by springs. These will have to be cocked for each shot. So if you want to be ace sniper in the whole block you have to practice a lot to get that dexterity and speed without batting an eyelash.

What is an airsoft sniper rifle?

If you watch a lot of gun slinging movies, then you have seen how a sniper is used. The sniper sits for hours waiting for the target. He crouches in his hide-out, ever on the ready to pull the trigger. Through his scope he can position his sniper, and the bang!

Airsoft sniper rifles have full adjustable rear sight, a cheek piece on the left side, and a rubber recoil pad that provides shoulder support. It runs the length of 1140 mm and has a height of 200mm. The 2000g model has a capacity of five shells, and displays energy of 0.75 joules and a velocity of 200 FPS. It also has a caliber of 6 mm BB, and a silent bolt action.

Hiding behind $100 UHC Super 9 airsoft sniper rifles can be stimulating. It gives you the advantage over your unsuspecting enemy. This sniper rifle is durable and does not need gas or batteries to operate. But if you are thinking of rounding up all your trophies in the battlefield, think again.

Airsoft sniper rifles are good pieces for back up support or to add to your collection of firearms. Since this uses a spring to propel a shot, you have to cock to the sniper to be ready at all times.

Unfortunately, this cannot go against the bigger and better airsoft weapons. In a war game nobody wants to risk defeat. So they arm themselves with the fast spitting, powerful guns.

Making the Best Shot

But there is solution to this dilemma. Upgrade your team’s airsoft sniper rifles. You can upgrade this yourself, and do it one at a time, depending on your budget. Having good airsoft sniper rifles is one thing, and being a good sniper is another thing.

To be a good sniper, practice with an appropriate gun that can give higher FPS shots. Use a gas gun, never mind if you have to lug the gas tanks. A gas gun is a better training tool than the electric version. As you practice with your gun, you will become familiar with its performance in different situations.

In other words, get to know how your gun fires. For accurate shots, learn the workings of the Mil-Dot formula. Once you master this, you can compute the distance of your target and prepare your aim accurately. Get a scope for better aim and a real good camouflage; you must never be espied as you are the ticket to your team’s victory.

If you think you and your group are ready, get those airsoft sniper rifles. Get some protective gear like face masks and goggles. If you are below 18, then you have to wait until you are old enough for the exciting war games. You can also do some research on the airsoft laws in your state. By observing these rules you can avoid unnecessary trouble.

Natural Remedies For Scratching Out Body Rash

What is body rash?

An inflamed or irritated patch of skin, a body rash is generally considered a minor medical problem that can be treated and eliminated with simple home remedies.

However, in some cases, a persistent rash may be a symptom of an illness or chronic condition that requires professional medical attention.

What are the symptoms?

Skin rashes can develop anywhere on the body, and the symptoms often include:

o Itching

o Redness

o Cracking

o Dryness

o Lesions

o Scaling

o Swelling

It’s important to consult a physician when rashes are accompanied by extreme soreness, swelling, fever, joint pain, streaks of redness, or tightness in the throat as these might be signs of a more serious illness.

What are the causes?

Lots of things can cause a body rash, including but not limited to:

o Direct exposure to specific irritants or allergens (such as poison ivy, certain chemicals, or foods)

o Acne, eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders

o Viral, fungal, and bacterial infections

o Insect bites

o Parasite infection

o Exposure to extreme cold, dry, or hot weather conditions

o Other medical disorders such as liver disease, kidney disease, and certain types of cancer

What are the natural treatments?

Minor body rashes usually disappear without any treatment. However, some natural remedies have been proven helpful in alleviating itch and soreness.

OATMEAL makes an effective itch-relieving scrub. Simply pour one cup of oatmeal into a cotton sock and secure with a rubber band to make a sponge. Then, use the sponge in a warm bath to clean and soothe the skin.

ALOE VERA gel, known for its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, sunscreen and healing properties, can be applied directly to the skin to soothe and heal as well.

Beauty is Only Skin Deep?

Having beautiful skin can be the first step to feeling beautiful. And what better way to beautify the skin than giving it the proper care that it needs. Skin care is very important. The function of the skin is so vast but the most important function is to protect the internal parts of the body. It helps regulate the body's temperature and it protects people from harmful substances.

That is why it is very important to care for. But caring for the skin is not just plainly washing it with soap every day, it takes a little more effort than that. The first thing to do when caring for the skin is to cleanse it. And the secret is to find a cleaner that responds to. Since there are four types of skins, oily skin, normal skin, dry skin, and sensitive skin, it is important to find a cleanser that suits the right skin type.

When cleansing, make sure to massage lightly to improve blood circulation. Massaging the during cleansing can help improve and brighten up the skin. Avoid using regular bar soaps too often since it has the tendency to be too dry. It removes the natural oils in and could change the PH levels of the skin. Also, do not cleanse too much. Washing in the morning with lukewarm water and at night will suffice.

Use a loofah to remove dead skin cells and improve the blood circulation but do it moderately to avoid making the skin looking dull and dry. The next step is to exfoliate. This is the step that most people skip because they think that it is not important. Little do they know that proper exfoliation ill certainly make a big difference.

Some ways to exfoliate is to use microdermabrasion, chemical peels or retinoids. Using microdermabrasions once a week can help the skin glow all year round. Avoid scrubbing too much because it removes the top layer of the dead skin cells which can make the complexion look dull.

After cleaning and exfoliating, the next thing to do is to moisturize. Everyone, no matter what skin type, should always moisturize. Moisturizing helps seal moisture in spite of people should always be careful not to moisturize too much because this can clog the pores. Lastly, always apply sunscreen. Applying sunscreen is one of the most important parts of a good skin care regimen. The sun is one of the top causes for wrinkles. Keep the skin looking younger by always applying sunscreen even if it is cloudy outside or even if it is winter.

Beauty may only be skin deep but remember that beauty is also in the eye of the beholder and what better to capture the people's eyes than with a healthy glowing skin. Remember that skin and beauty usually go hand in hand and having great skin is a good confidence booster. But just having a good skin care ritual is not enough to care for the skin. It also needs a good healthy diet and proper exercise. So start a new skin care regime and switch to a healthier lifestyle to make that skin look younger and brighter.

Nail Fungus Infections – An Embarrassing Problem

You may have seen them in those ads with a lot of nasty pictures. Nail fungus infections have been around since ages, and they plan to stay if you do not take proper action to avoid them.

Fungi are everywhere, they are either animals nor plants, and constitutive a unique kingdom in nature. The most known are those found in forests. They are large and called macrofungi. But they can be very small too, such as the ones that affect your nails. They are small enough to enter into any open space they find on your nail. And that is no small task. Your nails act as a very strong and effective barrier against fungus, but if the fungi find a breach, the same toughness is applied backwards, and that is very hard to get rid of the fungus for good.

Nail fungus treatments are long. They usually take up to 18 months of daily check up of your feet or hands. But, it is better than to live with the fungus. Nail fungus infections are embarrassing. People will not even look at you if you're at the beach. And you can not blame them cause you would do the same, so you end up wearing socks all day, when in reality you need to let your feet breathe as much as they can.

Of course, you can avoid all the embarrassing issues if you decide to not overlook this common infection. There are plenty of articles on the web that can help you with nail fungus prevention, some I have written myself, but the main advice is to let your feet breath and avoid contagious environments. These environments are warm and wet or moist. A perfect example of pro nail fungus infections environments would be public showers. Avoid them at all costs, or if that is not possible, wear sandals. Getting accustomed to this is a pain in the rear, but you'll find out is the best you can do.

Telltale Signs of a Sinusitis Pressure Headache

A normal headache would probably occur on top of your head, on the sides or even at the base of your skull, near the neck area. Nevertheless, a sinusitis pressure headache occurs pretty much anywhere your sinus cavities are located. That means you can anticipate a deep, dull or even sharp pain behind your forehead, behind the eyes or even within your noses or cheekbones. Exerting stress through exercise or simply bending over can exacerbate the pain.

There are some reasons why you might experience a sinusitis pressure headache with one likely reason being sinus congestion or swelling. This blockage and swelling can be caused from such conditions as a cold or allergies like hay fever. In sequence, when your sinus cavities become inflamed, the swelling keeps your mucus from draining thus precipitating a sinus infection.

As a result, you could say that a sinus infection is another cause of a sinus headache. Additionally, changes in atmospheric pressure can also cause these headaches and can include air travel, climbing at high altitudes or even diving or swimming in deep water. Very often, your headache is a sign of other medical issues to come like a sinus infection. Thus you may also experience general fatigue; a sore throat caused by post nasal drip, green or yellow nasal discharge or even nasal congestion.

Problems When a Patient Has a Sinus Infection and Asthma

When a person has a sinus infection and asthma at the same time here can be some complications. A sinus infection and asthma are not the best grouping to have to deal with. As a person with asthma is already having problem in breathing, having a sinus infection and asthma can compromise this even further.

It is very important when a person has a sinus infection and asthma that the nasal passages be clear. Having an open airway can facilitate a person with asthma. When someone has a sinus infection and asthma it is rather difficult to get the mucus to move out of the sinus cavities.

A nasal rinse may be the best and most helpful method of moving mucus through the nasal passages. A person with a sinus infection and asthma may discover that doing a nasal rinse is an advantageous thing. A nasal rinse involves using water and a particular nasal rinse mixture. Then taking a bottle that is specially made for this use, and spraying water first through one nostril and then the other. The rinse and the bottle can be bought at any pharmacy. Taking some over the counter medications that can also help with the congestion to be beneficial. These medications can facilitate the thinning of the mucus and allow for it to drain. Having a sinus infection and asthma can be complicated. It is therefore very important to stay in touch with a physician in order to receive the most appropriate care for these conditions.

One of the slightest common signs of sinus infection is that you can get a toothache. The pain will only in your upper teeth, as they are in close proximity to the inflamed and clogged sinuses in your head. One of the best ways to find out whether you have a sinus infection or toothache is to ask yourself – do you happen to have sinusitis? For the majority people with sinusitis or sinus infection, knowing they have it is pretty obvious. They have clogged or perpetually runny noses, headaches, sore throats, post nasal drip, tenderness and extra sensitivity all around the face (including the mouth and teeth) and usually with reduced appetite. Usually all food will taste weird because of the constant presence of mucus in the mouth hitting the taste buds. People having post nasal drip can also get really annoying or upsetting nausea.

You get toothache in your upper teeth for a mixture of reasons. If you happen to share your bedroom with someone else, ask them if you grind your teeth in your sleep. Most likely they will have already got used with this habit of yours. Grinding your teeth is one of the ways your dentist can tell a sinus infection or toothache pain. Another way is to go for an x-rays as usual for a check up. You could have developed a cavity, abscess or other dental problem. In order to conclude if your pain is sinus infection or toothache, you may have to be checked for periodontal disease. If your dentist can’t find anything wrong with your teeth and mouth, then the pain is from a sinus infection.

Depression Drug Treatment

A tough day at work, loss of money in the stock market or an injured self-esteem often leaves a person in the doldrums. This feeling normally lasts a day or two after which the person is back to his normal self. At times this feeling persists for a much longer period and turns severe, preventing the person from leading a normal life. This condition is called major depressive disorder; it can cause untold suffering to a person and may even push him to commit suicide. Sadly, most people leave this condition undiagnosed and untreated, which may cost the sufferer his life.

Signs of depression include feeling sad, lack of energy, aches and pains, insomnia or excessive sleep, loss of appetite and feeling of despair. There are various types of depression like major depression, chronic depression (dysthymia), seasonal depression, psychotic depression and bipolar depression.

Antidepressants are used in the treatment of depression. These drugs increase the presence of certain brain chemicals known as neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters bring about a change in the emotions of the person and leave him in good spirits.

Antidepressants are broadly classified as Tricyclic antidepressants, Monoamine oxidase inhibitors, Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. The medication differs from person to person, depending upon the extent to which he has been affected.

Trycyclic antidepressants influence the level of neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine. These drugs generally have a lot of side effects and are not preferred as a first choice. Drugs that fall under this catogory are Anafranil, Adapin, Pamelor, Norpramin, Tofranil and Vivactil.

Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) are effective in people who are suffering from other mental ailments and who do not respond to other drug treatments.Those who consume MAOIs must follow a strict diet, since as substances like alcohol can interfere with the functioning of the MAOIs.

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and Serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) also slimulate the production of the neurotransmitters. They are relatively new drugs and have potential side effects like headache, palpitations, chest pain, neck stiffness, nausea and vomiting. They can also cause mania in some people, and people who are prescribed them should be watched carefully for adverse reactions. Some examples of SSRIs include Paxil, Prozac, Luvox and Zoloft; Effexor, Remeroin and Cymbalta are SNRIs.

Treating depression using drugs is not the preferred choice because all these drugs have damaging side effects. Some of the side effects may sometimes turn out to be more harmful than the disorder they are supposed to cure. A better option would be psychotherapy, which will help the person to come out of the depression by regaining control over his mind.

Fear of Needles: How to Get Over Your Trypanophobia

Needles and other sharp objects crop up all over the place. Some people have a fear of needles if they’re about to be jabbed by one of these implements. Others take their phobia a stage further and can’t even watch someone being injected by a needle on a television show – they look away from the screen until the awful deed has been done. Regardless of the scale of your trypanophobia, it is possible to overcome your phobia and return to normal.

As with a lot of phobias, you can use processes such as cognitive behavior therapy to help to reduce your fear of needles. You’ll have a number of sessions with the therapist and the procedure will be to talk through your phobia – a bit like talking to your shrink – until the fear subsides. It has been shown to get good results and if your fear is extreme then it’s well worth exploring.

For the remainder of the approximately one in ten people (including both Snoop Dogg and Alice Cooper) who experience fear of needles to some degree or other, there are other options that work to varying degrees.

Dentists are one place where we regularly confront needles. It is worth talking through your fear with your dentist – they are perfectly used to this – and exploring alternatives to injections if you need to have your gums numbed before a filling or tooth extraction. This gives you time to work on your phobia at your own pace whilst also keeping your teeth in pristine condition.

The reason you’re worried is almost certainly rational – it’s not a normal thing for humans to be jabbed with a sharp object – but the benefits that can be gained from injections should outweigh the fear. They can protect you from harm by innoculating you against various diseases as well as protect you from pain as seen in our dentist situation.

Hypnosis has a high success rate of dealing with your fear. It works deep down in your subconscious mind to change the way you think about needles.

The fear is deep rooted and no amount of conscious rationalization will make it disappear. After all, if that was the case, you’d already have overcome your fear and wouldn’t be reading this article.

So, back to hypnosis. It goes deep into your subconscious mind – the part of you that controls most of your bodily functions on autopilot. Then it will put in a series of hypnotic suggestions that will gradually spawn themselves and replace your old “worried about needles” reaction with a new reaction that allows you to be injected without turning into a quivering wreck or attempting to race out of the room rather than be subjected to a needle point.

The hypnotic process can be carried out by a local specialist or by listening to an MP3 file on your iPod. Both options have a high success rate, the latter choice being cheaper and more discrete since no-one other than you will know what you’re listening to.

Anxiety Attack Symptoms – Treat Anxiety Attack Before It Subdues You

If anxiety attack symptoms are always showing up and negatively affecting your lifestyle, you have to take immediate action to cure your anxiety. So you're afraid of conducting that important presentation, you're worried about your child going out with his friends, or you feel uneasy and angry for some reason you can not identify at the moment. How do you know if it's just normal, or something more serious like anxiety attack symptoms?

Anxiety Attack Symptoms

The most common anxiety attack is extreme fear. This fear, which is usually irrational, may be accompanied by any one or more of the following:

o Excessive sweating and / or tremors.

o Hot or cold flashes

o Heart palpitations and faster heartbeats

o Stomach problems – feeling sick to your stomach, diarrhea and sometimes even vomiting

o Dizziness or nausea

o Difficulty in breathing

o Chest pain

o Pins and needles muscle pain

o Having a feeling of impending doom. You may feel that something bad is going to happen to you or to your loved ones.

An anxiety attack usually lasts 30 minutes or less. It can be a one-time event or a repetitive one. If anxiety attack symptoms are frequent and regular, you may already have suffering from an anxiety disorder. Sometimes, anxiety attacks are triggered by the fear of having another anxiety attack.

Anxiety Disorder

This disorder is characterized by chronic worry and repeated episodes of anxiety or panic attacks.

Aside from the symptoms associated with anxiety attacks, those with anxiety disorder generally experience difficulty concentrating, change in appetite, frequent need to use the bathroom, insomnia, restlessness, lethargy, irritability, loss of interest in life, muscle tension, fatigue and others.

The most common type of anxiety disorder is generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). This is usually associated with a false or irrational fear that something bad will happen in the future. This could mean being so preoccupied about the cause of your anxiety so much that you can not concentrate on other things like work. Sometimes there is no exact cause for the anxiety, though feelings of dread overwhelm the person on a daily or regular basis.

Anxiety Treatments and Medication

Mild anxiety can usually be treated by a counselor. The counselor can give breathing and relaxation exercises to deal with anxiety attacks when they occur. It also helps to do regular meditation on your own.

Some herbs like chamomile, which has a calming effect, can also help. Testimonial evidence shows that valerian and passion flower, when combined, effectively reduce anxiety. Other herbs that can be used for treatment are kava hops, skullcap, motherwort, pennyroyal, St. John's wort, and linden.

For severe cases, relaxation exercises and herbal remedies may only be supplemental to anxiety medications. Recommended medication especially for GAD is alprazolam, which is most effective for anxiety disorders with biological basis. The right dose of alprazolam, though, differs from patient to patient. Finding the best dose for you may take time, but consulting a good doctor may make it easier.

Knowing anxiety attack symptoms and warning signs may not only help you, but also others who are unknowingly suffering from them. With the right treatment, anyone suffering from anxiety attacks can gradually live a relaxed, worry-free life.

Alternative Therapy for Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a common disorder people are facing. This disorder came into existence in the modern world and was not even known in the ancient times. Physicians and scientists believe that this disorder is created through an individual behavior and eating habits. In medical terms Insomnia is a condition when a person is unable to attain full sleep and practices partial sleep. In case of partial sleep, an individual feels drowsy and even sleep but his or her sleep is disturbed in the middle and he /she is awake leading to sleeplessness. Insomnia is hazardous situation in which an individual is unable to get sound sleep and this leads to mental degradation and tiredness. The problem is mainly found in people with ages between 30-50 and mostly the working professionals and businessmen who are always surrounded with several responsibilities which most of them considered as “Tensions”. Health Stats have shown that developed nations like USA, Europe & Australia have shown high rise in insomnia / sleeplessness cases.

So what are the causes of Insomnia? There are several causes the main ones are as follows:

– Mental Tension

– Depression

– Frustration

– Anxiety

– Indigestion (improper working of digestive system)

– High intake of caffeine (Coffee, Cold drinks, drugs)

– Irregular diet (eating frequent meals randomly throughout the day)

– Sitting or lying idle all the time and practicing no physical exercises

– Psychological problem (in this person considers himself awake all the time and so induces insomnia symptoms)

– Sleeping place is noisy and lighted all the time degrading sleep etc.

All these factors in one way or the other causes insomnia though there are several medical factors too. As a result the insomnia patient feels tired and mental fatigue throughout the day; also the patient may feel drowsy which could lead to accident if the victim is driving. If the person does not start up any treatment he / she may acquire chronic insomnia which leads to disease cropping in the body, and it becomes very difficult to cure.

Now the burning questions – Is there any treatment for Insomnia? Off course there is. Modern physicians usually prefer in prescribing sleeping pills, sedatives and even tranquilizers to make the patient sleep but it is a known fact that they are not the permanent treatment for Insomnia and if these medicines are practiced for a long time may cause other problems like hormonal disturbance, Hypertension etc. (I am not totally rejecting the Western medicine but emphasizing that their long term intake might cause harm).

Alternative therapies like Yoga, magneto therapy and acupressure instruments, Indian head massage too help to some extent for the Insomnia Treatment.

There is one remedy to treat insomnia which is called “YOGA”. Yoga’s meditation technique is considered one of the best tools in fighting against insomnia. As we know that Insomnia is caused due to mental stress and depression hence practicing meditation thoroughly helps in getting rid of the problem and ultimately the sleepless ness. The major posture for medication is like lying idle over the floor (place a cloth / carpet over the floor as it reduces magnetic behavior of earth which detracts mental nerves) and put your body in full relaxation along with your mind, until you feel that you are in neutral phase of your mind unable to think or do any activity, over that state concentrate on any of your body part and start analyzing not through your eyes but through your mind – a virtual world, this ultimately calms the mind and help in taming your mental activities. Practicing meditation for a long time really helps in getting rid of sleeplessness or insomnia.

According to Webster’s Dictionary magnetotherapy is the treatment of disease by the application of magnets to the surface of the body. Now a days different magneto therapy and acupressure instruments are available in markets, like E.N.T. Magnet Pair, Power Mat, and Magnetic Pillow with Pyramid etc. Magnets have the power to promote the growth of cells and they increase the number of healthy red blood corpuscles (RBC). The RBC contains hemoglobin and the hemoglobin contains iron. The magnets influence the iron in the blood through which it reaches every part of the body. Thus, it removes calcium, cholesterol and other minerals that get deposited. This therapy has no side effects but there are some guidelines that need to be considered.

Indian head massage is a relaxing treatment, which as the name suggests, concentrates on the head, neck, and shoulders. It is an extremely safe form of massage that can promote stress relief, healthy hair and relief from general tension and aches and pains. It improves blood circulation to the head and neck area, therefore speeding up the disposal of waste products. It helps to improve the mobility of the head and neck area which gives relieves in mental and physical strain. It also helps in relieving eyestrain, headaches, congestion and Insomnia. It balances the Charkas (energy centers) therefore helping the body to work in a more harmonious manner.

Thus, combining the alternative therapy with the modern therapy, and the love and support of family members can help in the treatment of not only Insomnia but all the stress and mental related diseases.

Treatments For Toenail Fungus

There are many so called miracle treatments or cures for toenail fungus available here and there, and most of this is available all over the Internet. Don’t be fooled into thinking that because some guys says a particular home treatments work for them and so it will automatically work for, no because you may be disappointed that it won’t work for you.

First, you must take time to educate yourself to find a suitable treatment. Know that No two cures are alike, what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another but the important thing is to start your treatment early. Toenail fungus is treatable, but it takes time and patience to totally eradicate.

Never start a treatment and suddenly decide to stop it along the way because you did not see results… Doing so will mean failure and disappointment. One thing you should know is that there are no overnight treatments or cures, in some cases you may not even see results in 2 week or even 4. Patience is a virtue in this case.

If it is serious enough to see a doctor, ask questions and avoid being placed on a medication such as Limasil which incidentally has been linked to liver damage and other unknown causes. Limasil and some other prescription treatments can take upwards of 6 months and cost thousands of dollars. Even then, there are no guarantees.

So what alternatives are there to prescription drugs? Well, a good topical treatments that contains all naturals herbs, oils and vitamins can usually clear up the affected area but it does take time. For example, a unique topical AND oral homeopathic combination can help you have beautiful hands and feet again, and you can start seeing a difference in just a few weeks. Here’s how…First, a natural, a proprietary formulation of natural oils each of which has been demonstrated to contribute to the promotion of healthy looking nails.

Menstrual Cramps – Treat Your Menstrual Cramps

Cramps are a reality for most teens and women in their 20s and early 30s. They are caused by strong uterine contractions triggered by prostaglandins. These strong contractions cause the blood supply in the uterus to temporarily shut down and then increase the contracts and pain.

Menstrual cramps are the single largest reason for lost school and work hours among women. Cramps can be mild to debilitating and do not require a doctors attention unless the pain is not controlled by over the counter medications and other home remedies.

Women can use a menstrual calendar to predict their periods, chart their pain and emotional responses to the hormonal changes that happen each month. Using this calendar a woman can begin taking ibuprofen 2 times a day the day before she expects her period. Ibuprofen blocks the prostaglandin receptors in the uterus and significantly decrees the pain and cramping.

Some women also suffer from constipation during the beginning of their period. Eating 8 servings of fruits and vegetables and maintaining a healthy colon, at least 3 days before she expects her period, will decrease the pain and discomfort from constipation.

Another natural option to help decrease pain of cramping during menstruation is to include exercise in her daily routine. Exercise will improve blood and oxygen circulation to all of the muscle groups. Women should try not to use tampons during the first few days since they trigger more uterine contractions. Avoiding red meat, refined sugars and fatty foods will also increase the body's ability to fight off the strong contractions.

Caffeine will constrict blood vessels and contribute to stronger contractions while cayenne pepper is a vasodilator and improve circulation. Stress reduction also helps women to cope better with the pain during her period.

Some researchers believe that chamomile tea, which has other health benefits, also helps to decrease menstrual cramps. Bilberry, found in dark skinned fruits, is a powerful anti-inflammatory and is also used to treat severe menstrual cramps by improving blood flow. Bilberry requires more studies to improve cramps but there are minimal side effects and good studies to show use for vision disease prevention.

Oral birth control pills have been found to decrease the amount of menstrual tissue formed and therefore lower the pain level of uterine contractions causing the cramping. This should be used only in women less than 40, who do not smoke and who do not have the risk factors associated with stroke and birth control pills.

Menstrual cramps take their toll on women. Several options are available to treat cramps that help to decrease the disabling pain and discomfort that some women suffer with each month. With a little planning and the ability to predict her cycles women are able to prophylactically treat the pain and avoid the symptoms.