Glaucoma Complication of Diabetes – What Are the Risks?

You know the facts about diabetes and its life-changing tasks. You know the health complications that diabetes causes. But you were baffled when you found out that diabetes causes glaucoma! How can diabetes affect your eyes? Well, my friend, I will give you all the facts and statistics to make sure you're not at risk for glaucoma.

Diabetes affects over 16 million Americans and this staggering number is progressively increasing. Did you know that the most common form of diabetes is adult-onset diabetes, or type 2 diabetes? This means that this disease is not inherited from great aunt Mildie.

So what is this deadly life disrupter? Diabetes is a complex disease that happens when the body is unable to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone that takes the sugar out of the blood and puts it into cells where it can be used for energy. Diabetics need help in this situation.

Adult-onset diabetes (type 2) usually strikes people who are over 40 years old, who are overweight, who have a sedentary lifestyle, and those of different races such as African, Native American, Japanese, Latino and Polynesian descent are all more at risk for beign diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

So how does this affect my eyes?

The most common complication of diabetes is a diabetic eye disease. Diabetic eye disease refers to a group of mild worsening eyes problems that people with diabetes may develop. People with diabetes are almost twice as likely to develop eye complications as other adults who do not have diabetes.

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness for diabetic patients between the ages of 18-65 years of age. It's been estimated that over 3 million people now have glaucoma, yet only half of that amount actually know that they have it and have been diagnosed. While most people are familiar with the eye disease glaucoma, few are aware of why glaucoma is such a significant threat to sight.

Glaucoma is one of these diseases. Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can lead to damage to the eye's optic nerve and even loss of vision. Glaucoma is characterized by increased fluid pressure inside the eye and because it usually does not have early symptoms, glaucoma is often called "the sneak thief of sight," as doctors often call it.

During a diabetic's lifetime, nearly half of the nation's estimated 16 million of them will develop some degree of diabetic retinopathy, including glaucoma. As many as 25,000 people go blind annually and this is all caused by diabetes.

What are the risk factors for being diagnosed with glaucoma?

1. Age – those who are older than 75

2. Central corneal thickness less than 555 microns

3. Diabetes

4. Gender – Males are more prone than females

5. Positive family history of glaucoma in a family member

6. Race – Africans are more prone than other races

7. Strong or high eye pressure

In order to ensure the safety of your eyes, you must protect your eyes. Since eye complications are most common with diabetes, it's very important that diabetics get their eyes examined on a regular basis. The National Eye Institute strongly recommends that diabetics get a dilated eye exam at least once a year.

The Not-So-Secret Technique for Meditating Anywhere

Meditation is incredibly beneficial. It's some of the best training you can give your mind. It directly enhances your focus and mindfulness, which in turn improve everything from mood to memory. Any task that uses the brain (which is every task) benefits from regular meditation.

If you find it difficult to clear your mind, you're not alone. Do not use that as an excuse to give up though. Difficult things matter – they filter out the uncommitted, leaving only those with enough elf-discipline to continue. Be thankful that it's difficult, otherwise no one would appreciate it.

Do not use the difficulty as an excuse to struggle, though. Meditation isolates clearing your mind. It does not involve stressing over whether you're clearing your mind well enough. All it requires is that you simply be.

This is why I recommend focusing on your breathing. It occupations your attention without inviting thinking. It brings your mind and body in sync. There's also the benefit of relaxing you. Simply pay attention to your breathing and it tends to slow and deepen. This puts you in a better state of mind for meditation.

And when you begin to realize how engaging, engaging and humble your breathing can be, it changes the way you see the world. When your breathing fascinates you, there's nothing in this world that falls benefit your attention.

There's another benefit to training your mind using your breath. This benefit supercharges what meditation does for you. It deepens and improvements your practice, skipping over years of study (if you're dedicated, that is).

Are you ready for this secret?

I'm serious. This will sound simple but it's not. This will make the difference between you succeeding with your practice and giving up. If you take it to heart, you'll start reaping all of the benefits almost immediately. Anyone who ignores this will have to spend years working to catch up to everyone else.

Okay, the big secret is …

You can breathe anywhere. Your breath follows you.

Not impressed?

You should be.

When you learn how to use your breath to anchor your awareness, you can meditate in traffic. Or while talking with someone. Or while writing. If you want to bring a little calm, focus or mindfulness to any task, then you can use your breathing.

You can even use it while struggling to meditate. If your mind keeps wandering, then focusing on your breath will help you. It's the best way to recover from your mind wandering, whether you're meditating or living your normal life.

Can Eye Exercises Correct Nearsightedness?

Our precious eyes are one of the most important senses we possess. Therefore, this organ requires great care and attention in order to function in a normal and healthy way. A large percentage of the American population is suffering from vision problems. A lot of us depend on our distance vision to engage in a lot of activities such as driving, watching television and going to the movies. However, many people are suffering from a condition known as nearsightedness that hinders their ability to see distant objects. While the commonly prescribed treatments for this eye condition are glasses and contacts these vision aids really only address the symptoms of this eye ailment. As a result of this band aid solution, the underlying causes of your vision conditions go uncorrected. Eye exercises are natural techniques that are used to strengthen the muscles of the eyes. These techniques increase the focusing power of your visual system for better natural vision without glasses. One question that you may have asked is are eye exercises helpful in correcting nearsightedness. Therefore, here is some information concerning this matter:

Many in the traditional eye care industry insist that eye exercises don’t work because of the common claim that they make that nearsightedness and other vision conditions are hereditary. However, research does not support this as a fact. Research, as a matter of fact, supports the point that only about 2% of the American population is born with deformed eyes. Therefore, most people, unless they have inherited an eye disease from their parents are born with healthy eyes. This statistical fact refutes the argument that nearsightedness is hereditary.

We have seen various trends in our society associated with the progression of vision conditions such as nearsightedness. There is research that suggests that nearsightedness is not necessarily hereditary but is caused by lifestyle and environmental factors. For example, there was a period of time in our American history, about 100 years ago, when the rate of nearsightedness was only 5%. At that particular point in time, America’s economy was more agriculturally based and the eyes were exposed to sunlight and more outdoor activities. Our eyes function normally when we are practicing distance seeing as opposes to being exposed to close up near work activities that create eye strain. In our early history technology was not an integral part of our daily lives. Therefore, eye strain was not the major eye health concern that it has become today. Also, outdoor activities in those early days were more prevalent in American society. Therefore, many people were exposed to the beneficial health effects associated with exposure to sunlight.

In the 70’s, as technology continued to progress in America, the rate of Myopia in this country increased to about 25% and by the year 2000 it doubled to about 45%. This vision health issue coincided with a shift in trends in our society from outdoor jobs to factory jobs to the introduction of computer technology and digital devices. This shift resulted in a significant increase in the rate of nearsightedness. This led the National Eye Institute to conclude that excessive near work and not heredity was a major contributing factor to the development of nearsightedness.

This report also revealed that eye relaxation exercises such as the 20/20/20 rule that require us to take periodic breaks from our close up work to relieve eye strain is an effective way to stave off vision disorders like Myopia. This is a way to save our vision health at the computer and prevent our vision from worsening further. Therefore, the key to correcting this eye problem is to practice distance seeing activities that become regular daily visual habits. Such techniques improve vision health, relax the eye muscles and release stress and tension in the visual system. These techniques reverse damage done to the eyes from years of excessive close up work. Additionally, eye exercises strengthen eye muscles that have lost their natural function due to the accumulation of stress and tension in the eyes from too much close up work.

Eye exercises help to correct nearsightedness due to the fact that the practice of eye exercise techniques play a role in the process of accommodation. This process is defined as the action of the six external muscles that act upon the eyeball and give the eyes their ability to adjust and accommodate so that we can see near and distant objects clearly. Eye exercises correct the underlying problems associated with eye conditions such as nearsightedness. These underlying problems relate to stress and tension in the eyes and the buildup of strain in the visual system as a result of years of excessive close up work. These techniques release the stress and tension in the eyes and also strengthen weakened eye muscles. Ultimately, the correction of these vision health factors are responsible for better natural vision without glasses.

Using A Nebulizer For Sinus Therapy

A nebulizer is a medical and health device that is used by millions of individuals throughout the world for relief of their sinus problems. For those that have sinus problems they know how difficult it is to live with such a condition. And in fact there is no cure for it however there does exist the ability to use specific treatment in order to better deal with the condition. The way that the nebulizer works is that it takes special sinus medication and transforms it into mist form wheree it then breathed in by the individual.

The major benefit of using the device is the fact that when the medication is transformed into melt form it can be breathed in easily and is absorbed by the body far more quickly than any other form. In the past many had to resort to taking medication the old fashioned way by ingesting it. However, with this method there was an increased time that it would take for it to take effect and there was also a marked increase in the side effects associated with the prescription. Through the use of the device the prescription has been seen to cause less side effects and this in effect makes the sinus therapy much easier in general.

The nebulizer systems have gone through quite a bit of technological advancement through years. In particular, with the advent of new mobile microchips the device became completely portable where it can be taken from one location to another easily. For example, when you have sinus issues you always need a device that you can take with you where you go and use it when needed in order to lessen your symptoms.

With the new generation of nebulizer systems those with these health conditions can be on the move and even travel with the comfort that whenever they need their treatment they can easily resort to using the product. Because the product comes with face masks both for adults and children it can be used for all ages in order to assist them with their health. With masks made specifically for the size of children the device provides relief not only for sinus problems but also for other health conditions including asthma, COPD, and bronchitis. The future of the devices for sinus concerns will actually look to work with more medicines and prescriptions that come from different pharmaceutical companies.

The Fermentation Process Omega 3 Fish Oil

The fermentation process omega 3 fish oil is one in which renders a different product than the regular run of the mill fish oils using algae culture that is grown in a lab. Research strongly indicated the importance and need of adding omega 3 fatty acids to our diets in order to play a part in preventing inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and heart disease. This is just to name a few, however the purpose of the fermentation process omega 3 fish oil is to find a new way to find the health benefits of the omega 3 without using the fish.

The reason for this is that although there is significant research and findings to encourage the use of omega 3 fatty acids, there are many complaints and concerns about the fish products for a couple of reasons and the first one is that there is concern among the animal rights groups that harvesting fish just to make the omega 3 products is cruel and harsh and should not be done. Another reason for the research of fermentation process omega 3 fish oil is that cold water fish seems to gather pollutants in the flesh and may contain heavy metals and or other contaminants like PCBs and lastly, the fish industry is suffering today because of the threatened cold water fish populations.

However, when faced with the decision to have laboratory grown omega 3 supplements or to have fresh fish oil supplements, the fish oil wins every time.

A Look At The Fermentation Process Omega 3 Fish Oil

These are valid concerns from people all over the world and since the fermentation process omega 3 fish oil research has begun. The idea is to take the oil that is obtained from algae and other marine plant life cultures and produce a product that is significantly high in the essential fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. However, it is imperative to note that the fermentation process omega 3 fish oil raises eyebrows due to the 'genetically modified' of products and studies still point to not fermentation process omega 3 fish oils but it points to omega 3 fish oil products.

It is imperative when choosing any fish oil product that you are selecting a pharmaceutical grade product that has been molecularly distilled. Molecular distillation is the only process that is known to remove all of the pollutants and toxins while retaining all of the essential omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary.

Doctor and Patient Control

The health reform bill is now setting down new laws that will change how and when we choose to visit with a medical physician. Some individuals visit with a medical physician they have come to know and feel very comfortable. This can occur with dental visits too for those individuals who are experiencing major difficulties with their teeth and gums. Although it has been stated many times, individuals of all ages may continue seeing the medical health care physician they have grown accustomed.

In many instances, the government will now dictate every aspect of your life and it begins with your medical physician and your low-cost health insurance policy. You may intend to continue seeing your familiar medical physician, but the government will instead dictate who you will see based on the nearest medical clinic in your local area.

In the near future, the Internal Revenue Service will be in charge of your health requirements. The medical physician you visit with is obliged to turn over your personal medical records before administrating any prescriptions. At the moment, it does appear the health insurance providers will be a fading entity the closer this universal health takes hold. Without this can be stopped, we the people are about to journey down a path that will likely lead to the destruction of the country.

The Governments answer at the moment is to administrator additional and higher tax laws to those individuals who remain in the dwindling work force. What is going to happen in a few years when there are no longer able bodied individuals employed? Why is the responsibility of the remaining employed to pay for all the government programs? Why is it not possible for the medical physician and his or her patients to take control of the united health care system?

We the people are losing one of the most valuable assets this country has and placing our health into the hands of the government wherever we agree or disagree. Medicare and women's health issues are one of the earliest to feel the wrath of the government meddling into personal medical physician and patient relationships.

This new health system between the medical health community and the insurance providers is a combination that has worked well for many decades. Why it is necessary for the government to now place themselves in the middle and try to monitor every penny instead of being concerned with quality care that most of the citizens have enjoyed and come to expect.

Prevent Diseases With Health Products

Today in almost all the major health problems we can find that natural health product are used as remedy. Doctors also recommended natural health products since they can not deny the effectiveness of many natural health products. Natural health products are usually made from herbs, and since long time ago herbs were used to cure illnesses, and these carefully chosen herbs that build natural health products is often safe and without side effects.

A detox foot bath or foot spa is one way. This method takes away the toxins that harm the body. A detox foot bath helps energize the body cells through the ions produced in the water and allows the body to release harmful elements such as fats, parasites, acid, nicotine, waste and heavy metals that have built up through the years. Detoxification is important and should be done on a regular basis to achieve a well balanced mind and body. Experts believe the process is beneficial if people want to cleanse their body and get rid of pain and other illnesses.

There is a special offer today when purchasing the BioEnergiser detox foot spa product online. You not only get the main item because the product also comes with free sea salt and 30 disposable footbath liners.

There are quite a few methods that you can do to detox your body:

1. Colon-cleansing pills – There are many different brands and varieties that cleansse and draw out toxins from the colon.

2. Water fasting – A popular way to detox your body.

3. Foot pads – These pads extract the toxins from the bottom of your feet.

4. Eat fruit – Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries are great sources of antioxidants and phytochemicals and help fight off disease.

5. Detox foot bath – A popular product currently on the market is the Bioenergiser detox foot spa.

Birch Ash:

Since time eternal, the Birch Lapland is a magical force exerts on the people in Scandinavia. For generations, people have used the ashes of burnt birch and use it as a remedy against the nature of their diseases. Researches are going on to find out the therapeutic effects of this Birch Ash. Professors say that the Birch Ash very alkaline and is there well well against a sour stomach.

You can buy the Arctic original Birch ash extract online here.

This extract is produced from pure birch ashes of the moraine at the Arctic Circle in Lapland. The sieved birch ash is heated with water in a complicated, multi-step and complex procedure, which will be drawn from the ashes of the valuable components. After cooling, the extract is bottled.


In order to retain an efficient and healthy organism, it is a continuous purification of the body is essential. Usually our body does it alone up to one extend. Now there are ways to support the body in the elimination of problem materials.

The first measure was recommended the inclusion of unwanted substances through natural and healthy diet to reduce it. There is also the possibility of the body in the cosmetic field in the elimination of the problem of supporting materials are encaged in certain areas of the body through the skin. In today's modern era has been almost forgotten that the human skin is one of the most important excretory organs.

Vitalpflaster is a remedy for this. Theseses help to eliminate unwanted substances from body through skin. The best zone for this is the soles of foot. There are 360 ​​acupuncture points in the soles. You can get Active Pad Vitapflaster online from our store. The Vitalpflaster develop on the skin, a very pleasant, and well tolerated by the skin effect of heat. They consist of red to 50% from the precious-green Turmalinpulver and other high-quality natural materials such as Baumessigen.Besonders popular application on the feet and the reflex zones.

10 Free Health and Fitness Tips You Have to Know About

We all can do simple things to improve our health. Here are 10 health and fitness tips which you can incorporated into your daily routine starting now.

10 Health and fitness tips

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. Not drinking enough water leads to fatigue and a false sense of hunger. If you drink enough you'll find it easier to maintain a healthy diet and a high energy level.

2. Sleep at least 7 hours each night. If our body does not get enough sleep it works less efficiently through the day. Sleep is also the time when our muscles develop. Not sleeping enough makes us more prone to turn our calories to ugly fat instead of lean muscle tissue.

3. Stretch before bedtime. Stretching keeps the muscles, joints, and tendons fit and limber. It also reduces the chances of injury.

4. Reduce stress. Stress has many undesired effects on the body: it leads to overeating, it disrupted the ordinary function of internal organs, it causes the eruption of skin blemishes and acne, and much more. Reducing stress will keep you more healthy and beautiful.

5. Reduce alcohol. Alcohol is rich in calories and sugar. It can wreak havoc on the liver and kidneys. I'm not saying stop drinking drinkingly, just limit it to social events and make sure not to go overboard.

6. Exercise 3 times a week at least. Exercising keeps our body lean and healthy. You need to engage in both strength and cardiovascular workouts and make sure to pay attention to every muscle group. You will not only look better, you will also feel better.

7. Quit smoking. Whether you're smoking cigarettes or anything else, just stop. Smoking is one of the worst things for your health and fitness level. It practically harms every bodily system. It also turns your teeth yellow and may damage your skin and vocal cords. So just quit.

8. Do something which challenges your mind. The connection between mind and body is crucial to your health. Like any other body part, you need to exercise your brain in order to keep it at the top of its game. Whether you do that by reading a good book, solving a puzzle, taking a class, or whatever you feel like, keeping your brain in shape is a must.

9. Watch what you eat. Try to cut down the amount of trans fat, processed sugar and white carbs that you eat. Instead, eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, complex carbs, and lean protein like chicken or turkey.

10. Enjoy yourself. Having fun once in a while is very important. Make sure to have a good laugh once every day. It loosens you up, gets your blood flowing, releases tension and stress, and is just plain fun. It's also very healthy.

I hope you've found these 10 health & fitness tips useful.

A Brief Discussion on Types of Needles and Syringes

Needles and Syringes are among the most used medical apparatuses. In this article, we will be discussing about some of the most used types of these medical apparatus.

The most widely discussed classifications of syringes are non Luer Lok and Luer Lok syringes. This classification is made based on the kind of tip these units possess. The Luer-Lok syringes come equipped with tips that need needles that get twisted and locked into appropriate place. This design ensures that the needle does not slip out of the syringe incidentally.

There's another way of classifying syringes; this time we are classifying it based on the purpose it's used for. The two most widely used types include insulin syringe and tuberculin syringe. The insulin syringes are clearly small in size and are capable of holding 0.3 to 1 ml of medication. They are usually calibrated in units instead of milliliters. The majority of the insulin syringes get calibrated up to hundred units. Another important characteristic of these syringes is that they are designed to allow seamless self-injection. They are mostly used for administrating subcutaneous injections.

The other type ie tuberculin syringes are used to test patients for tuberculosis. The fluid in these syringes gets injected directly into the patient's skin. Although these syringes are small in size, unlike the insulin syringes, they get calibrated in milliliters. The most predominant feature of the tuberculin syringes is their thin barrel that comes equipped with a pre-attached needle. These pieces are capable of accommodating 1 ml of medication. Here, it must be stated that in spite having a petite structure, they can not be used for giving insulin.

Now, let us discuss about problems and their types. The majority of the needles available on the market currently have stainless steel body. They have a hollow structure and boast a miniature hole right at the middle. Their bodies are segregated into three main parts, the hub, the shaft and the bevel. The hub is the part that fits onto the syringe's tip. The shaft of the needle is its long slender part. A needle's bevel, on the other hand, is its slanted tip.

Needles are usually classified based on their diameter and length. Their length ranges between 0.5 inch and 3 inches. Their diameter gets measured in gauge. A 19 gauge needle is known to possess bigger diameter than a 25 gauge piece. This means the greater would be the gauge of a needle and smaller would be its diameter.

A needle must be of at least 7-gauge. The maximum limit, on the other hand, is 33-gauge. Doctors select gauge of a needle based on the density of the medication that they are injecting. For instance, for extremely thick medications, doctors always use needles of smaller gauge. If the density is less, doctors tend to use needles of larger gauge.

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Wound Healing Process

Wounds are of numerous types-from a simple cut on a finger to a ghastly gash anywhere on the body. Although knowledge of first-aid is essential for attending to accident injury in an emergency, yet a thorough understanding of the process of wound healing and other accompanying factors can play a significant role in better wound management.

Wound healing is a complex phenomenon which depends upon a number of factors. It is amazing to note that the natural process of healing gears into action as soon as the injury arises-which could either be an internal injury with bleeding occurring inside the wound site or an external one with the blood oozing out of the open wound.

Bleeding occurs when a blood vessel is damaged. If the vessel is internal, blood seeps into surrounding tissue, and a breeze forms. It has been observed by Doctors that minor bleeding causes no harm because the body soon stops it, by means of three mechanisms that act together:

i. The nearby blood vessels contract and restrict the flow of blood to the area of ​​the wound.
ii. The platelets in the blood gather where the blood vessels are damaged and stick to the vessel walls and to each other to form a plug.
iii. In addition, interlacing strands of material called fibrin form in the damaged area. Blood cells are trapped in the fibrin mesh and form a clot that seals the break and effectively stops the bleeding.

In sharp contrast, when the bleeding is occurring out of an open wound, the healing process primarily involves three phrases-which may or may not overlap each other. These healing phases are widely known as:

(a) Inflammatory phase;
(b) Proliferative phase; and
(c) Remodeling phase. Each phase is being discussed as follows:

(a) Inflammatory Phase: This phase gears into action as soon as the injury occurs and lasts for approximately five days. The natural clotting mechanism springs into action and platelets (minute bodies in blood) gather to stop the bleeding. After about 24 hours, debridement (removal of damaged or infected tissues) starts due to the action of enzymes-and dead tissues, bacteria and unwanted elements are removed from the wound site. The natural process also allows the passage of beneficial fluids from the blood vessels to the wound. Simultaneously, new blood vessels and tissues begin to form.

(b) Proliferative Phase: This phase begins during the first three weeks of the injury. Different types of cells and collagen (a protein which is a major component of a connective tissue) start to settle in the wound. Granulation (formation of small elevations on the wound surface) occurs in this phase. The wound's opening closes down after it is covered with a new ephthelial layer.

(c) Remodeling Phase: Depending upon the magnitude and gravity of the wound, this last phase may continue up to two years. In this phase, the body is in the process of regaining its original stature which is marred by the formation of a scar at the site of the wound.

It is relevant to point out that while the natural repair process automatically engages into repairing the injured site, there are certain conditions which either hinder or help the healing process. Injuries suffered by a diabetic patient take a very long time to heal-more specifically if the blood sugar is not properly controlled.

On the other hand, proper nutrition specifically helps in speeding up the healing process. The body needs adequate amounts of calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to tone up the immune system to fight back the germs at the site of the wound. Good nutrition does not necessarily implicate any special kind of diet. A balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meat in the right proportions is all that is required for maintaining a healthy body capable of resisting the onslaught of the maladies.

Babchi Oil and Seeds – Fact, Figures and Remedies

Because of its medicinal value and popularity it is known by many other names around the world as below Latin: Psoralea corylifolia English: Babchi, Purple Fleabane, French: Psoraléa, Arabic: Mehlab-Aswad, Persian: Waghchi, Sanskrit: Vakuchi, Bakuchi, Hindi: Babchi,Chinese: Bu gu zhi,German: Bawchan

The plant is commonly found in China and India in dry and arid conditions, especially the sandy desserts. The seeds contain essential oil, a nonvolatile terpenoid oil, a pigment, a resin, fixed oil, raffinose, two coumarin compounds viz., psoralen and isopsoralen, psoralidin, corylifolean, isopsoralidin; and the most active ingredient is psoralin alkaloid.

Pharmacological Action: antipleuritic (decreases itching-contains natural antihistamine) antipsoriatic antibacterial anthelmintic moderate selectively antifungal diuretic, diaphoretic.

Remedial uses: It is very useful in hypopigmented lesions of the skin like leucoderma and psoriasis as it contains psoralen, which causes the skin to produce new pigment when exposed to sunlight. It is used both as a local application and orally. Also useful externally in scabies, dermatitis and leprosy and is also useful in painful urination.

Clinical trials were conducted to assess the efficacy of Babchi oil/seeds

Oral administration along with application of oil and exposure of the patient to sunlight for 5-30 minutes daily for 1-7 weeks gave encouraging results. It was shown to improve the color of skin (including removing white spots)

In another a case study consisting of forty-nine patients who used the Babchi seed/oil treatment for 6 months. Of these patients, 14 percent were cured and another 19 percent regained pigmentation on at 2/3 ed of patches.

This herb has been considered by Ayurveda doctors to be so effective in the treatment of leprosy that it was given the name of ‘Kushtanashini’ (leprosy destroyers).

According to ayurveda it will increase Pitta ( Bile) in the body. so it should be taken with honey or ghee. I have tried its powder about 1- 2 grams powder with water before breakfast and after taking it for 5-6 days the skin becomes sensitive to the sun ( if you have tried some other psoralen based cream you would know the feeling) and the marks which are exposed to the sun become red in colour.

The Oil can be used to rub on the white spots and it works the same way, it makes the skin sensitive to the sun and will make the patches red, be sure to use it very cautiously, as over exposure to the sun can and will badly blister and burn the skin. So start with very little oil and very little exposure to the sun and then gradually increase it to what can be sustained without any problem or discomfort

An ointment made by combining one part of an alcoholic extract of the seeds with two parts of chaulmugra oil and two parts of lanoline has been found to be effective in treating leucoderma, white leprosy, psoriasis, and other inflammatory skin diseases and febrile conditions. The oil can be used both internally or as a simple ointment externally. Gently rub the oil once or twice daily. The proportion of the active ingredients may be increased if needed.

Babchi also promotes bone calcification, therefore it is also used in treating osteoporosis in the traditional medicines. This herb is also used to stop the spread of some forms of cancer as it inhibits the multiplication of osteosarcoma (bone cancer cells) and lung cancer cells. Under the chinese medical system the seeds are known to be aphrodisiac and a yang tonic to the genital organs.and is used as as Libido Stimulator: to treat impotence and to iimprove vitality

Safety & Interaction Information: Babchi is generally regarded as safe; however, as it makes the white spots highly sensitive disorder to the sun so it is important to use sunscreen or avoid sun exposure. It is possible to experience skin irritation and blistering when using this herb topically. If that happens, discontinue use. In many cases you would notice stomach pain and discomfort, discontinue its use if you have that problem.

Precautions: Do not take with low body fluids; do not use with licorice root.

Can Panic Attacks Cause Fainting?

Can panic attacks cause fainting? This is a very good question. Many people who suffer panic attacks fear that they might faint. This fear is escalated when they are doing something that requires them to be awake. Like driving or walking down the street or trying to pick up someone at the grocery store. They do not want to get embarrassed and more importantly injured or injure someone else. So they get even more worked up when they feel an attack coming on. Well the short answer to this question is, unfortunately.

First let's try to understand what's going on when a panic attack happens . Many people who fear that they might faint are hyperventalators. Meaning their breathing becomes very rapid. They are taking in way to much oxygen and not enough carbon dioxide. This makes them feel light headed. Do not confuse light headedness with false. With practice this can be controlled. It is recommended to try breathing into a paper bag or your hand to increase the amount of carbon dioxide in your lungs. Or just try to gain control over your breathing.

There is something called Vasovagal Syncope which is usually tied to blood or injury phobia. This is when someone pretty much just stops breathing at the sight of blood or injury. No breathing equals no oxygen to the brain equals fainting. Hopefully most people are aware of whether or not they have a phobia of blood or injury. If you know that you do not then you should not be worried about the fainting.

Now that being said. If fainting does actually occur there is a strong chance that there is another under condition condition other than panic disorder and you should get yourself checked out by a doctor. You could have a problem with low blood pressure or some other serious ailment that will require additional attention from your panic disorder.

Good Sources of Calcium

Only eleven percent of women in North America get enough calcium and magnesium (A 1: 1 ratio of calcium to magnesium is optimal) every day to build healthy bone. In response, many doctors prescribe multivitamins and mineral supplements.

The conventional approach is to increase your dairy and your supplements. A more balanced approach is to increase your green leafy vegetables, nuts, sea vegetables, legumes, fish and finally dairy. And do not forget to add bone-building exercises.

Green leafy vegetables include:
collard greens broccoli, kale, spinach, turnip greens, bok choy.

Sea vegetables include:
Hijiki, wakame, kombu, agar-agar, dulse

Fish include:
Sardines, salmon, oysters

Beans and Legumes include:
Tofu, tempeh, garbanzo beans, black beans, pinto beans, corn tortillas

Nuts and Seeds include:
Sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, hazelnuts

Other sources of calcium:
Blackstrap molasses, orange juice, mineral waters, and dairy

Bone building exercises

And why are we so concerned about the amount of calcium and magnesium we are getting? Because it is essential for bone health to prevent osteoporosis as we age. But, the other part of the equation to bone health is often overlooked and that is the importance of bone building exercises. Weight-bearing exercises play a chemical role in creating and maintaining healthy bones. Weight-bearing exercises help to build bone because every major muscle in our bodies is attached to under bone by tendons. When a muscle is strengthened, so is the bone it is attached to.

The exciting news is that research has shown that not only do weight-bearing exercises decrease bone loss, they actually can build and strengthen bone as we age.

Osteoporosis usually starts during perimenopause in women who are susceptible. However, it is a silent disease in that in the early stages you will not feel any symptoms whatever. Silently and asymptomatically your bones may be starting to become porous and brittle which may make them intolerable to fracture later in life.

Eighteen to thirty-three percent of women over the age of sixty-five will sustain a hip fraction before they are ninety years old.

Of those who sustain a fracture in later life due to osteoporosis, twelve to twenty percent will die because of related complications.

Most women are afraid of breast cancer, but the risk of dieing from complications due to osteoporosis is the same as the risk of dying from breast cancer.

So, if you are not paying attention to your sources of calcium, now may be the time.

American Red Cross Measles Initiative

In 1862, a book published by Jean Henri Duhant, titled Un Souvenir de Solferino, ended with this plea …

"Would it not be possible to find and organize in all civilized countries permanent societies of volunteers who in time of war would give help to the wounded without regard to their nationality?"

This idea won favorable response and on October 18, 1863, delegates form sixteen nations and several charitable organizations met in Geneva to discuss Duhant's idea. This conference laid the groundwork for the Red Cross movement. It took the United States 18 years to recognize this Red Cross movement. Sometimes they did though, and since then the Red Cross has grown and expanded upon its services. In today's world the Red Cross provides many services such as Disaster, Biomedical, Heath and Safety Training, Community, Armed Forces Emergency, and International services.

Today I want to focus on the Measles Initiative program that the American Red Cross has played a very dramatic role in. The Measles Initiative is a long-term commitment to control Measles deaths in Africa by vaccinating 200 million children through both mass and follow up campaigns in up to 36 Sub-Saharan African countries.

To better understand the program one should have a full understanding of the disease Measles. Measles is a disease that attacks the body, inside and out. Usually a child does not directly die form Measles but from the complications that attack their already weak immune systems in the days following. The reason that measles is such a life threatening disease in Africa is mostly because of the poor living conditions and lack of health care. In America the typical red spots on the surface of the skin usually signs a mild case of measles, the same rash in Africa becomes a severe attack on the child's skin surfaces, gut, cornea, and lungs. Measles can cause high fever, peeling of skin, blindness, diarrhea, malnutrition, brain damage, and pneumonia. Measles is just one more attack on bodies that are already unhealthy like those of the African children.

Measles is one of the most highly contagious diseases known, and it is transported through the air. A child can contract measles and not have any symptoms anywhere from seven to ten day. In an area where nearly everyone has not been vaccinated this statistic has a catastrophic effects. In Africa they live in cramped areas, many times sharing a bed with a brother or sister. In this case the disease can be passed on through the living quarters, in which the last person to become exposed would contract the most severe case of the disease because of the high doses of measles that were in their surroundings. Therefore in Africa this disease is the number one death in children. Mostly because they are victims of circumstance, circumstance being defined as being born into poverty, being born into poor living conditions, and being born into a place that lacks health care.

Through the American Red Cross these children have been given a light. These children fear measles like an American child fears the boogieman. They envision it as some kind of monster, but in their world this monster is not make believe. Instead of singing nursery rhymes or the latest N'Sync songs these children sing songs of measles. Like the lyrics you will find below:

The lyrics to this song, simplified and without repeating the chorus over and over, go like this ..

I am measles, Killer disease.

Take your child for Immunization

November 17, November 18, November 2001

Take the shot for immunization

From the age of 5 months to the age of 5years

Our parents work hard

Take your child for immunization

Immunization everywhere

Take your child for Immunization

As they sing this song, a child dressed in a red monster suit, represents measurements. I find it really sad to hear and see these child's fears through a song that should be representing their childrens, but unfortunately in reality these songs are representing these children's childhoods. In Africa, Measles is referred to as Akwap, which means disease of the wind, and is associated with an African saying, "The second child with Measles always dies" You can understand this statistics. 1200 children die everyday of Measles in Africa. 51 children die every hour, and nearly every minute once child will die of Measles. These statistics are rented to be completely eliminated through the Measles Initiative, because even though it is the single leading cause of children's death in Africa, it is also the single leading vaccine preventable disease.

Therefore this mission intends to completely eradicate the disease altogether. For the cost of one American dollar, one child can be supervised, one child will be given a chance. This cost of one dollar includes all costs of the vaccine, syringes, health worker pay, logistics, and community mobilization. This is the most cost effective public health intervention available. Along with the actual vaccine each child is given a Vitamin A pill which aids in the development of health skin, hair, bones, and helps to boost the immune system in just one week. For most of the children this was the first form of medicine ever taken. The children are vaccinated from a couple months up to 15 years old, putting emphasis on infants to the age of five years old.

Currently the program's focus is on Africa. In 2001, 21 million children were vaccinated, preventing an estimated 47,000 deaths. In the second year they hope to support 9 more countries and vaccinate around 44 million children and prevent an additional amount of 51,000 deaths. This will help them to obtain their long-term plan, and by 2005, to eradicate Measles. This will be of benefit worldwide because people from all parts of the world have different reasons for not getting vaccinated. Some examples are the most obvious which is Africa, and this is because of poverty and lack of health care, in other parts of Africa beliefs stand in the way. A tribe by the name of the Tologelse people believes that when a child is infected with measures that the West African God of Disease for purification and blessing is visiting him or her.

Beliefs and poverty are not the only reason for not getting vaccinated; a surprising example for some might be Cleveland Ohio. While measure has been almost eliminated in the United States, should a child from another country that was exposed to Measles come to Cleveland, where immunizations of measles is at a low rate, could allow Measles to spread very quickly among the preschool population and cause quite an outbreak. People of America do not believe Measles to be a problem anymore so they avoid getting their children the immunization, and inevitably put them at risk.

So not only has the United States been a given and compassionate neighbor, but while doing it has educated Americans not only to get the vaccine, but also to be a good neighbor themselves and donate a dollar to protect others from this disease.

It also has inspired me to take the initiative .. While I was researching I found a place where I was able to make a donation. Now being the stereotypical poor college student that I am, I could not make an intense donation, but I could make one. I was able to give ten dollars, and with my ten dollars, ten children will be given a chance to live, something that I quite often take for granted. When I was just three years old I actually had measles, and luckily because of my circumstances, such as living conditions and health care, I could afford to beat the disease. I had my chance to live spread out on a silver platter, some people such as these African children are not lucky enough to be given those things in life that many of us take for granted.

So if you can, please take some time and think back on what I said. These children are afraid of Measles like it is a monster, their nursery rhymes are tales of where to get vaccinated, and some are not even given a name until they have had measles. One dollar that you would normally spend on the toll road to get to college could provide one child with a life, a future to look forward to.

Donations can be made at the Red cross website.

Tetanus FAQs – Can We Get it From Rusty Nails?

Tetanus is a fatal disease of humans that is caused by a toxin which is produced by a bacteria known as Clostridium tetani. The condition is characterized by the contraction of skeletal muscles particularly the masseter muscles causing lockjaw.

Where can Clostridium tetani be found?

The causative agent of Tetanus can be found in soil especially in heavily manured soils and in the intestinal tracts and feces of animals such as horses, sheep, cattle, dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, and chickens

The disease occurs worldwide but the causative agent is common in tropical and moist region where there is plenty of organic matter in soil.

How can I be infected with Tetanus?

These bacteria enter open wounds or laceration and there they produce generate spores which in turn produce a potent neurotoxin (also known as tetanus toxin). The neurotoxin is responsible for the symptoms of this disease.

Can I get Tetanus from rusty nails?

Such an association is misleading. Although objects that rust harbor anaerobic bacteria (such as the Clostridium tetani bacterium) which can cause the disease, the rust itself does not cause tetanus. The association probably came from the notification that the rust, which is a perfect habitat for anaerobic bacteria, and the nail can puncture the skin and can deliver the spores easily.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Tetanus?

Generalized tetanus consistants of sever painful spasms and rigidity of the voluntary musles. The prime characteristic symptom of tetanus which is lockjaw involves spasms of the masseter muscle.

As the disease progresses, it is characterized by severity and violent spasms of the trunk and limb muscles. Opisthotonos is the characteristic extreme arching of the back and risus sardonicus or sarcastic grin (right photo) are both symptoms of the disease. Spasms of the pharyngeal muscles cause difficulty in swallowing.

Death usually results from interference with the mechanisms of respiration or the paralysis of the respiratory muscles. In other words, a person suffering from this disease will have difficulty of breathing.

How can Tetanus be prevented?

Tetanus can be prevented by tetanus toxoid for prophylactic immunization. Proper washing of wounds with antibiotic or antiseptic wash is advisable as well.