Tips for Living Healthy Life With Diabetes

Diabetes, as known to all is an insulin default of our body. It is further classified into 2 types; Type I and II. Of these 2, the Type II is common. The early signs can be like restlessness, hunger pangs, extra sweating and dizziness. You can say it appears normal, but if you find that these signs are now becoming common and not like once-in-a-month types, then you need to get yourself to a doctor.

Proper diagnosis will help in determining whether you are suffering from shortage or excess of glucose in your blood. Both conditions can lead to diabetes and hence, are harmful enough. You have to pay attention towards yourself if you find any problem with yourself. The reason is that diabetes can be fatal. It can result in coma or death. So, it is not something that can be neglected.

One of the most important pieces of advice is to visit your doctor regularly. Maintain your appointments without any negligence or carelessness on your part. This is very essential as the doctor would be able to keep your data about blood glucose level and see if there is any improvement or no. another thing is that in case of improvement or worsening situation, your medicines will have to be altered. If you do not keep a track, you may end up causing yourself more harm than diabetes itself.

Try to follow whatever your doctor tells you very strictly. This is a very important thing. If you are told not to consume any particular food item, then remain beware. Just cut it out of your list and add more years to your life by doing so. So, stay in touch with your physician, do not miss out your medicines and also if you find any change, major or minor, do inform about it to your doctor. It may be insignificant something for you but a very important thing for your doctor.

7 Key Reasons To Seek Chiropractic Care

Chiropracticis a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. Those that use chiropractic care regularly recommend it highly for a variety of reasons. Here are the seven best reasons to find a chiropractor when you aren’t feeling your very best.

1. Chiropractic Has Been Proven Safe

Chiropractic is one of the safest therapies available if you are suffering from any neuromusculoskeletal issues such as back, neck, joint, or head pain.

What exactly does safe mean? If you want to talk numbers, then the risk of injury is 1 in 286,000,000, or 0.0002%. Compare that to standard treatments such as medication and surgery where the risk of injury is 1 in 1428. That’s right – chiropractic manipulation is that much safer, and as you’ll learn later in this report, more effective as well.

The most common issue involving chiropractic isn’t an injury at all. It is simply some mild soreness after adjustment. Think about how your muscles feel if you’ve done something you don’t normally do. You feel sore because your muscles, bones, and ligaments have moved in ways they are not used to moving. This is what happens during a chiropractic adjustment but on a minor scale. Any soreness you feel will be gone within 24 hours and most patients feel immediately better with no soreness whatsoever.

Why is chiropractic so safe? There are four main reasons:

  1. Chiropractors have years of schooling with coursework that includes classes on all aspects of the spine.
  2. Chiropractors have been trained, doing clinical work long before becoming licensed.
  3. Chiropractors continue their education long after graduation, completing courses yearly in order to maintain a license to practice.
  4. Finally, and most importantly, a chiropractor’s basic philosophy is that the body is capable of healing itself. The purpose of a chiropractor is simply to remove the subluxations, or blockages, that occur in spine so that the body can do its job.

Chiropractic is so safe that agencies unassociated with chiropractic tout its benefits. For instance, the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR), part of the US Department of Health and Human Services, found that complications are rare. Not only that, they suggest that chiropractic should be used before surgery is considered. And finally, they state that prescription drugs are not recommended for most back pains.

2. Chiropractic Has Been Proven Effective for Pain

If you have pain, chiropractic may be just what you need. Studies in the United States and other parts of the world show that chiropractic manipulations are effective. One study in California found that chiropractic was effective 86% of the time for general lower back pain.

But what of acute lower back pain? A report released by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recommended chiropractic as the best treatment for this ailment. A study from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and the Jefferson County (Missouri) Rehabilitation Centre showed that there was immediate improvement when chiropractic was used to treat acute low back pain.

Study after study has been conducted and study after study has concluded that spinal adjustment is superior to other treatments for acute pain. But chiropractic is beneficial to more than just general, chronic, or acute lower back pain.

Patients of chiropractic seek help for neck pain or discomfort as well. In fact, 19% of patients report neck pain at the first consultation. This pain is usually caused by accident or injury but can also be brought on by every day living.

The modern medical treatment for neck pain is either immobilization or physical therapy. However, studies have shown that spinal adjustments are more effective. For instance, a study done in the Netherlands observed patients receiving one of the three treatments. They found that spinal adjustments improved overall physical functioning more than the other treatments.

Beyond the back and neck, patients often seeks chiropractic care for headaches, including migraines. For chiropractic patients, migraines are often reduced or resolved without using pain killers or other prescription medications. A study was published by chiropractic doctors at University of Odense and the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and clinical Biochemist in Denmark showing that spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapy allowed for steady improvement.

Many people understand the role of chiropractic in the back, neck, and head because chiropractors are seen as “back doctors.” However, chiropractic has proven effective for many other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, infantile colic, and much more.

For pain associated with a variety of conditions, chiropractic is proven effective, often more effective than modern medical treatments. Coupled with the safety of chiropractic, it should be your first choice when dealing with pain.

3. Chiropractic is Less Invasive and Drug Free

If you go to a medical doctor due to neck and back pain, you are likely to be given nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, known as NSAIDS. Although these drugs are given out regularly, they do have significant risks t hat are far greater than the typical issue, soreness, seen with chiropractic.

NSAID risks include:

  • Allergic reactions, some of which can be life threatening
  • Hives or rashes
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Gastrointestinal issues such as bleeding or ulcers
  • Cancer

Another typical treatment is bed rest. But this, too, can cause problems such as muscles atrophy, heart and lung weakness, bone loss, and blood clots.

Let’s not forget surgery. Surgery is used for neck and back pain whenever painkillers and bed rest don’t work and the risks of surgery are great. They include:

  • Breathing issues due to anesthesia – a patient can quit breathing entirely
  • Blood loss leading to transfusions
  • Cardiovascular risks such as heart attack or stroke
  • Scar tissue
  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Blood clots
  • Lung collapse
  • Injury to other areas of the body
  • Paralysis
  • Numbness and tingling of parts of the body
  • Swelling and bruising
  • And even death

Chiropractic has none of these risks because it is not invasive. There is no cutting on the body and there is no medication prescribed. To avoid the risks associated with NSAIDS and surgery, chiropractic is an excellent choice.

4. Chiropractic is Less Disruptive to Your Lifestyle

Chiropractic is done on an outpatient basis and has easy recovery, often less than 24 hours of minimal soreness. Consider this in comparison to the recovery of surgery.

After any surgical procedure, the body needs time to repair tissues damaged during the surgery so that the body can return to normal. Surgical recovery is a process that can take time, often long periods of time requiring medication and bed rest. In fact, pushing yourself too hard after surgery will cause setbacks and make your recovery time longer.

Chiropractic, on the other hand, has limited recovery time. At most, chiropractic patients may feel some mild soreness in the area of the manipulation. This soreness is typically gone in a matter of hours, not days or weeks as with surgery.

Additionally, surgical patients that are older, out of shape, overweight, or generally in poor health will take far longer to heal and be ready for every day life. Although different factors will dictate how quickly you are pain free, the ability to resume your lifestyle happens quickly with most patients, often with as little as one manipulation.

5. Chiropractic is Less Expensive

In August 1999, Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) of Kansas presented a study titled “Lumbago Treatment.” When viewed per treatment episode, chiropractic was shown to be more cost effective than anesthesiology, neurosurgery, neurology, registered physical therapy, orthopedic reconstructive surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, and rheumatology.

Why so cost effective? Medical doctors and physical therapists rely on:

  • Referrals
  • Prescriptions
  • Surgery
  • MRIs
  • CT scans
  • Hospitalization

Over 50% of the charges are simply for diagnostic procedures and not for actual pain relief.

On the other hand, the majority of chiropractic expense comes from office based treatment with less than 10% of costs arising from diagnostics, typically in the form of spinal x-rays.

A study in the May 2007 Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics showed that chiropractic resulted in a 60.2% reduction in hospital admissions, 59.0% reduction in hospital days, 62.0% reduction in outpatient surgeries and procedures, and 83% reduction pharmaceutical costs when compared with conventional medicine.

By reducing these items, overall costs associated with chiropractic care are significantly less than that of traditional medical care.

6. Chiropractic Helps With Injuries Due to Accidents

Chiropractic is beneficial in treating various injuries such as sprains, pulled muscles, and joint problems due to auto, sports, work, and everyday injuries. The most common injuries due to accidents are:

  • Whiplash
  • Lower back misalignment
  • Upper back and neck misalignment
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Whiplash is the sudden movement that causes distortions to the neck. This type of sudden movement often happens during a car crash, even one at very low speeds. Although you may not initially feel any pain, the vertebrae that move out of place will eventually cause problems with the nerves and cause you pain from misalignment or subluxations. Medical doctors prescribe pain meds and bed rest for whiplash, which may be good for a day or two, but not for the long run. There is no way to remain in bed indefinitely nor is it possible to function regularly on pain medications. A chiropractor will help you with the cause of the problem rather than help you manage the symptoms.

Lower back misalignment can happen suddenly or over a long period of time. For instance, you can improperly lift something heavy resulting in immediate back pain, or you can simply have poor posture that results in back pain over time. The misalignment causes subluxations that can be corrected using chiropractic.

Lower back pain is made up of several different low back problems including:

  • Vertebral subluxations
  • Injured discs
  • Muscle strain
  • Ligament sprain
  • Scoliosis
  • Sciatica
  • And more.

The ability to correct injuries holds true for the upper back and neck as well.

Repetitive Motion Injuries are a fast growing source of pain in the United States often associated with the workplace, particularly sitting at a computer terminal for long periods of time. Repetitive motion injuries cause less oxygen to get into the muscles and this causes scar tissue to develop. Chiropractic releases the subluxations causing the pain.

So, whether your pain is from a car accident or merely sitting incorrectly at work, chiropractic is a way for you to feel better fast.

7. Chiropractic: Because You Live, Move, and Breathe

Because you are alive and move about, you are sure to cause a misalignment of your spine at one time or another. Simple movements such as sitting or bending can cause problems. So can walking, running, stretching, and lifting. In fact, any movement can create a subluxation and subluxations cause pain when left alone. So, if you move, then you can benefit from chiropractic.

Whether you are out running every day or see yourself more as a couch potato, chiropractic can be beneficial to you. It is the most effective natural healthcare available. And, as you’ve learned, it is safe, effective, non-invasive, inexpensive, and great for any injuries you may have. If you live, move, or breathe, you should have a doctor of Chiropractic as a member of your personal health care team.

How to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Medication

Below average penis size is a rapidly growing problem these days. The latest and greatest enlargement pills are being promoted left and right, and to be honest, I’m sick of it. Medication is not the way to go if you are trying to make your penis bigger. They will just leave you disappointed and frustrated. There is an alternative though. You can make your “device” bigger with simple penis enhancement exercises.

So far exercising the penis naturally is very underrated. Even though men have had very good results from using penis enhancement exercises, very few seem to be implementing them. They must have a good reason for skipping them, or they simply don´t know how effective they can be. But, they are slowly rising in popularity, now that men are realizing the effectiveness of natural penis enlargement exercises.

Any man, sporting two hands, can use penis enlargement exercises to make his penis larger. They are very easy to implement, not taking up too much of your time. You can exercise in the shower or simply laying in bed, staring at the ceiling. I only exercise for about 20 minutes per day, with very good results. So anyone, anywhere, can have positive results using natural penis exercises.

It is becoming quite clear that penis enlargement exercises are rising in popularity, due to men realizing that they are working very well. Every day, men all over the world, are adding inches to their manhood. That is how you can make your penis bigger without medication.

Using the “top rated” penis enlargement supplements can seriously affect your health, in a bad way. More and more cases are popping up where scientist are finding all kinds of dangerous chemicals in these pills. The production of these supplements is not regulated, therefore it is up to the product maker to insure proper handling. That is usually not a good idea, as many companies are seriously lacking in that are. Not to mention many companies selling male enhancement supplements buy them from other countries, having no control over production safety. Sure there can be vendors out there who have very strict production processes, but separating the good from the bad is nearly impossible for the consumer. So you should think twice before purchasing.

With penis enlargement exercises on the rise, as well as pumps, extenders and similar products, there is absolutely no need to invest in these supplements, which are ineffective by the way and potentially dangerous as well.

To get started with natural exercises read on and apply.

Warming up before any technique takes place is very important. You are not likely to see results if you start exercising without warm up, and possibly harm the penis. The simplest warm up technique is to simply take a hot bath, which opens up the dorsal veins of the penis. It is very important to start by warming up.

With step one behind us it is time to start exercising. This particular exercise thickens your penis, most likely increasing sexual pleasure for your partner. This method is probably one the oldest methods around, but it is really effective. It is usually referred to as the milking method, as it resembles the act of “milking.” So grab the penis with your thumb and index finger, around the base, and slowly force the blood towards the head. The correct way of doing this, to insure you get the most from the exercise, is to apply just enough pressure that you will really feel the blood moving, but not to the point of discomfort or pain. Finding this balance takes some practice, but you should get the hang of it really quickly. Do this every other day at first, for about 5 minutes per session. You should see results fairly quickly, 1-3 weeks.

How Do I Know If I Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

When you think of cosmetic dentistry, chances are you immediately think of a famous and/or wealthy person. It makes sense that someone who lives in the public eye undergoes cosmetic dental procedures. After all, he or she must always look their best.

But then there’s you.

While you think that it would be nice to rejuvenate, resurrect and restore your once beautiful smile, you think cosmetic dentistry is too extreme a measure. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t for you.

Or is it?

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental procedure. What was once a novelty service offered by a few select dentists to their wealthier clients, is now a cheaper, routine procedure that is offered by many dentists and available to many patients.

Everyone, not just the rich and famous, can benefit from a whitened smile.

If you’re embarrassed of your smile because of deep, stubborn stains in which you’ve tried nearly everything else, in-office, professional teeth whitening might be the best cosmetic dental procedure for you.

What about other cosmetic dental procedures?

The following are other cosmetic dental procedures available:

  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Porcelain crowns
  • Veneers
  • Bonding
  • Orthodontics
  • Implants
  • Orthodontics
  • Teeth reshaping
  • Gum lift
  • Gum grafts
  • Gingevectomy
  • Gum depigmentation
  • Invisalign
  • Bite reclamation
  • Bridges
  • Enamelplasty

As you can see, there are many cosmetic dental procedures available.

Cosmetic dentistry not only makes your smile look flawless, but it can fix speech impediments, chewing and biting difficulties and increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

Signs You Need Cosmetic Dentistry

If you think that cosmetic dentistry is only about whitening teeth and smoothing minor smile imperfections, think again. The advancements in cosmetic dental technology has enabled dentists to perform additional cosmetic dental procedures that can dramatically change and improve the lives of their patients.

Here are some signs you may need a cosmetic dental procedure:

Difficulty chewing. Do you experience pain, discomfort or pressure when you chew? Maybe you don’t have any discomfort, but you’re physically not able to chew food as well as you should. Difficulty chewing can have a variety of causes, most notably a misaligned bite caused from crooked, missing or misshapen teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can fill-in gaps between teeth, replace lost teeth, reshape teeth and straighten teeth so that your proper bite can be restored.

Embarrassing smile. If you’re unhappy with your smile, join the crowd. Many patients can find one thing wrong about their smile. For many people, it’s the unpleasant yellowing of their teeth due to poor oral hygiene, smoking, and drinking of coffee, tea, wine and soda.

While some patients may have the time to have their teeth whitened via at-home whitening kits, other may have deep stains that they’d like to have removed quickly.

If you have teeth staining that won’t come out with at-home whitening kits or products and it’s causing you to hide your smile, cosmetic dentistry may be the best option for you.

Maybe it’s not teeth staining your most embarrassed about. Maybe you have chipped, cracked or misshapen teeth. Cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers, onlays, inlays and bonding can help with these dental issues.

Jaw pain, pressure and discomfort. Dental issues such as bruxism and TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) can leave your jaw sore and can lead to excessive pressure on your teeth and gums.

Crowns can help protect teeth from further wear due to the grinding and clenching common in bruxism and Botox can help ease the pain and pressure associated with TMJ.

Chronic headaches. Dental conditions such as TMJ and abscessed teeth can also produce constant headaches which can be severe enough to negatively impact your life. Your oral and nasal cavity are interconnected so a severe issue in one can also affect the other. A problem in the mouth can, therefore, not only cause jaw pain, but it can impact the nasal cavity and produce headaches. Cosmetic dental procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox can help lessen the severity and frequency of your headaches.

Heartburn and ulcers. Patients who suffer from chronic acid reflux and heartburn can not only be staining their teeth, but also put their teeth at a heightened risk of decay. The stomach acid that comes up from the stomach can erode the lining of the esophagus and the enamel of teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can help protect your teeth from further stomach acid damage.

Cosmetic dentistry not only makes your smile look great, it also offers restoration and prevention treatments to give you a healthy and strong smile.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t anything to be afraid of or intimidated by. Contact your local cosmetic dentist to learn how cosmetic dentistry can help improve your smile and life.

How to Practice CALM First Aid Techniques In An Emergency

As people, when we witness a car accident or an injury our first instinct is to rush to the rescue. We want to help and that is great. It means that there is still hope for the human race; however, most of us watch too much TV. On television, the first person on the scene rushes forward and knows exactly what to do. With sleeves rolled up, he carries the accident victim to safety and stops a spurting artery, then plunges into CPR. When he has revived the grateful patient, he ducks into the delicatessen across the street and performs the Heimlich maneuver on a woman whom he noticed was choking and asking for help. Every one applauds and our hero modestly shakes hands and disappears into the crowd. He goes home and waits for the mayor to track him down with a key to the city.

Life Is Not Television

Guess what… life is not TV. First of all, in real life, our hero would have probably been hit by the next passing car when he rushed into the street. He could have made a neck injury much worse by carrying her to “safety.” That artery he stopped bleeding was probably contaminated blood, which is now all over him. On TV, they slap on a tourniquet, which means he will probably be in court losing his house and property when the family sues. If the woman had an artery that was spurting blood, her heart was not stopped, but he would have surely stopped it performing CPR. As for the woman who was choking, she did not need the Heimlich maneuver if she was asking for help. Choking people cannot speak.

CALM is Caution + Aware + Learn + Move

Rather than letting all this cynicism dissuade you from helping a fellow human being in distress, take a few moment to learn what you should do immediately following an accident or injury. Learn how to keep your head and stay safe. You can do this by staying CALM. Caution-Aware-Learn-Move. Call 911 before you do anything else.

• Caution: Take a few deep breaths and think. If they witness an accident or see someone injured, most people become excited and rush to the rescue. You could put yourself in harms way if you do not stop and remember to use caution when you approach the injured person.

• Aware: Be aware of the situation and be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for traffic if it is a car accident. Then, if the person is conscious, make them aware of you. First of all, you know nothing about them. You do not know how they will react-so move slowly. Introduce yourself and your intentions. Always be careful when stepping into the street or scene of an accident. Tell them that you want to help. They may not know what has happened. Be aware of details that you may need later.

• Learn: Perform a careful triage of the situation. Take mental notes. Everything that you learn now could be an important clue for emergency personnel or the police. Learn how many are hurt and what the worst, life-threatening injuries are and treat them first. Learn the injured person’s name and use it often to reassure them. Ask them questions about their injury or accident as well as where they live, how they are enjoying the weather, and anything else to take their mind from the situation.

• Move: Now that you are safe and you have assessed the situation, proceed with first aid until help arrives. Move forward and treat the most threatening injuries first. Recruit help if no one is offering-for the minor things. Be ready to move if the situation becomes unsafe.

CALM is the Word For The Day

Using CALM will help you to think about what needs to be done. It also helps you to avoid mistakes. Do not forget to keep yourself safe by using the universal techniques for first aid safety.

Understanding Strokes in Elderly People – Symptoms, After Effects and Assistance

While anyone can be at risk of having a stroke, the elderly are more vulnerable. Elderly people who suffer from high blood pressure are at high risk. In cases where high blood pressure is accommodated by diabetes, smoking or the drinking of alcohol the risk is even higher. Men are also more at risk than woman.

Elderly people are not always aware of these factors and sometimes seem to be oblivious to the facts. In a study done by Mayo clinic in 2007 they found that 50% of elderly patients that had strokes before did not recognize the symptoms again. Some waited for over three hours to a week, from the start of the symptoms, before they went to the hospital.

The quicker a stroke patient gets medical care and attention the better the changes are of recovery. Living with the aftermath of a serious stroke is much worse than taking the trouble to go to hospital even for a very minor attack.

Symptoms of Strokes

Weakness in one part of the body, usually an arm or a leg, is almost always a sure sign of a stroke. Inability to talk or slurred speech is another symptom that occurs rather regularly. Stroke victims, many times, find the face droops or one side of the face would droop. Dizziness, severe heads and confusion are other symptoms that are often seen. Nobody should take a chance when they experience symptoms like these and even more so for elderly people. No inconvenience to get to a hospital can ever compare to the severe after effects of strokes.

After Effects of Strokes

With less serious strokes people can recover quite remarkably. For younger victims it might be easier and quicker to recover than for older people. People that suffered a serious stroke can end up being paralyzed on one or both sides. Many times the victims have trouble speaking. Recovery is a long and tiresome process and a lot of times, they never recover.

Assistance After a Stroke

There is always hope for recovery after a stroke and even though many patients do not recover fully there are ways to make it easier for the patient. The frustration to suddenly not be able to talk or move around can make them very impatient and they might not be very cooperative during therapy sessions. Therapy is, however, very necessary and important.

Occupational, physical and speech therapist will be able to assist with these adjustments. The most important thing to remember is that it is never too early to seek medical attention if you suspect you or someone else is having a stroke.

Penis Enlargement Methods That You Need to Avoid At All Costs

A lot of men in this world are not happy with their penis size and therefore dream of expanding their manhood by adding a few inches to it. If you are one of these men, then looking into different penis enlargement methods is not unheard of. Whether you are in a hurry to get the job done or not, penis enlargement methods are legitimate ways to do so.

Naturally, it would be important to ensure that you do not damage your manhood in any way during this process. If you are not very knowledgeable in the subject of penis enlargement methods so far, this means that you have to do your research beforehand. In this article, we will help make your life a bit easier by showing you which penis enlargement methods you need to avoid at all costs.

Penile Surgery

Penile surgery for penis enlargement is completely useless. Despite the fancy advertisements that come with this type of surgery, the success rate of it is actually very low. Plus, they are also very dangerous and men could become impotent if they go through the surgery even if it does work. Impotence aside, penile surgery may also result in chronic pain whenever an erection is present, which could prove to be a hurdle in your sex life.

So, if you have been steering towards penile surgery while looking at the different penis enlargement methods available out there, think again. It would certainly be best to turn to natural methods and remedies first before resorting to surgery, especially since natural methods are both safe and effective at the same time.

Penis Rings

Penis rings are quite the mysterious devices. A lot of men seem to think that wearing one of these rings can give them harder and longer-lasting erections in no time at all. This is not true, though. In a nutshell, penis rings are worn on the base of an erect penis to maintain the flow of blood inside of it and engorge the tip and shaft of it. Thanks to this increased flow of blood, the penis will look larger than usual.

However, using these rings for an extended period of time can actually stop the flow of blood in the penis completely and result in a lot of different problems, including blood clots, tissue damage, and other blood flow problems. Aside from that, your manhood could feel sore for several days, as well. The worst part is that your penis will not stay long for very long. Penis rings are merely temporary solutions that could potentially be dangerous and damaging. This is why it would be best to stick to natural penis enlargement remedies and methods instead.

Penis Weights

Penis weights refer to weights that are hung on the man's organ to elongate it. This sounds simple enough, but these weights are actually some of the most brutal devices in today's market – believe it. While practiced in several Asian countries in the world of martial arts, these weights could potentially harm the penal if used improperly and could even fracture it. Penis fractures may then lead to crookedness or Peyronie's disease, among other things.

Generally speaking, the penis enlargement methods mentioned above should be avoided at all costs if your goal is to get a larger penis in a safe and effective way. Not only are the aforementioned methods dangerous, but they could also make you impotent forever, so steer clear of them altogether. Ideally, you should turn to different penis exercise programs to get the job done instead. Some exercises, like kegels and jelqing, can even ensure that the positive results that you get from them stay with you for life.

Contents of Diets That Control High Cholesterol

Reports show that approximately 65% ​​of all heart diseases are due to high cholesterol levels in the body and the reason why people have high cholesterol levels is because they do not eat enough healthy foods and they are constantly stuffing themselves with foods that have large amounts of saturated fats. These fats are very harmful for they increase the levels of the bad cholesterol in your body, that is, your low density lipoproteins (LDL). High LDL levels cause a blockage to the arteries which leads to a heart attack. For that reason, it is essential that you avoid foods that are high in cholesterol like, fried chicken, egg yolks, ice cream, chocolates, fast foods, potato chips and many more.

Maintain a diet that will lower your bad cholesterol levels and raise your good cholesterol levels, that is, the high density lipoproteins (HDL). High HDL levels are very essential to the body for they are the ones that reduce the production and absorption of your bad cholesterol. Foods like vegetables and fresh fruits are free of cholesterol and are very effective in combating high cholesterol. Formulate a cholesterol diet menu that you can use on a daily basis. Include nuts in your diet and blueberries both of which have antioxidants.

Other types of foods to include in your diet that help decrease your bad cholesterol levels and simultaneously increase your good cholesterol levels are foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids like, salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel and more. A plate of oatmeal daily has the same effect as the Omega-3 fatty acids because it is rich in soluble fiber.

Natural supplements, such as, Theaflavins contained in green and black tea, Policosanol found in sugar cane, D-Limonene from orange peels and Phytosterols found in plant membranes help lower the high cholesterol levels and are even more effective if you combine the natural supplements with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. It is important to note that you not only are you lowering you high cholesterol in general but most especially the bad cholesterol levels are they are most harmful.

Lose Weight by Eating for Your Blood Type – Fad or Fact?

Several years ago, a very interesting new idea with regard to weight loss became all the rage: eating for your blood type. This concept answered the age-old question of why not all eating plans work for all people. That much seems undeniable – people are very different with regard to the types of food that works for them, as well as the type of exercise program. A weight loss regime that works for one person won’t necessarily work for someone else – that much we know.

Some experts started to link this to blood type. There are four main blood types, and according to this way of thinking, each type represents a body type. If you eat the food that is right for your type, you will lose weight effortlessly. Conversely, most weight problems are the result of eating the food that’s wrong for your type. As well, there are types of exercise that are suitable for some types and not for others.

Though mainstream science ridiculed this idea, thousands of people followed the eating plan for their blood type and many had excellent results. This is the theory: the different blood types evolved at different times in human history, and even nowadays people with those types have traits that are specific to humans at that stage of evolution. This may sound confusing, but it’s clearer with an example: According to this theory, ‘o’ type blood, because it’s the simplest type, evolved first. At that time in human history, people had not yet developed agriculture. They were primarily hunters, and ate meat and greens; they ate no wheat, and no dairy, because those foods developed later on with the advent of farming. Humans at that time in history also exercised vigorously.

So, if you have ‘o’ type blood, your body is similar to this early human physiology. If you eat a lot of carbohydrates and don’t exercise vigorously, you will have weight problems and other health problems, because you are not eating and exercising in the way that is right for your blood type and body type. To lose weight and be healthy, if have ‘o’ type blood, you have to eat plenty of red meat and vegetables, and very little wheat or dairy. You should also have a strenuous physical activity, like running or weight lifting, that you practice several times a week.

But if you are a type ‘a’ or ‘b’, for example, that advice would be all wrong for you. These types developed somewhat later, after agriculture was established, so these individuals can and should eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains. People with ‘ab’ type blood are lucky; their type evolved last, after humans had incorporated all types of food into their diet. So ‘ab’s can basically eat anything – within reason – and not gain weight.

Over the past six or seven years, many people have followed this plan and lost a lot of weight. There are a few problems with it, though. First of all, as mentioned before, there is no hard scientific evidence that shows that people with different blood types are physiologically different. It’s an appealing idea, but it can’t be proven as yet. Also, some of the blood type diets (particularly the diet for type ‘o’) are very restrictive. In fact, the type ‘o’ diet is rather like Atkins at its most restrictive, and some nutritionists feel that this might lead to problems with high cholesterol in the long run. On the other hand, proponents of the diet argue that type ‘o’ people are precisely those who can afford to eat a lot of meat without negatively affecting their cholesterol level. If someone with a different blood type ate in this way, it might be a problem, but not for “o’s”. And it is certainly true that some people develop or don’t develop cholesterol problems seemingly regardless to their dietary intake.

If the theory has no basis, though, how would we explain the weight loss that so many people have experienced? It may be simpler than you think, actually. Any one of the four blood type eating plans, if followed correctly, would have you eating healthier, more natural food. Some, like the ‘o’ diet, are also quite restrictive. It seems likely that these diets make you lose weight in and of themselves, regardless of what blood type you are!

Healthy Foods That Can Help You Control Your Blood Pressure

If you find your blood pressure has risen, do not panic. There are many foods that can be removed or added to your diet that will help get the numbers back in control. Stress plays an important factor in blood pressure, so the most important thing is to not worry yourself into a panic that will definitely make the blood pressure rise.

Blood pressure is linked to heart disease, so it is important to get your blood pressure readings under control. This is especially true if your cholesterol readings are also high.

Foods to restrict:

The first thing to do is cut salt from your diet. Many meats, fruits, and vegetables contain natural sodium, so they already add salt to your diet. Avoid adding additional salt to your diet. Sodium allows vessels to expand. This increases the amount of blood flowing through the body, since the raised blood pressure reading.

If you find the reduced levels of salt alter your enjoyment of food, use herbs for seasonings. Thyme, oregano, dill, marjoram, rosemary, and tarragon can all add loads of flavor to any meal. Mrs. Dash, a no-salt additive, uses lemon and orange peel as well and can be very useful in flavoring food.

Cut back the amounts of saturated fats. These can add weight to your body, which in turn can raise blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. Stay away from cheese, butter, fatty meats, and processed foods.

Cutting meats from a diet has been proven to drop blood pressure readings by up to 2.8 points. Beef, pork, veal, and liver can all be high in saturated fats. Chicken breast and turkey breast are better options.

Add these foods:

Potassium is an important mineral. It helps regulate the water that is able to flow through the blood vessels. High blood pressure restricts the amount of water so you need to balance it out. Bananas, avocados, grapefruit, potatoes, squash, and tomatoes are all potassium rich. Add these to your diet.

Foods rich in calcium and magnesium also help with high blood pressure. Add sardines, spinach, tofu, all beans, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds (also called pepitas), skim milk, soymilk, and fat free yogurts. You can use many items from this list to put together a quick breakfast shake. Mix some frozen fruit with yogurt, skim milk, or soymilk, add a touch of honey or the herb stevia, and blend until creamy. Add some flax seed oil for additional health benefits.

Increase all fruit and vegetable servings. Tomatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, mushrooms, asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower are only a sampling of the vegetables that can help reduce blood pressure readings. Oranges, strawberries, melons, and blueberries are great additions to your diet because of their high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Seafood, especially salmon, is rich in good cholesterol. You should add seafood to your diet immediately. Poached salmon with fresh vegetables is a quick and easy meal that will go a long way in helping lower blood pressure readings.

A high blood pressure reading is scary, but it does not have to mean your world is coming to an end. Taking a proactive stance and changing your diet is a great way to get your blood pressure under control.

Prostate Gland Health – Needs Your Concern

Being an important gland of the male body, the Prostate Gland requires being taken care of which is frequently ignored. This carelessness can sometimes prove to be very hazardous. An unhealthy prostate gland is one of the great causes responsible for prostate cancer. The American Urological Association together with the American Cancer Society strongly recommends that older men (including healthy older ones) arrange annual rectal examination programs or PSA tests as soon as a male reaches age 40 and beyond. One must then be very conscious of any hint you could get from the little warning signs of prostate cancer afforded you, and get the necessary medical diagnosis and treatment the soonest time you can.

The prostate problems symptoms include difficulty of urinating – as the urethra where the urine passages is blocked by the enlarged prostate. Can you imagine this situation? You have the urge to urinate but yet you find it hard to take a leak. And if you are able to do so, there is some pain felt in the process. Prostate cancer is the worst prostate problem an older man of 50 or above can get. Not only because the disease is painful could it be emotionally and financially burdensome as well. Prostate cancer shares similar symptoms with other prostate-related problems. Although pain in the lower back and difficulty in ejaculating are some of the symptoms are not present among the other ones.

So keeping in mind the prostate Gland Health, under given are the prescribed conditions required:

Live life to the fullest is one important way to keep you and your health out of reach of the diseases and problems. Keep your body and mind fit. Work out regularly in the gym. Last but not the least has a good sexual relationship with your partner. You may also have a prostate kneading.

A Balanced-Diet for Keeping the Prostate Gland Healthy:

Have a balance diet. Eating fruits do not just give you anti-oxidants; you also get fructose from them. Fructose can stimulate Vitamin D production that will eventually stop the growth of malignant tumors. Absence or the lack of Vitamin D can put high risk of developing cancer cells especially on the prostate.

Because of the consciousness of maintaining a sound health, diet regimens, health-related activities, and supplements are flooding the market today for Prostate Gland health []. All these are geared towards the attainment of optimal health, so quality healthy life years are enjoyed. The Prostate Cancer signs are many, and men should know about it. One should not take it for granted and leave it to time for healing.

Cold Pizza Roll

When you think of a cold pizza roll you might not think of it as a wonderful snack for kids. This recipe is for everyone who loves pizza anytime of the day. This cold pizza roll recipe is a wonderful low calorie alternative to buying store brand or ordering out pizza. There is 187 calories per roll and 6 grams of total fat. This recipe is wonderful for people who have time to make it the night before they want to eat it or for a way to have the kids help make lunch for school in the evenings.

Makes 6 rolls


• 10 ounce package refrigerated pizza dough

• 3.5 ounce package of pizza style Canadian bacon

• 1/3 cup of pizza sauce

• 3 one ounce pieces of string cheese cut in half crosswise

• Non-stick cooking spray

• Cornmeal (optional)

• Oregano (as desired)


Step 1: Lightly coat the cooking sheet with the non-stick spray. Also lightly spread the cornmeal over the baking sheet if desired.

Step 2: The second step in making a cold pizza roll is to unroll the pizza dough on the lightly floured surface. Press the dough to make a 13 ½ x9 inch rectangle. Cut into size 4 ½ x 4 ½ inch squares. Put the Canadian bacon in the center of each square and sprinkle on the oregano.

Step 3: Top with pizza sauce and string cheese. Bring up two opposite edges and pinch to seal on each of the individual squares until they are all little packages.

Place seam side down on the prepared backing sheet and then you are ready to bake.

Step 4: Bake in the oven at 400 degrees for 13-19 minutes or until golden brown. Remove to a wire rack to cool for an hour. Wrap each sandwich in a plastic wrap and chill for 4-24 hours. Then you are ready to enjoy some cold pizza rolls.

Cranberry – A Home Remedy for Bladder and Urinary Tract Infections


Vaccinium macrocarpon

Common Names: American Cranberry, Arandano, Bearberry, Bog Cranberry, Craneberry, Large Cranberry, Mossberry

Medicinal Part: Berries

Description: Cranberries are a unique fruit. They can only grow and survive under a very special combination of factors: they require an acid peat soil, an adequate fresh water supply, sand and a growing season that stretches from April to November, including a dormancy period in the winter months that provides an extended chilling period, necessary to mature fruiting buds. 1

Properties and Uses: Anti-oxidant, anti-bilious, anti-putrid, diuretic, laxative, refrigerant, sub-astringent, vasodilator. Indicated for: Candida and other bacterial conditions, diarrhea, dropsy, fevers, scurvy, stomach ulcers, urinary tract infections (UTIs) of the bladder and urethra, urolithiasis. 2

I always find it amazing how the most common plants can harbor such beneficial properties. Take the cranberry for instance. It’s common enough, making an annual appearance on most every American table at Thanksgiving time. But historically, its role was far more prominent as a Native American cure for drawing poison from an arrow wound, to calm the nerves, and even as a dye.

For over 30 years now I’ve used cranberry juice to treat bladder or urinary tract infections, and I still find it unnerving how quickly the medical community will scoff at this common application that has been utilized for centuries. However, recent studies have shown that the use of cranberry can indeed impact such infections by preventing bacteria from attaching to the walls of the urinary tract. Cranberries may also protect against heart disease and certain types of cancer, probably through the antioxidant and anti-tumor effects of flavonoids found in cranberry. 3

Using Cranberry to Treat Bladder and Urinary Infections:

As with most herbal remedies, early intervention is the key. Cranberry should be taken at the first signs of a growing infection, (frequent urge to urinate and a painful, burning feeling in the area of the bladder or urethra during urination). Cranberry can be taken in juice form, by diluting cranberry concentrate with water, as a supplement or tincture.

If you choose to simply drink cranberry juice, read the product label carefully. Many so-called cranberry cocktails contain little or even no actual cranberry juice. While cranberry juice is always diluted because of its strong flavor, you should find a juice containing a minimum of 20% cranberry.

At the first sign of urinary problems, drink 3 to 4 (8) oz. glasses of cranberry juice daily until the symptoms disappear. If the symptoms persist or worsen consult your health care professional, as an antibiotic will likely be needed to get the infection under control. However, even if an antibiotic were required, I would recommend continuing with the cranberry juice, as it is helpful in reducing the painful symptoms associated with such infections.

So many Doctors today are concerned about the over-prescribing of antibiotics, and cranberry juice is one home remedy that, if utilized in the early stages of bladder and urinary infections, can offer relief without the need or expense of a doctor visit and subsequent medications.


2. []


The information provided by UsingHerbs.Com is intended to heighten awareness of potential health care alternatives and should not be considered medical advice. Always check with your qualified health-care professional for medical attention, advice, diagnosis, and treatment.

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Thupramaya: Stupa

Thuparamaya: The Oldest Stupa of Sri Lanka

Have you ever wondered which the oldest Stupa in Sri Lanka is?

Constructed in the reign of king Devamnampiyatissa, Thuparamaya is the first Stupa to be erected in 250BC-210BC in the watch of Mahinda who was an envoy sent to Sri Lanka by the Indian King Ashoka. It was Mahinda and Sangamiththa, son and daughter of King Ashoka, who brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka. Mahinda brought Buddha’s collar bone to be enshrined in the stupa, which is still here. It is noticeable that it was not only a Stupa but an Aramic Complex too. However, the Aramic Complex that covered nearly 3½ acres around the Stupa is in ruins now. One of the starkest attractions of the Stupa is Stupa-house, known as Vedagate. The two circles of pillars around the Stupa supported the ceiling, which was another dome as is indicated by the diminishing height of the pillars circles, of the walkway around. It is a relic of beautifully done wookwork.

A history of gold and bricks

The Vedatgate had an exterior made of gold and silver until the Pandyans plundered it off by the seventh century. Two and a half centuries later when Mahinda IV again got the Vedagate covered in gold and silver somewhere around 956-972AD, yet again it was looted by the Colas.

Then after a long period of 900 years, in 1862, it was renovated again in the modern times, which transformed the ancient features of the Stupa.

In the view of construction

This most ancient Stupa is situated in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. It is constructed in the shape of a bell. The dome stands 3.45 meters tall with a diameter of 18m at the base, paved with granite. The stupa was demolished and reconstructed for quite a few times in the past. The Stupa in Sri Lanka is known as the Dagoba.

Things To Do

Apart from the Thuparamaya Dogba, there are several beautiful places around that you must visit.

Sangamiththa Stupa:

It is a very small Stupa situated just 130 meters east of Thuparamaya Stupa. It was named after the Indian King Ashoka’s daughter who reached Sri Lnaka somewhere around 249 BC.

Padalanchana Chethiya:

Walking 50 meters southwards of Thuparamaya Stupa there is other small Stupa knowns as Pedalanchana Chethiya which was built by king Lagnatissa. It is believed that Buddha stepped in the middle before rising in the air to return to India right after his third visit to Sri Lanka.

The ruins of ancient Hospital:

On the east south premises of the Stupa, there are the ruins of an ancient hospital where the patients were looked after and medicated during the Anuradhapura era. You will find the medical stones around the ruins which were used to heal the sick and ailing. It used to cure the ailments i.e. Snake Bites through the baths which were enriched with medical concoctions.

Royal palace of King Vijayabahu:

After battling with Colas of India, King Vijayabahu constructed this temporary palace in the celebrations. In the present time, the building measures 39*66m. There are two Guardstones that appear at the entrance of the palace, known as Sankhini and Padmanidhi.

How to reach Thuparamaya?

Thuparamaya is well connected to the entire continent. You can reach there by bus, by rail and by air.

By Air: The nearest airport to Thuparamaya is Colombo airport which is 183km away from it. You can either take a bus, a cab or a taxi from the airport directly to Thuparamaya.

By Rail: There are two train stations in Anuradhapura city. The main Anuradhapura station is nearby the old bus town and the other one is New Town Station which is situated in the southern part of the city. You can either take a taxi from there to the Stupa or take a walk and reach the Stupa while exploring the city.

By Bus: Same as the railway stations of the city, there are two bus stations. The Old Bus Station takes you to the southern part of the city, whereas the New Bus Station takes you to the north and east.

Where to sleep? (For later)

Where to eat?

Rangiri Restaurant:

If you want to tease your taste buds with some really tasty food then this is the place for you. The rice and curry of this place is a really lip-smacking combo.

Rasa Gedara:

The interior of this place is beautiful. One could come here for dinner after a long day. The service is good. Come here for the authentic Sri Lankan cuisine.

Seedevi Family Restaurant:

Claimed to be the cleanest restaurant by the travelers, Seedevi Restaurant is known for its terrific service. Although the options are very limited here when it comes to food, yet buffet of this place is renowned for its variety and taste.

Pizza Hut:

In case you want to visit an international food chain, Pizza Hut is there for you.

Harvest Café and Restaurant:

With modern interiors, Harvest Café and Restaurant is known for its delicious pizzas, sandwiches and biryani for biryani lovers.


With a rich enthralling history and the beautiful monuments around the temple, Thuparamaya is a must visit place if you want to learn about and understand Buddhism. Make sure you visit this place the next time you are in Sri Lanka. It will be a serene experience.

PS: An advisor tip- Make sure you that you wore socks when you entered the premises, the floor gets really hot in summer days.

Meta Description:

For a perfect day infused with Buddhist spiritualism, Thuparamaya stands in all its glory and majestic ambience. With places like Sangamiththa Stupa, Padalanchana Chethiya and Royal palace of King Vijayabahu around, this place makes for a stunning and beautiful symbol of Sri Lanka’s rich past. The place is easily accessible from all the major transport facilities and the area around is equipped with all the modern amenities.