How To Avoid Being Hacked – Part 1, Email

Hacking is a common occurrence these days, but it’s good to know that hacking targeting you specifically because of who you are is far less common than scattershot hacking. Additionally, taking advantage of your online data is much more common than taking control of your computer.

Most people don’t understand their computers or operating systems deeply. There’s no shame in that. No one really understands everything about computers. But that makes it easier for those types who are forever trying to make an illicit buck with some new way they have to separate you from your stuff, or some tool they’ve bought to apply leverage to an unprotected digital niche. Furthermore, the digital world changes quickly and it’s much easier for those providing software and hardware to sell insecure wares rather than to take the extra time (and loss of market share) to make them very safe.

So it remains up to us to be more conscious in our behavior online, on the phone, and with our purchased equipment. Some of these conscious behaviors apply across the board to computers, tablets, and phones; others are specific to certain platforms.

Email – Phishing

I got an email from Apple, referencing a recent purchase and asking me to verify it. I clicked on the link and my browser went to Apple’s website, but something didn’t seem quite right. I stopped a moment to think: I had made a purchase online from Apple the previous day, but the email didn’t reference the specific item. I dropped off the website and took a look at the email. I hovered my cursor over the link and sure enough, it didn’t even mention Apple in the link. This is super-common – phishing emails designed to get you to go to some official-looking but bogus website (like the Apple website I’d thought I was on) and enter in your credentials which then give the hacker free access to your online account. And because many people use the same password and login for many of their online accounts it can give the hacker control of your digital life in short order. This happens to people who should know better and even almost happened to me, who also should know better!

But how did they know I had just bought something from Apple, or in other bogus emails – how do they know I just bought something on eBay, or what bank I’m with? How do they even know my email address?

The short answer is – they probably don’t. They send that same email to a million likely email addresses – either from a list they bought, email addresses they harvested online, or just randomly generated by a program (“,” “,” “,” etc). It costs almost nothing to send an email and it doesn’t cost much more to send a million. It’s easy enough to add an official logo snagged off a corporate website to an email, and it’s similarly easy to make an official-looking website. In fact, one could just snatch the code off an official website and replace the official links with bogus ones that steal your login credentials. Furthermore, a link isn’t always what it appears to be. For instance, if I say to click here to you’ll see that it goes to a site that may save you some money, but won’t win you a million bucks.

It can be enlightening to hover (without clicking) your cursor over a given hyperlink like the one above, and see what pops up. Or if nothing pops up, right-click (on a single-button mouse, [ctrl]-click) to reveal the link.

The short form answer to not being taken in like this is: DON’T click on links in emails. Type the desired URL into a browser. Or copy the link, paste it into a text document, and see if it is actually your bank, or Apple, or eBay or where you really wanted to go.

Coming up in part 2: Two-Factor Authentication, Passwords, and Giving Away the Form.

Mantras – How to Chant Them and What Are Its Benefits

Chanting mantras will develop one's mental powers and take him / her to a higher level of consciousness. Chanting also improves memory and power of concentration, the essential qualities for an achiever, in any field, that one leads to pursuit. Chanting still remains a thought-after psychosomatic route to physical and intellectual wellness.

Its looks strange to some and it also seems, hard to believe that just by chanting these mantras one can bring about these tremendous changes in one. Chants are energy-based sounds. When voicing a word or a phrase the sound produces a physical vibration. Chanting done in a prescribed way affects the abdominal area [from where the chant notes arise] the lungs, and the circulatory system. Chants are known to create thought-energy waves.

Even when one does not know the meaning of the word or the phrase, mere chanting of the word or the phrase, rhythmically, creates a neuro-linguistic effect [NLE] You just have to repeat the chant over and over, without missing the punctuations , pauses, pronunciation, notation and length and force of the chant.

But when you know the meaning of the word or the phrase, that you are chanting, it will tune your mind towards the goal. This is called Psycho-Linguistic Effect [PLE] Research done on these effects have disclosed that these effects are due to production and spread of chemicals in the brain, which have a calming and curative effect on the body. Mere listening to mantras regulates blood pressure, the heart rate, brain waves and the adrenalin levels.

How to chant the Mantras:

[1] Learn from a Guru, who knows which mantra you need.

[2] Do not sit on the floor, always use a mat or a rug.

[3] Close your eyes and concentrate on what you are chanting.

[4] Breathe deeply and slowly.

[5] Sit in a relaxed posture and straight.

[6] Chant to the exact pronunciation, slowly and clearly.

[7] Sync the chanting with your breathing.

Benefits of Chanting Mantras:

[1] Chanting will help one to develop his / her mental power and strength.

[2] Chanting will ease your stress, wipe out your anger, fear and depression.

[3] Chanting will help alleviate disorders of respiratory, digestive, reproductive, circulatory, speech, intellectual and cognitive systems.

[4] Chanting will help one to improve his / her memory and power of concentration.

[5] Chanting creates a thought-energy wave in the physical body.

[6] Chanting will help you to meditate. Meditation requires focus. When you chant with concentration you mind gets focused.

[7] Chanting synchronize the body, mind, voice and breath thebyyaving for inner harmony.

Discover Natural Skin Care For Men – Your Guide to Healthy Skin

There was a day when most men would not even consider skin care products. However, as men have become more health conscious over the years, there is much more interest in natural skin care for men. Many men are now discovering the benefits that they can obtain through using skin care products designed specifically for them.

As you look around for the best products to be using, there can be a lot of confusion due to much of the marketing hype that the big skincare companies provide for their products. So let's take a look at what you really should expect from natural skincare for men and what types of ingredients will be the most effective for you.

Many of the large manufacturers of these products include ingredients that should be avoided, such as mineral oil and alcohol. These may have a short term beneficial feel to them, but in the long run they will actually speed up the aging of your skin and can cause irritation and blemishes.

Instead, it is best to look for natural skincare for men that contains plant based moisturizers along with some of the recently developed substances that support the production of collagen and elastin at a cellular level. It is really amazing what has been developed in the arena of skincare science in recent years.

As a man, you may be asking, "why do I need moisturizers?" the reason is simple. Well hydrated skin is healthy skin. The natural moisturizers that you should be looking for will not leave your skin feeling greasy, but rather will support its health of the deep level.

Two wonderful moisturizing ingredients that I recommend are avocado oil and Cynergy TK. Avocado oil is a very well known moisturizer that has been used for centuries. Its makeup is very similar to the natural oils produced by the skin and there before is easily absorbed, supplying vitamins and minerals to the tissues that need it the most.

Cynergy TK, on ​​the other hand is not well known because it has been recently developed in New Zealand. It is actually a substance that is rich in the protein, keratin which helps support collagen and elastin production within the skin. Clinical studies on Cynergy TK have shown it to reduce wrinkles and lines by increasing both the collagen content of the skin as well as the moisture content.

Yes, natural skin care for men is becoming more and more popular, and rightly so. Today's recently developed products are able to do for your skin what was only completed through medical procedures a decade ago.

Anxiety Solutions – Here's a Quick Way to Solve Anxiety

If you are looking for anxiety solutions you have come to the right place. Today I am going to teach you an easy method for solving anxiety.

In this anxiety solutions article we are going to be learning a method derived from yoga. Here are the steps

· Sit down comfortably, close your eyes and make your hands into fists. Do this tightly as you possibly can.
· Look at your fists while you are doing this, squeezing them harder and harder, feeling your nails against your palms, the pressure of your thumbs against your forefingers and the tension traveling up your arms and shoulders
· Keep squeezing your fists and concentrate on the physical sensations in your body
· Then still concentrating hard relax your fists and focus on the sensation that develops between tension and relaxation.
· Still with your eyes closed, feel the enjoyable sensation of relaxation spreading through your unclenched fingers.
· Let this relaxation sensation spread through your body, relaxing your body face shoulders chest and so on all the way down to your toes.
· Focus on the falling away of stress and the calming differences you sense in your body imagine the tension draining away from your feet and disappearing into the floor.
· Take a few deep breaths and let the final bit of tension drain away, your body and mind completely relaxing.

This method is useful for anytime you are feeling anxious and can be learnt and used by any one regardless of their level of anxiety. To learn an usual method that you can use to eliminate fear and anxiety from your life as well as more anxieties solutions please visit my homepage by following the links below.

· Hypochondria – Believing yourself to be sick when you are in perfect health, excessively visiting the doctor.
· Depression – Having persistent feelings of hopelessness and helplessness, believing events are beyond your control and everything you do will fail.
· Sexual – This can include fears over losing control and being judged on your performance.

Psychological anxiety disorders symptoms can include

· Perfectionism – Always having to be the best at whatever you do.
· Comparing – Always comparing yourself with others and coming up short.
· Self consciousness – constantly watching yourself, feelings like all eyes are on you.
· Paranoia – Believing people are out to get you, feeling that you are being picked on and that others are treated better than you.
· Others can include – persistent negative thoughts and images and feelings of having no control over our mind and body.

Most people will experience the combination of one or more of these symptoms. Check this list carefully to see if you have experience any of the above. If you are looking for ways to cure anxiety please visit my website by following the links below.

Are You Blocking Massive Growth?

Everyday I speak with people who earnestly want to grow their businesses. It is not difficult to imagine serving more people, having all the clients you desire, possibly moving into a larger space. They can easily imagine increasing profits and can see the freedom that will bring to their lives and families. My first question to any business owner that expresses these desires is 'are you really ready to double or triple your business?'. You may think that no one would say no (and you're right), but it's actually rare that the business is really prepared for such a dramatic move. Whether it's producing more wheelchairs, serving more patients, or selling more merchandise there are many pieces to the puzzle. If we design a way to bring more people to your door, it's vital that they can be served well, without you burning out on the way to the top.

It's time to look at what it will take for you to make a massive difference in your bottom line. Before you consider building an awesome marketing strategy, there's another important step. Steps that will set you up for success well into the future, and contribute to your brand personality. Steps that will absolutely free you to be the CEO of your venture, allowing you to focus and balance your energies.

No matter where you are in the growth of your business look at the following:

  1. Imagine how your daily life would be impacted by doubling business and see what it would take to handle that growth. Make a list, to reference moving forward.
  2. Consider what services / products you would add or subtract that would allow this gain to occur.
  3. Hire the team, design systems, outline the activities that such growth would imply as necessary.
  4. Get super clear what you've need, and the budget it would take to pull it off. Be realistic .;)
  5. Then chunk it down into bite-sized pieces so you can move into these actions. If you are not ready for radical growth, it could sink you. I want you to swim.

Recently, a not-so-successful business owner participated in the 'Marketing Mastery ACTION Group' and was able to move into a full practice in only 6 months time. Which cave her new challenges to conquer. The process is easily repeated at any stage of expansion.

Get the support you need to accomplish this task. Doing it alone is not the best option. Can I help you double and triple your business? Yes, as part of your team, we can go there, and I'd be glad to assist. But most of all it's important to get there healthy, ready for the next level and the next and the next.

How to Cold Weather Camp in Your RV

As the weather gets colder, campers start putting their RV’s away for the winter. But not so fast. There is so much to see and do during the winter season and enjoying these activities from the comfort of your RV can be a refreshing experience.

Here’s how to prepare your motorhome, travel trailer, toy hauler, or 5th wheel to ensure you have a pleasurable, safe, and protected cold-weather camping experience.

* Examine your RV’s plumbing to determine what measures may be needed to prevent damage from freezing temperatures. Some RV’s have plumbing exposed to the outside elements. In this case, you should wrap the exposed plumbing with heat tape and foam pipe insulation.

* Part of the plumbing system includes the holding tanks. Some RV’s have enclosed holding tanks that are heated by the RV’s furnace through heater ducting to the holding tank areas. As long as the furnace runs occasionally, the tanks won’t freeze unless it’s very cold (below 20F).

* For those tanks that are not heated and/or enclosed, tank heating pads can be affixed to the bottoms of the tanks. These are very easy to install, thermostatically-controlled, and come in both 12-volt DC and 110-volt AC.

* Yet another part of the RV plumbing system is the holding tank piping and dump valves. Some higher end RVs have these pipes and valves enclosed and heated from the factory. For most RVs though, they are exposed to the elements. As with the plumbing pipes, these pipes and valves can be protected by wrapping them with heat tape too.

* You should keep your gray and black water valves closed until you are ready to dump your holding tanks. If gray water constantly allowed to drain, it will eventually form an ice dam in your sewer hose. As an alternative, you could also try insulating and wrapping heat tape around your sewer hose if you want to leave the gray water valve open. In any case, be absolutely certain that your sewer hose is at a steep angle where liquids drain rapidly and are not allowed to stand. Using a sewer hose support will help with this.

* Another area subject to freezing is the fresh water supply hose. You can use a heated water hose to prevent freezing. This is a good option if you are in a campground with full hookups. They run on either 12 volts DC or 110 volts AC.

* To reduce drafts and heating requirements, you can insulate the your RV’s windows against the cold with heavy drapes or curtains. You can create an insulating dead air space inside of the windows by covering them with clear, heavy vinyl. You can even cover the interior of the windows with sheets of Styrofoam or poster board but these are a little hard to see through.

* The roof vents are an area where heat can escape. There are foam type pillows specifically made to be placed in the vent openings. These fit snugly and greatly reduce heat loss in these areas.

* If you have a motorhome, hang a heavy blanket or privacy curtain between the driver’s compartment and the rest of the motorhome which will block the cold radiated by a motorhome’s windshield. This works very well whether you have a Class A, B, or C type motorhome as they all have large windshields.

* Any compartments that open into the inside of the RV need to have good weather seals. Adding some inexpensive foam tape or weather stripping to the compartment opening and doors will really help seal those air leaks.

* Now that the RV is sealed tight from air leaks, we have the problem of condensation to deal with. Moisture from cooking, washing and just our breathing raises the humidity inside the RV. As it gets colder, this moisture condenses out on cooler inside surfaces like window frames and doors. This can lead to mold and mildew, water stains or even worse. The best way to prevent condensation is to avoid introducing excessive moisture into the air. A good practice is to always use the range hood vent when cooking and the bathroom vent when showering. This will draw most of that moisture out of the rig. It may be necessary to keep a roof vent open slightly to provide some ventilation and keep condensation in check. Insulating exposed surfaces that tend to collect moisture will also help. A small dehumidifier or some of those little tubs of desiccant crystals may be necessary, depending on the RV and how many are staying in it.

* Finally, we need to consider how the RV is going to be heated. Portable electric heaters are a great supplement to the propane furnace. This method of heating doesn’t add condensation to the air and allows the propane furnace to run considerably less, saving a lot of propane. Catalytic heaters are another popular way to provide assistance to the propane furnace but require fresh air ventilation to avoid oxygen depletion in the RV.

Here are some more tips on how to help you cold weather camp in your RV:

  • If you don’t want to spend the money for a heated fresh water hose, simply disconnect the normal hose from the RV and the water spigot when the temperature is going to fall below freezing. Empty the hose and store it. You can then use the RV’s fresh water tank to supply water.
  • Some cold-weather RVers winterize and then don’t use their plumbing system at all. Instead, they carry containers of drinking water inside the living area of the RV and rely completely upon the campground’s restroom facilities. Call ahead to the campground if this is your plan. Some close their restrooms during the off-season and others may only have electrical hookups available.
  • During the evening, leave your cabinet doors open slightly. This will help some heat reach the plumbing that runs through the cabinetry and along the cold walls.
  • If possible, empty the holding tanks if they will be subject to freezing and pour a couple of quarts of non-toxic, biodegradable antifreeze into each holding tank. This will protect the dump valves. Pour in more antifreeze as wastewater fills the tanks.
  • When using any type of catalytic heater in any inside area, provide a fresh air opening of at least three square inches. This is necessary because this type of heater consumes the oxygen in your RV. If you do not replace the depleted oxygen through ventilation, you stand a chance of not waking up the next morning.
  • Although the methods explained in this article will help substantially reduce the potential for plumbing and holding tanks from freezing, they cannot guarantee it. Once the temperature gets low enough, little can be done to keep up. Unfortunately, we all have to stop camping at some point!

Type 2 Diabetes – Is the Waist Measurement Before Conception a Predictator of Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational diabetes starts during pregnancy, especially in women over age 25. Being overweight is a risk factor. This form of diabetes usually begins in the second trimester and is associated with preeclampsia, a dangerous condition characterized by high blood pressure and excess protein in the urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy. With treatment, Gestational diabetes usually resolves after the birth of the baby, although both mother and child will have a greater risk for developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.

Children born to mothers with Gestational diabetes are at risk for…

  • being born overly large leading to cesarean deliveries,
  • birth injuries,
  • obesity, and
  • Type 2 diabetes.

Prevention of Gestational diabetes should actually begin before conception. Researchers at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine in New Orleans, USA, looked at women’s medical records before conception to get an idea of what measurements could indicate trouble ahead.

Their study, reported on in the journal Gynecology and Endocrinology in July 2014, included 349 women enrolled in the Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study…

  • women with large waists had a 66 percent higher risk of developing Gestational diabetes than did women with normal waist sizes.
  • their babies had a 41 percent higher risk of being overweight at birth.

Large waist measurements in the mothers made for more risk of overweight babies than did the their ratio of height to weight. Mothers with the highest body mass index (BMI) tended to have overweight babies, as did women with high blood fats and those who were insensitive to insulin.

The risks associated with waist sizes are not surprising. Belly fat acts as a kind of gland affecting carbohydrate and fat regulation. According to the National Heart Foundation in the United States…

  • a woman’s waist size should not exceed 80 centimeters, or 31.5 inches.
  • women with a waist size over 88 centimeters or 34.5 inches are at risk for health problems.

To measure your waist size, first find the top of your hip bones and your lowest ribs in the front. Exhale normally and wrap a tape measure around your abdomen half way between the two.

If your waist size is larger than what is needed for good health, then it is time to reduce your calorie intake. See your health care provider for direction re a sensible weight loss plan…

  • filling up on salads and vegetables will help to keep you satisfied without taking in too many calories.
  • exercises specific to the abdomen include sit-ups, crunches, and twisting motions of the waist.

Getting your weight and waist measurement down to normal measurements before pregnancy will be doing you and your child a favor.

5 Sure-Fire Hemorrhoid Symptoms

In this article you’ll find out the 5 most common symptoms of hemorrhoids, if you suffer from more than a couple of these symptoms – then it’s very likely you have hemorrhoids.

Firstly, for those of you who are unsure, let me explain what hemorrhoids are and then I’ll move on to talking about the 5 main symptoms of hemorrhoids.

Put simply, hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels in or around the anal canal. They look like lumps of tissue and can vary in color from deep blue or red through to your natural skin color. Hemorrhoids occur in around 4% of the American population and are most common in people aged between 45-65 years.

That covered – let’s move on to explaining the symptoms of hemorrhoids.

The first sure-fire hemorrhoid symptom is bright red blood in or on the stool, or blood on the toilet paper. If you notice streaks of blood in or on the stool or on the toilet paper during or after bowel movement then it’s fairly likely that you have hemorrhoids. This is one of the first things hemorrhoid sufferers notice, but not everyone who suffers from hemorrhoids will experience this.

The second sure-fire hemorrhoid symptom is when you have a feeling that you can’t finish passing a stool. You may have noticed that not matter how hard you try – you just can’t pass the stool. In this case you most likely have an internal hemorrhoid inside your anal canal that is giving you the same feeling you would experience when you are passing a stool.

Another hemorrhoid symptom is itching sensation inside or at the entrance to the anal canal. This symptom is noticed by the vast majority of hemorrhoid sufferers with various degrees of pain. Some sufferers may notice a small tickle inside the anal canal (or outside in the case of external hemorrhoids) while others may suffer intolerable itching that can become painful.

The fourth hemorrhoid symptom is relevant for those suffering from external hemorrhoids. Lumps or mounds of flesh will be able to be seen around the anus. These can vary in size from about as big as a pea to bigger than a golf ball. External hemorrhoids can be sensitive to touch in some cases, especially as they become bigger.

Mucus emissions are a slightly less common symptom of hemorrhoids but it is worth mentioning here because it does occur in some people.

This has been a brief overview of hemorrhoid symptoms – to read more about hemorrhoid symptoms you can visit the links below.

Psychosis and Anxiety

Sometimes anxiety can be so extreme that individuals cross over into psychosis. It may be that the panic has exceeded a bearable limit, or that one of the coping skills are just not equipped for such a level.

Tina went into a psychotic state when faced with events that she felt were outside her manageable level. She would lose her balance, start to stumble, her eyes flickered, she heard voices, and she started to talk in what sounded like tongues.

Tina's behavior was out of her control and, unless she was talked down, she was generally unable to get back to her normal self without other extreme measures. It took some time before her doctors and family realized this so Tina spent many days in the ER.

She would need medications to bring her down and occasionally found herself restrained. During one episode at the ER, a psychiatrist took a different approach during one of Tina's episodes.

The doctor began to tell Tina it was okay for her to feel anxious, but it was not okay for her to have this way. He told her to knock it off and that she could control herself.

He told her to gain control in her legs and to look at him. Within minutes, Tina's symptoms dissipated. This approach did not always work nor does it work for everyone.

For Tina, however, she needed to feel like she was safe and in control during an uncontrollable situation. Tina had to practice verbal cues with herself in order to face anxiety provoking scenarios.

Over time, Tina's psychotic outbursts became less frequent. She found that she was more confident and happy, although she still had to work on her mind control daily.

Tina also had a good support system that included her psychiatrist, therapist, and family. Her psychiatrist monitored her medication and the therapist worked on coping skills and triggers.

The Problem Of Cystic Acne

While most forms of acne are merely troublesome and at times embarrassing, there are more severe forms of acne that can lead to scarring and pitting of the skin. One of the most severe forms that acne can take is known as cystic acne, and it is important that this serious condition be treated at once.

As the name implies, cystic acne is characterized by the appearance of pus filled cysts, and these cysts can easily lead to scarring and other serious complications. In most cases of cystic acne the cyst can appear similar to an acne nodule, but it will be filled with pus, and the diameter of the cyst is generally at least 5 millimeters across.

In addition to being unsightly, these cysts can be quite painful, and they can lead to serious scarring. For those who suffer from cystic acne it is important never to squeeze the acne cyst, since doing so could cause the infection to go deeper. This deep infection could in turn cause a much more painful infection, and cause a much longer healing time than if the cyst had been left alone to heal on its own.

Those acne sufferers who think they are suffering from this painful and serious form of acne should be checked out thoroughly by a qualified dermatologist. A good dermatologist will be able to look at the acne and tell what type it is, and he or she will also be able to recommend the products that will be most effective at treating that type of acne and making sure it does not return.

There are of course a number of over the counter products designed to treat all kinds of acne, and some of them can be quite effective at treating even the most severe forms of acne. When those over the counter products are not enough, however, there are a number of prescription acne treatments that may be appropriate for severe acne. Again, it is important to consult with your health care professional in order to find the best acne treatment products for your own skin type and type of acne.

Improve Body Torque

Did you know that just living in today's world can create health risk? Our bodies are powered through our metabolism, which is the process of life-sustaining biochemical reactions that occur in our cells every day.

In a perfect world, we take in enough high quality food and nutrients to provide essential fuel for metabolic activity. Ideally, we eliminate wastes generated through metabolism as part of a balanced system.

However, in today's fast-paced world, our bodies are challenged to remove the waste and toxins from our cells fast enough to maintain robust health and vitality!

When out of metabolic balance, we suffer from a condition known as metabolic stress and, for some of us, a more serious condition known as metabolic syndrome.

Why is metabolic stress a concern?

"metabolic stress includes all the potential breakdowns in our metabolic activity, and creates dysfunctions that" impact the heart and cholesterol levels, gain gain and loss, blood sugar levels, glucose and insulin regulation, energy level, mood, and focus, metabolic stress, causes actual damage to our cells and tissues. "

Do you have metabolic stress?

Likely. Do you have any of these symptoms?

o Inability to concentrate or focus mentally

o Moodiness, irritability

o Lethargy, lack of physical stamina

o Difficulty keeping weight down or losing weight

o High levels of cholesterol or blood pressure

o Glucose and insulin imbalance

o Irregular bowel movements

o Sleeplessness

It may be difficult to function satisfactorily every day with metabolic stress. It may be impossible to live a vibrant and robust life! Left unattended, metabolic stress can lead to more severe imbalance, and serious health risk, called metabolic syndrome, which can lead to heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, obesity and macular degeneration.

What is metabolic syndrome?

"… Based on the guidelines from the 2001 National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Treatment Panel (ATP III), any three of the following exercises in the same individual meet the criteria for the metabolic syndrome:

1. Abdominal obesity a waist circumference over 102 cm (40 in) men and over 88 cm (35 inches) in women

Serum triglycerides 150 mg / dl or above

3. HDL cholesterol 40mg / dl or lower in men and 50mg / dl or lower in women

4. Blood pressure of 130/85 or more

5. Fasting blood glucose of 110 mg / dl or above (Some groups say 100mg / dl) "

"Metabolic syndrome is quite common" reports WebMD. "More than 50 million Americans have Metabolic Syndrome … Metabolic Syndrome affects more than 40% of people over 60 years of age." BioNovix, Inc.
A New Effective Remedy

Scientists have been studying the effects of a powerful antioxidant called xanthohumol [zantho hu'mol] and its beneficial effects on metabolic stress and metabolic syndrome

After extensive research, testing and development, BioNovix, Inc. scientists have created a bioavailable formulation of xanthohumol has been patented in MeridiumXN. "MeridiumXN is the first and only health product that makes xanthohumol available in a form that we can metabolize." Scientists have learned that MeridiumXN:

o Supports cell health to fight oxidative stress

o Promotes heart health

o Regulates fat metabolism and storage (helps control weight)

o Eliminates toxins from the body

o Has more powerful free radical protection than green tea or red wine, citrus fruits or soy foods

o Modulates cholesterol and triglyceride levels

o Accelerates weight loss and helps keep weight off

o Helps maintain healthy eye cornea and retina

o Helps maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels

o Protect against viruses, bacteria, and fungi

o Acts as an energy enhancer

o Modulates the hormone responsible for a sense of well-being

o Improves skin tone and color

o Helps fight poor sleep and insomnia

o Restores, protects, and vitalizes your health

Consumers report these effects:

o Moderate reduction in appetite and improved weight loss

o Deeper, more sound sleep

o Better, sustained energy throughout the day

o Clearer thinking, better focus

o Improved vision and eye health

o Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

o An overall sense of "well being" and happiness

Do not you want to get the best performance possible from your body?

Diabetes Dietary Treatment – Timing of Meals

The feeding schedule of pets receiving insulin should be planned so that nutrients are delivered to the body during peak periods of exogenous insulin activity. This span will be determined by the type of insulin used and the time of day it is administrated. Several small meals should be provided through the period of insulin activity, as opposed to feeding a single large meal. Feeding several small meals helps minimize postprandial fluctuations in blood glucose levels. Other factors that affect the degree of hyperglycemia that occurs following a meal include the composition of the food and the type of insulin administered.

If insulin is administrated early in the morning, the first meal should be given immediately before the insulin injection. If the pet refuses to eat on any occasion, the insulin injection can be withheld, thereby preventing the consequent possibility of hypoglycemia. The remaining three or four meals in the day can be given at evenly spaced intervals, depending on the action of the insulin used. Taking blood samples and measuring blood glucose levels every 1 to 2 hours through a 24-hour period will indicate if the feeding schedule coincides adequately with insulin activity. If postprandial blood glucose levels rise above 180 milligrams, (mg) / deciliter (dl), the interval between feeding and insulin administration should be decreed. If hyperglycemia still occurs, the size of the meal should be reduced and / or the number of meals provided per day should be increased. Likewise, a meal should always be provided within 1 to 2 hours following the lowest blood glucose level.

Once an appropriate pet food and feeding schedule have been selected, the management program should be strictly adhered to. Pets that have previously been fed free-choice should be gradually switched to the new regimen. Although most dogs will adapt quickly, cats can be very resistant to changes in their feeding routine and in the type of food that is fed. This resistance can make dietary management of a diabetic cat difficult for some owners. Mixing the new food into the cat's previous food and changing to a meal-feeding regimen over a period of several weeks can help decrease these problems. Allowed cats to nibble over the period of insulin activity is also effective in some cases. Supplemental food should not be given, and feeding times should vary as little as possible. Periodical monitoring of blood glucose levels can be used to adjust the diet as the pet loses weight, changes the amount of exercise it receives, or requires adjustments in insulin dosage.

Cricket – The Science Behind Reverse Swing

As a child, I thought that fast bowling is just a matter of running as hard as you can and throwing the ball as fast as you can at the batsman. But as I grew up and started playing cricket myself, I realized that the bowlers who followed my above mentioned technique went for plenty of runs and fast bowling involved quite a bit of science in it.

Lets take the example of reverse swing, the art mastered and introduced by Sarfaraz Nawaz in International Cricket. Pakistani bowlers have always been thought of as the best reverse swing bowlers and that seems true when we see Sarfaraz Nawaz, Imran Khan, Waqar Younis, Waseem Akram, Shoaib Akhtar, Abdul Razzaq and Umer Gul, they all in their times have wiped out many teams within just 2-3 overs with their deadly reverse swing bowling and that is one of the reason Pakistan’s bowling has always been regarded and rated very high in Cricket community.

So how do they do it? How does a 14 year old boy who even never went to school is seen applying the science and reversing the ball in streets of Pakistan?

Well, the science behind reverse swing is rather very simple, it follows two very simple rule of Physics:

1) For any fluid where the speed is high, pressure will be low

2) Fluid flows from high pressure to low pressure

as Air is a fluid, so its the Air that does all the science work, lets see how:

The first thing you need to do reverse swing is an old cricket ball having one side completely shiny and other side completely rough. You might have seen international players spitting on the ball and rubbing it as hard as they can with their towel, well yes, they do it for reverse swing.

First Scenario:

One side of the ball is shiny and the other side is rough, now at the shiny side the friction will be lower and on the rough side friction will be high. Due to this, the air speed on shiny side will be greater than that on rough side. Following the principle mentioned above, the pressure on shiny side of the ball will be low and pressure on rough side will be high. Following the second principle mentioned above, the ball will move towards shiny side because pressure on rough side was greater than shiny side. That is called “Conventional Swing” because it goes away from a right handed batsman.

Second Scenario:

Now, the scenario is changed, the shiny side is on the inside and rough side on the outside. Again following the above principles, the air speed on shiny side will be faster than rough side due to which pressure on rough side will be greater than shiny side and following the 2nd principle the ball will move towards the low pressure i.e shiny side. It is called “Reverse Swing” because it comes back in to a right handed batsman.

So that is all science behind reverse swing that Aussies and England couldn’t discover for hundreds of years and a Pakistani discovered it and taught to whole world.

Keep in mind that reverse swing is only done on old ball, it cannot be done on new ball, the new ball movement is called “Seam Movement” the science behind which I will explain later. Also, to do reverse swing, the bowler needs to bowl the ball at a very high speed to enable Air to apply enough force on ball to move it.

An Overview Of The Skin Tag Removal Treatment

Skin tags are the small clusters of the skin that projects out of the skin surface unevenly. They generally occur due to the folds of loose or fatty skin, therefore they can be found in the areas like armpits, eyes, neck and other parts of the body. They are harmless to the body and can appear differently in different individuals. Some may have a flashy one and others may have a brightly pigmented or coloured one. It all varies person to person. If the discomforts can be felt due to them, then there are painless surgical methods to remove them as well and doesn’t even require recovery time, as people can head on to their daily tasks right after the treatment.

When to Consult the Specialist?

The main question that bothers is, are they serious or do they even require treatment immediately. Some people do not realise the right time to consult a clinic. The big tags in the area of thighs or legs can cause trouble while walking. No treatment is necessary until it is irritating the skin when layers of clothes and jewellery are surrounded. When itching and redness around the area persist for long, then it might be thoughtful to consider the skin tag removal process.

Probable Risk and Complications of the Treatment

There can be minor bleeding and soreness along with minimal pain around the area after the surgery but can be eradicated with the over the counter medicines or prescriptions suggested by doctors. Some people may have to face small scars but they can be treated with the steroid injections, surgical revisions and topical or special creams. The entire treatment is done with proper attention and people do not have to face the recovery downtime, at all.

With the easy surgical procedure of wart removal and many others, it is now becoming easy to leave behind the complications attached to such process because of the advancements in the technology.

Aftercare Tips for Skin Tag Removal

Do not treat that area with harmful deodorants or cosmetics, as they can irritate the treated skin. Use essential oils or pure one without any chemical formula in it. Keep the area safe from excessive heat or sun; always cover them as it will dry out the surface. Keep the skin moisturised with natural ingredients suggested by the clinic or apply the topical creams or lotions prescribed by the doctors to heal the leftover marks or spots fast.

With advancing techniques and methods, it is now becoming easy to have a painless procedure of wart removal, dermal fillers, sculptra and many others.