Weakened Immune System And Allergies? Are They Connected?

Let me tell you that I am not a Doctor, but I have suffered from sinus problems, bad headaches and allergies now for about 7 years. My personal belief is that weakened immune system and allergies are connected. Maybe I should say that allergies weakened our immune system. Here is why I believe that! Per University of Virginia Health System, allergies and hypersensitivity to certain substances are considered immune system disorders.

We all know that immune system recognizes allergies as a cold. Which means the immune system fights allergies every time the allergies come on and we all know that is frequent. And it seemed to me that as more time progressed, my allergies were getting worse. And this is probably because we make one big mistake. We take medication to heal our symptoms and not improve our immune system. Yes, when allergies come on, you need a relief right away, I know. But we have to work on improving our immune system.

I know I literally tried so many different kinds of medication for my allergies and some of the medication made them worse and made me feel terrible. You have to understand that I really needed help. I went from having heads few times a month to heaving headaches for 3 weeks straight. Constant sinus infections and many more …

So of course I turned to Internet to find a solution and this time I wanted natural remedies this time. There are a lot of books about allergies and changes you need to make to your diet. A lot of these books share my opinion. So I have found a lot of natural allergy remedies for sinuses, allergies and natural remedies to improve your immune system. Remedies such as SinuCleanse, Breathe Right Nasal Strips and many more. I also use a lot of remedies such as Mangosteen Juice to improve my immune system. I truly believe that if we worked on our weakened immune system, our allergies will minimize and in some instances even go away completely. I know that a lot of these natural remedies work a lot better for me and I have been able to minimize my allergies.

The Very Best Natural Cure For Insomnia

Ah, so dear ‘ol insomnia bares it’s fangs at you as well? Well you are not alone. Like so many others, does this monster visit you regularly at night and keep you from going to and/or staying in that blissful place called sleep or dream land? If only the sucker would perhaps come only during all those boring and dull lectures at school, or one of those really long office meetings where it seems the speakers might as well be talking in a foreign language ‘cos all you see them do is move their lips.

Just about every human being is visited by this dude at one point in their life or another. As you would know, insomnia is difficulty in initiating and/or maintaining sleep, and feeling poorly rested in the morning. Unfortunately, this condition can have a great negative impact on quality of life you live.

I know the feeling when night time comes and you get into bed, to rest your tired and weary body and mind, but hours after you got into bed, you are still awake. Or you find that you have woken up several times during the night and before you know it, it’s time to get up and start a new day, which you are ill prepared and rested for. Once upon a time, there were several times during the week when I would be awake till about 5 or 6 am with little or no sleep. I was a chronic insomnia to my bone marrow.

If the last paragraph describes you and the many ‘sleep battles’ you engage in night after night, be of good cheer, for your insomnia troubles ends this day, BUT ONLY if you take the action that is recommended.

Insomnia is classified into three categories: transient, intermittent and chronic, but whatever type and severity yours is, know for certain that there is a permanent and natural cure for insomnia. Like I said, I am speaking from experience and the countless other people whom I have introduced what I am about to tell you, have experienced similar amazing results, such that they can easily enter into a sleeping competition and chances are high that they would win or at least come tops.

To cure insomnia permanently, you first need to know the “root cause” of insomnia, and this has nothing to do with depression, or having a lot of things on your mind or any such. Those are all secondary causes of insomnia. The root or main cause has to do with your brain activities. This is a relatively new discovery and even a lot of medical doctors are unaware of this find.

You can permanently cure your insomnia with ‘music,’ or more specifically sound ‘frequencies.’ It’s commonly referred to as brainwave technology and it is the best thing that can happen to anybody who has sleeping problems. Brainwaves, which is the different states and levels of activity in which your brain is functioning at any given point in time is the key to understanding why you find it so hard to sleep.

There are four main levels of brain activity in a human being at any time during a 24-hour day and those levels are:

1. Beta Brainwaves Which range from 13-30 HZ. In this level your mind is active and fully conscious and functional, like it usually is during the day.

2. Alpha Brainwaves (7-13 Hz) : This state is what happens when you are in a relaxed or calm state or day dreaming.

3. Theta Brainwaves (3 – 7 Hz) in this level, your mind or brain is in a light sleep, such as when you take a nap in the afternoons.

4. Delta Brainwaves (0.1 – 3 Hz) Associated with deep sleep.

What all these means is that most times at night when you cannot sleep, your brain is still functioning at Beta or active levels, i.e. as if it were still day time, and no matter what you do, or what sleeping tables you take, you will not be able to achieve that state of restful sleep you desire. Yes sleeping tablets may knock you out and you may sleep, but the sleep will never be refreshing and you will almost always wake up feeling drowsy and not refreshed and probably with headaches and more.

For you to sleep and sleep properly, your brain activity needs to drop from active Beta to relaxed Theta or Delta levels. And if this does not happen naturally by itself the way nature intended it to, the the only other ‘natural’ way to do so is by ‘entraining’ the brain to fall into this frequency by using music or sound that is playing at THE EXACT or near same frequencies of Theta or Delta frequency.

Not only do you fall asleep shortly after listening to this sound frequency, but even when you are only able to sleep for a few hours, maybe because you slept late and have to get up earlier than usual, your sleep is still so much more refreshing and ‘filling.’ While there are other ‘natural’ substances that can act as a natural remedy or cure for insomnia, such as drinking chamomile tea, taking honey, or a warm glass of milk shortly before sleep. All these don’t come close to the effectiveness of using sound frequencies or binaural beats to induce sleep. And besides, these other methods are more of short term solutions, for you will always have to take these substances to have the desired result, and just like sleeping tablets, your body will be dependent on them to induce sleep.

On the other hand, using sound frequency or brainwave technology to induce sleep has the added advantage of being a ‘short’ term thing in that after continuous use of this method over a period of time, you brain will soon naturally be able to go into this sleep and relaxed state by itself without needing to be induced. Just like practice makes for perfection, after several ‘practices,’ of falling asleep using sound frequency your brain will soon be a master at the art of sleeping, and you be sure that your ‘Troy’-like sleep battles or the torture you endure during all those office meetings will surely not get the best of you any more.

Tips to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

By taking some extra steps and by being careful, you can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus is possible if a few healthy lifestyle changes are made and attention is paid to the prevention of diabetes complications associated with this disease. Some steps to prevent diabetes are to make healthy changes in your lifestyle, however medication is also necessary. Many doctors recommend screening for the presence of type 2 diabetes in people aged over 30 who are at risk; and also of those who family member has a history of diabetes or those who are overweight.

Some risk factors for diabetes, such as age, family history and ethnicity can not be changed. Neverheless, adherence to healthy diet and increasing physical activity – with or without weight loss – can prevent the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

In addition, if you suffer from high blood pressure or are overweight, changes in your habit can help prevent this diabetes. Your doctor may give you specific recommendations, which will be right for you and include changes in diet and exercise which should be followed regularly. It greatly helps in reducing the risk of further complications.

The role of drugs in the prevention of diabetes:

Recent studies have shown that medications can help prevent the progress to type 2 diabetes in people with impaired glucose tolerance and is not restricted only to control the already-existing type 2 diabetes mellitus. Different studies have shown that various anti-diabetic drugs along with healthy lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of diabetes in humans with a high level of risk.

Primary step towards prevention of diabetes is to fight against obesity and including healthy nutritious food in one's diet. The content of food should be with low glycemic index, that is, those that do not cause a sharp increase in blood sugar. The most useful products from this perspective are artichokes, apricots, bananas, legumes, nuts, figs, melons, grapefruit, garlic, oatmeal, rice and olive oil.

Tips to Manage Child Obesity

Child obesity is a problem that seriously worries parents. However, there are a few things that can be done to handle the problem of child obesity. Here are five things that you can do to ensure a healthy life for your kids.

1. You are the role model: Child obesity, generally, is a matter of heredity. It is said that where one of the parents is of overweight, children of such parents run a 25% risk of suffering child obesity. As parents, if you can pay attention to working on your own body weight, your child tends to follow the practice. Remember, children imitate parents as their role models.

2. Do not say it; do it: If your child is overweight, be sensitive and avoid imposing a diet, asking him to reduce his weight. Do some action. Do not discuss what to do to be healthy. Instead, discuss the benefits of being healthy. Instead of specifying don'ts to your child, tactfully bring in a certain food, time and activity discrimination at home. Your child will enthusiastically follow you.

3. Food discipline: The health of a family depends on its eating habits. Timely meals, eating together and healthy ingredients are the things that you as parents should adopt. This discipline of obesity obesity in general and child obesity, in particular. While timely meals help the digestive system, eating together facilitates hearty meal time. Healthy ingredients ensure children develop taste for healthy foods. Avoid all fast foods, junk foods, chocolates, ice creams etc from getting into your home. Make your refrigerator a storehouse of dry fruits, fresh fruits, low fat dairy stuff and healthy snacks.

4. Do not skip Breakfast: Convince your children of the importance of breakfast. Give them breakfast that contains proteins, starch and low fat so your children remain energetic throughout the day. Some study finds even cite that missing your breakfast makes it harder for you to lose weight.

5. Ensure Physical Activity: Computers, internet and video games contribute to child obesity. These have bought sedentary lifestyle to children too. Make physical exercises a family routine. Take your whole family on after-dinner walks. This can be fun time that your kids enjoy. Encourage them to take part in dancing, sporting and other physical activities at school and outside. It is a lot fun to turn on some music, gather your kids and dance the way you want and as you can.

Custom Trophies

Trophies are mementoes to be treasured forever. They could be awarded for certain accomplishments, or a memento of membership, or a souvenir from an event.

Trophies as awards are especially common for scholastic, sporting and office achievements. Academic awards are given in the form of trophies for different classes and subject proficiencies. Trophies for sporting achievements are the most popular. Games like tennis, football, basketball, cricket and golf all have coveted trophies. No one can forget the pictures of sportsmen weeping with joy and clutching their hard-earned trophies.

Trophies are sometimes given for achieving business targets or for attending training programs. They are also given to members of elite clubs and organizations.

Trophies can be different in make and design. Some companies offer custom trophies, which are exclusively designed trophies for particular events, people and occasions. For example, the Oscar is custom-made for the Oscar awards.

Materials to choose from include glass and crystal, plastic, acrylic, resin, enamel, and metals like pewter, gold or silver. The design is left to the imagination of the client. Traditional trophies offer a cup-based design. Some rare designs include bobble heads, resin sports jerseys or Rolls-Royce grilles.

A baseball trophy has a ball or a player pitching the ball, all in metal, or a sports jersey or a baseball-player bobble-head with custom-made engravings. Golf trophies have the figure of a golfer teeing away, or a golf ball, or a golf kit. Soccer trophies have soccer balls with customized engravings, or a goalie or player in action.

Customization enables one to make a trophy unique and valuable. Often it is not the cost that is important, but the ingenuity of the design. The trophy with the shape of a Rolls Royce grille was custom-made for the Rolls Royce owner’s club. There are many such models of custom trophies of all shapes, sizes and designs to win your heart.

Homemade Acne Treatment to Get Rid of Pimples

Homemade acne treatment is preferred by many teens in spite of availability of several over the counter products. This may be primarily due to the fact that chemicals used in over the counter products often cause irritation and rashes on your skin. The other reason could be the difficult economic situation that we are going through.

The purpose of this article is to help people looking for information on homemade acne treatment. Here are some simple ways to get started.

1) Keeping your face clean with no excess oil and dirt is the first step. Further to keep the skin dry you can use alcohol. Take a cotton ball dipped in alcohol and use it to clean your face gently. Too much use of alcohol can cause skin to dry and peel. So be careful in using alcohol.

2) Another excellent home remedy for acne is egg white. Take some egg white and beat it well. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the egg white and mix it well. Now take the mix and spread it on your face and leave it for 15 minutes. Wash your face with water to remove the egg white. Regular use of this method can help you get rid of pimples fast.

3) The third homemade acne treatment involves the use of oatmeal. This is extremely beneficial for people with oily skin. Oatmeal absorbs the oil very well. Take some oatmeal and mix it with water to create a paste. Apply this paste to your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. You should do this twice a day to get rid of pimples.

In case your acne is mild, then these techniques are quite effective. However for moderate to severe pimples you will require a more powerful treatment.

Avoid a Tummy Ache – Disney World Dining With Food Allergies

These days more and more people suffer from food allergies, and if you or your children suffer from peanut or dairy allergies you might be worried about what you will eat when you go to Disney World.

The good news is that there is no need to worry. A little preparation in advance will ensure your allergy sufferer is given the red carpet treatment with not a tummy ache in sight!

1. Flag the allergy when you make your dining reservation

The first thing you need to do is let the Cast Member taking your dining reservations know that one of your party has a food allergy.

Advanced Dining Reservations can be made 180 days ahead of your vacation by calling (407)WDW-DINE or by visiting the Disney.com website.

Provide the Cast Member with as much information as you can about the allergy including what they can and can not eat. This information will be logged with your reservation and sent over to the restaurant.

They will then give you the phone number of the Special Dietary needs department at each of the themeparks and resorts that you plan to eat at.

When you call you will be sent a form to fill out and return. You do not need to return these forms until three to four weeks ahead of your vacation, but you must make sure that they include your reservation number.

2. What to expect at the restaurant

When you arrive at the restaurant the Cast Member who checks you in will confirm which member of your party has a food allergy and then arrange for the chef to visit your table. It tends to be the Head Chef so you might have a little wait, but it's worth it to speak to the person in charge of the food you will be eating

If you are having a meal off the menu, or a meal served family style then the Head Chef will talk to you about the menu. If you are having your meal buffet style then he will take you to the buffet and explain which foods are safe for you to eat.

They are very careful about cross-contamination and will often make your selection fresh in the kitchen so you do not have to worry about what foods might have come into contact on the buffet.

Most restaurants also offer "safe" alternatives of the main options. For example the breakfast menu always has Van's Waffles available.

Of course it is important to tell the restaurants about your allergy in advance so that they can make these arrangements for you. If you choose to just "walk up" on the day then you might have a different experience.

3. Allergy free snacks are available too

The Special Dietary Needs team will also provide you with a list of foods that are available at the Quick Service restaurants in the theme parks. For example you can buy dairy free ice cream from locations in the Animal Kingdom, and dairy and nut free cookies in the Main Street Bakery at the Magic Kingdom.

If you're celebrating a birthday or special occasion then remind the wait staff of your allergy so that they can provide a safe alternative to the standard cupcake that is unusually offered as part of the celebration.

Walt Disney World is probably one of the few vacation destinations where you will be well looked after if you have food allergies. So take the time to let them know and then you can forget about tummy aches and have a wonderful vacation!

Tips To Prevent Obesity

Obesity is no laughing matter, and can cause serious health problems including heart disease, diabetes, and depression. However, there are some simple tips to prevent obesity.

  • One of the easiest ways to prevent obesity is to never skip a meal, least of all breakfast. If you skip breakfast, you will tend to overeat and potentially put on weight later.
  • Control portion sizes. Rather than eat large meals at infrequent intervals, eat small meals at regular intervals, so you are never starving.
  • Do not take recourse to fad diets because they are not sustainable. Eat balanced meals that are low on calories and high on nutrients. Include all food types in the meal, from fruits and vegetables to whole-grain foods.
  • Steer clear of carbonated drinks, empty calories and junk food. Drink enough water, eight glasses a day.
  • Eat lots of high-fiber food because it has fewer calories, and hardly any fat. Digestion of fiber-rich food is slow, and your blood sugar level is balanced. You will not feel hungry often if you eat fiber-rich food.
  • When you eat out, you can easily choose healthier options. Gorge on salads or soups and go slow on the main course or dessert.
  • Get adequate protein because you do not want to lose muscle. Eat soya, a protein bar or peanuts. But do not overdo the protein bit, as it could put you at risk for kidney related problems.
  • Do not binge – there are situations when eating becomes a replacement for anger, sadness or extreme joy. Also, identify your triggers, and keep track of what you eat or how much you eat under certain situations. Do not eat while watching a game on television, for instance.
  • Get regular exercise. Exercising moderately for at least 30 minutes every day will keep those calories at bay. You could take up a fun form of exercise such as Zumba or dancing.
  • Having a partner for exercise helps because it brings in a sense of motivation and accountability. You can exchange notes and push each other to achieve your targets.
  • Keep track of your weight, so you detect how much weight you have gained early on, and lose it before it becomes a huge problem.
  • Get enough sleep, because lack of sleep can make you put on the pounds.

Other methods

There are certain medications that can help you shed excess weight but they should not be bought over the counter. It is best to seek the advice of a center that offers weight loss treatment . In spite of getting enough exercise and controlling your portion size, you may sometimes put on weight, owed to health issues or genetic reasons. If steps such as exercise, diet or medication are not going to solve your problem, you may have to resort to weight loss surgery.

Your doctor is the best judge of whether you should opt for surgery or not, or what kind of surgery you would need to undergo. Surgery is not a miracle cure and you would still need to diet, exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Learn About Fungal Nail Infection Remedy

Many people suffer from fungal nail infection or Onychomycosis, which is basically an infection of the nails caused by fungus. This infection can impair the quality of life, but it is curable with an effective fungal nail infection remedy.

Before we get into how to treat fungal nail infection, it is essential that we understand just what nail fungus infection is and what its causes and symptoms are.

Our body actually hosts different microorganisms that include fungi and bacteria. Some of these microorganisms are very useful for our body. But there are a few microorganisms that rapidly multiply and form infections. A fungus normally lives on the dead tissues of the nails, hair, and outer layers of skin as well.

Fungal infections comprise mold like fungus which results in problems like Athlete’s Foot, Tinea Capitis, Jock Itch, and Ringworm.

Usually adults have the problem of fungal nail infections and this problem, if not treated, may cause a fungal disease of the feet. Nail infections are hard to treat and they tend to re-occur frequently. It is to be noted here that the toe nails gets more infected than finger nails.

People who regularly go to public swimming pools, shower rooms or even gyms, or people that perspire a lot are usually more prone to developing this mold like infection. This is because the fungi that cause the infection grow more in warm or moist places (hence toenails being worse than fingernails).

Furthermore, if one wears closed or tight footwear for a long time, he or she may be at high risk of getting affected by the fungal nail infection for the reasons given above.

Some of the specific symptoms of fungal infection in nails include discoloration, loss of shine and luster of nails, loosening, thickening or distortion of nails, and waste being trapped under the nail.

Thus, if you notice any of these symptoms, you should consult your doctor. Your doctor will examine and determine the type of fungal infection depending on the appearance of the nails.

You should take the appropriate fungal nail infection remedy to fully cure it and prevent it’s recurrence. Remember not to do self-diagnosis as it may aggravate the problem. You should avoid taking over-the-counter medicines, creams and ointments unless you are sure of your condition. Prescribed antifungal medicines are often taken by mouth and are usually stronger and more effective than counter-top remedies. In severe cases doctor may remove the nail. Thereafter, nails grow slowly, but it will take time, say a year for a new and clearer nail to grow in.

In order to prevent this type infection you need to maintain overall good health and hygiene, keep your skin clean and dry, and take proper care of the nails.

So, now you know the fungal nail infection remedy, hopefully you will soon have lustrous and shiny nails with no trace of fungus.

7 Tasty Foods Which Will Lower the Blood Sugar Levels

Nuts – A lot of people claim that nuts contain large quantities of fats. But these fats will only benefit the health of the person. This will help in decreasing the sensitivity of the body towards insulin. This means that the insulin which is being injected into the body will help in lowering the blood sugar levels of the person. The fat which can be found in nuts will also help in curtailing the hunger of the person and this will reduce the amount of food which he is consuming in between two meals. The probability of consuming snacks containing sugar in between meals will also be reduced when the right kinds of nuts are consumed. Walnuts, almonds, peanuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts and macadamia nuts are some of the different kinds of nuts which can be consumed. The food habits and food allergies of the person should also be taken into account when incorporating nuts into the diet of the person.

Avocado – Avocados are fruits which contain a large amount of healthy fats which will help in reducing the levels of blood sugar inside the body. This is a fruit which can be a part of many different kinds of drips, spreads and sauces and this can also be used for garnishing purposes. This fruit also contains a large amount of fiber which will help in reducing the blood sugar levels inside the body.

Sweet potatoes – These kinds of potatoes contain a large amount of fiber and the sugar content in these is much lower when compared to the usual potatoes which are found in the market. Carotenoids can be found in sweet potatoes which are also very well known antioxidants. This also contains chlorogenic acid which will help insulin in having a positive effect on the body. But these should be consumed without any kind of sauces or toppings.

Cinnamon – This is a spice which contains many natural components which will function in a manner which is similar to that of insulin and this will also reduce the levels of LDL cholesterol among people who are already diabetic. This also contains a large amount of fiber as well as magnesium which will curtail the levels of blood sugar inside the body.

Onions – Every diabetic should make sure that he consumes at least 2 ounces of onions in a day in order to keep his blood sugar levels under control. The consumption of onions will also help in increasing the levels of HDL which will help in keeping cancer at bay.

Garlic – This is another herb which will help in reducing the levels of blood sugar. They will stimulate an increase in the production of insulin inside the body. Raw garlic contains a large amount of antioxidants which will also help in controlling the levels of cholesterol inside the body and it will also help in keeping cancer at bay.

Flaxseed – Flaxseeds contain large amounts of magnesium which will help in lowering and controlling the levels of blood sugar inside the body. These also contain large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids which will control the levels of blood sugar.

Lifestyle Factors Against Cholesterol

In 90’s new drugs were found; they lowered cholesterol, but increased mortality and were, frankly, worse than useless. I think it is true to say that the faith of the cholesterol brotherhood was becoming sorely tested. Even the pharmaceutical industry was, with extreme reluctance, heading off in different directions. Just to give one example: I find it amusing to keep a copy of a document produced by pharmaceutical giants Pfizer in 1992. This was a couple of years before ‘statinomania’ achieved lift-off. The document was called ‘Pathologic Triggers: New Insights Into Cardiovascular Risk~ I may have the only remaining copy of this document.

The document begins: Today, most of our attempts to prevent atherosclerosis [disease of the arteries] have centered on the control of hypertension and hyperlipidaemia [raised blood pressure and raised cholesterol, respectively], as well as lifestyle factors. However, recent insights into the pathology of coronary disease have sharpened our focus on the natural history of atheroma [build-up of fatty deposits on the lining of arteries] and its relentless progression to acute cardiac events …

In fact, throughout this document Pfizer is carefully preparing the ground for an entirely new concept: that it is not really high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels that cause heart disease, it is something else.

But what could this something else be? What indeed. According to ‘New Insights into Cardiovascular Risk’; heart disease is mainly associated with the formation of abnormal blood clots … Given the insidious nature of atherosclerosis, it is vital to consider the role of platelets [small blood cells involved in blood clotting] and thrombosis [the formation of blood clots within a blood vessel or the heart] in the process …

Today, together with the rest of the industry, they would dismiss such talk of platelets and thrombosis as utter bunk .:.. for today we have statins.lf anyone mentioned platlets now they would be told to pick up their pay cheque on the way past reception. And how were statins discovered these glorious and magical pills that will turn us all into latter-day Methuselahs, living well into our sixth centuries?

Were they discovered by highly trained scientists toiling in research laboratories, deep in the bowels of a major pharmaceutical company? Were they discovered using three-dimensional modelling and a detailed understanding of the inner workings of liver biochemistry? Do they, indeed, represent another glorious vindication of the value of the industry’s much-vaunted multi-billion-dollar research and development budget?

Ah … no. As with many of the bestselling drugs, statins were discovered completely by accident. Which takes us to a small valley in northern China. It is a cold place, a lonely place, a place where a small plant clings to existence in a hostile world (all right I’m using a bit of poetic license here …) a plant known as red yeast rice. Red yeast rice has to deal with the many predators who find it rather tasty, making its tenuous hold on life even more precarious.

But this plucky little plant has a trick up its sleeve. It produces a poison, known as lovastatin, which kills those animals that are foolish enough to eat it. A researcher from the US government discovered this plant, with its poison, and took it away for further study. Presumably, lovastatin was a pretty useless poison, at least from the US Army’s point of view.

Interestingly, however, lovastatin was found to block an enzyme known as HMG-CoA reductase. This enzyme takes effect on the long, long pathway of cholesterol synthesis in the liver. Therefore, in lesser, not terribly poisonous doses, lovastatin blocks cholesterol production, and lowers blood cholesterol levels in human beings.