Zone Diet Review – Pros & Cons

There are many people who have sung the praises of the Zone Diet for its detail to frequent smaller portions and smaller meals being the big payoff overall. If you follow the diet guidelines as they are stated in the Zone program you will find that you can lose weight very quickly. However, staying in the Zone with this diet long term can be difficult.

There are more people who have read the books and information on the Zone Diet than probably have stuck to it and stayed in the Zone. There are short term dieters who have followed faithfully the teachings of this program and committed them to memory.

Pros to the Zone Diet include portion control. With this diet portion control and learning how much you should really eat at each meal can lead to training your mind and body to eat less but more often.

Another pro to this diet is reducing sugars which is something we all should do. This can aid you overall in your lifestyle by limiting how much sugar you intake daily. You can end up craving less sweets and sugars after having been on the diet program.

A double pro could be truly monitoring how much you eat and intake at each meal, and the sheer variety you can get from the Zone Diet program. You can take items from each column and mix and match them to plan your meals, set up menus and really get variety in your diet.

Some drawbacks to this diet are the restrictions and very small portions that you get to eat.

Another con to this diet is that many loose a bunch of weight short term, and go off of the diet program. They do find that they can be more apt to fall back into old habits and ways of eating easily. Not many have stayed with the Zone Diet over extremely long periods of time due to food variety limits.

Another con that some have commented on is the need to advance plan your meals and stick to a strict structured diet meal plan. This can be hard if you might be invited out to eat. Dining out is hard if not impossible.

Experts have stated another real drawback to this diet is that you do not get very much vegetable variety, and this diet lacks key vitamins, nutrients, and minerals to keep one healthy.

Before beginning any diet program and this includes the Zone Diet you should consult your doctor. The program and techniques in this diet limit key vitamins and minerals that may or may not be okay for you to limit.

For the short term your doctor may recommend it but may want you monitored. If you are given the green light by your doctor to continue a diet like this, keep in mind that you will probably want a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Lemon Verbena – A Slimming Tea and Cellulite Remover?

Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla) is just one of the special herbs cultivated on the Greek Island of Crete. Crete is of course home to the Cretan Diet which has been scientifically proven as the healthiest diet in the world and is a close cousin of the Mediterranean diet.

Lemon Verbena is a small deciduous perennial shrub renowned for its citrus lemony fragrance, and smells wonderful. When crushed, the leaves of this wonderfully fragrant plant give off a gorgeous lemon citrus aroma.

It reportedly has many health benefits including acting as an anti-depressant and digestive aid, helping with metabolism. A tea made from the leaves of this herb is very calming and mildly sedative too.

Although not native to the Greek Island of Crete, lemon verbena has become a firm favourite with the Cretans to use as a tea or tisane. It is becoming renowned as an herb for weight loss and for helping reduce cellulite.

This versatile herb is sold on the Greek Island of Crete at farmers’ markets and village shops as a diet tea. Packets of the fresh smelling dried leaves of this plant are often labelled as a “Slimming Tea” or “Tea for Weight Loss.”

Along with drinking the weight loss tea, women are using the herb as an aid to reducing cellulite. A top tip for this is to use lemon verbena as a scrub.

To make a good homemade cellulite reducing scrub, grind some of the dried leaves and mix in with ground oatmeal. Add some olive oil to form a paste. Use each day before showering to tackle stubborn cellulite.

So both internally and externally, lemon verbena can be used to enhance health and beauty!

Salt Water Aquarium – Get Yourself a First Aid Kit

A salt water aquarium first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment to have when you are setting up a salt water aquarium tank in your home. This will ensure that you are readily able to cope with any emergencies should they occur to the tank you have in your home.

This kit will help if you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to only partially, or completely have to replace the water currently in the tank. Also you will be prepared to deal with a situation where one or several of your fish have suddenly fallen ill.

What Should Your Salt Water Aquarium First Aid Kit Comprise?

The first thing you need to purchase for your salt water aquarium first aid kit is a quarantine tank. This you can then use to isolate those fish which have become ill, and it provides you with time to then determine exactly what disease or condition they have. Using this tank will ensure that no other fish in the main saltwater aquarium actually become contaminated.

The second thing that you need is a good quality test kit for helping you to determine, and also help to maintain the right nitrate, protein and salt levels within the water. Using these kinds of test kits will help you to prevent any problems of biological or contaminants from getting started in the tank.

The next item that you need to have as part of the kit for preventing any untoward problems in your salt water aquarium is a water conditioner. This enables you to destroy any ammonia that has built up in the saltwater aquarium. Also you should use this if you intend to add any kind of poisonous fish into your aquarium, which may release its poison when placed in the tank. The water conditioner is a product that will help to neutralize the poison’s toxicity straightaway.

If you can afford it, purchase a product known as an alkalinity and pH buffer. This helps to bring the level of pH in the aquarium back to a normal level, when you happen to be changing some or all of the water. However, along with the buffer, you need to dissolve some baking powder into the water as well. For every 20 gallons of water you have in your salt water aquarium, you need to dissolve one teaspoon of baking powder.

Other Things To Consider Purchasing For Your Salt Water Aquarium First Aid Kit

Although medications are good to have in your first aid kit to help heal sick fish in your salt water aquarium, they can actually be harmful to other things such as reefs in the tank. Plus they can also cause damage to the saltwater aquarium’s filter system. Rather what you should be doing, is removing the sick fish from your main aquarium, and providing the medications to them when they have been placed in the quarantine tank.

Another very essential piece of equipment that one needs as part of a salt water aquarium first aid kit, is to have some more sea salt. Remember there are going to be times when you need to add freshwater to the aquarium, and to ensure that it has the right levels of salinity as that currently in your tank, you need to mix in sufficient sea salt to do so.

Finally it is worthwhile your investing some more money in a spare heater for your salt water aquarium tank, along with a tank canister filter. Although the last item is not essential, they are very inexpensive to buy and can be very useful when you need to clean the water in your salt water aquarium, after having given medication to your fish.

The Ordeal of Vernon Oneal: The Story of President Kennedy’s First Casket

November 22, 1963. Even before President Kennedy’s near-lifeless body was removed from the presidential limousine at Parkland Hospital, United Press International’s initial reports that “three shots were fired at President John F. Kennedy’s motorcade today” was racing across teletype machines nationwide. Holding a transistor radio to his ear, one among the millions of Americans who monitored the breaking news was Vernon B. Oneal, a Dallas funeral director whose business also included an ambulance service.

At approximately 12:46 CST, only sixteen minutes after JFK was shot, and 47 minutes before Assistant White House Secretary Malcolm Kilduff officially announced the President’s death to the world, Oneal’s telephone rang. It was Secret Service agent Clint Hill calling from Parkland Hospital, advising Oneal to select his best casket and transport it to the hospital “as soon as possible.”

“Is it for the President?” Oneal asked.

“Yes,” Hill replied, “it is for the President of the United States.”

Grasping the urgency of Hill’s directive, Oneal bolted into his showroom and selected his signature model, an eight hundred pound solid bronze casket named the “Brittania”. Manufactured by the Elgin Casket Company, it was double-walled and could be hermetically sealed. Fit for a president or king, Oneal’s price was $3,995.

As his profession dictated, Vernon Oneal was prepared to discreetly comfort and assist the bereaved Kennedy family in every way possible. At Parkland, he whispered words of sympathy to Jacqueline Kennedy. He and two of his associates were then assisted by nurses in carefully wrapping JFK’s remains in several sheets and plastic, hoping the blood and brain matter still seeping from the massive wound in the President’s head would not stain the casket’s plush satin shirring.

Before departing Parkland Oneal dutifully stood by Mrs. Kennedy and the casket as the late President’s White House aides and Secret Service agents endured an ugly shouting match with a local official named Dr. Earl Rose, who insisted that JFK’s body must, by law, be held for autopsy in Dallas County. Oneal had every right to assume that his services would continue to be required all the way to President Kennedy’s burial site, and he wanted Mrs. Kennedy to be assured of his loyalty and respect; the full scope of his establishment’s services were at her solicitation, and the man was determined to go to any avail, whether the funeral be held in Washington or Massachusetts, to satisfy her every wish.

Then, suddenly, Oneal’s hopes were dashed. The Secret Service agents and JFK’s most loyal aides had no sooner brushed Dr. Rose aside when the casket containing the assassinated President was precipitously loaded into the rear of his Cadillac hearse, the same vehicle he and his personnel used to deliver the bronze coffin to Parkland Hospital. It had been Oneal’s intention to drive Kennedy’s body directly to his funeral home for embalming and the scheduling of funeral arrangements, but the Secret Service commandeered the hearse and an agent advised him to follow in another car, neglecting to tell Oneal that their true destination was Air Force One at Love Field airport.

Along with a police motorcycle escort, three cars began pulling out of Parkland’s service road: Oneal’s hearse, a car full of Secret Service agents and JFK’s aides, and the last carrying Oneal and two of his employees. The funeral director sensed something serious was amiss when he observed his hearse turn left in the direction of the airport rather than right to his mortuary. Agents in the second vehicle radioed their counterparts at Love Field, instructing them to permit “the first two cars only” beyond the airport fence near Air Force One. Under no circumstances would Oneal and his employees, or any other vehicle, be allowed to enter the area near the presidential jet.

Sure enough, agents let the first two cars pass through a fence within view of the aircraft, but halted Oneal’s sedan. The undertaker was furious, and justifiably so. The martyred President was inside his casket and his coach, both supposedly bound for his funeral home. The agents ignored his protests, leaving Dallas police officers to assure the beleaguered businessman that the hearse would be returned to him the moment Air Force One took flight. Vernon Oneal felt like a spare tire. The United States government had used him to the extent their primary requirements were satisfied – later dumping him at the gate.

Perhaps the ultimate insult to Vernon Oneal involved payment of the coffin itself. He repeatedly sent a $3,900 bill to Jacqueline Kennedy for nearly a year but she never replied. Finally, fourteen months after JFK’s assassination, in January 1965, the federal government paid him a sum of $3,160. But by then Oneal was living a public relations nightmare; his attempts to collect payment from Mrs. Kennedy were widely published and his mortuary suffered an agonizing 50 percent drop in business.

Interestingly, Oneal’s casket was not used in the interment of John Fitzgerald Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery. Its handles and finish were damaged at Love Field as the Secret Service agents hurriedly struggled to maneuver through Air Force One’s narrow doorway. In addition, blood from Kennedy’s head wound did ooze through the protective sheets and plastic, ruining the casket’s satin interior. The flaws were noted prior to the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital, resulting in JFK’s closest aides picking out a new, more expensive casket at Gawler Funeral Home in Washington’s Georgetown district, being a more exquisite example made of five-hundred-year-old African mahogany. Gawler also prepared the late President’s body for burial following an autopsy at Bethesda.

For many years the whereabouts of the Oneal casket remained a closely-guarded secret. Understandably, the Kennedy family didn’t want the artifact to fall into the wrong hands and become a gruesome sideshow relic. It was eventually disclosed that, in 1966, the casket was purposely loaded aboard a C-130 Air Force transport plane and unceremoniously deposited into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, never to be seen again.

Cat Scratch Disease – From Claws To Humans

Symptoms of Cat Scratch Disease

Cat scratch disease is a malady spread by cats, but that affects only humans; it’s also called cat scratch fever. Disease symptoms are most frequently diagnosed in the colder winter and fall months of the year for reasons scientists don’t understand; it’s possible that cats are more likely to be indoors at this time, increasing the chance of human exposure overall to feline diseases.

Cat scratch disease is produced by bacteria called Bartonella henselea that usually lives in the mouths of cats. They spread it to their claws through routine grooming. Interestingly, it is not transmitted through cat bites, only through cat scratches.

Most Americans have been exposed to this malady, and 5% of the US population has antibodies in their blood but no history of clinical malady. Because antibodies are only made in response to the invasion of a disease, it is clear that they were exposed to Bartonella directly. It is possible that they did not subsequently become ill, or that the disease was mistaken for the flu.

This disease presents flu-like symptoms. The most common symptoms include fever, chills, and lethargy, but they last for only a few days, much shorter than most flu’s.

There is a more severe kind of that causes high fever, anorexia, weakness, and badly swollen lymph nodes, particularly in the armpits and groin area. Sometimes the lymph swelling gets so severe that the swelling spontaneously ruptures; at other times, doctors choose to surgically drain them to prevent the rupture and relieve the pain.

Typically, the most serious form of the disease is seen in younger children and the elderly, and people with frail immune systems, such as those who have HIV, are receiving chemotherapy, or who have been the recipient of an organ donation. When the serious form of the disease presents itself, the consequences for the victim can be disability or even death.

If the disease in humans is treated immediately with antibiotics, the outcome is generally good, but it’s very hard to diagnose because cat scratch disease symptoms it’s so similar to flu and because it is not a oft-seen disease. The symptoms are often overlooked in its earliest stages, and only caught when the lymph nodes are involved. Almost every documented case follows a cat scratch wound; a few occur after a bite, and a few even crop up with no noticeable cause.

Another oddity of cat scratch disease is that occasionally are adult cats involved in the transmission. Generally, a kitten passes the disease. This does not mean you should not worry about it with an older cat, but only that you should worry more about kittens. It is infectious for only about two or three weeks in a kitten, after which it goes dormant. It can return, however.

Kittens can be diagnosed as carriers by a simple blood test, and positive kittens can be treated successfully with antibiotics. Because this disease can come back, however, this is not a silver bullet for thwarting it. De-clawing kittens at an early age is the best way to prevent infection. You should be aware of the consequences to the cat before de-clawing it, however. Not only can it be dangerous for the cat to go outside, it can also be psychologically traumatic and cause unexpected complications like arthritis.

There are a few alternatives to de-clawing your cat, such as claw covers or trimming back their claws, but you will have to be wary if you are in a home with an immunocompromised person.

Fewer than ten percent of family members scratched by a cat carrying the disease will develop the sickness, and very serious illness from the disease is rare. If you’ve been exposed once, you are almost surely immune to it afterward.

Cat scratch disease must not be confused with other feline malady’s, such as the cat-borne disease, toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis is poisonous to a pregnant woman’s fetus, but presents in different ways and is more likely to be inhaled when a woman changes the litter box. Symptoms can be risky to a pregnant woman as well, but in an entirely different way.

Genital Wart Treatment

Genital warts are by far one of the most common types of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) there are, and there is no cure-but genital warts can be treated. It should be noted that genital warts can exist without symptoms. This means that you can pass on the virus to someone else without even knowing it. Be sure to communicate with your partner about any STD you may have, and to get yourself checked out by a doctor from time to time.

Treatment can remove the visible warts but can not eradicate the virus. The type of treatment depends upon the location and size of the genital warts and treatment options should be discussed with a physician.

Those options include the following: In cryotherapy, applying liquid nitrogen or dry ice once in a week freezes warts. This treatment should continue for several weeks under a doctor's supervision. In electrodessication, electric current is used to destroy the warts. Laser treatment physically destroys the virus (HPV).

Several medications are available to treat genital warts. Condylline imiquimod is applied as cream as is Efudex. Surgery is the most effective treatment for genital warts and has the highest success rate-between 60 to 90 percent. To less transmission of the disease, to sexual partner never touch or squeeze the warts.

Most treatments destroy the infected cells but they do not remove the virus. Therefore, the virus remains in the skin and may return after the treatment. That is why proper precaution must be taken to avoid further growth of the virus.

Rhode Island Drug Use

In the small state of Rhode Island, drug use and abuse is no less of a problem than in any of the larger states. According to the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), cocaine is the primary drug of choice in Rhode Island. Purity levels generally range from 50-90%, creating a potent substance. Rhode Island is thought to be a point of distribution for the whole New England area, with main services running to Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. The cocaine originates from trade at the Mexican border. The shipments reach the state via legitimate goods transportation on tractor-trailers. Once there, the cocaine is distributed primarily by Colombian and Dominican traffickers. A large portion of the cocaine purchased in Rhode Island is then transported to New York for circulation by individual dealers.

Beside cocaine, heroin is also widely available in Little Rhodey. Purity levels range from 34-49%, and most of the heroin is Colombian in origin. However, in 2007, black tar heroin was designated by law enforcement officers for the first time. Other drugs, such as methamphetamines, are not readily available in the state. MDMA, or Ecstasy, and GHB are available in major cities such as Providence and at rave parties through the state. Marijuana is readily available as well. Most marijuana comes to Rhode Island from Mexico; however, "hydroponic" strains also exist and generally come from Canada. Most of the marijuana entering the Ocean State comes in through commercial airlines and parcel carriers. The most common pharmaceutical substance abused in the state is OxyCotin, obtained through fraudulent prescriptions, doctor shopping, and pharmacy break-ins.

To counteract the drug problems in the state, the DEA formed a cooperative program with local law enforcement agencies in 1995. Since the union of agencies began, 18,318 arrests have been made. In addition, DEA Regional Enforcement teams work in the state to fight drug trafficking organizations. Law enforcement officials target major interstate routes such as Route 95, which links Rhode Island with New York, Bridgeport, and Boston. As most of the illegal drugs are in the Schedule I of Federal drug classifications, stiff penalies await users who get caught by law enforcement. Drug possession charges indicate one had illegal substances in his or her possession, either for personal use, distribution, or sale. Higher penalies await those who choose to distribute or sell the substances. To be charged with distribution, one must sell, furnish, or deliver the illegal substance to another person. Distribution charges typically result when the substance is found in large quantities, or when accompanied by materials such as scales, bags for distributing, or chemicals to create the drug.

Hypertension and High Blood Pressure Medicine Solutions

Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, affects approximately 1/3 of all Americans. Unknowingly, many people with the disease are essentially ticking time bombs waiting to explode. High Blood Pressure is also referred to as the silent killer. Although most diseases and illnesses manifesting symptoms, people often find the problem during a routine check in the doctor’s office, or after disaster strikes. Hypertension frequently causes serious, potentially life-threatening health problems; so, various medicines have been developed to keep the beastly disease under control.

High blood pressure can seriously damage a person’s arteries. Due to periods of excessive force, over time the artery walls are weakened, possibly resulting in aneurysms. Basically, fragile balloon-like areas may develop. Thus, an individual may die, if the artery pops. For a fortunate few, aneurysms are discovered before time runs out. However, the odds are not in the patient’s favor.

Also, odds are not in the patient’s favor when hypertension results in brain damage. Most Americans know someone who has suffered a stroke. Sometimes, forewarning signs, like distorted vision, slurred speech, or dizziness give an individual time to reach the emergency room for immediate treatment; usually, a stroke causes devastating health problems or death. For the people fortunate enough to survive, ambulation, speech, and even the ability to eat are some of the long-lasting effects. The patient then faces months, or years, of extensive therapy attempting to regain former skills most people take for granted. Plus, he/she has an increased probability of subsequent strokes.

In addition to strokes, probably the most common health risk of hypertension is a heart attack. As excessive pressure weakens the heart muscle, a person is at risk for coronary artery disease, an enlarged heart, and eventual heart failure. Sadly, high blood pressure is often diagnosed after the diseased heart has surrendered to the illness. Therefore, the best preventative measures against hypertension are periodic pressure checks, and high blood pressure medicine to manage the condition before it becomes a huge problem.

Although a myriad of medicines are available, doctors may decide what treatment is best based upon the patient’s age, ethnicity, other medications, and allergies. All of the issues may potentially determine how an individual will react to high blood pressure medicine. Nevertheless, beta-blockers have been commonly used, in the past, to control hypertension: “These slow down the heart, reducing the amount of work that it has to do, and lowers an important hormone. This opens the blood vessels, making it easier for the heart to work”. Today, due to the adverse side effects of sleepiness and cold hands, the medication is infrequently prescribed to lower blood pressure.

In tandem with other blood pressure medicines, diuretics (water tablets) are used to release excess salt and water in the body. For some, water tablets will initially lower an individual’s pressure. However, the side effect can be a little disconcerting. Until a patient’s body is regulated, frequent trips to the restroom are a must. Therefore, patients are instructed to take the medication at a convenient time. For example, taking the pills before bed will probably result in a very restless night. Eventually, the body should adjust, reducing the need to release excess water.

In truth, the information mentioned above represents only a few of the consequences, and medicinal treatments, of high blood pressure. However, the short list is a great argument for further exploration of the disease and subsequent use of high blood pressure medicines. Heart attacks, strokes, and aneurisms are three often-fatal results of neglecting to treat hypertension. Also, beta-blockers and diuretics are only two of the many options for medicinal solutions. So, in order to avoid becoming a medical statistic, periodically have a health care professional check for possible hypertension, especially if a history of high blood pressure runs in the family. You may want or need

Is it Possible to Control Blood Sugar Levels Without Medicine?

Scientists have advanced knowledge about the proteins that help control blood sugar, or glucose, during and after exercise, and this knowledge could lead to new drug therapies or exercises more effective for the prevention of Type 2 diabetes and other health problems associated with high levels of blood sugar.

Insulin resistance occurs when the body is not produced by properly stimulating the transport of glucose, a type of sugar inside the cells as an energy source. Too much glucose in the bloodstream can cause a variety of medical problems including Type 2 diabetes, said Gregory Cartee, a professor in the School of Kinesiology and principal investigator of the study. Katsuhiko Funai is the co-author, graduate student and researcher in the School of Kinesiology.

Insulin and muscle contractions are the most important stimuli that increase glucose transport into the interior of muscle cells. The cells can then use glucose for energy, said Cartee. But scientists do not know exactly how this works.

The group reacted Cartee watched two different proteins that were considered important in stimulating the transport of glucose by two different enzymes, linked also with the transport of glucose. The goal of this study was to understand the contribution of the two proteins, called AS160 and TBC1D1 in skeletal muscle stimulated by insulin.

"Trying to rule out or determine what proteins are important in the exercise," said Cartee.

The results indicate that the protein TBC1D1 was the most important for the transport of glucose stimulated by exercise and suggested that the second protein, AS160, may be less important for this effect of exercise. Give attention to the protein works best, in this case the TBC1D1, scientists can develop methods for making proteins that work best for people with insulin resistance, Cartee said.

Insulin resistance is a major health problem affecting millions of people, he said.

"Almost all people with diabetes have Type 2 muscle resistance to insulin," said Cartee. "This does not cause diabetes by itself, but it is an essential component that contributes to type 2 diabetes.

In the longer term people who have insulin resistance or whose muscles do not respond normally to insulin are more likely to develop Type 2 diabetes, said Cartee.

"Almost the muscles have the machinery to respond to exercise even if they do not respond normally to insulin. "In other cases of people who can not exercise, we could design a drug therapy or something else to control insulin.

Police Oral Interview Hypothetical Questions

Whenever you sit down in front of the police interview panel, you’ll get lots of unpredictable questions thrown your way. Some of the questions can be predicted, and some can’t especially the scenario base questions (also known as the “what if” questions meaning “what if” this happens). The police interview hypothetical questions are extremely common during the oral board interview.

Hypothetical interview questions were initially designed to measure an applicant’s ability to adapt to varies situations while on under severe pressure. You see, many recruits sail through the scenario base questions, while others fail miserably.

Here’s a hypothetical question that you might be asked during the police oral board interview:

1) You are dispatched to a domestic dispute between a male and female. Upon arrival, you notice the female half to be standing in the front yard heavily wounded with blood flowing from her forehead. She mentioned to you that her husband is armed and is nearby somewhere. What is your first course of action after arriving at the scene.


The first thing you should do upon arriving at the scene when you’ve come in contact with an injured victim is to get her to an area of safety, and then call for MEDICS. Why? Because you don’t have a visual on the husband and he is armed. So you want to get you and her somewhere near your patrol car, and then contact MEDICS. All this can be done within seconds. Next you’ll want to get a hold of your shift supervisor.

This type of question is pretty common during the police oral board interview. The panel wants to see how well you handle scenes that are totally unpredictable. Here’s a rule of thumb: If you don’t know what to do- call your shift supervisor pronto.

Advantages of Digital Photo Frames

Moments are the most precious thing a person can have. Although they cannot be relived physically, they can be relived emotionally. These moments can be shared with other people as well, but something is needed to show others the picture you have in mind. Photography came into existence to make this possible, and photo frames enable us to share the photos we have taken.

In almost every home, people have photographs on display. Showing families, friends and events, these photos are more than just for decoration but to capture at least a part of people’s lives. Weather in albums or photo frames, photographs are an important part of what we are.

With modern technology, taking photographs and putting them on display has become much easier than ever before. You do not even have to worry if you have a camera when you want to take a picture. All you need to do is to have your cell phone with you and every moment is ready to be captured. Then, there is the process of transferring the photo to a computer and printing it. However, digital photo frames have simplified this too.

Now, with digital photo frames, it is not necessary to even print the photographs to put them on display. Rather than connecting the phone to your computer, you can connect it to a digital photo frame and transfer the pictures to it. The photo frame can sit anywhere and keep showing your various photographs like a slide show. Hence, you are able to relive as many moments as possible with much greater ease and speed. Since digital picture frames can be set almost anywhere, they allow you to share the most beautiful moments of your life in photos easily and have a much greater impact with your photos than was ever possible before.

While traditional photo frames look good, they do not have these kinds of features. You would have to print the photos and then fix them into the frame individually and clearly cannot enjoy them in the quantity as digital frames permit. There are drawbacks to digital frames though. The main one being they require a power source. Depending on the frame, they either need to be near an electrical outlet for power or will require periodic battery charging.

With their extra features and functions, modern picture frames allow people to enjoy pictures in ways that were not possible in the past. As the technology continues to improve, they are likely to add more and more features and offer people even more options when displaying their photos.

How to Increase Penis Size – 5 Techniques to Help You Increase Blood Flow in Your Penis Now

Men always want to learn on how to increase penis size and get an ideal penis size which makes them sexually fit and psychological happy of being a complete man. Are you tired of broken sexual relationships because you are not good in your bed performance? Penis enlargement can be achieved by some methods stated in the coming paragraphs. These methods or techniques allow high flow of blood in your penis making it erect, long and thick a will increase your penis size naturally.

Why Blood Flow Is Important?

In order to increase Penis size, blood Flow is important because it is the only thing separating your dead and upright states. The general idea behind increasing the blood flow is that the greater blood in the penis makes it longer, erect and thicker. During penis enlargement exercise, you press specific muscles of your penis that widen your chambers allowing high blood flow in your manhood.

5 Techniques Help You Increase Blood Flow in Your Penis

Here are some tips which help you on how to increase penis size.


Jelq is one of the natural methods to increase your penis size which involve stretching of your organ Stretching is an old method to grow organs of the body, for example you can get height and long neck with stretching in particular manner. You can also grow your penis by stretching.


One interesting thing worth mentioning here is that men reflexively do enlarge their manhood to some extent during masturbation by stretching their organ. But it should not be confused that original exercises do different from masturbation.


Market is full of extenders which can increase your penis size. However some extenders have potential risk of screwing your penis. So my suggestion is to avoid the extenders because you can not risk your manhood!


Pumps are widely being used by those men who have erection problems. By fixing pump on the base of your organ will provide it the stability to stand longer in erect position. However this method does not give permanentection.

Male Enhancement Pills:

These pills have such chemical composition which makes blood flow higher in the penis region. Basically there is a conflicting opinion on use of pills as safe or unsafe measure of penis enlargement. However my suggestion is to avoid these pills because FDA has not approved these pills as safe due to presence of potential harmful chemicals.

Which One is Best-My Opinion

I advise you to go for natural penis enlargement exercises which are safe and give permanent penis enlargement. Be consistent in your routine of exercise and do follow good diet plan.

WARNING: This program is EXTREMELY effective , and I highly recommend you stop the program for 48-72 hours if you begin to grow more than an inch in a weeks time.

Impotence Remedies – Why Herbal Pills Are Better As Compared to Drugs

Impotence or erectile dysfunction can be a highly depressing and hugely disturbing problem for any man. Almost all men go through this problem at some point in their life. Although it is more common among the older men, young men in perfectly fine health can also face this problem.

There are many drugs that can help cure this problem. Viagra is the most well known anti impotence pill and although it can help you get over erectile dysfunction, it is not suitable for all men. Men who have a heart condition are advised not to take this pill. Moreover, there can be some side effects to this pill which include dizziness, nausea, mild vision changes etc.,

In such a case herbal medications are a better and far safer alternative. These pills are getting increasingly popular with more and more men opting for them. This is large because they do not have any side effects.

Here is how these pills that are formulated with age proven herbs work:

1. Increase Blood Flow- God blood flow to the penis is cruel for hard and firm erections. Poor blood circulation is one of the most common reasons behind erectile dysfunction in men. Herbs such as ginseng and ginkgo biloba not only increase blood flow through the body as well as to the extremities or the genitals. This blood flow to the penis is a precursor to getting rock hard erections.

2. Increase the Release of Nitric Oxide – Nitric oxide is a vital chemical that is produced in the walls of the blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. It helps penis muscles to relax so that blood vessels can widen and flush the erectile tissue with more blood. Herbs such as horny goat weed are known to increase the production of this vital chemical and facilitating hard erections.

3. Boost Testosterone Levels- Low testosterone levels not only result in low libido or sex drive but also leads to erectile dysfunction. Herbs such as Tribulus Terrestris are proven to boost testosterone levels.

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Cosmetology Esthetician (Facial Specialist) – Making Others Feel Good About Themselves

If making people look good and feel confident about themselves is a passion for you, then why not considering pursuing a career in the personal appearance industry? An Esthetician is a licensed professional that works with clients on an overall total skin care approach. As an esthetician you will be working in different beauty settings such as spas, salons, and even dermatologist offices, performing facials, hair removal, and make up application.

In order to become a licensed Cosmetology Esthetician you need to get the required training. The training is not difficult: all you need is dedication, enthusiasm and a passion for your work. As an esthetician, you will receive training about skin and body care, hair removal and make-up fundamentals.

The duration of the training program depends on the program and school you choose. You can choose either a certificate, diploma or an associate degree program and the length can vary from six months to two years. You can also control the pace: attending all classes and practicing what you've learned at home can definitely shorten the length of the program. Make sure that the school you choose is accredited by the state you want to work in and that it prepares you for all necessary exams you need to take after the completion of the program.

Most states require a written and practical test before licensing you; choosing a school that has an on-campus beauty salon open to the public will help you pass the practical portion of the test. Since the requirements vary from state to state, and sometimes from year to year, you need to contact your state's cosmetology board in order to get information about the latest requirements.

Your license needs to be renewed every two years. Your Continuing Education (CE) requirement will also vary depending on the state you want to practice in, but is usually about 6 hours every two years. Most states require retesting after you complete your CE.

The curriculum you study should focus on professionalism, sterilization essentials, human anatomy, nutrition, body parts and skin anatomy. Plus, you will also want to become skilled in more than one technique since the more you can do, more places will want to hire you. Specialize in several fields such as basic facials, eyelash, eyebrow dyeing, body waxing and reflexology, make up application, and skin therapy.

Your salary will depend on the type of services offered where you work, your work experience, geographic location, employer, clientele income and many other factors. There is a lot of flexibility in this career as you can find employment in a variety of beauty settings, or even start up your own business with some basic business training.

To most people, an esthetician is like any other beautician but in reality, the field of esthetics is versatile and wide ranging. In order to become a successful esthetician you need to stay informed about the latest trends in beauty technology and also the latest developments in the industry.

Although the profession of esthetics is non-medical in nature, estheticians hold an important position not only in the health and beauty industries, but also with their clients: with the right training and knowledge necessary to make people feel great about how they look, you can become a treasured part of their lives.