What You Should Know About Acceleration Mechanics

The ability to accelerate with speed and power is perhaps the most important skill that an athlete can possess. Athletes in most sports need to be able to run as fast as possible, and reach their maximum speed as quickly as possible.

From blasting off the line in football, to winning the ball in soccer, to launching out of the blocks in track; each of these athletic movements need to be performed as efficiently as possible to generate speed as rapidly as possible.

With this in mind, drills for running fast should form a major part of any training regime. However, too many coaches and athletes embark upon their training without a complete understanding of the mechanics of acceleration. In this short article I’d like to help remedy this by covering the six elements of acceleration mechanics.

This will give you a good base of knowledge on which to perform or design your acceleration training and give your athletes an edge their competitors may lack.

1. Stride length (short to long).

When accelerating off the line (or from any position), an athletes stride should progress from short to long. Speed can be improved my increasing stride length or stride frequency (most experts on speed training agree that increasing stride length is the best way to do it).

2. Ground contact time (long to short).

Ground Contact Time describes the amount of time each foot spends on the ground. It is longest at the beginning of the exertion as the body overcomes inertia (the weight of the body working against gravity). It’s shortest when the body is in full flight and the feet are moving at maximum speed.

3. Shin-to-ground angle (small to large).

The angle of the shin will determine how much force is applied to the ground and the projection angle the athlete will launch from (an approximate 45 degree angle is ideal). As the athlete accelerates, the shin angle opens up and increases as he/she reaches maximum velocity.

4. Velocity (slow to fast).

Velocity describes both the speed and direction in which the body is moving. As the athlete accelerates, the rate and distance increases with the duration of the movement.

5. Stride frequency (slow to fast).

As with ground contact time, stride frequency starts off ‘slower’ and increases until it reaches its optimal level at maximum speed.

6. Heel recovery (low to high).

Heels should recover quickly, with backside mechanics (movements behind the centre of mass) and large variations of motion kept to a minimum.

These six elements of acceleration mechanics will give you and your athletes the proper foundation of knowledge on which to base your speed training. Proper execution of technique is everything; you will now have a better idea of where to spot and correct faults in your athlete’s technique. This will have them performing their training drills better with a consequent improvement in speed.

Get a Back Brace! Get Your Life Back!

If you have a back injury or are recovering from back surgery, you know it can be a debilitating experience. Most people don’t realize how important their back is until they injure it in some way, and then the simplest chores become painful events.

A back brace can help alleviate symptoms from minor back spasms to major surgical procedures, and it’s important to get the brace that’s best suited to your needs and condition.

A back brace can be used as mere support or as a maximum stabilizing device that’s meant to hold the entire upper torso in a straight line. Many people recovering from back injuries (caused by sports or auto accidents) wear a full, hard shell back brace that reaches from the sacral area of the lower back up to the underarms. Some also have a neck brace that connects to the entire assembly to provide maximum support for broken necks and backs. For those kinds of injuries, a doctor will most certainly decide which brace will best suit your needs and offer you maximum mobility. Other conditions that are not so severe will require less support.

A foam or cloth-type brace can be used to help relieve symptoms of lower back pain and minor injuries. A doctor will often suggest the use of a back brace for those who suffer from sciatica and other neuromuscular complaints. In these cases, a brace will help ease the pain and offer additional support for movement. These days, a back brace is often made of foam-like material that is soft to the skin and yet provides firm support for mild to moderate lower back pain. The shape of a lower back brace allows for the curvature at the base of the spine and won’t ‘ride up’ like most other, ‘old-fashioned’ back brace models and styles. This type of brace will stay in place, providing the required support.

Another popular type is a medical support brace that comes with metal reinforcement strips down the back. This brace reaches from the mid line buttocks area all the way up to the middle of the shoulder blades and offers maximum support for those suffering from spondylolysis, or disintegration of a vertebra and other spinal conditions. The tightness and pressure of this type of brace can be worn under clothing and is adjustable. The wearer can stand and sit and the anatomical fit makes it available for both men and women. The best thing about this brace is that it stays in place like it’s supposed to, which makes it almost invisible to the casual observer. People suffering from discopathy, which is any disease that affects the intra vertebral bone structure, and osteoporotic lumbar impression fractures, as well as those recovering from surgery, can also wear this type of brace.

A back brace doesn’t have to be big and bulky to provide both protection and support for wearer. Today, materials used are lightweight and allow for your skin to ‘breathe’. So, when the doctor prescribes a back brace, don’t automatically think “immobile”. Instead, think of “soft yet firm, adjustable and comfortable.”

Easy Uric Acid Cure – How to Eliminate Uric Acid Gout in 2 Hours With Bicarbonate of Soda

Here, you’ll discover a simple uric acid cure using bicarbonate of soda. When suffering from gout many folks first thoughts are drug-based treatments. But something as simple as a bicarbonate of soda drink can eliminate the pain and symptoms of gout pretty quickly. More and more sufferers are turning to natural treatments to eliminate their gout symptoms.

The benefits of using bicarbonate of soda as an easy uric acid cure are that it can help;

(1) dissolve uric acid crystals

(2) reduce pain

(3) make uric acid more soluble and easier to excrete

(4) increase body fluid volume which helps the kidneys do their job more effectively

(5) boost urine pH which helps reduce the risk of uric acid kidney stone formation

But before I show you your uric acid cure in detail, let’s quickly go over what causes your gout symptoms of redness, swelling, heat, inflammation and extreme pain. These are actually caused by crystals which have formed in your joints; most usually the big toe, although other joints can be affected. They are so painful because the crystals are in the form of tiny ‘needles’, which can be clearly seen under the microscope.

The crystals themselves are formed out of excess uric acid in your bloodstream which your kidneys have been unable to process properly. Uric acid is a byproduct of the breakdown of natural purines in your body cells and food. Purines are chemical compounds that play an important role in providing our protein and energy needs. Normally, your kidneys then process and flush excess uric acid out of your body via urine. But sometimes this doesn’t happen properly and you end up with excess acid in your blood, hence the crystals and a gout attack.

And because many gout victims suffer really nasty side effects using mainstream drug-based treatment, they are turning more and more to natural gout remedies that don’t have these side effects and are way cheaper too. These are things like dietary changes (remember purines!), herbs, natural supplements, particular fruits and berries such as cherries and strawberries, etc.

One natural remedy that many folks don’t know about is bicarbonate of soda. When mixed with water and taken over a period of time, it can relieve the symptoms quite quickly; in as little as 2 hours depending on the severity of the gout attack.

Here’s how to take your uric acid cure…

Add half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to 8 ounces of water (a typical 8 oz glass). Make sure to mix thoroughly. Stick to the following schedule: Drink a glass just before going to bed; a glass immediately on getting up in the morning; a glass every 2 to 4 hours in between meals. Do not take more than 4 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda per day, i.e. 8 glasses per day. Continue with this regimen until the symptoms disappear.

Since bicarbonate of soda is high in sodium, you need to reduce your salt intake (salt and diet). And if you suffer from hypertension, keep checking your blood pressure. If it rises, stop the treatment immediately. In any case, seek your doctor’s advice before starting the course.

Now many folks have found this uric acid cure to be very effective. However, it’s used simply to eliminate the symptoms of an actual gout attack, it cannot prevent your gout returning. And recurring gout has to be avoided at all costs since — apart from the excruciating pain — it can cause you permanent joint damage and kidney problems down the line. So it isn’t enough just to keep treating the symptoms when they occur, you need to prevent them from returning ever again.

San Jose Scale – Enemy of Our Fruits

Our fruits and ornamental plants are always at a higher risk of being attacked by pests. One such pest attacking our fruits and commercially important shrubs is the San Jose scale. It belongs to order Hemiptera and family Diaspididae. Its scientific name is Quadraspidiotus perniciosus. It is native to China but was introduced to San Jose, California from Japan. Currently this pest is found all over the Southern Canada, United States, India, South Africa and New Zealand. It is mainly a major pest of cultivated fruits and a large number of ornamental shrubs and trees like pear, plum, peach and cherry. Citrus fruits are sometimes also attacked by this pest.

It attacks all the fruits and ornamental shrubs of the orchards. Both adults and the nymphs suck the sap from the wood and leaves of trees reducing growth and economic yield. Developing fruits are also attacked by San Jose scale and they turn gray with mottled blemishes and poor in quality. If the infestation by this insect is left unchecked then death of trees may occur later on resulting in complete reduction of fruit crop. Terminals are the first to die. Infested fruits are characterized by presence of a deep reddish purple ring surrounded by spots.

Adult females are aperterous or wingless, 2mm in diameter and covered with waxy covering of the scales secreted by body. Adults are oval and measure about 1 mm in length. Both adult males and females may be identified by presence of a raised nipple at the top of the scale cover. Nymphal scales are light colored but become dark as they transform into adults. Young nymphs without scales are known as crawlers and are yellow in color resembling mites. Nymphs particularly the first instar under diapause in the winter months. After moulting twice in the months of March and May they emerge out as adult males and females. Females are viviparous and are known to produce 8-10 nymphs per day from late May onwards. Egg laying lasts for 6 weeks. The total number of nymphs produced by a single female on suitable host plants may be up to 400.

Nymphs are tiny, yellow colored crawlers which soon after their birth wander here and there in search for the suitable host plant. Once they find a suitable host plant they settle on it. After settling nymphs insert their piercing and sucking type of mouth parts in the hosts plants and start sucking the sap. They secret a a white waxy material. This stage is called as white cap stage. Four generations have been observed in a year. Summer generations usually overlap and the crawlers are observed through the summers and the fall. Growth is completed in 30-40 days and 2-3 overlapping generations are found in each season. The insects are very prolific and if all the nymphs of a single female survives then there will be 30,000,000 nymphs in a single season. Crawlers are transferred from one place to the other through bird's feet of the agency of other insects. Man may also play an important role in dispersal of San Jose scale.

Many species of parasitic wasps and ladybird beetles act as predators of San Jose scale helping to keep a check over their population. It is a polypahgous insect and is also known to attack about 150 species of apple. Use of pesticides can be beneficial for killing of both adults and nymphs. Dormant oil sprays should be recommended.

It is true prevention is always better than cure.

Prejac Review – A Premature Ejaculation Supplement That Works

When it comes to popping pills for PE, I’m understandably a bit skeptical – I mean, I tried nearly every supplement, cream and device out there during my five years as a frustrated, embarrassed PE sufferer in my late teens and early 20s.

I have to admit, however, that upon review Prejac had me convinced. Its not FDA approved, since it’s not a prescription, and therefore not regulated, but it does have solid science behind it to back up the formula. I know because I thoroughly researched it before trying it, and double checked before writing this review of Prejac.

Prejac starts with B vitamins, and adds herbal supplements that help depression and low energy, while building up stamina and endurance. Everyone knows that depression can affect how you perform in bed, so this just makes sense. I know when I am depressed or anxious, I don’t feel like lovemaking – but sometimes I’m not 100% in touch with my feelings or state of mind.

The cost of the pills is reasonable too; they only run $50 a bottle when you buy three, and you only have to take two a day. There’s no reason to pop extras before each encounter either, which is a common instruction given by makers of other brands (probably to create a placebo effect – if you think you are fine, you will be fine, and then you give credit to the pills you just took. That doesn’t mean they really worked.)

If you are thinking about using pills to manage your problem with PE, Prejac is the way to go – more people report results with it than any other brand, and I did notice an increase in my energy and overall mental and physical health while I was taking them. That translated into a calmer, happier me, and that is always good when you are planning to move things into the bedroom later.

Pamper Yourself With a Home Spa Treatment

The economy has everyone stressed: companies laying off, cost of living rising, raises now in sight, and workers putting in more hours for less pay. It's bound to have anyone's body in knots.

Did you know that a good number of the medical conditions are caused by stress or that marriages suffer because of stress or that mistakes happen on the job because of stress?

Whether it's the economic downturn, or something else, you can help eliminate some of the stress in your life by taking the time to pamper yourself on a weekly-or monthly – basis.

Pamper Yourself With A Home Spa Treatment

• Schedule a date with yourself. Clear the calendar and make room for four uninterrupted our of "me" time.

• Pick up supplies ahead of time. There is nothing more stressful than running around at the last minute to get everything you need for your home spa treatment. Plan ahead by shopping early and you can cut costs by shopping sales, discount stores, or ordering online.

• Clean the day before. If you choose to host your spa treatment at home, you need a clean environment to do it in as it is the only way you'll be able to fully relax and de-stress.

• Prep a few finger foods. Prepare your spa treats the night before, then all you have to do is place them on a fancy tray a few minutes before your scheduled spa treatment. Choose foods that are both healthy and decadent indulgences, like chocolate covered strawberries, exotic cheese on crackers, or sushi rolls with a light soup.

• Pour yourself a refreshing drink. Whether you choose to drink a sparkling juice, an alcoholic beverage, or a hot cup of herbal tea, make sure the beverage you pick is something you like but would not normally drink.

• Meditate. Taking ten to fifteen minutes to meditate can help you ease tension and relax the body. Sit cross-legged on the floor (or bed), back straight, arms resting at your sides. Close your eyes then take deep, slow breaths in and slow breaths out. Repeat, concentrating solely on your breathing.

• Soak in a relaxing bath. Turn on some relaxing music, light a few candles then rest your body in a bath full of warm water and oils. The warm water will relax your muscles and help release the tension while the oils nourish your skin.

• Give yourself a mani-pedi. After you've soaked in the bath, your hands and feet are ready to be pampered. A nice sugar scrub, some lotion, and a trim is all they need to feel beautiful. However, a quick coat of polish will not hurt either.

• Give yourself a facial. The face is the most exposed area of ​​our bodies, which means it takes a good amount of abuse from natural as well as man-made elements. Start by washing your face with a gentle cleanser, then consider applying a facial mask or facial scrub followed by a nice toner and lotion.

• Die your hair. One way to treat yourself is with a new hairdo. Although it may not be wise to give yourself a cut, you should have no problems changing the color of your hair with modern over-the-counter hair dyes, like Phase 10. Apply color, wait ten minutes, rinse, and condition.

The key to a good home spa treatment is in the preparation. Take the time to set everything up BEFORE your big day and you'll discover a new tradition that is sure to be a remarkably rewarding guilty pleasure.

Four Benefits Of Visiting Hair And Beauty Salons

The beauty industry is booming as more and more people prefer to look and feel great. Ladies and gentlemen who are concerned about their appearance and health regularly visit professional hair and beauty salons to get new hair-dos or enjoy facials. In spite of the fact that services may be a bit pricey, there are four popular benefits of visiting beauty parlours regularly.

New hair styles

Whether you want to sport a new hairstyle or take advantage of great hair services, book an appointment at the beauty salon of your choice. Extensions and Brazilian blow-dry services are ahead of the top of the latest hair care trends. Whether you have always dreamt of fuller and longer hair or wanted to try out a new hair colour, extensions can do the trick. Revolutionary products allow you to experiment with subtle highlights and try out a new look. If you want to benefit from smooth and straight tresses, go for Brazilian or permanent blow dry. Formulated to restore and repair, Brazilian blow dry lasts up to fourteen weeks giving your hair a healthy shine. When booking an appointment at hair and beauty salons, choose professionals offering exceptional customer services.

A beautiful complexion

If you fail to achieve a radiant complexion by using expensive creams and serums, it’s time to book for facials. According to a recent study, facials may sometimes boost skin detoxication and help relieve stressed facial skin, reduce excessive liquid and toxins around the face. Specialists can easily identify any current problems like dehydration, sun damage, blackheads and find the right treatment depending on your skin type. Contemporary hair and beauty salons offer a wide range of procedures like pro-collagen quartz lift, hydra ultra-lift, tri enzyme facial, oxygen skin calm facial, visible brilliance facial and herbal lavender repair, to name only a few.

Clean and beautiful hands

A simple manicure and pedicure can make all the difference in your appearance. Manicures and grooming for hands and feet is an easy way to enhance your confidence as beautiful hands never go out of style. Ladies are not the only visitors of beauty parlours who enjoy manicures and pedicures as a lot of gentlemen also want their hands to look healthy and soft. No matter what products you use at home experts from hair and beauty salons can deliver better results as they use the finest products in their procedures.

Silky smooth skin

Whether you want to benefit from hair-free skin for longer or diminish hair growth, waxing may be the right solution for you. It is considered to be an effective method of removing unwanted hair from legs, arms, bikini area, face and eyebrows. In spite of the fact that the duration of growth of new hair varies from person to person, the results usually last from three to eight weeks. Besides removing hair, waxing removes dead skin cells and rejuvenates your skin.

Modern hair and beauty salons offer a vast selection of services to keep your body look healthy and beautiful for a long time. When visiting beauty parlours on a regular basis, you can benefit from new hair styles, a glowing complexion, beautiful nails and silky smooth skin.

The Growing State of Medical Tourism

Over the past few years Medical tourism has been a debatable concept overseas specifically in case of expatriates. Well, if you are someone who is just out loud known to a country like India must make sure that you know all medical service facilitators close to your place in India (if not anything else).

Although you get a lot of insurance agents hoping all around the Internet to prove their potential but, how far are they relevant if you do not know any medical facilitator or hospital nearby to make use of that service or insurance. For instance, a person is very new to a place if by any chance he faces a major health issue and is not aware of any close to hospital then he might have to bear a very traumatic condition. You certainly do not want that to happen! Thus, it becomes essential to keep an eye on the importance things like this and take advantage of the same when possible.

There are many accredited hospitals in India that offers free, paid or insured treatments to their expat patients. One just needs to know the formalities and get their work done. Once you plan your visit to any country like India then make sure you are well versed with the Health care Tourism and know the proper details to go about it. Beside, there are lots of advantages given to an expatriate in India.

No matter whether you have come to India for work or vacation or purposefully for your health treatment, India is a well known country to get your medical treatments. In fact many Indian doctors and many of the reputed Indian hospitals are recognized worldwide. There are ample medical services provided in India such as Joint Replacement Surgery, Heart Surgery India, Spine Surgery, Liver Transplant, Cosmetic Surgery, Ayurvedic Treatment, etc.

Twenty years back, an American wanting a knee surgical operation most likely would not assume to fly off to India for the treatment. But times have changed now, health insurance has raised far beyond and India is marked as one of the evident destinations to get quality oriented and effective medical help as compared to any of the European countries.

Probably this is the prime reason of why people living abroad are majorly dependent on the insurance agents. Beside, with the number of fraud or inapproate services increasing each year one needs to take satisfactory measures to get a proper health treatment.

Thus, effective choose your medical facilitator to get adequate medical services India .

How Will Recent Changes in Technology Affect the Development of Hearing Aids?

Hearing aids have been around for decades, and they’ve been improving over that time. With exciting new breakthroughs in conducting metals, wireless communications, and smartphone connectivity, the potential for sound-assistance technology skyrockets. Here are a few examples of how might be getting even better in the near future.

Battery Improvements

While hearings aids can be extremely functional, they unfortunately still need to be recharged regularly. And while some have a working duration of several hours to several days at a time, we can all relate to the maintenance stress. Having to take them out and plug them in, sometimes overnight, but at least for several hours, might sometimes interrupt social functions. Most of the cause of shorter battery life is that even a lithium ion rechargeable battery has limited space to fit in the ear canal, and can produce a lot of heat. This is why some hearing aids are external, taking advantage of the extra space to create a more efficient design.

Enter graphene – an element whose physical and electromagnetic properties make it a plausible room-temperature superconductor. This breakthrough development would not only allow extremely precise hearing aid sensors but would also permit the device to operate for a much longer period of time. Not only that, the battery would be smaller, and the recharge would take only a few seconds. As improvements continue to be made with graphene, look forward to a smart innovation that improves the tech in this way.

Bluetooth Wireless

Along the same lines, as we are able to expand the battery power and usage time of our hearing aids, the more features we can add. One such feature, Bluetooth wireless, would allow it communicate and transmit information from other devices. In fact, it could act as an external relay between you and a number of devices.

For example, if one were partially or completely blind, it could communicate with a camera being worn by an individual. Using image recognition technology, this could tell the person what was before them without the need for additional help. Even more, with the prevalence of digital media like movies, the device could sync up for entertainment purposes. Imagine going to the movies where your aid would communicate with the theater’s speakers, ensuring you got a customized, comfortable sound input.

Smartphone Connection

And speaking of connection, the possibilities really open up when hearing aids are paired with smartphones. The quickest and most practical application of this technology would allow the user to make adjustments to their calibration on the fly. Even more, they could act as a reminder, with notification sounds being routed through them. If your elderly loved one needed a simple reminder to ensure they didn’t miss a batch of life-saving pills, this would be a great solution. And of course, no longer would they have to worry about mishearing you on the phone. The possibilities are endless for this developing technology, and we should all look forward to a bright future for corrective hearing technologies.

Anxiety: Emotional Disturbances Responsible for Inflating Physical Diseases

The interrelationship between the mind and the body has amassed a significant recognition in the 21st century. To ensure a fine symmetry between the mind and the body, many medical practitioners these days have an approach that encompasses a wide range of lifestyle and behavioral interventions along with the traditional medical interventions.

Although it is considered quite normal to witness increased stress and tension due to the diagnosis of a medical problem, it is essential to note that an underlying psychological problem also has the potential to inflict physical problems. However, the proclarity of the doctors to check external symptoms while diagnosing a disease can cause confusion in terms of treatment and delay recovery.

The above revelation underscores the fact that all health complications, whether physical or emotional in nature, are interconnected and interdependent. With a person's feelings, beliefs, attitude, psychological stressors and physical health being closely entwined, many health care practitioners have embroidered a holistic approach to help patients achieve mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Due to the lack of awareness and strict demarcation of power within the medical profession that reduces the ability of a doctor in recognizing the emotional symptoms of a physical disease, the risk of delivering an incorrect prognosis looms large. For instance, doctors who treat cardiac, endocrine or intestinal complications have a higher risk of not recognizing psychological psychological reasons behind the surge of physical symptoms, such as palpitations, tiredness or light-headedness.

Some of the dangers posed by the above problem include that of misdiagnosis, administration of improper intervention and unnecessary elongation of the length of recovery. Considering the unavoidable role of anxiety, it has been closely observed that some of the medical illnesses, such as cardiac arrhythmias, respiratory conditions (eg asthma, sleep apnea or pulmonary embolism) and pancreatic cancer, tend to initially present with the symptom of anxiety. Moreover, some of the medications, such as antidepressants like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) cause anxiety.

Awareness lessens misdiagnosis

When a person faces the problem of chronic anxiety, it can physically manifest as nausea, dirrhea and frequent urination. In addition to these symptoms, children trying to cope with excessive anxiety experience other recurring symptoms, such as stomachaches, sleep disorders, frequent nightmares and bruxism.

In the case of adults with an anxiety disorder, above symptoms are likely to be more pronounced and other acute problems, such as muscle pain, headaches and shortness of breath, are likely to disrupt their daily life. These problems have the potential to thwart the diagnosis of the undering cause.

As mentioned earlier, anxiety may also surface as a symptom of a chronic physical condition that can mislead diagnosis. Since so widespread and hazardous in nature, anxiety disorders are highly treatable conditions. Ironically, only a third of those battling anxiety seek specialty care.

If persistent or severe anxiety comes out of nowhere and the person does not have a history of experiencing the frequent bouts of anxiety, it could suggest an underlying physical condition. The following conditions suggest that a physical disorder may be liable for triggering anxiety in a person:

  • The person's family members and relatives do not have an anxiety disorder.
  • The person did not have an anxiety disorder as a child.
  • The person started experiencing anxiety out of the blue.
  • The person never avoided certain things or situations in the past due to anxiety.

The risk of misdiagnosing or underdiagnosing some conditions can be attributed to the fact that most physicians are not exposed to enough psychiatric cases, while psychiatrists are not much familiar with the complexities of physical conditions. Therefore, both psychiatrists and doctors should be alert while diagnosing a physical or psychiatric condition.

Many a time, a patient's mood disorder, anxiety or irritability may cause due to a medical condition or vice versa. The above measures will allow for the greater chances of delivering accurate diagnosis. In addition, it would significantly increase the likelihood of administering the correct treatment model, as well as ensuring an optimum recovery exit.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body

Experiencing acute anxiety following the diagnosis of serious illness is more common than one may believe. Even medications that address a specific medical condition may give rise to certain psychiatric symptoms. Therefore, it is always advisable to proceed screening for any kind of emotional fluctuations experienced while grappling a chronic physical ailment to improve the rate of recovery and to receive the right care.

Bird Flu: Fundamental Questions and Answers You Need To Know

Q – What is bird flu?

A – Bird flu is an infection of a flu virus known to affect birds, particularly migratory birds, ducks and chickens. Bird flu is also reportedly known to affect pigs and most recently, humans. Thought to affect all species, the virus does not adversely affect ducks. Ducks have developed antibodies against the virus and they only act as carriers of the disease without exhibiting any symptoms of bird flu infection.

Migratory birds are carriers of the bird flu virus and do not show symptoms of bird flu infection. This makes them a crucial factor in the spreading of the disease. Other known diseases are transmitted in one area or a few areas only with a small radius. However, in the case of bird flu, the virus can be transmitted over great distances – from one country to another – since migratory birds travel from continent to continent. Another factor that contributes to the spreading of the disease is the exportation and importation of infected birds in the international markets.

Q – How is bird flu transmitted?

A – Bird flu is transmitted through direct contact with infected poultry, particularly upon contact with infected skin, saliva, nasal secretions and feces. The virus also spreads through poultry feeds, water reservoirs and cages. When birds are packed closely together, such as in poultry farms, the avian influenza viruses spread very rapidly among them. Transmission of the virus from chickens to humans can occur through contact with equipment, vehicles and clothing that have secretions from infected poultry.

Bird flu virus is resilient. It can survive in contaminated manure at very low temperatures for at least three months. The virus can survive in water for up to four days in hot temperatures and up to 30 days in cold temperatures. However, heat and disinfectants such as formalin and other iodine compounds are able to kill the virus.

Q – Who are at risk?

A – Many people mistakenly believe that they can contract the bird flu virus if they eat cooked chicken and eggs. However, chickens cooked at 56 degrees Celsius for three hours or at 60 degrees Celsius for half an hour are safe. The only way that people can contract the virus is if they come in direct contact with secretions and feces of infected poultry. Poultry raisers and those who are in the poultry and livestock industry are highly susceptible to contracting the virus. Those who prepare chickens and eggs of infected poultry may also be infected if the virus is fresh enough to infect them.

Q – Is there a possibility of human to human transmission of the bird flu virus?

A – Fortunately, there is still no sign of the bird flu virus being transmitted from one human to another. There have been cases of humans being infected with the virus and dying from it, but these people acquired the infection directly from birds and not from another infected person. This needs to be emphasized because there are some who think that the disease could be contracted from an infected human similar to how ordinary flu is transmitted.

To date, there is no evidence of human to human transmission of the bird flu virus. However, many scientists believe that human to human transmission of the bird flu virus is highly possible because the virus is can easily mutate and is constantly evolving. Mutation of the virus may lead to human to human transmission and scientist say this can occur in two ways. One, the virus enters the human body and mutates within the body, and two, the virus combines with ordinary human flu in the body of humans or pigs, which are susceptible to both kinds of flu.

Digital Filter And Its Advantages and Disadvantages!

In quest to design a digital filter, it is important to follow a step by step guideline from specification to implementation. Each option of the design process is open for all designers. Most digital signals process experts apply some digital filter theory especially reflecting the considerable research effort, approximation for finding useful method of calculating filter coefficient.

What is digital filter?

It is a network or a precise system by which we can change the wave shape, amplitude, phase, frequency and other characteristics of the signal in a desired manner. The main objectives of using the filter in digital signal processing are to improve the signal quality by reducing noise, to extract or to combine the desired portion of the signal. Basically in signal processing technology, it is an algorithm which is implemented in software and hardware to generate digital output signal from the input signal obviously in a desired manner. It performs on a routine filtering algorithm representing some variables, numbers or digitized analog signals on specific hardware or software.

There are few steps in real time digital filter with analog input. First, band limiter limits the analog signal in order to periodic sample and convert into series of binary sample. Second, a processor is used to process these input sequences into output sequences with some sorts of computational mathematical algorithm. After that, the processed signal converts in analog signal reducing some unwanted components.


  • It has linear phase response.
  • Thermal and environmental variation cannot change the performance.
  • It is so-called adaptive filter because the frequency response can be possible to adjust automatically with implementation of programmable processor.
  • It is possible to filter several input sequences without any hardware replication.
  • All data can be stored
  • It has repeatable performance unit to unit.
  • Due to its operating level is at low frequency, it is used where the use of analog system is impractical.


  • In reality, the signal bandwidth of the digital sequence is much lower than the analog sequence. Signal processing speed is one of the key factors of calculating the total device performance. Actually the speed operation totally depends on the number of the arithmetic operation in the processor.
  • Finite word-length effect, which results quantizing noise and round-off noise, is another major drawback during computation.
  • It needs much longer time to design and develop the digital sequences though it can be used on other tasks or applications once developed. Ordinarily good support of computer aided design can convert them into a enjoyable tasks.

Healthy Cooking Techniques – 8 Simple Healthy Cooking Techniques

Cooking healthy really only requires some minor changes for most people. By substituting items and using various techniques, you can not only reduce the amount of fat intake, but also increase valuable nutrients in the food. You’ll be amazed that once you start experimenting, you’ll find that healthy cooking techniques actually improve your meals.

1. Add herbs to your food. Herbs are power packed with vitamins and minerals without adding excess extra calories. When you add herbs, you increase the flavor of the dish and make it more exotic. You don’t have to be a gourmet chef to do this. Simply experiment. Did you know that parsley contains powerful antioxidants and cilantro contains substances that help fight diabetes? There’s a world of cures in your spice rack, experiment.

2. Reduce salt intake. When you increase the herbs in your food, you can also reduce the amount of salt. Herbs add more flavors and makes salt less necessary. Reducing salt intake also reduces your potential for high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. Combining this with other healthy cooking techniques improves not only the flavor but also the nutritional quality of the food you serve.

3. Steam your vegetables. You’ve heard the expression, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, well that’s exactly what you do when you boil vegetables. Boiling vegetables leaches the nutrients out of the veggie and into the water. Instead, try steaming the vegetables. You can find small steaming baskets that fit into your pots. Simply put an inch of water in the pan, not enough to touch the vegetables, insert the basket filled with vegetables, cover and heat. You’ll find that all vegetables taste better steamed. Add the spices at the last minute.

4. Use monounsaturated fats. You’ll cook a lot healthier if you avoid certain types of fats, such as trans fatty acids and saturated fats. They simply are heart healthy. Canola oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil and sesame seed oil are good sources to use for cooking. Olive oil is also another. This is one of the healthy cooking techniques, which makes a huge difference in the potential for coronary artery disease.

5. Increase vegetables and fruit at each meal. Adding an extra vegetable selection to each meal increases the amount of health nutrients available to your family. The more selections you offer, the more variety they’ll receive. Even fussy eaters like some type of vegetable.

6. Reduce the amount of red meat in your meals. Some men simply won’t eat anything but steak and potatoes. You have to be tricky with them. Get smaller cuts of meat and slowly reduce the size of the steak you serve. You’ll find they won’t notice, will be healthier and your grocery bill goes down.

7. Try to go nuts. Nuts are a great source of plant protein. Most people don’t consider nuts a main dish but you can reduce the amount of animal protein in the diet if you simply use them periodically. A Waldorf salad made from apples, celery, walnuts or pecans and mayonnaise or salad dressing provides both protein and valuable nutrients. The FDA approved walnuts as a heart healthy food, along with seven other nuts.

8. Get creative. There’s nothing better than a salad on a burrito, especially if it’s a whole grain burrito. Make your salad but finely chop the lettuce and other vegetables. Include finely chopped chicken and add your dressing. Put it into a burrito wrap and you’ll have a meal that kids that wouldn’t touch a salad will eat.

You can improve the flavor and healthful quality of your cooking by simply using a few healthy cooking techniques. It doesn’t mean you have to give up everything you love, simply modify it so it’s healthier for your whole family.

Is Pycnogenol An Effective Treatment For Melasma?

I often write about treatments for melasma. I’ve been asked if taking pycnogenol shows any promise in treating this condition or at least in making it look somewhat better. By no means am I an expert on this topic but because of my own issues, I have researched it and experimented with different treatments. I will take a look at this treatment in the following article.

What Is Pycnogenol And How Is It Used?: This substance comes from the bark of maritime trees which are mostly found in France. This substance is considered an antioxidant and many consider it to be much more powerful than other antioxidants like vitamins C and E. However, lately this substance has begun to get attention due to it’s believed ability to protect the skin from sun damage, which can be very important to people with melasma or hyperpigmentation. There are even products containing this substance which are called “sunscreen pills” which people sometimes take (in addition to sunscreen) when they know they’re going to be out in the sun.

Sun exposure is thought to be a major contributing factor to melasma and dark spots, so this substance is often thought of as both a preventative measure, and as a treatment, since antioxidants are also thought to improve discoloration.

Have There Been Any Clinical Studies That Look At Pycnogenol And Melasma?: There is a 2002 Chinese study which looked at this issue. However, it was a very small and short term study. Basically, it only looked at 30 women over a month’s time frame. At the end of the study, the participant’s darker areas were said to be lessened by about 25%. And the darkness of the areas was said to be reduced by about 47%. In other words, the areas of hyperpigmentation were smaller and less dark for some of the participants.

My Take On This: This is only my opinion, but I have tried pycnogenol and it is an addition to my regimen that I like and will keep. However, my concern about this is that I’ve heard people say that they use this in place of sunscreen. Because sun protection is so very important with this condition, I think it’s vital to try this on top of and in addition to a very good sunscreen. And, in my experience, the most successful regimen involves both internal and external treatments. And of course, you should use any product only as directed and consult your doctor with any concerns.

I believe that supplements and vitamins can help to improve the condition of your skin. But I also believe, at least from my own experience, that a combination of both external and internal treatments work best for melasma. I also think most people find their best success with trial and error of a combination of a few different treatments meant to take a multi faceted approach.

5 Tips That Can Help You Choose A Good Family Doctor

Choosing a good family doctor is not easy. You need to see a doctor who can perform the right diagnosis based on the symptoms of the patient. So, we suggest that you take your time while doing research before choosing a doctor. Given below are 5 tips that may help you make the best choice.

1) Consider an In-Network Specialist

If you have a health insurance policy, you may be able to avail the service of a doctor at discounted rates. Seeing these doctors will not cost you an arm and a leg. These are in-network professionals. This type of pro can help you avoid any additional fees or surprise co-pays.

If you do not know any of these doctors, your insurance provider can give you a list of a few good names. Alternately, you can check online or ask the doctor that can accept your insurance.

2) Opt for Specialized Care

While choosing a doctor, make sure you take into account the needs of your family. In other words, if a family member is in need of special care, your chosen doctor should be able to offer it.

If your doctor can not help you with this, your best bet is to look for a specialist. Typically, family care doctors can help you get in touch with a good specialist.

3) Consider the Commute

Often, distance is one of the most overlooked factors when opting for a doctor. Although 10 miles is not a long ride, you may not be able to spare that much time if you have a busy schedule. So, it may cause you a lot of inconveniences. Therefore, we suggest that you be practical as far as the distance is concerned.

4) Schedule an Initial Visit

You need to see the doctor in person before you choose them as the doctor may not have the bedside manners you want. Typically, most professionals offer a free of charge initial consultation. This discussion can help you find out if they have a good personality.

5) Read reviews and Ask for References

Nowadays, you can read reviews on almost anything under the sun if you have access to the internet. The same goes for family medicine. It is not a factor that you have to consider, but it can help you get a defect insight into the quality of service the doctor offers.

For instance, talking to the referrals will help you find out if the staff is friendly. By reading reviews and talking to a few referrals, you can make a better decision.

The Takeaway

Looking for a good family doctor is really important. So, it's better that you do your homework and consider all the options that your insurance provider gives you. Actually, what you need to do is look for a doctor that you can work with for a long-term. After all, your health, as well as the health of your family members, depends heavily on good health care. So, make sure you consider these tips before choosing a family doctor.