Weight Loss – Lose Weight Without Dieting Pills

If you are like many people who are trying to lose weight, you are probably sick and tired of all those weight loss products out there. Well, I am here to tell you that you do not need any of them.

There are several ways to lose weight without dieting pills.

Did you know that dieting is actually bad for you? Yes. You read this right! Dieting makes your body store fat and burn less calories. If you want to lose fat you need to approach this differently.

The fact is that you should consume different amounts of calories each day. That means if you were to eat a meal with 600 calories in it on Wednesday, you would want to consume 400 calories for that course on Thursday.

The reason for this is because your body actually stores the calories from Wednesday and uses them on Thursday. That is why you would eat less Thursday than you would Wednesday.

So what kind of meals should you eat? Well, I would suggest that you add vegetables to each meal you eat. Not always during breakfast. Try to add vegetables during lunch and dinner.

Why vegetables? The fact is that vegetables have loads of fiber, which burns fat and cleans you body out. This is one of the fastest and healthiest ways to lose fat. I suggest that you try adding fruits also. Fruits have fiber as well. So, vegetables and fruits are the cure we are all looking for. Try it for yourself!

The Facts About Peyronies Disease

The vast majority of men are born with normal penises and grow up thinking nothing about the shape of their penises, confident that their sex life will be just as good as that of the next fellow. Unfortunately, nature is not always kind to us and the good things in life come mixed with a many bad things.

Some men have the unpleasant surprise to find that their penis develops scar tissue and starts bending. This condition is known to health care professionals as Peyronie’s disease. It is believed that as many as 1 percent of all men suffer from this disease.

Peyronie’s disease is a condition named after Francois de la Peyronie, surgeon to Louis XIV of France, who was the first man to describe a treatment in 1743. While the cause of this disease is not well understood, its mechanism is perfectly clear.

The “tunica albuginea” is the tough layer of connective tissue that contains the sponge-like Corpora Cavernosa. For reasons unknown, scar tissue begins to form in the “tunica albuginea”, which prevents the normal expansion of the penis during erections and, in time, bends the penis to one side or the other.

Although the disease is somewhat painful at first, the pain eventually goes away on its own. The only effects of this disease are the curvature, which is visible when the penis is erect, and possibly a shortening of the penis in the flaccid state.

Most men suffering from it are perfectly able to have sex with their partners and experience no pain during intercourse. The disease can affect men of all races and ages, but it is most commonly seen in Caucasian males ages 40 and up. It is not contagious and is in no way related to cancer or other serious conditions.

While diagnosing of Peyronie’s disease is quite simple, treating it is not. Most urologists have little knowledge of possible treatments and one should seek the advice of an urologist who specializes in this disease. Some treatments that have been tried are drugs containing L-arginine and sildenafil. Surgery is also considered an option in severe cases.

Natural Treatment For High Blood Pressure, Deadly?

The option to treat many illness naturally is always preferred by many persons, especially given the many side effects associated with prescription drugs. Natural treatments are usually food based and usually have no side effects. It is safe to say that natural treatment for high blood pressure is not deadly, but any treatment should be taken after you consult your physician. This is even more important to prevent any complications with prescription drugs, if you are on any medication.

Many individuals are suffering with hypertension all over the world. Lifestyle practices and poor eating habits are the major primary cause

One question most people with high blood pressure ask is whether natural treatment for high blood pressure also guard against the risk of heart attack or stroke. Well, If we do not manage our blood pressure we will build up plaque in our arteries which can increase the chances of complication such as heart attack or stroke.

The good news is that a number of these alternative treatments can and will reduce the platform for heart attack or stroke. They are natural cures and they treat the whole body, as does all natural cures. This allow for the climate within the body that promotes the conditions to prevent all the other complications associated with the illness.

Natural alternative cures, cannot and will not be effective alone. Eating right, reducing stress and exercise has to form part of the regimen to reduce the blood pressure. Breathing exercises, yoga and meditation are all good addition to your quest to lower your blood pressure.

Several outstanding herbs prove to be great in the fight against this illness. Kelp, Hawthorn root, burduck root and garlic are among the best. Garlic for one is the best candidate of natural herbs that can become effective against this illness. This herb has the unusual property of normalizing the blood pressure and cholesterol, but it will also give you bad breath.

Eating raw garlic is the best option because cooking reduces its potency. The capsule form is the best if you are worried about the quality of your breath.

Finally, as always and as mentioned before, speak to your doctor before you begin any change in fitness routine or diet, or before you take any herbal products for any ailment. Most of all manage your diet and your fitness level and consider herbal products as a natural treatment for high blood pressure, in order to lower you blood pressure to normal levels.

Live well!

Does Diabetes Cause Hair Loss?

Diabetes can be a major factor in hair loss for a lot of people. The hair loss will normally begin at the onset of diabetes and gradually gets worse as the disease progresses. It is normal to shed some hair each day, but when the shedding rate exceeds the rate of re-growth, that is when you will start to notice thinning hair or bald patches.

Hair has a growth cycle. A normal hair growth cycle will last for 2 to 6 years. The growth stage of the cycle is known as the anagen stage. Each hair on your head grows at a rate of approximately one half inch per month. Ninety percent of all the hair on your head is in the growth stage at one time. The other ten percent of your hair is in what is known as the telogen or resting phase. The resting phase will last for two to three months and then that hair is shed. New hair will start to grow from the same hair follicle to replace the shed hair. This cycle repeats itself over and over, year after year.

Being a diabetic increases your chance of hair loss. Diabetics are more prone to get skin infections and other fungal infections that can affect the scalp. Stress from the disease can also cause hair loss. Certain medicines that you may be taking for diabetes or other conditions can also cause your hair to fall out.

Getting your diabetes under control should be the first step that you take. Hair loss may stop after your blood sugar is under control and your body is able to function normally. Some hair loss may require medical treatment. If your hair loss is caused by a fungal infection, medication would be needed to get rid of the infection. Other hair loss medications may be beneficial in helping to regrow the hair that is lost. Talk to your doctor about the best option for you.

If your hair loss appears to be more permanent, you may want to consider surgical intervention such as a hair transplant. This consists of taking hair from the back of the head and moving it to the areas of baldness. A candidate for hair transplant surgery is someone who has a fringe of hair along the sides and back of the head. This hair is used as donor hair and can be placed wherever needed.

Diabetes can cause a lot of symptoms. Unfortunately, hair loss is one of them. It is vital that you maintain good blood sugar levels, follow your diabetic diet and start exercising. Lose those excess pounds and follow up with your doctor frequently. You may be able to halt the hair loss in it’s tracks.

Your Cockatiel’s Body and How it Works

Cockatiels are hardy birds and rarely get sick. Even if they do, it can sometimes be difficult to tell, as they continue to act normally. But with a little education, early detection and good care, the odds for recovery are great.

The cockatiel’s body is similar to any mammals body. Cockatiels and mammals both have skin, skeletons, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, excretory and nervous systems, as well as sensory organs. Let us take a brief look at how these systems work together.

The cockatiel’s skin is difficult to see under all the feathers, but if you part the feathers gently, you will see a thin almost translucent skin beneath. Birds don’t have sweat glands, so they have to cool themselves off by holding their wings slightly open and holding the beak open. Make sure never to leave your cockatiel in the heat of the sun, as they can overheat very quickly, and if he gets heat stroke will require veterinary care.

Birds are the only animals that have feathers. Feathers serve many purposes. They help birds to fly, keep them warm, attract the attention of potential mates, and birds also use their feathers to scare away predators. A cockatiel has between 5 000 and 6 000 feathers on its body. Cockatiels have different types of feathers – contour feathers, down feathers, semi plume feathers and flight feathers. Cockatiels keep their feathers looking good by spending a great deal of time fluffing themselves out and preening. If you cockatiel looks as though she is picking on the base of his feathers, he is actually removing oil from the preen gland and spreading it down his feathers.

Birds have bones, but did you know that some bird bones are hollow. This aids in making the bird lighter to enable it to fly. Cockatiels also have air sacks in some of their bones for more buoyancy in flight. Parrots also have ten neck vertebrae in comparison to a humans seven. This enables a parrot to turn its head 180 degrees. This enables cockatiels to spot food or predators in the wild.

The cockatiel has a very efficient respiratory and cardiovascular system. The cockatiels digestive system is very effective in making fuel from it’s food. The cockatiel’s body temperature is higher than a humans. It’s digestion begins with a highly effective beak that breaks down tough seeds like little nut crackers. A cockatiel doesn’t have saliva to break down the food as we do and the majority of the digestive juices are found in its crop. Unlike mammals birds do not have a bladder or urethra.

The cockatiel’s sense of taste is not good, and they taste food on the roof of their mouths and not on the tongues. Cockatiels have excellent vision and see color. They cannot rotate their eyes, but do have necks that help to give them all round vision. The sense of hearing is good, but they cannot hear very high or very low pitched tones as well as humans do. A cockatiel’s sense of smell is not well developed, but they have a good sense of touch using their beaks and feet for this purpose.

For more on how the cockatiel is made up, visit: http://cockatielsaspets.com.

What Is Schizophrenia, Part 1

There are many unknown variables in the world today associated with Schizophrenic disorders. Schizophrenia is a severe form of abnormal behavior that encompasses what most of us have come to know as “madness.” In the world there are many misconceptions about schizophrenia, largely due to the fact that this disorder has so many unanswered questions. For society there are major implications due to the impact that those suffering with this disorder have on not only the individual sufferers, but for family and society as a whole. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, the United States had a $63 billion cost associated with treatment, care, and research of schizophrenia in 2002. For those that suffer with the devastating disorder their life is certainly disputed and challenged, but not without hope.

Schizophrenic individuals do not have split personalities, in that they do not think they are multiple people. Schizophrenia is commonly confused with dissociative identity disorder (DID), and many professionals feel that persons suffering with DID have been misdiagnosed as having schizophrenia. Schizophrenia disorder presents itself in three dimensions of symptoms; positive, negative, and disorganization. An individual suffering with schizophrenic symptoms of hallucinations and delusions are said to be psychotic or positive symptoms. For those displaying lack of initiative, social withdrawal, lack or impeded emotional responses are said to have negative symptoms. And then there are symptoms that are not easily categorized into clear dysfunctions, such as; incoherence or disorganized speech, communication problems and bizarre behavioral characteristic make up the third dimension of disorganization.

Individuals suffering with schizophrenia seldom cause any threat or danger to anyone. The misconception comes up due to the delusional world in which the individuals live and the nature of the delusions. The fears, hallucinations, emotional disturbance etc… haunt the individuals and wreak havoc on their outward expressions and attitudes. These outward “abnormal” displays cause those that are unaware of the disorder to be fearful of those who suffer with the disorder. For those that suffer with schizophrenia, it is a debilitating internal battle of the mind, not an outward display of aggression and violence.

Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that is not yet fully understood and at present there is no immediate cure. However, the disorder is highly treatable with an ability to stabilize and control symptoms and episodes. Living with schizophrenia is not a death sentence. Individuals like: John Nash, Bill McPhee, Pamela Wagner, Tom Harrell, and Michael Crawford all have made incredible progress in a “normal” society as artists, musicians, writers, Nobel Prize recipients and all suffer from schizophrenia.

If You Are Having Trouble Making The Secret Work, This Might Help

What you visualize and believe totally will manifest. That is The Secret. Simple? Yes. Easy? No. Why? Lester Levenson, a Master, taught THE goal process that REALLY works. Without this, it can be difficult, if not impossible.

Lester Levenson, a physicist discovered The Secret in 1952 with imminent death from heart disease approaching at 42 years old. I worked and studied with him from 1983 to 1994, when he passed on at the age of 85. He healed himself totally and became an enlightened teacher and multimillionaire. And it only took him three months! How? By letting go of his own self created obstacles and negative feelings which were not only stopping him. They were killing him.

He retraced his own healing steps in 1974, and created The Sedona Method,

whereby anyone can release all the subconscious blocks to having, doing and being anything one desires. From the first day of applying the Sedona Method, most people who release, will feel lighter and happier, and begin to unlock what has been stopping them: their self imposed limitations. Lester called them the non winning programs/beliefs.

What you visualize will manifest if you have no unconscious blocks working against you. There’s the rub. Very few people using The Secret are in that state. Lester took this many steps further so we can have our goals in scientific expectation. After all, he was a physicist.

Lester taught me the goal process that really works. Why? Because, along with visualizing and affirming, Lester taught me how to LET GO of the feeling obstacles in the way of manifesting the goal. THAT is the missing link in The Secret. My own advanced work in this is what Lester taught me privately over that 11 year period. I call it the KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) Releasing Method, a phrase Lester used all the time with it. Releasing addresses letting go of master programs that are detrimental to our lives, and that once we let go of them, we become freer, happier, and more successful. Lester called it a necessary survival tool for the world today.

Many people report problems with trying to implement The Secret, though. I have had a strong intuition that there are many, many folks who sincerely wanted The Secret to work and believed it, but have been left out without knowing the next step to take. Lester was a fully realized Master, and as a student of this avatar, I was able to have many conversations with him before he passed from this world to the next. I wrote a book about it, Lester and Me, My Unforgettable Conversations With An American Master.

More importantly for you, understanding how to apply this “missing link” will make your dreams reality by addressing what is really in the way. These are your SELF IMPOSED LIMITATIONS: subconscious negative feelings and anti-winning programs. It is these that have been stopping you from achieving your dreams all along. And it’s Lester that showed his students how to begin the process of ridding oneself of these self destructive programs.

Have you heard those little negative voices talk when you think about your goals and visualize what you want? That is where The Sedona Method works. After releasing on a goal for a while, those will quiet down a lot. You will know, scientifically with the Feeling Energy Chart, when and where a goal will happen. Lester was a physicist and proved this out for himself. He saw that everything that had happened to him had a thought prior to its occurring in his life. This formed the basis for the Goal Processes in the Sedona Method.

Let’s call this “The Sedona Method Secret.”

Substance Abuse Addiction – Using Therapy

Many times when a person hears the words “substance abuse” they only think in the terms using drugs, both legal prescriptions and illegal, excessively but it can also include alcohol. It is often seen as an illness or medical condition that will require treatment. Using therapy is one type of treatment that could be effective. Therapy can be either individual or done in a group. During therapy they learn how to identify any destructive behavior that causes then to have this problem. They also learn how to avoid these behaviors. One way to do this is to practice positive behavior using role-playing sessions. They also learn how to use a support system.

Therapy for substance abuse addiction is generally aimed at help you work through denial because many deny that they have a substance abuse problem. They deny that there is nothing wrong with their behavior and that they can stop at anytime on their own using the substance they are addicted too. Unfortunately, this is generally not true and they find they cannot put a stop to using the substance on their own. Because they do not believe that they have a problem they may not even try to stop. With therapy it could help them to see the problem and start taking steps needed to change.

In substance abuse addiction therapy it can also involve learning about the different destructive behaviors and the consequences that result from the behaviors. Therapy may help them recognize their own unacceptable behavior and admit they have a problem. It could also help them see how the behavior is not only damaging to themselves but also what it is doing to others such as family and friends. The therapy’s goal is to help them end their pattern of destructive behavior and replace those patterns with positive ones.

On part of therapy may be role-playing. One example of role-playing is engaging the one with the addiction in exercises while someone else attempts to convince them to use a substance and the one addicted will practice how to refuse their efforts to get them back taking the substance. This is a way for the abuser to practice and build their refusal skills.

A very important part of substance abuse addiction therapy is having a support system. It can be a challenge to battle your substance abuse addiction alone. It also requires commitment to becoming substance abuse free. With support there is someone there to help encourage them to stay on the path to becoming addiction free. Therapy also can include individual therapy in which they will meet with the therapist alone. They also use group therapy that can involve family members or groups of substance abusers that are on the path to being addiction free or already there.

Fruit Diet For Weight Loss For Fruit Lovers

Fruit diet has been popular for losing weight. Aside from they contain nutrients, they also helps in detoxifying the body. Unlike diet pills, fruits are natural and eating them would be side effect free. Absolutely, a fruit diet for weight loss will be very effective. In a week or two weeks of fruit diet, you will see the changes in your body. You can have an amazing weight loss of six pounds with just a week of fruit diet.

You can have a variety of fruits to choose from. Or you can stick to one fruit. You can have melons, sweet oranges, apples, bananas, grapefruits and apricots. And to satisfy yourself during breakfast and to stop your cravings for carbohydrates, you can have as much fruits as you can. This will make you feel full for a longer period. Then, when you are hungry, you can change the type of fruit that you want as long as you are satisfied and you feel full. You can have at least six to eight meals a day, but this will not be a problem. Don’t forget that along with eating fruits you must also drink a lot of water. And you must avoid consuming coffee and alcohol as well.

Fruits have low caloric content. Therefore, your intake in a day would be just one thousand five hundred calories, enough to maintain a high energy level. Due to this, you will have a faster way of losing weight. That is why most people are having a fruit diet because of its quick effect. However, you must not take this diet for a long time.

Fruit-diet for weight loss is good but you must also remember that losing weight is not just on the diet. You must also change your unhealthy lifestyle. After having your fruit diet, you can add grains and vegetables in your diet already. Do not forget that exercise is still needed to achieve the effect you want.

Eating fruits are good to the health and there are even claims that eating fruits will prevent you from having cancer. Fruits also have a lot of nutrients that will be enough to protect your body from any disease and keep your body healthy. If you want to lose weight quickly, then fruit diet is the best for you. Instead of putting yourself hungry to death, fruit diet will be a best way to satisfy your cravings.

The Dangers of Belly Fat

Did you know that belly fat not only alters your physique, but it also poses a threat to your health? You should know that there is more to be learned about belly fat and it is far more dangerous than just affecting your self-esteem. If left unattended the bulge can be fatal. So let’s take a closer look at how fats detrimentally affect your health.

It is a fact that as we reach our thirties, our metabolism slows down. This is the reason why it is harder at this time to get rid of the fats or to tone down.

The Anatomy of Fat

Fats are not all that bad. They are in the body for the purpose of insulation. The fats that you accumulate during the summer season are there to keep you warm when winter comes and food is not that abundant.

This type of adipose tissues is what you call subcutaneous fats. They are those that are found underneath the skin and above the abdominal muscles. But there is also another kind of fat, and it is the one that grows around your internal organs. These are what you call visceral fats. This is the more dangerous kind and can lead to a myriad of diseases. We can say that fats in general are dangerous, but even more so when they build up in your belly.

How Do Belly Fats Come to Be?

One of the common causes of belly fat is an uncontrolled diet. When you just eat without inhibition and you pair that with a sedentary lifestyle, this just increases your chances of forming a belly bulge.

Stress is also a factor in increasing belly size. When you are exposed to chronic stress, your body releases the hormone cortisol which retains fat and gather them up in the midsection.

The same thing happens when women reach menopause. When the amount of estrogen decreases, the fat distribution in the body is altered and mainly focuses on the belly portion.

Disadvantages of Belly Fat

As we have mentioned earlier, visceral fats are found hugging your internal organs. Since fats are also able to penetrate these organs, they are then absorbed into the bloodstream. In addition to that belly fat also brings with it harmful toxins or inflammatory substances that are continuously released.

Over time you start to develop hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, sleep problems, cancer, stroke and a list of other degenerative diseases. This is evidenced by increased levels of C-reactive proteins, which is the precursor to the various health issues mentioned.

To make it more understood; let’s take diabetes as an example. These nasty belly fats can release free fatty acids which affects your body’s ability to release insulin. With that effect you eventually develop diabetes due to the inability of the body to control the sugar.

The reason also why some individuals are more at risk for developing more visceral fats than others is that they maintain a diet that is high in carbohydrates. This means that there is just too much starch and sugars in what they are eating.

Because of its close proximity with other vital organs, belly fat can really create a serious threat and can easily also damage its neighboring organs.

How to Lose Belly Fat?

Since belly fat gives rise to the most common health problems you can protect yourself from the problem through proper diet with the right portions and regular exercise. Relieve yourself from anything that is causing you chronic stress and learn to adapt a positive and healthier lifestyle.

For women it should be that their waistlines should not measure 35 inches or more, and 40 inches or more for men. If so, this would be a cause for concern and would easily attract the various diseases we’ve mentioned earlier.

The dangers of belly fat is not only limited to concerns about one’s self-esteem, but more importantly it greatly affects physical health. So if you want to improve your condition make a conscious effort to make a lifestyle change. Through that you improve your looks and save your life!

Infertility Treatment – What’s The Process?

Have you been trying to get pregnant, but without success? Generally, if you’ve been having unprotected sex for a year or more without falling pregnant, you’re considered eligible for the various infertility treatments that are available. Technology and research have rapidly accelerated developments in the field of infertility, with the result that many more couples are now able to fall pregnant.

Unfortunately, however, it can take more than one attempt before success is achieved, which can become very expensive. Many treatments can end up costing tens of thousands of dollars, if the couple doesn’t have insurance coverage. Very few states in the USA require health insurers to cover infertility treatments, so most couples end up having to finance the procedures themselves. Some couples end up taking a second mortgage on their home in order to pay for infertility treatments. When you realize that one in vitro fertilization (IVF) or gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT) treatment can cost $8-10,000 for each attempt, it gets very expensive.

If you’re going to consult a medical professional about infertility treatment, then chances are there’s one question you both want to have answered – what’s the problem? The first stage of infertility treatment involves a few simple tests to determine if there’s an obvious cause for the infertility. Sometimes the problem may be easy to resolve, such as a hormonal imbalance in the woman. With men, it’s important to determine if sufficient viable sperm are being produced. The lower the sperm count, the less likely one will successfully fertilize an egg.

Sometimes initial testing doesn’t reveal an obvious cause for the infertility, in which case further testing by an infertility specialist will take place. Most of the time a likely cause is found, and it’s often possible to resolve the problem with hormone treatment or surgery. Complicated technical procedures aren’t usually required.

If there’s still no obvious cause for infertility, and no success in falling pregnant, then the couple can choose to pursue more extensive infertility treatment. In this case, it’s important to research the infertility clinic you choose, and find out about the quality of the reproductive endocrinologists on staff, what sort of success rate the clinic enjoys for various procedures, what they charge, what insurance plans are accepted, and what is included or not included for any quoted costs.

Generally an infertility treatment is defined as a couple completing a cycle from beginning to end, but there are always individual variations that occur. Expenses are often quoted per treatment, and cover all the necessary visits and care involved in a full cycle. Many couples successfully fall pregnant after infertility treatment, but remember, a positive outcome is never guaranteed. For those who are keen to have a child, no matter what it takes, infertility treatments have often proven to be the answer to their prayers.

The Best Golf Aids

You are an avid golfers always looking for the best golf aids. So where do you find the best golf aids?

Some of the best golf aids can be found by talking to your fellow golfers. Find the best golf aids by asking around.

The best golf aids can be acquainted by talking to the professionals. The pros will know all about the best golf aids.

Do you subscribe to a golf magazine? If not and you are looking for the best golf aids you may want to sign-up for a subscription pronto! Golf magazines have all kinds of information on the best golf aids.

Check for the best golf aids by going online. You will find many sites that have places that list the best golf aids available.

Another place to find the best golf aids is at a sporting goods store. Specialty golf stores will have the best golf aids, too.

You can look at catalogs that feature golf equipment for the best golf aids.

The best golf aids can be the newest gadgets. You may find the best golf aids in the form of a video. Sometimes the best golf aids are the ones found in books written about the sport.

Before you buy one of the best golf aids you might want to talk to other golfers to see if they have used the product. There are many products on the market that are said to be the best golf aids but some do not live up to all the hype.

The best golf aids may help you improve your game and remedy the problems you have when on the course.

How to Write a Letter With OpenOffice Or NeoOffice Letter Wizard

In case you do not know, OpenOffice is an amazingly powerful office suite, at least as good as the MS Office suite. It's also free. Search for "OpenOffice" on Google to download it from the OpenOffice site. (Note: if you own a Mac, try NeoOffice . It runs much better on a Mac but basically it's the same suite.)

Select the Text Document option from the OpenOffice menu to display the OO word processor.

This word processor will not write your letters for you automatically but it's got a built-in Letter Wizard to help you get the basic structural elements right.

Select File> Wizards> Letter from the menu to display the Letter Wizard. (Note the Fax, Agenda, Presentation, and Web Page wizards as well!)

Select from one of the following Letter Type options: Business Letter, Formal Personal Letter, Personal Letter.

The first two letters come with three Page Design options: Elegant, Modern, Office.

The Personal Letter comes with the following page Design options: Bottle, Mail, Marine, Red Line.

Once you select your letter Type and Page Design Style, you click Next to display the …

Printed Items screen allows you to include (or exclude) the following letter elements: Logo, Return address in envelope window, Subject Line, Salutation, Fold Marks, Complimentary Close, and Footer.

Click Next and you get the …

Recipient and Sender screen allows you to enter the Sender's Address and the Recipient's Address.

Click Next to the …

The Footer screen allows you to type in any footer text you like, with two additional options: you can include page numbers and / or include the footer only on the second and following pages but not on the first page.

Click Next …

The Name and Location screen allows you to attach a name to your template and save it in any file you like on your computer so that you can easily load it up and use it for other letters in the future.

And lastly, after you finish making the right choices for your template, the Letter Wizard asks you how to proceed.

You can then go ahead and create a letter from the template you've just created or make manual changes to the template. You can for example replace all the icons and images in the template with your own custom-designed logos and images, etc.

A perfect letter wizard from a fully-equipped office suite that costs you zilch, zero, nada.

Note: You can open all your MS WORD documents inside OpenOffice without a hitch and when you're done reading or editing them, re-save them as MS Office documents.

I've been using OpenOffice (on Windows and Linux machines) and NeoOffice (on a MacBook) for the last 3 years without any problems whatsoever. (This very article, for example, is written with the NeoOffice word processor.)

Go ahead. Make your day! It might be a very bright one that costs you nothing.

Hereditary High Blood Pressure Can Be Reversed in the Next Generation

Hypertension is normally associated with heredity factors. Hereditary high blood pressure is common since almost all families have a family member or members who had a history of this disease.

Opposed to this, a scientist named Lewis Dahl performed a research on laboratory animals linking genes as one of the causes of high blood pressure. However, the results proved that majority of the animals did not develop essential hypertension but 1 percent to 2 percent was associated with secondary hypertension.

Meaning, it was due to illness and the blood pressure will return to normal once the illness is treated. Here, based on the study of Mr. Dahl, high blood pressure is not hereditionary.

Providing a conclusion that before high blood pressure therefore is associated with the environment, with contributing factors such as food, lifestyle and stress. What we actually inherit are the eating habits, preferences, lifestyle and manner of handling stress which will be prevalent in the environment we grow up in. What we put into our body is what we are projecting, what we developed while living in a specific environment will explain why we put it in our body.

Similarly, it is wise to associate family member if your genes are prone to hypertension. Learn to know by doing a family tree beginning with the information about; age, relative with blood pressure, weight, regular exercise habits, and the likes.

Sometimes proper communication with the afflicted family member is necessary to get a first-hand information of his food and lifestyle habits.Based on all information collected, an analysis can be made.

Once the family tree is made, take note of the following data:

1. A consistent or repeating pattern on family members that was afflicted with the disease. Tracing can start from grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins ​​all the way to the great-great origins. Segregating the men from the women with high blood pressure.

2. Overweight family members either lacking regular exercise or obesity will show up in the later years. Not if those fitness buffets are affected by high blood pressure.

3. Lastly, if ever there are family members who are fond of alcoholic beverages, note if they have high blood pressure.

From the above, an analysis is feasible that hereditary high blood pressure will crop-up based on percentage of occurrences. There is no longer the need to experiment since one way or the other, your family member or even you will have high blood pressure. Therefore, proper diet intake and lifestyle will now change for the better.

If a person then was brought up with the values ​​of taking care of the body, then, it is also his body that will take care of him in the twilight years of his life.Hence, hereitary blood pressure can be compensated by teaching the next generation the gentle care of one's body.

Dog Days Of Summer: Heat Stroke and Your Dog

Summer is here and so is the heat. It's time to leave your dog home or be aware of the temperature outside .. Rising temperatures can mean a whole lot of trouble for dogs .. It's the season of heat stroke and for some dogs this can be fatal. The good news is that this can be invented.

First and most important: Do not leave your dog in the car .. Period !!!! In as short as 10 min, the heat in your car can rise to well above 120 degrees. Your dog can get over heated and if not cooled down can have a possible heat stroke in just minutes on a hot day. Tip: It's better to leave your dog home to bask in the a / c while you do the errands.

Provide lots of fresh water: When playing outside with your dog take lots of breaks so your dog can cool down. Look for shady areas, and bring along fresh water if none is available.

Restrict outside exercise to early morning hours or evening: Sometimes the cement on the ground gets very hot in the mid day and can burn your dogs paws .. pads

Be aware: Dogs do not sweat and in order to cool themselves they must pant and sweat through the bottoms of their feet.

At temperatures above 106F: Your dog's internal organs, such as the liver and kidneys, can start to shut down, and even possible brain damage .. If your dog has been in temperatures above 106F and you suspect heat stroke, take your dog to a vet immediately to have him or her checked out.

Dogs pronone to heat stroke: Senior dogs, young puppies, cold climate breeds or double covered breeds, and short nosed breeds.

Some Signs Of Heat Stroke:
Excessive Panting
Staggering or Disorientation
Bright Red Tongue
Thick Saliva
Difficulty Breathing
Coma and Death can Occur

If you suspect that your dog is overheated or has had a possible heat stroke, time is of the essence here …
Call your vet immediately!

Immediate Actions To Take:

Your primary goal is to bring down the body temperature gradually. Do Not use Ice Water !!

1st: Remove him or her from the sun or hot car and get into a shady spot with air circulation.

2nd: Offer cool water to drink but do not let him or her drink too much and remember to use only cool water. Reason being, is that ice water can cause constriction of the blood vessels and impede the cooling process ..

3rd: If there is a hose nearby, gently wash the dog or put cool wet cloths on the feet and head to bring down the body temperature but do not leave the towels on.

4th: Get to a VET immediately to have him or her checked out

Your dog may want to go with you, but it is in the best interest to leave them home while the sun is at its hottest. Make it up to them by taking a walk at dusk or early morning hours when both of you can be cool and enjoy. It's also a good idea to always bring water for you and your dog no matter when you walk.