7 Tasty Foods Which Will Lower the Blood Sugar Levels

Nuts – A lot of people claim that nuts contain large quantities of fats. But these fats will only benefit the health of the person. This will help in decreasing the sensitivity of the body towards insulin. This means that the insulin which is being injected into the body will help in lowering the blood sugar levels of the person. The fat which can be found in nuts will also help in curtailing the hunger of the person and this will reduce the amount of food which he is consuming in between two meals. The probability of consuming snacks containing sugar in between meals will also be reduced when the right kinds of nuts are consumed. Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts are some of the different kinds of nuts which can be consumed. The food habits and food allergies of the person should also be taken into account when incorporating nuts into the diet of the person.

Avocado – Avocados are fruits which contain a large amount of healthy fats which will help in reducing the levels of blood sugar inside the body. This is a fruit which can be a part of many different kinds of drips, spreads and sauces and this can also be used for garnishing purposes. This fruit also contains a large amount of fiber which will help in reducing the blood sugar levels inside the body.

Sweet potatoes – These kinds of potatoes contain a large amount of fiber and the sugar content in these is much lower when compared to the usual potatoes which are found in the market. Carotenoids can be found in sweet potatoes which are also very well known antioxidants. This also contains chlorogenic acid which will help insulin in having a positive effect on the body. But these should be consumed without any kind of sauces or toppings.

Cinnamon – This is a spice which contains many natural components which will function in a manner which is similar to that of insulin and this will also reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol among people who are already diabetic. This also contains a large amount of fiber as well as magnesium which will curtail the levels of blood sugar inside the body.

Onions – Every diabetic should make sure that he consumes at least 2 ounces of onions in a day in order to keep his blood sugar levels under control. The consumption of onions will also help in increasing the levels of HDL which will help in keeping cancer at bay.

Garlic – This is another herb which will help in reducing the levels of blood sugar. They will stimulate an increase in the production of insulin inside the body. Raw garlic contains a large amount of antioxidants which will also help in controlling the levels of cholesterol inside the body and it will also help in keeping cancer at bay.

Flaxseed – Flaxseeds contain large amounts of magnesium which will help in lowering and controlling the levels of blood sugar inside the body. These also contain large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which will control the levels of blood sugar.

Coping With Ocular Allergies

Warm sunny days are here again and most welcome them with open arms after a long, cold winter. The drawback for allergy sufferers is that allergens are everywhere and seem to be especially bad this year.

Allergies not only affect the nasal passages, but can affect the eyes as well. Ocular allergy, or allergic conjunctivitis can cause itching, redness, lid swelling, tearing, light sensitivity, and swollen eyes. Severity of symptoms can vary from mild irritation to severe itching and burning.

It is estimated that 20% of Americans suffer from ocular allergies. Eyes are especially vulnerable to allergens and irritants. Allergens cause cells in the eye to release histamine, which causes blood vessels to dilate and mucous membranes to become itchy, causing the eyes and lids to become inflamed. When the blood vessels expand, more allergen molecules can flow from the bloodstream to the eye, causing redness and swelling.

Allergens are more prevalent outdoors, but common indoor allergens include pet dander, dust mites and molds. These indoor allergens are present year-round and cause perennial allergic conjunctivitis for some.

For contact lens wearers, the irritation caused by ocular allergies, can be particularly severe. Allergens can bind to the contact lens surface and prolong exposure to the eye. Ocular allergies can drive some contact lens wearers to stop wearing contacts. Increasing the frequency of lens replacement can be helpful. Talk to your doctor about daily disposables. A research study found 67% of patients with allergies reported improved comfort with dailies.


Response of symptoms to anti-histamine medication can indicate whether the symptoms are being caused by allergies. Allergy testing and review of patient’s life and environment help to identify sources.

If you suffer from an ocular allergy:

· See an allergist to identify allergens causing symptoms.

· Some people find comfort in cold compresses on the eyes. The compression reduces the inflammation in the blood vessels. Artificial tear drops cooled in a refrigerator can provide similar relief.

· Topical medications are commonly used and tend to be an effective ocular allergy treatment. Delivering medication directly to the eye reduces the risk of side effects to other areas of the body. Dual action anti-allergic medications are applied twice daily and combine antihistamine with medication that stabilizes the eye’s mast cells. These medications can be applied before inserting lenses in the morning and after they have been removed at night, maintaining contact lens wear and minimizing discomfort associated with allergies. Ask your doctor if this might work in your case.

Do Toenail Fungus Home Remedies Really Work?

Being an ex toenail fungus sufferer for 2 years, I can tell you that I tried them all. The are hundreds of reports of home remedies that are supposed to be a cure to all toenail fungus problems. I tried many home remedies but did not find one that really did anything for me.

Vicks Vapor Rub: Some people suggest applying Vicks vapor rub on the affected toe nails. From my personal experience, I didn’t notice any difference in the look and quality of my nail using Vicks when rubbed into the affected toe twice a day for 2 months. Not only did it smell strong but it left my toes feeling greasy which, quite honestly, I did not find appealing. While my condition did not include foot fungus, like so many other people experience with toenail fungus, I would not recommend a regiment of Vicks to anyone suffering with foot fungus in addition to toenail fungus.

Listerine Mouth Wash: Listerine mouth wash is a very powerful wash. Have you tried to hold it in your mouth for about a minute? Can you do it? I certainly can’t without burning out my mouth. Now imagine, there are some who recommend it for toenail fungus. The idea is too soak your feet in the solution. But what if your nail hurt? Is this what you really want to do too toes that are diseased? I certainly don’t. My toes were sick enough and I didn’t want to make it any worst than it already was.

Apply Cider Vinegar: Mix with equal part of warm water and apple cider vinegar. The idea is too soak your feet in the solution daily. 20-30min or longer per day for about 3 weeks. I tried this with no results. I’m not sure why there is a time limit, no longer than 3 weeks is what i was told, but based on another suggestion i tried this without seeing any results after 3 weeks.

Oregano & Olive Oil: Great for dipping bread and eating but i could not see how this would benefit my nasty nails. But I’ll try anything once, well almost. As per a suggestion on a popular forum I tried this combination. After a month i gave up and my feet certainly smelt great.

Word of caution. Do be careful who you listen too especially the information you read on the Internet. My main goal was to cure my toenail fungus as fast as possible not too prolong it but trying a bunch useless home remedies that only a very small percentage of people claimed worked.

Stick too a recommended topical that contains natural ingredients for the fastest possible healing results. You goal is not too let your condition get worst but rather, cure it as fast as possible. The longer you wait the nastier this nail rooting disease will get. Its spread like wildfire, take action as soon as possible to treat it before it spreads.

Three Weight Loss Tips for Men – Useful Things You Need to Be Aware Of

Your love handles have always been a thorny issue with you. But you won’t admit it to anyone- not even your wife who lovingly calls you her “daddy teddy bear”. You grin and even made them think that you don’t give a care about how you seem to get rounder by the minute. After all, you’re a real man.

Whereas weight loss and their desire for sexier versions of themselves are a common topic for women, it’s not quite as open a subject for men. The male ego, it seems, gets easily bruised when confronted with the reality that they’re not as perfect as they’d like to believe. If you’re one of the flabby guys out there who hide your sheer desire to lose weight under what can sometimes be a silly brand of machismo, this article is for you. Here are 7 weight loss tips that we’re sure will help you become the real man you’ve always pictured yourself to be:

1. Admit that you want to lose weight. This is the crucial first step towards your weight loss success. You’ve got to tell yourself that you don’t want those excess bulges anymore, that you’re tired of being the flabby guy. And you don’t just admit this to yourself, but your family and friends too. They have to know so they can support your efforts.

2. There’s no substitute to a healthy diet and exercise. These are the only proven ways to lose weight and keep it off for good. A healthy diet consists of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, beans and dairy. It also means drinking 8-12 glasses of water everyday and taking a glass before and after every meal. A healthy diet means going for natural foods and staying as much as possible away from highly processed ones. It also means having a hearty breakfast, spreading your meals to 4-6 times in one day and skipping the midnight snacks. If there’s anything that you must absolutely eliminate from your diet, it’s soda.

It’s chockfull of calories and will only derail your efforts at achieving your desired weight. Ditching the soda alone can make you lose a considerable amount of weight. And alcohol? The term “beer belly” wasn’t just coined to give beer bad rep. It’s high in calories and contains nothing else that can be considered good for you. If you can’t ditch the alcohol, at least limit your consumption. Meanwhile, exercise means something as easy as a 30-minute brisk walk around the neighborhood everyday to doing your own home workouts to getting yourself a gym membership. It’s burning more calories than what you consume. Men have an easier time getting rid of excess fats compared to women so any workout you do is bound to show results in a shorter amount of time.

3. Create a lifestyle change. Weight loss is about a change in paradigm. It’s about eating healthy, physical exercise and stress management. It’s about getting rid of vices that do not contribute to your overall health. These include such things as drinking, smoking and overeating that we men are by nature more prone to practicing.

Wireless Gaming Headset – Enjoy Playing Your Games!

Tired of having to stay in one place all the time while playing games? Tired of all the wires you have to handle? Want to be able to move around freely while playing yet stay in touch? Well with a wireless gaming headset you can! It has enhanced sound effects that let you enjoy your game to the fullest without having any difficultly playing.

It gives you precise audio that lets you hear your audio as if you are in the game. It allows you to take control of your game by personalizing the sound to your ears only without any disruptions from anyone or anywhere.

The sound quality is simply brilliant lets you hear everything with pure clarity, nothing for you to complain about. Also, the mic works like a charm also. Just as you can hear clearly, others will hear everything you hear as clear also. Furthermore, if you have you say something you don’t want others to hear, go ahead and mute the mic, a feature that is quite beneficial. It is easy to install, and start using. Also, knowing how to adjust the microphone levels is also quite simple.

Also, if you are one those people who enjoy playing games for multiple hours, then you do not have to worry about the battery dying on this headset. The battery life if brilliant and can last you a whole day with decreasing in performance. Some of the flaws of the wireless gaming headset can be as described. Installation of the headset can be difficult if your gaming device does not recognize it. It may refuse to work/run if not installed properly. Also, the charging cord that will be attached to the receiver is quite short so it can be difficult to recharge while playing.

Furthermore, the play button on the headset will pause the music for you, which may be nice, but to resume playing you have to open the media player and play your music again. Lastly, if you have a Mac computer it may not work with some wireless headsets.

Is Speech Recognition Software Right For You?

Speech recognition software is becoming increasingly popular among college students and business minded people alike. The reason it is becoming so popular is because you are able to speak and the speech recognition software will type it out for you with great accuracy.

When speech recognition software first came out it got a bad name because the accuracy was very poor and it would actually take longer to use it then it would to just sit and type of paper. This is not the case anymore. Some of the more advanced software programs have an accuracy rate of 99% and it allows you to quickly switch between talking and typing.

One of the great benefits of voice recognition software is that by using it you can cut the time that it will take you to type by 70%. This could free up a lot of time for you if you tend to type a lot. This is especially great for college kids to have to write a lot of papers. With any speech recognition software you get you will need to train it. You do this by reading preset passages so the software can pick up on how you pronounce your words.

The more training you do the more accurate it will be when you start using it. You have to do a minimal of one training session. If that is all you choose to do the speech recognition software will make more mistakes at first but the more use it the more accurate it will become. Another thing that will make it more accurate is if you’re working in a quiet environment. I have found some noise won’t affect the software but when my son comes running into the room to tell me something, more times than not, it will type what he’s saying.

So if you tend to work from home or if kids are a major part of your daily routine then you might be better off just typing.

Is it a Gimmick Or a Real Sentimental Gift

Dad certainly does not need any more socks; mum's fed up with the sight of more flowers, the mahogany dresser is buckling under the weight of all the ornaments that have been bought for them over the years. This dilemma will come to all of us at some point and you really need to start to look for something a little different, something that the recipient would really enjoy receiving.

You can never tell if your gift is well received, most people are just too polite to say that its not what they really want or that they already have four of that item in the cupboard and two selling on eBay. We spend so much money on gifts that people just do not want because we are short of ideas and can not find any inspiration and so end up wasting our hard earned money on a gift that will end up in the back of a drawer or even given back to you as a gift 5 years later. so how do I find a gift that I know they would really like.

A gift that brings a tear to ones eyes are the best by a long way, the raw emotion the spontaneous reaction lets you know that you have made the right purchase.

We all have that favorite photograph of a loved one from the past or present but most end up in the drawers through fear of getting them damaged. Technology today now allows for such photos to be engraved on all different kinds of materials from men's cufflinks, ladies pendants, key rings and so much more. The idea is that you will always have a loved one close to you at all times and in my experience a treasured photo that is engraved means more then just a photo in a locket. Grandchildren engraved onto everyday items such as key rings is a great gift for mum and dad, certainly something they would have not received before. Personalized gifts are always a good idea when you are unsure what to buy, it can transform a simple gift into one that solely made for the recipient. Engraving technology allows for personalized messages to be engraved on champagne glasses that can be given to just about anyone for any occasion.

Protect Your Overall Health With Multi-Vitamins

Taking a good multi-vitamin everyday can improve your over all health and give you a sense of general well being. It gives your body a boost physically and mentally. There are multivitamins made especially for certain age groups, or certain conditions like pregnancy. It is important to take a multi vitamin in a liquid for to get the most out of it. The body absorbs liquids 5 times more efficiently than taking a pill form. 

Everyone can benefit from taking multi-vitamins. Children need to build healthy strong bones, and athletes need there antioxidants to fight the free radicals from working the body. It helps white blood cells fight off infection, aides in healing wounds, and helps the formation of collagen. People who can really benefit from multi vitamins are people over the age of 55, people who consume a lot of alcohol, extremely active people, athletes, people who are sick, and smokers.

Oxidants and free radicals can be very harmful to the body in high levels. They can damage the membranes in cells and can alter genetics, contributing to a number of diseases that develop like cancer, heart disease, cataracts, premature aging. Free radicals and oxidants are caused by chemicals, toxins, and stress. Smoking and environmental pollution can cause them too. Taking vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and E can help to chase these oxidants down and get rid of them and neutralize free radicals. This will prevent some of there damage. 

Vitamin E can also prevent blood clots and fatty plague that builds up in the arteries. Vitamin C can maintain flexibility of blood vessels and improve the circulation of blood in smokers. Both of these vitamins together can help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Foliate can improve the blood flow through the arteries and all the B vitamins can help prevent hear disease. This is just a few of what some of the vitamins found in a multi vitamin. There are some many beneficial qualities that can come from taking multi vitamins.

Conversely, taking vitamins in very high doses can be very dangerous to the body. The antioxidants in supplements have a pro-oxidant effect on the body that can harm the arteries and can do a lot of damage to the body. Keeping a proper vitamin intake can be simple with help from a healthy diet and a high quality liquid vitamin.

I recommend taking high quality liquid vitamins because they can be absorbed, broken down and digested easier and faster. One example of a high quality liquid vitamin is Bell Liquid Multi Vitamin. It contains all vitamins and minerals needed to support a healthy body and mind. The absorption rate for this liquid multi-vitamin is 85 %. It is a great combination of colloidal minerals, multi vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, and herbs. By taking daily vitamin supplements, you will enrich your mind and body, and who wouldn’t want to do that!

How To Know If You Have A Corn Allergy?

If you have a corn allergy, you have what is called a contact allergy. This

occurs when the immune system overreacts to the protein that in corn

producing antibodies that are meant to fight off those corn proteins that are

so harmful.

The protein in corn triggers the immune system to react by releasing

antibodies and histamines into the blood in an endeavor to neutralize the

corn protein. If you have a bad corn allergy, you will need to carry an

EpiPen, which provides you with epinephrine to control anaphylaxis chock.

Whether scratch tests are effective in diagnosing food allergies is still a

bit of a mystery. Your digestive track transforms the food as it passes

through using a variety of chemicals on the partially digested food, which is

much different than placing raw corn protein on a scratch, which is why many

professionals believe it can’t be diagnosed with a scratch test.

Others believe the severity of the corn allergy is what determines whether a

scratch test will work. For example, the scratch test may show a mild

reaction while your stomach cramps are a major reaction.

If you have a corn allergy, you should avoid all foods that have corn such as

cornstarch, corn syrup, cereal extract, vegetable gum, natural flavoring,

gluten, enriched flower, soda, and soy sauce. To be sure read labels.

The only effective treatment for a corn allergy is to avoid foods that

contain corn. Avoidance can be a bit difficult because corn proteins may be

present and yet hidden in many foods. Read the labels carefully for any signs

of corn in the ingredients. Thanks to more recent legislation manufacturers

must produce labels that are so easy to read that a child could understand.

There are many things you can do to help reduce your corn allergy. Vitamins

including an increase in vitamin B, A, C, and E can help, as well as taking

an antioxidant, and glucosamine, which has anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Flavonoids like Quercitin are powerful antioxidants that can boost the immune

system and reduce inflammation, while strengthening the blood vessels and

improving circulation. Always consult your doctor before trying any new

regime to reduce or eliminate your corn allergy. You may require some medical

intervention from your doctor.

However you decide to deal with your corn allergy depends on how serious your

allergy is. But what is important is that you deal with it.

All About Rhinoplasty – What You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Nose Jobs

Have you even wanted to get rid of that bump on the ridge of your nose? Have you ever wanted to have a more defined bridge or even a more sculpted tip? If you are serious about changing the look of your schnoz, rhinoplasty may be the perfect plastic surgery procedure for you.

Rhinoplasty is basically plastic surgery designed to reshape and position the nose. It is a very safe and very popular procedure that can create long-lasting satisfaction and increased self confidence. You may be a good candidate for this surgery if your want to adjust the size or shape of your nose, including reshaping the tip, increase the height of the bridge, and reducing the proportional size to match your face. You may not be an ideal candidate for rhinoplasty if you have unrealistic expectations about the boundaries and results of this procedure. Surgeons can only work with what you have-they cannot create something from nothing.

Preparation for this type of plastic surgery includes discussing your medical history with your surgeon, as well as having a physical examination performed to determine your general health. Your surgeon will also take a series of photographs of your nose from many different perspectives in order to pinpoint exactly what you want to change and to have “before” shots to compare to the “after” ones.

The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on how extensive the surgery will be. Most often is carried out in an outpatient facility, meaning that there is no overnight hospital stay required. The plastic surgeon will make incisions inside the nostrils once the anesthesia kicks in, working to shave down or build up the bone, and reshaping the cartilage at the tip as desired. The entire process can take up to three hours, but the simplest nose plastic surgeries can be done in as little as one hour.

After the rhinoplasty is complete, there will be some bruising and plenty of swelling. You will be instructed to rest with your head above the level of your chest in order to reduce bleeding and swelling. Your nose will be packed with gauze at the end of the surgery to help support the new shape as it heals. The gauze is typically removed anywhere from one to seven days post plastic surgery. You will also have a nose splint to protect your nose from injury for the first week or so.

You will probably be able to return to work after the first week, although your nose may still be swollen and very tender. You should hold off on strenuous exercise for several weeks after rhinoplasty. You should also refrain from putting on eyeglasses or sunglasses for entire month after the surgery.

Although the swelling and bruising will subside significantly within the first several weeks or months after your procedure, in some cases you may not be able to see the final results of your rhinoplasty until a full year post-op. Satisfaction with nose surgery is very high which is why it is one of the cosmetic surgeries rising so quickly in popularity.

It’s a Sick World

It’s no joy to be sick. It’s even less joy when your child is sick. But the most unjoy is when you AND your child are sick together.

That happened to my poor wife a few weeks ago. She and Little Lady, going on three years old, both had a cold — with all the sneezing and wheezing, hacking and coughing, wailing and whining required for a certificate of authenticity.

Little Lady normally bubble-pops with zest and vigor. Actually “bursting at the seems, bouncing off the walls and ka-booming through the roof” would be a more accurate description. So it was quite eerie to see her mope around like the drooping leaves of a Siberian Peonies that’s been fed too much stale beer…not that I have a clue how the drooping leaves of a Siberian Peonies that’s been fed too much stale beer would look.

Every now and then, the moping would be punctuated with a sneeze. Little Lady has a most flamboyant sneezing style, adorning the walls in unique patterns. No corner of the room is safe when she sneezes. In fact, her projection has taught her baby sister in her playpen across the room the fine art of dodging.

While I was cleaning up Little Lady’s flamboyance, my wife was trying to sooth a sore throat that was threatening to rip her very insides apart. Normally she doesn’t drink tea. Normally we don’t even use the kettle, except to heat water for warming up the baby’s bottle.

But this day was different. My wife was sick and she wanted a cup of tea. So she turned on the already full kettle, waited for it to sing, poured the water over a tea bag and sat down to enjoy a soothing cup of tea.

I walked into the room. Frequent readers will recognize this critical error of mine from past columns. You’d think I would learn.

“This tea is soooo good, honey,” she said.

“Uh, where did the water come from?”

“It was in the kettle. You know, not only is it soothing, but I feel like it’s cleaning out my entire insides,” she smiled.

“That wasn’t water in the kettle.”

“What was it?” her eyes were wide in alarm.


“Phfrttpfrt!!!!” she blurted out. Suddenly I felt like a soggy version of our sneeze-adorned walls. I love being part of a new fashion trend.

When both your wife and daughter are sick, housework suffers. Not only are there fewer hands to clean things up, but those hands are more needy than usual. So it was with particular pride that I had managed on day 4 of their cold to actually catch up on washing the dishes.

OK, so I didn’t quite catch up, but I was at the point where the stove and the table were clear of dishes. This was partly due to my uncanny talent for balancing dirty dishes several layers high on the counter, but it was also partly due to an hour-and-a-half of washing. All I could think was, “Nobody had better use any of these dishes after I spent so much time washing them.”

SNEEZE!!! Oh no…more flamboyance. I put down the dish cloth and headed to the living room to survey the damage.

As I entered the living room…SNEEZE!!! I was becoming a professional sponge. All I needed was a certificate of authenticity to prove my credentials.

Before I could decide what to do next, I heard the distinct sound of juice being mixed in the very juice pitcher I had just finished washing.

I darted for the kitchen. “Noooo. I just washed that pitcher. Don’t dirty it already.” I lunged at my startled wife, and it took only a second to realize how useful I would have been to the Dallas Cowboys. And how useless I was in our kitchen.

It’s no joy to be sick. It’s even less joy when your child is sick. The most unjoy is when you AND your child are sick together. But if you want to be 100% free from all trace of joy, get sick while your child is sick and ask your sneeze-adorned husband to tackle you in the kitchen while you are trying to mix juice to wash the taste of CLR from your mouth.

DubTurbo Review: Do Not Buy DubTurbo Until You Read This Carefully

Hello, my name is Alison Kelly. I have been composing music, beats and lots of other stuffs that you would not want to know… But today, I am going to tell you about this recently-famous software DubTurbo. I believe that you have heard a lot about this software and wonder if DubTurbo is as good as people talk about it. To my point of view, good or bad, it is up to your need of using the features of this software to make music. Let me tell you all the features of DubTurbo, so that you can give a clear decision yourself…

Ok, so lets’ talk about what DubTurbo is first. DubTurbo is basically a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that feature making rap, dance, jungle…beat. If you have ever listened to some chart topping tracks (I believe that you have), those tracks were made with some kind of sequencers like DubTurbo. This software works on both PC and Mac, both online and offline.

Below are some of the outstanding features of DubTurbo:

– DubTurbo is packed with a thousand of different instrument. Actually, I have never heard about any other sequencer that offers you such a massive number of sounds. The advantage of this is that you don’t need to spend any other thousand dollars to buy any sound pack or VSTi but you can still make a really rich beat. Surely, if you want more sounds, you can import your own.

– DubTurbo comes with plenty of videos and tutorials that instruct you step by step how to create beat as fast as possible. I have watched these guides once, and I may say that these videos are perfectly good for beginner who have never made any beats before or who have forgotten all the music theory. However, if you are already a pro, believe me, you can still learn something from these tutorials.

– You can tap your computer keyboard to control the software such as trigger sounds, record notes, play keys/drum pads, and lots of shortcuts to navigate easily without having to click all the time – for a producer this is important during their production session. So, you do not need an 88-key expensive piano keyboard to connect to your computer.

– Full of function for you to make beat: 16 tracks to lay down sounds: drum, keys, bass, or mic… DubTurbo comes with a built-in 4 octave key to do bass rhythms, chords and a drum machine sequencer with 10 pads. You can edit each individual sound and even import your own. You can mute, solo, edit each track if you want to.

– Another great feature of DubTurbo is that it gives you a very useful, friendly and beautiful graphic user interface (GUI). The GUI of DubTurbo was created in a modern theme and it is an award-winning GUI. I really like the graphic of this product.

So from all the features above, I believe that you can decide now if DubTurbo is for you or not. For me, I was very surprised when I got the copy of this software. It is not the best one, but one of the best!

Storing Your Vegetables and Fruits In Your Wooden Garage

Wooden garages are good for more than just storing a car. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to take their garage and turn it into a more functional space, using it for many different reasons, sometimes on top of storing a vehicle. With the accessibility of double wide or larger wooden garages, this is a trend that is sure to continue.

One way you can utilize your wooden garage is as a store area, especially for your garden. While tools are one item to store in there, why not also store your excess produce from your garden? A fruitful harvest from a mature garden can yield hundreds of fruits and vegetables per season. The average family can’t eat that much, so having somewhere to put it all is crucial.

Here are some things you need to know about storing produce in a wooden garage.

Fruits and Vegetables That Can Be Stored As Is In Your Wooden Garage

Some produce is tougher than others and more resistant to rot. That means it can be kept as is for extended periods of time, though eventually you will need to either eat or prepare them for longer storage.

Root vegetables are one option. This includes potatoes, carrots, onions, beets, ginger root… anything that grows underground. Potatoes, squash and other gourds are also very easy to store. They can last months in dry, cool conditions. While a root cellar is often preferable, you can get the same effect by putting them in a breathable container like a wood crate and covering them with a heavy fabric to keep out light.

Fruits are harder, but apples in particular can last for several weeks in the same way.

Make sure when you are first storing your produce this way that you do a few things first:

  • Don’t wash your produce. Dirt actually helps to keep it good for longer.
  • Watch for any signs of rot or damage. This causes one to decay, which will spread to others in the batch.
  • Regularly monitor for signs of rot, bruising or pests and remove them quickly.
  • Separate your produce by type. Some produce can cause certain gases that will rot others more quickly. So keep each type of vegetable or fruit in its own container.
  • Consider buying a hygrometer. This will measure the humidity in your wooden garage. The higher the humidity, the faster the rot.

Fruits and Vegetables That Can Be Canned and Stored In Your Wooden Garage

For those that aren’t so suited for dry storage, there is the option of canning. This is when you pickle or store a fruit of vegetable in a liquid, or make it into other foods like jams or soups. The easiest way to can is using a pressure cooker, which seals the lids of mason jars tightly to keep bacteria from entering the cans as they store and spoiling the food inside.

If you don’t have a pressure cooker, it is still possible to seal jars properly. You just need a wire rack and a large pot. Put the rack into the pot, put in the jars with their lids tightly sealed and fill with water until two inches of the jars are submerged. Bring to a boil and let them continue boiling for ten to fifteen minutes. Carefully remove them and place them on a towel, leaving them alone for twenty-four hours. When the jar has an indent in the lid you know it has been sealed.

Once you have canned your produce you can put it on a shelf in your wooden garage. It should be good for up to eighteen months, but make sure you are checking the lids for the indentation before use. No indent means the seal has been broken and it is not safe to eat.

Fruits and Vegetables That Can Be Stored In a Freezer In Your Wooden Garage

Canning not your thing? Your wooden garage is a great place for a freezer, which can be used for a number of different foods. Vegetables and fruit are great to freeze because then they are ready to be grabbed and used for a meal at a moment’s notice, no matter how busy you are. Or they can be thawed out for a snack later, thrown into a smoothie… anything you need.

Fruits and veggies maintain their nutritional value just as well when frozen as they do fresh. But to get the most out of them you should freeze them at their peak. Sort out any rotted or bruised produce and wash it thoroughly. Blanching them with salt water will help them maintain their flavor and texture better when thawed. You may also want to store some in a sugar base, such as berries and apples.

Once frozen, produce can last up to eighteen months before it starts to lose its flavor or texture. But fruit in particular is soft enough that it is best eaten before it has fully thawed, which will keep it from losing some of its firmness.

Wooden garages maintain their temperature better than other styles because of the breathability of natural qualities of the lumber. So it is an awesome place to keep a freezer or even two, without it over freezing.

Consider buying Energy Star rated appliances for this purpose, which will save you money on your energy bill and is better for the environment.

Preparing Your Wooden Garage

Some other ways to prepare your wooden garage for storing produce from your garden:

  • Make sure it is free of all pests that could threaten your veggies and fruit. Get rid of spiders, mites, flies, rodents, etc.

  • Clean every corner. You don’t want webs, dirt or dust, so keep your wooden garage nice and scrubbed down.

  • Install plenty of shelf space. Shelves are awesome for canned goods. Make sure you have enough shelving to keep your food items separate from your non-food items.

  • Look for damage to your garage regularly. Warps in wood, cracks, holes and seal breaks can all lead to problems, including threats to your produce.

What Leads to Pharmaceutical Liability?

The Pharmaceutical Approval Process

The FDA involvement starts at the beginning of drug development. Before a new drug ever enters a human body, it must be tested thoroughly in animal toxicity trials. These studies allow developers to see what dosages and areas of safety need observation during human studies and ensure that the drug is safe for human consumption. After animal testing, drugs move under an investigational new drug (IND) application period.

During the IND application period, drugs undergo three-phase clinical human trials.

Phase I

Phase I trials assesses most common side effects and the occurrence of side effects. Drugs are given to the target treatment group and to healthy individuals who are tested for metabolic and cardiac effects, as well as, interaction with other drugs.

Phase II

Phase II trials are the earliest tests to determine the drug's effectiveness for treating the intended disease or illness it's created for. These trials involved hundreds of subjects and are closely observed for side effects and its effect on the disease or illness. Some subjects take a placebo and some do not at this phase.

Phase III

At Phase III, the drug is administrated to a large group for over six months, so the long term effects can be studied. Phase III allows all data extrapolation for the general population. This is the phase where the labeling information regarding side effects, dosage, and treatment come from.

After successful trials a drug is approved. The FDA also conducts post-approval assessments of all approved drugs. Serious and unidentified risks are submitted to the FDA immediately and less urgent safety issues are given in periodic reports. Sometimes the FDA requires changes to information on certain drugs at this point.

Regardless of the FDA's efforts, drugs do come on the market and sometimes an issue arises afterward. In many instances, the FDA requires manufacturers to change warning information on certain drugs. A black box warning indicates that a drug has been linked to serious side effects and should be used with caution. In rare cases, the FDA will recall a drug for safety and further research. Many times drug formulas can be changed to eliminate some of the side effects.

Pharmaceutical Liability Explained

Drug manufacturers sometimes face liability suits when drugs and devices cause injury or illness. Companies may also beiable when patients are not warned of potential risk.In cases relating to defective devices patients may complain that manufacturers did not research properly and were not able to warn of early failure.