A Healthy Nutrition Plan for Everyone

How to Create a Healthy Nutrition Plan

What should you do when you feel like all hope is lost for your efforts at dieting?

Here is a short healthy nutrition plan that can be customized to fit your diet and own agenda. Although there are numerous ways to make good choices with nutrition, you have to find the way that works for you.

1. Research Nutrition

Before you go out trying to find a nutritious diet based on your gut feelings, you should research the topic and find information about many different foods. It is of utmost importance to start slowly and introduce a healthier diet in steps so that you do not feel like this diet is something that you can never accomplish. Begin by eating more servings of fruits and vegetables each day. They are very easy to purchase and can cause a complete change in the energy you have and how you feel from your diet. Another big step in a healthy nutrition plan involves listening to your body.

2. When to Eat

You might be wondering when you should eat in your nutrition plan. The main thing to remember is to listen to your body. If it tells you that you are hungry, then you should probably eat. This does not mean that you should continue to snack on junk food and other things detrimental to your health just because you are hungry. Maybe you will eat a low fat yogurt or a bag full of blueberries.

3. No “One Size Fits All” Healthy Nutrition Plan

One key thing that should always be on your mind is that there are many ways to achieve the nutrition that you seek. You do not have to do the exact same thing as any other person, and there are many avenues available to achieve your goal. I try to always find new ways to stay healthy and eat foods that will benefit me for years to come.

4. Stay With It

Please do not give up on your healthy nutrition plan. It might require you to give up some foods and work hard to make good choices, but you will be glad that you did it. Never stray from the goals you have set for yourself and try new things everyday. Once your healthy nutrition plan becomes second nature, you can go on to help other people start their own. The possibilities are endless when it comes to healthy nutrition.

The Advantages of Hemorrhoids Laser Treatment

Hemorrhoids laser treatment is used by doctors to treat severe cases of the disease. It is a less painful, less discomforting and easy way to treat the disease. However, laser treatment of this disease can only be followed after a doctor has recommended. The advantage of this treatment is that it gets rid of the disease altogether.

It takes a relatively short time for the procedure to be done and there is no pain at all. Laser treatment is by far and large the most preferred for its convenience.

It is a very easy procedure; of course carried out by the physician. It employs a beam of light that is used to destroy the hemorrhoid. If you do not like the other procedures; like the surgeries that a doctor does manually, this is your treatment for your hemorrhoid. In addition, this treatment comes at no additional costs and soon you go back to your normal life. Forget about follow up physician's appointments. You do not need to go back for checksups. It is a procedure as simple as that.

The recovery time from this procedure is fast. Hemorrhoid laser treatment does not require the physician to make any incisions what so ever on your body. You can continue living your life as if you have never had an operation. You do not even need to pay other regular visits to the hospital for check ups like one during during an operation in which incisions were made. In other words, there are no doctor appointments after laser surgery without the operation did not work.

In a nutshell, the use of this procedure is recommended for patients with repeated attacks when other treatments do not seem to be working. This treatment is easy and will not require that one takes drugs after the procedure has been done.

Laser treatment is probably your best short at a treatment method for hemorrhoids that is not so demanding. It is easy to carry out, there are no drugs to take, takes a shorter time, allows you to resume your life immediately and has no pain at all.

Do Not Eat the Peels of Five Kinds of Food

Many people think that there are a lot of nutrients in the peels of fruits and vegetables, so they tend to eat the peels of any fruits and vegetables. However, they rarely realize that the peels of some kinds of fruits and vegetables contain some harmful substances, which will easily lead to diseases or food poisoning. As a result, we should avoid eating the peels of these fruits and vegetables.

First, potato peel

Potato peel contains “glycoalkaloids”, which, when accumulate to a certain amount in the body, will lead to food poisoning. Because this is a kind of chronic poisoning, so the symptoms are not very obvious. As a result, it is often neglected by people.

Second, sweet potato peel

Sweet potato peel contains a large number of alkaline, so eating too much of it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. If there are some brown and dark brown spots on the sweet potato peel, it indicates that the sweet potato has been infected by “alternaria brassicicola”, which can produce “sweet potato ketone” and “sweet potato ketol”. When these two substances enter into the human body, they will damage the liver and cause poisoning. Mild poisoning may cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. But if it is serious, it might lead to high fever, headache, asthma, seizures, coma and even death.

Third, persimmon peel

When the persimmon is unripe, the tannic acid is mainly contained in the pulp of persimmon; while when the persimmon is ripe, the tannin acid is concentrated in the peel of persimmon. After the tannic acid enters into human body, under the effect of stomach acid, it will have chemical reaction with the protein in the foods, and produce the sediment–persimmon stone, which may lead to many kinds of diseases.

Fourth, ginkgo peel

The peel of ginkgo contains some toxic substances, such as “ginkgolic acid”, “hydrogenated ginkgolic acid”, “ginkgo alcohol”, and so on. When these substances enter into human body, they will damage the central nervous system and cause poisoning. In addition, it is also inappropriate to eat too much cooked ginkgo pulp at one time.

Fifth, water chestnut peel

Water chestnut usually grows in the paddy field, so its peel can accumulate a lot of harmful and toxic wastes and chemical substances. What’s more, the water chestnut peel also contains a large number of parasites. If you eat the water chestnut peel which has not been cleaned, it may cause disease and bring great harms to your body.

How Acupuncture Treats Back Pain

It has been estimated that 8 out of 10 people will experience back pain during their lifetime. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), acupuncture is an effective treatment for upper, middle, and lower back pain. In its official Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials report , the international health organization explored how acupuncture has been shown in clinical studies to help treat more than 40 different conditions. In Western society, we're often led to believe that there are few options for back pain – especially if chiropractic care or traditional medicine fails to bring relief. Before you give up hope, here's a closer look at how acupuncture works and how you can use it to eliminate pain and improve mobility.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a complete medical system that originated in China more than 3,000 years ago and has been consistently practiced since. At a practical level, acupuncture inclusions very thin needles being inserted into strategic points in the body at varying depths. The needles are typically painless going in, or patients feel a minor pricking sensation. In some cases, tension may be released from the point of insertion if it's being used to treat a particularly acute condition.

How effective is acupuncture at restoring back pain?

Recent peer-reviewed studies have shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment for back pain. One study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine demonstrated that 60% of patients treated with acupuncture had noticed improvements and 65% continued to experience improvements one year later. Further, both the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians recommend acupuncture for back pain relief.

How does acupuncture treat lower back pain?

In terms of Western medicine's perspective, lower back pain can be caused by a number of issues ranging from muscle strain to spinal issues. From the perspective of Eastern medicine and acupuncture, the body has energy (called qi) that flows along pathways. There are more than 2,000 identifiable points along these pathways that can be stimulated to release blockages or change patterns within the body. From a scientific perspective, this is understood to encourage the release of chemicals that dull pain and promote well-being.

What can I expect during my first visit?

During your first visit, your licensed acupuncturist will conduct a full exam. This will include taking a medical history, and asking you a variety of questions. Some are likely to be familiar from your annual physical while others may be unfamiliar. Your physical exam may include taking your pulse and examining your tongue, which are two common steps in Eastern-style medical diagnosis. Depending on your situation, other steps may be taken to gather more information. Your acupuncturist will then recommend a series of treatments, including the number of times to come each week or each month and a general duration or length of treatment.

During your first visit, you'll often receive your first acupuncture session. Future visits will then be scheduled. While the points used to treat the back varies broadly depending upon the cause of your issues and your unique situation, often points are used throughout the back, buttocks, and above the back of the knee for treatment. Discuss any questions about your treatment pattern or plan with your acupuncturist.

Life with back pain is unpleasant. In addition to dealing with chronic pain, many people find their activities are limited either due to mobility issues or fear of making the pain worse. Visiting a licensed acupuncturist in your area has been shown to be one of the most effective strategies for eliminating back pain and keeping it at bay over the long-term.

Celery and Semen Volume – Increase Semen Volume With Celery

Though a large number of men seem to dismiss the significance of a larger volume of semen in their sexual pleasure, the fact is that ejaculating larger loads of seminal fluid can help enhance pleasure and make you enjoy intense orgasms.

There is no doubt that a larger quantity of ejaculate is good for your fertility and sperm count but this is not all. Larger volume of semen requires stronger contractions to release it on ejaculation and these stronger contractions help enhance and intensify pleasure on ejaculation.

Not only this, most women find a huge loads of semen a kind of a turn on. Most of them consider it to be a symbol of your male power and virility.

How to Increase Semen Volume?

The simplest way is to take care of your diet. There are some foods that can help enhance the production of your ejaculate. Celery is one such food. Though there are no studies which confirm this, those who eat celery often find that they are able to produce larger loads of semen. Not only this, it also contains an odor less hormone androsterone that is sexually inviting for women.

There are some other foods as well that can help increase your ejaculate. These include those that are rich in zinc. Some of them include shellfish like oysters, animal protein like lean meat, dairy, milk products etc., Not only this, foods such as beans, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds are also known to boost the production of your seminal fluid.

Over and above, there are some herbal and nutritional supplements that can be highly resourceful. These supplements are comprised of age old herbs and other nutrients that not only help boost the production of semen but also ensure hard and form erections and improved sex drive. This is one of the reasons why such supplements are getting increasingly popular with more and more men opting for them.

Check out more on Celery and Semen Volume and how to enhance your seminal production naturally.

Fertility Tests Most Commonly Used to Detect Problems When Trying to Conceive

Fertility testing is normally recommended for couples who have tried for 12 consecutive months to conceive and have been unsuccessful. With today's technology and science, most infertility issues in men and women can be pinpointed and corrected pretty easily. There are many reasons why couples have trouble conceiving, including low sperm counts, low hormone issues, endometriosis, POC, blocked tubes and other disorders that can be diagnosed after fertility testing and corrected with treatment. In this article, we will be discussing different forms of fertility testing that doctors use to help diagnoseose infertility disorders.

Most fertility specialist began their testing with a series of blood work. The (5) most commonly used are the baseline, estradiol, progesterone, luteinizing and the follicle- stimulating blood tests.

1.) Baseline blood test: It is typically conducted on day two or three after your menstrual cycle begins.

2.) Estradiol blood test: This test will tell your doctor two things. First, it will measure a woman's level to see if she is ovulating and secondly, if she has any ovarian cysts.

3.) Progesterone blood test: This will measure a woman's level of progesterone to see if it is high enough to indicate ovulation and allow an embryo to implant in the uterus correctly.

4.) Luteinizing blood test: This test is usually ordered for both men and women to check for any pituitary disorders in the ovaries and testes.

5.) Follicle-stimulating hormone test: This test is performed on women to see if their ovaries are functioning correctly.

Once a couple has undergone a series of blood tests, the doctor will probably recommend one or more tests to check for blockages in the female reproductive system, check for small polyps or fibroids in the uterus, look for any abnormalities in the ovaries and fallopian tubes as well as evaluate the woman's cervical mucus. A semen analysis will probably also be ordered to check the man's sperm count and motility. For more information on fertility testing, please visit our site below.

Cavitation Or Non Surgical Liposuction

Non surgical liposuction, often known as cavitation, is the most effective method of removing fat from the cellulite areas, with effects that are very similar to those of traditional liposuction surgery. In addition to this, ultrasonic cavitation is based on low frequency waves, which form small gas bubbles called cavitational bubbles, contributing to the reduction of fat cell membranes. In the end, fat is absorbed by the lymph and drained through the lymphatic system.

Cellulite is a disorder caused by a hypodermic unaesthetic medical condition. The degeneration of fat tissue occurs as a result of hypertrophy, which is nothing more than an increase in the fat cell volume, combined with water retention and stagnation of fluid in the intercellular spaces. The adipose tissue should be able to satisfy the body requirements at all times. As a consequence, a good preservation of microcirculation and fat mass, as well as a normal distribution of fat molecules are very important. Cellulite is also caused as a result of the alteration of the most important metabolic functions of the body.

How is cavitation performed?
There are three main stages of cavitation, after which fatty areas will be completely melted. First of all, the ultrasonic device is attached to the fat area, which is also treated with an accelerated fat burning cream for about 20 minutes. During this period, the active byproducts contained by the cream penetrate the skin, reaching the cell membrane.

The second step lasts for about 30 minutes and involves the use of another similar device in certain areas of the body. The effects are instant and the reduction of cellulite will become visible at this stage. Finally, a drain massage will be performed in order to accelerate blood circulation. In this last step, melted fat will also be removed.

What are the benefits of cavitation?
From the start, cavitation reshapes the adipose tissue and reinvents the body. In addition to this, the fat will be visibly reduced after a very short recovery process. The risk of cellulite nodules appearance is completely removed, while the subcutaneous tissue is oxygenated. During treatment, a more or less intense sound can be heard by the patient.

Who can undergo cavitation?
Non surgical liposuction addresses everyone, with some minor restrictions. For example, most surgeons will refuse to operate patients with heart problems or those suffering from vascular diseases. The treatment has a fixed number of sessions, while a consultation is estimated at an hour and a half.

Making a Huge Life-Saving Health and Nutrition Discovery – On Vacation Yet!

Here it is 4:30 am and I'm writing this article for you to read. But why? you might ask. Here's my lame answer – because I care about you! Well, it's true. So, we do not know each other – but in a way we do.

We both have common histories sprinkled with hopes and dreams, work and fun, struggles, successes, failures, and we both desire to live a full and healthy life. And we care about our loved ones, and want the best for them. That's all true, right? Then, why should not we care about each other?

And even though we do not know each other individually, we're both in the same boat – we want to be healthy and keep getting these crazy diseases that are becoming epidemic all around us – you know Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, and a bunch of auto-immune diseases like Arthritis, Lupus, and Crohn's, and on and on.

Yes, I really do care about you and I want the best for you. And even better, I think I can be of help – when it comes to these diseases. How, you may be thinking? Well, I've discovered some unbelievable health and survival news that you just have to know about. And I get up at 4:30 most mornings to do that – I hope you know it's pretty important.

Here's the skinny. Last Christmas while on vacation with my wife at my brother's home in Kona, Hawaii, my brother Dennis and his wife shared some phenomenal news with me and my wife, Diane – so life-changing in fact that since we heard it, our health and our lives have gotten better and better – so much better!

The news he shared was in the form of a video – called Eating. We all watched it together. It's all about the direct cause-effect relationship between what we eat and the condition of our health. It explained how we habitually eat certain foods, foods that overwhelm our bodies immune systems, we develop diseases slowly over a period of years, diseases like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

But, it explained, if we eat the right foods that strengthen our immune system, most of the time our bodies can block the diseases and we never get sick at all. In fact, we can live an incredible disease-free, robust life into our 90's and longer. And the video documented why and how it all happens, with scientific explanations and scores of testimonials from people who had horrible diseases and who reversed them and beat them by changing what they ate. It made 1000% sense.

As I watched the video – you have to see it – I was amazed at what I was seeing and learning about the cause of these diseases, and how they are not caused by some mysterious evil genie that overwhelms our bodies from the outside.

And the implications were exciting. The DVD made it clear that I was already creating my own health without knowing it, and I could see how and why it happens. And I could see that I had this astounding power in my own hands to create my own health and prevent and eliminate disease. My life is literally under my control. A commitment was born in me that day to become an expert in this, and to share this powerful information far and wide, and this commitment, and a lot of early morning work, has grown into a life mission for me.

After watching the DVD, I kept asking myself, why have not I heard this information before? I have always been kind of a health nut. I started researching over 20 years ago when I read Know Your Nutrition . But, why have not I found this information before? Why in all my reading has not someone told me this?

But a larger question was how come we have not heard this information from the medical community, and if they really wanted to end cancer and heart disease, why were not they shouting it from the rooftops. This information could end most disease.

The answer became familiar the more I thought about it. They do not want us to know it, because it's not in their self-interest. If we all got well we would not need them. Their business seems to be perpetuating disease, by selling us stuff that costs us an arm and a leg, but just keeps us sick and getting sicker. But we do not have time for that discussion here.

The really, really sad thing is that they have not told us, and I believe they will never tell us. Personally, I think it's criminal. Think of all the people who have lived in fear and pain and died way to soon, so needlessly. My list of family and friends gets longer every year.

So I get up at 4:30 am to research painstakingly, and write articles and books, and create videos, all for the purpose of passing this great news on to you and thousands of others like us.

You may have heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, or one of the over 100 auto-immune diseases. I Hope not! But if you do, this is great, great news for you. Research shows conclusively that these are all caused by eating the Standard American Diet (the SAD diet). If you do not have any of them yet, you will, if you eat what over 90% of Americans eat. If this is your diet, one or more of these diseases are already growing in you. They grow slowly and silently for years until finally their deadly symptoms stare you in the face.

And your parents, children, friends, associates, will get these diseases too, if they eat the SAD diet. This information could save their health and lives as well.

I've wanted to share this vital information with you. I have over 5000 important articles and videos on eating, nutrition, all the diseases, recipes, etc. on my website. Most of it is free. This is a life mission, not a business.

And now you have a mission – to learn how you can prevent and reverse these diseases for yourself and your loved ones, and to pass this great news on. You can now be a life-saver and a health-giver! God speed!

To your Incredible Health,

Terry "Up at 4:30 am to help us all get the truth out – Incredible health For All" Kent,

Founder and Host of The Health and Nutrition Center

Wellness For Life

What happens in the human body with continued poor eating habits, smoking, not enough sleep, too much stress? Any one of these habits could put a body “out of whack”. Toxins build up and damage our cells in what is known as “metabolic stress”.

We all have a gene in our bodies called NF Kappa B, which regulates more than 400 genes that are associated with good and bad health. NF Kappa B is the “master regulator” that tells our cells when to duplicate, to divide, and to die off as part of our normal health regimen. When our systems are overloaded by metabolic stress, our cells start malfunctioning, creating an opening for such diseases as diabetes , heart disease , strokes, macular degeneration and cancer . It would be worse than traffic going wrong on a one-way street with horns blowing and drivers yelling. We really want to prevent that master regulator from getting overloaded and creating chaos!

This year there is a protector to help prevent diseases that are brought on with unhealthy lifestyles. It is MeridiumXN . Until this year, there has not been a formulation like this that humans could process in their bodies. This anti-toxin has been studied since 1960 and finally, the testing produced an antioxidant that can be healthfully assimulated in the human body. For myself, I think that taking this natural supplement raises my immunity and increases my focus and clear thinking. At 76 years of age, I’m particularly careful about how I take care of my health.

Retirement is the new small business economy. Age 50 is the new age 30. Age 80 is the new 60. I retired when I was 70, from a University library. I worked there for 22 years. I decided to quit and have fun doing something else. I travel and use the internet a lot. At first, I really had trouble overcoming gremlins (psychological barriers) about doing new things, like selling on the internet or opening a “my space”. But I decided that new things keep people healthier and happier. It’s a good time for me. A person does not have to just retire, but can do something fun, constructive and profitable if she chooses!

How to Lose and Maintain Weight Loss, For Life

Americans spend millions of dollars per day on diets, supplements, gym memberships and a variety of exercise equipment in an effort to lose weight. An incredibly large percentage of people fail to lose weight because they do not stick to the diet or workout program they set out for themselves. More importantly, recent studies have shown that not just being overweight, but the distribution of body fat increases the risk for heart attacks, strokes, and premature death. People that carry excess weight around their waist "belly fat" are at an increased risk.

Weight management consultant Sandra Davidson works with a program that has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors. The program focuses on eating small, nutritionally balanced meals every two to three hours. Eating few small meals every couple of hours has been proven to minimize hunger, increase metabolism and stabilize blood sugar.

Originally, this program was only available through medical clinics. Although there are many doctors' offices and clinics that offer the product, the product can now be purchased through independent weight management consultants.

Weight management consultants, also referred to as health coaches; provide support, which is key to losing and maintaining weight loss. The number one reason many programs fail is because of the lack of support systems that are in place and lack of lifestyle change. The role of the health coach is not only to provide support, but to provide knowledge, encouragement and help each client through weight loss, transition, and finally maintenance. These steps will result in unhealthy eating habits and a lifestyle change in eating food. This is not your typical "diet" program because of the education, support, and guidance that encourages healthy eating habits for life.

Key features and benefits of the program:

  • Average loss of 2 to 5 lbs weekly
  • No counting calories or points
  • Clinically proven, long lasting results
  • Recommended by over 20,000 doctors
  • Customized meal plans

Being overweight or obesity linked to a range of diseases, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and some cancers. People who have been on this program continue to see amazing results by their shrinking waistlines and their ability to stop taking certain medications related to being overweight or obese. It is a proven fact that diets do not work but lifestyle changes do, which is the primary, core focus of the program.

Sandra Davidson is a weight management consultant. To learn more about this program go to http://freeinstantinfo.com/medi

Atomic Theory of Matter

Anything that has mass and takes up space is a matter. For examples, stone, wood, and concrete are matter. Things, such as sound and wave are not matter. Atomic theory of matter had been announced that matter consists of fine discrete particles. These fine particles are discrete and existent separately among them. These fine particles can exist as atom, molecule or ion.

Atom is the smallest neutral particles in an element. Neutral particle is the particle that without any charge either positive or negative charge. Element is a pure substance that contains one type of atom only. It also can not be divided to simpler substances. For an example, 100% pure iron block contains only iron atoms.

Compound is formed by chemical reaction through association or combination of two or more elements. Chemical bond must have been formulated among the elements in the compound. If the elements do not form any bond, they are only a mixture. Molecule is a neutral particle that is formed through chemical association or combination of two or more atoms either similar or different type of atom.

Chlorine is a molecule, which has the same type of atom; whereas methane is a molecule, which has different type of atom. Two chlorine atoms form bond with each other; whereas, carbon atom in methane forms four bonds with four hydrogen atoms.
Ion is a particle contains either positive or negative charge. It forms after the electrons in an atom or molecule have been transferred to other destination or from other destination into the atom or molecule. Due to the transferring of electrons inside the atom and molecule, the atom and molecule may be in unbalanced charge situation. If the atom and molecule are in excess of electron, they become negatively charged. Contrary, if they in an electron deficiency situation, they become positively charge. Anion is the term for the atom or molecule that is negatively charged; whereas cation is the term for positive charge atom and molecule. Examples for the cation are Mg2 +, Ca2 +, Na +, Fe3 + and examples for anion are SO42-, NO3-, PO43-, Cl-

Matter consists of fine particles that always move randomly. Evidence that can support the matter kinetic theory is the diffusion process. Following is an experiment to estimate the olive oil particle size.

Part A: Determination of the volume of a drop of oil
Fifty drops of olive oil are dripped into the beaker from the burette. Volume for the fifty drops of oil can be obtained from the burette by deducting the final volume to initial volume of the burette. Volume for one drop of olive oil can be obtained by dividing the volume of the fifty drops of olive oil with fifty. Calculation of the volume for one drop of olive oil is as follow:

Initial volume before dripping 50 drops of oil = x cm3

Final volume after dripping 50 drops of oil = y cm3

Volume of 50 drops of oil = (yx) cm3

Volume for one drop of oil = (yx) / 50 cm3

Part B: Determination of the number of small drop of oil that can be separated from a drop of oil, which is stripped from the burette
A drop of oil, which is dripped from burette, is too big to drip on the surface of water with a thin layer of lycopodium powder covers on it. Therefore, drop of oil from burette has to be separated again to a smaller drop of oil. The number of small drop of oil that can be separated from the big drop of oil (from burette) can be determined by transfering the oil from the watch glass to the filter paper using sharp tip glass rod. A small drop of oil is adhered to the sharp tip and is transferred to the filter paper. The filter paper is a high oil absorption material. In such a way, it can absorb most of the oil, which adheres to the sharp tip glass rod. From the number of small drop oil that has been transferred to the filter paper, volume of small drop of oil can be calculated by dividing the volume of big drop of oil from burette to the number of transferring. The calculation is as follow:

Volume of the big drop of oil that is dripped from the burette has been determined as (yx) / 50 cm3 in the part A.

Volume of the small drop of oil that adheres on the sharp tip of the glass rod = volume of the big drop of oil on the watch glass divides by the number of transferring times. Equation for the calculation is as follow:

Volume of the small drop of oil that adheres to the sharp tip of the glass rod =

(yx) / 50n

Where n = number of transferring times for the small drop of oil from the watch glass to the filter paper.

Part C: Determination the area of ​​the oil spot on the surface of the water
When a small drop of oil that adheres to the sharp tip of the glass rod is dripped on the surface of the water with a thin layer of lycopodium powder covers on it, the oil will push the lycopodium powder to the edge of the tray. Diameter of the forming spot can be measured using ruler. This value can be used to calculate the surface area of ​​the oil spot. The calculation is as follow:

We represent oil spot diameter as d cm.
Surface area of ​​the oil spot on the water surface = surface area of ​​a circle = j2 =  (d / 2) 2 cm2

Part D: Estimating the size of an oil particle
Size of the olive oil particle can be calculated as follow:

Thickness of the oil layer is represented as t cm.
Volume of oil spot in the form of cylinder =  (d / 2) 2 t cm3
Due to the volume of the oil spot on the surface of water is equal to the volume of a small drop of oil, which is transferred from the watch glass. Therefore,

 (d / 2) 2 t cm3 = V

=>  (d2 / 4) t = V

=> t = (4V / d2) cm

By assuming oil spot on the surface of the water consists of only a layer of particles. So,
Size for an oil particle, t = (4V / d2) cm
Value that normally obtained is around 10-7 cm. This indicated that size for an oil particle is very small.

Beside, precaution steps that need to be taken in order that the obtained result is more accurate and accurate are as follow:
(i) Water in the tray must stable before the lycopodium powder is scattered on top of it.

(ii) Layer of the lycopodium powder on the water surface must as thin as possible and equilibrium.

(iii) Tray and the water in it must be free from any oil stain and dirt that will affect the equilibrium of the oil spot.

Auditory Processing – Why Does not My Child Listen?

"I've had her ears checked and her hearing is fine, but she just does not listen!"

As a Speech Pathologist I often heard this from parents. These children may have passed full audiology hearing assessments and have hearing within normal limits, but present as children who do not seem to hear properly in some ways.

Children can have hearing within normal limits but still not seem to be tuned in when people talk to them. Usually these children have difficulty following instructions when they have to remember several instructions at once. They do not memorize their address or phone number. Often they do not remember the names of objects. They can mispronounce words or make mistakes of grammar and sentence structure. When they are older they can not easily recite things like the months of the year.

Often they can be bright children who do not seem to achieve their potential, and this is frustrating for everyone. In the classroom they can appear to be watching what others do before they follow instructions. Or they tune out. They can have problems learning to read, write and spell.

Children with normal hearing can still have auditory processing difficulties. This means that the ears are receiving the signals but the brain is not making total sense of what they hear.

This can involve poor processing at a variety of levels.

Some children can not work out where a sound is coming from (sound location). Some children do not hear the differences between some of the speech sounds in words (auditory discrimination). For some, it is very effortful to break down what they are listening into meaningful chunks of words. And in real life, we often miss words or parts of words because of background noise or other interference, and our brain is supposed to be able to fill in the difference (auditory cloze) but children with auditory difficulties often can not do this – so they miss important information. Even worse, they come to expect to not be able to understand everything they hear.

Children with auditory processing difficulties will not be able to develop a good memory for what they hear (auditory memory). For some children this can mean that they do not have a clear idea of ​​what each sound is like, and so they can not speak clearly or in accurate sentences. This will make it very difficult to develop phonological awareness skills (awareness of sounds) that are essential for reading. For other children, auditory processing difficulties mean that they will not be able to remember the exact words of rhymes or songs, or their address or date of birth.

Many children in this situation find it easier to 'tune out' because focusing on what they are listening is hard work. And, of course, they will have difficulty remembering exact instructions or other details that they are told.

This is frustrating for everyone, including parents and teachers.

Typical Acne Treatments

Acne is treated in several ways depending on severity. Mild to moderate cases of acne can be treated with home made remedies and over the counter lotions and creams. Moderate to severe cases are usually treated with prescription medications. The treatments target the issues associated with acne such as overproduction of sebum, bacteria, follicle dilation.

Prescription treatments contain active ingredients, usually in appreciable concentrations that can cause adverse reactions. Although some of these may be obtainable without prescriptions online it is advisable to use them under direction from qualified physicians. Prescription treatments can be taken in a variety of ways; orally, as injectibles or applied topically. Topical treatments are usually in the form of creams, lotions and gels.

A treatment normally prescribed for inflammatory acne such as cysts and nodules are intraleional corticosteroid injections. In this case a dilute solution of cortisone is injected directly into the lesion. This is used for inflammatory acne such as nodules and cysts. It helps to reduce infection and prevent to scarring. Contraindications for this injection include tissue atrophy and concurrent sepsis.

Antibiotics are prescribed for the treatment of moderate to severe acne. They fight inflammation by inhibiting bacterial growth or killing the bacteria. Among these are erythromycin, tetracycline and its derivatives such as doxycycline. These are taken orally as the sole medication or in conjunction with creams or lotions.

The creams and lotions prescribed for acne treatment are in two categories. They either have antimicrobial properties or take part in epithelial cell growth. Topical antimicrobials work in a similar way to the antibiotics except that they are applied directly on the skin. In fact some topical antimicrobial based creams have antibiotics as their active ingredients. Examples of topical microbials are azelaic acid, benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin and erythromycin.

Retinoids take part in epithelial cell growth. These chemicals are chemically related to vitamin A. Examples of retinoids are isotretinoin, tretinoin, tazarotene, adapalene. Isotretinoin can be taken orally as a drug. It is used to treat severe cases of acne especially when other treatments fail. It has been found to cause birth defects when used by pregnant women in addition to other side effects. The drug reduces the production of sebum but its mode of operation is not known. Most retinoids used in the treatment of acne are applied topically. In addition to its use orally isotretinoin is an active ingredient in creams at 5% concentration. Other topical retinoids are tretinoin, tazarotene, adapalene.

Over the counter treatments are typically in the form of creams, lotions, gels and liquids that contain some active ingredients. These active ingredients are normally in low concentrations thereby limiting the risk of adverse side effects. Benzoyl oxide based creams are widely used for treatment. Some lotions contain alcohol and acetone. Alcohol has antimicrobial properties while acetone reduces the oiliness of the skin. A common active ingredient is resorcinol which is known to have antiseptic and disinfectant properties. One of the organically derived active ingredients in creams is salicyclic acid. It has antimicrobial properties, causing the shedding of skin and acts as an astringent. Sulfur an essential constituent of living cells which acts as an antibacterial agent is also a common constituent of anti-acne lotions.

Essential Baby Advice For New Parents

Attention All New Parents: Babies Cry!

As a new parent it can be difficult to listen to your baby cry, especially if the crying seems to be non-stop. It's important to understand that crying is your baby's only form of verbal communication and that it's actually not all bad! Crying is healthy for a baby and can happen for a number of reasons:

Your Baby is Hungry

This is an easy one to fix, although a lot of new moms mistake tiredness for hunger.

New Parent Tip # 1

If you offer your baby a feed and they are not hungry they may not drink, but often if you are breastfeeding and you offer your baby food, he may simply be tired and use your nipple as a pacifier. If you find that soon after your baby starts feeding it falls sleep it's most likely he was not actually hungry at all!

New Parent Tip # 2

It helps to remember (or write down) the times your baby has been fed and for how long, as this will help you know if the reason for the crying is hunger or not. After a while you will realize the difference between your baby eating and just chewing, and can pull him off if he's not interested in feeding.

Your Baby is Wet or has Poo

This is another easy one to fix, however if you are using disposable diapers your baby may not cry if they are wet as they are probably not that uncomfortable. Chances are the indicators for poo are obvious, and although as a new parent you may find diaper changes most unpleasing they will just become second-nature to you and somehow are more bearable when it's your own baby.

New Parent Tip # 3

You may remember that prior to being a parent you were not particularly interested in hearing about other baby's poo stories, and as a new parent no doubt you'll soon have plenty of stories of your own to share! Be aware that while other new mums will happily listen to your stories and share their own with you, do not be surprised if other people may have no interest in this topic!

Your Baby has Upper Wind

Some babies have more wind than others, but all need to be burped after feeding. If your baby does not release upper wind it then works its way down their little body and transforms to lower wind, which is generally more upsetting for your baby and more difficult to release.

New Parent Tip # 4

You will soon get to know your baby and figure out the best way for them to burp, often this is just holding them up with the head on your shoulder and patting them on their back. Some babies release upper wind easier if you lie them face down on your lower arm that you hold horizontally across your body.

New Parent Tip # 5

Whilst you do not want hurt your baby by patting her too hard, being too gentle may be ineffective. Your baby will not break if you pat them on the back so do not be too scared to apply some pressure to get rid of that wind and help your baby feel more comfortable.

Your Baby has Lower Wind

Lower wind is more prevalent in some babies than others, and just as adults experience this from time to time it is a normal bodily function for babies.

New Parent Tip # 6

A great way to help your baby get rid of lower wind is to hold him with his back against your chest, with your lower arm under his thighs, so that he is effectively sitting in the same position he would be if on a toilet, facing the same way you are.

Your Baby is Too Hot or Cold

It can sometimes be hard to tell if your baby is too hot or too cold, as their bodies do not yet regulate their temperature in the same way as a grown-up. Feel their face to check if they are too hot (most new parents tend to put more clothes and blankets on their babies than less) and just remove layers or blankets until your baby settles down.

Your Baby is Tired

This is a big one, and as with feeds it's useful to note down when your baby has slept and for how long, so you will realize sooner if this is the reason your baby is crying. When your baby is older she may rub her eyes when tired which is of course a dead give-away, but unfortunately a newborn baby will not yet give you this obvious sign.

New Parent Tip # 7

The most important thing with tiredness is to take action sooner than later, as a tired baby is much easier to settle than an over-tired baby – this is a situation you want to avoid at all costs! Settling a baby is a whole new article in itself so for more information check out our article on settling your baby.

Your Baby is Unwell

From time to time your baby may just not be feeling well, he may have a headache or a runny nose and simply be feeling a bit off. All you can really do in this situation is provide comfort in the form of pats and cuddles, and a soothing voice reassuring him he will soon be feeling better.

New Parent Tip # 8

A baby's body is extremely good at healing itself – you will notice any cuts and bruises on a baby heal quickly – and health issues that are not visible will also be healing naturally quite quickly. There is usually no need to medicate your child, and in any case there is not much medication available for newborn babies as it is an acknowledged fact that it can be harmful. It is also very difficult to ascertain exactly what is wrong with your baby as of course they can not explain that their head is sore or their tummy hurts. Just as you would not take medication yourself without having a known reason, the same applies for your baby.

Over or Under-Stimulation

Sometimes babies can be bored, and other times there may be so much going on around them that they are overwhelmed by it all and find it difficult to cope. It could be that you are out somewhere and it is very noisy with loud music and lots of people all talking at once and lots of things to look at – too much for your little baby to deal with at once!

How much is too little or too much? This is something your baby can tell you so just listen to them and if possible adapt the situation to meet their needs. If your baby settles down they are obviously happier and more content with their surroundings.

Your Baby Feels Like Crying

If you've exhausted all the usual reasons for your baby to be crying but it is still happening, it could just be that your baby feels like having a cry. She may feel the need to just get it off her chest and she will want to be heard. As adults we too feel much better sometimes after a cry if we need to get things out of our system, so that we can then move on in a happier state of mind.

New Parent Tip # 9

If your baby is crying she may not want a dummy or pacifier shoved in her mouth, if you offer her a dummy and she spits it out she is trying to tell you something. Babies need to feel like they are being listened to – as much as it may pain us to do the listening! Just hold your baby and allow her to get the crying out of her system, and you'll find that once she shes had a good cry she will be much happier, and therefore so will you.

Think about this – if there is something on your mind and you want to let it out and talk to someone about it, do you want your friend to listen to you? Or do you want them to shut you up so that you are quiet and they will feel better? Sometimes telling your baby to "shush" or giving them their dummy is like telling them you do not want to listen to them, and although this may be the obvious and most tempting action to take it may not be the quickest way to stop the crying. More importantly believe it or not, by telling your baby you do not want to listen you are teaching her that it's not safe to cry or to let out her emotions, and this can actually have undesirable long-term effects on her.

Hopefully this newborn baby advice will help you ascertain why your baby is crying and how you can deal with it. Some babies do cry more than others and spending time with your baby will help you know why they are crying. Do not be too hard on yourself as a new parent, your baby will cry and you will find you have more patience than you ever thought possible at this point in your life!

Can Whole Body CryoTherapy Help Me Live A Healthy Lifestyle Even If I Have Arthritis?

Arthritis kills our quality of life, constant pain just doing normal easy tasks takes its toll on our psyche and keeps up from living, but it does not have to be that way. Did you know that CryoTherapy was originally used to help patients with rheumatoid arthritis? Doctor Yamaguchi in the late 70's began with freezing temperature in short-time durations on the surface of the skin (CryoTherapy) to help his patients deal with the pain of arthritis. Without the extreme pain patients were able to manage a milder pain and easily tolerate it, often for days between treatments.

Today, a modern Whole Body CyroTherapy sauna can deliver nearly 8-10 times colder temperatures to the whole body all at once. This alleviates the chronic inflammation in the joints, allowing the body to reset, while also increasing the collagen protein in the body. Many CryoTherapy believers tell how it's been 'life-changing' for them. No longer having to avoid their favorite activities or being stuck and immobilized by pain. Some people have even been able to ditch their pain medications altogether along with their other arthritis drugs.

How Does CryoTherapy Do That?

It is known that CryoTherapy helps induce the collagen protein, which helps in strengthening bones, joints, tendons and cartilage. It's also known that CryoTherapy helps to reduce inflammation – chronic inflammation is responsible for much of the pain treated from rheumatoid arthritis. We know that CryoTherapy helps produce anti-oxidants in the blood, something else those with rheumatoid arthritis lack in capacity.

It's hard to say exactly why it works so well or why those who have arthritis swear by Whole Body CryoTherapy. We do know that it lowers the histamine reactions in the body. Research is still on-going, but when a 75-year old who has arthritis can go out and play tennis again with friends, something is up. It's not a coincidence.

One clinical research study showed noticeable improvement with between 1-3 cryotherapy sessions and after 10-15 sessions patients told of retreating symptoms and a drastic reduction in pain. When coupled with physical therapy a few patients were able to ditch their wheel chairs, while all noted improved ease of movement. These results continued for 6-months after the therapy. Ask your doctor if you should try Whole Body CryoTherapy, maybe you can get off those meds too?

Now then, let's survey a couple of research papers on this topic, shall we? The first, I'd like to make notice of is: "Cryotherapy reductionases histamine levels in the blood of patients with rheumatoid arthritis," by E. Wojtecca-Lukasik • K. Ksiezopolska-Orlowska • E. Gaszewska • O. Krasowicz-Towalska • P. Rzodkiewicz • D. Maslinska • D. Szukiewicz • S. Maslinski and published in December 18, 2009 (Inflamm. Res. (2010) 59 (Suppl 2): ​​S253-S255 DOI 10.1007 / s00011-009-0144-1 ).

Another paper worthy of mention is: "The Influence of Temperature and Fibril Stability on Degradation of Cartilage Collagen by Rheumatoid Synovial Collagenase," by Edward D. Harris, Jr., MD, and Peter A. McCroskery, MS (N Engl J Med 1974 ; 290: 1-6 DOI: 10.1056 / NEJM197401032900101).

And, the last piece of research was a pilot study, which showed yielded benefits: "Serial whole-body cryotherapy in the criostream for inflammatory rheumatic diseases," (PMID: 18548207).