There is Hope for Curing Overgrowth of Fungus Candida Albicans

An overgrowth of Candida albicans in our intestinal tracts can lead to a number of health problems for men, women and children. One problem that occurs for many women, due to an overgrowth of Candida albicans, is yeast infections. Yeast infections are very common for women, occurring in 75 percent of women at some time in their lives.

The condition causes a number of problems in the vaginal area including burning, redness, swelling, painful urination, pain during sexual intervention, and a thick, white discharge that has a foul smell and looks like cottage cheese. A number of factors can lead to an overgrowth of yeast leading to a yeast infection, which includes stress, lack of sleep, sickness, a poor diet, pregnancy, and more. Yeast infections in women or other problems for men, women and children as a result of an overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans can be controlled with the right information.

Both Candida albicans and lactobacillus live in our intestinal tract. Lactobacillus is a friendly bacterium that is good for our bodies and that feed on Candida. When conditions occur in our bodies that cause Candida to overgrow, lactobacillus can not feed on enough of it to control it. An effective health regiment will work to control Candida to keep it in normal levels for the lactobacillus to digest. A health program focused on alternative methods will incorporate only natural means to accomplish this.

Individuals looking to normalize Candida levels can find several proven programs that incorporate phases to eliminate the overgrowth of yeast from their systems. More information about a natural and healthy road to normal levels of Candida can be found on the internet.

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Sinusitis in Children

Sinus infections or sinus allergies are one of the most prevalent afflictions today. It is uncomfortable and debilitating at times and affects both, adults and children alike. It goes without saying that sinusitis in children are more difficult and parents should arm themselves with as much information on its cause, symptoms and what sinus treatment is best for their children.

* Sinusitis Causes – Sinuses are hollowed spaces around the nose that are usually moist. There are four sets of these spaces that are located in the cheekbones, forehead, behind the nasal passes and deep in the brain. The same mucous membranes that are found in the mouth and nose are also found in the sinuses. The nasal passes swell and generate more mucus during an allergy attack or a cold. This causes the passage to be blocked and the mucus to be trapped in the sinuses. When this happens, bacteria, fungi and viruses can develop and lead to sinusitis.

* Sinusitis Symptoms – The symptoms for sinusitis different for kids of different ages, so parents should take that into account.

Very young kids often develop symptoms, like a low grade fever or a stuffy or runny nose. Parents should bring their child to their doctor if a fever develops 5-7 days after the cold symptoms started, because this could either mean sinusitis or another type of infection, such as bronchitis or an ear infection.

With regards to older children and adolescents, one of the most common symptoms of sinusitis is a daytime dry cough that has not disappeared even after a week. Other symptoms to look out for are dental pain, ear pain, fever, headaches, nausea, pain behind the eyes, tenderness around the face, upset stomach, and worsening sinus congestion.

Parents should also be on the lookout for colds that last for more than 10 days, without showing signs of improvement or colds that worsen after a week and immediately consult their doctor. Allergies that do not react to the usual medications are also a warning sign that parents should take seriously.

* Sinus Treatment – There are numerous treatments open to parents, which children are suffering from sinusitis. One easy sinus treatment that parents can do is to simply change their home environment or lifestyle to lessen sinusitis attacks. For instance, using a humidifier during winter will be a big help. Keeping the air at 45% -50% humidity will prevent dry air from irritating the sinuses and lower the incidence of sinusitis.

Doctors would also prescribe antihistamines, decongestants or oral antibiotics for sinusitis cases that are caused by bacteria. However, for sinusitis triggered by a cold or a virus, over the counter cold medicines can help alleviate the condition.

Sinusitis or a sinus attack is not contagious per se. However, parents should take extra precaution if the condition was aggravated because of a cold, since this virus can easily spread among other family members. One of the best sinus treatment that parents can take on their children is to have them wash their hands frequently, especially when they are sick, to minimize the spread of germs.

Immobilization is Actually Linked to Clinical Depression

Do you know how immobilization is linked to depression? Some people prefer the word ‘immobilization’ to be the indicator of depression. Sometimes, patients who are suffering from depression prefer to hold on to these feelings as they feel that these feelings are worth having at times.

Immobilization has a long range. It can be total inaction to daily activities or it can be mild indecisiveness and hesitance. Depressed patients often have to undergo this painful transition period as immobilization doesn’t allow them to say, feel or do something.

If you are suffering from clinical depression, look no further for a reason to get rid of immobilization. Immobilization hinders your goals. The worst thing is that your loved ones do not understand why you are immobilized. They don’t understand why you feel this way! Hence, this leads to the erection of several barriers of communication. You pull yourself further away from your loved ones, depression sinks further into you and this vicious cycle repeats.

For example, you feel very unhappy when you take up a new job – that is accompanied with new responsibilities. You hate your boss and your colleagues because you feel that they aren’t accommodating towards your needs. Depression sinks in. You go home and vent your frustration on your kid because you are internally upset. Yelling at your spouse seems common. Sometimes, the entire house is filled with awkward silences because you are simply too depressed. You feel that you can’t talk lovingly and bring across the message that things aren’t working out.

The moment you can’t do something, you are immobilized. And the only way to eliminate immobilization is to cure your depression.

How Stress and Anxiety Cause Your Panic Attacks – And What You Can Do About It

Stress and anxiety go hand-in-hand. If you’re stressed out all the time, eventually you will become anxious and suffer panic attacks. Many people tend to overlook this fact. They focus all their attention on the anxiety itself, wondering what is happening to them.

They think about their racing heart, their uncontrolled thoughts, their rising internal temperature, and the fear that has taken over them. It is understandable that someone having an anxiety attack would be more focused on what is happening to them, although they also will wonder what caused it.

Stress is a very common factor in anxiety disorder. Even if your condition has not reached the disorder stage, stress is still at fault when you become anxious. Along with stress, you might also notice a reduction in your level of confidence.

If you are confident person, you will feel the pressure and your confidence will drop. If your confidence is already low, you are more likely to feel stress and anxiety quickly. That is because you are more vulnerable.

Learn how to control your stress:

There are several ways to learn how to control your stress. Here are 5 you can try:

1. Figure out what things stress you out. Like all of us, you probably have several stress factors that you are not aware of. During your day, will build on one another and until you actually begin to feel the stress. By that time, your stress will be very noticeable. Because it is a build-up of many small things, it is difficult for you to decide what has caused your current condition. It is important to catch them at the time so you can deal with them individually.

2. Look for things in your life that are common stress factors. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with work by their at home or in the workplace. If you have to much to handle, you must find a way to cut back on the amount of work or figure out how to make it less stressful. You might consider breaking up larger tasks into smaller stages that are easier to handle. Or maybe there is someone in your life who just irritates you. It might be a negative, judgmental, or abusive person, someone who constantly criticizes everything you do.

3. Find time just for your when you can relax and treat yourself. Set aside an hour a day to unwind. Do something that gives you a sense of satisfaction. Get back to your favorite hobbies. Visit friends you seldom see. Attend your favorite club where you can immerse yourself in something you enjoy. Consider starting a new hobby or joining a new club based around subjects that interest you.

4. Practice small relaxation exercises regularly throughout the day. Deep breathing is an exercise you can do anywhere, anytime. Process is simple. If you’re at your desk, push away and put your feet flat on the floor. Hold your hand comfortably in your lap. Close your eyes and breed then slowly through your nose to a count of 5. Hold for a count of 2 exhale to a count of

5. Repeat this 3 times, resting between each one. This will send fresh oxygen your muscles and help them to relax.

Put these steps into practice to relieve your stress and anxiety relief will follow.

New Method to Cure Insomnia Without Medication

Insomnia is a common problem. There are several sleep disorders that can interrupt, prevent or interfere with what we consider to be our normal sleep pattern. There are many different causes for insomnia. Knowing the cause makes it easier to cure the sleeping disorder. The old rule applies, it is better to fix the cause rather than the symptom.

There are three different classifications of insomnia: transient, short term or chronic. Transient insomnia only lasts for two or three nights maximum and can be caused by factors such as jet lag or stress. These same causes can also be identified with short-term insomnia, which can last from several days up to 3 weeks.

The third classification is chronic insomnia and this lasts for more than three weeks, and can be extremely debilitating. While the first two, transient and short term, are annoying and can cause some trouble, it is the chronic insomnia that causes the real problems.

Plenty of medication exists, but as long term solution drugs have many drawbacks. There are also a number of treatments that can reportedly cure insomnia naturally, and these include: hypnotism, psychology, and cognitive behavior therapy, which may help to deal with causes like stress.

There is, however, a new treatment that is at the moment less well known but that can reportedly cure insomnia naturally and is proven to have effective and exciting results. It is to do with altering your brain wave pattern by listening to a special audio CD. It is scientifically proven that brainwaves have an electrical signature that can be shown on a chart produced by an EEG (electroencephalograph).

A person's waking brainwave pattern is quite different from their sleeping brainwave pattern. When the brain is subjected to audio signals via the new sleep disks that this treatment uses, the brain actually adjusts its pattern in sympathy to the rhythm of the sleep disk. This is being called brain entertainment and it is proven to work. What happens is that the brain creates new neural pathways so these patterns are remembered, and once done, it is not forgotten. This means that you do not need to listen to the CD for the rest of your life. The end result; your insomnia is cured.

Vinegar Treatment For Toenail Fungus – Will Vinegar Treat Toenail Fungus?

So you’re tired of your discolored, cracked or thick nails and now it’s time to do something about it. I’ve been where you are looking for the quickest cheapest solution to your problem. Well deciding to take action is the first step so we are at least moving in the right direction. If you have done any looking on the internet you have found looked at a barrage of solutions for the whole yellow nail thing. One that you may have stumbled upon is the vinegar treatment for toenail fungus. At first glance this does seem like a quick solution to our little dilemma. After spending considerable time crawling the internet and checking pages like Web MD I quickly realized that the answer to our question “Will Vinegar Treat Toenail Fungus” was yes.

It did treat the toenail fungus problem being I’m looking for a cure. I never want to see ugly disfigured toe nails again. I came across several forums with individuals writing about after their 1 to 3 YEARS of the vinegar treatment for toenail fungus that the condition has subsided but was still not cured. I can’t imagine treating my feet or hands every day for 3 years knowing that the moment I stopped treating my condition would come back. So here I was going back to the drawing board, time to find my cure.

So now that we know we have to treat our toenail fungus before it causes permanent damage and that we don’t want to spend three years treating the nail fungus just so that it can come back. It’s time to look for solutions that will work, after consulting with Web MD once again I found that I need an antifungal treatment. Then I learned that there are two different types to choose from topical and pill form.

How To Flavor Your Penis So That Your Penis Tastes and Smells Like Chocolate – Women Will Love It!

Yes, it is possible to flavor your penis. In fact, you can flavor it for just about any flavor you desire. However, chocolate seems to get the most responsive reactions from women. It will also work as a nifty Valentine’s Day present that your girl will love if she has a cool personality. This mechanism enables long-lasting flavor through sexual intercourse and fellatio.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Do not try anything listed in this article until you have shared this information and discussed this information, one-on-one, with your medical doctor and your doctor has given you full permission to carry out this process.

This is going to feel like an episode from that old PBS TV show ZOOM!

This takes time, is complicated, and isn’t cheap. However, if used properly, with the right woman, it has incredible results that are unobtainable in any other manner! This is truly one of the most mind-blowing things you can ever do with the right woman.

This process of penis flavoring is based on an endogenous mechanism. Meaning, that the flavor originates from within the man’s body. It is not an exogenous (originating from outside of the body) mechanism, like spraying something like chocolate-scented perfume on your penis, for example.

Following these directions will make your penis, testicles, and surrounding pelvic area taste and smell like chocolate.

You will need:

1) One, 48 ounce Bottle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup (Or something similar – It must be sweetened)

2) One, One-Half Gallon of Sweetened Soy Milk (Silk Original Organic Soy Milk works great) – Do Not Use Cow’s Milk

3) Vanilla Extract (small bottle)

4) Chocolate Oil (Flavoring) – A small bottle of chocolate oil. You can find this in grocery stores and even organic grocery stores. It can also be found in stores which sell baking supplies and candy supplies.

5) One, Single Bunch of Celery (about ten stalks)

6) Some Small Towels

7) Three Non-Lubricated and Non-Scented Latex Condoms (the looser fitting the better)


8) Some Saran Wrap or Comparable

9) Blender

10) Fluid thermometer

11) Roll of paper towels

12) A Container that holds more than a half-gallon of fluid that you can put in the refrigerator if your blender won’t hold up to a gallon of fluid.

The Hershey’s (or comparable) Chocolate Syrup is absolutely necessary. The vanilla extract is optional but seems to accentuate the chocolate taste and smell. Chocolate oil can be optional, too, especially if you have difficulty finding it, but your results will work much better with the chocolate oil than without it. The soy milk is optional, too, and water can be utilized instead. However, the penis flavoring will not be as intense,as the chocolate flavor seems to bind better with the soy milk and enhances the sweetness of the overall flavoring and scent. Cow’s milk tends to make the penile flavor a little sour, so don’t use cow’s milk. The celery is optional, too, but you will have much better results if you eat some celery, as celery is a natural vasodilator and will help in the flavoring process.

To Chocolate Flavor Your Penis for Saturday Night:

Here’s how it works. Let’s start on a Wednesday. For two days, stop ingesting anything that is fried or processed. Keep away from anything with a strong aroma (like fish). Do not eat any meat products (especially fish). Keep away from spicy and strong foods and stay far away from strong flavor enhancers, such as soy sauce. Drink lots and lots of water. No booze, beer, coffee, or sodas. Stick with fruits and vegetables that are not very aromatic (no lemons, for example) for your diet for these two days. Grains are good. If you eat bread, ensure the bread does not contain yeast. Nuts are good, too, but try to avoid roasted and/or salted nuts. Again, drink lots and lots of water.

Try your best to be active and sweat as much as possible during these two days. Workout, take a hot sauna, sit in a hot tub (yes, one sweats in a hot tub), take hot showers… Sweat as much as possible!

Try to eat three celery stalks each day. One in the morning, noon, and night.

NOTE: These two prep days can be optional. However, your results will be severely compromised (especially if you don’t sweat) if you do so. You can amplify the chocolate-flavor results if you prep (the same way) for more than two days!

After two days we arrive to Friday. Your last meal should be around 12:00 PM, eat a decent breakfast and lunch and stick with the dietary recommendations we already outlined. You will now fast (that means no eating) for the rest of the day and evening except for having three stalks of celery for the rest of the day and evening. If you have to eat something, eat something bland with almost no flavor.

Try not to drink much of anything, including water from noon until you fall asleep. Absolutely no beer, booze, coffee, or sodas.

Wake up Saturday morning at least by 9:00 AM. Plan on staying indoors for the day and staying cool with little physical activity. Eat a stalk of celery. Don’t drink anything or eat anything else unless you can’t stand it.

Take a hot shower and use soap, especially in your genital region. After using soap, scrub your genital area down with a soapless washcloth or small brush, this includes your penis and testicles. Try to ensure that you wash all the soap away from your genital region. Dry off completely – 100%! Sit around for about ten minutes to let your body re-equilibrate to normal temperatures. Use clean underwear and dress in loose-fitting clothes that are free of cologne and that sort of thing.


At 10:00 AM, get your blender, add the soy milk and all of the 48-ounce bottle of sweetened chocolate syrup in the blender. Add a capful of vanilla extract. Add ten drops of chocolate oil. Mix this vigorously for at least two to three minutes (again, in the blender). This will make about eight to nine, eight-ounce glasses of chocolate-flavored soy milk. Remember, continue to fast, apart from the celery, and don’t drink ANYTHING else apart from the chocolate-flavored milk, unless you are going to pass out and can’t take it.

Drink one glass of this milk immediately. Place the remainder in the refrigerator.

Drink another glass at 11:00 AM. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

Drink a third glass at 12:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix, again, in the blender if you can (don’t blend the celery).

Drink a fourth glass at 1:00 PM. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

Drink a fifth glass at 2:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix, again, in the blender if you can.

At 3:00 PM, place one of your small towels in a pot of water and heat it on the stove to 95-degrees Fahrenheit using a fluid thermometer. This is about half of water’s boiling point but isn’t hot enough to scald the skin. WARNING – Do not heat to more than 95-degrees Fahrenheit!

Create a semi-hard erection (75% erect) and slip on a non-lubricated, non-scented latex condom that will work better if it is very loose-fitting. This originally was developed using Saran Wrap to loosely wrap the penis. However, people are concerned with off-gasing and poisons that might leach out if you utilize Saran Wrap. Saran Wrap is much easier to use and works much, much, much better than a condom, however, it’s your call. If this is a concern of yours, utilize the latex condoms and get the largest possible size to fit as loosely as possible! The loose-fittingness is very important. Now wrap a layer of paper towels so that your penis is covered at least three times. Drape some Saran Wrap around your testicles and inner thighs so that the skin is covered in these areas (Again, if you are concerned about Saran Wrap toxicity, then use some alternative that is safe, such as polyethylene). Add a layer or two of paper towels on top of the Saran Wrap (or comparable non-toxic plastic wrap).

Remove the towel from the hot water and wring it out so that it still has water saturation, but doesn’t really drip all over the place. Wrap it around your ankle or forearm to get a feeling for whether or not you can stand the temperature. If it is acceptable, wrap the towel around your penis so that it wraps around at least three or four times. Tuck the towel over the penis head so the entire penis is insulated. Make sure it is nice and snug, but not choking your penis.

Carefully drape the towel over your testicular region and carefully monitor if it is too hot or not. Be careful and notice if the temperature is too high or not!

Safety Test: Wait a minute or so and remove the towels and condom (or Saran Wrap). Your penis should be slightly red with no evidence of scalding or burning. If these temperatures seem acceptable for you, rewrap your penis and testicular areas with the same condom (or Saran Wrap). Reheat the towels in the water at 95-degrees Fahrenheit, wring the towels out as we did previously, and wrap your penis again and cover your testicular area with the towels. Sitting or laying down is acceptable. You can add another hot towel (or even dry) over the entire region, if you wish, for extra insulation. Close your legs and tuck your abdomen (within comfortable reason). Don’t move around. After five minutes, remove the towels and condom (or Saran Wrap or comparable). Gently towel down your penis, testicular, and involved areas with a dry towel – 100%. The areas will be moist. Let your penis and pelvic region re-equilibrate to their normal temperatures. Get dressed again.

Drink a sixth glass at 3:00 PM. Mix again in the blender if you can.

Drink a seventh glass at 4:00 PM and eat a stalk of celery. Mix the chocolate milk, again, in the blender if you can.

After drinking, repeat the condom (or Saran Wrap), paper towel, and hot/moist towel process, again, for five minutes of coverage.

Drink an eighth and final glass (or whatever is left) at 5:00 PM. Mix again in the blender if you can before consuming.

At 6:00 PM repeat the condom (or Saran Wrap), paper towel, and hot/moist towel process, again, for TEN MINUTES this time. Gently towel down your genital region when you are finished. Re-equilibrate your pelvic/penis region to normal temperatures (about ten minutes). Get dressed.

Your penis will now smell and taste like chocolate. Don’t take a shower and DON’T spray any type of cologne or anything like that around your genital region. When you get dressed up to go out that night, ensure that you are NOT wearing any pants, underwear, or shirts that have any type of cologne (or similar substances) on them.

Try not to go out dancing or do anything athletic. If you do, your entire body will smell slightly chocolaty and will reduce the impact of just having your genitals having this smell/flavor. Don’t go out and eat all kinds of crap food, especially if it is spicy, strong, or aromatic. Stick to drinking water for the night. No booze, beer, coffee, or sodas.

Some more notes: Be extra careful with applying the hot towels! Skin temperature is about 90-degrees Fahrenheit, so 95 degrees (which will be reduced a bit after wringing and applying) should be enough to stimulate a good sweat without burning you. However, everyone is different and some people may be more temperature sensitive than others, so PLAY IT SAFE AND TEST YOURSELF FULLY BEFORE FULLY WRAPPING AND PROCEEDING.

The chocolate milk will be strong (in taste), but shouldn’t be too potent. Increasing the amount of chocolate flavorings will increase the chocolate taste in your penis. It all depends on what level you can tolerate to drink. Obviously, the more chocolated fluid you can drink, and the more chocolated that fluid is, will result in a more chocolaty penis.

Good luck!

The process that allows a man to flavor his penis is based on the sweating mechanism of the male body. As you may be aware, for example, that if someone indulges in large amounts of garlic, when they start to sweat copiously, the garlic will be passed through their sweat glands to be released onto the skin. If you smell the skin of someone who eats copious amounts of garlic and who is sweating, their skin will smell like garlic. If you taste their skin, it will also taste like garlic.

Thankfully, the majority of the penis has sweat glands and does, indeed, sweat. However, the glans (head) has very few sweat glands. The regions around the penis, including the testicles, also have sweat glands. So, it is possible to flavor the entire region, apart from the penile head.

Now, here is the BEST part! As the interior of the mouth and vagina are hotter than the exterior of the penis, and due to the increased heat being generated through friction of fellatio and during sexual intercourse, the penis will sweat during these acts.

This means that the smell and flavor of the chocolate will continue through sexual intercourse and during fellatio, however, it will grow (in smell and flavor) during these acts! That is, of course, until the “flavoring” is eliminated from the body.

The sweating mechanism (apart from the apcorine sweat glands) are constantly “reloaded” (by the body), so the sweating mechanism is continual (until the body becomes too dehydrated). What happens is the capillary-rich bulbs of the sweat glands absorb fluid from the blood to convert into sweat. These bulbs continually pull fluid from the blood, endlessly, except when the body becomes too dehydrated.

So, this is why the chocolate flavor will continue to appear in the penis (and surrounding areas), even through hours of sex (again, until the “flavoring” is eliminated or broken down by the body).

Bon Appetit!

Georg von Neumann

What Causes A Panic Attack To Occur?

A panic attack is an intense feeling of foreboding and dread that lasts from a few minutes up to an hour. Typically sufferers can feel confused, fearful and tense, as well as physical symptoms of choking, shortness of breath or dizziness.

Panic attacks have been shown to be hereditary, but there is no significant evidence to show that this is due to genetics. The sunset of a panic disorder can occur at any age and to anyone, but it is most likely to develop in women with above average intelligence.

Those who suffer from these attacks are more likely to have had parents who have expressed a heavily cautious view of the external world. This can lead to physiological problems for the child.

There are also biological triggers – other conditions can leave sufferers more prone to anxiety attacks, most notably post traumatic stress disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder. Even periodic depletion of vitamin B caused by a tapeworm infestation can cause a person to begin experiencing panic attacks.

Some people suffer from these attacks directly associated with exposure to an object or situation they gravely fear. This can be a phobia, but others can suffer from a "situation bound panic attack" – when a person has experienced a panic attack in a certain situation when presented with the same situation again the sufferer can be more likely to experience a similar attack.

These situations for example could include being in a stressful educational environment, a relatively normal work environment where the sufferer needs to appear normal or perform their duties well, or in the case of the military, extreme stress can occur when it comes to re-deployment into the field.

Recent studies point to a lack of assertiveness in panic attack sufferers – their interactions with other people tend be polite, respectful and passive. Whilst this is not a problem in itself, it does pose the possibility of the person feeling unable to voice their views, and therefore a feeling of unimportance and isolation.

A panic attack sufferer can also begin to avoid situations where they fear an attack is a possibility, exacerbating the problem of isolation and un-assertive behavior.

Panic attacks can also be bought on by medication such as Ritalin. Usually this is a temporary effect. When a person addicted to alcohol or drugs begins to come off their drug they may experience strong withdrawal effects, which can include panic attacks and anxiety.

Top Business Coach Teachers You How To Plan Your Growth

Have you ever noticed that the 'unsuccessful' business owners seem to be always working – yet never really get anywhere?

And they may seem to be frayed around the edges and noticeably tired?

And they seem to be surprised when the BAS statements and payments are due. Surprised when their staff leaves them, or they never have any money when big bills are due …

And at tax time they are surprised at the amount of tax they have to pay?

And they are constantly wondering why if they 'made so much profit' why it is not in my bank account?

These type of business people go on to blame the tax man, the government, or the economy for their worsening business.

On the contradiction … have you noticed that successful business owners always seem to be in control? Seem to be calm and focused. And prepare for any thing that may 'come up'.

To them business is not a surprise any more.

Why is this?

And how do they do it?

Because they have prepared for it.

Yes – that's right, they have prepared for it.

Super Successful business owners plan their business growth. They prepare months, quarters and even years in advance.

They have sat down with their external and internal people and planned to grow their business. They have planned to deal with staff leasing, changes in market conditions, fires, burglaries, recessions and even loss of life.

Great business owners – know, understand and address all the facets of their business when they are planning – and executing and monitoring their business growth.

Yet for the average business owner out there – planning is a four letter word!

The average business owner asks me …

How can you plan in your business they ask?

How can you know what's going to happen? They say without wanting an answer.

To me, that's the best thing about business.

It's the ultimate form of being an artist.

You get to create your life and your lifestyle – by creating a business.

You start with a blank canvas – and create a business and a lifestyle.

The better you are as an artist – the better your painting.

The better you are as a business owner – the better your business is – and the better your lifestyle is!

So why then do most business owners refuse or neglect to plan their business growth?

Well, planning usually does not happen for most business owners because they do not see it as a priority.

In my experience I've observed that this can happen for a number of reasons. The largest one I feel is responsible for most poor business owners not planning – is because of a lack of faith.

Most business owners do not have faith that their business will go onto grow to achieve their plan. So they deem planning a waste of time.

After all, why do it if it's not going to work?

Well, think about it a differently … if it does work – would you do it?

Because I can show you how to do it so it works – and it works gangbusters. I have business owners that can attest to it.

In fact, after a while you get so good at growing your business that you EXCEED your growth plan predictions … would you like to exceed you predictions?

Would you be happy if in just a matter of weeks you can save tens of thousands of dollars that immediately give you tens of thousands of extra profit?

Would you be happy if in just a matter of months you could reduce your working hours in your business to just 25 hours per week?

Would you be happy if in just a matter of months you could roll out a marketing plan that nets you another couple of hundred thousand dollars in net profit?

Well I see it, and am indeed part of all of these situations all the time.

And so can you. When you start planning your growth.

I've found that most business owners do not plan because they also lack the faith that they can control the growth of their business.

So they keep in 'survival' mode by just doing what needs to be done on a day to day, week to week basis. They almost take pride in survival.

Yet the turning point comes when the business owner starts planning for success, and planning for growth. Because that's when they have the faith that their business will grow – and almost as importantly – they feel that they can 'control' the growth.

Plus they also know the tools and the strategies that will help them grow. So they look forward to planning.

You see by planning the growth and the possible upset that you may face along the way – you can control how your business performances much, much faster than just winging it.

When you 'wing it' you're at the mercy of luck.

In my one-on-one Business Coaching Program, I take my clients through a breakthrough process that amazes them at how much easier it will be for them to plan their business growth. If you've tried in the past you'll be delighted with how easy I make it for you.

Many clients that I have worked with have faced downturns in their industry that would have previously wiped them out … but now with the knowledge and the tools – they were able to make profits and survive through horrendous situations that wiped their competitors out.

Then once the tide turns and the industry starts on an up trend, they're positioned to take advantage of it.

Planning is not the be all and end all. It is another business growth tool that must be used.


Because after succeeding growing your business, you'll probably need to plan things in advance. If you go on to make large profits – you'll need to undertake tax planning. It's a great situation to be in.

Also. With your growth you can enter new markets, new territories and new countries and to get people that are going to support you – they'll want to see a plan.

Planning is easy, and it's essential. Once you do it a few times, you'll love the process.

All great leaders have plans.

So when are you going to choose to become a great leader?

Copyright © 2006 by Casey Gollan. All Rights Reserved

Define Gynecomastia – The Definition, Causes and Treatment

Define gynecomastia: Gynecomastia is a Greek term meaning women-like breasts. This condition can certainly inflict emotional and psychological problems. In some cases, the presence of gynecomastia can even indicate a more serious physical condition. Some men who have gynecomastia have been reported to have an underlying physical case of testicular tumor.

In most cases, however, gynecomastia is not a serious physical ailment. It is just a benign enlargement of the male breasts due to the propagation of fatty deposits in male breasts. Although it is not a grave physical problem or health issue, it has commonly affected a man’s self-esteem in regards with his social relationships and his outlook of his natural body.

As you have noticed, gynecomastia frequently occurs in infancy and adolescence. Most male babies have enlarged breasts due to the build up of the mother’s hormones, which are still in their system. Sixty to ninety percent of male infants have this natural condition. It is also predominant in male adolescence.

For those adolescent young men who have this condition, it usually goes away after eighteen months. However, unfortunately for some, the condition may occur longer than that, which would require an alternative means of treatment.

It is less common during male adulthood. Gynecomastia occurs when a man gets older due to a considerable weight gain. The most common cause of gynecomastia in adult males is due to hormonal imbalance brought about by different factors. Aside from the most common cause, which is weight gain, hormonal imbalance may also occur because of some form of medications, steroids and in extreme cases, castration, chronic liver disease, or a testicular tumor.

Generally, gynecomastia is not a serious physical health problem. But, more oftentimes than not, gynecomastia causes a grave psychological and emotional damage. Most men who have this condition are overly sensitive and embarrassed due to the appearance of male breasts. This in turn complicates social situations and erodes the man’s overall self-confidence.

Since there are many causes of gynecomastia, the treatment differs from one person to the other. If the condition is caused by excessive weight gain or the intake of different kinds of medications, this can simply be solved by losing weight or avoiding the particular medication that has caused it.

As stated earlier, gynecomastia is usually not a serious physical illness. Therefore, the best option to cure such a condition is certainly through an effective exercise program that targets the chest area and a healthy diet. Also, since this condition causes emotional strain and psychological problems, the person who is suffering from it may want to seek counseling and support groups in order to treat the non-physical consequences of the condition.

Hardgainer Chest Workout For Massive Growth – Quick

A hardgainer is a person who metabolizes fast and one who does not easily build muscle mass. Most skinny people are hardgainer's and more often than not, gaining weight is a problem for them. To develop a hardgainer chest looks like a daunting task. However, there are hardgainer chest workouts that are effective for massive and quick growth.

The chest muscle is one single muscle called the pecs or pectorals. Although a single muscle, the pecs has different regions or areas that need to be "addressed" or worked-out specifically. What are these areas? A hardgainer chest workout must target the upper chest, the outer chest, the inner chest, the bottom chest and the middle chest.

Different strokes for different folks. Meaning, there are a lot of hardgainer chest workouts that you can test for yourself. It is best for you to try out each combination workout and see what works for you as no two people will have the same reaction to a set of workout.

A routine for a hardgainer chest workout is 6 -10 reps (repetitions) of 3 sets of incline dumbbell press, flat dumbbell press, pec-deck machine and incline dumbbell flyes.

Another hardgainer chest workout is doing super sets and drop sets. Super set is when you complete one exercise and then go to complete a related exercise after a set. A drop set is reducing the weight by 20% after the initial set then a reduction of another 30% for the third set done without resting.

A sample workout is doing 10-12 reps of 2 sets of barbell bench press super set with 2 sets of 12-15 incline dumbbell flyes. Follow with dumbbell incline press, 2 sets of 10-12 super set with flat dumbbell flyes of 12-15 reps of 2 sets. Next, do a drop set of pullovers of 10-12. Finish with 2 sets of push-ups.

Natural Home Remedies Get Rid of A Cold Sore

Cold sores are incompetent, but many people get them at some time or another. While it is a common condition, there are common substances that can help. You can get rid of cold sore by using natural home remedies. There are many ways to improve this condition which are easy to do. These are all economic sources of help.

Defending the cold sore from natural elements in the environment is essential. A very common substance found at home is petroleum jelly. You can use it to coat the area to prevent chapping and the further discomfort of cracking of the skin under and around the sore. A sunscreen ointment is also useful as exposure to UV rays can be harmful.

The condition can be improved by making it difficult for the virus to survive on the skin. Substances you may already have at hand include witch hazel, alcohol, and nail polish remover. Applied to the surface of the sore frequently, these may stop the virus from driving and therefore promote healing. Vinegar and salt have been found to be effective as well.

It is important to help the condition to heal and several things can directly be of use for this. Using ice can reduce inflammation and make the area feel less painful. Other remedies include aloe juice and wet tea bags. Apply these on the affected area for relief.

With infections in general, good hygiene is very important. Stop the spread of germs and viruses by switching to a new toothbrush often. Also, make sure the toothbrush you are using has a chance to dry completely between brushing. Washing your hands often is another excellent practice to avoid spreading germs of all sorts.

You can help your body resists infection by getting exercise. It is believed that the immune system works better when one is even moderately physically active. Resistance to diseases of all sorts seems to be enhanced through exercise. Also, you may get rid of illness faster by being active.

If you have a stressful lifestyle, it may contribute to less than optimum health and increase your chances of illness. Keep in mind that this is not a quick fix. But decreasing stress as much as possible can lead to long term benefits.

It is easy to reduce the inconvenience and discomfort of this common problem, and you may already have what you need to get started. You can get rid of cold sore using natural home remedies which are around the average house. Making changes in your activities can also assist you with this specific condition as well as generally improve your health.

What Is A Bipolar Disorder?

There is nothing quite so frustrating as being diagnosed with a mental disorder. However, millions of Americans are being diagnosed with bipolar disorder every day, people who are part of loving families, respected in the workplace and live full and rich lives.

Bipolar disorder is a condition that is still being explored by scientists and doctors around the world. As a brain disorder, it is often hard to diagnose and can present itself in many different ways depending on the patient's past history, lifestyle, temperament and behaviors. The disorder can strike male or female, rich or poor and young or old.

No one is guaranteed safe from developing the condition. Family history and genetics has a lot to do with increased opportunities of inheriting the predisposition for the disease, as does substance abuse. Studies have shown that nearly half of patients diagnosed with the condition these days are former drug abusers.

Bipolar disorder affects the mood swings and behavior of those suffering from it, and can range from mild, moderate or severe episodes of depression to more normal or balanced moods to 'hyper' behaviors as well as mania. The spectrum offers almost a sliding scale of behaviors that usually present and remain for days, weeks, sometimes even years.

Many people diagnosed with the condition lead happy, fairly normal lives with periods of depression that hit every few years, while others suffer episodes of severe depression that may occur more than four or more times a year. Such a rapid chance in behaviors in such a short time span is called 'rapid-cycling' and affects personal and professional aspects of a patient's life.

Bipolar disorder is classified in two ways. Type I, or the classic form, finds patients suffering from repeating episodes of both severa periods of depression and mania, while Type II presents itself as a more mild form of the disease. Many people diagnosed with Type II lead fairly happy, normal lives and are able to work and remain constructive forces in society.

As a matter of fact, many of us work with such people on a daily basis and do not even realize it. More severe forms of bipolar disorder may find someone experiencing multiple, severe episodes in a year, and in fact, many experience such episodes on a weekly or daily basis. For some people, a change of seasons can provoke episodes, and coincide with the Winter Blues. Such depression clears up in Spring and Summer, and then again cycles down again the following Fall.

While all of us, at one time or another, experience a wide range of mood swings on a regular basis, those with bipolar disorder issues find themselves on a roller coaster that they can not get off. If left untreated, symptoms can lead to increased and more severe episodes. While the specific causes of bipolar disorder remain a mystery for the most part, doctors and scientists are honing in on genetics to discover the answers to a mental condition that has perplexed manic for centuries.

Diabetes in Pregnancy – What To Expect

Diabetes in pregnancy is known as Gestational Diabetes. It currently affects around 3 percent of pregnant women. Early detection and correct treatment can control the condition and is likely to prevent further problems in the pregnancy.

What Is It?

Gestational Diabetes is where the pregnant woman's body is not able to produce enough of the hormone Insulin. This means that her body is not able to break down the sugar that she consumes and convert it to energy. Therefore her blood sugar levels will be high and this will be passed on to the baby, which can cause problems.

Who Can Get It?

The pregnant women most likely to be affected will fit the following criteria;

o Overweight

o Age 35 plus

o Family history of diabetes

o Previous given birth to a large baby

o Previous given birth to a baby with an abnormality

o Suffered a stillbirth in late pregnancy

What Are The Symptoms?

Unfortunately the symptoms associated with Gestational Diabetes are common among most pregnancies anyway. You are likely to feel the need to urinate more often, will be more thirsty, more hungry and have a craving for sweet things. Most women discover they have it from a routine visit to the doctor where a urine sample will show glucose present in your urine. Gestational Diabetes is usually detected in later pregnancy.

If your urine sample does show glucose is present, this does not necessarily mean you have diabetes. Your doctor may want to repeat the test the following week. If, after two urine samples, your doctor is concerned he will refer you to the hospital for a blood glucose test. You will be advised not to eat anything from 10pm the night before the test. The nurse will take a sample of blood from you and then ask you to drink a very sweet solution. Two hours later she will take another blood sample from you and check your blood sugar levels in comparison to the first blood test. If the levels are above a certain amount this indicates you have diabetes. If this is the case the hospital will probably contact you that day in order to begin your treatment as soon as possible.

I've Got It – What Can I Expect?

Firstly – do not panic! It has been detected so early treatment will most likely prevent any major problems. The hospital will refer you to a Diabetic Nurse who will weigh you, ask you lots of questions about your diet and have a chat with you about how to improve your diet. Depending on the results of your blood test the hospital will most likely try to treat your diabetes by controlling your sugar intake. A diabetic diet closely follows a low GI diet, which is low in sugar. When buying or preparing food you need to take notice of the carbohydrate section on the breakdown of nutrients. The bit you are most interested in is 'Carbohydrates (of which sugars)'; you need to try to keep your carbohydrates down to no more than 5 grams in 100 grams. This is very difficult to do, as even the plainest foods seem to contain sugar. The nurse will provide you with a kit consisting of a blood sugar monitor and a notebook. You will be required to measure your blood sugar before and after each meal to determine how different foods affect your blood sugar levels. This method of monitoring will continue until you give birth, however the nurse will monitor these results to see if further treatment is necessary.

Unfortunately in some pregnant women changing the diet has little or no affect on the blood sugar levels and insulin injections are required. Injecting with insulin is no fun but is necessary if you are to prevent any further problems in your pregnancy. However you must still control your sugar intake. Injections are self-administered before meals in the upper thigh.

What Are The Effects Of Diabetes On My Baby?

Babies born to mothers with diabetes are generally larger than average. This can lead to problems with delivery and quite often a caesarean section is necessary.

After the birth there can still be complications for the baby. They are often born with low blood sugar levels and may have to go into the Special Care Unit until their blood sugar levels return to normal. This may involve them having a glucose feed to bring them up to normal levels as quickly as possible.

They may also suffer with jaundice but this is not serious and usually rectifies itself within a few weeks without medical intervention.

There is an increased risk that your baby may be born with a congenital defect such as a heart defect or have problems with their lungs. You will have many more ultrasound scans than a normal pregnancy and the hospital will be looking for signs of defects in order to treat them where possible.

Unfortunately there is also the increased risk of stillbirth or death of a newborn even though this is rare where glucose levels are well managed.

What Are The Effects Of Diabetes On Me?

After the birth Gestational Diabetes usually completely disappears. However you will be at greater risk of developing it in future pregnancies and also of developing type 2 diabetes in later life.Many women take this as a warning and choose to change their diet and take more exercise in the hope of avoiding type 2 diabetes in later life.

The Positives and Negatives of Diet Pills

Diet pills are such a hit today for so many reasons, one of which is the huge variety of diet pills available in the market.

However, not all diet pills can work wonders in your figure. Before anything else, there are things to consider before relying on one.

1) Busy as a bee.

The fast standard of living of an individual can affect one's eating habit. Today, many people are getting heavier, that is why they try to look for alternative ways away from exercising and dieting the natural way.

Many people simply do not have sufficient time to exercise anymore because they are either too busy at work or they are much occupied in taking care of their families.

Here, they opt for diet pills. They are the fastest ways to lose weight. If you are the kind of person who wants to see results fast and gets bored with a healthy weight reduction plan, diet pill is the thing for you.

2) Losing pounds while eating.

More people patronize diet pills because it is very convenient. Most people can not stop eating or can not change their food preference. The pills can only help you lose weight.

3) The doctor is in.

Given these information on diet pills, it is better to consult your doctor first before taking anything into your body. Follow the doctors' prescription. Do not get excited and too much in a hurry by taking more than the number of pills prescribed to you.
If you are under other medications, make sure to ask your doctor if it is OK to take the diet pill with it. This is to prevent "drug mix up" because some may cause you trouble if the medicines simply do not go together.

4) Some negative effects.

Such pills could sometimes affect your body in a negative way. It can affect your metabolism and your health in general. There are negative effects from the mildest to the serious ones. Such effects are diarrhea, insomnia, palpitating, hypertension and heart disease and a whole lot more.

Some studies say that some people could also become immune with the diet pill. In other words, after half a year of taking the diet pill, they start to gain weight again.

5) Drug dependency

Diet pills are really designed to combat obesity, but some people just became addicted to it. Even doctors stick to some guidelines when prescribing them. They also base it on your health history and if you used to be an alcoholic or drug dependent.

It is better to think more than twice if you really need one. Who knows you might loose those extra pounds on your own.

6) Look for natural ingredients.

Check the ingredients of the diet pill. Some contains chemicals and unsafe products which can give you bad side effects. Choose diet pills which contain natural ingredients. It can be extract from plants, fruits, vegetables and flowers.

7) Friends are friends.

Do not self medicate or rely on what your friends use. What is good for other may simply not be good for you. They are your friends, but not your doctor! It is not just some simple cosmetic, a shoe or a bag to go with the color of your dress that you and your friends can decide on. Diet pills are much complex than those things.

8) Pirated stuff

Make sure you are buying the real thing. Some retailers may be selling imitation products. You do not know what it contains and what it can do to you.

People should keep in mind that exercising and natural way of dieting still is the best of all. Change your choice of lifestyle little by little until you get used to it and find ways to strengthen your self-discipline.