Computer Performance – 7 Ways to Speed 鈥嬧婾p Windows Computers

Are you sick and tired of it taking forever to open a website, file or program? Did your computer seem to run a lot faster when you first got it? If your answers to these 2 questions were yes, then please read on. In this article I am going to give you tips to speed up your computer. They can all be done today, even if you are new to computers. The 7 steps that I am going to share with you are so easy, believe me you can do it! These are techniques that computer technicians in different different support organizations do and some charge a lot of money for their walking through through these processes. You are going to get them today at no charge. Are you ready? Then let's begin!

Step 1: Scandisk

You should run scandisk at least once a month. This will make sure that your computer can read all of the information on your disk. How will this speed up my computer? I'm glad you asked! You see your computer has in it's hard drive what the technicians call redundancy. What I mean is if your computer is trying to read a file and the data is not read correctly from the disk, the computer tries to read that information again and again a set number of times. This results in slower loading times. When scandisk is ran regularly this keeps your disk free of these storage errors and then enables the computer to get the information it needs from the disk as fast as possible. Scandisk should be run before the next step each and every time.

I know you're asking, how do I run scandisk. It's simple. Find that icon on your desktop or in your start menu labeled 'My Computer'. In there you will see a listing of all the drives in your computer. Right click on the drive you want to scan and go to properties. There, you will have a tools tab. Click on it. You will see a button that says check for errors. This is scandisk or also called checkdisk on different versions of windows. There are 2 different modes, Standard or Thorough. Standard checks and makes sure that all the bits and pieces of your files are in the spot on the disk where it thinks they should be. In other words, it checks for filing errors. Thorough does a standard check as well as it tests each spot on the disk where the drive can write something and makes sure that what writes, it reads the back the same thing. If it does not read the same information back, it marks that spot as bad so that it is not used. This keeps down that redundancy thing we spoke of earlier. Was not that easy? Now, on to Step 2.

Step 2: Defrag

Defrag should be run once a week if you use your computer more than 14 hours a week. This equates to about 2 hours a day. Most people who actively use their computer will fall into this category. Defrag, who real name is disk defragmenter, is your best friend for speed. You see when your computer writes something to the disk; it starts the disk to turning and drops bits of the data you want to write where there is a hole. It then tells the filing system where it placed that piece. So your file could be literally broken into 20 pieces! Your disk takes longer to load the file because it has to jump around to different spots to gather the pieces together when it needs it. Defrag takes care of this by gathering the pieces all together and writing them back to the disk in one piece. This way when you need the information, it's all right there. To run defrag it's the same as where we went for scandisk. You go to 'My Computer' and you right click on the drive you want to run defrag on and go to properties. There go to the tools tab. Click the Defragment button. Wow this is getting easier by the minute! On to step 3.

Step 3: Background Programs

Background programs really slow down your computer's performance. They accomplish this by using up your computer's resources. Resources are the combined power of your processor (brain), memory, and disk space. These 3 are the equivalent to horsepower. This is where you will gain a lot of your speed back as well. If you look at an area of 鈥嬧媦our screen right now, I can show you a fraction of some of these that you never thought of. The area I want you to look at is called your system tray. It is located next to your clock, which is your start your menu. If your start menu is on the left side, then the clock is on the right. Next to the clock you will see these little icons or pictures. These are programs that run on your computer whenever it boots. Guess what, these are background programs. They are there to help load things you need faster. If you are following this guide you really do not need most of them. Do you?

Here's how you get rid of them and most of the others that you can not even see as well. Sorry folks who are on Windows 2000, this step will not work for you. If you read to the end I will give you a bonus that will make up for it, I promise. Ok, for the rest of you, click on start. Click on run. Type msconfig. Click ok. You should get a system configuration utility. Be very careful here and follow my instructions exactly. Click on the startup tab at the top. You will have a list of all the programs that run when your computer boots or starts. If you look down the list there will be some names that are familiar to you. When you see those names I want you to think: "Do I really need this program running all the time?" If the answer is no, uncheck the box. For example, some of you may have heard of RealPlayer. There's a smart start icon associated with it. You really do not need real player running when you are only going to be playing FreeCell now do you? 馃檪 On to step 4.

Step 4: Temporary Files

Temporary files hold up space on your disk. These files are most of the time useless. Temporary files are just that; files that were temporarily created by a program or installer. They are supposed to be deleted when not needed any longer, but a lot of programs do a poor job of cleaning them up. Helping them out will get you more speed for your horsepower. For example: let's take temporary internet files. When you go to a website every element of that website's decorations are stored in a temp file on your computer. Your computer does this to help supposedly. It's supported to help by when you visit the same site again; the elements of the website will already be on your computer and therefore do not have to be downloaded again. This in theory should speed up your surfing right? Wrong! Here's what really goes down. For every element of the website, your computer reads every temp file to see if it matches. Every single file in your temporary internet files folder! To get a grasp of this here's what I want you to do. Open internet explorer. Go to the tools menu and click on internet options. Click the settings button. Then click the view files button. Do you see what I mean? Every file! Now … Close the temporary internet files window. Click OK on the settings window. Do you see that button next to settings on the internet options window? It's labeled delete files. Click it. Check delete all offline content. Click ok. When the hourglass is gone, you are all clean! This should be done once a month. This will keep your whole computer running smoothly. The secret lies in Internet Explorer. It's integrated so much into windows, when it has a problem, windows has a problem. What I am saying is when you opened my computer in steps 1 and 2. You were using internet explorer. Ok. Nuff said. On to step 5!

Step 5: Antivirus

Good Antivirus software is an absolute must! There are several choices to choose from. Some cost money and some do not. Viruses hide on your computer and wreak havoc. If you do not have antivirus software on your computer, you will never know they are there. They sit and hide out until their appointed time and then interfere with your computer. Viruses are programs written by people with too much time on their hands and not enough morals. They sit and think of ways to make your day bad. Some viruses will sit on your computer and do nothing but open up connections to other servers all over the internet. What does that do? It slows your computer down drastically! Nuff said. Your choices are to get paid antivirus software like Norton, Mcafee, or Computer Associates. If you do not have the cash to spare then you can go to your favorite search engine like Yahoo or Google and enter in 'free antivirus download' and get a list of all kinds of scanners. Some is far better than none. Some of the best free software that I have found are AVG, Avast !, and ClamWin. If you have a fear of installing software, never fear. There are also free online virus scanners. Again, you go to your favorite search engine and type in 'free online virus scan' and you will get plenty of results. Beware though, with these scanners you run the risk of getting infected still. The reason is you have to go to the site and scan the computer yourself, preferably once a week. In that time a virus could have already infected your machine. Antivirus software that you install on the computer checks every file, every time it's used so drastically reducing the chances of infection. It's like a flu shot. Some of the good online virus scanners are Norton, Panda, and BitDefender. Now, on to step 6.

Step 6: Recycle Bin

It is very important to keep your recycle bin empty. What I mean is this, you do not want to have hundreds of files sitting in your recycle bin that you deleted 6 months ago. They are taking up valuable space. Windows uses your drive as memory to run programs. When you run out of physical memory, it uses what's called a page or swap file and stores it there. These recycle bin files are taking up space that windows could be using for memory. Every bit of memory you can get adds to your horsepower. So for God's sake, please keep your recycle bin tidy. Get rid of things that you are sure you will not need again. When you go to delete something, and you are absolutely sure you will not need it again, you can hold down the shift key and press the delete key to permanently delete it without sending it to the recycle bin. And now, last but not least, step 7.

Step 7: Adware and Spyware

I like to call these small time viruses. The industry calls them parasites. Norton calls them extended threats. Do you get my drift? What is adware and spyware you may ask? They are actually quite similar. I'll start first by explaining the ways that you can get them on your computer. Let's say you download a 'free' program to run on your computer that you think is pretty neat. If you are like most of us, you do not take the time to read the license agreement. If you did, you would find a line similar to: by installing this product you agree to install xyz product which will be used to send marketing information to the makers of the software. Do you see how they get you? One of the other ways you can get it is by going to some random website. It does not matter what it is, but they have this script that runs as the page is loading and it installs the adware and / or spyware on your computer. The last way that I will discuss here is through a virus. There are viruses out there which sole job is to download adware, spyware, keyloggers, and other malicious software on to your computer. These things really slow your computer down. Here's how they work.

Adware and spyware install on your computer and watch what you do, where you surf, you know what you are interested in. They then open a connection to a server and report your activities. They are very good at what they do! Where adware and spyware differs is spyware does nothing but report your activities. Adware on the other hand reports your activities and the server it reports to in turn sends it an ad to display on your computer. Now, just like there are antivirus programs out there, there are now very good antispyware and antiadware programs on the market. Noadware, Spybot, and Adaware are a few of the good ones.

In conclusion there are 7 major ways to speed up your computer with simple maintenance and preventive measures. Run scandisk, defrag, get rid of excess background programs, delete temporary files, get some antivirus software, and also get a good adware and spyware remover utility. I hope you have found this information useful. I hope that I have helped someone here with this information and I pray that you will check out some other very useful information at

I love you all. God bless you!

PS For you Windows 2000 users, I made a promise to you back in step 3. Here's where I deliver! If you can get access to a Windows 98, ME, or XP machine. You can copy msconfig.exe to a disk and use it on your computer to get rid of background programs using the directions in step 3. Just search the c: drive for msconfig.exe and copy it to floppy. Bring it to your computer and run it. God Bless!

Thyroid Problems in Women


I have always observed that more women then men would come into our office with thyroid problems. I have never read any research which explained this to my satisfaction. However, I now feel that I have discovered why this is so.

A woman's thyroid gland and its hormones are influenced by factors not appearing in a man. This distinction can sometimes make all the difference. It is also a commonly overlooked involvement that has only recently been observed by myself and a competent of other researchers.


In the course of investigating thyroid problems during 1996, we discovered that there were many nutrients involved in proper thyroid function. Some of these nutrients have never been used or recognized broadly as thyroid involved. Many of these nutrients are minerals that form enzymes which help the hormones work correctly.

We also confirmed that many people with incomplete thyroid function had normal blood test results. This is because the problem was occurring in the cells and not in the blood. Both doctors Broda Barnes and Denis Wilson have reported in their relevant books that taking the underarm temperature in the morning was the most reliable clue. We found that temperatures below 97.8 were accompanied by low thyroid symptoms.

When given our original thyroid protocol of amino acids, vitamins and minerals and proteins a definite improvement was found in overall symptoms and body temperatures. However, I felt that something was missing. I was not sure what, but I knew that I did not have the entire answer.


I then began to test the cell levels of progesterone in women using a new, more accurate test. We found that all of our low thyroid women had very low levels of progesterone, while having normal to high levels of estrogen. Most had their progesterone readings in the post menopausal range, yet they were still menstruating.

We began to give them progesterone cream to rub on the skin. This is a natural creme that contains herbs that the body is able to change into progesterone.

It is not a drug so it does not have the risks associated with drug versions of progesterone. In some cases we found it necessary to give them progesterone oil which is used under the tongue. Its is similar to the cream only stronger. It some cases both were needed.

After several weeks on these substances a marked increase in energy and body temperature were noted. I estimate that we had an improvement equal to the results of the first protocol.

I then began to research why this was and came up with some very interesting data. Progesterone aids in the retention of zinc and potassium in our cells.

Zinc and potassium allow the thyroid hormone to enter the cell and then to be converted to the active form known as T3.

Further progesterone facilitates the action of thyroid hormone according to Dr. Ward Dean, MD

Estrogen has been known to be an antagonist to thyroid hormone according to Dr. David Watts of Trace Elements inc. Progesterone is an antagonist to estrogen. This would mean that if progesterone is low, estrogen would automatically be suppressing thyroid function. Balancing estrogen and progesterone would allow the progesterone to do its job in restoring and normalizing thyroid function.

Estrogen is known to interfer with thyroid hormone and increase fat storage. Progesterone has been known to do the opposite. It aids thyroid action and encourages the use of fat for energy. Low thyroid women also tend to gain weight on the thighs and hips. This seems to be due to the effects of estrogen. Progesterone reverses this tension.

Estrogen is also associated with copper. Copper is required for the synthesis and release of estrogen and also forms enzymes in the liver which help to break down left over estrogen into harmless substances.

Estrogen can cause copper retention if zinc or progesterone levels are too low. Copper has been found to be an antagonist to thyroid hormone.

In The Textbook of Medical Physiology by Guyton, calcium is cited as an antagonist to allowing thyroid hormone to enter the cell.

Watts has observed that abnormally elevated calcium levels in the tissue correlate with elevated copper. It appears that calcium and copper can elevate together and then block the effects of thyroid hormone.

Progesterone appears to reverse this action which is why it works.

Proper levels of progesterone appear to be they key. Some women achieve normal test results and symptomatic improvement with only 1 / 16-1 / 8 of a tsp. of the cream. This is a very low dose. In others, high doses of the cream as well as oral use of the oil is needed to get the result.


After achieving a correct progesterone level per the testing, it is important to try and get the body to manufacture its own progesterone without the aid of any substance that the body can cheat with.

A special line of vitamin formulas have just been developed that help the body to begin to make its own progesterone again. These how do not always work immediately. It may take years for the body to begin to manufacture enough on its own again. It is also possible that it may never happen.

However, every attempt must be made to get the body back into its own groove again.
I can definitely say that the progesterone program brings about a very substantial improvement in thyroid function. Just as much as the original thyroid protocol. Both are needed in order to improve thyroid function. As a rule, we begin with our original thyroid protocol and then graduate to the progesterone program.

We have had cases where the morning body temperatures were as low as 95 to 96 degree range yet blood tests showed no thyroid problems.

How to Lose Belly Fat Fast – The Natural and Magical Ways to Lose Stomach Fat

These days it is very important for each one of us to have fit and lean bodies, not only for aesthetic reasons but also in order to keep away from a whole lot of diseases and health problems that may be caused due to over weight. The most common problem area for most people is the belly region. This is the part of our body where fats accumulate the fastest and was very difficult to get rid of fats in this region. So if you also want to get id of the fats around your belly region, then I suggest that you should read this article very carefully, this is because in this article I am going to tell you about the best possible ways in which you can get rid of belly fat fast.

There are a few basic things that you can do in order to get rid of belly fats very soon. The first thing that you can do in order to lose belly fat is to exercises daily. The best thing that you can do is register yourself in a good gym where you will get access to the best possible equipment that you need in order o perform exercises that are very effective in weight loss and fat loss, but if you are not too inclined towards doing so then the next best option that you have is to at least make sure that you start off by running or walking daily for 30 minutes. The idea is to do some cardiovascular exercises daily, this is because these are the best exercise that you can do in order to mobilize the fats in your body. Also you can do exercise that focus on the belly region. The exercise that are best suited o target the belly fats are crunches and sit ups. You can also do mild weight training exercises daily.

The other very important thing that you have to take care of is our diet. Make sure that you consume a very healthy diet that is loaded with a whole lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also make sure that you include foods that contain a lot of proteins in your diet. You have to avoid all types of fried foods and junk food items at all cost because they have no nutritional value and also they will get more fats to accumulate on your body.

5 Types of Diabetes You Should Know About

The energy from glucose helps us perform different work and maintains the functions of the body. There are actually many different types of diabetes which have been found to be affecting the human body. Lack of knowledge and improper treatment of diabetes can be dangerous for your health. For proper treatment determining the type of your diabetes is essential.

How does the different diabetes type affect our body?

Diabetes is a deadly disease that can affect different body parts adversely if not treated with care and caution. Following are some bad effects of diabetes:

路 Severe form of this disease can lead to the damage of the retina. Retinal damage can cause blindness in a patient.

路 The kidney is often affected by this disease. Impaired kidney functions can lead to kidney failure and permanent disability of the kidneys.

路 Diabetes also negatively affects the nerve functions. This leads to ulcer and wounds in the feet. People have to get their leg amputated due to such ulcers / wounds, if the case becomes an extreme.

路 High blood sugar levels are also known to affect the blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels adversely.

路 Nervous dysfunction caused by this disease can cause gastro-paresis or paralysis of the stomach functions.

The Main Diabetes Type Discussed:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes : Type 1 Diabetes is also referred to as Juvenile Diabetes, Insulin- Dependent Diabetes or Immune-Mediated Diabetes. It is not as common as Type 2 Diabetes. In an approximate estimate, 10% of the world's diagnosed diabetes cases belong to this category. Typically this type of diabetes affects people who belong to the age group below 40. It is often found in teenagers and young-adults. The scientists and researchers are not entirely sure about the causes of this type of disease. Type 1 Diabetes is mainly caused due to an acute lack or absence of the hormone insulin. Patients are given insulin injections on a regular basis to keep the disease under check.
  2. Type 2 Diabetes : This type of diabetes is found in an approximate of 90% patients diagnosed with Diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is also referred to as the Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes or the Adult-Onset Diabetes. In this type of diabetes the body resists the functions of the insulin or the insulin's general functions are disrupted. Obesity is one of the many reasons behind this type of diabetes. It is quite risky and the risk increases with age.
  3. Gestational Diabetes (GDM): This kind of Diabetes occurs during pregnancy in women. The mother and child both are at risk of getting the Type 2 Diabetes in the coming future. Every 1 in 25 pregnant women have been found with GDM.
  4. Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young ( MODY) : MODY is found only in 1% -2% of the people diagnosed with diabetes. It generally occurs in persons below the age of 25 and is genetically passed on from parents to the kids.
  5. Diabetes Insipidus: This is quite an uncommon variety of diabetes which causes the patient to urinate many times in a short period of time.

How to treat the Different Diabetes Type?

路 Patients are advised to consume a well-balanced diet which is rich in fiber and does not contain saturated fats or high amounts of sweet or sugar.

路 Exercising on a daily basis is necessary.

路 Proper medical care and medicines.

Diabetes is often considered to be a lifestyle disorder disease. Positive changes can cur the diabetes type you are suffering from.

Poly Arthritis – The Misconception Of This Title

This is a type of arthritis that affects more than five joints. Normal arthritis can be just in one joint, whereas oligoarthritis is inflammation in two, three or four joints.

My husband thought that poly arthritis was arthritis in cats! For this reason I would like to put the record straight.

As we know, there are all different forms of arthritis. The most common form is like a degenerative type, which is the one that grandmas normally get. It comes from general wear and tear on the body and is called osteoarthritis. The pain comes from the wearing down of the cartilage in the joint which normally acts like a cushion to provide comfort for joint movement.

I remember when my mother fell over when I was about 10 years old, slipped on some ice, anyway she ruptured a disc in her back which meant that the two bones came together with no support in between. Even though at the time I thought it was hilarious, I now realize that the pain would have been pretty bad and quite unbearable at times. All the thoughts of the grinding bones put my teeth on edge … more grinding!

Anyway the other common form of arthritis is called Rheumatoid arthritis, however this often occurs in much younger people as this is an auto-immune disorder. It is this type of arthritis that is most often present with poly arthritis.

The best treatment for this type of arthritis is a firm mattress, a flat pillow, plenty of rest and take copious amounts of omega 3 oils and glucosamine. The more lubrication you get to your joints, the better.

I hope this helps to clarify the difference between the different forms of arthritis and poly arthritis, even though cats and dogs for that matter contract arthritis just like us, after all they are mammals too, poly arthritis, as the name suggests, just indicating that many joints are involved, so the pain would be pretty intense and spread out.

Erectile Dysfunction Does not Have Happen to You

Erectile Dysfuncton Cured

Erectile dysfunction is a reality.

Here the terms, impotence and erectile dysfunction are differentiated.

Erectile Dysfunction Statistics

It can be at any age; for the younger men, the cause of ED can be more of a psychological factor while in older men, the cause of erectile dysfunction can be physical or organic. The tunica albuginea (membrane) inside of the chamber assists in trapping the blood; therey, sustaining the erection.

Related factors to ED

I can be certain types of medication. Conditions such Metabolic Syndrome will cause temporary impotence and numbness in the penis. Prolonged health conditions. Any kind of unhealthy emotions, as stress, anxiety, depression, guilt-feelings and others are detrimental.

Other Diseases and Erectile Dysfunction

Heart disease and Erectile Dysfunction can have a vice-versa relationship, a patient of heart ailment will not necessarily suffer from the injury and many men with Erectile Dysfunction do not have heart disorders. the success of therapy procedures and the success of it depend on the type of surgery, age of the patient and whether he has been a recipient of hormone therapy prior to the surgery.

Possible Psychological causes.

The feeling of hopelessness, desperate and inadequate. Be conscious of your weight and make the effort to maintain what is normal for your body. High levels of cholesterol harden the arteries causing (atherosclerosis) blocking the passage of the blood towards the penis. It is estimated that the main cause of Erectile Dysfunction is more psychological than it is physical.

Cures and Treatment

Self Hypnosis: By using the subconscious, self hypnosis can greatly revive sexual confidence and help overcome the weakness causing your erectile dysfunction.hypnosis is best in overcoming the psychological problem that hinders an erection. Self hypnosis can help erectile dysfunction patients to relax before and during intimate moments so that they acquire a stronger grip over your emotions and sexual responses. Some men develop impotency which is psychological in cause; now even if erectile dysfunction has been healed physically, the psychological scars can still remain.Sex therapy is a vital part of your healing and is a short term of counseling given by a qualified therapist or sex counselor. It is better to involve the partner in the therapy or in some cases she may suspect that her husband is having an affair with another woman. The woman's negative suspensions may cause her to stop talking to her husband and if she continues this kind of attitude, she may create a formula for disaster. By constantly talking to the patient and his partner, the therapist will assist them to work out their sex communication and create realistic expectations.

Viagra: Viagra absorbs and processes rapidly therefore it must be taken 30 minutes to an hour before intercourse. The side effects of Yohimbre are heightened blood pressure and heart rate and a feeling of dizziness, nervousness and irritability.

Some new drugs are:

Uprima (apomophin): Uprima (apomphin) is a tablet that dissolves in the tongue.

Nutritional: This involves the proper nutrition for you to have a healthy sex life.Tips to follow in using herbal supplement: Talk to your doctor first regarding your plan to go herbal. Naturopathic or natural remedies. Drug therapy: Self Injection. Hormonal Therapy. Vacuum Constriction Device (penis pump) as it is also known will create a vacuum motion and help the penis to become erect all while the band or a ring is used to hold the section. Surgical Treatment: Vascular Reconstructive Surgery. It is better for two people to face a problem. The patient and his partner.

Final words about erectile dysfunction.

Commonly called ED, Erectile dysfunction, is a common health problem affecting mostly men of older age.

Top Health Benefits of Ginger

The health benefits of ginger are plentiful and it is often classed as a wonder spice with both medicinal and culinary upsides. Over forty-four hundred years ago, according to "Rodale's Encyclopedia of Herbs", Greek bakers made gingerbread from ginger that was imported from the Orient. In the sixteenth century the Spanish were cultivating it. From Jamaica conquistadors bought it to the New World. In 1884 Great Britain was importing well over 5 million pounds of ginger root. The origin of ginger is uncertain. It is believed to be native to southern China and India. It was then introduced into southern Florida. It grows well in fertile, well-drained and moist soil that can be partially shaded.

The Diverse Nutrition and Health Benefits of Ginger

Ginger contains bisabolene, borneal, borneol, camphene, choline, cineole, citral, ginerol, inositol, volatile oils, PABA, phellandrene, acrid resin, sequiterpene, many B vitamins, zingerone, and zingiberene. It has been used throughout history to treat colitis, diverticulosis, nausea, gas and indigestion, paralysis of the tongue, morning sickness, vomiting, hot flashes and menstrual cramps. It is said to cleanse the colon and stimulate circulation. It has also been used to treat colds and sore throat.

Although ginger can be very spicy to the tongue it purportedly is good for indigestion. It is a safe and effective herb. There has been some research to suggest that it is very effective against motion sickness as well. Ginger helps to promote circulation and is a very mild stimulant. Ginger tea is said to be very effective in preventing colds. It can also be used in the spring to make an excellent spring tonic to wake up the body after a long cold winter and many claim it is able to cleanse the blood – or at the very least give an invigorating jump start.

Growing Ginger

Ginger is grown through much of the tropics commercially and in other regions it can be grown in a container or container gardening. To grow your own, give your purchased rhizome plenty of warmth, moisture and moisture after planting. You can move it outdoors in warmer months in a certain shady area. About 12 months after planting, you can remove it from the pot. Remove the fibrous roots. Cut off as much as you can use. Save a small amount to replant again in a new pot. You can buy ginger commercially fresh, dried ground or in dry pieces. Fresh ginger needs to be wrapped tightly and stored in the refrigerator. It can last for several months when stored this way.

Ginger Ale Recipe

Who has not enjoyed a tall frosty glass of ginger ale? Ginger ale was considered the most popular soft drink in the US in early years between 1860 and the 1930's. There are several different types of recipes around for how to make your own home made ginger ale or ginger beer. A simple home recipe for ginger ale is to take some fresh ginger and crush the root. Place one cup of the root into a gallon or so of water and bring to a rolling boil. Remove from the heat and let it steep about 15 minutes. This will release the strong flavor and health properties of the ginger. You then strain it. You may add honey or the sweetener of your choice to this tea. Then just add your desired amount to some carbonated water.

Ginger ale commonly contains ginger, sugar, and carbonated water. Ginger beer has a stronger flavor of ginger, and is less carbonated and much less sweet. For those trying to cut back on their alcohol consumption ginger ale can be used as a nonalcoholic substitute in punches and for champagne at various events and occasions. These beverages can resemble champagne and other flavored alcohols in appearance. Ginger ale has been given to many to calm an upset stomach. This is due to the presence of ginger + carbonated water having a calming effect on the stomach.

Other Culinary Uses for Ginger

Ginger is a super sugar substitute that will provide a great taste with almost no calories added. You can use it in making gingerbreads, spice cookies and cakes. It enhances many meat dishes such as chicken and beef and for making sauces and marinades. A little ground ginger added to mayonnaise makes a great topping for a pear salad. A chef suggestion is to put 1 slice of peeled fresh ginger into a marinade you make for each pound of meat or poultry. If you like fried chicken and livers, you can make seasoned flour breaking some ground ginger into the flour mix to toss the meat in before frying. Ginger root can be used fresh or dried in recipes from North Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, Japan, China and East India. In Chinese cooking, you usually will find that first you brown a piece of fresh ginger root. Then you add your stir-fry vegetables to this.

To make ginger tea, use a pinch to a tablespoon of ginger powder per cup of boiling water. You can also grate or slice the fresh root and then simmer it in water until you have what is yellowish water. You can also add other useful herbs to the steeping water such as peppermint, a little clove powder or a few bruised cloves. Let it steep and strain and drink through the day to promote good health. If you prefer a stronger tea, increase the amount of ginger rather than letting it steep for a long period of time.

Ginger baths can be another great health benefit along just consumption of the herb. Ginger baths can help ease pain and increase circulation. Just drop a few grated gingers into your bath and soak. You can also soak cloths in ginger tea and apply these directly to the painful area on the body.


While speaking of the benefits of ginger, there are those who may be allergic to ginger. Severe allergic reactions to ginger may include a rash, hives, difficulty in breathing, and various forms of dermatitis. If this is the case, stop taking ginger immediately and seek some medical attention. Few side effects have been associated with ginger taken at low dosages. In conclusion, there seem to be many benefits to adding ginger to your diet. The health benefits of ginger are exceptional and it has the ability to add a great flavor to the diet.


A fiery spice, the health benefits of ginger stretch from increasing circulation to helping with indigestion as well as being an ingredient in many dishes from around the world and is easy to incorporate into many simple and quick dishes as part of your daily diet.

Trading and Profit and Loss Account

Trading Account

As already discussed, first section of trading and profit and loss account is called trading account. The aim of preparing trading account is to find out gross profit or gross loss while that of second section is to find out net profit or net loss.

Preparation of Trading Account

Trading account is prepared mainly to know the profitability of the goods bought (or manufactured) sold by the businessman. The difference between selling price and cost of goods sold is the,5 earning of the businessman. Thus in order to calculate the gross earning, it is necessary to know:

(a) cost of goods sold.

(b) sales.

Total sales can be ascertained from the sales ledger. The cost of goods sold is, however, calculated. n order to calculate the cost of sales it is necessary to know its meaning. The ‘cost of goods’ includes the purchase price of the goods plus expenses relating to purchase of goods and brining the goods to the place of business. In order to calculate the cost of goods ” we should deduct from the total cost of goods purchased the cost of goods in hand. We can study this phenomenon with the help of following formula:

Opening stock + cost of purchases – closing stock = cost of sales

As already discussed that the purpose of preparing trading account is to calculate the gross profit of the business. It can be described as excess of amount of ‘Sales’ over ‘Cost of Sales’. This definition can be explained in terms of following equation:

Gross Profit = Sales-Cost of goods sold or (Sales + Closing Stock) -(Stock in the beginning + Purchases + Direct Expenses)

The opening stock and purchases along with buying and bringing expenses (direct exp.) are recorded the debit side whereas sales and closing stock is recorded on the credit side. If credit side is Jeater than the debit side the difference is written on the debit side as gross profit which is ultimately recorded on the credit side of profit and loss account. When the debit side exceeds the credit side, the difference is gross loss which is recorded at credit side and ultimately shown on the debit side of profit & loss account.

Usual Items in a Trading Account:

A) Debit Side

1. Opening Stock. It is the stock which remained unsold at the end of previous year. It must have been brought into books with the help of opening entry; so it always appears inside the trial balance. Generally, it is shown as first item at the debit side of trading account. Of course, in the first year of a business there will be no opening stock.

2. Purchases. It is normally second item on the debit side of trading account. ‘Purchases’ mean total purchases i.e. cash plus credit purchases. Any return outwards (purchases return) should be deducted out of purchases to find out the net purchases. Sometimes goods are received before the relevant invoice from the supplier. In such a situation, on the date of preparing final accounts an entry should be passed to debit the purchases account and to credit the suppliers’ account with the cost of goods.

3. Buying Expenses. All expenses relating to purchase of goods are also debited in the trading account. These include-wages, carriage inwards freight, duty, clearing charges, dock charges, excise duty, octroi and import duty etc.

4. Manufacturing Expenses. Such expenses are incurred by businessmen to manufacture or to render the goods in saleable condition viz., motive power, gas fuel, stores, royalties, factory expenses, foreman and supervisor’s salary etc.

Though manufacturing expenses are strictly to be taken in the manufacturing account since we are preparing only trading account, expenses of this type may also be included in the trading account.

(B) Credit Side

1. Sales. Sales mean total sales i.e. cash plus credit sales. If there are any sales returns, these should be deducted from sales. So net sales are credited to trading account. If an asset of the firm has been sold, it should not be included in the sales.

2. Closing Stock. It is the value of stock lying unsold in the godown or shop on the last date of accounting period. Normally closing stock is given outside the trial balance in that case it is shown on the credit side of trading account. But if it is given inside the trial balance, it is not to be shown on the credit side of trading account but appears only in the balance sheet as asset. Closing stock should be valued at cost or market price whichever is less.

Valuation of Closing Stock

The ascertain the value of closing stock it is necessary to make a complete inventory or list of all the items in the god own together with quantities. On the basis of physical observation the stock lists are prepared and the value of total stock is calculated on the basis of unit value. Thus, it is clear that stock-taking entails (i) inventorying, (ii) pricing. Each item is priced at cost, unless the market price is lower. Pricing an inventory at cost is easy if cost remains fixed. But prices remain fluctuating; so the valuation of stock is done on the basis of one of many valuation methods.

The preparation of trading account helps the trade to know the relationship between the costs be incurred and the revenues earned and the level of efficiency with which operations have been conducted. The ratio of gross profit to sales is very significant: it is arrived at :

Gross Profit X 100 / Sales

With the help of G.P. ratio he can ascertain as to how efficiently he is running the business higher the ratio, better will be the efficiency.

Closing Entries pertaining to trading Account

For transferring various accounts relating to goods and buying expenses, following closing entries recorded:

(i) For opening Stock: Debit trading account and credit stock account

(ii) For purchases: Debit trading account and credit purchases account, the amount being the et amount after deducting purchases returns.

(iii) For purchases returns: Debit purchases return account and credit purchases account.

(iv) For returns inwards: Debit sales account and credit sales return account

(v) For direct expenses: Debit trading account and credit direct expenses accounts individually.

(vi) For sales: Debit sales account and credit trading account. We will find that all the accounts as mentioned above will be closed with the exception of trading account

(vii) For closing stock: Debit closing stock account and credit trading account After recording above entries the trading account will be balanced and difference of two sides ascertained. If credit side is more the result is gross profit for which following entry is recorded.

(viii) For gross profit: Debit trading account and credit profit and loss account If the result is gross loss the above entry is reversed.

Profit and Loss Account

The profit and loss account is opened by recording the gross profit (on credit side) or gross loss (debit side).

For earning net profit a businessman has to incur many more expenses in addition to the direct expenses. Those expenses are deducted from profit (or added to gross loss), the resultant figure will be net profit or net loss.

The expenses which are recorded in profit and loss account are ailed ‘indirect expenses’. These be classified as follows:

Selling and distribution expenses.

These comprise of following expenses:

(a) Salesmen’s salary and commission

(b) Commission to agents

(c) Freight & carriage on sales

(d) Sales tax

(e) Bad debts

(f) Advertising

(g) Packing expenses

(h) Export duty

Administrative Expenses.

These include:

(a) Office salaries & wages

(b) Insurance

(c) Legal expenses

(d) Trade expenses

(e) Rates & taxes

(f) Audit fees

(g) Insurance

(h) Rent

(i) Printing and stationery

(j) Postage and telegrams

(k) Bank charges

Financial Expenses

These comprise:

(a) Discount allowed

(b) Interest on Capital

(c) Interest on loan

(d) Discount Charges on bill discounted

Maintenance, depreciations and Provisions etc.

These include following expenses

(a) Repairs

(b) Depreciation on assets

(c) Provision or reserve for doubtful debts

(d) Reserve for discount on debtors.

Along with above indirect expenses the debit side of profit and loss account comprises of various business losses also.

On the credit side of profit and loss account the items recorded are:

(a) Discount received

(b) Commission received

(c) Rent received

(d) Interest received

(e) Income from investments

(f) Profit on sale of assets

(g) Bad debts recovered

(h) Dividend received

(i) Apprenticeship premium etc.

More Benefits of Hydrogen Water

There are many health benefits that are associated with hydrogen water. These are the benefits that make the use of hydrogen water, such an attractive option for many. Some of the most outstanding reasons why you need hydrogen water include:

Reduction of muscle degeneration, motor deficits, and muscle fatigue

Athletes who took hydrogen water were experimented on and it was seen that the buildup of lactic acid was reduced incredibly, while they were exercising. This also led to a decrease in muscle fatigue. The same test was carried out on mice that have a muscle disease. The hydrogen water kept them from gaining a body mass that was abnormal and also increased production of antioxidants. As such, the water was seen to improve the muscular dystrophy in patients.

Prevention of metabolic syndrome

Fatty liver was reduced during tests on mice with diabetes as well as obesity in the mice that had a fatty liver as a result of a fat diet. It also decrees the levels of triglycerides, insulin, and glucose by the stimulation of the energy metabolism.

The study further showed that the water preceded the treaties from hardening. It also encourages an increase in good cholesterol and an overall reduction in the cholesterol levels.

Weight loss

When it is taken in the long term, the water controls weight and fat even if there is no change in the diet. It could have the last solution you are looking for especially if you are dealing with weight issues.

Mitochondrial functioning

By drinking this water, it enhances your mitochondria. It actually protects it and improves outcomes related to it. It also stimulates the metabolism of energy measured by the way oxygen is consumed and how carbon dioxide is produced.

Treatment for diabetes

In type 2 diabetes, it can be very helpful. This was seen during clinical trials. When drunk in a consistent manner, it ends up decreasing cholesterol levels. It also normalizes the glucose tolerance as well as an improved insulin resistance in many of the patients that were treated.

Metabolic acidosis

This water can also be very helpful in the treatment of metabolic acidosis. This is a condition that is usually indicated by the increase in the acidity of the blood. This is usually exacerbated when one exercises. The pH of the blood is often increased with the hydrogenated water without one having to deal with any side effects. This is, therefore, a good idea if at all you want an alkalizing effect.

Cancer prevention

This is a great anti-tumor agent, especially when heated. This water is able to suppress the growth of tumors because it can reduce the oxidative stress incredibly. The water was also able to inhibit the angiogenesis in lung cancer cells.

Effects of cancer treatments

We all know that cancer treatments come with great effects. This can help improve mortality and weight loss that is usually caused by drugs. The oxidative stress and loss of appetite are greatly reduced or pretended altogether.

Skin health

When it is introduced intravenously to patients who have gotten acute erythematous skin diseases, the symptoms were seen to improve very great. Wrinkles on the skin are also greatly improved by bathing in it.

Salmonella – How it Works

Salmonellosis is a type of food poisoning that is derived from various strains of the Salmonella bacterium. In the United States, there are approximately 40,000 cases reported each year. And every few years, there is an outbreak. News spreads across the country and flow in the living rooms of millions of Americans. People are frenzied and find themselves living in the fear of potential death. But in actuality the sickness is not too terrible. People still become sick but it is very manageable, and better yet, few people ever die from the sickness.

Causes and Symptoms

It might be appropriate to learn about the illness before making any assumption about what it might do to your health. There are many causes for Salmonella and most of them are centered on the one thing that all humans need: food. The most common cause of Salmonella is the contamination of food due to infected, unwashed hands handling food (the constant grilling in grade school about the importance of washing hands after going to the restroom still applies). Other causes come from contamination during the food processing stage and also handling pet feces infected with the strain.

The symptoms of the illness are many. They include abdominal cramps, fever, and diarrhea. A doctor can diagnose the illness based on medical history and just a few tests. If you are infected, you will become sick within 3 days.


There is no complicated treatment procedure to deal with Salmonella. Most doctors suggest that you stick to your usually diet in order to maintain the right number of nutrients to get your through the day. It is also a good idea to drink several fluids to deal with the dehydration that may occur due to diarrhea. Drinks such as Lytren, Rehydralyte, or Pedialyte replace the essential electrolytes that are lost during the process. Sports drinks are too high in sugars to make any real difference. Avoid high fat, high sugar foods and also stay away from spicy foods, alcohol, and coffee for at least two days after all the symptoms have gone.


The main thing to remember is that when things are not clean, your body will not gleam. Always wash your hands before handling food. Cook your food at safe temperatures to well done and avoid cross contamination of food. If you follow these rules, you probably will not have anything to worry about.

The Cold Heading Process for Small Metal Parts

Their function looks so simple, but small metal parts play a huge role in keeping certain industries afloat. For example, where would the electronics industry be without the screws, contact rivets, and miniature components that are used to build products? And where would the automotive industry be without the bevy of metal fasteners used to keep cars in one piece? Imagine trying to drive a car held together by rubber bands and duct tape. That's a world without simple metal parts. Despite the relative importance of these parts, however, few people know how and where they are made. Even the executives of the companies which keep the metal part industry in business are often far removed from the manufacturing decisions and industrial knowledge.

The truth is that there are many metalworking processes-die casting, extrusion, forging, and so on. Each of these processes falls into one of the following categories-forming, cutting, and joining-and has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to industry. One in particular is extremely useful for manufacturing small metal parts. This is the cold heading process.

Cold heading is a process which shapes metal by applying force to a metal blank with a punch and die. Once the force applied by the die exceeds the metal blank's yield strength, the material begins to give and take on the shape of the die. Why is this process so effective? For starters, it allows a supplier to make extremely precise parts given the use of a die. Many different shapes and designs can be realized, and furthermore it is easy to create custom shapes for individual clients. Second of all, the cold forming process strengthens the metal through deformation. This makes cold headed parts more durable and resistant to shock and fatigue than small metal parts created through a different process. Thirdly, there is no scrap produced since the metal is shaped rather than cut or otherwise removed. This means that production can occur more quickly and efficiently, without the extra labor that is required to remove the scrap. The bottom line is that the cold heading process is able to produce small metal parts quickly and cheaply when compared to others means.

While the cold heading process is fantastic for small metal fasteners such as screws, contacts, contact rivets, and other fasteners, it is not ideal for everything. Larger projects may be served better by another type of metalworking. Furthermore, cold heading companies can only use certain types of materials with their stamping machines. Metals such as steel, aluminum, copper, and nickel work well with cold heading machines. As do precious metals such as silver, gold, and platinum. Iron, however, is an exception. As are magnesium, refractory metals, titanium, and zinc.

Given the widespread use of cold forming processes, it is important for executives in many industries to understand the process through which their components and products are manufactured. Knowing whether to look for a cold heading company or another type of industrial supplier will help businesses save time and expense, as well as create a better end-product.

Laryngitis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Laryngitis

Laryngitis is defined as an inflammation of larynx (voice box) due to overuse, irritation or infection generally associated with hoarseness or loss of voice. The larynx is the part of voice. When speaking, two membranes in the larynx – the vocal cords – vibrate to produce sound. It is a structure for supporting the cartilage, muscles and mucous membranes that forms the entrance of windpipe.

Due to laryngitis, vocal cords became inflamed or irritated. They swell, causing distortion of the sounds made by air passing over them. As a result, voice sounds hoarse. Viral infection of the upper airways is the most common cause of laryngitis, such as the common cold. Excessive use of the voice up to long time, an allergic reaction, and inflammation of irritants such as cigarette smoke can cause acute or chronic laryngitis.


Laryngitis generally occurs from too much screaming & yelling. Even a lot of loud singing can irritate the vocal cords and produce laryngitis. When vocal cords became inflamed and swollen, they can not function properly & voice may sound hoarse and may sometimes block the airway.

Virus infection is the most common kind to produced laryngitis. It may also be produced by a bacterial infection or a common cold, bronchitis, flu, or pneumonia. Fungal laryngitis is generally seen in the immunocompromised or those taking inhaled steroids.

There are numerous forms of laryngitis appear in children and can cause dangerous or fatal respiratory blockage. Croup and epiglottis are some of them. Other reasons of laryngitis include allergies and wound to the area.


Symptoms of laryngitis generally occurs as an unnatural change of voice, such as hoarseness, or even loss of voice that grows within hours to a day or so. The throat may experience haptic sensation or feel raw. Its sign vary with the condition of the inflammatory. Mild fever, problem in swallowing, discomfort feeling, and a sore throat may appear in complex infections.

There are other symptoms of the laryngitis may be included:

  • Howseness.
  • Dry & scratchy throat.
  • Runny nose.
  • Achiness.
  • Tiredness.
  • Dry cough.
  • Raspy voice.
  • Respiratory infection.
  • Swollen lymph nodes.


Virus infection is the most common kind to produced laryngitis & treatment with antibiotics may not cure. Resting the voice may help to ebb the inflammation of the vocal cords. A humidifier and warm showers may abate the scratchy experience that comes with laryngitis.

Using extra fluids such as tea or a honey lemon drink, and inhaling steam relieve symptoms and help healing. In symptoms associated with laryngitis a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication such as Ibuprofen and aspirin mitigate the fever.

It will be better to take cough drops to reduce the inflammation of the vocal cords. A tea of 鈥嬧媑ingerroot can use to mollify swelling of the vocal chords and relieve disorders.

CD and DVD Label Printers For Your Labeling Needs

Creating labels for CDs and DVDs is a difficult task. You'll need specialized equipment and disc packaging materials before you can create nifty covers for your CDs. Not only that, it can get pretty expensive, too. Not to worry, because there are effective DVD labels you can use today.

Today, this task is made easy because there are now disc label software specifically made to design and print custom labels. They give different texts, styles and colors for different labeling needs. Whatever your needs are, there's certainly a label printer that can help you out.

Label printers are very versatile and practical. Some even allow custom graphics to be imported from digital cameras, scanners and other media. They can support different graphic formats. Whether it's for CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, VHS tapes or Blu-ray disks, these labeling software work great.

Different types of CD label software are available on the internet and can be downloaded easily. There are some which require a certain payment before they can be used, while others are free of charge. Make sure you choose one which is user-friendly and has the features that you'll need.

Of course, you can not use this type of software without the right label printer. These printers are made especially to print label designs. They're very different from the ones you used for printing files. What's more, these can print bar codes as well. They can accept PC works and designs, importing the gathered info and then transferring them to labels and other stick materials. These printers are very sophisticated devices, which have very powerful processors and large memory. Different industries use them and small scale home offices as well.

Today, desktop publishing, retail and shipping industries use label printers. Various companies have different applications and make use of different label printers. Two popular examples are thermal and thermal retransfer printers. Aside from these, there are also bar code label printers which can used for printing barcode labels. These are ideal for product and shipping information.

Disc printing label printers vary according to their disc printing capacities, as well as their speed. Some are even available as wireless printing units.

Disc printing is a pretty basic PC operation. It's a good idea to look around first. Just make sure you know your primary needs and functions from the printing label software and printer, and you'll be all set to start your business.

Understanding Arthritis and How to Live Pain Free

One of the most common types of joint conditions is arthritis, which is an inflamation of the joints of the body. While arthritis is the most common disability in persons above fifty-five years of age, younger people can still be affected. There are many different forms of arthritis and each one has a different effect on the body. The most common form of arthritis is called osteoarthritis, which is a condition that causes a continuous degeneration of the joints. Osteoarthritis is commonly a result of trauma to the affected joint, infection of the joint, or aging of the body. New evidence is suggesting that abnormal conditions of anatomy may predispose certain individuals to development of early onset osteoarthritis.

There are other forms of arthritis that are caused when the body starts to attack its joints internally, which are commonly referred to as autoimmune diseases. Autoimmune diseases occur when the body mistakes its own tissues as foreign substances, and attempts to rid themselves of them. Some common examples of this are rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis can cause the surrounding joint tissues to become inflamed, along with the organs in the body. While rheumatoid arthritis is considered to be a chronic illness, which means that it can last for many years, sufferers from this disease may experience long periods without any symptoms. Typically this form of arthritis is considered to be a progressive illness, which can potentially cause destruction of the joints, and hindered mobility due to pain and bone deformation. Psoriatic arthritis is also considered to be a chronic disease; it is a common skin condition causing inflammation of the skin and joints. Noticeable patchy, raised, red areas on the skin are present, often at the tips of the elbows, knees, scalp, navel, and around the genital areas.

While there is no cure for arthritis, there are forms of treatment available. These include rest and relaxation, exercise and proper diet, medication, and instruction about the way to properly use joints properly and maximize energy conservation. Other form of treatments include pain relieving methods, and use of assisted devices such as braces or splints. If provided as an option by your medical practitioner, surgery may be available in extreme cases.

The Lancet Medical Journal wrote that arthritis pain medications may be contributing to cartridge destruction in joints. Other problems in arthritis medication users have been reported as well such heart attacks, strokes and intestinal bleeding. Studies by the New England Journal of Medicine have reported high numbers of arthritis medication induced kidney and liver failures as well.

If you want relief from pain but are wary of traditional pain relievers there is an all natural alternative on the market. Bell Shark Cartilage Joint Relief product contains no additives, is available at a low cost, does not require a prescription and is side effect free. Bell Shark Cartilage Joint Relief has helped thousands of people who have arthritis live without pain, so if you are one of the many people suffering from debilitating arthritis, you may be interested in trying this great product. For more information on Bell Shark Cartilage Joint Relief, please visit our website: .

Accelerating Your Metabolism Is Good

If you want to burn unwanted fat, you would also have to increase your metabolism, as body's metabolic rate has a significant impact on the body weight. The rate at which food particles are broken down and converted into energy is called the metabolic rate. The energy that is released by the body during the complex biochemical process is used to perform various functions such as circulation of blood, breathing, adjusting hormone levels and repairing of cells. Your body's metabolism uses about 60 to 70% of the calories to perform body's basic functions. Therefore, speeding up your metabolism can only help in burning more calories and reducing the fat content of your body.

Check your metabolism rate
You would have to ensure that your metabolism is fully functioning to achieve success in your attempt to lose weight. A slower metabolism rate will not be able to burn as much calories as required and therefore, will allow fat to get stored inside your body. A faster metabolism, on the other hand, will result in burning off more calories, and then cause reduction of body weight. If you do not know how to increase your metabolism, you can consult a nutritionist and get an idea of 鈥嬧媡he proper methods by which you can increase your metabolic rate and achieve the desired weight loss goal.

How to speed up metabolism
Speeding up the metabolism rate of the body is possible by working out an effective metabolic weight loss program that affects the rate at which the body burns calories for energy. You have to work towards cutting back your calories and keep a tab on what you eat as well as take steps to enhance the metabolism process in order to lose weight. Having high fiber foods and low fats can help you increase your metabolism. Including a lot of leafy green vegetables and fruits as they not only have low calorie content but also contain essential nutrients to make your body stay energetic throughout the day. The more energy that is released, better your body will function, and this will eventually help you metabolize fat and melt away those extra pounds.

You can also effectively follow strength training as a part of the metabolic weight loss program in order to accelerate your metabolism and lose weight. This will also help you to build stronger muscles and with more muscle mass, you can burn more calories. Use of thermogenic weight loss supplements will be good for those having a slow metabolism rate.