3 Secrets to Hair Growth – Simple Yet Effective

If you seem to have less hair every time you look in the mirror, then it is time to do something about it. Maybe you have not noticed it as much as your friends or family who keep mentioning it. Look around your gene pool. Do you have family members that have lost their hair or who went completely bald? Guess what … you may be next!

If you know your genetics lean towards hair loss and baldness and you have noticed your hair becoming thinner, then it is time to get a plan to stop it from falling out. It is up to you to make a plan before it is too late and you come to realize you are completely bald.

Here are 3 secrets to stopping your hair loss and they may even help it to regrow.

Exposed secret # 1. Get off the couch.

That's right. Exercise can help you stop losing your hair. In order for your hair to be healthy, your body must be healthy as well. This means eating right and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. This will boost your heart rate as well as help to rid your body of toxins.

When your heart rate increases, you will sweat which helps to cool and cleanse the pores of the scalp. This also increases blood flow to the hair follicle and scalp. Even a brisk walk at lunchtime can be extremely beneficial to the hair follicle and scalp.

Exposed secret # 2. Massage the scalp.

Massage is a wonderful way to stimulate the scalp, which promotes blood circulation and hair growth. It also has a calming effect to the mind and body which helps to relieve stress, another contributor to baldness. It is better to use oils such as baby oil or olive oil when massaging the scalp in order to promote blood flow and circulation.

Exposed secret # 3. Keep it clean and rejuvenated.

Make sure to cleanse your hair with natural shampoos in order to alleviate oil and bacteria build up. Sebum, oil produced by the scalp, as well as oil and dirt build up from the atmosphere can cause the hair root to become blocked. This will choke off oxygen, which the follicle needs to live.

If you wear a hat, make sure you keep your hat and hatband clean as this can contribute to a build up of oil and bacteria on the scalp. Dirt and oil build up can be a leading cause of any hair thinning and loss. Even the action of running water over the hair and scalp can help to stimulate the hair follicle and promote hair growth.

These are a few secrets you can use to help your hair to start regrowing. If you would like to know more read on …

A Brain Injury Is Like The Color Blue

Maybe I’m special. Not many people can say what I easily can. My life is split into two experiences of personality. I was one person up to the age of 44. Then a different person took over to inhabit my consciousness or what we refer to as ‘self.” Let me explain.

Blue has always been my favorite color. Everybody knows the color blue, right? Maybe not.

If someone were visually impaired or blind since birth, they may have no clue what color is at all, never mind the actual color of blue. And, for all we know, what one person sees as blue could be another person’s red. When we learned our colors from our parents and teachers, they pointed to a color and said “this is blue.” Whatever color you saw at the area they pointed to is now known to you as “blue.” Maybe, what I see as red you call blue. Perhaps our brains don’t interpret these color impulses the same and you have a totally different color-scape than I do with colors I couldn’t even begin to recognize.

What if we just try to describe it. The color blue. To describe a color without using color as a point of reference is impossible. “It’s blue, like the sky!” Well, if you can’t see the sky, that description would not be at all helpful.

Trying to explain something to someone requires a common point of reference to base your explanation on. Without that, we cannot communicate a thought, idea or situation. Can a color be described to someone who cannot see, an aroma to someone who cannot smell or a sound to someone who cannot hear?

Which brings me to my point. Since diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1999, I have found there is no way to explain my deficits or the effects of the changes in my consciousness to someone who has not experienced changes in their brain. Having a “new brain” is far from anything most people experience. The only people who truly understand are the ones who live with it themselves. The “insiders”. And, even for us, the experiences are commonly quite unique due to the complexity of the brain itself.

As hard as our friends, family and significant others try, they will never truly be able to understand. To them, it is something that happens at certain events or places or while trying to do something in particular. To us, it never goes away. We take it with us wherever we go. We don’t forget it because it is part of us. It is who we now are. It is a reality that we become ‘accustomed’ to or learn to accept.

This is not a pity party. In fact, I have learned many positive lessons from this experience. For me, it is a brain injury; for someone else, it is being an amputee, someone else, losing a child — everyone has, as they say, a torch to bear. As much as we want to empathize and understand what others are going through, we have to accept the limitations of our abilities to do so.

I believe accepting the fact that people can not completely understand is critical for true acceptance of our situation, whatever that may be. For me, it is time to stop trying to explain. Time to let go of the frustration that arises by the repeated unsuccessful attempts to explain why I behave the way I do, why I need certain modifications to my environment and why I react the way I do.

This realization is very new to me. I am sharing it for others in the same or similar situation because I truly believe this is a key element to full healing… not worrying so much about others understanding. Somehow, this realization is quite liberating for me.

I write this because I know I am not alone. After 19 years of this being my reality, and after 19 years of trying to get those around me to understand, I am stopping. How can I expect someone to truly understand without any point of personal reference to base their understanding on?

It is like trying to describe the color blue to someone. It just can’t be done.

I have liberated myself. I hope I have helped to liberate at least one other in the process.

Maintaining Your Heart Health

The ability to maintain your heart health is directly related to the overall well-being of mind, soul, and body. Here are some practical ways in which this can be achieved.

1. Reduce the intake of fat- Although a certain amount of fat is required as part of a well balanced diet, it is healthy to reduce one’s intake of fat, and be considerate of the type of fat that is consumed. Saturated fat in particular, affects blood cholesterol level and is found in dairy products such as cakes, cookies and pastries. It would be wise to switch to food that contains monosaturated fat such fruits and nuts. Polyunsaturated fat in regulated amounts help to moderate cholesterol, as such salmon, sunflower oil and soya oil will help to maintain a healthy heart.

2. Consume less salt- The consumption of salt in high levels is linked to high blood pressure. The recommended daily intake is approximately 6 grams a day.

3. Exercise regularly- Making time to exercise regularly enhances heart function and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It is prudent to introduce 30 minutes of moderate exercise into one’s daily routine.

4. Be on a weight watch- Not only does this lead to obesity, but it also adds additional stress and strain on the heart. Furthermore, this leaves you feeling drained and lethargic which negatively impacts self image and confidence. Measures that can be taken to achieve this include taking in more fruit, vegetables, unrefined carbohydrates such as cereal and pasta, and soluble fiber that is found in food such as oats and beans.

5. Stop smoking- Taking active steps to quit smoking is one of the most important measures one could take towards maintaining a healthy heart. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of having heart and respiratory diseases, emphysema, and cancer. Furthermore, those who have already suffered a heart attack can reduce the chances of a second occurrence by quitting smoking.

6. Couple a lifestyle change with dieting- It is integral that the measures captioned in this article be woven into one’s lifestyle and not be looked at as burdensome, or distasteful “must do”. Such a change in lifestyle increases self confidence, moral, energy levels leaving the individual concerned more confident and content.

7. Keep a tab on one’s bill of health – It is wise to monitor one’s health status. Regularly maintaining your body mass index, cholesterol levels and blood pressure level are advisable. This facilitates early detection of issues thus making treatment easier and more effective.

In conclusion, it must be said that a healthy lifestyle is the very essence of having contentment, and tranquility in one’s life. Thus, it is vital that we strive to be more health conscious not only for our heart health and personal well-being, but also out of concern for those whom we cherish the most.

Home Based Cleaning Franchises Show Strong Growth In 2008

Most cleaning franchises are showing a substantial increase from 2006 to 2007. With the down turn of the housing market and the up swing of the new and remodeled commercial property there remains a need for janitorial services. Here is a small but helpful list of cleaning franchises businesses you can run from your home.


Jani-King (Commercial cleaning) began in 1969 and has been Franchising since 1974. While working the night shift in a Hotel Jim Cavanaugh saw the continued need for janitorial services.

Etrepreneure.com reports from 2006-2007 Jani-King added 496 new U.S. franchises, 29 Canadian, 31 Foreign, and 3 company owned. With commercial real-estate expecting to grow in 2008 it is predicted that the need for janitorial services will also grow.


Startup costs $11k-34k+

Franchise fee: $8.6k-$16.3k+

Ongoing royalty fee: 10%

Term: 20 years, renewable


Can be run from home

No absentee ownership

Bonus Building Care

OK your going to think this is too personal but it’s the reality of business. Jim Cavanaugh (from Jani-King) divorced and his ex-wife Arleen Cavanaugh started Bonus Building Care and you guessed it, it is a janitorial service. This is a prime example of how fruitful the commercial janitorial business is. BBC was started in 1996 and increased its U.S. franchises from 1415 in 2006 to 1774 in 2007 3 of which are owned by the company.


Startup: $8k – $13k+

Franchise fee: $6.5k

Ongoing royalty fee: 10%

Term: 20 years, renewable

Renew fee: $2k


Can be run from home

Employees needed to run: 1-5

No absentee ownership

Jan-Pro Franchising Int’l. Inc.

Specializing in commercial cleaning began in 1991 and has been franchising since 1992. Founded by Jacques Lapointe Jan-Pro increased its U.S. franchise base from 5066 in 2006 to 6409 in 2007. Canadian franchises when from 305 in 2006 to 609 in 2007. 14 foreign franchises were started in 2007.


Startup: $3.3k-$49.9k

Franchise fee: $2.8k-$44k

Ongoing royalty fee: 10%

Term: 10 years, renewable


New worth: $1k-14k+

Cash liquidity: $1k

Business exp.: management skills


Can be run from home

Number of employees: 1

No absentee ownership


Servpro (residential and commercial cleaning) began in 1967 and started franchising in 1969. Ted Isaacson began providing homes and business with cleaning and restoration services which includes but not limited to disaster protection, air ducts and HVAC systems. Servpro grew its nationwide franchise base from 1310 in 2006 to 1368 in 2007.


Investment: $97k – $154k

Franchise fee: $38k

Ongoing royalty fee: 3-10%

Term: 5 years, renewable

Renewal fee: $250


Net worth: $100k

Cash Liquidity: $60k

Business exp: General, Marketing skills


Can be run from home

Employees needed: 5-10

No absentee ownership allowed

Chem-Dry (carpet, drapery & upholstery cleaning)

Robert Harris founded Chem-Dry in 1977 and started franchising in 1978 using a cleaning solution he created. Chem-Dry has worldwide franchise opportunities. From 2006 – 2007 the company grew its U.S. base from 2547-2679.


Startup: $25k-$214k

Franchise fee: $13k-$35k

Ongoing royalty fee: #350/mo.

Renewal fee: $750


Net worth: $75k

Cash liquidity $4k


Can be run from home

Absentee ownership is allowed

ServiceMaster Clean (began 1947, franchising since 1952)

It is said that after a chemical accident left Marion Wade partially blind in 1945 he came up with the idea for a commercial and residential heavy cleaning and disaster restoration company. ServiceMaster Clean is part of a unit of franchises which includes Merry Maids and Terminix. ServicesMaster saw a rise in us franchises from 2978 in 2006 to 3041 in 2007. Canadian franchises grew from 166 to 172 respectively. This company has been around a long time and it is no wonder it has experienced the consistent growth.


Investment: $21k – $111k

Franchise fee: $17k-45k

Ongoing royalty fee: 4-10%

Term: 5 years, renewable


Net worth: $50k-75k

Cash liquidity: $15k-25k

Experience: General business


Can be run from home

Number of employees needed: 3

Absentee ownership is not allowed

System4 (commercial cleaning)

Began in 2003 and started franchising right away, based in Brecksville Ohio System4 is a nationwide franchiser with 467 franchisees in 2007 (up from 283 in 2006).


Investment $6k – $38k

Franchise fee: $4.4k – $32k

Ongoing royalty: 5%

Term: 20 years, renewable


Net worth: $10k


Can be run from home

Employees needed: 3

Absentee ownership is allowed

Building Stars Inc.

Building Stars Inc. began in 1994 and started franchising in 2000. Based out of St. Louis Missouri BB Inc saw an increase in franchisees of 217 to 225 from 2006 – 2007.


Investment: $2.2k

Franchise fee: $1.2k

Ongoing royalty fee: 10%

Term: 5 years, renewable


Cash liquidity: $1k


Can be run from home

Number of employees needed: 5

Absentee ownership is not allowed

There are plenty of businesses that already turn great profits. In order for you to get a slice of the pie you have to be in the kitchen. Home based cleaning franchises will show strong growth in 2008. As always, pick your business carefully and plan your moves for growth and longevity.

The Biology of Cancer – The Formation of a Tumor

In simple terms the cancer is the uncontrolled growth of few cells and the resulting mass of cells produced thereby is tumor. How a biological cell/cells acquire uncontrolled growth and become oncogenic, is a matter of vast research since last several years. The understanding of actual cause of a cell becoming oncogenic and producing a tumor will actually help in preventing and curing the dreaded disease. The most common cause as generally known is the genetical one and the specific DNA sequence are regarded to be responsible for the disease. Environmental factors, intake of some caner stimulants, metabolism related problems etc are also considered for the causal agents of the cancer. The change in DNA structure, function of the protein, changed protein structure and metabolic anomalies are some of the causes which can be attributed to the initiation and further advancements of the cancer and resulting into large sized tumors.

The cancer is not so simple as it seems to be. It is a very complex system. There was an understanding regarding cancer that all the cancerous or oncogenic or malignant cells behave individually and there is no coordination of these cells with one another. But the recent researches have demonstrated that the all the malignant cells behave as an organ or tissue system and the growth of tumor takes place as a result of specific coordination of malignant cells in their own microenvironment/s. Specific biomarkers are needed to diagnose the cancerous cells prevailing in the body of an individual. Samples of DNA and malignant tissues are needed for diagnosis purposes. These clinical samples from diverse resources are covered under biobanking. The interactions of various proteins and their etiology are major things in cancer and tumor research. The cancer specific proteins are treated as biomarkers and are used for cancer diagnosis. The microenvironment of malignant cells as well as normal cell’s environment together is referred to as stroma. For curing the cancer, this stroma is targeted. The integrated system of cancer cure includes the collective efforts of experts of many branches mainly imaging science, medical science, physics, mathematics, information technology and the most important computer technology.

In case of plants, the cancerous or oncogenic or malignant cells are being used in a very positive manner by utilizing the totipotency of the living cells, for producing the new plants from the tumors. In the area of plant tissue culture, for micropropagating a particular plant or species, the cancer is induced in the normal cells of the plants by applying specific amounts of particular hormones. The improper balance of hormones cause the normal cells to act as cancerous and start developing tumor in the normal tissue of the plants. After tumor is formed, application of some specific hormones in specific amounts induces the tumor cells to produce several new plantlets. These plantlets are separated from the tumor cells and after optimization process, each plantlet becomes a new plant. If any how this becomes possible for humans also, the totipotency can be utilized to produce human organs for grafting purposes. This will be a new chapter in the history of medical science.

The Pros and Cons of eBay

As effective as eBay is, it has its pro’s and con’s. In today’s world, people find e-commerce extremely helpful. With busy schedules and tons of work to accomplish in less than 24hrs, almost everyone prefers buying online. Hence eBay is extremely popular with the masses. Just the fact that one can buy stuff without moving a muscle is exhilarating. eBay is the most renowned online buying sites.

Like any other site or online buying site, eBay has its own advantages and disadvantages. One has should keep this in mind while ordering online.

Let us begin with the advantages:

It is nothing but a simple process and is extremely easy. Your shopping spree is always only a few clicks away.

eBay offers you a large variety of products to choose from.

eBay is fun and very entertaining. You have the most unusual items to choose from. The graphics are neat and extremely colorful. The weird listings and the quirky listings, you will find are quite entertaining as well. If you are interested in any sort of unusual product you can normally find it here.

eBay educates on the prices of various products in the market at the current time. You can learn the price of any product at any given time online. eBay lets you know what people are willing to pay for a given product in real time.

Surprisingly enough, eBay most often than not refunds their customers, should anything go wrong with the product. Most of the sellers have return policy’s that they follow. Be sure to check out the seller’s feedback to determine if they do what they say they are going to do in their listing.

Now let us look at reasons why eBay is not a very good option:

You cannot be sure of the quality of the product you are buying. Almost all sellers will claim that their product is in excellent condition, on delivery you will find that your product is not exactly in good condition; scratches cannot often be seen in pictures.

When you buy a product online, it is usually mailed to you. You cannot be guaranteed that the product will not get damaged when mailed. Very often, the delivery is extremely expensive and you spend a whole lot of money on it. Especially if you are in a different country from the buyer, you will need to pay international charges that are just all too expensive. Be sure to get the item insured by the seller when ever possible.

Buying online steals you of the time at the mall and the cups of coffee with your friends. Though buying on eBay is not time consuming, it isn’t as much fun as your time at the mall. Somehow at the mall, you bump into friends, get to see and touch the products you want and just enjoy an evening out, whereas you can’t do the same with eBay.

On the net, you can never be too careful of frauds. You almost have no idea what to expect. It calls for you to trust a perfect stranger. Always check the sellers feedback and ask questions to ensure that your sales transaction is fair for both parties.

When selling products for a profit on eBay it can be very difficult to find products that you can profit with unless you use a membership based company to find wholesale products like The North American Wholesale Co-op Association (nawca.org).

You will find that you get hooked onto it. Soon enough, you will be buying almost everything online.

Influencer Moments of Truth for Business Growth

My partner Mark and I recently saw the movie Hidden Figures. It tells the story of Katherine Johnson and two of her colleagues – three brilliant female African-American mathematicians working for NASA in the 1960s. (warning-spoiler alerts ahead!)

Johnson was incredibly bright and gifted, and was promoted to a critical role where she helped NASA with its US space program – including sending astronaut John Glenn into space. The challenge was to get Glenn, whose life was at risk, and his spacecraft safely back to Earth. Without Johnson’s mathematical expertise, Glenn may never have made it back in time. And if that happened, the future of NASA and its space program would have been jeopardised.

Despite Johnson’s indomitable intelligence, what was really hindering NASA’s operation was the inherent racism and sexism endemic to US society during the mid twentieth century. This was a time when race segregation still existed, something highlighted in the movie by the fact that the African-American women’s bathroom was in another building – Johnson had to walk about a kilometre to use it because she was not allowed to use the white women’s bathroom. NASA’s culture of unconscious bias was not only holding up the nation’s progress as it tried to beat the Russians into space – it was putting lives at risk.

It wasn’t until Johnson’s boss Al Harrison (played by Kevin Costner) said, “Where is she? She’s always missing,” that things started to shift. When he realised the reason why Johnson was so often absent – the long walk she had to endure simply to use the bathroom – he ripped down the “whites’ women’s bathroom only” sign. “Katherine will be using this bathroom,” he declared. That moment in the movie was a moment of truth.


In his book, The Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell talks about how the most captivating movies and stories involve a hero’s journey. There is a moment in the hero’s journey, usually half-way through the story, that’s known as “a moment of truth”. It’s a moment where something changes. It’s a turning point, a catalyst for everything else to come. This was certainly the case in Hidden Figures. Harrison ripping off the sign from the white women’s bathroom was the moment of truth that led to the success of NASA’s space program. Who would have thought that a toilet sign was the thing that was holding up the development and ultimate success of the US space program?

The moment of truth happens halfway through a movie, not at the end. It’s the catalyst that makes everything work. The same thing happens in business.


In 2003, Fred Reichheld from Bain & Company and Satmetrix Systems introduced the concept of the Net Promoter Score (NPS) in the Harvard Business Review. Today, it is one of the most widely used metrics to gauge customer loyalty. The score is correlated with business growth. A score can be as high as +100 or as low as -100. A score higher than zero is considered good and a score of more than 50 is considered excellent. The score is based on one question:

How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?

I was recently speaking with a sales manager about the NPS, who said, “Our team has the highest scores of our firm’s customer service ratings. When we ask our customers if they would refer someone else to us, the answer is ‘yes’ every time. We score 10 out of 10. But the key issue is, we don’t actually ask for that referral. When that data comes through, it comes through fairly late in the process. For us to then go back and ask our customers for that referral, it feels a bit awkward and uncomfortable. So we don’t do it.”

However, we know that those referrals really matter. In fact, it was Mark Zuckerberg who said, “Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message.”


So, the real issue with translating NPS into lead generation is understanding our moments of truth. The moments when our customers feel our impact the most and are emotionally driven. “Wow factor” moments, when a client has a breakthrough, when they receive an insight or successful outcome they weren’t expecting as a result of working with you – that’s their moment of truth. That’s when they’re on a high, their reciprocity bank is unbalanced and they are most likely to refer. You need to be attuned to and act upon these moments of truth as they happen throughout your “story” with your customer – not at the end when you’re busy reporting. If you wait until the end to ask for referrals, it’s too late.

There are moments of truth in your business and in your practice when the timing is right to ask for an outbound referral. “Do you know someone else who has this same issue who I could help?” Now, the problem is we usually ask this question when we need it, such as a testimonial. Or we may ask it in a moment of panic after a trigger event, such as a sales meeting, when we realise, “Oh no, what are we going to do to fill our pipeline?”


So the questions for you are: What are the moments of truth in your practice? What mechanisms do you have in place so you can capture referrals, testimonials and LinkedIn recommendations?

It’s essential you harness the power of your moments of truth so you can increase the amount of trust in your business, capture more leads and have a greater impact on the potential clients who need your help.

Love to know your thoughts, oh and yes… go see the movie!


Hidden Figures

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Eating – Four Great Ways To Serve a Chicken Breast

Proteins are specialized molecules that help your cells to function. They are often called the basic building blocks of our body. Getting enough protein into your eating plan each day is essential for people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes to…

  • stabilize their blood sugar levels,
  • sustain as high of a metabolic rate as possible,
  • help with the production of red blood cells that helps increase the oxygen levels in their blood, and
  • repair broken down muscle mass tissue.

Sadly, many people with Type 2 diabetes fall short of eating enough protein. Chicken is one of the best protein sources out there, but one many of us grow bored with quickly. That is why we are here to share with you four great ways to serve chicken that will not leave you tired and looking for alternative meal ideas, most of which will not be a healthy choice.

Try these out for a change…

1. Chicken Skewers. Something about skewering chicken just makes it taste different. Try skewering them with a few pineapple pieces, tomatoes, onions, and mushrooms.

Brush whatever type of dressing you would like on the chicken and then grill for a few minutes, rotating as you do. You will have a delicious and light meal in minutes.

2. Chicken Wraps. Another tasty way to serve chicken is wrap-style. The beautiful thing about wraps is you can just add a good dose of vegetables into the wrap, so it will help you increase your total vegetable servings as well.

Wraps are lower in carbs than bread, so that is another added benefit.

3. Chicken Soup. Chicken soup is next up on the list of ways to serve chicken you won’t grow tired of. The great thing about soup is it is a high volume food, meaning you can eat quite a bit of it without accumulating too many calories.

Toss whichever vegetables you want into the soup and then add in some rice or whole wheat pasta – or go without if you want a low carb option.

4. Chicken Meatloaf. Finally, do not overlook a ground chicken breast. A ground chicken breast is just as healthy as a regular chicken breast and offers a world of options. Chicken meatloaf, for instance, is a delicious change of pace from a regular chicken breast and far healthier than traditional meatloaf.

Just be sure to add some shredded vegetables into the chicken meatloaf to help prevent it from being too dry.

As you can see, there is no reason to find yourself bored with chicken any longer. Get creative and look at what you can come up with.

Ways To Tackle Obesity

Obesity is a global phenomenon. We see increasingly that the new generation has a tendency to put on more weight much earlier than what was prevalent in the previous generations. As per WHO statistics, obesity is the single largest reason for cardiac arrests and pre-mature death. As the medical community is geared up to tackle this menace, we need to go back in time to find methods to overcome this. Let us discuss together a method to manage obesity.

There are many reasons experts say for obesity. One is the diet and other is lack of exercise. But look deeply, there is only one reason. Your genes. You are expressing one of your parent's or grandparent's genes, which has a tendency for obesity. When one of your parent is slim there is an even chance for you to be slim. But if both parent are obese, there is still a possibility that the genes of one of our ancestors could make us a slim and fit person.

Our DNA, which is the blue print stored deep inside our cells is capable of expressing itself differently under different environments. Our DNA is copied to RNA, which is then used to build proteins by the ribosomes within our cells. Our scientists have discovered the pre-disposition of human body to obesity due to certain environmental conditions. What all these point to is that the human body can be programmed to express slim genes, only if we knew how.

In societies, where there is abundance of food available there is a great risk of obesity. It is true that our diets does influence our genes to a certain extent. So, choosing the right diet would alter the way the genes are copied from DNA to RNA and then expressed by creation of proteins. There is a separate discipline called natural genomics where these aspects are being explored.

All these point to the inherent truth that we do not need to be accepting our condition as an obese person. We can under right conditions, influence our minority fields around us to express our slim genes. There is a solution which helps us to express our recessive slim genes, which changes our outlook. This is an acoustic therapy that can be used to treat all kinds of conditions. Obesity is one of them. The secret to know is, our gene expression or our external features are controlled by the unseen substance body around us. By conditioning this field, with quantum sounds we can cure us of any disease or condition.

In this technology, you are given precise instructions to send the quantum sounds to certain planes around your body. This is a guided therapy with clear instructions which harmonizes your body body corresponding to your navel. Over a period of 48 days, these sounds re-condition your sub and physical body to express the best possible slim gene.

You will start losing unnecessary weight naturally. Essentially you have a possible second life. Most important aspect of this treatment is to have faith which opens your heart. This effects the lethal electromagnetic guidance field around you and makes seemingly impossible things possible.

Now is the Time For Change.

Insect Repellent Wipes Vs Insect Repellent Sprays

With the official start of summer just kicking off this last weekend, comes the often discussed debate of insect repellent sprays versus insect repellent wipes.

With the now, constant threats of West Nile Virus and Lyme disease on the rise, many individuals are staking their positions.

In addition to these primary concerns is the simple fact that bugs carry bacteria and with insect bites come bug-borne illness.

Albeit, the average illness, if you will, may only culminate into an uncomfortable rash or skin irritation. So, the idea of misting your children in a daily chemical fog may prove equally uncomfortable.

I for one, perk up like Pavlov dog when I hear the sliding screen door open any time after 5PM. This is followed by a “drill sergeant” type questioning of my children; “Where are you going?” “Did you put on bug spray?” No. “Come back in and assume the position!”

This is followed by two minutes of spraying any portions of exposed skin, behind the neck and under the shirts on the stomach and backs of my children.

They usually make a face and so do I. My face is one of smug satisfaction, that for a few short hours, I have outsmarted every mosquito in my immediate area.

My children on the other hand, walk outside in a temporary sticking mess, depending on the products we’ve used.

In the past, I’ve tried sprays, lotions and oils to keep my children from becoming a meal for mosquito’s and ticks.

Of late, I have recently become a fan for insect repellent wipes. The wipes are compact and can fit easily in my pocket or purse, so when we are not at home, there is not that verboten sense of urgency to get to our destination without the small added additional worry.

Still many of my friends agree that they would like to limit their children’s’ exposure to potentially toxic chemicals.

So I decided to take a look at the pros and cons of insect repellent sprays versus insect repellent wipes.

Here are the Pros of why you should Use an Insect Repellent Spray

• Sprays have more options including DEET, soy-based bite blockers, lemon oil and eucalyptus oil.

• Protection can last up to 90 minutes per use

• Can be used on children over 6 years old

• Can be unscented for persons with smell sensitivities

Here are the Cons of why you should hold Off on Insect Repellent Sprays

• Some natural oils like citronella and peppermint can be less effective

• Depending on the brand, you may have to re-apply every 30-90 minutes

• Some oils may be toxic if ingested accidentally via aerosol

• Sprays containing more than 30% of DEET can be toxic to children and pets

Here are the Pros of why you Use Insect Repellent Wipes

• Insect Repellent Wipes are individual wrapped. One packet usually covers a small child

• TSA friendly. You can carry wipes to a vacation destination instead of using questionable local products.

• Contains far less than 30% DEET per individual pack

• Does not spill or leak

• Can work up to 2 hours per application

Here are the Cons of why you should hold off on Insect Repellent Wipes

• Adults may require up to two wipes for full coverage

• Reapplication needed after swimming or any water sports

• Sold in smaller quantities, from 3pk to 48pks

• Not recommended for children under 2 months old

• Can cause skin irritation in certain people

So how will you personally weigh the risk of insects this summer? Will you base your decision on chemicals or the lack thereof?

Will you opt for the all-natural versions of insect repellents and re-apply often? Maybe you’ve decided to limit the time you spend outdoors this summer.

What about your summer vacation? Are mosquito’s the same everywhere? Will your current insect repellent work everywhere you are?

These are valid questions to ask yourself every time you scratch that spot on the back of your knee.

Sampling products early in the season to determine what works best for your family is a great option. If you find a spray that you like and works well for your family, you may want to find out if there is a travel size that meets federal TSA regulations, so that you can have it on vacation with you.

Even if there are no smaller sizes available, you can easily pack your favorite insect repellent in your suitcase and hope that your luggage makes it to your destination when you do.

Call me a “Nervous Nancy” but where my kids are concerned, I tend to double down on protection when outside of my usual routine.

So, my carry-on will contain insect repellent wipes as well as a bottle of our favorite repellent spray.

I simply like the convenience of “moms’ little bag of tricks” and being prepared for any eventuality, including the fact that even when traveling inside the U.S., many stores and chain don’t carry the same products.

Natural bug sprays and wipes aren’t the only nontoxic ways that you can fight back against mosquito bites and other bugs. But in this day and age, you have a lot of choices. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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7 Diabetes Natural Treatments Revealed

Have we entered a new age? What does that mean? In the past if I had some ailment I would look to get rid of the problem as quick as possible. And usually take some drug to alleviate the pain or issue. Maybe you chose this route like I did.

I am still looking to get rid of my illness as quick as possible BUT, I look for some alternative to drugs. It is the same for me with diabetes. I have had high blood sugar. Through the use of a diabetes natural treatment I was able to decrease both my blood sugar level and my hemoglobin A1C. For me this is the only way to go.

Here is your diabetes natural treatments herbs list.

Asian ginseng

Asian ginseng is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural treatment for diabetes. It has been shown to enhance the release of insulin from the pancreas and to increase the number of insulin receptors. It also has a direct blood sugar-lowering effect. A recent study found that 200 mg of ginseng extract per day improved blood sugar control as well as energy levels in Type 2 diabetes (NIDDM).

Pterocarpus Marsupium – (This sounds like a possum's name)

The tree is the source of the Kino of the European pharmacopeas. The gum-resin looks like dried blood (Dragon's blood) (how appetizing). This is a often used in India as a diabetes natural treatment. The flavonoid, (-) – epicatechin, extracted from the bark of this plant has been shown to prevent alloxan-induced beta cell damage in rats. Both epicatechin and a crude alcohol extract of Pterocarpus marsupium have actually been shown to regenerate functional pancreatic beta cells. No other drug or natural agent has been shown to make this activity.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema assists the pancreas in the production of insulin in Type 2 diabetes. Making this herb an effective diabetes natural treatment. Gymnema also improves the ability of insulin to lower blood sugar in both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It decreases cravings for sweet. This herb can be an excellent substitute for oral blood sugar-lowering drugs in Type 2 diabetes. Some people take 500 mg per day of gymnema extract.


Experimental and clinical studies have demonstrated the antidiabetic properties of fenugreek seeds. The active ingredient responsible for the antidiabetic properties of fenugreek is in the defatted portion of the seed that comprise the alkaloid trogonelline, nicotinic acid and coumarin.

Two good friends to have – Onion and Garlic

Here are two easy to find diabetes natural treatments. Go check out the pantry. These two bulbs have been effective as having blood sugar lowering action.

The effects were alike in both raw and boiled onion extracts. Onions affect the hepatic metabolism of glucose and / or boost the release of insulin, and / or stop insulin's destruction.

Onion extract was found to diminish blood sugar levels through oral and intravenous glucose tolerance. The more onion extract used the better the results. There were also beneficial effects observed even for low levels used in the diet (eg, 25 to 200 grams). Raw or boiled onion made no difference in the results. Onions affect the hepatic metabolism of glucose and / or increase the release of insulin. This may also ward off insulin's destruction.

The bonus you receive from the use of garlic and onions are their beneficial cardiovascular effects. They are found to lower lipid levels, inhibit platelet aggregation and are antihypertensive. So, liberal use of onion and garlic are recommended for diabetic patients. Two great diabetes natural treatments.

Just be careful not to get too close to people when using these foods.

Blueberry leaves

Blueberry anthocyanosides increases capillary reliability, inhibits free-radical damage and enhances the quality of the vascular system. In Europe, it is used as an anti-haemorrhagic agent in the treatment of eye diseases including diabetic retinopathy. I heard for a long time how good blueberries are. As a diabetes natural treatment makes all the sense in the world to me.

A mixture of the leaves of the blueberry has a long history of folk use in the treatment of diabetes. The compound myrtillin is apparently the most active ingredient. Upon injection it is somewhat weaker than insulin, but is less toxic, even at 50 times the 1 g per day therapeutic dose. Lasting weeks, one dosage has proven to be an effective diabetes natural treatment.


Bilberry may lower the risk of some diabetic complications, such as diabetic cataracts and retinopathy.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba extract may prove useful for prevention and treatment of early-stage diabetic neuropathy.

Cinnamon – Triple insulin's efficiency

The benefits of using diabetes natural treatments compared to using drugs are many. Two are; that they are safer to use, and get to the problem without the side effects that quite often accompanie medications. You may have to experiment with these alternative remedies to find the one that is best for you. Be responsible with your care.

You have been given a list of at least seven diabetes natural treatments. I have had success using some of these herbs. Hopefully you will as well.

Food Allergies Facts

True food allergy affects about 2% of the population. It's important to distinguish an allergy from an intolerance to avoid unnecessary food restrictions.

A food allergy is an adverse reaction to a food that involves the immune system. When people ingest foods they are allergic to, their immune systems produce antibodies specific to that food. These antibodies attach to certain blood vessels (basophils and mast cells) and upon contact with a food allergen, release various substances responsible for allergic symptoms.


Skin problems:



Itchy skin rashes

Breathing problems:


Throat tightness

Swollen lips / tongue



Circulatory problems:

Pale skin


Loss of consciousness

Stomach problems:





A food allergy can occur at any age. However, it occurs most often in children under 6 years of age. It's estimated that 1 in every 20 children has food allergy. Food allergy is most common in children with a parental history of food allergy.

Foods that are responsible for most allergic reactions include milk, eggs, fish (tuna, salmon, cod), shellfish (shrimp, lobster), soy, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts (walnuts, cashews, pecans, pistachios).

When the immune system reacts to a food allergen, several body systems may be involved and a person may experience multiple symptoms. If several body systems are affected, the reaction can be sever and life threatening, resulting in anaphylaxis.

What's anaphylaxis?

A severe allergic reaction that comes on quickly and can be fatal is called anaphylaxis. A combination of symptoms may occur during anaphylaxis, but breathing and circulation problems may become severe. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency and requires immediate medical attention. Anaphylaxis is treated with epinephrine (epi) by injection. This medication reverses throat swelling and wheezing and improves blood pressure and circulation. Epi can save lives of those with food allergy, so if you suspect that your family member has food allergy discuss it with your health care provider as soon as possible.

Sore Jaw Bone – and the Top 4 TMJ Symptoms

Living with a sore jaw bone on a regular basis could mean that you suffer from a condition called TMJ. Over 12 million people in the world suffer from TMJ. TMJ, also known as Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome or TMD, is a condition involving the alignment of the jaw which causes pain and discomfort. Here are the top 4 TMJ Symptoms:

  1. Jaw Clicking and Popping – Misalignment of the jaw bone and other disorders associated with TMJ cause a fairly classic symptom, which is a popping of the jaw joint or clicking sound. This clicking and popping may or may not be painful.
  2. Migraines – migraines or frequent tension headaches could be a symptom of TMJ. Individuals with TMJ often suffer from these types of headaches on a regular basis, sometimes making everyday life difficult.
  3. Lock Jaw – Lock jaw describes a limited to no ability to open the jaw or mouth. At this point, emergency intervention is sometimes needed in extremely severe cases.
  4. Neck and Shoulder Pain – TMJ places an extreme amount of stress on the entire head and neck area. Tension, stress, and pain in the neck and shoulders is often one of the first symptoms of TMJ, along with jaw pain.

TMJ can be a difficult disorder to live with because of the discomfort and sometimes excruciating pain that it brings. Therapeutic management of the condition is one of the keys to finding relief and even reversing the misalignment of the jaw. Do not let anyone tell you that you must undergo expensive and painful surgery to correct your TMJ.

Dog Coughing – Five Common Causes of Canine Coughing

Dog coughing can occur for many different reasons, some of them serious and others minor. Your dog can cough if he drinks water too fast, or he can cough due to lung or heart conditions. Other common causes include parasites, allergies, and distemper. This article will take a look at some of the common causes of canine coughing.

Kennel Cough

As it's name suggests, the main symptom of this disease is frequent coughing. Dogs with a healthy immune system can get over in roughly two weeks. However, puppies and smaller breeds may develop thick secretions that can cause pneumonia. This can be a life-threatening condition.


One of the next common causes of dog coughing is distemper. Most canines are vaccinated from this disease, but all of them are not. This disease can be fatal to puppies and dogs without a healthy immune system. Distemper causes symptoms that mimic a human's head cold. They include a dry cough, yellow discharge from eyes and nose, and a relatively high fever.


Roundworms are internal parasites that can also cause canine coughing. After infecting your dog, they wind up living in his intestine. Dogs because infected by ingesting soil that has been contaminated with eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the worms crawl up your dog's windpipe which results in coughing. A light infestation of roundworms is easily treatable.


Heartworms on the other hand present a much more serious problem. An infestation of these worms is often fatal. By the time your dog starts to cough, the disease has already progressed to an advanced stage. Treatment involves a series of injections given weeks apart. The first injection contains arsenic which will kill the worms. The next injection is aimed at destroying microfilariae circulating in the blood.


Infectious tonsillitis is a condition in which your dog's tonsils become swollen and painful. These two symptoms prompt your dog to try to cough the tonsils up violently. Some dogs will also paw at their mouths. Treatment usually involves giving your dog antibiotics for a few weeks until the infection is cleared up.

Positive and Negative Effects of Colonialism

Colonialism refers to the action of taking command over a nation politically and exploiting in economically. The people that have power are actually labeled as colonists whereas the indigenous folks make up the colonies. In the 16th century, the European states took advantage of the technological advancements of theirs and colonized the weaker areas of the community. Areas as Asia, America, Australia, and Africa were underdeveloped and the European states exploited them with raw materials and cheap labor. Additionally, it provided the colonizers with a chance to exercise the power of theirs and open up fresh market segments. There are broadly 2 kinds of colonialism, specifically, settler colonialism where there’s large scale immigration of foreigners in the colonies as well as exploitation colonialism – the places where there are actually less colonists in the colonies but massive amounts of everything is exported.

As negative as it may sound, colonialism has a merits. Let us talk about them in brief.

Positive Effects of Colonialism

The European nations benefited a great deal from colonialism. Nevertheless, the colonies likewise learned a great deal from the advanced nations. For example, education watched a totally new light when the advanced nations got over the underdeveloped lands. The method of 3Rs was created that centered on checking, publishing, and arithmetic. Literacy levels saw an increase in a sense of nationalism as well as intelligence was created. Additionally, with the spread of training came a consciousness about the land of theirs. The colonies discovered what gems they were living on. Additionally, they discovered the art form of defense. The colonies were helped by the colonists to protect themselves against some other enemies.

The infrastructure of the colonies also underwent a radical change. To be able to facilitate luxurious living and trade of officers posted, the colonies were developed by the colonists. That lead to the betterment of living requirements of the colonies as well as taught them means of the civilized folks.

Health was another segment which discovered a significant transformation. With the intrusion of Western folks arrived the Western lifestyle as well as health care. This led to much better life expectancy of the indigenous folks by bounds and leaps. Sanitation improved as well as the infant mortality rates went down. Along with medications, the Europeans also brought brand new technologies with them which included tools and weapons.

Apart from everything this, Christianity rose. The colonists had a brand new market to push towards the religion of Christianity. The colonization even highlighted the colonies in front of the community. A feeling of forbid dance was abolished.

Damaging Effects of Colonialism

Only one of the main adverse impacts of Colonialism was slavery. Right from India to Africa, folks had been enslaved as well as used to the mother country. They were being pressured to leave their work and families with no pay. All of this deteriorated the psychological and also physical independence as well as ailments of the colonized places.

Apart from being pulled to the European nations, colonized folks had been being created working on the own land of theirs as slaves. The Europeans acquired lands in the colonized places and also forced the indigenous folks to focus on them without pays.

The traditions and countries of the indigenous folks had been trampled and berated. Sometimes the clothes of the indigenous folks was belittled. They had been forced to go along with Christianity and also talk the dialect of the mother country. Paganism and the beauty connected with it had been lost. They had been forced to purchase the goods of theirs and also consume the foods they supplied them with. In addition to all this, overseas invaders brought along a number of brand new diseases with them. The unprepared systems of the natives could not bear several of them that resulted in untimely deaths.

The Europeans, particularly the British employed the divide and rule policy. For this reason, they made a number of new boundaries which divided the natives. People had been uprooted, kids and females harassed. The colonists never gave administrative articles to the indigenous folks. Nevertheless, several lower posts were given to a couple of selected ones. This made the chosen people think better and led to community conflicts and also rifts.

The colonies had been ripped off the natural beauty of theirs and gems offered to them by God. Diamonds, spices, rubber, essential oils, ivory, gold, etc had been removed off the colonies and exported to the mother country. The colonies had no means of survival and earnings right now. They had been rendered helpless a totally reliant on the wretched colonists.

To conclude with, it’s quite apparent that colonialism did much more bad than really good, though it was an important stage for the improvement of a great deal of regions. Quoting Ashis Nandy from The Intimate Enemy: Loss and Recovery of Self under Colonialism, “Modern colonialism won its great victories not so much through its military and technological prowess as through its ability to create secular hierarchies incompatible with the traditional order.”