Viagra Can Cure ED Due To Antipsychotic Drug Use

People with erectile dysfunction due to the use of antipsychotic drugs for the treatment of schizophrenia and similar other mental disorders have reasons to cheer, as Viagra is established to be an effective medicament to overcome the dysfunction. According to a press release in the American Journal of Psychiatry, the use of Viagra (sildenafil) can effectively improve the erection of an erectile dysfunction patient with history of antipsychotic drug use.

The study was conducted by a team of medical scientists led by Dr.Rajesh Gopalakrishnan in the renowned Christian Medical College, Vellore, India. Dr. Rajesh and his colleagues closely studied the effect of Viagra on 32 married men with erectile dysfunction caused due to the use of antipsychotic medicines, in a placebo-controlled situation. The study gave very interesting and encouraging results for the ED patients.

The study found that the patients who were given Viagra had an incredibly significant improvement in terms of their erection, as they were able to increase the frequency of their erection, and the duration too. And the patients could have a more satisfying sexual intercourse than before. Further clinical assessment and a deeper examination of the study revealed that Viagra (sildenafil) can triple the chances of a successful erection and a fulfilling sexual enjoyment in antipsychotic-induced erectile dysfunction patients.

Another startling fact that came of the research was the great tolerance level of Viagra in the patients. The report also said that there were no incidents of discontinuation during the course of the treatment. Other than the commonly occurring mild side effects like headaches and a stuffy nose, no serious side effects of Viagra use could be seen in the patients too.

The recent finding is quite akin to other published reports and studies on the use of Viagra in the treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction caused due to mixed reasons. Say, it is not very different from the study of Viagra use in a patient, who has spinal cord injuries and diabetes as the causes of ED.

Erectile dysfunction due to the use of antipsychotic medicaments can often lead to a number of problems because of its poor medical conformity. However, the path breaking research has given a new impetus to the treatment of erectile dysfunction patients with mental disorders like schizophrenia, giving a ray of hope to the patients.

Importance of Particle Size For Nebulized Medication

The physics of inhaled pharmaceutical aerosols (IPAs) is complex and involves aerosol mechanics, multiphase fluid mechanics, transport phenomena, and interfacial science, (in addition to pharmaceutics, chemistry, physiology, and medicine). Present understanding and prediction of the behaviour of IPAs remains relatively undeveloped.

Many researches are aimed at exploring and controlling the physics of inhaled pharmaceutical aerosols. Such aerosols are used in the therapeutic nebulized medication treatment of lung and respiratory diseases such as asthma, cystic fibrosis and even sinusitis, but are also being developed for the treatment of many other diseases where traditional delivery methods suffer drawbacks. Examples of the latter include pain management, as well as vaccinations using inhaled aerosols.

It is important to develop and improve the understanding and prediction of IPAs for the treatment of nose, sinus or lung disease using a mix of experimental, theoretical and numerical methods. One major factor to consider in areosolized treatments is the the importance of particle size of nebulized medication.

When the sinus or lung is the target for the aerosol, the inhaled aerosol must consist of particles in a certain size range. This is because particles larger than a certain size tend to simply land in the mouth and throat and mostly do not make it into the target destination. Particles somewhat smaller than a certain size tend to get inhaled and then exhaled right back out, while very small particles usually can’t be made in high enough numbers to give high enough dosages.

In a study on the differential deposition of aerosols in the maxillary sinus of human cadavers by particle size (by Christopher Hilton, M.D.,Timothy Wiedmann, Ph.D., Michele St. Martin, M.D., Bradley Humphrey, B.S., Rob Schleiffarth, B.A. and Frank Rimell, M.D.), there was a statistically significant difference in deposition among particle sizes.

The importance of particle size for nebulized medication is seen in the ff:

• Inhaled pharmaceutical aerosols (IPAs) are usually designed to produce drug particles each having the incredibly small mass of between approximately 1 trillionth and 100 trillionths of a gram.

• For particles with densities near that of water, this corresponds to particle diameters of a few millionths of a meter (i.e. a few micrometers). The probability that inhaled droplets of different diameters will deposit in the mouth-throat and tracheobronchial and alveolar regions of the lung for a particular aerosol, will be different for a another aerosol and cannot be used to evaluate other aerosols.

• Although specific size ranges are often quoted as being ideal for IPAs (e.g. 1-5 micrometers in diameter), significant amounts of particles outside this size range can still deposit in the lung, so that these size ranges should not be viewed as strict criteria. This is partly because the speed of the inhaled air plays a significant role in determining what size of particles will deposit where in the respiratory tract. For instance, someone breathing very slowly may cause larger particles to make it deeper in the sinus or lung than someone inhaling very rapidly.

• In addition, the filtering for particle deposition are slowly varying functions of particle size, and do not give ideal “bandpass” filtering of particle size.

• Finally, droplet evaporation or condensation can be different for different aerosols and result in different deposition patterns with different aerosols.

What Would Be the Best "Hello World" for Biosciences? Generating a Method for Biohacking

The first step that a beginner hacker or programmer takes towards a technical and logical deepening is to program the famous Hello World. It is a kind of computer pattern, so, the first step for future algorithms. And there is no computer programmer or hacker in the world who has not already created a Hello World, even just to test a new compiler or a new programming language. However, if there is this pattern, or rather, this START for hackers and computer programmers, then what would be the best model pattern or start for biohackers? Some method for beginners to have as a model in the field of biosciences.

Biosciences are not something popular yet, and there is a great barrier for ordinary people to work on issues like genetics. It seems absurd to think that common people could work with genetics, even as Hobby, as well as work with other classical sciences. The same was true about computing in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, but with the advancement of the microtechnology industry, especially microelectronics, devices such as hardware have had a reduction in world prices and scales. With this advancement in popularization and access to materials, we all know how the advance in computing took place, forming a breeding ground for hackers. What is questioned now is the possibility of this same fact with biosciences. A popularization and access to materials, devices and knowledge to further strengthen the incipient hacker movement. There are cheap KITs and materials for biohackers, it’s are already being made available, although considered amateur by some specialists, but, which hacker did not begin as an amateur, and in a short time, it flouted the highest technologies. We cannot deny that it is already a beginning, and there is a huge field to be improved. However, the focus of this article is on the search for a method, not the materials now. In the case, the method for biohackers is connected in a Hello World for the biosciences, for a model or a START to the new biohackers. Something so simple, but that carries the maximum of concept. A method to become standard for biohackers, just like there is Hello World. This method is what we are looking for right now! Recalling, the concept of method is an organized set of procedure, technique, or means of doing something methodically and patronized according to a highly organized, logical, and systematic plan or process of research, instruction, investigation and presentation.

As important now as the growth of the biohacker movement is the pursuit of this standard, this method. Something like performing a PCR polymerase chain reaction, or even extracting DNA from cells, and even more sophisticated devices like the connection or interfaces between biological platform and computing. In relation to hackers these are self-taught, and referring to the concepts to work with biosciences there are no excuses. Because we have never had so much knowledge on an open and organized platform as today, one example is the Microsoft ™ Khan Academy ™ platform. In addition to so many other examples. In short words, anyone today can become a hacker, as well as, become a biohacker with a basic method. A method for biohacking – An agile method, a step by step, with the basic introduction, as the famous Hello World in programming, in which it will result in a revolution HYPE for biosciences. What would be required for a hacker or novice programmer is summed up with a machine that is a computer, a compiler, and the concept of programming logic. The first step of every computer is started by the famous “Hello World”. You can say that programming Hello World is the gateway to the hacker and programming world. It is a practice, a standard in this field. The question we are raising in biohacking. It is formalized by the question: What would be the best “Hello World” for biosciences?

So far, biosciences have been stuck in academies and private laboratories, but with the advancement of knowledge and easy access to new gadgets and handmade equipment’s and instruments, at reduced prices, it has become easy and cheap to purchase materials for bioscience work in a popular way. It is a revolution like the advance of computers in its popularization, generating hackers. At present, the new breakthrough hacker is in adding the classic sciences in their actions. Thus, appearing characters or agents named biohackers and even nanohackers. These will make use of biosciences to hack into the human genome, as well as generate innovation. No one can deny a sentence: what would current computing be without hacking a few decades ago? We can even say that we are in a dilemma nowadays. The traditional means of producing science are stagnant and slow. And this new agent the biohacker as you begin your global operation will bring HYPE gas and acceleration to innovative science and technological innovations.

About the actual science, an interesting case is presented in the plateau effect concept – more details can be seen in the book of the same name. This concept refers to a kind of paralysis in the progress of knowledge and science, a psychological slowness and other factors. The concept is well exemplified to those who are learning a new language, but at a certain stage, progress suffers a slow and paralysed due to several factors. It is not very different in the progress of biosciences, and one of the reasons for this laziness, faced with so many variables is the high complexity. However, just as the hacker movement has oxygenated computing with many innovations, the biohacker movement, while there are pros and cons, will undoubtedly oxygenate biosciences and other conceptual sciences. This new action matrix will bring an icebreaker, a kind of HYPE acceleration in what is stagnant. There is much academic concept and little practical use now. There is no denying, there is a new complex matrix in the formation. The CRISPR and biohacker movement has even been a subject of Nature ™ journals in 2017.

In fact, not only is the question of the best method to generate a START, for amateur biohackers, in this case, a suggestion would be in a popularization of the PCR method, remember PCR as Polymerase Chain Reaction, but this is one of the possibilities in front of so many others. Opening to new business with the biohacking movement is unprecedented. The possibility of outsourcing for analytical tests, the leasing of laboratories, the sale of KITs for biohackers, new means of testing and a plethora of collaboration and unlimited competition. It is practically a new world that is forming in biosciences, a matrix in complex formation.

Do You Need To Understand Your Health Supplement Store When Looking For Vitamins?

As more and more baby boomers begin to consume health food, the need for more business people opening up a vitamin supplement store whether it is an online or brick and mortar location is ever increasing.

There is no distinct training or knowledge required. If you order your supplements online, you could be purchasing them from even a sixteen-year-old in New York or even Vegas or from a seventy-year-old man on a wheelchair.

Do not worry too and this should not concern you? After all, it's safe as long as it's sealed, right? Then again, it is wrong!

There are many people who do not realize that these vitamin supplements are not regulated like drugs, but they are regulated like food.

What that means is that without and until a problem arises, the only thing we're going to know about the product is what the manufacture wants us to know.

Although the FTC and the FDA work together on issues such as false claims, they usually do not get involved until after there's a problem. In addition, unlike drugs, vitamin supplements do not have to be tested or offer any proof before marketing.

What other stores are doing? Beware of them.

There are some unscrupulous, unethical vitamin supplement stores which have marketed dietary supplements that were actually fakes and not the product they claimed to be.

Also, there are others stores who had ingredients that were not disclosed on the label. However, between 2002 and 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration had concentrated more than nine million dollars worth of dietary supplements including vitamin supplements that were either labeled with false claims or were unapproved drugs disguised as supplements.

There are even supplements that claims to be all natural, which can even interfere with medication you are already taking or a medical condition you have.

Sometimes a vitamin supplement is necessary. My doctor has recommended certain supplements to me. When he does however, he writes down exactly what they are and recommends the same store every time, of which he has no affiliation.

The most important thing I know and understand the vitamin health supplement store. I've gotten to know the person who owns it and familiar with the brands he or she is selling. There is a consistency there that helps me to feel safe when I shop there.

What you need to do?

In order to get a good quality vitamin supplement, that does not mean that the store has to be a brick and mortar store in order to be considered safe. However, you can still do your homework before you purchase from an online store.

For one thing, if you can not find any phone number or physical address for that online store you are surfing, just simply walk out of their virtual door! That's simple and there goes for any online company. There are no strings attached.

Any legal vitamin store company will strictly display their contact information. In this way, not only can you contact them, but you can do some research about them.

Why do you need to check on them?

Once you know a vitamin supplement store's name and physical address, you can check with the Better Business Bureau in that city to see if any complaints have been filed with them and if so, if they have been resolved.

This way, it is also easier to search the FTC and FDA websites for any diplomatic action when you have their contact information.

Another reason is to shut them down down automatically when you are visiting a vitamin supplement store online if they are making any ridiculous claims. Claims such as this, "this cures everything, buy it now, it will not last," etc. is simply too good to be true.

In fact, once a supplement claims to cure or treat an illness or condition, it ceases being marketed as a dietary supplement and has become marketed as a drug. That's when the FDA and FTC start sending out warning letters that can lead to more serious legal action against these operators of the store.

Please note that before making any purchase from any vitamin supplement store, whether online or brick and mortar, use your common sense and do your homework to ensure your safety.

Check the FDA and FTC websites if you have further questions or concerns about vitamin supplements or the stores in which you purchase them.

Now, you may now know how to identify and understand why you need to know your vitamin store when buying vitamins.

However, even we know how to choose a reliable vitamin store, but without a proper understanding of using and getting good vitamins to treat many chronic diseases, there will not be much disease free lifestyle to crave for.

You Should Take These Vitamins For Acne Daily

If you want your body to heal acne quickly as well as minimizing breakouts then you absolutely must take these vitamins for acne …

Here's why:

Vitamin A – helps aid in the prevention of acne by flushing out free radicals and acne causing toxins from your body as well as strengthening the protective tissues of your skin and reducing sebum production.

Recommended daily intake is 5000IU.

Vitamin B5 – Prevents acne by preventing your body from sending fats and toxins through your sebaceous. It also helps your body absorb other nutrients more effectively.

Recommended doses for acne is a minimum of five grams.

Vitamin B6 – helps prevent acne by balancing hormonal imbalance within your body and controls excess oil production on your skin. Recommended daily intake is 2mg.

Vitamin C – Also helps cleanse and flush out acne causing toxins from your body. Daily intake should be about 90mg.

Zinc – Fights acne bacteria like antibiotics as well as regulating insulin, growth hormones and also speeds up the healing process of acne.

Although zinc does a pretty good job at treating acne, it can also cause more acne if you take too much because excess amount of zinc can be toxic to your body.

But just do not take more than 100mg a day and it can work wonders in treating acne.

Selenium – helps prevent acne by controlling inflammation and aids in the healing of acne so you can see clearer skin faster. Recommended intake of selenium is 55 gg a day for adults.

Chromium – helps prevent acne by regulating sugar levels in your body. High sugar levels can cause sebaceous glands to produce excess sebum which can cause more acne. To fight acne effectively, the daily intake is 150 mcg daily.

Essential fatty acids – prevails inflammations, speed up healing of acne, reduces sebum production and the size of sebaceous glands as well as improving overall skin health. Daily recommended take is 200mg.

Health Reform Bill and Medical Compliance in a Physician Practice

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148), also referred to as the “Health Insurance Reform Bill”, is a federal statute that was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. This legislation includes a new requirement for an effective compliance program for healthcare organizations. What was formerly voluntary is now mandatory, including the requirement that healthcare providers applying to enroll as Medicare providers have a compliance program in place.

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the federal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recommends the components of an effective compliance program include:

  • Conducting internal monitoring and auditing
  • Developing and implementing compliance program policies and procedures
  • Designating a compliance officer or contact person
  • Conducting appropriate training and educating of staff
  • Responding appropriately to detected offenses and developing corrective action
  • Developing open lines of communication, andPhysicians and other providers applying for Medicare participation will be required to have a Compliance Program in place. It is unknown if this requirement will extend to an existing Medicare participating medical group which is adding a physician or other practitioner who has not previously participated in Medicare – but it might!
  • The limitation on submitting claims to Medicare has been reduced to one calendar year from the date of service.
  • Overpayments from Medicare must be returned within 60 days of the date of determination that there was an overpayment. Penalties are 3 times the amount owed.
  • A provider’s enrollment can be revoked if he or she does not maintain a record of physician referrals for home health and DME services, and make the records available to CMS when requested.
  • There must be a face-to-face encounter between the provider and the patient when home health or DME is ordered. (HHS can also extend this requirement to other services)
  • There will be a new protocol for providers to self-disclose violations of the physician self-referral regulations.
  • States may use Recovery Audit Contractors (RAC’s) for audits of state Medicaid programs.
  • A Provider may be terminated from Medicare when terminated from a state Medicaid program.
  • PQRI Measures and HITECH Act Meaningful Use criteria will be integrated, to the extent possible, in the near future.
  • There will be no copayment required from Medicare beneficiaries for preventive services graded A or B by the US Preventive Services Task Force. Medicare will pay 100% of the Medicare Allowable for these services.
  • Medicare will reduce payments to physicians not participating in PQRI by 1.5% in 2015 and by 2.0% in 2016.

So what should a Medical Practitioner be doing?

  • Develop and implement effective Compliance Policies and Procedures that includes internal monitoring such as a risk-based coding and documentation audit.
  • If you are a Medicare participating provider, begin reporting PQRI measures.
  • Make sure your billing and accounts receivable practices include timely filing of claims and timely refunds to government payors when overpayments are identified.
  • Ensure your EHR system is capable of meeting the Meaningful Use Criteria.
  • Remember that the year 2010 is possibly the one year to “move most aggressively into the future”, because the future is arriving whether you are prepared or not!

As the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is implemented – step by step – regardless of the legal challenges, it is wise to consider the potential impact on your medical practice, including the need for an audit of your medical documentation, coding and billing processes, the program policies and procedures, and the chief compliance officer functions. All important steps to manage your clinic at best practices benchmark standards.

Natural Sleep Aids and Their Uses

Modern lifestyle has many advantages but it also comes with a price – stress that leads to insomnia. Since it affects more than half the population, people will know the first thing that becomes affected is your sleeping pattern. You have the option to arrive at the office every morning, sleep deprived or you can pop prescription pills that make you feel sleepy the whole day.

The Plan

But there is a solution to this seemingly impossible catch-22 scenario – natural sleeping pills. The catch is, your doctor many not prescribe it for you, unless of course he or she wants to stop making money. Some natural herbs, minerals, and amino acids have a strong sedative action and when taken in the right combination, they can be better then any pharmaceutical drug. The best part is they are not addictive, have no side effects, and you will experience no withdrawal symptoms if you decide to stop using them.

Nothing Better than Natural

Natural sleeping aids are not chemical or synthetic based so they will never interfere with normal medications that you take. Since they contain natural herbals such as chamomile, lemon balm, lavender, kava, passionflower, valerian root, they do not need a prescription. They can be safely used for a long period of time with no side effects; you may still need to talk to your doctor about them. Herbs such as kava can naturally fight anxiety which is the main reason for sleep disruption. Valerian is also a naturally occurring herb that aids sleep, while melatonin is natural hormone recurring in the human body.

The Answer

Naturally occurring amino acids such as tryptophan that is converted by the body to serotonin and melatonin aid relaxation. Tryptophan rich food includes, fish, turkey and chicken, milk and other diary products. Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant that can be found in whole grains in the likes of peas, nuts, and leafy green vegetables such as spinach which is a good natural source of the mineral. The intake of vitamin B is good for the regulation of the nervous system and calcium helps with in relation to your mood and is important for obtaining deep and quality sleep. Eating these naturally occurring products will ensure you do not need prescription pills to sleep.

Exercise and Bedtime

Sleeping energizes the human body and any person who has had a deep and relaxed sleep has a healthy body and mind so using natural sleep aids that help you with your sleep is a better alternative than taking prescription pills. There are also a few lifestyle changes that can be made such as incorporating some consistent exercise in your routine and going to bed around the same time every night.

A Force of Nature

Linus Pauling was an extraordinary man – his dualistic expression was motivated by those who knew him. He was enthusiastic yet humble, simple and complex, and a gentle rebel.

Pauling was also known as a force of nature. A physicist / chemist / biologist, this brilliant scientist was not content with his research into the nature of the chemical bond (for which he won his first Nobel Prize in 1954).

Pauling then became fascinated in the movement of molecules. He was able to concoct enough experiments to reach the achievement of developing a substitute to blood plasma and then of understanding the living cell. Pretty heavy stuff …

Linus Pauling was not a man to rest on his laurels. In his 1939 book, The Nature of the Chemical Bond, he uncovers not only a scientific mind, but also the mind of an inspirational leader. In his words,

"We may ask what the next step in the search for an understanding of the nature of life will be. I think that it will be the elucidation of the nature of the electromagnetic phenomena involved in mental activity in relation to the molecular structure of brain tissue I believe that thinking, both conscious and unconscious, and short-term memory involve electromagnetic phenomena in the brain, interacting with the molecular (material) patterns of long-term memory, obtained from inheritance or experience. "

The above quote is obviously spoken with intelligence – but more importantly, with curiosity and open-mindedness. There is no doubt Linus Pauling was inspired by a deep passion. But Pauling was not driven by the acquisition of accolades or awards – his was a quest to forget the truth.

Pauling had an undeniable respect for human life and nature. This he proved whole-heartedly when the use of the atomic bomb near the end of World War II caught his attention. He, more than anyone, was aware of the cancerous effects of an atomic aftermath – both to the environment and the human being.

Permanent accusations of being labeled a Communist, Pauling collected his biological research and accumulated a petition of 9,235 respected scientists to ban the widespread use of nuclear testing. His efforts addressed the attention of Harper's Magazine in 1963, when his views were expressed in this publication:

"I have said that my ethical principles have caused me to reach the conclusion that the evil of war should be abolished; but my conclusion that war must be abolished if the human race is to survive is based not on ethical principles but on my thorough and careful analysis, in relation to international affairs, of the facts about the changes that have taken place in the world during recent years, especially with respect to the nature of war. "

If his ethics had not played a role in his undying fervor to abolish nuclear testing, it is unclear if anyone would have taken notice. Any scientist can produce a list of facts based on dedicated research. But, fire must have been present behind the resolve – the fire of a man protecting his human family. Once again, Pauling showed he was a force of nature.

He became the hurricane, the tornado, and the tidal wave. His was a voice fueled by a power greater than a single man could carry. The universe conspired to carry him to victory.

The Nuclear Test Ban Treaty was signed in July 1963. This law outlaws all but underground nuclear testing. For his ability to shed light on the worthy cause of humanity, Linus Pauling received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1962.

We all can not be Linus Pauling. But we can certainly learn from him. It does not take a lot of book smarts to be aware. Especially in the world today, information is at our finger tips. It takes a moment centered moment to tune in.

When we take time out to see how the people around us are scared, or our air is not as clean as it used to be, or that you hear less birds singing than you used to … Allow your curiosity to come out, listen to your inner voice, and participate. Be Like Linus Pauling. Be like nature.

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Toast Your Cholesterol Goodbye With Red Wine

Imagine enjoying a glass of red wine and at the same time lowering your bad cholesterol.

It has been determined that the ingredients in some wine may lead to a healthy heart. High levels of cholesterol lead to cardiovascular heart disease. The bad cholesterol, LDL, causes your arteries to harden and ever clog up. When the flow of blood becomes restricted to your heart, you get a heart attack. Wine contains a group of chemicals that have the ability to lower cholesterol levels. It improves your HDL / LDL ratio

In the French Paradox theory there is an association between red wine and coronary heart disease. The French people devour a large amount of foods which are rich in saturated fats. They eat organ meats and rich dairy products such as cheese and eggs. However, the French people have a lower incidence of coronary heart disease. Their arteries are less hard and clogged.

Logical explanation is that red wine counter balances the bad effect of high saturated fat foods.

Wine contains catechins and resverstrol These are collectively known as polyphenols. They have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory fighting powers. These chemicals are found in the skin of red grapes use to make wine. A new fighting chemical against cholesterol is saponins, also found in the skin of red wine. It is believed that resverrol neutralizes cholesterol oxidation and saponins prevent absorption of cholesterol.

Research has shown that red wine is heart friendly. You should not drink more than two glasses per day. It is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Just because you drink wine does not mean that you are cholesterol free. Drinking in moderation is heart smart. Drinking wine at more than moderate levels can lead to many other health problems and complications. Remember that red wine by itself is not the answer to your cholesterol problems.

The Best Natural Yeast Infection Treatment – Symptoms Men & Women Should Know About

The occurrence of a yeast infection is a very common problem among women but men can also suffer from this condition. Candida is another name for this condition and it is caused by a group of microscopic fungi or yeast.

Our bodies normally keep a natural balance of candida, but when the natural balance is upset the candida will overgrow and cause a yeast infection. Before you look into the different yeast infection treatment methods you must learn the symptoms of this condition.

Some of the common yeast infection symptoms a woman experiences include: pain during sexual intercourse, burning sensation while urinating, a thick white discharge, an intense itching sensation in the vagina area, and sores in different areas of the body as the yeast spread.

Men usually get the infection from either having unprotected sex with a partner that already has the yeast or from taking different antibiotics that kill the good bacteria keeping the yeast from overgrowing. Some of the typical symptoms of a man will experience include: a rash, a burning sensation or itching on the penis, and sore testicles.

Men and women can both benefit from the same yeast infection treatment methods. One of the best natural methods for treating the candida in both men and women is garlic. Garlic is one of the biggest enemies of the candida fungus. It is one of those natural remedies that can provide you with instant relief.

Women can insert a garlic clove into their vagina every few hours which will provide a soothing relief. Men can eat one or two garlic cloves each day and they can also apply it externally on the affected area. Regardless of what treatment method you choose to use you must treat the fungus as soon as possible before it continues to grow out of control.

Alcohol Relief For Toothache Problems Using Whiskey Or Brandy

The onset of a toothache can be so painful that you think you will go mad if the pain does not stop. What can start up as a slightly annoying and sensitive tooth can flare up to a full dental emergency in a few hours. You can be sure that your dentist will not have any free appointments immediately so you have to sit out the pain until they can solve the problem.

Most toothache problems create swelling and sensitivity to cold and heat. So not only can you not chew any food because of the pain. You can’t eat anything that is very cold or very hot. So the misery is further increased by the fact you can’t even comfort eat to help.

The medicine cupboard will give you the standard pain relievers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Relief for toothache can be found using these tablets but many people find that they do not work completely and much of the pain remains.

Relief For Toothache With Alcohol – 2 Methods

One home remedy that can help is with whiskey or brandy. This might seem a bit extreme but I am not recommending that you try to get drunk while you have your toothache. In fact you most certainly should not actually drink any of the alcohol as it will not mix well with the painkillers you are taking.

The main way to use the alcohol is by dabbing it on both sides of the bad tooth using your finger. You can also use a cloth impregnated with the brandy and put this cloth between the gums and the inside of the cheek. This can numb a wider area that simply dabbing on the tooth and in severe cases can help when the pain is more general rather than focused in one small area such as a single tooth.

The second way to use whiskey and brandy as relief for toothache is as a mouthwash. This can be quite hard to do as these drinks are very strong and they seem to be burning the inside of your mouth when you swish it around. But 30 seconds of mouthwash with a strong spirit will bring relief to your mouth.

You must not drink the alcohol as this will not help with the pain. When you dentist can see you, you need to be able to use any drugs he prescribes for you. Many of these drugs do not allow alcohol to be drunk at the same time.

How to Care For Your UGG Boots

A pair of quality UGG boots brings ultra warmth and comfort to your feet. Many people may care more about how to buy them but pay less attention on how to take care of them. Actually, UGG boots that are well maintained can last for several years to come.

For people who want to keep their UGG boots in good condition, make sure not to wear them in the snow or on the extremely wet surfaces. Indeed, this kind of footwear has tremendous effects in wicking coldness away from feet but it is not designed for wearing in wet weather. If your pair gets wet and dirty, here you will find some useful tips that will help you make them look as great as the day you purchased them.

It is very important to remember not place them in a washer or clean them in hot water. Doing this will cause great damage to your boots even make them unwearable. Bear in mind that UGG boots are made with sheepskin which is very delicate. So be sure to wash them in cold water with hand. If your pair is too dirty, it is recommended that you buy cleaning products that are specifically designed for UGG boots to wash them.

In addition, you also need to remember not to put them in a dryer or in front of a radiator or under the direct sunlight after you finish cleaning them. The ideal way to dry them is to stuff them with paper and place them in the shade. This will help to retain their original shape.

Panic Attack Symptoms and Curing Panic Attacks

What are some panic attack symptoms? Well, there are outward and inward panic attack symptoms, that is to say, physical and psychological ones. First, let’s go over a few of the physical symptoms.

Some of these include palpitations of the heart, excessive sweating, trembling or shaking, shortness of breath or a feeling of smothering, chest pain or discomfort, a sensation resembling choking, chills or hot flushes, light-headedness or dizziness, vertigo, nausea or abdominal distress, “pins and needles” (like when your foot “goes to sleep”) all over, and dry mouth.

One of the psychological panic attack symptoms, which usually manifests from excessive anxiety, is a feeling of derealization or depersonalization – a feeling of being disconnected from the body, almost as if viewing yourself in a dream, or feeling as though suddenly disconnected from the rest of all life experience, as though all of life is like a projected film that you are not taking part in.

This can be overwhelmingly alarming and distressful, leaving the person thinking that there has been some kind of permanent damage in their brain, or that they are utterly losing their mind. Such an unnerving experience may take even days to get over and shake of the eerie feeling of it all. This however is not permanent damage, but an effect of excess anxiety, and when the body learns to relax and dispel the over abundance of chemicals produced by the adrenal glands, everything does go back to normal.

These are seriously torturous panic attack symptoms indeed, but the most common feeling while a panic attack is about to strike is an overwhelming sense of impending doom that feels like an invisible phantom lurking all around, stalking you as its prey. There seems to be nowhere you can go to escape this and feel safe.

The fact that there are ways to combat the symptoms of panic attacks at their source is a ray of hope for many. Instead of medicating to the point of temporarily numbing these sensations, there are techniques to put an end to this condition permanently. Would you like to learn more?

Intimate Clothing – Staying Out of Trouble Picking Out Lingerie For Your Lady

Many men struggle with the idea of picking out lingerie for their woman. Yeah, they like the idea of their woman wearing lingerie and they even like the idea of being able to select it. The only thing they do not like is that they are pressured to find something their significant other, as well as themselves, would like. Sometimes there is good reason for this concern.

Picking out lingerie can either be a quick process or a drawn out one. Many men turn to the internet to buy lingerie because not only can they research the different styles, they also have a lot of styles to choose from. This is often what is recommended; especially for your first time.

Many men are concerned most with the size. This is by far the hardest thing to determine. In general, lingerie is very stretchy and fits a wide variety of sizes. If your woman is larger, there is also plus size lingerie. Make sure to check the size charts on each brand to make sure you are getting the right fit.

You will notice that many lingerie pieces come in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, S/M, M/L, L/XL. The single sizes are very straight forward and usually encompass a smaller size range. The lingerie labeled S/M, for example, encompasses the sizes Small and Medium. This means a woman that is small or medium size could fit in this piece. These are often some of the best solutions when you are not quite sure of your woman’s size but have a general idea.

Attempt to get a Bustier or Corset only if you are familiar with her bra size. Even then, you will want to go up a size. You are advised to go up a size because these lingerie pieces are often cut smaller or very exact. They are also adjustable. For example, if you get a Corset that is slightly bigger, you will be able to make it smaller with the ties that are available. If you get it too small, you are out of luck (and she is going to be pissed and you made her feel FAT!). Corsets can be drawn in as tight or left as loose as you want them to be.

If you are looking to get a baby doll lingerie piece, make sure you understand how your woman feels about her thighs. This is mentioned because babydolls come in a wide variety of lengths. If she is not comfortable with her thighs, you will want to get a longer baby doll. If she is a shorter woman, you will want to get her a shorter baby doll. By doing so, you are automatically elongating her legs in appearance.

Body stockings are one of the most brazen of the bunch. They are typically see- through with little room to hide anything. They often times come in fishnet and are considered to be ultimate sexy. Be sure to only get an item like this if you know that she is very comfortable with her body, as they have almost full exposure.

With this little bit of information, you will be on your way to finding that perfect little piece for your woman. She will greatly appreciate your efforts!

An Ounce Of Prevention For A Long And Healthy Life

In 1736 Benjamin Franklin uttered the famous phrase “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure“, not as a health warning but to address the issues of home fires which was common at the time. But that statement while applicable to many instances carries more weight today when it comes to your health. The US government has come to understand the implications of that statement either directly or indirectly, as evident in some of the provisions in the new Health Care Reform bill. What everyone need to grasp is that it is more important recognize what it takes to stay healthy though preventative maintenance of your body.  By doing so conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure which can lead to heart disease or stroke can possibly be adverted or maintained to the point where they will not become a serious issue later in life.

You are never too young or old to consider proper maintenance on your body. Let’s apply Mr. Franklin’s statement to your car. Taking you car in for an oil change every 3,000 miles for example is called preventative maintenance. By doing this you significantly decrease the chance of your car having engine problems later. A $20 oil change can add years to the life of your car and thus by extension saving you hundreds possibly thousands of dollars in fuel and repairs. In simpler terms taking you car to the mechanic before there is a problem is less costly than taking your car to the mechanic after there is a problem.  Your body is no different. Preventative care of your body will like your car add years of healthy living and will be less costly in the long term. More and more health care professionals are seeing the advantage of keeping you healthy rather than treating you while you are sick. But where does preventative care begin and how can I implement a preventative care plan now?

It’s never too soon to consider your long term health. For starters taking an annual examination means that you can monitor your health and find out where you stand physically from year to year. This is especially important for those who have a family history of chronic diseases and conditions. The earlier you can detect the onset of these conditions the earlier you can put a plan in place to prevent that condition from becoming critical. As always diet and exercise plays a major role in your long term health. Also being aware of what you put in your body means that you can make the proper choices when it comes to your long term health which means being mindful of your choleric intake.  How many of you know that the recommended daily amount of calories is 2,000? And how many of you adhere to that recommendation? Probably not many, certain fast food chains offer a single meal which would account for a good portion of that recommended allowance in one sitting. Exceeding the recommended allowance and not exercising can put you at risk of increasing your cholesterol levels which can lead to a heart problem. Now this is not to suggest that you should completely avoid such places but this is to make you aware of what you are putting in your body and what the long term effect can be.

Preventative care should not have to involve prescription medications. Remember, prescription medications is “…the pound of cure” and come into play when your condition has escalated to the point where it is potentially life threatening. Your goal should be to not let your health reach that stage. Dietary supplements are the “Ounce of prevention…” and are considered an alternative form of preventative treatment. There are many dietary supplements which can naturally help you reduce the risk of certain conditions from occurring. Dietary supplements can be used to fortify your body to stave off conditions which can occur just by going about our daily lives. There are hundreds of supplements out there in various forms which can help you maintain heart health, cholesterol levels, a healthy liver, and blood pressure. There are also supplements which can assist you in making up for the vitamins your body lacks naturally. You have antioxidants to combat free radicals and slow the aging process, Probiotics to clean your colon and a myriad of other supplements for each vital function of your body. But before you go running to the pharmacy looking to start your preventative maintenance program have a discussion with your health care professional to find out what is best for you and your lifestyle, implementing a plan on your own can not only be costly but harmful especially if you are already taking prescribed medicines.

The first step is to understand the needs of your body, no matter how healthy you believe yourself to be you more than likely have deficiencies, deficiencies which can lead to larger health issues later in life. Once you know where you stand develop a preventative health program which will be the second step in adding healthy years to your life. The honorable Mr. Franklin probably never realized that his statement uttered 274 years ago would echo to this day, but when it comes to your long term health, no truer words were ever spoken.