Lower Cholesterol by Eating Less Fatty Food

If you are dealing with cholesterol problems, the first line of defense is a balanced and healthy diet. By targeting to lower the bad LDL cholesterol in your bloodstream, you will effectively prevent the occurrence of heart disease and blocked arteries. Below is a guide to how to best lower cholesterol.

Reducing your consumption of saturated fat is a very important part of what you should be eating. According to studies, the lower the intake of saturated fats in the body, the lower your LDL cholesterol levels will be. Therefore, avoid foods that are high in saturated fat, such as fried chickens, beef burgers and French fries. This is very beneficial to lower cholesterol.

Monounsaturated fat from plant oils and nuts should be included in your diet as a substitution for saturated fats. Taking them can help lower your bad LDL cholesterol levels while maintaining your good HDL cholesterol levels. Polyunsaturated fats can also help reduce LDL but should only be taken in moderation because they can also decrease the good HDL cholesterol in the body. Foods that contain polyunsaturated fats include vegetable oils and margarine.

Studies have also shown that when carbohydrates replace saturated fat, the level of LDL cholesterol in your body can also be decreed. However, it is recommended not to over-consume carbohydrates as too much can also cause a decrease of HDL. Keep your carbohydrates consumption to around 60 percent of your overall daily food intake. Combining carbohydrates with eating soluble fibers will significantly help lower bad cholesterol in the body too. Although proteins have little effect on LDL cholesterol levels, using plant-based proteins in substitution for animal proteins can help lower your LDL cholesterol levels. It is recommended to have foods that are fat-free like egg whites, skinless chicken, fish, and lean cuts of beef.

In conclusion, eating healthy food will help you to maintain a healthy body and happier state of mind. Although you should not need to rely on medications, eating supplements that contain D-limonene and phytosterols can tremendously help keep your cholesterol within safe levels. Nutrients like D-limonene reduce blood cholesterol levels while phytosterols – mainly found in plants – can decrease cholesterol absorption in the body and reduce the risk of gallstones. Take a look at my website for my information about how to reduce and control the cholesterol levels in your body.

High Blood Pressure Natural Cures

High blood pressure natural cures are a good answer if your doctor has told you that you have high blood pressure and must lower it or risk serious problems.

The most important thing you can do is to change your diet. Here are five diet changes that can help lower your pressure naturally.

1. Cut back on salt. This is almost without question the most important thing you can do to lower your blood pressure. You can cut back on salt by using different spices, sauces and other seasonings. Just make sure that you read the labels of the foods you purchase to see how much sodium may contain … Make sure you cut back on those packaged foods that are high in sodium. And, instead, find less salty options …

2.Eat more veggies. When our body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs, it can work more efficiently. In turn, this helps lower your pressure. Potassium is particularly important in lowering it. While you can always just buy a comprehensive multivitamin, a better idea is to eat foods that are rich in certain substances. The best way to do this is to add fruits and veggies to your diet. Try replacing some of the meat in your diet with these healthy alternatives. If you do cut down on your intake of meat, remember that you will need to replace the nutrients that you would normally get from it.

3. Get some fiber. If you increase the amount of soluble fiber in your diet, you will not only lower your pressure, you will also lower your bad cholesterol levels. In turn, this can help you lose weight naturally. How do you add fiber to your diet? It's easy. Just eat oat brand, apple pectin, or guar gum.

4. Cut back on your sugar intake. Cut back on eating sugar, or eat it with fiber or protein. These will slow the absorption of the sugar and lessen its effects.

5. Ditch the diet pills. While it's true that losing weight will help lower your blood pressure, do not take diet pills. Many of the weight loss pills will actually raise your pressure. The better idea is to lose weight the old-fashioned way with diet and exercise.

Do these diet changes sound like too much? Then try taking them one at a time. You can also make changes in increments. For example, you can decide to replace one sugary or salty snack with a fruit or vegetable each day for a week. Once you are used to this change, you can keep adding more changes until you're comfortable and happy with your new diet and your lower pressure.

High blood pressure natural cures are not that difficult to implement, especially when you consider the alternatives.

7 Good Reasons to Lose Weight

Losing even 10% of your body weight can have a very positive effect on your system.

Losing weight is not easy but there are some really good reasons to keep on trying.

Reason 1: lower blood pressure High blood pressure is really hard on your blood vessels especially the tiniest ones called capillaries. There are certain areas of your body where there are many capillaries such as the retina of your eyes, your kidneys, your brain, your heart, and your lungs. When you have high blood pressure these areas can become damaged leading to blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks, coronary artery disease, and stroke. Needless to say high blood pressure also know as hypertension is not a good thing. Losing even a little weight brings your blood pressure down.

Reason 2: lower bad cholesterol There is a good type of cholesterol and a bad type. Too much bad cholesterol causes your arteries to lost their elasticity or stretchiness which in turn causes high blood pressure. Too much bad cholesterol also causes plaque to build up on the inside of the arteries and this can block blood flow to parts of your body. When this happens that part of your body dies. This can result in heart attacks where part of your heart dies or strokes where part of your brain dies. By reducing your body fat you reduce your bad cholesterol.

Reason 3: reduce high levels of blood glucose (associated with diabetes) You really don’t want high levels of blood glucose or blood sugar. This can lead to diabetes which in turn can lead to blindness, organ failure and even death. Losing weight is a good start at getting your blood sugar under control.

Reason 4: reduce sleep apnea Sleep apnea causes snoring – loud and persistent snoring! It leaves you tired and sleepy during the day and it bothers the person who sleeps with you at night, keeping them awake. It can leave you feeling like you are choking when you wake up. It also causes acid reflux in your throat when you try to sleep. All of this disruption to your sleep can make it hard to concentrate when you are awake. You become forgetful and you and your family and friends may notice that you exhibit personality changes and/or mood swings.

Reason 5: decrease depression Losing weight can help you feel less depressed because you feel better about yourself, have more energy, are more apt to engage in social situations and are able to do activities that you could not do before.

Reason 6: decrease the risk of osteoarthritis of the weight-bearing joints For every pound a person is overweight, three to five pounds of extra weight is added to each knee during walking. Extra pressure is put on all of your weight bearing joints increasing the risk of osteoarthritis. This painful disease can cause pain and swelling in the joints of your body greatly reducing the quality of your life.

Reason 7:increase self-esteem As much as we may not want to admit it, we do feel better about ourselves as we shed unwanted pounds. It’s great to fit into those pants or see a thinner self looking back at us in the mirror. As unfair as it may be that our society views being overweight negatively the fact remains that we will feel better about ourselves when we thin down.

Set small goals to start and reward yourself when you meet them. (ex: a manicure, a new book, a trip to the movies or rent a video) What ideas do you have for rewarding yourself? Start losing weight today!

A Walk With Anxiety

All your life the plan was to be a doctor. You were told this would happen, started to believe this would happen, and talked about it with family and friends.

In fact, you took classes towards this goal in high school. Interestingly, it was a big stretch to try and understand the material or even show interest.

But this did not deter you because this was the arrangement you made with life. Once in college, you declared yourself pre-med and took classes that led to this goal.

The challenges you found when trying to study let alone read the material were very discouraging. So was the embarrassment you felt in class when you were called on for a simple question, but were asleep and had no clue what the answer was.

Report cards came and you did the worst in science and math class. The pressure was already set and now you started to feel that you could not meet the expectation.

There had to be another way, otherwise you would let down your family and they would no longer accept/love you. You changed schools and to take a different approach to medicine.

Again, you are failing and can’t seem to grasp the concepts that come so easily to others in the same major. You feel like a failure and if you continue down this path, you will never succeed as a doctor.

In addition, your confidence to perform in front of people has diminished. You start to panic; breathing heavily, trembling, and have numerous irrational thoughts. You go down that dark path that is extremely lonely.

All of a sudden, you pop! You start crying uncontrollably and slurring your words when asked what’s wrong. You are pacing in the bathroom, hitting the doors, and you feel like you are going crazy. You even think about suicide.

You have just walked down the path of experiencing general anxiety to a full blown panic attack.

Putting a Face to Panic – Surviving Anxiety Disorder

When I started my recovery program in June 2002, I could not imagine a life free from Panic Disorder and Anxiety. Now I am grateful to be living that life.

For 30 years of my life, I was hosted to sometimes-daily Panic Attacks. I was plagued by fears of dying from a heart attack, stroke or something equally fatal. I lost count of how many times a day I checked my pulse. Calling 911 was my lifeline and the Paramedics were regular visitors to my home.

Functioning from day to day and continuing to work was difficult at times. When a Panic Attack started, I would go to the restroom or to my car and ride out the episode, head back to work and try to get through the day. At times, I just could not accept and had to go home.

It is difficult to describe the dynamics of what I was experiencing prior to working with the women who brought me into recovery and keep me in recovery. It was different from a Panic Attack. I can best describe it as feeling out of body, feeling completely ungrounded. Feeling like, at any moment, I would turn to dust and blow off the face of the planet. I would find a quiet place and sit very still waiting for the feeling to pass. I would visualize my skin having a zipper so I could probably slip out of it and pray the emotional pain would go away.

By divine intervention, I was blessed to meet and work with three female practitioners who believed I could achieve and maintain mental wellness even when I did not believe it was possible. They explained to me that it was not just about ending the Panic Attacks but also about re-mapping my life; who I would be when I was free from Panic. We needed to reprogram thirty years of old panicked thoughts and behaviors.

My initial recovery protocol consulted of seeing my practitioners once a week for 10 weeks … Mental Wellness Boot Camp as I now refer to it. My friend who practices spiritual healing used Hypnotherapy. It worked quickly to eliminate the frequent attacks. The session took me to the origins of the attacks and we reprogrammed the emotions attached to past events. My primary practitioner, a healing intuitive who uses Radiance healing, generally helped me understand that Panic Attacks were not fatal and helped stopped the fear that sometimes it was really a heart attack … this time. My therapist provided me with tools and techniques that I used everyday to continue chipping away at the negative thought patterns that usually accompaniment Panic and Anxiety Disorder. My recovery process has been a body, mind, spirit practice.

Positive affirmations are a daily ritual to keep me focused. Nutrition and vitamin supplement help replenish what anxiety can deplete from the body. Knowing I have support and encouragement from my practitioners should difficult times arise … and they have … helps keep me grounded, focused and constantly believing I can maintain a life free from Panic and Anxiety.

My recovery program has been a long road. Sometimes the work has been fun and challenging. Sometimes I have gone kicking and screaming but went because I believed all of this would pay off in the long run … and it has.

Quoting Joel Osteen, he said "God helps you turn your mess into a message." I'm turning what I viewed as a mess into a message.

My life is better than I ever could have imagined. By sharing my story, I offer hope and encouragement to those living with a mental health disorder believe … Recovery is possible.

Health Benefits Of Reishi For Cancer

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the western world. It tends to rob the lives not only of the elderly, but the young people as well. Chemotherapy and radiation are common treatments, however, the side effects can be devastating for the individual and therefore, many are turning to alternative therapies.

Reishi mushroom is one of the remedies in alternative therapy that can help fight cancer. In addition, the medicinal mushroom is available in a supplement form, which can be taken in conjunction with conventional cancer treatments to lessen the side effects.

Prevents Further Spreading

Cancer begins with a small tumor, which then grows as it gains more strength. Reishi has been shown to effectively halt the cells from duplication, and thereby stop the spreading of the cancer into other parts of the body. Research has shown that Reishi can cause the cancer cells to commit suicide in prostate and lung cancers.

Builds Up The Immune System

Reishi mushrooms have shown to be very effective in building up the immune system, which in turn can help in fighting cancer. The immune system is often weakened by an overload of toxins and other harmful substances. Reishi contains powerful antioxidants that are effective in removing those substances, so that the immune system can make a full recovery, and thereby stop the spreading of cancer.

Reduces Symptoms of Conventional Treatments

Cancer patients receiving conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation in most cases suffer from side effects such as hair loss, loss of appetite, fatigue and infections. When Reishi is taken in combination with the conventional treatments, however, the negative side effects can be reduced. It can also help to reduce pain, and improve the quality of life for the patients.

Reishi has been shown to be effective against liver cancer, breast cancer, prostate and lung cancers. However, it is a strong herbal remedy which can have mild side effects when taken regularly for more than three months. Therefore, after three months, it should be stopped for a month before continuing to take it again in order to avoid the side effects. The side effects include an upset stomach, dizzy spells, dryness in the mouth and throat, as well as itching.

Women who are pregnant or nursing should speak to their doctor before taking Reishi. Those who are allergic to mushrooms, are also advised not to take Reishi, unless otherwise instructed by a physician.

Radioactive Iodine Treatment and Your Immune System

I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer in March of 2008. I was only 27 years old at the time, and in complete shock. I decided to get checked on a whim because my older sister was diagnosed the previous year (even though papillary thyroid cancer isn’t always hereditary). I had absolutely no symptoms and I was told that it was caught very early. My surgery for the removal of my thyroid was scheduled immediately. I was informed that I would have to undergo radioactive iodine treatment shortly after my surgery in order to destroy any thyroid tissue left behind. This is a routine procedure following a thyroidectomy (an operation that involves the surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland).

Approximately four months after your radioactive iodine treatment your doctor will order a blood test to calculate your thyroglobulin level. Small amounts of thyroglobulin are normal in those with normal thyroid function.

Thyroglobulin levels should be undetectable or very low after the surgical removal of the thyroid (thyroidectomy) and/or after subsequent radioactive iodine treatments. If levels are still detectable, there may be normal or cancerous thyroid tissue remaining in the person’s body, indicating the need for additional treatment.

In most cases, the patient is only required to undergo radioactive thyroid treatment one time following the thyroidectomy. But, here I am, two years later completing my third round of radioactive iodine treatment. My thyroglobulin level was still at 14. My doctor wants me to be under 1. The radioactive iodine treatment itself isn’t very difficult. My doctor educated me on what to expect before (low iodine diet) and during my short hospital stay for treatment. What I wasn’t informed about was the effects that the treatment would have on my immune system in the coming months.

Following my first two radioactive iodine treatments I was constantly sick. It ranged from the common cold to pneumonia (pneumonia is NOT fun). I was spending hundreds of dollars a month on primary care doctor visits, and prescription medications. I was also losing money because of my constant absence at work. I would only feel “healthy” a couple of weeks at a time here and there.

This went on for about 7 to 9 months following my first radioactive iodine treatment. I was finally getting back to my old self again to find that I had to do a second treatment the anniversary month of my surgery. Then the “sickness cycle” began all over again. I tried so many different immune boosters after my second treatment but nothing worked.

Finally, just after my third round of treatment this past January, I found something that worked. AND it was an all natural product which was the best part. It’s been four months since my third (and hopefully final) radioactive iodine treatment and I haven’t had so much as a sniffle! I can not believe how much better I have felt these past four months compared to the past two years! I am writing to share my experience with others in hopes that I may help in some way. Click on my link below for more information on how to boost your immune system for those tough times ahead. I’ll also share with you two low iodine recipes that I wouldn’t have made it through with out!!

Exercises and Workouts – Strength Training Can Help Slow Down Aging

In today’s times where more and more people are becoming focused on both their appearance and their health, we are all looking for ways we can reduce the signs of aging. While we can never stop the hands of time entirely, there is much we can do to help reduce how much we show our age. Strength training often referred to as resistance training, is one of those.

Let us look at how this particular training will help you look younger and feel great…

1. Improves Growth Hormone Release. The first way strength training will help you combat aging is by enhancing the natural growth hormone release that takes place in your body. Growth hormone not only helps you build more lean muscle mass, but it can also…

  • help you burn fat and reduce the signs of aging.
  • help to keep you feeling and looking younger, and
  • may help prevent age-related problems such as osteoporosis from creeping up.

Intense strength training will boost your natural release, therefore exerting a very positive influence.

2. Boosts Bone Density. Speaking of bone density, this is another benefit this particular training offers. Regular strength training is the most weight-bearing exercise you can do. Weight-bearing exercises have been proven to help build up the overall bone matrix, assisting with denser bones that are more resistant to stress fractures and osteoarthritis.

Most adults begin to lose bone density over the years unless they are doing activities to help preserve it.

3. Builds Lean Muscle Mass. Finally, the last way strength training can help reduce the signs of aging is by helping you to create more lean muscle mass. Again, you will typically see a loss of lean muscle tissue with age unless you are taking steps to push your muscle mass in the right direction – through strength training. It is a “use it or lose it” concept. Without a stimulus being placed on the body, the body sees no reason to preserve the tissue.

The sad thing is many adults welcome the weight loss that typically accompanies the loss of lean muscle mass, but this weight loss is not ideal as far as preserving your body composition goes.

There you have a few of the most prominent reasons why it is vital you are taking steps to implement a strength training program in your life. All it takes is 30 minutes of training on 2 or 3 days each week to improve the strength and tone of your muscles.

Indian Spinning Mills in Disarray

Until a few month back, mills across Gujarat and Tamil Nadu, the two prominent regions renowned for their spinning sectors, were witnessing healthy returns.

As the demand for apparel remained steady in the domestic and international markets, profits of spinning mills in these states also soared before the onset of the global slowdown.

Yarn weaving and spinning mills were flooded with orders round the year and small units were busy expanding their operational capacities to meet the increased demand. However, this does not seem to be the case any more.

Reeling under recessionary pressure

Saddled by the global economic deceleration, the SME spinning mills in the two states are finding it difficult to maintain their margins. Following a sharp fall in the domestic consumption rate and an equally drastic plunge in export volumes in the Textile Manufacturers sector, spinning mills have been pushed to the wall.

“Margins have narrowed considerably and sales have nosedived, posing a threat to the competitiveness and sustenance of small spinning mills. Due to the hostile market conditions, several units have closed down and more than 2,00,000 workers across South India have lost their jobs,” said A Dharwish, proprietor of Adams Hosieries Impex, a small-sized textile unit in Tirupur.

Besides South India, the spinning industry in Gujarat is also going through a lean phase as demand has spiralled down in the wake of recession. The weak market conditions have compelled several small spinning units in and around Gujarat to shut shop, thereby jeopardising the jobs of thousands of workers employed in these units. Despite the Gujarat government’s initiatives to revive the spinning industry in the state, small and mid-sized mills are struggling to stay afloat.

“Though the Gujarat government has announced fiscal benefits and provided assistance to workers in the spinning industry, the market situation is showing no signs of improvement. In addition, the trade environment has continued to remain grim,” said J Atal, proprietor of Raj Enterprises, a small textile mill in Surat.

To prevent the crisis from aggravating further, the spinning mills in India have been recommended to avail of the special benefits announced by the government like 4% subsidy offered under the Technology Upgradation Fund Scheme (TUFS) and other incentives for expanding their operations.

Moreover, the government’s provision of grants worth Rs 40 lakh for SMEs planning to set up spinning mills is also expected to bolster the sector and help it recover from the downturn.

WoW – Skinning Leveling Guide 1-450

WoW Skinning

So you want to learn skinning? Sure the sound of it is kewl, and you will be racing around cleaning up after your own mess. So why not! And I totally agree.

But before you get started, racing around skinning any little furry mob you see in sight, have a read of this 1st, to give you an idea of how to level skinning even quicker! Because the only thing better than leveling up your skinning, is leveling skinning faster.

Where to Start

The main things to know here is, Trainers, Items(bags) & Leather types. Lets cover the basics.


They are everywhere, and for both Alliance and Horde. So where do you find them? Here is a list of the starting locations for both Alliance and Horde and their respective skinning trainers.

Ranks you can learn from these trainers:

(Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert, Artisan)

NB: These are all the skinners you should find around the original World of Warcraft game.

Alliance Skinning Trainers

o NightElf (m), Radnaal Maneweaver – Northwest of Ban’ethil Hollow – Teldrassil

o NightElf (f), Eladriel – Craftsmen’s Terrace – Darnassus

o Human (f), Helene Peltskinner – Goldshire – Elwynn Forest

o Human (f), Maris Granger – Old Town – Stormwind

o Dwarf (m), Balthus Stoneflayer – The Great Forge – Ironforge

o Human (f), Wilma Ranthal – Stonewatch Falls – Redridge Mountains

o NightElf (f), Jayla – Silverwind Refuge – Ashenvale

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade (only)

o Furblog, Gurf – Stillpine Hold – Azuremyst Isle

o Draenei (f), Remere – Traders’ Tier – The Exodar

Horde Skinning Trainers

o Undead (m), Rand Rhobart – Southeast of Brill – Tirisfal Glades

o Undead (m), Killian Hagey – The Rogues’ Quarter – Undercity

o Tauren (m), Yonn Deepcut – Bloodhoof Village – Mulgore

o Tauren (f), Mooranta – Middle Rise – Thunder Bluff

o Orc (m), Thuwd – The Drag – Orgrimmar

o Tauren (m), Dranh – Camp Taurajo – the Barrens

o Troll (m), Malux – Shadowprey Village – Desolace

o Tauren (m), Kulleg Stonehorn – Camp Mojache – Feralas

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade (only)

o BloodElf (m), Mathreyn (upto journeyman only) – West of Silvermoon entrance – Eversong Woods

o BloodElf (f), Tyn – alk of Elders – Silvermoon

Tools (Items):

OK, so now you have learnt your skill for Skinning, and are ready to go skin some mobs. Wait wait, hang on a second. You need some tools. or in the games terms, items.

o (Required) Skinning Knife

o (Suggested, but optional) Leather working bag like the ‘Bag of Many Hides’

You can get away without a skinning knife, if you attack with an axe, knife or sword. But only until a certain level, and this only frees up 1 bag slot. And YES, your MUST carry the skinning knife with you.

Which is why the ‘Bag of Many Hides’ is so great, it can be used to store all your leather and skinning knife in, and its BIG. Another great advantage. Definatly worth the gold.

Leather Types:

I saw this somewhere, and thought it was quite interesting. A list of all the leather types available in the Original World of Warcraft and what level mobs you can expect to see them on. In the expansions, there are only 1 type of skinnable leather from mobs.

o Ruined Leather Scraps – expected mob level: 1-16

o Light Leather – expected mob level: 1-27

o Light Hide – expected mob level: 10-27

o Medium Leather – expected mob level: 15-36

o Medium Hide – expected mob level: 15-36

o Heavy Leather – expected mob level: 25-46

o Heavy Hide – expected mob level: 25-46

o Thick Leather – expected mob level: 35-63

o Thick Hide – expected mob level: 40-59

o Rugged Leather – expected mob level: 43-63

o Rugged Hide – expected mob level: 47-63

NB: You can upgrade your leather with Leather Working. Sometimes, I would just get a guildie or friend to do this for me in exchange for some leather goods.

Lets Get Skinning!

OK, so we have got the skill, got the tools, learnt a little about the skinning leathery stuff. So now we need to know where to start. Well if you are doing this with a new toon, then pretty much the 1st place you can kill a mob, you can skin a mob. But here is a list of suggested areas which can really help you speed this process up.

Level your Skinning from 1-25


o Undead – Hounds around Brill

o Orcs and Trolls – Mottled Boars and Scorpids around Sen’Jin Village

o Tauren – Prowlers and Plainstriders around Bloodhoof Village


o Humans – Boars around Goldshire

o Gnomes and Dwarfves – Crag Boars and Wendigo’s South of Kharanos

o Night Elves – Nightsabers and critters around Dolanaar

Level your Skinning from 25-50


o Undead – Worgs and Moonrage Gluttons around Silverpine

o Orcs and Trolls – Boars, Scorpids, Crocolisks and Raptors around Orgrimmar

o Tauren – Prowlers and Praire Wolves around Thunderbluff


o Human – Prowlers and Bears around Eastvale Logging Camp

o Gnomes and Dwarfves – Wolves around Brenwall Village

o Night Elves – Moonstalkers and Bears around Auberdine

Level your Skinning from 50-100Horde

o Most Horde races – Plainstriders, Raptors and Prowlers around Crossroads


o Humans – Goretusks all around Sentinel Hill

o Gnomes and Dwarfves – Bears and Crocolisks around Thelsamar

o Night Elves – Moonstalkers and Bears North of Auberdine

Level your Skinning from 100-130


o Most Horde races – Stormsnouts and Thunderhawks around Camp Taurajo


o Most Alliance races – Crocolisks and Raptors around Bluegill Marsh and Whelgar’s Excavation Site

o Alternative – Whelps and boars around Lakeshire

Level your Skinning from 130-150

Alliance and Horde have 3 areas to level now

o Bears and Mountain Lions around Hillsbrad Foothills

o Ravagers and Wolves in Duskwood

o Bears, Stags and Ghostpaws in Ashenvale

Level your Skinning from 150-170

Alliance and Horde

o Yeti Cave in Hillsbrad Fields

o Mountain Lions on the “Daggers”

NB: these are the bits of land between Hillsbrad and Alterac Mountains, one is called Corrans Dagger, so hence the nickname

o Hyenas, Lions, Wyvern and Thunderhawks in Thousand Needles

o Bears, Stags and Ghostpaws in Ashenvale

Level your Skinning from 170-180

Alliance and Horde

o Raptors in Arathi Highlands

o Turtles and Basilisks in The Shimmering Flats

Level your Skinning from 180-220

Alliance and Horde

o Raptors, Panthers and Tigers around Nessingwarys Camp in Stranglethorn Vale

NB: you could actually get your skinning level all the way to 300 in and around STV as the mobs range from level 34 to level 50

o Raptors and Crocs in Dustwallow Marsh

o Thunder Lizards, Kodos, Basilisks, Scorpids and Hyenas in Desolace

o Whelps in Swamp of Sorrows

Level your Skinning from 220-250

Alliance and Horde

o Raptors and Gorillas around the Gurabashi Arena

o Panthers, Jaguars and Crocs in Swamp of Sorrows

o Dragonkin, Coyotes and Ridge Stalkers/Huntresses in Badlands

o Wolves around Feathermoon Stronghold in Feralas

Level your Skinning from 250-275

Alliance and Horde

o Snickerfangs and Boars in North Blasted Lands

o Silvermanes and Gryphons in The Hinterlands

o Stags and Hippogryphs in Azshara

o Hippogryphs, Apes, Bears, Wolves, Screechers and Yetis in Feralas

Level your Skinning from 275-300

Alliance and Horde, lots of choice here, try out your skills around:

o Jagueros and Gorillas on Jaguero Island

NB: Large Island to the East of Booty Bay where Princess Poobah is being held

o Yetis, Chimeras and Bears in Winterspring

o Bears in Western Plaguelands

o Plaguehounds and Plaguebats in Eastern Plaguelands

o Turtles by Raventusk Village in The Hinterlands

o Turtles and Chimeras in Azshara

o Dragonkin, Worgs and Scorpids in Burning Steppes

OK, I did say I would take you all the way to 450 didn’t I. Well here is the Burning Crusade Skinning Guide. From here on out, its the same for both factions.

Level your Skinning from 300-330

o Hellboars & Ravagers around Hellfire Peninsula

Level your Skinning from 330-350

o Talbuk’s and Clefthoofs all over Nagrand

NB: it’s possible to keep going all the way to skinning 375 here unless you want a change of scenery

Level your Skinning from 350-375

o Netherdrakes around Stormspire in Netherstorm

o Netherdrakes around Netherwing Fields in Shadowmoon Valley

o Raptors and Wind Serpents around Blades Edge Mountains

And here is my World of Warcraft Skinning guide for Wrath of the Lich King.

Level your Skinning from 375-405

o Shoveltusks around Howling Fjord

Level your Skinning from 375-405

o Mammoths around Borean Tundra

NB: There are usually heaps of dead ones just lying around here as well

Level your Skinning from 405-430

o Deer, Infected Grizzly Bears, Wolves and everything else on the Grizzly Hills

Level your Skinning from 430-450

o Giraffes, Mangal Crocolisks, Gorillas and pretty much anything in Sholazar Basin

OK, and thats some of the best places to level skinning profession from 1 – 450 fairly quickly. I think the quickest I have seen someone do this is in about 9 hours. Feel free to tell me your score! And if you can prove it, I will make a special write up about your techniques!

Master of Anatomy

I remembered I was going to mention this, and since WotLK, there is no skill level vs character level restrictions anymore. So if you want to make a twink @ 19, you can still craftily level you skinning all the way upto 450!

o (75-149) Master of Anatomy Rank 1 – increases Critical Strike by 3

o (150-224) Master of Anatomy Rank 2 – increases Critical Strike by 6

o (225-229) Master of Anatomy Rank 3 – increases Critical Strike by 9

o (300-374) Master of Anatomy Rank 4 – increases Critical Strike by 12

o (375-449) Master of Anatomy Rank 5 – increases Critical Strike by 20

o (450+) Master of Anatomy Rank 6 – increases Critical Strike by 32

OK, that’s it for now, I hope this guide has been helpful to you and your skinning efforts in the World of Warcraft.

Choose Love Not Fear

When things get stressful in relationships, it is not uncommon for there to be and outburst of anger. One or the other person gets angry and exhibits behavior that can border on violent or manifest in other ways, such as: coldness, raising our voice, ignoring, and arguing.

It is so easy to get entangled and take part in the situation. All it takes is one person to express it and then things can easily escalate out of control resulting in a situation lasting longer than it should and both people feeling miserable.

In order to prevent an unpleasant and stressful situation, it is imperative that we be able to look beyond the anger into the other person and realize that anger is not a natural state of being. Almost always, where there arises conflict there is an absence of love, and there is an abundance of fear.

You can be right or you can be happy

As adults, we need the ability to step back when we are experiencing an angry outburst from someone and observe the person and the situation. This is very difficult because many of us have a need to “win.” This façade of triumph over another and the need to be “right” can prolong any unpleasant situation. This is why it is imperative to train yourself to not add fuel to the fire by participation and diffuse it with observation. This is not easy and it takes practice.

When an argument with your mate or friend has ensued and you in a heated discussion and no end seems near, this is the perfect time to choose look at the situation in a new way-something we call a perceptual shift.

As you notice faces becoming red, voices rising, and you feel your stress level elevating, you need to shift your perception from you being a victim to focusing on the other person as being frightened-and full of rear.

Once you are able to look beyond their behavior and focus on the fear that resided just below the surface of the turmoil, it may be easier to respond to the other person with kindness instead of anger and disapproval.

Often times, the other person will accuse you of trying to manipulate them as your tone softens, and they may question your sincerity. Do not let this deter your loving behavior. This is all the more reason to stick to your plan and to focus on extending love and express compassion. This process may take some time before the other begins to understand that you have an interest in eradicating the painful experience of the argument for both of you.

Kill Fear with Kindness

Often mistrustful people will react in a negative manner to the kindness and become suspicious of your intentions. People have a difficult time processing the fact that they actually have a choice between happiness and misery.

If this continues to happen, despite your efforts to stop the stress, you may need to evaluate whether or not this is an appropriate relationship for you. Both people need to respond in kind. Sometimes your efforts will show you the other’s person desire to remain in pain and cling to their suffering.

By seeing the fear, you can let go of your own fears in dealing with such a difficult situation. Seeing the other person differently allows you to create different feelings, which in turn bring different ways of behaving towards them, which in turn cumulatively begins to heal the other’s fears of further hurts. As your false perceptions heal, the other person also heals.

Perceptions Rule the World

If you view others as capable, you will deal with them differently and they will behave differently. People with angry outbursts and even violent behavior problems should be regarded as frightened and appealing for help and for love. With this perception, we are all less likely to participate in the battle that stands before us. Instead of feeling like the other person requires control and judgment, view them as needing your love and help.

Someone’s whole world can change as a result of how you perceive them and that is why perception is such a powerful force. How is it our perceptions of others and situations have such an influence on our experience of them? Projection makes perception. Quite simply, this means that the thoughts and beliefs inside of us are projected, coloring our perception of the outside world, its events, and our relationships in it. It is not what another person says or does, nor the events of life that make us happy or unhappy, but rather what we think about that person’s behavior or those events.

Just imagine: If the same event universally brought happiness, one could have a most successful industry of packaging and marketing it! Yet we know that when many people go through the same experience, each one’s interpretive perception is often quite different.

For example, two children raised in the same family can grow up with very different perceptions of their family life. One takes the mother’s guidance and nurturing as helpful and loving, thereby becoming open to learning from adults and authority figures. The second child takes her mother’s guidance as intrusiveness, thereby growing up to resent and question authority.

Physics of Perception

The new 21st century discoveries in physics also supports this notion by showing that there is no such thing as an objective reality that is separate and apart from us. The minute we have observed something, the physicists tell us, we influence it– and there is no place where this interaction with what we perceive as outside of us is truer than in our relationships.

As a result, we do not – cannot – see other people in our lives with absolute objectivity. Nor are they real apart from us, since we are constantly affecting our reality by what we believe, think, feel, say and do. Each aspect of our inner world tints the glasses through which we look at the people in our lives.

Let me give you an example: Liz, a graduate student, had a hurtful encounter with Sherri, in her class. After class Liz began to ask herself obsessively, “What is wrong with me that Sherri doesn’t like me?” A few hours later, however after much inner suffering, Liz overheard two classmates talking about how Sherri is bearing up so well given that her youthful husband had a premature heart attack and almost died. Sherri is in the midst of trying to keep up with school and take care of her three children while dealing with her fear.

With this information, Liz had compassion for Sherri instead of feeling rejected. When she shifted her interpretive perception of Sherri, her reality was now quite different. Nothing in the world had changed, particularly Sherri; only Liz’s interpretive perception changed, but that made an entirely different personal reality for her.

While Liz had the good fortune to hear some facts about Sherri, which changed her perspective, we shall see that it is possible for us to do even if we are not presented with personal details or inside information.


If it is our perceptions that bring our pain and suffering, then how can we change them to move from a powerless position, in which we feel like a victim at the mercy of the people in our lives, to an empowered and happy one, in which we take responsibility for our thoughts and behaviors, and choose to extend love? How do we accomplish this task without having to wait for another person or the world to change?

A perceptual shift is choosing to see someone or a situation differently. It is seeing through the behavior presented to us that appears attacking, rejecting, or depriving. It is looking with an X-ray vision to see that the undesirable behavior is only a person who is not having access to their true self.

Since perception always includes interpretation–usually a judgment of some kind– then perception is not just a sensory experience, but includes thoughts as well and can therefore be changed!

An Exercise to Change your Perception

When a person is behaving toward us in a way we do not like, we can simply ask ourselves,

• Is it love coming from this person?”

• If not, there is only one other conclusion that is possible: This person is afraid and appealing for love.

Instead of viewing this person as an ogre, see them as a scared little boy or girl hiding behind a paper tiger and who desperately wants love. In fact, the more ferocious-sounding the tiger, the greater the fear and desperation for love.

The Rule of 2

I find the simplicity of only two emotions–fear or love– especially useful in moments of intense interaction, especially when there is not enough time to recall or get to know a painful history that might give rise to the other person’s behavior.

The perceptual shift we need to make is quite simple, though very profound:

1. When we see fear instead of attack, we are no longer afraid, and we are able to tap into our inherent capacity to love or be loving.

2. If we do not perceive attack, we don’t have to mount our defenses. We know that displaced anger was just an expression of fear, and there is no reason to get caught up in it.

3. We will know that when someone behaves in such bizarre ways, it only means that they do not know more effective ways of getting past their fear.

The choice we have moment to moment is between victimization or empowerment; pain or joy; hell or heaven; illusion or truth; the ego or our True Self.

In moments of crises, is a world filled with two categories of people:

• Those who are able to extend love

• Those appealing for love out of fear.

All of us vacillate between the two categories. Both, however, provide opportunities to get in touch instantly with empowering love. When we are in a state of loving, we are manifesting our True Self essence, which is love, our divine nature. When someone is extending love, we can be in touch with love just by opening our hearts to receiving it.

Perhaps even more important, if the other person is appealing for love out of his or her fear, you can also get in touch with love by extending love yourself to the other person who is crying out for it. The fringe benefit is that also ensures your happiness. You can never be bereft of love, for it is always there to give simply by deciding to do so, much like deciding to turn on a faucet connected to an eternal spring. For more tips on managing your stress go to http://www.realstresssolutions.com.

The Basics of Skin Cancer

There was once a time, when cancer was a disease that was considered rare and something that was almost unheard of, for most people. Today, the doctors encounter a growing number of people who are being affected by the same. What is alarming is that there are so many types of cancers these days and that many times detecting them becomes a tough task.

One of the most common types of cancer encountered these days is skin cancer, and in most cases, the reason behind the same is that people are not taking care of themselves and are not being sun safe. What is important to remember is that if the skin cancer is detected well in time, it can be treated and even cured.

What is skin cancer?

When there is an uncontrolled growth of skin cells that are not normal, it is known as skin cancer. This type of cancer occurs when DNA of skin cells get damaged and has not been repaired. This leads to mutation, genetic defects and could also lead to tumours and malignancy.

Why skin cancer needs to be treated immediately:

If the condition is detected in its initial stages, it is relatively easy to treat the cancer and to even eradicate it completely. In addition, early detection will also ensure that the condition does not spread to other parts of the body.

In order to receive early treatment, it is important that you learn how to examine your skin, which in turn will ensure that you are able to detect the condition, well in advance.

What are the types of cancers?

In order to treat skin cancer, figuring out the type of cancer is the most crucial step of all. There are actually three types of skin cancers:

Basal cell carcinoma (BCC): This is perhaps the most common type of skin cancer and is actually much more frequent, as compared to the other types of skin cancers. This type of cancer arises from the basal cells, which are actually present in the deepest layers of the epidermis. The initial presentation might be in the form of a bump or sore, that does not heal. It could also present in the form of a patch of skin, which is red and irritated. Most of the times, the areas of the skin that are constantly exposed to sunlight, such as face, ears and scalp are affected by basal cell carcinoma. If the condition is diagnosed well in time, treating and curing it, is possible.

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC): Initiating in the squamous cells, this type of cancer too infests in the epidermis. The condition may present itself in the form of skin crusting or scaling. The area could become red and inflamed and there could be bumps, which do not heal. While the condition is seen most commonly in areas which are constantly exposed to sunlight, it could actually manifest itself in any part of the body. With early treatment, the condition can be stopped from spreading.

Melanoma: This is the most dangerous type of skin cancer arising from the pigmented skin cells. If the condition is not diagnosed well within time, it could lead to death; however, this type of cancer can be treated and cured with minor surgeries. But if the melanoma starts to spread within the body, then curing it can be quite the tough task.

What are the main treatments for skin cancer:

If the condition has been detected well within time, there are certain procedures and treatments, which can cure the cancer. Some of the most commonly used procedures include:

Wide local excision – The tumour is removed using surgery, and a small portion of the tissues, surrounding the tumour is also removed.

Mohs surgery – The skin cancer is removed in a very precise manner

Cryosurgery – The tumour is destroyed using cold treatment

Laser surgery – The cancer cells are vaporized using laser

Curettage and Desiccation – The skin cancer is removed via methods such as scraping and cauterization

Topical chemotherapy – Prescribed medications, in the form of lotion or creams, will have to be applied on the skin, where the cancer has manifested itself

Laser treatments for pre-cancerous growths – A laser is used to remove the skin conditions that could eventually develop into skin cancer

Photodynamic therapy for pre-cancerous growths – Special medications, known as photosensitizing agents, are combined with light therapy and these are utilised for the eradication the defective cells.

What are the main dos and don’ts?

Here are the things that you should do:

· Try to minimise the time you spend in the sun, especially between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, which is when the rays of the sun are the strongest.

· Wear clothing that will offer protection against the sun, including sunglasses and hats with wide brims

· Make sure that you use sunscreen on a regular basis, and pick one that will offer you protection against UVA as well as UVB.

· Avoid artificial tans, tanning beds and tanning devices as much as possible.

· Learn how to recognised the ABCDEs of skin cancer lesions:

A: Asymmetry

B: Border irregularity

C: Colour variability

D: Diameter increase

E: Evolving nature

· If you notice any skin lesions or moles, then it would be best that you visit a dermatologist immediately.

Here are the things you should avoid doing:

· If you notice any signs of skin cancer, do not ignore them, and make sure that you have them screened by a doctor.

· Rather than going to a general practitioner, it would make sense to meet a dermatologist, because they would be able to offer better advice.

· If the condition is diagnosed as skin cancer, do not shy away from asking questions and further treatment.

Fantastic Extagen Reviews

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Heartburn Medication

Over 60 million Americans suffer from heartburn. It is possibly the single most income-creating medical problem for the pharmaceutical companies. Heartburn is a burning pain starting behind the breastbone and spreading upwards. The stomach acid, backing up the wrong way from the stomach, enters the esophagus and inflames and irritates the esophagus. The lower esophagus sphincter, either through weakness or getting relaxed due to alcohol or drugs, allows this leak.

There are three different approaches to manage this problem. The antacids provide a simple temporary cure. These medications, mainly made of calcium carbonate, aluminum and magnesium, neutralize the acid in the stomach. They act very fast, but are effective only for short periods (1 to 2 hours). Antacids like Pepto-Bismol coat the esophagus so that the acid does not come in contact and cause heartburn. Medications like Gaviscon form a barrier of foam between stomach and esophagus.

The H2 blockers are the second type of medications used to cure heartburn. Drugs like Cimetidine, Ranitidine, Nizatidine and Famstidine provide relief from the heartburn by suppressing acid production in the stomach. They take about 1 hour to take effect and last up to 12 hours.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI) are the third class of medication for heartburn. PPIs like Omeprazole and Lansoprozole turn off acid production by a different method from H2 blockers. PPI interferes with the proton pump in the mucus lining of the stomach at the last stage of acid production. It is effective within one hour and the effect lasts up to 24 hours. There is also a combination medicine: antacid for fast relief and H2 blocker for longer relief.

We do not know, by any systematic study, how effective herbal remedies are or how they work. But many physicians accept and recommend them as supporting medication. Ginger root, aloe vera juice, basil leaves, bitters and aromatics all have their proponents.

Self-treating heartburn with OTC drugs is quite reasonable, up to a point. But if the problem persists for longer periods than recommended by the drug manufacturer or if the patient finds no relief with the medication, it is time to consult a physician. The heartburn could be a symptom of a more serious underlying problem.

Re-Conditioning Your Vehicle (Exterior)

Part 1

Exterior- Visual/Cosmetic

The most appealing part of a vehicle is the appearance. For the most part it helps if you have minimal body damage ie: dents, scrapes, dings, scratches etc. I usually recommend having major dents and body damage professionally repaired. It may cost more upfront but in the end it will retain the value and aesthetic demeanor of the vehicle over time.

1) A Good Wash

  • Go to your local automotive store or and buy a wash bucket, microfiber wash mitt, a good car wash soap and a good medium grade clay bar. Most stores you can find these items in a kit or kits ranging from anywhere from $20-$50. You can also get this step done at your local detailing shop costing upwards of $250-$500, but if you are trying to keep costs down a DIY is the way to go!
  • Use warm water and clay bar the vehicle first. you may have to repeat this step 2-3 times to get all the dirt and grime off that is not visible to the naked eye. Let’s say its like a facial cleanser for the surface of the body panels.
  • Get your bucket use a generous amount of soap and add water. next rinse off the vehicle to make sure all contaminants are off. Give the vehicle a good scrub and rinse repeat 2-3 times depending on how dirty the vehicle is to begin with. dry off with a cowhide or micro fibre cloth or let it air dry under the sunlight.

2) Exterior Polish/Wax

For this step I recommend taking your vehicle to a professional as if you have not polished before you run into the risk of burning through the clear coat and paint thus costing even more money than what you set out to spend. Basically, what a good 2 step polish does for the vehicle is bring back that deep lustre and high gloss shine giving the vehicle a “like” brand new look again. You may also polish your head lights, tail lights and wax your windows for a great finished look. For the DIY you need a good multiple speed polisher, polishing pads, and a good 2- step polishing kit. These items can also be found at your local Automotive store or online detailing stores. For the do-it-yourselfers I will have another article available on the step by step on how to polish and wax.

Wheels and Tire Shine

Wheels are also important in the exterior appearance. Have any curb rash.damage repaired, or the wheels re-finished as whole itself will add significant visual points to the exterior presentation. Lastly don’t forget to shine those tires up with a good tire shine product.

For the most part this is the key ingredients for doing a “like new” re-condition to your vehicle. These methods can he also used on motorcycles, boats, rv’s etc.