Organic Latex Mattress Buying Guide

So, you’re looking for a new organic latex mattress? Confused yet? It’s not hard to become confused with all the information, misinformation and conflicting facts you may find about the new mattress you are looking to buy. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for that mattress and a few things to never forget in that search. If you remember these simple things, shopping for the perfect organic latex mattress will become a lot clearer and will ensure you get what it is you are looking for, and, more important, what you are paying for.

One of the most important things to remember is to not forget what it is that you are looking for. Sounds like a complicated statement, but it’s a vital one in your search for your organic mattress. Basically, what it means is to not lose sight of your mission. Don’t let someone talk you into something that you know isn’t what you want. If you want a truly organic mattress, don’t settle for anything less. There are many retailers out there selling organic mattresses. Some companies that sell truly organic mattresses and some that do not. Before you begin comparing mattresses, you need to compare companies. Begin by weeding out the ones that aren’t 100% organic.

ORGANIC LATEX MATTRESS. This can mean different things to different people and organic can definitely mean something different to you than to the manufacturer that is building your mattress. If you are looking for and paying for organic, make sure you are getting 100% organic components in your mattress. The law says that if a manufacturer puts as little as 8% organic materials into their product they can call that product organic. Yes, I said 8%! Why bother, right? Be sure the product says it is 100% organic. If it doesn’t, you are not getting a truly organic product. And, after all, isn’t that what you are paying for?

Don’t be fooled by a ‘pure’ product. Just because a product says that it is pure, doesn’t mean it’s organic. In fact, most manufacturers that use “pure” or some term other than organic to describe their raw goods are in fact NOT using organic ingredients in their mattresses. Some manufacturers will go as far as telling you un-truths to cover the fact they are not using organic. For instance, some companies will tell you that organic wool is dirty and filled with feces. That’s absolutely, 100% not true and is simply a selling tactic to cover the fact they do not use organic wool in their mattresses. Organic wool, like any other wool used in the manufacturing industry, is washed with natural and earth-friendly soaps. Organic wool is more expensive to produce and when a manufacturer is looking to cut costs, wool is a simple thing to skimp on. Non-organic wool affords the manufacturer lower costs and better profit margins while the consumer is left with an inferior, non-organic product. The organic mattress market is becoming very competitive as the popularity of organic products continues to grow. Insist on organic wool and be sure to check out the manufacturers certificates for the organic wool. Reputable retailers will have these certificates readily available. For your convenience, some retailers have links to their certificates on their website. Don’t stop there. Follow up on those certificates. Call the supplier and verify that the manufacturer you are considering purchasing your mattress from is indeed buying their products from the supplier they have the certificates for. Insisting on organic wool is the only way to be sure there is nothing in your wool that you don’t want there.

By Federal law, ANY AND ALL mattresses manufactured and sold in the United States must pass a flame test. Under the law, a mattress must be subjected to a flame for 70 seconds before it ignites. How this is achieved varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most manufacturers achieve this by using chemicals. These chemicals (Boric acid, Antimony and Decabromodiphenyl Oxide) are the same chemicals that have been banned in Europe for years and the same chemicals that are used in pesticides to kill roaches and have been linked to reproductive and developmental diseases, heart and lung damage, hair and memory loss, SIDS, birth defects, skin irritation and are believed to be carcinogens. Continued exposure to these chemicals cause accumulation in the body and present themselves in breast milk, the blood stream and in umbilical cord fluids.

Some organic mattress manufacturers produce an organic product only to spray it down with these chemicals to pass the flame law test. So while you are buying an organic mattress, that does not necessarily mean you are buying a chemical-free mattress. It only means you are buying a mattress made with organic materials that have been sprayed with chemicals. Imagine the hypocrisy! This is where the importance of organic wool becomes apparent. Naturally, wool is a fire retardant. Wool doesn’t burn when exposed to a flame. When wool is used in an ample amount (an inch compressed) it becomes a fire retardant that passes the federal flame law requirements, making chemicals no longer necessary. While it is more costly to use wool, a true organic mattress manufacturer goes the extra step to be sure that your mattress is chemical free and truly organic. By the way, there are other fire-proofing methods available that are not chemical, but they also are not natural or organic. Be sure to ask if the manufacturer is using organic wool for fire retardant in the organic mattress.

Another consideration when purchasing a new organic latex mattress is the type of cover that the manufacturer uses. The cover should be 100% organic. While there are different options for the type of material used in the cover, cotton is the best option. Bamboo, on the other hand, is a poor choice because of the process it goes through to be made into a fabric. Many hazardous chemicals are required to process bamboo thus making it “un-organic.” Most bamboo fabric is manufactured in China where the employees are subjected to poor working conditions and little or no ventilation. There are many “gimmick” fabrics available, such as aloe vera and lavender infused fabrics that are supposed to help with one ailment or another. Honestly, don’t waste your money. They don’t work. And if they did, they wouldn’t be able to make it through your sheets to get to your body. Hemp is good quality fabric but tends to be more expensive than cotton with no additional benefits. While the cover is the one part of the mattress that you will come in contact with, many manufacturers use a cheap, sometimes uncomfortable cover on their mattresses. The cover should be soft and comfortable to the touch. Although sheets should always be used on your mattress, a rough, uncomfortable cover will come through the sheets and make your sleeping experience less than desirable. If you are unsure about the cover that is being used to make your mattress, ask for a sample to be sent to you so you can feel it out before you buy the mattress. Any reputable company would be more than happy to fill your request. A lot of companies will send you a sample pack of all the ingredients that make up their bed, but this is simply overkill and an unnecessary gesture. Unless you are concerned about latex allergies, the latex used in your mattress is pretty much the same from company to company.

Next, be sure the latex that comprises the bed you are considering is 100% natural latex. There are different types of latex available, including natural and synthetic latex and a combination of both. Synthetic latex contains synthetic ingredients and chemicals that are in no way natural. Whether you are considering Talalay or Dunlop latex, be sure that it is 100% natural latex. While there are a few other ingredients in natural latex (zinc oxide, fatty acid soaps and sulfur) rest assured, they are natural ingredients. Be careful not to fall for the “Dunlop/Talalay latex is the best and we only carry the best” tactic. Many manufacturers only carry one type of latex and will tell you that the latex they carry is the best. However, both Talalay latex and Dunlop latex are equally good products and a reputable company will offer you the choice. One rule of thumb to remember about the difference between the two types of latex is that Talalay latex will typically be softer than Dunlop latex of the same firmness category. For example, soft Talalay latex will be softer than soft Dunlop latex. Some manufacturers will try to confuse you by telling you that there is no such thing as natural Talalay latex. And, up until a few years ago, that was true. However, Latex International now makes a 100% natural Talalay latex product. Another consideration for the latex in your bed is the amount of latex that actually makes up the bed. Sure, a manufacturer can say that the latex in the bed is 100% natural, but that doesn’t mean that the 100% natural latex comprises the whole bed, only that the latex in the bed is 100% natural. If you are buying a 12″ mattress and the mattress contains 6″ of latex, something else has to make up that other 6″. After allowing for the wool or cotton that also make up the mattress, usually around 2″, what else comprises the mattress? The answer is usually polyurethane. Many companies, in order to keep costs down, will use a 6″ polyurethane core with 2″ of latex on top. That’s right, polyurethane. Why would you want to sleep on the same stuff that gasoline is made from?

Another trick of the organic mattress trade is to use latex that has sand fillers. Technically, the latex that uses sand fillers is still natural because sand is indeed natural. However, if you are buying a latex mattress, you want 100% natural LATEX. A reputable company manufacturing 100% natural Dunlop latex with no sand fillers is Green Latex. Latex International is the only company making 100% natural Talalay latex and they add no sand fillers to their latex. When shopping for your new organic latex mattress, purchase from a company that buys their latex from these companies and you will know you are getting good latex in your mattress.

You may be asking yourself by now why I haven’t mentioned organic latex. After all, I have insisted on organic wool and cotton, why not organic latex? The simple reason is that it doesn’t exist! Although most latex that is produced would probably be organic, there is no certifying body that has certified it as organic. Rest assured the latex in your organic latex mattress, if it is natural latex, is as good as it can be. There is just no certification as of the date of this publication.

The new wave of latex mattress that is sweeping the bedding market is the mattress that comes to the consumer in pieces and must be assembled once it is received. This mattress is truly a wonderful product and is often misunderstood. After it is assembled, it resembles and sleeps like a traditional latex mattress. The benefits of this type of latex mattress are numerous. The shipping of the “break-down” mattress is very economical and affordable to a larger number of consumers. Traditional mattresses can be very costly to ship, especially if they have to travel a long distance to get to the consumer. Lower shipping costs allow for a comfort exchange policy that affords the consumer the option to ship back a layer single layer of the mattress to achieve a different comfort level. If a consumer purchases the wrong comfort level of mattress, they simply exchange one of the layers of the mattress. This makes for a very convenient transaction as the consumer usually sends back the layer they wish to exchange only after the new one is received from the company. This makes for no “down time” without a mattress. Buying a new mattress is a complicated, nerve-racking endeavor that is rarely perfected in one try. Even when purchasing a mattress from a brick and mortar store, you lie on the mattress for 15 minutes to determine if the new mattress will be comfortable for the next sevaral years. Then you get the mattress home and it’s not exactly what you wanted, but you live with it because it’s such a hassle returning it. With this new type of mattress, if you don’t perfect it the first time, you simply request a comfort exchange. By the time you decide you will do a comfort exchange, you know exactly what the problem is. If the mattress is too firm, you send back a firmer layer for a softer one. If the mattress is too soft, you send back a soft layer for a firmer one. And the best part of all, you don’t have to decide the perfect combination in 15 minutes in a store. You sleep on the mattress at home and have usually up to 90 days, depending on manufacturer, to determine what it is you need to make the mattress perfect.

One thing to consider with this type of mattress is whether or not the individual layers inside are covered. This sounds like a trivial thing and something that is perhaps not necessary. In fact, some companies (those that do not offer covered latex layers) may try to talk you out of purchasing a bed with no covered layers. However, covered layers are VERY IMPORTANT to the functionality and durability of the mattress. Covering the layers makes them more durable and easier to handle when assembling the bed or rearranging the layers to achieve a different comfort level. Latex, by its inherent nature is susceptible to ripping and tearing if it is handled too rough or is tugged too hard. Some manufacturers and retailers claim that covering the layers will change the comfort levels of the latex by covering them. However, this is not true as the layers are covered in organic cotton that has stretch to it. The stretch in the fabric allows for the latex to keep its original level of comfort and affords the protection of the latex that is of major importance for this type of mattress. Many manufacturers will also claim that covering the latex allows the latex layers to slide inside the mattress. However, this also is not true. The organic cotton used to cover the latex prevents the layers from moving inside the mattress. Also preventing the layers from moving inside the mattress is the cover. The layers fit snug inside the cover, thus not allowing the layers to move around. Covering the layers is an added expense that most manufacturers forego. These manufacturers try to explain away the reasons for not covering the individual latex layers, but the bottom line is their main reason for not covering the layers. Latex that is damaged while trying to assemble the mattress or while removing the latex for a comfort exchange will, in most cases, not be exchanged and voids the warranty. It cannot be stressed enough; if you purchase a mattress that has individual layers that are accessible, be sure those layers are covered.

Another consideration when purchasing your new organic latex mattress is the foundation to put the mattress on. A latex mattress needs a sturdy foundation, but also one that will allow the mattress to ‘breathe’. If you are purchasing a foundation from the company you are buying your mattress from, be sure that the base has ample slats to support the heavy weight of the mattress. A good base for a latex mattress has slats that are no more than 2 inches apart. Also be sure that the cover on the base is the same organic cotton fabric that your mattress is made of. Be sure that the wood in the base is untreated wood and any glue used in the base is a water-based, non toxic glue. While purchasing a matching base with your mattress makes for an aesthetically pleasing set, it is not necessary. However, the proper support for your new latex mattress is very important and improper support for the mattress will void the warranty. To be sure your mattress performs properly and your warranty is valid, I highly suggest purchasing the matching base at the time you purchase the mattress.

Finally, consider the return policy for the company. Are you stuck with the mattress if you are not happy or can you return it? The best policy is some type of comfort exchange, especially with the ‘break down’ mattresses. Most, if not all companies require that the consumer pays the shipping costs to return the mattress. This is an inevitable part of doing business online. If you are unwilling to pay this fee, you should consider not purchasing your mattress on the internet. However, I have found that the savings of purchasing online far outweigh the cost of a possible comfort exchange. You must also consider that many of the mattress stores today charge a restocking fee for any mattress that is returned and the customer is responsible for returning the mattress to the store or for any fees associated with the store picking up the mattress from the customers home. I also find that the customer service for many online companies surpasses that of most brick and mortar stores.

You are paying a lot of money for your new mattress, be sure you are getting what you are paying for. I am not saying that you shouldn’t pay good money for a good mattress. When it comes to latex mattresses, the old saying “you get what you pay for” is truly applicable. When you purchase your organic latex mattress, it could last you up to 30 years. There is no coil or memory foam mattress on the market that can make that claim. And the health benefits of an organic latex mattress are truly unduplicated. Take your time in purchasing your new mattress. Consider the company’s ship time. You want to buy from a company that will ship your order in a reasonable amount of time. If a company tells you it will be 4-6 weeks for your product to ship, that’s too long. A reasonable amount of time to ship your order is anything less than a week and the sooner the better. Also consider the transportation time. Just because a company says it will ship your order in 3 days, it will not appear in 3 days! The average transportation time is 4 days. Remember, most manufacturers will charge your credit card when you place your order and will put your order into production only after receiving payment. Be sure to ask questions and get the answers to your questions. Any reputable company that is doing what they should be doing will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. If you follow this guide and ask the questions you need to ask, buying that organic latex mattress will be an easy task that will lead to many nights of sweet organic, chemical-free dreams.

Oral Sex Techniques – Foreplay Tips and How to Use Your Tongue to Give Her Orgasms All Night

When you first start sleeping with a woman, it can be tough to give her her first orgasm. Knowing oral sex techniques is one of the easiest ways to start her down the orgasmic path. Oral sex has many benefits over other kinds of foreplay because it focuses a lot of stimulation on the clitoris. You also have a lot of control, being able to give her an orgasm by making small changes to your position. It is so good for women that for some they can’t orgasm without it.

Oral sex requires a lot of technique. While you can just go down on her and move your tongue around, having good oral sex technique makes a big difference. In order to give her the best orgasms she has ever had, it becomes important to learn to use your tongue effectively.

Oral Orgasms, How to Use Your Tongue Effectively

Many guys make a mistake, thinking that oral sex only has one type. In fact there are a lot of variations that are possible that create infinite subtle differences that she will appreciate. One of the most important is knowing the difference between using the flat and tip of your tongue.

As a general rule:

* The tip of your tongue is a lot more effective during the foreplay stage. A sexy idea that women love is to use just the very tip and trace the outline of her underwear. This builds up a lot of tension, especially if you leave her underwear on for a long time as a hot tease.

* When you take off her clothes, use the tip of your tongue to flick across her clitoris and occasionally her perineum. This mixture of two erogenous zones will really give her a lot of pleasure.

Oral Sex Tongue Techniques: The Flat of the Tongue and Stroking Her Clitoris

Most women need a lot more stimulation to achieve orgasm. Therefore it is better to use as much of your tongue as possible as she comes to orgasm. Reach your tongue as far out of your mouth as possible and rest it against your chin. As your tongue is fully extended, it can be difficult to make many motions with it, therefore your head becomes a lot more important, move your head up-and-down and side-to-side, mixing these movements with different speeds and tempos to find the one that is best for your partner.

The tongue is one of the most important things to master if you want to consistently give her orgasms. Experiment with these sexy tips today. Once you can use your tongue effectively a world of orgasmic pleasure and amazing sex awaits both of you.

Annoying Television Commercials

Years ago, we watched television programming interrupted by brief commercial breaks. Slowly but surely, we are moving toward watching commercials interrupted by brief bursts of programming. As the commercials increase in quantity, many are decreasing in effectiveness. Let us look at where we are today.

On a recent day in May, I counted the number of commercials on one major network in a 30 minute period. The total was 33. This ridiculous quantity leads to such viewer behavior as:

1. Changing channels to see if another network is still in program mode.

2. Pressing the mute button until a commercial sequence ends.

3. Resolving not to buy certain advertised products, usually those – –

a. Whose commercial is repeated to excess, sometimes even twice in the same sequence or

b. Whose presentation is excessively silly, irrelevant, confusing, or even filled with dire warnings about dangers associated with the product.

One wonders if advertisers are even aware of their commercials causing such viewer reactions.

As the quantity of commercials has increased, more of the advertising seems to be downright irrelevant or even negative. I suppose this comes from the producers of commercials exhausting their creativity in an overly saturated marketplace. For example, we are apparently supposed to get interested in buying a vehicle because we have watched it crash through a wall or into a chandelier hanging in the desert! These examples are so irrelevant that I cannot even remember the names or models of the vehicles advertised. I just spend a couple of seconds wondering what unusual theories are behind the creation of such presentations. Another negative example is the advertising of some prescription medicines. We are told that a product might help condition X but then legally cautioned that it might also stimulate thoughts of suicide or cause a heart condition or even lead to death. My usual reaction is to resolve never to use that product.

I do not know how much worse the situation can get. However, I believe that it is time for a consumer revolution. Years ago, ad revenue paid for programming. Today, television networks get revenue from both ads and cable or satellite companies. It seems that there should be no financial need making it necessary to increase the quantity of advertising to truly excessive levels. Here are some consumer actions that might help correct the situation:

1. WE should encourage one or more consumer organizations to rate all major networks on average times per hour devoted to advertising. Time measurement would help discourage a switch to fewer but longer commercials.

2. Then, as consumers, we should begin moving away from networks with the highest advertising time ratings.

3. We should write to companies that sponsor irrelevant ads and promise to boycott their products.

The goal of consumers should be to end the excessive number of television commercials but still allow a reasonable level, perhaps 9 or 10 brief commercials per 30 minutes of air time. A study by the consumer rating organization could suggest a maximum total time for such a reasonable number of commercials. Our role can be to become active rather than passive consumers who watch the current problem get worse and worse.

How to Get Rock Solid Erections Without Prescription Drugs

Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that can make life miserable for any man. This is because it's extremely important for a man to be able to satisfy his woman sexually. I must say that happy couples almost always enjoy a great sex life. In other words, good sex is one of the keys to a healthy and strong relationship.

ED or weak erections due due to poor blood flow to the penis. Some of the other factors that can take a toll on your erections include a drop in testosterone levels, too much stress and other psychological issues like depression, anxiety, nervousness etc. Even certain medicines and drugs can also result in impotency.

Prescription drugs are well-known for treating ED. They can ensure almost instant results. Most of these drugs can help you get a hard erection within 30-60 minutes. However, such drugs can have a lot of harmful side effects too.

Here are some simple and easy ways to help you get harder and stronger erections naturally:

1. Get Ready to Jog

One of the most important and basic factors that affects your libido and erection hardness is blood flow to the penis. Lack of blood flow makes it impossible to get a solid erection. Exercise or any other physical activity is the best natural way to enhance blood flow through your body and to your penis.

So, put on your jogging shoes every morning and step out for a good 15-20 minutes jog.

Jogging can also help burn excess body fat. This turns out to be a big help in unclogging arteries resulting in improved blood flow.

2. Change Your Diet

I know you love burgers and pizzas. However, if you want to get a boost in the bedroom, its important to change your diet and move away from foods that are rich in saturated fats and sugars.

It's important to include fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Nuts and beans are also important in moderation since they are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids that keep your arteries lubricated or well oiled in order to ensure good blood flow. Not just this, such fatty acids are also important for the production of testosterone which is the primary male sex hormone.

You must include lean protein in your diet. Fish and chicken are a great source of such proteins. They are good for increasing testosterone.

You must also give up smoking since it can cause cause irreversible damage to your arteries. It's also important to quit alcohol which is a suppressant and can play havoc with your testosterone levels.

3. Cut Down on Stress

Cutting down on stress can do wonders for your sex life. Stress not only affects your testosterone production but also destroys the brain and body connect required to get a rock solid erection. One of the best ways to deal with stress is with the help of yoga and meditation. Anything that you enjoy can help bring out stress levels.

4. Try Natural Penis Pills

Natural male enhancement pills are a great way to get rid of ED. Such pills build your body's reserves over time so that you can get a solid erection, instantly on arousal. Although such pills take some time to show results, they are safe and free of side effects. Moreover, they offer a host of benefits that include stronger libido, instant arousal, rock solid erections, amazing staying power or ejaculatory control and improved semen production.

Good quality pills contain ingredients like tribulus, long jack, pomegranate extract, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, l-arginine etc.

Some of the best pills are backed with clinical approvals and recommended by doctors too.

So, if you want to get rock solid erections, check out the Best Penis Pills that have helped thousands of men like over the past decade.

Tips for Handling Anxiety – How to Calm Yourself on the Spot

There are many situations that we may find anxiety-provoking. Some situations may be personal ones (e.g., where we may worry about loved ones). Other situations may be professional ones (e.g., where we may get anxious about speaking in public or at job interviews).

We may even find ourselves worrying about worry itself. This article provides three tips to help you calm yourself on the spot. Each tip can be used separately or in conjunction with the remaining tips, depending on what feels right to you.

Tip 1: Breathe Deeply

When we get anxious and worry, we tend to breathe more shallowly than when we are relaxed, centered and feeling in control.

It can therefore be useful to breathe deeply for a while. In so doing, we can calm our minds down and start to think clearly about whatever is making us anxious.

Tip 2: Stop and Examine the Facts

When you worry, perhaps about loved ones, perhaps about yourself, it is natural to awfulize what might happen. You might even see events playing out in an unwelcome way.

It can be helpful to just say stop. You can question those unwelcome imaginings and add what is more likely to be the case, e.g.”It is just a common cold” or “It is wet weather, they may be taking things a bit slower on the roads.” In so doing, you are replacing what is commonly referred to as “negative self-talk” with “positive self-talk”. You can even take it one step further and visualise events playing out in a way that you would like them to.

Tip 3: Step Outside Yourself

When the anxiety is most pronounced, you will be aware of physiological sensations such as butterflies in the stomach, sweaty palms or shaky knees.

It can therefore be helpful to step outside of yourself. And, in so doing, you will find that you can quickly and easily calm yourself down. When you step outside of yourself, your attention is no longer on yourself. Instead, you can focus on the message you want to convey and how best to convey it. This tip is particularly useful in professional settings, such as job interviews and speaking in public. It is also useful when you find yourself getting anxious over asking someone out on a date.

At the end of the day, you can calm yourself down on the spot. Just remember to breathe deeply, question when your mind conjures up an image of something awful, and step outside of yourself.

The Invisible Has More Power Over Us Than We Realise

We all feel emotions, we all experience energy. But we cannot see them. They are invisible to us except when we express them through our bodies. We express them through our facial expression, our demeanour, our whole being.

We feel emotions in our hearts, we say, yet we know it is not our physical heart. We say we feel butterflies in our tummy, yet we know they are not coming from our physical stomach. We sometimes feel a lump in our throats when our emotions well up and we choke, yet we know it is not coming from our physical throat.

Then where are they from? And why do we experience them?

These are energies moving in our energy system! If we talk about our energy body we could also refer to it as the etheric body. I’ve learned from a teacher psychologist a long time ago, that this is our blueprint body. It is the foundation of our physical body. I imagine that this is like the steel frames of buildings before a building is set in concrete, the steel frames are built to hold the building up.

The thing is, our etheric body is often not taken care of, simply because it is invisible. We wash daily, but our etheric body doesn’t get the same care somehow. And if left on its own over long periods of time, these blocked and built up negative energies can cause us to become unwell physically. Just as if you do not wash yourself daily, you can become infected with all kinds of bacterias, germs or viruses.

Some of you may not know this, but as a life coach, I teach not just about time management, goal setting, living one’s life purpose. One of the things I am passionate about educating people is the importance of taking care of one’s invisible body — the body where we experience our emotions, our butterflies and our lumps in the throat.

How do we keep it clear and clean? Here are some simple exercises you can easily do on your own daily.

  1. Connect with nature daily (if possible) I personally like walking bare feet on the grass to feel the earth and I find it both nourishing and grounding. Grounding our energies like a tree with and imagining our roots reaching deep into the earth, gives us strength.
  2. Deep breathing exercises help us to expel deep emotions locked under our skin, in our liver and in our tummy. Do this outside where you can get fresh air! (Some yoga and tai chi exercises helps with this a lot!)
  3. Drinking water is also a good way to flush out negative emotions, this is something I always advocate, to all my clients and family. It is amazing how just drinking water makes a difference to one’s well being.

If you feel you need more help with this, I also offer sessions on this to cleanse and clear your invisible energy body. We do this via video conference and this service is available to anyone in any part of the world. This is what we will cover:

  • We will go through every part of your being to help you to understand where the energy blocks may be residing
  • We will clarify what is known as invisible tumours in your energy field and etheric body
  • We will clear unnecessary connections and cords you may have with things, people or places.
  • Sometimes we may have tears, wounds or light damage to our invisible body, which can be ‘repaired’. I’ll give you advice on how this can be done.
  • We will examine how your energy body may be affecting your physical body (I’m not a doctor so this is not a physical diagnosis of your health, our goal and focus is keeping your energy body clear)
  • We will also learn how to protect your energy body
  • And a list of homework will also be given to you on how to maintain your energy system

I am currently offering this session at a 25% discount to the first 30 sign-ups. The usual price is S$200 (about $145USD), but I’m now offering it at S$150 (about $109USD).

Important Information About Dental Implant Oral Surgery

Dental implant oral surgery is believed to be an effective system in repairing the condition of your awful teeth. Yet, however effective the system, if you desire to perform a surgical procedure, then you must make certain that you recognize all about this surgery. The review will also be important to identify whether you are ideal to this handling or not.

There are simply particular people who are appropriate for the surgery. In most cases, dental implant oral surgery can be exact for you if you have one or even more teeth that are missing, have a jawbone that has full growth reached, have good bone to safe the implants and have fit oral tissues. Then you mustn’t have any health conditions that will damage bone healing, and if you can’t or do not want to wear the dentures.

How the Procedure of this Surgery is Actually Done?

This surgery is highly effortless. In addition, it is usually performed on an outpatient basis. This makes it a very speedy and comfortable surgery for the patient. It does so since no one wishes to take time off work to have surgical treatment performed.

Bone grafting may be needed for someone. With bone grafting, a piece of bone is removed from other part of the body, like the hip as the instance. The piece of bone then transplanted to the jawbone. The motivation for this would be if you have a jawbone that is not too sufficient or which is too soft.

After the metal dental implant cylinder is installed in the jawbone throughout the surgery, ossesointegration starts. Throughout this practice, your jawbone will absolutely grow in the surface of the dental implant and will be the one with it.

Just after thinking that this surgery is an ideal method to decide for repairing your teeth condition, you need to talk it to your physician. The aforesaid review shows us how significant in getting each piece of overview about the dental implant oral surgery [].

The Collapse of Enron: Managerial Aspects

Executive summary

Its revenues made up US $139($184) billion, assets equaled $62($82) billion, and the number of employees reached more than 30,000 people in 20 countries around the world.

While Enron Corporation was so highly praised by the outside observers, internally it had highly decentralized financial control and decision-making structure, which made it practically impossible to get coherent and clear view on corporations’ activities and operations. Of course, the problem was not exclusively due to poor managerial performance, all the departments of the corporation were involved in the ruining corporate ethical values and principles, but executives and managers bear primary responsibility for the absence of corporate culture, clear accountability and transparence of the company. If operations management worked properly, in its full force, and if it was given possibility to work in such a way, there could be a chance of escaping the tragedy.

Enron Corp brief history

Enron Corporation was one of the largest global energy, services and commodities company. Before it filed bankruptcy under chapter 11, it sold natural gas and electricity, delivered energy and other commodities such as bandwidth internet connection, and provided risk management and financial services to the clients around the world.

Enron was based in Houston, Texas, and was founded in July 1985 (though company with Enron name emerged still in 1930 (Swatz, Watkins, 2003)) by the merger of InterNorth of Omaha in Nebraska, and Houston Natural Gas. Enron Company quickly developed from merely delivering energy to brokering energy futures contracts on deregulated energy markets. In 1994, the company started to sell electricity, and in 1995, it entered European energy market. By the middle 2001, Enron employed about 30,000 people globally (McLEan, Elkind,2003).

Questionable accounting methods and techniques provided Enron with possibility to be listed as seventh largest United States company and was expected to dominate the market which the company virtually invented in the communications, weather and power securities (Bryce, 2002). But instead the corporation became the largest corporate failure in the global history and an example of well-planned and institutionalized corporate fraud. Enron became wealthy due to its pioneering marketing and promotion of power and communications bandwidth services and risk management derivatives, including such innovative and exotic items as weather derivatives.

In 1999, Enron launched an initiative of buying and selling access to high-speed Internet bandwidth, and also Enron Online was launched as a Web-based trading site, making Enron e-commerce company. In 2000, the reported revenues of the company made $101 billion. It had stakes in almost 30,000 miles of gas pipelines, either owned or accessed 15,000 miles of fiber-optic network and had stakes in global operations on generating electricity (Thomas, 2002).

In the result, for five years in a row, from 1996 to 2000, Enron was named “America’s most innovative Company” by Fortune magazine, and headed the list of Fortune’s “100 best companies to Work for in America” in 2000. Enron reputation was undermined by rumors on bribery and political pressure with the objective of securing contacts in South and Central America, Philippines and Africa. The Enron was blamed to use its connections with Clinton and Bush administrations to express pressure in their contracts. The events were followed by a series of scandals involving irregular accounting methods bordering on fraud which involved Enron and Arthur Andersen accounting firm and led Enron on the verge of undergoing the largest bankruptcy in economic history in November 2001 (Emshwiller, Smith, 2001).

Since Enron was always considered a blue chip stock, the bankruptcy was a disastrous and unprecedented event in the global financial world. Enron’s downfall was definite when it was found out that a considerable share of its profits resulted from deals with so-called special-purpose entities, limited partnership under control of Enron. It resulted in the possibility of not reporting many of the company’s losses in its financial statements. The final plan of Enron’s bankruptcy included creation of three new businesses which would be spun off the company.

The reorganization process started in 2003 with the creation of three companies – CrossCountry Energy, Prisma Energy International, and Portland General Electric. CrossCountry Energy was sold to CCE Holdings L.L.C., with the money to be used for the repayment of the debts, while Prisma Energy International and Portland General Electric should emerge as independent companies descendant of Enron (Swatz, 2003).

Operations management scope of functions

To understand the reasons of this bankruptcy and the level of managerial implication in the quality performance of the company, particularly that of operations management, it is necessary to outline the main functions of operations management and impact it should have of functioning of the organization.

The principal task of operations management is effective transformation of inputs into “desired outputs” of the company (Shafer, 1997). The outputs are traditionally understood in manufacturing and profit-making context within the organizations. But recently it has been recognized that operations management is a discipline which is not limited with such narrow functions; it can be deployed in practically any area where the organization aims at achieving its objectives (Barnett, 1996). For instance, non-profit or public sectors have to learn to optimize their internal operations and processes in the situation of limited resources; service companies come to conclusion that by reappraising their delivery process they can revolutionize and significantly improve their approach to manufacturing companies and their marketplace. Robin Wood (2001) gives the example of such operations management implication in Daewoo company, which understood that it can specialize and differentiate its product by adding definite bundle of benefits to its product which includes additional supporting services. Operations sector is the heart of these changes that are made by leading companies to improve their performance and increase customer base.

The survival of commercial company depends on ability of the organization to focus and shape its operational resources to meet the expectations of its stakeholders: customers, employees and shareholders, expressed in organizational strategy (Russel, 1995) . Irrespective of economic sectors the company operates in, the ability of operations management of this company to fulfill those above-mentioned tasks depends on their understanding that it is necessary to make trade-offs. They cannot avoid the situation of working under constraints and have to understand their capabilities and constraints to provide significant inputs into strategic decision-making process involving further resources of the organization.

Operations managers in the organizations are not empowered to make strategic decisions, but they play important role in shaping the organization’s strategy and contribute to the strategic thinking ( Pasternack, Viscio, 1998). Operations managers should be able to translate strategic aims and objectives into clear operational objectives and actions and to implement, design and improve the products of the company themselves and the processes of their delivery. They have to know how changes incorporated to external factors influence the operation and how changes in one aspect of the operating system influence other aspects.

Also, operations managers need to know how technological changes impact organization’s capability of delivery, and to incorporate their conclusions into strategic process (Peters, Waterman, 1982). Therefore, the heart of operations thinking includes the ability to think dynamically and systematically across time and space (Miller, 1998). Besides traditional tasks of operation management, new perspectives and objectives emerge connected with the emergence of new trends and developments of operations management, such as total quality management, shop floor control, global supply chain management, manufacturing planning software, and others.

Total quality management has become one of the most important developments of the operations management. The quest for higher level of products and services quality is caused by the globalization of markets, on the one hand, and increasing litigation over service or product failure. The relationship between quality and market share performance is doubtless. Those firms that fail to understand the issue of quality find themselves on the bottom of their industry hierarchy. A significant share of the responsibility for quality standards rests on the operations manager. Global supply chain management is another very important component of operations management. The world economy is becoming more global than ever. Looking for lower production costs, more flexibility and local risk reduction, companies are seeking to outsource and produce services and products on global scale (Heizer, 2004). Operation managers are responsible for fulfilling the task. Project management is yet another task of the operations management department. Operation managers bear responsibility for numerous projects which range from considerable capital projects to specific ones such as installation of new information system.

Effectively managing projects involves fulfillment and delivery them in timely manner and within the budget (Stevens, 2001). In a word, operations management is indispensable component of the organization, since it fulfills numerous important functions of the company. Operations manager handles daily running and functioning of the organization.

The implication of poor managerial performance for the collapse of Enron Corporation

Now it is necessary to find out and analyze whether operations management of Enron Corp performed all the functions mentioned above and what was the quality of their activity.

The Enron did have operations management department, which, according to their official source, fulfilled the following functions: setup accounts and notify utilities, agency agreement from customer, verify the format of invoice, setup invoice data transfer, test algorithms of invoice and file transfer to the customer, determine the reporting requirements of the customer (Enron Energy Services, 2000). As it is seen from the source, the functions of very operations management department are very limited. There are other management departments which perform the functions of operations management stated above: operations facility management, commodity management, energy asset management, financial operations, and capital management. Though, most of functions performed by these departments, according to the source, are purely executive and lack integration, systematic vision, responsibility, control and creative aspect. Besides limited scope of functions assigned to operations management in Enron Corporation, another important point concerns the quality of their performance and overall corporate culture and atmosphere created within corporation. As it was mentioned above, ideally, the functions of operations management include creating ethic values, integrity, competence and clear accountability within the organization. Enron’s management failed to comply with these tasks.

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Japanese You've Been Waiting to Learn!

Have you been particularly waiting for something? You'll learn how to express it with this article. Say things such as, "I am looking forward to hearing from him!" You'll also learn to talk about the hard parts of life, such as feelings of despair and disappointment. If you want to learn sentences such as, "I gave in to despair because I failed the college entrance exam," you need to read this article. In this Yojijukugo Japanese article, learn two Japanese phrases that are on both ends of the spectrum. You'll learn to speak Japanese using ichijitsusenshuu no omoi de matsu to express how eagerly you look forward to something. In addition, you'll discover how to say, "to give in to despair" in Japanese. This Japanese article provides multiple uses for two types of phrases that you'll need in situations of all kinds. If you want to talk about the good and the bad, this Japanese article is for you.

Vocabulary: In this article, you'll learn the following words and phrases:

jiboojiki – "abandon, desperation"

ichijitsusenshu, ichinichisenshu – "really looking forward to"

Grammar: In this article, you'll learn the following words and phrases:

————————————————– —————————

Today's Yojijukugo (1)

————————————————– —————————

Romaji / "Meaning"

jiboojiki / "abandon, desperation"


First Kanji / Second Kanji / Third Kanji / Fourth Kanji

ji / boo / ji / ki

The first Kanji means, "oneself." The second Kanji means, "violence." The third Kanji repeats the first and there means means, "oneself" again. The fourth and final Kanji means, "abandon."

————————————————– —————————

History, Definition, Similar Expressions, etc.

————————————————– —————————

A similar expression is yakekuso ni naru. Yake means " despair " and kuso is a word emphasizing the preaching word.

————————————————– —————————


————————————————– —————————

We often use Jiboojiki ni naru as a set phrase meaning "to give in to despair."

————————————————– —————————

Sample Sentences

————————————————– —————————

  1. Boku wa, daigaku juken ni shippai shite, jiboojiki ni natta. "I gave in to despair because I failed to pass the college entrance exam."
  2. Boku wa, kanojo ni furarete, jiboojiki ni natte iru. "I'm feeling desperate because I was dumped by my girlfriend."
  3. Kare wa, jiboojiki ni natte, kaisha o yameta. "He quit the company in desperation."

=============================================== =================

Today's Yojijukugo (2)

————————————————– —————————

Romaji / "Meaning"

ichijitsusenshuu, ichinichisenshuu / "really looking forward to"


First Kanji / Second Kanji / Third Kanji / Fourth Kanji

ichi / jitsu, nichi / sen / shuu

The first Kanji means, "one." The second Kanji means, "day." The third and fourth Kanjis mean, "thousand" and "autumn," respectively.

————————————————– —————————


————————————————– —————————

We often use it as a set phrase such as ichijitsusenshuu no omoi de matsu, to express how quickly you look forward to something. Omoi is a noun that comes from omou, meaning "to think" or "to feel."

————————————————– ————————–

Sample Sentences

————————————————– —————————

  1. Boku wa, ichijitsusenshuu no omoi de, Shizuka-chan kara no henji o matta. "I really look forward to a response from Shizuka."
  2. Boku wa, gookaku happyoo no denwa o, ichijitsusenshuu no omoi de matta. "I could not wait for a telephone call announcing the test results."
  3. Haha wa, musuko no kaeri o ichijitsusenshuu no omoi de matta. "Our mother really looked forward to her son's return."

Offbeat and Fun Dresses – What to Avoid

Undoubtedly buying a dress can be a confusing process, especially if you're trying to pick a formal dress. Between finding the right size, color, design, cut and length, the shopping experience is more of an exercise, in well … exercise. Even more frustrating is trying to find a funky dress that fits properly and will fit 'in' properly. Of course, when buying a funky style dress, a woman does not want to needlessly fit in perfectly. Standing out is part of the charm of wearing a dress that has distinctive tastes. But what happens when you want to choose a funkier wedding dress? Standing out can mean looking silly, or it can mean looking gorgeous and unconventional. Here are some thins to avoid when buying a funky wedding dress or funky bridesmaid dresses.

  • Fuller size figures should avoid wearing any type of crinoline or petticoats. While these dresses can look gorgeous, if you're larger on the bottom, fuller skirts will only increase the appearance of the hips.
  • Ruffles are pretty, but not when there's a full bust or hips behind the ruffles. What you think you're hiding, you're actually adding size. Choose beading instead or angled designs.
  • Straight sheath dresses are gorgeous in style, but if you're already very thin they will just make you appear more thin. Ruffles, beading, and petticoats.
  • Choosing bridesmaid dresses is not an easy task, but keep in mind the bridesmaids' figures and insecurities. If you're choosing a dress with bare arms, consult with the bridesmaids if they want a shawl or other type of wrap.

Nowadays there is no "appropriate" dress color for the bride, or bridesmaids, although there are some colors you might want to avoid mixing on your dresses.

  • Pink and blue can be pretty in pastels, but mixing neon pink and blue together will look more clownish than funky. Mute louder colors with softer colors.
  • White may be traditional, but pairing bright white with off white can clash severly. You may get all eyes on you, but it will be because the mix of colors draws the eye, rather than the beauty of your dress.

Brides and bridesmaids can wear any color the wedding couple chooses. Today etiquette does not dictate everything, as it has in the past. If you want to wear a Saree, it's your choice. Light up your wedding in green, blue, pink or red. Even black is stylish and beautiful for your wedding day. Keep in mind that during the revolutionary war, women wore red dresses to the wedding to support the fight against the British. The real choice for a wedding dress is choosing a flattering fit, style and cut, not 'proper' ones.

Health Benefits of Sonamasuri Brown and Sonamasuri White

Thousands of varieties of rice are available throughout the world out of which ‘Sonamasuri ‘ is a very popular rice variety. It is a high yielding variety of rice and is evolved from the very famous rice varieties namely, Sona and Masuri. It has acquired both a national and an International reputation because of exports to many countries across the world.

Sonamasuri is a premium rice. The two varieties of Sonamasuri , brown and white, are available in the market. It is a medium-grain and an aromatic rice. It is lightweight and also low in starch content. The Sonamasuri rice is used in various dishes such as fried rice, sweet Pongal, bhaths and even Idlis.

Sonamasuri brown rice is a healthy option to add in the meals. It has bran which provides natural wholeness to the grains. The nutritional value of the brown rice is least damaged by the refining and polishing process.

It is a rich source of manganese and an excellent source of minerals like selenium and magnesium. Manganese is an essential element of an antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase, responsible for protection against damage from the free radicals.

Also, manganese aids in producing energy and is important for the synthesis of fatty acids. Selenium is an important mineral which protects against cancer, as this vital nutrient is incorporated at the active site of various proteins.

As only the hull layer of the rice grains are removed, the grains are rich in fiber content. It also helps in maintaining the digestive health and prevents problems like constipation.The oil content in the rice helps in lowering cholesterol content. Brown rice has low Glycemic Index (GI) and hence, beneficial for those who have diabetes. The brown rice is associated with several other benefits like lowering high blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack and maintaining a good cardiac health.

Sonamasuri brown rice after cooking gives a chewy texture. For cooking, soak the brown rice for a few hours before cooking, so as to have easy cooking and the rice will become softer.

Sonamasuri white rice is widely used in India. This version of white rice is healthier than basmati. It is not as polished as the other usually available white rice, especially like basmati rice, and hence, it retains slightly more nutrients. The majority of calories are obtained from rice due to their high carbohydrate content. The carbohydrate content in Sonamasuri rice is less and hence, the nutritive value is more. They provide energy to the body and promote proper functioning of various vital organs like heart, brain, liver and kidneys. Sonamasuri rice provides some amount of proteins. It is fat-free and sodium-free rice. It is the best-suited rice for nutrition and weight loss.

Prepare delicious recipes using the organic Sonamasuri rice, both brown and white for a healthy and tasty treat during the meal times. The organic products are to be preferred as they are free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Buy high quality, authentic organic Sonamasuri rice both brown and white varieties; reach out to the most reliable organic produce suppliers in India.

Ensure Good Result With Colloidal Silver MSM Cream for Acne

The most irritating problem every teenager faces is acne. The physiological changes during the transition between puberty and adolescent period cause the formation of acne. In some cases, the pores in the skin get blocked due to the deposition of sebum which causes the formation of acne.

Every individual suffers this condition and the duration and intensity vary from person to person. In order to handle this situation so that the extreme cases do to leave the face scarred and uneven, it is better to use certain topical formulations prepared after years of research.

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Acne is caused when the flow of sebum is not proper. The secretion from the sebaceous glands is necessary in order to maintain hydrated and healthy hair and skin. The walls of the follicles tend to stick together and block the path from where the oil should have been released. If the follicles are closed then bacteria infest this accumulation of sebum and cause infection. Colloidal silver is known for its anti-microbial action. Most of the Anti-aging creams use it as the main component to fight infection caused by microorganisms and stop the formation of acne.

The suspended micronized silver in de-mineralized water is a great way to tackle microbial infection topically. The silver kills the infection causing agents to a considerable extent. In fact, the rate of eradication is quite high which ensures that the growth of the causative agent will be stopped with regular application. The medicinal preparations are all topical and it is recommended to use them along with soaps, lotions, or face-wash.

The broad spectrum action of the colloidal silver not only fights with the bacteria producing acne but also eradicates other infection causing agents like fungi and virus. The bacteria residing over the skin are harmless but when they get inside the blocked sebaceous gland, they cause redness and inflammation. The use of colloidal silver will stop further acne formation and cures the existing ones.

Benefits of MSM

Methyl-sulfonyl-methane, also known as MSM, is an active ingredient in many Anti-aging creams which fights with the causes of acne formation. The acne might be occurring due to various physiological changes. The topical applications take care of the external reasons properly. MSM is made of methane, sulfur, and oxygen. It naturally exists in the skin, joints, and nails of human beings. It is used to treat osteoarthritis and possesses anti-inflammatory effects.

The reason why MSM is used as an active ingredient in the topical applications to fight acne formation is because of its anti-inflammatory action. It has the capability of eradicating the bacteria that form inflammation in the blocked sebaceous glands and cause acne formation. The antimicrobial action of this natural compound is due to the presence of sulfur (34%) in MSM molecule.

MSM also provides a strong infrastructure to build antioxidants that fight aging and inflammation consequently. In order to get clear and young skin, the topical applications use MSM as an ingredient with Colloidal Silver. Both the components fight against the bacterial outgrowth and stop acne formation. In fact, the skin becomes clear and glows due to the absence of blackheads, blemishes, scars, inflammation, etc.

Advantages of MSM and Colloidal Silver

When both the components are added to form a single formulation then the results are remarkable. No matter what the reason is behind acne formation in an individual, good result with Colloidal silver MSM cream for acne can be observed when it is used on a regular basis maintaining other cautions.

The advantages of bringing the two miracles together are:

Colloidal silver imparts its antimicrobial action in cooperation with the anti-inflammatory effects of MSM. The double action confirms proper eradication of the bacterial outgrowth in the sebaceous gland. Moreover, the dispersion of the ingredients in micronized version ensures proper absorption of the active components inside the bacterial colony to destroy them. The formulation provides a broader spectrum to stop a wide range of bacterial infection on the skin.

The modern skin care products are dispensed in Aloe Vera gel base so that the effect is more soothing and effective.


Colloidal silver and MSM has been used in the history of medical science to cure many infections. Ensure good result with Colloidal silver MSM cream for acne after regular application under medical guidance.

Childhood Family Dysfunction Can Last a Lifetime

People often speak of the resilience of children, and that’s true, in that they find a way to survive physically and emotionally. But it’s not true that children slough off the effects of childhood family dysfunction, traumatic events and patterns, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or child neglect. They suffer deep emotional pain and are changed for the rest of their lives.

Children should be seen as a treasure, a gift to the family and the world, and treated with love, tenderness and care. It’s so sad when that’s not what happens.

Childhood family dysfunction

Many children grow up in families where things happen that are on a continuum of childhood family dysfunction ranging from mild to severe, with the severe end of the spectrum including sexual abuse, physical abuse, child neglect and much emotional pain. Often, children seem to “turn out all right” even so, and are later able to obtain and keep jobs, enter into relationships, marry and have their own children. But that doesn’t mean that their lives and relationships are not deeply affected.

Childhood family dysfunction affects children’s personalities

Children who are put through the emotional pain of being repeatedly criticized; called negative names; not allowed to become angry or cry, shout with glee or laugh happily; or not allowed privacy or comfort, often automatically begin to believe that they are bad, stupid, ugly or worthless. They often learn to push down emotions until they are no longer aware of having them. They learn ways to create privacy and comfort that are not in their best interests but rather are a way to survive the childhood family dysfunction.

How children may be harmed by physical and emotional pain

In a child’s mind, parents are all-knowing figures. If the parent does or says something in relation to a young child, in the child’s mind, what they say or do is ultimate truth. The more often something is repeated, the more deeply this “truth” is etched into the child’s mind and emotions until it actually begins to create the child’s personality. For instance, a child who is constantly criticized or told it’s stupid or ugly will begin to feel worthless and might learn to cringe around others, to try to make itself invisible, to believe it can’t be competent and so to fail in school and, later, as an adult, have difficulty engaging in relationships or jobs, or she may fail in college, relationships, and jobs.

A child who is told “I wish you had never been born; you’re such a burden” often will feel unworthy to be alive on the planet and, as an adult, will act in ways that brings misfortune into his life. If a child is told, in a negative way, “You’re just like your father (or mother),” it may be terribly torn because it loves its father (or mother) but at the same time feels that it is bad to love the other parent-and the child feels it itself is bad in some way. This emotional pain, too, lives on into adulthood, deeply affecting social and work relationships.

How children respond to physical abuse

Children whose parents subject them to physical abuse in the form of beatings, arm twisting, pushing them down forcefully or other forms of physical abuse are harmed not only physically but emotionally and psychologically way into adulthood. As adults, they may be easily cowed, find it difficult to ask for and stand for what they need, or stay distant in relationships. They may feel helpless and become deeply depressed. Or they may go in the opposite direction, flying into rages at those close to them or becoming physically abusive themselves.

How sexual abuse affects children

When children are subjected to sexual abuse, the very center of their being is violated. They may become people who are extremely helpless-because they actually were extremely helpless as children. Because it is actually impossible to be present while being violated at such a core level, child sexual abuse often creates people who learn to dissociate. Since, as children, they were forced to be physically present for the abuse, and they couldn’t escape, they learned to escape mentally and emotionally, numbing out, fading out, “disappearing” into themselves. This, too, continues on, and adults who have been sexually abused as children might endure being taken advantage of in many ways because they were not able to have a sense of personal boundaries as children. Or, because they learned that the way they are “loved” is to be touched sexually, they may later believe that the only way to be loved is sexually, and they may become promiscuous as adults. On the other hand, sex with someone they love and who loves them may be almost impossible because often people who have been sexually abused feel pain during sex.

Child neglect has long-term effects

Babies who are left to cry alone for hours, young children whose parents leave them alone at home to fend for themselves, children whose parents feed them irregularly or make them wait too long to eat also are deeply affected well into adulthood. Adults who have endured childhood neglect may feel that they are all alone in the world, that there is no one there for them when they need help. They may isolate and become depressed, or feel they have to do everything themselves and so subtly push away anyone who would help them. On the other hand, adults who suffered from child neglect when young may react to their needs being denied by becoming excessively needy and clingy, thus creating relationships where their partners may feel that they are a burden.

There are ways to change the patterns of thinking, feeling, reacting and relating that are created in dysfunctional families. If you are a person who grew up with childhood family dysfunction, sexual abuse, physical abuse, or neglect, psychotherapy, and specifically EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help you.

Things to Eat While Dieting

Gaining weight is an easy task, but losing weight can show you stars in the morning. It’s not a cup of tea for everyone. You have to go the gym, exercise regularly, control your food which is the worst. You workout and after that, you get a food craving, but you can only eat selected things. Here are a few dishes that you can eat while dieting that will fill you up and suppress your cravings.

Whole Eggs – Eggs are very fulfilling without much eating, are high in protein and nutrients, and contains healthy fats. It also helps in building muscles. Hunger can be satiated by whole eggs and it does not increase weight as well. If you have eggs for breakfast you will not feel the need for a snack before lunch. There is a myth about eggs that they raise the number of calories but it is wrong. On the contrary Whole eggs burn more calories and reduce food cravings. You can consume up to 2 eggs a day while on a diet.

Apples – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Plus apples have the potential to keep fat away as well. Apples do have calories, but it is also filled with water and fiber which makes you feel full and is also efficient in reducing hunger pangs. The amount of pectin is high in apples which combined with water restricts your cells to absorb only a certain level of fat. Many doctors will suggest you include apple in your diet if you are in the process of losing weight. If you consume apple an hour and so before mealtime, you will find yourself cutting out on our intake.

Avocado – Avocado is an all-rounder. You can have them any time with anything, be it salads or main course. They are rich in nutrients and healthy fats. They also help in reducing fats, improves vision, benefits your heart. It also has the capacity to reduce food cravings. It is found out in researches that Avocado lowers cholesterol, reduces belly fat. It is the perfect food to consume during weight reduction. You should maintain an average of 1 Avocado per day. Avocado includes Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Potassium, Folate, Vitamin C, Copper, Magnesium, and antioxidants.

Bananas – Bananas are the home of potassium and starch that helps in weight loss. After your workout session if you consume bananas then it will fill all the nutrition needs at that time. Apart from diet benefits bananas can solve your digestion issues. They maintain your blood pressure, eliminating the risks of it shooting up or down. And studies have proven it also prevent strokes in women above 30.

Brown Rice – Brown rice resistant starch, which is a healthy carbohydrate that burn body fat. Brown rice looks after your heart health also. It’s low in calories and makes you feel filled after consuming. It is also considered much healthier than white rice as it has provided more benefits to your body than white rice.

Rabbit Grooming Tips

Having pets is not an easy thing because you need to consider many things. Before even considering one, you should first determine if you really need one. You should make sure that you are up to taking care of your pet because let us day that having pets is like parenthood- it takes a lot of effort, time, responsibility and and more importantly love. If you can not handle it, you should not consider pets. Pets deserve to be treated well. If you are ready for the challenges, there are many pets worth considering. In fact if you want you can keep all the animals you want as long as you promise to take care of them. Just love them because they will love you more.

We are fond of pets because it makes a difference when someone side from your family members welcomes you when you go home. There are even times that you may hear a pet saved the life of their masters. That kind of commitment and connection is not something that can be bought. The first thing that you should consider is what kind of pet to consider. Do you prefer common domestic animals like cats, dogs and birds? Or you prefer exotic and unusual pets like snakes, crocodiles and tigers? Regardless of what animal you choose to love, the important thing is what to do next. Of course you need to keep them healthy as possible and make better every day. Here are some things that you can consider when you want to groom your rabbits:

1. Rabbits need brushing. Since they have sensitive skins, just make sure to brush them gently. Once or twice a week is advised but if you notice that they are shedding (usually this happens every three months), you should brush them constantly.

2. Rabbits find it very stressful if they take a bath. If you find an area that is dirty, just wipe it or only clean that area. They do not need bathing because they are generally hygienic.

3. You should consider trimming their nails. Check the nails at least once a week and if it is long, cut it. This is important so that they will not hurt each other.

4. Rabbits need treatment from fleas. There are many safe treatments these days but to make sure, you can bring them to your veterinarians so that they can prescribe the effective treatment. Fleas are very uncomfortable.

5. Provide mats for your rabbits because they have sensitive skins. If you feel they need toys, you are also free to purchase rabbit toys.

6. You should also check their teeth and their ears for further cleaning.

7. If you notice that your rabbits have watery eyes, just give your veterinarian a visit and for sure they will see to it that it will not be a problem for your pet rabbit.

Taking care of a rapid is indeed a responsibility. If you can not handle it, do not consider it. Rabbits indeed deserve to be pampered every once in a while so do not deny them that chance. After all the joy that they bring to you and your family is nothing compared to the cost that you will incur.