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A Student Just Told Me He Is Schizophrenic! What Do I Do Now?

Before reading this article, you might want to know what qualifies me to write knowledgeably about schizophrenia. First, I do have a degree in Psychology which I pursued specifically to learn about schizophrenia. Second, this exact situation happened to me during my teaching career. Fortunately for both the student and me, I have a reasonable amount of experience with schizophrenia. And third, the reason I have so much experience comes from the fact that paranoid schizophrenia runs in my family.

Supposedly, the incidence of schizophrenia is roughly equal between men and women, but on one side of my family it runs in the males. I have 2 living relatives with diagnosed paranoid schizophrenia (one diagnosed at age 7, the other was adult afternoon.), One relative who is still a question at this time, and my younger (at some time, but no hallucinations and no diagnosis) brother died in 1976 by stepping out a fourth story window. We think that his hallucination of being GOD made him believe he could not be hurt and he would gain followers from his miracle. Of course, things did not quite go that way.

I mention my brother here because it is important that everyone understands that while people who are schizophrenic have a high suicide rate, it is not appropriate to assume it is based on depression. Hallucinations often cause people to do things that are dangerous and do lead to death, but death was not their intent. This fact makes recognizing that someone is having a hallucination a reason for immediate action.

If you teach young children, the likelihood of schizophrenia is lower, and those who are diagnosed are generally already on meds, stabilized, and illegally to just go off their meds. You will need to deal with the learning issues involved which varies importantly from child to child, and you most likely will have support staff to rely on.

For older students, there are several reasons that why things may not go as smoothly. Due to privacy issues, you will probably never know you have such a student unless you notice symptoms or the student confides in you about his condition. I believe that older students are encouraged to confide in their teachers. This is a good thing.

What should you do?

1. Do not be afraid! Violence to others is unusual. (Keep in mind that very often, especially with paranoid schizophrenia, the person does not consider them ill – it's you!)

2. Contact the student's school counselor as soon as you can to find out any available information –particularly related to medication. You may also be given permission to contact the student's private doctor. If so, make contact soon. The more you can learn, the better.

3. Educate yourself. Do research into the specific type of schizophrenia with respect to the age of your student.

4. Most importantly, talk to this student. (I use he and him because that is my experience.) Get to know him. If you have known someone with schizophrenia, share that. If you know nothing, share that as well, and ask if he would be willing to talk with you about himself. If he says "No," say you understand, honor his decision, and later call the parents to get the following information. Do not ignore this student. He is just another one of your students. Treat him as you treat the others (except as I indicate below).

If your student says "Yes," set up a time (right then if at all possible).

Remember that your goal is to help this young man learn, so he might hesitate or not answer some questions. That's OK.

Things to discuss:

a. How and when was he diagnosed?

b. Is he on meds? (This means medication.) If yes, how do its meds make it feel or act? Drowsy? Slurred speech? If no, how does his condition manifest himself? Is there anything specific you might notice?

c. Does he have trouble concentrating / staying focused? If yes, get his permission for some kind of very subtle signal – maybe a touch on the shoulder or a tap on his desk – to bring his focus back.

d. Ask if there is anything that he is aware of that you can do to help him learn (stand near him when you talk, say things in a different way, etc.). Also ask him if there is anything he knows does not help . How does he feel about being called on in class?

e. Ask for his permission to have a conference with his parents to get additional information from them. (No, you do not technically have to ask for his permission, but often these students feel isolated and powerless. Give him some power.) You can still call the parents.) Whether by conference or phone call, find out if the parents have any suggestions for helping him learn or signs you should be looking for.

f. Ask if there is anything he would like to talk about.

5. Know that because these teens often do not consider themselves ill, they tend to stop taking their meds. For this reason, you must stay constantly aware of the student's "state of being." Watch his mannerisms for frustration, restlessness, etc. Listen carefully for mumbling or quiet talking to no one. Pay attention to everything he writes or draws on assignments, on notes, on notebooks, on clothing. Pay attention to what he wears. Be constantly aware.

If at any time you get a sense that he is having hallucinations, contact the counselor and parents ASAP. He is not taking his meds and is in danger!

Likewise, if you get any indication (usually from things they wear, write, or draw) that he is considering suicide or something dangerous that may cause death, again, contact the counselor and parents ASAP. Teens with schizophrenia have approximately a 50% risk of attempted suicide; and remember, that can happen with hallucinations – with no intention to die.

One thing I definitely know for sure: you do not want a student death on your conscience. It will never go away!

Universal Design and Assistive Technology

Universal Design is a concept that – in a perfect world – would enable those students with a disability to enter a room and immediately have EQUAL ACCESS to any and all information. With Universal Design, assistive technology can be used so that class lessons can be easily completed by everyone including those individuals with disabilities who use assistive technology.

The following adaptations are everyday examples of Universal Design: sliding automatic doors, large restroom doorways and stalls, adjustable tables, sidewalk curve cuts, texting, motion lights, lever handles, and e-books. Each of these examples makes everyone's life easier, not just someone with a disability.

• Assistive Technology for Hard of Hearing and Deaf

For people who are hard of hearing or deaf, a Sorenson service uses remote interpreters via a videophone. Videophones are free with the Sorenson service. Individuals may be in one location, and the interpreter may be in another state. Some schools have CART reporting available to Hard of Hearing and Deaf students. The CART reporter sits outside a class and listens through headphones to make an exact transcript of the lecture just like a court reporter. FM systems are also available for individuals who have hearing impairments. FM systems will amplify the sound from room to room. One person wears a small device with a transmitter, and the other person wears a receiver. The person with the receiver can hear what the other person is saying as if they are next to each other. Assistive Technology like FM systems should be available to anyone who visits a museum or enjoys a performance at an auditorium or movie theater.

• Braille / Tactile Diagrams

For someone who is blind, Braille technology is available in personal computers called PacMates that allow individuals to take their own notes using a Braille keypad. Tactile diagrams for science are also available for human anatomy models, cross-sections of the head, brain, nose, mouth, throat, respiratory tract, heart, digestive system, etc. Tactile maps are also available for anyone taking a geography class or studying the globe. Textbooks and tests in school can be produced in Braille for anyone requesting such services.

• E-Text

E-text is now available through many textbook and non-academic publications. Students who have disabilities may qualify for free copies of their textbooks from Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic. The University of Virginia also has thousands of e-books available to students. Kent State University has a non-commercial repository for e-book research, and Project Gutenberg has many e-books that are free of charge. Google has over 500,000 e-books that are free access. Most publishers want a "proof of purchase" for college textbooks before providing an e-text alternative version of the book. Kindle, The Nook, and Sony all have electronic readers for thousands of books, but interested individuals should also check for text-to-speech software that will allow them to listen to the book as well as read it.

• Physical Disabilities / Wheelchair Users

Wheelchair technology and add on systems are available for recreational activities like bowling and soccer. Paralympic athletes compete in international paralympic sporting events. In addition, specialized wheelchair carts with balloon tires are an option for riding over sandy beaches. For those people with limited upper body movement, computer access can be achieved using large trackballs, a foot mouse, sip and puff devices, and a head controlled mouse. Electric eyes can be provided that allow computer access and control through limited head movement and even eye blinks.

• Screen Magnifiers

Personal computers all have accessibility options including a zoom feature for someone with low vision. You can find access on the Control Panel feature of your PC. Zoom Text enlarges print for someone with low vision, and Zoom Text with speech also includes a screen reader. Products from Kurzweil and Freedom Scientific also provide screen readers and magnifiers. Home magnifiers are not only good for students, but the technology will help those who do fine work with their hands. Their hands can be magnified onto a monitor so that people can see their knitting, writing, or small detail repairs. Camera technology also makes life more accessible to individuals with low vision. There are a variety of products that enlarge text for someone with low vision that can be used on a desk top, are portable, or can be worn on the head for someone with mobility disabilities. For example, Flipper uses a camera to project information from the classroom board onto a personal computer. Jordy is a product worn on the head. Small pocket electronic magnifiers are helpful when trying to read small print during shopping because the user can push a button and freeze the image for easier access to the enlarged print. These products are available at low vision websites. In addition, you can get a microscope that is digital. The user hooks it through a computer with special software. The computer is then attached to a projector, and it enlarges the slide onto a wall or table for all to view at once. Math calculators are available that use an overhead to project onto the wall.

• Speech-to-Text

Someone who has low vision or hand movement restrictions can use a speech-to-text product like Dragon Naturally Speaking, one of Nuance voice control products. Nuance voice Controls will allow users to use voice commands to dictate emails to Blackberry, to add appointments, and to search the web. Sony ICD-SX46 Digital Voice Recorder can be used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software. Tablet PCs have a sensitive screen designed to interact with a complementary pen. You can use the pen directly on the screen like a mouse to select, drag, and open files and can be used in place of a keyboard to handwrite notes. Tablet PCs should also have speech-to-text technology. Nexus 1 Smartphone has a speech-to-text feature as well.

• Text-to-Speech

Screen readers are also available for free or purchase, depending upon the product. ReadPlease is a free screen reader for home use that reads text that has been cut and pasted to the screen reader on a computer. Students who are blind can use JAWS to listen to everything on their computer. Zoom Text and Magic also have text readers built into their software. Electronic pens are available also that can read notes aloud, scan and store text, transfer information to PDAs, Smartphones, and Personal Computers. Some of these pens can also translate English in other languages. The Pulse, Smartpen by Live Scribe lets the user record notes and then replay the written words by tapping on the notes. Notes can be saved to the computer and shared as Flash videos, PDF files, or audio files.

Regardless of the disability you are facing, today's technology will aid you through you day-to-day challenges.

How to Find Out the Best Financial Planner Schools

Financial planning schools are many in number. But it is very important to find out the right school for you so that you can get the best training. It might be very confusing to choose the right kind of school for yourself. There are certain ways with the help of which you can surely search for the best school present in the state. The first thing that you need to do is decide what kind of training you want. There are various fields in financial management. It is very much important to decide which field you want to choose.

Finance is a wide area and you need to make your decision very carefully. One of the best ways to find out about the schools is to perform a research. There are various ways to perform the research. One way is to move about from one financial planner schools to the other and collect proper information about them. You can also perform the research online. There are various websites which can offer you a lot of information about the schools. You can also go through the reviews of these schools.

There are certain things you need to check about the universities. First of all you need to check whether the university offers a proper degree. There are certain universities where you can get the bachelors degree as well as the master’s degree.

You can either take up a bachelor’s degree in maths, economics or business or you can even go for the financial courses directly. After this if you can have an MBA then you will be able to lift your career further. You must always remember that there is a certain amount of difference between the financial planner and the analyst. So first of all you need to decide which way you want to go to. Checking the reviews of the schools is very much necessary.

The reviews are usually written by the students as well as some of the experts. There are various websites where these reviews are published. You can also go through the testimonials written by the students about the financial planner schools.

If you do not get enough time to go to the schools then you also have another way of taking the training. You can choose any of the online schools to have a proper education on finance. There are lots of online schools available these days.

You just need to make sure that you choose the best school. There are lots of advantages of these online financial planner schools. Just find out the leading online schools which have become popular these days and then just sit at home and study to earn a great career.

5 Fast Lose Weight Tips For People With Endomorph Dominant Body Types

By the way endomorphs are people that were born with a slow metabolism, and since their bodies are very efficient and need very few calories to maintain their current body weight it is very easy for them to gain weight when they consume more calories than they can burn during the day.

Before I give you these 5 fast lose weight tips I would like to mention that all my strategies are focused on helping you to burn unwanted body fat while simultaneously helping you to maintain your lean muscle mass. This is a very important distinction because this is the type of approach that eventually leads to permanent fat loss.

Since most folks are focused on losing scale weight they might not even be aware that they are losing 80% muscle and water from their bodies and only 20% actual body fat. This is why if you are serious about reaching your ideal weight and you have a burning desire to create a body you can be proud of, then it is a good idea for you to start measuring your body fat percentage on a weekly basis.

This can be done using a skin-fold caliper, or you can have a specialist test you, but whatever approach that you choose to use, make sure that this becomes something that you actually take advantage of if you want to produce irreversible, long term weight loss success.

With that said, let me give you the 5 fast lose weight tips:

1) Stay focused on consuming the amount of calories that your body can realistically burn during the day. This number should be calculated using your lean body mass.

2) Make sure that you consume mostly (90%) natural, unprocessed, and unrefined complex carbohydrates, lean protein and good dietary fat in every meal during the day. Use a macronutrient ratio that produces the best results based on split testing.

3) Drink plenty of water during the day, and consume alcohol moderately. It is also a good idea not to eat food before, during, or after consuming alcohol. This is one of the major fast lose weight tips because while your liver is metabolizing alcohol, the digestion and utilization of carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fats, is put on hold.

…and if you have a slow metabolism, obviously this will lead to fast weight gain.

4) Make it a habit to use aerobic exercise on a daily basis. The best approach is to use something that is easy to sustain like walking outside or inside on a treadmill. The fact is that to create permanent fat loss, all you have to do is burn the most total calories while doing a physical activity that you can do on a regular basis.

5) To maintain your lean muscle mass it is very important to use some type of resistance exercise at least three times per week. In this area simple and easy exercises done at home or in the gym produce the best long term results.

These 5 fast lose weight tips can help you to produce impressive results as long as you have a burning desire to actually create the body of your dreams. Because, if you do not have a single-minded focus on reaching your ideal weight without quitting or giving up, it will be very difficult for you to do what you have to do on a daily basis to bring this end-result into reality.

Book Review – The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Jeannette Walls proves in her astounding memoir that bad parenting and abject poverty do not necessarily condemn children to a dismal future of the same. In “The Glass Castle” published in 2005 by Scribner, Walls reveals the intimate details of her upbringing within a dysfunctional yet loving family.

“The Glass Castle” immediately grips you with an opening scene in which Walls, as an adult in New York City, sees from the window of her taxi her mother scrounging through a dumpster. Her mother is homeless – one of those bag ladies that all of us see – but now you suddenly have to wonder what it would feel like if that was your mother dangling at the fringe of our society.

From this shocking moment, Walls transports you back to her earliest memory. She is three years old and suffers a terrible burn to her torso when her dress catches on fire as she is boiling hotdogs on the stove. A long stay at the local hospital near where her family is currently living in Arizona ensues while Walls recovers. To the hospital staff, the negligence of the parents is obvious, but Jeannette does not associate the murmuring disapproval around her with her parents.

If any action on the part of social services is planned, we never find out because her father, Rex Walls, plans an early check out from the hospital in his trademark “Rex Walls’ style.” This means that he will grab his little girl and skip out of the hospital bill that he has no intention or means of paying.

Jeannette is whisked away with her father, mother, older sister and younger brother and the family hits the road. It begins just one of many journeys in which the Walls family ends up in ramshackle trailers and shacks throughout the deserts of Nevada, Arizona, and California. They stay someplace a while until Rex can’t pay the rent or won’t and they skip town and do it all over again.

Rex inspired the title of the book with the plans, lovingly worked out on paper, for his “glass castle” that he aspires to build some day. He often reassures his children with the promise of this fanciful housing. It is to be a solar-powered house, but first he needs to raise the money to build it, which entails numerous gold prospecting schemes that are doomed to failure. Because gold-hunting never pays the bills, Rex also finds work as an electrician or handyman. He is smart and mechanically talented, but his earnings inevitably are washed away in the flash floods of drinking that perpetually leave his family destitute.

In an engulfing narrative that sweeps you deeper into an almost unimaginable existence of privation, we see how Jeannette and her siblings cope with their destructively alcoholic father and beg their mother to function and get them food. The mother, in fact, has a teaching degree, but she rarely can drag herself into employability. Although the various rural areas where they live are always desperate for a qualified teacher, the mother cannot abide work and only occasionally holds down a job – with the help of her children who get her out of bed.

The infrequent paychecks of the mother rarely go into the rumbling bellies of her children. Rex will invariably claim his wife’s paycheck and set about squandering it.

This desperate state goes on for years as the Walls children sleep in cardboard boxes instead of beds, endure scalding fights between their parents, and eat anything they can find. Their mother teaches them how to swallow spoiled food by holding their noses.

But even amid these horrors of poverty and alcoholism, Jeannette Walls expresses the genuine love within her family. They are loyal to each other, and Rex, in his sober moments, is wise, encouraging, and tender with his children.

In her memoir, Walls brilliantly crafts her experiences so that we can see the transformation of awareness that takes place as she grows up. As a little girl, she is uncritical of her parents. She loves them and does not realize how awfully deprived her life is. But as she and her siblings mature, they definitely realize that the shortcomings of their parents are not acceptable.

The adolescent years of Jeannette are spent in West Virginia, where her father retreats to his hometown after going completely bust in Arizona. The life of the Walls in West Virginia is appalling as they occupy a shack at “93 Little Hobart Street.” The roof leaks. The plumbing does not work. The Walls family buries its trash and sewage in little holes it digs. They almost never have any food. Jeannette goes through high school digging leftover sandwiches out of the garbage, and Rex fills the role of town drunk. As miserable want defines their lives, Jeannette’s mother does the most infuriating things. When Jeannette and her brother find a diamond ring, they immediately want to sell it for food, but their mother keeps it to “improve her self esteem.” And so they go on starving.

As Jeannette Walls tells the story of her disgraceful upbringing, you will admire her perseverance and that of her siblings. The Walls children eventually take charge of their own lives and support each other into normal adult lives in a beautiful display of closeness among siblings.

Every page of “The Glass Castle” will shock you with the shameless and selfish actions of parents who are unable and unwilling to even try to take care of their children or themselves. Despite her appalling parents, Walls rarely chastises them with her writing. Her love for her parents often comes through with aching dismay.

Much more happens throughout this amazing memoir than has been mentioned here. “The Glass Castle” is mesmerizing and an impossible book to put down. It is truly a masterpiece of storytelling and far superior than the typical bestseller.

How Safe Are Your Dietary Supplements?

The use of dietary supplements has become part of our everyday lives. Dietary supplements are on every shelf in every pharmacy across the nation and consumers are purchasing everything from Vitamin C to fish oils to the tune of billions of dollars per year. But how are all these product regulated? Who is making sure that what is claimed on the label is fact and who is making sure these products are safe? The answer may surprise you.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) leaves it to the manufacture of the supplements to make sure that what they are producing lives up to the health claims they are purporting. In other words, if a supplement is claiming that it provides you with the daily recommended allowance of any specific vitamin it is the responsibility of that manufacturer to hold true to that claim and to make sure it is safe. The following are direct quotes from the FDA concerning the regulation or lack of regard relating to dietary supplements:

"The FDA regulates dietary supplements under a different set of regulations than those covering" conventional "foods and drug products (prescription and over-the-counter.) Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA), the dietary supplement manufacturer is It is guaranteed that a food diet supplement is safe before taking it. FDA is responsible for taking action against any unsafe diet supplement product after it reaches the market. or selling dietary supplements. Manufacturers must make sure that product label information is truthful and not misleading. "

Note that the FDA will not take action against any supplement until after it is put to market, meaning that it will take a consumer complaint before the FDA will investigate the validity of any health claim that a product is making as further clarified in the following quote :

"FDA's post-marketing responsibilities include monitoring safety, eg voluntary dietary supplement adverse event reporting, and product information, such as labeling, claims, package inserts, and accompanying literature." The Federal Trade Commission regulates dietary supplement advertising. "

The FDA delegates the advertising of any specific supplement to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC requires sufficient back up to the claims that these supplements are making and that the supplements will perform as advertised. The FDA additionally requires that any existing supplement which has been reformated with a new ingredient be submitted for review to validate its safety to the consumer.

Proponents of dietary supplements believe that when properly applied supplement to a diet and exercise program can be of great benefit to the consumer. But it is the consumer's responsibility to do the research to make sure that any supplement is right for them. Despite the FDA and FTC efforts to make sure that the product is safe, the chief concern is not what these manufacturers are reporting, but the concern is over what they are not reporting. For example, if you are looking to purchase a fish oil supplement make sure that the source of the fish oils is outlined on the label. There are several brands which do not list the source or the type of fish the oils have been extracted from. Also there are several "watch dog" groups out there who have taken it upon themselves to do the follow up research on a product to insure that what product is claiming is in fact true. However even that information is not readily accessible, often times you would have to purchase their publications and reports to see if that product you are thinking about using is safe. One such group who confirms the supplement's quality, purity and potency is US Pharmacopeia , a trusted, non-profit organization. There is also a "watch list" for certain ingredients found in some supplements, that list can be found at .

Not all supplements are dangerous; if you're considering adding one to your health regiment consult your doctor or pharmacist. Understand that if you are taking prescription medications some supplements may cause a serious interaction problem; your health care professional can verify this. Research the claims of what the supplements can do. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Do not assume that, just because it's being sold as "all natural" or in a health food store, that it's good for you. There are benefits to dietary supplements, make sure you select the right one for you. To your health.

Colon Cleanse Clinics – What You Should Know

Almost 80% of America's population is suffering from some form of constipation and digestive disorders. Most of these can be credited to the rise in the intake of processed and junk food. Over the years, these habits take a toll on the digestive tract and the colon and slow down the process of elimination of toxins from the body. As the lining of the intestines and the colon get clogged with waste matter accumulated over years, the body finds it more and more difficult to flush out toxins from the colon, leading to many ailments. An average adult can have up to 25 pounds of accumulated fecal matter and toxic deposits in the intestines.

Colon Cleanse Remedies and Clinics

As more and more people have realized this, colon cleansing has become an obsession with people. Today, there are various remedies and programs available There are tablets and capsules, fiber rich shakes, home remedies and mixes, enemas, advanced form of colon cleansing like hydro-therapy etc. While a lot of them can be administrated in the privacy of the home, many of these therapies require expert supervision. Today, clinics have become a significant part of the healthcare industry. Some clinics exclusively cater to colon cleansing therapy, while others include it as a part of an entire system detoxification program.

Therapies Administered in Colon Cleanse Clinics.

There are various colon cleaning therapies which require expert supervision. These include colon irrigation therapy, advanced hydro therapy, ozone colonic cleansing therapy and many others. Even enemas are administrated in clinics, at requests of patients. Having an expert perform these therapies reduce the changes of risk to your health. These risks are primarily associated with use of equipment, risk of infections and wrongly administrated therapies.

The colon cleanse clinics have in-house experts to explain the therapy and take you through the entire program. Because most clinical colon cleansing therapies use equipment to penetrate the colon, expert supervision is a must, so as to avoid colon damage. Also the clinics administering such therapies are approved by the health department and use disposable tubes and tips as a paramount safety procedure to avoid infections and spread of other diseases.

Free Radicals – The Secret To Anti Aging And Disease Prevention?

"All disease is caused by free radicals."

Dr. Sherry Rogers MD – a leading figure in family and environmental medicine.

In 1956, Denham Harmon MD., PHD., Proposed his free radical theory of aging. According to this theory, the aging process involves molecular and cellular injury caused by free radicals. This theory remains strong today with free radicals and antioxidants still the current buzz word in the field of anti aging and to a less note disease prevention.

So without this article turning into a complicated and very boring chemistry and physiology lessen let's see if when can get to the heart of it by addressing the following:

· What are free radicals?

· How do they damage the human body?

· How do antioxidant nutrients help protect the body against free radical damage?

· How else can I prevent free radical damage?

What are Free Radicals and how are they formed

A free radical is a hungry naked electron (1).

How are free radicals formed? Basically the nucleus of an atom is surrounded by a cloud of electrons. These electrons surround the nucleus in pairs, but occasionally an atom loses an electron, leaving the atom with an "unpaired" electron. a free radical also known as, reactive oxygen species (ROS) (1).

Free radicals are very unstable and react quickly with other compounds, trying to capture the needed electron to gain stability. Generally, free radicals attack the nearest stable molecule, "stealing" its electron. When the "attacked" body loses its electron, it becomes a free radical itself, beginning a chain reaction. Like a game of dominoes once the process has started, it can cascade, finally resulting in the disruption of a living cell. (2)

When free radicals kill or damage enough cells in an organism, the organism ages. Dr. Harmon launched his theory by showing, for the first time, that feeding a variety of antioxidants to mammals extended their life spans. (3)

Some free radicals arise normally during metabolism. Sometimes the body's immune system's cells purposefully create them to neutralize nasty bugs like viruses, bacteria. Candida that sneaks through into the blood stream is one target. However, environmental factors such as pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke and herbicides can also spawn free radicals. We inhale over 500 environmental chemical every day just in the average home (1).

Normally, the body can handle free radicals, but if antioxidants are unavailable, or if the free-radical production becomes excessive and leaves our arsenal deficient and unable to detoxify the next chemical attack then damage occurs. Damages lead to symptoms like head aches or mood swings then domino to disease.

How Antioxidants May Prevent Against Free Radical Damage Antioxidants act like sponges moping up free radicals and putting out their fires of destruction (1)

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating one of their own electrons, ending the electron- "stealing" reaction. Only a pair of electrons makes them happy and non destructive. The antioxidant nutrients those themselves do not become free radicals by donating an electron because they are stable in either form. They act as scavengers, helping to prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cellular damage and disease. The vitamins C and E are two antioxidants.

Vitamin E – The most abundant fat-soluble antioxidant in the body is one of the most efficient chain-breaking antioxidants available. Primary defender against oxidation and is believed to protect against cardiovascular disease.

· Vitamin C – The most abundant water-soluble antioxidant in the body. Acts primarily in cellular fluid. Of particular note in combating free-radical formation caused by pollution and cigarette smoke. Many studies have correlated high vitamin C intakes with low rates of cancer, particularly cancers of the mouth, larynx and esophagus. (2)

How else can I prevent free radical damage?

Before you go out and stock your pantry with mega-doses of these vitamins, be warned: more is not always better, and the synthetic versions can be problematic and not absorbed by the body. Your metabolic type also dictates how you are affected by various doses of vitamins; as we do not all react the same

Here are some initial steps:

Removing processed food and replacing with organic and chemical free whole foods. Remember 'if it has not been around for 10 000 years do not eat it.' Looking at reducing the chemical pollutants in your home, office and surroundings. Doing a Detox. However it's a good idea to consult a specialist first who can assess your level of toxins and recommend the right approach as it can be very costly buying unnecessary and potentially unsuitable products


So is controlling these free radicals the secret to anti-aging and the prevention of disease? It definitely looks according to current research as being part of the puzzle. But the bottom line is by following those initial steps, without a doubt you are heading in the right direction towards the fountain of youth and a long healthy life.

Your 3d Coach

Craig Burton


(1) Detoxify or die. Sherry Rogers, MD Sand Key Company, 2002.

2 .

(3) Harmon D. Aging: a theory based on free radical and radiation chemistry. J Gerontol 1956; 11: 298. Cited in:

Use Psyllium For Colon Cleansing & Constipation

What Is Psyllium?

Psyllium is a natural product that is used for colon cleansing, as a cure for constipation and in many detoxification programs. Psyllium is often the active ingredient in many constipation cures.

Psyllium comes from the Plantago Psyllium plant, and its seeds and husks are harvested to create natural remedies for constipation and colon cleansing.

How To Use Psyllium For Colon Cleansing and To Cure Constipation

Psyllium can be taken in tablet form – it is often the active ingredient in many laxatives and constipation remedies. However, the most inexpensive and effective methods of colon cleansing include the ingestion of psyllium in its most natural form – psyllium husks, psyllium seeds and psyllium fiber powder.

Psyllium can be mixed with a pleasant-tasting drink, for example, fruit juice or in a shake to make it easier to ingest.

To help the psyllium to flush out impected waste from your system and cleanse your colon and tie constipation, you will need to follow these guidelines:

  • Drink plenty of fluids with your psyllium – the additional water intake will assist colon cleansing and symptoms of constipation.
  • Increase your level of exercise to activate the psyllium fiber and assist in eliminating constipation and speed up detoxification and colon cleansing.
  • Increase the fiber in your diet and include whole grains, fruits and vegetables to help the psyllium activate colon cleansing and constipation relief.
  • Health Precautions For Taking Psyllium

    While psyllium is a natural and powerful aid to colon cleansing, detoxification and constipation, like all natural remedies, must be taken with caution. When using psyllium to cleanse the colon, you need to consider the following:

  • Inform your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to psyllium or any other drugs.
  • Tell your doctor and pharmacist what prescription and non-prescription supplements, drugs and medicines you are taking, including vitamins. Psyllium can decrease the effectiveness of other medications and the colon cleansing effect may remove them from your system before they take effect.
  • Let your doctor or pharmacist know if you have any of these health conditions: diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, kidney disease, rectal bleeding, intestinal blockage, or difficulty swallowing.
  • Do not take psyllium if pregnant or breastfeeding feeding.
  • Inform your pharmacist or doctor if you have special dietary requirements that may be affected by psyllium or colon cleansing.
  • Do not take psyllium within 3 hours of taking any other medication, as its high fiber content may block the absorption of medications.
  • Do not breathe in psyllium powder.
  • Remember that psyllium is a powerful medication for constipation and should be respected as such. When using psyllium for colon cleansing and detoxification, you need to be aware that its high fiber content can cause temporary bloating as it moves through the digestive tract. Another side effect of the high fiber content in psyllium is flatulence.

    To avoid these uncomfortable side effects, it's best to take psyllium gradually until your body is used to psyllium. A good dosage to start with is one tablet or one teaspoon of psyllium on the first day, and increasing the amount of psyllium taken each day by half a teaspoon until you achieve the desired colon cleansing or constipation relief.

    Other Benefits of Psyllium

    Psyllium has been used for centuries as a remedy for constipation, and for colon cleansing, but its other health benefits are starting to become more widespread.

    In addition to colon cleansing and constipation relief, psyllium is now being used to lower cholesterol, improve hypertension, and treating diarrhea.

    Drug and Alcohol Intervention and Treatment

    An intervention happens when a group of family members, friends, and other loved ones come together to confront the addict about his or her addiction. The goal of the intervention is to help the addict see how these destructive choices are harming themselves and the ones who care about them. The purpose of this is to try to help the addict agree to go into treatment and start to take action on changing the situation that they have put themselves in.

    An intervention can happen in two ways, formal or informal. In a formal intervention, a group of family and friends will have a trained professional mediate their discussion with the addict and will direct the group in being as effective as possible. Commonly what happens is the group will write down and read how the addict has affected their lives and how they would like to get back the person they lost to addiction. During the intervention the professional will keep the conversation working towards the ultimate goal of helping the addict to agree to going to treatment. During an informal intervention, a group of friends and family will sit down with the addict at an appropriate time with a plan laid out before hand of options for treatment. Each participant will tell the addict how they feel and how they've been affected by the addict's behavior. After everyone is done sharing, the consequences are laid out if the addict chooses not to go to treatment and continues using.

    An intervention is not only helpful to the addict it also helps the family and friends who have been affected. An intervention is important for all those who are involved. For many this is the chance to discuss with their loved one how their addiction has impacted their lives, while still showing their love and support. In the end, the benefits of an intervention can be awesome – not only will the addict get a second chance at life, but the family will have the person they loved returned to them.

    Waiting to stage an intervention can have devastating consequences for both the addict and his or her loved ones. The longer an intervention is prolonged the long the person is out there still using doing more harm to themselves and others. The sooner an intervention occurs, the better his or her chances are of accepting and responding to treatment. There is no better a time to begin an addict's recovery than right now.

    It is always easier to break an addiction that is just beginning to take hold of the user, rather than waiting until the addiction has taken a large toll on the mind, body, and spirit. The life of an addict is a dangerous one: if the drugs alone do not kill the person, criminal behavior to obtain drugs and others risks they may take while using might. Also by passively waiting to stage an intervention, a family not only enables the addict to continue their destructive behaviors, but also allowed the addict to continue to hurt the family as a whole. Waiting to stage an intervention is an unwwise decision that could have devastating consequences for everyone involved.

    Turmeric For Diabetes – New Medicine on the Block!

    Turmeric is a spice associated to the ginger family with curcumin as its main incumbent. This spice is bright yellow in color with a pungent flavor to it. Although not a widely used spice outside the Indian and Middle Eastern countries, it has concern attention of the west in recent times thanks to the researchers growing interest in its natural qualities.

    Turmeric has proven its worth by being a useful medicine for a number of ailments. The curcumin, an anti-oxidant with its powerful qualities has made it one of the most sought after spices. It's a known fact that This compound is said to have a great healing ability. Its antiseptic effect works wonders on wounds and bruises.

    The researchers though have found out turmeric to be much more than just a healer. The studies have put more light on its other inherent benefits. Cancer is one of the diseases that can be cured or prevented by intake of turmeric pills in dosages as prescribed by the health consultant. It is also said to be good for reduction of cholesterol from our body, that, lessening the chances of heat burns, acidity and heart attacks.

    Bones are also one of the beneficies of this supplement. Consumption of This supplement is good for building up of strong bone structure that, protecting us against arthritis or joint pains.

    New Reports have found out turmeric to be good medication for diabetes. Diabetes occurs due to disordered metabolism which causes high blood sugar levels. There are different kinds of diabetes, namely, type 1, type 2 and gestational. Type 1 is caused because of less generation of insulin and type 2 is caused due to resistance to its effects.

    One major negative point about diabetes is that although it is something that can be treated and controlled, science has still not been successful in curing it completely.

    The benefits of this compound for diabetes is a recent discovery. A laboratory experiment was conducted on mice divided into 2 groups. One group was fed with turmeric and others were not. It was observed that the group that had consumed it was less sooner to develop type 2 diabetes as compared to the other group. Also, the researchers noticed there was less inflammation in this group.

    Inflammation is one of the major factors causing diabetes. The presence of Curcumin in Turmeric spice is responsible for the reduced inflammation and less insulin resistance, thus keeping a tab on diabetes. These observations concluded that an intake of this compound leads to reduction of insulin resistance and inflammation of the fat tissues.

    Thus, it can prove helpful to obese people as well as for diabetic patients. Since curcumin is the ingredient helping in prevention of diabetes, one should look at supplements with higher curcumin component. More the curcumin, higher is the effect!

    Although not a foolproof solution, Turmeric for Diabetes can be considered as one of the medications. An expert's advice is recommended before taking of any supplements.

    Crystals That Help You Battle With Fatigue and Stress

    How many times after enjoying a nice lunch, you feel like you are prepared for a nap, or maybe after a workout, or a run in the beach you seem to feel exhausted… this sort of afternoon slump may be alleviated using crystals instead of caffeine drinks or sugary snacks.

    *To hike up your afternoon fatigue; crystals like Ruby, Amber and Red Jasper are good options. Ruby and Amber are reloading stones, and will help jumpstart your system. You can complement with Aventurine, to add optimism to the mix.

    Having plenty of energy is vital to fulfilling our lives; to enjoy life, one needs a good supply of energy. We can restore and balance our energy levels with a proper diet, rest and sleep… also with the use of crystals.

    You can try some of these remedies:

    * Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Carnelian, Pyrite and Fire Agate, any of these can be carried around the sacral and base chakra area for tiredness, add Sunstone, Hematite, Ametrine, and Dioptase if you’re fatigued. Use them in combination with Rutilated Quartz, Smokey Quartz or Clear Quartz for an energy boost.

    What happens when you’re so wore down and you feel you may sleep for a week? Your mind just won’t switch off? Take a cup of chamomile tea, listen to some calming music or practice meditation? Go for it!

    * To bring a more relaxing sleep you can place Rose Quartz and Amethyst beneath your pillow; these quieting stones will help greatly if you feel overwhelmed or experiencing insomnia. Blue Lace Agate can be held in your hand to help you relax your entire body.

    * Lolite is a crystal that aids in the quality of your sleep and helps with headaches, mental tension and eyestrain, by calming those overtaxed nerves.

    Fatigue may be caused by illness, stress, over work, etc. if you carry a high vibration crystal or stone, its energy will merge with your own correcting and restoring balance.

    *Apophyllite is a high vibrational crystal which can raise your energy and assist with fatigue… Try lying down, with it placed just above your crown and a Hematite and Clear Quartz below each foot, along with a Rose Quartz in the middle of your chest.

    * For a quick fix, or to re-energize try sitting down with your feet on the ground and holding a clear quartz in each hand pointing inward. Breathe deep and slowly in a relaxed state for 15 minutes. This will give you an instant energy boost.

    So, whether you’re a long-distance runner, or simply living the day by day issues… these crystals can help you battle with stress and fatigue and remain relaxed, serene and energy recharged.

    4 Things You Should Know About Vitamin K

    Vitamin K is a fat soluble vitamin. It was discovered by Henrik Dam in 1929 when he realized that a compound in cholesterol could prevent bleeding. In this article I am going to be covering this vitamin in greater detail by providing you with four things you should know about vitamin K.

    1) IT IS ESSENTIAL FOR PROPER WOUND HEALING: – As I mentioned above vitamin K was discovered as a compound that could help prevent bleeding. Since then research has revealed that it is needed by the body for blood to clot properly. Without it even the smallest cut will bleed continuously. Therefore, if you notice that any cuts you get take longer than normal to heal you are not getting enough of this vitamin.

    2) GREENS ARE THE BEST SOURCE OF THIS VITAMIN: – Green, leafy vegetables including broccoli, cabbage and spinach all contain high levels of this vitamin. If vegetables are not your thing then green tea is another good source. If you really can not stand greens in any form then eggs, milk and liver all contain lower levels of vitamin K. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for this vitamin is 0.08g for men and 0.06g for women so if you are not currently eating any of the above foods now is the time to start.

    3) A DEFICIENCY CAN BE CAUSED BY A NUMBER OF FACTORS: – Most vitamin deficiencies are the result of not consuming enough. However, this is not the only thing that can cause a vitamin K deficiency. Antibiotics and anticoagulants (medicines that thin the blood) can prevent your body absorbing this vitamin. Furthermore, certain diseases can inhibit your body's ability to use this vitamin. In these scenarios supplementation may be required so that you can get your RDA.

    4) NOT GETTING ENOUGH AFFECTS YOUR BLOOD AND BONES: – Not getting enough vitamin K can make your bones weak causing them to fracture more easily. In the worst cases it can prevent your blood clotting and cause constant, heavy bleeding from areas including your eyes and gums. Therefore, if you want to avoid these undesirable symptoms make sure that you get your RDA of this vitamin.

    I hope this article has given you a better understanding of vitamin K. It is essential for the healing of wounds and a deficiency can be very damaging so make sure you get the RDA.