How Do Scorpio Women Flirt? Unlock the Secrets of Her Body Language

The Scorpion is the most intense and passionate of all zodiacs. They are also the most extreme. There are no shades of gray. It’s either black or white. Day and night. Good and bad. They may be neutral but only with the things they feel indifferent to. That’s why it’s true that it can be a bit hard to detect what a Scorpio woman is thinking about. They appear totally cool and laid-back, however, deep within, they stay on guard and alert. They also rely very much with their intuition and they can detect you’re inner motives right away, so if you’re planning something fishy, better withdraw. Now. So, the question is, how do Scorpio women flirt? If they’re always detached on everything, how do we know if they’re already into us? Relax. Here are a few of her body language you can decode:

  • They have the most intense eyes.When a Scorpio woman is attracted to you, she will give you the most intense eye contact there is. She is not shy to show you that she is interested and most men get totally mesmerized with they way they look at you. They have the most piercing eyes and they’re so passionate that it can burn right through you. It’s important you keep your cool and not get totally conscious with yourself when she starts giving you the eye.
  • They’re may appear aloof.On your first few dates with a Scorpio woman, she would appear totally aloof or not interested at all — however, her sex appeal will keep you glued and fascinated by her that’s why you wouldn’t give up on her easily.
  • They’re in control.One strong characteristic of a Scorpio woman is that she can appear calm and collected even when she’s totally feeling otherwise. That’s why when she talks to you, she never stammers or show any hint of anxiety on her face.
  • They get exclusive. When a Scorpio woman flirts, she will not let everybody know about it — instead, she will come close to you and whisper the things she wants to say — totally sexy and alluring. A Scorpio woman oozes with sex appeal that’s why you shouldn’t get all bothered when all eyes fall on her when she enters a room. However, if she likes you, her focus will be on you and you alone.
  • They’re bold and adventurous. They never flinch at you and will tell you exactly what’s on their minds. Scorpio women may come in too strong for you and they can get pretty aggressive if they want to that’s why it’s important for you to match up as well — they want a man who can stand out from the rest.

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Tips on How and What to Research on Your Competitors

No matter what your area of ​​operation is, sooner or later thereought to be competition from other businesses. Big or small, all companies would face competition eventually. Hardly there is any company in the modern days which enjoys absolute monopoly. Here, the study of competitors and research their strategy have constructed an important part of leadership development program.

The importance of the word of wisdom from Sun Tzu in studying competition is once again recognized in the Art of War for managers.

The word of wisdom from Sun Tzu which says that- 'you would surely win if you know yourself and your enemy' holds the crux of modern days' business theories. It is almost impossible to succeed without knowing the strategies of your competitors. You need to be equipped with the knowledge of what you're competitive against in order to survive in the competitive market. Competitors' analysis has, therefore, became important in leadership development. Now following are the tips from the greatest strategist of the world, Sun Tzu, in understanding and there planning planning accordingly against your enemies.

Know your competition: When you are planning to penetrate a market it is important to know who your competitors are. Similarly, if you are already in the market, the same strategy should apply in Knowing the new entrants. Keep a close watch and also learn the policies of your competitors. The advancement of information technology has made it almost impossible for one to keep his policies secret. So, you must take advantage of it.

Identify the competition areas: The competition may either be in terms of price or product or in the method of approaching to the customers. The 'Art of War' describes that- 'He wins his battles by making no mistakes.Making no mistakes leads certain victory, for it means conquering an enemy that is already defeated.'

Find information about your competition: Information about your competitors is the most useful resource in leadership strategies. It is important to find the places where you can find information about your competitors. The local administrative offices are good places for such information. Also, in a corporate environment there is always someone who would talk, you've may build ally with such people. Networking is another useful tool, you may use it to its full potential.

Identify the weak point: According to Sun Tzu Art of War, the greatest success lies in the form of 'winning without fighting' and to win without wasting resources you would need to identify the weaknesses of your enemy to destroy him. The knowledge of competitor's weaknesses, therefore, makes an important study in leadership development.

As a business owner your objective would be to eliminate competition without destroying the market. In the 'Art of War' Sun Tzu has stated that the 'winning without fighting is the early skill'. He also states that 'he who army is united in purpose through all its ranks will win'. Here, it is important for the businesses to motivate its employees for the same cause and for that leadership development is necessary to maximize the potential of the employees. Also, one may promote the concept of systematic leadership to keep the employees focused and united for a purpose.

The Next Step in Medical Technology – Bio Identical Hormone Replacement

What is Bio identical hormone replacement therapy?

It is the use of supplemental dosage of hormones that have a chemical configuration matching to the hormones that the human body naturally produces. By the use of compounds that have exactly the identical chemical and molecular configuration as the key hormones physically found in the human body, this therapy aids to recover an individual’s life’s worth, verve and well-being. In addition, this therapy also contributes to slowing the ageing process of the individual recipient. The working of the therapy is quite straightforward. After a doctor concludes that a patient is in hormonal decline, a static dosing will be administered. The hormone levels are approximated and a patient is prescribed equal amounts of recommended hormones every day of the month.

Are you rightly eligible for the therapy?

One question which importantly stands out amongst others is the fact that is the individual really eligible for taking the Bio identical hormone replacement therapy? The therapy is advisable for individuals who are suffering from the following

  1. A loss of libido
  2. Instances of fatigue
  3. Reduced bone mass
  4. Premature Menopause
  5. Depression and mood swings associated with Menopause
  6. Insufficient concentration levels
  7. Poor skin collagen

The Support

There are many who stand in support with the Bio identical hormone replacement therapy. As individuals age, the levels of some chief hormones in the body go lesser. These generally comprise oestrogens, testosterone and progesterone. The loss of these key hormones may cause problems. One common problem associated with women is Menopause. Other common effects of low hormones comprise hot flashes, loss of energy, memory loss, sleeping problems, fatigue, weight gain, or even night sweats. This treatment is thus vital to replace the hormones that have been otherwise lost in the body. As a result of the treatment, hormone levels will boost and symptoms will progress. As of now, national societies and expert suggestions present that the dangers and benefits of this therapy are still debatable.

The Criticism

Where there is support, you also have criticism. There are definite side effects observed for men and women who have taken the Bio identical hormone replacement therapy. Individuals have reported increased assertiveness, or even acne and irritability during the early phases of testosterone hormone therapy. Yet, these issues are normally resolved as levels become balanced. Accordingly, side effects may occur when a dose of the therapy is first given. The human body is not really used to the new intensity of hormones. The dose can also be altered in such a case.

All in all, many doctors who use bio identical hormones have maintained that they are safer than standard hormone replacement therapy. Bio identical hormones reduce risks of problems and side effects that were observed in the standard hormone therapy. The benefits associated are several with the side effects being temporary and negligible.

Good Foods to Eat When Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers should always maintain a balance and healthy diet, and takes plenty of fluids to produce more breast milk. Your daily diet shall include all the basic food groups such as calcium, protein, iron and vitamin. Breastfeeding mothers normally require more calories than a new mother without breastfeeding. If you are breastfeeding fully, your diet shall include 2700 kcal per day. However, your calories intake shall be reduced after weaning from breastfeeding to 1800 kcal per day. It is very common that you will feel thirstier; therefore, it is essential for you to drink enough water to quench your thirst. You could also drink a glass of water before and after you breast feed.

A healthy breastfeeding diet is more on good quality of food rather than the quantity of food. A healthy daily diet shall include:

1. 50% of grain (such as oatmeal, cereal, wheat germ etc)

2. 20% of vegetables, beans and peas (such as carrots, pumpkin, spinach or other green vegetables, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, soybeans, red beans, kidney beans, pinto beans etc)

3. 10% of fruits (such as prunes, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, honeydew melon)

4. 10% of various nuts, seeds and seaweed (such as almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts, peanut, peanut butter, sunflower seed etc), and 5. Last but not least 10% of meat and fish (such as lean beef, pork, lamb, shrimp, clams, oysters, cod, rainbow trout, halibut etc). 6. You could also add some milk products to your diet such as low-fat milk and low-fat or fat-free yogurt.

Good foods that help in maintaining a healthy and balance diet for breastfeeding:

1. Beans and peas like soybeans, kidney beans etc are your source of protein. They also rich in vitamin B. It is a good source of food to lose weight while breastfeeding without affecting the quality of breast milk.

2. Raisin, almond and others nuts contain higher iron, calcium and fiber than fresh fruits, and also a very good replacement for fruits which might lead to gaining weight.

3. Clams, oyster, dried scallop are enriched with iron. You could add this group of food into your diet to prevent anemia.

4. Seaweed is a high fiber, zero-calorie food which also helps in reducing cholesterol. 5. Spinach, cabbage and green vegetables would improve the metabolism of your body.

Nursing mothers need to aware on certain food intake, as any food that you have included in your diet would pass into your breast milk. You are advice to avoid taking a lot of spices, vinegar, ginger and sesame oil. Fish like swordfish, king mackerel, shark and tilefish are not suitable for you as a breastfeeding mom, as these fish contain high levels of mercury. You are also advice to avoid any alcoholic beverages. Beverages with caffeine such as coffee also not recommended. However, a moderate amount such as 2 cups a day would not affect much on your breast milk if you cannot avoid it. You shall stop smoking if you are a smoker. Even the secondhand smoke is not good.

Breastfeeding mothers are advised to aware that any drugs should be taken under a professional description. Although the amounts of drugs which will be presented in the breast milk is low and the concentration is too low to cause any hazard to the baby, you are urged to get the professional advice before taking any drugs. You should seek professional advice on the suitability used of any drug before attempting for self medication.

Breatfeeding your baby requires extra calories in your diet; therefore, you need to ensure that your diet and food that you take daily includes all the essential diet in the food groups. The type of food you take will affect the quality of your breast milk for your baby.

Using the Bicycle For Weight Loss

The bicycle is one of the best tools to use to burn calories and lose weight. A 145lb woman riding 1 hour at about 12 MPH will burn about 500 Calories, up the speed to 16 MPH and the calorie burn increases to about 835 Calories per hour.

You can increase calorie burn by doing sprints now and then during the ride.

Since it takes 3500 Calories to burn a pound of fat, then about 4 hours of cycling at 16 MPH will burn roughly enough calories to burn 1 pound of fat.

Cycling is very low impact, so it does not take the toll on the joints like running does.

Cycling can be done indoors on a stationery bike when the weather is bad, with little or no change in your calorie burn.

Personally I find indoor cycling on a stationery bike boring, but some find it quite fulfilling and there are now simulation machines that make it seem as if you are going on a course rather than just riding the bike. Some of these work with a trainer and increase resistance when going up hills and offer a variety of course to keep the boredom down.

You can use the bicycle to do some errands and at the same time burn some calories that you would never have had the chance to do otherwise. The use of a small bicycle trailer increases the number of calories burned as well as offer more opportunities for errands since you can carry much more and that allows you to expand the errand you can do.

What I mean by that is that with my trailer I can carry up to 100 lbs. of groceries or tools or whatever. I have carried week’s groceries back from the supermarket. Pulling a 100lb load up even a small hill will put a lot of extra resistance on the pedals and improve your leg strength.

Most people think of the bicycle as a totally cardio workout, but that is not always true. Taking you bike up hills, especially with the extra load of a trailer will definitely increase leg strength and it will also be a great way to strengthen your core.

If you ride BMX or Mountain Bike then you will also build some upper body strength and your will burn a lot more calories than if you just ride casually.

Depending on the type of cycling you plan to do there may be some preparation needed and will depend on what type of bike you want to buy.

You should check with the local shop, they are usually very helpful. Yes they want to sell you a bike, but most shops realize that they want to make you happy even more and if they sell you something that does not fit, you won’t come back. Since they need your repeat business in order to stay in business they will almost always do their best to make the bike you buy be the bike you will ride.

Here are some general rules, but not always a perfect fit since every individual is different.

Buy a road bike if you are wanting to lose weight, get fit, would like to ride with groups and enjoy the speed and agility of road biking in general. If you do that also check with the shop about how to get into the local bike club or group and have fun getting fir. I am a member of the Pecan City Pedalers in Albany Georgia and also have contacts in clubs all over the US. I very much enjoy road biking.

Buy a comfort bike or hybrid if you are just interested in fitness and don’t mind riding alone, don’t really care about speed but just want to burn calories and get fir. These will usually have narrower tires so they will go a little faster. They are a sort of cross between a Mountain Bike and a Road Bike.

Buy a Mountain Bike if you live in an area where there are a lot of back roads that are not paved, road bikes and hybrids don’t do the loose gravel and grass thing as well as mountain bikes do.

Cruisers are OK, though not my own choice. That was the main type of bike that existed when I was a kid. These are sort of single speed bikes like we had back in the 50’s and 60’s Would be OK for tooling around town, but they can be really rough on hills.

BMX Cruisers or 20″ for racing. Racing BMX can be done at any age and after the first few times around the track you will either love it or hate it. Most children love it, adults not so much. Personally I enjoy it and love riding and even racing with my grandchildren. It gives a great workout and after 3 Motos (1 race) I feel like I have gotten a good workout.

If you try BMX, rent a bike or borrow one, most tracks have them at the track and will rent or loan one for a practice race. Once you have tried it you will have to decide for yourself if it is for you. BMX Racing is not for everyone, but everyone is welcome to try it. I think it is a lot of fun, but maybe when I get old (I am only 57) I will think differently.

Working at Height – How to Develop a Rescue Plan

Rescue plans don’t have to be complex.

Employers should implement a rescue plan that includes procedures for:

  • Preventing prolonged suspension
  • Performing rescue and treatment as quickly as possible
  • Identifying suspension trauma signs and symptoms

Management responsibility for safety needs to give careful consideration to the methodology of rescuing a fallen operative. Such considerations might include:

Dialing 999(911). – Often we think of the word ‘rescue’ as calling 999(911), but calling the local fire brigade does not constitute an effective rescue plan. Response times can be too slow, and not all fire brigades have the capability to rescue from height.

Crane Man Basket – This option has severe limitations, the main one being time. Target time from ‘Man Down’ to being recovered needs to be no more than five to ten minutes maximum. Other restrictions and shortcomings that make this a less than ideal solution are – the crane is out of action for some reason, e.g. it may be:

  • winded-off

  • the driver may be away from the crane

  • rescue by crane is limited to building facades and often is not able to provide access and rescue internal to the structure

  • the crane man basket may be in the wrong location.

Mobile Elevated Working Platforms (M.E.W.P.’s) – This option for rescue can have its limitations such as available access and height restriction as the casualty may be at a height greater than the reach of the M.E.W.P.

Rope Access Rescue – Rope rescue requires a technical competency which demands a high level of training and re-training to acquire and retain this skill set. Given the limited time to complete a rescue, trained rope rescue personnel would need to be on stand-by and within close proximity to any incident. Donning the necessary kit to carry out a rope rescue can also be time consuming given that every minute the casualty is hanging is critical. Perhaps the greatest restriction is that it is a skill to which only a few would, or could be trained.

Third Party Rescue Systems – There are a number of considerations to take into account when considering third part rescue systems. In every consideration TIME is the critical factor. The speed with which the system can be deployed and the rescue carried out is vitally important, as is the SIMPLICITY and EASE of use so that a typical operative can deploy and carry out a rescue after being trained. Remember, whichever methodology you choose, the target time should be to rescue the casualty in under ten minutes.

Planning for Fall Protection must include Rescue – Having a rescue plan is just as important as having a fall protection plan. No site should have one without the other. Just putting together a fall protection program without rescue is only doing half the job. The onus is on the employer to ensure that the suspended operative is rescued quickly. That means ensuring that for anyone who works at height, there is a rescue plan.

Fall protection must include an emergency rescue plan – How will you rescue an operative who has fallen and is suspended in a fall-arrest system? Answering some basic questions can help in developing a rescue plan.

Developing a Rescue Plan – A rescue plan requires answers to the following questions.

If an operatives fall is arrested, can they be rescued in under ten minutes?

How will you know that someone has fallen?

  • Will someone see it happen?

  • Co-workers

  • Other trades

  • Plant personnel

  • Members of the public

What communication systems will be used between the suspended operative and the rescue team?

  • Voice

  • Whistle

  • Mobile Phone

Who will the Co-worker call?

  • Nearest co-workers

  • Supervisor

  • Site Management

  • 999(911) Fire /ambulance where available

Is information available? Who and how will it be communicated?

  • Emergency phone numbers

  • Site address

  • Directions and access for ambulance/fire vehicle or other emergency services

  • Which floor/how high up
  • Operatives condition after fall

How will the safety of the rescuers be assured, as well as that of the suspended operative?

  • Are operatives trained and competent in the use of rescue equipment?

  • Is there sufficient number of trained personnel on-site?

  • Are rescue-training records kept up-to-date including any re-assessments?

  • Is the rescue equipment selected appropriate for the nature of the work?

  • What obstructions are in the way reaching the suspended operative?

  • Have assessments been made of anchor points?

  • Has consideration been given to the method of attaching to the casualty?

How will rescue workers get to the casualty?

  • Rescue Ladder System

  • Rescue Haul / Winch System

  • Keys to building and roof

  • Elevator

  • Pull casualty in through window or balcony

  • Pull casualty up to floor/slab/roof

  • Lower casualty to ground level
  • Climb / rappel down the building/structure

  • Aerial equipment from ground

  • Suspended access equipment

  • Crane Man Basket

How will rescue be assured within five minutes of the occurrence of a fall to minimize the risk of further injury or death due to suspension trauma? And, what rescue equipment is needed?

  • Rescue Ladder

  • Rescue Haul / Winch System

  • Suspended access equipment

  • Ropes

  • Aerial ladder truck

  • M.E.W.P. or scissor lift

  • Climbing / rope rescue equipment

  • Crane Man Basket

  • First aid kit

  • Stretcher available should casualty be seriously injured

What if the operative is injured?

  • Can the casualty still be rescued within five to ten minutes?

  • Is there a qualified first-aid er who understands suspension trauma and knows how to treat it?

  • Who and how will the emergency services and hospital be alerted?

How will the public be protected?

  • Assign someone to direct traffic

  • Set up barriers

How will the accident scene be protected?

  • Prevent further injury or damage

  • Set up barriers

  • Preserve wreckage

  • Aid investigation later

Are there other considerations?

  • Working alone

  • Language barrier

  • Unusual features of building/structure

  • Wind

  • Other hazards

  • No emergency services nearby

  • Distance from rescue teams

WARNING! An operative who has suffered a fall and is suspended in his harness is a true medical emergency. Just because they are hanging in a harness doesn’t mean you have all day to perform the rescue. Rescue has to be planned, practiced and performed quickly and effectively or the victim may very well die before the rescue finally occurs.

If you’re not going to give your employees the skills to perform rescue, then you might as well not even put them in the harness at all.

Practice can save lives Perhaps just as important as having a rescue plan in place is practicing the plan before a real-life fall occurs.

How will the operative call for help?

Hemorrhoids Cures – Do Hemorrhoids Home Remedies Really Work? (You Know You Want to Find Out!)

A large percentage of the population will at one time or another suffer from hemorrhoids. There are a lot of hemorrhoids home remedies out there to try. One reason people prefer to use a natural treatment is because it’s possible that creams from the pharmacy can have side effects, such as dizziness and headaches.

One of the major reasons people are afflicted is because of poor diet. Constipation causes you to sit on the toilet straining those anal muscles trying to squeeze out that bowel movement. Sometimes you can sit there for a long time and might wish that you knew of effective hemorrhoids cures!

A diet rich in fiber can get rid of constipation and can be an external hemorrhoid treatment.

Hemorrhoids home remedies include eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Whole grain cereals such as whole grain or wholemeal bread and beans are also rich in fiber.

Drinking lots of water daily is also good to help wash all that increased fiber down and is good for your digestive system.

Hemorrhoids cures can also include eating one or two prunes each day and cutting out caffeine and alcohol. If you’d like something to drink instead of a cup of coffee, why not try green tea? You should be able to buy it at the supermarket.

One external hemorrhoids treatment is to try rubbing a zinc and Castor oil cream on your bottom. This can be very soothing if you have butt vein inflammation.

So now you have quite a few hemorrhoids home remedies to try. It will probably take at least several days to see an improvement in your condition if you increase fiber in your diet, so try to be patient.

How To Keep Kids Off Drugs

I told him that when my kid turns seven years old, I'm going to take him to the jail in my hometown and let him get inside a cell and I'm going to shut the door and just let him sit there for awhile. When he realizes this is not what he wants I'll let him get out and I will say to him, "IF you stay away from drugs, away from guns, away from violence and away from gangs you will never see the inside of a jail cell again. " I want him to fall the cold, damp lonely feeling of sitting in a jail cell first hand. I want him to know this is what he will get if he does not do right. In other words, I want to scare my child straight. I want to take him to the bad part of town (in a police car, of course) and let him see first hand how people who do drugs live. I want him to know if he does drugs he will live like that too.

I'm going to keep up with my child when he enters school. I going to make sure I know Where he goes after school, what he does and who he hangs out with. If I get him a computer which I'm sure I will, I will not let him keep it in his room. I'll put it out in the open where I can keep an eye on what he's doing on it.

Please remember, the computer, although a great learning tool is also an enemy to your child. Every pervert in the world is online trying to find your child. Every hate group in the world has a website that's attractive to your child and they will probably find it even iof they're not looking for it.

Your child can accidently download porno while trying to find something else. They can download vilient video games. The can find drugs, guns and anything else on the internet.

Keep in touch with your children for the first eighteen years of their lives. That's the best advice I can give. If you can not keep in touch with them then, do not have kids.

Pet Medicine to Keep Your Pet Strong and Healthy

Your pet is an important member of your family. Keeping him or her healthy will give them a longer life, and you and your family more time to enjoy their loyal companionship. Pets have health care needs that are in many ways much like that of humans. They are also vulnerable to diseases that only animals can be stricken with and preventative care is essential for helping them avoid these.

Most likely, you already know from taking your pets to the vet that they need yearly inoculations to protect them from rabies, distemper, and other common animal diseases They also need to be tested for heartworm once a year and to be placed on heartworm prevention medicine such as that made by Heartguard® and Interceptor®, for example. There are other tests your veterinarian may choose to give your pet to identify any potential health problems that exist. When health problems are found, your veterinarian can recommend certain pet medicines for raising your pet and restoring their health. Flea and tick medicines are commonly used by pet owners to help keep their pets and homes free from these disease-carrying pests. These are available in prescription and nonprescription formulas. For tested effectiveness and for the safety of your pet, however, it might be wise to choose prescription flea and tick medines to treat your pet with.

Many pet medicines can be used as preventatives to ward off the development of health problems in your pets. Boosting your pet's immune system and helping body organs to function correctly will strengthen your pet's health and prolong their life. Pets can fall prey to many human aliments like bladder infections, gastro-intestinal disturbances, kidney stones, liver deficiencies, allergies, lung and breathing disorders, muscle and joint weakness, osteoarthritis, and much more. Antibiotics, anti-fungals, and other prescription medications are given to lessen symptoms for pets suffering from these health issues, and also as a way of preventing pets from getting sick in the first place.

Some pets have the nasty and seriously harmful habitat of eating their own waste or the waste of other animals. Animal waste can harbor bacteria and diseases that are very harmful to your pets. Using a pet medicine such as Forbid® and similar products to discourage pets from eating waste will help keep them from engaging in this unhealthy activity. Other pets have a habit of licking themselves incessantly. Stress, anxiety, boredom, and learned behavior are some of the reasons pets do this. This can lead to loss of fur and skin irritations. A pet medicine that has an unpleasant taste or odor is often successful in teaching pets not to lick themselves excessively.

Nutrition is just as important for pets as it is for humans. Like humans, pets need to get proper neutrino for strong health. You might find it surprising to learn that the commercial food you are feeding your pet may not be giving them all the nutrition they need. The package says it provides complete nutrition for your pet; however, manufactured pet foods do not contain all of the nutrients your pet would get from a "wild" diet derived from plant and animal sources. The solution to helping your pet stay strong and healthy as a domestic member of your family is to supplement their diet of pet foods with nutritional pet medicines. These are often called health or nutritional supplements. Vitamin and mineral supplements such as fatty acids, omega3, vitamin E, and other nutritional supplements can bolster your pet's diet, giving them the nutrients they need to maintain strong health.

Did you know that regularly bathing and grooming your pet is an important part of helping them to stay strong and healthy? Shampoos made especially for dogs and cats help wash bacteria, debris, and insects from your pet's body. Regular washing of your pet may also reveal skin irritations that might otherwise remain hidden under a thick coat of fur. Pet medicated shampoos that also contain lotions, can help alleviate dry skin conditions on your pet and restore skin health for your pet. Brushing your pet's fur keeps it from matting, which can trap dirt and pests in the fur and make your pet uncomfortable. There are brushes and combs made especially for use on dogs or cats. De-shedders keep both you and your pets happy. They like the pleasurable sensations caused by the brushing and you will like not having stray fur all over the place. Trimming your pet's nails is also important for their health and not just for saving your floors and furniture from scratches. Untrimmed pet nails can grow inwards and penetrate your pet's paws. This can be very painful, encouragements the growth of bacteria, and can even limit your pet's mobility. There are some popular pet nail trimmers that make trimming your pet's nails easy on you and them.

The best way to keep your pet strong and healthy is vigilance on your part to make sure that you have provided them with all the veterinary, nutritional, and preventative health care possible. You love your pet; help them stay strong and healthy for a long, happy life as a member of your family.

What Is Inside A Lifeguard Fanny Pack?

They are usually red and waterproof. You may have seen them on many lifeguards, but have you ever wondered: what’s exactly inside a lifeguard fanny pack?

Lifeguards have a big responsibility on their hands. They must be ready to intervene at any time: their alertness, and the equipment they carry with them, is actively saving lives!

While on duty, a lifeguard will most frequently use his whistle. The whistle that a lifeguard carries on a lanyard around his neck must be waterproof, and loud enough to be heard above the pool noise.

He will always have with him a rescue tube or a rescue board, and a first aid kit. It is the first aid kit that is the content of a lifeguard fanny pack!

The contents of a lifeguard fanny pack focus on emergencies that require his immediate attention. A lifeguard fanny pack will typically contain an adult and pediatric Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) breathing mask, sterile pads, an absorbent compress (roller gauze) or triangular bandage, gloves, and antiseptic wipes.

These items will provide a lifeguard with all that he needs for initial care of an unresponsive victim, until other lifeguards bring larger first aid kit and other equipment to the scene. If necessary, a lifeguard fanny pack can go into the water with him.

Whenever a lifeguard administers first aid, he will wear gloves from his first aid kit. He will apply a body isolation substance on the victim, and use the antiseptic wipes for local disinfection.

When administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, a lifeguard will place a CPR mask over the victim’s nose and mouth. Antiseptic wipes from his first aid kit can be used to sterilize the mask.

There should be enough gauze in the fanny pack for a lifeguard to control the bleeding or other trauma, until other lifeguards get more supplies or the 911 arrives. Triangle bandages can be used to create slings and splints in case of a bone breakage.

CPR masks are usually packed in white triangular cases, so they can be fitted inside the fanny pack. Sterile items such as adhesive bandages, gauze pads, or roller gauze, must be sealed in waterproof protection. If possible, they should not be taken into the water at all. They are of no use to the victim while still in the water, and they could be accidentally contaminated.

The job of a lifeguard is to keep everyone safe. A lifeguard fanny pack is the best way to have with him at all times all the necessities he needs to do just that.

Science Fair Project on Testing Drinking Water

You are intelligent enough to know that the purpose of most science fair projects is to teach students how to use scientific methods to solve problems on their own. A science fair project can allow students, parents, and teachers to make new discoveries together. One of those discoveries might be how clean your drinking water is.

Students may expect faucet water to be clean, but is it? A science fair project on testing drinking water can help them learn what is in the water they use. This outline will help them and you conduct a drinking water test.

State Your Hypothesis

A good example might be, “If I test drinking water from different sources, which will I find to be the best for my health?” A poor example would be, “If I drink tap water, what happens?”

Background Research

Learn all that you can about what water may contain. Research the effects of various contaminants, minerals, etc.

Develop a Drinking Water Test

What kind of drinking water test will you use? What kinds of drinking water will you test? Will you buy a kit, or simply order appropriate test materials? How will you collect the water to be sure you do not change its content?

What You Need for Drinking Water Tests

Students will need Colorimetric test strips for many drinking water tests. Kits are available from science fair websites. Water Safe Drinking Water Test is an EPA standardized, laboratory certified simple kit that identifies harmful levels of 8 different common contaminants in water: bacteria, chlorine, lead, nitrates, nitrites, pesticides, pH, and water hardness.

Predict Results

Write out a prediction of what you expect. Will your city tap water be the best water for your health? Should your family pay money to drink only bottled water? What do you predict your drinking water test will reveal?

Conduct Your Drinking Water Test

Students may choose from many drinking water tests. Here are a few possible tests. Younger students may want to use only one. Older students may combine a series of drinking water tests.

1. Basic: A basic drinking water test might allow students to test water for alkalinity, chlorine (both free and total), nitrate and nitrite, pH, and water hardness. What is the basic make-up of your water?

2. Bacteria: Along with a basic drinking water test, you might test for bacteria in the water. Water from a drinking fountain may show bacteria that collect on the bubbler and wash into the water.

3. City Water: What is in municipal drinking water? You can use the basic drinking water tests above, but check, too, for metals and sediment. Are corroding pipes contaminating the water?

4. Well Water: Since the government does not test private wells, there may be contaminants in the water taken from them. What might you find? Would you expect more sediment or less? Would your drinking water test be likely to find pesticides if the well is near a farm or garden where they are used?

5. Bottled Water: Is bottled water really pure? Is it better than tap water or worse? Run a drinking water test on it and see what you find.

6. Water Cooler: If your water cooler is typical, a large five-gallon bottle is turned upside down into the drinking water crock. Might there be germs on the bottle top? Will a drinking water test show up these germs?

7. Pet Water Bowl: Pet drinking water tests will show you what your pet’s water contains. The pet bowl should not be cleaned right before the test. Allowing your pet to drink from it will show whether or not the water is still pure enough for humans.

Repeat Your Drinking Water Test

A good scientist repeats tests to be sure the results are the same. You will not have accurate results if you run your drinking water test only once.


Analyze the results of your tests. Which water is purer? Which one tastes better, looks better, and smells better? From your analysis, do you think your prediction will hold up?

Arrive at Conclusions

Draw conclusions from your drinking water test. Look at all the evidence and decide what it means in regard to healthy drinking water.

1. Which water contains the fewest contaminants?

2. Which water contains the fewest bacteria?

3. Which water is best for your health?

Prepare Your Display

Decide early how the display will look and leave plenty of time to complete it. Will you have photographs? Will you have clear glasses containing water samples? How will you display used test strips?

Most science fair projects require a display board to communicate your work to others. A three-panel display board that is 36″ tall by 48″ wide when unfolded is standard. On your board, include these elements.

1. Title: Make it catchy – and big enough to read from across a room.

2. Hypothesis and research: Organize your information from top to bottom, left to right, as though you were planning a newspaper page. Put Hypothesis and research information on the left side of your board.

3. Materials and procedures: Place this information just under your title in the middle of the board.

4. Data / Charts / Photos: These go at the bottom of the center part of your board.

5. Results and conclusions: The right side of your board holds the final information about your drinking water test.

A science fair project on testing drinking water can be interesting and exciting, appropriate for any age student. The results may surprise everyone.

Acne And Essential Fatty Acids

According to Wikipedia, Essential Fatty Acids are a family of unsaturated fats which have in common a carbon-carbon double bond in the n3 position; that is, the third bond from the end. In layman's terms: they are necessary for health and they consist of polyunsaturated fats, linoleic and alpha linolenic acid. There are lots of big words there, but what can it do for an acne condition?
These fatty acids are just what they say they are; essential. But what do they do for us in our body?

1. They produce energy

2. They form cells

3. They take oxygen from the air and transfer it to our blood.

4. They make hemoglobin which clots our blood

How does it help to reduce acne eruptions?

These essential fatty acids are known to be very effective anti-inflammatory substances. Therefore sebum, which is the secretion of the sebaceous glands, is calmed by these acids and specifically linoleic acid. Since acne for the most part is due to inflammation and bacteria, anything which will help reduce infection should be welcomed and used.
Linoleic acid and others can be found in:

1. Flaxseed oil

2. Safflower oil

Primrose oil

4. Corn oil

5. Fish oils

When essential fatty acids are not available to the skin, your skin gets irritated and inflamed and acne occurs more readily. They also clear skin and pore blockages that cause whiteheads and blackheads. It's even been shown that when consuming enough of these, the skin is firmer and dryer which is so very needed when dealing with this condition. They are also used to treat cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes.

3-Ball Pool – A Quick and Easy Billiard Game

Over the years, I have been introduced to many variations of billiard games. Some games may take some time to complete, while others are over relatively fast. The two most popular games, 8-ball and 9-ball, for example, will cost average players about 10-15 minutes of their time. Some games, such as rotation and cowboy pool, will take a bit longer. But what if you are pressed for time and want to get in a quick “bragging rights” billiard match with a friend? Or maybe you are alone and want to brush up on your shot setups and break speed, and you want something quick and easy.

One of my favorite, quicker billiard games involves a simple 3-ball triangle setup and one or more opponents. A single match with two players should not take any longer than five minutes. If no opponent is available, a quick game of solo 3-ball is a great drill for leaves and anticipating a few shots ahead.

The rules of the game are quite simple. Place three billiard balls in triangle formation on the head spot, and place your cue ball anywhere in the kitchen(behind the scratch line), as if you were breaking for a normal game of 8-ball or 9-ball. Each billiard shot, including the break, counts as one stroke. If a scratch occurs, it is counted as two extra strokes, plus the shot you just made, totaling three. Each player keeps shooting until all three balls have been pocketed. The player with the fewest strokes after each player sinks all three of their balls is the victor.

If you are looking for a billiard game that is simple to understand and not very time-consuming, then 3-ball billiards is the way to go. Make it more interesting by setting up tournaments or making small wagers with your friends. Or incorporate it into other pool games as short bonus rounds. Whatever your preference, once you start, you will be finding yourself playing 3-ball pool over and over again.

Reverse Phone Services That Use PayPal

As we all know, PayPal is one of the most secure payment forms on the internet and they provide you with a secure online transaction each and every time. Reverse phone services include this service so you never have to worry about people stealing your identify when you sign up for the service. With that said, here is some more information on why reverse phone services use secure payment forms and why you should too.

The main reason why you should always go though a secure site when signing up for a reverse cell service is due to the fact that your information is safe. When placing your credit card information, name, and e-mail address online without going through a secure site, you may be in a heap of trouble. This could lead to your identity being stolen or your credit card being swiped from someone far, far away.

The next reason why it is important to sign up for a reverse cell service with PayPal is because it makes life just a little bit easier. You don’t have to jump through loopholes or contact someone for support. It is a simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete.

The last reason why people should use PayPal is because they are reliable. ClickBank, the leader in digital downloads has teamed up with PayPal to allow you to have a secure transaction for any service in which you need.

So take the time to find a reverse service that includes PayPal and you will find the information you need today.

Speech Writing – How to Prepare a Speech Outline

You will organize your speech similar to a story meaning that you need a beginning, middle and an end. You will make a point or state a major idea and then offer supporting evidence.

The outline of your speech may follow one of the following three templates.

1. A chronological outline moves from the past towards the present or future. For example, the director of the hospital may be giving a speech at a fund-raising dinner. The director might talk about the founding of the hospital, the key events in the hospital’s history such as the opening of a new cancer wing, and finally the director might describe the current shortcomings or specific treatments that are presently not available.

2. The next type of speech is based on cause and effect relationships. The strategy is to first described the effect and then to explain the possible causes. For example, one might be discussing the effect of global warming. The next step would be to explain the possible causes for temperature change such as increased emissions of coal during the recent industrialization of the Chinese economy. An offshoot of this type of outline is that it first describes a problem and then goes on to propose specific solutions.

3. The comparative outline is often used in business presentations with the objective being to persuade the audience that one plan is better than the other. For example, the outline would compare and contrast different proposals for cutting costs at a company. One proposal might be lay offs while another proposal might be to cut capacity at a manufacturing plant. The outline would first highlight both proposals and then the speaker would try to persuade the audience for why one proposal makes more business sense.

The most important thing to remember when writing the speech is to constantly focus on your main theme. Always ask yourself “what’s the point of my speech?” Inexperienced speakers will ramble off topic because they have not distilled a clear message. If you can set out a clear roadmap of your speech that the audience can follow you will improve their retention rate and become a more powerful and memorable speaker.