What Can I Do To Make Money – By Focusing My Thoughts

A lot of people may have heard about mindfulness and creating your own success. A lot of it is rubbish, but believe me when I say that there is a core of truth in all of this. You may think that making money by focusing your thoughts is a hype that will pass again, but did you know that scientists have been writing about this since the early years of last century and even before that?

The mind has a lot of power, to say the least. When you are feeling down, nothing seems to go right and when you feel relaxed and happy, you are on top of the world. Your mind has an impact on your entire system, your surroundings, your wellbeing and even your financial status.

I do not want to get into too much psychological details, but I want to give you one example that every one can relate too. Let's say that you have been working on a report for your boss that you could not quite get together. You showed him and he was not impressed. The week after that, you have made him a different report. This actually is a topic you know very much about and you were able to make a very good report on it. In your heart you knew that this is the best report you have made in years, but based on your last meeting with your boss, you start to doubt. You quit and for some reason, when you stand in your bosses office you can not get the right words out of your mouth and you look insecure.

Your boss picks up these negative signals and of course he has a lot of comments on your work. You get frustrated because you know you have done an exemplary job. You respond to your boss in a negative manner and it gets from bad to worse and you have to do the work all over again.

The reason why this happened is because you were insecure and you doubted yourself. Deep inside you knew that the job you did was right, but your mind started toying with you. It connected with bad past experiences and made you fail while there was no reason for failure at all.

This example is one you can translate to all kinds of problems you may have, even the lack of money. What is the real reason you do not have enough money to come by? Why is it that there there are very rich people in the world and you are not one of them? Because they focus on what they want and what they need. They set their minds to success and not to failure. They believe in themselves and in their capacity to be rich, unlike you. But, there is hope for you. You can start by being making a lot of money and being rich right now. All you need to do is focus your mind and the rest will follow!

Common Anxiety Symptoms – How to Stop Dizziness & Nausea

If you want to learn about some of the common anxiety symptoms, and how you can stop the dizziness and nausea associated with them, then this article was written for you. Specifically, we're going to look at some of the questions I'm frequently asked about this. By reading through these questions and answers, you will learn much more about anxiety and how to overcome it.

Question 1 – What are the common symptoms of anxiety?

While everyone may experience anxiety slightly differently, there are common themes which most people will experience. These are things like excessive sweating, a racing heart, trembling, shaking and dizziness.

You may also feel like you're not in control of the situation, which can lead to more anxiety, and result in the typical "hyperventilation" panic attack.

Question 2 – What are the causes of anxiety and panic attacks?

Some studies have shown that the cause may be heredity – meaning it's passed on from your parents. But this does not mean you can not overcome the problem and live a life of reduced anxiety. Other theories state that the cause can be biological, usually a lack of vitamin B.

One of the most common ways people "develop" anxiety is through negative self talk and anticipative thinking. By thinking the worst is going to happen, you can create a self-fulfilling prophecy which makes it happen.

Question 3 – What are the best solutions and treatments for anxiety?

CBT is often used by therapists and it has proven to be useful for many people. It helps you to analyze your thoughts and see how you're creating your anxiety. Drugs are often prescribed to make it easier to get a handle on anxiety, too.

Learning to change how you "talk" to yourself in your own mind can play a key role in changing your thoughts and beliefs, and quite overcoming anxieties for good.

Enjoy Life More Without Sleep Deprivation

You may not even know how much sleep deprivation is affecting your life right now. You may wonder why you're having trouble completing a task at work that used to be easy for you. Friends may notice an edge of irritability that is surprising given your normal disposition. Or you may even notice that you're getting sick a lot more often, catching a cold or coming down with the flu when you used to be the healthy one.

If you even suspect that you may be suffering the effects of sleep deprivation, you need to take a look at the patterns and quality of your sleep. Improving your rest does not always mean taking sleeping pills. There are several natural alternatives and lifestyle choices available that could make a big difference in the quality of rest you get at night, which directly affects your quality of life during the day.

A recent medical study determined that sleep deprivation even changes the way your brain functions when you try to accomplish various tasks. Your reaction times will slow down, meaning you're at greater risk for auto accidents. Making decisions and solving problems become more difficult, and you can forget about being creative. These impairments can lead to lost production and lower performance at work.

Some people are not getting enough sleep simply because there is not enough time in the day. Our life and work have become so demanding that they start nibbling away at our time for rest. Over time, as we try to keep pace with our busy schedule, our sleep deficit grows until it starts to affect all of our waking moments. If your work shifts are constantly changing, or if your business travel schedule keeps you in jet lag all the time, you can pretty much count on trudging through your day in a sleep-driven fog.

In addition to a limited time budget for sleep, anyone struggling with a sleep disorder of some kind could find themselves in a sleep-deprived state. Insomnia caused by depression, constant waking due to sleep apnea, even difficulty breathing due to asthma are just a few examples of medical conditions that can deprive you of quality sleep.

There is no reason for you to accept a life of sleep deprivation. If you suspect a medical condition, then discuss possible treatments with your doctor. Lack of sleep due to stress and anxiety can be remedied with herbal solutions or relaxation techniques. Changes in your sleep environment, alterations to your work schedule, and establishing a regular sleep routine could also help. Do you remember when you used to wake up refreshed and ready for the day? You can recapture that feeling again if you take action now.

Top 4 Ways of Getting Rid of Skin Tags at Home

You can always get a doctor to get rid of your skin tags; however, because it is generally considered a cosmetic problem, many insurance companies won’t cover the procedure. This leaves you paying a large bill for what is considered a fairly simple process. Before you head off to the doctors office, why not try these simple home methods for getting rid of skin tags.

The first option you have for getting rid of your skin tags is to simply cut them off. It is important to note when doing this that there is a serious risk of infection if you use this method improperly. You should not only use brand new implements for this procedure, but you should also sterilize them first.

You can clean them either by soaking them in a sanitizer (the kind you clean yourself with, not your house) or putting them in fire for a minute or so. Just be sure to let them cool first if you put them in fire. You can clip off the skin tags with small scissors, but you may find it easier to use nail clippers. Simply snip the tag off at the bottom near the healthy skin. This sounds like it hurts a lot, but is generally not too painful. Be sure to have cotton balls or bandages around though, just in case you do bleed some.

Another method for skin tag removal is freezing them off. Doctors often use this method for getting rid of skin tags and warts, but products have come on the market in recent years for doing this at home. Simply find the product at a grocery store and follow the instructions. Because these kits are small and less effective than what a doctor uses, you should probably only consider this method for small tags.

The last home option available for getting rid of skin tags is to cut off their blood supply. This sounds slightly dangerous, but is probably the safest of the home removal options. In this method, you cut off the blood supply to the skin tag by tying string very tightly around the base of the tag.

Depending on the location of your skin tags, you will probably need help tying the string tight enough. Remember to use strong string and to tie it as tightly as possible. You will need to knot the string and keep in on for a few days. After the tag has been cut off from the blood supply, it will eventually die and simply fall off.

While these remedies may be effective for getting rid of skin tags, there are some instances where you should see a doctor instead. There are rare occasions where a skin tag can be malignant, so if you have one dramatically change size or color, you should see a doctor. You should also consult a doctor if anything goes wrong with the removal or if the entire tag doesn’t come off. Again, remember to be safe, sterilize, and get someone to help you if you need it.

Male Masturbation, Autofellatio, and Sexual Yoga For Exotic Pleasure Exploration

Is it possible to engage in exotic forms of male masturbation, utilizing Yoga as a tool for autofellatio, to explore more distant forms of sexual pleasure?

The answer is “Yes.” Masturbation is simply a form of autosexuality where a man (or woman) engages in self-stimulation to reach an orgasm or to induce feelings of pleasure. This practice is not just relegated to Homo Sapiens. In fact, it has been noted throughout a great deal of the rest of the critters in the world.

Regarding human beings: while these masturbatory techniques are typically employed when an individual is alone (hence the “auto” in autosexuality), this isn’t always the case. It is not uncommon for partners to masturbate in front of each other as a form of sexual exploration and arousal. There is also a wide array of videos, literature, exhibitionism, and pictures of people performing masturbation. Clearly there is a strong sexual connection with masturbation and its ability to create arousal through its voyeuristic nature.

Of course, there are many methods of masturbation. From using mechanical devices to just erotic thoughts. One method that men can utilize to masturbate is through the practice of autofellatio. This simply means that a man is able to perform fellatio (oral sex) on himself. Men aren’t the only ones who can utilize this technique; women can, too. Autofellatio is also found in the animal kingdom and is more apparent with other animals than man.

One of the best ways for a man to engage in this exotic form of sexuality is to increase the flexibility of his spine. The reason for this is that the one anatomical structure that connects the mouth to the penis is the spine. However, the spine is also the main anatomical structure that separates the mouth from the penis. Once we understand this basic concept, we can focus on the main causative factor that separates the men who can autofellate and those who cannot.

Yoga is one method of increasing flexibility and range-of-motion in the spine. I think we’ve all seen pictures, or in real life, of men (and women) in Yoga poses that seem almost impossible to be able to execute. While seemingly impossible, just some basic understanding of how the body biomechanically works will allow most people to realize that such poses aren’t so “impossible” after all.

So, then, if we can learn some of the Yogic teachings and maybe throw in a little modern-age physical therapeutics then we might really have a recipe that will allow men to achieve autofellatio. The key is to be able to train oneself in such a way that it is accomplished in a safe and intelligent manner.

Once the ability to autofellate has been attained, then men can certainly explore this form of very deep and personal sexual pleasure.

Best of luck with your journey.

Exploring unconventional methods of sexuality; methods that our ancestors enjoyed and impassioned themselves with, is one of my interests. Those men who are interested in autofellatio should read Yogafellatio. It is a book that helps guide men in this form of sexuality.

The Truth About Neurontin and Fibromyalgia

Neurontin for Everything

How does a drug company take an unproven, worthless, and potentially dangerous drug like Neurontin, and turn it into a billion dollar blockbuster? Through deceit, lies, and bribery reports New York Times health writer and author Melody Peterson.

Peterson, in her book "Our Daily Meds," reveals the chicanery, pseudoscience and greed behind the marketing of many of today's well-known drugs.

The history of one drug in particular, Neurontin, shows just how deceitful, ruthless, and cold-hearted some drug executives can be. The original clinical studies evaluating the efficiency of Neurontin for treating epilepsy were less than impressive.

The studies not only showed that the drug was ineffective, and potentially dangerous, but that in 5-10% of patients it actually increased the frequency and severity of the epileptic seizures.

The FDA found the drug be worthless and had grave concerns over its potential dangers. But historically they cave in to pressure, and allowed Neurontin to be marketed as a second line drug. This meant that it was to be used only after other epilepsy drugs had first been tried and failed.

No problem- drug executives were determined to make Neurontin into a million dollar blockbusting drug and a little thing like science was not going to stop them. It did not matter that legitimate research had demonstrated that Neurontin was ineffective in the 10 conditions it was being promoted for, including attention deficit disorder, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, mood disorders, migraines, and bi-polar disorder.

Worried the scientific truth may interfere with their plans for establishing Neurontin as a block buster, Pfizer bought to cover-up these studies including the one showing Neurontin was no better than a placebo in reducing diabetic nerve pain- "I think we can limit the potential down sides of the study by delaying the publication for as long a possible … it will be more important to how we write up the study. "

Realizing that new studies would be expensive and most likely negative, they aggressively hatched a plan to ignore science, clinical trials, and morals, and began to market Neurontin for an assortment of chronic illnesses. John Ford a senior marketing executive had this to say at one sales meeting, "Neurontin for pain, Neurontin for monotherapy, Neurontin for bi-polar, Neurontin for everything." Not to be done done Phil Magistro a senior level sales executive left a voice message for his sales force saying, "When we get out there, we want to kick some ass. and everything we can talk about. That's what we want to do. "

And that's exactly what the sales reps did; they drank the "purple Kool-Aid" and hyped the snake oil for every illness they could think of. And it worked; date 90% of the 2.7 billion dollars in Neurontin sales came from off label use- 90% of the prescriptions were for unproven uses.

So how does a drug company take an unproven, potentially dangerous drug and successfully market it to doctors? Easy, deceive then bribe them. The company paid marketing copywriters to write pseudoscientific and of course incredibly favorite articles on the wonders of Neurontin.

Medical Education Services, a ghost writing marketing firm was paid $ 60,000 to create dozens of fabricated studies on Neurontin. Doctors were then paid $ 1,000 each to "sign-off" on the article. One in-house memo from this group is revealing- "Draft completed. We just need an author." This particular piece was targeted at children with attention deficit disorder. Consider the side effects of Neurontin which include:

Muscle pain
Skin rash and itching
Swollen glands
Sore throat and fever
Difficulty in concentration
Mental depression
Increased chance of certain types of seizures
Mood or mental changes
Nosebleeds or other unusual bleeding or bruising
Shortness of breath
Sores, ulcers, or white spots on lips or in mouth
Unusual tiredness or weakness
Wheezing, tightness in chest, or troubled breathing

Sales reps were paying doctors to recommend this drug to 10 year olds. Scary huh? Sales reps found doctors were enthusiastic to attend- meet, greet and treat dinners. Doctors were paid to up to $ 300 to hear sales pitches for Neurontin while dining at 4 star restaurants. The doctors giving these dinner talks were paid up to $ 100,000 a year.

And Neurontin sales executives were also happy to pay doctors $ 750 each to attend all expense paid vacations including one at the posh resort Chateau Élan, located just outside Atlanta. Doctors received continuing education hours while being brainwashed on the wonders of Neurontin in the morning, leaving their afternoon free to lounge by the pool, get their daily spa-treatment, play golf, dine on gourmet meals, and enjoy the nightly entertainment, including free tickets to the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

Not satisfied with their growing largesse, marketing executives decided to simply pay doctors $ 350 for every patient they placed on Neurontin. In 2004 the lies and deceit campaign came to end- Pfizer pleaded guilty to criminal fraud in the promotion of Neurontin, and agreed to pay $ 430 million.

In October 2008 a new lawsuit, bought by the same attorney, alleges that the company's misdeeds went much further than originally charged. According to the newly unsealed court documents, not only did the company and its affiliates push Neurontin for unapproved uses-the practice at the center of the first suit, which Pfizer admitted to as part of its settlement-they did so knowing that the drug was ineffective for several of those conditions. Pfizer, according to the documents, engaged in "outright deption of the biomedical community, and suppression of scientific truth" -stalling or stopping the publication of negative study results; manipulating both trial designs and data to make the drug look more effective than it was; and using questionable tactics to enhance the drug's image and increase its sales. The question is how many other drugs are being marketed with little to no scientific studies to prove them effective? Could Pfizer's Lyrica, the spitting image of Neurontin (same drug different packaging) be the snake oil? Perhaps, since since the studies for it and fibromyalgia are less than stellar- in spite of the real likelihood that the study was manipulated to yield positive results.

Melody Peterson's book "Our Daily Meds" is a must read for anyone who wants to make informed decisions about their most important asset, their health.

For an in-depth look at fibromyalgia see a 9 part video at http://www.treatingandbeating.com

Dr. Rodger Murphree


Ovarian Cyst – Healing Naturally

If a lady starts feeling dull pains even before the expected date of periods which slowly extends to her right side, lower back and thighs, then she is not supposed to overlook as menstrual cramps. If the pains get repeated few days prior to periods or get worse, then pain relievers might not solve the problem; one must consult the Doctor and go for an ultrasound.

Doctor may diagnose an Ovarian Cyst and prescribe regular medicines.

There have been number of cases where the prescribed medicines, including birth control pills, do not help in providing any relief to the patient and while the Cyst keeps on getting larger.

The patient gets stressed and scared, thoughts of cancer run through her head. Every night she has to face unbearable pain and worry about the cyst growing on her ovary.

Prescription drugs and pain relievers may temporarily mask the symptoms, but the ovarian cyst will still be there and will most likely grow faster. It is a well know fact that some ovarian cysts become problematic if not treated.

Conventional treatment of ovarian cysts almost always leads to surgery. These surgeries are risky and unnecessary and sometime your doctor may decide to remove your ovary or your entire uterus, leaving you unable to bare children ever.

Your body has a built in system to warn you something is wrong. Ovarian cysts and the pain they cause is a desperate alarm from your body telling you something is wrong inside.

Conventional treatments are designed to shut off your bodies warning alarm, the most dangerous part of muffling your natural alarm system is that what’s wrong is almost always getting worse. It’s as if your house is on fire and you are awakened by the fire alarm, but instead of calling the fire department, you just shut off the alarm and go back to sleep.

Your body is, in effect, telling you, “Hey! Wake Up! You have a problem!” By using drugs to muffle your body’s alarm system, you are replying, “Shut up! Don’t bother me!” The only way to cure your Ovarian Cysts is by working with your body.

There is a natural way of eliminating Ovarian Cyst and achieve permanent relief. Users have reported that their ovarian cysts shrunk rapidly and the pain disappeared within few days. They could easily avoid surgeries and never experienced a single Cyst, again.

Principles For Successful Business Networking

A man without friends is just like that cloud which can be blown in any direction by wind. Making friends is not only the nature but the need of human beings to move successfully in life. Business networking is the essence of today's world; for entrepreneurs, big and small, even for those who do not own their own business and are employed. Making connections and building relationships becomes necessary for successful life now. These business networks not only help you in daily life's needs but also prove to be a great deal of help for your business. All the people try to build networks in their business area specifically. But building good networks is an art in itself and everyone can not do this successfully. To master this art some points must be kept in mind which can help you a great deal.

First of all, always try your max to be genuine. As all of us do not like to pay for a service which is claimed to be the best but do not give enough to its customers. Similarly others expect from you. So do not try to claim or pretend to be the one who you are not. It's all about building trust with your relationships whether blood relations or business relations. Be authentic and genuine and build trust and try your level best not break this trust.

You should be quite clear what you actually want from your business networks. This will help you choose your group and event of interest. Some meetings and events need you to volunteer and help others. Some are organized to make business networks. Others are especially for learning. You should know what you aim to get out of the connections you will make. It will lead to the desired actions.

When you know what you want, then you should visit as many events and groups of your interest as possible. You should observe the behaviors and attitudes of the members of groups before joining. They must be supportive and competitive enough to make you learn something. Group leaders are the most important people. Observe them if they are talented and competitive.

Being visible is very important to be important for others. So always try to volunteer which will make you noticeable in front of many important people you want to join. Volunteering will also help you to help those who helped you once.

Always show deep interest in your meetings. Ask open ended questions which demand answers more than yes or no and need some explanation. More demonstrating shows your curiosity and interest in the opposite person and his services. This is a great tip for making connections and starting conversations.
Always try to be recognized as a powerful reserve of networks and referrals for other people. It will make you more visible and let other people contact you when they need contacts and help.

You should be very specific what you want actually. So try to make contacts who can help you and to what you can give back.

5 Natural Cures for Blood Pressure

You know you should not take your high blood pressure lightly. You also know that you would prefer not to take medication unless it is absolutely necessary. After all, the side effects can be almost as bad as the problem they are trying to solve. So now you ask yourself, can there be a natural cure for blood pressure problems?

Do not despair – there is good news! There are several steps you can take that will provide a natural cure for blood pressure, without medication.

Natural Cure for Blood Pressure # 1

Drop your salt shaker and step away. You should be aiming for no more than 2,000 milligrams of sodium a day, which is equal to one teaspoon of salt. If you frequently indulge in canned soups, frozen dinners and processed cheeses and snacks, you're probably already leaving that amount without laying a hand on the salt shaker! Your natural cure for blood pressure begins by learning to read and understand food labels.

Natural Cure for Blood Pressure # 2

Probably the best natural cure for blood pressure is simply to move your body. Do not worry about training Rocky Balboa style – just add some extra steps to your daily routine. After checking with your doctor, you can start out by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or passing up that great parking spot and add a few more steps into your day. Gradually aim for 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise on most days of the week. Do not worry, it's not as hard as it sounds.

Natural Cure for Blood Pressure # 3

You had to know this was coming – stop smoking for a natural cure for blood pressure problems. Smoking does contribute to high blood pressure, along with a host of other ailments, like cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Do not try to do it alone, get help from your doctor or a support group.

Natural Cure for Blood Pressure # 4

The studies do not lie. There is a direct link between being overweight and having high blood pressure. Here again, we're not talking about taking drastic measures for a natural cure for blood pressure. In fact, you can sometimes do more harm than good by going on extremely restrictive diets. Start out by cutting 200-300 calories a day. It could have those two cookies you have in the afternoon (replace that snack with an apple or other piece of fruit), or that soda that's filled with calories and has absolutely no nutritional value. Do not try to overwhelm yourself here with a big "I have to lose 50 pounds" goal. Set small, attainable goals.

Natural Cure for Blood Pressure # 5
A favorite natural cure for blood pressure is to add more fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. It's a favorite because it can be so easy to do. For example, add a fruit or vegetable to each meal. An added benefit is you will feel full faster and will not eat as much meat or starches, making it easier to lose

In your quest for information about a natural cure for blood pressure, do not overlook the things you can control – reduce salt, exercise, quit smoking, lose weight and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Understanding Stress – The 3 Types of Stresses!

When people think of stress, they usually think of it as a bad thing, certainly not good thing, but stress can actually be beneficial. Stress is classified into three types: Eustress, Neustress and Distress. They differ on how they affect a person or individual. Let’s tackle them one by one.

Eustress is the good kind of stress. It is stress that gives motivation and inspiration. This stress arises from many situations. For example, being promoted or winning a new job gives a person a bit of stress in the sense that they will have to adjust to new working conditions as well as create new relationships with new co-workers together with job performance expectations. It is, however, a good stress in that it gives you motivation to do your job well and the promotion or job offer itself serves as a reward or a prize for the hard work you have done.

The second type of stress is distress. It is basically the complete opposite of Eustress in terms of its effect on an individual. This type of stress causes ill effects to a person and is what people usually refer to when talking about stress. If someone is talking about stress it is almost always concerned with negative distress. Distress causes despair, grief, and sadness or more simply it disturbs the equilibrium of the body. An example of a stressor that can cause distress is the death of a spouse, major medical difficulties or some major loss of property or position. At its worst it will certainly cause grief and depression and will often be a life changing event.

The last type of stressor is called neustress. Neustress comes from the prefix ‘neu’ meaning neutral and is basically a type of stress that lies in the neutral reaction zone. It is a stress that doesn’t cause any particular harm or grief to the individual to the extent that it causes distress. Nor is it necessarily positive or a motivating change stress.

For an example imagine a person at a store overhearing someone else’s conversation. That person may be talking about their son’s sickness or misfortune or even death with their friend. While a person may react to it and feel sympathy to the person concerned but it will only last moments and it will not affect the person in a either a negative or in a positive way, certainly not in the same way or to the same extent that knowing the person concerned would affect them and therefore it is considered a neutral impact. Simply put, think of it as a judge hearing out a case of murder, the judge doesn’t take sides but only views the facts and decide what’s right and just.

The ultimate impact though of the types of stress you are experiencing comes down to how you perceive or see the stressor, in light of your own opinions and world view. What hardly affects one person at all but have a great impact on another. Whether you take an event as good, bad or neutral is… well… at the end of the day… up to you.

How to Implement VOIP for Small Businesses

Transmission of voice as digital signals through the Internet provides protection from the shackles of wires. VoIP provides a cost-effective telephony solution to small, medium and large business set ups.

However, careful calculation is crucial before an organization decides to switch to VoIP telephony system.

1)when should a business switch to VoIP telephony system?

2)when a business involves significant call charges

3)when a business needs to make significant overseas calls

You can avail the benefits of the VoIP technology even with the conventional fully featured telephone system currently present in your set up. You need to use routers to achieve seamless VoIP integration into your business. It needs to be noted that VoIP routers are suitable for small enterprises that require a simple entry level VoIP solution. Routers will not turn out to be an effective solution where the organization involved is exceptionally large and operates a very complex telephone system.

VoIP for businesses (commercial VoIP) should be selected with utmost care. Selection of a right VoIP service provider is crucial as the success of the commercial VoIP will depend significantly upon the service provider you choose.

VoIP solutions come in many shades and flavors. There are fully hosted solutions, partially hosted solutions, locally hosted solutions, true VoIP, partial VoIP, IP-capable PBX units, softPBX devices, VoIP servers, messaging gateways and the list just goes on and on. The best solution for one business is unlikely to suit the business next door. So, the best first step is to seek advice from industry experts or VoIP solution providers and system integrators.

If you have a small business and your voice requirements are minimal, investigate what your ISP has to offer. Many ISPs are offering broadband-based VoIP solutions, and they’re generally pretty good. See what features you’ll receive, how the call costs compare to your current plan and whether you’d make savings over time. This way, you don’t have to worry about implementing a local solution when someone else takes care of everything.

For medium businesses and larger, the options are simply too varied to list comprehensively in one spot. Each vendor will offer you a different package, different solutions, different hardware, different software products, different features, hosting options and support agreements.

The best course of action is to approach a small number of VoIP integrators to get an overview from each one as to what is likely to be suitable for your business, and compare them. If they’re any good, the proposals should be fairly close to each other, which makes it easy to discard any obviously inflated quotes. Start with your current voice carrier as all major telephone companies now offer VoIP solutions for business.

However, you can start getting to grips with VoIP in the office by setting up a test environment and involving a few key users to test messaging functionality, service integration and hardware. You can easily set up a software-based PBX server for free, get hold of some handsets and softphone applications and start assessing their value.

Learn Cold Process Soap Making the Easy Way

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make soap? Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out the complex chemical processes that take place? Fret no more, I'm here to tell you that cold process soap making is easy and fun to do!

Let's start with the basic overview. Soap is made from two basic ingredients, sodium hydroxide and oil. Sodium hydroxide is also known as lye or caustic soda. It consist of small, round beads and usually comes in containers of 1-2 pounds. The other half of the formula, oil, is just what you think it is! Any type of oil can be used. Most cold process soap makers use vegetable oils and butters, although some use beef tallow or lard. You can use more than one type of oil, that is the fun part of making soap! You can mix up different oils and have a completely different bar of soap with different properties and textures.

So what do you do with this lye and oil? Well you first dilute the lye with distilled water so it is more easily dispersed when mixed with the oil. The lye gets very hot and rises in temperature when mixed with water, so be careful. The other half of the equation, the oils, also get heated to a specific temperature.

When the two lye water and oils are roughly the same temperature, you mix them together and this starts the saponification process. Saponification is the name of the reaction that takes place when lye and oils are mixed together at a specific temperature. The lye turns the oils into the substance we know as soap. It takes a few hours, and must harden overnight. Then the soap bars are cut and cured for several weeks.

There are much more detailed instructions on cold process soap making, this is just a basic overview. I encourage you to learn more about this subject and try your hand at making soap!

4 Powerful Essential Oils to Fight Off the Symptoms Of Fever During This Winter Season

The ancient aromatic organic oils are known to quell the symptoms of every type of illness, be it acute or chronic one. Due to the countless therapeutic benefits and healing properties, the potent natural extracts are known to prevent the chances of many diseases deep in the bud. The trade of the Certified Organic Oils manufacturers has risen significantly in the past few years due to high demand of Natural Essential Oils of India in preparation of herbal pharmaceuticals.

A significant healing property that is found in many Organic Oils is of anti pyretic effect. There are many essential oils that can prevent or check the symptoms of fever. Generally, fever occurs when the temperature of the body goes beyond its optimal value of 37°C or 98.6°F. Fevers usually happen as a natural defensive phenomenon that indicates that the body’s resistance mechanism is actively fighting a pathogenic infection. Nonetheless, a high and chronic fever can cause necrosis or programmed cell death in an organ, seizures and delirium. Therefore, it is very compulsory to check the intensity of fevers if they begin to cause body sores and irritation.

Here are a few powerful organic oils that can mildly attack the root cause of fever and can ward it off completely. These can be easily procured from the trusted suppliers who source them from Bulk Essential Oils Manufacturers.

These are:

Eucalyptus Oil:

Righteously known as the natural -anti-fever oil’, the eucalyptus oil is one of the most prominent organic essential oils that can be used against fever. If consumed with the lavender oil, it can relax the body and reduce the intensity of fever gradually. Diluting a drop of eucalyptus oil with three drops of lavender oil in 1 cup of ice-cold water can effectively deliver the result. This dilution is too applied by soaking a clean cotton cloth in this blend and placing it on the forehead. This process is to be repeated until the temperature of the body comes to the optimal value.

Lemongrass Oils:

This is another highly effective essential oil that is used commonly against many types of fever treatments. It possesses natural anti-inflammatory and antipyretic qualities. Besides, it is widely considered a powerful analgesic and can check the joint and muscular aches that generally occur as a result of high fever. It can be also used for preventing body aches and headaches that arise due to prolonged flu or a common cold infection. Mixing 2 drops of this oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil such as coconut oil and applying this blend to the feet can deliver maximum relief from pain.

Peppermint Oil:

It is one of the most prominent Natural Essential Oils that have been used to cure respiratory issues and prevent fever. The chief constituent of this oil is menthol that is highly beneficial in clearing respiratory tract or the breathing passage thereby easing the breathing process. Besides, the menthol has cooling properties that significantly cool down the body internally and brings down the fever. Apart from that, this oil can cure sinusitis pain, and is effective in treating cough, bronchitis, and chest congestion. It can be easily found with Certified Organic Oils manufacturers.

An Antipyretic Therapeutic Oil Blend:

And here is a noteworthy formula for quelling the symptoms instantly and deeply. All that one requires is the fresh organic Essential oil of garlic, and two mild carrier oils that is Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Blending some drops of garlic oil with 2 to 3 tablespoons of olive and coconut oils and mildly warming the mixture can make the natural Antipyretic Therapeutic Oil Blend. Applying this Blend to the soles of the feet and covering the feet with a plastic bag and keeping it for overnight can effectively reduce fever. These powerful essential oils can be very easily procured from Bulk Essential Oils Manufacturers.

There is no doubt that the normal Paracetamol tablets can quickly fight off fever and is generally prescribed by all physicians. It however, causes dizziness and sometimes uneasiness to several consumers. On the contrary, the Pure Essential Oils are mild and they provide deep and lasting relief from fever. One can easily find such Pure Essential Oils at Wholesale prices from any trustworthy online supplier that sources its organic products from Certified Organic Oils manufacturers.

Analysis Paralysis – How it Can Hold You Back From Success

When trying to put together a plan to market your business, researching your market is an essential precursor to any actions you may wish to take. Discovering who your target is essential as is learning when best to contact them and how best to contact them. There is seemingly an unending quantity of information that you are required to gather, and it can seem intimidating, and although you may feel it important to get as much of this information as you can before you take any action on your marketing campaign, you need to beware. Becoming embroiled in merely gathering the information is very easy to do, the desire to have every bit of it before you start can be a trap that many fall into. Using excessive time becoming preoccupied with gathering information about your target market can end up costing you time and may well holdup your marketing campaign indefinitely.

This tendency to obsess and over-think researching your target market and how best to approach them is commonly called "analysis paralysis". That is because when someone spends an excessive amount of time trying to identify and classify things like market segmentation, objectives, positioning, main and secondary targets, it's possible that your marketing plan will come to a complete stop. While market research is an essential part of any marketing procedure, you need to be cautious not to over-analyze and lose sight of your goals. The reality is that it is usually a fear of failure that results in analysis paralysis. You want the whole thing to be just right before you take action; you feel self-doubt and are uncertain of the potency of your ideas therefore you relentlessly look for more and more facts to support your thinking.

The best cure for analysis paralysis is very simple: take action. Start to apply some of the knowledge you've collected from the market research you've already completed, and put into practice. Do not be concerned about whether or not it's just right. Just do it. Begin with some of the smaller things, and adjust it as you go along or tweak it if it is not working out ideally. That's one of the great things about marketing: the actions you put into place are not carved in stone. If a particular part of it does not work right right for you can modify and fine-tune it until it does. The main thing is that you've taken some of the knowledge from your market research and taken some action with it.

Although it is vital not to over-analyze and be fixated on the research, I'm also not advising that you discontinue gathering it. Market research is an important tool, and it's important to consistently adapt to the changes in market conditions. The significant message to be heard here is to allow your market research to aid you in achieving your objectives, not to allow the research to dictate what those objectives are to be. It is important that you gather the information with a reason in mind and not the other way around. It's important to remember that not all the research you do will be of use to you. By doing the research, then taking action, following by reviewing your research, and acting upon it again, etc., you can avoid the fear andactivity that comes along with analysis paralysis.