What Does Stem Cell Do?

Health facilities are one of the basic necessities of a person’s life. Since the existence of life people have been facing problems regarding their health. Medical science has always been there offering solutions for disorders. Although there have been diseases considered not curable but advancements in medical science has always come up with treatment for all the diseases. This therapy is one of those treatments that have given treatment for chronic diseases. It is usually thought that chronic diseases are not curable at all. But this therapy has changed the way people used to think about this treatment.

A stem cell is different from other cells of the body due to two of its characteristics i.e.:

• It has the ability to adapt the surroundings in the host body

• These cells are self renewed

On the basis of these two characteristics these cells have been taken as the treatment for the diseased in people. These cells are usually taken from the placenta. As these cells are immature they adapt and develop in to other types of the cells in the body. These cells secrete some growth factors which helps them to divide and replace the withered cells. These cells divide without any restrictions and it is due to this fact that they heal or cure the body in a very short span of time. Let us see what a stem cell actually do for the diseased person.

We all know that in this therapy stem cells are injected in the body of the person suffering from some disease. Once these cells are injected in the body of the person, they get dispersed. Afterwards they start secreting growth factors. These growth factors attract the blood vessel to assist them in forming new blood cells. These new cells replace the old cells causing disease in the person. These cells keep on dividing until all the disease causing cells are replaced by the new cells formed with the help of the stem cells injected in the body. Hence in this way a person gets rid of the chronic disease without any kind of surgery or any other method which is painful.

This therapy helps in curing many chronic diseases like autism, cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases, permanent treatment for diabetes, dental surgery, cosmetic surgery, baldness, organ replacement like liver and renal, arthritis, retinitis, Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, cancer, depression, anti aging etc.

Most experienced physician in this regard around the world is Dr. Omer Gonzalez. He has been in this field since the last 20 years. He is in Mexico and is treating many people successfully. Cells taken from placenta are first tested in his laboratory very carefully. Then they are injected in the person’s body for the treatment. Dr. Gonzalez is very fluent in two languages i.e. English and Spanish. Moreover facilities are there to give treatment to a patient in the hotel he will be staying for his ease. One can have treatment as well as can enjoy the vacation at the best part of the world.

The Secret to Healthy Living

There is no 'secret word' or 'magic bullet' that can open the door to healthy living.

The saying goes, "Rules are meant to be broken". In all practicality, all resolutions relating Fad Diets are also meant to be considering that there is 'no one solution that fits all'.

It's easy to get simply carried away on the tide of novelty; the human psyche thrives on elements of drama in many areas and diets, health issues is one area that can get people to adopt the 'herd mentality' and simply go with what everyone else is doing.

How much that can have a bearing on one's health and fitness is anyone's guess. Because, each individual body has its own metabolism and mechanism of dealing with food and anything that we ingest. What would be ideal is a diet that is well balanced and a lifestyle that is healthy; imbalances that we create within our bodies take a heavy toll in the long-run.

Getting overwhelmed easily

It is very difficult to pinpoint any one single factor to explain the fascination for 'instant-fix' ways and means to put our bodies into shape. We are living in the age of instant gratification where expectations are far beyond the efforts we put in, meaning that everyone expects instant results without going through the full cycle of efforts or tasks required to complete them. Here is where advertising and gimmickry play a great role in misleading people; conveniently, they allow them to see only what they wish the consumers to see, the ugly, dirty facts are hidden behind layers of marketing facts most of which are to the detriment of consumers. It's hard to understand sometimes whether consumer health or profits come first.

Avoiding Fad Diets

However, not all diets are fad or to be brushed off. Any diet that propagates a complete health plan with healthy choices of food habits, regular exercise regimen and works to providing overall physical and mental well-being can possibly be used as a basic guideline to work on a lifestyle plan that will suit every individual. Too much of one food or too little of one food, as some 'Cleansing Diets' prescribe may not work for every person.

Here, we should also look at the many exercise and fitness programs that lean heavily on use of equipment and machinery to 'build muscle mass', shape '6-pack abs' and give a 'lean, well-toned body'; they all look in pictures but sometimes all that muscle mass is positively ugly!

Instead, nothing can give more pleasure than a leisure walk on a quiet street or in the park observing others around you and storing little snippets of information that you could use later. Social habits are developed in a social group, yet enjoying a walk with a friend or family is a better alternative than sweating it on the treadmill watching how your count is going.

The Key to Good Health

Variety is the Key, as it is so often said. As nutritional and health experts point out, fad diets only show you how to lose weight fast, they do not advise you how to keep the weight off. And therein, lies the fundamental truth about these fancy diets that scream out to us from newspapers, TV spots, billboards and health products that do not always tell the facts.

Moderation is what is required to maintain a good equilibrium of health which automatically leads to a positive mind and attitude. Think of the body as a factory where several processes are occurring at the same time; It's a well-oily machine that runs perfectly provided nutritional nutrition is fed regularly and preventive measures are put in place to avoid breakdowns and malfunctioning. Like chemical imbalances which can be catastrophic, bodily equilibrium can break down completely giving rise to illnesses and diseases which can be extremely harmful.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Remedies – Naturally Stop Your Symptoms Fast

Vaginal discharge, infection, odor, irritation, itching, and pain are some of the symptoms a woman will have to deal with when she develops a vaginal yeast infection. This infection is a result of the fungi normally found in the vagina area over growing. The good bacteria usually keeps the yeast fungi in check, but when the natural balance of the good and bad bacteria is upset, it will cause the yeast to rapidly grow out of control.

Antibiotics medicines, pregnancy, and medical conditions like diabetes are some of the things that can upset the natural balance of bacterias. If you have a mild infection then you usually do not need treatment since the symptoms will go away on their own.

For the women dealing with more severe and re-occurring infections, treatment is strongly recommended. Some vaginal yeast infection remedies women turn to are in the form of drugs like suppositories, creams, and other medical remedies. However, a lot of women have found more success using natural remedies to treat their condition.

An effective natural remedy you can use is buttermilk. Studies have shown that women who drink 2 glasses of buttermilk each day will not only effectively treat the symptoms, but also reduce the occurrence of the infection.

One of the most powerful natural vaginal yeast infection remedies is yogurt. You can soak a tampon into the yogurt and insert it into the infected area for at least 30 minutes every day. Yogurt is highly effective because it contains the good bacteria that will restore the imbalance of the yeast bacteria within the vagina.

Apple cider vinegar is another effective natural remedy for treating an infection. You can apply some of the vinegar to the infection regularly through the day. You can also add some garlic to this treatment which will fight the symptoms such as itching.

These vaginal yeast infection remedies are an all natural approach to yourating condition. With regular treatment you can effectively stop the symptoms of your infection in a short time.

Top 10 Reasons Why Accessible Documentation Is Essential for Call Center Success

Very few managers really understand how important documentation is in a call center environment. The following is the top ten reasons why your call center should be looking to improve its call centers documentation system for its agents:

1. Improves customer satisfaction

When customers call and they get their issue resolved immediately without the agent fumbling around looking for information they feel their issue is resolved, they are more confident they bought the right product or service.

2. Lowers average handle time

When agents can find information quickly and easily it lowers the amount of time they spend on any given call. Ultimately it lowers their average handle time overall because they spend less time looking for this information and more time trying to solve the customers problem.

3. Improves quality

When an agent has access to information in an easy and accessible way it reduces dead air on the phone and improvements customer interaction. Thus reducing the amount of time the customer has to wait for a resolution.

4. Allows for the handling of greater call volume

Getting agents the information they need allows them to handle calls faster. By handling the call faster they are able to deal with a higher call volume that they would not otherwise be able to handle. So a call center will be able to serve more customers which means higher profits.

5. Lowers customer irritability

One of the largest issues with companies today is customers calling in and not getting their issues resolved. This often leads to i-rate customers because they are often on hold for long periods of time listening to bad elevator music. Its enough to drive anyone insane. Yet when agents do not have quality documentation to work from that is often what happens.

6. Lowers number of return calls

When a customer calls in and does not get their problems resolved they often call back. This leads to the doubling or even sometimes tripling the cost of the call to the company who they are asking for help. If it is an outsourced call center that is providing customer service then this will create a source of concern with the client company who wants to keep their customers happy.

7. Improves employee satisfaction

One of the most frustrating things an agents must go through is look for documentation. Often they have no more than 2 minutes to find the right documentation or their stats start to suffer. Often they have to find the documentation while they are talking to the customer. Sometimes the frustration sets in and they start to feel under appreciated. Agents like to feel useful. They like to feel like they helped someone. So having the information they need in a way they can access quickly and easily is probably the easiest way to improve the satisfaction with their job.

8. Lowers training costs

No one thing is more expensive in a call center environment then the training of staff. Keeping 600 to 1000 people up to date is a monumental cost. Often the retraining is not as effective as it should be due to the fact agents must be dropped off the phone to do it. Meaning there could be a massive delay between when new policies start and the time that every agent on the call center floor knows about it. Add to the fact that agents get used to the way they do things change can actually be difficult for them due to the fact a half hour or hour of training on a new topic is not very long to commit to memory. So having an accessible documentation system becomes vital for these people.

9. Lowers employee stress levels

Most people do not realize this but call centers are a high stress environment. And nothing adds more to that stress then not having available documentation at an agents fingertips. Putting a customer on hold too long will hurt an agents stats. Too much dead air will also hurt an agents quality scores. Calls taking too long will too. All of these things contribute to the overall stress an agent feels.

10. lowers attrition rates.

Agent overall stress and frustration with their job is a major factor when it comes to attrition rates in a call center. Agents are subjected to performance reviews and quality monitoring on a regular basis. When they can not find the documentation they need they are made to feel like they are being hung out to dry. This causes them to leave the company frustrated looking for better prospects elsewhere.

Financial Wisdom – What it Means and Why You Need It

Anybody can claim to be adept at business, but not everyone carries with them the financial wisdom to maintain success consistently. Financial sensibility is not something that can be bought via an online diploma or any Internet planning program. It is gained through experience or, if not hands on, through lessons gathered from those who have gone through the works, bruises and all, and come out triumphant. Being a successful business owner online is often obtained by listening to the stories of the right people.

Understanding The Rules Of Life

From the moment we were brought into this world, we were forced to deal with the rules of life. These included learned responses such as feeding through our mothers breasts or breathing through our noses. As we grew, the general elements of daily living gained increasing importance, such as relationships, communication, work and money. For the most part, whether we admit it or not, finances play a huge role in making sure we get to enjoy certain good things in life. It is via financial wisdom that the proper use of money is built, so that we don’t lose control of spending and end up working only to pay bills. Such is the rule of life: either you learn to cope or you inevitably sink.

Financial freedom does not mean simply waiting for the billions to arrive monthly and not having to work for anything. There is nothing so laudable about the absence of hard work and persistence to earn a living. There is a greater sense of satisfaction and personal pride out of knowing that every cent that turns up in your bank account is something that you labored over, regardless of the degree.

This is what financial freedom is all about — having the financial wisdom to comprehend the comings and goings of money and where each penny should be allocated and why. With wisdom, there is no such thing as throwing caution to the wind. This is only counterproductive to any form of success and defeats the purpose of using sensibilities to grow ones wealth. Remember, effective wealth creation is born out of effective planning, which naturally results from proper decision making, responsible spending, and, of course, financial wisdom.

Growing ones wealth is not something that is done out of mimicking other peoples experiences and strategies. While there is a general formula to taking care of ones business and finances, when it comes to maintaining the inflow, the methods become unique. This is because every individual has his own personality and a method recommended out of a community becomes truly effective when incorporated with ones own orientation and actual experiences.

A community is the best place to start, no doubt. It is where you can generate suggestions on how to implement your ideas, but it is by no means the be-all and end-all. What a community can do is provide you with enough basic know-how and the right motivation to build a path that will lead you to your own financial success — so that once you get it, you can actually claim it as your brainchild. This isn’t something you get out of a formal education.

On the whole, what financial freedom really brings to the table is the right attitude when it comes to creating and handling your wealth. Not all aspiring entrepreneurs have this trait within them and if you’re on your way to seeking your own business smart strategies, congratulations on your upcoming success!

The Facts About Types of Ovarian Cysts

The phrase 'ovarian cyst' is an emotive one. Ovarian cysts are however common in women especially at the time of menstruation. When menstruating, women will typically develop small egg or fluid-filled cysts around the ovaries. As the menstrual cycle is accomplished, the cysts rupture to release eggs into the fallopian tubes. A number of different factors may contribute to the formation of ovarian cysts and their different types.

A woman's health may be in danger if cysts are found to be cancerous. Several types of ovarian cysts may be a risk to a woman's well being. A test for pap smears is required to understand whether a cyst is malignant or not. The kind of cyst that is typically harmless is called a functional cyst. This kind of cyst typically does not generate symptoms. They exist without generating any particular symptoms. However, ovarian cysts can also generate intestinal pain and suffering as symptoms.

Cysts in relation to the Corpus Luteum

A gland connected to the ovary generates progesterone after an egg has been released in order to help the uterus prepare itself for pregnancy. This gland is the 'Corpus Luteum'. Corpus Luteums that are in good health are glands that have a diameter of about 1in., Are round, and are filled with fluid. In relation to this a cyst as a growth has a diameter of about half an inch.

Cysts may form on the Corpus Luteum, but in general they are asymptomatic. In many instances, such cysts clear by themselves from the corpus luteum without the need for further treatment. They may come at the end of the menstrual cycle of a woman. Such cysts also occurs frequently in the early phases of a pregnancy.

The Hemorrhagic Cyst

A cyst may also be called a 'hemorrhagic cyst' if it is a functional cyst that contains or releases blood. These 'hemorrhagic cysts' are frequent but they do not needlessly rupture. Typically treatment is not required. Such hemorrhagic cysts fall into the general classification of functional cysts. Most women experience such hemorrhagic cysts at some moments in their life. A generic burning sensation in the pelvic area may occur if there is leaking of blood from a cyst. If endometriosis occurs, then a doctor may recommend surgery. Other names such as blood cyst, hematocysts and hematoceles also exist for hemorrhagic cysts.

Typically hemorrhagic sys disappear by themselves. There may be a need for surgical operation. Sometimes they will vanish without surgery, but if you elect for the surgical removal of an ovarian cyst then you should also realize the possible complications. Hemorrhagic cysts may cause pain abdominally on each side of the body. They will probably also cause bleeding and distension of the ovary walls. This may also result in pain. In this case blood clots typically form within the ovary. A sonogram can be used to see these.

Dermoid Cyst

This kind of ovarian cyst generally results from a germ cell that is located in the ovaries. The other more common name for this is a totipotential germ cell. This basic cell is involved in the generation of tissues such as bones, hair and teeth. When a dermoid cyst grows in the context of a totipotential cell, other cells may also be created. These then lead to mature structures and tissues that can be recognized as bone, teeth, head, neutral tissue and sebaceous secretions. Therefore, dermoid cysts contain a wide range of different types of solid tissues. Such cysts are typically benign. They generally consist of a variety of thyroid, bones, teeth and hair tissues.

The dimensions of dermoid cysts can range from half an inch to 17in. (1cm to 45cm). Dermoid cysts are not favored by one particular age more than any other. However the most chance of detecting such cysts exists during the years of reproductivity. Women in this case have an average age of 30. Approximately fifteen percent of women have such ovarian teratomas in their ovaries.

Ovarian teratomas or just dermoids are the other names for dermoid cysts. The cysts can twist the ovary and interfere with the blood supply. If the ovary is being subjected to twisting because of a cyst, an emergency situation may arise. In this case surgery may be mandatory. Dermoid cyst ruptures will be more likely to happen if the cyst is larger. Typical problems following rupture are pain and adhesion. It is the patient's choice whenever a dermoid cyst is removed or not. Open surgery that is laparotomy, or using a scope meaning laparoscopy can be used to do this.

Patients now have a significant choice from which to choose different medicines and treatments that are available in many different areas. Holistic treatment will effect a major change in the undering cause itself and give you a much better chance to fight your ovarian cysts. The holistic treatment brings you the maximum amount of benefits, because two of the fundamental courses of ovarian cysts are in fact poor diet and lifestyle.

Detox Diet Benefits

What to Expect when Detox Dieting

All detox diets are a little bit different. Some restrict food down to almost nothing while others allow for mostly veggies, beans, fruit, and rice. There are a few things that you should expect when beginning a detox diet, so that you can receive the full detox diets benefits.

Your body is significantly used to adjusting to toxins and poisons running through your body. One of the greatest detox diet benefits, naturally, is that you will rid your body of these toxins and poisons. There are side effects of receiving these detox diet benefits. If you are particularly used to that steaming cup of caffeinated beverage in the morning, you will experience caffeine withdrawal. While it may not seem like it while you are experiencing caffeine withdrawal, this is one of the detox diet benefits. Once your body has adjusted to the absence of caffeine, you should find that you have more energy.

Constipation is considered a leading cause of lethargy and fatigue. One of the detox diet benefits is the cleansing of the colon, which can cure even long term constipation. I had a room mate that was on narcotic pain relievers for over a year due to a severe injury. The narcotics kept her chronically constipated. The day she was finally through with her narcotic pain relievers, she went through a detox diet. She found that the detox diet benefits included relieving her body of the narcotic dependency as well as relieved her chronic constipation. She now regularly cleanses and detoxifies her colon when she is having difficulty going to the restroom, with obvious detox diet benefits as she returns from the restroom with a pleased grin on her face instead of the anguish she used to live in.

Even with the detox diet benefits, some people report feeling a bit weak about one week into the detox diet. Most detox diets do reduce food consumption, which can have an effect. The basic key is knowing how to elongate the effects of the foods you do eat. Those who really struggle with the lowered food consumption report that splitting the lunches into 2 meals works better for them than eating just the suggested breakfast and lunch. This still gives them the detox diet benefits but doesn’t introduce additional foods into the scenario. Most detox diet experts state that provided you are not adding additional foods to the diet, segregating the meals into smaller snacks is perfectly acceptable.

The excessive water consumption associated with the detox diet is going to encourage your system to flush, which means you will be visiting the rest room much more often. This is a positive detox diet benefit. The more water that flushes your system the more toxins that will exit your body when you excrete it, and excreting it often will enhance the productivity of the entire process.

One of the little known detox diet benefits is the regeneration of the liver that can occur while following a detox diet. Milk thistle is typically recommended as part of the supplementation of the detox diet. Milk thistle aids in the liver’s ability to regenerate. It’s not a cure for liver disease, however it can help in the prevention of a liver disease, along with other changes to your lifestyle.

What Not to Expect when Detox Dieting

Detox dieting is designed to alleviate the ailments associated with large quantities of toxins that are built up in the human body. Detox dieting is not a “cure” for every disease. While most people experience great relief from every day annoying symptoms, detox dieting does not eliminate diseases that are already in the system. For instance, you can not rid you body of cancer cells by detox dieting. The cancer cells, for starters are not an actual toxin. They may have been caused by toxins, but the cells themselves are not something that can be flushed away.

Most people drop several pounds when detox dieting. There are those who drop a significant amount of weight when detox dieting. This is normal, and while some of it can be contributed to the flushing of fat cells, water weight, and calorie reduction, there is some permanent weight loss happening provided you do not return to eating habits that are probable for weight gain. This means that if you were prone to eating potato chips and cookies prior to detox dieting and you return to eating potato chips and cookies after detox dieting, you will gain the weight back. This may seem obvious, but there are plenty of foods that people believe contain a low calorie and low fat content but in reality they contain quite the opposite. An avocado for example contains nearly three times the amount of fat and calories as a measured serving of enriched white rice. While detox dieting, learn to recognize the foods you are putting into your body and what they actually do once they enter your gullet.

Detox dieting is not a cure for serious emotional or mental conditions, such as clinical depression. While many people admit to feeling less “depressed” during and after detox dieting, there is a difference between situational depression and clinical depression. Clinical depression requires medication. Detox dieting can not take the place of medication that is necessary to function on a day to day basis. Situational depression may be alleviated through detox dieting simply because you are taking control of your body, your health, in essence, your situation. These two depressions are significantly different.

How is Detox Dieting Different from Other Diet Plans?

Diet plans are a dime a dozen. There are grapefruit diet plans and the Atkins diet plan and the green tea diet plan and the national chain diet plans. An individual can spend countless hours and thousands of dollars “trying on” various diet plans. Some will work while others will ultimately fail. Why? Because not all diet plans will work for everyone. Does detox dieting work for everyone? Yes. Why? Because losing weight is a by product of the goal. The goal is to clean the body of the various toxins and wastes which have accumulated over the years. This is a process of ridding the body of the ailing chemicals we introduce it to on a daily basis while eliminating the build up of residual toxins. Weight loss occurs as a result of numerous factors, but weight loss in not the primary goal of a detox diet plan.

Keep in mind that not all detox diet plans are the same. Some detox diet plans are put together by professionals who understand the body’s ability to cleanse itself of these harmful chemicals. While diet plans are typically put together by an entrepreneurial spirit, the detox diet plan was actually something that originated by a naturopathist, an individual who studies the various body types and how they process things on their own unique level. Since the detox diet plan was developed, there have been a remarkable number of “knock off” detox diet plans that have shown up on the market. These are all plans that suggest you stop eating and drink only diluted juice for several days (beyond twenty four hours this becomes unhealthy) and then limits food intake so dramatically that people find it impossible to stick to. If you’re going to try any diet plan at all, it would simply make sense to start at the beginning. The beginning of healthy weight loss is a healthy body.

The dramatic detox diet benefits is that people who tried to detoxify their bodies using the original detox diet plan found themselves losing weight as a welcome surprise. Detox dieting has grown in popularity due to its dual effect. Detox dieting cleanses the body of the toxins and as a result, weight loss occurs. There simply isn’t another diet plan that can match that no matter what they claim.

We live in a cluttered and chemically enriched society. Compare our lifestyles, our food products, and our basic need for heat and eat meals to the lifestyles and foods of people in remote and natural regions such as the Pacific Islands. People in natural regions are healthier overall. They eat natural foods that haven’t been laced with chemicals and they live natural lives that don’t revolve around the constant breathing of polluted air. Their bodies are not only healthier, but they are naturally thinner. They have fewer health complaints such as headaches and toothaches and stomach cramping.

The detox diet plan can help you jumpstart your body toward a healthier state of being. Naturally, effective detox dieting requires an effective detox diet plan. You really shouldn’t just linger out there in cyberspace hoping the right detox diet plan will pop up into your browser. There are very few detox diet plans that I would dare put my stamp of approval on. However, one in particular I have found has excellent reviews by some actual detox dieters. Finding an authentic detox diet plan that is effective, safe, and of course reliable shouldn’t be left to luck.

Is It Always Malaria?

Malaria is transmitted by the bite or injection from a female Anopheles mosquito. The mosquito needs human blood to cater for its cyclical reproductive demands. In exchange, it releases its saliva into the human blood stream. Africa bears 80% of the global malarial burdens of which Nigeria accounts for about 29% of it together with Democratic Republic of Congo. In Nigeria, it is responsible for 60% of patients in the clinic and 30% of hospital admissions, 11% of fatal deaths, 25% of deaths in infections and 30% of deaths in children aged below 5 years. These are very weighty figures but it gets even more serious as we move off the malaria endemic regions like Nigeria. The last wish of a white man from United States visiting Nigeria or any of the sub-Saharan countries for the first time, is to demand to sleep outdoors in a marshy region infected with mosquitoes without at least a mosquito net. He may soon need to start writing his death will.

So who are the most affected here? Pregnant women, children aged under 5 years, severely malnourished children, people whose body soldiers (the immunocompromised) have been excessively weakened and the elderly because of age related waning of their immune system.

Malaria has been thought in the past to be due to stress, prolonged standing under the sun, bad air (mal-meaning bad, and aria-meaning air), eating too much oily foods and funnily enough consuming too much pawpaw and oranges!

It may interest you to know that mosquito bites are not the only means whereby transmission of malaria usually since. A mother can also pass the baton to her unborn child in which case it is called congenital malaria. Another means of transmission is by transfusing infected blood into uninfected persons.

Many time, we have all had a fair experience of what it feels like to suffer from malaria, however there are other medical conditions that could present like malaria, for example typhoid, flu or rhinitis, hence, proper diagnosis is as important as the appropriate treatment. We do not want to end up filling a perforated basket with our expensive fruit juice. In many remote places where there are no sophisticated equipment used in diagnosing malaria, they rely solely on the jurisprudence and interpretations of the physician relating to the symptoms presented by the patient. These symptoms include Fever which is high grade and comes mostly in the evenings, headaches, chills and rigors (shaking vigorously from feeling cold), vomiting, and prostration due to general weakness in the joints and muscles. In severe cases of malaria, the sufferer may become anemic, vomit profusely, become hypoglycemic (greatly reduced sugar in the blood less than about 4mmol / L), may fall into shock, have kidney failure, respiratory problems and sometimes abnormal bleeding. If you are unsure that it is malaria, do not start treating for typhoid without confirmation using the Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) or Microscopy to test for presence of malaria parasites. Widals test should be repeatedly done to confirm Typhoid fever.

Let us start with our environmental sanitation practices, periodic drainage evacuation, elimination of mosquito breeding sites, proper waste management, puncturing of cans before disposal, sand filling of identified breeding sites, and flood control strategies.

Next, we should make use of the available LLIN's (long lasting insecticidal nets) or the ITNs (insecticide treated nets). Another alternative is the use of IRS (indoor residual spraying) where the walls and ceilings of our homes are sprayed 3-4 times every year with insectides. For pregnant women IPTp (intermittent preventive treatment) is the way to go in addition to the aforementioned measures. There are other methods of preventing malaria as these are not mentioned here.

Malaria treatment is usually a 3-day course modality. However, be sure you are treating malaria by performing a RDT or Microscopy to ascertain the presence of malaria parasite. Any modern health care center close to you should have these facilities. Get appropriate advice from the doctor about what sort of drugs you should use, what works for Mr A may not necessarily work for Mr B. Most drugs available in your pharmaceutical outlets are ACTs (artemisinin-based combination therapy). Severe cases of malaria may require admission with immediate administration of IV (intravenous) drugs / drips. Do not throw the tablets under your bed or into the pit latrine as malaria often relapses when not properly treated, this is for those who despise using drugs!

The Best Solution To All Health Problems – Health Retreats

With the world becoming more technologically advanced and fast paced, the lifestyles of all individuals is becoming more and more hectic. Newer and unheard diseases are affecting people and conditions that were previously seen in the elderly have begun afflicting youngsters as well. Most people go for treatment only when the disease is in an advanced stage. This makes their cure and treatment much more difficult. However, now you can avoid the occurrence of these diseases in the early stages only with the help of health retreats.

These retreats were preciously referred to as resorts, due to the presence of mineral springs. They also had the presence of whirlpool baths that pumped the water and helped people to relax and enjoy the luxuries while at the same time rejuvenating their bodies so that their health problems are better taken care of. These health retreats are not only good for the physical body but also prove to be good at cleansing the mind and the soul. With a lot of stress and tensions, most of the problems that afflict the body are due to the mental causes.

Health retreats utilize a number of techniques that are quite effective in providing relaxation to the body including a number of massages and therapeutic body workouts. If you are looking to utilize their services in the best way possible, then you must be aware of all the techniques utilized and how these offers help you. It is best to look at a spa or health retreat that will provide you with a wide range of services aimed at relaxing the entire body.

According to the services that are provided by them, these health retreats come under a variety of categories but the main aim of theirs is the same, that is to improve the health of the individual. These categories include –

* Club spas

* Medical retreats

* Mineral health retreats

* Eco resorts

* Mobile spas

* Day spas

You can get a wide range of services from these establishments depending on your desire. Whether you want to simply pamper yourself or try out the latest in holistic healing treatments, then these health retreats are the best options for you. They provide a completely natural healing process that has a vast number of benefits for anyone who tries it.

You can choose from a wide range of options, each depending on your budget and the level of your convenience. However, it is necessary to take time out for such purposes as it is important to take care of your body. With a sick and tensed body, you will not be able to properly carry out your tasks. So, health retreats are the best way to ensure that you take care of your health and enjoy doing it at the same time.

Lemon Balm Health Benefits

Lemon balm, also known as Melissa Officinalis, has been used for countless generations to preserve good heath and treat ill health, and with good reason. Although scientific research has only recently began to back up the numerous claims of the health giving properties of this herb, many uses have evolved and many can be testified to. Below are some of its commonly attributed health benefits.

Headache treatment

Anyone who has sniffed the aroma of Lemon Balm will understand why many people use it to alleviate headaches and nausea. It has a relaxing smell and is therefore very popular with headache sufferers.


Due to the polyphenol tannins contained in lemon balm, it is regarded as an effective antiviral treatment. Over the years, Melissa plants has been used to treat herpes. Usually a lotion/oil or lineament based version of Melissa Officinalis is used. The high selenium content in this herb assists with its ability to regulate thyroid function and helps raise antioxidant levels, promoting immune system health. In autoimmune disease, oxidative stress is considered to be a major environmental trigger. In Europe, preparations containing 700 mg lemon balm are used to treat the herpes disorder shingles. Topical creams containing 1 percent L-701, a dried extract of lemon balm, are also widely used to treat oral and skin blisters in herpes infections. Studies suggest that melissa reduces the development of resistance in the herpes virus and blocks the attachment of herpes virus to the receptor sites of host cells, preventing the spread of infection. In addition, the scientific testing of balm on certain animals has confirmed in antiviral properties.

Mosquito / Insect repellant

Lemon balm has been successfully used as an insect repellant. By crushing the leaves and rubbing directly onto the skin, the lemon smell has been known to provide a scented barrier to the insects which would otherwise be attracted to your skin.

Herbal Tea

Over the years, dried lemon balm leaves have been consumed as tea. Teas made with the herb, both hot and cold are common and like many green teas, proponents believe they have wondrous health properties. Lemon Balm tea is believed to contain antibacterial compounds and antiviral properties, as demonstrated by the herbs ability to combat viruses like the Herpes Simplex virus (cold sores).

Calming Agent

Lemon balm is known to be a calming agent for those suffering from anxiety or stress. A drug relating to the treatment of anxiety is know as anxiolytic and most types of balm fall into this category. Scientific evidence shows that a control group, given Melissa Officinalis, in addition to valerian, chamomile and hops, reported reduced levels of stress and anxiety as opposed to a control group given a placebo. Scientists believe that the essential oil of lemon acts upon the part of the brain governing the autonomic nervous system and can protect the cerebrum from excessive external stimuli. It also has a tonic effect on the heart and circulatory system causing mild vasodilation of the peripheral vessels, thus lowering blood pressure.

Mood enhancer

In addition to reducing stress, it was actually found to improve mood and even mental performance for activities such as memory and tests. These properties have also created a stir in the scientific communities as it has tremendous relevance regarding the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Sufferers of depression may also benefit from melissa treatments.

Sleep Aid / Mild sedative

Lemon Balm has been traditionally been attributed with sleep enhancing properties and can act as a mild sedative. Many people put lemon herb extract close to where they are sleeping or take a lemon balm tincture prior to sleep. This has been known to help poor sleepers. People with fatigue are recommended lemon balm and can be beneficial to sufferers of chronic fatigue syndrome.


Administration of Lemon Balm to sufferers of Alzheimers has been known to be effective in treating / providing temporary relief for mild to moderate symptoms of the disease.


The entire Melissa genus is regarded as having ‘exceptionally high antioxidant activity’, which makes it extremely suitable for advocates of antioxidants.

Hyperthyroidism and Grave’s disease

Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease where the thyroid is overactive, producing an excessive amount of thyroid hormones (a serious metabolic imbalance known as hyperthyroidism and thyrotoxicosis). Lemon balm has been used to relieve symptoms of autoimmune disease and promote a healthy immune system in patients with autoimmune disease.

Used as an injection along with Lycopus virginicus or bugleweed, lemon balm is widely used in Europe for treating Graves’ disease and is also used as a tonic or tea to reduce and manage symptoms in Graves’ disease. The Melissa herb slows pituitary function, lowering TSH levels, which, in turn, reduces thyroid hormone levels and it is rather paradoxically used to raise thyroid hormone levels in patients with hypothyroidism. Balm herbs strengthen rather than stimulate thyroid function, restoring normal levels to patients with autoimmune thyroid disease. However, its effects are mild and this herb is not considered an effective treatment for patients with moderate to severe hypothyroidism.

In addition the melissa herb inhibits the receptor binding site and biological activity of immunoglobulins in the blood of patients with Graves’ disease. You should seek a medical professional’s advice when considering any treatment.


Used as a tea, Melissa Officinalis is used to stimulate the menstrual period in women with amenorrhea (absent or scanty menstrual periods), and is particularly useful in women nearing menopause.


Lemon balm may help treat indigestion as it contains a muscle relaxant which may relax the intestinal tract. Muscle spasms, which can be the cause of discomfort, may be counteracted by the natural chemicals contained within the Melissa herb and improve the symptoms of indigestion.

Other uses

Allergic reactions, mumps, respiratory congestion, flu/influenza, palpitations, nervousness, palpitations and has even been known as a longevity drug! The fountain of youth?

Canine Depression – A Guide to It's Symptoms and Natural Treatment

Dogs, just like humans have their off days; they can mope around, spend more time sleeping than they usually do, go off their food or avoid human contact all together. Usually, they revert to being their usual selves, with their blue mood going just as quickly as it appeared, however, if their low moods persists, it is something to be aware of and take seriously.

Dogs experience a deep and varied emotional life, and we as dog owners often witness the expanse of these emotions through our dogs life. Because dogs share a similar neurological make up to humans, they are capable of experiencing a series of complicated emotions, such as depression.

The symptoms of canine depression are similar to the symptoms experienced by humans. Typically the dog will show some of the following common symptoms:

  • Lethargy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss, due to refusing to take food
  • Loss of interests in play activity
  • Withdrawal from people
  • Clinging to owner
  • Restlessness

Again, as with humans, dogs can experience depressive symptoms for a whole host of reasons, however, depression is usually a reaction to a stressful event, or a imbalance in the dogs neuro chemical make up, usually referred to as clinical depression.

In the case of an imbalance in the dogs neuro chemistry, medication can be prescribed to help alleviate the symptoms of depression in the dog, by restoring the chemical balance.

Reactive depression can be due to a number of reasons that could include any of the following:

  • The loss of a human friend or the dogs owner
  • The loss of a canine friend
  • Illness
  • Trauma
  • Bad treatment
  • Weather changes
  • Environmental changes, for example, change of house or location
  • Loss of attention due to a new addition to the family, such as a baby
  • Separation from it's owner for long periods during the day
  • Boredom due to being left alone
  • Lack of exercise and mental stimulation

Depression is a challenge to diagnose, especially to the untrained, therefore, if you have a dog who is exhibiting the symptoms above above, it would be sensible to take your dog to the vet, in order that a correct diagnosis of your dogs condition can then be made, as a physical illness or condition could be the root cause of the symptoms, and not depression.

If the diagnosis confirms your dog has depression, then there are a number of ways it can be rented, depending on it's origin. If your pets depression is due to a chemical imbalance, then your vet may recommend a course of medicine, such as Prozac.

If your dog is experiencing depression due to a stressful event, then a program of rehabilitation will help him overcome his strong feelings, and a return to his normal state of being. Begin by identifying the root cause of your dogs depression, then work from this point. If your dog is depressed due to the loss of a canine friend, you may want to consider getting a new friend for him. If you have a dog who has eperienced bad treatment from a previous owner, and has developed depression as a result, then it's time for you to help your dog renew his faith in human kind.

Spend time with your dog playing his favorite games, or alternatively, take regular walks to your local park, or some other of your dogs favorite out door places. Giving your dog a chance to stimulate his sensations, especially his favorite sense-his sense of smell, will give him a respite from his depressive feelings.

Try not to leave your pet alone during the early stages of his recovery. If you have a friend or neighbor who is willing to spend time with your dog, for a while during the day, then take advantage of the kind offer, alternatively you could contact a pet sitting service.

If you are not totally happy with giving your pet medications prescribed by the vet, such as Prozac, then you may want to try more natural remedies. You may want to try using some or all of the following, to help restore your pets emotional balance, naturally:

Bach flower remedies

Flower essences have proven to be of benefit to humans experiencing all manner of negative emotions. Flower essences are also safe and beneficial in helping depressive symptoms in dogs.

Herbal remedies

St. Johns Wort is one herbal remedy proven to help depression in humans, that is also safe and effective treating depressive symptoms in dogs.


The use of essential oils is another safe and totally natural way to help your pet. Oils can be dispersed around the room with the use of a burner or diffuser. Your dog can then be left to inhale the oils calming and restored properties.

Alternately, you can use massage along with your essential oils. Touch alone will have the effect of promoting your dogs natural 'feel good' chemicals. However, when massage is combined with essential oils, the healing process will accelerate.

All The Truth About Natural Cures For Yeast Infections!

Are you interested about natural cures for yeast infections?

If your answer is YES, read this article carefully because it can change your life forever. But do not believe me, just read it!

Candida Albicans is a real problem that can transform your life. One day you are in heaven and another day you become a monster because candida albicans overgrow and destroy your skin, your mouth, your mood and more.

At this point, you decide to try natural cures for yeast infections like:

– Yogurt
– Garlic
– Honey

And you follow a candida diet, but nothing happens. So what? What is the next step?

Do you think about Aloe Vera and all benefits this plant can give you? No?

If you make some research about this plant you will find some good information that could help you to get rid of yeast infection naturally.

Aloe Vera is a species of succulent plant and grow in arid climates. This plant is used for many digestive problems like:

– heartburn
– irritable bowel syndrome
– and more

Some people, in the world, said Aloe Vera is helpful for Psoriasis, Genital Herpes, minor skin infections as boils and benign skin cysts. But is it really true?

The best way to see if Aloe Vera is one of natural cures for yeast infections is to test it by yourself. You can drink Aloe Vera gel and put the cream on your skin.

After several weeks, you could have your response about this plant and see the result by yourself!

The Use of High-Cannabidiol Cannabis Extracts to Treat Epilepsy and Other Diseases

There has been a dramatic rise in news attention to medicinal cannabis in 2013, with reports on CNN, ABC, CBS, and local publications about high-cannabidiol cannabis oil effectively controlling the symptoms of rare epileptic conditions like Dravet syndrome, Doose syndrome, infantile spasms, cortical dysplasia, and more. These diseases can cause hundreds to thousands of seizures a week, while also impairing development in a number of other ways. For families with children suffering from such conditions, the challenges are overwhelming. Due to the extremely complex nature of Dravet and related syndromes, traditional pharmaceuticals are ineffective and often make the problems worse. With no other hope, families have turned to high-CBD cannabis oil, which is proving to work with miraculous efficacy.

To clarify, high-CBD cannabis oil is non-psychoactive and apparently even more beneficial than high-THC cannabis oil. Cannabidiol is another cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, like the more well-known psychoactive cannabinoid THC, with significant research suggesting neuroprotectant, anticancer, antidiabetic, anti-ischemic, antispasmodic, antipsychotic, and antibacterial properties, among others. Furthermore, cannabis oil is a type of extract from cannabis. Such oil contains large amounts of concentrated cannabinoids that can be orally ingested rather than smoked, preserving the medicinal compounds and allowing them to be delivered through digestive system, rather than the respiratory system.

The research suggests that CBD has panacea-like properties, and in practice, this is proving to be the case. On August 11th, 2013, Sanjay Gupta released a documentary on CNN about Charlotte Figi. Charlotte is a young Dravet syndrome patient who was having 300 grand mal seizures a week. No pharmaceuticals or dietary changes could do anything to reduce this number. Charlotte’s parents learned about high-CBD cannabis oil, and after literally the first dose, Charlotte’s seizures stopped. She now has less than three minor seizures a month. This case is nothing short of miraculous, and it’s not isolated. Dr. Margaret Gedde, a Colorado Springs physician, is tracking 11 new patients of the Stanely brothers, the providers of Charlotte’s high-CBD medicine. 9 of them have had 90-100% reductions in seizures, which again, is simply miraculous.

The epileptic conditions that CBD is proving to be effective against are extremely complex, and not even the most powerful, well researched pharmaceuticals have been capable of inducing any healing. Yet high-CBD cannabis oil is immediately and potently reducing symptoms, with the only side effects being systemically beneficial – more energy, better learning, improved behavior, and more.

It should not be surprising that results like these have been going on for years. Just like research shows cannabinoids are therapeutically effective against epilepsy, there is research suggesting they can eliminate cancers and control other serious diseases. And in practice, for epilepsy and these other conditions, the results are translating to humans. People have been reliably eliminating cancers for years and mitigating diseases like diabetes, Crohn’s, fibromyalgia, heart disease, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and more. This is as serious as it gets, and more attention must be brought to this issue.

Methods That Increase You Immune System

Being healthy and kicking do not guarantee you that you are safe from diseases and sickness, actual you may not have experienced any symptoms or you doctor realized any thing and think that you are healthy.

Again think as the worlds today is full of sickness and we are all sick just at different levels. Since the fact that you are healthy, we are gong to discuss some activities or extra tips on how to take care of yourself without shift your daily busy schedules.

Firstly it will not cost you a thing if you will manage to do some of the basic activities you have been doing daily automatic to switch to manual.

For example, if you use a lift to go down on your work, why do not you change that and use stairs once in a while, you can also try to walk to your work.

Instead of using your automated gadgets to go to work. It can also be helpful if during your short break, take a walk across the street to bring your collections a donut.

Other thing apart from the exercise would be diet. Try to make sure you add a fruit in your daily basis meal. It is a good idea to have a back pack and make sure that there is at least a fruit before you come out of the house.

Make sure you have a plenty supply of fruits at work like you can start to include fruit delivery on your lunch menu if maybe you may forget to carry one from home.

Another one is to ensure you have sufficient supply of fluids in your body system by drinking water. Make sure you have enough water supply in your travels, by confirming that you have water supply to each and every exit of the house.

Here's How to Lose Belly Fat – Step by Step

Belly fat is the layer of stubborn fat found deeper in your body. It is different from subcutaneous fat, which is found just under the skin. Belly fat is also known as stomach fat and visceral fat, and it is particularly dangerous for your health. Medical studies have shown that more and more people are diagnosed with heart diseases, colon cancers and diabetes – all of them linked to having a belly. Therefore, so let me share with you some tips on how to lose belly fat:

1. Lose belly fat by having more meals in a day. Instead of taking 3 big meals in a day, you should have 5 to 6 small meals in a day to speed up your metabolism rate. By increasing your metabolism rate, your body will have the energy to digest the food and burn fat. Also by eating 5 to 6 meals a day, it prevents you from overeating. While following this plan, it is also a good idea to have the heaviest meals at the start of the day and reduce the amount of food per meal at the end of the day.

2. Lose belly fat by drinking water. To lose belly fat, you need to drink a lot of water. Especially when you work out and lose water through perspiration, you need to take in enough fluid to replenish the water reserve inside your body. Your body requires water to function properly. When you are dehydrated, your organs will work harder in order to retain the water reserve in your body. Your liver, which helps in burning fat, will suffer the most, making fat burning process slow. So drinks enough water every day and avoid soft drink and canned fruit juices.

3. Lose belly fat by eating goods that burn fat. So what is the type of food that burns fat effectively? Foods that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates and sugar are the best for burning fat. Some examples are fish, eggs, lean meats and vegetables.

4. Lose belly fat by exercising regularly. By exercising regularly, your body will burn calories. Cardio exercises like swimming, running, brisk walking and cycling are excellent exercises to burn calories and reduce your overall body fat. In order to have a flat stomach, you need to reduce your overall body fat and cardio exercise is the answer. You should exercise at least 3 times a week and each workout session should be at least 30 minutes.

These 4 steps are essential if you want to achieve a flat stomach. So take action and start losing your belly fat now.