10 Trillion Best Reasons to Be Appreciative

Do you appreciate the fact that there are currently 10 trillion working for you — doing their level best 24/7 to keep you alive and well? Have you taken the time recently to thank them or do you, like most, take them for granted?

We are talking, of course, about the estimated 10 trillion cells that the experts, such as Dr. Oz, say make up your body and brain. Each one of these cells is an independent living organism with consciousness and intelligence that it uses to communicate and cooperate with the other cells that compose your physical self. To prove this statement, let’s look at two random heart cells.

If we were to take a single living heart cell and put it on a slide in a drop of saline solution, through a microscope we could observe it alternately contracting and expanding. Onto the other end of this glass slide, we could then place another heart cell from a different host, and we could observe that the two cells were “beating” at differing rates. If, however, we then began slowly moving the cells closer together, we would notice a point at which the two cells start to beat in sync with each other, even though they are still not touching. This means that the heart cells have the ability to communicate and cooperate with one another. For this to be possible there must be cellular intelligence. Isn’t that truly amazing?

Could these two alternately contracting and relaxing cells, working together, pump blood? No. How about if they gathered a few of their friends so that there are now, let’s say, 17 heart cells “beating” as one; would they now be able to circulate blood? Of course not. If, however, 100 billion of them teamed up to form a heart, then they can; that is, with their innate intelligence, their stellar communication skills and their willingness and ability to play a specialized role and work together, they can pump blood. Not so fast. Where would the blood go? From where would the blood come? To serve a useful purpose, the heart cells / heart have to be part of a complete circulatory system made up of arteries, veins, capillaries… in order to circulate the blood. Then there is the little issue of other tissues, organs and systems necessary to complete the organism — YOUR BODY!

Each of the 10 trillion (remember, that is 10-thousand billion with a B) cells of which your body consists has intelligence and the ability and willingness to play a specialized role in keeping you humming along. Together, by communicating with one another and cooperating in an infinitely complex set of interactions, they make it possible for you to live on this planet we call Earth.Is this not awe inspiring? Is it not something worth your appreciating?

Think about it. When was the last time you had to tell your heart to pump blood or your kidneys to carry out their role of filtration? Do you have to cajole them or threaten them to get them to get to work? Do they ask for time off, call in sick or request more vacation time and then threaten to go on strike if they don’t get it? Do the cells of the intestines complain about their working conditions in the odoriferous, dark, dank bowels of your body; do they ask to trade places with the skin cells so they can enjoy the soft breezes and warm sun and receive praise for their beauty? No!

Their own well being and your well being are their top priority, and when their lifespan (whether a day, a couple of weeks, 120 days) comes to an end, they have their progeny carry on their work to keep you alive and vibrant. Now that’s dedication!

And what do we do? Instead of heaping praise on our cells, these dedicated servants, for a job well done (you are upright and vertical for most of the day, aren’t you, and able to make conscious choices – right?), we tend to find the one thing that is wrong with us and focus and complain about that. It might be toenail fungus, heartburn, a pimple, a boil or even a more serious chronic condition, but whatever it is, it gets the bulk of the attention that we give our body. Is that right?

Here’s the problem. When we gripe and complain about stuff that’s going wrong (justified or not), this negative thinking/focus results in the adrenal glands spewing cortisol into the bloodstream to deal with the imminent threat (that’s how the cells perceive the situation). This focus, if maintained for long periods of time, can lead to states of anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, fear, depression, confusion — resulting in more and more of the cortisol and its stress-related buddies being released into your system. These stress hormones (cortisol, et al) prepare your body for fight or flight, which might be overkill for a hangnail.

The real problem is that since cortisol is linked to dealing with imminent danger, a threat to survival left over from the days of saber-tooth tigers and such, it takes priority over everyday functions, such as the release of HgH (human growth hormone), whose function it is to repair and regenerate cells. Thus when there is cortisol in the system, Hgh is not released to grow new cells and repair cells damaged by free radicals and the general wear and tear that aging cells regularly incur. As a result, the aging of the cells of your body and brain is accelerated — you grow old and fall apart even faster than you otherwise would.

Here’s the solution. Spend less time worrying about what disease condition might attack you or griping about your present ailment(s) and spend more time appreciating the 95% or more of your physical and mental self that is doing extremely well. When you wake up in the morning, go to bed at night and before each and every meal or snack, take a moment to FEEL appreciation for something your body and/or brain are doing well. Focus on a single item, such as your good eyesight, your ability to digest food, your immune system’s ability to fight off foreign invaders… and FEEL real heartfelt appreciation. Or you can make a list of 5 or 10 things your body/brain have been doing well and spend a few seconds enjoying feelings of gratefulness. This will help you switch from a cortisol / problem-oriented self to being a person with robust health because your pituitary is spewing gobs of Hgh, which is repairing and regenerating cells so they can serve you better. Imagine 10 trillion well-trained specialists working 24/7 for your well being. That’s something worth appreciating!

Natural Beauty Home Spa – Rub Stress Away

Recreate a soothing spa treatment at home by giving your feet (or hands) a stone massage with natural essential oils. Feel free to use oils from your cupboard if that’s what’s available.

Here’s how:

1. Choose your stones.

Gather one large smooth and rounded stone, and eight smaller ones to fit between your toes. Gather stones from your garden or use smooth river stones.

2. Choose an oil.

Lavender and chamomile scents are relaxing. Citrus essential oils, as well as juniper and clary sage, are rejuvenating. If you have sore feet, try using lavender, rosemary, or cypress essential oils. Dilute with a carrier oil such as olive oil. Lavender and tea tree oil are safe to use neat (directly on the skin). Tea tree essential oil is highly antiseptic and antifungal and may be mixed with other essential oils.

3. Set a relaxing ambience.

Light up your favorite candle or play relaxing tunes such as nature sounds.

4. Exfoliate.

Gently exfoliate your feet. Underneath those rough spots and calluses lies smooth skin just waiting to be exposed. Use a foot scrub or a pumice stone. Use the stone firmly but gently. Don’t pumice too hard or too frequently as friction is what causes rough skin in the first place. Use the stone once a week maximum. A pumice stone will last for years.

Warm up a pot of water to about 110 degrees Fahrenheit to heat the stones. Do not let the water boil. In a warm towel, take the stones to your designated home spa area. Place them between your toes. You can also use a crock pot to warm the stones for more convenience.

Massage the oils into your feet until the foot is covered.

Use the large stone to rub the arch and ball of each foot for up to 10 minutes. Feel the tension melt away. If you’d like, you can warm up the stones again.

Enjoy improving your physical as well as your emotional health at your own natural beauty home spa. You will have better looking feet at a fraction of the cost at a salon.

1 In 10 Will Have Diabetes – Save Your Kids!

The statistics of type 2 diabetes all point to one thing – an epidemic. This is an important reason to understand more about this disease. It is strongly recommended you learn something that not many people are aware of.

Scientists have started to conduct trials seeking the roots and ways of diabetes as early as the 1980's. There was an idea back in those days that has been confirmed over time and research. Diabetes is rooted in our diet, and could be avoided completely. Many things have changed since the early stages of research, and there are some clear facts we can now share with the world about the causes of diabetes.

The most commonly known risk-factor for diabetes is weight. It is known world-wide that obesity will almost inevitably lead you to diabetes. Staying lean is important for your health, and that is the first thing you must strive to if you wish to avoid this disease. It does help to be in good shape, even if you carry some extra weight. The "Fat and Fit" generation which consist mainly of 25-45 year old professionals are statistically healthier than those who are simply overweight. Unfortunately, it is not enough, as even those who keep exercising but do not lose weight are in danger of getting diabetes.

Another well-known fact is that eating sugar and processed products raises the chances for diabetes. An entire industry was based on that fact, as many new products came out to the market declaring to be as sweet as sugar, but sugar-free. In a way, it is a nice solution for those of us who must avoid sugar or lower their sugar consumption. But as with anything in this life, there is a price to pay. Even though the dangers of sugar are well-known, the dangers of products that replace sugar are not. Using synthetic sweeteners in your food may lower your chances for diabetes but puts you in danger for many other diseases.

The most important fact of them all might be the most unknown one. While sugar is an obvious risk-factor in diabetes, meat is never discussed. In more than one research conducted over many years, a direct connection between diabetes and the consumption of meat has been proved. Processed fish is the most dangerous type of animal protein out there, and processed meats are almost just as dangerous. This fact is unknown to the public, yet a quick online search will lead you to papers that were done on this subject.

Another result one of these studies has proven that while processed fish is so dangerous for our health, fresh fish, preferably cooked, will lower our chances to get diabetes.

More Children Affected by Type 2 Diabetes – When Will it Stop?

A devastating disease that is attacking our children and our teens is type 2 diabetes. Most children that have diabetes are born with it, and this is called type one diabetes, but there is a growing number of children that are acquiring type 2 diabetes, where previously this type of diabetes only happened to mature adults. Over a thousand children are diagnosed every year with diabetes, and more and more of those diagnosed are diagnosed with type 2.

This type of diabetes is a disorder of the metabolism. The body does not destroy the beta cells, but instead creates a resistance to insulin. It starts to use this insulin incorrectly. When this happens the glucose increases in the blood and causes damage to the kidneys and other vital organs.

Children with Type 2 diabetes can not absorb glucose, and their body can not produce enough energy. This causes the kids to start feeling tired all the time. Up until recently type 2 diabetes was generally diagnosed in adults aged over 40.

What is Causing This Epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes in Children?
The American Diabetes Association says that the increase in this type of diabetes in children is caused by the increase in obesity, and the lack of physical exercise that our children are getting. Most children that are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are between the ages of 9 and 18, some have a family history, but many are obese, and have poor glycemic levels, which is what causes the disease.

Type 2 diabetes is hard to diagnose in children, many of them have no symptoms and are diagnosed through blood tests. When this diabetes sets in you may note a few of the following symptoms:

o Extreme thirst
o Fatigue
o Increase in appetite
o Weight loss
o Headaches
o Stomach pain

As a parent you need to be on the lookout for these signs. When you see them then you need to seek treatment. Your doctor may also prescribe diabetic vitamins for your child.

Prevent the Risks
If you know that Diabetes 2 is on the rise, and you know that your children eat unhealthily and do not get enough exercise, then is not the solution to get them more active and to add nutrition to their diet.

Avoid the risks, start looking for activities for the whole family and get everyone started on some kind of exercise and healthy diet routine.

5 Top Natural Gout Relief Remedies

Though gout is extremely painful and you may therefore think that only drugs can help, there are several natural gout relief remedies that have proven to be very effective. In this short article you’ll discover 5 natural gout relief remedies that you can try at home.

First though, to understand how these gout relief remedies actually work, here is a very short explanation of gout and it’s causes…

Gout is an acute medical condition which is generally characterized by extreme soreness, swelling, stiffness, warmth and redness of the joints. It’s a type of arthritis mostly found in the male population, although women can suffer from it too.

A gout attack is the result of high levels of the uric acid in the blood stream. This uric acid then forms uric acid crystals that accumulate in the joints and tendons.

Your body’s natural defence views these crystals as foreign bodies and triggers its inflammatory response to try to repel them. It’s this response that actually causes the extremely painful symptoms of gout.

But where does uric acid come from? It’s a byproduct of the breakdown of chemical compounds called ‘purines’ that exist naturally in our bodies and much of our food.

Uric acid is generally dissolved in the blood stream and removed from the body by the kidneys through our urine. However, kidneys at times fail to do so, either because they aren’t working properly or the body is producing too much uric acid for our kidneys to handle.

O.K., now that we’ve looked at what gout is, what causes it and what triggers it, let’s get to the 5 natural gout relief remedies I promised…

Natural remedies, where appropriate, are always better options than taking medicines. All drugs have side effects and those for gout are no exception.

Gout Relief Remedies

1. Lose weight if you are overweight: Several studies have revealed that excessive body weight is one of the highest risk factors for gout. Do this through a sensible diet and daily exercise.

2. Drink lots of water: Water can help prevent the accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints. Also, water helps the kidneys to flush out excess uric acid from the body.

3. Eat food that has low purine content: For example, eggs, potatoes, yogurt, bread, low-fat dairy, blue berries, strawberries, cabbage and green leafy vegetables. Less purines: less uric acid

4. Apply hot and cold compresses: Three minutes hot then 30 seconds cold increases circulation and provides pain relief. Repeat as necessary.

5. Drink celery seed tea: Celery seeds have lots of anti-inflammatory properties. Add 1 teaspoon of seeds to 2 cups of water and bring to boil. Strain and drink half a cup 4 times daily until the symptoms have gone.

Note: Once having had one gout attack you are now at a very high risk of recurring gout throughout your life. You must take this seriously as this can lead to serious health issues like permanently damaged joints and kidney problems.

Using these types of natural gout relief remedies can help to not only eliminate gout now, but also prevent future gout attacks…

Normal Anxiety or Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Most people will experience anxiety and nervousness at various times in their lives. This is not unusual, but when it is characterized by exaggerated anxiety and worries about everyday life events, this may be caused by a condition known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). In order to qualify as having this disease you must experience this anxiety condition almost constantly for a period of at least 6 months.

GAD will certainly affect someone's behavior and the way they act, but it also comes with a number of physical side effects.

GAD can cause mental conditions such as:

1. worry and tension

2. feeling of helplessness

3. irritability

4. Difficulty concentrating

5. Being easily started

Physical symptoms of GAD include:

1. muscle tension

2. Headaches

3. Sweating

4. nausea

5. trembling

The insufficiency of either falling asleep or remaining sleep is another symptom of GAD.

Common Risk Factors

There are a number of factors that may contribute to a condition of GAD. Woman are more than twice as likely to experience GAD as men. There is also a strong correlation between GAD and strong childhood trauma such as abuse, traumatic life events including observing some type of tragic event. There is also a strong evidence that genetics may also play a role in the development of GAD. Normal stress and personality also play an important part in GAD but this is sometimes hard to differentiate between aggravated anxiety and normal everyday anxiety. This also leads to the conclusion that an individual's coping mechanism is also extremely important.

Treating With Medication

There are three basic types of drugs that are commonly used to treat Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). The first class of drug are benzodiazepines (also known as tranquilizers). These are used on a short-term basis with a prescription since they are powerful enough to be addictive. They tend to reduce some of the short-term physical symptoms associated with GAD. Another class of drug is antidepressants and they too are used with a prescription.

Because of the strength of the medication it is extremely important that everyone should seek the appropriate medical professional in order to get the proper help.

Self-Help For GAD

There are some self-help methods that are available and will provide some relief. The first thing is to try to find support groups for GAD. It is always easier to try to cope with problems when there are people surrounding you who understand exactly what you are experiencing. Several coping mechanisms are to "take action", try to become decent and do something and then move on with your decisions or actions. We sometimes have a tendency to over-analyze problems thenwell too long on our decisions. Once you have taken action there is nothing else to be done.

There are over 4,000,000 people who have been diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in this country. The problem is quite common and I would venture to guess there are a significant number of people who have never been diagnosed. If you are having trouble with anxiety you should at least consider the probability of having GAD.

Overall, these Generalized Anxiety Disorder information can put some real power in your corner as a person with anxiety. But do not forget, that there's a lot more to generalized anxiety disorder success, especially if you want to get cope with anxiety. So do not let this article be the end of your journey, but rather the beginning of your quest for more knowledge.

Cure Stretch Marks Using a Biological Cream with Biological Activators of Collagen Repair

Giving birth to a baby has to be one of the most beautiful moments in life. There is no bigger joy in life than rocking a baby in your arms for the first time. Now while you treasure the newborn with all your heart, you could live without what the whole process did to your skin. After all is said and done, are you now searching for a stretch mark removal treatment?

Stretch marks are very difficult to live with and potent stretch mark treatments are even harder to find. I do not want to ask you if you are sick and tired of seeing stretch marks covering your lower back and ribcage. I know you are. People usually want to know how to get rid of stretch marks due to the fact that they carry with them a public stigma. The time has arrived to eliminate stretch marks once and for all with a biological skin elasticity booster.

Picture going to the beach or the swimming pool after childbirth and truly appreciating your body. Do you dream about standing in front of the mirror without the stretch marks? Do you gaze at your lower back or stomach and feel depressed? Imagine using a biological stretch mark cream both before and after childbirth that builds up the skin's flexibility and inhibits rips in the skin matrix, which is what stretch marks really are.

Remove Stretch Marks Using a Biological Cream Teeming with Biological Activators of Collagen and Elastin Fibers.

Stretch marks are really submerged scars in the skin created by overabundant stretching or stress. When skin is stretched beyond its capacity, it rips. If left untreated, these rips in the buried skin layers patch by themselves and develop as discolored scars. A lot of times people think that excess weight gain like that during pregnancy or laziness are the root causes of stretch marks but the actual reason for stretch marks is weak skin. Skin can not keep up with the excess stress and rips. It is that easy.

People usually look for laser stretch marks treatments or dermabrasion treatments to remove stretch marks but there is currently a more advanced stretch mark removal method on the market. It is an all natural stretch mark cure that is loaded with biological enzymes and activators of skin remodeling. It acts as both a stretch mark prevention and stretch mark reduction product. It honestly is more advanced than any other modern stretch mark treatment.

We receive letters every day from happy customers who are on their 5th or 6th of the stretch mark cream. They use adjectives like 'miraculous' and 'amazing' to explain the results they have seen. It is time to stop peering in the mirror and feeling depressed. Do something aggressive with your stretch marks and remodel your skin from the inside out.

Get Rid of Stretch Marks and Renew Skin Strength Using a Complete and Balanced Biological Stretch Mark Cream.

The first and most important feature of stretch mark removal is eliminating the existing scars. Our biological ingredient includes peptides, proteins, and enzymes that all work together to biologically repair the skin in an orderly fashion. In order for the healing to start correctly, cells must be able to discern healthy functioning ones from actual scar tissue. The cream provides the messenger molecules needed for the body to tell the difference.

Biological enzymes contained in our stretch mark cream eat away dead or dying cells while at the same time rejuvenating damaged tissues. New cellular growth is promoted in areas where the scars inserted. The enzymes activate the proliferation of new collagen and elastin fibers in the wound site, rebuilding the scar from the inside using crucible healthy skin elements.

Skin strength is needed for the prevention and elimination of stretch marks. Collagen and elastin proliferation is stimulated when the biological ingredient is taken in by the skin. The revival of collagen and elastin, critical skin parts, will fortify the skin matrix, making future rips less common.

Stretch marks develop due to weakened skin and flaws in the skin matrix. Renewing glycosaminoglycans, which the product does, fortifies the skin's durable nature. These are water retaining molecules, found in the dermis, that provide cellular connectors and hydrate the skin that augmenting the elasticity and tenacity of the skin. Dry skin tears much easier than skin with normal water holding elements so moisture is important in stretch mark cares.

Renewing skin robustness and promoting new cellular growth in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeliminated scar tissue is what scar removal really is.

The enzymes present in our biological cream dispel buried scar tissues and help renew the area by promoting new cellular growth in place of the diffused scars. It works in concert with your body by stimulating the natural regenerative properties of your own skin and tissues.

Different Types of Dental Veneers

The terminology “dental veneers” refers to a thin ceramic shell or layer that is placed over the surface of a tooth. They are made from restorative materials that are used for aesthetic purposes as well as protecting the surface area of a damaged tooth. They are basically used to help an individual have better looking teeth and a nicer smile, hence the fact that they are used by many cosmetic dentists. Additionally, the process of applying dental veneers is not as complex as the process of getting crowns but more complex than bonding.

Veneers are most commonly used to restore damaged, discolored, fractured, or gaped teeth. The material is usually about a millimeter in thickness and is typically placed on the surface of a tooth that is still healthy and intact. Unlike the application of a crown, a tooth does not have to be filed down or shaped in any way to apply dental veneers. They can be used to lengthen teeth or widen them while being available in about 25 different shades. As they are a protective layer, veneers can reduce the sensitivity to cold, heat, and sweets.

Different types of dental veneers

There are basically 4 different types of dental veneers that are being used by cosmetic dentists today. These include:

Composite veneers – these can usually be fitted in only one trip to the dentist. They have been polished and are smoothed in order to look like normal teeth but are not as strong as porcelain veneers. These are prone to fracturing when eating crunchy or hard foods but they can be easily repaired.

Palatal veneers – these are dental veneers that are usually constructed out of gold, but they can also be manufactured out of composite materials or porcelain. These veneers are used on the palate side (inside) of a person’s upper teeth specifically for the management and treatment of tooth wear.

Porcelain veneers – thin ceramic shells that get bonded on the front side of one’s teeth. Dental veneers have no metal in the material they are made from unlike the typical dental crown. It usually takes to visits to the dentist to have porcelain dental veneers completed. The dentist will take an impression of your teeth and apply a temporary veneer made from plastic on your first visit. The temporary veneers are removed and replaced with your permanent veneers on the second visit.

Non-permanent veneers – made from a flexible type of resin material, non-permanent veneers are available and can be easily removed as needed. There are even kits available for making your own non-permanent veneers at home.

Additional considerations

In most cases, a portion of the tooth’s enamel is removed prior to applying dental veneers. However, the tooth is not usually filed down or reshaped like it is done with crowns. As a result, you may experience some temporary sensitivities to cold or hot beverages and food. Additionally, certain individuals are not the best candidates for receiving dental veneers due to overall poor dental health.

Simple Solutions For Dry Skin

As the seasons change we all tend to notice how our skin becomes dry not only due to the low humidity. Since the air around us is so dry we have to make sure we use lotions and creams to keep the skin hydrated, especially our face, since when skin becomes too dry we tend the skin tends to flake as we loose the lipid barrier protection on a cellular level.

Eva’s Best solution for dry Skin

Step 1

Switch to a slightly richer moisturizer during the winter months, I recommend Skin Rx Excell Rejuvenation which contains the following:

  • Humectants – This is a classification of moisturizer that penetrates the stratum corneum, top layers of the skin and allows the skin to absorb more moisture.
  • Emollients – Softens and smoothes the texture of the skin
  • Vitamin C – Boosts collagen synthesis and acts as a powerful free radical scavenger.
  • Oat Beta Glucan, Evening primrose oil and Copper complex for anti-aging benefits

Step 2

Protect your skin from the environment – just because its cold outside does not mean that you are safe from sun exposure, Winter sun reflects off the snow particularly at high altitudes, so it is crucial to apply Photo Protection 30 daily to all exposed areas, face, ears, neck, hands.

Step 3

Drink plenty of fluids to hydrate internally and avoid excess alcohol and caffeine as both can be dehydrating. Eat a diet rich in nutrients to help restore your skin.

Step 4

Also take shorter showers and avoid very hot water as this can rob your skin of moisture. Apply a hydrating moisturizer that penetrates and leave the skin feeling soft and smooth…I like the Cherry blossom body cream from Bath & Body Works.

Step 5

Use a simple lip balm to keep the lips moist, I like the ones with vitamins E and C. Also if you rub your nose a lot and feel it is sore apply a little Vaseline or petroleum based cream to sooth the area.

Eczema Rash – Anyone's Worst Nightmare

Having an eczema rash is probably one of the worse conditions that could ever happen to your skin. It is characterized by an extreme uneasy irritating sensation on the surface of your skin with visible swapping and redness which is obviously not a pretty sight to look at. On top of all these ugly manifestations is the fact that it is incurable. Although there are certain medications out in the market today but it is important to note that these medications only treats the symptoms of eczema rash while the problem itself is not relieved at all.

Eczema can be classified as a chronic condition and as mentioned above, there's no true cure for it. Addressing lifestyle issues such as food intake however, is a natural way of reducing the condition. Medications used to alleviate eczema most likely have steroids included in their ingredients. Before, this harsh substance has been used to alleviate the symptoms of eczema shingles, eczema hives and baby eczema rash. But again to reiterate, treatments such as this can only alleviate the symptoms not curing the problem itself, therefore, the condition will soon be able to return. In worse case scenarios, a persons' body may eventually become immune to the treatment so they would have to switch from one medication to another as their body starts rejecting towards these treatments.

So this is all boils down to adapting a healthy lifestyle so to speak. For the past years, experts have started to see the benefits of going back to consuming all natural foods and how such in the past had actually helped minimize some conditions that seem to thrive these days. Fact is, even if this skin disease is incurable, there is no risk as the all natural treatment has no harmful chemicals in it such as steroids that could damage the body and throw off its chemical balance over time.

Eczema rash is indeed a serious skin condition, which is more often than not, is subject to shame and embarrassment. The sad truth is that anyone can be a potential victim of this skin disease. Basic things as simple as your diet can prevent or on the contrary, trigger a flare up with your eczema. A diet rich in omega-3 may help you shield you off the disease. Start living a healthy lifestyle now and watch your diet before it's too late and reduce your risk of acquiring the dreaded eczema rash.

Quit Smoking – The Certainties and Uncertainties Of Life

Anthony Robins states that two of the needs of people are certainty and uncertainty.

Unfortunately smoking provides both of these needs, but in a negative way. As a smoker you live constantly with the certainty that 30% of all cancer deaths are related to smoking and that a whopping 87% of all lung cancer is smoking related, and that as a smoker you increase your chance of getting lung cancer by 23 times.

These statistics are scary, but in addition to that certainty, you also live with the uncertainty that you may or may not in the group who dies or becomes very sick or in the group whose lives are only moderately affected by smoking.

Having worked with over 2000 smokers I cannot recall having meet a smoker who has smoked more than 10 years who does not have breathing problems at the very least. So I guess you can be certain that smoking will get you.

The only question is how fast and how badly. Of course there is another layer of uncertainty. You may succumb to emphysema, but that doesn’t stop you from having diabetes, low bone density, fertility and sexual function problems, peptic ulcers, asthma, cancer, stroke, heart disease and bronchitis.

An especially unlucky smoker may have a dozen or more smoking related problems, all at once. And this is entirely possible, because your body is one big interconnected unit, and when it starts to break down or fail, it can happen in multiple systems.

This would require many medical specialists, many pharmaceuticals and perhaps several visits to surgery, and a big part of your life given over to sitting in medical waiting rooms and managing your daily medications.

So why not flip the switch to another type of certainty. The certainty that every day you live as non-smoker the healthier you will get.

Of course you will always live with a degree of uncertainty because of your past smoking history, but you can even improve those odds by adopting a healthy diet and treating your body and mind to regular exercise and relaxation.

The good news and the bad news is that some of this certainty and uncertainty is lodged firmly in your hands. So the question is, what will you do, will you bite the bullet and book a hypnosis session to ease your mind and improve your chances or will you roll the dice of uncertainty?

Famous Inventors

From adhesive tape to home computers and from telephone to antibiotics, there is an endless list of innovations which have changed the face of human civilization. Those who invented such things have become very famous.

The list of famous inventors could go on and on. Also, different countries and regions have their own famous inventors. But there are some inventors whose names are likely to figure in all these lists, as their popularity cuts across any barriers.

Many of these names include American inventors such as Thomas Alva Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers, George Washington Carver, etc. But there are many non-American inventors, such as Sir Alexander Fleming, who invented penicillin, which was followed a host of antibiotics changing the way diseases were raised all over the world, saving millions of lives every year.

Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. Sir Isaac Newton's theories and laws of motion changed the way people looked at the universe and inspired many inventors to utilize this theoretical framework to implement their innovative ideas. The list of famous inventors continues to grow. More and more inventors from other parts of the world, including Asia and Africa, are today getting patents, especially in the field of technology.

Today, scientific research and development is a complex and expensive affair. There are not many individuals who can afford to carry on such efforts. The result is that now, instead of individuals, corporate entities or other organizations employ teams of scientists and researchers and get an exclusive patent on their invention. Increasing royalties and the mass production of newventions have made these kinds of ventures a profitable business. So in today's world it is not only the quest for knowledge and innovative aptitude that goes into making a famous inventor, but money and media, too, have to be considered important factors.

Two Simple Rules To Help Women Massively Improve Their Public Speaking

I picked up an old book on public speaking aimed at women yesterday called Speaking Up and was quite shocked when I began to read it. The two most important pieces of advice for women were

  1. Video yourself speaking as soon as possible so that you can analyse all your faults
  2. Write out your speech and then read it to the audience.

What shocked me is that those are the top two items on my list of things you MUST NOT do if you want to become a successful speaker. My advice would be the same whether you are a man or a woman – but the advice is particularly important for women because women seem to have, in my experience as a speaking coach, a greater problem with self confidence than men.

Here is the problem with video. I don’t know many people who like to see themselves on video and that is especially true of women. When you watch a video of yourself speaking your attention is drawn to all your faults and you will almost certainly see more faults in yourself than others see. This completely undermines our confidence making us so self conscious that we lose all spontaneity and become more stressed and nervous about speaking.

The most important thing about your speech is the content. I do not go to a presentation to see the speaker – I go to listen to the speaker. I want to hear something that is going to make a difference in my life, no matter how small. I want you the speaker to help me to improve my life in some way.

Unless the presentation of your speech is so awful that it makes listening a chore, I will largely ignore how you present, provided the content is interesting and fascinating.

So if content is so important – surely the best plan is to write it out? Absolutely not.

The first problem is that written language is very different to spoken language. Most people are taught all their lives how to write information that it intended to be read. And when we read material we have lots of time to re-read passages if we didn’t understand them the first time.

When I speak I rely on vocal quality, timing and body language as much as the words to convey meaning. I often ask questions and interact with the audience. I try to make sure that the experience of hearing me speak is completely different to the experience of reading my articles. Otherwise why would you come and listen to me speak. It would save you a lot of time and money to just get a copy of the speech and read it.

So if videoing yourself and writing out the speech are not the way – what is the best way to improve your speaking.

Rule 1 – Speak only on a subject about which you have earned the right to speak.

Dale Carnegie, one of the most famous speech coaches of all time claimed that you need to know 40 times more about a subject than you deliver. I want to hear from an expert. More importantly I don’t want to hear about other people’s expertise, I want to hear your experiences on the subject.

I want to hear about the problems you faced and how you overcame them. I want to see this world through your eyes. I want to know that you have been there and got the t-shirt. Expertise is not just about what you have read or heard, it’s about what you have done with that knowledge. How have you applied it and how can I benefit from your experiences.

Rule 2 – Remember that a speaker is a storyteller – the audience wants to hear your story.

If you want me to remember your speech, tell me a story and especially tell me your story. But why would anyone want to hear my story; its boring? I have heard that objection so many times on workshops. You are not boring. You have been invited to speak because you have expertise in your field. If you do not – then don’t speak. If you do – then tell us about your experiences – your story.

I remember a woman on one workshop who insisted that she had nothing interesting to say and struggled to deliver a two minute speech. Then at the coffee break she held a group of participants spellbound for ten minutes as she told them about her recent holiday – trekking in the Peruvian Andes.

Women should be much better speakers than men because we have better social skills. Women are great storytellers – just think about the last time you were chatting with a group of friends, recounting the weekend – telling stories about your experiences. The great thing is that when we tell a story about our experiences we automatically use vocal variety and gestures to express ourselves making the speech more engaging and entertaining.

All you have to do is take that skill and apply it to your expertise and you will be a great speaker.

Is Cold Weather Beneficial For Testosterone

Perhaps you were not aware of the fact that seasonal changes coincide with changes in blood testosterone concentrations. If so, then you are not alone. A report that was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism examined free and total testosterone, luteinizing hormone (LH), which is a hormone in the brain that stimulates the testes for testosterone secretion), and sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which is a protein that binds to estradiol, dihydrotestosterone and testosterone to carry it throughout your circulation; when its concentration is changed it significantly affects the ratio of estradiol in plasma to unbound (biologically active) testosterone. These effects were examined in 1,549 males residing in Norway.

The findings were very interesting. Total testosterone peaked in October and November. In February, there was a smaller peak. The lowest total T levels were in June. Free T was at its lowest level in August and peaked in December. The waist-to-hip ratio of the subjects following the same pattern that testosterone did. When T was at its lowest, they were at their highest. So during the colder winter months subjects were leaner. This was also when there were the least hours of sunlight. There were also very large hormone level variations (31 percent difference between the peak and low point).

Perhaps all of those Southern Californians should move to the Aleutian Islands. Then again, it might be an evolutionary adaptation for individuals living in areas that have extreme weather changes (for example, really bitter cold winters). At least the pattern is Norway is for testosterone to be at its highest levels during the winter months.

When it is 10 degrees outside, the idea of chilling in your lawn chair with your neighbors while you are grilling steaks doesn’t sound very appealing. So man has been equipped by evolution with raised testosterone levels so that you are more fully for those nice indoor activities spent with your girlfriend or wife. You have to admit that it’s a very enjoyable way to pass the time over those long and cold winter months.

It Bites To Get Old

Six young males (24 years old) and seven healthy middle-aged males (47 years old) had their testosterone levels measured at night to test whether or not there were any differences that related to age. The night hourly average testosterone level for the young men as 60.6 ng/ml, whereas for the middle-aged men it was 43.4 ng/ml. The middle-aged men had higher LH values also. The older guys also had 3.8 testosterone pulses a night compared to the young guys who averaged 6.7. So it looks like young guys have naturally high testosterone levels. I guess the middle-aged make more money. Maybe they can purchase some extra testosterone from their doctors.

Good Steroid

The steroid DHEA is produced inside the adrenal glands. Some evidence suggests that a 50 to milligram daily dose may improve overall feelings of well-being and increase muscle mass in middle-aged and older individuals. After using DHEA supplementation for five months, older males also show improved immune function. Although it was touted originally as an anti-obesity steroid, in humans it clearly isn’t an anti-obesity hormone.

How Your Body Reacts to Acid and Alkaline in the Blood

Many people do not realize this but the types of food that an individual consumes can really play a significant role on how acidic or alkaline the blood is to a certain point. Too much of either can really cause a person to need medical treatment and if things get too bad death can even occur.

It is not like your blood will turn very acidic from drinking too much coffee which is obviously a lot more acidic than water but it is still important when dieting to put factors like this into consideration. Your body measures PH levels in the blood ranged from 7.35 to 7.45. Less or more can put a person in a coma or cause death. Do not worry because your body is constantly working without you knowing to compensate if those numbers tend to move too much in either direction. If your blood PH levels starts to head into the direction of below 7.35 this will result in something called acidosis which if it falls below 7.0 it could quickly result in coma or death. Acidic types of foods could be a cup of coffee or a can of soda.

If your blood goes above 7.45 it causes a reverse reaction from a drop where your bodies senses and nerves become very excited triggering uncontrollable muscle spasms and nervousness. PH levels in food usually have a range from 1-14. That cup of coffee or can soda has about a PH level of 3. As important that it is to make sure these levels do not exceed these limits it is almost impossible to avoid foods that have them considering almost every piece of food you put into your mouth as alkaline or acidic qualities in it.

Most fruits and vegetables have alkaline and most grains and processed foods have acids in them so it is virtually impossible to stay away but you do not needlessly need to stay away because most foods that have these in them are also very vital and healthy for your body . Too much of anything is a bad thing these day so it is important to include a healthy mix of both types of foods into your daily diet. If you do however focus generally on one side of the spectrum it is important to even things out to create a balance of what your body is consuming.