Your Eyes Are As Important As Hers

Women are used to receive compliments from men who admire their eyes' color or general shape. On the other hand, although men are not used in hearing compliments from women, let alone other men, when they become the subject of positive comments regarding their eyes, they usually feel rather happy that someone has not noticed their lack of hair or big arms , but one of their most distinct facial features, their eyes, and decided to pay them a compliment. But human eyes, as any other organ, need special attention of their spouse and particularly well care. Especially men, who usually avoid wearing regular or sun-glasses or visiting the office of an eye-doctor, have to know why performing a regular eye check is important and what types of vision problems they might have to face one day.

In fact, many serious developing eye problems have no obvious onset symptoms, so it is important to see an eye doctor regularly even if the visiting person does not suffer from any pains or headaches or does not have an already detected eye problem and wears glasses. The right doctor to visit is an ophthalmologist, an MD eye specialist. Optometrists also examine a person's eyes but they are not doctors. Neither are the opticians who are trained to fit glasses and contact lenses.

In addition to checking one's eyes, recommend the right type of glasses and / or contact lenses-after determining whether or not one actually needs them-an eye doctor will use an ophthalmoscope to examine the optic nerve and retina-the light sensitive membrane at the back of the eye that captures images from the lens and cornea. It is also recommended that everyone gets an eye pressure test to detect at an early stage the second most common kind of serious eye problem, after the macular degeneration, the glaucoma. This type of eye problem, affects about 2 percent of people over 62 in the United States-making it one of the most common causes of vision loss. Detected in people of all ages-although older people are at higher risk-glaucoma is now considered a cluster of diseases that damage the optic nerve and cause limited peripheral vision. Thus, if it is not treated, glaucoma may lead to blindness. Most glaucoma is caused by a buildup of pressure within the eye, but more women than men develop an insidious form, called normal pressure glaucoma. That is why a checkup needs to measure eye pressure as well as to examine the optic nerve. If it is done early, it need not cause blindness. Eye-drops, laser treatments and surgery keep glaucoma in check in most cases.

Another type of serious eye problem is macular degeneration that causes vision injury by destroying the center of the retina. It wipes out central vision and gradually makes driving, reading and any other close work impossible. Although its cause is still unknown, genetic predisposition and family history have pinpointed that it is more common in people with light-colored eyes and those who smoke.

Finally, there is the well-known eye problem of cataracts, which is a clouding of the lens that interferes with vision, affecting usually more women than men, mainly because they live longer. But due to aging, ultraviolet light, and smoking, all men have to be aware of the danger to develop cataract. Fortunately, 20 to 30 minutes in surgery restores sight to 95 percent for both male and female patients.

What is a Physical Therapist?

For people who have had a stroke, sports injury, or debilitating accident, loss of simple functions such as walking, talking, or even lifting an arm or finger can be devastating. Luckily there are health care professionals that specialize in helping people to achieve their strength, movement, and coordination. A physical therapist is one such health care professional, and they can be a miracle worker to those who have disabilities due to illness, injury, or accident.

A physical therapist works with patients to determine what their injuries or disabilities are, and then develops an exercise program that will allow them to regain use of functions that have been lost. The physical therapist may focus on areas to increase a patient's strength, range of motion, coordination, and endurance, and also seeks to prevent permanent injury and relieve pain through a variety of exercises. Patients will visit the physical therapist several times a week for exercises and evaluation, and will often be given exercises to perform at home.

The physical therapist will typically prescribe the use of devices, prosthetics, or other appliances that will help accelerate healing, or allow a patient to carry out normal activities. They will work with the patient, and show him / her how to use the device in the correct manner. A physical therapist will also monitor progress at each visit, and work with the patient's other doctors to ensure that they are apprised of progress or issues.

Therapy can often be slow, painstaking work, but to be able to regain lost functions such as speech, walking, and movement can be tremendously warmening. A good physical therapist is able to motivate and inspire patients to continue their exercises and progress, even if they have difficult disabilities to overcome.

To become a physical therapist, a person must have a bachelor's degree, and must then graduate from a Physical Therapy school to obtain their doctor of physical therapy degree (DPT). Physical Therapy schools combine clinical work with regular coursework, and most students attend about 4 years. To become a licensed practitioner, they must pass state boards in the state they wish to be licensed in. Physical Therapy programs are very competitive, so undergraduates should maintain a high grade point average, and try to get work experience in the field.

A physical therapist can treat a variety of needs, while others may specialize in certain areas such as Sports Therapy, Geriatrics, Pediatrics, or Neurology, obtaining additional training and certification.

The field of Physical Therapy can be both very challenging and very rewarding for both the patient and the Physical Therapist. The schooling and breadth of knowledge needed by the physical therapist is extensive, but will be well utilized by the patients requiring physical therapy to recover from injury and illness.

Waxing Exam Questions – Examples for Your Revision Plan

Waxing is a popular treatment in a beauty salon, so as a beauty therapist you need to be 100% confident with your technique and make sure your knowledge of waxing is second to none. Having a large selection of waxing exam questions is therefore essential to any beauty student’s study plan.

There are 4 different types of wax including;





You need to know the difference between each one, the ingredients, what temperature they should be, what areas of the body they are used on and how to apply the wax etc.

Another vital area that needs to be covered when you are studying waxing is the anatomy and physiology part of it, namely anatomy of the skin and hair.

Take a look at the following waxing questions and see how many you can answer, try not to look at the answers;

1. What temperature should warm wax be used at? (Around 43 degrees C)

2. What 3 things make up the hair shaft? (Medulla, Cortex, Cuticle)

3. What are the 3 stages of the hair growth cycle? (Catagen, Telogen, Anagen)

4. What type of wax is ideally used on stronger, short hairs? (Hot)

5. Where is sebum produced? (Sebaceous Glands)

How did you do? These are the most basic questions that you need to know so if you were not able to answer even 1 of them, then you need to alter your revision plan.

A lot of terminology that you need to learn can be very difficult to remember so using your waxing revision questions over and over again will greatly improve your chances of retaining the information.

A lot of examining bodies such as ITEC, VTCT, NVQ and CIDESCO offer multiple choice questions as the format for the exam. Some examples of these type of waxing exam questions include the following;

01. Which endocrine gland is known as the master gland?

a) Pineal

b) Thyrod

c) Adrenal

d) Pituitary – Answer

02. Warm waxes are frequently made of mixtures of;

a) Resin and oil

b) Glucose syrup and honey

c) Glucose syrup and zinc oxide – Answer

d) Honey and witch hazel

03. Which one of the following is a cause of ingrowing hairs?

a) Too much exfoliation

b) Oily skin

c) Hot wax

d) Poor waxing technique – Answer

04. What is the composition of the cortex?

a) Thin, unpigmented flat cells

b) Thick, pigmented cells

c) Several layers of closely packed elongated cells – Answer

d) Several layer of closely packed endothelial cells

The secret to passing your waxing exam is having a structured revision plan which includes various exam questions and quizzes that you can revise.

A Comprehensive 500 Calorie Diet Plan

Nowadays, people are extremely conscious about their physical condition and health. That is why they are adopting different dieting plans in order to get the smart and attractive body. The need of calories for every person depends on the different factors such as activity level, age and weight. However, in general a dieting man need about 1,700 to 2,000 calories per day and a dieting woman need about 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day to support basic functions of the body.

So, when it comes to 500 calorie diet you can easily imagine that how little amount of food you have to eat when you are working out with 500 calorie diet plan. It is very important to know that you should have to reduce the calorie intake gradually, because, suddenly reducing the calorie level at such low figure can become the cause of some serious health issues. You can start this by simply minimizing the intake of simple saturated acids and carbohydrates. Following is a 500 calorie diet plan for you.


As we all know that we must have to start our day with healthy and heavy breakfast, but in a 500 calorie diet plan you cannot do this. When you are working on this diet plan then different decaffeinated teas like green tea, chamomile and red clover are quite useful to achieve this goal. A cup of skimmed milk is also a very good option. If you are a person who is addicted to the regular tea and cannot start a day without drinking it then add some stevia or saccharin in it. You can also eat some citrus fruits in the breakfast like grapefruits, oranges etc. because they contain very low amount of calories.


No breads, brown rice or tortillas for lunch! You can only take a bowl of soup which is made up of some green leafy vegetables. It is important to include only vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals. Squash, cabbage, yam, broccoli, chickpeas and peas are the ideal vegetables for the lunch menu of 500 calorie diet. If your heart is craving for the meat then you can eat some boiled fish or chicken without adding oil and salt in it. The quantity of protein which is required for your body can be easily sufficed with the help of these low-calorie foods. You can also eat some salads which are made from the raw vegetables.


For your dinner you can follow the same menu. Each and every 500 calorie diet recipe prepared from the oil that does not contain any kind of saturated fatty acids. The best oils for this particular diet plan are olive oil and horseradish oil. You should take some soups which are made from the black beans, pulses and zucchini, during dinner. Seafood like sardines, salmon, or tuna and baked vegetables are also good for the dinner, because these zero calorie foods have the ability to satisfy your hunger.

So that is the 500 calorie diet plan. You may feel very hungry and uncomfortable if you start this plan immediately. Therefore, initially, with the help of low-calorie food you can reduce the amount of calories to 900 per day and then you can gradually reduce this amount to the desired level that is 500 calories per day. Now let us talk about some pros and cons of the 500 calorie diet plan.

Pros of 500 Calorie Diet Plan

1. Quick Weight Loss – Obviously the biggest benefit of this diet plan is the quick weight loss. Actually, this is considered as one of the fastest ways of weight loss. Without doing any kind of exercise you can reduce about 3 to 5 pounds weekly with the help this plan.

2. Cheap – The 500 calorie diet is the cheapest way to lose your weight. Because you just need 500 calories per day.

3. More Energy – You can easily notice that after a heavy breakfast, your body become little sluggish. The reason behind it is your body has to work hard in order to burn it off. By adopting 500 calories your body does not have to burn a lot of calories, therefore, you can stay fresh and awake.

Cons of 500 Calorie Diet Plan

1. Hunger – Most of the people feel hungry throughout the day when they start to work on this plan, and it is the biggest con of this low-calorie diet plan. Make sure that you eat a lot of vegetables, if you want to feel better.

2. Health Risks – Sometimes these diet plans become very risky and can become the cause of some serious health issues like hair loss, kidney stones etc.

3. No Eating Out with Family & Friends –You cannot go out for the lunch or dinner with your family when you are following a 500 calorie diet plan.

Weight Loss After Giving Birth – The Secret Formula to Shed Pounds Off After Pregnancy

You might complain that you don’t have time for exercise after your baby is born as you would be super busy with being a mother. You should take advantage of being busy as it can help you burn calories. The more you are physically busy the more calories your body burns. It is so true, and then you lose some weight – doesn’t it sound good? Anyway, here are some tips of losing weight after pregnancy:

– Drink a lot of water, not less than 10 glasses per day. Water can help you lose weight. Water helps your liver flush the waste out of your body, your kidneys don’t have to work so hard to get rid of the waste. Drinking water is one of the best ways to lose weight after giving birth. You would need a lot of water as you lost a lot during your birth giving.

– Eat lean meat – especially fish and chicken. There are good sources of protein that your body needs, plus there is little fat so it’s very good to consume this kind of meat.

– Eat more fruit and vegetables, this is good sources of vitamins and minerals. Try to eat 1 apple before each meal. Apples can help you lose weight as they make you feel full longer period of times.

– Saunas are good after giving birth. Try to use a sauna 30 minutes a day for 2 weeks after your baby is born. You will see that you can lose weight faster, your skin looks fresher and plus it’s good for your body that time.

– Exercise: you might not have time to exercise since you would be busy taking care of your newborn and doing other things. You don’t have to exercise if you don’t have time but try to do all the house chores and baby caring by yourself – at least it would help you burn some extra calories.

Villain Costume Parties and How to Throw a Great One

Remember how much fun it was, as a child, to dress up and believe that you were someone else? It didn’t matter whether you dressed up in super villain costumes and/or super hero outfits. It is also fun to watch the antics of young children and how much they enjoy putting on new personalities.

The same goes for adults going to a party. Adults can have fun normally. However when you upgrade it to a themed party it then becomes a photo spectacular event. Most people setup a hero or medieval theme for these parties but you can have a lot more fun by having a villain slant to the same party.

Dressing up in villain costumes give us permission to be a little more wild and crazy as a temptress or a witch, a pirate or an executioner. Who would like to dress up as magneto or one of the brother hood of mutants. Lets face it people, playing a villain can be just as much fun if not more.

Costume parties provoke conversations that differ from the norm’ and dressing up in villain costumes even more so. Everyone knows about the heroes, and the basics as to why they became so. However not many people know much in the way of details of villains. Wearing villains costumes provokes a different line of conversation and can as a theme make your party much more lively. There is a lot to be said about wearing your conversation piece on you. No more boring conversations about the ticks on the cat next door. Now you can talk in character about how much you would like to roast the cat next door!!!!

Also if a couple have a falling out at the party while in costume who will think more of it?! Everyone knows that villains fight among themselves!!

Where to start:

If you are going to make your themed party, villain costumes, you are going to need a plan. That is, if like other villains, you want to be remembered for world domination or at least party domination.

So here are the steps to world… Um I mean, party domination:

  1. who to invite
  2. decide on a theme/genre
  3. where to get your villain costumes
  4. date of the party
  5. party games/prizes
  6. food to prepare
  7. security and safety

Who to invite:

This should be a no brainer – other villains – but seriously, friends or and family as is appropriate. You want people there who are going to add to the party atmosphere not bring it down with drunken obscene behavior.

Decide on a theme/genre

Decide on a villain costumes party theme. You can keep it generic allowing villain costumes from historical or mythical references, or from TV such as cartoons, sitcoms or movies, the list goes on. Just browse villain costumes and see what is available then it is a case of adding accessories. Some themes you can go for are historical, mythical, super villains, sitcom villains, alien villains, undead, phantom villains, comic book villains the list goes on.

Where to get your villain costumes:

You are going to want elaborate villain costumes that are the best quality that you and your guests can use more than once. This way they can always be used at fancy dress office parties, on Halloween or other more generic costume parties. Best of all you can save yourself time, money, petrol and energy by purchasing online.

Date of the party:

Make sure to give yourself enough time to have your costumes delivered. Also allow extra, time if your guests will have to purchase or make their own villain costumes. The thing is that by giving your guests enough notice about the party, they will be able to plan in advance, and organize their villain costumes and wmd’s- (weapons of mass distraction), ummmm I mean accessories. Then your plans will be set in motion and your party will be set to rock. First the street then the world!

Party games/prizes:

To make your costume party worth remembering you can have prizes for the best costume or if it is a large gathering for the best villain costumes in each genre. Remember people, accessorize! Villains are all for it. Death rays, red double edged light-sabers, unique super powers to doomsday devices.

Remember the friends and family that go to the effort of getting dressed up enjoy themselves the most. Having pictures of them dressed up in their villain costumes will stand out in the photo album. It is definitely worth having an area set aside for photo’s at the start of the party because when people arrive in their villain costumes, will be when they will look their best. Get them to strike a pose, it will get them into the mood, not to mention it will make a great picture.

Food to prepare:

Your food can also have a theme as well. Just make sure that there is plenty of it as you don’t want your villains to go else where to get food and not return. Make sure you know what food allergies your guests have if any.

Security and safety

Before you have the party on the day/night there are a couple of things to tick off. Have the local police in your pocket… Um… I mean let them know that you are having a themed party. Give them the:

  • Date it will be on.
  • Time it will start and approximate finish time.
  • Approximate number of people that will be attending.
  • Also the name of any security company you will be using on the night.

If you arrange for minions… Um… Security guards to be at the party. Get them into the spirit as well by having them dressed with a cursory shirt marked as security. Make sure you feed them too. A minion marches on their stomach… Not a pretty sight but fun to watch… Mwah hahahahha.!! I am mentioning this again but make sure that you get a list of food that your guests are allergic to (check with the minions as well,… Hey, you employ them, there your minions!). This way you can be sure that the food you order or make will be safe for everyone.

You don’t want to change your villain costumes theme to a “who dunit” with you as the prime suspect. “it was Dr. Doom in the kitchen with the peanuts!”

The best part of the themed villain costumes party is that gate crashers are easily recognized and can be asked to leave. Failing this if you can see that they are looking to start trouble don’t confront them, especially alone.

Organize for more than one of your multiple guests to take a photo with their camera phone, discretely! Before or while you speak with them. If you get any resistance, don’t push it. Walk away, call the police (who should know about the party before hand) and inform them what has happened or is happening. This way you have their mug shot should something happen, also at the very least, the police will be on their way.

Have a first aid kit available just in case someone injures themselves some how. As with any party advise your neighbors or invite them just make sure that the invite states that entry is permitted to those with villain costumes. You can also deck out your house with villain propaganda and also have villain games and trivia questions. People love prizes.

Have the numbers of a couple of taxi companies available should you need to call someone a cab also the number for the local hospital and police station as well. You can also let your guests know before hand that you suspect that the police will be patrolling the area as well. That way if you have friends who are inclined to have too much to drink and get behind the wheel, this knowledge should make them think twice.

Finally with all that said, have fun, that is why you are having a villain costumes theme party after all and send me a couple of pictures by email. I would love to put them up on the site.

Scope of MDS Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge

A branch of dental sciences, Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge includes the study of creation and placement of such artificial dentures of teeth lost due to an injury or disease. This branch of dentistry deals with the replacement and restoration of lost teeth as well as the related structures through a dental prosthesis that restores the optimal function, comfort and aesthetics of a patient.

The services include the replacement of teeth, associated oral as well as maxillofacial tissues through removing and fixing methods like implants. The restorations comprise bridges, crowns, inlays and veneers. When it comes to appropriate restorations, its effectiveness is determined with the materials used, the extent of destruction, tooth orientation and location as well as condition of the adjacent teeth.

Job Opportunities and Scope

There is ample scope for a postgraduate in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge. Such postgraduates can land up with a job in colleges, universities, teaching hospitals and research institutes. Trained private practitioners can have their own clinic which could fetch them a fortune. Those who have an inclination towards social service can join non-governmental organizations and contribute to the welfare of society. Those who have bigger dreams, can go abroad to countries like the US, Australia and the UK and establish their setup till they gain confidence about a good practice.

Colleges have a set goal behind imparting education in this area which trains and develops such dental health professionals who conform to global standards of quality care in prosthetic treatment. The teaching fulfils the objective of offering options for replacing the missing teeth with artificial substitutes. Another aim is to train the undergraduates and guide the postgraduates to excel in a scientific research approach.

Course Structure

If anyone wants to pursue a special course in Prosthodontics and Crown & Bridge, he or she needs to study for three years in order to get familiar with the installation procedure and implants. This field incorporates a training programme that has been structured to gain skills and knowledge in communication, research, aptitude and practice clinical and theoretical laboratory. This requires a sound understanding of cultural, social, environmental and educational background of society. The postgraduates in this stream are experts in Prosthodontic therapy with a good knowledge of behavioral, medical and clinical science.

Criteria for Selection

The basic requirement to opt for this discipline is a bachelor of dental surgery (BDS) from a reputed educational institution that has gained the recognition of Dental Council of India. The selection for this course at various medical colleges is based on the scores of state or national level centralized entrance tests conducted across the country. Students can complete their MDS successfully to work at a private hospital or for a government establishment or open an independent clinic.

Heart Disease Treatment – Do You Know Dancing Can Improve Your Heart Health?

Medical researchers have recently conducted a study in Italy and found that dancing can be a much better exercise than walking on a treadmill or bicycling for those suffering from heart disease. The patients who took up waltzing reported much better results in every aspect of their heart health, including a significant improvement in breathing. In comparison to those who followed traditional fitness programs, the dancers showed much better improvement in their ability to do housework, pursue hobbies, have sex, and sleep.

Exercise And Longevity Are Interconnected
It has been a proven fact since ages that regular exercise increases longevity for everyone, including those with heart failure. It has been commonly noticed that people in such medical conditions often tend to get depressed and they remain sedentary. However, the fact is that you can still live much longer by maintaining a good activity level. But, the traditional exercise programs have been designed in such a way that it becomes very difficult for the patients to stick with the same for a long time. Over seventy percent of heart disease patients always felt the need of a more exciting and easy exercise method so that they could enjoy doing that and stick with the same. The good news is that we now have a great alternative in the form of dancing.

Why Dancing?
The first thing that is very important for you to understand that not all type of dancing is good for your health. If you are planning to go for break dance, you will only end up breaking your heart. What researchers mean by dancing is slow dance. They specifically chose waltz, as it has been scientifically proven than waltz can be a very aerobic exercise. Another reason why researchers preferred waltz is the very fact that it has a universal appeal. Besides that, it is obviously more fun to do than running on a treadmill. Because of the fun factor involved in dancing, it motivates people with heart disease to stick with their prescribed exercise program. However, the researchers made it clear that almost any kind of slow dance can equally work and that waltz is not the only form of dancing exercise for patients with heart failure. So, even if you do not know much about waltz, you can try any type of slow dance that you are comfortable with. But again, you are strongly recommended to consult with your doctor before you start any dancing exercise. Your cardiologist understands your medical condition much better than anyone else and they will suggest you the best program to follow accordingly.

Overall, the next time if your cardiologist prescribes you waltzing for better heart health, you should not get surprised. A growing number of practitioners all over the world have approved dancing as a good exercise program for people suffering from heart disease.

What Vitamins Are Good For The Treatment Of Melasma?

There’s no question that there are numbers topical treatments on the market meant to fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. Some require a doctor’s prescription and supervision and some do not. These topicals are often meant to bleach the skin, and as a result, they can be quite harsh. People with sensitive skin sometimes have difficulty tolerating them and, in an awful irony, these treatments often make your skin more sensitive to the sun, which you probably know isn’t good if you have this skin condition (since the sun makes it worse.) Also, these topical treatments are said to thin the skin over time, potentially making an already difficult problem even worse.

So, many people become interested in trying to treat melasma from the inside out. They hope that if they take the right vitamins and supplements, they might see an improvement and can avoid the harsh treatments that work directly on the skin. People often ask me which, if any vitamins work best for this type this condition. Although I certainly don’t advocate just taking a bunch of supplements and hoping for the best (as this could potentially be dangerous,) I will discuss this more in the following article.

Vitamins Often Used For Melasma: Many of the supplements used for this condition are antioxidants. This are taken in the hopes that they can counter sun damage. The most commonly used are vitamin C and vitamin E. C is also sometimes taken with an iron supplement because this is said to counter too much copper, which many feel is a possible contributor to hyper pigmentation.

Folic acid is also sometimes tried because it’s theorized that women who are pregnant or on birth control pills sometimes have a deficiency. People will often take vitamins that are known to generally be good for the skin hoping that this will also be effective for the uneven skin tone. Examples are aloe vera, biotin, and co-enzyme Q10.

Supplements Meant To Counter A Fungal Or Candida Issue: There are some people who feel strongly that melasma is related to yeast overgrowth, candida, or fungal issues. So, many supplements that are tried here are meant to address and counter this. Examples in this category are MSM, grape seed extract, grapefruit seed extract, garlic, and oil or oregano. Of course, if you suspect that you have a medical issue, it’s a good idea to ask your doctor rather than to just guess at this.

Combining Vitamins With Topical Treatments: In my opinion, the right vitamin for your situation is worth a try. But I see too many people throwing a bunch of different supplements at this condition and, when they do or don’t get a result, they have no idea what is working and what isn’t because they are using so many different things. This really doesn’t do much good. I also people taking huge dosages of things would could do more harm than good.

I believe that both topicals and vitamins can have their place, although I don’t advocate harsh products. But, it only makes sense that you have to have the right treatment for the right cause. From my own experience and research, I believe that different people have different causes for their melasma. Sometimes, it likely is a yeast or fungal issue. Sometimes, it’s my opinion that there’s potential hormonal issue. And other times, it appears to be a dermatological issue. And some lucky folks (like myself) have more than one issue at play which can make treatment more difficult and long lasting.

For me, combining topicals with the sensible use of the right vitamins and supplements has produced the best results. It’s important to discuss any concerns with your doctor and to have patience. Melasma treatments can take a while before you see the results that you’ve been hoping for, but it’s my experience that if you stay the course and find the right treatments, the results can eventually appear.

Technical Writing – How to Write Project Justification Documents

As part of building the overall project scope a technical author will first need to lay out the justification documentation. This document which can also be considered a “business case” lays out the fundamental reasons for implementing the project. Here’s a simple guide on creating a project justification.

State the Problem

Businesses don’t carry out projects for fun; they perform them in order to solve a specific issue or issues. You need to describe the problem clearly and accurately at the start of your document so that you can then present the solution to that problem.

For example if you intend to implement a new HRMS (Human Resource Management System) your problem may be; “The HR team currently spends nearly 80% of its time on non-productive administrative tasks, reducing the effectiveness of the function dramatically.”

State the Solution

This should be a simple statement to define your project. This enables your reader to understand what it is you’re proposing.

“We intend to implement an automated HRMS system to reduce manual administration by half.”

Supply Supporting Information

The problem and solution aren’t going to justify your project to the stakeholders and decision makers, so you need to provide the right level of information to enable them to support your recommendation.

Examples of the kind of information you should use:

  • Market Demand – Not always the strongest argument, but if you can show that all your competitors are implementing similar systems, it certainly suggests that it may be worth considering in your organisation.
  • Business Need – In this example the business need is clear, the HR team are spending the majority of their work time on non-specialist tasks and that costs money.
  • Customer Demands – what is it that your customers are screaming out for? Don’t forget to include internal customers as well as external ones.
  • Technological Progression – what’s going on in the world around you, is there are compelling case to be told in terms of the way IT and systems are developing?
  • Legal – Don’t forget the all important obligation to the law, if you can show that your project brings compliance or makes it easier to comply with those requirements you have a stronger case.

Writing a business case or project justification is an essential part of the larger project scoping process. Ideally you should write this early in the lifecycle of your project to help you obtain funding and support. You will also then be able to clearly identify the objectives of your task so that team members have a clear message to take away.

Methadone Withdrawal

Methadone withdrawal will be required sooner or later, after methadone maintenance or a pain management program using methadone has begun. If your feeling enslaved by having to go to a clinic or a pharmacy everyday and going through hell if you want to travel, there is a way out.

Methadone use produces a numb feeling to living, significant stomach problems and physical dependency that beats all others; that’s the short list. All kinds of other health problems that methadone use produced are uncovered once starting methadone withdrawal. I’ll give you some answers to help right now, and further solutions to handle the problem to ending methadone dependency forever.

Methadone Use Is Epidemic

Addictions doctors and pain management clinics are busily prescribing methadone for opiate abuse and chronic pain, but what are the consequences of methadone use? I’ve listed many below. If you’ve already tried Methadone withdrawal and had problems, I’ve got some help you wouldn’t have found elsewhere.

Once it is time to start methadone withdrawal, many people are having BIG problems ending their methadone usage. How does one withdraw from methadone? What challenges will they have to overcome?

Methadone Withdrawal Challenges

  • Methadone use makes people unfeeling, numb
  • Even stepping down from methadone can expose hyper sensitivity to discomfort and nutritional depletion symptoms — cramping, aches, nervousness, sleeplessness
  • Methadone withdrawal is often 4 times longer and more difficult than heroin once the drug has been abused or used incorrectly for long periods of time
  • Withdrawing from methadone can give pains and aches which people can mistake for stress and pain from past accidents

I’m writing for those having difficulty with methadone withdrawal. If you are experiencing no problem withdrawing from methadone, don’t worry you’re one of the lucky ones.

The fact is that many addictions doctors and pain management specialists are acting on the recommendations from their peers and advisors. They are not told of the deaths due to prescribed methadone use nor the difficulties that sometimes occur when withdrawing from methadone use.

The burden unfortunately lies with the consumer.

Vital: thoroughly research drugs or medications yourself before you purchase or take them. The effects can be gruesome. They also may have dangerous interactive effects when taken with other drugs.

Many if not all of methadone effects are caused by nutritional deficiencies. Methadone use creates nutritional depletion – especially calcium and magnesium depletion. Another is B vitamin deficiency. This is how these deficiencies are manifested.

Methadone Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. Anxiety over sensations, pains and discomforts returning
  2. Sleeplessness
  3. Sneezing
  4. Cramping of legs and arms
  5. Bone aches
  6. Flu or dope sick

Methadone withdrawal will require a lot of extra nutritional supplementation. That means it’s time to feed the body. Calcium and magnesium will assist with the cramping etc. But there will be some difficulty many will have taking their nutrients – a bad gut.

A Bad Gut

Methadone and anxiety meds tend to destroy the gut lining. A leaky gut gives pains when eating or allergies, prone to sickness and skin problems. Another symptom of a leaky gut is irritability and a ‘bad attitude’. The attitude can have physical causes unspoken by the person.

A good tip to helping the gut problem is eating lots of good quality yogurt with live probiotics in it, like acidophilus and bifidus. One can also supplement with large quantities of glutathione – an antioxidant to assist the detoxification process.

The quantity of nutrients required during methadone withdrawal is underestimated so often that I shake my head in wonder.

Drugs Like Methadone Are Toxins

The problem with methadone is that it is toxic to the body. Your body knows it, but you may not. Taking methadone challenges your organs to detoxify the body and protect the vital organs before they are badly harmed.

Toxins give the body a hard time. If you’ve seen drug users with dark circles under their eyes, gray skin, bad skin, hair falling out, low energy, strange ailments, etc. they’re got nutritional deficiencies. Those deficiencies are hard to recover from with food alone. Sometimes that food isn’t being properly digested = bad gut.

Methadone Detox

Detoxifying the body is more than simply stopping drug use. Drug abuse creates internal body damage you may not immediately recognize. However, the body will try to detoxify right after drug use and heal itself using any nutrients available. If the nutrients aren’t available, the body will borrow (steal) them from the bones, nervous system or other important functions.

Some will require medical detox from methadone – the problem is that most methadone detox centers don’t use nutritional supplements as part of their program. They just give more medications, and often not the right ones. The lack of full understanding on Methadone detox creates a brutal scene to withdraw from.

The Good News

The good news is that I’ve found the tools and the detox centers that can beat methadone withdrawal smoothly and easily.

Drug Legalization: The Beginning of the End

For decades now, drug use and addiction has grown enormously. What was once an epidemic in lower class urban cities, has rapidly spread throughout the country, subtly leaving its lasting effect. As drug use spreads, there are those who believe that the only way to control this disease is to legalize drugs completely. These activists argue that people should be free to make their own choices, and as with the earlier prohibition of alcohol, a ban of drugs will only cause a greater demand. If in fact drugs are legalized, the structure of American society will consequently collapse. As with alcohol, legalized drugs will increase the likelihood of addiction, as well as the deaths relating to it. With a rise in addiction, the occurrences of drug induced crimes will multiply throughout the country. Gradually American society will become inefficient and unmanageable, shattering everything that its hard working citizens have achieved since their fight for independence.

By legalizing and increasing the availability of drugs, drug addiction will quickly escalate, and eventually make overdoses and deaths inevitable. Drug activists claim that as long as drugs are deemed illegal, they will be sought out more and more. Although it is human nature to crave what is harder to obtain, this idea poses no solution to ultimately ending drug use. Legalized drugs will enable people to obtain drugs at their own convenience, and at a dramatically low price. With no regulation on how much or how often drugs can be used, buyers will quickly adapt to this new sensation. Those that can now freely experiment with drugs will quickly realize that recreational use is impossible, as their heightened feelings of independence and self worth will become shorter and less frequent. Sooner or later their addiction takes over, and the constant availability of drugs makes it even more difficult to maintain a drug free lifestyle. Some of these addicts may try to correct their lives and get over their addictions, while others would continue to fall even further.

Along with a rise in addiction, the introduction of drugs into society will cause the number of drug induced crimes to mount as well. Unable to maintain jobs and relationships, and despite the decrease in the price of drugs, addicts will still continue to commit blatant crimes solely to obtain their next fix. Drug activists assume that as legalized drugs become less expensive, addicts will no longer have to commit crimes in order to fund their habits. One immediate difficulty with this proposal is that drugs already are exceptionally inexpensive. If you decrease the price of an addictive substance, addicts will then buy more of the less expensive product. A few decades ago when cocaine was being marketed in the high potency/low cost form of crack, addiction and crime rates still increased despite its price. If you legalize such drugs and the addiction rate increases, the result will be more people walking around and committing crimes. Addicts will pay almost any price in order to obtain drugs. Thus the question becomes not “What is the price of drugs,” but instead “How many addicts are there?” Since the legalization of drugs directly increases addiction rates, related crimes are consequently going to occur.

With the increasing number of drug addicts and the growing crime rate due to legalized drugs, people will become inefficient, thus making society unmanageable. Throughout America’s history, hundreds of thousands of men and women have sacrificed there lives so that future generations could live freely, without any fear or barriers. The legalization of drugs would not only squander these efforts, but would once again put restrictions on the lives of those associated with it. Those that plight into addiction quickly become prisoners of their own mind, and worst of all, do not even know until it’s too late. Along with themselves, addicts place constraints on their families and friends, who hate to see them the way they are, but love them too much to leave. If in fact drugs are legalized, it would target the lives of millions of individuals, and despite this country’s size and strength, it would engage a war which would be impossible to overcome. As drug addiction would begin to incorporate its way into American mainstream, the lives and careers people worked years to achieve would be shattered within a few months. The initial and most common effects of legalized drugs would be noticed at the workplace, as an increasing number of people would begin to miss work and eventually be terminated completely. These same people would soon after lose their homes, families, and eventually end up on the street, still trying to pinpoint where they went wrong. As a result, an increase in the crime rate, homelessness, and unemployment, would inevitably follow, shattering the economy and further contributing to the downfall of society.

The destruction that drugs are capable of is limitless, and to legalize and introduce something of this magnitude would severely impact the lives of millions of Americans. Drugs are not just substances that have no effect outside of the user. Quite the contrary, the legalization of drugs would harm everyone financially and socially. An increase in drug addiction, crimes, and a collapse in society would bring about severe social costs on the American public. The inevitable spending increases for health care, social programs, and insurance from legalized drugs would furthermore affect all of society in a direct manner.

Alternatives to Medicine

Let’s face it, Doctors are very quick to prescribe medication. But sometimes, the side effects of the medication are worse than the actual illness. Do we want to spend our lives depending on some pill to make us better? No! We can do things to make us better.

There are many types of alternative medicines. They include massage therapy, acupuncture, new age healing, special diets, music therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and much more. Alternative medicine can help migraines, chronic pain, back pain and more! It has also been used by a lot of terminally ill patients, a lot of AIDS or cancer victims prefer it.

There are many different kinds of alternative medicine, you just have to find out which one is right for you. There is so much information on the internet about alternatives to medicine for so many different kinds of disease. What is the hurt in trying?

I am actually using acupuncture for my migraines, and I’ve seen such a difference. The thought of acupuncture is way worse than it actually is! Most of the time, I don’t even feel the needle going into my head. All I feel is deep relaxation and the pain escaping my body. You don’t know until you try. I think too many people give up on chronic pain, there maybe something you can do to get your life back.

Try! That’s the best advice. And if something doesn’t work, try something else. Isn’t living worth it? You owe it to yourself. Research and talk to your Doctor, and hopefully you will find the right treatment for you.

A Dental Implant or Two Builds Fabulous Smiles of Confidence

Technology aids dentistry no end with 3D imaging and perfect adjustments without human error. A regular annual visit for a dental check-up would help anticipate problems before they escalate. Age is no bar and children need to learn oral hygiene early for a lifetime of glorious teeth. Yet, as aging progresses more and more become victims of failing teeth and need removable dentures. Those are difficult to put on and get off each day. Why not go for the dental implant instead that are permanently fixed?

The supreme advantages of the implant

· Age is no bar for the installation of implants

· Implants prevent bone loss that happens with missing teeth

· Implants carry many advantages over dentures

· Normal diets can be eaten with no restrictions on solid foods

· An increase of confidence is the result

· Implants look quite as pretty as natural teeth

· The surrounding teeth suffer no negative impact

Cosmetic dentistry has been much hyped in recent years. Everybody agrees about the value of healthy teeth. Healthy dental habits from school days would ensure lifelong drinking tea. Yet many teeth are stained by tobacco and alcohol and cleaning the stains becomes necessary. Many people ask when sweet smiles can really be created. The answer is that dentistry combines with other treatments like dermal fillers to shape up lips and cheeks. Winning smiles are a combination of several facial features!

If any dental problems do occur, it would be worthwhile to seek professional help and possibly a dental implant. The consciousness of a good set of teeth is gradually developing of course. Just like kitchens and bathrooms have assumed greater importance, so have teeth. Since teeth donate a great deal to the personality, give them time and money. Confidence levels need to be high in a fiercely competitive world. A dynamic smiling executive needs a sparkle in the teeth. Celebrities over the media remind of that. In any case, nobody wants cavities and chipped teeth. Gum problems must be deal with. People know the truth about their teeth that they encounter early each morning.

In other words, teeth represent a healthy lifestyle. Defective, missing or painful teeth impose many restrictions. Gum problems can turn out to be severe in good time. Missing teeth impact the neighboring teeth and gums and upset the balance of forces, leading to problems. Many find it difficult to chew with costly dentures and are forever putting them on and removing them. Eating hard foods can become a difficult practice. Speech could be affected. Is the bite a problem? The normal life is disrupted only because of problem teeth.

The dentist has a bag of tricks, nowdays aided by superior technology and equipment that would soon find viable solutions. A change of lifestyle could have been the result of a dental treatment. Whether it is cosmetic dentistry or the usual minor problems, fixes would soon be found within one or two sittings at minimal expense. If several teeth are to be replaced, that would be a cost process and something to worry about. Hopefully, the problems would have been detected in time without the need for drastic procedures.

How does the implant help patients?

An implant made of titanium is fixed deep in the root to create a strong foundation. The bone and gum fuse with the implant that forms a solid base for the new tooth or denture. Rejection issues do not arise. The new replacement teeth look and feel quite like the natural ones. Bone growth and gum tissue do not suffer. Everybody would prefer aesthetic confidence rather than become victims of depression at the sight of cavities, misshapen or discolored teeth.

A range of treatments

Depending on need, Invisalign and Orthodontics would be delivered on specialized equipment. Comprehensive dentistry considers the entire personality and lifestyle in terms of the impact of dental problems. Take-home teeth whitening aids also lead to prolonged results of flashy, glorious teeth. With most patients, it is the smaller problems that appear to have grown out of proportion.

Deciding the nature of the treatment is the task of the dentist. Patients may not be equipped with the technical knowledge to make informed decisions. Reasonable charges and minimal sittings with dedicated staff deliver the most effective dental treatments in Melbourne. Those who need to install the dental implant face a win-win situation too.

Newspaper Advertising Costs – 8 Factors To Consider

Calculating and comparing newspaper advertising costs can quickly get complicated. Once you’ve tracked down a newspaper advertising rates card, you’re then faced with the delightful challenge of making sense of it all. There’s no “one size fits all” to make our lives easy. Instead, newspaper advertising costs depend on a number of factors, some of which you might find surprising. To answer the question, “How much does it cost?”, the answer would be: “It all depends.”

8 factors that affect newspaper advertising costs (within the one publication) are:

  • type of ad
  • size
  • day of the week
  • section or lift-out
  • page position within a section
  • left hand side VS right hand side
  • colour VS black and white
  • annual spend/expenditure commitment

In this article, I’ll discuss the 8 factors that determine newspaper advertising costs in Australia. I’ll also provide an example of how much it would cost to place a display ad in The Courier Mail (a Queensland newspaper). As you’ll see, newspaper advertising costs can quickly add up. If you’re on a tight budget, as many of us are these days, knowing what most affects the cost, allows you to cut back where you can.

#1 Type of Ad – Display VS Classifieds VS Inserts

The first factor that decides the cost of a newspaper advertisement, is the type of ad. Most Australian newspapers offer a number of different types. Display advertisements appear throughout a newspaper, and may use colours, illustrations, photographs, or fancy lettering to attract the reader’s attention. These provide a great deal of creative control over the content of the ad, without being limited to just text. They also aren’t grouped according to classification, unlike classified ads. Display advertisements are typically charged at a rate per single column centimetre. In other words, the height in centimetres and width in columns determines the cost of the advertising space. On the other hand, classified ads are typically charged based on ‘lineage’ or per line.

Another form of advertising offered by most major newspapers are ‘inserts’ – separate advertisements that are placed inside the newspaper, and can have more than one page. Inserts are usually charged at a rate of per 1000 per number of pages. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to limit our discussion to display advertisements.

#2 Size Matters

The second factor that contributes to the cost of newspaper advertising, is size. As mentioned above, display advertisements costs are calculated based on their height in centimetres, and width in columns. Most newspapers have their own standard sized advertising spaces, which your ad needs to fit into. Some newspapers offer non-standard sized spaces, such as a ‘U’ shaped ad around the edges of an open paper, but be prepared to pay a higher price for irregular sizes and shapes.

Let’s look at the standard sizes available in The Courier Mail, as an example.

  • “Small Page Strip”, 6cm high by 7 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day (based on a Mon-Fri Casual rate of $AU58.51) is $AU2457.42.
  • “Medium Page Strip”, 8cm high by 7 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU3276.56.
  • “Quarter Page Strip”, 10cm high by 7 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU4095.70.
  • “Horizontal Half Page”, 20cm high by 7 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU8191.40.
  • “Full Page”, 38 cm high by 7 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU15563.66.
  • “Vertical Half Page”, 38cm high by 4 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU8893.52.
  • “Vertical Third Page”, 38cm high by 3 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU6670.14.
  • “Vertical Quarter Page”, 38cm high by 2 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU4446.76.
  • “Portrait Half Page”, 28cm high by 5 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU8191.40.
  • “Portrait Third Page”, 20cm high by 4 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU4680.80.
  • “Portrait Quarter Page”, 20cm high by 3 columns wide, the minimum casual cost per day is $AU3510.60.

Here you can see that the cost of a standard size display ad can range from at least $2457.42 per day for a small page strip, and up to at least $15563.66 per day for a full page advertisement. That’s an awful lot of money to invest in a single page, that will only be published on one day. Most of us simply don’t have that kind of cash to throw around, so you’d really need to know what you were doing. This example demonstrates how much the size of a display advertisement affects the price.

#3 Day of the Week

The third factor that contributes to the cost of a newspaper advertisement is the day of the week on which the advertisement is published. Typically, newspaper circulation is greatest on the weekends, and so the advertising rates for major Australian newspapers are adjusted accordingly. In our example of The Courier Mail, the rates are cheaper on a weekday, more expensive on a Saturday, and most expensive on a Sunday. For the most basic display ads, Saturday ads are 25% dearer than Monday – Friday ads, and Sunday ads are almost 90% dearer than Monday – Friday ads.

This pattern may vary though, depending on the circulation of a particular publication. For instance, The Age is most expensive on a Saturday. To illustrate how much of a difference it makes – a small page strip ad in The Courier Mail on a weekday would be at least $2457.42, and the exact same ad run on a Sunday would be at least $4637.64.

#4 Different Sections or Lift-Outs

Most newspapers are divided into different sections and many have lift-outs – and this is the fourth factor that determines newspaper advertising costs. Different sections attract different readers and different volumes of readers, and so the advertising rates are adjusted to reflect this. For example, an advertisement placed in the CareerOne (Employment) lift-out in The Courier Mail, costs 2% more than the general section. The rates for CareerOne, also vary depending on the day of the week, as mentioned above. Some examples of other sections that may have different rates include: Adult Services, Funeral Notices, Real Estate, and Business.

#5 Page Position Within a Section

The next factor that can significantly affect the price of a newspaper ad, is the page number on which the ad appears, within a certain section. The most expensive part of the paper is typically the front section, which might include the first 10 or so pages, and is referred to as the “early general news” or EGN for short. In our example of The Courier Mail, page 2 in the EGN section attracts a 60% loading. Similarly, the first 11 pages have at least a 50% markup. This type of loading is common practice across Australian news publications. Now let’s say we wanted to place a small page strip ad in The Courier Mail on a weekday, on page 3 in EGN, the cost would be at least $4054.74.

The first few pages and back pages of other key sections of the paper, such as Business, also attract a higher loading. For The Courier Mail, the very back page attracts a 65% markup. You can see how the page position of an advertisement can have a substantial influence on the price.

#6 Left Hand Side VS Right Hand Side

The next factor is also related to position of the ad, but relates to which side of an open newspaper the ad appears in. You might be surprised to know that, in some publications, an ad that appears on the right hand side of an open paper, will cost more than one that appears on the left hand side. This is to do with the way readers actually read a newspaper, and where their attention is focused. This factor may also be tied to the page position of an ad, and which section it appears in. For example, in The Courier Mail, for ads on pages 12 to 21, a right-hand side ad costs 5% more than a left-hand side ad.

#7 Colour VS Black and White

Another factor that substantially affects the price of a newspaper advertisement, is whether the ad features colour, and how many colours. Colour ads are more expensive than monochrome or black and white ads. Some newspapers may distinguish between multi-colour advertisements and those that only feature one added colour (called “spot colour”). For example, The Courier Mail charges 30% more for multi-colour display ads, and 20% more for ‘spot’ colour display ads. Remember, that this is combined with any positional loading.

So let’s say we wanted our small page strip ad in full colour in The Courier Mail on a weekday, on page 3, that would be calculated as: $2457.42 + 30% colour loading = $3194.65 + 65% positional loading for page 3 = $5271.17

You can see here how the cost of our ad has more than doubled after we’ve factored in the colour, and position of the ad.

#8 Annual Spend/Expenditure Commitment

Now here’s a factor that also affects the price of your newspaper ad, but this time it’s a decrease, with a catch, of course. If you have the budget, and are prepared to commit to spending a certain amount annually, usually by entering into a 12 month contract, then you may be entitled to a discount. However, the discount depends on how much you’re prepared to spend. For example, to qualify for a 4% discount on The Courier Mail’s advertising rates, you need to spend at least $38500 per year. If you’re a small business owner, chances are you’re not working with this kind of budget, so bye-bye discount.

Just in case you’re curious, businesses that annually spend at least $2.3 million with the Courier Mail, receive a 13% discount. In my opinion, this form of discounting simply highlights how biased mainstream advertising is towards big business. Where’s the discount for all the struggling small businesses? But that’s another story.


To sum up, those 8 factors again, and how they’ll affect the cost of your ad:

  • type of ad – display VS classifieds VS inserts – rates based on different measurement units
  • size – pay more for bigger ads
  • day of the week – weekends are more expensive
  • section or lift-out – early general news (EGN) is more expensive
  • page position within a section – front pages and back pages cost more
  • left hand side VS right hand side – RHS is dearer
  • colour VS black and white – pay more for full colour
  • annual spend/expenditure commitment – get a discount if you spend up big

Now that you know what affects the price of a newspaper advertisement, you’re better prepared to decide where and how you want to spend your advertising dollar. If newspaper advertising seems beyond your budget, then it might be worth considering more cost-effective alternatives, such as online advertising.