Nourishing Night Cream With Vitamin E to Rejuvenate Your Skin

You have seen hundreds of creams, lotions and gels that claim to improve the appearance of your sensitive skin, but the results are usually not good and many of those are actually dangerous for your skin because they contain hard chemicals. What you have to do instead is look for natural creams with organic ingredients are effective and safe to use.

There are many day creams that help to moisturize and reduce wrinkles, although a nourishing night cream should be a vital part of your daily skin care routine to keep your skin healthy and prevent unwanted signs of aging.

A good night cream will revitalize and repair your skin while you sleep that help replenish moisture and anti oxidant levels.

Vitamin E is one of the most effective natural ingredients, because it is a natural anti-oxidant that neutralizes free radicals, moisturizing and prevents aging aging.

Cocoa butter is another great moisturizer that melts at body temperature, it makes the skin smooth and soften.

Other very effective ingredients for a night cream are New Zeland Manuke Honey, Avocado Extract, Shea Butter and Special Emollients for night use.

Every ingredient of a day or night cream should be natural and does not contain any chemical or synthetic ingredient that might irritate the skin.

To rejuvenate the skin you need powerful anti oxidants like Coenzyme Q10 that has the ability to penetrate the 7 layers of your skin and have a dramatic anti wrinkle effect.

CynergyTK stimulate the production of new cells, collagen and elastin. This is very powerful to reduce wrinkles and improve the elasticity of your skin, so preventing further wrinkles.

Pleading The Blood Of Jesus For Freedom From Oppression Of The Devil To Enjoy God’s Blessings

Do you feel you are under siege so as to succumb to what is not your portion in Christ; such that no matter what you do it seems as if you will never come out of it? This is the case of many believing Christians. You know the promises of God to you, yet they seem far-fetched. The good news is that there is a solution to this – the blood of the Lamb. This article encourages you to plead the blood of Jesus Christ so as to be free to enjoy your inheritance in Christ Jesus.

As for you also, Because of the blood of your covenant, I will set your prisoners free from the waterless pit – Zechariah 9:11 (NKJV).

“And for this reason He is the Mediator of the new covenant, by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions under the first covenant, that those who are called may receive the promise of the eternal inheritance – Hebrews 9:15 (NKJV).

Many people have given their lives to the Lord and are truly serving God with all their hearts, but they are still under the attack of the enemy in one area of the other. You may have prayed, fasted and engaged in many kingdom activities but the challenge is still there. The challenge may not be weighing you down or eating you up because of the joy of the Lord in you, but it is still there denying you the blessing of God so that your joy may be full. It’s time to plead the blood of the covenant.

You have a covenant with God sealed with the blood of Jesus, which gives you access to the eternal inheritance in Christ. The price was fully paid for by the Lord with His blood. The enemy has no legal right to still hold your blessings. However, until you state your case with the finished work on the cross, he will still withstand you.

There is a court room in heaven where you are to plead your case. God said in Isaiah 43:26 that you should come and argue your case and prove you are right; you are to put Him in remembrance. The enemy, the accuser, is always there, day and night accusing the brethren. The good news is that we overcome him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony.

When you plead the blood of the lamb you are putting God in remembrance of what Jesus did on the cross, how He had cleansed you from all sins, entered the holy of Holies to fully release you from darkness and deliver the inheritance to you, and how He sealed the covenant with His blood. The blood of Christ makes God to see the Lord’s righteousness and not yours; by the blood He doesn’t see the sins earlier committed. This puts you in the right position to receive from God.

God said in Zechariah 9:11 that because of the blood of the covenant, He would set the prisoners free from their bondage. It’s time to plead the blood of the covenant and be free from the siege. Your righteousness will never defeat the accuser because it is nothing but filthy rag but the blood of Jesus will, only have faith in the finished work of Christ.

Therefore, equip yourself with the knowledge of the power of the blood of the covenant, go to the court room of heaven in prayers and plead your case. Like the widow in Luke 18:1-8, give God no rest till He avenges you of your adversaries. He promised to do so even if He bears long with them. So, plead the blood today and be justified, and return with your testimony.

Choosing the Right Dental Filling Option

While most people try to maintain a good oral hygiene and reduce the incidence of sugar consumption, there may be need to have a dental filling to restore broken or broken teeth.


To prevent tooth decay, it is recommended that you should floss at least once daily, brush twice daily, and limit the intake of sugar in the diet at most three times a day. Sugar is present in many different foods, such as fruits, processed foods, soft drinks and sweets.

People who are at a high risk of developing tooth decay should also consider the use of fluoride mouthwashes or high fluoride dental flosses to reduce the risk of tooth decay development.


Several dental filling materials are available today. They include amalgams, gold cast, tooth-colored composite fillings and porcelain materials to mention but a few are:


Dental amalgam is a liquid mercury mixture and a metal alloy used to fill the cavities caused by tooth decay. Amalgam usually consists of mercury, silver, tin, copper, and other trace metals.

Many patients who have undergone tooth filling currently have amalgam as a part of their dentition notwithstanding the numerous health concerns and threats posed by the presence of Mercury in the composition of the amalgam


Teeth colored fillings, also called white fillings or composite fillings, are used to fill the anterior and posterior teeth. The filling comes in the form of a paste that the dentist places on the damaged part of the tooth, adjusts the bite and polishes. It is commonly used for the fixation of front teeth damaged by decay or chipped, cracked or worn. The filling is tied to a tooth with a very strong dental resin, but it can break, lose or detach, depending on factors such as the size of the filling, where it is and habits like nail biting.

Tooth colored fillers are available in a variety of colors that can usually be combined with tooth color, and some of the latest materials look very natural.


Tooth sensitivity may arise after deep filling has been done. Normalcy is mostly restored in a few days or weeks after filling.

On rare occasions, if the sensitivity and pain persist due to a very deep filling, a root canal treatment may be necessary.

Over time, fillings may freeze, loosen, chip or break. Occasionally, if filling is very important, it is recommended to replace the dental crown instead of filling it to reduce the risk of fractures or fractures.


With good monitoring and maintenance, fillings should last for several years. Studies show that the average lifespan of amalgam or composite filling is about 3-5 years. Studies show that in composite or porcelain fillings last an average of 5 to 10 years.

Patients can extend the longevity of their fillings by brushing and flossing the teeth, reducing the frequency of sugar consumption, and visiting the dentist every 6 months so that their fillings can be checked on a regular basis.

Man Dreaming About Being Found

He was just a man. He was just a man dreaming of being found. Lost. Lost. Lost. And inside of me there's a feeling, this feeling of being stuck in traffic in a thunderstorm. A feeling of thirst, a painful thirst and wandering, believing that my brother captures everyone around him with the electricity and lightning daze of influence. There's a bold intriguing force of electricity and lightning inside him. Lightning and electricity. And with that thought, that knowledge comes needles of them, of thoughts. A pinprick that feels life threatening. A flash. A burst of thought. And then the rain would come like a dream, like sleep. First drops and then it begins to pour. The rain would mean water, fresh, sweet, pure water, entitlement, privilege, being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, waiting, always waiting for that opportunistic moment, that mind hurdle that tells me I've been awakened all my life but for the poor ones it would mean flooding. Their homes would be flooded. They would have to walk with skirts hiked up to get to where they had to go, barefoot, humiliated, scooping the water out of their homes with plastic buckets, helpless, homeless, sleeping on damp mattresses. How do people live like that I've always been surprised? Where do you go from extreme poverty? Who will give you a hand-out? For the poor it would just mean another uncomfortable experience that they would have to deal with.

I press my knee against the foot of the table. Jew. Jew. Jew. Jew hair. Jew nose. Her hair looked like a Maltese poodle's hair. How did she get the brush and comb through that mess every night? How quick she was to dismiss me, hide her smile. I've forgotten my words. Forgot the poem I years have been from home. The last two versions of the poem by Emily Dickson. I watch her mouth, Jewess, her soft lips making the drawing of a pout. Her lips were mouthing words. Words I could not make out. But I could make out the smile and the quiet laugh that gave me a sour taste in my mouth (already I had been used to this taste in my mouth for a very long time now, and I would never get over the anxious butterflies in my stomach, my thoughts racing but I would never get used to laughing and smiling with them at my expense even though my mother said I should almost as if she knew something I did not for the longest time) and for a long time I was very serious about feeling ashamed about the way I looked. It took me forever to work it out of my system. Her lips looks like the shade of an expensive perfumery sticky pink lipstick. She smells like Revlon. She smells expensive. Her nails are shiny, manicured. I do not accept her principals, the standards that she judges me by. The color of my skin, my faith. The sound of my posh voice bouncing off the walls. Her face gives her away. I wish she'd like me. I wish we could be friends anyway. Her mother did my hair and make-up at the theater for Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When my mother knocked me off outside the theater she told me cross to smile and speak to the other children. 'Be nice. Do not be shy. ' She told us to enjoy ourselves at the rehearsal. All the other children were White. My brother, sister and I were the only children of color. Color. Colored. Mixed race. My golden-haired sister had a pink rose in every cheek. My brother was olive-skinned. He looked like his father. Dark and handsome. Bones. I did not understand why they were like they were. Every one of those highty-tighty Whites. I did not like the Jews because they did not like us. I did not understand how some of them could have straight hair and some had curly hair. They were like us but in other ways they were not like us. I watched her but then in a way I felt sorry for her when I imagined her in her storybook life. It did not seem all that wonderful to me. Liar. She did not let her mother put make-up on her. Instead she told her mother she could do it herself. And her mother said fine, go ahead, just like that. We all left seeing farms, cows and horses in fields on long drives to Grahamstown in the distance past. Rehearsals, scripts, being dropped outside the theater, the five minute call before opening night when the three of us left school. And my sister became a paler version of my mother. My brother larger taller, larger darker of complexity. My nickname could have been less-than-zero.

I must have fun like other girls my age. Why am I so serious, so sullen all of the time? And then I remember my mother's mantra. Smile. My sister is happy even if I feel excluded from her happiness. I do not feel I must be included in her plans anymore. I must have sunshine, try and sunbathe. Get a tan. Get as brown as a berry. Get some of that sun into my skin to see into all of my sadness. Even sadness has grace, a personal space where you are free to express a torn idea that can rip you apart, terrify you as if you are in that moment of writing about a disaster or war or violence, (physical violence shattering all truth or sexual violence). She is always trying to get me to try harder. In her life money makes the world go round. It fires her up. She is wired to it all the while I am failing magnificently. I do not please her. She is not accepting of people who do not meet her standards, her criteria. And so I crazily, wildly fail again. I should be living it up, acting out, and not feel so vulnerable in relationships.

Is my brother like all men a man just wanting, waiting to be found? He is up to the primitive challenges and mating rituals of the slick futuristic society we live in today. Drinking with his mates, drinking them under the table. No self-defeatism in his voice. He is immune to it. In some regards we are alike. We are both quick to condemn the falsehearted, those who who do not meet the requirements of living up to the best intentions that their parents had for them.

If I write what I like am I asking for trouble? Should I tread with caution where angels fear to tread? There is no turning back. Your moon face rises out of air to meet me like people of the stars. Mummy, the creator of man, a boy, a baby boy, this woman intrigued me like a celebrity hanger-on. Those people who so desiredly wanted to live in the public eye. They lived a life separate from their private one caught for a second in a frame, done in a snapshot. It could not really be called history until there was enough time for it to be called history. Until it was looked at in retrospect. I hear her laughing in the kitchen talking to my brother and his girlfriend who is cooking furiously in the background. Always cooking furiously in the background. Stirring things up in the pots and pans that I Could never dream of. Always baking a dream of cake. My brother is her chosen one. I am a disappointment. I have failed her. I am the one who has to live with that. I am too old-fashioned, too clever, and more magnificent than her when it comes to my father. For her I think revenge must be sweet. Give enough rope to the handmaiden and she will hang herself. Look for example at Joan of Arc and Antigone. Look for example at Adam.

What is the nature of the beast that is found in man, in all of us (most of all human nature), the true nature of the heathen, the suffering of slaves, and the writer who is demanding of their readers? The world is not as it should be. One day poverty might not exist and that is the true nature of the beast. To divide and rule. Liberty, freedom, equality, fraternity, democracy. Do they exist in a futuristic apocalyptic world made out of our sensory perception? What is the basis of all politics? Possessions. Think. One day all technology will surpass all humanity and then what will become of the humanitarians and the philanthropists. Think of what our Richest possession is. For me that is humanity. The soul. Soul consciousness. Being aware of the self, human behavior, social interaction, social cohesion in rural and urban districts. What is the true nature of the seasons? There is a time and place for the conscious.

Meanwhile our unconscious spirits us away. Are we really 'agents of contract' every one of us? From those who are artists by day and night trying to put on the table for their growing family (and in every household like that there's a woman making a hot plate for a man who will arrive late after the kids have been put to bed and who had spent his day's holidays at the club on the horses or drinking cheap wine). Are the sushi kings of this world flushed with sticky rice, California rolls and raw fish? And when we come to the greedy megalomaniacs stuffing themselves with shellfish and garlic butter, to monomaniacs drowning in (or driven crazy by it) paper money, to the regular blue collar maniacs who had from their honest day's work dirt under their fingernails, when we come to the history of human rights, monopoly, do not they all, does not it have the energy of being an agent or 'agents of call' too? How quick the correcteous become self-righteous?

Are every one of us not supposed to be instruments of change? Look for example at Joan of Arc and Antigone. Look for example at Adam. They were never found California dreaming as much as modern-day Africans (white and black, colored faces, the mixed races of different ancestry). The ones who most want to cross the history wilderness to make it to modern-day Los Angeles, making their mark, making a notch in their belt, traversing the plains in the counties of the Midwest of America. Words like Stevie Wonder, ebony, ivory, Times Square, Chicago and Wyoming, lake, tobogganing, Time, Newsweek, social media, the network, broadcast news, the land of the free and the home of the brave would sing arias inside of me alongside an orchestra.

Diary, journal, you think you're the only one who has felt pain in this world. Pain that runs deep, as deep as a river. Bravery can sometimes be a mission. There's such a cool detachment about man when he is brave. When he has a steady tolerance about him when he enters a world filled with a minefield of ghost disciples. When his smile carries with it a warmness and dignity. When his person has a cleanliness about him. Boys even those with a fearlessness about them cry (even those who have an easiness about them, those careful emperors can be sensitive and understanding, compelled to understand the vulnerable in a younger, less experienced female). The lonely can see lonely coming from a mile away usually (usually predictable) and they're not like minded nor a match made in heaven. They're hahazardly swinging from the chandeliers, hanging on for dear life to their sanity, sharpening their set of skills. Man, man in recovery sees therapy as sweet ritual. For centuries the man waiting to be found has journeyed in words. Wise people wiser than those years who did not have an easiness about them. Every man, even the homosexual is wise on his own terms. If you ask him what courage means (to him) will not he answer you? The words will roll off his tongue. For every man leads a double life. For every man is beautiful and wise in his own way. For every man walks to the beat of his own drum. It is loyalty from a band of brothers that gives them (and not necessarily a loyal woman that has a high regard for them) a flaming spirit.

Whenever I think of girls I think of Swaziland, that green fever. I think of youth. I think of the young and how fresh and new their ideas must be to them and the world, a very adult world that must have been so far away from them. I remember the faces of the girls and the boys. They all had the skin of dark chocolate. As smooth as velvet. Creamy. Beautiful. The colored girls were also pretty. I remember how all the girls would straighten their hair (it is a painful chemical process, sometimes your scalp would burn) how the curls would frame their faces, how much time and effort they all took with their appearance for appearance's sake. They had names like Lulu and Katanekwa. They were from other places too from as far afield as Zimbabwe and Zambia. Places names names sounded so exotic. I wanted the O levels. I wanted to go to England. To study film was something that became all-important to me once upon a time. The escape was also part of the plan. To escape from dysfunction, to escape from family, from a difficult mother who was killing me, casting me out adrift into a grown up world I was not ready for. She loved to see me bump up against things that scared me into a silent world where I would hold my tongue for once and not speak. Some of them wanted to go to South Africa. They wanted to matriculate there. Some were borders. I remember how the girls would love their skirts above their knees so if they bent over everyone could see the color of their undergarments.

Whenever I think of I think of dirt, poverty, common sense, con artists, thieves and how much effort the church puts into saving souls for Jesus I think of the Salvation Army.

Whenever I think about the dirt-poor and poverty I think about the streets of Johannesburg filled with crime. And I think about Bruce Springsteen's streets of Philadelphia. Whenever I think about violence (violence as a volcano building up inside of man) I think of the women and children I met at a shelter for abused women and children. The women and children I ate with, slept with, bathed with, and worked side by side with in the stinking compost heap filled with creepy crawlies under sometimes a hot day, a pale sky feeling the sweat and not feeling the sweat, and not feeling uplifted in any way by it, by doing what I was doing. I was unpacking and packing crates alongside women and children who has lost all emotional and financial security from the man in their lives and the lives of their children. I was giving away stale cake and eggs, rotting vegetables going off to black families queuing up hungry, torn. I worshiped with them. With all of those black faces. And they became like family to me. The mothers of those children, absent fathers for every one of their children that they bought with them from their shadowy past forever in their lives became like a mother to me more than my own had ever shown me. They showed me love, a return to love. Taught it to me parrot fashion as if I had to get it inside my spirit come hell or high water. Love was an invitation to a movement. It was a sonnet, a verse. They taught me to fight ideas with ideas.

The rats really do represent the working classes. No freedom, liberty, fraternity for them. No democracy. Scavengers everyone. They're left miserable, wet or dry or on the shelf hungry for a better life.

And when I think of the times I spent with the homeless, with the educated and uneducated, with the inferior-minded (not of their own making, not of their own fault) and those who had a superior complex about themselves, when I think about Johannesburg I think about the failures of my mother and how the city itself saved me when I was writing, studying, running up streets and down streets. I thought about the failures of my father. How safe he was in the life he thought he had built for his children. He thought we had it made or that we made it but how wrong he was. I think often now of the road before us, how long it was and how often we wandered off the path through the periods of our lives when we took 'mini-breaks' from life. University, college, recovery and rehab, hospitalization after hospitalization, counseling session after counseling session, homelessness, helplessness, loneliness, isolation, rejection.

The extraordinary child, the gifted child (once their gift has been noted by their teachers, and their offspring and once their parents are careful of pursuing them), the chosen one never looks a gift horse in the mouth if they can help it from there on out. All they see is an age of dreams if they are protected, kept safe from the world at large with all its distortions. At first I could not see the power of the emotional abuse of a pervert in Nabokov's Lolita and then slowly it began to dawn on me have not created a life for them? Have we not created a world for them in which to suffocate the human dignity of the vulnerable with their injustices? And when the abused child grows up do not they become the abuser of a child's trust or the most vulnerable human being they can lay their hands on? The abuser, well they inflict, and their intention is to harm, to control, to frighten the living daylights out of their captive or captives. And when they succeed at all costs it gives them a slight reprieve from the memories that make them stand on tenthhook in nightmares and flashbacks of their own abusive childhood. There is no one in the abuser's life that will say to them, 'Save yourself first before you try and start saving other people.' Is not that sad. Is not that at the heart of the matter, that in this pure and fantastical land it is hard to change, transform families from not thinking that the weight of this huge sin matters? When our children hurt, when the vulnerable hurt we are all responsible. How simple and easy it is to let down the entire human race by going about our day being selfish stupidly and steadfastly. Why not be the adult. Be the saint. Be the Savior. Be someone's Savior. Step up as high as the planets. There's a joy that you get from the particles of the familiar and a peace of mind. It's the same joy that you get from being kind.

I have been shamed and ashamed. But have not we all been shamed and ashamed. Trauma. Lived it. I've survived it. Everybody has stories like that that they've been married with them since childhood. I believe that wish-fulfillment (self-fulfilling prophecies), believing in yourself and what you are capable of doing can solve anything. And I've come to realize that no problem is too big for my shoes or humanity to fill to fill once you get your head around your own limitations. Everybody has limitations, flaws and weaknesses that they can not cast asunder no matter how merry, easy-go-lucky and terrific they may seem on the surface.

And so through the centuries the man dreaming of being was never never robbed of his insight, his will, and his intelligence again through this realization, that the world was his oyster, that the conch shell he held up to his ear really did in fact hold the mystifying ocean-sea's mist of a burden-of-a-breath, that every woman in the world really was beautiful.

Pregnancy Diet – What You Need To Eat

Keeping a steady and a balanced diet during your pregnancy is crucial to your health and that of your baby. Your eating habits have to change during your pregnancy. But how can you make sure that you're eating everything you should not getting too much weight in the process?

During your pregnancy you need to increase your intake of the following nutrients:

  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Folic Acid

You should also increase your overall calorie intake because you're eating for two. But your calorie increase does not need to be drastic. In fact, 300 calories more than usual each day should be quite enough for you. Your overall weight gain should not exceed 25 pounds.

Here is a list of things which are good for you to eat during your pregnancy, all of these will assist your baby's development and your own health:

  • Fruit and vegetables (eat different kinds each day)
  • Fish (make sure they're cooked)
  • Make sure to eat only small amounts of foods high in fat, sugar and salt
  • Lean meat
  • Chicken
  • Dried beans and lentils
  • Nuts
  • Wholegrain breads and cereals (do not eat all those cereals with too much sugar, chocolate or fat)
  • Low fat milk, cheese and yoghurt (low fat yoghurt)
  • Do not you dare to go on a diet during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is not the time to lose weight. You need to eat more and gain weight because you're feeding your baby. Keeping a healthy and balanced diet will ensure that you do not harm your baby's development and health and that you will not gain too much weight.

    How to Make Weight Loss As Simple As Possible

    Simply hearing the word “diet” is enough to make some people wrinkle their noses in disgust thanks to the countless programs, pills, and plans on the market today. But, weight loss doesn’t have to be an effort in futility provided you learn the basic fundamentals of healthy living.

    Make Healthier Choices

    Weight loss is often a matter of making different and obviously healthier choices. While it may seem as if you are slave to your taste buds or your appetite, we all have the ability to choose the healthier option; it’s just a matter of actually doing it. Start expanding your horizons and experimenting with better alternatives when it comes to cooking and preparing foods, and also dining out.

    Condiments and beverages are two of the main culprits that thwart weight loss. For example, skim milk contains all of the same nutrients as whole milk but with a fraction of the calories and fat grams. Choose natural fruit juices instead of flavored drinks that are full of empty calories, and substitute things like butter, cheese, and cream with healthier choices such as salsa, low fat cheese, and spicy seasonings.

    Yet another way of losing weight with little effort on your part is changing the way you eat in addition to what you eat. Instead of the three larger meals we’ve traditionally eaten in the past, change your habits to accommodate five or six smaller meals all throughout the day. This simple move is all too often overlooked by those struggling with weight problems, but the effects it can have are well worth giving it a try.

    By eating more frequently, not necessarily more, but more often, you will keep your body’s blood sugar consistent and at its optimal levels. This not only enables your body to function better and be more efficient and burning and storing calories, but it also keeps your appetite in check and reduces the chance of overeating.

    Get More Exercise

    While it’s certainly true that many of us lead hectic, busy lives that often leave little time for things like exercise, there are 24 hours in each and every day, and finding just a few minutes once or twice per day to start moving more is definitely possible for anyone.

    Weight loss is actually a rather simple matter, scientifically speaking that is. To lose excess weight we must burn more calories than we take in each day. Getting more exercise does not mean you have to join a gym or buy all of the latest in exercise equipment but instead, look for creative ways of moving your body more often.

    Walking is excellent for weight loss and it doesn’t have to be looked upon as actual exercise either, but rather a way of strengthening your cardiovascular system, your lungs, and your muscles.

    Take the kids or the dog to the park, walk during your lunch hour, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and get out of the habit of looking for the absolute closest parking space. And, enlisting the help or support of a friend or family member is another great way of getting healthy and fit. Motivate one another and exchange tips on healthy eating, exercise, and how to make weight loss as simple as possible.

    Safety Tickets

    The great thing about working in the oilfield and construction industries is that you do not need a lot of expensive or formal training to get your foot in the door. If you've got a great attitude and work ethic, you'll probably quickly become a valued team member. The fact that jobs in these industries tend to pay well means that there can be many people vying for the same position. There are a few things you can do before your job hunt to set yourself up for success.

    Before you start sending out resumes, do some research and find out what safety tickets are kindly required for the positions you're interested in. Having current safety tickets on your resume can boost your application ahead of other candidates who do not have the same training. Having valid safety tickets means that you can get to work as soon as you're hired (versus other candidates who may spend their first week tied up in training courses). Here's some examples of some of the safety tickets you should consider to get the attention of the hiring manager:

    1. CSTS (Construction Safety Training System): This is a basic safety certification that you'll need before working on site. It's a half-day, online course that will only cost you about $ 65.

    2. First Aid: This is necessary if you will be working on any site that presents serious occupational hazards. Occupational Health and Safety legislation mandates how many employees must have first aid training depending on the size of the crew and site. Most companies will require that all field-based employees have valid first aid training to respond quickly and to minimize incidents if they happen. When selecting your training, look for Standard First Aid with Level A CPR. This is typically a two-day course and costs about $ 175.

    3. H2S Alive: If you'll be working on sites where there is petroleum extraction or drilling, you'll need this certification. H2S Alive teachers you how to protect yourself and others from Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) which is a colourless poisonous gas that is sometimes released as a by-product of oil and gas drilling. When looking for H2S training, be sure to select one that specifics "H2S Alive". There are other H2S training courses that will not necessarily meet industry standards. H2S Alive is a one-day course and costs approximately $ 275.

    CSTS, First Aid, and H2S Alive are the three basic safety tickets that you'll probably need before starting a job. Getting them in advance of applying for jobs will make you more likely to get hired because your employer will not only save money on training, but can also put you to work right away.

    Some additional requirements to consider before embarking on your job search include: a driver's license, steel-toed boots, and a resume. Having an unrestricted driver's license and a good driving record is highly favorable as some employers have insurance policies that exclude employees with limited or poor driving history. Steel-toed boots will be part of your required PPE (personal protective equipment) and many employers expect you to provide your own pair.

    When you're drafting your resume, be sure to highlight experience that demonstrates your comfort with working outdoors in all weather conditions. Your experience working with heavy equipment, working in labor-intensive environments, and working as a part of a team, are all positive things to highlight on your resume that will set you apart from the crowd.

    Certified Nurses Assistant Course

    If you are looking out for a change or pursuit a career in medicine there are numerous ways to become a certified nurse assistant and start your career right away. There are a number of ways by which one can become a certified nurse assistant and this includes free training also. Free training is provided by some organizations but then they will have some conditions attached to it like you might have to serve for the hospital they specify for a few years once you complete the training. However, very few hospitals provide such free training.

    In the certified nurse assistant course you will be intensely involved in patient-care; you have to make sure that the needs of the patients who are sick and injured are met. You can start working as a certified nursing assistant in a very short period of time. The basic qualification should be high school diploma where you can complete a 6-12 weeks program to get the certified nurse assistant certificate. However the duration of the training class may vary from place to place. The Red Cross certified nurse assistant course is a reputable one.

    There will be classroom session also in the course. The classroom sessions would include basic nursing skills, physiology, anatomy, infection control and nutrition. You also tend to get plenty of hands on experience. A registered nurse takes the classes. At the end of the training session, a test will be delivered to decide competency. This test will consist of two parts, clinical and written. The written test will consist of basic care giving questions, all of it would have been covered during the classes. The clinical test will consist of performing five nursing duties under the supervision of a person. The person will be a highly qualified person. The duties that you might be asked to do can be anything from weighing a patient to giving a bedpan. The vital thing is you have to be patient during the test. Some people check even minute things like whether you wash your hands or clean things properly.

    Regulations for the certification vary from institute to institute. Normally exams are conducted based on which the certification is given. Once you clear the exam you become a certified nurse assistant. As an entry level person the salary you can demand can vary. Experience and the place of employment play a major role in deciding your salary.

    As a certified nurse assistant you can work with hospitals, nursing homes or private homes, assisted living facilities or mental health facilities. Job prospect for a certified nurse assistant is ever increasing and in great demand as the number of aged people who need to be taken care of is increasing. People these days prefer in house treatment as they feel it is more comfortable, which means there are several opportunities if you are ready work for private homes.

    To be a successful certified nurse assistant you have to be patient, compassionate, in essence a people person.

    Robust Dietary Supplement For Men – Boost Your Sex Drive, Get Powerful Erections and Enhance HGH

    There is no dearth of dietary supplements and there is a pill for virtually everything. A robust dietary supplement for men not only ensures stronger sex drive and improved erectility but also provides a complete body makeover by enhancing the production of both testosterone and HGH naturally.

    Testosterone is the hormone that controls a lot of vital function in men including sexual and reproductive function. However, its production begins waning off after the age of 30 and this brings about a series of body and behavioral changes. Loss of lean muscle, increased body fat, reduced stamina and libido, erectile dysfunction, mood swings and irritable behavior are all symptoms of low testosterone.

    There are some natural supplements that can help make your body increase its own production of both testosterone and HGH so that you can look and feel much younger.

    One of the best dietary supplements for men is a unique combination of all natural ingredients including:

    • Tribulus Terrestris
    • Ginkgo Biloba
    • Tongat Ali or Long Jack
    • Panax Ginseng
    • Acai Berry
    • Muira Pauma
    • Chaste Berry
    • L-arginine
    • L-carnitnine etc.,

    Such a supplements helps boost flow of blood to the penis. This is great for both your libido and erectile function. Ginseng and ginkgo biloba are the herbs that are proven to be highly effective in increasing blood flow to the penis.

    Besides this, ginkgo and l-arginine helps increase nitric oxide secretion which plays a major role in increasing blood flow to the penis by ensuring penile muscle relaxation.

    Testosterone boosting herbs include tribulus terrestris and long jack. This ensures greater stamina and libido in men. Such herbs also help cure premature ejaculation in men.

    Acai berry is one of the best natural antioxidants on the planet which helps detoxify your system. It also helps boost your metabolism and ensure faster fat burning. This can help you lose weight and also keep it under check later.

    Some of the benefits of such a supplement include:

    • increased energy levels
    • increased muscle mass
    • better sleep quality
    • increased libido and powerful erections
    • increased metal alertness etc.,

    Top notch supplements are clinically approved and do not have any side effects. Not only this, they are also recommended and endorsed by reputed doctors.

    No wonder, an ever increasing number of men are buying them to enjoy better and improved overall health.

    So, If You Want to Get a Strong Libido, Powerful Erections and a Complete Body Makeover, Check out the Best Robust Dietary Supplement for Men Ever!

    Best Hemorrhoids Treatment – Find Out the Facts Right Here

    This article will give you some facts and advice on the best hemorrhoids treatment. The goal of it is to educate you so that you can make an informed choice as to which is the best treatment for you.

    There are many treatments available for dealing with the problem of hemorrhoids.  However, what you need to first understand is even though often these treatments are all bundled together when we talk about treatment for piles, that in fact they should be section off into two distinct categories.

    Firstly, you have treatments like the Preparation H and the Anusol product ranges.  These focus on treating the symptoms of the problem and providing relief for things like swelling, inflammation, itching and pain.  They don’t address the root causes of the problem they just deal with the symptoms.

    Secondly, you have products like Venapro,  Avatrol or Hemroid Harry which are taken orally and try to treat more of the root cause as well as dealing with some of the symptoms. 

    When you are looking for the best hemorrhoids treatment for  you as an individual you  firstly need to make a decisions as to what do you want.  Do you want quick relief of the symptoms so that you can go on with your life as quickly as possible?  Do you want to really try to deal with the long term root cause so that they potentially never reoccur, or do you want the best of both Worlds and you are will to sacrifice having to wait a few more days, which is often the case with oral treatments, to feel the benefits of the relief.

    Making City a Healthcare Network

    Chiang Mai is mapping out a future as a smarter city by using advanced technologies to help transform its tourism and agriculture industries and create other new drivers of creative economic growth.

    Linking patient databases and healthcare asset information could help create a hub.

    The use of technology to build a strong medical tourism sector and improve food production is part of the Smart City programme supported by IBM.

    IBM defines a Smart City in terms of the improvements in quality of life and economic well-being that can be achieved by applying information technologies to planning, designing, building, and operating urban infrastructure.

    The company is awarding $50 million worth of technology and services to 100 municipalities worldwide over the next three years. Chiang Mai is receiving $400,000 or 12 million baht to bring in global experts to advise on new approaches, said Parnsiree Amatayakul, the general manager of IBM Thailand.

    Chiang Mai was chosen based on its 700-year-old culture, abundant natural resources and strategic location in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

    However, Chiang Mai’s gross provincial product (GPP) is only 1.59% of total gross domestic product, and its growth rate has been low because its economy is not very diversified. It relies heavily on tourism and agro-industry in food processing and agriculture.

    The government, local universities and the private sector have been trying to improve local economic potential through the Chiang Mai Creative City campaign.

    IT training and creativity will be fostered through a proposed Software park programme.

    Nat Voravos, chairman of the local creative city development committee, said improving IT capability was one of the aspects of promoting a creative economy, with the goal of making Chiang Mai an attractive city for foreign investment, living, travelling, studying and working,

    Mr Nat said technology and innovation could add value to products and services, create more job opportunities and increase productivity.

    The committee is working with IBM to help develop a roadmap for a Smarter City. It envisions using smart IT architecture to expand the traditional tourism industry with a strong focus on medical tourism. A “Smarter Food” project, meanwhile, will focus on increasing yields and managing production plans for farmers.

    In the healthcare field, public and private service providers can use real-time location tracking of patients and hospital assets to increase efficiency and build an internationally recognised service identity, said David Hathaway, a project adviser with IBM Corp.

    Electronic medical record (EMR) technology should also be adopted to standardise information exchanges to link all medical service providers including traditional medicine and spas.

    Niwate Nuntajit, dean of medicine at Chiangmai University, said the city already had some expertise in serving longstay visitors, especially Japanese. Quality services at low prices are also a major selling point in mainstream healthcare, dental and ophthalmological care and Thai traditional medicine.

    The university had been awarded 500 million baht to build a centre of medical excellence including robotic surgery and geriatric medicine to accommodate the ageing society of the future.

    Many countries are promoting medical services to drive their economies. Singapore is working to shift from a healthcare hub to a medical training hub for Asia, Malaysia is encouraging medical tourism to make a customized medical tourism network, India is focusing on alternative healthcare, and Qatar is attempting to persuade Thai businesses to open hospitals in the country.

    “All these moves signal that the medical industry in Chiang Mai is under pressure and needs to increase its comparative advantage,” Mr Niwate said.

    For the Smart Food project, knowing what to produce and when, using technology-aided forecasting and planning system, will be the key, said Nathalie Gutel, an adviser with IBM France.

    The government could create an e-Farmer portal to gather data on all agricultural product categories for each season. It could then use those information to create pricing models under a supply-demand calculation system.

    The information could ultimately reduce the risk of both shortages and surpluses of key crops.

    As well, said Ms Gutel, smart irrigation could schedule water utilisation based on specific land use types and seasonal needs to reduce waste.

    Chiang Mai will choose a district and a fruit for a pilot project to test the new applications. An IMB survey identified longan as the most promising candidate since thousands of northern families grow the fruit.

    Ms Gutel also said that since mobile phones are now ubiquitous, government agriculture authorities should take advantage of their potential for delivering weather information and disaster alerts.

    Also growing in importance from a consumer safety standpoint is traceability of food products from farm to table. Technology can help improve traceability, build brand reputation and improve export potential.

    IBM opened a regional office in the city last year, she said.

    The city, meanwhile, is determined to capitalise on local strengths in software and digital content development to create new clusters and widen employment opportunities.

    Martin Venzky-Stalling, an adviser to the creative city development committee, said the city had as many as 150 software and digital content firms, many of them freelance operators specialising in graphic design. Some of them can be found working out of coffee shops along Nimanhaemin Road.

    “The city has an attractive lifestyle with a lower cost of living. It also produces a lot of graduate students attracting new high-tech entrepreneurs,” he said.

    The committee plans to work on public-private partnership to establish a Software Park with 2,000 square metres space to provide training facilities and working space for IT and design talent.

    The Board of Investment is also being asked to declare Chiang Mai a special economic zone with incentives for innovative businesses.

    Mr Venzky-Stalling said the committee expected to propose at least 10 projects with an investment budget of 200 million baht this year.

    Chiang Mai has been selected as one of the 10 creative economy cities by the Commerce Ministry.

    “We are applying to have Chiang Mai join the Unesco Creative Cities Network, aiming to build awareness and attract investment,” he added.

    Keeping Track of Monthly Hair Growth

    If you are using a hair growth treatment, then you will want to keep track of your monthly hair growth to see if the treatment is working effectively. Most men who use topical treatments or acupuncture will keep a record of new growth as it comes in. They will create a chart that includes all the areas on their scalp that have bald patches. As the weeks progress, they will note new hair growth. They will look to see how quickly the new hair is growing and how long it remains. Since new hair growth can take a few months to show any results, keeping track of the growth is important.

    If after a few months there is not new hair growth, you will have to visit your doctor to determine which treatments to try next or find another alternative such as surgery or hair transplant. If you want to try another topical treatment instead of surgery, you should keep track of this treatment in the same way. Topical treatments will not work for all men, so you should be prepared to try another treatment or look into surgery.

    Keeping track of monthly hair growth may yield many different types of results depending on how well the treatments work. If you are seeing new hair growth, you will be able to tell how long it took and if the treatment looks to be having lasting effects. This is the best tool you will have to determine if the treatment should be continued or not. Many treatments claim to yield results in four months or less. Rogaine and Propecia are 2 such treatments.

    5 Premature Ejaculation Cures

    The point of this article is to show you some simple premature ejaculation cures that are 100% natural. It’s too easy these days to get caught up into thinking that the cure like most other things lies in a pill. The truth is there are many 100% natural premature ejaculation cures.

    So let me outline some of them for you quickly…

    1 – Go For A Deep Thrust

    This is a great premature ejaculation cure. When you thrust deep and stay deep inside your woman you keep the most sensitive part of your penis (the end) away from the most stimulating part of her vagina (the entry point). By reducing stimulation to the most sensitive part of your penis you can easily last longer.

    2 – Go For Standing

    When having sex try a standing up position. If you can pick her up then great, if not just find a position that involves you standing up. This works so well, because by standing up you put pressure on parts of your body like the legs which draws blood and attention away from your penis, helping you last longer.

    3 – Get Her To Orgasm First

    One definition of premature ejaculation is orgasming before your partner does. This means dead simple way to overcome premature ejaculation is to get your woman to orgasm quicker. This is easily done by taking a little extra time on foreplay and building up anticipation for sex. If you get her to orgasm before you even start sex even if you orgasm early you don’t have to worry that much about it.

    4 – Stroke The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue

    This is a weird little cure, but it works. By stroking the top of your mouth with your tongue you distract yourself from all the sexual pleasure happening further down your body. This distraction can be great for helping you last longer.

    5 – Become More Sensitive

    Most men don’t have a clue if they’re close to orgasm or not. You cannot afford to be one of those men. You’ve got to know way ahead of time if you’re getting close to orgasm. All it takes to do this is to be more aware. And when you know further ahead of time that you’re about to orgasm you can take corrective action like slow things down, change positions, stop and give her oral sex or anything else to give yourself a quick break so you can recharge your stamina and get right back to it.

    So you see, premature ejaculation cures doesn’t just mean pills, creams or special condoms, they can be 100% natural and they work forever too.

    Is There an Enemy Among Us?

    There is an enemy that is probably in most homes throughout the world. You may not see this enemy but it has broken up families and is the cause of much suffering and unhappiness. This enemy remains hidden from our sight but it is time to open our eyes and take a good look at this villain.

    This villain has a name and it goes by the name emotional immaturity. Very few people know anything about it and it is rarely understood. It is not something that is taught in schools but it should be starting in the first year. It should be taught at home beginning as early as possible, which means before the children are sent off to school.

    There is a real secret to happiness but it is not being taught. How can it be when the parents and teachers who should be teaching it are emotionally immature themselves? Emotional maturity is the real distinguishing mark to a truly educated person. It is something that should have been instilled in children while growing up, and taught as a basic course in all colleges.

    So what is emotional maturity? One author defines it as a development from the state of taking to the state of giving. A little baby knows only how to take. It is human nature to take. Humans know absolutely nothing at birth and a baby responds only to the nature within him. They reach out to take whatever attracts or tempts them.

    We need to be taught to give. It is something that does not come naturally to humans and therefore has to be learned. However, how many begin teaching this principle from the beginning or as soon as they should?

    Human beings are actuated by their emotions and never stop to ask or analyze them. The definition of emotion is a strong feeling, disturbance or departure from the normal calm state of rational thinking and acting. An impulse toward an action which has not been reasoned and approved by the mind. Such emotions are feelings or impulses as anger, disgust, fear, grief, joy, surprise, and yearning.

    Next of kin to emotions is our moods. An emotionally immature person is usually one who is moody and has never learned to control their moods. Instead they let their emotions control them.

    We have the ability to acquire knowledge and with the capacity to reason from it. With our minds we think, plan and make decisions. With our minds we can direct our actions. We must first learn to do this to achieve emotional maturity. So using knowledge and wisdom we can direct the mind to take the correct course of action.

    So many people act as if they are merely dumb brutes. Enjoying life sensations, emotions and moods as impulses without giving any thought or mental directions to them. They can store knowledge of mathematics, history, literature and science. They can have knowledge of facts about many things such as the earth, sun and the moon and stars. Yet never acquired the knowledge about themselves or their moods, feelings, impulses and desires. Never stopping to study and analyze them let alone learn to control them.

    Children are being bought up pampered, petted, spoiled and permitted to have their way. Never being taught self-restraint, self control or to understand their moods and feelings. Never learning how to control them or to guide them to sound reasoning but instead impulsively following their emotions without mental direction. Then once grown and married never have learned how to control their emotions they allow them to dominate their actions never wisely directing them. Marriages are broken up and lives are wrecked. Not only has the emotional immaturity caused suffering to them but to others as well.

    They allow their emotions to dominate them and their minds so that they are unable to rationally understand and therefore become warped and distorted in their perceptions. While they physically grew and their bodies are fully grown, they never grew up emotionally. They are mentally mature as far as the world’s education goes but sadly they are emotionally still a child. The great tragedy of the generations is perhaps one half of them never grow up emotionally.

    The time to start this emotional growing up should start the same time that mental training is begun. It should start at home with the parents studying their own children’s emotions. They need to teach them to control behaviors of tempers, impulses, anger, jealousy, hatred, fear, resentment, selfishness and vanity. Guide them in the direction of giving and love toward others.

    Yelling, loud talking, bursts of temper and rudeness are all lack of emotional growing up. Emotional immaturity is simply allowing the human nature to run away without any control of reasoning. Teach them to use the mind and to direct their natures properly and wisely.

    Emotional maturity does not mean emotionless maturity any more than it means uncontrolled emotions. An emotionally grown up does express enthusiasm, joy and happiness. They do feel and express gratitude, reverence and adoration. They express compassion, mercy and sympathy. On occasion they will express sorrow or anguish. These sums up to an educated mind combine with emotionally mature mind that don’t allow emotions to rule them when they are leading them in the wrong direction.