Midge Bite Misery

Longer days and warmer nights mean that summer is getting nearer. For many horses and ponies, it brings with it the misery of sweet itch. The condition, which is found throughout the temperate regions of the world, is also known as kasen, Queensland itch, summer itch or summer seasonal recurrent dermatitis.

Affected animals are very itchy and will rub on anything they can find. They often have bald patches in their mane and at the base of the tail. In some cases the skin may be sore and weeping. The signs tend to get worse over the grazing season.

Up to 5% of horse and ponies in Britain suffer from sweet itch. Many breeds are affected. Although it is often thought of as a disease of ponies, horses of any size can be affected. Even Shires are not immune.

Sweet itch is an allergic disease in which the horse or pony over-reacts to bites from certain species of midge. Normally, when exposed to foreign proteins, an animal produces antibodies that help to inactivate the foreign material. Horses affected with sweet itch have an abnormal immune response. Instead of producing the normal antibodies, they produce allergic antibodies which cause the allergic reaction in the skin. It is not that the midges only bite certain horses. They probably bite all horses, but only affected horses react.

Only the female midges feed on blood. They cut the skin with their mouthparts and secret saliva, which contains active substances to dilate the blood vessels, and stop the blood clotting. The midges then drink the resulting pool of fluid. The midges tend to feed along the top of the horse, from the ears to the tail and under the belly. So those are the areas most commonly affected. When you consider that several hundred midges can be found on a single pony in an hour, it is not surprising that some ponies will have such a marked reaction.

At present there is no cure for the disease. Once an animal is affected the signs are likely to recur annually, usually getting worse each year. But there are several things you can do to reduce the irritation and make the horses more comfortable.

Ideally, the aim should be to prevent the midges biting in the first place. This may require several different lines of attack.

As the midges are active between dawn and dusk, bringing ponies into a stable overnight can reduce their exposure to the midges. You can put fine mesh netting over the windows to try to keep the midges out, and hang sticky fly strips in the stable to catch those that do get inside.

Try to avoid pasture in damp boggy areas, shaded by hedges and tress, which is an ideal breeding ground for the midges.

Insecticidal fly repellents may help, but need to be applied frequently. Various oil-based preparations are available, which may act as a barrier and help repel the midges. Again they need to be applied frequently.

Protective blankets such as the Boett blanket that cover the horse's body and prevent the midges reaching their favorite feeding sites are usually very effective.

There are various things that can be done to reduce the horse's reaction to the midge bites.

Short-acting corticosteroids such as prednisolone tablets are usually safe and effective. Longer acting corticosteroid injections may increase the risk of the pony developing laminitis. As a result, many vets are related to treat sweet itch with corticosteroids.

Anti-histamines generally have little effect once the allergic reaction has started. They are more likely to cause sedation than reduce the itching.

A vaccine can be prepared to try to stimulate the pony to produce good antibodies rather that the allergic ones that cause the problem. Regular doses are injected (initially every other day) in the hope of inducing a normal immune response to replace the allergic one. Opinions among veterinarians and dermatologists are divided on whether this treatment is effective. So it is obviously something you would need to discuss with your veterinarian first.

But there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Research at University College London suggests that regular treatment with a preparation containing certain killed bacteria may modify the immune response in affected horses. A trial is currently underway and the initial results look promising.

Types of Anxiety

An anxiety disorder greatly affects a person's thoughts, feelings, behavior, and even physical sensations. There are different types of anxiety, depending on severity and its affect on a person.

Social anxiety is one of them. It is a fear of being around a group of people. Those who suffer from this type of anxiety have a feeling that everyone is watching and talking about them. In other words, they are being too much self conscious about themselves, on how they look or what they are doing.

This anxiety is too painful and the result is they end up avoiding other people and staying away from social happenings. Some even lock themselves in their room to separate themselves from others. This can affect social relationships in a bad manner so before losing the type of relationship they build up earlier.

People who have social anxiety problems are aware that their behavior is irrational. But having this consciousness does not solve the problem. They thoughts and fears are still there and will not go just by doing not doing anything about it. There are certain measures and treatment to be done in solving this problem, but it may take time and money.

Panic disorder is another and more evolved type of an anxiety problem. People who have this problem is hit by panic attacks in a random manner. This problem can also lead to mental problems which is hard to be cured. Seeing a doctor known to have solved the problem is the best way to do to prevent further damages.

If you feel that you belong to the large group of people who are facing anxiety problems, do not worry. Keep in mind that anxiety problems are easily curable. There are a few set of ways on how to cure it, you just need to be aware of them. But there are also natural ways on how to cure it, which is a better thing to try first. Taking food supplements that contain ingredients known to cure anxiety problems is one of the natural ways of curing anxiety problem.

Essential Things About Insomnia and the Dangers We Are Exposing

Probably everyone has had at least once in his life a heavy night of sleep in which he couldn’t sleep.

A storm or a too late and very consistent dinner are just two examples which can cause sleep problems.

From a medical point of view, insomnia is the difficulty of falling asleep when it takes more than 45 minutes to fall asleep.

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that manifests by reducing the duration and depth. May be caused by painful abdominal crises, neuralgia, hypertension, neurosis, psychosis, encephalitis, intoxication, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, emotional crisis etc.

There are two types of insomnia:

– chronic insomnia: that lasts for several weeks, months or years;

– transient insomnia: it only lasts for several nights and is caused by an unpleasant event that produces dissatisfaction or frustration.

Complete persistent insomnia is characterized by a permanent fatigue; the patient almost can not fall asleep, and in the morning he is in a state of depression. It can be avoided by following a reasonable work and rest regime and by administering painkillers or sleeping pills.

Sleep is indispensable to life, just like water and food. That’s why, in the last 25 years, scientists have given the phenomenon a special attention, which has brought to the discovery of many interesting things.

We need sleep to grow, restore and work to optimal parameters. Memory and vigilance depend on the quality of sleep, as well the ability to concentrate and learn, therefore, while sleeping our brain is re-energizing, cells are regenerate.

Also lack of sleep can cause an increase in weight by about 900 grams per week because we are disturbed by hormonal balance and we will feel the need to eat more often.

REM sleep in which we have dreams, occurs in gust, about 90 minutes after falling asleep, usually summing up about 2 hours per night. Some scientists believe that dreams help us to set memories in memory in the long run. Others, on the contrary, think that dreams help us eliminate some memories that are over that overlap and which otherwise would block brain activity.

REM sleep can play an important role in brain development. Premature babies sleep is 75% of the REM phase, this means 10% more than in the case of term babies.

The massive 1989 oil spill of Exxon Valdez, in Alaska, the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, or the CernobĂ®l nuclear accident – all of which were attributed to human errors in which lack of sleep played a fundamental role. Also, fatigue caused by poor sleep causes 1 in 6 fatal road accidents.

Groom Your Puggle to Look Dazzling

Once you have gotten a puppy home, you would want to schedule for grooming your puggle and keep to clean. Grooming is not only important for your puggle's appearance but also for good health and well being. If you do not groom your puggle puppies chances are they may produce a foul odor and develop matter areas of fur and some skin allergies on the skin.

Combing and brushing: Grooming your puggle puppy is very much essential. Cleaning the fur is the key to keeping your puppy look great and clean. This would involve trimming of the fur and brushing of fur. If your puppy has long hair then you might consider combing and brushing his hair everyday. You would also require trimming the areas that are matted or have a tension of getting matted need to be trimmed regularly. With the woolly and curly hair breeds, you would need to comb everyday in order to avoid tangling of hair. The dogs with short hair that have close tight fur or hair would require fewer times of brushing and combing. Combing once in a fortnight would do for the short haired dogs.

Nail check: You would require making a regular check of the puggle's paws. This would also include trimming nails of your puggle. You would need to make a check for debris and dirt that is lodged between the toes. If your do indulge a lot of time outdoors then checking for dirt and debris is must. You would require trimming your puggle's nails regularly. This would help keeping dirt and debris from accumulating. This would also prevent the puppy from the movement and prevention from the ingrown nails that can grow inside the paw pads. This condition could be very much painful. It would cost you handsomely at the vet's clinic in order to get it removed and then closing it up. Therefore, it is necessary to make a regular check, every two weeks. Trimming your puggle's nails would save your furniture too. If your house hair wood flooring then you would want to make sure that your puggle's nails are trimmed in order to avoid any damage from occurring.

Each check and dental care: Ear care is another important thing that you might consider. Pale pink color ears enhance their appearance. If you feel your dog is smelling foul or fading pale pink color, then make a trip to a vet. Cleaning the puggle's ears regularly would be a great idea. It is easy to clean too. Dental care of puggle is another important thing that you might want to consider. Cleaning puggle's teeth should be started at an early stage itself. Decay of teeth and mouth could lead to a serious kidney or a liver problem. Brush your puggle's teeth regularly and visit a vet once in a year for a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning eyes and bathing: Clean and check your puggle's eyes regularly. If you happen to see any sign of cloudiness or drain, make a trip to the vet. Bathing would allow getting rid of all smelly odors. Practice bathing your puggle once a week. There are some specially formulated soaps and shampoos that could have been used to get rid of dirt and odor. Make sure to groom your puggle for it to remain in a healthy being.

What to Do to Stop An Anxiety Attack: Three Crucial Tips

Imagine that you are standing in line at a grocery store, or going out to see a movie. Everything is going well until an anxiety attack hits. Your heart beats faster, you begin to sweat or tremble, and you feel like you're losing control and going crazy. If this sounds familiar, in those situations you need to learn how to cure anxiety attacks without medication. Some techniques can help you do this is less than 20 seconds!

There are several methods on how to cure anxiety attacks using medication. But like all medications, they have their side effects, are expensive, can be addictive. Some can even make the condition worse over time. Instead I will give you some tips on how you can cure this using some critical but overlooked techniques.

First is a technique often called "4-7-8 breathing." First inhale through your nose for a count of 4 seconds, using your diaphragm / stomach area, NOT your chest. Second, hold your breath for a count of 7 seconds. Then exhale through your mouth for a count of 8 seconds. Making sure that your exhale is slower than your inhale can relax your body in a substantial way. This powerful technique only takes 19 seconds, and relaxes your entire body to quickly alleviate the problem.

Second is to "visualize" the source of your stress or anxiety in your mind, and create a different reality. When you focus on your vision hard enough, your body will start to believe that you are in a different and "safer" setting. Combine this with the 4-7-8 breathing technique, and it is a powerful coping tip on how to cure anxiety attacks without medication.

Third, live a healthy and active lifestyle! It may not sound like it can make a difference. However eating regular and healthy meals has proven benefits, because it keeps your body's blood sugar level constant. Exercising daily is a great way to relieve stress, which is a major factor in anxiety attacks as well.

Surprisingly, having an anxiety or panic attack in public may make you feel like it is appropriate to everyone. But despite the inner turmoil you may feel, it is completely unnoticed by those around you. You should use this fact to your advantage to control your anxiety attacks with the techniques and tips described here.

Details About Surgical Oncology

Oncology is the field of medicine related to treating cancer patients. When a person is suspected of having the disease and he lives in the Jacksonville area, he should be sure to quickly see a specialist in Jacksonville surgical oncology because it may be that surgery is indeed indicated as the best form of treatment.

Often, chemotherapy and radiation therapy alone can treat some cancers. But for the ones they can not, then the only way to successfully treat the problem is by surgery. The talented professionals who operate on these sufferers have been expertly trained in the field. After they graduated medical school, they had to study for three years in a hospital setting for a general residency.

After that, they had to train for at least five more intensive years in the field of operational oncology. With such vast experience, they then became ready to help diagnose and treat most any patient with the insidious disease in a surgical context. Many of these specialists also engage in substantive research in addition to their clinical, operating room responsibilities.

Sometimes patients do not make it. This is very sad to not only their families but to the surgical specialist who tried his best to save him by removing the cancerous tumors and legions. Many times, however, operations are extremely successful and they can even send the malady into remission, which is one of the best things that can happen for the sufferer.

There are many excellent health practitioners in this specialty in the local area. Some have received all of their education in Atlanta, while others come from all parts of the country before landing in the city to practice their superb hands on skills.

These practitioners also have to understand how to comfort and communicate with the patient's relatives before and after the operations. It's important that they manifest sympathy and compassion in these frightening and desperate times of need. These specialists can be men or women, and have a wide span of ages and experience. Many have been practicing their professional trade for forty years or more in the region.

The vast majority of them are in love with their work. They enjoy the feeling of loyalty and devotion that they have for and bring to the people they have to perform challenging procedures on in the surgical room. They are as a group very dedicated and ambitious individuals who work hard to get the best results possible in their chosen health care profession. It's important that they continue to greatly benefit the community because the incidence of the disease does not seem to be decreasing any time soon.

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy Exactly?

Diabetic Neuropathy is a common complication of Diabetes Mellitus. It typically includes micro vascular injury to the small blood vessels leading to your nerves. Other side effects of Diabetic Neuropathy are not as uncommon.

One of the greatest complications of diabetic neuropathy concerns morbidity and mortality in the diabetic. This neuropathy has a rate of 20% in traumatic and 50-75% non-traumatic amputations. The greatest risk for diabetes mellitus patients is glycemic control. In most patients who controlled their glycogen levels, the risk of diabetes neuropathy was smaller. Those who did not control their insulin levels were at a higher risk. Other risk factors include: smoking, high blood pressure, age, and obesity.

Micro vascular disease is the term used to explain the constriction of blood vessels from diabetes mellitus. This causes the blood vessels to slow down the amount of blood passing through the veins. Basically, less blood flows to the nerves which cause problems with circulation leading to amputation of a limb.

Keeping glucose in its metabolized state is what helps keep diabetes neuropathy from occurring. When glucose levels are too high it will cause a chemical reaction in the body that uses up compounds that may be needed to inhibit diabetes neuropathy. Medications are available which may help this.

There are several reasons the eyes, kidneys, and nerves are damaged by diabetes neuropathy. When blood does not process glucose properly, it may turn into a form of glucose that is unusable to these organs. It actually stresses the organs and does not allow the energy producing glucose to pass the cell wall barrier. This is what causes nerve, eye or kidney damage among diabetics.

Some of the effects of diabetic neuropathy are: a loss of feeling in a part of the body, numbness or tingling, bowel upset, impotence, loss of bladder control, drooping facial parts, dizziness, vision changes, speech impairment, even trouble swallowing and Egypt muscle contraction. These difficulties are all related to the nerve damage done by diabetes neuropathy.

The reasons for these afflictions in the diabetic neuropathy patient are poorly understood at this time. Treatment may be available for some of the associated difficulties of diabetes neuropathy but for the most part there is no cure and the disease is progressive. Often amputation of limbs or soft tissue that has received a loss of blood supply and can no longer heal or fight infection is necessary. Diabetes neuropathy is being studied on a continuous basis so hope for relief is available.

Work Your Way to a Healthy Heart

With people suffering from heart attacks at younger and younger ages, everyone is now worried about the condition of their heart. This is even more so true if your family has had a significant amount of members that this has happened to. But even if you have not had heart trouble then starting some exercises for a healthy heart is a wise idea.

Some are a little intimidated by the prospect of exercise because they fear that their bank account or pocket book may take an extreme hit. You will be happy to know that just by doing a few different changes to your daily routine you can help your heart.

Now, if you are not typically a very active person for whatever reason, then you are going to want to start out slow and work your way up. Simple things such as yard work and even house work can give you a great cardio workout. Just remember not to over do it as this can be bad for the heart as well.

It may also be a concern that you will not be able to stick to an exercise plan after doing one for only a few days. The key to exercising for a healthy heart lies in making your routine fun and interesting. For example, you can listen to upbeat music while vacuuming.

After you have put some thought into the exercise routine that you would like to try, you should also remember that you will need to warm up and also cool down. This is quite simple to do with some stretching. This is also ideal for your muscles and joints so that they too can perform better.

In addition to being good for your heart, exercise will also help you to sleep better at night and make joints, ligaments, and tendons more flexible. You will start feeling much better by introducing some exercise into your daily life. Your heart, mind and joints will certainly thank you for just a little extra time spent daily on exercise.

Monitor Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Colon cancer often exhibits the same symptoms as other colon conditions. Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, and peptic ulcer disease show the same symptoms of colon cancer: red or dark blood in stools, changes in bowel habits, narrow stools, diarrhea or constipation, unexplainable weight loss, abdominal pain, cramps, bloating, and anemia. In order to observe your symptoms better, it is also important to read up on other colon diseases.

The disease can be present for many years before symptoms of colon cancer even show. This is why the best thing to do to watch out for colon cancer is to undergo regular screenings, preferably those that entail fecal blood testing and colonoscopy.

Symptoms of colon cancer vary according to where the tumor is located. Because the right colon is spacious, tumors in the right colon can grow to large sizes before they even cause symptoms of colon cancer. As tumors have a tendency to bleed, cancers on the right colon cause iron deficiency anemia because of the slow, unnoticed loss of blood over a long period of time. It is all the more unnoticeable because the stool travels through the colon longer, so whatever blood is in the stool dries up and even becomes invisible. Iron deficiency anemia, in turn, results in fatigue, weakness, and shortness of breath for patients.

On the other hand, the left colon is narrower than the right colon. Cancers of the left colon are more likely to cause partial or complete bowel obstruction. This type of cancer causes the following symptoms of colon cancer: diarrhea, constipation, narrow stools, abdominal pains, cramps, and bloating. If there is bright red blood in the stool, this can also mean that there is a cancerous growth near the end of the left colon or the rectum.

Go and see your doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms of colon cancer mentioned above. However, don’t panic just yet. As mentioned, some of the symptoms can be indicative of another colon disease altogether. For example, while blood in your stool may be one of the symptoms of colon cancer, it may also come from hemorrhoids or minor tears in your anus. If you are constipated as a result of not drinking enough water and not taking in sufficient fiber, tough stools may scratch your rectal wall.

Additionally, certain foods, such as beets and red licorice, can cause your stools to turn red, while iron supplements and some anti-diarrhea medications often make stools black. However, it is still a good idea to visit your doctor at any sign of blood or other changes in your stools and bowel movement. After all, early detection based on symptoms of colon cancer usually result in complete cures.

Below is a complete list of the top symptoms of colon cancer. It will do no harm to visit your doctor as soon as you feel two or more of the following:

* Major change in your toilet habits, whether you move your bowels more or less

* Blood in your fecal matter, bright red or dried

* Stools that are thinner than usual

* Unexplainable dramatic weight loss

* Stomach pains, cramping or bloating

* Unexplainable fatigue

* Always feeling like you need to move your bowels

* Constant nausea and vomiting

* Iron deficiency anemia

* Abdominal pain, which is a rare symptom of colon cancer, and may exhibit itself as mere tenderness in the abdomen.

Chair Yoga Can Help Older People Reduce the Risk of a Fall

Falling is a major heath concern for older people. According to the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control:

o More than one-third of adults ages 65 years and older fall each year (Hornbrook 1994; Hausdorff 2001).

o Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths (Murphy 2000) and the most common cause of nonfatal injuries and hospital admissions for trauma (Alexander 1992).

o In 2003 more than 1.8 million seniors age 65 and older were treated in emergency departments for fall-related injuries and more than 421,000 were hospitalized (CDC 2005).

The most feary injury that can result from a fall is a hip fraction, and with good reason. One-fourth of those suffering from this injury die within six months according to KR Tremblay Jr. of the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension.

Simply the fear of falling is a cause for many older people to unnecessarily restrict their activities, which is tragic because the resulting lack of physical and mental stimulation only increases the risks.

The good news is that practicing chair yoga can reduce your risk of a fall and help you recover faster if it happens.

You are more alert due to better circulation and oxygenation so you are more likely to avoid a fall.

You will have improved balance making you less likely to slip and better able to recover if you do.

If you do end up falling weight-bearing exercises are known to strengthen the bones and ligaments. You will have more flexibility and strength. All these factors together improve your odds of avoiding a serious injury.

If you are hurt in a fall you will have more endurance, better circulation and increased strength. This makes your chance for a 100% recovery more likely.

Reducing the risks of falling is one more excellent reason for older people to seek out a chair yoga program in their area.

Panic Disorder’s Symptoms

Panic disorder is an advanced mental condition where the individual finds themselves in a very anxious or panic stricken condition without having an actual reason to present these anxiety or panic disorder symptoms.

In other words, the individuals mind perceives a threat or danger which does not actually exist and thus send mental messages to the nervous system so as to alert it to this perceived danger and triggers the instinctual “fight or flight” response in the body which results in the release of a cocktail of hormones and stimulants such as adrenalin.

Now the body who is receiving this cocktail of stimulants and does not know why this is happening and thus a number of anxiety and panic disorder symptoms begin to manifest such as heightened apprehension, edginess, irritability, lack of concentration and eventually a mental state of panic.

This then causes a number of physical panic disorder symptoms such as increased heart rate, sweating, muscle tension and twitching, upset stomach and eventually heart palpitations and chest cramps which are very similar to those of a sufferer of a heart attack. It is for this reason that many of the suspected heart attacks in our emergency rooms of hospitals nowadays are attributed to anxiety or panic attacks.

But why is the mind causing these anxiety or panic disorder symptoms to manifest and bring on this very unpleasant anxiety or panic attack? Well what it all boils down to is that the mind has received incorrect programming and the subconscious has begun to use certain stimulus or situations as a trigger to activate the mental process for no apparent reason which should actually only be used in truly dangerous or threatening situations.

It is therefore pretty self explanatory that to be able to rid oneself of these anxiety and panic disorder symptoms effectively, you will need to take a closer look at your brainwave programming and where exactly it is that this programming went wrong.

The Food You Eat Can Lead to High Cholesterol and Heart Disease

The food that you eat can either help you stay fit and healthy or lead to high cholesterol and heart disease. If you are already suffering from cholesterol problems, you really should take a look at your diet. Do not wait until the problem escalates; start eating healthier now to reduce the risk of getting heart disease and other serious health issues.

The first thing to do is identify which major food groups can increase the levels of bad cholesterol – also known as LDL – in your body. Generally, those that are high in fat, sodium and sugar are the foods that you need to avoid. Though they may taste nice, they can leave a very bitter after-taste in the form of high cholesterol. If you do not learn to control your appetite, your health will suffer as you get older.

Foods that are high in sugar can lead to high cholesterol, hypertension and weight gain. Pay attention to foods that are high in calories as well. These include cookies, sweets, cakes, candies, ice cream, chocolates and more. These are the sugary foods that you need to avoid. Saturated fats, mostly found in fatty foods, can lead to your heart functioning improperly and even block its arteries. The next time you are out and see pizza, burgers, fried chickens, ribs, French fries and bacon on the menu think carefully before eating them because of the long-term consequences to your health.

If you like your foods salty, you should be aware of the effect of sodium chloride can have on your blood pressure. Too much salt can really push up your blood pressure. Salty foods are not only confined to potato chips and cheese, but there can be a large amount of sodium on red meats, broth and salad dressings as well. Now that you know which foods to avoid high cholesterol, you may wonder what is the best alternative to eat. In general, you want to eat more dietary fiber as it helps eliminate the bad LDL that is clogging up your arteries. Oatmeal, fresh fruit and vegetables should be on your daily menu.

In addition, taking supplements that contain policosanol and lecithin oil will also help regulate cholesterol production in your body. These nutrients help raise good cholesterol levels known as HDL and inhibit the absorption of cholesterol from fatty foods. They also help improve the function of the liver in removing fats and cholesterol from your blood stream. There are many natural cholesterol-reduction supplements on the market too that can be of great benefit in controlling your cholesterol levels. Always look for supplements that will help you to reduce your LDL cholesterol levels, increase your HDL levels and also reduce the total triglyceride in your bloodstream.

How to Increase Sexual Stamina and Prolong Ejaculation Long Enough to Make Her Scream

Being unable to prolong ejaculation is not a medical condition, to many guys who come quickly during sex think it is and let it take over their life. Half the problem with ejaculating to fast is in the mind.

It can happen to anyone, all it takes is one bad sex session where you come to fast. Your lover might have a little pop at you for it and that's where the seed is planted. Then it's on your mind all the time especially during sex and this leads to your ejaculation being premature.

The problem can seem like the end of the world to you but it is solved very easily. Here are two ways to prolong ejaculation.

1. If your case is really bad then the best way to both prolong ejaculation and regain some lost confidence is to use a delaying spray. These numbing sprays are relatively cheap and do a great job, they work by taking the feeling away from the sensitive tip of your penis which makes sex much longer lying.

2. Do not let her bend over. Sexual positions play a huge part in how fast you ejaculate, especially if she is on all fours it can be over in seconds. So test a few positions then when you find one where you last longer stick to it until you are confident enough to try out more.

Sexual stamina is mainly in the mind and if you control this, then you prolong ejaculation, simple. And it is simple when you find the right delay trick that works for you.

Electric Motor Suppliers in the Midst of Cut Throat Competition

Automobile manufacturing industry is changing at a rapid pace, all thanks to globalization. With each passing quarter, the competition is getting more intense unleashing price wars and sometimes even leading to a soft look over the stringent quality controls. The ongoing upheaval is certainly helpful for the buyers who are able to make their regular purchase at never before prices, however, it is seriously denting the profits margins of the suppliers.

Frost and Sullivan has recently released a report where in they have re-emphasized that globalisation has placed extreme cost pressures on producers, requiring them to outsource low-cost manufacturing processes outside America.

Other than the costing issues another issue which is bothering the manufacturers is the stringent carbon emission guideline. Every day new technologies are being tried out to come up with something which is able to meet environmental policy challenges within a stipulated budget assigned.

One segment which is more worried out of the entire lot is that of electric motor manufacturers. Many electric motors suppliers insist that that any negative dip in their profit margin could have wide spread repercussion across the industry. By definition, an electric motor is a device which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. This makes them one of the most basic and most required electronic component for almost every industry specially automotive.They are mostly used in rotating machines such as fans, turbines, drills, the wheels on electric cars, locomotives and conveyor belts.

Electric motor suppliers think that prices would get stabilised with a quarter or two as price war as a strategy could not be sustained over a loner period of time.

Every story has two sides and this one too isn’t an exception. Emerging manufacturing destination hubs like India, South American countries along with China have a happy problem of – plenty. Too many clients want to set up their offshore manufacturing unit and some even have unrealistic expectations from their vendors. These countries are the sure beneficiaries of the current crisis.

Trade Pundits say that eventually electric motors industry will emerge out of this strongly due to its wide spread usage and a huge scope specially in the home appliances, military equipments and industrial productions.

Industry analysts unanimously hope that electric motor suppliers would be able to survive this highly competitive phase and emerge as profitable as before.

Focusing On Attention

With our daughters home from university for the summer, there are changes in our household. The largest is the smallest in size- a Boston terrier / Chihuahua mix puppy. And to my delight, he has taught me several important lessons in the few weeks he has been a member of our family.
Not having had a dog previously, I had not realized that they are the embodiment of living in the moment. There is no yesterday or tomorrow – it's all about right now. He is happy to wake from a nap to greet us, dash off to torment the cat when he comes into view and then eagerly buzz out the door for a race around the garden – all in the blink of an eye. But this also demonstrates another of his skills – distractibility.

Watching him bounce from activity to activity in mere seconds made me think of how we often spend our days distractedly multitasking, responding to the ping of incoming email, answering questions from collections who just need a minute, engaging in tangential conversations on the way to the printer (and forgetting to pick up the documents) and reading support materials while enroute to the next meeting. It's no wonder we often find ourselves at the end of the day asking why we have accomplished so little.

In fact, the prevalence of this fractured work style has prompted a new study "interruption science", and several recent books. We now know that the average knowledge worker switches tasks every 3 minutes and, once distracted takes up 22 minutes to resume the original activity. If you can remember what it was you were doing when you were interrupted. These interruptions and their recovery time take up almost one-third of our working day. For most of us that's about 3 hours a day. Do you still wonder why your day looks to vaporize?

So what can we do to help ourselves reclaim a better sense of control over our workday?
Maggie Jackson, the author of "Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age", suggests that we need to cultivate the art of attention comprising 3 skills: focus, awareness and executive attention. Here are some suggestions for putting this into practice on a daily basis.

First, be aware of when you are distracted and be fully conscious of having changed focus. For instance, if you are looking up a reference on the net, notice when you wander off topic or click through an unrelated link but rather tracking down the information you really need. And then just as consciously remind yourself of where your focus and attention needs to be. Follow this by responding to the question "Why is it important for me to focus on this task?" These simple steps build awareness and attention.

Knowing the statistics about interrupts you need to plan for them. The plan can be as simple as making a note of what you are doing when interrupted or the good old tried and true "to-do list". Take the list one step further by answering this question each morning: "What is the strategic priority for today that will generate the most impact and success over the long term?" and structure your time accordingly. This is the executive attention component of the attention skills cited by Jackson.

Three ideas you can use right now:

1. Create a space for uninterrupted work. Schedule a no-interruptions block of time on a regular basis and design it as thinking time. Make this practice as widespread as possible in your organization.

2. Create a focus for each day. During the day be conscious of the things you do that do not contribute to the core focus for the day and gently bring yourself back on track. Ask yourself why the core focus is important and follow with at least 2 more rounds of "Why is that important?" This understanding will help you sustain your attention and focus.

3. Develop the skill of mindful listening. When you are in conversation, focus on the other person giving them your full attention instead of preparing your response. Make it your goal to have the other person feel respected, heard and understood at the end of the conversation.

Are you a contributor to interruptions or do you promote a culture of attention in your organization?