Treatment of Acne Scars

To the chagrin of many teenagers as well as adults, Acne is incredibly prevalent. This skin condition is thought to affect up to 80% of people in their teens and twenties and as much as 5% of adults. While most people survive their acne, some are left with disfiguring scars ranging from subtle textural changes in the skin to very noticeable deep pock-mark scarring.

Once an acne breakout has healed, it often leaves behind a red mark on the skin called a "post-inflammatory change". Although this mark may ever go away, it often takes from 6-12 months to do so. If inflammation and contour change persists, the result is a permanent acne scar.

So how do we treat these early acne scars? The answer is through a number of approaches. First, to prevent hyperpigmentation of the lesion, use a good sunscreen to limit your sun exposure. Next, by using a Retin-A type product, you can actually speed up the skin's remodeling process and potentially accelerate healing of post-inflammatory changes. Next, use of specific topical Alpha & Beta Hydroxy acids can also aid in speeding up healing. Finally, by avoiding picking at any scabs, you can prevent interference with local healing and avoid deepening the local injury.

Those scars that do not heal and fade are then defined as either Icepick, Rolling, or Boxcar scars based upon their specific appearance. Many people will have a combination of these scar types and, as such, may require combination therapy to achieve the most optimal result.

Current treatment of acne scarring may include one or more of the following approaches:

Dermal fillers

-this treatment utilizes filler agents injected into and benefit scars to raise the surface of the skin and produce a smoother overall contour. Examples of fillers can include fat, collagen, Hyaluronic acid derivatives (eg: Restylane, Juvederm, Captique, Hylaform), Poly-L-Lactic Acid Derivatives (Sculptra), or polymethyl methacrylate products (Radiesse).
Punch excision

-using a round punch biopsy device, individual scars are excised and the resulting defect is then sutured closed.
Punch elevation

-this is a similar approach but the scarred tissue is not removed but allowed to float to the surface where it is then sutured to the surrounding tissue.
Laser resurfacing (ablative vs. non-ablative)

-contour irregularities of the skin can be effectively managed by removing the beneficial skin layer (ablative) or by creating specific areas of tissue injury within the skin layers and extremely tightening surrounding skin and stimulating new collagen growth (non-ablative).
Subcision (subcutaneous incision)

-scarred skin is generally the result of tissue loss and scar banding that effectively teters acneic areas to deeper underlying tissues. To release these scars, small needles can be used to break up the bands and allow the tissue to essentially float up to the surface.

These treatments, when performed by a trained medical professional, can often provide dramatic improvement. While most acne scars can not actually be erased, they can be softened creating a more uniform appearance to the skin overall.

Do You Need To Understand Your Health Supplement Store When Looking For Vitamins?

As more and more baby boomers begin to consume health food, the need for more business people opening up a vitamin supplement store whether it is an online or brick and mortar location is ever increasing.

There is no distinct training or knowledge required. If you order your supplements online, you could be purchasing them from even a sixteen-year-old in New York or even Vegas or from a seventy-year-old man on a wheelchair.

Do not worry too and this should not concern you? After all, it's safe as long as it's sealed, right? Then again, it is wrong!

There are many people who do not realize that these vitamin supplements are not regulated like drugs, but they are regulated like food.

What that means is that without and until a problem arises, the only thing we're going to know about the product is what the manufacture wants us to know.

Although the FTC and the FDA work together on issues such as false claims, they usually do not get involved until after there's a problem. In addition, unlike drugs, vitamin supplements do not have to be tested or offer any proof before marketing.

What other stores are doing? Beware of them.

There are some unscrupulous, unethical vitamin supplement stores which have marketed dietary supplements that were actually fakes and not the product they claimed to be.

Also, there are others stores who had ingredients that were not disclosed on the label. However, between 2002 and 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration had concentrated more than nine million dollars worth of dietary supplements including vitamin supplements that were either labeled with false claims or were unapproved drugs disguised as supplements.

There are even supplements that claims to be all natural, which can even interfere with medication you are already taking or a medical condition you have.

Sometimes a vitamin supplement is necessary. My doctor has recommended certain supplements to me. When he does however, he writes down exactly what they are and recommends the same store every time, of which he has no affiliation.

The most important thing I know and understand the vitamin health supplement store. I've gotten to know the person who owns it and familiar with the brands he or she is selling. There is a consistency there that helps me to feel safe when I shop there.

What you need to do?

In order to get a good quality vitamin supplement, that does not mean that the store has to be a brick and mortar store in order to be considered safe. However, you can still do your homework before you purchase from an online store.

For one thing, if you can not find any phone number or physical address for that online store you are surfing, just simply walk out of their virtual door! That's simple and there goes for any online company. There are no strings attached.

Any legal vitamin store company will strictly display their contact information. In this way, not only can you contact them, but you can do some research about them.

Why do you need to check on them?

Once you know a vitamin supplement store's name and physical address, you can check with the Better Business Bureau in that city to see if any complaints have been filed with them and if so, if they have been resolved.

This way, it is also easier to search the FTC and FDA websites for any diplomatic action when you have their contact information.

Another reason is to shut them down down automatically when you are visiting a vitamin supplement store online if they are making any ridiculous claims. Claims such as this, "this cures everything, buy it now, it will not last," etc. is simply too good to be true.

In fact, once a supplement claims to cure or treat an illness or condition, it ceases being marketed as a dietary supplement and has become marketed as a drug. That's when the FDA and FTC start sending out warning letters that can lead to more serious legal action against these operators of the store.

Please note that before making any purchase from any vitamin supplement store, whether online or brick and mortar, use your common sense and do your homework to ensure your safety.

Check the FDA and FTC websites if you have further questions or concerns about vitamin supplements or the stores in which you purchase them.

Now, you may now know how to identify and understand why you need to know your vitamin store when buying vitamins.

However, even we know how to choose a reliable vitamin store, but without a proper understanding of using and getting good vitamins to treat many chronic diseases, there will not be much disease free lifestyle to crave for.

Medical Billing Specialists

Medical billing specialists are qualified persons responsible for the preparation of accurate claim forms, billing of insurance companies, and matters related to all insurance policies. They interact with insurance companies and keep themselves up-to-date with changes in procedures and regulations. In the United States, medical billing is a thriving industry. Today, many people, including employers, medical practitioners, and others take advantage of medical billing courses, because a medical billing specialist has an important role to play in any of health care team. He can process the entire claim thoroughly and quickly. Experienced medical billing specialists offer their services to medical billing firms and other independent organizations.

A medical billing specialist performs many major services related to healthcare insurance including paper and electronic billing, annual code updates, dead claim recovery, super bill design, claim entry, electronic claim submission, physician on-line remote access, consultation, fee reviews, patient setup, insurance verification, eligibility testing, customized service for each practice, and reporting. Apart from these, he should have good knowledge in medical terms, coding, and human anatomy. In a healthcare organization, medical billing personnel are responsible for basic accounting and patient billing. In addition, knowledge of third-party reimbursement and creation of documents for patient diagnoses and medical procedure are other desirable qualities in him.

You can become a successful medical billing specialist through the certificate programs conducted by formal vocational schools or two-to-four year college degree programs. In addition, many websites and companies offer medical billing programs at affordable fee. As part of these programs, many colleges provide work experience in nursing homes, hospitals, medical group practices, outpatient clinics, and leading medical billing service centers.

Golf Aids To Improve Your Game

There are many training aids out there to help you improve upon your golf swing. Some are very effective and others are rather silly. The ones that are worth the purchase can be determined by a simple observation: they really work. That is to say, using them will actually result in the improvement of your swing skills. As you can probably imagine it would be nearly impossible to try and account for every different swing aid available, here are some of the ones I have found to be the most effective.

Get The Right Grip Gloves

These gloves are definitely one of the easiest and cost effective tools to help you improve your golf swing. The idea behind of the gloves is to correctly place the player’s hands into the proper position on the club for a better swing. As some of you probably know, when you don’t have the correct grip or hand positioning on your club, there is no telling where that ball is going to end up.

How about a Swing Jacket

Swing jackets, you’ve probably seen them, and mistaken them for bullet proof vests. If you show up to the golf range in one of these you are likely to get plenty of attention, but in all seriousness these jackets are a great way to improve your swing. They work on the same principle as the previously mentioned gloves, they improve the alignment and posture of your entire upper body. Yes they are rather bulky, yes they may take a little bit of time to get comfortable in, yes you will be the source of a couple laughs, but they are well worth all of that in the end and will increase your swing performance immensely. Use one enough and you’ll be the one doing the laughing at your next match.

Can’t forget Putting Arcs

As much as Putting Arcs are blown off by many novice golfers, they are in fact one of the simplest ways to improve upon your putting skills. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the put is any less important than any other skill, improving your putting is one of the simpler ways to have a better game. Putting arcs are wooden pieces that serve as a buffer zone between the golfer and his putter. Putting arcs are great for perfecting your alignment.

The Inside Approach Device

This device resembles those strange looking splits stretching machines you see in health clubs and gyms, but shrunken. Well, as odd as it sounds somebody found a way to use them when they applied them to their golf swing. The Inside Approach training device basically helps you to improve your golf swing by making it follow a clear path.

Wether you use one of these aids, or all, you will definitely see an improvement in your game. Find out what works best for you, talk with people that have used them, get out there, and have some fun on the course.

Your Brain Needs Three Things

Before we discuss the three things your brain needs let’s look at how badly your brain needs them and how important they are to your survival.

Your brain weighs only about 3 pounds which represents about 2% of your total body weight. Amazingly though it consumes 25% of the glucose that your body converts and 25% of the oxygen you breathe in. Does that seem a little unbalanced maybe even selfish to you? It does to me at first glance but the truth is your brain earns every bit of energy it takes away from the rest of the body.

Imaging running up a flight of stairs; unless you are a trained athlete you will quickly run out of oxygen and begin to pant. When panting isn’t enough to keep you running you have to stop and recover- let the lungs catch. What if that happened to the brain?

You think and think and concentrate until your brain can’t keep up and you have to stop. Your brain runs every other part of the body; not only could you not think, your heart would stop pumping, your lungs stop breathing, your eyes stop seeing, your ears stop hearing and your skeletal -muscular system stop working and you would collapse. If you had been thinking about how to get away from an approaching tyrannosaurs you would be in a serious mess.

So accolades to our brains for being able to work 24×7, multitasking billions of details and orchestrating our beings for years. Now the issue becomes how many years?

Science is in agreement that our brainpower peaks in the mid twenties then starts to decline. Research also shows that at age 55 our brain power has been reduced by 50% of what it was in the mid twenties. The decline continues and accelerates, and by the time we are eighty 33% of us have been diagnosed with some form of dementia, like Alzheimer’s or AAMI. At age 85 the percentage increases to 50%.

Because medical science is letting us live longer brain decline is becoming more prevalent and more of a problem. We have to start targeting the brain with what it needs to stay vital and functional our entire lives not just until retirement. So what does your brain require to stay in the game?

Relief- it is important for your brain to wind down and rest. Cortisol is a chemical your body produces when under stress; it is deadly to the brain. When you don’t let the brain escape from the pressure cooker on a regular basses the stress hormone builds up and the neurons and neurotransmitters break down. The brain will compensate for the damage buy dipping into reserves but with out a dipstick to measure what’s left your brain can and will fail. You would think that rest, and resting the brain specifically would be easy but it takes effort.

Exercise- use it or loose it. Research has proven that the more you stimulate and use your brain the better it becomes and the longer it lasts. Games and puzzles that make you think are great but don’t let them become routine or you will defeat the purpose. Creative tasks like quilting or building bird houses force you to think. Learning to play a musical instrument, learning to dance or fly fish are great. Things that are new and different forcing you to think and figure things out will build and preserve your brain for years.

Nutrition- the brain needs nutrition, and it is becoming more obvious each year that what we feed the brain needs to be brain specific nutrition. Fish really is brain food, so are broccoli and brussels sprout, nuts and beans; not your typical Mickey Ds lunch fair. It really is hard to eat everything you need to maintain mental and physical health. Even if you start today on a brain specific diet will your body ever be able to process enough nutrition to maintain your brain let alone restore it?

Recipes for Low Cholesterol Diet – Good Cholesterol Foods to Eat and More

If you have high cholesterol, it is time to start looking for recipes for low cholesterol diet because cardiovascular disease, which can be caused by high cholesterol, happens to be the leading cause of death within the United States today. This is a scary statistic, and you do not want to be one of those statistics, which is why taking healthy steps to lower levels of this component is so important.

Diet is definitely one of the best ways to take care of these levels and get them under control. While there are some foods that you may need to limit, you will find that there are plenty of good cholesterol foods that you can add to your diet. If you are wondering how you can begin doing this, take a look at some of our eating tips and some great ingredients to add to your recipes to help you begin taking control of your levels.

Foods You Need to Avoid

First, there are some foods that you need to avoid. There are some foods you need to limit and some you should cut out of your diet. Start by cutting back on saturated fats. These fats are well known for raising cholesterol, so limit them as much as possible. Trans fats need to be avoided as well and you will find them in items that say “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil.” Syrups, foods with added sugar, and grain foods that aren’t whole grains also need to be limited.

Why to Add Fish in Your Dietary regimen

Adding fish to your diet is a great idea if you need to lower these levels and you will find many fish recipes for low cholesterol diet. Look for fish that is high in omega 3 fatty acids, which are great for lowering your bad cholesterol. Trout and salmon are two of the best fish options for you if you want to get plenty of omega 3s. Even frozen or canned options of these fish can be added to your diet to fight off this dangerous health problem.

Importance of Plant Based Foods

Plant based foods are good cholesterol foods that should be added to your diet as well. You will find that there are plenty of plant based foods that are high in important Omega 3 fatty acids as well. Chia, algae, flaxseed, and even walnuts are great foods that you can add to your diet. Not only will these foods help with this problem, but they have other important health benefits as well.

Great Spices to Add to Your Recipes

There are some great spices that you can add to recipes for low cholesterol diet as well. Some spices out there, such as turmeric, actually have anti inflammatory properties, which is great for your heart. Spices can be added to foods to make them taste great too without having to add fatty additives that raise cholesterol.

Eating right is one of the best things you can do to get your cholesterol back under control. Today there are many great foods that you can eat that help to lower the bad cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol. Research the foods that you should add to your diet and use them along with great recipes for low cholesterol diet to eat tasty meals that are heart healthy.

How to Treat a Sinus Infection

Many of us want to know how to treat a sinus infection. We could use over the counter drugs, but that is not how to treat a sinus infection – that is how to treat the symptoms of such an infection, and there is a very big difference, as you may well know. The biggest problem with drug store medications is that they won’t do anything to cure you. Instead, they are designed to offer a quick fix, and hide your symptoms and the effects they have in order to provide you with temporary relief from these symptoms. They are not designed to go after the cause, but to lessen the effect.

Naturopathic medicine is different, in that its focus is on the cause of ailments. After all, once you eliminate the cause, then the effects disappear with permanence. This kind of sensible thinking has caused more and more people every day to turn towards herbal medicine, home remedies, and naturopathic healing. If you are looking to learn how to treat a sinus infection, then natural remedies is the best way to go.

The natural approach to healing has many benefits. Besides the obvious cost factor, is our health. Herbal remedies are more readily accepted by our bodies because they are natural – not like lab created, chemical based drugs mass produced in a factory. And the natural approach is also multi-faceted, focusing on many aspects of our health. For instance, did you know that there are different types of food and drink that can dilate nasal and bronchial passages for more ease of breathing? There are also types that can have the reverse of this effect. There are also foods and beverages that can thin out, or decrease the production of mucus, and there are those that can make us become even more congested. It seems that natural remedies are how to treat a sinus infection effectively.

Weight Loss Diets – Do Online Diet Programs Really Work?

You would reasonably think that a program involving you joining a local group would be the best for you, it does sound right doesn’t it? You have the camaraderie of a group of people you meet on a regular basis and you have the leadership of the organizer of the group. If you buy online your weight loss diet is strictly up to you. There is no-one to help you over the bad patches and cheer you on. The strange thing is you are more likely to lose weight and keep it off through an online weight loss plan than through a local group.

So why do the online weight loss plans perform better than your local group?

Well you have to understand exactly what is involved with an online program of this kind. You will typically get specific information relating to weight loss, advice in goal setting, information how to track your fat loss, recipes and information on planning your workouts. In addition to all this, you will typically get advice and support from the coaches and trainers from the program.

Your online program will also typically supply you with software for you to use in tracking your fat loss. This is a standard technique that forces you to confront your actual weight on a regular basis which will emphasize your immediate condition. This gives you no excuses for procrastination or just having a little treat. If you do you know you will be cheating yourself and you are the only one to blame. It forces you to confront the fact that you are solely responsible for losing your excess weight.

Typically, your online weight loss program will contain most or all of the following

  • Software to track your progress
  • Support on a regular basis from a qualified instructor or coach.
  • Videos for your workouts.
  • Specific shopping lists
  • Recipes specifically developed for you.

The Journal of American Medical Association did a year long study comparing two types of weight loss groups. One group used an online program and the other group a traditional program. It was shown that the online group was far more successful in losing weight and maintaining the weight loss than the traditional group.

Other studies have confirmed this finding. It appears that the low cost and the availability of online help works better than more traditional methods. Remember, the online program requires you to regularly check your progress which is a very effective tool in holding you to account for your own weight loss results.

Vaginal Heat and Its Relationship to Sexual Pleasure in the Male

One of the first things a man notices upon vaginal entry of his penis into the vagina is the sensation of heat. A burning heat that the penis feels as if it were just put into a fiery oven. What does this have to do with the dynamics of the sexual act?

Most people are taught that there are only Five Senses – Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight, and Hearing. This is a bit sophomoric in its teachings, as there are many more senses than just these basic five. The list is quite long and more senses are being discovered as we begin to further understand how the body really operates. For example, here are a few senses most people never realize even existed: Temperature, Two-Point Discrimination, Stretch, Pain, etc.

It is said by ancient Hindu belief that – “The vulva is an altar and the pubic hairs are the flames upon the altar.” The vulva is defined as a woman’s genitals. The “flames” are an outward representation of what lies inside the vulva – Fire.

Now back to the different senses the human body is capable of interpreting: One of those is Temperature – be it Hot or Cold. As the penis hangs outside of the body, its temperature is less than average body temperature. As the vagina lies inside of the body, its temperature is hotter than the penis.

When the penis enters the vagina, it is suddenly in an environment that is much hotter than the environment the penis is used to. This triggers temperature-pleasure receptors in the penis. Meaning that the penis can sense, neurologically, the change in temperature upon entering the vagina. These nervous-temperature receptors are also pleasure receptors and men will feel immediate pleasure upon having their penis enter the vagina.

Why is the sensation of heat so apparent and wonderful during the sexual act? Heat is a naturally-based sedative that gives a person a feeling of having a tranquilizer effect. In other words it relieves anxiety, stress, and helps calm a person. While we all want to be active and dynamic during the sexual process, this added measure of vaginal heat instantly makes us feel safe, relaxed, and worry-free; even though we are experiencing the highly-exciting state of having sex.

Why does this “heat” sensation feel so good? That’s a good question. It may have relevance by taking the male back to the time when he was in his mother’s womb – When he was safe, warm, and protected. Possibly the sexual act of intercourse (for the male) allows him to re-visit his embryonic state. A period in his life when he was warm, had no debts or bills, no worries about food or shelter or trying to earn a living; and was looked after and taken care of by someone (indirectly) who loved him. Imagine the penis, upon entering the warmth of the vagina – it’s the same as the infant who is warmthed by the womb. But life must continue… So, as the infant continues to grow and mature, the infant will inevitable outgrow the womb; be born, and be introduced and forced into an environment that he is hardly ready for; as it is much different than the warmth and comfort of his previous home (the warm, comfortable, safe, and loving womb of his mother).

Man is borne of his mother’s womb. Upon exit of this womb, he spends a great deal of his life trying to re-enter a similar womb through his penis. Is it possible that he gets the same “motherly” love through his penis in later years via the sexual act? It’s a question worth pondering, as Mother Nature is mysterious in her ways.

Strike Related Medical Travel Positions

If you are a medical traveler there may be occasions when you are called about taking a travel assignment in a hospital where the regular employees have gone on strike. The usual advantage of working strike situations is the higher than normal hourly wage. In fact, there are some travelers that work almost exclusively strike related situations, feeling the rewards more than balance out the disadvantages.

Strike opportunities have some unique qualities. First, be aware you will probably be entering a situation where picketers will view you as the “enemy”, a person who is interfering with their leverage for negotiating a better work contract. It is wise to inquire of your recruiter as to whether picketers in a particular town are allowed to be on the actual hospital grounds during their protests or if they are required to be across the street. This can make a difference in what you will experience as you enter and exit the hospital. The closer protestors are allowed to you, the more disconcerting and even dangerous the situation can potentially be.

I would also suggest you ask whether security personnel will be provided to take you back and forth to the hospital from your hotel (I was transported in a van with several other travelers on a recent strike assignment) as well as accompany you safely into the hospital. Occasionally if the hospital deems it necessary for your safety, you may be housed in the hospital itself and not allowed to travel back and forth to a hotel.

Although your salary will normally be higher, your assignment time could be as brief as two weeks, with an option to renew as the strike continues. Strike situations can last for short or long periods of time and usually end abruptly with a settlement agreement. Normally you will be guaranteed a minimum of hours or shifts that you will be paid even if the strike settles prior to your anticipated assignment end date as long as you have reported for the first day of work (be sure that guarantee is in your contract…written, not verbal!). However, if the strike should settle while you are in route to the assignment or before you report for that first day of work, that guarantee is usually not valid.

In addition, on a strike assignment you may be asked to work longer than normal hours with minimum time off and are often required to share living accommodations, normally a hotel room, with another traveler. While you will be provided food, remember that often the cafeteria staff is on strike too so what you will be provided can be less than wonderful at times.

However, even with all that said, as long as you ask all the right questions in advance and arrive with an understanding of the unique qualities of this particular kind of assignment, you’ll find strike situations can be quite LUCRATIVE and even FUN, especially if you happen to meet up with an interesting “cast of characters” (I did!) that have all arrived to work the strike situation with a good attitude.

Acne – Dermatologists

Dermatologists are specialists who treat disorders of the skin. But they don’t just treat skin problems: they treat health problems of the hair and nail as wells. They are full-fledged medical doctors trained to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders of the skin, hair and nails.The most common skin disease that dermatologists treat is acne. Acne is a skin condition that nearly all people have to contend with at some point during their teen years. The cases of acne vary from mild (the occasional pimple or zit) all the way to very severe (which consists of deep acne lesions and often extensive scarring). Acne is caused by the overproduction of oil from the hair follicles sebaceous glands, which combines with dead cells to clog pores. This can lead to whiteheads, blackheads, pustules and papules, or in the most severe cases, cysts.Most acne cases don’t require the services of a dermatologist, as a healthy skin care regimen and over the counter medications can control it. But for those persistent, moderate to severe cases, a dermatologist is almost always needed. These doctors can prescribe stronger topical medications as well as oral antibiotics, to help get a handle on difficult cases.

They can also provide the medical means by which acne scars are reduced or eliminated.Dermatologists also diagnose and treat other skin disorders such as skin cancer. Doctors will examine suspected skin cancer sites on the body and if need be, perform a biopsy to verify cancer’s presence. There are a variety of types of skin cancer of different degrees of seriousness. Needless to say, a doctor should immediately examine any person who suspects that he or she may have some form of skin cancer.Psoriasis is another skin ailment treated by these doctors. This is a chronic red scaly, sometimes itchy rash that affects a fairly large segment of the population. It can range in severity from barely noticeable, to needing hospitalization. Aside from the skin rash, a person may experience some degree of pain in various joints – which can be debilitating. It is thought that the immune system is involved in causing psoriasis, though this is not certain. There does seem to be a genetic predisposition to this disease. While there is no cure for it there are effective treatments that a dermatologist can provide after diagnosis.

Dermatologists also treat warts. These rough skin tumor-like growths can appear anywhere (but usually on the hands and feet), and are caused by viruses. Some warts go away by themselves but others can persist for many years. Dermatologists treat warts in a variety of ways. One option is to wait and see if it goes away on it’s own. And they can use salicylic acid in liquid form or in a patch. Often, this will gradually make the wart disappear. They can also freeze it, gently, over a period of time. A dermatologist can also use surgery, lasers, and chemical cautery to get rid of them.Dermatologists also treat patients to remove their scars. They can use lasers of varying types to reduce, or even to completely get rid of these scars. The types that can be treated are those that result from injury, acne scars, keloids, and hypertrophic scars. With today’s modern lasers, scarring can be reduced to a degree that it never could in the past. These are but a few of the many conditions that dermatologists can treat. Dermatology is a field of many different specialties and areas of expertise, and it is the state of the art in medicine.

Chronic Disease Takes a Toll on US Population

Cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, and a variety of other serious physical ailments now plague more than one third of the American population at the cost of almost $ 1 trillion annually, not to mention the myriad physical, mental, and emotional tolls each illness can take . Common to all of these ailments is the element of frequent pain.

Most people who have a chronic disease take some kind of pain medication daily, often developing a tolerance that then entitles more medicine and stronger doses. Inevitably, the pain of chronic disease can be very difficult to treat and to manage and can be very frustrating for both doctors and patients alike. Recently, treatment options that go beyond just taking a pill have increased in both precedent and popularity. In particular, many doctors and patients are recognizing the added value of regular chiropractic care.

Chiropractic health care improves the overall function of the spinal, which can then improve the nervous system's ability to communicate with the rest of the body. This, then, will lead to a stronger immune system, better repair of damaged tissue, and, significantly, less pain in the body. Ideally, this will allow people with a chronic disease to increase movement and activity, which has many benefits, including more pain reduction. Chiropractic care can also improve range of motion, flexibility, and overall comfort.

If you are struggling with pain associated with a chronic disease or general aches and pains in your body, considering talking with your local chiropractor about treatment programs and options to make your life more pain-free and enjoyable.

Contaminated Fish Oil Supplements Are Not Worth It, So Be Careful When Buying Omega 3 Capsules

In the midst of all the hype surrounding fish oil and Omega 3 fatty acids, it is easy to overlook the possibility of contaminated fish oil supplements. For years, it has been crowned by many as the King of all supplements, it being endowed with numerous health benefits. It is because of the Omega 3 fatty acids that fish oil has earned the title and continues to enjoy royal treatment. Omega 3, it is said, is very abundant in fish, thus fish supplements has always been linked with good heart health and brain development.

And so one would find numerous options when it comes to fish supplements, such being an alternative to consuming whole fish every day. Yet now there are growing concerns over contaminated fish oil supplements, and one might wonder if these concerns signal the end of its reign? Studies done to check and authenticate the health benefits of oil from fish have yielded alarming results, and many are caught unaware that their fish supplements are contaminated with lead, mercury, and PCBs, all very toxic to human beings when ingested.

But of course this does not mean that all fish supplements in the market are toxic. To be very certain that you are not going to put yourself in danger while trying to be healthy, make sure that the sources of fish oil supplements must be oily fish swimming in the waters of New Zealand and not in the Atlantic Ocean where the waters are contaminated with toxins and harmful chemicals. But even then, a process called molecular distillation would remove these toxins, only that how effective it is would depend on several factors such as the equipment used, for one thing. If the manufacture of the fish oil supplements makes use of outdated equipment, chances are the equipment no longer has the capability of removing all traces of toxins. Continuous monitoring of fish oil manufacturers has to be done then so as to ensure that they are delivering safe omega 3 supplements to its customers. Just because a manufacturer has passed all initial tests to render the supplements safe, it does not mean that it shall not be re-evaluated again. Keep in mind that as the body ages so do processing equipment.

Many complain of allergic reactions and stomach disturbances while taking fish supplements. One might easily think of these as mere side effects. They are not life-threatening so why be overly concerned about them, right? Often enough, these are not side effects expected of these supplements; rather these are consequences when you consume health supplements that are no longer fresh and which contain traces of harmful chemicals.

Many, too, do not like the fishy after-taste that comes with taking the supplements. The fishy after-taste may be applicable to fish oil supplements that are not pharmaceutical grade. Needless to say, this is something that can be easily resolved by taking the supplement with meals or fruit juices to mask the taste.

When taking supplements with Omega 3, remember to supplement your daily diet with Vitamin E, too. Vitamin E has been found to be one essential vitamin necessary in the absorption of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Fish supplements are extremely popular these days, so be on the know so you will not be fooled into buying contaminated fish oil supplements.

Medical Versus Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

The fear of contracting hemorrhoids is often in the minds of most people today. The thought of experiencing agonising pain is what they fear most. With the cure of hemorrhoids being a long way from being achieved, they are not willing to suffer months, even years with this condition. Today, there are two options for patients with this condition; medical hemorrhoid option which is cost or natural treatment.

People often end a lot of pain in silence while they try to search for the appropriate treatment to their problem. One has to be careful as there are many quack treatments out there that promise do deliver the desired results you desperately need. Consideration should be taken on those treatment have been tested and approved for use for the general public.

Some prefer to undertake medical treatment that involves surgery. They choose this method because it is painless, recovery time is fast and the condition is eradicated completely. An example of surgical treatment includes laser application on areas affected. The intense heat helps to eradicate the hemorrhoid completely with the wound closed up after completion of the procedure. The success rate of this method is very high because it is costly and not many patients can afford it.

Rubber ligation is another medical way other than natural treatment. It works by cutting the blood circulation to the hemorrhoid because resulting in its slow death. The method is proved effective although in some cases there has been proof of recurrence of hemorrhoid in patients. Individuals prefer natural hemorrhoid treatment to the common slicing off method conducted by doctor. It often requires the use anesthetic though the patient experiences some pain that the dislike.

Natural treatment although much slower in terms of recovery is advised to patients who can not afford the cost of medical treatments.