My Uncensored Opinions on Self-Hypnosis (and Nintendo)

The way I sell self-hypnosis to people is that it's a powerful mind-training tool. It creates the same benefits as meditation, only it's easier to learn. Whether mindfulness is your thing or not, that's okay – self-hypnosis will still work for you.

People have used it to beat smoking and insomnia, overcome heartbreak, delete bad habits and install better ones.

I've used it to become calmer, happier, more focused, more productive, braver, healthier, more present, more creative and probably a hundred other things I'm forgetting.

So I'm not lying when I say it's one of the best self-improvement tools out there. I eat my own dog food with this one.

But that's not why I do it. Yes, I'm a self-improvement junkie but, if I'm being honest, I'd do it even without those benefits.

I might even do it if it were bad for me.

For me, the main benefit of self-hypnosis is that it's fun.

It's the exact same model of fun that makes Nintendo such a wealthy and beloved company.

Think about the big hitters that sit in Nintendo's corner. Mario, Zelda and Pokémon are quite different franchises, but they have a common thread.

The plot in almost every Mario game is a wafer-thin, save-the-princess ball of clichés. But ow does Mario save the princess? By exploring unique, beautiful and surreal worlds and defeating mighty enemies.

He gathers treasure, too, but not for any material reasons. One hundred coins earn him a new life and, apart from extending his journey, they have no intrinsic value.

The Zelda games have equally weak plots: the chosen one fights the evil guy. Each game is the same. But how does Link beat Ganon? By exploring unique, beautiful and … surreal worlds …?

Hmm, that sounds familiar …

There's a lot to explore and many treasures lying off the road. But every treasure, even the largest wallets, serve no purpose but to allow you to advance in your quest.

None of the treasure in Link's world turns into luxury items, exotic holidays or hedonic distractions.

With Pokémon, you explore the world with unique, beautiful and surreal creatures. If you want, you can explore every corner of the map, hunting for the most exotic monsters. But do you sell them? No, you collect them or grow stronger by fighting them.

Exploration makes these games so fun.

It's the same thing that makes self-hypnosis so addictive. Your head is full of unique, beautiful and surreal things. It's a landscape no different from Hyrule or the Mushroom Kingdom.

You carry a world of treasure with you, even if you can not spend a cent of it.

And you become stronger by investing your treasures and facing down your challenges.

It's a great way to spend an afternoon. What else could compare to mind training that's as fun as the best video games?

Power Tools & Essentials For Homeowners

There are so many tools in the market, that it can be difficult to decide which are essential and which are optional. But whether you're a seasoned worker or a new homeowner, there are certain essentials most craftsmen need in order to perform routine jobs around the house.

– Hammers
Most people have a hammer in their homes, that can push nails into and remove them from any surface. There are several types of hammers on the market, such as ones with a smooth face or others with a curled claw. Hammers also vary in weight and can be as light as sixteen ounces or lower.

– Screwdrivers
A household should also have several screwdrivers. There are some screwdrivers, which allow the worker to switch quickly between the straight slot and a standard Phillips-head.

– Tape Measure
A tape measure is also very important when trying to do-it-yourself jobs. Many prefer a 25 foot tape measure that is at least one inch wide. A tape measure will ensure that your materials are cut accurately.

– Utility Knife
Another essential is the utility knife, which can be very inexpensive but can be used regularly. A knife with a retractable blade is always better. The owner of a utility knife should change the blades regularly due to dull blades can cause injuries and produce poor results.

– Pliers & Wrenches
Slip joint pliers are also very important. A socket wrench set is also very helpful and will make tightening and loosing nuts and bolts easier. The wrenches vary based on size so it is important to purchase a set or wrenches to be equipped to handle various jobs. Although all of these tools are very import, there are other more powerful tools which are essential for most homeowners.

– Power Drill
Most find use in a good power drill, which can drill holes and push screws through walls and materials faster than an average hand tool. Power drills come with various options. For example, there are power drills which come corded and others that are cordless. Most prefer cordless power drills with rechargeable batteries.

– Circular Saw
Another important basic is the circular saw, which can be used for cutting lumber or plywood. Some choose to buy a cheap saw, but these saws are often not powerful enough to tackle certain jobs. A powerful circular saw can usually cut through dense material.

– Levels
Many choose to purchase a level, which will ensure that your job is perfectly vertical or horizontal, depending on your desired outcome. This is especially important if you are doing some remodeling. You can store many levels in a tool box. Make sure you understand how a level works before trying any jobs using a level.

– Stud Finder
A stud finder can be used, especially if you are working with dry wall. There are some basic, battery-operated stud finders that are reliable with drywall wall and ceilings. On thicker plaster walls, you may want to use a stud finder that is a bit stronger and can detect the nails used to secure wood lath to studs.

There are several tools that are essential for those trying to do-it-yourself projects. But before you operate any power tool, make sure you read the directions thoroughly and understand how to operate the implementation. Safety is a must when using powerful machinery. When you use power tools make sure you use eye protection that extends over the entire eye area.

Special Features Of The Customized Nail Polish Boxes

Are you looking for a fantastic packaging to showcase your manicure collections? If yes, start using customized polish boxes, it would certainly satisfy your desire. These boxes are specially crafted; With them, nail polish manufacturing companies can personalize their nail care and color range products easily. One beautiful thing about these boxes also is that you can actually have any shape and sizes that you want. The materials used in crafting the nail polish boxes are sturdy and flexible, making it easier for experts to achieve their desired result of creating a fantastic packaging faster. If you actually have a particular design in mind, all you need to do is to brief the graphics team of any professional printing company. With your little contribution, they can come up with innovative templates’ design that you would suit your product.

Many companies in the cosmetics industry have truly benefited from using the customized nail polish boxes; they use it to package as well as display their products conveniently. They have boxes with special customization like; nail polish boxes for summer, manicure, pedicure, and beach. When you want to create packaging for your product, ensure that you use the one that is attractive and unique. What I mean here is that the material of these boxes, colors, and shape should all be perfectly suited to the product. All these qualities, makes your packaging special; so adopting them wisely will do your products some good. When choosing your packaging style for your nail boxes, use colors that are not too conflicting. For example, if your product’s bottle are pink in color, you can use boxes that have pink colors as well or colors that not too odd for the product.

Another customized option for your nail polish boxes is to add windows. Use them extensively, especially when the product’s design are catchy as well. The window in the boxes, makes it possible for you to showcase your products with style. You do not need to take your product out from their packaging before customers can see them. Customers generally find these windows in boxes very interesting. With it, they can easily choose the type of product that they want. Nail polishes are very common with almost every age group. When it comes to choosing the right brand and color, it will surprise you that packaging affects people’s decision. Getting alluring nail polish boxes for your brand has the capacity to compel your target audience into buying your exclusive nail colors. This is true because people judge your product based on the quality of your packaging. You can add your company’s logo, brand’s name and other important information to your boxes. This will also make your customers recall your brand easily.

You can get numerous customization options for your nail polish boxes. If you want them deigned faster and with great quality, get experts to do that for you.

Drug Management For Chronic Pain Can Affect a Person’s Mental Health

Chronic pain management often consists of a protocol of “drug management”. Many adverse effects result from not monitoring how the drugs affect the patient.

Chronic pain complaints can be low back pain, sciatica, RSD, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis pain and psychogenic pain ( pain not resulting from any past disease or injury). The essence of the diagnosis is to treat the patient as best can since the symptom has now become the diagnosis.

Unless the treating physician is well versed in treating chronic pain patients one of the most used methodologies for treatment is simply to prescribe pharmaceutical products and anticipate positive results. The training of most physicians is to take acute pain situations such as muscle sprains, strains, bruises, broken bones, post surgical pain and prescribe anti-inflammatories, anti-histamines, and pain medications until the underlying pain problem heals or the disease process is over. The normal process of dealing with pain is the pain is caused by disease or injury and is residual to the disease/injury. The pain is a necessary and wanted symptom to alert the patient to the injury or sign of disease.

Patients that repeatedly present with pain complaints are often treated initially as acute pain patients anticipating the above treatment protocol will work. When it doesn’t work then the physician prescribes more pain medications, elevates the narcotic level, increases the dosage, or uses combinations of medications to make the patient comfortable. Often what is not being monitored is how the medications are affecting the patient’s mental health.

Does the patient become agitated or is quickly upset? Is the patient sleeping for longer time periods and wakes up tired or lethargic? Does the patient show a change of personality and becomes less trusting and defensive? Is the patient showing signs of depression?

It is common for patient behavior to change and often not due to the underlying diagnosis of pain, but to the drug treatment regimen which is compounding the total issues adversely affecting the patient.

The chronic pain patient has a layering of pain issues that stand on their own merit and need to be understood as what they are, the layers of being in chronic pain. Pain medications are merely one set of tools to be used but they must be used with extreme caution to the overall health of the chronic pain patient.

Healthy Fruits And Their Health Benefits

Health benefits of eating fruits are exceptional for perfect health. They are an excellent source of natural vitamins and minerals which are needed by your body for proper functioning. Nutritionists recommend inclusion of dietary fiber in your daily diets and fruits are the best source of gut-friendly fiber. It keeps your digestion and vent system work properly and protects from ailments like constipation, gastritis etc.

We know very well, the human body is knowledgeable construction and several disparate convoluted reactions takes place in every fraction of the moment. Today, everyone has a busy lifestyle due to that reason most of the people’s eating pattern become arranged with preservatives and processed foods, that are not only lacking imperative nutrients but can also responsible for the birth of noxious disease in the human body. When your body shows any health disorders or it falls ill, these kinds of concerns are recover or treated with a healthy diet which can be easily gained by eating various nutritious fruits.

Many fruits are also an excellent source of antioxidants. They help you fight free radicals which can protect you from many diseases. Many studies recommend that eating a diet rich in flavonoids can lower the risk of heart disease by a surprise 65 percent. Antioxidants may also help you improve the health and quality of your skin and hair.

Health benefits of fruits:

Fruits are absolutely cholesterol free

They are low in sodium and calories

Rich in potassium, Vitamin C, Folate

Dietary fiber in fruits helps reduce cholesterol and lowers risk of heart ailments

Fruits are also an excellent source of antioxidants

Our body digests fruits effortlessly and provides an instant supply of energy in the very short interval of time, it is considered a prime benefit of fruits that one can take advantage of busy schedules. Therefore, sports person, gymnastics, pregnant women and sick patients are mostly guided by doctors to add fruits to their balanced diet for the incessant supply of energy which required by the body in a natural manner.

Almost, every species of fruits have the spacious nutritional profile but you know, type and quantity of nutrients vary with the selection of different fruits in your diet. The nutrients in fruit are censorious for health and maintenance of your body. The potassium in fruit can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Potassium may also decline the risk of developing kidney stones and help to decrease bone loss as you age.

The comfort of fruit for your hair health can be enjoyed through hair masks. Melon and banana hair masks are endorsed by many beauty professionals for hair care at home. You can also make a paste of lemon juice and aloe vera and apply it to your hair. Keep the paste on for approximately minutes and then exhaustively wash your hair with mild shampoo. These packs not only improve hair quality but also terminate scalp disorders like dandruff and itching.

Best way to consume fruits is to eat them raw and when they are ripe. Avoid cooking fruits as all the nutrients will be lost. Eating a diet rich in fruits may protect you from certain kinds of cancer. FODMAPs are found in dairy, wheat, garlic, onions, beans, some fruits, artificial sweeteners, and other foods. And some people simply aren’t able to digest them very well.

Small Businesses Filing Amended Federal Tax Returns to Recover Money

Small Businesses Filing Amended Federal Tax Returns to Recover Money

By Darren Oliver

April 15th may be gone but but certainly not forgotten – especially if you, like millions of small businesses, unknowingly overpaid your federal taxes and can recover money by filing an amended return.

According to the IRS tax code, you have three years from the filing date for the tax year in question to file an amended return. For example, if returns for the 2003 tax year were filed on March 1, 2004, the taxpayer has until March 1, 2007 to file an amended return. This same rule also applies if the taxpayer fees that they have made errors resulting in a balance.

Most business owners either prepare their business taxes themselves or have a tax preparer or accountant do them. With either method, the tax liability can be calculated as higher than it actually is because of missed obligations, unrecognized changes in tax laws or just plain being given bad advice.

There are a number of applicable deductions which many tax preparers often miss from home office deductions to self-employed health insurance to personal assets converted to business use. Although some deductions may seem minor, over an entire year, they can add up to thousands of dollars.

Another area, which causes many businesses to overpay, is being given incorrect advice by their tax preparer or even the IRS directly. In a poll performed by Money Magazine, the average tax preparation produces an average of 480 returns between February 1 and April 15, making it difficult for each return to get the time and attention it describes. This same poll also found there was an average discrepancy of 300% between what the tax preparers said was due and what was actually due.

Furthermore, in the IRS's 2001 assessment of their own call centers, they found that 50% of the time, their representatives cave incorrect or insufficient advice. Whether a business owner does their taxes themselves and had to call the IRS for clarification on an issue or a CPA did, odds are the answer was not correct.

The United States tax law is one of the most complex in the world. Not to mention, tax laws change every year and have changed tremendously in the last couple of years. Even the best tax preparer, CPA or even IRS representative can, like all humans do, easily make a mistake.

In 2002 alone, 3.3 million taxpayers filed an amended return. Samuel Rowley, owner of Muffler Masters in Colorado, was able to recover $ 14,500 through the filing of an amended return when it was found that he overpaid FICA and payroll taxes. Another small business owner, Karen McClafflin, owner of home-based Secret Canyon Realty, was able to recover $ 11,000 when her tax prepared failed to include home office and automobile discounts in her past returns.

Why is it that when faced with a life-threatening surgery a second opinion is immediately bought after but when trusting thousands or millions of dollars to an individual or entity, it's done without question? Businesses must get a second opinion, whether it is done before or after the return is filed, to ensure they are not overpaying or simply to ensure their returns are accurate in all aspects. If not, they could be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

Diagnosis of Heart Disorders

We can diagnose the heart problems / disorders / diseases with several developed, advanced imaging techniques.

Combination of several methods and procedures are used to diagnose the heart disorders.

1) ECG (Electro Cardiogram):

Electrocardiogram is a test measures the electrical activity of the heart. This signals that makes the heart's muscle fibers contract come from the sinoatrial node, which is the natural pace maker of the heart. In an ECG test, the electrical impulses made while the heart is beating are recorded and shown on a piece of paper. This is known as an electrocardiogram and records any problems with the heart's rhythm, and the conduct of the heart beat through the heart, which may be affected by underlining heart disease.

2) Echocardiography:

Echocardiography is a procedure that uses ultrasonic waves directed over the chest wall to obtain a graphic record of the heart's position, motion of the walls, or internal parts such as the valves.

3) Angiogram:

An angiogram is an x-ray exam that allows a doctor to see your blood vessels and the flow of blood to your heart. It shows the degree of blockage in your arms, how well your heart is pumping and whether or not your heart valves open and close properly. During an angiogram procedure, a special dye is injected into the blood vessels so they can be seen on x-ray film. An angiogram can help your doctor make a proper diagnosis and suggest treatment for heart disease.

4) Coronary 64- slice CT scan:

A CT scan is a safe and effective procedure.

A CT scan technologist will escort you into the CT scanning room in your Radiology department, where you will see a table and a large, donut-shaped device called a gantry. The technologist will have you lie down on the padded table and make sure that you are comfortable. You will be asked to lie very still during the scan and hold your breath for a brief time to minimize any body movement. You will receive an injection of fluid contrast to outline the coronary arteries and structures so the doctors can better view your heart and coronary system. During the scan you may hear a humming noise but you will not feel anything unusual. You may feel the table move while images are being taken at certain locations of your body. The technologist will be monitoring you during the entire exam through a window and can communicate with you via an intercom. The actual scan portion of the exam will take just a few seconds.

The 64-slice CT scanner, in a fraction of second, produces 64 images per rotation, a speed at which an accurate scan of your heart may be performed in approximately 5 seconds. This means new diagnostic power in diagnosing patients with chest pain and ruling out blockages. This CT scanner offers the ability to provide a compressive view of the coronary arteries in 5 heartbeats.

Choosing the Best Warts Treatment for You

Choosing the Best Wart Treatment for You

Picking the best wart treatment for you does not have to be very much of a challenge. And you do not have to give up and choose to live with warts on your skin. Different kinds of warts can appear on different parts of the skin and these warts mostly derive their names from the parts of the skin on which they appear. There are genital warts which appear on the genitals, facial warts which appear on the face, plantar warts which appear on the soles of the feet, filiform warts which appear around the mouth or nose and sometimes, on the neck or under the chin and Palmer warts which appear on the hand. Every one of these warts is caused by a strain of the human papillomavirus commonly called HPV. They can usually be contracted by direct contact with people who have these warts or direct contact with places that have been in direct contact with infected people. The good news, however, is that these warts can mostly be rated as easily as they come.

General Wart Treatments You Can Choose From

There are lots of simple wart treatments to choose from. You simply need to determine which one of these is the best wart treatment for you based on factors such as the kind of wart you have, how effective a particular treatment has been or any other medical condition you might have. Some doctors say that the best wart treatment is no treatment at all because the immune system, under normal circumstances, can fight and cause them to clear out on their own. However, if they are painful and unsightly and you choose to treat them, here are a few general methods you can choose from.

  1. Use pineapple: The natural acids and enzymes present in pineapple qualify it as one of the best wart treatments available. Just apply fresh pineapple directly on the wart as many times a day as you can until the warts are eliminated.
  2. Use baking powder: Simply mix baking powder with castor oil to achieve a thick paste. Apply this paste to the wart and cover with a bandage. Do this repeatedly till you see results.
  3. Use Aloe Vera: Warts generally hate acids and Aloe Vera contains malic acid. Simply apply the inner gel of an Aloe Vera plant to the wart and cover with a bandage. Leave this through the night and remove in the morning. Repeat the process for as long as it takes to eliminate warts.
  4. Use your urine: The acid content of urine has proved to be very effective in the treatment of warts. Simply soak a cotton swab with your urine and place it on the wart. Hold this in place with a tape or bandage and leave it on for the whole day before taking it out. Repeat the process until you achieve positive results.
  5. Use apple cider vinegar: This is the best wart treatment you can try at home. Soak a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and use a bandage or tape to hold it in place against the wart. Leave on for twenty-four hours before taking it out. Do this daily until warts fall out.
  6. Use vitamin C: Grind a few vitamin C tablets and mix with water to achieve a paste. Apply this mixture to your wart and cover it with a bandage. Repeat this process daily and it will only take a short while for warts to disappear.
  7. Use salicylic acid: This is an over-the-counter treatment and is one of the best wart treatments available. It usually comes in liquid form or as a patch. With this treatment, just soak the wart affected area in water for fifteen or twenty minutes to make the skin on the area soft. After this, file the wart with an emery board and then apply the salicylic acid. Repeat this process until warts die out. Remember to throw the used emery board away after use to avoid infecting others or re-infecting yourself.
  8. Use tea tree oil: This is one of the best wart treatments available and more so because it is very easy to use. All you need to do is apply a few drops of the oil on the wart continuously for a few days and look forward to the elimination of warts.
  9. Get a surgery: This can be the best wart treatment for people with tough cases of warts. There are a number of surgeries which a person can undergo for the treatment of warts. This would usually be recommended by a doctor in cases of warts that do not disappear on their own for several years, warts that defy other treatments, extremely painful warts and warts that keep coming back even after treatments. This method usually comes as a last resort.

The above-mentioned wart treatment methods are among the best wart treatments available and have been very effective in the treatment of warts for many people. These treatments can generally be used to eliminate warts on most parts of the skin. As earlier said, however, you should determine which treatment is best for you based on factors such as the type of wart you have, the effectiveness of the treatment you choose and any medical condition you might have. Be conscious of the pros and cons of any treatment you choose so as to be sure which is the best wart treatment for you. Learn all you can about any treatment method you choose to be sure that it is what your skin needs.

If your warts are on your face, a very delicate part of the body, you should avoid a surgery to avoid scars without it is absolutely required. You should also be careful with the use of very acidic wart remedies to avoid experiencing a burn. People who have broken or bleeding skin should not use remedies such as the tea tree oil as it can cause irritations. People with sensitive skin should mix the tea tree oil, if they choose this remedy, with a gentle oil like olive oil.

If you are diabetic, you should check with your doctor to help you choose the best wart treatment for you as some treatments may be unsuitable and sometimes ineffective for diabetics. Also, if you have a weak immune system or a condition like peripheral arterial disease, you should consult your doctor to work with you in choosing the best wart treatment so as to avoid infections.

If you have a case of stubborn warts that keep recording, your doctor may have to prescribe more aggressive methods of treating your warts. If your warts cover a large area of ​​skin, then the best wart treatment for you may be one such as the use of salicylic acid instead of more painful methods that could result in scars.

You should also be careful about the treatment you choose if you are pregnant. Typically, it is advisable that you do not self-medicate during pregnancy. Your doctor is in the position to pick the best wart treatment for you especially if the warts are in an area like the vagina and are very large or tend to grow during the pregnancy.

Finally, consider the cost of treatment. How much money you can afford can sometimes be the determiner of the best wart treatment for you. If you want less expensive wart treatment methods then you might want to consider using home remedies which are usually cheaper and can be as effective as doctors' treatments although they take longer to produce results.

Introduction To Types Of Small Business Finance

The best to place to start looking for small business finance is with the SBA. They have all kinds of financial assistance and grant programs for small business owners. Assuming there’s a need for financing from the commercial market outside of the SBA’s purview, outlined herein are a few basics about the options available to small business owners.

The most basic question that the business owner needs to ponder over is whether to opt for debt financing or equity financing. Each has its pros and cons and further sub-divisions in terms of types of financing. Which one is more suitable depends on factors such as the type of business, its age, cash flow and the credit rating and history of the owner.

Debt finance can be a loan, bond or line of credit from a bank or other lenders, or even a simple IOU. It is usually the best option when the business project is very specific and has a well defined timeline. The borrower needs to put up something as collateral as a form of security.

The owner’s credit rating and history will have a big impact on the ability to secure small business financing. The business also has to have a good enough cash flow (or projected cash flow) in order to meet the repayment schedule. It is important for the owner to do some business planning to figure out a feasible repayment period based on cash flow.

With equity financing, the owner offers the investor part ownership in return for cash. It has certain disadvantages such as loss of control, since the investor would like to a part of the decision making process. But unlike small business loans, equity investments don’t need to be paid back with interest, so it makes it easier to run the business.

The equity option is feasible for broad and long-term financing needs which have no specific and immediate timelines for an ROI. To be noted that equity investors seek higher returns, even if it is after a relatively longer delay. The owner is not likely to regain full control in the short-term and probably not even in the long term.

Equity investment can in the form of individual investments made on a personal basis by the owner, friends, family, colleagues or angel investors. It could be funding provided by a venture capital firm. Equity financing is more focused on the success potential of the project and does not require the kind of guarantees or collateral required for debt financing.

As mentioned above, the decision on debt vs. Equity will depend on the type of business, its current situation and the owner’s credibility. Too much debt is not good for the business, and neither is losing control entirely to equity investors. The right balance needs to be found, and this debt-equity ratio is different for different kinds of industries.

On a related note, it helps to have more options on how to use it to maximize the impact of the financing on the business. For instance, instead of purchasing equipment outright, it might be beneficial to consider equipment leasing finance. There are many more such things that need to be considered, and it is best to consult a lawyer or trusted banker for more information regarding suitable options for small business finance.

Force Factor Nitric Oxide Is One of the Best Nitric Oxide Supplements Available

The Force Factor nitric oxide supplement will give your system a huge boost, giving you a significantly better circulation, heart health, greater muscle mass, endurance, power, and better overall health! This is one of the best nitric oxide supplements you can find, and provides you with natural increase in oxygen flow through vasodilation.

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a naturally occurring chemical compound which has been found to increase blood circulation and enhance muscular structure through a process known as vasodilation, which increases oxygen delivery. Dr. Louis Ignarro, 1998 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine, claims it may even provide heart protection.

During the process of vasodilation, NO helps move oxygen into your muscles when and where they need it most, initiating strong muscle growth, strength gains and ripped pumps. Nitric oxide supplementation also naturally aids in sexual performance, as increased oxygen flow occurs all over the body as a result of vasodilation. Also, higher levels of nitric oxide have been found to increase immune response and healing of wounds.

In other words, even the low doses of nitric oxide that your body naturally produces have great impacts on your overall health, from muscular growth to healthy blood flow. With its L-arginine additive helping to fuel Force Factor's impact, you will see results that men for years searched for, while using illegal steroids. Now you can utilize a natural, legal product, and see only positive results as you strength train.

Athletes, listen up! Here is your opportunity to safely, legally, ideally gain muscle mass while boosting all sorts of good things in your body. Even non-athletes who want to adhere to a fitness regimen can, of course, benefit from Force Factor's amazing transformative power.

Benefits Of Force Factor

Proven benefits of Force Factor nitric oxide include:

• Significant Muscle Mass Increase
• Better Blood Flow and Oxygen Delivery to Muscles
• Transformation Of Your Body
• Greater Strength, Endurance and Power
• Improved Immune System and Overall Health

According to both scientists and those who've been using it in strength training, nitric oxide is certainly the most powerful weapon in aid of natural muscle growth, incredible strength gains and well-defined muscle groups. No more do athletes who want to power up have to turn to dangerous steroidal drugs that build muscle growth but sap heart and hormonal health.

The reason we need NO supplements like Force Factor, is that although nitric oxide is naturally occurring in your body, it does not produce quite enough-or we'd all be walking around looking like we were 20 years old again. Luckily, scientists have developed special blends of amino acids which cause increased levels of NO in the body. A few companies are starting to offer free trials of their products.

NO is a naturally-occurring compound that helps us build strength, gain muscle, protect our immune systems and promote effective cardiovascular function. It gives the ultimate boost to our overall health. Why would you not want to take a nitric oxide booster?

This nitric oxide booster is made in 100% pure nutritional supplements, and is safe and ready for general consumption. Are you ready for the extraordinary changes presented by a newer, healthier, and stronger body?

Breathe Easier, Feel Stronger

In the age of smoggy cities and bad indoor air quality, taking a product that acts as a vasodilator is like wearing an internal oxygen mask. It sounds strange to say, but it's true-imagine getting in the best shape of your life and feeling like you just walked out of an oxygen bar!

Force Factor nitric oxide supplement is here because men like you are sick of taking several different supplements to realize what this one product will deliver. The need was there, we heard the call, and now you can have an almost unimaginable increase in overall health as you train for professional sports, or for your own fitness plan.

Only the best nitric oxide supplements can deliver what Force Factor can-a cornucopia of health benefits heretofore unseen in the strength training and conditioning world. Unlike the nightmare of steroids, or combining all sorts of possibly dangerous contraindicative drugs, Force Factor utilizes a naturally-occurring substance to produce better circulation, immune system, muscle power, and oxygen delivery to literally transform your body for the better.

Let Force Factor be your fitness guide to not only better muscular performance and endurance, but better heart health, oxygenation, and a feeling of youthful vitality and strength – without the negative effects of the steroids and supplements of the past.

The Science Of Phobias

Here's how phobias work.

There are two parts to your mind – one that thinks, and one that feels.

The thinking part is the conscious, rational mind that you are using now as you read this.

The feeling part is the unconscious, emotional mind. It takes care of automatic tasks like regulating the heart, controlling pain and managing our instincts.

It's the unconscious mind that is programmed to act instinctively in times of danger. It reacts very fast – making you run or fight – rather than allowing your thinking mind to philosophize while you are attacked by a tiger. This has great survival value.

The unconscious mind is also a very fast learner. The same emergency route that can bypass the rational mind in times of danger can also stamp strong emotional experiences (traumatic ones) in the unconscious mind. This makes evolutionary sense – it ensures that we have vivid imprints of the things that threaten us.

And just as we have two minds, so we have two memory systems: one for the facts and one for the emotions that may or may not go with those facts.

Sometimes, when a person experiences a very traumatic event, the highly emotional memory of the event becomes trapped – locked in the emotional brain – in an area called the amygdala which is the emotional storehouse. There is no chance for the rational mind to process it and save it as an ordinary, non-threatening memory in actual storage (in the hippocampus). Like the memory of what you did last weekend.

Instead, the emotional brain holds onto this unprocessed reaction pattern because it thinks it needs it for survival. And it will trigger it whenever you encounter a situation or object that is anything like the original trauma. It does not have to be a precise match.

This is pure survival again. You only need to see part of a tiger through the bushses for the fear reaction to kick in again – for the "fight or flight" response to trigger – you do not have to wait until you see the whole tiger or identify it exactly as the tiger that attacked you before. In fact, it probably only has to be something orange and black moving through the bushes. This is why the pattern matching process is necessary approximate, or sloppy. You err on the side of safety. You do not have to have all the details to know if something is dangerous.

This is the basis of a phobia: a fear response attached to something that was present in the original trauma. The response is terror, shaking, sweating, heart pounding etc. And because of the sloppy pattern-matching it can get stuck to literally anything – animal, mineral or vegetable. It may not even be glued to the thing that caused the trauma. So a child attacked in a pram by a dog may develop a phobia of prams rather than dogs.

It is because phobias are created in this way, by our natural psycho-neurology, that they are so common. It's the way we are wired. Approximately 10% of people have a phobia. It's a very human thing. And it's probably because they are created by the unconscious mind that they seem so irrational. Of course they are – the rational thinking brain has not had a chance to go to work on them.

Many traditional phobia treatments, including drugs, attempt to deal with the phobia by calming things down after this response pattern has triggered. They treat the symptoms, not the cause.

To treat the cause, this trapped traumatic memory has to be turned into, and saved as, an ordinary unemotional memory of a past event. The emotional tag, the terror response, needs to be unstuck from that object or situation.

This is exactly what a remarkable therapy called the Fast Phobia Cure does. It allows the phobia sufferer to review the tragic event or memory from a calm and dissociated, or disconnected, state. The rational mind can then do its work in turning the memory into an ordinary, neutral, non-threatening one. And store it in actual memory where it should have been to start with. This happens very quickly because the mind learns fast. It learns the fear response quickly and it learns (or relearns) the neutral response just as quickly. And when that happens the phobia is gone.

Sleepless Nights? Tips to Beat Insomnia and Sleep Better

Sleep is just as important for our health as is fitness and nutrition, according to the Sleep Health Foundation. But you are not alone if you are having difficulties with insomnia – research by the Sleep Health Foundation in 2010 using 1512 people (males and females, of different ages, and from different locations in Australia) found that 20% of respondents had frequent difficulty falling asleep, and 35% reported frequent waking during the night.

Sleep problems are quite common, but there are some things you can do to help. Here are three:

1) Challenge myths about sleep.

Your beliefs about sleep can either help you or get in the way of a good night’s sleep. It is important to rethink some of those unhelpful beliefs, as this can produce a real change in your sleep quality. We’ve listed some of the more common myths and the truth about these below:

Myth 1 – “I need 8 hours of sleep per night”

Eight hours is only an average. Some people can function well with less and some people need more.

Myth 2 – “Napping is not a good idea”

Naps can actually be quite beneficial provided they are short (typically less than 20-30 minutes) and not too close to your normal sleep time.

Myth 3 – “A good sleep is one where I sleep solidly throughout the night”

In fact, there we typically have sleep cycles of approximately 90 minutes’ duration, and we can move through up to 4 stages of sleep in each cycle, ranging from light sleep (even brief awakenings that we might not remember) to deep sleep.

Myth 4 – “Successful people don’t need much sleep”

You may have heard that famous people like Leonardo Da Vinci or Winston Churchill didn’t need much sleep. In reality, it isn’t as simple as that. Some people naturally need less sleep. Furthermore, some famous people took catnaps, while others would sleep for long periods of time when the pace of work was slower.

Myth 5 – “Dark rings under my eyes are caused by lack of sleep”

Dark rings can often be caused by food allergies or other factors.

Myth 6 – “Alcohol helps me to sleep”

Alcohol may help sleep onset if it is taken early enough in the evening, but later on, as it is being processed by the body, it can actually decrease the likelihood for a person to enter the deeper, more restorative, stages of sleep.

2) Improve your “sleep hygiene”.

Engaging in healthy habits associated with your sleep can make a difference to the quality and length of your sleep. Most of these habits are common sense, but it can be helpful to brush up on them by checking the following list:

• Avoid stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine close to bedtime.

• Check that the conditions for sleep are as best as you can make them. For example, make sure you are not too hot or too cold, your mattress and pillow are comfortable, noise is minimised, and light is minimised.

• Try to get some (sun-safe!) exposure to sunlight during waking hours. This helps to regulate the melatonin levels in your body – an important hormone associated with the sleep cycle.

• Avoid heavy or rich foods before sleep as they can lead to heartburn that disrupts sleep.

• Try not to use electronic devices with screens on the bed. Using a device is likely to increase your emotional and/or cognitive levels, and increase activation because of the increased light. Furthermore, you may be weakening the association the mind makes that “bed = sleep.”

• Try to avoid naps if it is less than 6-8 hours before your normal sleep time.

• Try to have a regular night-time routine.

• Try not to keep watching the clock if you are having trouble sleeping.

• If you aren’t asleep within what feels like 20 minutes in bed, go to another room with minimal stimulation until you feel like sleeping again.

3) Visit a health professional

Sleep disturbances could be associated with a range of psychological, physiological, or medical issues. There has also been increasing awareness that sleep disturbances can be issues in their own right – in fact, the DSM-V identifies 10 sleep-wake disorder groups, such as insomnia disorder, breathing-related sleep disorders, and circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders. If you are concerned about your sleep, then it would be a good idea to talk to your GP or psychologist and they can help to accurately assess your difficulties and provide you with evidence-based treatment options.

Pet Grooming Tips For Beginners

Many pet owners find it very convenient and cost efficient to groom their pets at home instead of engaging professional pet grooming services. For those of you who are interested in grooming your pet yourself at home but are not too sure how to go about doing it, you can check out these few tips below to help you embark more easily on pet grooming your pet yourself.

First of all, make sure you have the right tools, accessories and supplies for grooming your pet. This is especially important if you have many different types of pets at home. For example if you have a dog and cat at home, do not use the brush used for brushing your cat on your dog. This is very unhygienic as well as inappropriate way to misuse your grooming brush. Make sure you use different grooming brush for your cat and dog. Essential tools includes grooming brush, grooming shampoo, grooming comb, grooming scissors, hair dryer and last but not least a nail clippers.

Next, choose the right brush for your pet’s coat type. For example, if you have a pet with a fluffy coat, it is essential to get a paddle brush to keep that fluffiness. Likewise, if you have a pet with a finer coat, get a brush that is for more sensitive use. Remember, do not misuse the brush as in tip above, thinking you can save a few bucks by fully utilizing the grooming brush.

Selecting the right shampoo for your pet is also another important point that you should take note of. Many pet owners thinks that pet grooming is as simple as just shampooing and washing their pet using normal shampoo but nothing can be further from the truth. Animals are sensitive to shampoo made for humans. To prevent skin and coat irritation to your pet, make sure you choose a pet shampoo that is suitable for the kind of skin that your pet has.

Another point to take note for the inexperienced pet groomer is to find a proper place to groom your pet. The obvious choice is to go for the toilet. However, if you are not able to do so, find an enclosed area that can be easily clean up after each pet grooming session. Failure to lock in or enclose your pet will result in a wet per running all over your house and messing up your home.

However, if you are going to groom a big dog which cannot be fit inside a small bathtub, try taking it out to the backyard for the grooming session. This can only be done during the warmer months. Do not try it cold weather or it can seriously affect the health of your dog.

Last but not least, you need to have patience when grooming your pet. This is especially so for first timers new to grooming your own pets. You may not know how to handle your pet initially but with patience, your pet and you will learn to bond better and enjoy the grooming sessions together.

Pale Nail Can Indicate General Health Problem

The appearance of a pale nail will vary depending on the cause and severity of the problem. Nail paleness can be triggered by trauma to the nail or it may be caused by a disease. The scientific name for pale nail is leuconychia.

A pale nail is sometimes an indicator of a general health problem. For instance, people with chronic liver disease often show signs of pale nail. In the case of liver problems the total nail will be pale except for the top portion, which will retain its original pink color. The nails on the thumb and the index fingers are the most likely to be pale when there is liver disease present.

People with lymphoma, renal disease and fungal disease are also prone to pale nail. Diseases that reduce the quality of oxygen in the blood will often cause the nails to turn from pink to white. Thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism may lead to the formation of nails that are pale and brittle.

Sometimes pail nail is the sign of poor nutrition. It is extremely important to eat a nutritious diet every day to help boost the immune system. Most physicians and holistic practitioners recommend reducing carbohydrate intake and increasing the amount of protein in the diet. It is important to eat a diet that contains several servings a day of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grains. Sugar intake should be minimized as much as possible because sugar aggravates nail infections.

Some people find that their pale nail symptoms improve when they eat yogurt daily or take acidophilus capsules. Food supplements containing Vitamins B,C,D and E are also recommended as well as zinc.

Certain types of fungal infections can cause changes in the texture, color and shape of the nail. Certain types of bacteria can bring about changes in the color of the nail and cause painful areas under the nail. Psoriasis may cause splitting and paleness of the nail plate.

There is no treatment currently available to treat pale nail, but some people choose to wear polish in a darker color to hide the paleness. Since pale nail is often the cause of a more serious underlying medical condition it is important to consult your physician if you see dramatic changes in the color of your nails.

Knee Joint Care: Orthopedic Experts Teach You How to Exercise

If you are suffering from knee joint disease, you may be concerned that exercise can lead to knee joint injuries and pain. However, the actual situation is that you can exercise to strengthen the muscles and soft tissues around the knee joint. Increasing knee joint strength and maintaining knee joint flexibility is the best way to prevent knee joint injuries. As long as the method is appropriately followed, you will increase the health of your joints. This article will provide you with tips for knee joint exercises. Now, let’s start maintaining the health of your knee joints!


Warming up before exercising can help you avoid injuries. You can ride a stationary bike for 5 minutes, and can then walk for 2 minutes. You can do this while doing upper limb activities, or you can also push the wall for 15-20 repetitions.

Straight Leg Raises

If your knee joint condition is not very good, you can start with simple movements. These straight leg raises can exercise the quadriceps muscle, while also putting almost no pressure on the knee joint. Lying on a yoga mat, bend one leg and step on the ground. The other leg should be straight and lifted to reach the height of the other leg. Hold this position for 3 seconds. Do 3 sets per day, with 10-15 repetitions in each set.

Flex the Lower Leg

This activity can exercise the muscle group at the back of the thigh. Stand facing the back of a chair, and hold onto the back of the chair. Lift one foot backwards until the knee is bent at a 90-degree angle. Hold this position for 3 seconds. Do 3 sets per day, with 15 repetitions per set. If this slow-paced activity is too relaxed, you can add a heavy object on the ankle, such as a bottle of mineral water, and then gradually increase the weight.

Straight Leg Dorsiflexion

Lie in a prone position and tighten the buttock muscles and the back muscles of the thighs and calf. Lift one leg, and hold this position for 3-5 seconds, lower it and repeat. Do 10-15 repetitions and then switch legs. While doing this exercise, you can also add weight on the ankle. This activity will not lead to lower back pain, but if there is low back pain, immediately stop doing this exercise.

Wall Sits

This is an advanced exercise. Stand against the wall with your feet at the same width as your shoulders. Slowly bend your knees, with your back and hips close to the wall. Hold this position for 10-15 seconds. Do not squat too deep, or it will damage your knee joints. You can gradually extend the amount of time for each exercise.


Stand while holding the back of a chair or the handrail of a staircase, try to slowly stand up on your toes. After reaching the maximum level, hold this position for 3 seconds and then slowly come back down. Do this for 3 sets per day, and for 10-15 repetitions each set. If it becomes easy, you can lift one foot and do the exercise with one foot.

Hip Abduction

Lying on one side, flex the lower leg and then straighten the higher leg. Raise the higher leg outwards to a 45-degree angle. Hold this position for 3-5 seconds, and then slowly put it down. Do 3 sets and 15 repetitions for each set, and then switch legs. This activity can increase the knee’s lateral stability.