The Power Of Poetry In Your Next Speech

If you want to add some class to your next speech, if you are looking for a way to make your audience come to tears or break out in laughter, then perhaps what you need to do is to incorporate some poetry into your speech. I’m not talking the “Roses are red, Violets are blue…” variety, but rather poems that really mean something and which can lend their weight to your speech.

Just What Is This Thing Called Poetry?

Just in case you’ve been out of school for just a bit too long, maybe we should take a step back and make sure that we’re all on the same page when it comes to this poetry thing. The good folks over at Wikipedia seem to have a pretty good handle on it when they define poetry as being a:

“Literary work in which special intensity is given to the expression of feelings and ideas by the use of distinctive style and rhythm…”

We all know about the importance of public speaking and poetry is yet another way to get our points across. Because of the way that the words are put together in a poem, they can easily flow off of your tongue and into your audience’s mind. When your audience hears a line of poetry, they process it differently from everything else that you’ve been saying. It can almost instantly cause a reaction to occur in your audience.

The poems that we have all heard were written by famous, what else, poets. What this means is that when you add their poetry to your speech you’ll also be adding a new level of importance to what you are saying.

What’s The Best Way To Use A Poem In Your Next Speech?

The power of poetry is something that you can add to your next speech in order to make sure that your speech makes an impression on your audience. Celia Berrell writes a lot of poetry and she points out that you can’t add an entire poem to your speech, instead you’ll have to add just pieces and parts.

When you reach the point in your speech that you’ll start to recite the part of the poem that you’ve selected, you’ll find that you now have a license to do more. You can use more gestures and you can use more vocal variety to convey your message. You audience’s listening skills will be peaked because hearing poetry is not something that they do every day. It’s poetry so people expect you to act like a poet while you are reciting the poem.

The power of a poem comes from the specific words that make it up as well as the sequence in which they flow. In terms of presentation tips, clearly you’ve got some memorization to do here. On top of that you’ll need to take the time to practice, practice, practice. Reading poetry is probably not something that you do every day and so you are going to have to invest the time and energy that it’s going to take so that when you recite the poem, it sounds natural.

Finally, Celia makes a good point when she points out that just like you, your audience probably doesn’t encounter poetry every day. Therefore you can’t just hit them over the head with a poem right off the bat in your speech. Instead, you need to take the time to introduce both the poem and the poet. Give some backstory on when and why the poem was written. Tell them what the meaning of the poem is before you share the actual poem with them. By doing this you’ll prepare them to be wowed by the words of the poem.

What Does All Of This Mean For You

Even the most unread among us has heard some poetry at some point in our lives. The people who write the classic poems really know how to use words to create lyrical phrases that stir the memory and generate deep feelings.

Your next speech can tap into the power of poetry if you’ll just take the time to work some poetry into it. Take the time to prepare your audience for the poem that you’ll be sharing with them and then keep it short and to the point. Taking the time to carefully practice your delivery will allow you to ensure that the poem makes a lasting impression.

The goal of every speech is to make a lasting impression on your audience. The poet Mary Elizabeth Coleridge knew how hard it was to tap into an audience’s memory when she wrote:

Strange Power, I know not what thou art,

Murderer or mistress of my heart.

I know I’d rather meet the blow

Of my most unrelenting foe

Than live-as now I live-to be

Slain twenty times a day by thee.

Take the time to work some poetry into your next speech and you’ll have found a way to make a lasting impression on your audience.

10 Ways to Respect Diversity in the Workplace

The world is a colorfully diverse place and so are our workplaces. Diversity is an economic and legal priority in business. It increases the bottom line, jump starts innovation and keeps businesses out of legal jeopardy. Managers, supervisors and employees at every level of a company need to find ways to embrace and respect diversity in their departments and the organization as a whole. Here are ten ways to get started.

  1. We all have biases. It’s a natural result of our life experiences. Take a moment to write down what you biases are and how you can not allow these biases to affect the way you conduct yourself at work.
  2. Get to know someone different than you. Take a genuine interest in someone with a different background than your own. Make sure that your conversations find common ground in an area that it does not offend cultural sensibilities.
  3. Invite input from others with different backgrounds. Not only does this show respect, but it makes good business sense to have a diverse opinion.
  4. Bring together diverse groups for innovation. Inviting as many backgrounds and cultures as possible will increase the pace and creativity involved with innovation. Companies that do not change and innovate will die and the diversity can be a company’s most valuable resource in this area.
  5. Respect religious holidays. Most companies respect Christian holidays, however the workplace is far more than just Christian. All important religious holidays should be respected for employees of that particular religion.
  6. Find someone with a different background who shares the same company goal with you and strategize with them.
  7. Find out about everyone in your departments skills, knowledge and experience. This will help you respect what they bring to the workplace.
  8. Invite someone with a diverse background to lunch or change your table every day at lunch in the break room so you can sit with new people.
  9. Avoid language that demeans a particular group of individuals. For instance avoid calling women girls and avoid jokes that have religious or cultural inferences.
  10. When hiring or promoting individuals do so on the basis of facts only. Skills, abilities, knowledge and results should be the only factors involved in your decisions. Do not let biases or stereotypes affect the process.

Embrace diversity in your workplace and you are on the way to a more fulfilling and productive organization. The world is a beautiful mosaic of differences and the workplace should be as well. Respecting your co-workers and employees is paramount to tapping the valuable diversity in your organization.

The Benefits Of Massage Therapy

In a world where we all live terribly stressful, jam-packed lives, any relief from the chaos can be most welcome at any turn. As participants in our own balancing actions, we strive to find those respites that give us Shelter in the storm of our daily lives; exercise, reading, dancing – the choices are endless and very personal. Massage therapy, used in this capacity, can be a wonderful way to relieve tension and stress; it's no wonder that more and more people are turning to massage to enjoy its vast physical and emotional benefits.

Massage therapy can be traced back to ancient Chinese medicine – the first writings of which can be seen as far back as 2,700 BC in Chinese medical reference books. But massage was used throughout ancient cultures for medicinal purposes as it increased circulation, boosted immunity, and promoted speedier healing.

Today, massage therapy continues to be used for healing purposes; its practice can be seen in hospitals and medical offices around the country that use it in tandem with more traditional practices. Intensive care units and infant nurseries use it as part of their daily practice and you will often see massage therapy used in labor and delivery rooms to ease the pain of childbirth.

But today, massage therapy is used more often in spas across the world catering to the relaxation-reduced masses. There are many different varieties of massage therapy – all tailor to meet specific needs and tastes. Swedish massage, the most popular type of massage therapy, utilizes long, slow stroking to reduce tension and sooth muscles; deep tissue massage therapy uses stronger, more focused kneading to work deeper muscles; hot stone massage therapy provides the therapeutic heat through smooth, warm river stones; pregnancy massage works to relax and sooth the tired joints of a mom-to-be; the list of massage is endless.

Deciphering between the different types of massage therapy includes the determination of personal tastes and goals. Work with a licensed massage therapist to help you decide what works best for you.

Top 10 Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

If you eat healthy foods every day and it becomes your habit, you would not suffer from over weight anymore.

When I got married with my husband, his weight was about 205 Pounds, 7 years ago. Now his weight is 146.08 Pounds. He lost 58.92 Pounds naturally by continuing eating what I cooked every day.

He lost weight in the first year about 30 Pounds by eating a lot, three times a day. He did not do any diet, completely stress free, just eating my healthy meals. No rebound.

Until then what he had been eating was pizza, sandwiches, Burgers, French fries, fried chicken, heavy sauce pasta, ice cream, coca cola.

Even though he was not eating much at that time, his weight was always up and down and could not lose much weight.

Here is my top healthy foods lists which keep us healthy with thin body.

1. Tofu (silken: 58 calories, Farm: 77 calories, it's made from soy, very healthy.)

2. Seaweeds (0 calories, good to put in the salad or soup, that makes you feel full.)

3. Sea foods – (crab, shrimp, prawn oyster, squid, etc ..)

4. Vegetables – Leeks, green onion, onion, sprouts, cage, reddish, carrot, Napa, spinach, broccoli, tomato, asparagus, green beans, (all the vegetables have very low calories.)

6. Mushroom – 0 calories,

7. Strawberries (one medium size: 8 calories, a lot of Vitamin C contains), nectarine, apple,

8. Konnyaku – 0 calories (It's a Japanese food. This food cleans your body, makes you feel great.) Great diet food.)

9. Fish – Salmon, catfish, swordfish, tuna

10. Mineral water

There are many more vegetables to eat to get good balance. This is an example for my personal top healthy foods list.

Sauces, seasonings, how you cook also are important. And depending on the sauce and seasonings, we can eat meats, potato, pasta, with low calories.

For more weight loss information, please visit the site here .

Parasites and Plaque Make Diet and Weight Loss Impossible – No Matter How Hard You Try!

Have diet and weight loss become impossible for you? What many people do not know is the reason they can not lose weight is likely because of nasty little parasites and plaque invading the walls of your digestive system. Intestinal parasites and mucoid plaque keep you fat and make you fatter and fatter! There are many others suffering just like you! I've been there myself and quite frankly, I'm over it!

There has been a discovery that can help you lose weight and keep it off & THIS TIME it is NOT TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! The TRUTH is the real reason you can not lose weight is in your colon! Colon health is not only important to weight loss, but to your overall good health. Elie Metchnikoff, a Russian scientist and winner of the Nobel Prize states that "Death begins in the colon!"

Your digestive system (especially the colon) is the toxic waste dump of your body. Parasitic worms and plaque (often referred to as mucoid plaque) attach to the walls of your colon, intestines and even your stomach. There, the parasites breed, producing thousands, sometimes millions of eggs while feeding off of the plaque and fecal matter lining the walls of your digestive tract. Did you know that parasites outrank cancer as the number one global killer?

When the body has been consistently bombarded by processed foods, parasites, toxic chemicals and other toxins in the environment, cleaning agents, prescription drugs, aspirin, salt, heavy metals (even mercury used in dental work), and organizations that transmit disease, it manufactures mucoid plaque to protect the gastrointestinal system. The plaque robs your body of the vital nutrients that your body needs to be healthy. Diet and weight loss has become impossible and your health is depleted.

Mucoid plaque is not consistently expelled from the intestines. It builds up in the folds and creases of your intestines and can hang around there for many years. As time marches on, the mucoid plaque grows thicker, firmer and spreads. Feces sticks to the plaque and "ferments" because it is trapped there and providing a cozy home for parasites.

Dr. Oz, seen on Oprah has stated that 99% of humans will have these issues at least once in their lifetime.

A toxic colon most likely is part of the cause of almost every disease or illness we encounter. If you have had to deal with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), excess weight, constipation, stomach pain, chronic fatigue, digestive problems, hemorrhoids, yeast infections, lack of energy, a bulging belly, various infections and more-even bad breath – you probably suffer from built up toxic waste, mucoid plaque and / or parasites.

This is not something to be taken easily! The toxins that remain in your body are slowly poisoning you, making you fatter, destroying your health, and can ever kill you! You need to cleanse these toxins from your body the right way – the safe way.

How Do Hearing Aids Work

How Do Hearing Aids Work:An Approach For Understanding Auditory Problems

How do hearing aids work is a vital question, knowing the answer of which helps multifold. Statistics tell that only twenty percent of the hearing-impaired people use a aid, one may draw an inference that it is the absence of the knowledge of how do aids work that keeps people from availing the advantages that these bring.

The Advent Of These Handy Hearing Devices:

When the devices first came into the market there were not as many types as exist today due to the advent of scientific research. Initially these devices had small cone like shapes designed such that the sound heard would converge at a point inside the ear. How do aids work? Well for these ones, for better understanding the person talking had to talk by positioning him in direct line with this cone (device) to enable sound to enter the ear efficiently.

Recent progress in science and technology provided scientific answer to the question of how do aids work and thus emerged a new generation of these really handy devices. Electronics gave small but powerful chips whilst the computer science enabled efficient programming based on a customers need.

What Do They Look Like?

These devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes. People choose them as per their need and facility. They come in shapes, which cover the back of the ear with a small transparent wire entering the ear, which look like wireless earphone, & also which fit completely the inside of ear leaving no sign of visibility outside. How do aids work? For each model it varies in accordance to its design.

What Are The Different Categories And How Do Hearing Aids Work:

Hearing aids come as analog or digital devices. How do aids work, defining technically, the analog ones by converting the sound waves into amplified electrical signals, while the digital ones to binary number sequences. These also have the knobs etc for volume regulation according to the persons need.

How Do Hearing Aids Work, Answer By Technology:

The advent of technology has made possible to amplify certain frequencies in the sound more than the others. This gives much power to the aid design as this enables the manufacturer to program the circuit according to the patients need. Thus answering our question of how do aids work, the digital circuitry is programmed so as to highlight the frequency range that the patient has difficulty in hearing & also to detect the sound from all directions. Certain people have difficulty when there is much background noise, so the device can be programmed to eliminate such sounds.

Though some auditory problem can not be solved by hearing aids, having a knowledge of how do aids work can help the doctors and patient decide a better device to help minimize the problem the most. Thus knowing how do aids work enables the user to become an active part of his environment once gain by making him hear better the surroundings.

How to Write a Press Release for an Upcoming Event

Press releases are such useful tools! Here’s how to write one specifically for an upcoming event. The basic principles, however, apply to writing any press release.

Step 1: Identify your hook

Remember that a press release is just that: information you are releasing to the media in hopes that your story will be published and read by large numbers of people. Frequently, a press release that goes on line will stay on line, to be read by people long after your event has occurred.

So, in order to make your story attractive to the media, you need to identify an angle on your event that people are likely to want to read. For example, a fund-raising auction may or may not be of interest to the general public. What is it about your particular auction that is valuable to readers? Is the money going to a valuable cause? Will your auctioneer be a famous fellow with a terrific skill at bid-calling, an entertainment in himself? Will there be a big selection of weekend vacation homes?

Step 2: Essential information

Once you have figured out your “hook,” you can put down the essentials: who the release is written for or about, contact information, when it’s OK to publish the information, and what the title and date are.

For example:

For: Edgeport Community Hospital, 174 Van Dyne Street, Edgeport, Connecticut, 03345

Contact: Marjory Crafter, (203) 489-1834


[TITLE] Hospital’s auction offers opportunity to bid on a night in haunted mansion

[LOCATION] Edgeport, CT, April 13, 2010 –

Note that your title is the first spot to mention your hook. “Annual hospital auction” simply will not do. In the above case, while there may be many other items up for bid, the haunted mansion is probably the most exciting possibility, and it’s highly likely that readers will want to know more-and keep reading.

Step 3: The meat of the release

Make your opening statement a direct follow-up to your title. In the example we’re talking about, for example, you might open with “Edgeport Hospital’s annual auction offers an overnight visit to the Sloane Mansion and its ghosts.” Then develop this idea with your most interesting information about the mansion and the auction.

In an additional paragraph or two, provide more information that is less essential but still of interest, including, for example, who the caterer is, how long the hospital has been holding an auction, what the money goes for, what some of the other items are, whether the auction is formal or informal, etc.

Conclude with everything people need to know about how to participate in the auction, including how to register or buy tickets, ticket prices, phone numbers, email addresses or internet links, when and where the event occurs, and anything else people should know in advance.

Follow these steps and your press release should grab your media contacts-and garner the publicity you need for your event.

Copyright (c) 2011 Jane Sherwin. You may reprint this entire article and you must include the copyright info and the following statement: “Jane Sherwin is a writer who helps hospitals and other healthcare facilities communicate their strengths and connect with their readers.”

Dr Oz Acai Diet – Where to Order Acai Berry Supplements

Ever since the Acai berry fruit was featured in Oprah's show where Dr. Oz was also present, the fruit has been promoted for its weight loss benefits. The berry is known for being rich in vitamins and minerals, plus antioxidants, which is twice as much compared to other sources. The same antioxidants are known to help the body in flushing toxins, chemicals, and waste deposits away. Aside from that, anti-aging effects are evident in people who have been patronizing the same fruit.

Although the facts about the fruit have been recognized just recently, people who are lucky enough to live where this fruit grows have been reaping the health benefits from it a long time ago. Acai berry is also known to prevent a whole lot of diseases. For these many reasons, it is now being marketed as a weight loss supplement in the form of pills, capsules, drinks, and bars. Many people have been taking these supplements for quite some time now, and testimonials after testimonials are revealing the wonders of this fruit.

There are many reasons why this fruit can usually be bought only in supplement form. The foremost reason is that the berry is highly perishable. It is too fragile for traveling so it is impossible for you to find a fresh Acai on your near produce section. Supplements though can be ordered through the Internet; just be sure that you will be getting genuine products and not one that is just made up by people who simply love to scam. Your closest pharmacy can also advise you concerning which supplement you can take. Lastly, it is also sold in Amazon and the like.

Just remember something, if someone is offering you a fresh fruit, do not believe them; well not unless you are living in Brazil or near where they are grown. Where to order Acai Berry supplements is not a problem. A click of your mouse and Google will help you with that.

Blue Light Treatment For Acne

Acne is one of the things that most of the people run away to. However, they just can’t get over with it, and so they must face it. You might be one of these people. Well, if you are looking for the treatments, you might have come across to treatments that ranges from light to harsh.

Actually, you don’t need to go for harsh treatments as light treatments for acne could certainly give you the chance of having a fair and bright acne-free face. Acne light treatments have been hogged the limelight as one of the preferred routes for curing the acne.

1. Exposure to light.

It is one of the things that the light treatment consisted of. It could be by bright light, blue or even the red lights for the right period of time. The light being used actually comes from sources like LEDs, laser, fluorescent lamps, dichroic lamps or a very bright spectrum of light. This treatment is actually found to be an efficient way of treating the acne apart from the curing situations just like the delayed sleep phase syndrome and even psoriasis. However, how does this treatment for acne help? Well, here are some of the things that you ought to know:

2. Light Treatment For Various Forms.

This kind of treatment is done in different forms just like red as well as blue phototherapy, ultraviolet phototherapy as well as photodynamic therapy. Though these treatments are efficient in treating acne, they also have their own disadvantages just like the progressive skin damage, free radical generation as well as the destruction of natural vitamin A and C.

3. High Chances of Curability.

The light treatment is somewhat contra indicated in some cases of photosensitivity, phorphyria, and photo toxicity. However, most of the cases have shown curability as well as great enhancement in terms of their conditions right after receiving the light treatment.

Light treatment for acne still remains to be a feasible option for those people who have found another option for their inefficient treatments. So, if you would like to acquire an efficient acne treatment, it would be best for you to take such thing.

How to Be a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmaceutical duties have increased over the years which cause a higher demand of pharmacy technicians. It is an individual who assists a licensed pharmacist in doing his daily duties and task. Holding such a position entitles you to do all computer related work such as sorting and storing data, labeling bottles, filling prescriptions, distributing medication, measuring liquids, counting pills, checking supplies and stocks, making appointments, maintaining records, refer patients and so on.

However, they are not allowed to give out any sort of medical advice that is not recommended by the pharmacist himself.

To hold this occupation, you do not need to go through the whole medical course and gain multiple degrees as it is indeed possible to learn through experiences and gain knowledge on the job. There are no fixed standards of requirements or a compulsory program to take in order to qualify for this position.

Nevertheless, there are certain certifications you can gain by sitting for the pharmacy technician certification exam. To become a certified technician, you would need to secure your certification every two years once you have completed a certain number of hour’s worth of training. It is vital that you take the training program seriously as it could cause you the certificate.

There are numerous communities and private colleges that have the programs required to certify your profession in this field. In addition to that, with a certification, you would be able get a higher salary in at the very beginning of your job, as this is a profession which is at high demand, it can be said that your figures would be quite satisfying as well. After undergoing all the exams and trainings required, it would be wise to go through an internship program to apply your acquired in depth knowledge and learn from hands on activities.

Home Drug Testing – Parents Facing Truth or Consequences

I had a friend who once told me that, in a practical sense, there's little separating one person who can not read from another who chooses not to. When parenting, there's also little difference between those parents who can not see signs of danger and others who will not.

For a variety of reasons, at some point good kids often make poor choices about drugs and alcohol. They find themselves out of school, in jail, in rehab, or worse. Their parents look back with regret wondering what went wrong and what they could have done to prevent it.

Many teens believe (and rightfully so) that their parents are easily duped and do not know what's going on. With this belief, teens doubt their mischief will ever be discovered and do not feel the parental bond of trust is in jeopardy. Little or no behavioral deterrent exists, and teens essentially feel like they can do what they want.

The more convinced parents are that their teens would never try drugs, the harder it is for them to see the signs and the easier it is for their kids to get away with it. If teens know their parents are not checking, they do not fear getting caught or facing the consequences of their actions.

However, because the reverse is also true, there has been a recent increase in the popularity of home drug testing kits. Kits are used at home and provide instant results for a fraction of the cost of a lab, without sacrificing accuracy or privacy for parents who are willing to read the test results.

Since the topic of home drug testing can be a poor one and may damage a relationship if not handled properly, an approach was developed by Dr. Michael Reznicek to help parents and teens find a reasonable middle ground. His Parent and Child Contract Software (PACCS) facilitates conversations and establishes expectations (including rewards as well as consequences) tied to results of the tests.

For those who are willing to read, the signs are there. For those who are not, the consequences may soon follow and may be grave.

Why You Should Not Treat Whooping Cough With OTC Medicines

Whooping Cough is an infectious bacterial disease that causes uncontrollable coughing. The name comes from the noise you make when taking a deep breath, and is caused by an infection with Bordella pertussis bacterium. The infection easily spreads from coughing or sneezing. Over the counter medicines have little effect on treating this type of cough, because it is basically a nervous system disorder and not a mucous problem!

This barking disease is referred to as the "100 day cough", marked by the symptom that gives this disease its name: a severe, hacking cough followed by a high-pitched take of breath that sounds like a "whoop".

Some people think whooping cough as having gone the way of polio, but it has not been wiped out. In fact, the number of reported cases is on the rise again. According to the CDC, over 5000 cases were reported in 2004 and 2005, The largest number since the 1950s. A child can develop this condition even after having the immunization, but hopefully to a much lesser degree.

Teenagers and adults typically recover from whooping cough without complications. At worst, excessive coughing may cause a bruised or broken rib or a hernia. Children with this complication also may injure the muscles of the chest wall or develop a hernia. That's not uncommon. But for infants – especially those under the age of 2, complications can be more severe and may include ear infections, pneumonia, slowed or stopped breathing, dehydration, seizures and brain damage.

A case of whooping cough usually resolves in about six weeks – but may last longer! That's why it is referred to as the 100 day cough.

Remember when treating whooping cough, it is important to strengthen the nervous system. It is a nervous system affliction and the base of the trouble is cerebral and spinal. It begins with a dry, persistent cough, which apparently has no cause and there is no irritation of the throat or lungs. There are many herbal and natural products available to build up the nervous system, and when treating whooping cough it is essential to treat the root problem.

CLICK HERE to learn more about natural herbal treatments for whooping cough.

25 Plus Ways to Grow Your Business As a Beachbody Coach

To achieve the most success as a Beachbody coach I think the most important thing is to be consistent and take action. Try to set long term goals for yourself for 1 year, 2 years and even 5 years down the line. It takes time to build your business and to have massive success in network marketing you will have to build relationships, take consistent action and become a leader. Here is a list of ideas and ways myself and other coaches have used to build their business. So if you are just starting as a Beachbody coach or are looking into it here are some great ways to get your business going.

1. Make videos about anything related to Beachbody and put them on the popular video sites. Talk about your journey to fitness, your struggles, what programs you like or other things related to Beachbody. Doing videos helps you reach a large audience and people get to see you and hear your story. It is a good way to make a deeper connection with your customers.

2. Start a Fit Club. Getting out there into your community and doing the Beachbody workouts can really help to grow your business. It is a great way for people to try out the workouts. Many of the coaches who do fit clubs find their business is growing quickly.

3. Do a Home Party. Make a fun event out of Beachbody and the workouts. Have people over and demonstrate a workout and sample some of the nutritional products.

4. Lead a challenge with a group of friends or family. Challenge friends and family to a fitness contest or a weight loss challenge. You could use a Beachbody workout or product as part of the challenge. You could also make a Beachbody product an incentive for the winner.

5. Lead a health challenge at a large company. You will find many large companies have health and wellness incentives for their employees if they are working out a certain number of days per week. You could organize a large challenge at a company or work with their HR to make Beachbody workouts a part of their health and wellness incentive package.

6. Present the Beachbody opportunity to Personal Trainers. Beachbody is a great opportunity for personal trainers to not only supplement their income but help Beachbody customers with their knowledge. Working with Beachbody as coaches they will have the opportunity to offer more to their existing clients and make more money so it really is a win-win situation for them.

7. Present the Beachbody opportunity to Real Estate Agents. Beachbody is a business that works well for Real Estate agents because they already know the importance of networking and how to market a business. Beachbody is a great way for Real Estate Agents to supplement or replace their lost income.

8. Present the Beachbody opportunity to Teachers. While some teachers enjoy their summers off there are some that look for jobs or opportunities in the summer. Summer is an ideal time for a teacher to get started with Beachbody and build their business and then continue part time during the school year.

9. Work with Brides. Every bride wants to look fantastic on her wedding day. You could coach a bride and her wedding party to get into shape using Beachbody products. You could work with wedding planners to offer your free fitness coaching when they buy a Beachbody workout.

10. Work with New Moms. Moms are also a large demographic who want to get back in shape and feel good. Beachbody works out great for new moms because they can workout at home when they can fit it into their schedule.

11. Present Beachbody workouts to people doing a weight loss program such as Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers. The Beachbody workouts are a great compliment to eating well and losing weight. Since these programs focus more on weight loss with eating you could help people using these programs to find an appropriate workout to round out their weight loss plan.

12. Present the Beachbody Products to Police and Fire Departments. Police and fire departments are great to work with because they need effective workouts to keep them in shape for their jobs. You could even lead a challenge with a fire or police department.

13. Present the Beachbody products to Athletes. Many of the more intense Beachbody programs really help sports players and athletes train for their sport or build up their endurance. There are many pro sports players and even MMA fighters who are using P90X.

14. Have a garage sale and display Beachbody Products. If you are going to have a garage sale you could hand out samples of Shakeology to shoppers at your sale. You could also set up a table with Beachbody products and have a workout playing.

15.Do a booth at Local Events- There are events both big and small where you can set up a Beachbody booth. You could do a booth at a race or a marathon, a health and wellness fair or any other local gathering where you get permission. Check into costs and any restrictions you might have before committing to it.

16. Go to the Library and leave your business cards in exercise and fitness books. People looking for exercise and fitness advice from books would most likely be thrilled to have the free coaching that Beachbody coaches offer. This is a great way to target people who are looking for what you have to offer.

17. Communicate with your free customers. Market and follow up with your free customers. Find out what program they are doing and send them a follow up letter or post card asking how they are doing and how you can help them.

18. Do weekly a weekly newsletter for all of your customers. Stay in touch with your customers so they know who you are and are there to offer them help. I have had several customers contact me and say their coach has never been in touch with them. You will lose out on developing a relationship with your customers if you don’t stay in touch and offer your help.

19. When you are out and about wear Beachbody logo items. Many of the Beachbody brands are very popular so you will most likely get people starting conversations with you.

20. Be a great example of someone who is a product of the product. If you want to sell the products it is hard to do if you are not using them. If you are using them and have had great results people will approach you. It leads to easy conversations and sales when people can see you have used the product and have had a great result. I hope these things help you out if you are a new Beachbody coach or are looking to become a Beachbody coach.

21. Have Beachbody decals made for your vehicle. This is fairly inexpensive and you get a lot of exposure for your business as you are out driving around.

23. Start a Facebook Page/Group.Create a Facebook page or group. This is a great way to separate your business from your personal Facebook page. It is a great way to communicate with your customers and fans about what is going on in your business and to keep people plugged in.

24. Create a Hub page or Squidoo lens about fitness or Beachbody. These 2 sites are free and they are a great way to write about things related to fitness or Beachbody. Try writing unique and interesting content and you could help get traffic to your blog or website.

25. Learn. Learn all you can from people on your team, in your upline, and underneath you. Read all you can about network marketing, personal development, personal branding, social media, or anything else that relates to this business. The more knowledge you have the more powerful you will become.

26. Set long term goals for your Beachbody Business. Beachbody is not a get rich quick business. You will have to work at this business to be successful. Set goals for yourself for a year, two years or even five years down the road. Take consistent action to achieve those goals and you will be doing well.

I hope these ideas help you get going in your Beachbody business or give you some ideas if you are looking to get started as a Beachbody Coach.

Two Egyptian Death Questions

It is said that the ancient Egyptians, upon death, were asked two questions before entering heaven:

Did you have joy while you were on earth?

Did you bring joy to others?

Although, I don’t believe this is what we’ll be asked before entering heaven, they are good questions to consider.

But, another question to ask is if we really believe that God wants us to have joy. It seems that the common Christian believes that this life is similar to hell and the only thing that we have to enjoy is the mere thought that we will someday be in heaven, rather than having joy that God has offered us.

Of course, joy is quite different than happiness, but many of us equate the two. Joy can be a constant, while happiness is entirely dependent upon what happens.

It would also be hard to have one and not the other. You can’t bring joy to others if you don’t have any joy yourself. You can’t give away what you don’t have.

But, alas, let’s return to the questions. Consider them over the next week. Do you have joy in your life? Have you ever? And, do you bring joy to others? Are these daily things, every once in a while, only when you feel like

I believe if we try to make it possible in our lives that we can answer these questions with a “yes”, then we would all be much better off. How would you answer the two questions? Leave your answers below.

Choosing Wisely – Foods That Help Lower Bad Cholesterol

High cholesterol has become one of the most common health concerns among people of all ages. Now, more than ever, healthcare professionals are repeatedly stressing the importance of choosing the right foods to help lower bad cholesterol and maintain the good. While the food you eat is not the only consideration here, (exercise plays a part in it as well), it can play a bigger role than you may think.

HDL is what is considered the good cholesterol and LDL is known as the bad. The objective is to keep both your HDL and LDL at certain levels, which has probably been stressed by your doctor during each visit. Newer cholesterol recommendations urge people to keep their overall cholesterol below 200 milligrams, which is a bit lower than has been specified in the past. The good cholesterol, or HDL, should be above 40 milligrams, with a new sliding scale set for bad cholesterol or LDL. People without known heart disease factors should keep their LDL below 130 milligrams, while those with more than one risk factor for heart disease such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, or low HDL cholesterol levels should keep their LDL levels below 100 milligrams.

There are several ways to lower your overall cholesterol levels, and selecting foods that keep the cholesterol in your blood low is a good place to start. There are several foods that can help you do this, and numerous ways to prepare them that will start you down the right path. It may be difficult, but it will be worth it in the end.

Start by using only low or nonfat fairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Regular dairy products are high in saturated fats, which will raise your cholesterol levels. The more you use low or nonfat products, the more used to it you will become.

Limit your intake of saturated fats. No more than 5 percent of your daily calories should come from this. That equals about 10 to 11 grams a day.

Avoid foods with added trans-fat. This fat comes from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil that is often found in fried or processed foods such as crackers and baked goods.

Base most of your meals around beans, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Minimize your intake of low saturated fats such as the dairy products mentioned above.

Include soy protein in your diet in place of animal protein. Recent studies have shown that 25 grams of soy protein a day can actually help to lower cholesterol.

Limit your sugar intake. Sugar turns quickly to fat, which will not help to lower your cholesterol one bit. While it is okay to eat them sometimes, keep it to a minimum.