How to Cure a Yeast Infection Naturally – Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Signs

A vaginal yeast infection is one of the most common forms of yeast infection. Under normal conditions, this fungus is on the skin and inside the vagina of all healthy women. The vagina has an acidic environment in it that helps control the growth of this fungus. It is when the acid level drops that the fungus grows and causes a vaginal infection. This can be due to a number of factors including, improper diet, weak immune system, and taking antibiotics.

Natural Cures For Yeast Infections


This is a very sticky way to cure a yeast infection, but it is known to work miracles. You need to measure half a cup of honey and pour a good amount onto the affected areas while sitting on the toilet. You need to let this sit for about 20 minutes. After you are done, take a nice warm bath. Then dry your vagina thoroughly and you should feel much better. You should do this twice during the day. Once in the morning and once before you go to bed.


Go get yourself a tampon and dip the tampon in the yogurt, then place it inside your vagina. You should do this twice a day, once when you wake up and again before you go to bed. You can also take a tablespoon of yogurt and put it inside your vagina. The best time to do this is right before you go to sleep. You should also eat a cup of yogurt daily. This is good for your immune system and will help get rid of the fungus. These natural cures for yeast infections will work and are good for your body.

Kids Party Tips From Ages 1 to 10

Planning a kids party is all about great ideas. So take advantage of the list I've put together below! Be sure to take a look at all the ages as many of the tips will work for any kids party!

1st Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Elmo, Farm Animals, Abby Caddaby, One Is Fun, Lady Bug
2) Bubble Machine instead of live entertainment – toddlers love bubbles.
3) Keep the party short. 1 1/2 hours is the max for a kids party at this age.
4) If there is only babies at the party then they can not play party games but the adults can so have a couple of party games for the adults. You'll have everyone laughing.
5) Of course you will take plenty of pictures of the birthday boy / girl and guests but do not forget to take pictures of the decorations and cake. It's a good idea to take pictures of both before the party starts. You want evidence of all that hard work!

2nd Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Yo Gabba Gabba, Cupcake Party, Little Einstein, Circus, Unicorn
2) Music – Kids love music at this age. Play popular toddler music that they will recognize (Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog from the Mickey Mouse Club, the theme music to Little Einstein, Sesame Street song) and watch the kids dance!
3) Keep the party short. 2 hours is the max.
4) Plan the party around your child's temperament. If your child is a bit shy then invite a few relatives and keep it simple. If your child is a party animal and loves attention then invite friends and family.
5) Play simple games like Simon Says, Ring Around the Rosie and duck duck goose.

3rd Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Hot Wheels, CARs – The Movie, Backyardigans, Go Diego, Dora the Explorer
2) Get your child involved. Let him pick the theme or help make invitations. At this age children love to be helpful.
3) Get the timing right – An early to mid afternoon party is fine. By late afternoon the tots are usually getting cranky.
4) Entertainer – At this age you can consider live entertainment. Some good choices are a puppet show, magician, balloon modeling or a face painter.
5) Another great birthday party idea is dress up! Kids love to dress up at this age. Provide an area with some old clothes the tots can play in. They will love this activity.

4th Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Dinosaur Friends, Fire Fighter, Princess Party, Mickey Mouse Club, Madagascar
2) Plan in Advance – Today's children have busy schedules. Between the various classes and play dates some kids are booked months in advance. Therefore be sure to give the parents of your child's closest friends the date of the party well in advance.
3) Craft projects – At this age kids are able to take direction and participate in craft projects. Here's one fun idea – Have an Art show! Provide an area with craft supplies such as stickers, glitter, crayons, markers, paint (washable), glue, construction paper, pipe cleaners and anything else they can use to create a masterpiece. Hang their artwork and have an art judging. Award a prize to each child for something unique relating to their art such as best use of color, best drawing of a tree and so on.
4) Kids love parades and what could be more fun than participating in their own parade. Have the kids form their own parade by providing musical instruments (drums, maracas, bells, etc.) and streamers. Have the kids march around the party area singing popular kids songs or the birthday song!
5) Kids at this age (actually any age) have lots of energy. Be sure to have enough activities planned to keep them busy.

5th Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Buzz Lightyear, Wizard of Oz, Crafts Party, Pirate Party, Scooby Doo
2) Since your child is in school now you can plan a celebration at school as well as a party at home.

3) For a school party bring cupcakes (note, some schools will only allow store bought food items). Pass out a small goodie bag for each child containing candy and a small toy.
4) For a home party have the children make jewelry out of pasta. Have the kids paint pasta (any pasta with a hole in it will work). When it's dry they can thread yarn through the pasta and wear it!
5) Make sure you get your child's input when it comes to planning the party. At this age your child will be thrilled to see their ideas incorporated into the party.

6th Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Gymnastics, Karate, Cheer Party, Nascar, Space Mission Party
2) At this age you may want to consider an all boy or all girl kids party. After the age of 5 girls usually want to do different activities from boys. It's not necessary to have a specific gender party but it can make the planning a bit easier.
3) At this age you can consider having a destination kids party. Kids love parties at fun locales like indoor playgrounds, gymnastics studio, karate studio or Build a Bear.
4) If you're having a kids party at home and the weather permits consider a party rental such as a bounce house or ball pit. Kids at this age can spend hours bouncing or playing in a ball pit.
5) Party games are of course a must try a treasure hunt, hot potato, musical chairs or a relay race. Check out these games as well:

7th Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Slumber Party, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Tea Party
2) A 7th birthday party sees to mark a stone in maturity for kids; they can no longer be looked at as babies. So, if you're going to have a big celebration this is the birthday to do it. Prior to 7 they are too young to truly appreciate it, but this year they will.
3) Consider having a slumber party. Provide activities such as makeovers, doing their nails or Barbie playtime. Allow them to eat junk food and watch a pre-teen movie.
4) For the boys consider having a superhero party. Have the guests dress up as their favorite superhero and provide activities based around Spiderman, Batman, Superman, etc.
5) Party rentals are always a hit such as the bounce house, ball pit, pony rental or a mini put put course.

8th Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Bowling, Barbie, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, Skateboard

2) This is the only age you can plan a figure eight party! Make a figure eight cake – Take 2 round cakes and cut the center out using a glass (frozen cakes work best). Put the 2 cakes together to form a figure eight. Have the party at a skating rink where the kids can practice figure eight skating.
3) A destination party is a good idea at this age as well. Consider American Girl, Dave and Busters or Bowling.
4) Throw a crafts party. Provide all sorts of crafts for the kids to do it can be as simple as building with clay or Legos or painting pictures to jewelry making and model building. Have several different activities so the kids can move around. Be sure to have help with supervision, it can get hectic.
5) Remember to be enthusiastic with every activity and play lots of music. Your enthusiasm will get the kids excited about any activity and music always gets them going!

9th Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Star Wars, Glamor Girls, Hawaiian Luau, Harry Potter, Transformers
2) If you have a budding cowboy or girl try a Horse Round Up Party. Provide the kids with bandanas or cowboy hats when they arrive, serve western food such as bbq chicken or burgers western style. Have a pony ride at your house or if possible take the kids to a stable.
3) Here are some unique ideas for live entertainment – caricature artist, karaoke, a water slide, Hip Hop or country singer, costumed characters, kids comedian, impersonator (such as Hannah Montana impersonator), temporary tattoo artist (requests the parents first ), ventriloquist, airbrush t-shirt artist, live animals.
4) Cupcake decorating is a fun activity for kids. Provide already cooked cupcakes along with the fixin's such as frosting (a couple different flavors), sprinkles, candy and writing gel. Let the kids to decorate the cupcakes and then they get to eat their creations!
5) Girls love to play grows up at this age so have a tea party for the girls. Either find a locale that has tea time or do it at your house. Tell the girls in the invitation to dress up and then serve tea and finger sandwiches with the crust cut off. Discuss the ritual behind drinking tea such as putting your pinkie up!

10th Birthday

1) Popular Kids Party Themes – Hanah Montana, Twighligt, Wizards of Waverly Place, American Idol, Jonas
2) This is an ideal age to celebrate your child's birthday at an amusement park. Invite a few friends. The kids are going to be old enough or tall enough to get on many of the rides. And most of the kids probably have experienced an amusement park by now and know what to expect.
3) Plan a chocolate party. What kid does not love chocolate? A chocolate party is simple to plan because everything is chocolate such as chocolate birthday cake, chocolate, favors, chocolate trees, chocolate fondue or even a chocolate fountain.
4) A great place to get favors for girls at this age is Claires or any similar accessory store. You can pick up tons of inexpensive accessories such as clips, barrettes and jewelry.
5) Plan a girly party for your daughter. A girly party would entail manicures and pedicures along with snacks and a fun girly movie such as the Princess Diaries. Have a couple of games or Barbie playtime and your daughter will love it!

Foot Surgery – How to Know When It's Needed

Yet, if you or I were asked when the last time was that we visited a podiatrist, we would probably say, "Never.

While that may be true in some cases, the fact remains that most of us take our feet for granted. Since they never give us much trouble, they must be hardy soles indeed. That could be the reason why, when our feet start giving us trouble, we either ignore the pain, or try to fix the problem ourselves.

Many are the times when a person with a huge corn has tried to carve off offender off with a sharp knife, only to cut his foot badly, or watch the site later become infected.

Maybe you're one of those people who think that the solution to aching feet is a pair of Dr. Scholls inserts- when the problem is actually that cheap pair of shoes you snagged from the thrift store bargain bin.

But when you're dealing with a structure made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and scores of muscles, tendons and ligaments, something is bound to go wrong from time to time- and that something will probably be the one thing you know nothing about .

And if that mysterious condition persists and then begins to deteriorate, it will most likely start causing more serious problems in other parts of your body.

While many foot problems can be treated with the aid of such things as ointments, splints, medications and therapy, there are other disorders that require surgery. These conditions include: flat feet, rearfoot osteotomies, medial column stabilization, tendon transfers and lengthening, bone fusion, joint movement limitation, hammertoes, sprains, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ingrown toenails, gout, calluses, corns and warts.

If you or someone you know is putting off a visit to the podiatrist because of some fear or misunderstanding about what is involved, know this:
o Examinations for suspected problems can also reveal early stages of diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease
o 99% of all foot surgery is not done in a hospital, but rather an outpatient clinical setting, or the podiatric surgeon's office.
o Most procedures are finished within a couple hours.
o The patient then leaves for home under his or her own power, in most cases using nothing more than a surgical sandal for walking assistance.

So, when should you see a foot doctor?
1. When you're having more painful days than non-painful ones.
2. When non-surgical treatments have not yielded satisfactory results.
3. When foot pain keeps you from enjoying the things you like to do.

Given the fact that a pair of feet support one's body weight all day long, and as such are subject to more abuse, pressure and stress than any other part of your body, it's fair to say that they are probably taken for granted.

It's also fair to say that if you want them to continue their tireless service for years to come, you should pay more attention to them. Buy them a decent pair of shoes once in a while …

Is it Possible to Lose Fat and Keep it Off For Good

Losing weight can be a difficult thing to do, but keeping the weight off can be a harder challenge.

95% of people who go on a conventional diet to lose weight will gain all of the weight they have lost back
and sometimes will end up being heavier than they were before the they started the diet.

Repeatedly losing and then putting on weight can cause a serious risk to your health, studies have
shown that this can lead to heart disease and could cause a stroke.

Most people who are overweight do not stick to a healthy lifestyle once they have lost the weight they want
so they pile the pounds back on, for example they may stop keeping their activity level up or stop eating healthy food in exchange for junk food.

And so the cycle starts of putting on weight dieting and losing the weight then putting back on again
and so on.

To lose weight, keep it off and stay healthy can seem impossible, but that is not the case.

There are many weight loss and fitness programs out there to help you lose weight, some work and some do not, one of these programs is called Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle. This downloadable program is written by a bodybuilder called Tom Venuto who over the past 20 years has developed a 100% guaranteed system for losing body fat based on the nutrition secrets of competitive natural bodybuilders and fitness models.

The system teachers you how to lose body fat permanently without the use of drugs or supplements.

Although this program is designed by a bodybuilder it is not just for people who want muscles, natural bodybuilders who are successful do things differently to the 95% of dieters who fail to keep there weight off.

There way is to shed the fat whilst keeping lean body mass, they achieve their success by maintaining their metabolism so that they will burn 24 hours a day.

People have reported amazing results with this program so if you want to try a different way then this may be one of the programs for you.

Definition and Interesting Features of Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a neurological chronic condition that affects the musculoskeletal tissues of the body. The disorder is mostly responsible for inducing discomfort, pain and fatigue in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and in the areas surrounding the joints. People who suffer from fibromyalgia are constantly confronted with intense pain that tend to reoccur on a regular time basis. The pain caused by the disorder is felt deep inside the muscles and in certain points called trigger points. A common feature to all people with fibromyalgia is the location of the pain; to all patients fibromyalgia pain occurs in the same trigger points. Although people with fibromyalgia perceive the pain at different intensities, they claim to permanently feel a different level of pain in their soft muscular tissues.

An interesting aspect of fibromyalgia is that it can be very difficult to detect in some patients. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are common to many other conditions and therefore they can be misleading in establishing the appropriate diagnose. Although some of the symptoms of fibromyalgia may resemble those of rheumatoid arthritis, people with fibromyalgia seem to be in perfect health when they are examined by a physician, revealing no signs of muscular dysfunctions. Basic physical examinations and common laboratory tests typically do not reveal the presence of fibromyalgia. This is due to the fact that pain, fatigue and discomfort are mentally induced to patients with fibromyalgia, as a consequence of abnormal activity of their nervous system. Although they show no physical abnormalities or dysfunctions, their experienced pain is real!

Abnormal brain activity is considered to be the main cause of fibromyalgia and there are two areas of the brain thought to be involved in the process. A high output of the mesencephalon (the upper region of the brain) accelerates the heart rate, increases blood pressure and raises the body temperature. People with fibromyalgia often experience sudden changes in body temperature and sometimes they sweat abundantly and even have fever. Also, a high activity of the mesencephalon is responsible for difficulties in falling sleep and inconstant sleep patterns. Most people who suffer from fibromyalgia have trouble sleeping and in some cases they even suffer from insomnia. Therefore, the cause for fibromyalgia lack of sleep is thought to be the abnormal activity of the mesencephalon. The permanent fatigue felt through the whole body by people with the disorder is amplified by appropriate sleeping patterns, un-refreshing sleep or insomnia.

Another part of the brain that is considered to be responsible for inducing other fibromyalgia symptoms (anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, poor cognitive abilities, loss of short-term memory and confusion) is the cerebellum. A lower activity of the cerebellum is thought to be the cause of other fibromyalgia symptoms and the majority of people who suffer from the disorder reveal abnormal activity of both cerebellum and mesencephalon.

Fibromyalgia is considered to be a serious condition. Due to the chronic character of fibromyalgia, patients require ongoing treatment and therapy. If left untreated, fibromyalgia can cause other symptoms such as nausea, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and swelling, vomiting, internal distress. Many people with fibromyalgia also seem to become depressed as the disorder develops and sometimes they even indulge in suicidal acts. Therefore, it is vital to spot the presence of fibromyalgia in time and appropriate measures must be taken in order to prevent further complications and undesirable effects.

Spa Supply: Helping You Unwind At Home

We've heard it so many times from all walks of life; Americans are over worked, over stressed and much deserving of a refreshing break. And we all know that one of the best and most popular ways to relieve stress and tension is a visit to the local day spa or better yet a week-long stay at a luxury spa resort. But, unfortunately, all of that rest and relaxation takes time and money. So, what can you do to unwind if you find that you are lacking in both of these precious commodities?

The answer might be as easy as creating your own own spa experience at home with inexpensive products purchased from your local or online spa supply. With products like facial masks, foot massagers and exfoliating body creams at your disposal, you will have no need to shell out money for a masseuse or cover to travel expenses. All you will have to do get all of the pampering and luxury that you need is delve into your private spa supply collection.

While you will not need a lot of products to make your home spa experience as luxurious as its more expensive counterparts, there are a few products that every home spa supply should include. Here is a brief look at just a few of the products that you will want to have on hand:

* Massaging foot bath – When you come home from a long day's work it looks like everything is aching, especially your feet. So, why not come home to your very own foot spa? Many of these spas come with heat and massage features and can do wonders for aching joints and weary feet. And the best part is that you can purchase one of these babies for as little as $ 25.

* Paraffin wax system – These home systems are also very inexpensive and are great for people with arthritis. The warm wax relieves aches and inflammation in the hands and feet and leaves skin supple, smooth and soft. Also great for people with dry, cracked or chapped skin. The system costs around $ 40.

* Facial sauna – With a home facial sauna you can steam away the impurities of your skin just like the pros do. Combine this product with your favorite cleansers, toners and moisturizers to create the perfect salon experience at home. You can purchase one of these for about $ 45.

* Hot oil manicure set – This is the ultimate luxury and will leave your hands and nails feeling and looking great. The soothing heated oil will help repair damaged dry nail cuticles and will also help condition and strengthen your nails. These are hard to find, but can be purchased for around $ 30 at most beauty supply stores.

In addition to all of these great spa supply ideas, you may want to consider inexpensive massage oils and creams. Aromatherapy bath gels and lotions also do wonders for a tired and worn body.

You see, it only takes a little bit of money to have the spa experience of your life. And the best part about having your very own spa supply at home is that there's no commute and the spa is always open for business.

Forskolin Pure Root Coleus Forskohlii Extract

Recent research shows Forskolin can rapidly and effectively help burn stubborn belly fat. Although the center of the mainstream media recently, it has been used as an ayurvedic herb for centuries.The scientific name, Coleus Forskohlii, is the name of the plant from which the extract is derived. The actual plant is grown in India, Thailand, and other parts of South East Asia. It has also been found growing on the dry slopes of the Himalayas.

For centuries, this amazing herb has been used for cardiovascular health issues such as hypertension, congestive heart failure, and angina. It has also been discovered to increase cerebral blood flow which help post-stroke victims to recover faster. All of these benefits of this herb are due to the rise of a chemical in our bodies called cAMP when it is ingested. cAMP relaxes heart muscle and increases the contractility of the heart. Proof of its use dates back 3,000 years and is preserved in the ancient Sanskrit texts.

Its effects on the body are both positive and extensive. Losing weight, building lean muscle, boosting metabolism, suppressing appetite, healing skin conditions and reducing blood pressure naturally are all benefits of this amazing herb. The biggest interest as of late has been its thermogenic fat burning effects. Women 40 and over start observing a decline in their thyroid function which equates to a slower metabolism. A slower metabolism reduces the rate at which your body burns calories, this can mean weight gain. Upon taking this herb, increased secretions of thyroid hormone boost metabolism which is the first step in weight loss.

This product is no different with men. The lean muscle building and fat loss are consistent with those in women. The added benefit in men is that it acts as a testosterone booster and can help men and women alike in their workout efforts. Lean muscle building and fat loss means a healthier body and a healthier you!

The side effects are few, however, as with any weight loss regimen you should always consult with your physician. Those with polycystic kidney disease, low blood pressure and pregnancy should not use this product despite its great safety record. Cardiac patients should also use under the direction of a physician. The number of satisfied users of this amazing herb grows daily, and with all of the latest discoveries and research that is being conducted there is no doubt its popularity will only increase.

Bacronyms – Subtle Words Cocktail


My 12 year old grandson, Utsav, is very inquisitive. Well he knew that I was fascinated by Approvals and had been wondering if it would be too difficult to treat, ordinary English dictionary words, as Acronyms? I tried and found it an interesting exercise, and started coining, what I now call them – SUBTLE WORDS COCKTAIL or BACRONYMS. Only I do not add or drop any letter, unlike what we do in Approonyms. I now have a collection of over 3,600 words from all walks of life.

Perhaps he wanted to test the progress made by me. So he used to frequently make inquiries with me. One day he said, a "Historian" is rarely, if at all, present at the scene, so how does he write all that we read in history books? I decided to answer him in my own special way, forming a phrase using only the letters of the word in sequential order, so I told him: 1. Hearsay Information, Sifting Thoroughly, Objectively Records Incidents and Narratives. Or maybe: 2. He Imagines Something, Twists Others, Records Idiosyncrasies, Assembles Narratives.

Next he was inquiring about "FAN", the answer I gave was "Forceful Air Navigator!". He said he was not talking about this FAN, so I told him "Forcefully Advertise, Notify", though he was not satisfied yet, so I came up with "Fanatical Admirer, Naive". That satisfied him.

His next question was about "ABDOMEN", the answer I gave was: Actually Belly, Digestive Organ, Metabolizes Entire Nourishment.

He now came up with "GYMNASTICS", it took me quite some time to come up with an answer, but finally I got the right connection: Gives Your Muscles Noteworthy Adaptability, Stimulus, Thebyy Imparting Co-ordination, Strength.

Another day his query to me was to explain him about an "OPTIMIST" and a "PESSIMIST", well I had to bring out the difference very clearly, here is what I told him: Outcome Predictable, Task Is Manageable, I'll Surely Triumph, and Predictably, Even Sees Serious Impediments, Machinations, In Small Things.

Next he bought the topic to "BLACKMAILER" The answer he got was: By Learning And Coordinating Knowledge, Particularly Advantageous, Indecently Leads, Extracting Ransom.

He really took me by surprise by going for a really very big word – "INDIVIDUALISTIC", I had a ready answer: 'I' Normally Dominates In Ventilating Ideas, Dealings, Usually Abhors Logical Interpretations, Suggestions Treats Imbibing Contempt.

He was not ready to give up and again came up with a 15 letter word – STRAIGHTFORWARD

I thought it was time to cur him and so said enough, but he would not take no for an answer, so I obliged: Someone Truthfully Revealing Acrid Intentions, Giving His Thoughts Freeway Or Recording, Without Any Restraint, Decisions.

He switched over and said how do you define a "HYPNOTIST". My answer: Has You Performing Numerous Operations Through Induced Sleep, Timidly.

Another day he wanted to know about "CATASTROPHE" – Well no difficulty for me: Calamity, Accursed, Total Annihilation, Startling Thunderbolt, Result Of Particularly Horrendous, Event.

He next came up with EARTHQUAKE – Well again I was ready with an answer: Explosion Activated Remotely, That Has Quivering Underground, Almost Knocking Everything.

Next he wanted me to explain about 'REINCARNATION' I gave him 2 answers: 1. Recapturing Earlier Incidents, Neatly Covers, Assuming Rebirth Now, All, Theoretically Inexplicable, Occurrences Nostalgically. 2. Rebirth Emphasizes, Indeed Neatly Connects Activities Rationale, Naturally Addresses Temporal Ideas Of Note.

I was in for surprise again (you too will be) – What is "WRAITH", hey where did you get this word, anyway it is: Weird Revelations About Impending Travel Heavenwards.

It took him too by surprise but he was not ready to give up. What about "SPECTACULAR" – is not it: Scintillating Performance, Extremely Charismatic, Totally Amazing, Clearly Unbelievable Layout, Almost Rapturous.

His next question too took me by surprise – SCAPEGOAT. The answer was however easily available: Someone Clandestinely Accused, Permitting, Entire Guilty Offenders, Avoid Trap.

He next came up with SUPERNATURAL – I decided to go for some hard words: Strictly Unworldly, Perhaps Esoteric, Really Not Attributable To Usual Regimen As Learned.

Another day he asked about another uncommon word "SIESTA", well here was the answer I gave: Spain Itinerary – Enjoy Sleep Through Afternoon.

He was not yet done and came up with "STAMPEDE" – Well I had to think and finally said: Sudden Tension, Assembled Mob Panics, Everyone Depts Expeditiously.

Switching the topic he came to "BOOMERANG" – I said easy: Breathtaking Object Or Missile Ever Returning After Navigating Goal.

He said "DEMONSTRATE" – I answered: Display Elements, Mark Out Neatly Steps That Require Attention, Theence Experiment.

He said I have heard a lot about "DEPRESSION", I do not know exactly how it affects people. I said just look at it this way: 1. Deep, Emotional Perversity – Result Excessive, Sadistic Sensibilities, Influencing Our, Nature / Notions. Or 2. Deep Emotional, Paralysis, Roundly, Entailing Severe Strain, Induces Obdurate Nervousness.

What about "ENCYCLOPEDIA" he asked – well it is easy was my reply: Explains Nomenclature Concisely, Yet Complely, Linking Operations, Periodically, Embodies Distinctive Information Assiduously.

As you must have noticed this is indeed an original work, which can be very educative.

Russian Penis Enlargement Secrets – Myofascial Releasing

There are many methods of penis enlargement that are very obscure and unknown to the majority of the men out there. One technique we learned in Russia was Myofascial Releasing for Natural Penis Enlargement.

The tissue that covers muscles is a tough form of connective tissue called myofascia. If you have a raw steak from the butcher, sometimes parts of the meat (this is muscle) is covered by a thin white membrane. This is myofascia. Myofascia helps keep the muscle (as a whole) in a collective shell.

It’s not uncommon for people to develop “knots” in the myofascia of muscles. It is very common in the shoulder reasons for instance. Upon careful palpation (feeling) one can feel these knots that have developed. They typically develop due to overstraining, trauma, improper use of the joint affected, and even mental and physical stress. In the areas, such as the shoulder, where they can be felt, there will most oftentimes be pain associated on pressing into these points.

One very important factor with myofascial knotting is that it causes restriction in the joint that is affected (for example: its range of motion) and restricts the ability for the muscle to be elastic and to stretch to its normal length. It literally causes the muscles to tighten up. A good example of this is when one has such knots in their neck muscles. They will realize that they cannot rotate or flex their head to the levels they used to be able to. It has become restricted.

There are many areas in the penis, pelvis, and surrounding muscles that have fascia and myofascial membranes. Over time, by improper masturbation, pulling a pelvic muscle, lack of exercise, and other factors, these fascial membranes will develop similar knots. These knots will cause restrictions in the length and girth of the penis.

One simple method for relieving myofascial knots is to gently work on the with a finger or the head of a pencil eraser, for example. Applying gentle force to them in the specified region gets rid of these knots.

To test this, try feeling at the base of your skull, at the back of your neck. If you press into the areas on either side, typically you will find some of these knots. You can try working them out with your fingers and see the results. They will be sore, but after time you will feel these knots release and might even get rid of that headache.

There are many areas that need to be addressed. One simple area is just above where the penis attaches to the body. You can palpate this area and feel for these types of knots and try addressing them yourself. By releasing these restrictions, you can release more length to the penis.

To learn the important myofascial points that are restricting your penis and how to address these restrictions, read IRON MAN PENIS – The Russian System and start to put the “LARGE” in Penis En-LARGE-Ment.


Georg von Neumann

Important Laptop Accessories

  1. External hard drive I have an external hard drive with a 160 gigabyte capacity. I actually forgot what its rpm is but I'm confident that it's one of the fastest models currently in the market. I use it mainly to back up my important files and any work that I am doing. It gives me the peace of mind that I need – should anything bad happen to my laptop, all my files are neatly stored in a separate drive. Plus, I do not like to maximize my laptop's hard disk. That's because in the long run it will cause my laptop to run slower than usual.
  2. Optical mouse My laptop's built in track pad works fine but sometimes my hand yearns for the feel of an actual mouse. This is especially handy whenever I do some graphic work and I have to open up my Photoshop program. Just try creating paths using your track pad and you'll know what I mean.
  3. Laptop bag No laptop should be without one. That is my rule and I spread that rule to my fellow laptop users. A laptop can easily get scratched when it's bumped or heaven forbid, dropped. A laptop bag will help cushion the blow as well as make it easier for you to carry around. Plus a nice bag can be a fashion statement as well.
  4. Skin I put a beautiful skin on my laptop's cover. It's a picturesque beach scape of an island somewhere in the tropics. The picture is warm, relaxing and inviting. And I've seen a lot of people (women mostly) who look at my laptop because of that skin.
  5. Portable printer I actually have a portable printer that I always put in my car just in case I need to print out something while I'm outside. And it did prove very handy a few times when I had to print some spreadsheets for clients who suddenly asked me for another hard copy.

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Borrelia Burgdorferi Lyme Disease: An Overview

Borrelia burgdorferi Lyme disease is a bacterium-caused infection that is caused by some tick bites. The contributing agent is spirochete borrelia burgdorferi (Bb).

A systemic infection that is caused by a spiral-shaped bacterium called the spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) is known as borrelia burgdorferi Lyme disease.

This disease that is transmitted through the bite of a tick.

Lyme disease is a kind of systemic infection caused by the spirochete borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), a spiral shaped bacterium. This disease is diagnosed based on the symptoms, the physical findings and the possibility of exposure to ticks or tick bites. A test from a reliable laboratory is helpful in the late stages.

Many people who are infected with Bb show no signs of this disease at all. However, all transporter of Bb has this certain risk of having this disease at some point. The bacteria may stay inactive for a certain period of time but it may become active by some particular events which include being stressed out or having an infection that would affect the activities done by the immune system.

If the symptoms are already there, this disease is a good master of disguise. There may be few symptoms present but Lyme is usually not considered as its factor. Some health authorities estimate that around 90% of the US population may carry the borrelia burgdorferi spirochete as well as that Lyme disease is a component in more than 50% of the illnesses considered as chronic.

Bb Lyme disease can copy a significant amount of illnesses by producing a variety of symptoms. These are divided into two, the direct tick bite related symptoms. Some of the direct tick bite symptoms are

1) A red spot around the tick bite which would gradually grow larger and a pale area in the middle would appear. This pale area is known as erythema migrans.

2) The erythema migrans would at times appear in other areas of the body even if those are not bitten. For some people, red spots would develop more. Typically, a one to four weeks time period would pass before the erythema migrans appear after the bite.

For the initial systemic Lyme disease, on the other hand, the symptoms include fatigue, pains in the joint and muscle, mild fever, headache, drowsiness and swollen lymph glands.

Patients having Borrelia Burgdorferi often express that they feel like they have flu. This happens because such is a symptom for having chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

6 Porn Star Tips For Long-Lasting Sex – Forget Premature Ejaculation

What makes porn stars last so long in bed? How do they control delay their ejaculation so much, while having a vigorous and intense sex? Let’s looks at some secrets of their sexual stamina.

Masturbate Before Hand

Surprisingly enough, even professional porn stars use this technique for lasting longer in bed. They masturbate 2-3 hours before shooting the film. Second ejaculation lasts much longer for any man, so they utilize this property of male body to their advantage.


Porn star actors always keep their breathing in check to make sure it doesn’t get fast and heavy. Fast and heavy breath destroys men’s sexual stamina very quickly. Instead they stay aware of their breath and breathe in a controlled and deep manner.

Relax Your Muscles

Another trick is to keep your body relaxed, especially your abdominal area, thighs and butt. It is natural for those muscles to start flexing during sex, but with a little bit of attention you can easily make sure they are relaxed. Flexing your abs, butt and legs can greatly speed up your ejaculation.

Correct Mental Game

As you might know porn stars are very confident and that helps them greatly to last long. Keep your mind clear of all the thoughts about sex and be confident. You can see significant improvements from this alone

Stay In Control

Because of their confidence, male porn actors always stay in control during sex. If you feel that you are reaching an early orgasm, do not hesitate to pull out and relax. When you regain control of your arousal levels, put your penis back into vagina and continue the intercourse. Women like men who are in control.

PC Muscle Squeeze

Many porn stars use this advanced technique. Basically there is a PC muscle between your anus and testicles, which controls your ejaculation reflex. When you are urinating in the bathroom, if you try to stop your pee form coming out, you are using this muscle. Similarly to pee, you can stop sperm from coming out by flexing this muscle at the moment of ejaculation.

The problem is that you need a very developed PC muscle to be able to do that. But do not worry: beginners can use a simpler technique. Instead of flexing the muscle, press it with your finger the moment before ejaculation. Hold it tightly for 20-30 seconds and you should be able to prevent the ejaculation. After that you can continue your intercourse.

Watch The Amount Of Caffeine In Energy Drinks

There is a lot of caffeine in energy drinks. A lot of people use these because they think that they help them get the energy that they need to keep them going all day. Many people do not realize how much of it is really in these.

The content in most drinks is not even known to most of the users of them. They just assume that they are alright for everyone to drink because they are sold over the counter. This is not always true though. When they have too much caffeine, they can cause major health complications for some people especially if you are already having some problems.

Because energy drinks are considered a dietary supplement, the FDA does not regulate the amount of caffeine that is in them. It does not require them to let the consumer know how much is in them either. Other drinks, such as pop, are required to put the amount on the nutrition label. There is a lot of controversy regarding this coffee is not required to list the content either.

Some of these can contain the same amount as fourteen cans of pop or soda. Others can contain the same amount as a whole pot of coffee that is brewed. You are taking in that much in one can or little bottle. Some people say that it is the B vitamins that give the much needed boost. But others say that it has nothing to do with the vitamins.

The amount in them can cause dizziness, high blood pressure, nausea, vomiting, numbness and tremors. Some people do not link these symptoms to the amount in these drinks that they are drinking. Some people fall asleep after taking them also. Most companies will not warn the consumer of these things either.

Some people do not think about this but caffeine is a drug. People can become addicted to it just like any other drug. People of every age group are drinking these, both men and women. It is bad for teenagers especially those with learning disabilities or ADHD. It can also be blamed for many behavior problems.

One thing about this drug that many people do not realize is that it will give them a huge burst at first. But if they pay attention, after a little while, they will be even more tired than they were before they drank the drink. The truth is that if you just get enough rest and eat healthy, you will have the energy that you need to make it through the day.

They are becoming more popular because everyone has busy lifestyles. Some people do not get enough sleep and think that by using these, they will feel just as refreshed as getting eight hours of sleep or more. Many times, they are mixed with alcohol also. They have become a way of life for some people. The next time you are thinking of purchasing one, you might want to check the amount of caffeine in energy drinks.

Easy to Use Home Remedies For Yeast Infection Treatment – 3 Cures For Swift Relief

There are a number of home remedies for yeast infection treatment. Before we go into that let us understand what this infection is. As you may be aware this infection does not affect women alone. It can affect both men and women, and can occur in any part of the body such as underarms, between toes, etc.

In women this infection normally occurs in the vagina. Yeast is minute organizations which are present in our body in small numbers. Whenever the count of these organizations increase drastically the infection sets in. For example our vagina is naturally acidic. Whenever the acidity level of the vagina changes due to factors like menstruation period, pregnancy, diabetes or birth control pills, the yeast multiplies and causes the infection.

Which are the easy to use home remedies for yeast infection treatment?


Take a tampon and dip it in yogurt. Insert directly in the vagina. Do this twice a day and continue doing it till all the symptoms of your infection subside.

Tea Tree Oil

Dilute tea tree oil with water and pour on a tampon. The antifungal properties of this oil will immediately relieve itching caused by the infection.

Sodium Chlorite

Add 6 drops of sodium chlorite in a cup. To this add one tablespoon of raw, organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar and one cup of distilled water. Prepare a douche with this solution. After douching use acidophilus supplement for vaginal insertion. Repeat douching after 12 hours if required.

For complete yeast infection treatment in addition to the above home remedies you must also pay attention to what you wear. Avoid tight fitting synthetic clothes which make you sweat more and create moist environment for yeast to multiply. Avoid wearing jeans, leggings and panty hose every day. Do not remain in wet clothes including swimwear for too long.

How to Get Strong, Hard Erections After 50

Do you get weak or soft erections?

Most men in their middle age tend to experience erectile dysfunction. However, it is not impossible to get strong rock hard erections after 50. Though most men use drugs like Viagra etc., a better and safer option is natural or herbal pills, largely because they do not have any side effects.

There can be a couple of reasons behind erectile dysfunction in middle age men. It is not just physical factors that affect erectility but also various other factors and issues such as stress and depression.

Increased work pressures, family responsibilities and relationship turmoil can all lead to low libido and trigger erectile dysfunction in men. It is known that almost 10-20% of all cases of erectile problems stem from psychological issues.

Another significant factor that affects erectile function is a drop in the testosterone levels. This is the hormone that governs sexual and reproductive function in men and a slow down in its production occurs after the age of 30. It is known that men begin losing testosterone at about 10% a decade after the age of 30 and begin feeling the effects by the time they reach 40.

Not only this, lack of physical activity and weight gain also lead to reduced blood flow to the penis. Reduced blood flow to the penis remains one of the key factors affecting erectile function in men.

Another major factor that can lead to impotence in middle age men is a drop in the production of nitric oxide. It is not possible to attain a solid erection without enough nitric oxide secretion in your body. This is because a major role in making the smooth muscles of the penis relax so that blood vessels can open up. It is only when the blood vessels get dilated that blood flow to the erectile tissue can be increased resulting in a hard a d firm erection.

Natural or herbal pills are a mix of various age proven herbs that not only increase blood circulation to the penis but also boost production of both testosterone and nitric oxide.

While prescribed medications can only help ensure rock solid erections, herbal or natural medications can be a great help since they not only ensure powerful erections but also boost your sex drive or libido. Not only this, such medications can also help you last longer during sex and also increase your semen production and sperm count. This is not just good for your fertility but also helps you enjoy intense orgasms.

Though herbal pills are good and safe, not all of them are alike. Top of the line pills are made up highly potent and effective ingredients that ensure very fast results. Some of such ingredients include Pomegranate 70% ellagen or Bioperine.

These are all natural ingredients that ensure fast results and also boost sexual potency in men without any side effects.

If you want to Get Rock Solid Erections, check out the Best Penis Pills that can make your woman scream in pleasure next time you make love to her.