Normal Pressure Glaucoma

This is type of open angle glaucoma with wide open angle by gonioscopy and the intraocular pressure is normal range but there is progressive visual field defects and progressive glaucomatous optic disc cupping with the absence of secondary causes for optic disc damage.

One possible mechanism of this glaucoma is vascular insufficiency to the optic nerve which makes the disc less resistance and more vulnerable to be damaged by normal intraocular pressure. Sometimes the intraocular pressure is even lower than normal and that is why it is also called low pressure glaucoma.

This type of glaucoma occurs in old age with female gender at risk more than male. Also it occurs more frequently in Japan. Family history is also considered as a risk factor

There are systemic associations with this type of glaucoma which will help to define the diagnosis like hypertension, peripheral vascular spasm which is called Raynaud phenomena and migraine.

Nocturnal hypotension that occurs during sleep, is one of the factor that cause this disease.

Treatment of this condition is by antiglaucoma medications to lower the intraocular pressure to a level in which there is no further damage to the optic nerve. There should be regular followup to make sure that the visual field test and OCT are stable with no progressive damage to optic disc. Treatment also can be done by surgical treatment in case medical treatment failed.

Also we should treat the nocturnal hypotension that occurs during sleep which play a rule in the pathogenesis of the disease

Relationships: Is The Purpose Of A Relationship To Trigger Old Wounds?

When someone has just started to date another person, they can find that they feel really good. They are then still going to be on the same planet that they were on before they met this person, but it can be as if they have been taken somewhere else.

This area of ​​their life is going to be good and just about every other area of ​​their life could end up benefitting too. The good feelings that they experience in relation to this person will end up being directed towards other part of their life.

One Focus

However, while having this person in their life will have a positive effect on their wellbeing, they may find that it is hard for them to focus on other areas of their life. Like a child that has a new bike waiting for them at home, their attention may typically be on this person.

So, when they are at work, they might not be able to perform in the same way as they usually would. Then again, they might be able to out this person to one side when they need to.

On Cloud Nine

They will have both started off as separate beings and they still will be, but it could be as if they have merged into one being. The experience that both of them had of being merged with their mother as a baby may have returned, with them regressing to symbiotic childlike state.

Just about all of their troubles and worries may have faded into the background, thanks to the connection that they have with each other. The chemicals that have been released in their brain will unduly play a big part in all this

The Trip Continues

The weeks and months can then go by and everything can continue to go in the same direction. Due to how good both of them feel when they are together and when they are apart, it may seem as though they are on a holiday that will never end.

This is not to say that the odd issue will not arise, but if it does, it might not have much of an impact on their relationship. But, just as a real holiday will come to an end at some point, there is a chance that something will happen sooner or later that will bring these people back down to earth.

Out of Nowhere

One could do or say something and the other person could end up completely losing it. After this, one could stay centred and try to find out what is going on, or they could have in the same way and add even more fuel to the fire.
Alternately, one could find out that their partner has been having an affair or that they were already in a relationship with someone else. After finding out about this, they could end up hitting rock bottom emotionally.

Two Experiences

If something small takes place, such as their partner missing it, they may find that everything is fine after a little while. A small fire will have appeared and it will not have taken long to put it out.

Yet, if something big has taken place, such as their partner having an affair, it might not be this simple. A huge fire will have appeared and it might not even be possible for it to go out.


Irrespective of what takes place, one is likely to find that certain feelings will arise within them. If their partner loses it, the feelings might not be as strong as if they were the ones who were to lose it.

Neverheless, emotional pain will have come up to the surface and it might be hard for them to comprehend why this has happened. That is unless they are not even aware of their feelings and just react to what is going on.

The Purpose

If one believed that they had found 'the one' and that this area of ​​their life would always run smoothly, it is naturally going to be a challenge for them to accept what is going on. What has taken place will not be the main problem, though; what will be the main problem are the expectations that they had.

Their response to what has happened would most likely be very different if they believed that they are brought together with the people who will trigger their wounds and allow them to heal and grow as a reuslt. This would enable them to see that while it may seem as though another person has caused them to feel a certain way, there is usually far more to it.

The Story

Being out of touch with what is going on inside them and focusing on what is taking place 'out there' will distract them from what is actually going on. It will then be normal for them to get what up in what their partner has or has not done, getting lost in the drama.

Ultimately, what is going on is simply there to bring up to the surface the parts of themselves that they need to heal. Therefore, if one gets caught up in what is going on externally and overlooks what is going on internally, they are going to be cooked up in an illusion (Maya).

A Few Examples

If their partner has the tendency to lose it and they end up walking on eggshells, it could show that they had to do the same thing around one of their caregivers. This person is then trigger fear, along with anger and rejection, among other things, that have been within them for years.

Conversely, if their partner had had an affair and this knocks them sideways, it could show that they experienced a lot of neglect during their early years. The anger, rejection, abandonment and the sense of being worthless that they may feel now, will probably go back to how they felt when they were a dependent child.


Getting cooking up in what is going on (the story) can set one up to feel like a victim and to suffer unnecessarily. And instead of being able to see that the other person has been brought in their life to aid in their evolution (they might not know this consciously), they will blame them.

If one can refer to this, and they are ready to heal their wounds, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

Myopia, Hyperopia, Nearsighted, Farsighted, Astigmatism, Presbyopia – What Do They All Mean?

These are questions that eye doctors are frequently asked. It can be confusing when there are common terms for medical conditions.

Myopia or Nearsightedness

A condition where a person's uncorrected vision is only clear up close. Instead of the light focusing on the retina, it focuses in front of the retina. A myopic person can read a magazine, even though their distance vision is blurry and requires glasses or contact lenses to make it clear.

Hyperopia or Farsightedness

Hyperopia, commonly referred to as farsightedness, is when a person sees better in the distance than at near. Light entering the eye focuses behind the retina placing a blurry image on the retina. For a hyperopic person to see clearly at any distance a muscle, inside the eye called the ciliary body, must focus an intra-ocular lens. As we get older it becomes more difficult for the eye to accomplish this auto focusing. Because of the eye's ability to focus, farsighted people often do not need glasses until their 30s or 40s.

Uncorrected farsightedness, however, may cause a person to experience eyestrain or an eye turn (strabismus), depending on the degree of farsightedness and the patient's age. The younger we are the easier it is for the eye to compensate for farsightedness. Uncorrected farsightedness can lead to amblyopia. Farsightedness and presbyopia are often confused.


A person is presbyopic when the crystalline lens in the eye can not longer focus well at near, making reading glasses or bifocals necessary. A person can be both farsighted and presbyopic or nearsighted and presbyopic. Presbyopia typically begins in our early 40s. The older we get the more difficult it is for our eyes to focus at near. The effects of presbyopia level off in our mid to late 60s.


Many people feel astigmatism is a bad, progressive disease. Actually astigmatism is caused when light focuses in two points in the back of the eye because it is not in the shape of a sphere. An eye with astigmatism has often been described to be in the shape of an egg or football, to some degree that is true, although an astigmatic eye is not exaggerated to that degree. Most people have some astigmatism. Visually, a person with uncorrected astigmatism will often see a flaw shadow on letters or objects.


A person is emmetropic when an image focuses clearly on the retina without the eye doing any focusing itself. A person that is emmetropic has uncorrected "normal vision".

Methods of Electro Therapy for Wound Healing and Pain Management

Electro therapy is a very effective use of small electric stimuli to heal wounds and treat pains. This method was introduced in the pain treatment history over one hundred years ago. According to scientific studies, this therapy has lead to amazing results in treating both chronic and acute pain.

Electric therapy can be used in several ways. However, it usually blocks the transmission of pain in the nerves to reach to the brain. It also enhances the production of endorphins, which is basically the natural painkiller hormone present in the body.

The following are the common Electrotherapeutic devices:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
The affected part of the body is covered with a self-adhesive pad. The device is then turned on to generate electric pulses that stimulate the nervous system. Each pulse lasts only for millionths of one second.

The pain signals are blocked to carry forward to the brain due to high frequencies electric pulses. On the other hand, low frequencies help to stimulate the production of natural painkillers in the body. The relief from pain directed from the therapy lasts for many hours.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)
The electrodes are usually placed on the motor point spot over the muscles. A motor point is an area of ​​the body where motor nerve can enter in the muscles. EMS decides Generates electric current in order to stimulate the muscle to contract and expand. This procedure increases the circulation of blood to the muscles and strengthens muscle fiber.

High Voltage Pulsed Galvanic Stimulations (HVGPS)
Also known as galvanic is a therapy that helps to increase the blood flow to affected areas with low-level current. When the blood circulation is increased in the body, it further leads to quick healing of wounds and detoxification. This technology can be used for other purposes than reducing pain, for example, treating acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, fat reduction, and shaping.

This is a very important and great advancement of electric therapy field. It generates extremely low current. This is why it is considered to be much safer and effective electric therapy method.

Aging process and wounds affects the capacity of cells that stores electricity. Microcurrent helps the cell to recharge and enable them to function properly again. This therapy is commonly used for treating acute pain, chronic pain, tendon repair, ligament, frozen shoulder, fibromyalgia, and other sports injuries, by increasing the rate of regeneration.

Secrets to Unleashing Your Super Mind Power

Do you realize how important your mind is? Well it is a determining factor in whether we become successful in life or not. No doubt, your mind has the power to attract positive and negative thoughts, because it gets involved in creative and destructive activities. However, everyone should be interested in knowing the secrets to unleashing your super mind power, with which you can achieve more success and accumulate strong wealth in your lifetime.

The secrets are as follows:

Secret 1 – Supply your brain with necessary nutrients. Junk food should be avoided, because strengthen your physical body on daily basis by eating food essential nutrients.

Also do not allow yourself to be dehydrated always, form the habit of drinking the right amount of water on a daily basis.

Secret 2 – Your healthy diet must include natural supplements. It helps in supplying nutrients that are lacking from the food we buy as a result of destabilization from chemicals. This natural supplements are required to enhance your super mind power.

Secret 3 – Regular exercise helps to supply your brain with blood which is rich in oxygen. The oxygen rich blood is required for your brain to perform at its best. A regular walk round your compound in the morning and round your office promises when you are on break everyday can actually do the trick.

Secret 4 – Manage your daily pressures and stress. Although, a little stress is good, because it strengthens the immune system, but high level of stress and pressures are not good at all because it kills the brain cells. Develop a plan in which you have specific time for silence and meditation. No doubt, this plan will save you from heart attack resulting from stress and you also become mentally productive.

Secret 5 – Energize your brain regularly with mental exercises you can find, such as learning new language, learning new game. Playing scrabbles can also do the magic. It is very necessary to provide your brain with diets of challenging information which is programmed naturally to help your mind power increase by stimulating the neurons with new sensory information.

Secret 6 – Engage in brainwave training. Brainwave training programs teach your brain to think of positive thoughts. It assists us to focus on things that could help us reach our full life potentials.

Apply these secrets and make your super mind power work to your advantage.

Latest Dental Implants To Be Used

Dental implants continue to change the dental industry at an alarming rate. It is now considered as a mainstream option by many dental professionals and patients. The digital workflows can guarantee proper placement and patient acceptance. Let us now check on the latest dental implant technology.

OsseoSpeed ​​Profile EV

It is a crestal bone resorbs after tooth extraction or tooth loss in a sloped direction. This happens as soon as the implant is immediately placed. OsseoSpeed ​​Profile EV provides 360 bone preservation in a sloped ridge situation. This also reduces the need for bone enhancement and uses self-guiding impression components for accurate workflow.

Hahn Implant Bundle

World's most prescribed zirconia is now packed with Hah tapered implant to restore edentulous space. Bruxzir or Hahn implant bundle is the solution to maximize efficiency providing the function and esthetics and patients demand.

Hi-Tec Implants

Hi-Tec implants seek to develop products that offer long-term compatibility with implant dentistry. It provides most advanced products to help dentists develop their practice and provide patients with dental care.

AnyRidge Implant System

This implant system provides superior surgical performance, primary stability and loads of esthetic outcomes. This also gives the opportunity for a single prosthetic platform and provides platform switching. Users select thread diameter to match bone density for maximum implant stability- the softer the bone, the wider the thread.

Legacy System

This system offers industry compatibility as well as versatility and design advantages. This feature increases stability and double threads for faster insertion. The implants differ in thread design, self-tapping features, available options.

C1 Implants

It features conical connection, conical shape, micro-rings, platform switching design and color-coded platforms. These implants are packaged with a cover screw and sterile drill. The surface is particle blasted and acid-etched for optimal osseointegration. C1 is available in 3,3.5mm diameters and 8-16 mm lengths.

NobelParallel Conical Connection

It combines Branemark and NobelSpeedy Groovy parallel walled implant systems with an advanced internal connection. These are designed for universal use in bone qualities for a wide range of indications. This implant can be used in both interior and posterior which sizes range from 3.75mm to 5.5mm wide.

MOR Mini Dental Implant

It is used for denture connection or crown and bridge fixing. It is a self-tapping, small diameter, a one-piece implant with 1.8 mm attached with intended for transitional applications in the bone. Manufacturing of the MOR produces highest quality implants and prosthetic components at excellent value to the clinician.

Thommen Medical Implant Options

It is a dental implant system with a reputation for incredible precision and impactful design. Strives to give effective products that allow the clinician to care for their patient without compromise.

I hope you get an idea regarding the latest dental implant technology.

Total Health Care For the Elderly With Effective Individual Health Coverage

Elderly Health Care A Financial Challenge for Families

Total health care for the elderly poses an acute challenge for many families in the face of ever-rising individual healthcare costs. Typically such costs can set you back five and a half thousand dollars or more annually.

Elderly Care Services Are Expensive

Today, drugs to treat older people are becoming extremely expensive and not getting the right individual health coverage early with affordable health insurance plans can mean bearing an exceptionally and financially heavy promise that will more often than not turn out to be crippling for the 'man on the street '.

Older People Are Medically More Vulnerable

When it concerns some of the more pressing elderly health care issues, vascular dementia will most likely top any list that may also include conditions like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases. Among so many different conditions, vascular dementia is one big concern. Although it does not get much media attention, it can severely affect any older person suffering from it and so, should be considered seriously and addressed appropriately.

Costs of Healthcare Only Go Up

What's more, every day senior health insurance costs are rising and are going through the roof. Not all of the costs are covered by individual health plans and even the cover from Medicare is low at best – particularly when treating serious, chronic health or medical conditions for older people.

However, all is not lost because by having a look at certain health care resources that are specifically catering to the needs of adults that pay for total health care for the elderly costs including hospitalization costs as well as visits to doctors, you can ease the heavy financial burden.

Elderly Health Insurance – It Pays to Start Early

Selecting the right, affordable elderly health insurance plans before reaching the age of sixty-five can prove to be extremely useful in covering costs of total health care for the elderly. By paying a certain elderly health insurance premium on an once a month basis you can cover some of the high costs of dedicated elderly care services.

Lastly, keep this in mind: Unlike individual healthcare for the average joe, money alone may not help when it comes to offering holistic elderly health care with the right individual health coverage.

Insulin – A Beginner's Guide to The Basics

You just received the news that your doctor is adding insulin to your diabetes treatment plan. The use of insulin to control your diabetes can be confusing and intimidating. It does not have to be. Using insulin is a positive experience because it helps you to manage your diabetes.

The first thing to remember is that insulin is not a punishment in any form. If you are using insulin, it is because insulin is absent from your body, or your body still makes insulin but it is not enough. Sometimes oral meds are no longer working, so insulin is added to your treatment plan. Your doctor will discuss your dosing requirements with you.

Insulin injections are nothing to be afraid of, even for people that are fearful of needles. Modern technology has made the needles so small and thin that the insulin injection is rarely felt. Used correctly in conjunction with your meal plan and exercise, insulin can give you excellent control.

There are many different guides on how to manage an insulin injection, so this topic will not be covered in this guide. The basics of using insulin are simple, and require knowledge of how insulin works which your doctor should explain to you. Insulin use also requires knowledge of insulin delivery systems, and insulin supplies that will help make your life with insulin a breeze.

Insulin delivery

Insulin delivery systems are a matter of need and choice. Insulin users that have insulin pumps as their delivery system have much different guidelines that will not be covered here. The focus of insulin delivery systems for this article will be on syringes, insulin pens, jet injectors and inhaled insulin.

Dosage amount and syringe size

Insulin syringes and needles come in different sizes. The amount of your insulin dose determines the size of the syringe that you will need to use. If you are taking 30 units or less, a 3/10 cc (30 unit) syringe will work. If you are taking 31 to 50 units, 1/2 cc syringe (50 unit) will be needed. If your dose is 51 units or more, a 1 cc (100 unit) syringe will be necessary. The needle sizes vary for each syringe size. Syringes may be purchased from a pharmacy.

Insulin syringes are disposable, and should be discarded after one use. A bio hazardous container such as a sharps container will be needed to hold discarded syringes. These containers can be obtained from some waste disposal services, and may purchased from any pharmacy. Disposal of sharps containers requires special handling. Your doctor, diabetes educator, or pharmacy should be able to tell you where sharps can be disposed of in your area.

Insulin Vials

Liquid insulin comes in vials and insulin pens. Vials are stored in the refrigerator until use, and are discarded after the insulin is used up, or after 28 days, whichever comes first. Vials hold various amounts of insulin depending on the brand. Insulin is drawn up into the syringe from the vial and can be injected into several areas of the body, usually the thigh or abdomen. Most types of insulin require a prescription.

Insulin pens

Insulin pens are a convenient way to administrator insulin. An insulin pen looks like an oversized ink pen, and uses disposable needles. There are two different types of pens. One type is prefilled with 300 units of insulin. The prefilled pen is discarded after the insulin is used up or after 28 days, the same as for vials. The other type uses insulin cartridges, and the cartridges are changed using the same schedule that is used for prefilled pens. Insulin pens are not refrigerated after the first use.

Needles for the insulin pens come in different sizes. Insulin dosages are dialed on the pen in one-half and one unit increments depending on the type of pen used. The result of dosing by pen is fewer dosing errors. Insulin pens are handy, and allow easy dosing for people on the go. Pens are also discreet. It is not recommended that pen needles be used more than once for the same reasons that syringes should not be reused; bacteria and possible infection. Pen needles should be discarded in a sharps container.

Another insulin delivery device that falls into the insulin pen category is called the InnoLet. This device looks like a kitchen timer with a big dial. The InnoLet holds 300 units of insulin and is very handy for people with visual difficulties.

Jet Injectors

Jet injectors release a tiny stream of insulin through the skin by using a mechanism that creates high-pressure air. The injector does not use a needle. After the insulin dose is loaded into the injector, the injector is placed against the skin and a button is pressed to release the insulin into the skin. Jet injectors are not very popular among users due to bruising and other factors.

Inhaled Insulin

Exubera, the only insulin that is inhaled, was approved for use by the FDA in January of 2006. Your doctor will advise you if inhaled insulin is an alternative for you to use to treat your diabetes. Exubera comes packaged as a dry powder in blister packs, and the packs are loaded into an inhaler. The insulin is inhaled into the lungs. This method of insulin delivery has some restrictions that should have been discussed with your doctor.

Diabetes supplies

After you decide which insulin delivery system you will be using, a carrying case will be needed to carry your insulin, meter and other necessary items. A multitude of diabetes products are on the market to accommodate your needs. Choosing the right products will make the time that you spend on diabetes management more productive. The best way to locate diabetes products is to search for them online, or look in diabetes magazines.

It is important for insulin users to carry a meter and glucose tablets at all times. Insulin can cause "lows" which can lead to unconsciousness if not treated promptly. Insulin users also have to test more frequently than non-insulin users.

Now that you have the insulin basics, you should be confident that you can use insulin proficiently and painfully as part of your treatment plan. Discuss with your doctor which insulin delivery method is best for you, and start on the road to better diabetes control.

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Different Management Options for Faster Wound Healing

An open wound is suspect to infections. In order to avoid getting complications in your wound, you have to learn how to clean and take care of it. Ultimately, you have to help heal your wounds quickly.

When cleaning your wound, you have to start by rinsing it with clean liquid. When you have quite superb wounds, clean water will do. However, for deeper wounds and cuts, sterile saline solution may be necessary to avoid infecting the wound.

If you have a big wound, make sure that you let professional health care providers take a look at it. They will be able to determine the most appropriate steps to manage your wound. Once the bleeding has been stopped, all that is left for you to do is to wait for it to heal and keep it from getting infected.

There may be loose skin layers somewhere around or over the wound. You may remove some of them to promote better wound healing. Take care that you only remove the dead skin cells. Sometimes, if you disrupt healthy skin cells, you are only widening the wound area. Be careful not to delay the process of wound healing. You scrub gently the part which has healed. Be very gentle so that you do not create new wounds. Also use a soft cloth or a gentle scrubber to complete this task.

In order to avoid infecting your wound, you should cover it with sterile gauze or dressing. Regularly change the dressing that is covering your wounds. You also need to change the dressing immediately once it gets wet with the secretions from the wound.

Never apply a dressing that is too tight. You should make sure that there is enough circulation of blood towards the peripheral parts of your body. Also, remember that your wounds will heal faster if there is adequate circulation towards the affected parts.

While you need to protect your wound by covering it, you should also give it time to be exposed to the air. You have to cover your hurt when you need to get out of the house. You have to protect it from being exposed to dust and debris. And when you are inside of your own home where there will be a little amount of dust, you can open your wound dressing.

Healing wounds should never be kept too dry. A certain amount of moisture is necessary to promote cell regeneration and healing. You may be able to attain an ideal moisture level by covering and opening your wound dressing intermittently. In order to protect your wound and to keep moisture inside it, you may keep the dressing in place. There will also be a time when you should air dry your wound and you should leave it open without a dressing on top.

To hasten wound healing, you may also want to try new treatment methods. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a measure that can be used to promote wound healing. Oxygen is necessary to improve circulation and healing especially in physical wounds.

Jesus Heals 10 Lepers: A True Story

The story of the ten lepers is a common parable shared amongst many. Jesus heals 10 lepers as He is on His way to Jerusalem. To understand this parable better one must first conceptualize what leprosy is. It is basically an incurable disease which affects the whole body and is contagious. It is easy to spread and very often in the biblical times the lepers would stay together in isolation or in hiding for fear of the reactions from the public, literally they were not allowed into the City.

This disease was scared and was to say the least, disgusting. It is easy to see that it is a fairly embarrassing disease to have, yet at the time it had no cure. The ten lepers stopped him from a far off distance asking for healing. Perhaps at that point one can imagine the intension desperation they had. Nobody else could cure them. But Jesus looked at them and told them to go the prayers saying that they would be healed. The lepers left on, one can already imagine losing the only hope which had remained, yet they did not quite understand Jesus. As they went on, they went on, they were healed. Surprisingly, only one came back to thank Jesus for healing them.

How often are we so desperate to resolve an issue in our lives that we are almost begging for help, yet when we receive it we forget completely to thank those without what we could not have managed to resolve the issue? The parable is one that reminds us that without God we are in desperation, and with Him we are cured in all problems that we may be facing. So only one leper came back to thank Jesus, where could the rest have gone?

Excitedly they must have gone in search of their families and friends who had shunned them earlier when they had leprosy or gone to celebrate. But Jesus asked the leper who came back where the other nine were because he had healed all ten of them. The other nine were expected to come back and give praise to God who had healed them yet they did not return. Having faith in order to receive healing is what this one individual who returned had. He had faith that he could be healed and he was. When Jesus heals 10 lepers it reminds us that next time we need to not make an excuse when it comes to thanking God for the kindness upon our lives.

Fainting Room and Daybeds – A Story Behind the History

In the Victorian Era, daybeds were commonly used as a place for women to rest during the middle of the day. They are a cross between a chaise lounger, bed, and sofa, allows the guest to rest comfortably yet still attain it's aesthetic appeal. These types furnishings are commonly found in rooms called "fainting rooms".

As you might have guessed, a fainting room was a room that women could rest in when they felt fault. During the Victorian period, the "hourglass" shape was a distinction that most women bought after. To attain a hourglass figure, women would have to wear a corset that tightened the mid-torso to the point where the rib cage and internal organs were pressured. With the increased tightness and the lungs depressed, there was less oxygen flow from the constricted breathing due to the use of the corset. This resolved in women failing from suffering for long periods of time in a corset while being unable to breath normally.

Now, daybeds are used in many homes that need practical living space with the spacial capacity function. They are sold in roughly four pieces, headboard, two side rails, and the link spring. Optionally, the pop up trundle is used to hold an extra twin size mattress. They are made similar to the ones used in fainting rooms, and now make a nicely elegant piece in standard home decor.

Our favorite daybed is the Surrey Honey Pine Finish Solid Wood because of the sleigh bed design and sturdy wood construction. This particular item is made from solid wood and has a large space underneath the bed that can be used for storage or the pop up trundle.

Why Boast MMR As Single Vaccinations?

The MMR vaccine is an injection that prevails you from catching the following three diseases. Measles can cause ear infections, pneumonia, fits and inflammation of the brain. Sometimes it may prove fatal to life. Mumps can cause meningitis, which can cause deafness. It may cause inflammation of the pancreas, nausea and vomiting. Rubella, also called German measles, causes heart damage, blindness, deafness and brain damage. It can also lead to miscarriage.

Solo vaccines are suggested less frequently as compared to joint vaccines. There are quantities of reasons why the vaccinations are not given separately. Singles vaccines put more lives at risk therefore; they are not licensed in the UK and have not passed the protection test. Single vaccines would show to be less efficient than MMR. Furthermore, single vaccines are not verified to be safe and preventive. A single dose MMR vaccine has been found to cause autism and provocative bowel disease.

Alternately, MMR single vaccinations have quite a lot of other reward which develop a craving for acceptance rather. A bulky number of people desire to have solo dose vaccines attributable to the fact that a single dose is simple to gain as compared to that of combined vaccines. Separate dose vaccines have to be given over a longer time span.

Time is not the lone cause; the kids go through a sore employ every time they are vaccinated. Because of extended gaps between each dose it may become promising that fewer children gain the full course. This leads to the fact that they are left unguarded against the diseases. Among wide intervals children may become vulnerable and catch measles, mumps, or rubella. They will transfer the germs to the other children who are still awaiting any vaccination.

The most risky age to catch measles is under one year.

Kids who are not vaccinated adjunct to MMR will be more liable to the disease. Several ten years back, about half of the deaths of kids were caused because of measles, but due to the children have started vaccinations, the death rate due to measurements has almost ended. Some children do get side effects.

However, these are very exceptional after the first dose and even less probable after the second. Side-effects of the vaccine are generally mild and, most importantly, they are milder than the potential seriously consequences of having measles, mumps or rubella.

The mother of an unprotected child is also at a high risk of catching the disease. Pregnant women are the most vulnerable due to their unprotected children. If the children get an MMR single vaccination, the risk of catching the disease in the surrounding people will reduce to less than half.

The MMR vaccine may in addition be accessible to adolescent persons when they leave school or previous to they enter additional learning if they have not already had both doses. There may be more obstacle before being completely vaccinated, leaving children at danger of virus from the diseases for longer.

If a person has received a single dose of one or more of the monovalent vaccines-that is, the single measles, mumps, or rubella vaccine-and a second dosage of vaccine is needed, they should receive their second dose in the form of an MMR vaccine.

Vaccine Preventable Diseases – Tetanus

Vaccinations seem to cause some controversies in the United States whenever it is the moral / ethical / political issues surrounding Gardasil or the alleged link between childhood vaccines and autism. Although one thing is clear, vaccinations have made some of the most common and devastating diseases non-existent in this country. In my opinion, vaccinations are the most successful use of immunological principles to human health worldwide.

Vaccinations in simple terms are to introduce various antigenic materials, depending on the vaccine, to produce an immune response or antibodies in human or animals.

One of the great successes in disease prevention is the tetanus toxoid. Because of widespread corruption in the US, there are less than 100 cases of tetanus reported annually.

Tetanus is caused by a very potent toxin produced by the anaerobic bacterium, Clostridium tetani. This spores of this organism is very resistant to environmental factors and are found widely distributed in soil and in the intestines and feces of horses, sheep, cattle, dogs, cats, rats, guinea pigs, and chickens. Manure-treated soil may contain large numbers of spores. In agricultural areas, a significant number of human adults may harbor the organism.

These spores are usually introduced into the body through a puncture wound contaminated with soil, street dust, animal bites or animal or human feces, through lacerations, burns or trivial unnoticed wounds or by injecting contaminated drugs. So many times you hear about concern over stepping on a rusty nail, however the rust has nothing to do with tetanus. At this point the spores germinate into the bacteria which multiply and produce toxin.

A form of tetanus found in newborns called neonatal tetanus occurs in infants born without protective passive immunity, because the mother is not immune. It usually occurs through infection of the unhealed umbilical stump, particularly when the stump is cut with an unsterile instrument. Although rare in this country, it causes about a quarter of a million deaths worldwide.

Depending on the amount of the wound, the incubation of tetanus is around 10-14 days.

Some of the common symptoms of tetanus are lockjaw, followed by stiffness of the neck, difficulty in swallowing, and rigidity of abdominal muscles. Other symptoms include elevated temperature, sweating, elevated blood pressure, and episodic rapid heart rate. Spasms may occur frequently and last for several minutes. Spasms continue for 3-4 weeks. The typical features of a tetanus spasm are the position of opisthotonos and the facial expressions known as "risus sardonicus". The death rate for this disease ranges from 10-80% depending on age and quality of care.

There are really no laboratory finds that are characteristic of tetanus. The diagnosis is entirely clinical and does not depend upon bacteriological confirmation.

This disease in not transmitted from person to person.

The prevention of tetanus is through immunization. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends 5 doses of diphtheria and tetanus toxoids and acellular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine for infants and children. One dose of DTaP vaccine is recommended at each of the following ages: 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 15-18 months, and 4-6 years old. DTaP vaccine may be given at the same time as other vaccines. A booster shot of Tdap (an adult formulation) is recommended at ages 11-18 years. And then again boost at least every 10 years.

Even if you had tetanus and recovered, this potent toxin produces no immunity and the primary immunizations are indicated after recovery to prevent a second infection.

Cautions About Chicken Pox in Children

Chicken pox is a serious and highly contagious disease that can occur in children and adults. Although there is a vaccine available, chickenpox still sometimes occurs in vaccinated persons. Here is some information about the causes, symptoms and treatments of chicken pox.

With Chicken Pox there are red spots and blisters, and an itchy rash all over the child's body. This usually causes the discomfort during this process. The chickenpox vaccine helps prevent them, although it is still possible to get the chickenpox after getting it. A person usually only gets the chickenpox once in their life. It usually is not too serious in persons with good immune systems. It can be more threatening in sicker individuals or persons with chronic illnesses.

Causes of Chicken Pox
The varicella-zoster virus is what causes chickenpox. A highly contagious disease, it is easily spread in a number of ways. One can spread the illness by coughing, sneezing, sharing your meal or drink, and by touching fluid excreted out of a chickenpox blister. The easiest time to spread chickenpox is two to three days before it shows on the skin until the pox have all scabbed up.

There are many symptoms associated with the chickenpox. The first couple noticeable symptoms are fever, sore throat, and a headache. Also, your child might be very tired or may not eat as much, they may have a stomachache or it might seem as though they just have a normal cold. Sometimes chickenpox occurs without any symptoms at all. After all of the blisters have scabbed over it is safe for you child to go back to school. This usually takes about 10 days.

Most chickenpox treatment is done at home. For healthy people this would include: taking baths in oatmeal to lessen itching, a lot of resting, and taking medicine prescribed by a doctor. For unhealthy people they would need immunoglobulin treatment or antiviral medications. The chickenpox can be harsh on pregnant women. If there are other children in the house it is more than likely they will contract the virus too because of close contact. Try and keep other children and adults as far away from the sick person as possible to reduce likelihood of contracting the illness.

You can prevent the chicken pox by getting the vaccine while you are a child. It is recommended that you get two doses. In rare cases after getting the vaccine some have still gotten the chicken pox, and some have gotten it twice. Exposing your children to chicken pox is not the ideal thing to do. Some parents have exposed their child to it when they were younger because they have been told it is safer to get as a child, but this is not always true. Chickenpox in youngger children has been linked to many other serious problems.