Viagra Can Treat, Not Cause Priapism

A team of doctors in the Johns Hopkins University is making waves among the medical fraternity, after they have come out successfully from a research, which proves that a PDE5 inhibitor like Viagra can treat and prevent recurring priapism in men.

Priapism is a disturbing and discomforting disorder among men, as men suffer from fatal, recurring erections that can have a debilitating effect on his normal erectile functions, during each spell of priapism. Generally, men go through two types of priapism – ischemic or non-ischemic. The first case of priapism occurs due to idiopathic reasons, or reasons related to drug use, while the non-ischemic priapism is usually caused by traumas and other psychological factors. Priapism can occur either as an isolated episode, or occur recurrently at frequent intervals, almost everyday.

Previous researches have aptly demonstrated and established that a dysregulated phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) plays an important role in the pathogenesis of priapism, giving a clear indication that PDE5 may serve as a molecular target for the treatment or prevention of the disorder. Dr. Burnett and his colleagues in Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA focused on this hypothesis to carry out the path breaking research.

The research team administered a long term PDE5 inhibitor treatment to three men with priapism due to sickle cell disease and a man with complaint of recurrent idiopathic priapism. They were given 25 to 30 mg oral dosage of Sildenafil (Viagra) in the morning three times a week, for a long period of time.

The patients were closely followed and examined for a period of three to eleven months, and it was found that the rate of occurrence of priapism gradually came down to very rare or occasional. The research team said that the encouraging results prove the dysregulated PDE5 hypothesis. It shows that this treatment resets the erectile regulatory function of PDE5 back to normal and protects the penis from episodes of priapism.

The revolutionary research defies conventional wisdom and judgment that Viagra and its class of drugs are contraindicated in patients with priapism. It would indeed be tough for a layman to fathom the fact that an erection enhancing medication like Viagra is used in the prevention of an uncontrollable and never waning erection. The highly complicated research based on cellular regulatory model may baffle you, as it challenges your traditional logic, but never forget that every discovery has been received in the same light.

A Cancer Growth Is Only A Sign That Something Is Wrong With the Entire Body

Doctors are taught that cancer is a foreign lump and if they can remove it all they have successfully beaten the disease. Unfortunately this is not correct. Cancer, no matter where it appears in the body is actually a problem with the entire body and the growth itself is only a symptom. A symptom is an indication that something is wrong. A true cure means treating the whole body.

If the problem of cancer was only the growth, then by removing it as with our current ways of treating it would solve the problem. But we all know someone, who has undergone these treatments and has been informed by their doctor they’ve successfully removed it all; often die soon after of the disease they were trying to cure.

The facts are that any cancer growth itself is not the problem and a far more effective way to heal a person with the disease is to treat the person and not the cancer.

Our 3 ways of treating cancer today are in place because they are profitable. For instance chemotherapy is a multi billion dollar a year industry and I’ve read many times that cancer will never be cured, or a cure will never be found because there is too much money being made with our current ways of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

Cancer is simply a disease of a weakened immune system which has been weakened because of the way we are now living. The immune system is part of our anatomy which everybody has, that keeps us healthy and free of diseases. An immune system that isn’t functioning properly will allow normal body cells to multiply without control and the result is the cancer growth. So common sense should tell someone that the first priority is to strengthen our all important immune system.

Of course there is not a drug or a treatment to strengthen the immune system and that’s why doctors don’t know about it. What a cancer patient needs is natural living with good nutrition and some exercise but we’ve been brainwashed now days in believing that any health problem can only be cured with a pill or a treatment.

Solving the cancer problem means correcting the reasons why it first appeared and you do that by changing your diet and eating only food that is natural for human beings. What that does is treat the whole body and that will allow the body to heal. Unfortunately there is no quick fix way to heal cancer but there is a way for those that can make these changes.

If you are dealing with cancer a genuine way to heal the body forever is to focus on correcting the reasons why it first grew and you do that by eating only food that is fresh and in season, by getting some exercise which will stimulate and strengthen the immune system, and by living a more natural way that supports life.

Don’t put up with a quick fix temporary treatment for your cancer. You need a permanent solution to your problem and that is by improving the diet, some exercise and living as we are supposed to. It works for everyone.

High Cholesterol Bad for Heart – Bones

Everyone knows having high levels of cholesterol is not good for you. Medical experts have
linked these high cholesterol levels to heart disease, heart attack and stroke. With these
dangerous and sometimes deadly health conditions caused by uncontrolled cholesterol, there are
some other lesser known ways high cholesterol can harm your health. Recent studies show high
levels of cholesterol can be bad for bone health and can also bring on Type 2 Diabetes.

First, it has been found that high cholesterol levels can be bad for bone density. Studies have
shown that women with high cholesterol levels have a higher risk of developing osteopenia, the
condition where the bones become thin and less dense. Osteopenia is the forerunner to
osteoporosis, a health condition where bones are fragile and break easily. According to a study
induced by the University of Milan, high levels of bad cholesterol seemingly make bone break
down more quickly than normal cholesterol levels. Keeping bones strong is important since
medical reports credit many deaths in elderly people to complications of hip or other bone

Second, having high cholesterol can also make you more vulnerable to Type 2 diabetes. This is
especially true if your HDL, or good cholesterol level, is less than 35 mg / DL. Type 2 diabetes is
more commonly known as adult sunset diabetes. Diabetes patients must take prescription
medication or insulin, and on top of that, this disease can cause vision problems or blindness,
poor circulation, kidney damage and nerve damage.

While it is plain that these lesser known ways of high cholesterol can harm your health, there are
also the more well-known outcomes of high cholesterol. These include heart disease, heart attack
and stroke. High levels of cholesterol, particularly high levels of LDL cholesterol, can be adverse
to your health. Over time excess cholesterol in the blood can also stick to and build up in the
blood vessels. As this cholesterol continues to build up it hardens into a substance called plaque.
This plaque is responsible for a disorder known commonly as hardening of the treaties.

This plaque interferees with blood circulation by blocking or partially blocking important vessels.
If the heart muscle does not get the blood supply it needs, part of the muscle can stop working
properly, resulting in a heart attack. These hardened, plaque covered sections are also less flexible
than normal arteries. The hardened arteries can tear, which results in the blood clots responsible for
strokes and for heart attacks. The blood clots are the body's way of protecting itself from
bleeding to death through the tear in the artery. However, the clot will block the artery, by cutting
off circulation.

There are many ways high cholesterol can adversely affect your health. High cholesterol can lead
to a decrease in bone density and can also make a person more vulnerable to contracting Type 2
Diabetes. High levels of cholesterol can also lead to heart disease, heart attack or strokes. These
conditions can all be either debilitating or deadly.

Windows XP Recovery Malware – How To Remove This Malicious Software From Your PC

If you have Windows XP recovery on your computer it can be very difficult to remove. It alters your desktop, stops task manager from running so you can not stop it and will then load other malware and even Trojans onto your computer.

The first time became aware of this malware at all is when they see a pop up message about hard drive failure. This usually appears to come from Windows and appears to be a genuine message. All it will say is your hard drive is failing or has failed and you need to restart your computer to scan it.

A good indication that this error message is not what it looks is to immediately try to run task manager. If you get an error saying task manager can not run or that the system administrator has disabled it you can be sure this error is not real and once you restart your computer this malware will start to cause real problems.

How can you remove the Windows XP recovery malware quickly?

If you are lucky enough to see this error and know what it is you can do the following.

# 1 Restart your computer in safe mode straight away. Do not go into normal mode or it will change your desk and hide all your shortcuts and desktop programs and prevent you from running anything.

When your computer starts up press the f8 key before you see the Windows start screen.

# 2 Once in safe mode you need to find and stop this malware if it is running. This malware changes everything on your desktop and hides all the icons so you need to press the CTRL-SHIFT-ESCAPE keys together to start task manger. Once it is open go to the processes tab and look for files with generated names such as hkfddffl1.exe which are obviously not real file names and stop them.

# 3 Find and delete all files and folders for this malware. To do this search for folders and files called Windows Recovery and then delete all of them.

# 4 Start the registry editor. To do this go to start on the Windows taskbar, then run and type in regedit and press ok. When the registry editor opens find and delete the following.

# 1 HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run generated file name
# 2 HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Run generated file name

Generated file name is a generated file similar to the file in step 2.

# 5 If you are unable to find the files above at all you need to download a system and registry scanner. You must do this in safe mode and then run a full system scan. This will find malware on your computer and stop it and help you to get rid of Windows XP recovery malware quickly.

# 6 Once you have done this you need to get you get your desktop and your icons back. Sometimes just running a system and registry scanner will fix this but if it does not need you to do the following.

Search for and download a program called unhide from the internet. This will get all your shortcuts and desktop icons back. They have not been deleted but hidden by the Windows XP recovery program. This will take a few minutes and you will then see all your desktop icons and shortcuts appear.

Once you have done this restart your computer. You will find that you have managed to get rid of the Windows XP recovery software but your desktop will still have a black background. Right click on the desktop, click on properties and then click on the desktop tab on the box that appears. Once you have done this set your desktop back to the way it was and your computer will be back to normal. Follow these steps to protect you PC from this malware for good.

Knowing Your Metabolic Type to Lose Weight Naturally

Nutrition is a key component to help you lose weight naturally. If you’re trying to lose weight by dieting and starving yourself, then you’re not allowing your body to function properly. In addition, you’re setting yourself up for eating binges. And even if not eating much works initially to help you lose weight, the chances are pretty good that you’ll gain the weight back, and even worse, you’re not pursuing your weight loss in a healthy and natural way.

At the same time, it’s very important to understand what you should and shouldn’t eat to lose weight, as the same diet plan doesn’t work for everyone. A large reason for this is that we each have a metabolic type that dictates the type of foods that help our bodies run most efficiently.

There are 3 Metabolic Types:

· Protein

· Carbohydrate

· Combination of Protein and Carbohydrate

In addition to natural weight loss, eating foods that fit with you will help you with energy, overall health, appearance and mood. When we don’t eat the foods that are right for us, then it causes an environment where our bodies don’t function properly, which means a challenging time when trying to lose weight.

Protein Metabolic Types

Protein Types tend to crave sugary foods after eating a meal that includes a lot of carbohydrates, in addition to craving fatty foods like chocolate cake and pizza. When this happens, it typically means that a Protein type individual isn’t eating a balance diet that includes a lot of protein, because a Protein type needs a diet low in carbohydrates and high in proteins and healthy fats.

But balance is key, so cutting out all carbs is a no-no. However, selecting carbs wisely is very important. Whole grain carbs and healthy, low-starch vegetables and fruits are best for weight loss. This metabolic type needs to eat protein with every meal for optimal health, and should eat frequent meals or healthy snacks between meals to ensure blood levels don’t drop, as this results in hunger pangs and eating binges that challenge weight loss and health.

Carbohydrate Metabolic Types

Carbohydrate metabolic types often eat infrequently, and can go for long periods without eating. They also have a high-tolerance for starchy, sugary foods, which isn’t necessarily good because this type of eating can lead to health problems such as diabetes and insulin resistance, as well as making it hard to lose weight.

Carbohydrate types should eat diets high in healthy carbs and low in fat for optimal health and weight loss. Low-fat proteins, like fish, are good options, as protein is still needed within the diet, but again, low-fat proteins are most beneficial. This type should also be cautious when consuming dairy products, as the body doesn’t always process them efficiently, and when eating carbs, low starch carbs are best for weight loss and healthy living.

Combination Metabolic Types

The Combination metabolic type has the most food options available, but do need to be careful to balance their protein and carbohydrate intake. In other words, this metabolic type should be familiar with both the Protein and Carbohydrate types and find a balance between the two within their meal plan for optimal health and natural weight loss.

As you can see, by being aware and understanding metabolic types, especially yours, it puts you in a good position to attack nutrition and your diet in the most healthy and beneficial way for you so you can truly achieve natural weight loss and optimal health!

Learn and Gain Knowledge With a Diabetes Menu

Diabetes menu might be flexible; it should be sugar less and must have high with proteins and vitamins. Always consider that sugar can conceal in dissimilar forms, so you better gain knowledge on how to understand the nutritional labels of any food you are about to eat.

There are plenty of books, pamphlets or magazines that will help you understand the nutritional guidelines of any particular food. It is not that just because some label says the product is sugar free, does not really meant that it is. When it was stated sugar free but still has carbohydrates listed with the label, then precisely it contains sugar.

The excellent way to know how to plan a diabetes menu is to acquire a diet cookbook or to discuss it with dietician. They can educate you with what to do, what kind of foods are safe to intake and what kinds of foods are you going to avoid.

Condiments can influence blood sugar level, when choosing a menu, consider the condiments that you are about to use. Never mind about the spices, but ketchup, sauce and many others should be used carefully. Flour can cause high blood sugar levels, so stay away from anything that is breaded.

There is a lot more in learning diabetes diet, though once you have started to do it, it will just flow naturally. In that process, you will automatically know the carbohydrates or sugars equivalent of the food you eat. With that, you can be wise enough to read the labels of any food you will be purchasing.

Six groups of Diabetes Food Pyramid: grains and starches; vegetables; fruits; milk and dairies; meat and meat substitute; fats, sweets, and alcohol. This group in the pyramid varies in sizes; the largest group consisting of starchy vegetables, grains and beans were in the bottom. It means, you have to eat more servings of grains and starchy vegetables compared to any of the other foods in the pyramid; and the smallest group was the fats, sweets and alcohol which are located at the top of the pyramid. It means you have to eat a very little amount of servings from this food group.


Diabetes Pyramid gives you a variety of foods per servings. Following the smallest number of portion in each group, you are about to eat 1600 calories and if ever you will eat at the higher end of the range, it will be about 2800 calories. Most women were likely to eat at the lower end of the range and most gentlemen would prefer to eat at the center up to the high ends of the range especially when they are energetic.

The accurate number of servings you will need is depending on your diabetes objective, nutritional needs, lifestyle, and the foods you eat. Split the number of servings that you have to eat along with the meals and snacks that you will be eating each day. That way, you can sum up the calories you have taken for the whole day.

Morbid Obesity Appears To Be Rising At An Uncontrollable Rate

It is no secret that obesity in rising rapidly in many western countries and that the United States is leading the field but what is sometimes not so well known is that the number of those people classed as strictly or morbidly obese is growing at twice the rate of obesity in general.

Today more than 30 percent of Americans are overweight with a body mass index (BMI) of between 25 and 29 and another 30 percent are classed as obese with a BMI in excess 30. That means that more than 60 percent of the population of the United States is now classed as either overweight or obese. This is sorry enough in itself, but the underlining numbers show an even more worrying picture.

Between 2000 and 2005 the proportion of those people classed as being obese with a BMI of greater than 30 rose by just under 25 percent. However, the proportion of those classed as being severely or morbidly obese rose by 50 percent in the same period and the proportion of those often referred to as 'super' obese with a BMI in excess of 50 rose by a staggering 75 percent.

At the same time there has been an explosive growth in the number of bariatric surgeries being performed in the United States. In 1998 bariatric surgery was performed on about 13,000 patients and, by 2006, this figure had risen to more than 200,000.

Today bariatric surgery is being performed in more and more hospitals and surgical centers and, in addition to tradition surgeries such as vertical or sleeve gastrectomy and the Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, now encompasses a range of new techniques including such operations as laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding and even robotic gastric surgery. But, despite all of this, morbid obesity continues to rise and now appears to be actually out of control.

With the well know and often fatal health risks of such things as diabetes and heart disease accompanies obesity one begins to wonder just what it is going to take to stem this rising tide.

Natural Methods For Beautiful Skin

Skin disorders are encountered frequently in any areas of health care. Skin-related disorders account for up to 10% of all ambulatory patient visits in this country.

Because the skin mirrors the general condition of the patient, many systemic conditions may be accompanied by dermatologic manifestations.

The psychological stress of illness or various personal and family problems is commonly exhibited outwardly as dermatologic problems.

Proper Skin Care

Some skin problems are markedly aggravated by soap and water, and bathing routines are modified according to the condition.

Denuded skin, whether the area of desquamation is large or small, is excessively prone to damage by chemicals and trauma.

The friction of a towel, if applied with vigor, is sufficient to produce a brisk inflammatory response that causes any existing lesion to flare up and extend.

Given that, the essence of skin care and protection in bathing a patient with skin problems is as follows: a mild, lipid-free soap or soap substitute is used; the area is rinsed completely and blotted dry with a soft cloth; and deodorant soaps are avoided.

The key here is to be natural as possible when treating and taking care of one’s skin.

Here are more tips regarding natural skin care.

Moisturize with Care

Nothing takes the moisture and softness out of skin faster than winter’s dry indoor heating and icy, face-chapping winds. Even if you pamper and protect your skin all year long, it needs a little extra attention when the temperatures begin to fall.

As the moisture level in the air drops, the dry air tries to rehydrate itself by borrowing moisture from your skin. When that happens, your body’s natural protective barrier, made of water, oils, and a protein called keratin, can get dehydrated to the point where your skin gets taut, wrinkly, cracked, and itchy.

Therefore, if dry skin is your issue, Mother Nature is definitely part of the problem, but she can also be part of the solution. Try some of the nature’s natural remedies for skin problems and get positive results.

1. Aloe vera has been known as one of the best skin soother and has been a hot topic since the days of ancient Egypt when the pharaohs used it to help them look their best.

The gel is excellent for treating all kinds of skin problems and keeps them from going from bad to worse. It can also speed up the healing process for itchy, irritated skin.

2. Avocado Oil

Sure, avocados are great on a salad, but did you know that avocado oil has superior powers when it comes to slowing down attacks of dermatitis and eczema, which can be aggravated by dry conditions?

Apply it directly to any potentially itchy, red, or irritated areas.

Oily Skin – For that Drier Look

Scrub up! Washing often with a lot of soap and water can remove oil. It is as simple as that. But the question is: what kind of soap should you use?

Skin experts say it is best to look for one with more detergent and less fatty substances. The heavier the fat, the more you want to avoid it.

Find soaps that are formulated for oily or acne-prone skin.

Exercise Regularly

That healthy glow you get in your cheeks when you exercise means that blood is flushing your skin. The result is denser, thicker, more elastic skin that resists wrinkling.

According to some skin experts, actual facial exercises are probably wrinkle-producing. A good overall exercise program, on the other hand, helps your skin and may even reduce bags under the eyes by reducing the fat cells around the area.

But while you are exercising, remember not to become dehydrated. When your cells lose water, they lose strength – even after the water is replaced.

Exfoliate to Rejuvenate – But Not Too Much

Do you know that the human skin shreds about 5 billion dead skin cells? These dead cells surfacing on your skin make one’s complexion dull by blocking the pores and preventing new skin to emerge.

Cleaning them unmasks a radiant and glowing skin through the process of rejuvenation. Does your beauty recipe do this to your skin?

For natural way of taking care of the skin, lay off the loofah. If you are tempted to try a loofah to slough the dry stuff off your skin, it is best not to do so.

Though gentle exfoliation is good, it is too easy to be carried away and remove healthy cells in the process. And too much exfoliation can actually encourage drying. Even a washcloth can be too harsh.

For washing, your hands are the best equipment that you can use.

Caring for the skin with natural ways may not only be beneficial for your skin now but can also bring long-term benefits. These tips are worth a try because they enhance your skin’s condition in the most natural way.

Will Home Remedies For Scalp Psoriasis Relieve Your Suffering?

Will home remedies for scalp psoriasis actually work, or are they just another scam? This is a very common question that many people wonder and the actual truth may surprise you a bit.

Psoriasis is a painful and irritate in condition to begin with, but having it in your scalp can be enough to drive you mad. This severe itching and soreness are enough to make you want to scratch the skin off your head, and the symptoms can become much worse. Maybe this is why so many people are turning to home remedies for scalp psoriasis.

Home remedies are a great inexpensive way to alleviate some of the symptoms with this condition, but you need to understand that they will not cure it completely. If you suffer with a mild form of scalp psoriasis, then experimenting with home remedies may provide you with the relief you need.

5 Home Remedies To Provide Scalp Relief

1. If your psoriasis is driving you insane because of the itching, then something as simple as applying ice cubes on your head might do the trick. Ice cubes can help with the inflammation and irritation often associated with this condition.

2. Another good way to prevent a flare-up is to use sulfate free shampoo when you wash your hair. Also, when you're washing your hair make sure you use cool water only. Warm or hot water will only irritate your scalp and it could cause your psoriasis to flare-up even worse.

3. Apple cider vinegar is one of the kings of home remedies, and it is also great for psoriasis in your scalp. It will soothe the burning and inflammation you feel and make your condition much more manageable.

4. You should also consider using Dead Sea salts or Epsom salts because both of these are also good home remedies for scalp psoriasis. Use them on your head when you take your shower and they will help with the swelling and improve your skin condition.

5. The last home remedy for psoriasis of the scalp will not cost you a single penny. Make sure you get enough sunlight on your scalp. The ultraviolet rays from the sun have been proven to help with people that suffer from this condition.

These are five of the best home remedies you should try out if you suffer with psoriasis in your scalp. However, you need to understand that no natural treatment will permanently cure your condition. As a matter of fact, even the medical community is struggling to cure this problem. You should only use these home remedies for scalp psoriasis to ease your symptoms, and you should seek professional help if you have a severe case of scalp psoriasis.

4 Proven Effective Treatments for Anxiety

There are numerous effective treatments for anxiety that you can try out to prevent the condition from affecting your ability to socialize, study, work and participate in life’s activities. The treatment approach for anxiety depends on the cause of the condition and your personal preference. It is also common to find that a combination of treatment techniques to be successful in the alleviation of the condition. The following is a look at 4 very effective treatments for anxiety.

1. Psychological counselling is considered to be the standard treatment for anxiety disorders. It may include psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy or a combination of the two. Psychotherapy involves extensive consultations with a psychologist, psychiatrist, counsellor or trained mental health expert. Its main aim is to discover the cause of anxiety and identify ways to deal with its symptoms. Cognitive-behaviour therapy, on the other hand, aims at the identification and making changes to a patient’s pattern of thinking, that are associated with anxiety.

2. Self treatment at home is one of the effective treatments for anxiety that does not require a doctor’s supervision. It works perfect where the cause of anxiety can be identified and where the condition has affected a patient for a short period of time. Some of the techniques involved include resting in a dark room, exercise, meditation, long, warm baths and talking with a supportive person. It also includes dealing with life’s stress, replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and practising deep abdominal breathing techniques.

3. Dietary adjustments are helpful in dealing with anxiety. It has been identified that, magnesium plays an important role in the relaxation of the body’s muscles, and its deficiency may result to anxiety. Lack of calcium and Vitamin B in the body can also lead to the worsening of anxiety symptoms. It is for this reason that you are advised to consume green leafy vegetables, wholegrain cereals and dairy products with low fat content. Drugs like caffeine, nicotine and other central nervous system stimulants should be avoided because they trigger the release of adrenalin, which is one of the chemicals that cause anxiety. When choosing foods at your local grocery store, avoid those that are processed, contain preservatives, additives or salts.

4. Medication is one of the treatments for anxiety that is recommended for short term alleviation of the condition. It is often applied to help you deal with the symptoms of the condition while alternative treatment options take effect. This means that medication is ideal when used in combination with other treatment strategies. Medication involves the administration of antidepressants and tranquilizers like Diazepam, Klonopin, Paxil, Zoloft, Paxil, Tofranil and Anafranil. The use of medication is often accompanied with restrictions on other medication, and a specific diet. Anxiety medication causes side effects such as dependency, drowsiness, changes in eating patterns, nausea and headaches.

In conclusion, it is important to consider the use of one or several treatments for anxiety to prevent the debilitating and distressing effects that may result. Early treatment is necessary because work related, family and social relationships need to be preserved.

Go Back To Sleep – 2 Useful Tips To Cure Your Insomnia Once And For All If You Really Try Them

You know when it happens. You think you were sleeping gracefully when suddenly you wake up for no reason. You suddenly find yourself having trouble getting back to sleep. Well, don’t worry. Everyone experiences this sleep problem from time to time.

Here are 2 tips you can take and use to go back to sleep.

Write down your scary or anxious thoughts

Keep a journal. Some of you who are not regular writers might be turned off by this idea. But it can help tremendously once you get it started. When you can’t sleep, simply write your thoughts into the journal. It can be anything, regardless of formats. You should write whatever that comes to mind. You don’t even have to worry about grammar. Usually, when you wake up in the middle of the night, you feel anxious. Pen down your thoughts into the journal.

You can’t fix things at night

Sometimes, we worry too much that we can’t sleep properly. Somehow, the incessant thought keeps reminding you of a specific problem. It can be in the form of a recurring thought that is bugging you. When this happens, you should tell yourself that you will settle the problem later in the morning. Convince yourself of this and try to get back to sleep. Most of the time, when you do get up in the morning, you will be stumped to find out you were worrying about small matters during the night! It is fine. Night time has this magnifying effect when it comes to negative thoughts, especially in your semi-sleeping state.

Want to Make Your Penis Bigger Naturally? Add 3 Inches to Your Penis With These Easy Techniques

Ever wondered how to make your penis bigger naturally? It’s a common question. Most men have no interest whatsoever in cosmetic penile augmentation. It’s expensive, rarely covered by health insurance, and the risk of unwelcome side effects is way too high.

The good news? You can easily make your penis bigger naturally by practicing a few simple methods. These methods are often called natural enlargement exercises.

These exercise techniques work to add both length, and girth (width). Although they may seem simple, they are powerful when performed correctly.

Here are two you can use today:

1) Stretching

The stretch is an excellent way to increase your length. It helps to strengthen and expand the tissues, muscle fibers, and ligaments in your penile shaft.

To stretch, take hold of your flaccid shaft about an inch below the head. Pull for about half a minute. You may feel a slight tingling sensation, but you should not feel any pain. If you feel pain, you are pulling too hard. Use medium strength.

Repeat the process in four different directions.

2) Jelqing

When most guys talk about enlargement exercises, they are referring to jelqing. It’s become a popular method to add size.

Jelqing increases the capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa, the chamber that becomes full of blood and fluids when you get an erection. This chamber is comprised of spongy tissues that respond to continued stress by expanding.

To do the basic jelq requires just your hands, a towel soaked in warm water, and lubricant. After a “warm up” with the towel to get the blood flowing, you’ll hold the bottom of your shaft in an “Ok” grip. Move your hand upward, all the way to right beneath the head, a movement that should last about three seconds.

When performed several times a week, these simple techniques can make you up to three inches bigger, in just a few months. There are dozens of advanced variations on these practices that are even more powerful.

In my special report, I share more insider secrets about how you can quickly and easily make your penis bigger naturally. Want to get it? Visit my web site now.

The Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever – UK Verses Canada

In the early eighth century, two popular breeds inserted in Newfoundland (Canada) – the Greater Newfoundland and the Lesser Newfoundland. The Labrador Retriever emerged from the Lesser of the two. To make up for this low label, he quickly became the most popular dog in Newfoundland and was warmly welcomed by his cousins, the Brits, where he gave the original name for his new one. A little later in the mid-1800s, the Golden Retriever emerged, a combo of a golden covered Retriever and a touch of the Tweed Water Spaniel. Because there can be a sense of competition between Goldie and Lab owners, some might argue about who really is a native of Britain. But both breeds are so popular today in the US, that it seems they are really at home here.

The Lab has been the most popular breed in America for many years. The Goldie does not do too bad, following in fourth place. Because of their popularity, these breeds are at risk for overbreeding and extreme inbreeding (remember, first cousins ​​musn't marry), thus creating new health and personality problems. Inbreeding often exacerbates bad qualities and hides good ones. Hip dysplasia can be so magnified that a three-month-old puppy will show signs. Many inbreeds dogs die unnaturally young and are lucky to make it to seven or eight years old. The importance of supporting reputable breeders is clear and one might secretly hope that those who are making Frankenstein Goldies and Labs will be set up by their creations.

That said, most Labs and Goldies in the US are wonderful examples of their breeds. They share much in common – both were bred to retrieve things, especially fowl and sometimes a cold glass of beer. Both are bred to swim well, to locate a target and to bring it back unharmed which makes them ideal for picking up small hamsters and guinea pigs. Both are even-tempered, very human-friendly and dog-friendly, and are excellent with children. Goldies and Labs are very playful creatures and any owner will tell you that they do not reach adulthood until about two years old (and in some ways, they never do). They are also very oral and like to stick things in their mouths such as a ball, a toy or your hand. Training is essential with Goldies and even more so with Labs as they are easily distracted when young and tend to think all life is a game where they do something annoying and you chase them.

You might think that the only difference between a Goldie and a Labrador Retriever is their coat. Goldie's have a dense undercoat and a thick, longish, wavy outer coat in varying shades of gold. Labs also have a strong undercoat but their outer coat is short and straight. It comes in yellow, black and chocolate. But there's more that separates these two cousins ​​and there are pros and cons for each breed. Some dog owners feel Golden Retrievers have a more even temperament than Labrador Retrievers, partly due to Labs being kept as outside hunting dogs in the early years and Goldies being kept in the house. Labs tend to be a bit more active than Goldens and have a longer adolescence.

But do not get your knickers in a twist – both breeds have many commendable qualities as any Golden or Lab owner knows. The Lab might want to get a new press agent, though, as Golden Retriever dogs are beating them in movie appearances. And both breeds better watch out because it's rumored that the Chihuahuas have connections and are bidding for the number one spot next year.

Risk Taking Is a Perception

Some people think I’m a wild girl and a major risk taker. I always giggle when I hear that because I don’t feel like I’m a risk taker. I only take action if I feel comfortable with it. Other people may perceive that what I’m doing is a risk, but I’ve spent time preparing myself for many of the actions. Some actions I leap into because they’re compelling and sound fun.

Let’s take skydiving as an example. Eva Gregory, my BFF, had done a tandem skydive (you’re strapped to an instructor, who does all the flying, and a large parachute) and showed me her video of the event. It looked fun, but I was so scared. I told her I’d never do it. I said if I ever did, I’d have to watch her video a hundred times in a row to get me pumped up and boost my courage.

Skydiving wasn’t compelling to me. Flying like a bird was compelling. I talked a lot about flying. I had always wanted an airplane, but I wanted to float through clouds like I’d always imagined angels did.

Very soon after the skydiving conversation with Eva, my former mate surprised me with a tandem skydive reservation. I literally cried with fear and said I wasn’t going. He said he couldn’t get a refund. (He lied.)

I wound up going but changed my perspective from fear of breaking all my limbs upon hitting the ground at high speeds, to one of floating like an angel.

I ended up loving the experience and did about 300 solo skydives after that. Is it a risk? Sure, I could sustain injuries, hurt someone else, or die. But I do not feel I’m taking an extreme risk or I wouldn’t do it!

I will not jump unless I know my parachute and reserve (backup parachute) are both packed safely. I know the direction and speed of the wind to assist me in choosing my landing pattern. I also make myself familiar with the plane I’m jumping out of and the landing zone. Most importantly, I only jump when I’m inspired and have a clear mind.

I think riding on the back of a motorcycle, as a passenger, is a big risk. Every bone in my body tenses up when I do it. I feel vulnerable on the back. Let me ride my own dirt bike or quad and I’ll go at full speed. It’s all about how I perceive the activity.

I’ve always been fascinated by people who climb mountains. My friend Rich Fettke, author of Extreme Success, is a climber and fellow skydiver. He has climbed El Capitan at Yosemite National Park twice. He’s slept on the side of a mountain hanging from ropes.

I see this as absolutely terrifying! Does Rich get a rush out of climbing? Yes! But he has done his homework and loves the sport. He has two children and a wife that he adores, so he is very conscious of the actions he’s taking.

Rich and I both love to play big. We love to make the most of whatever we’re doing. Playing big is also a perception. Some people consider the things we do as no big deal, as they play even bigger!

We can’t compare ourselves to others when we’re pushing our own thresholds for risk. We have to play big enough to feel ourselves stretch yet not so big that we’ll freak out or resist the process. Playing big can be done in business, relationships, fun, wealth, and more!

Ed Viesturs is considered one of the top climbers in the world. He co-authored his own autobiography, No Shortcuts to the Top: Climbing the World’s 14 Highest Peaks. Ed has successfully climbed the highest mountains in the world with no bottled oxygen!

He’s climbed Everest several times. Ed is someone who plays huge, yet he is so deeply connected to his inner being. He listens to what his heart tells him, and he plays it safe on the mountain.

Ed’s personal strategies for success:

  • Training for his climbs in ways that feel good to him
  • Climbing at a steady pace so he keeps his stamina (many times, fast climbers pass him on the way up mountains only to turn back before they summit from running out of wind or getting themselves in bad snafus)
  • Stopping a climb or turning back because of weather conditions, even if he is only a few hundred feet from the peak of a mountain he’s spent months preparing for!

Because of honoring his values and rules of climbing, he’s succeeded in his goal of climbing the world’s fourteen highest peaks with no oxygen. He’s never had frostbite or major injuries.

He’s led many rescues on the mountain and seen many deaths of climbing friends. Ed’s motto, “Getting to the top is optional. Getting down is mandatory,” has him make decisions that are in alignment with his beliefs. Therefore, he experiences success and no regrets.

I’d love for everyone to play as big in their life as they can enjoy. Turn perceived risks into fun by doing your homework beforehand and deciding what the rules of engagement are that you’ll follow.

Make sure you’re taking the action because you want it for you. Never do it for someone else, to get approval, or because the experts told you to do so. If the activity isn’t compelling, don’t do it. Going big should be thrilling, not paralyzing.

How To Improve Your Cold Call Telemarketing Results – Advice For Average Salespeople

You do not have to be a super-star cold call telemarketing to get results. In fact, you do not have to be a super-star in sales at all. But if you combine average telemarketing efforts with average sales, you get SUPERSTAR results. You do not have to have dynamic one-liners, awesome rapport or some "magic" that few others have to get appointments, leads or sales.

As an example, my voice on the phone sounds like I am confused half the time. I have a bad accent from the upper mid-west. I use a lot of pauses and verbal slang. And, by nature, I'm an introvert. But, even with those drawbacks, whenever I have seriously implemented cold call telemarketing to a marketing project that was having average, or below results, improvements have immediately happened.

Here are a few ideas for average people you can use in your cold call telemarketing efforts that will improve your results:

1. Set a realistic call goals: If you have never used the phone for your sales or marketing efforts, try setting small call goals to get yourself familiar with the process. Do not focus on results, but rather activity. Try starting with 10 calls per day, everyday, calling at the same time so you get into the habit of calling each day. Move your volume of calls up each week, in small increments, until you can get up to around 50-75 calls per day. By the way, in my examples, I refer to "calls" as simply dials you make on the phone. So 10 calls means 10 dials. It does not matter how many people you actually talk too, just that you are dialing the phone. If you make 10 "calls" per day, you might end up speaking with 1-2 people. At 50-75 calls per day, you might end up speaking with 5-10 people. As you make more calls, you will start speaking to more and more people, who in turn will give you more of a chance to make a sale, appointment etc.

2. Get the right cold calling gear, it helps: Purchase a headset for your phone, this will reduce neck strain and make your phone personality much more pleasant as you make more and more calls. Also, get a system together either on the computer or on paper, with a list of names and numbers that you will be calling. This will make your calls go faster. This is very important and overlooked by most. I encountered a time where I was making 100-150 calls per day. Because I had a headset and a system for calling my leads, I did 25-50% more calls per day than the other marketing person. I had no experience in that given industry before I started, and started out producing the "veteran" after about 2 months. I was average or probably "below" in my per contact sales, but because I was so efficient to start with my selling, I out-produced the other person due to the sear volume of calls I could make. As a side note, I asked the other marketing person why she did not use a headset, and her reply was "it's not my style". That "style" of hers probably costs her $ 20k per year. Oh well.

3. Track your calls: You need to track how many calls you make, how many people you actually talk too, how many leads, sales or appointments you get. Keep your totals each day and you will notice patterns and conversion rates, from the number of people you call vs. how many people you talk to, and how many you convert to leads, sales or appointments. Average results improve with tracking, and the super-star that does not keep track will get haphazard results over time.

4. Scripts: For the average person, you need a script. Forget off the cuff, free wheeling calls. You want to communicate key benefits, generate interest and get the lead, sale or appointment. That's it. Get a script, make up one yourself, or purchase one. This is key for any average person, it will make your calls consistent and allow you change hot button benefits.

Your success in cold call telemarketing does not have to mean that you have to be the best in the business to experience success. You can do just fine, plugging away and using some basic tools and techniques to increase your income.