Aviation History

Travel by airplane has a long and interesting history starting from the first commercial flight in 1933 on the modern airliner, Boeing 247. This important event made a definitive mark in the time line of aviation but was only one of many major accomplishments. The following will highlight a few of the fascinating landmarks of aviation history that punctuated the last century.

The Zeppelin Hindenburg

The 1930s revealed the so-called airship era of aviation history. The German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg was one such example of the popularity of these. However, the event surrounding this airship was a sad one as tragedy struck during flight. Destined for Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Manchester Township, New Jersey, the Hindenburg disaster occurred as the airship caught on fire and crashed. Thirty-five fatalities were counted in this tragic incident and needless to say, confidence in airships dramatically decreased. News coverage broadcast the terrible news all over the globe, essentially bringing the airship period to a sad close.

Chuck Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier

The sound barrier was broken by Chuck Yeager in 1947, marking another big event in the history of aviation. Yeager was a test pilot in the United States Air Force and flew the experimental Bell X-1 at Mach 1. The aircraft was at an altitude of 45,000 feet when this occurred. The Bell X-1 is on display in the Smithsonian Institution’s national museum for air and space. Yeager received more than one award for this accomplishment, including the MacKay and Collier trophy in 1948 and a trophy for Harmon International in 1954. The Myra, West Virginia native went on to bust through other barriers of sound and even altitude years later.

Boeing 747

Fast-forwarding from Chuck Yeager’s major accomplishment to the 1970s, many people recognize the Boeing 747 and it is often referred to endearingly as the “jumbo jet” of aircraft. Its cargo transport and commercial flight role make it a significant part of aviation history. This airliner, Boeing 747, made its first commercial flight from New York to London in the early part of that decade. Major airlines that use the model include British Airways, Korean Air, Japan Airlines, and Cathay Pacific. The Boeing 747, apart from being recognizable, is important in that it could carry such a large load of passengers or cargo. In fact, it held the record for carrying the most passengers for several decades.

Aviation Continues to Develop

The Zeppelin Hindenburg crisis, Chuck Yeager’s breaking of the sound barrier, and the introduction of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet are just three of the many turning points in aviation. While many more events exist on the historical time line of flight, these events show some of the individual pieces of the puzzle. Events like these have helped shape the history of aviation and offer opportunities for learning and reflection. Flight has come a long way and will continue to change and grow in years to come, making it an exciting part of technology and history!

Key Ingredients That Matter For Your Skin Treatment

Beauty products are available everywhere. You can easily find creams, liquids and gels that claim to stop aging, moisturize skin, clear pimples, block the harmful rays of the sun, and help even out skin tone and whiten skin. However, most of the time, consumers do not really take time to look at the ingredients and components of the things that they are dabbing, spreading or rubbing on their face and body. More often than not, average people would simply use skin products in a trial and error basis or take the word of manufacturers with regard to the effectiveness of a product to solve skin problems.

Because of globalization and the growing number of imported products entering the United States, it is best that you know the main ingredients of the beauty product that you are using. If you want to be beauty-product savvy, just keep on reading and discover the most commonly used ingredients in majority of beauty products available in the market:

Moisturizing Factors

The first thing that you have to look for in products that claim to moisturize your skin is oil. Usually natural-based products include nut, vegetable or even herbal oil to help make your skin soft and supple. Other ingredients that are known to help moisturize skin include glycerin which assists in binding water particles together to keep skin hydrated, petroleumatum which is an oil derived from purified petroleum, hyaluronic acid which helps prevent wrinkles and keep skin hydrated, and butter lipid which is great for preventing skin dryness.

Binding Agents

The main use of binding agents in beauty products is to help prolong the shelf life of products and to keep them thick and viscous. Lanolate and isopropyl myristate are the ones responsible for the creamy consistency of a product; while parabens are used as preservatives; and stearyl and cetyl alcohol help in thickening the mixture.

Sunburn Stoppers

Because of the thinning of the ozone layer and global warming, rays of the sun during late morning to early afternoon have become harmful to your skin. So, if you want a good sunscreen, you need to ensure that it is effective in both UVA and UVB. UVA shrinks and destroys elastin and collagen in mature skin, while UVB is responsible for sun spots and age spots. Sunscreen or sun blocks need to have Mexoryl SA or avobenzone, these counteract the damaging effects of excess exposure to sunlight. Other important ingredients are zinc oxide, titanium oxide or oxybenzone, all of which prevent the absorption of UVA rays in the skin. You should also pay attention to the sun protection factor of the products. Usually, high SPF means higher protection from the harmful effects of the sun.

Pimple Busters

If there is one thing that almost all people hate, it definitely is acne. What makes acne or pimples annoying is that it usually appears a night or day before important occasions such as proms, business meetings, weddings, or pictorials. Just look for salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil to make sure that your acne fighter can help help clear out the zit. To prevent the development of pimples, you can also rely on creams and gels that contain triclosan, zinc, sulfur, and glycolic acid.

Age Keepers

One of the indications that your skin is aging is the appearance of wrinkles. With technological advancement in cosmetics, you no longer need to get a face lift or other invasive treatments in order to minimize, if not erase, fine lines and wrinkles. All you have to do is to use products that are rich in Vitamin A and its derivatives because these are effective in restoring and rejuvenating cells. Moreover, you also need to look for Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin C in the list of ingredients of an anti-aging product as both are crucial in the production of elastin and collagen.

Whitening Experts

Making skin tone even and decreasing the appearance of age spots, freckles and other blemishes can really be tricky. There are many whitening products that are harsh on the skin. Relatively safe whitening components, which are vital in preventing overproduction of melanin, include kojic acid, azealic acid, ascorbic acid, licorice extract or hydroquinone. One product that can help make skin clearer, whiter and flawless is Lumnaderm. Visit http://www.lumnaderm.com for this skin whitening cream.

How To Tame Your Gluten Sensitivity

Symptoms of gluten intolerance, also called gluten sensitivity, can be mild to severe and include things such as weight loss or gain, fatigue, bloating, pain, gas, constipation, diarrhea, aching joints, depression, headaches, irritability, amnesia, osteoporosis, leg numbness and dozens more disease-like conditions after eating certain grains and other foods containing gluten.

A sensitivity to Gluten is very different from an Allergy to Gluten which is a condition called Celiac Disease. If you have been tested for Wheat Allergies also called Celiac Disease and results were negative, you might be sensitized to the protein in grains such as wheat, rye and barley due to years of eating gluten-filled foods, even though you are not truly allergic to it. This can occur when your ability to break down and assimilate specific amino acid links, called peptide bonds, in gluten molecules is compromised.

When a person is unable to breakdown gluten molecules various types of inflammations and disorders can occur including things such as Leaky Gut and other gastrointestinal troubles. The villi in the intestinal tract for some people may become flattened. The damaged villi can lead to responses such as malabsorption, nutrient deficiencies or other digestive disorders.

Gluten has a unique amino acid sequence which may cause irritations regularly. The reason that so many people may be suffering with a negative response to gluten is because so many foods in our American diet contain gluten; even foods that are not grain-based! Read labels carefully because gluten may be hiding in some surprising foods such as ketchup, soy sauce, couscous, hot dogs, potato chips, beer, tabouleh, even ice cream, cold cuts, salad dressings, root beer, puddings,sausages, flour tortillas, and meat substitutes such as Seitan!

The main treatment for gluten intolerance or sensitivity has been to remove offending foods from the diet. Although removing foods that contain gluten is a good start, it is not always possible to be 100% gluten-free. But there are some things that may be helpful so that eventually you can tolerate moderate amounts of gluten without uncomfortable side-effects.

insufficient enzyme supply is often the cause for improper digestion of any food.Enzyme production begins to decline with age; there is also a decline of enzyme production at times when there is higher stress. Whenever you are too cold, too hot, ill, recovering from an injury, or highly upset emotionally, the production of enzymes will decrease. Unlike animals who tend to walk away from their food when they are upset, we as humans often eat anyway – and sometimes even more during or after stressful events. The consumption of foods during times when the body is unable to fully manufacture enzymes causes distress and symptoms will occur. Digestive symptoms also occur more often in our modern society because we eat highly heated foods (above 119 degrees F enzymes are destroyed), we eat foods that are processed and filled with preservatives. All of these things detract from the live enzymes present in fresh foods.

Other reasons people may be more sensitive to digestive upsets including tolerating gluten – certain medications inhibit the production of stomach acid. Medications such as Tums, Rolaids, Maalox, Alka-Seltzer, Nexium, Tagamet, Zantac, Prilosec, Protonix may quell your acid reaction but they may also prohibit complete digestion and cause a B 12 Deficiency as well.

Even the American Journal of Medicine (JAMA) in December 2013 stated that B12 levels were significantly decreased when using gastric acid inhibitors. Vitamin B12 is critical for support and production of the myelin sheath, or insulation around your nerves, it also regulates hormone and neuro-chemical production, helps to prevent anemia, and enables the cells lining the GI tract to heal and regenerate.

Those people that suffer from any form of pancreatic insufficiency will have even more trouble breaking down foods because it is this organ that manufactures some of the most important digestive and systemic enzymes for the body. People who eat too quickly and do not chew their food well are also more susceptible to digestive distress.

If you want to get back to feeling better after a meal, you might consider trying the Seven Steps to Taming Your Gluten Intolerance after you make a list of all of your symptoms and rate them from most severe to least severe:

  • Remove wheat and grains and foods containing gluten for a period of 30, 60, or 90 days depending on the severity of your symptoms (Foods such as Barley, Bran, Buulgur, Couscous,Durum, Farina, Faro, Kamut, Malt, Matzo, Orzo, Panko, Rye, Seitan, Semolina, Spelt, Tritcale,l Udon, Wheat, Wheat bran, and Wheat germ).
  • Make certain you drink adequate amounts of purified water between meals
  • Eat plenty of dark leafy greens. Dark greens, seaweed and algae such as Spirulina help to soak up toxicity – just like the green plants do for us in nature from the depths of the oceans to the mountain peaks.
  • Try taking a 100% plant based enzyme complex with each meal. (some individuals may also need Pancreatin or HCI on top of this) We will always be dependent on enzymes that exist in nature. AbsorbAid Platinum is a long-standing and tested brand.
  • Exercise to boost circulation to help move blood supply filled with nutrients to areas of importance. Being sedentary is never a good thing.
  • Take a wide-spectrum probiotic blend to fortify your immune system.
  • Finally, go back and look at your list after 30 days – if symptoms have been reduced but not fully, try this for 60 days. Once you are basically symptom free you may re-introduce small amounts of gluten and determine if your body is more able to tolerate the molecules.

Here are some foods that you may be able to tolerate in the grain category even if you cannot eat wheat, barley, rye..

  • Amaranth
  • Arrowroot
  • Buckwheat
  • Chickpeas
  • Corn
  • Flax
  • Nuts/beans/seeds
  • Millet
  • Potato starch or flour
  • Quinoa
  • Rice
  • Sago
  • Sorghum
  • Tapioca

Enzymes are necessary for every single metabolic process your body undergoes – they are critical to health and help to sustain life!

Live well – Love life!

Anxiety Disorder and the Fear the Media is Selling You

Are you buying the fear the media, advertisers, politicians and corporations are selling you? Most people are. And we're storing it up in our subconscious minds until it often overflows into anxiety disorder and panic attacks in those prone to these problems.

We can look at the word fear as an acronym – or actually three acronyms or three flavors, none of which tastes particularly good. But we're buying them and eating them, anyway. Or maybe it's more to the point to say they're eating us.

Let's look at the three flavors of FEAR, what they mean and where they come from.

False Evidence Appearing Real

Think for a second about the current world-wide economic crisis. If that scares you, you've bought the fear. When you really examine it, is it really a crisis and does it directly affect you? If you're like the vast majority of people, it only affects your thinking, not your life. Even at 10% or 12% unemployment in the USA, that does not mean 88% are NOT unemployed? Last I knew, 88% was an overwhelming majority.

The news media do not want to let go of the "crises" of the world because those are what keep you glued to the television and the front page of your local newspaper. The need you to keep watching because that's what sells ads. But they're introducing you with a lot of false evidence and you accept it as the Gospel.

A good recent example is the Swine Flu outbreak. Mexican health officials did a responsible job of reporting it and the media went into feeding frenzy. As a result, flights in and out of Mexico City were suspended, American people traveled vacations and business trips to anywhere in Mexico and were actually afraid of anyone who had been to Mexico or anyone who even looked Mexican – even if Mexican looking person had never been to Mexico. US hospitals had screening stations set up in their entrances, complete with surgical masks for visitors, and their emergency rooms were overflowing with people thinking they might die from a virus they might have.

It turned out the Swine Flu was not much worse than any seasonal flu and it was not an epidemic after all. But did the media spend any time telling us that? No, they continued to feed the fear machine.

False Experience Appearing Real

Fear is a generated response in your brain to an experience, whether real or imagined. You feel the experience and the fear. We'll see again how the media affect us: War, terrorism and the earthquake in Haiti are the current top stories. But if you live in all but three or four countries, you're not really experiencing these things, are you? Nonetheless, they're creating fear in your mind.

This fear is unavoidable. Your mind conjures up worst case scenarios of what it would be like if you were there or if these problems came to your neighborhood and you experience what could happen, rather than experiencing what is really happening in your day-to-day life. As a result, you become stressed out and maybe a bit anxious.

False Expectations Appearing Real

If you have any kind of anxiety disorder this is the acronym that will have the greatest impact on you. If you have anxiety and panic issues you've developed a "what-if" thinking habit and have a negative mindset so the "what-if" scenarios are going to be negative. "What if my alarm does not wake me up? I'll oversleep! What will I do if the traffic is bad? I'll be really late for work and miss that important meeting! fire me! "

That kind of fearful thinking might just keep you up all might worrying. Sure, then you've got to work on time, but you'll be so tired you'll be ineffective and your boss WILL be mad at you. This is the Law of Attraction at work – focus on your fears and they 'probably probably come true, sometimes in strange and unexpected ways.

What Can You Do?

First off, accept the fact that most of the things you've feared in your life have not come true and they're not suddenly going to start today.

Second, the things you feared that DID come true, you've survived, right? You deal with them as they happened and in the moment. And if you're reading this you must still be alive.

When you get caught up in the fear and the "what-if" game, you lose your perspective on what's real and what's not and easily accept scary things that are not part of your reality. The price for playing this game is anxiety, panic and mental paralysis.

Just stop buying the fear everyone is trying to sell you and live in this moment. If you catch yourself getting caught up in the game, remember it's someone else's game and you do not have to play it. Ask yourself if this scary thing the media is talking about is really going to happen to you.

And for God's sake, turn off the news and stop reading the front page of the newspaper! Believe me, you do not need to know about all the bad and scary things going on in the world.

Effectiveness of Treating Pain With Light Therapy

Light therapy had been extensively utilized to treat several injuries, pain and inflammatory conditions of a people who suffer from them for the past 20 years. LaTely, this new painkilling technology had been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the treatment of pain, stiffness and other soft-tissue injuries triggered and caused by arthritis.

This development is important considering the recent concerns of safety of the other known (and traditional) medicines for arthritis. Moreover, treatments using infrared rays are now commonly used to relieve pains caused by arthritis and sprains.

It is also used in other discomforts like nerve pains, bursitis, tennis elbows, inflammations, scars, pains caused by varicose veins, and pain triggered by osteoarthritis. These pain relief applications had been the result of hundreds of studies before.

Benefits of Infrared Light Treatment for Pain

The benefits of infrared procedure in the treatment of various types of pain had been fully documented by independent research. This therapeutic technique is known to deliver direct benefits to tissues and organizations.

Light therapy is specifically satisfying in treating pain problems caused by such triggers as cuts and wounds, scars, and trigger and acupuncture points. Since the infrared light penetrates to a depth of around 30 to 40 millimeters, the therapy is more effective in deep pains like those of the bones, joints and deep muscle.

In addition, the long list of pain-relief qualities of the treatment now includes the treatment of fibromyalgia, sprains, neuralgia, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, inflammation, edema TMJ and others.

Light Therapy for Pain in the Comfort of Your Home

This treatment formula had been used in Europe for some years now and had produced a good track record as being safe and effective when used as directed. These days, the technique had been taken out of the doctors clinic and the hospital right into the comforts of your home.

With several models to choose from, especially handed versions, the system are being administrated by the patients to themselves. Handheld types are battery-powered and are made to deliver concentrates pulses of infrared light and heat right into the body area in pain.

The aim is simply to gently work up some heat into the affected tissue. This promotes muscular relaxation and helps the cell muscles do their natural regenerative work. One of the good things in this treatment system is the freedom to do the medication at any time or whenever there is a need of it without a doctors scheduled appointment.

The best thing, of course, is that it is completely natural and without drugs. This natural pain relief is the best type because there is nothing to worry about adverse drug effects or developing an addiction to the medication used.

With today's methods, natural pain relief by way of light therapy is always ready at your fingertips. You can treat yourself in the privacy of your home, in your car (it has its own power adapters), office, or hotel room. You can bring your device with you anywhere.

UFC Owners Purchase Pride Fighting Championship

If you're a mixed martial arts fan, you're probably sick of that headline. You're sick of hearing how Lorenzo J. Fertitta and Frank J. Fertitta have purchased PrideFC from it's former Dream Stage Entertainment owners and ousted former CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara. You want to hear more about what is possible the largest month in Mixed Martial Arts history, April 2007.

There are four shows worth mentioning in April, in addition to season 5 of "The Ultimate Fighter". These shows are:

April 5, 2007 – Ultimate Fight Night 9

This show features a bout between Joe Stevenson and Melvin Guillard. These two 155 pound fighters are at the cusp of becoming superstars in the UFC lightweight division. A win in this bout, then perhaps one more and one of these guys might be ready for a title shot. There is also another interesting match on this card, featuring the return of Kenny Florian after his beat down, courtesy of UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk. Kenny Florian is facing Dokonjonosuke Mishima.

April 7, 2007 – UFC 69: Shootout

Everybody is waiting to see what Georges St Pierre has in store for Matt "The Terror" Serra. St Pierre completely dominated Matt Hughes in his last outing, learning him the UFC welterweight belt. Serra on the other hand, barely squeaked by Chris Lytle to get the season 4 "Ultimate Fighter" title at 170. This could be an interesting match, but most expect another St Pierre blow out.

The most interesting match of UFC 69 will put Diego Sanchez 'undefeated record on the line against super-wrestler Josh Koscheck. These guys have met before, but Josh was a pure wrestler at that point, he's had a couple of years of MMA experience now, let's see who's better now. Other big names on that card include Mike Swick, Kendall Grove, Heath Herring, Brad Imes and expect a great match between Josh "I never quit" Haynes and Luke Cummo.

April 8, 2007 – Pride 34 Kamikaze

This event is not nearly as interesting as it could be. The main thing that does make it interesting is the 10th anniversary and resignation of Sakakibara, all in the same show. Expect and emotional show with a lot of "Pride Past" clips. If you're not a Pride fan, you soon will be, watching this show would be excellent research into what the Pride Fighters bring to the table. Unfortunately it's being shown live at 3:00 am my time, bring on the coffee! The feature bout will be Sokoudjou vs Arona. Sokoudjou KO's little Nog in his last outing and Arona is a perennial contender. Perhaps he has the most to win by the UFC owners purchasing pride. His solid ground game could be trouble for a lot of the UFC's current 205 pound division.

Pride is also featuring a freak show match between Butterbean and Zulu, personally, I'm not interested.

April 21, 2007 UFC 70: Nations Collide

Finally, the show which will determine the future of the UFC heavyweight division. Mirko Cro Cop vs Gabriel Gonzaga will determine who meets Randy Couture for the title. Look for Cro Cop to dominate this one, but as always in MMA, never count any fighter out of any fight. There are a number of other interesting names on this card. Look for Michael Bisping "Ultimate Fighter" season 4 winner facing Elvis Sinosic in a match, seemingly designed to set up Bisping for a future title shot. Andrei Arlovski will face Fabricio Werdum which could end up being the fight of the night. Cheick Kongo will try to redeem himself after a decision loss when he faces Assuerio Silva. Let's hope Cheick comes out swinging.

That's it, a great month of great fights, and I barely even mentioned the big UFC – Pride purchase. For those of you sick of the UFC – Pride headlines, you'd better get used to it, it's here to stay and will remain the big story in MMA for months.

Take it easy and enjoy the fights!

Non-Human Primates in Medical Research

Animals continue to be extensively used as research specimen in almost every major medical breakthrough. The utility of animals in medical research has been widely acknowledged. A wide variety of animal species are used for research that range from fruit flies to non-human primates. Research using non-human primates is required for testing drugs, clinical trials, neurology studies, evolution, genetics, behavioral aspects, reproductive biology, cognitive science and even in Xenotransplantation. An estimated 65,000 non-human primates are used for research purposes in UK and USA alone.

Use of non-human primates is significant as their brains share structural and functional similarity with the human brain. Most commonly used non-human primates for research purpose include apes, gorilla, chimpanzee, macaques, marmosets, baboons and orangutans. However, the use of non-human primates has always been controversial as it is related with ethical issues.

As per the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, human interests are protected by the law as they are considered legal persons. Non-human primates do not enjoy any such privilege. However, this status has always been a continuous topic of debate. Considering research on primates as unethical, various countries including Australia, Sweden, New Zealand and Netherlands have prohibited doing any kind of experimental using great apes, a biological family that enterprises of gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos, orangutans and humans. Considering the fact that animals do have a similar sense of pain and trauma as like humans, several organizations, animal rights groups, philanthropists, animal lovers, researchers, philosophers and primatologists are advocating for a world wide prohibition over the use of primates in research.

One Quick Premature Ejaculation Treatment

A good Premature Ejaculation Treatment technique to use for masturbation is similar to the” stop and go” method that most men are familiar with.

The problem with the standard” stop and go” method is that most men have learned to carry it out incorrectly. It is generally misunderstood how to carry out this premature ejaculation treatment technique because it has either been taught to them wrong or not explained properly.

In general, men have learned to masturbate to the point of ejaculation and then stop. You wait for a little bit until the urge passes. You then start masturbating again. This is basically the advice most men have been given.

This can be a somewhat effective Premature Ejaculation Treatment. The problem here is that you need to stop masturbating before you get to the point of feeling the urge to ejaculate. The trigger point for the ejaculation process begins once you first feel the urge. If you catch it within a 10 to 20 second window you still can stop it, but it maybe difficult because the semen is already about midway through the process of moving up and out.

So, in the new and improved process, what you are going to do is find a window of time that is approximately 45 seconds before you actually ejaculate and stop then. With a little practice this will be easier than it sounds.

Let’s say on average you ejaculate after five minutes of masturbation, the feeling to ejaculate for most men, will usually begin to creep up around 15 seconds before you actually blow. Adding an extra 30 seconds will give you an extra layer of protection. That gives you a 45 second window of time before you ejaculate. This cushion of time will keep the flow of semen from getting started.

So, in this method instead of waiting for the urge to ejaculate to hit you before you stop which would be four minutes and forty five seconds, you need to stop at four minutes and fifteen seconds from when you first begin. At first it maybe difficult to figure out where that 30 second line is but you’ll get it with a little practice.

You should take a full minutes rest between each session. While you are taking a time out keep your erection hard. Try starting out with 30 minute sessions and work your way up to 1 hour. If you become sore cut back on the time until you can better tolerate it.

This technique works on rewiring your ejaculatory reflexes and the way your mind works with it. This helps your system to handle a longer stimulation. It is important that you follow these masturbation techniques as described. Keep your PM relaxed while practicing to control your arousal. When you have come to the end of your session, it’s up to you if you want to ejaculate or not. It is best if you keep ejaculation down to one to four times a week. Not ejaculating helps in the rebooting of your system, but it’s not good to hold back every time. On the days you do decide to let it go, try holding it back as long as you can to help develop your PM and ultimately find a complete premature ejaculation treatment.

Best Skin Care – How To Treat Your Skin Well

Products for improving your acne are widely available, however many of these products do not work the way you are expecting them too. For instance, if you have a dry outer body and purchase a moisturizer specifically made for this condition, you would expect it to work, right? Wrong! Why is this? Because you must also examine the product’s ingredients to ensure that you are not using a product that is causing more harm than good in the long run.

Think about the number of products you use every day. Chances are you use a body wash, toner, lotion, fragrance, deodorant, and makeup–as well as specialty products for fine lines, sags-and-bags, acne, or other dermal conditions.

Smart consumers realize that an attractive label or well-known brand name does not guarantee the absence of ingredients that could undermine the health of your bodies surface Most of us are aware of the necessity of guarding our bodies from environmental pollutants or damaging sunburns. However, we may not know how to protect the condition of our bodies from damage caused by the products we use daily.

The following tips for a beautiful body will help improve your body’s condition on the outside as well as on the inside. A really healthy body is a beautiful body!

First, use natural acne products whenever you can. Many companies now list the common name in parentheses for ingredients that sound scary but are actually natural substances. Look for these on the list of ingredients.

Second, consider products that incorporate the following beneficial body skin care treatments:

a.Do you have crow’s feet around your eyes? Tiny creases kindly called laugh lines? You may be interested in using products that incorporate Dermal Surface Renewal Technology, or DSR, which helps your dermal surface to appear smoother and more youthful.

b.Your sun-damaged body’s condition will respond favorably to products with regenisomes, which support increased cell rejuvenation after exposure to sunlight.

c.Proteo-C and Proflavonal-T are nutrients that can help your body to ward off environmental pollutants. They furnish nourishment that also helps your dermal surface to seem younger and smoother.

Third, check for the presence of Paraben, a ubiquitous chemical preservative that has found its way into many of our foods, cosmetic treatments, and pharmaceutical products. Paraben has recently been found in breast tumors, leading scientists to question its role in their formation. Although Paraben’s toxicity has not been proven, err on the side of caution and refrain from using products incorporating it. Further Paraben can lead to acne breakouts

Finally, the most significant two tips for a beautiful body are to try not to become too stressed-out, and to consume at least 32 ounces of water daily. Proper hydration and relaxation of the body will improve the overall condition of the body including improving your skin’s condition.

4 Levels of Eczema


Acute in health-related terminology means of immediate onset. Usually ailments which appear over a short time period are also really vigorous in their activity; they also might be severe in characteristics.

Acute eczema would likely and consequently be an area of skin flare-up, which fairly recently flared up, and rapidly progressing, it might possibly be red as well as rashy, inflamed, quite possibly also have blisters and maybe some oozing or swollen skin locations. The skin surface will most likely sting, burn, or may itch intensely.


The sub-acute phase associated with eczema comprises of symptoms affiliated with skin redness and crusting. People in the sub-acute phase usually complain more regarding the characteristic of itching, even more than the pain. The itching in the sub-acute stage is usually slight to moderate with conceivable stinging in addition to burning


Chronic eczema properly suggests long-standing. When the initial phase of activity has died down, some skin which has been eczematous for a while is dried out, scaly, thickened as well as cracked. Chronic eczema (or dermatitis) identifies a longstanding irritable area. It’s often darker than the surrounding skin, thickened (lichenified) and extremely much more difficult to avoid scratching, as itching is usually a predominant symptom in this phase.

Symptoms could be persistent or even intermittent, but the affected individual usually has the situation for life.

Your first line of defense to protect against chronic eczema is to ensure that your skin remains moisturized. Take care to do the uncomplicated items, such as taking the time to moisturize often, and particularly after washing parts of your body, or perhaps your child’s body, if you or yours suffer from eczema.

Undertake quick bathing or perhaps showers utilizing warm water. Hot water could make you itch a lot more. Ask your medical professional with regards to the use of oatmeal soaking products in your bath to help you manage the itching.

Right after washing, don’t rub your sensitive skin dry with a rough towel. That merely irritates your skin a lot more. Carefully pat it dry to get the water off. Then simply put on some moisturizing cream to help keep your skin from becoming too dry. You can spread the cream on several times every day.

Astringent soaps and any astringent agents which shrink the skin pores for example witch hazel, alum, very cold water, as well as rubbing alcohol ought to be avoided, because they are more drying to the skin.


With just about any stage of eczema, it may become infected. This won’t always be so obviously different from acute eczema, except when there are pus-filled blisters.

Together with working experience, anybody can generally determine the golden crust of infection and pick up other signs that suggest infection.

A few other signs could be failure to respond to normal treatment solution, in addition to rapidly deteriorating eczema. If the infection becomes more severe you can even develop a fever (temperature) and generally feel ill.

See your doctor in case a flare-up of eczema is getting worse or otherwise not clearing inspite of the usual treatment options.

Dangerous Yeast – Candida Albicans

So what is Candida Albicans?

Candida albicans is the pathogenic yeast responsible for yeast infections, it is present in 80% of the population. It is commonly found in moist areas such as the mouth, armpits, digestive tract, vagina and crotch area. In case you aren’t aware, yeast is part of the fungi kingdom, so they’re relatives of mushrooms as an example. The major difference is that Candida is waiting for the chance to spread and take over the host body that it finds itself a part of.

As a part of the fungus family of life forms Candida Albicans is quite easily able to multiply, this is a major part of the reason why they can create infections with such ease. If you have a sexual encounter with a partner who has a yeast infection, if you don’t begin cleansing the area with an anti-fungal solution or remedy then it won’t be long, sometimes only 2-3 hours before symptoms begin to show up.

Why is Candida nicknamed the dangerous yeast?

The reason it is called the dangerous yeast is because women who have been found to have chronic yeast infections are more likely to develop cervical cancer than those who don’t. There’s far more danger to this yeast than just an itch.

Precautions to avoid the dangerous yeast:

In order to avoid contracting a Candida Albicans infection make sure to avoid sharing personal items such as:

underpants and undergarments,

clothes in general,



soap and in some extreme cases the same shower or bathtub.

As well if you contract a yeast infection be sure to wear only 100% cotton clothing as oxygen kills the yeast, as well be sure to wear only loose fitting clothing and underwear. Make sure to wash the clothes separately, and in boiling hot water if you ever intend on wearing them again, otherwise if using a normal wash, keep worn clothes separate from clothes worn while suffering from the infection. You may use Grapefruit Seed Extract as well in the wash to kill off the yeast effectively.

Symptoms to watch out for:

If you begin to notice itching, burning, redness, odour or discharge be sure to act right away because it is very likely you are dealing with a Candida Albicans infection. Dangerous Yeast is in development.

What you can do right away if you are dealing with a dangerous yeast such as Candida albicans:

1. In a vaginal yeast infection you can insert a tampon that has been smeared with yogurt into the vaginal canal. The beneficial bacteria in the yogurt will immediately begin to destroy the Candida albicans yeast cells.

2. Begin taking a probiotic supplement immediately. These are popularly referred to as Acidophilus which is the name of a very popular bacterium that destroys yeast almost immediately on contact.

3. Begin taking an anti-fungal such as garlic, and if you can tolerate it, use it directly on the infection, although we’ll warn you ahead of time it could burn.

So this pretty much covers the dangerous yeast Candida Albicans. If you still suffer from chronic yeast infections and Candida Albicans then we suggest you take a look at our bio box to determine how severe this dangerous yeast has become in your body. With proper precautions and the right treatments you can learn to be free of Candida Albicans for life.

Your Lifestyle And Hypertension (Part 2)

Let’s go a little quantitative and slightly medical for a while. When you visit your doctor or any legally recognized health practitioner, taking your blood pressure is one of the basic examinations to be performed. And afterwards, they usually scribble some jargons on a piece of paper and probably prescribe to you some drugs thereafter, with cacographic handwritings. Blood pressures are measured with the use of a Sphygmomanometer tied around your upper arm as a cuff, and the values are documented as a fraction of your highest blood pressure (systolic) to your lowest blood pressure (diastolic). Normal values are of the ranges 100-140mmHg for the systolic and 60-90mmHg for the diastolic.

Secondary hypertension usually results from an identifiable cause. It is a case of “if Jericho refuses to challenge Israel, Israel must pull down Jericho!” either way, everybody must know that Israel wins. This means that primary hypertension can later become Secondary hypertension or Secondary hypertension can usually occur on its own due to identifiable causes such as Kidney failure, Hyperthryroidism or Coarctation of the Aorta and so many others. Either way, one’s body organs begin to fail. Jericho’s wall starts to fall!

Two new concepts suddenly emerge at this point. The one is called Hypertensive urgencies and the other is known as hypertensive emergencies. Both involve a sustained high blood pressure above normal (about 180/110 mmHg), however the latter usually occurs with an evidence of target organ damage. What are these target organs? They include the eyes, the Kidneys, Brain, Lungs and Heart. Imagine a blind bedridden human with paralysis, bad kidneys and yet has a heart attack. A good example of the living dead. Many patients are usually noncompliant when the doctor says, “Sir, we would need to admit you immediately”. This statement is often made when the kidneys have written resignation letter to the association of body parts and both eyes have decided to get a divorce.

Is Hypertension Age Dependent?

While hypertension is commonly a condition in adults and much worse in the elderly, children oftentimes are diagnosed of hypertension but this is very rare: like finding one bad egg in a warehouse of shipped crates. Children affected often fail to thrive or develop as should be, frequently have nose bleeding, easily fatigued, often breathless, blurred vision, irritability seizures and sometimes facial paralysis. If found in children, it usually is a pointer to a problem with their kidneys.

I’m Pregnant, What about me?

Hypertension would usually occur in 8-10% of global pregnancies, and is said to be in pregnancy if there is sustained elevation of blood pressure after 2 checkups within a 6-hour period in between checkup’s. It could be a preexisting hypertension which must have been present before conception. It could also be gestational due to pregnancy and may then progress to what we call Preeclampsia which is characterized by increased protein in the urine in addition to the raised blood pressure. Preeclampsia is present in 5% of pregnancies. However, preecmplamsia can further progress to becoming Eclampsia, which is a very fatal gestational hypertensive emergency. It is capable of claiming the lives of both mother and unborn child. Pregnant women should have regular antenatal checkups and have their blood pressures closely monitored and controlled when necessary.

Even drugs are Culprits.

All substances are potential poisons, the dosage would tell. There are many other factors aside from drug dosage that can cause adverse drug effects. Drugs such as NSAIDS(pain killers), Oral contraceptives like morning after pill, drugs that increase your heart rate, drugs that retain fluid in your blood vessels(Antidiuretics) and various Steroids can cause Secondary hypertension.

What do I do now?

Hypertension is not the end of life. Visit your doctor and listen to whatever treatment modalities he or she gives you. Be compliant. This is a serious one. Poorly managed hypertension is as good as no treatment at all. Appropriate lifestyle modifications are essential here: exercise regularly, reduce salt intake, avoid much stress, Smoking and Alcohol intake should be a no no, or at least reduced to nonlethal amounts. You may also want to quit these 2 habits meet with your doctor for advice. Eat well and Sleep well. DASH (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) diet is encouraged here. Your meals should generally contain low fat dairy foods, enough vegetables and whole grains, fruits are also essential with limited sugar-sweetened foods and beverages.

Hypertension is another hidden menace in our evolving society. Let’s all join hands and fight it off together. Health is no doubt Wealth.

How to Overcome the Effects of a Dysfunctional Family

There are many who live or have lived in a dysfunctional family; myself included and often it is hard to shrug off the after effects of living with this kind of emotional disturbance and control. However, there are some who don’t feel that they have been harmed from living in this kind of home environment and if that is true for you, then I totally understand. But, for some there are negative consequences that can affect a person long after they have left that home environment.

But first, what are the characteristics of a dysfunctional family? To be clear, there are several basic characteristics of a family in crisis such as: addiction, control, fear, unpredictability, conflict, physical or emotional abuse, neglect, unrealistic expectations-making family members feel that they have to be perfect, lack of communication and lack of understanding and appreciating the differences of family members.

If any of the above characteristics occurred or are occurring in your family, then you know what I mean when I say that you may need help and guidance to overcome this kind of lifestyle. I know that even though it has been decades growing up in this kind of environment; I still have fears and anxieties every time I think about those experiences and sometimes those memories hinder my life such as being fearful that I won’t live up to someone’s expectations of me or others being critical of what I do.

However, I am finding ways to deal with the consequences that came from this experience such as taking good care of yourself. Studies have shown that those who come from this environment, often have an exaggerated sense of responsibility and often work too hard and don’t take care of themselves. Identify areas that you really enjoy and then allow yourself to do at least one of those pleasurable actions at least once a week or once a day. Try balancing your work with things you enjoy doing. In other words, allow yourself to be happy and to enjoy some time off.

Another thing that will help is to not get involved with your family’s problems. Understand that you can change yourself but you cannot change your family. Stay focused on doing what you think is right for you and limit your time with your former family as much as possible.

In addition, use caution when making new friends and getting involved sexually with others. Keep in mind, that trust must be earned and that means using caution when getting involved with others. In the back of your mind, be judicious when developing relationships and always remember that you don’t have to be perfect in order to be loved or accepted by others. Of course, the same can be true when evaluating others but caution should always be use; especially for those you don’t know well. Always remember that you are in control of who you want to trust, who you feel safe with and who you want to be intimate with. Such feelings should come from you and not your dysfunctional family.

Keep in mind, too, that some studies have also shown that a lack of education and having no religious beliefs; can add negative factors to a family’s lifestyle and cause emotional trauma to family members

To conclude, living in a family that is scattered and unpredictable can be emotionally draining and traumatic; however, you can overcome the problems that can come from such an environment by changing your behavior, distancing yourself from your family, allowing yourself to be happy and explore areas of life that you are interested in and by being in control of who and what you trust in life.

Future Happiness

On average, the typical person spends 1 in every eight hours thinking about the future. Future conception is pleasurable because we tend to imagine happy, successful scenarios.

Take a moment to think of where your future thoughts have been traveling to even today. Have you imagined the perfect golf shot? How will you respond when you meet that special person? What will you do when you win the lottery? What fills your mind when you are contemplating your future?

Although we find great pleasure in imagining our futures, studies have shown that the enjoyment of the fantasy is greater than the reality of it when we arrive. This is due to our desire to embellish the positive aspects and diminish the reality of what it will take to get there. Additionally, we may not be accounting for the other circumstances that may arise in the meanime.

For instance, my client Henry told me how much he had looked forward to when his teens would have moved on to college. He had been planning how he would turn an extra bedroom into his private den, and he and his wife would have been free to travel more. However, when the time came for the last child to leave home, his elderly parents needed his assistance. Shortly after gaining their new found freedom, Henry moved his parents into one of the recently-vacated bedrooms, curtailing many of his dreams of the future.

Even if these alterations occur between our fantasy of the future and the reality of it when it arrives, it is still healthy and valuable to create a picture of our desired goals. Especially those that are more closely tied to our personal achievements and less dependent on outside circumstances.

In the Journal of Sports Sciences, a recent study of the use of imagery by injured athletes concluded that "the implementation of imagery alongside physical rehabilitation should enhance the rehabilitation experience and, therefore, facilitate the recovery rates of injured athletes."

There are well-known studies that show the distinct improvement of sports skills in athletes who use guided visualization and other mental imaging techniques in practicing their ideal moves. In one study, a basketball team was divided into two groups. One group went onto the court and spent their time practicing hoop shots. The other group sat in meditation, visualizing the perfect shot over and over again. After a period of time, they all went out onto the court and played a game. There was a noticeable difference between the performance levels of the two groups, with those using only visualization greatly surpassing those who practiced physically.

The key to this difference is that when the players practice they will typically be making good and bad shots. For the players using visualization, they only practiced perfect shots. By creating that successful pathway in their brains, their body simply had to follow the pattern.

So we know that we have to be detracted from the outcome of our fantasy as the future may unfold somewhat differently. Yet, at the same time we can give weight to a certain pathway, and certainly improve a skill set, by visualizing and fantasizing the perfect scheme.

The exercise used by athletes can be translated into any area of ​​your life. How do you fantasize about the future of your finances? Your relationships? Your career? Your health?

In any given 24 hours, the typical human spends 3 full hours imagining their future. How will you choose to use this time?

Options for Back Pain Treatment Success

Suffering with back pain is something many people do not need to do if they take the time to get proper treatment. There are a variety of therapeutic treatments available to people who suffer from different back injuries and choosing the correct combination of therapies is a key component of any treatment program.

Nearly everyone suffers through back pain at least once in their life but for chronic sufferers the best place to start the treatment process is by visiting a medical professional who specializes in back injuries and their treatment. Back pain can be a frustrating and debilitating condition that can literally affect your ability to lead a normal life. If this is you then there is never a better time then now to pay a visit to your doctor to start the healing process.

Once a diagnosis is made you and your doctor can start working on a proper back pain treatment plan. Therapy options will probably include pain relief in the form of pain medications or something more exotic such as acupuncture. Physical therapy and chiropractic care will also be options to consider which can both not only relieve pain but also help prevent future injuries.

Back injuries tend to be very painful so the first thing most people seek is relief from their suffering. This first step in the treatment process is pain relief. This can be accomplished with pain killers such as NSAID’s like ibuprofen, which also work as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic’s such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), and for severe pain opioids like morphine. Muscle relaxants may also be used to help control muscle spasms which can be very painful.

Chiropractic care or physical therapy would be the next step in the treatment process. These two therapy options can help to further relieve the pain and are also designed to help avoid future back problems. Good chiropractors and physical therapists will be able to teach back pain sufferers how to prevent back injuries with proper exercise, posture, and stretching techniques.

Being smart about taking care of your back is an important treatment regimen. By avoiding activities that aggravate back problems, learning to properly lift heavy objects, using a firm mattress to sleep on, and using correct posture back injuries and pain can become a thing of the past.

Because back pain is normally caused by a physical problem it only makes sense that if we fix that problem the pain will go away. By using the proper back pain treatment techniques for the problem causing the pain one can not only gain relief but also cure the cause of all the suffering.