Lazy Summer Diet Tips

Summer has arrived and it’s time for you to put on that beach wear and show others your body figure! But…are you prepared to do so? Or is it still ‘under construction’? It’s time to get acquainted with lazy summer diet tips!

Many people fear going to the beach, not because they are scared of water or sharks, but because they are scared of the stares that others will give them once they change into their beach wear. It certainly ruins your summer holidays and you will probably be inclined to spend them just trying to get rid of the unwanted fats that make your figure so belched.

Here are some tips that people have used to avoid the summer nightmare and turn it into a period of paradise:

1) Have some sour stuff beside you while you’re eating your meals. The heat from the summer atmosphere is good enough to kill a lot of appetite in people, which results in them going on a binge somewhere after their meal (which they did not eat happily). Lemon or lime juice is the best to go with your meals, otherwise sour plums will work just fine. The sourness helps to stimulate your taste buds, giving you a better appetite to digest your meal.

2) Exercise and play more outdoor games than usual. With the summer heat, the body’s metabolic rate is higher than other periods, so make full use of this increased metabolism to shed some weight and fats! In fact, you should be doing this regularly throughout the year and not just seasonal.

3) Pop some mint chewing gum whenever you think you feel hungry. This will help reduce your hunger, and you will find yourself eating less once mealtime comes. Also, with the heat from the atmosphere, it’s good to keep the tongue moist through chewing something so that the saliva comes constantly.

4) Substitute all your drinks with plain water. With the summer heat blazing throughout the day, you are always finding yourself needing a drink to quench the thirst and keep your body hydrated. Bring a water bottle with you so that you can drink water anytime, anywhere. The replacement of carbonated sugar drinks with water will definitely keep you healthier without a bloated tummy.

Weight Loss Shakes – The Best and Worst Weight Loss Shakes

Weight loss shakes can be the best tool to help you lose those unwanted pounds. If you have been trying to lose weight for the longest and you have not been able to stick to any diet for more that a couple of days, weight loss shakes can be the key to your success.

The problem with most diet plans is that they require a lot of extra effort and preparation which is very hard to do when you have a busy lifestyle. Preparing 3 or 6 meals a day (depending on the diet plan you are following) is extremely hard. I can barely manage to prepare one and that is on a good day. Most often we end up giving up on the diet not because we couldn’t handle the foods or we were too hungry, but because it is 8:30PM we just put the kids to bed, we haven’t really had any time to cook anything, and we are starving.

So here is where weight loss shakes come into place. It is a lot easier to open a can or whip up a smoothie than it is to go to the store, get the ingredients, cook the meal and hope that we like it. Meal replacement shakes or weight loss shakes are super convenient and they actually help you change your eating habits. They are a lot easier to stick with and that is the key to losing weight.

Now, have you ever been to a health food store or the diet section of your regular grocery store looking for one of these shakes? If you haven’t you are in for a real treat. There are dozens of products out there that have the same claims: “easy to use”, ‘nutritious”, “filling”, “satisfying”, “will help you lose weight”. So which one are you going to choose? Here are a couple of the ones that I recommend and a couple of the ones that I would stay away from:

  1. Slim Fast: Run the other way! There is nothing to Slim Fast that a cup of chocolate milk cannot cover, plus the tin taste is very prominent. Ok, maybe it has a couple more vitamins, but seriously, you drink a cup of chocolate milk plus a multivitamin and you have surpassed Slim Fast nutritional value. If you don’t believe me go to the store and look at the first four ingredients: Fat Free Milk, Water, Sugar, and Cocoa.
  2. Right Size Smoothies: I have heard these smoothies advertised on the radio like crazy. I finally went to the store and looked at their ingredient list hoping to see some decent ingredients… and I was disappointed again. Right Size smoothies have not one but two kinds of artificial sweeteners, Sucralose (generic for Splenda) and Acesulfame K. If a product has anything other than a natural sweetener, I pass. There have been way too many studies to prove that artificial sweeteners have no rightful place in anyone’s diet.
  3. Medifast Shakes: Medifast has become one of the most popular diet plans lately mainly because they make it super easy for you to follow their plan. I will not take credit away from them, they have helped so many people to lose weight and I hope they help many more. However, their shakes don’t really contain enough nutrients to be meal replacement shakes and they have Acesulfame K.
  4. Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer: Now we are talking! These shakes are amazing. I couldn’t believe it when I saw them. They are all natural and all vegan too. Don’t get me wrong I am NOT vegan but the quality of this product is amazing. The only reason I didn’t choose them as my very best shake is because most of us are not looking for a vegan product, due to the quality of the protein. I usually look for something with whey protein which is a lot better in terms of body absorption and usage than any vegetarian protein.
  5. Shakeology: This is the best of the weight loss shakes that I have tried so far. It is all natural, it has whey protein (which is the only ingredient that prevents the whole shake from being vegan) and it has a ton, and I mean a TON of great nutrients. Probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, supergreens… If you can think of something healthy, it is probably in Shakeology. And, they don’t even advertise it as a weight loss product but as a complete, nutritious, healthy meal.

Weight loss shakes have become so popular that you can find them everywhere. However, make sure you do your own research before actually purchasing any product that you are going to consume.

8 Qualities That Will Make You a Good First Aid Provider

A first aid provider is trained to provide initial and basic medical aid till professional help arrives. If you are planning to undergo first aid training and be helpful, see if you have the 8 qualities listed below that will make you a good first aider.

• Quick and smooth

First aid providers have to be very quick in their actions. As soon as some accident takes place, they have to be quick in response and take over the situation immediately, without any delay. Hesitation, doubts clouding the face and panic, these damage the already injured victim.

• Controlled and calm

Without showing any panic, you should be able to perform in front of the people and the victim. Your actions should exhibit confidence, the only thing that can calm scared people. The first aid training you have undergone has given you the skills; there is no reason to panic.

• Intelligent and decisive

You should be able to decide the course of treatment within seconds. Depending on what is there in front of you, you should take an immediate yet a wise call, and keep the injured person stable till help arrives. If there are more than one casualty, you must be quick to judge and must start working on the victim who needs attention the most.

• Resourceful

Your first aid kit should, at all times, have the required material without fail. In case you don’t have it, you should make immediate arrangement or look for the right alternatives off what is available. You should be able to use the people around you resourcefully, delegating responsibilities to people around.

• Reassuring and sympathetic

It is your duty as a first aider is to reassure the victim that you are there to take care of him and that help is on its way. You need to be calm, kind and sympathetic to the victim’s calls. The victim needs reassuring words. He needs to be told that everything will be alright and that he is in safe hands. This quality is the most important when it comes to dealing with small kids in schools and play schools.

• Skilled

A first aider has the basic medical skills. You are trained to perform these skills under pressure. You should have the right skills to judge the problem depending on the symptoms and make quick calls. If you require help, you should be able to garner some from the crowd and should be able to take charge and lead.

• Efficient

You should be able to start the first aid without the victim feeling too much pain or without increasing his pain anymore. There is never any time to waste when there is a medical emergency. With the available resources, you need to attend to as many casualties are there, till help arrives.

• Confident

As a first aid provider you must have faith in yourself and your actions before you start first aid on the victim. The confidence which you would exhibit while performing would reassure the victim and the onlookers.

If you have all these qualities, you are probably cut to be a goof first aid provider. Undergo professional training and do your bit for the society.

Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Solutions

Salicylic acid acne treatment is becoming known as a great acne medication, that is amazing because the medicine has been extensively for so many tasks in the world.

The features of salicylic acid treatment:

A-It is a mild over the counter medication which can cure many things such as:

1. Gas (it is an active substance in pepto bismol)

2. Heart burns

3. Nausea

4. Diarrhea

B- While salicylic acid solutions are very effective in acne treatment, it is not just used for that, it is also used as a preservative in canned food.

C- It is used to reduce pain and aches, as well as fevers, since its natural chemical composition is similar to aspirin.

D- It is natural beta hydroxy acid, which comes from the Salix willow tree bark.

Salicylic acid has been used to reduce pains and aches since 500 BC including by Hippocrates itself (Hippocrates is the founder of the modern medicine). It had been used by the Cherokee, Assyrians and Sumerians for thousands of years.

Of course, for you the most interesting tip about it is that it is very effective in treating acne. This is why so many doctors are using salicylic acid acne treatment in their offices.

You should not mix it with other over the counter treatments such as sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. This may cause skin irritation and acne worse. It can reduce the mild acne visibility and the scarring.

It can penetrate your skin and clear it from oils. It can not control the gland secret and can not destroy P. acne bacteria.

Importance of Electronic Technology

We have taken steps on the road to the future that can not be retaken or undone. The importance of electronic technology is now ingrained in every fiber of our society, from the lowest station all the way to the coveted office of the President of our country.

Importance of electronic technology flourishes with abandon, doubling upon itself every fourteen to twenty-four months, constantly becoming that which we won’t do without, thanks to the growth of technology. Time-consuming tasks that once took hours, even days, are now accomplished in minuets.

Computers and the Internet provide various new methods which have been incorporated for the processing of normal business activities, growing bigger and being customized to the point where it is heavily integrated in the current structures.

Without the Importance of electronic technology, routine tasks that now only take moments, thanks to the computer, would otherwise have taken hours, even days for the compiling of information alone.

The Importance of electronic technology in communications is where news is most called upon. As one of the fastest developing industries in the world, the cell phone has revolutionized the way we live and communicate with each other and the world.

Everyone wants to be informed when a new innovation in the cell phone industry is unveiled. The addition of the internet, as well as GPS navigation systems, sent the communications industries staggering to the bank under the weight of the money being made.

Technology in the Health-care system alone has had long reaching effects. The speed and storage ability of computers has simplified and increased the efficiency of the record keeping systems, this being only the tip of the technological iceberg.

Many hospital systems connect entire departments, from their doctors to the accounting departments, pharmacy, and billing. All use a system called HIS. HIS is a (hospital information system). HIS is software used by all hospitals and integrates most of their departments.

I believe inroads in the field of electronic technology in the Education System need to be explored more extensively. The outrageous cost of a good college education borders on the realm of criminal larceny.

By placing for some an unattainable price on the education of their choice, the educational system is stealing not only their futures, but depriving society of their potential contribution.

Prescription Drug Side Effects: Treating From The Outside Or The Inside?

Throughout time there have always been two opposing points of view as to how to maintain good health, or how to regain it after having lost it. This conflict has continued since ancient times …. and no doubt will continue well into the future.

One ‘side’ believes good health is as a result of outside intervention… drugs, surgery etc. The other ‘side’ believes that good health results from living in harmony with natural law… correct nutrition… cleanliness etc.

Both sides tended to be critical of the other… nothing much has changed over the ages.

Modern mainstream western medicine takes the ‘outside’ approach. However, in recent years the “inside” approach which has always been the underlying principle behind Chinese traditional medicine has gained much ground. The increase in the popularity of the ‘Inside’ approach is no doubt due to a combination of several factors:

Known Prescription drug side effects

Dissatisfaction of traditional mainstream medicine

Increasing cases of medical ‘misadventure’. (Hospitals are places to stay away from.)

Awareness that good health is primarily a personal responsibility… not of overworked physicians.

An increasing awareness that the medical industry is highly influenced by drug companies and that there are often better, safer and more economic natural alternatives to drugs.

Major Drug recalls have evidenced that many potential prescription drug side effects are not known …. and may never be

In spite of this justified ‘swing’ away from mainstream medicine and the growing importance of prescription drug side effects, mainstream medicine does have a place in everyone’s health program … part from the obvious ones in treating accident cases or chronic urgent illness. So, if you are already a proponent of the “inside” approach don’t overlook the benefits that mainstream medicine can offer to you in your overall quest for good health and longevity. These benefits are primarily in the early detection of a pending disease that you may not as yet be aware of!

Prescription drug side effects: A potential conflict

Let’s say your tests show that your cholesterol is ‘out of whack’, your ‘mainstream’ physician may first propose lowering your intake of diet cholesterol. That’s unlikely to be successful as ingested cholesterol only makes up a relatively small percentage of blood cholesterol.

They will next likely propose one of the cholesterol lowering drugs commonly known as “statins”. These are drugs that work by blocking an enzyme that your liver needs to manufacture cholesterol. (Up to 80% of your blood cholesterol is manufactured by your liver, NOT from the ingestion of cholesterol within your diet).

These drugs are very powerful and statin drug side effects are serious, including death. In fact Bayers were recently forced to withdraw their statin drug from the market place because of “unacceptable” levels of fatalities. In spite of such prescription drug side effects, sales of statin drugs amount to billions of dollars per year and are commonly prescribed.

It’s ironic that there are natural alternatives to these statin drugs which can assist in lowering cholesterol, and do it safely, and without side effects. But the general public hears very little about them as they are not patentable and there is not the financial incentive for the big corporate’s to promote them.

The same principle applies for many different ailments. There can be many legitimate methods of treatments. What is important is that you seek out the natural alternatives and apply them before agreeing to subject yourself to negative Prescription drug side effects.

Pharmaceutical drugs are “blockers” and do not normally heal the underlying ailment. They generally work by suppressing natural functions such as certain enzymes mentioned earlier when giving the “statin” example. Because of this process, results are often “instant” and as such there is sometimes a place for these powerful prescription drugs in the case of life threatening emergencies.

In contrast, natural products such as herbs, vitamins, etc. are “enablers”. They work at correcting the cause of the ailment which is often a nutrient deficiency of some sort. The results are not immediate and have to be measured in weeks, or even months.

If you have a serious ailment, work with your physician to try and correct it… by first using natural remedies. If she or he is not familiar with the treatment you would like to try, do some further research and get hold of supporting information so you are in a better position to discuss the options intelligently. If your physician has a closed mind to natural remedies it may be wise to ask around and find another qualified physician with an open mind. The consequences of prescription drug side effects are too serious.

The Art of Avian Medicine

In this article we discuss the tests that should be considered in a variety of different cases, or what we refer to as a sick bird decision tree.

  • First of all, is there any chance this could be a contagious infectious disease? In order for this to be the case, the bird must have been around other birds in the relatively recent past. If, for instance, the bird was just purchased from a pet store, it is very likely it came into contact with other birds before or during its stay at the store making infectious disease more likely.
  • Has the bird been exposed to an environmental toxin such as zinc or lead, or an inhaled toxin such as smoke or paint fumes?
  • What does the bird eat? Note that this is frequently not the same as what the bird is fed. Could the illness be diet related?
  • Could this be a reproductive problem?
  • Is there any evidence of organ disease such as heart, liver, kidney, or pancreas? Could there be a mass or tumor?
  • If the bird has been around other birds in the reliably recent past or is from a pet store, bird auction, breeder, or aviary within the last several months then testing for infectious diseases comes first. This includes a fecal float, fecal smear, fecal gram stain, choana gram stain, Chlamydia test, bacterial culture and sensitivity when indicated, testing for other specific infectious diseases when indicated, and a blood count or profile (a profile includes a complete blood count and a complete set of biochemical tests).
  • If the bird is being introduced into a home with other birds, an aviary, or a boarding facility, then testing for Polyomavirus and Psittacine Beak and Feather disease is also included. This is true for especially valuable or expensive birds also. Sexing can be submitted at the same time. Whenever infectious disease seems unilaterally, the single most useful test in assessing the bird's health is the profile; but a fecal float, fecal smear, fecal gram stain, choana gram stain, and Chlamydia test may be recommended. X-rays are extremely helpful in the investigation of any sick bird.
  • Birds showing symptoms such as twitching, dizziness, lethargy, seizures, falling, or even lameness may be suffering from heavy metal toxicity. Blood can be submitted to test for Zinc and Lead levels.
  • Chronic ill birds may have fungal cultures or titers run. In many cases, the use of Protein Electrophoresis is useful to characterize the nature of a chronic disease process. Whenever we notice a swilling or lump, aspiration and cytology is recommended to determine if there are tumor cells present.
  • Birds who are picking at themselves or who have lesions on the skin may need a skin scraping, impression cytology, or biopsy
  • If your bird has regurgitated or passed undigested food, X-rays including a GI contrast study should be performed to screen for Proventricular Dilatation Disease and other diseases that cause these symptoms.
  • Birds presenting with respiratory distress should be handled as little as possible. It is possible to take X-rays, to Transilluminate the trachea, and to examine the interior of the trachea to check for obstruction.
  • Sneezing, swelling or redness around the face or eyes is an indication for irrigation of the nasal cavity and collection of samples for wet mount, gram stain, culture, and Chlamydia testing. Whenever indicated, we can perform endoscopy to examine the interior of the trachea, abdomen, and air sacs for biopsy, culture, or cytology.
  • Whether infections or non-infectious, the most common problems we see involve the gastrointestinal or respiratory tract, are nutritional in nature, or have a behavior or psychological component.

    Different Types of Christmas Lights

    There are a huge number of different types of Christmas lights to choose from that can used to decorate the home and garden during the festive season. At Christmas time, nothing brings more Christmas spirit into the home than fairy lights so it is important to get it just right. That means you should get lights for the tree, around the home and, if possible, across the garden too. There are many inventive ways you can use Christmas lights to decorate your home at Christmas time. This article provides more information about the types of Christmas lights available and what you can do with them to create a beautiful display at home. You won’t want to take the lights down in January!

    Outdoor Christmas Lights
    There are huge selections of outdoor Christmas lanterns available of all different shapes and sizes. It is possible to purchase white, coloured, battery operated, LED lights and plenty more besides. You can choose to have your bulbs on green wire, black wire, white wire or a clear wire too to help keep it carefully hidden, and even different light shapes. Nothing says Christmas is here more than icicle lights displayed outside. These look sensational when displayed up against the house. Warm, white bulbs give a very elegant look, but if you want a more fun display then coloured bulbs work extremely well. If you choose LED lights for displaying outside then you can enjoy a multitude of different effects. They can flash on and off, fade and perform other effects too. These brighten up a house very well and provide an outdoor Christmas centrepiece.

    Indoor Christmas Lights
    Displaying lights inside the house is another great way to celebrate Christmas. You can choose to wrap fairy strings around the banisters or line mirrors or large pictures with them too. LED multi effect lights include a twinkle effect, flash effect, wave effect, slow glow, slow fade and sequential pattern too. Displayed in the window your home will truly stand out from the crowd. If no power sockets are available then you can use battery operated lights. Battery operated Christmas lights mean they can be displayed anywhere you want around the house, regardless of whether there is a power socket available or not. Indoor starlights look particularly festive. These are available in clear, blue, multi-coloured or red. They can even be used on the Christmas tree if you so choose. Net and rope lights also provide beautiful Christmas lighting effects.

    Christmas Tree Lights
    Christmas just isn’t complete without a Christmas tree. How you light the tree is an important decision to make too. It is possible to choose a coloured effect, plain white or something extremely bright and multi-coloured. A good way to use lights on a Christmas tree is to have strings with slightly larger bulbs on the bottom with smaller bulbs at the top. A tree that is decorated with white or clear bulbs can look very stylish and elegant. This is especially true if you use all white decorations to match. If you want something fun and bright then you could use multi coloured lights with different colour baubles and tree decorations. Sometimes it can be nice to have one large tree displayed in the main sitting room of the house with a smaller tree placed somewhere else. That way you can enjoy two different styles of lighting.

    There are so many ways you can brighten up your home and garden at Christmas time. Rope lights, net lights, curtain lights or icicle lights are just some of the different lighting displays available. It is nice to light up both the inside and outside of the home at Christmas time to get the most out of this festive time of year. With so much to choose from, the hardest decision is knowing what to use. The great thing about lanterns is that they last for many years and so can be reused for years to come.

    When it comes to Christmas lights, there is a very large variety available, from sets for the Christmas tree to ropelights, festoon lights and more. All Xmas lanterns in the home look great, as do any displayed outside too.

    Engaging The Blood Of The Covenant

    Are you part of the new covenant with God? Are you enjoying the full benefits of that covenant? God is a covenant keeping God and He will not alter His words concerning the new covenant. This article reveals the power of engaging the blood of the covenant in receiving the full benefits of the covenant.

    This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the LORD… their sins and their lawless deeds I will remember no more. Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus… in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering. Hebrews 10:16-17, 19, 22-23 (NKJV).

    Many of the Christian believers know that they have entered into a covenant with God by salvation, but many of them are not enjoying the benefits of this covenant. They know the promises of God to them but they are yet to taste these blessings. This is majorly through their ignorance or lack of faith.

    God has a new and better covenant with His children, founded on better promises and Jesus is the mediator and guarantee of this new covenant (Hebrews 7:22, Hebrews 8:6). When you receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour, you enter into this new agreement and you have access to all the promised inheritance.

    What is a covenant?

    This is an agreement between two parties (In this case God and His children) with laid down terms. It is an agreement which spells out what each party should do. In God’s covenant with His children, He promises to do certain things for them and they are in return expected to carry out certain instructions. The Lord forever keeps His own part, but man is the one who always fails to keep his own part. However, many Christians are doing their part but are not able to get hold of the promises. They ought to engage the blood of the covenant.

    The power of the blood of the covenant

    Where there is a testament, there must be the death of a testator. In the Old Testament, animals had to be sacrificed severally to dedicate the testament but in the New Testament, the blood of Jesus was shed once and for all to:

    1. Completely cleanse and perfect all who are sanctified. Our sins and iniquities God remembers no more.

    2. Enter the Holy of Holies to secure a complete redemption, an eternal release for us. We are fully reconciled back to God, having been translated from kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light.

    3. Deliver fulfillment of the promised inheritance to those that are called.

    4. Seal and ratify the testament. The new covenant is officially valid, recognized by the kingdoms of light and darkness, God and the devil.

    How to engage the blood of the covenant.

    a) You need to understand that you overcome by the blood of Jesus Christ. The benefits of the covenant are yours to take having done your own part, but the enemy will contend it. So you need to engage the blood which is the seal of the covenant.

    b) Enter with boldness into the holiest by the blood. Go with boldness into the throne of grace to obtain mercy and secure grace to help in time of need.

    c) Come with full assurance of faith and a heart sprinkled and purified from guilty conscience by the blood. You need faith and clean conscience to take delivery of your inheritance.

    d) Hold fast the profession of your hope. You must not waver in your confession of your promised inheritance; hold unto the promise of God, being fully persuaded that the Lord who has promised is faithful and able to perform what He has promised.

    In conclusion, you have a covenant keeping God; engage the blood of Jesus, which is the blood and seal of the covenant to take delivery of the benefits of the covenant. Plead the blood of Jesus against whatever that may try to hinder you from accessing them. Also, by the blood demand the fulfillment of the prophecies concerning you today. Your testimony is the next.

    Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

    Various tests conducted in the US and other countries prove that there are several effective natural herbs and supplements that may help lower LDL and raise HDL or "good" cholesterol. Since the causes of high cholesterol levels are wide and varied by person to person, having different methods to lower LDL is very important. Natural remedies such as Guggul, Pantethine, Policosanol, Curcumin, and Beta-Sitosterol are just a few supplements that are easily available at low cost compared to prescribed drugs.


    Guggul – Guggul, the gum resin from the mukul myrrh tree, when compared to the drug clofibrate in clinical trials, the average fall in serum cholesterol was slightly greater in the guggul group. While clofibrate did not increase HDL levels, a 60% rise in HDL levels was not noticed in people responding to guggul.


    Patients who had been given Policosanol for a period of twelve weeks showed a 25% reduction in LDL cholesterol, a 17% reduction in total cholesterol, and a 28% increase in HDL cholesterol.


    Niacin or vitamin B3 is the most common treatment for normalizing the blood lipid levels. From various trials consumed consumption of the drug niacin increased HDL (good cholesterol) by 30% or more while decreasing total cholesterol by 10-25% and triglycerides by as much as 50%. Flushing is a very common side effect in people taking niacin. Flushing is the result of blood vessels opening wide. Another form of Niacin called Inositol Hexanicotinate (IH) or "No-Flush Niacin" is proven as an effective and safer alternative to niacin


    500 mg of circumin for seven days at a trial shows a 29% increase in good cholesterol (HDL) and a reduction of 11.6% total cholesterol. Lipid peroxidation was also reduced by 33%. Curcumin was effective in inhibiting LDL oxidation and lowering LDL cholesterol as well as triglycerides Latest research says, curcumin reduce cholesterol by interfering with intestinal cholesterol uptake, increasing the conversion of cholesterol into bile acids, and increasing the excretion of bile acids.

    Chromium – Polynicotinium

    Chromium supplements increased HDL cholesterol levels by an average of nearly 6 points, a 16 percent increase. No side effects were observed. According to Harvey Simon, MD of Harvard Medical School, a 6-point increase in HDL, which was achieved in the chromium trial, should reduce the risk of heart attack by about 20 percent.

    Calcium Citrate

    In randomized controlled trial calcium citrate was shown to increase HDL levels. The study showed that 1 gram of calcium (as the citrate) taken daily lowers the damaging component of blood cholesterol and increases the protective cholesterol (HDL). The mean HDL concentration increased by 7%, LDL cholesterol reduced by 6% resulting in an improved HDL / LDL ratio of 17%.

    This Article is Originally Published here: Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

    Learn More:

    Vasacor Cholesterol Treatment – Vasacor helps to reduce LDL (Bad Cholesterol) levels and improve HDL (Good Cholesterol) levels.

    About Autism and EMDR Treatments

    EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This is a technique that is supposed to be useful in helping people overcome things like anxiety, many phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, alcohol or drug abuse, schizophrenia, learning and eating disorders and disabilities, and other personality or mental problems a person may have. At a very basic level, this therapy is done by waving a stick, often lit, in front of the eyes of a patient. The eyes must follow the stick. It is moved in patterns up and down and back and forth. Some wonder if autism and EMDR might have a favorable outcome as well.

    This therapy was invented by a therapist by the name of Francine Shapiro. It should be noted that though she received her doctorate, the school she attended was never accredited and no longer exists. However, that does not mean that this does not work. It seems that no one is sure how this therapy works, but some believe it might work much like the theories behind acupuncture. It is believed that EMDR might release brain energy blockages that have been causing any of the aforementioned problems a person might be experiencing. Much like the chi of the body must be running in balance and unblocked in acupuncture, the same theory is said to be true for the brain and it’s functions as well.

    When this type of therapy is employed to help those that have gone through a traumatic experience, it is said to be useful in eliminating the stress and depression associated with the memories. For example, someone who has gone off to war and has anxiety related to what happened to him or her while there might benefit from EMDR. The therapist will have the patient recall the event in as much detail as possible while having the patient do the eye movements associated with the therapy. This can help people who have been in fires, been through rape, or any other type of trauma that might cause lifelong and severe anxiety and stress.

    Continue reading to discover the link between EMDR and autism and to sign up for the free newsletter below

    How then, would this work for those who have autism? It’s not a treatment that can cure autism by any means, but it may help with specific things that are a problem for an autistic child. A big part of autism is anxiety, especially with socialization. However, other things can bring on anxiety that might be more troubling for a child with autism than for a child who does not have it. They may be scared of things that another child can rationalize. EMDR may help reduce anxiety with these children in relation to an event or a thing.

    This treatment has its fair share of discreditors, but there are others who state that it works well and recommend this treatment for anxiety and traumatic experiences. The results of autism and EMDR treatment will differ from child to child, but because it is non-invasive and rather simple, it might be something worth trying when a child seems to have paralyzing fear that is affecting their life and schedule. Try to find a practitioner who has experience in dealing with autism.

    Why Is Drug Rehab Insurance Coverage Part of Mental Health Bill?

    Alcohol or drug abuse affects 25 million Americans; only four million get treatment

    The need in this country for increased insurance coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment is indisputable. Drug rehab and drug detox have little or no recognition among health insurers, yet drug addiction is a major cause of ruined lives, family violence, emergency room visits, and death. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, alcohol and drug addiction also cost America $77 billion each year in lost productivity. Clearly something needs to be done to make it easier for addicts to get alcohol and drug rehab.

    But the question that leaps out when one reads the Paul Wellstone Mental Health Equitable Treatment Act, H.R. 1402, is this: is substance abuse and addiction “mental illness”?

    The proposed “Wellstone bill”, H.R. 1402, would require insurance companies to treat “addiction and other mental health disorders” on an equal basis with other chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension.

    The Wellstone bill is being sponsored by U.S. Reps. Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) and Jim Ramstad (R-Minn). Kennedy has said that we should “. . . end the discrimination against those with mental health and substance abuse disorders.” And Ramstad said Congress should “. . . end the discrimination against people with mental illness and chemical dependency.”

    Where is this idea coming from that people with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are in the same category as alcohol or drug abuse, including those inadvertently got hooked on addictive prescription drugs. Is it possible that they are not mentally ill – that they simply need drug detox and drug rehab?

    For example, was Justice William H. Rhenquist of the Supreme Court “mentally ill” because he was hooked on powerful painkillers for a decade before he entered drug rehab? You’d have a tough time convincing college law professors or anyone on the Supreme Court that we should go back and cancel 10 years of brilliant and insightful decisions and opinions – the ones that later got Rhenquist appointed Chief Justice – because he was “mentally ill.”

    Or what about one of America’s most famous, prolific and successful writers who for decades was either drunk or wired on cocaine, Xanax, Valium, NyQuil, cough medicines, or marijuana? Was Stephen King “mentally ill” when he wrote several intricately plotted, best-seller blockbuster novels? We never heard anything about “mental illness” when King went into drug rehab in the 1980s. And he’s been sober ever since.

    And let’s not forget that Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, was a habitual cocaine abuser who sang the drug’s praises for years to anyone who would listen. After a friend died of an overdose, he abruptly gave it up and quit promoting it – not the action one expects from someone who is “mentally ill”.

    The so-called “mental health parity” bills such as the Wellstone bill have always failed to pass – and there’s been a lot of attempts over the decades. Aside from the huge lobbying efforts against it by the insurance industry, perhaps people also feel deep down that substance abuse and mental illness are not the same thing at all and do not belong together in a such a bill.

    The “mental health industry”, as it’s known today, receives billions of tax dollars every year in grants and other forms of support. In comparison, appropriations for alcohol and drug rehab are a drop in the bucket. Yet untreated dependency and addiction are costing us $77billion in lost productivity – more than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined, and far more than “mental illness.”

    According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 25 million Americans suffer from a substance abuse problem. And less than four million of these victims receive the drug rehab they need.

    If we really want to do something about this situation, we need to separate these two issues and get each of them into their own proposed legislation. That way we may have a better chance to get the insurance industry up to speed on helping the millions of Americans who are not mentally ill, and who too often need financial help getting into and through a successful drug rehab program

    Chronic Sinus

    There are times when we feel extremely tired. Our cold does not seem to go away. The medication we are taking for our common cold is not working. Our sense of taste and smell has gone awry. The whole world seems to go wrong. These are some the chronic sinus infection symptoms. Every year, people world over spend huge amounts of money on common cold medicines trying to cure a chronic sinus. Only a visit to a doctor and maybe an X-ray can confirm that a person has sinus.

    There are four main sinus cavities in the body. They are located on either side of the nose, behind and in-between the eyes, and in the forehead. Each sinus cavity has an opening into the nose for the exchange of air and mucous. When the cavities get filled with mucous it creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

    Sinus infection is caused by inflammation or infection in the sinus cavities. Chronic sinus infection symptoms occur mostly in cases where people already have a history of asthma and other allergies like allergy from pollen grains.

    A chronic sinus infection is an advanced stage of sinus which lasts for at least three weeks. Most sinus infections can be cured by medication like antibiotics, nasal sprays and other medication. Some people suffering from chronic sinus infection symptoms may also need to undergo surgery.

    Apart from the normal symptoms of sinus like a constant headache, fatigue, swelling around the eye area, one of the chronic sinus infection symptoms is slow fever. Chronic sinus can also cause slurred or double vision at times.

    People with chronic sinus also have thick nasal secretaries that are yellowish green, or blood-tinged. These secretaries are also referred to as post nasal drip. They drip to the back of the throat. Sinus also leads a general feeling of fullness on the entire face.

    Some more symptoms of chronic sinus are jarring pain in the teeth, eyes and head. In all cases ie in case of a headache or a toothache, the pain increases on bending down.

    Certain protective measures can also be taken by people who have a history of chronic sinus infection symptoms. Using a humidifier and cleaning the nose properly everyday can reduce chances of future occurrence of sinus infection.

    Healthy Eating Kids – Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy Food

    It’s important to start healthy eating early. If you leave the mission of getting your kids to eat healthy food too late, it will be more difficult to change the habits they’ve learned. On the other hand, if you’ve always insisted that you have healthy eating kids in your household, then you’ll find the task of keeping your children on the straight and narrow path of eating healthily a much easier task.

    Start with making sure that you have healthy food in your fridge and larder. You can’t teach your kids to eat a healthy diet if they’re surrounded by candy, chocolate and fizzy drinks. Remember that children are a perceptive bunch and they will quickly pick up on any discrepancy between what you say and what you do.

    Get your children to help you choose the fruit and vegetables at the supermarket or grocery store. The sense of involvement is important. After all, if your kids have helped to choose the food they’re eating, they will feel more included and are more likely to want to eat it. Also if there’s something they simply won’t eat, no matter what, then getting them involved in the purchase decision will at least save you having to waste food at a later stage.

    Encourage your children to drink plenty of water. Low fat milk is also good. And fruit juice is healthy but can mount up in the calorie stakes if they take to drinking too much of it. If your children do develop a taste for freshly squeezed orange juice, buy one of the inexpensive hand squeezers and let them squeeze their own juice. This will start a healthy eating habit for your kids and will also slow down the pace they drink the juice – squeezing a liter of juice by hand will take a long time!

    Eating together as a family more regularly is a good way to bring up healthy-eating kids. The fact that you are all sitting down together for a meal rather than picking a quick snack on the way to somewhere else will make meal times more of an occasion. This will almost certainly cause you to plan what your family is eating more carefully. And as soon as you start thinking about the food that you’re eating, you’ll find that the whole family starts to eat more healthily.

    Why Rachel Ray Recommends Acai Berry For Weight Loss

    There has been a lot of fuss on weight loss and other health issues, mostly concerning many factors that can help people achieve their desired weight the healthiest way. Ever since people have wanted to lose weight without the added side effects, many alternatives popped out over the Internet, on TV, the magazines, and all other forms of media. One weight loss strategy that became available to the market is the Acai berry diet together with colon cleansing. This alternative was suggested by the biggest names on TV, such as Rachel Ray and Oprah Winfrey, backed by the testimonies of many people who have tried using it. Because these two names in Hollywood are known to believe in healthy foods and healthy dieting, more people became interested to try the Acai berry diet. 

    Acai berry only grows in the Amazon and was discovered to contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibers, and essential amino acids. Since it has been proven to give several health benefits, it was announced as the “Number One Super Food of 2009”. Below are these benefits:

    o It suppresses the appetite.

    o It reduces stored fats.

    o It lowers the amount of cholesterol in the body.

    o It removes toxins from the body.

    o It cleanses the colon and the digestive system.

    o It boosts the energy.

    o It fights against free radicals.

    o It doubles the capability of the immune system.

    o It manages the bowel movement.

    o It removes fats in the stomach.

    o It tones the curves of the body.

    o It strengthens the hair, rejuvenates the cells in the skin, and nails.

    o It improves how the digestive system functions.

    Colon cleansing basically means removing the toxins from the colon that people may have acquired in their lifetime. By doing this, the digestion is improved, as well as the bowel movement. When this happens, a person is protected from chronic diseases. This should be done consistently which means that using Acai berry in a significant amount of time will improve the way the body functions. 

    You too can benefit a lot from the wonders of Acai berry! Start losing weight the healthy way!