Vaccinating Birds for Bird Flu with Food and Recycling Products

Currently there is a real problem with plastic water bottles, the litter and pollution they create. Many medical professionals are quite concerned that they can cause health issues if you drink your water out of them. It is a quite heated debate on both sides, but few can deny the problems they create in the environment. Currently plastic water bottles are made of very thin plastic which decays faster, but the UV light also causing them to decay before you drink them causing health issues as it enters the water itself, which you will soon be drinking.

These water bottles are also found to be filling up our landfills unnecessarily and also causing issues, as they become trash in parks, the beaches and athletic fields. Some teachers have fund ways to teach and use empty water bottles as materials for projects in the classroom. Recently in a press release a company named; BIOTA Spring Water came out with the World’s First Bottled Water or Beverage Packaged in a Bottle that is Made from 100% Renewable Resource, Corn not Oil. This means that it is bio-degradable and will decompose quickly.

Since it is made of corn, animals will eat these bottles and birds too. So I propose that we put Bird Flu vaccine into the bottles during manufacturing protecting our local and regional birds from traveling migrating birds, which might have bird flu in a strain that is dangerous to humans, such as the N5H1. The birds will eat the bottles, thus no pollution or litter and they will be safe and so will we? Think on this idea?

The Path of Illumination

Change is a mythological journey, where we hear the call; go with uncertainty into unknown dangers, until we finally find our way home. You can become what your spirit intended you to be — whole, perfect and free. To free yourself, you must step into the light, be brave and take action. Although you may feel safe in the dark because it is what is familiar to you, the safety is within the light. Where there is light, there is growth. Once you have stepped on the path of transformation, you are well on your way to a new experience. You can no longer deny the growth that is taking place within you. If you do, you will extinguish the growth. You must honor the growth. It is like a growing tree, if you cut the trunk, it will die. If you deny your own growth, you will kill the light within you; the golden light of love, peace, and knowingness. You must stay on the path of illumination.

You are where you are on the spiritual path because of many things you have experienced and learned. You have knowledge. But that is not enough. You must apply that knowledge by taking action and making smart decisions. You can not stand still. You must keep walking on the path, progressing forward. The soul is a manifestation of God's power. Your soul (like all souls) is infinite, with no beginning and no end. Each soul is an important part of the universal plan for humanity's growth and evolution. We all have the responsibility to illuminate and enlighten ourselves. Illumination is the higher state of consciousness. Higher consciousness is the constant, ever-changing awareness of our psychological truth. It is an awareness not only of positive, conscious intent, but also of negative, destructive intent that may lie in consciousness. The spiritual person understands that they must be aware of unconscious attitudes that prevent positive manifesting. They know that in order to create a beautiful, fulfilling life the fears that lie in the unconscious must have been brought to the surface, looked at in the light of reason, worked through and dissolved.

The more this process is done the more conscious intent and unconscious intent come to unity. Once unity is achieved it is possible to manifest exactly what one wants. Just as the caterpillar struggles to break out of its comfortable cocoon, stretching itself — getting blood to its wings and body — enabling it to transform itself, you have to experience some struggle and strain in order to grow. Having gone through the various stages of growth and transformation, you now have a fuller understanding of yourself and Spirit. You have waved from what you are going to do to who you are going to be. You have a new perspective (a mental view of aspects of a subject to each other as a whole) and a wider view of how the universe works. You have hope, the feeling of being deeply assured that what you desire is actively coming into existence. Your path is bright lit from your shining inner light. Nancy Passmore once said, Awareness means participating in your own evolution. When you are aware, you can easily see the many sides of life. You have the capacity to be multifaceted. Just as a crystal reflects the many colors when the light shines on it, so too do we shine when light is put on those parts of ourselves that are hidden.

*** This article was adapted from the eBook Life Transformation: How to Make Smart Life Changes and Let Your Soul Be Your Guide, To order:

Laser Hair Removal – At Least There's One Thing Men and Women Can Agree on!

Beauty is no longer considered a 'woman thing'. More men than ever are visiting salons for treatments and stocking up their bathroom cabinet with creams, potions and lotions to cover everything from healthy shiny hair, neat and tidy nails, moisturisers and anti aging products to hair removal. Yes, hair removal. It is no longer just the fairer sex that struggles to keep their skin soft, smooth and fuzz free.

Unwanted body hair occurs in both men and women and can be equally embarrassing, and costly, for both sexes. Razors and depilatory creams may seem fairly low cost but the gels, creams, foams and moisturisers that are needed to accompany them increase the price considerably.

Removing unwanted hair is universally recognized as, politely put, a pain in the neck. Being free of unsightly hairs and stubble is important and high on everyone's wish list but because of the pain, mess and side effects (rashes, cuts, ingrown hairs to name but a few) which seem to go hand in hand with shaving, waxing and depilatory creams, hair removal never fails to raise a grumble let alone the ouch factor. Most people grudgingly incorporate hair removal into their daily hygiene routines. Shower and a shave sound familiar? Surely all that fuss is not the best way to start the day.

With the pressures of day to day life, time is of the essence. So why spend it covered in messy smelly cream or even worse being painfully waxed when there is a much more comfortable and easier way to remove hair?

Laser treatment is safe, fast and effective. It is now a great way for both men and women of all skin types and colors to safely remove unwanted hair. LHR is the comfortable way of removing your unwanted body hair and has been described as the feeling of a hot stone massage. A painless, simple and possibly relaxing way of removing hair.

Unwanted and sometimes excess body hair can appear anywhere on the face or body. Fortunately, for both men and women, laser hair removal can be transported out on almost all areas of the face and body, including those sensitive and hard to reach places.
Laser treatment makes nasty and uncomfortable shaving rashes, ingrown hairs and irritated skin a thing of the past with its safe and modern technology.

LHR is a permanent method of hair removal and is highly effective. Therefore, resulting in a minimal number of treatments. Laser hair removal works by sending pulses of light energy into the hair follicle below the skin making the hair follicle permanently able to produce more hair. After your treatment, the hair which has been treated will fall out.

Approximately six to eight treatments are needed for face and body areas to become permanently hair. This is a significantly smaller amount of treatments compared to shaving everyday or waxing every four weeks. Imagine the time and money saved by not having to constantly worry about removing unwanted hair and buying razors and expensive gels and foams. Treatments starts from approximately £ 50 per treatment and due to the small number of treatments needed is fast becoming the popular choice for unwanted hair.

Information on Kawasaki Saddlebags

The Kawasaki Company, for sure, does not call for any introduction. It is a famous and illustrious company that started its operation long way back in 1924. However, at that time, it concerned itself with only the metallurgy and the aircraft industry.

It was only in 1949 when the motorcycle industry came into the domain of Kawasaki Co. They started producing engines that could be fitted and used in the motorcycles. Engines of various powers and sizes began to be manufactured by them-60cc, two stroke 150 cc and as well as 250cc four stroke engines. The most interesting fact in this regard is however that the Kawasaki Co. had a long time collaboration with the BMW, almost dating back to the time when they were involved only in the aircraft industry. As a result, all these motorcycle engines manufactured by Kawasaki Co. worked on the technology developed by BMW.

However, soon in 1954, the Kawasaki Co. that now had become Kawasaki Motorcycles successfully launched into the market a complete motorcycle named as Meihatsu. Meihatsu was originally a sister company of the Kawasaki Aircraft Co.

Not only motorcycles, the Kawasaki Company aimed to extend their hold also into the scooter industry, bringing into the market their own scooters. But this hope of theirs did not last long because of the stiff competition meted out against them in the market by the Fuji Rabbit and the Mitsubishi Silver Pigeon-the then scooter giants.

Anyhow, the company succeeded in maintaining a strong foothold in the motorcycle industry. The Kawasaki Co. started having burgeoning sales of the motorcycles. The motorcycles proved to be long lasting and provided a good mileage, satisfying its customers.

However, you as a customer should also perform some tasks in order to let the motorcycle continue giving you good service. Here are some-

o Take your bike for repairing or servicing at regular intervals of about 6months

o Regular maintenance can also be done by you in order to keep your budget low for your Kawasaki motorcycle maintenance

o Avoid rash driving so as to not let accidents damage your vehicle

All said and done, the thing you should look for are Kawasaki’s saddlebags GPz 1100. These are effectively manufactured bags that ensure your motorcycle engine to be extremely smooth running. The Boss Bags even have the provision for release traps and lids that can be locked. You can also go for Throw over saddlebags which have these quick release straps but not the lockable lids.

These saddlebags are multi featured and ensure a comfort ride. These contain-

o a 0-199 MPH/KPH speedometer that is adjustable

o an adjustable tachometer that as per your wish can remain displayed on the saddlebags

o a provision for your checking the oil pressure where you can also set the warning point

o a provision for checking the fuel level on a routine basis. This provision is however optional.

o a voltmeter that warns you if the voltage is low

It is so very smooth sailing and efficient that a nickel can be made to balance on the tank even when the motorcycle runs at a speed of 10,000 rpm!

You can use such motorcycle saddlebags which tie the two halves together, allow the two yokes to overlap, thus, causing an alignment of the holes. This will ensure your having space so that the bag bottom does not touch the exhaust pipe. The engine being slick and smooth is an additional advantage that you, for sure, won’t mind to pay for.

In order to protect the Kawasaki saddlebags, make them more or less shock proof and ensure their safety, cover them with proper soft and thick lever covers, preferably made of Buffalo leather. You should go for lever covers that are 80oz thick and are made of genuine saddlebag leather. You can also opt for the Milwaukee Joker leather vest that is made of cowhide, which possess efficient tailoring and in which detailing is done throughout the vest to ensure sophistication.

Kawasaki products come into the market in various styles and sizes. So, it is hard for places to be recommended where the tabs to your bike can be secured. When the motorcycle engines, GPz, were designed by engineers of Kawasaki Company, they looked into two areas with special concerns-

o its power-the Engineers ensured that the vehicle runs with extreme smoothness and has a high midrange power

o its look-they gave it a dye cast license plate that has a paint on it of Carbon fiber. This gives the bike a high tech look

The Kawasaki Company also made sure that their product could reach to the masses. For this, they launched into the market some low priced bikes with omnipotent ZX-11 mill. These, however had enough power rendered by its small intake. Also, in these bikes an alteration was brought in the cam profiles and the saddlebags.

Through all these it is quite clear that the Kawasaki Company strives forth for extreme customer satisfaction, bringing innovations in their products’ look, style, efficiency and of course, in the quality of the Kawasaki saddlebags.

Natural Hair Growth Formula – Which Is Best?

In this article I’m going to explain a few of the best natural hair growth formulas. Losing hair is is one of those things that we all dread and pray that it never happens to us. It’s an embarrassing condition that makes us feel unattractive to the opposite sex and a loss of self esteem results. There are a ton of products that claim to help you in treating your hair loss, but really are scams that will waste your time and money. However, there are a few legitimate products that can effectively treat your hair. Natural products are one of the best options you can go with. This is because it will show you the same results as many popular prescribed medicine, except with any of the negative side effects associated with such. Listed below are the two top natural hair growth formulas and how they stack up against one another.


If you are balding, it’s because testosterone in your scalp is being converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT gets in your scalp follicles and shrinks them and stops their blood flow which makes hair growth impossible. Procerin works by using natural herbs and vitamins to stop DHT from attaching to your hair follicles. This will prevent any additional hair loss and promote hair growth. From what I’ve read from past customers, it has shown a great deal of its users effective results.


Provillus is very similar to Procerin. They are made up of almost all of the same ingredients and offer the same sort of results. It also blocks DHT to help prevent hair loss from occurring. Yet Provillus contains an important ingredient that Procerin does not which is Minoxidil. Minoxidil is the only FDA ingredient that is clinically proven to help regrow your hair naturally. In the Provillus program, you topically apply a solution which includes Minoxidil while taking capsules that contain all the important DHT blocking herbs and vitamins. I would suggest Provillus over Procerin because it contains Minoxidil. This could help explain why most people have seen a bit stronger results using Provillus. From all the feedback I’ve read, it was very effective in stopping users hair loss to re-grow their hair.

The Human Factor

How far has internet marketing gone computer?

Computers are a wonderful thing. We would not be in space, or under the sea without them. We would not be able to cure some of the fatal diseases that roam the planet.

Internet marketing has been greatly enhanced with computer software. Programs can now write articles, create sales pages, create squeeze pages, spin articles, spell check, submit the articles, create graphics, generate the html, and many many more things involved with internet marketing.

They are great companions to the human race. But they can not and will not always be the best solution to an idea.

Picture a vending machine. No matter how fancy, or how many knots they put on those things, they never seem to work. Getting a Three Musketeers instead of a Twix always makes me mad. It can even change the day from good to bad. At a convenience store, the clerk never gets it wrong, but if they did they could readily fix it.

Internet marketing is a numbers game, but in the end we are trying to sell to people, not droids. It would be wonderful to count on computers to give us that 5% conversion rate. People remember the original; they bond with emotions, something that computers can never give us.

Whether it is the domain name, the presale letter, the product name, the original graphics, the templates, or the product itself, creativity tends to get noticed. When something with a little zing has been added to mix a product will be more successful.

So remember the next time you start a new campaign, leave a little room for the extraordinary. You will be glad you did.

5 Reasons Why Every American Should Drink Matcha Tea for Health

Drink just one cup a day of matcha tea to increase energy, lose weight and protect your health.

Looking for a simple way to improve your energy and overall health? Just one cup a day of matcha green tea could be the answer.

Matcha is becoming increasingly well known in the western world for it’s incredible health benefits. Matcha is a type of green tea. It is the whole tea leaf which has been ground into a powder. This tea is equal to 10 cups of standard green tea bags in terms of antioxidants. The reason is because using matcha, you ingest the whole tea leaf compared to just the brewed water. To drink matcha, you simply dissolve ½ a teaspoon into hot water which forms a delicious green tea.

The antioxidants in matcha help to increase energy, boost weight-loss and prevent disease. Read on for the top five reasons you should be drinking matcha green tea for your health.

Benefit #1: Matcha Increases Energy

Your energy level is so important because it underpins everything you do in life. If you are not energized you will not have the ability to achieve your goals or be your best self.

Matcha tea is a great source of sustainable long-lasting energy. Just one cup of matcha will boost your energy for 6-8 hours while also increasing your focus, memory, and concentration.

Why? Matcha contains a small amount of caffeine and the largest concentration of amino acid L-theanine. Together these substances will stimulate alertness and enhance the Alpha waves in the brain promoting deep concentration.

Benefit #2: Matcha Helps with Weight-Loss

Maintaining a healthy weight can be hard with all the unhealthy food and drink choices available. It’s important to maximize the ability of your body to burn fat and metabolize food.

Matcha is not only a zero calorie, no-chemical and sugar-free healthy drink option but it also helps you lose weight by naturally boosting metabolism.

Research studies show that matcha helps raise the body’s ability to burn fat by up to 45%. Matcha also helps regulate the hormone Leptin which makes you feel full and keeps hunger at bay. Additionally, the amino acids in matcha help prevent all the fat from your diet being absorbed in the body. And it’s stress-busting properties help reduce stubborn midsection fat.

A daily cup of matcha can help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Benefit #3: Matcha has Disease Fighting Antioxidants

Just one serving of matcha tea delivers half your daily antioxidant needs. Matcha has the highest antioxidant score of any naturally occurring product. It has 10 X the antioxidants of normal green tea leaves.

Antioxidants are produced by the body and absorbed from our diet. They are an important defense mechanism against disease. They remove harmful agents that are produced in our body through our everyday exposure to chemicals and toxins. Matcha has a particularly powerful antioxidant called EGCg. This antioxidant is known to help prevent the cellular DNA damage that causes cells to rapidly multiply which can lead to cancer forming and spreading.

Drinking matcha can help your body stay healthy and can change the odds when it comes to diseases.

Benefit #4: Matcha Supports the Immune System & Reduces Inflammation

Matcha tea is a huge support to your body’s immune system and can help reduce inflammation.

The antioxidants in matcha increase your body’s production of T-Cells which fight pathogens and reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals in the body.

Furthermore, matcha green tea contains high levels of both flavonoids and antioxidants which form a powerful antibacterial defense force. The flavonoids eliminate bad breath, kill off bacteria from viruses/infections and can soothe a sore throat.

Stay healthy throughout the year and fight away the common colds with a daily cup of matcha.

Benefit #5: Matcha Helps Prevent Heart Disease

In 2017 heart disease was the leading cause of death for Americans. While this is concerning, the good news is that heart disease is preventable.

One thing everyone can do is to manage their cholesterol levels. Research studies have shown that drinking green tea daily has a positive impact on lowering bad cholesterol while keeping good cholesterol untouched. And as one cup of matcha green tea is the equivalent to 10 cups of standard green tea in terms of antioxidants, an easy way to manage cholesterol levels is by drinking just one matcha a day.

Green tea has also been linked to helping treat high blood pressure as it inhibits the chemical ACE being secreted by the kidneys. This chemical is one of the main causes of high blood pressure.

Swapping one drink a day to matcha can help protect your heart and health.

In Summary;

If you’re looking to protect your health easily, then make a simple swap and start drinking matcha green tea. It is important to buy high-quality matcha so that you receive the full health benefits. High-quality matcha is from Japan, is a premium grade or higher and is usually a deep, vibrant green and non-bitter in flavor.

Fill Your Diet With Fat Burning Foods

Dieting and weight loss go hand in hand. Everyone wants to lose weight, however conventional diet and weight loss can be difficult and time consuming. Most people become bored or lose the motivation to stick with their weight loss plans. However, there are ways to augment your weight loss. The object of weight loss is to burn the excess fat off your body. To speed up your weight loss goals you need to target the fat, by including fat burning foods within your diet. Foods that burn fat have a thermogenic effect on the body causing an increased metabolic rate. All foods have a thermic effect on the body because it requires energy to digest it however, not all foods have the same thermic effect. Consume foods with higher thermic effects to boost your metabolism and burn more calories and fat throughout your day. Here you can find a list of fat burning foods to include in your diet.

Chicken-Chicken is high in protein, which boosts your metabolism. The body burns calories when digesting and breaking down protein. Plus protein is vital for many process throughout the body especially muscle growth. Avoid breaded, fried or crispy chicken because they add additional fat and calories.

Salmon- Salmon like most seafood is loaded with protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids lower leptin levels in the body. Leptin is a protein hormone that regulates energy levels, appetite, and metabolism. Lower leptin levels increases metabolism to burn more calories. Salmon also protects the heart and reduces the risk for heart disease.

Turkey- Turkey is another meat packed with protein, however turkey is naturally lower in fat than chicken. Avoid cooking with butter or additives that can add calories.

Beef (lean beef)- Beef is loaded with protein however depending upon the cut will determine the leanness and fat content. Additionally beef contains iron, which is vital for creation of hemoglobin.

Sardines-Sardines are high in protein and omega fish oil. This helps to burn fat and build muscle, although sardines are more widely consumed in Europe than in the US.

Eggs- Eggs are loaded with protein no matter which way you eat them. Additionally they have B12, which is a mood and energy enhancer but also aids in the destruction of fat.

Tuna- Tuna is filled with protein as well as reduces the leptin in the body which increases metabolism. This helps the body to burn fat and calories more efficiently.

Pork- The protein pork requires greater amounts of energy for the stomach to digest it therefore having a thermic effect on the body. However, lean pork is required to stimulate this process and burn fat.

Skim Milk-Skim milk contains calcium which is a metabolic trigger to burn calories. Skim milk is also a rich source of complex carbohydrates, which helps to lower insulin levels after eating. Lower insulin levels decrease the body’s necessity to store fat.

Green Tea- Green tea contains EGCG, a chemical, which stimulates the brain and nervous system to burn calories. It acts like caffeine within the body without the increase in heart rate. Additionally green tea contains several antioxidants, which reduce the risk for certain cancers and lowers cholesterol levels.

Black Coffee-Coffee contains caffeine, which increases the heart rate as well as the metabolic rate to burn calories. Avoid adding sugar, cream or milk to your coffee to leave out the extra calories. Additionally, drinking coffee in moderation is recommended since it can have a diuretic effect as well as have addictive effects on the brain.

Oats-Oats are loaded with fiber, which really boosts the metabolism because they are broken down very slowly in the stomach. Additionally oats are a good source of selenium, which is an antioxidant that boosts energy and immunity by increasing the number of antibodies. Oats are a great breakfast food because it keeps insulin levels low, which boosts metabolic rate and increases calorie burn.

Whole Grains- Whole grains are complex carbohydrates that are loaded with fiber. Whole grains keep the metabolism high by keeping insulin levels low after a meal. Lowered insulin levels decrease fat storage because the metabolism burns more calories.

Edamame- Edamame also known as soybeans are high in protein, vitamin C, iron, and calcium. They are a great vegetable because the have zero grams of saturated fat.

Beans- Beans are a vegetarians alternative to meat. Beans are loaded in protein and high in fiber. This increases the metabolism and burns more calories throughout the day.

Broccoli- Broccoli is a great vegetable to keep abundant in your diet. It is rich in calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber. It contributes to fat burning by boosting metabolism. It is full of antioxidants and decreases the risk of certain cancers and heart disease.

Jalapenos/ Habaneros/ Cayenne Chiles- If you like spicy food then these three peppers are all you need to spice up your meal and raise up your metabolism. Capsaicin is the ingredient contained in these peppers that will spice up your fat burn. It speeds up the heart rate while increasing your metabolism. It has been said that by adding one spicy meal to your diet a day you can increase your metabolism by 25%.

Allamanda – A Beautiful, Toxic Flower With Medicinal Value

The Allamanda is a stunningly beautiful and extremely toxic flower is native to Central and South America along with a known species in Australia. The name “allamanda” is named after a Swiss botanist Dr. Frederich Allamanda. However, there are many regional names such as Yellow Bell, Golden Trumpet or Buttercup Flower.

Allamandas likes to grow in full sun next to fresh water with lots of consistent rain. Very sensitive to frost, the allamada does not like shade and can not grow in salty or alkaline soils.

Consistently blooming shrub like plant an Allamanda is fully capable of reaching heights more then 6½ feet. The leathery citrus like leaves are pointed and lance shaped. The yellow, trumpet-shaped flowers are 2-3 inches in diameter. Though yellow is the most common color for an Allamanda, there are other colors such as white, purple, pink or orange.

Some people think that allamanda flowers have a fruity scent. Allamandas are used throughout the tropics as ornamental plants in peoples homes. In the city of Canovanas, on the island of Puerto Rico, the Allamanda has been made the official flower of the city.

Children and animals should never be allowed near an allamandas plant because all parts of the plant contain Allamandin. If ingested, Allamandin can be deadly. The sap inside an Allamanda will cause the development of rashes and sometimes blisters for non internal contact.

As bad and gloomy as the toxic sap of the Allamanda plant produces, certain types of Allamanda are noted for their medicinal properties. The same toxic milky Allamanda sap is currently being looked at for antibacterial and even as a cancer treatment.

Human Growth Hormones For Body Building

Bodybuilding supplements are dietary products that help in losing fat and muscle building. These supplements are used by weight lifters, body builders, and athletes. There are various bodybuilding supplements. Amongst which HGH became very popular after the banning of prohormone. HGH supplements shape the system of the body to help produce HGH on its own.

HGH supplements work effectively when they are taken along with other body building supplements. It improves the efficiency of weight loss and muscle mass gain. HGH supplements take three to four months to show notable effects in the muscles of the body. Multivitamin and whey protein is advisable to be taken along with bodybuilding HGH.

Why HGH should be taken for bodybuilding?

Human growth hormones are directly secreted in the blood stream. Many experiments have been conducted to prove increase in muscle size positively, with the use of HGH supplements. HGH also enhances the life of the muscles and the strength of the body muscles. These supplements help in losing weight and body fat in a couple of months. HGH is called the ‘master hormone’ because it not only affects the muscles, but also other areas of the body like, skin, hair, and organs like kidney and heart.

Due to improper secretion of human growth hormones, there could be loss of energy and muscles, accumulation of adipose tissues, cholesterol level may increase, libido may get weaken, and life span can get shorter. This hormone secreted from the pituitary glands help in repairing the tissues of the cells, tissue growth, controls body fat, enhances muscle growth and energy levels. Strengthening metabolic rate and energy level make one feel active and help to burn fat. This way an individual can easily perform the daily activities without any hindrance.

After a certain age, especially thirty, the secretion of human growth hormones begin to decline at a steady rate. Many researchers have proved that in every ten years, the secretion of human growth hormones declines. This makes it difficult for men and women, over thirty, in carrying out their physical activities. For instance, a sports person. A player’s life cannot come to a halt at the age of thirty. His strenuous life causes wear and tear of tissues. In this case, to regain the muscular strength and size, insulin like human growth hormones can be taken.

Largely human growth hormones are responsible for the regulation of protein synthesis, insulin, transporting amino acids to cell membranes, IGF-1, IGF-2, fat metabolism and bone mass. It profoundly affects the immune system as well.

HGH is called the ‘fountain of youth’ because it is very well needed when people begin to age, especially after the age of thirty when the secretion of HGH starts declining. To retain the positive physiological effects and combat with diseases and ageing, it is important to take HGH supplements for bodybuilding. These supplements will help an individual carry out his or her physical activities without any hindrance and very efficiently. Life can still get better even at the age of fifty with a healthy lifestyle!

Nutritional Strategies For Fat Loss

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a magic pill that you could take tonight and wake up tomorrow with the body of your dreams? But there isn’t. However, by following a few nutritional strategies in addition to a weight-training program it is possible to change your body. The following is not a buffet menu to pick from you must incorporate all of them if you want to get results:

1. Eat 5-6 Meals Per Day. Your body needs fuel to burn fat; if you skip meals your body does not have the fuel necessary to burn fat. The best way to keep your metabolism running high and fat burning is to eat a small meal about every 3 hours. These meals do not have to be sit down meals, instead they can be quick on the go snacks like a piece of fruit and a handful of nuts or a protein shake made with real fruit.

2. Eat Protein at Each Meal. Protein is the building block of muscle, the more muscle tissue on your body the higher your metabolism will run, resulting in more fat burned and lost each day.

3. Avoid Starches. A sure proof way to gain weight and get fat is to eat a lot of starches. In order to lose fat you need to limit your starches to only first thing in the morning at breakfast (15 minutes after waking) and within 2 hours after completing a strength training workout, steady-state cardio does not count (e.g. running/walking, spinning, aerobics, etc.)

4. Eat Fruits and Vegetables at Each Meal. Fruits and vegetables provide your body with high amounts of nutrients without a high number of calories. These types of foods will fill you up making you feel more full eating fewer calories. Corn and potatoes do not count as a vegetable (By the way corn is actually a grain).

5. Drink a Post-Workout Recovery Shake. After completing your workout your body needs specific nutrients to start the recovery process, which will increase your metabolism and fat loss. A post-workout protein shake is the best way to get the nutrients in. Timing is important here; you need to drink this shake as soon as you complete your workout.

6. Take a Fish Oil Supplement. Fish oil has been shown in the research to increase fat loss compared to exercise alone. Not only will fish oil help you lose fat, it will also help your heart, brain, and joints.

7. Take a Multi-Vitamin Supplement. Even the best diet has nutritional holes in it. That is why it is necessary to take a daily multi-vitamin supplement to fill in those holes.

8. Do Not Drink Alcohol. The consumption of alcohol slows down the fat burning process by shutting down the use of fat for energy and replacing it with the alcohol. So instead of burning fat off your body, you burn alcohol from your body.

9. Drink Water. If you are dehydrated it is very hard for you body to process fat. In order to prevent dehydration it is necessary to drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day.

10. Follow These Rules 90% of the Time. No one is perfect and expecting perfection is only setting yourself up for failure. That is why you only need to follow the above guidelines 90% of the time, which allows for 4-5 cheat meals per week. However, if you miss a meal that’s a cheat.

Nutrition Studies – Common Curriculums

Find Nutrition Studies in the United States and Canada. Undergraduate nutrition studies frequently share common curriculums that are relatively comprehensive in nature. In most cases, nutrition studies involve broad and diverse subject matter including coursework in biology, essential nutrients, human growth and development, as well as other fundamental education.

Additional nutrition studies branch out into several disciplines entailing mineral nutrition, exercise, and nutrition with regards to disease; lipids, metabolic and environmental health, and more. Ordinarily, nutrition studies cover coursework in dietetics, nutritional counseling, food and nutrition services management, sport nutrition, fitness and wellness.

Laying the foundation with undergraduate nutrition studies helps students to further academic paths as they apply to graduate programs where they can earn a Master’s or Ph.D. degree in nutritional science, clinical nutrition, fitness and personal training, and wellness counseling, among others. That goes without saying that a number of nutrition studies can result in an Associates or Bachelor’s degree, as well as certification.

Serving as part of the medical healthcare community, nutritionists may also opt to participate in holistic nutrition studies where they will gain an edge in integrative health and wellness. For example, holistic nutrition studies expand the professional dimensions of nutritionists who learn about TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), herbology, aromatherapy, and other complementary health services.

Overall, it is never too late to achieve your healthcare training goals; and predicted to be one of the fastest growing occupations*, dieticians and nutritionists can anticipate rewarding outlooks – both personally and professionally.

If you (or someone you know) are interested in finding nutrition studies, let professional training within fast-growing industries like massage therapy, cosmetology, acupuncture, oriental medicine, Reiki, and others get you started! Explore career school programs near you.

Employment source: (US Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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Rashaad Penny Should Be an NFL First Round Draft Pick

I recently researched the NFL draft prospects of San Diego State senior running back Rashaad Penny and was shocked by what I found. One writer thought Penny might be a fifth round pick or lower and criticized his speed and power. Others called him a “fringe player” at best. I watched Penny both last year and this year and I also had season tickets during Marshall Faulk’s three seasons at SDSU. They were both great college running backs, but Faulk was a number two overall NFL draft pick and had a Hall of Fame NFL career. Many people don’t think Penny is in the same conversation as Faulk, but Penny has accomplished some things during his college career that Faulk never did. To make my point that Penny should be a number one pick, let me first recount his accomplishments in college to make my case.

To begin with, Penny was NOT a starting running back until his senior season. That may seem like a knock, but the reason why is because the Aztecs number one back for several seasons was the NCAA’s all-time leading rusher, Donnel Pumphrey. Despite that fact that he was the backup runner to Pumphrey in 2016, Penny still gained over 1,000 rushing while Pumphrey gained over 2,000 yards. No NCAA team had ever had both a 2,000 and 1,000 yard rusher on the same team before. Then this season the Aztecs became the only team to have to have two consecutive 2,000 rushing performances by two different players when Penny rushed for 2,295 yards. In his senior year Penny led the nation in rushing, total yards (2,974), and came in second in touchdowns (28). He won multiple honors for Mountain West Offensive Player of the Week as well as Special Teams POW. More honors have rolled in as he has been named to several All-American teams. Anyone can argue that Penny is not a great running back and I would go toe-to-toe with someone on that. However, if you try to argue that he’s not a great returner, don’t even start. Currently Penny is the co-holder for the most kickoff returns for a touchdown in NCAA history. He has seven overall (two this season) and the first time his head coach, Rocky Long, decided to use him as a punt returner Penny took that one to the house. Twice during his senior season Penny had a game when he scored three different ways. From short distance or 100 yards away, Penny finds a way to get into the end zone.

Penny’s last game in an Aztecs uniform came in the Armed Forces Bowl and he didn’t disappoint. Despite the fact that Army’s national leading running attack chewed up most of the clock, Penny made the most of his few chances. On his first official carry of the game he went 81 yards for a touchdown. After seven touches he broke that bowl game’s rushing record. After ten touches he surpassed over 200 yards rushing for the fifth straight time. On his 14th carry he collected his fourth touchdown of the game. However, one of his best plays was when he didn’t even touch the ball. On a short kickoff Penny’s teammate, Juwan Washington, was returning the kick when Penny flattened one of the Army’s finest with a devastating block. He continued to block another cadet into the end zone as Washington scored. Yeah, he can block.

Did I mention that he also caught two passes for TDs as well? Penny may not be ambidextrous, he just looks like it. In the game against Nevada he took a pitch going to his left, stopped, and started to throw a pass left-handed. The receiver was covered so he decided to run instead (for a TD). In the game against Air Force he was running a crossing route from left to right when his quarterback threw the ball high and behind Penny. He just reached back with his right hand and snared the ball one-handed. Yeah, he has great hands.

I wondered what the knock on Penny was and why he was projected to go so low in the draft. One evaluation didn’t even have him in the top 20 rated backs in college. The argument that most would present is competition. The Mountain West Conference had some teams that were terrible at stopping the run. Penny did play against two PAC-12 teams this season and had over 100 yards against both Arizona State and Stanford. However, in both Aztec losses this season Penny failed to rush for over 100 yards. The two sub-par performances were due to poor blocking as there was also bad pass protection in those games as well. In fact, the Aztecs offensive line was young and inexperienced as only one senior was a starter and he missed several games with an injury. I think that it’s actually a tribute to Penny that he gained over 2,000 yards with such an inexperienced line. One other thing: There were several games when Penny was pulled in the third or fourth quarter because the Aztecs were so far ahead. Coach Long doesn’t care about stats during the games. He just wants to win and keep his number one back fresh for the next game. An example would be the San Jose State game when the Aztecs rushed for over 500 yards as a team. Penny only touched the ball once in the second half, which resulted in a long touchdown run that put him over the 200 yard mark. By that time the Aztecs were ahead by 35 points so there was no need to use Penny any more. If he had got the majority of carries in the second half, he might have rushed for 300, maybe 400 yards or more, and got more Heisman attention.

Now to address some other criticisms of Penny: Speed and power. There have been several times this season when Penny broke into the clear and it was a footrace between him and some defensive back. No matter what kind of angle the defender took, Penny outran him to the end zone. During the entire season Penny was only caught from behind once on an ankle tackle in the last game of the regular season. On one kickoff return I thought he would pause and pick up the blocker that was in front of him, but he simply ran by him and the defenders who were nearby. As for Penny power, after some encouragement from his coaches, Penny started turning opposing players into pancakes as well as dragging a linebacker about ten yards on one play. He’s a bull who can fly and that’s a rare combo.

One of the main reasons I think Penny should be a number one pick is that he answers two needs at the same time. Any team that needs a running back and a kickoff returner can get a two-for-one deal and that makes him extremely valuable. Kick returning seems to be a lost art in the NFL as most teams struggle to get returns to the 25 yard line. Penny could change all that for some team next season.

I’ve seen a lot of football in my time and I’ve seen some great backs. I’ve seen LT play for the Chargers. I’ve seen Faulk play for the Aztecs. Penny is as good as those guys and may even be better because he returns kicks and they didn’t. Anyone who saw Penny’s performance against Nevada this season should be convinced of Penny’s potential greatness and how special he is. In that game he had a 70 yard TD run called back for a penalty. Even without that run Penny finished with over 200 yards rushing, over 400 total yards, two TDs on kick returns and four TDs overall. If Penny isn’t a first round pick in the 2018 NFL draft, then some team is going to get an absolute steal when they draft him. If he’s lucky enough to play for a team with a good offensive line, he could become the NFL’s next offensive rookie of the year.

Tips on Facial Skin Care

If you are like me, you probably want the best facial skin care available at the best price. You don’t want to pay a lot for filler ingredients and dangerous chemicals that may do more damage than good.

Facial care is important not only to keep you looking young and at your best but it’s also a way to incorporate healthy natural nutrients into your body. Your skin is your largest organ and absorbs toxins and chemicals all day long from your environment–including the soap you use, skin cream and all the rest. You could have exposed yourself to over 300 possible toxins before you even leave your house in the morning!

Doesn’t it make sense to find the best skin care for your money?

You can fight cancer causing free radicals, protect from harmful UV rays and reduce wrinkles all at the same time! Sound to good to be true? Not if you pick quality facial care products with excellent ingredients.

What sort of ingredients would you want to look for in your facial care products? Here’s a few powerful ingredients that can make a big difference in your health and appearance.

CoEnzyme Q10, this “miracle” vitamin-type substance has been used to treat cancer, heart conditions and fight wrinkles. It’s a powerful antioxidant that can also help to protect against cancer while keeping your skin looking young.

Natural Vitamin E–another powerful antioxidant that fights wrinkles and age spots while at the same time reducing scars.

Plant based materials like phytessence wakame is a great age defier and health enhancer. This is an extract of Japanese sea kelp and is found in miso soup and other Japanese dishes.

It’s also found in some skin care products and helps to prevent the break down of hyaluronic acid in your skin. Keeping this acid intact with the natural elastin and collagen fibers in your skin helps to keep you looking far younger and keeps dark undereye circles at bay.

Shea butter is an excellent moisturizer and it helps reduce the appearance of scars and helps with rashes and skin conditions like eczema and even provides natural sun protection.

There are many other good ingredients to be had to quality facial skin care but these are just a handful of some important ones you may see on the shelves.

Now that you know this, you will be better able to choose a facial care product that is loaded with healthy, natural ingredients while including potent antioxidants that will benefit you from the outside and the inside!

The Pros And Cons Of Cold Sore Remedies

While cold sore remedies based on anti-viral medications can be highly effective in preventing the full force of an attack in many individuals, there are a range of reported side effects that may make it preferable to use alternative treatments. In addition, these medicines are not generally advisable for anyone with a suppressed immune system, such as through HIV infection or undergoing a course of chemo or radiotherapy and should be avoided during pregnancy.

Common side effects caused by medicinal cold sore remedies include headaches and dizziness, while skin may become sensitive to touch, dry out, or become itchy – how this compares with an untreated sore though is for the sufferer to decide. Of course with attacks lasting up to 2 weeks and with an disfiguring sore on your mouth, you may decide that the side effects are worth the trouble. However, you can also try natural remedies and see how they compare as many people report relief from such treatments.

If you suffer from cold sores regularly it may be time to evaluate your lifestyle and make changes accordingly. Cold sores are brought on by a weakened immune system and often coincide with periods of prolonged stress, overtiredness due to lack of sleep, poor diet and lack of exercise, as well as when suffering from a cold or flu. If this is the case with you, you should consider:

1. Eliminating the cause of stress and make time to relax. Many people find meditation or yoga can help with this.

2. Ensure you go to bed and rise at the same time every day and get adequate sleep. Typically people need 8-9 hours sleep, although most people get less.

3. Change your diet to avoid fatty foods, eliminate processed sugar and carbonated drinks, reduce read meat and eat more fresh fruit and vegetables.

4. Walk for 30 minutes every day if possible and lose weight if you need to.

As you can see there are side effects caused by medicinal cold sore remedies and while there are natural treatments you can try the best option for many people is to make lifestyle changes that reduce the frequency and severity of cold sore attacks by making sure their immune systems are kept in peak condition.