Depression In Women – Statistics, Causes And Prevention

Depression is a condition that is quite rampant in United States. By rampant, this means that there are approximately 20 million Americans who are suffering from it. If that is not alarming enough, did you know that in 10 years, psychiatrists and other medical practitioners predict that this disorder would overtake a lot of diseases and become the second largest cause of death?

And to add another statistic to remember, are you aware that depression in women is thrice likely to happen compared to depression in men?

Now those "numbers" can be quite heterosome right? In fact, they can be bothersome enough to make you ask more questions like, what is depression? Why does it affect women more and what can you do to prevent it?

To answer the questions that may be floating in your mind right now, depression is a mood disorder that is characterized by a person's predominant melancholic disposition. It becomes a problem because when a person is depressed, the actual condition prevails them to function socially, mentally and / or emotionally. In other words, they may not be able to work, they may refuse to meet up with their friends and become too preoccupied with just being sad. And just like any other conditions, this condition may be triggered by their genes, meaning that the disorder runs in the family, or social cues which include deaths, failures, break-ups and low self-esteem to name a few.

According to some experts, depression in women is more common because in general, they tend to be more in-tuned with their emotions and reserved compared to the opposite sex. Because of that, it takes longer for them to recover from emotional blows like break-ups or death in the family for example. In addition, their hormones is said to greatly contribute to depression in women. The hormonal imbalance caused by PMS (premenstrual syndrome), pregnancy, birth of a child and menopause makes women more sensitive and in turn more likely to acquire low self-esteem and prolonged sadness.

And now that you are aware of what it is, and why depression in women is more likely to happen, the question to ask now is how do you prevent it? A straight forward answer would be – learn how to deal with the ups and downs of life. It sounds easy yes, but anyone who has been into a huge ordeal knows that it is otherwise. When someone is bothered with a big problem, there is always a temptation for them to just succumb to sadness and let go of everything. But doing that does not help at all. Sharing that grief and asking the help of an immediate support group is always better.

Remember, people can and do make recoveries from depression and go on to lead their best lives imaginable. Seek help.

Stress and Its Influence on Weight Loss

When people look for advice on how to lose weight, often the focus revolves around two primary components: diet and exercise. While diet and exercise should be considered as the main pillows of proper weight loss, other factors can play a role in how easily a person is able to both lose pounds and maintain dropped weight.

In the March edition of its online publication, the International Journal of Obesity published the results of a two-part study involving stress and weight loss. Researchers took 472 people classified as obese, and monitored the subjects' individual attempts to lose ten pounds over the course of six months. The findings of the study's first phase showed that stress in combination with weight loss standards like diet and exercise can influence an individual's ability to lose weight.

But how exactly does stress affect a person's ability to lose weight?

Psychological Impact of Stress

Although accurately describing stress with a singular definition can be difficult, stress is a feeling that is altogether universal. Coming from a seemingly unlimited number of sources, stress and the situations which cause stress can vary greatly from one person to another. Whether it be something as primal as the struggle to find clean water from which to drink, or something less survival-based like stress in the workplace, everyone can relate to the general feeling of being stressed out. When individuals feel stressed, their eating behaviors and habits can change. Often, people turn to snacking as a way to cope with the stress, rather than a method of battling hunger.

When people "stress-snack," they tend to eat foods which feature more sweets and higher fat content. The desire for less nutritional foods is not just a happy coincidence either. The human body actually provides a very solid reason for these specific cravings.

Physiological Impact of Stress

Stressful situations are well-known to invoke a primal fight-or-flight response in humans as well as other species. If you're unfamiliar with what a fight-or-flight response is, it can easily be summed up as when or not a person decides to stay and confront a stressful situation or try and run from it. Once the body initiates the fight-or-flight response, a flurry of events take place within the body. Here are just a few things which happen:

  • Heart rate increases
  • Digestion and metabolism slows down
  • Blood pressure increases
  • Blood sugar increases

As you can see, if a person is constantly involved in stressful situations, this could lead to long-term problems like obesity and high blood pressure. Having said that, those interested in losing weight should pay close attention to the fact the stress can extremely lead to a lower metabolism, which is the body's ability to burn calories by itself. A slower metabolism equates to a tougher road for people to travel on their way to meeting their weight goals.

During the fight-and-fight dilemma, the body prepares itself to take swift action. The body releases cortisol, a stress hormone produced in the adrenal glands, as a way to slow down digestion and metabolism. However, the body does metabolize part of its fat and glucose stores in order to provide the immediate source of energy needed to either fight or run. Once the person either successfully handles the situation or safely flees, the body will start to crave fats and sugars to replace what it has just used. Consequently, this is where physiology and psychology intertwine. People crave sugary and fatty foods after a stressful day because it helps to restore resources the body used throughout the day, not to mention the pleasure food brings to a person's taste buds.

Final Thoughts

Stress-snacking every once in awhile is alright. But over time, stress can not only lead to weight problems and obesity, but also to serious diseases like diabetes. If you're committed to getting fit and looking your best, you have to not only eat healthy and exercise regularly, but you also have to make a conscious effort to remove stress from your life. Always try to be observant of what triggers your stress, and take the proper measures to remove as many of them as possible. Not only can this help you look and feel better in the short-term, but it can drastically provide you with a higher quality of life when you're older.

The Exercise Benefits of All-Important Healthy Living

Millions of people are suffering from illnesses that can easily be prevented through regular and healthy physical exercises. Such sicknesses are coronary heart disease, High blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, overweight, hip fracture, colon cancer, depression and the list continues. Apart from these sicknesses, healthy bones, joints and muscles can be built and maintained and an elderly can be stronger, younger and very active physically and mentally through exercises, and accessing these exercise benefits is very easy and cheap.

There are so many kinds of exercises one can engage in and there are also so many exercise benefits. After going through this article you will ask yourself why so many people are giving little interest in this life building activity.

These are some exercise benefits:

1. Strength and stamina building: It makes you stronger and capable of doing many of your daily activities without much stress and weakness.

2. Reduced risk of heart attack. Exercise benefits include reduction of the cholesterol level. It strengthens the heart muscles and its working capacity. It also improves blood circulation thus reducing the blood pressure and as well, reducing the risk of heart attacks.

3. Self esteem: Through exercise, we lose those stubborn fats and burn out the extra calories; we can realize the very body size and weight we ever desired and we look better, getting the admiration of all around us, yes this can make one to be confident in all he does.

4. Depression: During exercises, our body produces more of the hormone called Endorphins which is a hormone that makes us to feel good, thereby suppressing depression and keeping us in good mood all the time. Exercise benefits us by secreting a good quantity of this hormone.

5. Osteoporosis: This is a disease of the bone. It is a condition where the bones are more porous leading to very brittle and weak bones. Hip fracture is mainly caused by Osteoporosis. Exercise benefits include the reduction of Osteoporosis risk by helping in the building of the bone tissues.

6. Breast cancer. There are two hormones that are linked to breast cancer, namely, progesterone and Estradiol. They are secreted in-between the period of ovulation and menstruation and through exercise, the period between ovulation and menstruation can be reduced thereby reducing the time frame a woman will have to live with this secretion in a cycle. So, exercise benefits include reduction of breast cancer risk.

7. Stress level: A good exercise after the daily troubles faced at home and in our daily activities can bring us back to very good mood and this in effect eliminates the lingering stress and also giving us a guaranteed good sleep.

8. Energy: Having good meals and good exercise creates a hormonal balance in our body which causes the body to be at peak performance level, creating a good ground for muscular strength, weight or fat loss and high energy level.

9. Mental Health: Exercise benefits in keeping a healthy brain. Good exercise increases brain concentration. It makes one to be sharp and focused. Recent researches have proved this. It increases the feedback rate of the nervous system, thereby making us agile and active.

10. Loss of Appetite: In cases of loss of appetite, good exercise benefits in increasing appetite tremendously as a result of increased metabolic and catabolic rates.

Keeping Masonry Repairs at a Minimum

Having a brick house or chimney is thought by many to be a sure way to avoid doing exterior home maintenance. After all, brick lasts for decades – right? Well, while brick may last for years it is not totally maintenance free, not does brick mean never needing to call in a repair person. Brick home exteriors and chimneys do require some basic maintenance, else you will be faced with making masonry repairs.

Cracking – Because your brick home is exposed to all the same elements as a non-brick home, you still need to do some basic things. For instance, from time to time, walk around your home and see that there is no sign of the foundation cracking or having hairline fractures. The cracks are typically caused because the masonry has expanded and then contracted due to heat, cold or moisture.. However, it can also be due to things such as your home settling or the corrosion of any embedded metals. Common places to find cracks are in the corners of the structure, especially near the foundation.

Caulking or Sealants – This can be brought on by a number of things, the most common being the age of the home. Other causes are loss of adhesion due to too much sealant being used or either not having enough of a surface to which the masonry can bond.

Improper flashing – If the roof flashing was not properly installed or has become loose, water can leak down and cause problems for your brick house. To prevent this from happening be sure that the outer edge of the flashing extends to or even beyond the outside face of the masonry, and that the laps are sealed to prevent water from passing between the layers.

Thankfully, there are some proactive measures you can take to keep masonry work from being necessary. Here are a few steps to put on the Home Maintenance Calendar.

· Check for signs of water leakage or mold growth 2 times a year. If you see this, address it sooner not later.

· If your home has a sump pump, be sure that it is draining correctly. This should be checked once a year.

· Have your chimney inspected at least once a year, and have it cleaned as needed.

· Take time at least two times a year to walk the perimeter of your home and look for issues such as leaks, cracks, spalling, staining, brick displacement or crushed bricks. If you see any of these occurring, call in a masonry repair person.

Masonry repairs are not as common as non-brick siding repairs, but they should not be ignored. If you see any signs that your home’s masonry is in need of repair, talk to a pro to learn what should be done. Passaic County masonry pros Guardian Chimney can help you.

Kids of All Ages Love Colorful Custom Stickers

Color sells, and colorful custom stickers are fun to use. Kids in school – from kindergarten to university, love to stick custom stickers on books, wallets and binders. The stickers are bright and colorful and have become a status symbol. Many young people trade and collect them and enjoy sticking them to everyday items, like the refrigerator or a personal dresser.

Such stickers can be a favorite animal, cartoon character or some other desired image that brings out the feeling of happiness and love. Colorful graphic stickers provide the same comfort that a favorite teddy bear did when they were small. They are easy to use, peel off and display. It’s not bad for them, nor are they expensive. So why not let them enjoy a colorful sticker that gives them an emotional boost and reminds them that they are still among the young at heart!

Short Waiting Time to Get Your Stickers

Having custom stickers made is not hard to do. Whatever design you send, custom stickers are usually ready to ship in five to six working days.

Depending up on where you’d like to stick them, they can have a front or back adhesive. Naturally, those that will be placed on glass should be face adhesive so that the colorful front is attached directly to the glass surface. This also helps to preserves the color.

Colored Graphics Sell

Did you know that color sells? Whether you’re printing up team sports stickers or a message designed to sell, color makes a world of difference. A sticker with bright and sunny tones will turn the lights on in a customer’s brain. The color reacts in his cerebral pleasure center reminding him of a happy moment in the past. A purely emotional reaction, your target market is more likely to remember your product name and logo when you use color to display your message.

The clear color custom sticker is most usually backed up with white to boost the color printed on the decal. It’s an old print maker’s trick to keep the color looking bright, not washed out or dull.

Custom Sticker Varieties

There are an amazing variety of options to setting up custom stickers. They can be on a plain white background, clear polyester for the illusion of a floating logo or design. The clear types most usually require a printed white undercoat to fortify the color impact, designed to pack a punch and not look weak against the clear background.

Static cling types of custom stickers don’t use adhesive, they just stick with the force of invisible static cling. You may choose either white static cling or clear static cling.

If you want to print up a bunch of fun and cheerful custom stickers, you’ll need to know the dimensions first. That is always the length multiplied by the height to get a total area of your desired sticker. For example, 3 inches multiplied by 4 inches would be a 12 inch square design.

Get a little school spirit and print up some custom stickers with your school mascot on it. All the students will love them and not want to part with them! Luckily, custom stickers are inexpensive and if properly prepared, can last for years. The quality of dye and vinyl can keep them looking fresh and legible for a good long time, longer than the school year itself.

If by chance an order doesn’t completely satisfy, any good company should offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee. In other words, if it doesn’t look perfect, it should be cheerfully replaced within the shortest possible time.

LAST UPDATED ON: January 7, 2018

Treating Neuropathy Symptoms

The numb feet associated with diabetic and peripheral neuropathy can not be cured fully but treatments can be adopted to provide relief in the symptoms and to prevent the further development of the disease. There are 2 types of treatments. The first treatment option is to treat the pain and not worry about the long term progress of the disease. The second treatment option is to attack the disease by finding the cause and using proven nutrients to rebuild nerve strength. In addition, a few supplements are added to treat any deficiency such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacine and vitamin B6, vitamin B1 and vitamin B12.

Treating the Pain

Pain relief should be the first motto in the treatment. Pain relief can be found through prescription pain medications but this is not ideal in most situations. These drugs carry serious side effects on the body's organs and can also be habit forming. There are also topical treatments such as lidocaine and special creams that help alleviate nerve pain and numb feet.

They treat the pain by inhibiting the chemical process responsible for pain in brain and spinal. There are sveral other types of ant-depressants that have been shown to help, consult your healthcare advisor. These are not without side effects, you may experience nausea, vomiting, weakness and digestive problems. These can also be habit forming and difficult to stop taking.


Used to treat seizures, anticonvulsants are also used to treat nerve pain. These can cause further complications similar to those of antidepressants.


Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a therapy used for numb feet and pain of peripheral neuropathy. Small electrodes are places on the body and the process is near pain free. It can be quite effective for chronic pain but it will require multiple visits. Hypnosis has also been used to successfully treat nerve pain and numb feet. This may or may not be the right course for you but many hypnosis practitioners will give you a free consultation to discuss it further.

Using supplements

Proper supplementation can provide amazing relief and there is almost no concern for negative side effects. Many clinical trials have been done to pinpoint the exact vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body to rebuild nerve strength and reduce the pain. Doctors have determined that vitamins B1, B6 and B12, along with a potent anti-oxidant such as alpha-lipoic acid can provide significant relief. It is important to choose the right forms of these vitamins that will be absorbed by your body. Several clinical trials can be found at the following link:

Neuropathy Relief Clinical Studies .

The New Illness – Men Depression

There are many causes to the growing number of depression cases worldwide. We live in a fast changing world where it seems we are often all at the breaking point of how much we can handle. With women the issue of depression is often easier to diagnose, this is due to the fact that women still are more open with what is emotionally affecting them.

One of the problems with men with depression is that many men are still not comfortable talking about what is bothering them. Often men will give enough emotion to reveal something is wrong but getting men to go deeper emotionally is necessary to get to the root of the problem. Why do men stop short emotionally, it seems that image is still an important factor concerning men and depression. To open up too much is to risk looking weak and often feminine, men depressed are balancing opening up just enough without looking weak.

We can blame societies labels for some of these problems. In his movies actor James Dean often played the angry withdrawn male who could not express what was wrong, men loved it and woman loved it. This image of men keeping all emotion within them was actually seen as being a real man. Young men saw James Dean as strong, silent and distant, today he may be diagnosed with men depression. The problem for most men will still be the their image, how to get beyond the image of what it means to be a man.

The issue of men depression is often misdiagnosed as well. Men depression is often given names like mood swings, cranky, mean or even the strong silent type. A unique aspect to the problem of men depression is the view of those who treat the illness. Although doctors are awakening to the growing number of men depressed the illness is still often mislabeled. Men are more likely to be labeled angry. Men are sent to anger management classes faster than women, women are quicker to be diagnosis depressed. Anger management is something that a man is quicker to accept, this is because anger still has the connotation of being seen as macho or very masculine. Even doctors are quick to suggest an anger class to men instead of therapy for depression. The loss of control is one of the hardest symptoms of depression that men depressed have to deal with. It is often difficult for a man to admit that he cannot control his emotions.

Typical male responses to a problem is to fight back but in the case of depression this is a losing battle. Depression is an inner battle that must be addressed internally. Depression can lead to anger but to address the anger first is not getting to the root of the problem. The anger is the symptom of the depression in men depressed.

Studies show that spirituality is one of the best ways to deal with depression. The spiritual person can suffer from depression but is often less depressed and is more open to addressing sad feelings. The spiritual man often seeks the help faster than the non-spiritual man. To seek an answer beyond you is one of the most difficult obstacles for men.

In society men are taught to go hunt the problem, find it, then shoot it down like a real man. Spirituality takes a different approach; it is based on the need of a helping power higher than self. Spiritual help is a calling out for assistance that is not based on looking weak or strong but of seeking love.

Refining Your Speaking Skills – The Importance of Rate of Speech

If listeners ask, “Would you repeat that?” frequently, or look back at you with glassy, uncomprehending expressions, you may be speaking at a rate that is either too fast or too slow.

Typically, speech rate becomes a problem when the listener does not understand the message. When speaking to others, the rate of speech is critical to maintaining audience attention. Listeners not only need to hear the words that are being spoken, but then must translate those words into meaningful context.

Speaking too quickly is a common speech problem. Most of us tend to accelerate our speech when we are excited or stressed. As a result, the listener can’t keep up in processing the content and will eventually give up. Hence, most of your message will be lost as a direct consequence.

Speaking too slowly is less common but can be equally distracting to a listener. In this case the listener may have too much time for processing and might very well begin to concentrate on other, more interesting things. Once again, much of your message will be lost.

Speech volume, or how softly or loudly you speak, can directly affect the way a speaker is perceived. Verbal pitch, or how high or low your voice is presented, is also an important tool for gaining audience interest. But it is the rate of speech that is crucial in maintaining audience attention.

Average speech rates are on the order of 120 – 140 words per minute. The rate is faster in some locations such as New York City, and slower in others. What matters less is how many words a speaker can deliver, but more how many of those words are understood by the listener. Varying the rate at which words are spoken can be an effective technique, but slow is better than fast as a general rule.

If you often find yourself speaking too quickly, here are several techniques to slow down your rate of speech:

Start by taking some slow, deep breaths. This can be a relaxation method that will help concentrate the mind and dissipate some of the nervous energy.

Focus on enunciation. Our speech will be clearer and more easily understood if our enunciation is proper and the potential slurring of syllables or mispronunciation of words in accelerated speech is avoided.

Concentrate on phrasing. Our speech is comprised of phrases and sentences, with punctuation telling us how the information should be phrased. In contrast, speaking too quickly always runs the risk of run-on sentences that can suddenly stream into a continuous verbal blur that confuses and confounds.

Find natural pauses that allow the listener to catch up. By providing the listener an opportunity to keep up, catch up, or briefly reflect on the message, the listener’s attention will be far more likely maintained from start to finish.

Remember, practice can improve rate of speech and ultimately augment the overall effectiveness of a message.

October Man Sequence – Why Ultra Evil Seduction Technology Must Be Banned

October Man Sequence – The Bane Of Mankind

The October Man Sequence has been mentioned in “The Game” by Neil Strauss, and has become somewhat legendary. Apparently, it is a new technology in seduction which is supposedly able to make a woman want to sleep with a man in a matter of minutes.

When it was first published in the eBook format, the October Man Sequence caused a controversy in the dating and seduction community. There were calls for the eBook to be banned – since if it falls into the hands of the unscrupulous, it can easily be harmful to women.

The origins of the October Man Sequence

The October Man Sequence is created by a member in the dating and seduction community called Twotimer (later known as IN10SE). He was one of the main characters in “The Game”, and also was the protege of the much maligned Speed Seduction creator, Ross Jeffries. Twotimer created the sequence based on the ‘fractionation’ method derived from the field of neuro-lingustic programming (NLP) and hypnosis.

Why the October Man Sequence should be banned

According to IN10SE himself, using the October Man Sequence is like “bringing a nuclear weapon to a gunfight”. As the basis of the sequence is ‘symbolism’, according to psychology theory, controlling the symbol associated with the person often means controlling her feelings at will.

This is dangerous because the unsuspecting victim often gets hypnotized, and thus leaving herself vulnerable to manipulation. Additionally, she will feel pain or pleasure depending to the intention of the man, and therefore become succumbed at his total mercy.

The October Man Sequence eBook has the complete description of the sequence, as well as scores of other forbidden patterns such as “The Door”, “Death”, “Install Sickness” and “My Slave”. The latter is used to make a woman become a ‘sex slave’ – absolutely disgusting.

Additionally, there is also a section on Boyfriend Destroyers – questions that a man can ask in order to make an attached woman question her love for her own partner. Evil stuff indeed.

Fastest Weight Loss Diet

Are you looking for the world's fastest weight loss diet? If so, this article can help. If you are overweight or obese and are looking for a diet that can help you lose weight quickly, you are far from alone. There are millions of people around the globe who are searching for a fast and easy way to spread the extra pounds that they are carrying around with them. If you are one of these people, you may want to consider joining a reputable regimen to help you. Let's look at some of the many ways that a good weight loss program can help you lose weight and help you lose it fast!

If you are overweight you may be experiencing low self esteem, fear of rejection, depression, and health problems. Once again, if you are experiencing any of these things, you are not alone. Many research studies have shown that individuals who are overweight are at a heightened risk of developing many negative feelings towards themselves. They are often afraid to go out in public and often have trouble maintaining healthy sexual relationships because their self esteem has been lowered due to previous experiences with rejection. Research studies have also shown that those who are overweight are at an increased risk of developing many different types of cancers and other serious illnesses. If you are overweight and are experiencing health or self confidence issues, a program that will help you reach your weight goals can help.

How can a weight loss program help? The main reason that most people fail to lose weight is not because they can not do it, but because they lack the motivation to do it. Losing weight is hard work and requires a lot of patience, persistence, and motivation. Many people have trouble gaining this motivation on their own. This is where a good and reputable program comes in. A good weight loss program will have excellent staff that will give you the support and motivation you need to achieve your weight loss goals. They will also provide you with dieting techniques that have been proven to be effective, not ones that 'might'be effective.

If you are looking for the fastest weight loss diet, search for an easy to understand weight loss program today. This will provide you with a step by step guide, designed to fit your needs, that can help you lose weight fast! Join a weight loss program today and be on your way to a healthier and sexier body in no time!

Uses of Human Saliva

Saliva or spit has negative connotations: it may be use to insult or express disgust against somebody, or it may be associated with dirtiness, uncleanness, impurity, etc. But as it is, it has its beauty and usefulness. Most animals posses salivary gland for the purpose only nature and evolution can tell. Snakes use their venomous saliva to kill a prey and some birds utilize their saliva as glue to build their nests. Human saliva plays a vital role in digestion. These and other uses of saliva let us see the extraordinary other side of this trivial thing.

(1) It initiates digestion. Saliva contains enzymes that even break down chewed food at the molecular level. It also facilitates chewing; imagine a dry mouth-it would be very hard to chew and swallow the food. It also helps the tongue to taste.

(2) It protects the whole mouth. Saliva enzymes prevent bacteria from causing the teeth to decay. It also lubricates the teeth; it also makes the tongue, gums, lips and the side of the mouth constantly wet, acting as insulating material.

(3) It is an indicator of dehydration. Dehydration may cause fainting. One way to know that you are dehydrated is by feeling your saliva. In addition to that, saliva is a natural substitute to water.

(4) It is a means to spit out germs from the mouth. Saliva, as 98% water, collects other chemicals and germs inside the mouth. Germs can then be spit out through saliva.

(5) It helps detect cancer or other illness. Saliva testing using Elisa test kit helps you discover cancer cells and hormonal problems. It is also useful in drug testing and in other medical evaluations.

(6) It makes kissing more intense. Lovers kiss in order to show their intimacy to each other. Saliva moistens the lips creating a delightful kissing and romance. (One can even say that we all came from saliva.)

(7) It helps to turn the pages of the book. By licking one’s thumb, one can easily turn the pages of the book.

(8) It can help heal the wound. Animals like dogs lick on their wound to prevent it from bleeding. Does human saliva acts the same way too? Maybe.

Usefulness is equivalent to beauty. Let us count the uses of human saliva and we can say that it is part of the overall beauty of nature.

Increase Your Chances to Be a Survivor

I am a prostate cancer survivor and I'd like to guide you through some steps in dealing with this disease in a positive intelligent way.

I'll start with the items most important to becoming a cancer survivor.

1. DO NOT rush to make a treatment decision. Take your time & get a second or even third opinion. Johns Hopkins indeciates that Prostate Cancer is slow growing and affords you the time to make the best decision for YOU.

2.Maintain a positive attitude without which your body will not maintain peak performance in helping you to resist or eliminate the cancer growth.

3.Find an oncologist that will listen (really listen) to you and your concerns and respond to those concerns. One that does not hurry you out of his / her office and one that you really feel comfortable with.You are going to be close to that Doctor for a long time.

4. Make sure your Doctor is part of a qualified group so there is always coverage when you need it-even on weekends at night.

5.Find a friendly, supportive office where Doctors, Nurses, Technicians and Administrators make you feel welcome and it ceases to be a frightening experience to go for a follow up examination or for treatment.

6.Make sure your Doctors and office are qualified-check with other Doctors and patients for recommendations.

7.If you are concerned or disagree with the direction your Doctor is taking with you treatment-GET A SECOND OPINION.

8.You are, under law, entitled to all of your test results, and you should from day one maintain your own file of all reports (PSA, CAT Scans, PET Scans, Blood tests, Body Scans, Surgery, etc.) Maitain the file in chronological order. It is important for you to understand your disease and have a complete record of data for the following reasons:

A.Changing Doctors

B.Adding a new Doctor to the team from another specialty.

C.Need information upon entering a hospital

D. Keeping track of your own disease.

9.Very early in your efforts to make a decision about how to fight your disease you MUST get your significant other (Wife, Girl friend, etc) involved.Surgery, Radiation, Hormone treatment, etc will affect your sex life and you should, together, make a treatment decision that can and will affect both of you.

I will share my story so that you can see that I've made many mistakes which I would like to help you avoid. I'm not a Doctor, but I am a Prostate Cancer Survivor.

When I was told that my PSA numbers, as a result of my annual physical, were elevated I was not really concerned. However after the mandated biopsy of my prostate indicated Cancer, I became very concerned.

My internist recommended that I see a Urologist who described what Prostate Cancer was all about and the treatment methods that were available at that time (1990). He described Radical Prostatectomy, seed radiation, external radiation, hormone treatment, etc.

The two preferred and tested methods of treatment were the radical prostatectomy and external radiation. After checking with the American Cancer Society I got their assurance that if at all possible, the gold standard was the radical prostatectomy.

To say I was afraid there would be an understatement. I still remember the night that I dreamed that I was in a coffin and my family and friends were seeing me off.

I spent a great deal of time looking into surgery verses radiation. the side effects on both were not pleasant. Both offered the major problems of incontnence and accessibility to get or maintain anection. In addition radiation could burn the rectum and bowel. This was prior to the fitted casts used today to fairly direct the radiation beams to exactly the right area.

After extensive consideration I chose the Radical prostectomy to be done at NYU Medical Center in New York City, because it was a teaching hospital and they followed Johns Hopkin's Patrick Walsh's nerve sparing surgical techniques.The head of Surgery said I made the right choise, because he could guarantee success.

I had surgery and for 2 years my PSA was at zero. At the beginning of the 3rd year my PSA rose to.019. I asked the surgeon what that mean- He said your cancer is back. He suggested I go for radiation.

It appears that my cancer had been on the border of the prostate and had moved outside the prostate envelope.Had I knew then, that all reports were available to me, I might have chosen a different treatment option.

I went to 3 local radiation centers to discuss the surgeon's advise-it appeared to me that the risks (discussed above) could have been greeded than the rewards.

I chose instead to go to a Naturalist Doctor who used vitamins, vitamin C drips and supplements to fight cancer. I chose a highly recommended Doctor, in Westchester, NY.

I went to this Doctor for 3 years. My PSA was slowly rising but not dramatically. I was on some 60 pills daily and a vitamin C drip once a week.While the Doctor (he was a licensed physician) added more & more pills to my program, my costs were increasing and mostly not covered by my health insurance. I spent an average of $ 500 per month for vitamins and supplements.

In the late 1990's I had twisted intestine surgery. The surgeon casually discussed my situation and he strongly suggested that I combine my Eastern Medcine concepts with Western Medicine. He recommended an Oncologist that would welcome discussing the best of both approaches.

The Doctor I chose is a reasonable, intelligent and knowledgeable Oncologist. We discuss treatment options and jointly agree on the right approach for me. As an example, when I first joined him, he suggested hormone treatments to bring down my PSA numbers. After discussing the benefits / drawbacks we agreed to avoid hormone treatment as long as possible.

I go every six weeks for a PSA test and CAT or PET scan every six months. My Doctor feels, though

my PSA number has been rising (now at 23) he is not going to treat the number, since all the scans are clean

I feel well and can function fully. Essentially I have a chronic but not life threating disease that requires no more attention than High Blood Pressure or Diabetes.

Water Treatment Fundamentals

Improving the quality of water involves disinfection plus purification of untreated surface and ground water.

Community Level

A public/private water treatment facility aims to make water safe to drink and pleasant to taste, while also making sure that there is enough water to supply the needs of the community.

Raw, untreated water comes from an underground aquifer (via wells) or surface water sources like a river or lake. It flows or is pumped to a treatment facility. The moment it is there, the water is treated beforehand to take away debris – like leaves and silt. Then it goes through a series of treatment processes, which include disinfection and filtration using chemicals or physical processes, eliminating microorganisms that cause diseases. Once the treatment is completed, water flows out through a system of pumps and pipes, which is often called the distribution system.

There is a slight difference of water treatment process at various places, based on the technology of the plant and water needed to be processed, but the fundamental principles are mostly the same.

Coagulation / Flocculation

At the coagulation state, liquid aluminium sulfate or alum, and at times polymer, is placed in untreated/raw water. This mixture causes tiny dirt particles in water to be fastened together or coagulated. Then, collections of dirt particles join together to produce bigger, heavier particles – known as flocs – which are easily removed through filtration/settling.


When water and floc particles go through the treatment process, they flow into sedimentation basins where water moves slowly, letting heavy floc particles dip to the bottom. Floc collected on the lowermost part of the basin is known as sludge. This goes through pipes to reach the drying lagoons. The sedimentation state is not included in Direct Filtration and so, the floc is removed through filtration.


Water goes through a filter intended to remove water particles. The filters contain layers of gravel and sand, and in other cases, crushed anthracite. Filtration gathers the suspended water impurities and boosts the efficacy of disinfection. The filters are cleaned on a regular basis by means of backwashing.


Before water goes into the distribution system, it is disinfected to make sure that bacteria that causes diseases, parasites and viruses is eliminated. Chlorine is used since it a very effective in disinfecting and maintaining residual concentration to protect from possible biological contamination present in the system of water distribution.

Sludge Drying

Solids collected then settled out from the water through sedimentation and filtration are taken away and brought to drying lagoons.


The process of water fluoridation is the treatment of community water supplies to adjust the concentration of free fluoride ion to its optimal level, which is enough to reduce dental cavities. It is mandatory for Hunter Water to fluoridate water in conformity to the NSW Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies Act 1957.

Correction of pH

Filtered water has lime added to it to adjust the pH level and stabilize natural soft water, so corrosion in the distribution system and customers’ plumbing can be reduced.

The Wonders of Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

As I sat there for the first time to get acupuncture for a chronic knee condition, my acupuncturist told me to lay my hands down on the table, palms up, so he could feel my pulses. I suspected that he was simply trying to get the rate, but after five minutes, it became clear to me that there was a lot more that he was looking for.

After several more minutes, my acupuncturist told me in broken English that I had weak kidneys and that is why I felt spaced out and tired a lot of the time. He also told me that my kidneys were responsible for my knee pain, the occasional soreness I felt in my low back, and the low pitched ear ringing that seemed to come out of nowhere. On top of this, he also said that the vague feeling of fear that I get from time to time is due to weak kidney function as well. I looked at him quizzically and asked, ‘ you got all of that from feeling my pulses??’

He simply nodded his head. What struck me as somewhat mind boggling was how accurate he was about each of these symptoms, even though I had only told him about the pain in my knees. Unfortunately, my knees did not respond to the several sessions of acupuncture, but that interaction about my pulses filled me with a trust in Chinese medicine and curiosity about its application that eventually led me to a career as an acupuncturist with a focus on this ancient art.

There are numerous traditions of pulse diagnosis throughout the many strands of Asian medicine. The most popular form that is utilized by Western acupuncturists incorporates twenty-six distinct pulse qualities, each one reflecting specific organ imbalances that may be contributing to the patient’s substandard health. There are also three basic positions along the radial artery on both wrists that the acupuncturist palpates, each one mirroring the function of a major organ in the body. The following diagram reveals each of these organs and their locations.

Left Hand Right Hand (I would recommend inserting a diagram here of the hand/wrist and each of these positions specifically mapped out for the reader)

1st: Heart 1st: Lung

2nd: Liver 2nd: Spleen

3rd: Left Kidney (yin) 3rd: Right Kidney

The acupuncturist will feel for specific qualities at each of these positions to determine the relative health of each organ and how the organs are functioning in relation with one another. The pulse can yield qualities in each of these positions that can be indicative of spiritual, emotional or physical issues; deciphering this information is largely based on the skill of the acupuncturist. Now that we have covered the basics, let’s look at a few of the most compelling features of this diagnostic method.

Stability and Shock

When I first feel the patient’s pulses, the most important dynamic that I examine is the overall stability of the heart. Stability is determined by the consistency in rate, rhythm, and intensity found on the pulse. If the pulse is changing in rate or if it conveys any irregularity in its rhythm of beats or the qualities felt, then stabilizing the pulse becomes a top treatment priority. When the pulse is unstable, then the heart is unstable. This is almost always due to a state of shock that has overtaken the patient’s capacity to experience optimum health and balance. We normally think of shock as a kind of blunt trauma or overt danger that has jeopardized our basic survival. On a more subtle level, however, shock can be seen as any defining moment in life that throws us off balance and undermines our ability to be present in our lives. Situations such as divorce, job loss, verbal abuse, addictions, and stress can all cause this form of shock. When the heart loses its momentary consistency and rhythm, our faculties of awareness and insight likewise become compromised. The heart shen, the spirit or awareness that emanates from the heart, becomes obscured. As this happens, we lose contact with our intuitive faculties, which makes life feel untrustworthy and full of struggle.

The five element acupuncture model states that we can only resolve chronic health concerns when the underlying state of shock is properly addressed. This is why so many of us get stuck in the frustrating cycle of feeling initial improvement in our symptoms, only to experience a regression a short while later that lands us right back where we started or worse. Without this deep foundation of a balanced heart shen, the patient simply does not have their own spirit to use as an ally in the healing process. Interestingly, when patients heal from shock and their pulses become stable, one of the most common statements that I hear in my practice is, ‘I feel like I have my Self back.’ This response to treatment always leads me to an optimistic view of the patient’s situation because they now have an inner resource of awareness and strength to draw on that was previously lacking.

The Power of Prevention

Susan, a 33 year old female, came to my practice looking for ways to manage a severe anxiety and depressive disorder that had been persisting for several years. At the time I saw her, she was taking two anti-depressants. She complained of fatigue, feeling excessively warm, thirst, and restless sleep. Susan had a classic pattern of yin deficiency, which means that the cooling, calming, and moistening aspects of her physiology had been compromised. Yin deficiency is typically seen in people between the ages of 45-65. It is a sign that one’s constitutional strength is weakening due to over thinking, worry, or anxiety.. To see this pattern in Susan, a 33 year old, suggests that her mental condition was causing her to age prematurely. Given that the pattern would likely continue to worsen over years if it was not treated, my prediction was that Susan would enter menopause in her late thirties or early forties and that her body may give out on her long before she had lived a full life. As I used acupuncture and herbs to nourish her yin, we were concurrently working to heal not only her current symptoms but also her tendency toward premature aging. As her pulse began to relax and soften, Susan began to feel more emotionally balanced than she had in years and she actually began to look noticeably younger. She felt cooler, more energized, and was sleeping more soundly. It was apparent from her pulses and overall presentation that Susan’s general health had improved dramatically and that her potential for longevity had greatly increased due to her course of yin nourishing treatment.

This case study reveals how the pulse serves as an accurate gauge for clarifying our tendencies toward health and longevity or illness and degeneration. Simply put, the pulse clearly shows the acupuncturist which way the wind is blowing. Is the patient cultivating energy through balance and moderation or depleting energy through excessive worry or activity, dietary imbalances, or other lifestyle factors? Each individual organ position conveys that organ’s tendency toward health or disease. Therefore, a skilled acupuncturist is able to not only address the patient’s current health concerns, but also educate them on health trends that will likely manifest in the future as based on the patient’s pulse qualities. Western medicine is only interested in treating disease when it is fully manifest, whereas Chinese medicine, by virtue of pulse diagnosis, is more capable of cutting through the momentum that is leading up to the disease. As stated by many of the leading doctors and medical pioneers throughout history, this latter ability is more truly indicative of the real purpose of medicine: To educate patients so that their lifestyle choices create a state of heightened wellness that makes them impervious to disease..

The Truth Revealed

An astute pulse diagnostician is able to experience the patient’s pulse as a direct line of communication that reveals poignantly honest and emotionally charged material. This is often in contrast to what the patient actually says about their situation, given that language is so often filtered through our subjective sense of what we want others to know about us. For example, a patient may convey a facade of everything being ‘fine’, but their pulse pattern contrastingly conveys a clear state of instability or disharmony. Another common scenario that I encounter is the patient who exudes an image of tranquility, but whose pulses show a deeply confined feeling of suppressed anger. When the acupuncturist can detect the true state of the patient’s inner life, then the potential for a powerful healing experience becomes much more accessible. In fact, one of the ultimate goals of highly developed pulse practitioners is to be able to prescribe very precise herbal formulas purely based on the patient’s pulse pattern. This ability is indicative of a truly holistic form of medicine, in that it sees beyond the patient’s myriad symptoms into the underlying pattern of disharmony that is causing their substandard health. As the pulse begins to balance, the acupuncturist becomes more confident that the patient’s overall health is improving, even if this occurs before the patient actually notices overt improvement. I have had several cases in which the patient’s pulses evidenced drastic improvement before their symptoms actually felt better. After my encouragement to stick with the process a while longer, these patients almost always begin to notice dramatic progress shortly after their pulses reflect a more harmonious state.

There are pulse practitioners who are so gifted at absorbing the meaning of the qualities they feel that their abilities appear to cross into a psychic terrain. The acupuncturist of this caliber, however, will often say that their abilities are completely ordinary and what is felt on the patient’s pulse is merely common sense knowledge that is accessible to anyone. The idea here is that the patient’s entire life story is just sitting there waiting to be acknowledged; it is simply a matter of keeping the senses open to all of the information being presented, whether it is of a physical or emotional nature. As with many alternative forms of healing, the ordinary nature of the method or plant being utilized is what makes it so magical. The incredibly rich tradition of Chinese pulse diagnosis is, unfortunately, dying because more practitioners are relying upon technological devices for their diagnostic information. The simple act of feeling another person’s pulse may not seem ‘objective’ or ‘mechanistic’ enough for many of us in the modern world. In my experience, however, it is this very ordinary level of contact with another person that so often marks the difference between genuine healing and palliative care.

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