Eye Secrets Anti-Ageing Therapy System

When we age it is a well-known undeniable truth that our pores and skin sufferers. The more we expose our skin to the sun and the more junk food we eat the more our skin sufferers depressingly. Growing old and especially untimely growing old of the pores and skin can be a very frustrating incidence that may rob people of their confidence and total self-esteem.

So why not do something about it? Okay so that you do not want to take the danger of paying the large expense for surgical procedure and then having one thing go wrong. In truth I'm positive you purely simply do not want that expense full stop! However what else can you do? Well you can usually try out the superb eye secrets products to experience the sensible results they supply for yourself. Yes imagine it or not they work!

Everyone from everyday atypical individuals to excessive profile stars benefit from using these eye secrets products. The products supplied by eye secrets are: upper eyelid lift, under eye tightener and eye lash accelerator.

The benefits of the eye secrets eyelid lift and under eye tightener are:

– They make you feel and look youthful in seconds.
– They are a wonderful various to painful surgery.
– They are only a fraction of the value of getting surgery.
– You can wear your makeup similar to normal when the eye secrets eyelid strips and under eye tightener are applied.
– Their results last for as a lot as 12 hours.
– There suitable for anyone and all kinds of eye shapes.
– And they're actually simple to apply.

The advantages of the eye lash accelerator:

– Adds sensible volume to your lashes after simply 21 days of use.
– It makes use of one hundred% pure ingredients to give you this great broad lash effect.
– It might actually even be used on eyebrows if you need them to look fuller.
– This eye lash accelerator from eye secrets mainly offer you gorgeous, luscious and dramatic eyelashes that you would not normally get by using something else.

Basically this eye secrets eye lift and under eye tightener is helpful to anyone who feels their skin around their eyes is growing old and is making them look older than their actual age. They work wonders and they're perfect if you wish to avoid the risky surgery concerned in fixing the problem permanently.

The eye lash accelerator is right in case you kindly want your quick and skinny eyelashes to be extra full and healthy looking. It will make them stronger and thicker in no time at all. Eye secrets merchandise are undoubtedly a great purchase in combating the signs of aging.

Top Foods For Good Health – Super Foods For Great Health!

Good health is like a boon for people. People strive a lot just to maintain good health. Tops foods for good health assist in it as it is full of all the required mineral and vitamins. Health and fitness both are the essential part of healthy life. Healthy diet leads to healthy body and mind. There is variety of tops foods for good health which can help you in gaining good health.

Now people have to do less hunt for getting their living as everything is available at a phone call. It has restricted the life of people and lessens the physical activities done by them which are required to keep fit body. More so, people have become habitual of eating spicy and variety of junk foods which are all very harmful for good health. This change in life style is the major factor responsible for increased health problems. However, becoming healthy and fit is not a big deal, for this you just need to take care for your diet. Foods such as whole gains bread, salads, and nutritive food provide not only energy as well as keep your body fit. Healthy food helps every part of your body in functioning normally.

Top healthy food that should be part of your daily diet are:

o Walnuts, almonds and nuts

o Fruits

o Brown rice and whole grains

o Avocado

o Beans and soy

o Vegetables

o Berries

Nutrients keep your body functioning properly without any disease. If you are taking proper nutrients through tops food for good health then it will automatically keep your body, mind, hormonal changes and metabolic working well. Tops food for good health saves your body from getting damaged due to any disease. Fruits and vegetables are the source of obtaining good health. Fruits are full of nutrition and minerals which keeps your body vigorous. Instead of eating every time you should try to eat less but tops food for good health. Drink enough water especially during summer as it prevents health problems like dehydration.

There are countless benefits of eating healthy as it helps you remain free from any health danger and also assist you in leading a happy life.

Weight Loss Motivations

The definition of weight loss motivations have been found to vary hugely from person to person. People react differently when being faced with the problem of being over weight. Either they choose to go into depression and develop an eating disorder of show other signs of withdrawal from society, into their own shell – a little personal place around which they would have built their fortress of solitude. Some others become indeterminate and go into the thought process that says, "Big deal! I'm over weight – so what?" While this may be healthier than going into depression, they are most likely to develop a long list of diseases that are linked to being over weight like heart disease, bone disorders and so on. The last and most ideal bunch of people would take the criticism positively and do everything in their capacity to shed some of the unhealthy weight. This, needless to say, is the group that each over weight person must aspire to form part of.

Weight loss motivations are aplenty in today's world. The easiest and simplest of them all would be to take a look at any of the leading showbiz magazines or if this is not a possibility, get hold of a newspaper which is bound to have a 'glamor and glitz' section. One glance at all the hour glass or 'V' shaped celebrations, as the case may be, which photographs are typically strewn across are enough to make the not so shapely one to feel the longing to be able to fit into one of those costumes, in most cases.

The right kind of inputs and 'positive strokes' by those who matter to the over weight one are also usually all that is required to bring in a few weight loss motivations which would in turn trigger off some effort to get rid of the extra pounds. The resolve to abide by the measures to lose weight must always be maintained by none other than the one who is temporarily trying to lose weight. Weight loss motivations as such however, must come from within and it is important not to be fickle minded and fall for the slightest of temptations.

Small trees often for having been so good with avoiding your favorite (to be read as 'fattening') food stuffs is another great way of keeping weight loss motivation levels up at all times. It is best to stick to a reasonably strict diet routine regularly, and let go occasionally so as to not go into depression for having to keep off all your most sought after treats; all that needs to be worried about is that this does not become a regular feature.

Plenty of resources are available on the internet; This includes innovative weight loss motivational games which can bring a fun way of keeping a tab on the amount of food and calories thereof, being consumed by the dieter. A small amount of fresh thinking on the part of the one on the weight loss spree can go a long way in helping the cause.

Outsourcing Jobs to Free Up Your Time

When you’re working with a client to build or improve his website, there are lots of things that you can do to outsourcing jobs. It’s not possible with twenty-four hours in a day to do every tactic under the sun, so when you go through that process, so you need to prioritize. Certain things you’re going to need to do. You’re going to sit down with a client, you’re going to need to talk objectives, strategy and map out the tactics.

Obviously to try and do all these things in one go all at the same time is going to be quite heavy going unless you have some heavy duty systems in place.

We need to get from, here’s what needs to be done, to getting it down without you necessarily really being in there in the real world. Yes, we can go ahead and do blog comments, for example.

Whenever someone asks you, as a customer, can you do this, the answer is always yes, how much money do you have? On a higher level, if the person has a website but they have no free offer or free report, I’ll often interview them. I had a health care company who taught doctors how to not cut off the wrong leg, using an air safety checklist.

Something like 90,000 people a year are killed in the United States in hospitals by medical mistakes every year. That’s like a 747 Jumbo crashing every day. If a Jumbo crashed every day, the place would be in an uproar but because it’s someone’s Grandma in a little hospital and they get a shot with ten times the dose that they need and they get killed, it’s not news. But 90,000 people a year get killed by medical errors.

When I do my outsourcing jobs and one, I train them on how to say that. They would go round saying, well, 90,000 people get killed in the United States every year, and everyone says, well there are 500 million people, that’s acceptable odds. Contrast that with putting an image to it, a Jumbo jet crashing every day. Oh gracious, the horror! because we’ve ridden on planes.

On a higher level, I’ll work with them on the strategy. I’ll create an audio where I interview them. ‘Hi! Welcome to Healthcare Matters. Today’s show is focused on the mortality rate in hospitals across the United States. This is totally unnecessary. With us is a special guest and expert Bert Steveharden who is the owner of the company and knows all this stuff.’ I interview them. Now they have a free audio to give away on their site.

That kind of thing I will be personally hands on because it’s fairly strategic, it’s something that’s creating media, so I’ll be on the video or on the audio with them.

However, once we’ve made the number of audios, and you can make twenty to forty videos in half a day, easy, no script, no nothing. They already know the information, they just need to be cued. So I’ll help them with that.

Then for anything else, the systems, like video placements, YouTube and all that, I’ll have subcontractors that I outsource to. Their role is really just to put in the keywords, the meta tags and get it distributed and they’ll use a tool like Traffic Geyser from my friend Mike Koenigs. I find a tool. I usually have two or three that we’ve tried. There are quite a few things that go bust. We’ll go through suppliers until we find the right ones.

Everyone who is doing this outsourcer thing doesn’t want to hear that sometimes it doesn’t work. Eventually what happens is, the cream of the crop rises to the top. Over time you eventually find one to three suppliers in the area that you want that you keep under your wing and those are the people you subcontract to if you’re offering services.

So I’ve got a great web designer. He can have a blog up in twenty-four to forty-eight hours for my radio show clients. He just turns it around. He knows how I work, he knows the system I teach to people. They need a PodPress blog, they need a banner, they need a footer, they need a two or three column blog and here’s what goes on it. There’s a pattern to it. Once you’ve got a relationship, we just give him the pattern and there are just things you can’t work around, like experience.

I’ve worked out several projects when outsourcing jobs. I say, remember what we did with that guy in New York, do that again, only this time make it red. So any time you know you’re going to duplicate something for someone, use your own experience as a template. That is the best thing I can say there. There is no easy answer. There is no God coming down from heaven with a golden finger touching people’s websites.

Diabetic Cooking – Changing Your Diet With Nutritional Dietary Supplements

How you eat is important if you've been diagnosed with diabetes. The body needs a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients, and if you have diabetes, it's even more important to get the nutrition you need to keep your glucose levels under control. Fortunately, you can use dietary supplements to help keep your body healthy and balanced, and there are twelve nutrients that are key for diabetics.

Calcium is important for everyone, but many people do not get enough by drinking milk or eating dairy. Calcium is especially important for women, who are at risk for osteoporosis later in life. Even if you think you're getting enough calcium, you may want to consider a separate supplement that contains between 500 and 1,000 mg of calcium.

Chromium supplements should be between 50 and 200 mcg. Unfortunately, you may not get enough chromium in the food you eat, and since this mineral helps your body handle blood sugar, it's especially important to make sure you're getting enough chromium. Extra chromium can also help you build muscle.

Copper shares to regulating your blood sugar, the way your body uses iron, and in bone and heart health. It's an important part of your diet, but like chromium, your regular diet does not give you enough. Diabetics should look for supplements that contain 2 mg of copper.

Folic Acid, also known as folate, is particularly important for women in their child bearing years. About 400 mg of folic acid in early pregnancy help the development of your baby's brain and spine. Higher levels of folic acid can lower your risk of heart disease and colon cancer.

Iron is important, but too much can be harmful to you. On the other hand, if you're not getting enough iron, you can become anemic. Most people get enough iron if they eat fortified cereals, but if you need a little extra iron, make sure you do not exceed 18 mg of iron each day, which is the daily recommended amount for everyone.

Magnesium supplements should contain 100 mg for diabetics. Magnesium is particularly important since it has been linked to protection from diabetes, as well as hypertension, osteoporosis, and migraine headaches. If you have kidney problems, be sure to check with your doctor before adding magnesium to your diet.

Vitamin A should be in the amount of 5,000 international units (IU), but no more than 10,000 IU Diabetics should look for supplements that contain 2 mg of vitamin B6. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and diabetics should have 200 to 500 mg of it as a daily supplement. Vitamin D can be added to your body from sunlight, but to get enough through the sun, you would spend too much time exposed to the sun without protecting your skin. Diabetics should look for 400 IU of vitamin D, but be sure your supplements, in conjunction with fortified cereals and milk do not exceed 800 IU Vitamin E is another antioxidant, and diabetics should look for 100 to 400 IU of it.

Zinc is one mineral that is probably the most lacking in your diet, and diabetics should look for supplements that contain 15 mg of zinc. Zinc helps wounds heal properly, as well as helping keep your immune system strong.

Headache – Barriers to Treatment

My experience in treating a number of headache patients over the years, many successfully but some less so, has turned up a set of barriers or blocks that prevent headache sufferers from successfully managing and controlling their headaches. Some of these headache blocks are personal, that is they lie within the boundaries of the individual headache suffer to deal with. Others are world blocks or ones that lie outside of the individual patient’s immediate influence.

Regardless, whether the blocks are personal or world they are real and prevent many patients from getting the upper hand on this debilitating illness. Most of the headache patients I’ve encountered who get better have effectively dealt with these blocks. And in dealing with world barriers successful patients have received help from family, friends, health care providers and others.

Patients who don’t improve are unable or unwilling to deal with these barriers. As I describe these barriers, both personal and world, you may think they are unfair. However, my point is that they are real and have to be confronted if chronic headache patients are to experience any kind of lasting relief. First, chronic headache sufferers usually experience more than one headache type. Notice I’m referring to chronic headache, not to occasional headaches experienced by the majority of individuals.

Occasional headache sufferers are able to take an over the counter pain reliever and deal with the headache successfully. They may need to rest while the medication takes effect but eventually they successfully cope with the invader. In contrast, chronic headache sufferers have multiple things wrong that have to be dealt with. With this group headache is a symptom of underlying multiple problems.

Since multiple things are wrong effective treatment must involve removing or reducing more than one cause of the headache. It is analogous to stones in one’s shoe; if only one stone is removed, the walker will still hobble. All of the stones have to be removed in order to walk freely. Similarly, the headache treatment needs to lay out a sequence of actions that will remedy the multiple problems involved.

Multiple headaches require an analysis of multiple types of headache possibilities. Each headache type requires its own individual treatment approach. This takes time, patience, effort and a willingness on the part of the patient to actively participate in the treatment effort. The treatment plan needs to be based on a comprehensive assessment of headache conditions.

Often, the chronic sufferer has analgesic rebound headache among their assortment of headache types. Caused by excessive use of analgesics or pain relievers, no treatment can proceed until the analgesic headache problem is resolved. In some cases analgesic rebound can be a deal breaker, so significant that the patient has to be hospitalized so the underlying situation can be treated.

Additionally, the general well being of chronic sufferers is often of lower quality than non-headache sufferers. Their sleep quality is often poor, accompanied by low energy and often mood disorder. When a patient has chronic headache syndrome, that is pain lasting 2 to 3 or more weeks certain brain chemicals become depleted. These chemicals, one of which is seratonin, must be restored in order to treat the chronic pain.

These factors make diagnosing and treating a chronic headache sufferer a difficult process. And due to other contributing factors such as mood disorders or sleep disturbances the unraveling of the headache complex can be a lengthy effort.

Interconnectivity of Headaches

It is often the case that one kind of headache contributes to the onset of another type of headache. That is why it is important to separate the different pain components. Vascular, tension or neuralgia type headaches are frequently at play. For some, tension headache is a “trigger” that brings on a vascular headache episode. Often, there is a “bi-directionality” of the headache conditions.

Sorting out various headache types is a time consuming business. Since the patient will still experience headaches during this period there may be a tendency to become disillusioned that any progress is being made and the individual may abandon the treatment that has been prescribed.

Social Stigma

There is a social stigma to being a chronic headache sufferer and taking headache medicine. Medicines for heart disease or diabetes are examples of socially acceptable medicines. Society understands that our body becomes ill and medicine for these types of illness is required. There seems to be considerably less support and understanding for the chronic headache sufferer. Missing work or a major social event for reasons of a headache often fail to pass the social acceptance test. Headache pain is real. And it can be excruciating, denying the sufferer the opportunity to function in a normal manner and perform routine daily activities.

A Key Ingredient: Family Support

Missed social events, days away from work and inability to perform family chores can place a significant burden and strain on a family. For the headache sufferer who is in the midst of a severe headache storm simple acts become unbearably difficult. I have found that successfully treated patients often involve a family member in their diagnosis and treatment process. Involvement of a support person who can assist the a patient in dealing with headache often has a strong positive effect.

Support individuals can:

1. Prompt the patient to take medications

2. Help the patient complete therapeutic exercises

3. Help the patient maintain a schedule

4. Assist the patient in accurately tracking headache episodes

And family members can help reduce the sense of social stigma attached to headache by demonstrating their understanding of what the patient is experiencing and explaining to friends, co-workers and others that headache is a real and debilitating illness.

For many chronic sufferers adhering as close as possible to a fixed schedule, engaging in regular exercise and participating in outside events can be important in maintaining a headache free period. Since many chronic headache sufferers also experience low energy and mood disorder, encouragement from family members can be critical in helping the patient to normalize his or her routine.

I can’t over emphasize the importance of maintaining a headache diary. The headache sufferer has a very difficult task in recalling headache episodes with any degree of accuracy. And at the outset is unable to differentiate one type of headache from another. The diary or headache tracker is of enormous value in the diagnosis and treatment processes.

Side Effects

One thing experience has taught me is that among those who don’t get better is a failure to adhere to the treatment plan and that includes taking prescribed medication. Many of these individuals believe that because the prescribed medication has side effects they are better off not taking it.

The contraindication list or list of side effects can be lengthy. Given all the possible side effects such patients see it as sensible not to take their headache medications. However, the issue is not the general issue of side effects but the specific question of whether or not potential side effects of a given medication will affect the individual patient or not. Not whether they will affect someone else.

A particular medication may have side effect for another individual but be well tolerated by the patient under consideration. If not, the patient’s doctor can usually prescribe an alternative medication that will work toward the same therapeutic goal with fewer or no side effects.

I’ve also had patients who have stopped taking their medication tell me that the reason was they started to feel better, their headaches were under control. Therefore, they see no reason to continue; who wants to take medication when it is no longer needed. What they fail to understand if that the medication is prophylactic and is preventing the headache episodes from occurring. When returned to their normal state of not experiencing headache they mistakingly believe that the underlying conditions causing their headache distress will not return.

Avoiding Pharmaceutical Treatment

Another assumption is that there should be a natural substance that one can successfully take and thereby avoid pharmaceutical treatment. Some individuals are convinced that medical doctors are suspicious of and not supportive of natural or alternative treatments. Medical doctors are trained to be evidence based. For the most part they are not “anti-natural” if there is strong clinical evidence of the efficacy of the treatment.

The test is not whether a substance is “natural” or “synthetic.” The test is whether it is safe and effective. Natural substances have not gone through the same rigorous studies as pharmaceutical medicines. Putting an alternative substance into your body, a substance that has not been well researched and tested places you at risk. The alternative substance may confound other prescribed medications and abort their therapeutic effect. In a follow up article I will discuss the problem of analgesic rebound in more detail along with the cycle of pain that depletes body chemicals necessary to restore the patient to a non headache normalcy.

Tips to Cope With Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adults

Paul was obsessed with his wife Christy even after 12 years of wedlock. He would check on her if she went out to shop for groceries, visited her parents, met her friends, and even when she stepped out to see a doctor. The fixation with his wife and everything she did grew with every passing year and Christy began suffocating under Paul’s harrowing obsession. Paul had even stopped traveling due to work commitments so that he could be with his wife as much as possible. Fortunately, Paul cooperated when Christy coaxed him to get help. His psychiatrist diagnosed him with adult separation anxiety (ASA).

At times, childhood separation anxiety continues into adulthood or it may develop in the adult phase of life due to a past of abuse or neglect. ASA can be so overpowering that an individual might get a panic attack when a loved one moves away. At other times, when the disease is not so intimidating, there could be other subtle symptoms, like:

Jealousy – Extreme jealousy manifests in people when they fear loss of control over a loved one. They trust less, harbor unreasonable doubts and worries, and may also fear infidelity.

Strict parenting – Also known as reverse separation anxiety, parents might be so worried about their child leaving them someday that they start controlling the child’s life. Parents become extremely strict and protective as they constantly fear living alone if the child leaves them.

Frustrating relationships – Sometimes, despite knowing that a person or a relationship may be bad for one’s physical or psychological health, people are stuck. They are afraid to leave as they are constantly anxious of something going bad.

Mooching – When grown up kids won’t leave their parent’s home or when a friend visits but doesn’t seem to leave, it is known as mooching.

Ways to manage ASA

To understand the problem, one has to closely look at the symptoms of separation anxiety in a person, which could be excessive worry about losing things, unexplained attachment to people and sleep disturbances. In the absence of sufficient diagnostic assessment for ASA, its treatment is not clinically defined. However, it’s possible to manage the symptoms and gradually overcome the insurmountable anxiety.

  • Joining support groups – Joining support groups can be of immense help as they offer a platform to connect with people who are sailing in the same boat. Talking and sharing experiences can be very therapeutic and liberating in the long run.
  • Practicing relaxation techniques – It is important to calm the anxious mind and feel relaxed. Yoga, meditation and mindfulness techniques are immensely beneficial. One should try to do activities that he or she enjoys to distract the unwarranted fears. Walking a pet, strolling in a garden, enjoying supper with friends, cooking or reading an inspirational book are some of the ways to remain occupied and mentally satisfied.
  • Writing a journal – Whenever one feels anxious, he/she should write about those feelings in a journal. Writing can help one identify the feelings and address them when they pop up the next time. It’s also a great opportunity to assess response to one’s troubling thoughts and make efforts to reframe them in a positive manner.
  • Taking professional help – Any anxiety disorder can interfere with daily activities and impede personal and career growth. It also affects relationships and people might not want to associate with somebody who is overly possessive. In order to prevent the symptoms from worsening, it is important to get professional support.

Recovery from ASA is possible

If ASA is not treated timely, one might become obsessed and indulge in other negative behaviors. But anxiety can be treated through medications, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other therapies like art therapy or dance movement.

Why Chinese Medicine is Important For Your Health

In this talk, I wish to indicate the importance of your health and how this can be seen or interpreted by a trained physician in Chinese medicine. It is also to help you understand and seek medical help if you see or notice anything peculiar. It is always common sense and recommended that you seek medical attention from a doctor or trained physician before your health becomes worse.

The face is unique. Everyone’s face is special. The face is normally the first thing that is seen by people when they meet others. People’s faces are what people associate people with and how people are remembered. The face consists of the hair, forehead, nose, mouth, eyes, and skin.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that organs are connected to each other. In simple terms, all our organs operate in unison together to operate our body. In Chinese medicine, the face is a medium to interrupt an individuals’ body health.

The health of the eyes can and the colour can show the health of certain organs in a person’s body. Trained physicians normally study a patient’s eyes for signs of ill health.

The skin colour and texture can also show how healthy they are. It takes a trained and experienced doctor to understand and translate that into health.

The smell of the breath from a person and the colour on their tongues can also indicate one’s health. Certain smells and colours can mean that certain body parts are not in good health.

The colour of one’s eyes is also an indication of one’s health. Discolouration and the shine in one’s eyes can indicate certain health problems.

It is also recommended that you exercise you whole body regularly. I emphasize the whole body because every body part and organ is important in contributing to your overall health. Your liver cannot be healthy if your kidneys are not. All organs have different functions in the body but are affected by each other.I recommend that you look after your health carefully. Whatever your lifestyle, don’t make excuses to avoid exercise.

Ten Top Antioxidant Foods

Antioxidant foods can protect against heart disease and cancer, high blood pressure and the effects of aging. They also help prevent inflammation and enhance immune function and are vital for our well being. Nutrients such as vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, selenium, lutein, lycopene, coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid and flavonoids are among the many antioxidants. Hundreds of known antioxidant compounds are found in food. The antioxidant content of fruit & veg are the main reason why we are encouraged to eat our 5 + a day!

My top antioxidant-rich foods are:


Small red beans such as kidney beans and pinto beans are rich in antioxidants, as well as protein and fibre. Replacing meat with beans a couple of times a week is a great source of protein as well as antioxidants. Include them in soups and salads as well as main dishes.


Berries, including blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, cranberries and red currants, are especially rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals. Eat a handful of berries every day. You can include them in porridge, muesli and salads. Eat berries instead of high calorie desserts and use them to make smoothies for breakfast or for snacks with plain probiotic yoghurt.

Other Fruits:

Plums and prunes, red grapes and raisins, oranges, cherries, apricots and apples are also good choices because of their high antioxidant levels. Including berries, eat 3-4 servings of raw fruit a day.

Cruciferous Vegetables:

Kale, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, turnip and other cruciferous vegetables not only contain antioxidant vitamins and minerals, they contain valuable fibre and can help prevent cancer.

Other Vegetables:

Colorful red, orange and purple vegetables contain a variety of antioxidants, especially tomatoes, red peppers, beetroot, sweet potato, aubergine and carrots. Not forgetting leafy greens, especially spinach. Aim for five servings of vegetables every day, in a variety of colors. Juices and smoothies are a great way of getting extra servings in.

Herbs & Spices:

Even the seasoning you choose can provide antioxidants. Garlic and ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, oregano, rosemary and parsley are all top of my list for antioxidant content. They can be included in every meal. Although you may eat them in smaller quantities than other antioxidant rich foods, they are concentrated so still provide plenty of protection.

Tea, Red Wine & Chocolate:

Green tea contains the antioxidant polyphenol. Some scientists believe that polyphenols may be amongst the most cancer protective compounds ever discovered, protecting cells from damage and boosting the body’s own production of antioxidant enzymes. One of my favourite teas, Rooibos tea also contains very high levels of antioxidants. There are so many great herbal teas on the market today but just be careful with some of the fruit teas as they may contain hidden sugars.

Red wine, like red grapes, contains the antioxidant resveratrol, and drunk in moderation, can offer protection against heart disease and certain cancers.

70% dark chocolate, contains the antioxidant; procyanidin. Eating 1oz of dark chocolate or mixing raw cocoa powder into a drink or smoothie makes a healthy snack.

Whole Grains:

Whole grains such as quinoa, oats and brown rice provide antioxidants, minerals, fibre and protein. Choose whole grain breads, pasta, crackers and rice with meals in place of the refined variety.


Almonds and walnuts are especially nutritious. Eat about 1 oz. of nuts a day, a small handful, preferably raw or dry-roasted.


Olive oil (and olives), walnut oil, wheat germ oil, coconut oil not only contain antioxidants themselves, but they also help you absorb fat soluble antioxidant vitamins in other foods such as Vitamin A, D E and K. Just remember to use them for salad dressings and not for cooking with.

Olive Oil and coconut oil are the exceptions here and are super for cooking. Just a separate note on Coconut oil: It is the best oil to cook with. It does not degrade at high temperatures and has many health benefits. It can also be blended into a delicious and healthy dark chocolate milkshake. Buy extra Virgin coconut oil from your local health shop. Some supermarkets also stock it. Even though it is called an oil, it is actually solid at room temperature and turns into a liquid oil when heated.

High Cholesterol Foods That You Need to Avoid

Food is a basic human need and we all need to eat in order for our bodies to gain energy and aids in cellular production and repair. Without food, our bodies would not function in its optimum level. Cholesterol, a bi-product of the liver is essential for several body functions. It helps in metabolism and is largely significant to the production and inhibitory of hormones as well.

Although cholesterol does not only rely on its production from the liver, it can also get its source from the different types of food we ingest that are commonly present in animal meat and fat.

If you are diagnosed to possess unmanageable cholesterol and triglyceride levels, it is important that you acquaint yourself with sufficient knowledge to serve as your arsenal in combating hypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol.

As an average person with little to zero background on the healthcare system, you are often advised to modify your diet and stick to a heart healthy diet course. Read more below to find out the types of foods you need to avoid and what foods you need to incorporated in order to fight and balance your total lipid count.

Foods to Avoid

In real context, every food has its own contribution and benefits to our health. But, if you do have high cholesterol, it is a must that you need to abstain or rather limit eating foods that are high in sodium, saturated and trans fat. These kinds of food include:

  • Dairy products that are high in fat – milk, cheese and the like
  • Egg yolks
  • Lard and butter
  • Processed foods and meats
  • Cookies, cakes and pastries
  • Deep fried foods
  • Meat fat
  • Organ and liver meats

Foods to Consider

Although a change to your daily food consumption may sound a bit extreme and seem to close down your options, surprisingly, there are a lot of delicious foods which you can still enjoy without feeling guilty and worried when it comes to your cholesterol count.

Below is a list of foods that you can enjoy and savour:

  • Plain or homemade popcorn
  • Oats, cereals, wheat bread, bran and whole grains
  • Nuts – Macadamia, almonds and hazelnuts
  • Egg whites
  • Margarines with plant sterol properties
  • Omega-3 fatty acid enriched foods such as salmon, halibut, sardines and tuna
  • Fiber-enriched foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables

A change in diet is the first and simplest step you can do to help you manage your cholesterol levels. Of course, diet and food alone can not give you a full drop on your cholesterol count. Following a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercise, less stress, abstaining from unhealthy habits and following a drug regimen can help you meet your goals of having normal levels of cholesterol.

Non Pharmacological Pain Management

In 1987 Dr. Giovanni De Domenico (Gion) was one of the first to show that there are two methods of pain control. The popular Melzack/Wall “gate control” theory was the dominant theory. Gate control focused on the inhibition of the upward flow of electrical stimulus from the source of pain, to the spinal cord, and transmission up the spinal cord to the brain cortex for interpretation and reaction.

The gate control theory fits very conveniently into the process of electrical stimulation of “non pain fibers” to enhance the deliverability of non pain messages. If non pain fibers are stimulated by an external interferential functional restoration device, then the pain fibers are not allowed access to the spinal cord for transfer to the brain. This theory fit in very nicely for explaining the way a tens ( transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulator ) worked to suppress the unnatural chronic pain stimulus. As long as one wore the tens unit then the pain message was prohibited from ascending to the brain. In general conversation this is called an “ascending theory of pain”, i.e. moving up or toward the brain – ascending.

Dr. De Domenico had another theory of a descending inhibitor of chronic pain. Gion’s observations were formed by his early work with the use of interferential therapy for functional restoration. Gion had observed that most patients, following interferential therapy in the clinic, had long periods of time relatively painfree. He knew it could not be explained by the existence of an ongoing external electrical stimulus from a tens type machine. In the absence of external stimulation there would be no inhibition to an ascending message. Gion proposed the internal existence of a descending inhibitory message that was preventing the recurrence of pain message stimuli.

Dr. Gion explained that it was obviously not produced pharmacologically if the patient was not taking medications so he hypothesized it could be an internal pharmacological phenomena induced by interferential stimulation. He showed how the cortex of the brain actually helped produce natural pain inhibitors naturally by a descending pathway down the spinal column that blocked the pathways chemically for pain stimulus signals to be transported.

The descending pathway theory, coupled with the work of Dr. Sjolund showing the importance of internal peptides, most common being enkelphalins and endorphins, created the natural process on internal chemical change to stop unnatural chronic pain signals. This chemical process internally is what today drives the non pharmacological method of pain control using functional restoration interferential techniques.

Generally speaking the idea of allowing external pharmacological agents to be used for chronic pain has too many undesirable side effects, including death or furtherance of disease processes, and can be costly. External physical medicine electrical therapies are creating natural methods of helping chronic pain patients suffering from debilitating disease such as neuropathies, fibromyalgia, chemotherapy induced nerve damage, and even RSD, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, to have hope for natural production of inhibitory chemicals to stop chronic pain signals.

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The Easy Tips For Hair Loss Revealed! Discover the Easiest Tips and Methods to Regrow Your Hair Now

If you are looking for the best remedies and tips for hair loss, you have definitely come to the right place. In this short article, you will discover the most effective and amazing tips for stopping the balding and thinning effect. Make sure you read this article to learn the tips that you can put into use today and start getting immediate relief over your condition.

1. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables generally contain a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as other nutrients that are very important to your hair's health. Vitamin A, C, E and zinc are some of the nutrients found easily in fruits and vegetables. These nutrients do more than just protecting and promoting your hair growth. They even help to slow down the baldness and thinning effects.

2. Biotin

Biotin is the single most important nutrient when it comes to stopping baldness and promoting healthy hair growth. Biotin is required in your body's natural hair production process. For this reason, it is very important that you supply your body with sufficient amount of biotin. Biotin can be found in significant and decent amount in foods like malts, cereals, brown rice and brewer's yeast.

3. Herbal Remedies for Alopecia

Herbal remedies can do wonders in stopping and preventing baldness. Herbs like Saw Palmetto and Nettle Roots are tested to be effective in stopping hair loss and stimulating healthy growth of your hair. You can easily find these herbs in your local health stores.

4. Scalp Massage

Massaging your scalp is probably the easiest and simplest way to promote healthy hair growth. By massaging your scalp, the blood circulation in that area is improved and boosted. The increase in the blood flow means more growth stimulating nutrients can be transferred to aid in your hair production.

Avoid A Monotone And Add Colour To Your Speech

Speaking with a monotonous delivery where every word sounds at the same pitch level will make your audience bored and inattentive. The sound of your voice has a huge impact on the acceptance of your message, your image, and your trust. To avoid sounding like a drill sergeant or an IT technician repeating numbers in a very unemotional and detached manner, you need to add variety to your delivery style.

This skill can be learned by three key areas: exercising your vocal pitch range, focussing your mind to the image of your message, and matching your voice sound to produce that image.

Step 1: Expand Your Vocal Range

First, you want to discover what your vocal range of pitch levels are from the highest to the lowest tone. So, with a relaxed body and tense-free neck, shoulder, and jaw repeat the word “yes” or “oh” up and down the scale from a high pitch to a low pitch. Be sure to support your tone by diaphragmatic breathing. Also, emit your sounds through your mouth cavity, not your nasal passage.

Step 2: Focus Your Image

Second, choose an image from nature or an adventurous moment from your life story. For example, with some of my clients I often ask them to use the image of a bird flying. If you can imagine a bird soaring, dipping, gliding, darting, threatening, or racing across the field; you will exercise your mental focus on a variety of images for each bird movement. Apply this technique to an image from your own speech content. Select a section, a phrase, or short line from your speech to see the mental picture.

Step 3: Match Your Vocal Sound

Finally, you must match your speech to the image of your content by changing your pitch level for each new image. For instance with our bird flight images, your voice tone may sound calm and mellow as the bird glides; or it may go high when the bird soars up; and perhaps, even go to a low tone if the bird dips below the trees. Every image is a choice for you because it’s your personal tones that paint your unique picture.

The listener benefits from this dynamic delivery style of a variety of pitch levels, energy, emphasis, and pace as an aide to seeing and feeling the image. You are colouring your language to bring your content alive by the use of your voice. If you think it and see it, then you will speak it colorfully. This skill takes rehearsal or lessons from a coach to expand your vocal range; but it is well worth the time to animate your speech.

The overall effect of grouping your content into thoughts or images, then speaking it with varying degrees of pitch, stress, and inflection of your voice will certainly spice up your delivery style. If you can add this vital ingredient of colouring your adjectives and verbs in specific portions of your presentations by flexing your vocal range; then you will avoid having a monotonous delivery and the audience will be alert and listen to your information.

What Are TV Ears?

Some people with hearing loss are unable to afford expensive hearing aids, and this is why they are unable to hear the programs on the TV. They see people enjoying shows and music, and regret not being able to hear any of the shows clearly.

For such people, TV Ears have now come into existence and cater to the needs of these people. These gadgets are extremely useful, as it allows them to hear and watch their favorite TV show, without having the volume cranked up all the way. It is basically a TV hearing aid.

TV Ears are equipped with latest and advanced features. The volume can be controlled and the tone set to suit your hearing condition. The ability to control volume is its beat feature, because you do not have to change the volume of the TV itself, as you do not want others to blast away with the high volume. You just need to adjust the volume of your own headset. Even if the TV is on mute, you can adjust the volume. For instance, if you like to watch TV in bed and your partner opts to sleep, so the only solution is to use TV Ears, so that you can watch your favorite show without distracting the other person.

Moreover, you do not need to have a special TV for it to operate on, as this type of hearing aid can work with all TV, DVD players and VCRs. In addition, such types of hearing aids are wireless and so you do not have to worry about anyone tripping over the annoying cords. TV Ears have voice enhancement technology and automatic commercial control, which means you do not have to bother lowering the volume when the advertisements are on.

However, recently some complaints have been made about such types of hearing aids. Many users have complained that the headset is too hard on the ears, and hurts their ears. They also have issues with its set being flimsy and breaking. In addition, they have complained that TV Ears transmit too much static noise.

It should be noted that TV Ears provide reliable customer services. All those people who have had problems in the past with the device were able to call customer service. There are many cases where new units have been shipped to the customers.

Many doctors have claimed that TV Ears has helped many people with hearing loss, to clearly hear the TV, without even turning up its volume. You can also make use of the professional TV Ear system which is the most widely sold hearing care product. It is simply a portable listening system, which you can carry anywhere you go and utilize it in any sort of situation.

TV Ears have made a breakthrough in the hearing aids industry. Its innovative features and excellent sound quality makes it the top choice of many people around the world. Now people with hearing loss can watch and listen to all their shows conveniently and with style.

Using Water Fountains With Massage Therapy

Many people deal with environmental noise on a daily basis. Noise pollution that disrupts and distracts regular functioning can be found in the workplace and in the community. Car traffic, airplanes, leaf blowers, and office noises bombard your clients on a daily basis. Even in the home, noise pollution from televisions and other electronics leaves people feeling stressed ours and disrupted. Studies have shown negative impacts of noise pollution including chronic stress, reduced productivity, sleep disturbance, and others.

Unfortunately, most people are not able to adjust the noise levels in their daily lives; however, they still feel its impact. Because of this, many turn to massage as a way to alleviate stress and increase relaxation. By helping to set the mood of the massage experience with sound, you can get their visit off to a great start.

In Lobbies & Waiting Areas:

Stressful and annoying sounds can increase heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels leaving your clients unable to relax. Hopefully, your lobby is a quiet place that gives your clients an immediate sense of tranquility. However, keeping all outside sounds from entering the lobby is not always possible. You may not have the budget to fully sound-proof your lobby, but soft, natural sounds can mask some of the noise from the outside world. When your clients hear relaxing sounds, like those from an indoor water fountain, they can start the relaxation process from their very first step inside the door.

In Individual Massage Rooms:

Sound is an extremely important part of the massage experience. You want to create an environment that is conducive to relaxation by providing relaxing and peaceful sounds, like those from a table top fountain. The gentle sound of a fountain masks noise and lets your client fully focus on the massage experience. It also ensures you will not be distracted by other sounds. Your clients can get more out of the massage experience when they (and you) are not distracted by outside noises.

At Home and Work:

Many massage therapists give clients stress reduction recommendations that they can carry out in their daily lives as well. You can ask your clients if they have noisy environments that they deal with and suggest ways to help them reduce the noise levels. When the noises are out of their control, you can suggest masking the noises with the sounds of a small table top fountain on their desk or in their home. If you use a water fountain in your massage rooms, they can also learn to associate that sound with relaxing and have increased benefits in other environments.

As you can see, using water fountains in your massage practice helps to eliminateinate noises and increase relaxation. And the best part is both you and your clients will enjoy the benefits.

Beside sound, light, temperature and scents can also enhance the massage experience. Here are a few other ways to help create a relaxing environment for stressed out clients:

  • Ask clients to turn off their cell phones
  • Use soft lights
  • Use relaxing colors like green, blue and purple
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature
  • Use scanned massage oils and lotions for client who like them