First Aid Training

A crisis can occur at any given time and it can involve anyone and there is always need to respond as fast as possible to the emergency at hand. Situations requiring first aid can be anything from choking, drowning, heart attacks and even electrocutions all of which are life threatening. You may also be faced by an emergency when someone around you falls and they are unable to wake up or they cut themselves and the boring simply does not stop. First aid in all the emergency situations makes a difference between temporary and permanent disability or living and dying.

This is considering that it takes very few minutes for the brain to die when the supply of oxygen is cut to it and it also takes minutes for a person to bleed to death and for wound to get infected. The very first minutes after trauma in terms of how the body is handled can determine the outcome of the occurrence although devastating it might look. Wars, natural disasters, heart failures and even terrorist attacks can all lead to emergency situations where you are needed to take care of the injured before the paramedics of the ambulances arrives to evacuate them.

If you are a trained first aid administrator, you will be in a better position to offer the required first aid and save lives. In most cases when an emergency occurs, most people turn to be spectators and watch the victims lose their lives because they are not sure of what to do. Others will panic and run off, leaving the victims to die. With good first aid training, however, you will know exactly how to deal with the situation to sustain life and get things under control until the paramedics find their way to the victims.

The Training

There are so many institutions now offering first aid training and some offer online courses you can easily take. Group training courses are also made available to enable companies or organizations to take their staff through the important training programs to put them in a better position to handle health emergencies. Social care courses are also offered to ensure that the society is well taken care of by abundance in trained administrators.

In most cases the training revolves around the ABCs of first aid referring to Airways, Breathing and Circulation. The administrators get trained on how to make sure that the victim's airways are clear and they can breathe to allow circulation. The basics can also include clear the airways, ensuring there is blood circulation and cardio to ensure the heart is beating. The simple but critical exercises can save lives in any given emergency and hence there is an importance for individuals to get proper first aid training so they can come to the aid of the suffering when they need help the most.

When seeking these skills, ensure that you get training courses from reputable and registered training organizations. Refresher courses should also be considered on a regular basis to keep up with the latest in the health care industry.

Cures For Tinnitus – 100% Guaranteed Cures For Tinnitus – End the Ringing Forever!

Tinnitus is a common ear problem. It is stated that when the hearing nerve inside the ear is damaged it can cause tinnitus. This is considered to be one of the most common causes of tinnitus. But this occurs only at the time of aging and not all people are affected with this. Therefore, those who are aging can take preventive measures of covering their ears with a scarf or avoid too much traveling in trains, buses or airplanes and stay at home. It is now clear that only when you are exposed to areas with loud noise, you will be affected with a tinnitus problem and therefore, it is good to avoid rather than inviting the problem.

But this discussion does not state that there are no permanent cures for tinnitus. Thanks to the pharmacy science, there is a complete cure for tinnitus, not only that but it’s very safe and easily available.

There are many cures for tinnitus and these are both in English medicines and also in homeopathy along with home remedies. English medicines are prescribed in a particular dose and these have to be taken by the patient for a period of time and soon you can find quick relief from tinnitus.

Another treatment, and one of the best cures for tinnitus, is a home remedy which involves consuming plenty of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and fruit juices. Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and any excessive salt or sugar products. This will control the entire blood circulation system and will keep the digestive system in tact and safe. Once your blood circulation system is functioning well, your ear will begin to regain its normalcy and you will quickly get relief.

Further for a while, you may face some common problems of constipation, excessive sleep or any other mild problem with the use of anti depressants found in many cures for tinnitus. But you need not worry about this, as the dosage is completed, you can stop the medicine and you will once again regain your normal functioning. This is due to the fact that, when medicines are acting and working on a particular problem that is tinnitus, some of the side effects are caused and these are only for a temporary time. Therefore don’t worry too much but keep the doctor informed and when they suggest to stop the medicine, you follow their instruction.

Going by the discussion it’s now evident that there are a number of cures for tinnitus available and there are effective medicines and effective home remedies out there. Both can be practiced and you can find a quick cure from the problem. However you must pay a lot of attention and care throughout the treatment period until you are completely cured and ensure that this is not repeated, also take plenty of good food that is rich in vitamins and nutrients.

A natural cure from the intake of good food is a perfect way to cure tinnitus. Because, the money that you spend on medicines can instead bring you good vegetables and fruits, you can easily get you back your health, although spending money for the doctor’s visit is equally important.

Drug Detox For Steroid Abuse – A Serious Option

Anabolic steroids – the kind used by athletes all over the world to help build lean muscle mass – are so easily available and their side effects so deadly that they have become a widespread threat to health. Their proven addictive properties only add to the argument that legal controls should be more stringent. And because withdrawal can lead to unpredictable violence, treatment should involve the best, most modern drug detox and drug rehab procedures available.

When pro wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and young son and then hanged himself recently, he had more than 10 times the normal level of testosterone – one of the anabolic steroids – in his system, and it was injected shortly before the murder-suicide, according to Dr. Kris Sperry, Georgia’s top medical examiner. Sperry said there was no evidence of any other steroids in Benoit’s system, and that there is no consensus that the use of testosterone can contribute to the paranoia, depression and violent outbursts known as ‘roid rage commonly associated with anabolic steroids.

Whether or not testosterone played a role in Benoit’s tragic actions, there’s little doubt that prolonged use of anabolic steroids can cause terrible side effects, and that they can be addictive. Yale University researchers found that high-dose, long-term steroid use can cause all the classic signs of drug addiction, including craving the substance, inability to stop using it and withdrawal symptoms. Drug detox and drug rehab programs would certainly be indicated to help long-term steroid users and abusers kick their habits.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) points to aggression, paranoid jealousy, extreme irritability, delusions, impaired judgment and feelings of invincibility as steroid abuse side effects. Others include liver tumors, cancer, acne, shrinking of the testicles, reduced sperm count and infertility, male development of breasts, increased risk of prostate cancer, and stunted growth in teenagers not yet fully grown. To avoid these problems, people abusing anabolic steroids should consider drug detox.

The government placed anabolic steroids in Schedule III of the Controlled Substances Act back in 1991, but I’d like to see the FDA and even the DEA take a closer look at how these drugs are being abused, and how incredibly easy they are for anyone to obtain, especially over the internet. Someone needs to make it clear to thousands of muscle-hungry young men and women across America that long-term anabolic steroid abuse can lead to dangerously violent or suicidal behavior – and real addictions that require real drug detox and drug rehab to regain their health.

drug detox

Attitude is Everything – An Adjunct to Medicine While Treating Depression (Opinion)

As human beings, we have learned to think of everything in terms of extremes. Every beginning has an end, and every good deed can be opposed with a bad one. Likewise, many of us will equate details of our lives to determine our mood. We develop patterns and if a few things in our lives do not follow our plans, we tend to allow our mood to depress. Our mood then affects other aspects of our lives and if we continue to have less optimal opportunities, we continue to depress our moods. But if we know that we do not feel good when we are in a bad mood, why do we choose to be depressed? Does this affect our health? Do we have control over our mood?

Depression, negative thoughts and inhibition of positive investment

The state of depression spans well past our mood and usually affects our desires and ambition. When our mind is depressed so are our actions. We procrastinate or do not find the energy to tackle projects or to perform duties that need to be done. Ideas present while we are in a good mood no longer exist while we are in a bad one. It becomes a downward spiral that can quickly get out of control if we do not stop it. As we take part in fewer activities, the list of things we need to do becomes larger. This adds more stress and anxiety and we tend to feel bad that we are not accomplishing our goals, nonetheless completing activities necessary to survive in society. So why do we choose to allow ourselves to follow a downward spiral? Do we have control over our actions, ambition and desires?

Depression, negative thoughts and the effects on the body

Depression affects the body both directly and indirectly.

Indirectly, we eat less, sleep less and exercise much less when we are down in comparison to when we feel good. Our bodies, therefore, are more fatigued and our immune system becomes worn and allows us to be more susceptible to disease. Sleep, good nutrition and exercise all promote good health and these entities are vacant when we are depressed.

Directly, we release endorphins when we are happy. Likewise, when we are stressed and anxious, our hearts beat fast, our bowel system may be affected, our pain thresholds decrease and our whole body suffers. Why do we let this happen? Do we have control over how we feel?

Body, health and the association with positive thinking

If positive thinking can cause us to exercise more, eat better and sleep appropriately, why do not we want to think positively? Can we train ourselves to put things in perspective, halt our minds before they take the downward spiral and train our minds to work in a way that optimizes our health? It sounds so simple.

The truth of the matter is that everything in life is not so black and white and two sided; there is a lot of interpretation that follows any circumstance in life. We just have to interpret things in a way that benefits our well being. I make it seem so simple, but I understand that our environment often overcomes our mental capacity to look beyond what is happening to us. I also would like to mention that some forms of depression are based on our brain chemistry. With that said even though there are factors that we can not control, we can enhance or make our situation worse with good or bad thought patterns. So in a logical perspective, if positive thinking promotes good health, then why do not we want to be positive thinkers?

Mind over matter

If you have not figured it out by now, I've been trying to suggest things through this article. By asking you a question, I'm trying to invoke a thought and make you think about this topic differently. Each one of us knows what makes us happy, what makes us perform well, what makes us confident. So why can not we use these tools to our advantage. In example, when I first took my admission test to get into college, I was nervous and did not feel good through the test. Soon after, I received a letter from U of M and was accepted. I was still scheduled to retake the admission exam and since the pressure was not on me to do well, I went into the exam confidently and did a lot better the second time. I used this philosophy through medical school as I took an exam. I realized that it was counterproductive to be nervous and no matter how I felt before an exam, I'd take a few minutes to convince my mind that I was confident. That state of being allowed me to be focused and clear headed. Otherwise, we have blocks in our mind and when we are angry and nervous our minds do not perform efficiently.

Recipe for happiness

Now let's take the above and try to figure out a recipe for happiness. We know that being down causes our body to shut down, inhibits our positive investment in things that matter to us and we do not perform as well. We also know that when we are happy and positive, it clears our minds, promotes better health and allows us to accomplish things.

So if each one of us thinks about when we are happy and what makes us happy and writes that down, that is a huge step. The idea here is that if we know what makes us happy, why could not we use that paradigm every time we are down. A song, an accomplishment, a family member, a life experience, a food, or a memory can all trigger our moods to be happy or sad. If we can figure out what makes us happy, then why could not we re-experience these things or think about them when we are down and quickly forget about what's bringing us down. Likewise, what prevails us from looking beyond our environment and finding a larger perspective for the event. Life is often unpredictable and can be very frustrating, but the sooner we realize to adapt, the happier we will be.

One step at a time

So you may be saying …. "I have too many bad things going on in my life right now and do not see a way out". Well, my answer to you is this: Improve one thing at a time. You did not get into your situation very fast, so why are you looking for a fast answer. If you correct one thing at a time, you will start to build positive debt and you will slowly add to your positive experiences and as you do things well you will become happier and happier. If you have financial problem, problems at work, loss of loved ones, and a problem with your son, maybe you can start with making a better relationship with your son. Then work on the next issue, etc.

Bird Flu Preparation and Protection

Human Flu or Influenza sounds too common to alarm anyone, but if it is BIRD FLU, the situation becomes appalling from virtue of the fact that the virus is highly fatal for humans and it mutates over time into various forms thereby, making vaccination and treatment difficult. Hence only hope lies in preparation for it is said that Prevention is better than cure! Mankind has seen 3 deadly pandemics in history which left millions dead across the globe.

A White House document, titled National Strategy for Pandemic Influenza (NSPI) says so, “A pandemic, or worldwide outbreak of a new influenza virus, could … overwhelm our health and medical capabilities, potentially resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of hospitalizations and hundreds of billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs.” This gives us an idea of where we stand in terms of preparedness. The very fact that the virus keeps changing genetically makes it impossible to develop a foolproof vaccine against avian flu.

Another very important factor in flu’s spread which is worth considering is the quote by Kofi Annan, ex-UN Secretary General, “Once human-to-human transmission has been established, we will have only a few weeks to lock down the spread before it spins out of control!” At current levels of international human traffic, a localized epidemic can escalate into a global pandemic. Hence a lock down or isolation zones needs to be created wherein humans and food products from infected regions are not allowed to be transported across countries.

The preventive measures as of now consist mostly of advisories and guidelines to be followed by people and governments across the risk prone countries. Amazingly rapid advances in the field of pharmaceuticals and genetics are being made to come up with a foolproof strategy for development and deployment of vaccines against bird flu.

WHO issues regular advisories to warn travellers coming and going across flu prone areas or infected countries and people directly involved like poultry farmers, health workers, doctors, etc. of the risks involved. Precautionary measures are published across mass media in most of the countries by the governments to make people aware of the effects of Avian Flu and the guidelines to prevent it.

World Health Organization has come up with strategies for information gathering and dissemination with its bird flu operations spreading across about 82 countries with hundreds of centers, their primary aim being surveillance and rapid confirmation of suspected cases. WHO issues a list of most common suspected virus types which might strike that particular year. The vaccine development and production programs across the world follow these reports.

Some countries and agencies have started stockpiling of vaccines (like oseltamivir) effective against the most common H5N1 bird flu virus. In developing countries the major focus has been on community preparation and involving multiple agencies beyond health departments into the planning processes against bird flu, like non-governmental organizations, law, education, tourism industry, agriculture sector, etc. Training activities and pandemic simulation exercises are designed and taken up.

Unfortunately for us there are no unfailing measures which we can count on. As the virus keeps changing genetically we are unable to have pre-made accurate vaccines against it. Immunization is out of question for the same reason. Hence the only surest hope today is to know the disease and prevent its infection. In case of infections in poultry containment is done by mass killing the birds. And in cases of humans the infected region should be locked down, monitored and suspicious cases kept isolated to prevent the spread of flu. Hygiene and disinfection using even casual methods like washing and following general cleanliness guidelines at home can reduce the chances of flu infection by 99%. Preventing human exposure to diseased humans and animals is the key to prevention..

Taking Over Or Starting A Trophy Business

Although the world is turning digital all around us there are some things that cannot really be replaced by a digital counterpart and the trophy retail business is an example of one such business. Trophies for sporting, academic and business excellence are a traditional constant in western society and they continue to be used just as they were in the past. People thinking of entering the trophy business need to build up or acquire a reliable client base consisting of academic organizations, sporting clubs and businesses, for which they provide and inscribe their annual or occasional awards.

The promotion of the business through advertising will help to build up the existing client base and attract new customers from the general public for items like christening mugs, 21st goblets and wedding and anniversary plaques. In the past trophy businesses offered simple plaques, medals and figurine trophies, but advancing technologies have allowed the introduction of innovative ideas for awards to include crystal, marble, glass, wood and composites, providing a wider range of options for customers and including environmentally friendly materials. There are some sidelines that you can include like display cases and a design service. You can have display cases built to customer’s specs, for single awards or for collections of awards. Desk awards, fashioned as business card holders or stationary caddies are examples of additional sidelines that can be marketed to the business world and also sold online. Always keep a good range of items on display in your shop for customers that need a trophy or award today.

Sporting clubs are one of the major purchasers of cups, trophies and plaques for awards so it is a good idea to contact all the local sporting clubs in your area when you take over your business, announcing that the business is now in new hands. Annual meetings with existing clients are recommended to keep up with changing trends, giving the opportunity for the business to show off new lines and advertise specials.

Every trophy business needs to have reliable suppliers, so you should conduct extensive research to find several wholesalers to supply the products you wish to market to your clientele. A wide range of choices is always attractive to prospective buyers whatever market you are catering for, so ensure that you locate wholesalers with quality merchandise and a reliable delivery service.

A trophy business usually includes an engraving and etching machine which is fully computerized and can handle a range of font styles and sizes and does not require special design skills. Available fonts and styles can be printed out on paper for display in the shop and in your brochures. A display of available trophies is also important both in catalog form and on the shelf examples. Trophies and plaques should be available in budget designs as well as higher quality designs so as to serve the needs of a range of budgets. Gold and silver plated products should always be available providing that high end quality choice.

Every Trophy shop should have an accompanying website to compliment the shop front and to attract business from other parts of the country. The website should be maintained and kept up to date so it helps the business to move with the times and ideally should include a blog for SEO purposes. If there is an already existing website for the business you are looking at, this should be given a fresh look so that customers can see that the business has changed hands. Letterbox drops of brochures can also be a good way to let the community know that you have taken over the business and additional advertising in local newspapers is another way to promote your business.

Include some product line that will make your trophy business stand out and give the business individuality. This might need some imagination and an element of risk, but let’s face it all business requires an element of risk to succeed. Choosing a collectible item that interests you will personalize your shop and also produce another business line to promote. Because a trophy shop sells awards for excellence, its own reputation for excellence should also be realized.

Blood Pressure Effects – Short and Long Terms Effects of High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is real and very damaging. Doctors refer to it as the silent killer. I will tell you in this article what are the effects does hypertension have on your body.

Having blood pressure is like connecting a normal garden hose to a fire hydrant. There is extreme pressure placed on the walls of your vessel like there is extreme pressure of the water on the hose walls. This will cause leaks and breaks to occur. The way this affects your body is through the treaties. Since blood runs through the entire body, your entire body is affected by high blood pressure.

Your eyes are affected as well since they contain very small blood vessels. They are very easy to rupture. Even a small hit can cause them to rupture. When these rupture, the blood spreads. People often confuse this with a problem of the eyes. More often than not, eye doctors are the ones who diagnose people with hypertension. If your blood pressure gets too high, you can go blind.

High blood pressure increases the chance of you having a stroke. This is due to the large network of blood vessels in your brain. With the higher pressure running through your vessels, there is a greater chance of one of these vessels rupturing and causing a stroke. You are 5 times more likely to have a stroke if you are diagnosed with this ailment.

Another organ that is directly affected by high blood pressure is your heart. Your heart must work harder to pump the blood. This causes your heart to basically become stronger and become thicker. The muscle in the heart becomes thicker and it extremely leaves the heart inefficient and prone to heart failure. When the heart muscle becomes thicker, the heart becomes susceptible to arterial deposits. This can lead to death due to a heart attack.

Another organ affected are your kidneys. Kidneys are the organs that filter your blood. With this ailment, your kids could fail and you can end up on dialysis. It is calculates that approximately one fourth of the people on dialysis die because of it.

9 Causes of High Cholesterol

High cholesterol level or hypercholesterolemia is a condition where levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream are higher that normal. Individuals are strongly advised to maintain less than 200 mg of cholesterol for every deciliter of blood. Anything higher than 240 mg/dL of blood is considered hypercholesterolemia and this increases the risk of developing plaques that accumulates in the heart blood vessels causing them to narrow and thicken and can later on result to severe problems.

Contrary to popular beliefs, hypercholesterolemia isn’t caused by high-cholesterol diet alone – it is a combination and interaction of different factors. Some of these factors are controllable and very much related to one’s lifestyle like diet, weight, physical activity level, stress, smoking and alcohol intake while age, gender, family history and heredity, and race are among the uncontrollable factors which also play important roles in cholesterol management. Let us take a look at how these things affect our cholesterol level.

Uncontrollable Factors

  1. AGE. As people grow older their risk of developing hypercholesterolemia increases. Women over 55 and men over 45 years of age are at greater risk compared to their younger counterparts.
  2. GENDER. By nature, men are more predisposed to high cholesterol than women. Prior to a woman’s menopause, she normally has lower level of total cholesterol than men of same age groups. It’s not until she reaches menopause or the age of 55 that her cholesterol level increases naturally.
  3. FAMILY HISTORY & HEREDITY. Your genes partly determine your risks for a number of conditions and diseases and this includes your risk of having high cholesterol. You are more genetically predisposed to hypercholesterolemia if a member of your immediate family have high cholesterol level or associated problems like heart diseases at a young age of 55.
  4. RACE. Just like familial history and heredity, your race can also partly predetermine your cholesterol risks. For instance, in the US, African Americans are more prone to develop hypercholesterolemia than Caucasians.
  5. Controllable Factors

  6. DIET. The liver manufactures about 80% of the body’s cholesterol while the other 20% comes from the food we eat. If you consume a lot of cholesterol rich food like meat and fatty food, then it will follow that your cholesterol level will also be higher. You should eat more heart-healthy foods like fruits, veggies and whole grains to offset the accumulation.
  7. ACTIVITY LEVEL. Inactive people or those living a very sedentary lifestyle have higher risk in having higher cholesterol. Regular exercise helps in boosting your HDLs (good cholesterol) thus decreasing your LDL level (bad cholesterol).
  8. WEIGHT. Naturally if you are overweight you have higher cholesterol level since your body stores extra calories as triglycerides. When triglyceride levels are high, HDL levels in your body tends to become low. Loosing those extra pounds even by only 10% can greatly improve your cholesterol level.
  9. SMOKING & ALCOHOL INTAKE. Smoking is scientifically proven to have harmful effects to your heart, lungs, blood pressure and cholesterol level. It damages arterial walls and lowers HDL levels. Moderate alcohol drinking (1-2 drinks daily) increases HDL level but is not proven to lower LDLs. What is certain is that drinking too much alcohol leads to liver and heart muscle damage, high blood pressure and high triglycerides levels.
  10. STRESS. Numerous studies show that stress increases blood cholesterol level over time. This is because stress affects personal habits. For instance, some people console themselves by binge eating super fatty foods and sweets when under pressure, this will of course lead to hypercholesterolemia.

5 Common Herbal Remedies For High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is the medical term used to describe high blood pressure. Blood pressure is a measurement of the force against the walls of your arteries as the heart pumps blood through the body.

Blood pressure readings are given as two numbers, 120 over 80 (written as 120/80).

The top number is your systolic pressure. It is considered high if it is over 140 most of the time.

The bottom number is your diastolic pressure. It is considered high if it is over 90 most of the time.

One or both of these numbers can be too high. There are many reasons why your blood pressure can be high sometimes it is due to heredity, ethnicity, diet, excess salt, obesity, stress or it can be brought on by another disease like kidney failure or endocrine disorders. Even worse your more likely to get high blood pressure as you get older because your blood vessels stiffen with age, that’s not surprising everything seems to go to pot as we get older.

Also consider when taking a reading, getting a high reading on one day, and normal readings on other days could be due to other factors for example one day I didn’t drink enough water during exercise, so I was very dehydrated – my blood pressure reading came out to 148/92 – when it was taken again later after I had water and rest it read 120/80 that is why it should be 148/92 or around that level most of the time for me to have high blood pressure.

The good news is that high blood pressure/hypertension can be controlled with diet and exercise.

Since I am prone to high blood pressure (family history) I have done a lot of research on the internet and in the library, where I have discovered 5 common herbs that can be used to control your blood pressure. The best part is that these items can be found in your local grocery and you won’ t have to spend a small fortune at some health food store or even at GNC.

1. Garlic – the British and Australian researchers have done studies where they have concluded that garlic reduces blood pressure significantly. One precaution garlic is an anticoagulant and may cause bruising or delay blood clotting.

2. Celery – this one is especially surprising to me – celery maybe used to help relieve gout, insomnia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The Chinese have been using celery as a treatment for high blood pressure while of course we use pills. Precautions celery has a very high salt content which is known to raise blood pressure in some people also long term use of celery can deplete your potassium levels.

3. Pomegranates – like most fruits are filled with powerful antioxidants -Israeli researchers have found that subjects who drank at least 3 ounces of juice daily for one year reduced their blood pressure by 21%. Pomegranate juice antioxidant power is higher than what can be found in red wines or teas, research has shown it to effective in treatment for heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Preliminary studies show the juice maybe effective for use to prevent inflammatory diseases, and bacterial infections, plus it boosts your immunity. Expecting a baby this juice helps babies brains develop normally and protects their brains against prenatal brain injury.there are no precautions listed but since it is kind of sour check your sugar content, you don’t want to wipe out the benefits by drinking something that is overloaded with sugar.

4. Cocoa – now this is just awesome if you ever needed an excuse to indulge here it is but it has to be dark chocolate. Researchers having discovered that dark chocolate was higher in antioxidants than tea or red wine started to look into whether dark chocolate can help with heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure. German researchers have found 3 ½ ounces of chocolate consumed daily was just as effective as taking a daily dose of your blood pressure pills. Things to watch out for chocolate does contain caffeine not as much as coffee but it can still mess with your sleep and of course some people might be allergic.

5. Ginger – the New England Journal of medicine published a study linking the use of ginger to a reduction of Heart disease and strokes because it helps lower blood pressure and prevents clots. On a personal note I have used ginger to help with nausea it is very effective for that purpose.

As with anything, even herbal remedies always check with your doctor first before using natural remedies and use common sense, over use of even natural ingredients can be bad for you. However, adding natural foods and ingredients can lead to a healthier diet which is always good for you in long run.

Erythema Nodosum – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Erythema Nodosum is a type of skin inflammation that is located in a certain part of fatty layer of skin. It results in reddish, painful, tender lumps most commonly located in the front of the legs below the knees. This condition is usually self-limiting and resolves on its own in 3 to 6 weeks. However, the chronic type may last for years, with intermittent recurrences. Erythema nodosum may occur as an isolated condition or in association with other conditions, including medications and chronic diseases.

The Ayurvedic treatment of erythema nodosum is aimed at treating the inflamed skin and identifying and treating any underlying condition present. Medicines like Arogya-Vardhini, Triphala-Guggulu, Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha, Kamdudha-Vati, Gandhak-Rasayan and Chandraprabha-Vati are useful in this condition. Medicines which act on the ‘Ratka’ and ‘Mansa’ dhatus (tissues) are useful in this condition. These include medicines like Patol (Tricosanthe dioica), Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Patha ( Cissampelos pareira), Musta (Cyperus rotundus), Triphala (Three fruits), Nimba (Azadirachta indica) and Kutaj (Holarrhina antidysentrica).

Since this condition is associated with other chronic infections and chronic inflammatory diseases, treatment is also aimed at reducing the chronic inflammation and the specific pathology underlying that condition. Medicines like Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Saariva, Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia), Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) and Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris) are useful in such situations.

Medicines like Mahamanjishthadi-Qadha and Saarivasav are given on a long term basis to prevent recurrence. Local applications like ointments can be used, which contain medicines like Manjishtha, Haridra (Curcuma longa) and Chandan ( Santalum album). Though this condition is painful, it does not involve internal organs, and the overall long-term outlook is very good.

Is White Supremacy a Mental Illness?

If someone is brain-washed into believing in something that opposes human-rights or turns them into a clone of bad thinking is this a mental illness? It seems that some Americans are behaving in this manner with the cry from trump’s campaign of ‘make America Great again’. The riots in Charlottesville today certainly gave that impression with many wearing the hats from his rallies and waving swastika signs and associating them with the Ku Klux Klan.

These were sad sights to witness on the media and even worse to know that many Americans harbour such views. What do they consider is so great about being white that they can persecute and deride those who are not?

As a white Australian who fought the government to remove the White Australia Policy from our society, my views are that we are all human and no one is better or worse than another. While some have more opportunities that does not give them the right to decide on the rights of others.

My heart is often disturbed by racial prejudice. This is mainly because my memory of reincarnation made me aware that we have all lived. In some lives we have been black and in others white, or some other colour. The skin is only the outer covering and has no bearing on the person underneath.

For this to be hidden and racial prejudice and anger towards people of another less fortunate position to rear its head is a blight on all of us. In my opinion, therefore, white supremacy is a mental condition governed by selfishness and jealousy. It is time for someone to call it as such and to help people who struggle with the condition to get over it.

Finding Migraine Causes

For those who suffer from migraines, the difference between what they experience and what others call a "headache" could not be more different. Migraine headaches can range from moderate to severe but at their worst, they are easily incapacitating. Research has shown that nearly 30 million Americans suffer from migraines – debilitating headaches that in many cases render its sufferers unable to tolerate light, noise, or even smell. Because of the prevalence of migraines, there has been an ongoing body of research focused on finding migraine causes.

Migraines are very personal, as the factors that will elicit an episode differ from person to person. But once in motion, a migraine can last from several hours to several days, resulting in nausea, vomiting, changes in vision, and in some cases, complete incapacitation. In order to prevent – and eliminate – migraines, it is necessary to examine the migraine causes that mean the most to each sufferer.

According to ongoing research, a migraine results when the blood vessels in the brain become enlarged; different migraine causes may lead to this irritation of the blood vessels but the pain experienced is often mirrored by all migraine sufferers. Such inflammation can also lead to the irritation of other operations within the body including the central nervous system and digestive system.

Migraine causes vary from person to person; but researchers have narrowed down some of the most prevalent triggers including exceptional sleep, excess caffeine, stress, exposure to smoke, red wine, certain foods such as those contain preservatives, and hormonal fluctuations. There are medical interventions that can alleviate – and in some cases prevent – migraine headaches. For people who suffer from severe migraines, the addition of medications as prescribed by their doctor has meant the difference between a life with migraines and a life without them.

But for some, just understanding their particular migraine causes has allowed them to avoid their triggers, thus significantly minimizing the possibility of migraines. In an effort to isolate your migraine causes, you may want to keep a journal over the course of several weeks or months depending on the frequency of your migraines. A journal such as this can be incredibly helpful; should you choose to see a doctor you can present a well documented migraine history that will assist your medical professional in prescribing a treatment plan that works best for you. If you choose to take a more natural approach to managing migraines, a migraine journal may show a pattern of migraine causes that you will do best to avoid in the future.

MSc Management – Develop Real World Knowledge & Skills For Modern Management

If you believe that you have a strong vocation for management in a business environment, an MSc Management qualification will allow you to develop real world knowledge and skills in readiness for modern business management.

Potential students must be aware of the academic rigours that are invariably involved in an MSc Management course, although much of the curriculum is built up with highly-skilled practical elements that will be encountered in everyday working life.

There are a number of avenues in which you can go down with an MSc Management qualification, from Marketing and Internal auditing to Entrepreneurship and Generalist management, students have the opportunity to specialise in any of these topics after gaining a generic grounding of modern business management.

The strength of masters in Management is that postgraduates are in a position to enter a wide breadth of careers across multiple industry sectors. Major financial and consumer companies such as Bloomberg, Allianz, JP Morgan, Samsung and more look to postgraduates for the brains behind future innovations.

The courses are delivered through interactive lectures and seminars and a proportion of the assessed work is based on team assignments. Workshop sessions and city practitioner contributions focus on key applications of knowledge in the professional environment and further increase the intensity and practical relevance of the course.

Bear in mind that a Masters degree is a significant investment. Applicants should therefore consider the financial commitment involved, and ensure that their personal finances for the year are fully thought through. Bursaries and scholarships are also available to students with specific interests and skills, holding extreme potential in the workplace in years to come.

Prednisone and Massage

One of the most often presented conditions that massage therapists encounter is chronic pain, making pain management and relief a chief goal of a massage session. Sometimes though, regular massage therapy may not be enough to relieve this kind of pain, and clients may rely on traditional Western medicine for help. The most common doctor-prescribed medications for chronic pain relief are steroids, particularly Prednisone, which is primarily used as an anti-inflammatory. Since this medication is so common, it is likely that many of your clients are taking it for pain relief. This makes it absolutely necessary for massage therapists to know and understand any and all possible contraindications with this drug.

Taking Prednisone for chronic pain may offer tremendous relief to your clients, but it is not without its share of side effects. Some of the most common side effects of this steroid include headaches, dizziness, fatigue and muscle weakness. These and other side effects are things that every massage therapist should be aware of so that they can adjust their massage accordingly, and provide the safest and most beneficial therapeutic treatment possible. Another important aspect of Prednisone to be aware of is its ability to inhibit calcium absorption, thus contributing to weak and fragile bones.

Due to the many possible side effects of this drug and, in order to ensure the client’s safety, bodyworkers treating clients taking Prednisone should opt for light, gentle massage strokes in favor of deep muscle work. It is important for you and your client to stay in close contact with the client’s physician so that he or she can monitor any developing conditions that may result from this medication.

Read more about the benefits and drawbacks of taking Prednisone for pain management, as well as the steroid’s impact on massage, by reading this entire article here.