Best Sinus Infection Remedy – How to Treat a Sinus Infection

Looking for the best sinus infection remedy? I'm sure you know there's many over the counter drugs to be had, but I'm equally as sure that you know that they just do not do the trick. And while some new types might do the job moderately well at first, they actually just fall to failure as if our bodies have developed a tolerance to them. Chemicals just do not seem to be the best sinus infection remedy. And let's not forget – store bought drugs only provide relief, not a cure.

Lately, natural remedies, or herbal remedies have seemed to gain an awful lot of popularity, especially online – and truth be told, many of them are just wonderful. Sadly however, the majority of them seem to be recipes that have come from vivid imaginations, old family remedies that are more place than effective, and others that just fall short of the mark.

But good herbal remedies that work well are wonderful because they are chemical free, all natural, and thusly are more readily accepted by our bodies and get the job of curing done without any chemical side effects that might cause more harm than good. Natural herbal remedies can also easily put together, with ingredients that are easily procured. These here are the qualities to look for in finding the best sinus infection remedy.

As far as ease of procurement, even drug stores today carry certain herbs that can be used in certain recipes, sometimes sold as infusions or teas. Others can also be found in natural food stores and some farmers markets where natural herbs and spices may be sold. The best thing about this is that the cost of this can be quite tiny indeed. Once the ingredients are collected, and a proper recipe follows, an excellent natural cure – indeed the best sinus infection remedy – can be taken, and the sinus infection can eventually be put to an end.

Physical Therapy Scheduling Software Promotes Efficiency And Employee Accountability

Everyone wants to make a good impression, and all PTs aim to help their clients effectively and efficiently. But there are stumbling blocks in a typical day at a PT clinic that can greatly reduce your employees' effectiveness and, in turn, lead to dissatisfied clients and a reduced cash flow for your business. Some lapses in performance are unintentional, and many are simply the result of a lack of structure or accountability. One solution is to invest in a physical therapy software package that includes a program tailor to the needs of PT offices.

The How, How And How Many Of PT

Putting physical therapy scheduling software in place in your professional offices can immediately give you the right tools for tracking the therapist performance, streamlining the check out and organization of client records, improve billing cycles and even promote deferred, long-term commitments from patients so that they will follow through with their treatment for the doctor-prescribed duration.

But the most important function of physical therapy scheduling software is that it allows managers to quickly get a snapshot of how each individual is using his or her hours at work. Are the therapists spending the bulk of their time working with patients and tracking the details of their progress? Do they spend a lot of it in the break room or at the front desk fielding phone calls rather than actually doing rehabilitation work? You can quickly find the weak spots in your system by reviewing each day and each week of your employees' days and improving the process as needed. Perhaps you need a different system in the front office, or one of your therapists needs to learn how to manage his time more effectively.

If you're concerned about the performance of a particular employee, look for blocks of time that are not accounted for, then do some additional investigating. Is someone at the front desk simply not scheduling enough patients for this person, or is this person not willing to take on any more work? Physical therapy electronic documentation of hours, duties and details of each PT session will arm you with the information you need when you're ready to review each employee's contribution to the clinic as a whole.

Using The Right Physical Therapy Software Tools

Another way to ensure your clinician will make a profit and satisfy clients at the same time is to make sure every employee is using the available tools in your physical therapy software arsenal. Talk to your employees on an individual basis and ask questions:

Do they schedule multiple appointments in advance? Are they confirming availability of resources? (If you have three treadmills but four clients scheduled to use the treadmill at the same time, it's money down the drain) Do they provide patients with appointment reminders? Are they documenting patient performance?

PT software can lower your overhead and raise the performance level for your staff, but only if they know how to use the system. When shopping for physical therapy scheduling software and documentation programs, find one that balances flexibility with ease of use for results that can turn your clinic into a successful venture for everyone.

Fitness: Improve the Health of Your Diet by Avoiding White Flour

I’d like to share some research with you that may make you think twice before eating your next sandwich on white bread. It will also help your efforts to lose weight and will improve your health.

Eliminating white flour in favor of whole wheat has long been the foundation of healthy eating and is a big part of the latest eating right pyramid put out by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Studies now show that there is a chemical in white flour, called alloxan that makes it look “clean” and “beautiful”. The problem is that alloxan damages the beta cells of the pancreas so they no longer produce enough insulin and the cells malfunction and die. So you may be devastating your pancreas and putting yourself at risk for diabetes by eating “beautiful” flour.

In fact, the Textbook for Natural Medicine calls alloxan “a potent beta-cell toxin”.

Scientists have known about this for years because diabetes researchers commonly use the chemical to induce the disorder in lab animals. In a research sense, giving alloxan to an animal is similar to injecting that animal with a deadly virus because alloxan and the virus are both being used to cause illness.

It also applies to brown rice compared to white rice. The unprocessed brown rice is more natural and therefore has a higher nutrient content, better protein digestibility and a lower insulin response.

It’s also wise to get in the habit of checking the labels of grain products because they’re not all created equal. Although originally they were until we started tampering with it to make white flour and other enriched products.

The bottom line is that whenever you take a natural food and change it by deleting nutrients or adding chemicals, you will always have less nutritional benefits. Whole grains are just another example that nature knows best.

5 Holiday Weight Loss Tips & Their Reality Checks

Do you find it almost impossible to stay conscious and contentious about weight and nutrition during the holidays? Of course you do. More than half of all Americans are overweight: You’re not alone.

A new government study might give you a ray of hope though: The study shows that Americans gain only about one pound over the holidays. The study found that people participating were influenced by two main factors over the holidays: The level of their hunger, and the level of their activity. In other words: Those who reported being less active or more hungry during the holidays had the greatest weight gain.

So common sense says: If you can stay focused on dealing with just those two things, you’ll probably win your personal holiday weight loss battle. At the very least, you’ll win by not adding more weight to what’s already waiting to be shed.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of weight gain,” says Dr. Samuel Klein, the Director of the Center for Human Nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis, MO. “Preventing the increase in weight is a lot easier and better than actually gaining weight and then trying to get it off again.”

So the answer seems simple: Eat less and exercise more. The reality of implementation of course, is far more difficult.

The good news is that most of the people overestimate how much weight they’d gained over the holidays. Fewer than 10% gain 5 pounds or more.

The bad news is: The small amount of weight gained is never lost. One pound of weight gain is quite a small amount, but since it’s not usually lost again: The weight adds up over time – to obesity.

Now we all know there are tons of tips out and about this time of year, designed to help us keep from putting on that extra pound or two during the holidays. Unfortunately what’s usually not talked about is: The reality of day-to-day holiday stress and situations. Let’s explore the tips… along with their reality checks… in depth:

Weight Loss Tip 1: Stay active. The best thing you can do is try to stick to your normal schedule and routine.

Holiday Reality Check: It’s pretty hard to have any kind of decent routine in the busy months of November and December. Busy people tend to sacrifice yoga classes, long walks, and visits to the gym because they need time for extra things like decorating the house, cooking, cleaning up before the visitors get there, and of course: Shopping.

The Good News: Walking around the shopping mall and stores is great exercise, and so is cleaning the house. In addition to those activities, decorating can be quite intensive too: You’re climbing up and down to hang things; lifting, lugging, and dragging boxes out of storage; bending, twisting and turning to get it all looking just right. So don’t beat yourself up about not making it to the gym… you’re getting plenty of activity and every little bit helps!

Weight Loss Tip 2: Don’t let yourself get too hungry. If you go to a party and you’re starving, everything will look even more scrumptious than normal. And of course, you’ll eat much more because of it. Try starting each day with a good, solid breakfast – particularly something with protein. And when you’re at the party, try munching on the veggies to help keep you feeling full. These two things will help your hunger stay under control, and will in turn help you refrain from “gorging” on anything you see just because you’re famished.

Holiday Reality Check: We’re all very busy during the holidays, and it’s not always possible to remember to eat – let alone eat well – particularly in the morning when we may have already overslept and are now running late for everything. And eating healthy at a party isn’t always possible either: Not everyone in this country serves vegetable plates, salads, or fruit bowls. Sometimes the only things in site are junk: Chips, candy, and cookies.

Here’s a suggestion: Try taking your own veggie plate to a party where you know there won’t be one available. A quick and easy way to do this is simply buy a bag or two of pre-cut veggies and some ranch salad dressing. Alternatively, eat a decent meal before you go to the party. Don’t overdo things, but don’t make it a light snack either. Eating first will help you to just “nibble” a bit on the worst of the holiday treats offered.

Weight Loss Tip 3: Stay away from the food. Literally. Just don’t go anywhere near the buffet table, appetizers, or treats… and you’ll be fine.

Holiday Reality Check: In most cases, the food is everywhere. And even if it’s not right in front of your face, you sure can smell it! Trying to just “stay away from it” is pretty unrealistic – and it can feel like torture for some of us. And for most people: When you can’t have something, you want it even more. So trying to stay away from the food will most likely just make you overindulge worse than you would have otherwise.

Try this instead: Allow yourself whatever you’d like. But with a catch. First: Take only half the amount you normally would. And take just one food item. Eat that and enjoy it without guilt. Then, wait a full 20-30 minutes before you get something else. Then repeat the process: One item, half the portion size as you normally would, enjoy it without guilt, then wait before getting something else.

Allowing yourself to eat gets rid of the mentality of “I can’t have it (and thus I’m more determined to have it)” It lets you enjoy the good food and the holidays, without beating yourself up. This is healthy and can help tremendously with the way you view food and eating in general. Only taking half of it though, will help you not take in as much calories, fat, sugar or other bad stuff you usually avoid. And then waiting 20-30 minutes before you get something else will help your body realize when it’s had enough… or too much. So you’re much less likely to overdo things, and feel horrible physically later.

Weight Loss Tip 4: Wear cloths that are slightly tight on you. This should help you feel full faster, and keep you from eating too much food.

Holiday Reality Check: We want to wear looser cloths because we’re looking forward to eating all that great food! Yes, wearing something tight might help us not go back for a second helping of potatoes… or it might ruin a favorite outfit.

In the end, how you approach this tip is up to you, and you alone. Make your decision and be happy with it.

Weight Loss Tip 5: Keep your portions small. Try to load up on salad and vegetables, and take just tiny amounts of anything else.

Holiday Reality Check: Taking just a “bite sized” amount of anything is going to put you into the have-not mental state mentioned earlier. You’ll feel as if you can’t have something, and you’ll want it all the more.

Try the tip noted above instead: Take half the size you normally would. Trying to have just a little bite of pie will whet your appetite for more, but having a whole piece is going a bit overboard – particularly if there’s 5 different pies for you to sample. So try actual sampling instead: Cut a piece half the normal size. This allows you to have a “whole slice”, and more than several little bites. Then wait about 20 minutes before you go and try the next pie. Even if you end up eating a bit of all 5 pies, by having a half-sized slice of each, you’ve drastically cut the amount of calories, carbs and sugars compared to what you would have had with whole slices. And you’ll still feel stuffed and satiated, instead of deprived and resentful.

So there you have it: 5 different, common holiday weight loss and eating tips, followed by the reality check of each, and a suggested compromise that should help you enjoy the holidays to their fullest, without depriving yourself of the great food we all look forward to.

Whatever you decide to do, remember to actually have Happy Holidays!

First Aid For Squeeze Page Conversion Blues

In case your squeeze page is not getting the job done, then you will have to begin making changes and testing – or optimizing for best conversions. The typical track for folks completely new to internet marketing would be to create a squeeze page they believe will work, after which when it does not work well – they're often at a loss for what to complete about it. Once every thing is in place, in case you're getting decent visitors numbers then you are able to make real progress together with your conversion rate in a fairly brief time, after which you are done with it and life is great. We'll get you started with three confirmed optimization ideas for squeeze pages.

Probably the most crucial issue is that your page need to be effortless to load. Remove big graphics that slow the loading method. Few things turn off online clients sooner than pages that take too lengthy to load. Limit the graphics on the page to steer clear of taking the concentration away from principal concentration of the page: conversions. Make a point of limiting the quantity of code, pictures, and other items that could lengthen load time. Instead, concentrate on the copy of the page to make it more compelling. Rather than depending on graphics for headlines, use text. So where ever you believe you are able to work on making your squeeze page more agile, do it. You would like to prevent losing possible conversions due to the fact your page takes too lengthy to load. Simplicity is the key for squeeze pages, you need to make positive your visitors get the info you would like them to have. Use words which are particular and easy to comprehend and write quick sentences. Make every effort to ensure those brief sentences are tall on power. Less is more when you happen to be making use of words to make a point. Prevent getting sidetracked together with your copy.

One issue you must do is provide some details that can aid to reassure the reader that you simply are reliable.

Credibility and trust builders really can and do assist a great deal, and that helps put the readers more at ease which will only assist. Also, keep in mind that the more folks feel they can trust you and your supply, the far better your conversions will likely be – this has been confirmed several times.

In case your conversions are suffering, you then know that you simply should start optimizing and testing. You can not really predict how long it will require, but general it should not take very long.

Importance Of Refrigerator Repair Services

A refrigerator is an essential and useful appliance in every home, hospital, restaurant, hotel and office. It has multiple uses and should run continuously, night and day, to keep things inside it fresh and cold. It is important that the refrigerator gets regular maintenance to make sure that it remains functional for a long time.

Since a refrigerator remains functional 24/7, it can break down or become dysfunctional at some point of time. It might break down either due to a part being faulty or lack of proper maintenance. Breaking down of a refrigerator can cause a lot of discomfort. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible, or food and other things may rot. In such a situation, it is important to hire one of the professional refrigerator repair services for fixing the problem. A professional will make sure that the refrigerator is repaired properly and the same problem does not occur again. Hiring a professional refrigerator repair service becomes important as the refrigerator preserves the food products for a long period. If it gets out of order, you will be devoid of enjoying fresh and cold food products.

Gone are the days when refrigerator used to be considered a luxury. It has now become a necessity in every household, regardless of the financial status. Also, it is an essential appliance in commercial establishments. The importance of refrigerator in a person’s daily life cannot be denied. Therefore, timely maintenance and repair of this appliance by professional company providing refrigeration repair services becomes very essential.

What to Look for in a Refrigerator Repair Service?

  • Considering the importance of a refrigerator in our daily lives, it is important that the refrigerator repair services are available even after normal business hours. This is to make sure that if the refrigerator breaks down at odd hours, it can be attended well on time.
  • Repairing a refrigerator requires technical knowledge and expertise. The service you hire should have professionals who are adequately qualified and experienced. They should have the knowledge of repairing refrigerators of all major brands and models.
  • The professional attending the refrigerator should have all the essential tools and equipment to allow him to complete the repair work then and there. The technician should be well-equipped and capable of finishing the repair work within the premises of the client.
  • The technicians of the repair company should only use genuine spare parts.

Select a refrigerator repair service that makes sure that your refrigerator works properly and efficiently and offers maximum customer satisfaction.

A Collagen Diet Or an Ultra-Pure Collagen Supplement?

If you’re looking for an effective collagen diet, I have some suggestions for you.  Collagen is produced within the body, but production slows down with age.  Nutritional deficiencies reduce production even further.  If the subject is not addressed, it can result in sagging, wrinkled skin and joint problems. 

The makers of ultra-pure collagen dietary supplements would have you believe that they provide the magic pill, the ultimate solution to aging skin and achy joints, all wrapped up in one little capsule.  The truth is somewhat different.  What you really want to see in a collagen diet is the nutrients that support the body’s ability to produce the protein. 

You see, ultra-pure collagen supplements will be broken down into the component amino acids as it passes through the stomach.  The amino acids will then be used by the body to produce whatever is needed.  The vital organs get first crack at any nutrients passing through the bloodstream.  The skin, particularly the outer layer of epidermis, is pretty neglected. 

As far as the joints go, an ultra-pure collagen supplement will not help you as much as one containing omega 3 fatty acids, specifically the omega 3 called DHA.  Research has shown that a fish oil supplement improves joint function and flexibility in people with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.  They are able to cut back on their pain meds and move about more freely in the morning.  Research has also shown that an omega 3 fish oil supplement increases the skin’s firmness by 10% after three months.

So, fish oil is a component of an effective collagen diet.  Not because it is needed to create elastic fibers, but because it is needed to moisturize and provide nourishment.  All of the diet gurus are now recommending increased intake of fish and fish oils.  You just need to be careful, because some companies do not use molecular distillation to reduce contaminants like mercury and PCBs.

Manufacturers of ultra-pure collagen supplements also claim that they will help you lose weight.  While it is true that protein is satisfying and may help reduce your appetite, a better choice is to increase your protein intake through the foods that you eat. 

Proteins are broken down into component amino acids, as I mentioned above.  Complete proteins contain all of the essential amino acids, including those that are needed for the body to produce collagen, elastin, keratin and other important proteins. 

So, an effective collagen diet is rich in lean protein, such as chicken and fatty fish.  Eggs are a complete protein as well, but you don’t want to go overboard on them. 

If you were thinking about an ultra-pure collagen supplement to improve your skin’s appearance, a better alternative is a keratin-rich moisturizing cream that you apply directly.  Creams containing bio-active keratin have been shown to stimulate the production of skin cells and elastic fibers.  They have also been shown to increase firmness by 40% in as little as three weeks. 

A good collagen diet should be good for you overall health.  A good moisturizer should be good for your skin’s health.  That’s the bottom line. 

Acne Medicine – An Overview

Did you know that over 180,000 people search for information on acne everyday, out of which 77,000 want to know more about acne medicine? And that there are over 22 million sites talking about acne, and acne medicine, treatment and products? This tells me a few things. One, there are many people out there suffering from acne, and they are interested in knowing what kind of acne medicine is available to help them cure their problem. Equally, there are millions of available acne treatments and products out there. Obviously, no one acne medicine is suitable for any one person then.

First, a quick review on what acne is. It is what the caller calls "pimples" or "zits". There are different forms of acne, and all can occur at the same time, though one stage does not need to progress to the next. There are comedones, or blackheads and whiteheads, as they are usually called. Then there are acne spots caused by bacteria, leading to inflammation, resulting in a red potentially painling called a papule. If the papule does not subside spontaneously, a pustule may form. This heals by discharging pus. A severe enough reaction may cause a lot of deep damage, leaving behind scars.

Acne medicine has different purposes. There is acne medicine to prevent acne. There is a medicine to prevent infection of the acne. And there is medicine to prevent scarring from the acne. Finally, there is medicine to minimize the effects of acne scarring, should scars form.

Acne medicine can be divided into those that are applied to the skin – called topical acne medicine, and those that are taken orally – called systemic medicine.

Topical treatments come in the form of creams and lotions. There are two main types of topical acne medicine. The keratolytics, which act by peeling off the top horny outer layer of the skin, so helping to dislodge the comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), and the antiseptics, which attempt to get rid of harmful bacterial action. Examples of keratolytic acne medicine include benzyl peroxide, Retin A, and sulphur. Examples of antispetic acne medicine include iodine (eg Betadine), chlorhexidine, zinc salts, which are frequently incorporated into acne creams and lotions, azelaic acid.

One of the main problems with topical acne medicine is that they can be rather harsh. They can cause skin irritation and inflammation. Some, like retin A can not be used during pregnancy. Sulfur containing acne medicines can be extremely smelly, like rotton eggs!

Generally topical acne medicines work well for those with mild acne. A good number can be simply bought over-the-counter without the need of a doctor's prescription. And for many, this may be the only treatment required for acne.

Please visit for more information on topics related to acne medicine and the treatment of acne. Do add in some of the questions you may have so I can put up relevant information that others are interested in.

Alternative Treatment – Homeopathy And Ayurveda For Blood Pressure

As people are becoming aware about the side effects that could be caused due to allopathic treatment, they are increasingly shifting their focus to the field of alternative medication. Many of the alternative treatments from Homeopathy and Ayurveda have become popular with patients as well as medical practitioners.

Homeopathy has recently gained much demand and popularity in the field of alternative treatment for lowering down blood pressure. A homeopathic treatment predominantly involves the use of certain extracts from the plants and herbs. These extracts are generally in the form of minerals that plants carry.

A good homeopathy session starts with the examination of all the symptoms present in a patient’s body. Unless a good diagnosis is not performed, the patient is not recommended any of the homeopathic medicine. These medicines are available in a formulated tincture. These tinctures should not be taken without the recommendation of a good homeopathic doctor, as large dosage can lead to reverse side effects. Some of the commonly used tinctures for lowering blood pressure are Argentum nitricum, Nux vomica, Belladonna, Sanguinaria, to name a few.

Besides this, another effective alternate treatment for lowering blood pressure is the use of Ayurvedic medicines. This is one of the most ancient of all the treatments. This treatment works keeping in mind certain principles. It separates the symptoms of high blood pressure into three categories that are termed as Doshas. Thus the different types of Doshas are treated with the help of a combination of several herbs.

For instance, Ayurveda has categorized a type of blood pressure as Pita. This type of high blood pressure can be treated effectively with the help of the drugs Aloe and Gotu Kola. Another type of high blood pressure, Vata can be cured with the help of garlic extracts and the herb Valerian.

Besides, the administration of herbal medicines, an Ayurvedic treatment includes two more things. They are: a regular and effective exercising regime coupled with a good diet plan.

But there is a note of caution here. You should always administer to an Ayurvedic treatment under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic doctor only. The reason being that high dosage of any Ayurvedic medicine can be harmful for your body and produce unnecessary harmful effects. Besides there are certain drugs that despite lowering blood pressure, can give you visible side effects. For instance, Licorice induces water retention in the body parts if not administered properly. Other herbs like rosemary and ephedra, in spite of reducing blood pressure, increases it. Therefore, care should be taken while keeping your hand on any one particular drug.

Hypertension and High Blood Pressure Medicine Solutions

Hypertension, more commonly known as high blood pressure, affects approximately 1/3 of all Americans. Unknowingly, many people with the disease are essentially ticking time bombs waiting to explode. High Blood Pressure is also referred to as the silent killer. Despite most diseases and illnesses manifesting symptoms, people often find the problem during a routine check in the doctor's office, or after disaster strikes. Hypertension frequently causes serious, potentially life-threatening health problems; so, various medicines have been developed to keep the beastly disease under control.

High blood pressure can seriously damage a person's arteries. Due to periods of excessive force, over time the artery walls are weakened, possibly resulting in aneurysms. Basically, fragile balloon-like areas may develop. Thus, an individual may die, if the artery pops. For a fortunately few, aneurysms are discovered before time runs out. However, the odds are not in the patient's favor.

Also, odds are not in the patient's favor when hypertension results in brain damage. Most Americans know someone who has suffered a stroke. Sometimes, forewarning signs, like distorted vision, slurred speech, or dizziness give an individual time to reach the emergency room for immediate treatment; typically, a stroke causes devastating health problems or death. For the people fortunate enough to survive, ambulation, speech, and even the ability to eat are some of the long-lasting effects. The patient then faces months, or years, of intensive therapy trying to regain former skills most people take for granted. Plus, he / she has an increased probability of consequential strokes.

In addition to strokes, probably the most common health risk of hypertension is a heart attack. As excess pressure weakens the heart muscle, a person is at risk for coronary artery disease, an enlarged heart, and temporary heart failure. Sadly, high blood pressure is often diagnosed after the diseased heart has surrendered to the illness. Therefore, the best preventive measures against hypertension are periodic pressure checks, and high blood pressure medicine to manage the condition before it becomes a huge problem.

Although a myriad of medicines are available, doctors may decide what treatment is best based upon the patient's age, ethnicity, other medicines, and allergies. All of the issues may potentially determine how an individual will react to high blood pressure medicine. Neverheless, beta-blockers have been commonly used, in the past, to control hypertension: "These slow down the heart, reducing the amount of work that it has to do, and lowers an important hormone. easier for the heart to work ". Today, due to the adverse side effects of sleepiness and cold hands, the medication is infrequently prescribed to lower blood pressure.

In tandem with other blood pressure medicines, diuretics (water tablets) are used to release excess salt and water in the body. For some, water tablets will initially lower an individual's pressure. However, the side effect can be a little disconcerting. Until a patient's body is regulated, frequent trips to the restroom are a must. Therefore, patients are instructed to take the medication at a convenient time. For example, taking the pills before bed will probably result in a very restless night. Occasionally, the body should adjust, reducing the need to release excess water.

In truth, the information mentioned above represents only a few of the consequences, and medical treatments, of high blood pressure. However, the short list is a great argument for further exploration of the disease and consequent use of high blood pressure medicines. Heart attacks, strokes, and aneurisms are three often-fatal results of neglecting to treat hypertension. Also, beta-blockers and diuretics are only two of the many options for medicinal solutions. So, in order to avoid becoming a medical statistic, periodically have a health care professional check for possible hypertension, especially if a history of high blood pressure runs in the family. You may want or need

Review – My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey

My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal Journey, Jill Bolte Taylor, 2009, ISBN 9780452295544

Having a stroke must be hard enough for anyone. It must be that much harder to be a Harvard-trained brain scientist having a stroke, knowing what is happening to your brain as it happens.

In December 1996, the author woke one morning knowing that something was very wrong with her. Within four hours, the left hemisphere of her brain had deteriorated to the point where she could no longer read, write, talk or understand what those squiggles were on her telephone keypad. While her logical left brain was shutting down (she was able to get help in time), her intuitive right brain gave her a feeling of total peace and being at one with the universe (not necessarily a bad thing). Taylor is able to give an almost blow-by-blow description as her brain shut down. For instance, when she loses the ability to speak, that means that a spot called Broca's Area is affected.

Taylor's type of stroke was called an arteriovenous malformation, an abnormal arterial configuration. Even though it's a rare type of stroke, it's the most common type of stroke for youngger sufferers (Taylor was 37 years old when she suffered her stroke). After several days in the hospital, she was sent home with her mother, who had come to help nurse her back to health. The plan was to get her as well, and as strong, as possible, because the operation to fix her arterial malformation, a stereotactic craniotomy, was coming. She survived, and over the next several years, was able to put her brain back together, leaving out the incompetent and negative parts.

During her recovery, Taylor learned the things that caregivers should, and should not, do to help stroke patients. Make eye contact with me. Honor the healing power of sleep. Speak slowly and enunciate clearly. Please do not raise your voice. Keep visits brief. Ask me multiple-choice questions, not Yes / No questions. Break all actions down into smaller steps. Do not finish my sentences or fill in words I can not find.

This is a really interesting book. On one level, it looks inside the brain to show just what happens during a stroke; good for strike victims or caregivers. On another level, it shows that the two lobes of the brain have very different personalities. It's very much worth reading.

What Will Help a Marriage in Trouble?

When Do We Go To Marriage Counseling:

Often the mere thought that your marriage may be in trouble is enough of an indicator that its time to look for a couples counselor. Perhaps you’ve been picking up some of the signs – nobody knows your marriage as well as you and your partner – but it hasn’t been voiced yet. Or contrarily, your partner and you may have been squabbling for some time and the signs are painfully apparent.

What other signs should be on the lookout for? The two of you are constantly bickering. You seem to be pulling away from one another. Arguments include name-calling and “below the belt” attacks. There is a certain “joylessness” in your marriage. You have nothing nice to say to one another. One or both parties doesn’t want to talk about the existing marital problems. There is a loss of respect for one another. You can’t agree on long-term goals. There is a serious lack of trust and overall suspiciousness. Sexual intimacy is at an all-time low. One or both parties has been unfaithful. Your spouse isolates you from your family and friends. You are happier when your spouse is away for a period of time. There is emotional and/or physical abuse in your marriage.

Again, many of these signs are obvious to you. You often have that “gut feeling” that something is wrong. A marriage counselor can often spot these signs and utilize techniques that can help repair an ailing marriage. Of course, the work can be just that…work. Often long-standing problems need a longer stay. But the rewards are often great.

How Laser Therapy Can Treat Your Acne

Acne is those painful, red lesions that appear on your skin usually at the worst possible moment. Acne is formed due to blocked oil glands in the skin that became inflamed and the gland or hair follicle ruptures. There are a lot of treatments available for acne, OTC, prescriptions, creams, and medications, oral and topical. For the many who see results, there are plenty who see inadequate results and are still struggling with acne. However, those people may be in luck, because a new acne treatment is available, laser therapy for acne. Although laser and light based acne treatments have been around for over 10 years, it has just begun to gain popularity. That's because it's faster, safer, and has no side effects.

Laser acne treatments, as the title already states, uses laser therapy to prevent, control and cure acne. Laser acne removal is safe and effective, which is something not all topical and oral prescription acne treatments can say. Acne laser therapy can be used to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris and prevent everyday pimples, zits, papules and pustules. It's less effective on non-inflammatory acne such as whiteheads, blackheads, cysts and nodules.

Laser acne therapy works in two different ways. The laser therapy heats up the tissue surrounding the sebaceous glands, which excites compounds, which live inside acne bacteria. When these compounds become excited they damage the bacterial wall effectively killing the bacteria within the glands. Secondly the laser shrinks the sebaceous gland, making it smaller so it can not produce as much oil. This highly effective approach makes laser acne treatment on of the best acne removal systems.

The types of laser used for acne treatment include blue-light, infrared, diode, pulsed dye, KTP, fractional, pulsed light and heat energy, Isolaz, photodynamic treatment (PDT), and CO2. In addition to the laser treatment, some doctors will apply an ALA solution to the skin prior to treatment. This makes the skin more sensitive to the light. The most common laser acne treatment is blue-light therapy. Photodynamic treatment is the laser therapy used in severe acne cases. The CO2 laser is used for deep acne scars and lesions and is more invasive than other acne laser treatment.

Laser therapy for acne is preformed in a doctor's office. Your skin will be cleansed and a topical anesthetic may be applied to the skin for up to 30 minutes then removed. Both the patient and doctor will ear protective eyewear, to protect them from the laser light. The laser will then be passed over the affected areas of skin. A treatment can take a few minutes or up to an hour depending upon the size of the affected area. Several treatments may necessary depending upon the severity of conditions condition. Some people may experience slight discomfort during treatment, however the topical anesthetic and cooling technology incorporated into the laser therapy help to diminish pain. There is no downtime after acne laser therapy except with PDT treatment where one can experience redness for 2-4 days then peeling. Avoid direct sun exposure for 48 hours after laser acne therapy. Follow your doctor's recommendation about follow up treatment and skin care. Normal recommendation is 3 treatments about 1 month apart, however additional treatment more frequently may be suggested.

Laser treatment to cure acne can cost anywhere from $ 300 to $ 500 with PDT averaging $ 1500 to $ 3000 and CO2 $ 4000 and up. Most people use laser acne treatment as a last resort after they have tried all other acne treatment with no results. Although laser acne treatment looks steep it's a small price to pay when OTC and prescription medications do not work. Plus laser and light therapies do not have the added side effects. Laser acne treatment may be exactly what you need to get rid of your acne and acne scars for good.

Getting to Know the Balanced Slimming Diet

A balanced meal is important when you are trying to lose weight and enroll into any kind of slimming diet program. A well-balanced diet would provide the best kind of nutrition which is essential for the normal workings of the bodily system. It is ultimately important that you get a well-balanced and healthy diet as it is often a common scenario to see most slimming diet programs being gravitating to just one class of food item such as protein or fruits and vegetables. A diet that focuses on too much on only one class of food would definitely result in some form of nutritional imbalance.

There is a huge variety of food around us today that we should be really grateful that we are living in an era of abundance. Unless you are residing in country where famine hits, access to food is very easy and in most cases, it is merely a walk to the next corner or a simple phone call to have them delivered to your home.

To achieve balanced diet while you are on a sliming diet program, it is important to include each of the food classes in the right portion.’ Let’s take as look at each of the food groups and get to know the types of food items that belong in each category.


The carbohydrates have been the victims of vicious attacks by health experts which associate this food class with many o the leading diseases in the US. In reality not all carbohydrates are created equal and the type carbohydrates that is responsible for the weight gain is the unhealthy carbohydrates. There are healthy carbohydrates around such as maize, whole-wheat bread, brown rice and other cereals and grains. The key is to avoid processed carbohydrates such as cooked rice, flour, cakes, cookies and other processed foods that are starchy.

Most of the cereals and grains are the best source of the B vitamins, zinc, copper, selenium and magnesium. This is very important as it protects us against the onslaught of dangerous disease such as cancer and high blood pressure.


Protein is a very important source of body building materials and it is also a provider of energy and the source of building blocks for hormones. Protein comes from both animal and vegetable sources. Some diet programs make use of a huge quantity of protein as its meals such as the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet. Eggs, meat, poultry and fish are some of the most popular sources of protein when trying to lose weight among dieters.

The Fruit and Vegetable

The fruits and vegetables ranks high on the list of preference when it comes to good health and weight loss. It should be consumed in abundance as it contains the important fiber which can help people lose weight and feel full and satiated.

Oil and Fat

Oil and fat should be used in moderation and try to include healthy fats such as Omega 3 and Alpha Linolenic Acid instead of the ones laden with HDLs.

The Risk Factors of Gum Disease

Periodontal disease happens in many people, but it is a problem that is silent. Do you know what is even worse? Many individuals do not understand just how serious this disease can be. If you notice any signs of this disease, then we highly recommend you getting it checked out as soon as possible. We are going to be discussing the risk factors of the disease, but first, we want to point out some important facts.

Would you believe us if we told you one in ever five individuals have gingivitis disease? It's true and do you know something that is bad? Many of those people do not even realize they have it.

This disease can cause a lot of pain in the mouth, but sometimes, it can be silent. That is why it is important to make routine visits to the dentist.

If you are looking to solve this problem as you have found your gems bleeding, then there are a number of things you can do. Vitamin C is a great remedy to use as it has antioxidants in it. Vitamin D is known for having anti-inflammatory properties, which may be great for healing the gums.

When it comes to gingivitis, there are a number of things you can do in order to avoid this problem. If you smoke, then quit smoking. Other than the fact that it makes the problems in your mouth worse, it also effects the health of your overall body.

If you are clenching your teeth, then you need to purchase a mouth guard. This is because teeth clening weakens both the teeth and the gums.

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