Tetanus and Injury

Tetanus is a frightening disease that has plagued manic since ancient times. Many famous people met their untimely demise from this disturbing disease. Tetanus is also refereed to as lockjaw and is characterized by prolonged contraction of skeletal muscle fibers. Those who die from tetanus usually contract it after minor injuries such as stepping on a nail or getting bit by a dog.

This disease is commonly associated with wounds from metal objects. Once it is contracted, it has an incubation period of about 8 days but in some cases it may take up to several months for signs to show.

The Types of Tetanus

There are four main types of tetanus that can affect humans. These types are:

o Generalized tetanus-this is the most common type of tetanus and the type that most people typically think of when tetanus is mentioned. About 80 percent of all tetanus cases fall into this category. The first signs of this form of the disease is:

– Facial spasms

– Stiffness of the neck

– Difficulty in swallowing

– Rigidity of pectoral and calf muscles

– Elevated temperature

– Sweating

– Elevated blood pressure

– Episodic rapid heart rate

o Neonatal tetanus-this type of tetanus is particularly heartbreaking as it affects babies almost as soon as they enter the world. Babies at risk are those that are born to mothers that have never been vaccinated against the disease. It can occur despite infections of unhealed umbilical stumps. This mostly occurs in developing countries where vaccinations are not readily available and it is astonishingly responsible for about 14 percent of all neonatal deaths.

o Local tetanus-this form of the disease is fairly rare and occurs in the same anatomic area as where the injury occurred. The disease does not spread to other parts of the body.

o Cephalic tetanus-this is another rare form of the disease which occasionally occurs with ear infections or following injuries to the head.

Causes of Tetanus

In unvaccinated individuals, tetanus can be caused as a result of another person's negligence such as in not cleaning up after construction or leaving out other objects which could cause injury and may contain the bacteria. Another common cause of tetanus is dog bites.

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The Best Way To Prevent Chicken Pox In Three Easy Steps

Each one of us wants some thing. With some it is something they need to accomplish or do. Some wish to have some things, to own them. Sometimes there is something we would like to be or figure out how to do.

Perhaps you want to prevent chicken pox, for example. Lots of people want that. The fact is, once you understand how, that is not really hard. If you wish to prevent chicken pox, this short article can certainly help teach you exactly how. If you want to understand how, simply keep reading; Learn to prevent chicken pox in three simple steps.

The all-important starting point will be to step away from anyone who has got the chickenpox. This is very important because the chickenpox is highly contagious. With this initial step, avoiding anyone with the chickenpox will likely be pretty important.

Carrying out this very first step completely and well is important. If you can not then you'll get the chickenpox and be covered in a comfortable, itchy red rash.

Your 2nd step will be to ensure that you're healthy and still have a substantial immune system. For this step, take care to avoid both junk foods and also certain chemicals or foods that can cause you to be sick. When your immune system low, you are most vulnerable to getting the chickenpox ..

The final step is going to be to get to your medical clinic or doctor to find the chickenpox vaccine. This step will be an important one given that it is designed to prevent you or your child from getting the chicken pox, but it is not guaranteed. With this last step it is going to be important for one to avoid people who have the chickenpox. Because you may have been vaccinated, does not mean you still are not susceptible to the illness ..

Carefully follow these three easy steps, for the reasons given. Be certain to avoid the potential problems excluded. You'll successfully avoid almost all problems by carefully observing the problem warnings here.

When you start to prevent chicken pox, following the above suggestions you'll have the greatest probability of succeeding. Then enjoy all of the benefits that come with your success!

Is Autism Linked to the MMR Injection?

Have you gotten questions about child vaccinations? well in this interview we invited Claire Powell who is a nurse specialist with the Health Protection Team in North Wales, UK to answer some of your questions surrounding child vaccines.

Do babies need to be vaccinated?
We all get a little complacent, we do not see certain conditions anymore, [we think] my child will be fine. Without vaccinations we'd go back to the days when children under five would die. These vaccines get rid of these diseases.

How do we ensure our children get their vaccinations?
The health visitor will visit between day 10 and 14 and at that visit the health visitor will give the parent a book about vaccinations. There's a database that all children are registered on and automatically they'll be sent appointments through the post about their vaccines.

We hear a lot about MMR but what is it?
There's been a lot written about it. The thing to remember is that the vaccine is a weakened version of the live Measles, Mumps and Rubella viruses. MMR protects against all of them. Measles is a very infectious virus. The complications of measles affect one in every 15 children which is quite a high number. In serious cases measles can be a killer.

Mumps is caused by a virus and it can lead to fever, headache and swollen glands … Before this vaccine, this was one of the biggest causes of viral meningitis.

Rubella, sometimes known as German Measles is caused by a virus, it's typically a mild condition but one of the most serious complications can be in unborn babies. If a lady was pregnant in the first few months and she came into contact with a child who had Rubella it could have serious complications for her unborn child.

And what about the links with autism?
The speculation started some time ago in 1998. Some scientists published a paper on 12 children who had autism but they also had bowel problems. Although the scientists stated clearly in their paper that there was no proven link between autism and the MMR vaccine the resulting publicity unfortunately the impression that there was a link.

The number of children being diagnosed with autism has increased and one of the reasons is we're getting better at diagnosing the condition but some people took this as mean that the increase was because of the MMR vaccine.

Many parents of autistic children know that there is something wrong with their child very early on and some babies may appear to develop signs of autism when they're older and this kind of autism is actually called regressive autism and was known about long before the MMR vaccine was introduced.

Unfortunately the vaccine is given at around the time that children are communicating more ….. they're pointing, they have a few words … it's at this time that autistic spectrum disorder is picked up which is the time the MMR vaccine is given.

There's been a lot written about this and I just want to say I'm a Mum myself and there is no link between autism and the MMR vaccine and there's been many, many studies done, not just in this country but in Finland, the United States and other parts of Europe. Every time these big, big studies with experts, people who do this all the time, have come back they say there's no scientific link.

If there was any doubt that these vaccinations were going to cause any harm to children they would be removed, they would not be licensed. At the end of the day we're all in this job to protect children. We're doing this to prevent the diseases.

Why can not we give single vaccines?
All evidence shows that the vaccine is safe. The reason we do not promote the single vaccines is that it's the time gaps between the three vaccines that would leave children exposed to disease so there would be an increase in Measles, Mumps and Rubella leading to illness and possibly death.

At the moment we have the combined vaccine. It's also important to recognize that this is a two dose program. The second MMR is given between three and a half and five years. That's not a booster, the second dose is to ensure maximum uptake. If you're thinking of giving it separately … it would mean a total of six separate injections. Parents lives are busy …. we already have a problem with parents making sure their children have completed the course. Our concern is that it's not a good strategy to get children protected. It has been looked at but it was not a good option.

Can a babies immune system be overloaded with this 3-in-1 injection?
If you think about a baby being born, it's quite a traumatic thing. If you imagine the baby coming down the birth canal, they're exposed to thousands and millions of viruses and bacteria so if they did not have a good immune system they would not agree with that at all. All our babies are born with a really good immune system … so a baby already is born with some antibodies. If they come in contact with a virus or a bug … children are vulnerable. If you think about giving all these vaccines … the body is more than capable of coping. The MMR vaccine is three live viruses that have been weakened … once the vaccine is given the body has no problem with coping with it. It's a myth that we can overload the system.

Are there any side effects?
There are some mild side effects. Within about 10 days the Measles component of the vaccine starts to produce an immune response and at that time a child may have a high temperature, a fever, they also may develop a Measle type rash. That does not mean the child has Measles and it does not mean the child is infectious but it's just the way the vaccine works. Then the Rubella component starts to take effect so really through this phase the child may have a high fever because it's the way the immune system is responding to the vaccine. By about three weeks after, some children may develop some swing in the neck and again that is a symptom of Mumps but it's not infectious.

Probiotics: Hype or Healthy

Probiotics has been getting a lot of media attention these days. A health standard, feel better, have more energy, as part of treatments for chronic diseases. How much of this is hype and how much is real?

Let's examine exactly what are probiotics. Our gastrointestinal (GI) tracts are full of bacteria that play a critical role in our immunity and overall health. Just how critically important these bacteria are, is coming to light with more focussed research being done. Changing the microbiotic flora in the gut can have a significant impact on a variety of body systems, including immunity response and brain function. What we eat, the medicines we take, the illnesses we endure all impact the gut bacteria. Recent research confirms a strong link between gut health, immunity and brain function. (1,2)

Gut bacteria are our police force, destroying the bad bacteria and pathogens that enter our body. It is estimated that over 80% of the body's anti-body producing cells are located in the GI tract. Obviously maintaining a healthy gut is very important to our overall health and brain function. (3) Some bacteria have been specifically studied as aids in treatment to a number of diseases and conditions. Not as cures, but as part of the healing processes. For more reading on this, visit USBiotics (4)

So, probiotics are good for us, but with so many products on the shelves, how do we know what to buy? Well, there's the hype. As commercial producers jump on the bandwagon, how do we know what is really useful and what is hype. First, it is important understand what's on the label.

  • According to ProbioticsNow.com, look for a "National Yogurt Association" seal which requires yogurt to contain at least 100 million cultures per gram or 20 billion per 8oz serving.
  • The most commonly used bacteria in probiotic products are Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria , and can be found in consumer products as powders, tablets, drinks and fermented dairy products. Other bacteria you may see on labels include Leuconostoc, Lactococcus, and others. Many of the strains used to produce commercial products are now mass produced from strains developed in the labs from naturally occurring strains. (4,5) There are many foods, however that are cultured naturally and are rich in probiotics.
  • Stick to plain, unflavoured products as much as possible. Some sweetened yogurt products can have as much sugar as a soft drink.
  • Look for added fiber such as pectin, inulin, fructo-oligosaccharide (FOS) or polydextrose.
  • Watch out for pasteurized products as they will have gone through a heat cycle to kill active bacteria. Many milk products will be pasteurized first then have the active cultures added after.

Now, what about Prebiotics? What's the difference?

Pro biotics are the beneficial bacterial. Think of pre biotics as their superfood. By ingesting prebiotics you are directly feeding the bacteria. Prebiotics are foods rich in plant fiber, ones that our bodies do not actually digest but that the bacteria thrive on. It is found naturally in apple skins, bananas, onions, garlic, Jerusalem artichoke, beans, oatmeal, red wine, honey, and maple syrup to name a few. (5,7)

A short list of foods with live culture probiotics to consider trying:

  1. Yogurt – this is the most overwhelming category of food in the probiotic movement. The good folks at the BeneficialBacteria.net have written up a terrific primer on understanding yogurt and labels.
  2. Sauerkraut & kimchi – sour cage with kimchi being the spicy version. Look for product that has not been pasteurized as most of the products on grocery shelves have been. Try local farmer's markets to get a more traditional version of these.
  3. Kefir – a very old fermented milk product that apparently has its origins in the north Caucasus Mountains. It is made of lactic acid bacteria and yeast in a grain that resembles cauliflower. The grains are added to milk and left to ferment. The result is a thick, tart milk product that is easy to digest. The fermentation process uses up the lactose so even those with lactose intolerance can often enjoy this beverage.
  4. Buttermilk – another fermented milk product that may be an imported taste but if you love it, it is good stuff. Watch the labels to make sure it has active cultures (unpasteurized). Cooking with it destroys the active culture.
  5. Kombucha – is a fermented tea that is lightly effervescent and reasonably has its origins in north China or Manchuria. While it has plenty of probiotics there are some caveats for people who have candida issues.
  6. Miso soup – a popular traditional Japanese soup that has many variations. Caution to those avoiding soy products, this is oftentimes made with fermented soy beans.
  7. Cheeses – any cheese that has been aged but not treated with heat (pasteurized) will have active culture bacteria, some more than others. Examples are provolone, gouda, edam, cheddar, emmental, and gruyere.
  8. Sourdough breads – made from a true starter of yeast and bacteria culture can be another good source of food to standardize on. If you buy from a bakery be sure to ask if its a real starter as many make it from a powered version that generates the flavor without the culture.
  9. Sour pickles – look for ones made from a naturally fermented process with salt. If it has vinegar it does not have any active cultures.

It is worthwhile to search out and try different probiotic rich foods and see what you can include into your regular diet. The more basic the food (minimal additives), the better it will be. See if it makes a difference in your life.


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Who Needs The Flu Shot?

The season of the flu has arrived. Seasonal flu can make you miserable and wish you were dead. To the elderly or infirmed, it can cause death. There are many categories of people who need to get the flu shot. Health care workers. Anyone over 50 years of age. Children between 6 months and 5 years of age. Pregnant women. Anyone residing in a nursing home or long-term care facility. Children on long-term aspirin therapy from age 6 months to 18 years. Children and adults with chronic illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease or other health problems. Immuno-compromised people on chemotherapy or people with HIV. Anyone with lung problems or compromised breathing. Anyone who lives or works with individuals with chronic health conditions listed above.

The flu vaccine is not going to prevent everyone from getting the flu, but it will prevent or reduce most complications from the flu. Flu patients can lose significant time from work and often are bed-ridden for days. The vaccine does not have live virus in it so that you are not getting the flu. Needle phobia is probably a big reason why some people do not get the flu vaccine. There is vaccine in the form of a nasal mist which has been shown to reduce the chances of getting the flu by 92%. 1. If you are allergic to eggs. 2. If you have had Guillain-Barre syndrome in the six weeks following a previous flu shot. 3. If you have had a previous reaction to the flu shot.

Flu shots are available through doctor's offices, health clinics, pharmacies, and even through places of employment. Many health insurance companies pay for the flu shot and so do Medicare and Medicaid. Some places offer it free as a community service. October is the month to start thinking about the flu.

Treatments and Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Lumbago, commonly known as lower back pain, is one of the muscle related ailments that is quite common in the work. Doctors have noted that this is the number two reason why patients visit a doctor.

The causes of pain in the back may be due to muscle strain or soft tissues sprain at the back. Lower back ache is actually a symptom, which may involve defects or other diseases. As such, there are three classifications: acute, sub acute and chronic back pain. The acute low back pain's duration is less than 4 weeks. The sub acute pain duration spans from four to twelve weeks. Lastly, chronic pain duration lasts for more than twelve weeks.

There are several ways to treat lumbago. One way is to take pain medications and apply heat compression to the affected area. Massages may also be applied to relieve the pain on the back. There are also exercises that can be used to reclaim the lumbar area. However, these exercises for lower back problems may only be applied after the tenderness has subsided. It is important to note that each patient suffering from this ailment should be evaluated by a doctor so that corresponding exercises for lumbago may be tailor fitted to the cause of the malady.

Physical Therapy is also a good option for patients suffering from lumbago, which exercises exercises to strengthen the back. There are programs of exercises for lower back pain that would treat pain especially for chronic pain in the low back area. There are two common exercises for lower back pain programs that are being used by PT professionals. These are Williams' flexion exercises and Mackenzie back exercises, which are specific exercises for the lower region of the back. The first set of exercises is the Williams' flex exercises which is composed of partial sit-ups, squats, pelvic tilts, hip flexor stretch, single knee to chest, hamstring stretch and double knee to chest exercises. On the other hand, Mackenzie back extension exercises are standing extensions, press press ups, pronouncing and pronouncing lying on elbows and progressive extension with pillows. Exercises for lower back pain are always part of the treatment for chronic lumbago.

There are many ways that one can employ to prevent lumbago. Employees are encouraged to do routine exercises in their workstations to prevent lumbago. Also, one has to do proper stretching and prevention exercises for lower back pain before lifting weights to prevent muscle strains. There are also support devices available in the market that one can use to prevent low back injury. Always remember that prevention is always better and much cheaper than cure.

Lumbar Epidural Injections for Pain Management Relieve Sciatica Tremendously

At any one point in time, 1% of America is suffering sciatica from a herniated disc. If that seems like a small number, consider that amounts to over 3 million people with burning, searing pain going down one of their legs right now!

Sciatica pain can be extremely painful, and it may burn or cause a pins and needles sensation along with muscle spasms. Patients may be administrated narcotic medications to treat pain, but they actually do not work so great for sciatica type pain.

But lumbar epidural injections actually have an excellent track record for sciatica. The principal behind an epidural steroid injection into the lower back is as follows. You have a nerve root that has been inflamed. This may be from a herniated disc, or in the case of spinal stenosis it may be overgrown and arthritic bone and soft tissue. There is another scenario where the disc may have a tear in it and that is sparking up what is known as a "chemical" radiculitis.

There are a few different types of lumbar epidural injections.

Intra-Laminar Epidural Injections

· Transforaminal Epidural Injections

· Caudal Epidural Injections

The first type invented sixty years ago was intra-laminar epidurals. These involve placing a needle just underneath the bony area overlying the spinal canal called the lamina. Thousand of intra-laminar epidural injections are done every day in America.

For decades, doctors did these injections in an office setting without an x-ray machine. Then a study approximately ten years ago showed that without a real time form of x-ray, called fluoroscopy, about 40% of these injections missed the mark. More and more, fluoroscopy is now becoming the standard of care in this country to ensure the best chance of accurate needle placement in epidural injections.

As the use of fluoroscopy was becoming popular, transforaminal epidural steroid injections were developed. These injections involve placing the steroid medication closer to the area of ​​where the nerve roots are leaving the spinal and being pinched. This type of injection is now extremely popular among pain management doctors and the results have exhibited between 75% and 90% pain relief success in multiple studies.

The third type of lumbar epidural injection is termed a caudal injection. This injection is very interesting, as it involves an approach through a low point in the sacrum in the buttock area. The pain doctor places the needle through an area called the sacral hiatus and then injects a reasonable amount of numbing medicine and steroid. Multiple areas of nerve root compression can be evaluated at one time, which is great in a situation such as spinal stenosis that affects multiple levels.

Complications of epidural steroid injections are small but real. They may include infection, bleeding, and temporary nerve injury. Paralysis is an extremely rare complication.

These injections are done in an outpatient setting. Patients either receive intravenous sedation or simply local numbing medicine. For most patients that is all they need!

Silent Auction Item Displays – How to Create Vertical Displays Without Using Acrylic Stands

Vertical displays are important to a good silent auction display. Acrylic stands are an excellent option, but if you don’t like the look of those stands or if you have more manpower than financial power, here are some options.

Option 1: Over-sized Displays

One silent auction team printed item descriptions in large font on standard 8.5″ X 11″ white paper. They glued the white paper to a heavier-weight posterboard and cut the posterboard slightly larger than the white paper in order to give the description a colored edge. They fabricated a stand-up template from the same posterboard and glued it to the back to ensure the entire description would stand on the table.

Quite frankly, the effort involved considerable manpower. And the cost of the posterboard was likely more than purchasing an acrylic stand, given the large size of the displays. But this team wanted to have an oversized look without acrylic stands, and they achieved it through this process. Because the description was in large font and the entire white paper was secured to an oversized “frame,” guests found descriptions easy to read as they walked by the tables.

Option 2: Standard-sized Displays

One auction team used heavier-stock paper (think cardstock) to create each vertical display, but opted to keep the size to a standard 8.5″ x 11.”

The cardstock-y paper was purchased with an attached stand-up prop on its backside. It folded out like a paper photo frame. The team printed out the descriptions on standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of paper and secured each one to this frame. It was ready to be displayed on the silent auction tables.

Option 3: Half-sized Displays

Fold a piece of construction paper in half and stand it on the table, tent-like. Then print your item description on the bottom half of a white 8.5″ X 11″ sheet of paper. Fold your white paper in half (so the description is on the bottom half), and drop it over the folded “tent” construction paper. The construction paper is firm enough to stand on its own and will support the white descriptive sheet on top of it. Presto, you’ve created a ready-to-stand vertical sheet. It even has a fetching color framing it.

Often I’ll see a descriptive title in large font on the paper (e.g. “Two Nights at the Ivy Bed & Breakfast”) and the full description (including any restrictions) is on the bid sheet.

Tea Tree Oil to Prevent and Treat Fungus

When it comes to treating a fungus, tea tree oil stands in a class of its own. It is extremely effective for treating a number of conditions typically described as difficult to get rid of. People have successfully titled athlete's foot, ringworm, toenail fungus and many other personal issues from their daily lives.

It is useful for a whole range of skin conditions. If you suffer from eczema, you may have experienced the itch associated with this condition becoming infected. Rubbing a tea tree oil lotion into the affected skin can help ease the itchiness and provide some relief. Eczema can cause the skin to become inflamed, itchy and red. The skin can become cracked and scaly causing distress to the sufferer. It is usually an allergic reaction although it can also be hereditary. People who suffer with this condition are usually also lacking in essential fatty acids, zinc and B12.

Therefore a holistic approach to treatment will work best. Using essential oils is one step but you should address your diet as well. Increasing the quantity of salmon and other natural sources of fatty acids is a good place to start. Increase the amount of water you drink as well as fruit and vegetables. But be careful with citrus fruits as they may trigger an outbreak. It is helpful if you can determine the factors that cause your skin problem to worsen. Some people find that cutting down or out on eating wheat, eggs and dairy products can help reduce their eczema. Stress, too little rest and the cold may all contribute. Also protect your skin from any chemicals you use when cleaning your home as they may be setting off the whole reaction.

Tea tree oil is also used in the treatment of cold sores. These are caused by the herpes simplex virus and are usually associated with a compromised immune system. You will know you have cold sores if you develop small blisters around your mouth and you may have a slight fever. Your lymph glands may also be swollen and sore. The oil works in two ways. First of all, if you dab a little on your skin when you get that initial tingling feeling, you may prevent a full breakout from happening. Secondly, the adverse viral properties of the oil will help to aid the healing process while at the same time limit infection.

Tea Tree oil also helps to get your immune system working more effectively and then your body's natural defenses will also start fighting the cold sores. If you want to add other natural treatments into the mix, drinking a tea made from lemon balm, marigold and Echinacea will help to boost your immune system as well. This should prevent you from falling prey to regular bouts of cold sores and toenail fungus. You should keep a bottle of tea tree oil in your medical chest just in case. With all the ailments that tea tree oil can help cure, you never know when you may need it.

Natural Cure for Erectile Dysfunction – What Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You

"One pill at $ 10 a piece and possibly three times a week. That's about $ 120- $ 150 a month."

This is what goes through millions of men's' minds every day as their doctor prescribes an erectile dysfunction pill. If you do the math, many men spend up to $ 2000 a year on the most basic human pleasure imaginable. In fact, one of our customers had spent up to $ 4000 a year and did not realize it until he sat down with a calculator.

It is no wonder that the ED industry is one of the newest multi-billion dollar industries. But will it be in ten years? Did your doctor forget to tell you this?

Did you know that numerous lawsuits are pending against pharmaceutical companies that produce the ED medicines? Many men have permanently lost their hearing and eye sight after taking side-effect laden medicines. Some have lost their lives because of cardiovascular complications. If you're and most men suffer from the common side-effects from medication which include diarrhea, headaches, nausea and dizziness. So the question I ask is, "Are you willing to risk your health to be successful in bed?"

I would be too but there is a better, more effective and risk-free natural cure for erectile dysfunctions that is just as effective as medicines but is safer and will lead to a longer life. Have you heard about a natural cure for erectile dysfunctions?

Cure the Cause of the Problem

Do you know what the cause of erectile dysfunctions is? Our lifestyle. If you do some research into this issue you will find that there is not much information out there more than 10 years old. The reason behind this is it was considered taboo to talk about your impotence problems and modern technology is changing the lifestyles of millions of men.

For instance, I am sitting here typing this article! Imagine what I would be doing 50 years ago? Chopping wood! Probably not but luckily, I work out 4-5 times a week to off-set my in-active job requirements and I feel a ton better about myself because of working out. But what do most men do?

Beside living an inactive lifestyle, most of us forget about or own health. We now allow doctors to take care of us. However, decades ago this was not the case. Most people would only see the doctor a handful of times in their lifetime. In recent years, I have friends who have been to the doctor over 10 times … this year.

But, why am I telling you all of this? Because you are not suppose to suffer from this problem. And because if you do suffer from one; your body is trying to tell you a message that a lifestyle change is in order. (Notice I did not say that popping a pill is going to help your body!) In fact, curing your erectile dysfunction naturally could have been effective but it could also add years to your life.

A natural cure for erectile dysfunctions will cure the cause of ED

5 Tips to Cure ED

If you are tired of surfing around hiring to piece together a fool-proof cure that will work for you … I can help! I have helped literally thousands of men naturally cure the problem in weeks. In fact, our step-by-step ED report is even guaranteed to work or you do not owe us a thing. And you can keep the 40 pages of everything you need to know about the cure. However, here are 5 basic tips you can start with.

1. Do you know what water-soluble fiber is? Well, it might become your newest best friend after I tell you what it can do to your circulation and night life. Begin to start eating fresh fruits and vegetables. My report can give you a fool-proof plan that will help you start and continue a healthy diet.

2. Portioning your foods. Stick out your fist because you are looking at the size of your next meal. You should be eating more meals with smaller portion sizes. The smaller portions will increase your metabolism, circulation and energy levels.

3. Ginkgo says go! "Supplements of the herb ginkgo, found in most health food stores, can improve blood flow to the genital arteries and veins, which may help reverse impotence," says herbalist James Green. Curing impotence is all about blow flow downstairs!

4. Exercise at home! Do you want to know what the latest ED exercises are? You can actually pump blood downchairs with simple exercises you can do anywhere in your house!

5. Breathing at work! I have customers who practice breathing exercise right at their desk for 30 minutes a day. The key to a cure is to increase circulation. And most people suffer from a lack of good posture and circulation.

Here are 5 simple things you might have never considered.

Cure Vaginal Thrush Fast!

Vaginal Thrush can be effectively and quickly cured. It can be treated through anti fungal antibiotics and creams or through natural therapies.

Some of the more common vaginal thrush drugs include Diflucan, Miconazole, Clotrimazole and Ketoconale. While effective in curing vaginal thrush beware of their potential side effects. The most common side effects are fever, chills, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness, skin rashes and itching and in some even seizures. Many can not be taken if pregnant or breastfeeding so it is important that you seek medical advice before taking any of these drugs.

Thrush can also be cured through natural therapies. Amongst some of the well known remedies include: apple cider vinegar, lactobacillus (acidophilus) capsules or yogurt, garlic and tea tree oil along with the correct diet while treating the infection.

Unfortunately vaginal thrush is a recurrent infection. Many women experience a number of yeast infections during the year especially those with a weak immune system. Anti-fungal drugs while effective at curing thrush, the yeast infection becomes resistant to these drugs and in the end they become obsolete. Natural remedies include ingredients that are both antibiotic and anti-fungal and helps kills the root cause of the infection along with providing instant pain relief to a vaginal thrush. Many of these remedies are inexpensive and effective and seem to help control candida infections.

Thrush Infections can be cured within days of handling treatment. For an effective treatment it is helpful if you stay off alcohol, sugar and other yeast loving foods such as yeast breads, biscuits and coffee at least until your symptoms disappear. Then slowly introduce these back in your diet.

Water Retention

If you think you are too big for your clothes, your face is puffy and looks swollen when you get up in the morning, then you are suffering from water retention. The other symptoms are bloating of the stomach or tightness of the ring in the finger. Your shoes will pinch and all these events will cause you a lot of discomfort. This is called water retention or edema.

Usually, our bodies have the ability to balance the water levels in the body depending on the food that we eat or drink. But at times, this balance tends to go haywire. The leading causes of edema are excessive salt and alcohol intake, long periods of inactivity and monthly hormonal fluctuations or pregnancy in women. A sudden gain in weight or swollen ankles is the only signs of water retention.

The common home remedies for water retention are:

o Go into deep water: Exercising in the swimming pool will be an excellent remedy for curing this problem. This is due to the water pressure forcing out the excess water out of the tissues and into the bladder. It is advised to exercise gently in the pool at the temperature of 80 to 90 degrees F. If you are pregnant, avoid water above 100 degrees.

o Avoid diuretics: Although diuretics are effective for the flushing out of excess water in the people with the heart, kidney or liver disease, they can also cause rebound edema. Continuous usage will activate the salt and water retaining hormones and when stopped, these hormones are activated and cause water retention.

o Minimize salt intake: Avoid foods high in salt like hotdogs, burgers, pizzas etc. They contain very high salt content and the fluid released will remain in the body till kidneys have a chance to excrete them which is about 24 hours.

o Exercise continuously: Exercise has been shown to reduce the water retention by flushing out the water and salt through sweating, higher respiration and increased urine flow. If you have been sitting for a long time, walk up and down or climb stairs every hour. You can also try the following exercise: point the toes down, then raise them up as high as possible which pumps up the calf and foot muscles. You can also raise your hands up overhead.

o Increase fluid intake: Water moves through the kidneys and bladder thus diluting the urine. It becomes easier for the kidneys to flush diluted urine out along with the salt contained in it. Plain water is the best option, since juices, sodas and colas have salt content.

o Sip on the herbal tea: Many herbs are slightly diuretic. Parsley is the best known one. Take two teaspoons of dried leaves for each cup of boiling water and see for ten minutes. Drink three cups a day.

o Lie down with feet up: Recline with the feet up in the raised position. This will allow the fluid collected in the legs to go to the circulatory systems and from there to the kidneys for excretion.

If these tips do not work or if you have heart and kidney problems consult a doctor. You can also consult a doctor if you have a pitting edema where an indentation remains when you press the skin.

Sharp Chest Pains

Chest pain is a complicated symptom that could suggest an under serious disease. The chest houses many oranges including the lungs, heart and the esophagus. These wide arrays of minor and major organs make it difficult for healthcare providers to determine the primary cause of the pain. It is always necessary to determine the undering cause of your condition and to clearly describe the characteristics and kind of pain that you experience. This will suggest some clues on finding ways on how to alleviate the pain. The rule of thumb is that when you experience severe pain, an immediate medical intervention is needed. This also holds true when the pain radiates on the different parts of your body like on the left, then you should immediately call your local emergency medical support team. It is also advised that you stay put and you should not drive as further strenuous activity or exertion could only aggravate the pain.

Pains in the chest have different characteristics. A person may experience dull or sharp pains. Based on the recent study, women are statistically low compared to men. The sensation of pain is transmitted by the complex nerves of the body. This means that the pain that a person encounters may originate from other distal organs of the body. An example would be stomach pains. Stomach pains can be transmitted by the undering nerves of the stomach to the chest. This mimics a sensation of a chest pain that originates from the heart. You need to be cautious when determining if the pain is life threatening. Heart attack is one of the most alarming pain conditions.

The condition is brought about by the accumulation of fat at the coronary arteries. The obstruction of the coronary artery lessens or even completely blocks the entry of blood supply to the muscle of the heart. An extreme pain is elicited by this condition. This condition needs urgent intervention to alleviate the pain as well as to preserve some of the healthy portion of the heart muscles. Angina is another kind of chest pain that originates from the poorly oxygenated blood that the muscle of the heart receives. It is less severe compared to heart attack but needs proper medical intervention. Pain felt in the chest that is usually encountered after having a full meal is called heart burn. This occurs because of the reflux of the excess gastric acid production of the stomach.

Pains in the chest suggests a variety of health conditions and concerns. You should always consider the advice of your trusted healthcare provider. It is always important to treat the condition urgently. These conditions give a good prognosis if a swift action and intervention is initiated. If ever you have a preexisting disease, make sure that you comply with your prescribed maintenance medications to keep you from experiencing the painful course of the disease. Always remember that an informed individual makes good decisions about his self.

Cracking Joints – How to Deal With Them

Joints are designed for movement, the rotating and angular movements between various bones are made possible by the joints that we have in our body. When joints are subject to strenuous work, sprains, dislocation and cracking joints are some of the issues that you have to deal with.

The joints in our body allow a wide range of movements ranging from the limited movements of the wrist to the complex rotating movements of the shoulder joints. The end of each of the bones is covered with a smooth thin layer of tissue called the synovial membrane. The two bony surfaces never touch and are always separated by the thin layer of fluid. Outside the synovial membrane the joint is enclosed by a tough, fibrous capsule. It is when this protective mechanism is disturbed that we experience the problem of cracking joints.

Joints are strengthened by bands of ligaments. Fibrous ligaments are elastic and cover all the joint surfaces; thereby acting as a kind of shock absorber. These ligaments complement the tendons and other connective tissue in maintaining the mobility of the joints. The numerous firm ligaments keep the joints together, connecting the bones and give stability to the joints by preventing too free a movement and helping to avoid cracking joints.

Let me explain this further with an example. The kneecap serves as protection for the front of the knee joint against the risk of an injury from external stress forces. As the knee bends the ligaments are stretched. If you crack the joints of your knee forcefully, it can lead to the problem of cracking joints in the knee accompanied by the swapping of the joint and the particular area. The affected joint then has to be rested in a position most comfortable for the patient for providing immediate relief.

Safeguard against Cracking Joints: Avoid all pressures on the affected joint to ensure proper healing. In case you find that the muscles surrounding the joint are sore, you could probably squeeze the muscles to improve the circulation and bring in a feeling of relief. You could also apply a cold compress at the affected area to bring in symptomatic relief. Do not forcibly crack your joints to relate the stress, it only adds to the problem. The affected joint should be carefully manipulated by a medical practitioner and further deterioration should be prevented. Even mild injury to the bones can cause the problem of cracking joint.

Hallucinatory Sleep Paralysis – A Helpful Guide Towards Better Sleep

The one thing that I hate most about hallucinatory sleep paralysis is that at the time it occurs the visions and sensations I'm feeling are just too real. The inability to move in those moments usually puts me in a state of panic especially when I can not even do something as simple as let out a scream.

What you did not know is that is exactly what the body is trying to prevent. You are producing actual physical reactions to something that's just a dream. Imagine how chaotic it would be if we reacted to everything that went on while we are having our dreams. So unfortunately the change from total sleep to a state of full consciousness is not always a smooth one.

If for some reason your brain wakes up in the middle of a dream you will have a hard time trying to separate reality from fiction and so the paralysis sets in. Trust me I know; uncomfortable does not even come close to describing those few moments that you are struggling to move or say something. That is one characteristic of hallucinatory sleep paralysis. It is just too vivid and real.

So is there anything that can be done about it? Of course there are many causes to this and the solutions are just as many too. The underlying theory though is avoiding anything that will disrupt your normal sleep. Things that send signals to the brain and require it to become active. Things like light, sound or even going to sleep before emptying your bladder or bowels can bring about an episode.

Hallucinatory sleep paralysis is an acknowledged medical condition and therefore help is available for it. Do not be at the mercy of your dreams and continue having restless nights. You can do something about it.