Diabetes Epidemic or Just a Rumor?

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the incidence of Metabolic Syndrome and Prediabetes affects more than 90 million Americans. In 2011, Diabetes was considered to be the 7th leading cause of death in the United States and a major cause of heart disease and stroke.

Prediabetes, also known as Metabolic Syndrome, is a condition in which individuals have blood glucose levels higher than normal but not yet high enough to be classified as diabetes. It is not a disease but it is a combination of risk factors. People with Predictions have an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Unfortunately, CDC estimated in 2011 that although about 33% of US adults have prediabetes, less than 10% of this number report that they had been told that they have the disease.

Diabetes affects over 8% of Americans of all ages but approximately 27% of adults with the disease -7 million Americans – do not know they have the disease.

To address the Epidemic issue of Diabetes, in 2008 CDC estimated there were 23.6 million adults who had diabetes and another 57 million had Prediabetes. In a study published in 2010, CDC projected that as many as 1 in 3 Americans could have diabetes by 2050 if current trend continues.

Progression to Type 2 Diabetes among those with Prediabetes is not inevitable. Studies show that people with Predatives can prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 Diabetes by losing 5% – 7% of their body weight and getting at least 150 minutes per week of moderate physical activities.

The human body converts food to glucose which provides energy. Insulin is the hormone needed to change the glucose into energy. When a diet is made up of too many processed foods, the glucose levels and insulin levels rise at an unhealthy rate. Many adult Americans including children are eating these types of diets which can extremely cause the body to produce more insulin in an effort to change the increased glucose levels into energy.

When this happens the blood glucose level is out of balance and can lead to insulin resistance, excess body fat and impaired blood sugar metabolism.

The symptoms that are associated with Metabolic Syndrome include: fatigue, sugar cravings, high-carb cravings, and the feeling of being confused and not able to focus. What is the cause of these symptoms? Research has shown that the cause can be traced back to diet and exercise. A high sugar and / or a high carbohydrate diet along with lack of exercise is attributed to causing this epidemic. Diet and exercise are necessary to control and delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. In our society in general, our American high fat and high sugar eating habits are a factor in the type 2 diabetes epidemic. Diet and exercise is necessary to control and delay the onset of type 2 diabetes. I do believe we have a diabetic epidemic in our country which is tied to diet, lack of exercise and genetic. One can not separate one from the other. Eating right and exercise can be controlled and your family genetics all play an equal role.

Toenail Fungus – Vicks – Can it Work?

Nowadays, Toenail infection has become a very common problem for millions of people, and the number is more than 40 million in America alone. Perhaps, this figure is too high in the world of medical wonders. Though the nail infection is not contagious, we need specific eradication programs to prevent the spread of such ailments in future. It is really annoying the infected persons because the toenail fungal infection is an ugly thing in look with which they cannot walk on the street without socks. As such, it can develop a complex in them when they do not know how to get rid of toenail fungus. Sometimes, the infection may cause a bad odor, and the person with infection may feel secluded when he is in a team of friends or neighbors.

Toenail fungus treatment:

Don’t you have any solution for this prevailing problem? No, it’s wrong because there are some drugs and ointments. Home remedies can also come for help here. But there is no assurance for a total cure with these treatments. Here I would like to call your attention to a well known medical product called Toenail Fungus Vicks Vapor Rub. Have you heard that Vicks can cure toenail infection? It is not surprising that many persons are now using Vicks for fungus.

Vicks for toenail fungus:

Along with other products having anti-bacterial properties, Vicks is another product which is recommended for bacterial skin infection. Many people are convinced in using Vicks. After using Vicks to cure nail infection, many have cured their ailment. Also, they have prevented further contamination of the infection. Even after proven incidents, some of the people are having a doubt if Vicks can work effectively. Vicks is not really a prescription by a doctor but it is a common medication used by many people who have nail infection.

Can Vicks really cure nail fungus?

Just as other medications, the toenail fungus cured by Vicks vapor rub is also beyond guarantee.         

One cannot assure a total eradication of the nail infection. Despite this, people are constantly using Vicks to cure nail infections. The probability of sure cure depends on the nature of infection. Onychomycosis is a common fungal infection which is caused by different types of fungal bacteria. Vicks can kill most of them but not all. Another point to take into consideration is the severity of the infection. If it is the emerging condition of the infection, there is more chance that the infection is cured.

If the infection is severe, it requires somewhat a long term care with the application of Vicks to the infected area. If it is not working to your satisfaction, then you have to decide laser treatment which is a little costly. You can thus prevent further spreading of the fungal infection by some method or other.

Natural Remedy For Anxiety

A natural remedy for anxiety can be just as helpful, if not more helpful, than the conventional way of dealing with it. Why? Simple. They're better for you.

It makes sense. In the next few years, more people will turn to natural ways to treat it. In fact, in some cases, using a natural treatment can address the problem itself, not mask it.

Perhaps in the next 25 years, there may not be a need for drugs. Maybe science and technology would have progressed to a point where other more effective and safer treatments would have developed.

As helpful as drugs are, long-term use can affect other organs occasionally. Treating one problem could cause another one to surface.

It can bring about a more balanced you, especially when using methods like homeopathic medicine. But there are so many ways of helping you naturally.

Some Natural Ways To Reduce Anxiety

Yoga is not only excellent exercise but can reduce it. Having done yoga myself and speaking to some of the group, some of the older men said they joined to relieve anxiety and stress.

These men were there before I joined and they said not only did it work for them, they were so happy that they do not want to stop. As for me, I think I joined just to look at the girls!

If yoga is not your cup of tea, try doing your own exercises. It's a good for stress and anxiety, because it releases endorphins, nature's way of making you feel better.

Hypnosis is also a very good natural remedy. You can also learn to perform it on yourself after initially seeing a hypnotherapist. There are some really good, affordable products you can use to help you do this on your own.

Proper abdominal breathing can also be very helpful in reducing it. It takes practice and can be a pain to do, but once you start and get used to it, you'll probably notice the difference.

A Lazy But Smart Way To Reduce Anxiety

If you would prefer ingesting something instead, then I strongly recommend PureCalm for anxiety. Not only does it work, but it even works for several cases.

Let's not forget that children are not immune to anxiety or panic attacks. There are safe and effective natural treatments for the kids as well.

It's always disturbing to know a child can get what is considered an 'adult sickness' and it's more common than we realize. A herbal product called K-OK Kiddie Calmer has been helpful for many kids.

These are just a few of the many options as far as a natural remedy is concerned. You CAN reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

Cysts on Ovaries Symptoms – What to Look For?

What are some of the most common ovarian cyst symptoms? Well, believe it or not, you could have experienced some of them right now without even knowing it. That's because a lot of the symptoms caused by ovarian cysts are very similar to the symptoms caused by other conditions, like PMS, pregnancy, and other hormonal changes.

However, if you have just started experiencing any of the following symptoms, or they have increased in frequency or severity, this could be a sign that you have an ovarian cyst.

Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is a common symptom. But where and how that pain manifests can vary. So what should you look out for? Well, these could be signs that you have a cyst.

* Experiencing pelvic pain during intercourse.
* A dull ache that radiates out from your pelvis to your thighs or lower back.
* Experiencing pelvic pain just before your period starts.
* Experiencing pelvic pain just before your period ends.

Menstrual Cycle Irregularities

Menstrual cycle irregularities are actually pretty common. There are several things that can cause them, and most women experience them at one time or another. But if you have never experienced such menstrual irregularities before, the cyst might be the cause of those irregularities now.

Pregnancy Symptoms

Some ovarian cyst symptoms are similar to those you might experience if you were pregnant. These symptoms can include nausea and vomiting. Cysts can also cause breast tenderness.

So if you suspected you were pregnant because of the symptoms you were experiencing, but the pregnancy test came back negative, you could be suffering from an ovarian cyst.

Other Symptoms

There are many other symptoms that can be caused by an ovarian cyst. These symptoms can include sever abdominal pain, or a constant pressure on your bladder. nausea and vomiting, pain or pressure with urination or bowel movements and vaginal pain or spots of blood from vagina.

Learning to recognize ovarian cyst symptoms is an important step. When you can pinpoint the possible cause of your symptoms, it puts you that much closer to being able to put an end to your pain and discomfort.

How to Raise HDL – 5 Easy Steps to Get Those Levels Back on Track

Learning how to raise HDL levels is just as important as learning how to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol within your body. The HDL happens to be the good cholesterol within your body, which works to clean out the blood vessels, helping you to avoid heart disease. Many people have levels that are too low, and it is important to learn how you can increase these levels for a healthy body. Getting your numbers up to 60 is a great goal. Wondering how to accomplish this? Here are some easy steps to get those levels back on track.

Step # 1 – Add Aerobic Exercise

If you are wondering how to raise HDL levels, one easy step you can take is to add aerobic exercise to your life. This type of exercise on a regular basis is one of the best ways that can help bring those levels of good cholesterol up. Just 20-30 minutes a few days each week can make a big difference, so find a type of aerobic exercise that you enjoy and start doing it on a regular basis for the best results.

Step # 2 – Lose a Few Pounds

Losing a few pounds can also help you to get those good levels of cholesterol up where they should be. When you are overweight, it increases the amount of LDL and it also reduces your levels of HDL too. If you can lose a few pounds, it will make a big difference, especially if you are able to trim off some of the abdominal fat that you have. It may be difficult, but losing a few pounds can have some great health benefits.

Step # 3 – Avoid Trans Fats

Avoiding trans fats is another step to take if you want to know how to raise HDL. These trans fats are found in many foods that are already prepared. It is not easy to eliminate them from your diet, but it is worth it. These fats raise bad levels of cholesterol and lower your good levels too. If you can eliminate them or at least limit the amount you eat, you will definitely see some great results.

Step # 4 – Give Up Smoking

Give up smoking if you want to get those good cholesterol levels up where they should be. Smoking really lowers your HDL levels, and while it is never easy to give it up, it is worth it. If you are smoking, you are not only lowering good levels of cholesterol, but you are harming your body in many other ways, so giving up this bad habit will provide many health benefits to you.

Step # 5 – Eat More Soluble Fiber

Eating more soluble fiber can also help you out if you want to see those levels of HDL cholesterol improve. Soluble fiber helps to increase your good levels of cholesterol while working to eliminate the bad at the same time. You can find soluble fiber in fruits, legumes, veggies, and in oats, so work to add these foods to your diet.

It is important that you keep your good cholesterol at a healthy level. Anything below 40 is too low, and 60 or higher is a great number to shoot for. Start using these steps if you want to know how to raise HDL and you will definitely see results quickly.

(5) Things You Should Know About Human Growth Hormones

Human Growth Hormone (also known as HGH or somatotropin) is
a natural body hormone created in human pituitary gland. The
beneficial effects of HGH are widely known: it is HGH that
keeps our bodies in top condition. The trouble is that Human
Growth Hormone level is unstable. During our lifetime we
experience surging of HGH level sometime between 14 and 26
year, then it starts to fall down extremely quickly. Soon
after the signs of lack of HGH start to be visible: wrinkled
skin, spare tire, loss of muscle mass and reduced interest
in sex.

If we boost up the Human Growth Hormone level in the
organism, the results will be quick and easy to notice. The
skin will regain its former smoothness, the spare tire will
Vanish and building of a muscle mass will become much easier
and faster. Another good thing is increasing the density of
our bones, sometimes stopping or even reversing
osteoporosis. Then, HGH will solve all problems with
sleeplessness and memory loss as well as lift mood and get
rid of fatigue even if it is chronic.

A few words about the HGH treatment methods. In the
beginning, doctors used a very crude method in order to
increase HGH level in the organism. They took donors'
pituitary glands post mortem, extract HGH and then inject
the hormone into the patient's bloodstream. Now however,
scientists use much easier, cheaper and more effective
method of increasing the HGH level by using food supplement
pills. Instead of providing HGH directly, the supplement
induces the pituitary gland to increase the HGH production
rate. This is much simpler, safer and more natural as
organism does not have to rely only on external source of
HGH in order to keep going.

Initially, it's recommended that you take the product for
about 6 months to bring your body's HGH production levels
up. At this time, you may wish to take a "pause" of up to 1
year, while you continue to enjoy the benefits of increased
HGH. Your body's new HGH production levels will not drop
Dramatically during this time. Then you can repeat the
process to enhance HGH production in the long term. If you
are having trouble finding a product that outlines these
specifications, we recommend GenF20 as a product you can not
go wrong with.

You should plan to stay on the HGH supplement for at least 3
months when you begin your program. Results vary depending
on your existing level of HGH when you begin, so for
instance, people who have very low levels of HGH have more
immediate results. Most people, regardless of current HGH
level, report feeling better, sleeping better and having
more energy right away, with improvement in appearance and
muscle tone and other benefits generally becoming more
pronounced over the first couple months.

Speaking about age: while HGH treatments are created mostly
with older people in mind (their levels of HGH are extremely
low), they can be used with good effects for adults of any
age. Just do not try it if you're below 18 or 21! Your
natural HGH is so high that you will have to wait ages for
the effects and even then they might be minor – you live
your best years and your blood is bustling with HGH, so
there is little need to increase its level even more.

During the HGH supply treatment it is recommended to avoid
overdosing. However, the main problem with overdose is the
fact that some of the product will be washed from your
organism without affecting anything. The dose is already cut
to provide maximum effectiveness and this can not be increased
by taking more pills.

Once a treatment for multi-millionaires only, the HGH
inducers have changed it for good. Instead of extremely
complicated process requiring dissections of donor bodies in
order, creation of HGH releasing supplement is relatively
easy. Well, it can not be done at home, but if compared with
previous procedure that may have cost even $ 15,000, it is
extremely affordable. One more thing: if you are looking for
the best price, it is a good idea to buy GenF20. This
product is one of the most cost-effective products on the

Known problems with HGH: Years of research have made it
clear that either HGH and HGH releasers are 100% safe.
Several several tests and long-term research programs in
various age groups, no side effects whatsoever were noticed.
Just make sure that you got your HGH treatment from a GMP
certified lab – unfortunately, the risk of fakes is still

If you have ever heard of any problems related to HGH
treatments, their only possible reason is using HGH
releases made by an unknown producer. You have to remember
that the danger of buying fakes are all-time real unless you
go only for the well-known and praised products such as
GenF20. Make sure to ask your doctor about everything
related to HGH before starting the treatment.

How can I obtain these products and maintain my privacy?
Ordering online is a great way to discreetly get the product
you want. Read the site carefully to find out how the
manufacturer ships; if they do not already ship in plain
packaging that does not reveal the contents, you may be able
to request the service. How about a guarantee? You should
insist on a guarantee, and make sure to read the fine print.
Although all reputable companies offer them, not all
companies that have them reputable Take extra time to
read how the guarantee works, some products require a one
year supply to be eligible for a refund, so shop carefully!
If you have trouble finding a product you trust on your own,
we recommend GenF20, as it features a straight forward
guarantee that you can have confidence in.

How To Turn Your Computer Into A Free Phone

Well you can now!

I remember when my older brother was an exchange student back in the early 70’s. He went to the United States for a year and back in Denmark, we – his family, were always waiting for letters to hear, how he got along. The thought of just picking up the phone and calling across the Atlantic Sea was almost without reach for anybody else than the very well off.

We did call him once and paid a fortune for only 3 minutes. Those days are over. Thanks to technological breakthroughs anyone can make long lasting international calls for free or for very little money.

You can turn your computer into a free telephone simply by downloading the right software, and buy a headset with microphone which you can get for less than € 10. And then you are ready to go…

If you don’t want to be tied to the computer with a headset – get yourself a wireless internet phone or a wireless headset. It cost a little more, but it means you can curl up in the sofa while you are telling your friend in “Far-Far-Away” all about your new lover.

Calling everybody for free from your computer is still not possible – as the person you want to call will have to have downloaded the same software as you. And even though you might persuade your friends and family to do so – there will still be a lot out there, that haven’t got the required software. That’s not a problem. You can still call their landlines or mobiles with a calling plan and you can even buy an online phone number so everybody can call your computer from their landlines or mobiles.

There are many providers available and many different calling plans and you will have to sort out your calling needs before you choose what works best for you.

I am Danish, living in Spain – with family and friend in Denmark and the UK, so I have combined two calling plans.

I have one plan that allows me to call landlines in 20 different countries in Europe at any time and for as long as I like for only € 4.95 per month. To cover the rest, which in my case means mobile phones and occasional calls to countries outside of Europe, I buy credit. I top up my credit with € 10 at a time and most of the time my entire calling needs are covered for € 14.95 a month.

Fighting the Depression Side of Bipolar Disorder

These are a few techniques that might help when you are going through the depression side of bipolar disorder.

1) If the thought of suicide enters your mind then call 1-800-SUICIDE.

2) Call a friend. Find someone to talk to. It can often be difficult because of the embarrassment of telling someone else that you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well as the shame that can come along with feeling helpless. Do not be nervous! You will quickly find that friends will immediately jump in to help.

3) Do not be alone. Call up a friend or family member. A very important part of fighting depression is keeping in contact with those you care about the most.

4) Eat healthy

5) Take your prescription, daily vitamins and fish oil

6) Avoid oversleeping. This is naturally going to happen to you when you get depressed, but it can be harmful as you are going to feel even more tired and thus even more depressed. I find that oversleeping is one of the worst things you can do when you are depressed even though that is the natural tendency.

7) Understand that you have a disease and it is not your fault. Often times people with bipolar will associate themselves with a crazy person who needs to be locked up in a mental institution. This is absolutely not so! There are many of us out there who suffer from bipolar disorder and still run a normal life. Bipolar patients even have a higher number of college professors than the average person!

8) Treat depression as it is any other disease. Try different remedies including prescriptions and exercise. Remember that what works for one person who has depression might not work for all people who have depression. Talk to your friends and family.

9) Any time you are feeling overwhelmed to the point of major depression, call a doctor. In fact, if you are bipolar you MUST have a doctor at all times.

A Few Tips on Managing Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, it is important that you become familiar with the different the options available for dealing with the disease. The main goal of any kind of therapy is to keep your blood sugar within acceptable limits,this is the golden rule.

You may have several options for doing this: by taking drugs orally or by injecting insulin, establishing an appropriate diet and sticking to along with following a regular exercise program to help keep your weight in check and to help maintain adequate blood circulation. Being overweight is an absolute no no for people suffering from diabetes.

While most people suffering from type 1 diabetes need life-long daily insulin injections, some types of type 2 diabetes can be controlled by diet and exercise alone. A diabetic diet is high in fiber and low in sugar, fat and carbohydrates to prevent blood sugar levels spiking after meals. Alcohol should only be consumed in moderation or better still, should be avoided completely.

Additionally, it is very important that you monitor your sugar level on a regular basis, at least once a day, with a blood glucose meter to make sure your medication and diet are effective.

If you feel overwhelmed or insecure, a Diabetes Coach, might be helpful for you. These people are trained to review your individual case and provide advice to you on everything you need to know, whether it’ a diet change, or medication, or which kind and how much exercise is good for you.

To complement medication and lifestyle changes, support can also come via other diabetes sufferers who share knowledge, understanding and experience in special support groups.

5 Magic Keys You Need to Unlock the Secret of How Not to Become Another Obesity Statistic

If you are wondering what you have to do in order to stop gaining weight and becoming part of the obese statistics, you need to understand that those keys you need to master in your mind before you can turn the corner and never look back. You have been looking over your shoulder a long time wondering if you have a specific problem or if it's just the motivation. Do you need and want to be happy with who you are? Follow these 5 keys and start seeing the new you in a different light. Here they are:

  1. Lose weight each and every time you eat or drink . Be smart and know that what goes in your mouth is up to you. Look at everything you eat or drink and tell yourself that the only reason you are eating or drinking this "product" is to help you get to where you want to go. How does eating a Big Mac help you get to where you want to go? Can you answer that question? When I eat one now, I really enjoy it because I think how wonderful it tastes and that I am using it to reward myself. The reason I eat one has nothing to do with basic nutritional value but it sure satisfies my reward button and tells me that I am doing great. Do you understand how this can be valuable? I no longer eat a Big Mac just for the fun of it or on the run. Every time I eat one now it is for pure enjoyment. I love Big Macs, for the right reasons. Do you understand?
  2. Create a habit that lasts a lifetime, with very little change in your lifestyle . If you have been gaining weight a little at a time because worry about how quickly it needs to come off? You have the rest of your life to change your habits. Just do it one day at a time. Tell yourself that you are doing great every time you are ready for bed and never look back.
  3. Set yourself up for guaranteed success . Never eat something you do not like. Never compromise your taste buds for weight loss. Everything you eat or drink must be great and I really mean that. Set your standards high and never compromise
  4. Automatically reach your natural weight. Do not hurry, you have and want the rest of your life to be your measure. Think success at all times and visualize what your are becoming every day.
  5. Stop dieting forever. You will never diet again, promise yourself?

Food for thought.

Toenail Fungus Remedies That You Can Do at Home

Toenail fungus is a nasty infection of the toenails that can spread if left untreated. It will make your nails unsightly, and it can cause permanent damage. Examine your toenails closely. If they have a whitish or yellowish tint or are thick and brittle then chances are good you have a toenail fungi. The good news is there are some steps you can take to get this under control. Keep reading to uncover some great toenail fungi remedies.

Fungus is very hard to eliminate. It will get under your nail beds through any microscopic cut or break in the nail. If you have a weak immune system, or if you live in a hot, moist climate then you are at a high risk for contracting this type of fungus. Keep in mind that prevention is the best defense against toenail fungi. The first thing you need to do is learn how to protect yourself against toenail fungi.

Never go barefoot in a locker room or public shower. Fungus thrives in these places. If you have sweaty feet, you should wear only cotton socks. Dry your feet completely after removing your shoes. You may want to try using an anti fungal powder in your socks and shoes. It is important that you clean your shower frequently with bleach to reduce the risk of fungus growing or spreading between members of your family.

There are several toenail fungi remedies you can do at home that will help get this fungi under control. Some people claim that soaking your feet in mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide will cure toenail fungi. Another home remedy that has been proven to be effective is tea tree oil. This natural oil has been used for centuries to treat all manners of skin and nail conditions. The easiest and the least expensive home remedy is a vinegar solution soak.

If you find that you have nail fungi then you need to look for the best fungus remedies. Find one and use it faithfully to eliminate this nasty fungus for good.

Food Allergy Can Be Fatal

Food allergy symptoms are like patients that feel unpleasant after they ate, also sometimes feels unpleasant when they think to eat food. Some patients get so many allergic reactions to the food. Only three percent children and one percent adults have this allergy. It is proven clinically.

Vomiting, nausea, headache, fatigue are some common allergy symptoms. Anaphylaxis symptom is patient can not breathe normally because respiratory pipes waving, Some common symptoms are swelling of the lips, tongue, face and other part of the body and abdominal pains, eczema, hives, tingling inside the mouth, these symptoms depend on the type food sources you are allergic to.

The allergic people could prevent certain foods because they get idea which food cause to allergy. When patient have no idea, that time it's difficult and may result in increase in the symptoms. Sometimes allergic reactions are mild only with few physical symptoms and are so mild we could not identify these symptoms. Sometimes the symptom becomes life-threatening illness and it could cause death.

Food intolerance is different than food allergy. Food intolerance occurs in various diseases. In this we feel unusual feeling after meals. Food intolerance is widespread condition that occurs due to several mechanisms in the body. However food allergy is negative reaction in the immune system with physical symptoms.

Treatment of food allergy

There are many ways to avoid this allergy and there are different types of tests available to determine this allergy. It is part of treatment you can prevent it by avoiding certain food. However sometimes you can not avoid preventing it because of hidden ingredients present in some foods. It can not avoid especially if you often eat restaurant food.

Adrenaline or epinephrine shot given to the food allergy patients in the emergency. Adrenaline (epinephrine shots) is given by well trained professional only. This treatment is critical for anaphylaxis patients.

Lotions and creams give relief if any skin reactions present and reduce the inflammation. You can determine the source of food which cause food allergy to you. Then you can prevent this type of food to avoid disease and you need to take medicine for rest of life also.

How to Get Muscles – Muscle Killing Mistakes to Avoid

The key to how to get muscles looks fairly straight forward. Unfortunately, there are many pitfalls that await even the most dedicated of trainers. If you're making any of these mistakes, then you're just making things take longer, and could be wearing your body down. The problem is, we all want results and we want them now! Unfortunately, many draw the conclusion that if working out is good, then working out even more is better! This is far from the truth, and a dangerous way of thinking. Why? Check out the facts of what over-training does to your body:

– High blood pressure
– Fatigue
– High resting heart rate
– Irritability
– Loss of appetite
– Weight loss
– Trouble sleeping
– Increased metabolic rate

Ouch! Did you see what I saw? Weight loss? Increased metabolic rate. Loss of sleep … Do any of those sound like they would help you grow muscle mass? Not a chance! So why on earth would we want to work more, in order to put ourselves in a situation where we see less results? Not a good combo is it? Many trainee's have spent plenty of time to learn how to get muscles, yet this seemingly simple trap seems to claim most.

A closer look shows overtraining:

– Increases cortisol levels
– Decreases testosterone

Now this just flat out is not funny! Over-training actually reduces the testosterone produced by your body, while simultaneously increasing cortisol levels! If you're a book nerd like me who reads up on the science behind body building, then you know that cortisol is thy enemy!

The above combination actually results in protein tissue break down, which means that your muscle is being served up as a feast! No quite what you were after when picking up weights for the day right?

If your over-training goes unchecked, the situation gets worse and your immune system is negatively impacted, your muscles develop micro-tears, contractions of muscle tissue weakened, and tendons / connective tissue is damaged. In other words, at this level, you're falling apart!

How to Get Muscles: Overtraining avoidance:

– Determine if you are regularly improving your performance. If you're not increasing weight, or reps with regularity, then your body is telling you something! This is a warning sign. Examine your workout to make sure you are giving your body proper time to recover.

– Check your nutrition habits. Is your body getting enough fuel and protein? Are you taking in proper pre and post workout nutrition? Are you feeding your body 5 – 6 meals per day?

– How much rest and recovery time are you giving your body? Remember, that most building builds takes place when your body is at rest. If you are not getting a minimum of 7 – 8 hours of sleep each night, then you're short changing your results, and making it easier to over-train.

I also strongly recommend that you do not work the same body part 2 days in a row. You need to give the muscle groups at least a day of rest to recover before slamming the weights again. The rest is up to you! Be diligent in monitoring your results, or lack thereof. Your body is giving you feedback for a reason.

If you're ready to learn more on the subject of how to get muscles , then I recommend you check this out:

Type 2 Diabetes – Diabetes and Depression in Pregnancy

In December of 2017, the Journal of Psychiatric Research reported on a study showing metabolic problems after having Gestational diabetes in 22 women. Scientists at the University of Munchen in Munich, Germany, found several risk factors for Type 2 diabetes in depressed mothers following Gestational diabetes also referred to as diabetes of pregnancy.

Both Gestational diabetes and depression raise the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later. Researchers tested 173 women six to twelve months after having pregnancy-related diabetes. Some had a clinical diagnosis of depression, and some did not. Every participant was screened for even mild depression. A total of 22 women had mild to moderate depression. Depressed women have…

  • over a 59 percent chance of having insulin resistance or full-blown Type 2 diabetes, compared to
  • 33 percent of women without depression.

The women with depression had a higher…

  • body mass index (BMI),
  • blood pressure measurement,
  • leptin (hormone concerned with energy metabolism),
  • plasma resistin (thought to have links with insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity), and belly fat.

The investigators came to a decision even mild depression should lead female patients and their doctors to suspect they are at high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Women with Gestational diabetes, in general, have a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes within the following five to ten years. Studies show different results, but it is thought they have a 10 to 35 percent risk of developing the condition.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, United States, has guidelines for lowering the chance of developing Type 2 diabetes in high-risk individuals…

  • lower weight by 5 to 7 percent if overweight or obese,
  • perform at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity each week,

Physical activity is measured by how hard the exerciser has to work. Work units are measured in metabolic equivalents (METs). A MET is the amount of energy expended or oxygen consumed for an individual’s body weight over one minute. Some examples of moderate physical activity include…

  • brisk walking, four miles per hour – 2.5 to 6.0 METs,
  • swimming laps – 7 to 10 METs,
  • mowing the lawn,
  • sweeping a floor,
  • slowly dancing,
  • vacuuming,
  • washing windows,
  • shooting basketballs,
  • bicycling 10 miles per hour,
  • walking up stairs,
  • water aerobics – 4 METs,
  • playing volleyball,
  • jumping rope – 10 METs

Do not hesitate to see your doctor before embarking on a course of physical activity, and remember you do not have to perform all 2.5 hours in one session.

General Information On Separation Anxiety

It is natural for human beings to dislike the notion of being separated from someone they care about, or feel connected to in some way. The idea of ​​no longer having significant contact, particularly physical contact, with someone that has become a part of our life, as some say, often results in some unpleasant emotional reactions.

This negative emotional response prompts us to attempt to avoid such thoughts and possibilities whenever we can, as a means of preventing or escaping the associated discomfort. However, for some people, the idea of ​​losing someone they care about takes on the form of a near-constant obsession. This condition, known as separation anxiety, is a complex psychological matter.

People who have separation anxiety still feel the usual dislike and discomfort when considering the potential loss. There is still a general sense of sorrow and bereavement when the possibility is brought up, and it is still considered to be a negative event. However, separation anxiety has patients inherent obsessing over that distinct and unpleasant facet of life.

The condition is characterized by behavior that may or may not be considered odd by the untrained observer. It often includes constant worry and anxiety over the possibility of losing an important person, typically a mother or father figure. Some argument that separation anxiety is a sign of excessive dependence on the physical presence of an individual, as a means of reassuring the patient of their own stability. Emotional distress during a period of separation is the most common sign, with a sudden lifting of the patient's mood once the object of their focus is once again nearby. Another common sign is the patient showing more physical cues that are similar to withdrawal from narcotics or alcohol whenever the target is not present.

People suffering from separation anxiety have a tendency to turn inwards when separated, letting the disorder have an adverse effect on their emotional condition. Cases have been reported where patients exhibit sudden signs of partial social withdrawal, or a sudden drop in one's ability to interact socially during the separation period. In some instances, it may also have a physical effect, with movements being sluggish and the body having languid, lifeless movements. It is not only during periods of separation that symptoms are exhibited, however. According to recent findings, separation anxiety also manifests itself as an inability to sleep without the presence of the target person or object.

A patient that has separation anxiety is often also diagnosed with various other disorders, such as ADHD and bipolar disorder. Bipolar personalities have been shown to have a statistically high number of patients who also have separation anxiety, with the shifts between manic and depressive behavior being linked to the presence of a certain figure or object.

In rare cases, dissociative identity disorder also stems from separation anxiety. This occurs when the brain gradually develops alternate personalities that are more capable of handling the separation than the actual persona. This is a rare instance, however, as DID sufferers generally develop the second personality to adapt to a specific childhood trauma, such as sexual abuse.

According to some unconfirmed reports, there is a small percentage of stalkers who have separation anxiety. Supposedly, this occurs because the obsession with keeping the person close by has started to form a compulsion to prevent any form of prolonged separation. In essence, the person has become obsessed with staying close to an individual whenever possible, and has taken measures to minimize, if not outright eliminate, the chances of the two being disconnected.