Medical Oncologist For Breast Cancer

Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of cancer. A medical oncologist is a doctor specializing in the said study and treatment. However, a medical oncologist for breast cancer should first consult with a pathologist about the exact biological nature of the tumor being treated.

An oncologist deals with the diagnosis, therapy such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, constant follow-up with the patient, and the screening of the relatives of the patient. Having diagnosed with breast cancer, a patient is informed with the 3 specialty areas in the treatment of the disease, which are as follows: medical oncology, surgical oncology and radiation oncology.

There are different methods in the diagnosis. The medical oncologist for breast cancer may do a biopsy on the patient (may be incisional or excisional), x-rays or several blood tests. If a patient is diagnosed to have one, the treatment for the tumor that the medical oncologist would apply varies depending on the stage of the disease.

Chemotherapy may be done before or after surgery. Chemotherapy involves several kinds of drugs and these drugs are given to patients with primary breast cancer; breast cancer believed to have not yet spread outside the breast or to the lymph nodes. Chemotherapy can also be used to treat tumor that has already metastasized or have already spread to other organs in the body.

Another specialty therapy of a medical oncologist is hormone therapy. This hormone therapy interferes with the hormones in the body that stimulates the growth of the ailment. Hormone therapy can be done to patients with primary breast cancer or also to patients with tumor that has already spread to other organs in the body.

The treatment that the medical oncologist for breast cancer applies to patients, like chemotherapy, has certain side effects like loss of hair. These doctors are expert in their field and so they also are dealing with the treatment of the side effects and problems encountered by the patient with breast cancer.

Why You Must Use Lemon Water For Fertility

If you are trying to get pregnant and yet cannot conceive, doctors recommend different methods to remedy this. Certain factors have been identified to lower the chances of conceiving. Some of these factors are alcohol consumption, smoking, lack of exercise, improper diet, and many more. Because of the different scientific studies that established the effects of diet on fertility, many doctors recommend that proper diet is a key to increase fertility.

Have you heard of lemon water? It has been said that this type of water is good for fertility. In fact, it has many health benefits. How does it help for most infertility couples?

For many years, lemon water for fertility has been gaining popularity among women who find it hard to conceive. Lemon water for fertility is from the Traditional Chinese Medicine, which uses natural ingredients to treat and prevent diseases.

Lemon is a great fruit because it is loaded with vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, and antioxidants. First and foremost, drinking water already does wonders for fertility. Water thins out mucus and increases it as well. And cervical fluid is very important in conception. Without cervical fluid, the sperm won’t be able to reach the egg. Furthermore, if the cervical fluid is of good quality and quantity, it can help the sperm stay alive for several days while waiting ovulation.

And if you add lemon to your drinking water, you are even increasing the likelihood of getting pregnant many times. The bodies are bombarded with harmful free radicals from pollution and food. And these free radicals can harm the sperm, egg, and reproductive organs. This is the importance of antioxidants. Antioxidants in this beverage will help destroy these free radicals thereby making your bodies more ready for conception. This is why it is effective for infertility treatment.

Another great advantage of lemon water for fertility is that it has no adverse effects since you are using an all-natural ingredient. You can continue drinking this even if you are already pregnant. You can also continue with your water regimen even if you are prescribed with fertility drugs or in conjunction with other fertility treatments.

Other health benefits include: detoxification, hormonal balance, enhanced immunity, liver health, digestive health, and great skin. How do you make this type of water? You simply have to add 1 to 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice to your warm drinking water.

Lemon water for fertility can be consumed any time. Although many people believe that it is best early in the morning. Instead of drinking coffee or hot chocolate, drinking this beverage is great for re-hydrating your bodies. Furthermore, it can help to stimulate bowel movement in the morning.

Natural Cures For Underarm Sweating – Get Rid of Underarm Sweat Using 3 Simple Natural Remedies

Embarrassed about those large, unsightly underarm sweat patches on your clothes?

Desperately looking for effective natural cures for underarm sweating?

If you answered in the affirmative to the above questions, then this will be one of the most important and beneficial articles you'll read today.

Here's why:

You're about to discover 3 amazingly simple remedies that will help you temporarily manage excessive underarm sweating – quickly, easily and naturally.

So let's get started, shall we?

Remedy # 1

Sip a cup of tea!

Believe it or not, drinking a cup of warm tea can actually keep excess underarm perspiration at bay. Granted, it may sound something insane to sip a cup of hot tea when you're breaking out in sweat, but this is one little secret that does work well – if only as a temporary measure.

Remedy # 2

Chamomile Oil

Lathering your body with Chamomile oil is yet another natural cure for underarm sweating that helps keep heavy perspiration at bay. That said, make sure you use it while taking a bath, as this helps get rid of the odor.

Remedy # 3

Baking soda

Applying a small amount of baking soda to your underarms after a bath, is also a pretty effective way of controlling your excessive underarm sweating problem. And since this method is simple and quick, it's definitely worth a try.

Well, there you have it – 3 short-term natural cures for underarm sweating that you can easily use to help control the embarrassing problem of excessive perspiration. Please keep in mind though that these remedies will only give you short-term relief, and are certainly not meant as a long-term treatment for your condition.

Professional Growth Through Home Based Business Ideas

There is a multitude of home based business ideas. You can easily choose from available opportunities if you want to adopt this career in self-employment. With the growth of technology, you do not have to be a designer or a marketing genius to earn extra cash. All you will need is the internet and your own cleverness to be able to achieve this. There are legitimate business organizations with business models that pay you in cash. It does not require hard selling and you get good returns on the time and effort you have invested. However, the success in growing the business eventually depends on the quality of the product, the good standing and the competence to link up effectively with customers.

Network Marketing

Engaging in network marketing may be an advantage for you! It provides you with leverage in life. Consider these facts: You work eight hours and earn inadequate income. You spend a lot of time outside and commuting but this does not give you additional revenue. Now, look into network marketing. Network marketers pay distributors for work performed by other distributors in their down line network. This means that you do not have to spend additional hours but your earnings are multiplied. Network marketing provides all marketers the rare chance to foster passive residual income. This is the distinct benefit of network marketing. Passive residual income is caused by the leverage aspect. At the same time, there are minimal start-up costs. You can be in business even with no capital at all.

Online Referral Business

One opportunity to make money online is through internet marketing networking sites or connecting suppliers with buyers. Before there was simply no way of monitoring your referral fees but now there are companies that provide this kind of arrangement. When the transaction materializes, the persons responsible for the successful deal get their respective referral fees. Some of these firms also permit merchants to establish their referral programs for introductions and meetings with clients. You can make referrals for any kind of business like child-care providers, handyman services, rentals or room-mate referral services. People can also pay you for accessing your database.

Earning through Blogging

You can make money online by blogging and you do not even need to have your own web site, install blogging software or do any form of advertising. You can even set up your blog for free without any technical background on web designing. You generate revenue by displaying ads and earn money when visitors click on these ads. Your earnings can increase when you set up affiliate programs for books, music and other fields of interest and include your affiliate links whenever you refer to these items. The key here is to obtain substantial traffic to finally earn the big bucks and become a six-figure blogger. To make sure that you get a good start in your home based business ideas, you will need to implement a unique marketing system that can produce the best possible results. Before, it was more difficult since you needed your own website, some money or products to sell and marketing expertise.

Lung Cancer Stage – What To Expect

Determining Lung Cancer Stage

The lung cancer stage defines the extent, prognosis and treatment of the disease. The more advanced the cancer, the harder it will be to remove it from the body. Early and late stage patients are generally subjected to any combination of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The length and intensity of these methods is what changes as staging progresses.


Doctors perform diagnostic imaging and take biopsy samples to study each patient's cancerous cells. Through computed tomography (CT scans), chest x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging the exact location and size of a tumor can be found. Diagnostics should also show any spreading to other areas of the body. The 'TNM' system is used to describe the results.


T is for tumor size, and is graduated from T1-T4. Smaller tumors are assigned a rating of 1a-1b, and are 3 centimeters across or less. A T2 is from 3 to 7 centimeters across and is invading the main bronchus or the visceral pleura (chest cavity inner lining.) A T3 is larger than 7 centimeters and has grown into the chest wall, the chest cavity lining, the diaphragm or the pericardium surrounding the heart.

A T4 may have infiltrated any of the previous areas. In addition, the airways, main blood vessels, bones or lymphatic system above the collar can be infected.


N indicates whether the lymph nodes have been infected by the cancer. An assessment graded N0 means that they are not. N1, N2 or N3 estimate the disease is no longer localized. It is now using the lymphatic system to travel through the body. An N1 or N2 means it is contained in the infected chest area lymph nodes. N3 communicates that the growth has moved to the opposite side of the chest.


M stands for metastasis. Cancer spread through the lymphatic system and in the blood, a process called metastasis. When the disease takes root at a location distant to the origin, it is harder to remove from the patient. An M0 is used when there is no evident metastasis. An M1 or 1a shows it has metastasized locally. A grade of M1b is for malignant cells distant to the original infected area, such as the bones or liver.

Based on the findings of the TNM system, a cancer stage is assigned.

What Is Creatine?

Many people have a lot of misconceptions about what, exactly, Creatine is. This substance has a reputation for being used by bodybuilders as part of a sports nutrition program that increases health and maximizes athletic performance. While this is true, Creatine is not just for bodybuilders. In fact, many different types of athletes and even regular people seeking to improve their health comprise this substance into their diet. As long as it is used correctly and in the proper amounts, it can be a wonderful and incredibly helpful tool. You should be sure to carefully research Creatine and to speak with a doctor before you incorporated it into your nutritional program.

Creatine is a supplement and can best be described as an acid. In the body, it acts as a high powered energy source for the skeletal muscles, making it highly desirable for any kind of athlete, especially those involved in intense or high energy sports. In addition to increasing energy and performance, the supplement also helps users to gain muscle mass in conjuction with a muscle building exercise routine followed on a regular basis. Creatine will not do all of the work for you; you must still follow a healthy eating plan and exercise regularly, but it can help you to see better results more quickly. Athletes use Creatine in a number of different forms. The most common include a powder form that is mixed into a drink or as a manufactured capsule. It is recommended that any form of Creatine be taken with food containing carbohydrates, usually right before exercising.

According to scientific studies, using Creatine for as little as two weeks can show an improvement of 5 to 15% in workouts that include periods of work followed by rest, known as anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise, which is a more intense form of exercise without rest, can be performed with more power and energy when Creatine is used. The substance can also help to increase healthy weight gain in those athletes who need to "bulk up.

Most athletes will take Creatine in one of two proven ways. They will either go through what is known as a "loading phase," in which they take twenty grams of Creatine for a week followed by taking three to five grams of Creatine for a period of two to three months, or they will skip the loading phase and take anywhere from three to ten grams during a two to three month period. If you are interested in taking Creatine, you can speak to a doctor, nutritionist, or to a knowledgeable sports coach about which method would probably work best for you and be the safest. It is advised that all creatine users take regular breaks, usually of one or two weeks, from using Creatine to avoid developing an increased tolerance to the substance. The longer it is taken, the less effective it becomes.

Most major sports teams and organizations allow the use of Creatine, since it is a natural substance and not comparable to anabolic steroids, which have a very negative effect on the body. However, you will need to check with your sports league, team, or other organization to be sure that Creatine use is considered acceptable. If it is, then you should talk to your doctor before you begin using the substance. He or she will need to perform a health checkup to ensure that it is healthy for you to use Creatine. While you are taking the supplement, regular health monitoring is important in case any adverse side effects (rare) or other complications begin to develop.

Angular Cheilitis: Are You Likely To Contract Angular Cheilits?

Did you know that there are millions of people sentenced to contract Angular Cheilitis and not aware of it? On the opposite side of the spectrum, there are several million people searching for a solution to cure Angular Cheilitis.

One could ask the question, "Who are the people sentenced to contract this dreaded disease?"

In this article we answer that very question. However, to provide an effective answer we must begin by discussing what Angular Cheilitis actually is.

Angular Cheilitis is a skin condition which affects the corners of the mouth and the skin from above the mouth and below it. In the course of time, Angular Cheilitis causes painful sores to appear in the edges of your mouth and below the lips. Once it reaches this stage in the process it has been commonly referred to as mouth ulcers.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Angular Cheilitis is, it is best to describe the categories of individuals prior to contract and suffer from the virus.

Category Number 1 (People Who Have Excessive Sweat)

Did you know that individuals who excessively sweat are highly prone to contract Angular Cheilitis? In most cases these individuals contract the condition by retaining excess sweat and saliva inside the skin folds, near the mouth. Are you one of these individuals?

A quick way to help slow down Angular Cheilitis from forming is to dry out those particular areas with a dry cloth. You should also pay particular attention to your perspiration levels and stay in areas that are cool, if at all possible.

Category Number 2 (Wearers of Dentures)

If you wear denture there is a high probability you are acceptable to Angular Cheilitis. Individuals who have had their teeth extracted and consequentially wear dentures notice that their mouth closes more than necessary. When this happens, the deformation of the skin is likely to occur.

When the skin deforms, cracks near the folds of the mouth typically follow. Where ever cracks and folds develop, moisture is likely to see in, making Angular Cheilitis an unfortunate occurrence.

The situation becomes exasperated if the dentures do not fit well. Excess saliva develops due to the improper fitting of the dentures, increasing the likelihood of the virus to remain longer even while being treated.

Category Number 3 (The Elderly)

The older population is a prime target for the Angular Cheilitis virus. Due to the natural progress of age, the immune system diminishes in strength. For this factor alone, the ability to fight diseases becomes more difficult. In addition, the elderly are generally the ones who use dentures and are at greater risk from suffering from the disease.

Category Number 4 (Infants and Children)

This may come as a shocker to you, but children and infants are highly prone to contract Angular Cheilitis. Due to their age, they are quite sensitive to bacteria and fungi, so they can easily become victims of this condition. To prevent the damages Cheilitis causes, make sure your little one has a balanced diet and lip balm that they can use in cold weather.

Wealth Creation Is The Outcome Of A Simple Step Towards Systematic Investment

Wealth creation out of capital market can be very tough and time consuming task. The people who earn through capital markets have to give too much of time to understand its every aspect. But with mutual funds, investing in capital market has become all the simpler and less risky. If followed systematically it also lead to wealth creation. Systematic investment plan, SIP is being termed as a path to wealth creation due to its feature of disciplined and long term nature. Capital markets are made up of a lot of different investors who participate in it. There are large institutions, such as fund houses, as well as companies, brokers and individual investors. Over the long-term, the financial market can do well but in the short- term, prices fluctuate on many accounts but the basis of fluctuation is quiet similar like fundamental reasons like company news, market sentiment, expectations, rumor or competitor activity.

There are statistical measures and techniques, such as price-earning ratios, which help determine the true value of a stock or bond, but many times in the financial market, rational measures are often disregarded and sentiment can take over.

Deciding when to invest in this environment can be a stressful task. If the market is doing well you may fear that you're buying when prices are too high. By contrast, when the market is falling, there is a relationship to invest due to fears that it may fall further. So what should an investor do to avoid having to make these timing decisions?

Many a times by the time a common investor realize that its time to invest, the market is already at its peak.

The Systematic Investment Plan is not a type of mutual fund. It is a method of investing in a mutual fund. Systematic investment plan is commonly known as SIP. SIP is a good way to invest as it leads to disciplined and regular investment.

When you buy the units of a fund, you may do so when the NAV is really high. For instance, let's say you bought the units of a fund when the market is at its peak, leading to a high NAV. If the market dips after that, the value of your investments falls and you may have to wait for a long while to make a return on your investment. But, if you invest through a SIP, you do not commit the mistake of buying units when the market is at its peak. Since you are buying small amounts continuously, your investment will average out over a period of time. Investing on a regular basis removes the stress of "timing the market" because you are employing the concept of "Rupee Cost Averaging". If you are an investor in mutual funds it means that you buy more units when the purchase price is low and fewer units when the purchase price is high. The trick to all this is to remember that it's not the price you pay for each unit that matters. It's the average price per unit over time that determines your overall return. This will be lower than the cost accrued to lump sum investment.

More over a systematic investment carry certain other benefits for the investors like diversifying the risk. If you are investing regularly then the fluctuation in the market will not give heart ache to the investor as the investment is not done lump sum. The investor spreads out his risk through the path of SIP.

The amount to be invested to get started is very less and there before it is in everyone's reach. Some insist the SIP must be done every month. Others give you the option of investing once in three months or once in six months. Similarly investor can avoid timing the market by withdrawing constant amounts periodically (Systematic Withdrawal Plan), or systematically transferring investment between different schemes (Systematic Transfer Plan).

Would you like to have access to the SIP calculators which are designed to help investors in analyzing different scenarios for automatic investment plan, which include:

Your sip need, your sip amount, sip return. Get the calculator for download on Godmind, s website.

You can put different figures / amount for generating different results and know how secured your financial future would be if you invested 1000 every month starting this month, for the next 20years and you are expecting a return of 20% (I have taken the minimum consideration , some funds give 35% to 50% return for such medium / long term investments) – the total amount that you will be receiving at the end 20 years will be: 2476194.Your total investment for 20 years was 240000.

How to Replace Petrol and Diesel Engine Timing Belts or Chains Easily Without Special Locking Kits

Replacing timing belts or chains can be challenging to replace. Many of these look complicated to replace, especially on 16 valve variants. Many manuals recommend the use of timing lock kits. Most of the time these aren’t needed for timing belt replacement. But are required when the belt has snapped causing internal engine damage.

Before you start it is paramount you establish if the engine has a floating crank pulley. Some ford petrol engines and Renault engines have these, so be aware. And can if not addressed cause catastrophic engine damage.

This is a guide and not vehicle specific so some variations may be found with different vehicles.

So to start. In most cases you will need to get to the timing belt or chain which means you will have to remove the air box, coolant header tank, and engine mount. Followed by the timing cover or casing. Removal of a road wheel, wheel arch liner and engine cover will be necessary.

This is now where the interesting part starts. You will need by my recommendation a brightly coloured marker pen. Then complete the following.

  1. Mark the cam shaft pulley at the top clearly on the front face of toothed recess then along timing belt to the back plate. Also mark top of belt Top. This is a reference for yourself when replacing the new belt.
  2. Mark all other toothed pulleys the same including the crank pulley, irrespective of it being floating or not.
  3. If the engine has a floating crank you need to mark the flywheel the same. Some engines you may need to remove a flywheel cover. This gives you a reference mark when refitting new belt.
  4. Now simply remove belt and replace all guides, adjustment pulley and water pump if leaking or has a worn bearing.
  5. Take the old belt and place alongside the new belt, marking new belt exactly the same as the removed belt. This ensures once replaced all markings will be in exactly the same place from when it was removed. More importantly you will know it’s fitted correctly and the timing will be perfect.
  6. Now refit timing belt and tension observing recommended tension procedures. Some vehicles like Volkswagen Diesel engines are very difficult to fit the new belt. This is easily resolved. Prior to fitting belt leave bottom guide off until the new belt is fitted. Then simply fit the replacement pulley and tension.
  7. Ensure all timing marking are correct. In the case of a floating crank pulley, refit pulley tightly. Then rotate engine two full crank shaft revolutions and check all timing marks match up. Only the pulley markings will marry up showing correct timing. All other markings need to be ignored.
  8. Simply rebuild in reverse order and test drive.

This guide can be used and or interpreted for most vehicles and engine types.

Human Growth Supplements – Side Effects and Benefits of Using Them

Human growth hormones or HGH are naturally produced in the pituitary glands that present inside the brain. These human hormones or HGH are necessary for the proper functioning of the human body. The hormones are mainly responsible for the muscle growth, body metabolism, development of the memory power, and many more.

As a human being reaches thirty, their body tends to produce less hormone and ultimately as they age, the production reduces. Signs of reduction in growth hormones are poor memory power, wrinkles in the skin, slow metabolism, and the like. However, by consuming human growth supplements the body witnesses an increase in the symptoms that normally occur in the reduction of human hormones.

Types of Hormone Supplements

Human growth hormone supplements are not only ideal for those who having decrease in productivity, but also by those who are having deficiency of these growth hormones. While some people, who are suffering from their childhood due to deficiencies of these growth hormones are given these hormonal supplements, others are prescribed to take these hormones because of their desire to look youthful and regain their lost life.

It is crucial that you know the types of growth hormone supplements. They include HGH homeopathic sprays, HGH releasers or pills, and HGH injections.

Side Effects of Using Human Growth Hormones

Since you now know what HGH is and the various forms hormonal supplements come in, you should beware about the side effects of using them. Research has shown that unsupervised or unauthorized use of these hormonal supplements can cause serious health ailments.

Some of them are cardiac relate problems like abnormal heartbeats and feeling nauseated all the time. Patients can also experience headaches, joint pains, muscle aches, and blurred vision. Those of you who are healthy and don’t have any hormonal related problems should be extremely cautious about using these supplements.

That is because you are risking yourself of getting high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart problems. Some men have also developed breasts or gynecomastia due to the use of the growth supplements.

How to Prevent Yourself from the Side Effects

Before you want to utilize growth supplements, please make sure that you consult with your doctor, get the necessary tests done, and then go ahead with your treatment. You might also consider leading a healthy lifestyle and doing regular exercise. That helps in maintaining a healthy body, which is the ultimate aim for anyone.

It can be safely concluded that human growth hormone supplements are beneficial for the body, provided they are consumed under medical supervision. When you have the desire to look youthful, bold, and confident about yourself, then you must make use of human growth supplements today.

List Of High Power Foods For Men

Men have a completely different world of minds as compared to women. Generally we assess men through their physical strength but it is not the only thing one should pay attention to because other factors like immunity, stamina, resistance power against diseases are the main basis on which strength should be measured. In this article let us discuss about some of the foods which men should eat regularly in order to maintain their overall health and fitness and enhance their real strength.

On the outside anyone can look shiny and hot thanks to all these protein shakes and cosmetic products readily available in the market but what is the reason that most men start panting after climbing stairs or walk for a short distance. Smoking and alcohol are not the only things which ruin our health but other things like our diet and lifestyle can be equally hazardous.

Foods For Strength And Vitality

Let us now discuss about some of the best foods for improving our health which should always be part of our daily diet regimen if we want to live a long and healthy life.

Drink Green Tea

Having leafy tea is very beneficial for our system. It naturally contains antioxidants which prevent major illness and also improves the rate of metabolism. Green tea also brings down chances of cancer by preventing the damage of block cells.


One might not like the smell of garlic but it is full of health benefits. Men who just eat 2 chunks of garlic everyday will have a strong immunity system and common diseases like cold and cough would never bother them. It also helps in controlling cholesterol levels and also has antiviral properties.


You will be surprised to know that eating tomato prevents wrinkles. It is also known to have memory boosting properties and is an effective anti-aging remedy. It also contain lycopene which helps in preventing lycopene since it is not bad to add tomato sauce to your food. So next time do not forget to add tomatoes to your salad and food.


There are many benefits of having nuts regularly. They are high in protein content, have high calorific value and are good for your skin health too.

So adding these strong power foods in your diet with proper sleep and exercise will help your body gain overall strength and vitality to fight many common diseases as well as reduce cancers of suffering from major ailments like cancer.

The Growth of SMO

SEO or search engine optimization is a process that helps your content to appear on search engines like Google, Bind, Yahoo and many more. SEO is a process, which can make your websites appear in the search engine results that gets more traffic to your website. SEO is mainly based on keywords. The way you scatter the keywords through your content leads to higher opportunities for your website to appear on various search engine results, if searched with specific keywords. It is said that better the SEO of your website is, better, it creates impact on search engines. Be it any content from article to image, video or podcast, it can appear on the top search results with good SEO done at the background.

A few days earlier, companies thought that SEO is the only way to make their websites appear on the top search results. But These day, with the advent of social media, every business house's prime focus has shifted to the social networking sites. As a result, SEO is replaced by SMO, Social Media Optimization. Be it any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn, there is specific SMO for every site. SMO is basically a method, in which your website content is shared on different social media networks and as a result, your site receives more hits.

Advantages of social media optimization : With more and more people joining different social networking sites, it can be said that social media is the home to the largest web user community. Facebook alone has more than 600 million active users, followed by Twitter with 200 million users. Given below are the advantages of SMO for different businesses:

  • SMO helps your website with more and more traffic.
  • With the help of SMO, you can create a word of mouth for your services and products.
  • Your business website can get additional attention, accessibility, and visibility.
  • SMO increases inbound link rates.
  • It can help your website rank higher on the search engine results.
  • It works to create brand awareness, which can directly affect your sales rate.

Tips for good SMO for your website : Here are some tips for you so that you can use them for your SMO plans.

  • You must be regularly on different social networking sites. Through your social media profiles, you can directly connect with your existing and potential consumers.
  • You must put marking and tagging on your website pages.
  • Ask your web designer to make easy methods of linking.
  • You should post regular updates from different social media platforms.
  • As comments are posted on social media, you should communicate with the users to engage them.
  • Do not forget to blog regularly in order to promote your site.

For more information on SMO or social media optimization tricks, visit .

Hydroxycitric Acid, Bad Science and Liver Failure

Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) is the likely cause of liver damage and liver failure for users of Hydroxycut products. Iovate Health Sciences USA Inc., has voluntarily withdrawn 14 Hydroxycut products from the market after the FDA's announcement May 1, 2009 that it had received 23 reports of users suffering liver damage, some so severe that they required liver transplants. One 19-year-old boy who used Hydroxycut died of liver failure.

The fourteen products now withdrawn are Hydroxycut:

  • Regular Rapid Release Caplets
  • Caffeine-Free Rapid Release Caplets
  • Hardcore Liquid Caplets
  • Max Liquid Caplets
  • Caffeine-Free Drink Packets
  • Hardcore Drink Packets (Ignition Stix)
  • Max Drink Packets
  • Liquid Shots
  • Hardcore RTDs (Ready-to-Drink)
  • Max Aqua Shed
  • 24
  • Carb Control
  • Natural
  • Regular Drink Packets

Iovate marketed the products as weight loss aids, for promoting fluid loss, and as an energy-enhancer and fat burner. Some products were targeted for body-builders who seek to lose fat so their muscles look more "cut," that is, sharply defined.

The inclusion of Hydroxycitric Acid in the product is a story of bad science and bad legislation that has tied the hands of drug safety regulators.

Hydroxycitric Acid is a variant of citric acid found in Garcinia gummi-gutta, a yellowish, pumpkin-shaped fruit native to Indonesia. Its extract and rind are used Indian traditional medicine, and as a curry condiment. Early studies with rats showed Hydroxycitric Acid had an impressive ability to ability to block the conversion of carbohydrates into fat while also suppressing appetite.

If it works for rats, it must work for humans, and so the supplement manufacturers added it to their products. They failed to take the most basic steps that the FDA requires for prescription drugs, clinical trials to demonstrate both safety and efficacy in human animals.

Other researchers did their homework. A report in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1998 reported that, tested against a placebo, an inert substance, HCA did not produce any more weight loss than the placebo. A study in 2000 showed that HCA did not have any effect on reducing hunger or increasing satiety, the feeling of fullness.

Works for rats. Does not for humans. The supplement manufacturers left HCA in their products, and they did not change their claims.

In 2005 the Annals of Internal Medicine reported two cases of liver damage from use of Hydroxycut products containing HCA. From then on, more reports continued to show up in the medical literature linking dietary supplements containing Hydroxycitric Acid to sever liver damage.

Safe for rats. Dangerous for humans. The supplement manufacturers left it in their products, and did not change their claims.

The FDA's hands were tied. Since the passage of the Hatch-Harkin Act in 1994, their involvement in dietary supplements, a $ 24 billion-dollar business in the US, the FDA has no regulatory authority over supplements coming to market. It can not review require human testing for safety and efficacy-the very actions the agency processes routinely with all prescription medications. The agency can only spot-check manufacturers, and monitor products once they are on the shelves.

They followed the reports, and in May they did what the law permits. They announced the reports of 23 cases of liver damage, including one death. They sent a "dear doctor" letter to healthcare providers across the country, in which they called Hydroxycut products a serious public health risk.

The FDA had solid science and the facts on its side. Iovate withdrew their products from the market.

People who have used Hydroxycut products and have experienced symptoms that believe are related to its use should consult their health care provider as soon as possible.

Natural Blackhead Cures You Can Start Using Today

Blackheads and Acne are formed when trapped oil and dead skin cells block pores. Blackheads appear when the oil and dirt within these blocked pores is exposed to air. Blackheads are often the start of worse acne, but with some easy skincare and diet changes can easily be cured.

The great thing about treating blackheads is that natural cures are effective, inexpensive and easy to implement. These cures can be used on face or body acne, and are all natural.

Low GI diets can improve acne by around 50 percent. Foods such as fruit and vegetables, oats, whole grain cuts and avoiding highly processed foods is a good start.

– Apply fresh garlic to pimples. Check for sensitivity first, but ongoing use should less the severity and amount of pimples.

– Make a paste of Fenugreek leaves and apply to the face nightly leaving for 10-15 minutes. Wash the face afterwards with warm water, this treatment will help prevent pimples and is also good for preventing signs of aging.

– An equal portion of lime juice and rosewater applied directly to the affected area is another great remedy. Use lukewarm water to rinse after 20-30 minutes.

– Make a facial scrub using salt and vinegar. Test for skin sensitivity prior to use. Make a paste and gently exfoliate areas affected by acne. Rinse well with lukewarm water after use.

– Wheat grass juice may be affective in treating acne when combined with other treatments. Wheat grass is known for it's cleansing and cell regeneration properties.

While not all natural treatments will suit all people, there are hundreds more ways that acne can be cured without expensive chemicals and creams.

5 Tips to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

Dieting and weight loss has to be one of the most difficult things that most people will ever. Just knowing you are going to eat less calories during the day makes most people nervous and often times even makes them hungrier. A sad fact is that when you tell someone that they cannot have something it will make them want it even more. So here in this article I am going to present a few mental tips that will make your weight loss that much easier.

Tip Number One

One of the problems with dieting is that most people look at and focus on everything that they cannot eat. Instead of doing this you should be looking at and thinking all the good and tasty food that you will be eating throughout the day. It’s almost like looking at a glass as half full as opposed to half empty.

Tip Number Two

In order to make your diet work you need to eat a large variety of healthy foods. Each meal that you eat should contain a leading source of protein, lots of vegetables and even a little bit of a healthy fat. Make sure that you are eating foods that you enjoy.

Tip Number Three

Set realistic goals. Most people doom themselves from the start by setting a goal like losing 30 pounds in 30 days. It would be much healthier both mentally and physically if you accept the fact that is best for you to lose weight in small increments. Realistically most people are able to lose approximately 1 to 2 pounds a week without much difficulty. Setting this as your goal and as your expectation can often times make the difference between success and failure.

Tip Number Four

Try to perform some type of cardiovascular activity each and every day. Be sure to choose activities that you enjoy. Personally I enjoyed bike riding. So the majority of my cardio exercise consists of either bike riding outside or riding a stationary bike inside the house while watching my favorite television show.

Tip Number Five

When you were doing your cardiovascular exercise make sure that you were working at and intensity level that will burn fat. For the majority of people this would be at 60 to 65% of your maximum heart rate.

So there you have it five quick tips to keep your weight loss goals.