Fibromyalgia and Severe Pain Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is a common diagnosis for patients that suffer from sore joints, aching muscles, fatigue, impaired immunity, sleep disorders, disturbed microcirculation, and reduced level of energy. When these symptoms occur side by side with autoimmune symptoms, chances are the patient is suffering from fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose as majority of physicians and medical practitioners are still uneducated and ignorant about this condition. This is a sad thought because this condition, although may seem harmless, is actually progressive and destructing. Fibromyalgia patients usually suffer from lack of the synovial fluid in the body. These fluids provide lubrication for the joints.

Fibromyalgia comes with a lot of symptoms. Symptoms affect a huge range of body systems. From the respiratory, such as nocturnal sinus stuffiness, post nasal drip, runny nose to the digestive tract, difficulty swallowing, dry cough, sore throat, reflux esophagitis, carbohydrate / chocolate craving, appendicitis-like pains, and unexplained toothaches.

Some symptoms like, unexplained allergies, drooling in sleep, swollen glands, dizziness when turning head or changing field of view, stiff neck, mold / yeast infection, headaches, light / broken sleep pattern, morning stiffness, sweats, fatigue, painful or weak grip, problems holding hands up, handwriting difficulties, shortness of breath, night-driving difficulty, short-term memory impairment, sensitivity to odors, trouble concentrating, sore spot on top of head, balance problems, difficulty speaking known words, loss of ability to differentiate some shades of colors greatly affect everyday activities and can be a cause of extreme discomfort.

Some rather abnormal symptoms include the feeling of continued movement in a car after stopping, the feeling of being tilted when corner a car, when taking first steps in the morning feet as if one is walking on nails, pressure felt on eyeglasses and headbands is painful , and getting scarred or bruised easily.

Other symptoms that affects other body systems include visual perception problems, doubling / blurry / changing vision, visual and audio effects, bloating, nausea, abdominal cramps, sensitivity to pressure / colds / lights, weight gain, weight loss, mitral valve prolapse, earaches , irregular heartbeats, rapid heartbeats, directional disorientation, drooping of the eyelid, tearing or reddening of the eye.

This disease also traverses even the psychological aspect of the body, resulting to extreme depression, panic attacks, tendency to cry easily, confused states, problems climbing stairs, problems going down the stairs, free-floating anxiety, unaccountable irritability, dizziness caused by seeing stripes and checks, teeth grinding, inability to recognize familiar surroundings, delayed reactions and such.

Oftentimes, symptoms vary according to sex. Women often experience menstrual problems, pelvic pain, PMS, loss of libido, nail ridges, mood swings, hypersensitive nipples, breast pain, and fibrocystic breasts as symptoms. Men, on the other hand, tend to experience urine retention, groin pain, impotence, stress incontinence, anal / genital / perineal pain, painful intercourse, and thick secretions.

Common symptoms for both sexes include lower back pain, mottled skin, thumb pain and tingling numbness, weak ankles, upper leg cramps, tight Achilles tendon, irritable bowel, sciatica, urinary frequency, muscle twitching, diffuse swinging, buckling knee, shin splint-type pain, sensory overload, staring into space, heel pain, tight hamstrings, carpal tunnel-like pain in the wrists, restless leg syndrome, myoclonus, and tissue overgrowth, fibroids hairs, ingrown hairs, heavy and splitting cuticles, and adhesions .

If you are experiencing a number of these symptoms, take an appointment with your physician before it's too late.

How To Die Slowly And Painfully: A Set Of Guidelines Using Reverse Psychology

So you have decided that life is not worth living it up to the 80 year mark and you want to live just 50 years and, if you are lucky, 40 years, then this is the guide, in a few easy steps, for you to do just that.

  • Step number 1: Lungs? What are they good for after 40?
    You have to smoke, but not just 1 or 2 cigarettes a day, 1 or 2 packs a day is more like it. The more you smoke, the more you can literally build your tar deposits inside your lungs. You are not going to need them anyway after you are dead. More smoke equals more carcinogens so you could get lung cancer. But this is an offer you could not resist: If you smoke, you could not only get lung cancer, you could get COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), you could increase the risk of a stroke or myocardial infarction, getting your legs chopped off because of damage to your arteries, all kinds of digestive tract cancer and much more. It is the all inclusive offer that no one could possibly reject.
  • Step number 2: Exercise? I am not going to be a model!
    After all, you have decided that you are not going to live off your body and you can not take it to the afterlife when you die so, why exercise? You can just sit and watch TV all day long and not worry about all of the greasy substance that is growing on and in the wall of your arms. You really do not have to worry about it because it builds up by itself, effortlessly. And some day you get your long desired stroke or myocardial infarction.
  • Step number 3: Vegetables? What am I? A cow?
    You see, cows were put there to eat your vegetables, process them, turn them into good old meat and cholesterol, not the cholesterol free and unsaturated oils of vegetables, and then you can eat the good cow that is doing the job of digesting your vegetables for you. This is the way to get your hypercholesterolemia running up. Your fat tissue gets bigger and you get your desire resistance to insulin. That is the first step to getting your diabetes. And with diabetes come all the things you waited for: Retinal damage, kidney disease, and a lot more risk of stroke and infarction.
  • Step number 4: I know my mother had high blood pressure, but I swear it can have it a lot higher.
    Ok, you have the genes that your familyave you, you can not change them. Some diabetes genes, some high blood pressure genes and so on. The point is you do not know how to activate them. Let me tell you that steps number 1 to 3 can activate them, but there is nothing like a sodium rich diet to get your rankings up in high blood pressure. You can make sure that every single artery of your body receives good hammering with every single beat of your heart (which will also suffer a lot). You could get you hemorrhagic stroke, Hipertensive myocardiopathy that could lead to heart failure or myocardial infarction, or better yet your own chronic kidney disease to enjoy dialysis and that could include all those joyful blood transfusions, immunodepression and much more. However, there is nothing like not knowing how high your blood pressure is and not expect when any of these organs is going to give you the surprise of your life.
    The idea is to follow these guidelines from step 1 to step 4 and get the opportunity of developing one of these diseases and conditions.

  • How to Win Back an Aquarius Man – Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore

    The question you’re frantically searching for an answer to is how to win back an Aquarius man. It’s been hard since the break up, hasn’t it? Try as you might you just haven’t been able to move forward without him. You think about him constantly and you feel a nagging sense of panic about him meeting and falling in love with someone else. That’s all understandable given how much you still love him. Life is short and love is rare so when you find it, you really do need to do whatever it takes to hold onto it. You already know that the two of you are destined to be together. With the right insight and approach you can make him feel that too.

    Understanding how to win back an Aquarius man begins with recognizing that at his core is his kind heart. That heart can be bruised easily and as such it’s important that you make the effort to undo any damage to it that may have happened during the break up. We all say things in anger and frustration that we don’t mean. If you’ve done this with your guy, now is the time to make amends. You have to apologize to him and it needs to be done in a very specific way. Pick a time when you know he won’t be distracted then call him up and sincerely say you’re sorry. He needs to hear this from you before he can open his heart back up again.

    You must stay composed and appear mature when you are trying to get him interested in you again. Learning how to win back an Aquarius man involves showing him that you’re not emotionally unwrought. One big turn off for men born under this sign is a woman who is compulsive and out of control. If he’s constantly presented with an ex girlfriend who is crying and pleading with him, he’ll pull back so far that the relationship will have absolutely no chance of being repaired. If you feel the overwhelming need to cry over the break up, do it in private. You do not want him to see that part of you.

    These men value friendship above anything else. They are fiercely loyal to their friends and feel a close bond with them. That’s why one effective way to get back an Aquarius man is to become his friend. You’ll have to compartmentalize your feelings in order to do this though. You need to push aside all your feelings of love and longing in order to show him that you can and want to be a platonic and supportive friend to him. You can do that if you just keep reminding yourself that once the friendship is established and you’ve nurtured it to the point where he feels close to you again, he’ll start to see you as more and all those feelings of desire and love will rush over him.

    An Overview of the Symptoms of Tuberculosis

    If the tuberculosis bacilli lie dormant in the body, a person does not get the symptoms of the disease and he can not spread it to others. However, once the bacilli get active, the symptoms begin to appear and at this point the person is infectious and can spread the disease to others.

    Overview of the Symptoms of Tuberculosis:
    The most common organ to be infected by tuberculosis bacilli are the lungs. The symptoms begin gradually and most people do not notice them because they are mild. The most common symptoms of tuberculosis of the lungs are as follows:

    o Fever
    o Chills
    o Night sweats
    o Cough with thick sputum, which can sometimes be bloody
    o Fatigue
    o Weakness
    o Loss of appetite
    o Loss of weight for no apparent reason
    o Chest pain
    o Shortness of breath

    Many of these symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia and lung cancer. That is why it is best to visit a doctor and get yourself tested for tuberculosis before jumping to any conclusions.

    The symptoms of tuberculosis in other organs depend on the area of ​​infection. For instance, tuberculosis of the spine will lead to back pain; while that of the lymph nodes will lead to swelling of the neck.

    Most symptoms are not obvious until the disease reaches an advanced stage. And, many times the symptoms are attributed to another disease or disorder and people neglect going to a doctor.

    Most people who get infected with tuberculosis bacilli will get the disease in the first few years, but it is quite possible for the bacilli to lie dormant in the body for years before causing an infection.

    US Population Growth Trends Effect on Real Estate

    The U.S. projects growth from a current 310 million to an anticipated 430 million over the next 40 years. This trend closely parallels Europe from 1950 to 1995. What conclusions can we draw for U.S. real estate from this?

    Europe grew from 527 million to 728 million from 1950 to 1995. This 38% increase almost identically matches the U.S. optimistic projection for the next 40 years. This fact offers great financial risk to following old assumptions and great returns for recognizing potential new implications.

    Today when you drive around Europe, limited construction typifies the landscape. The work underway tends to tilt heavily toward improving existing structures, increasing efficiency, improving utility, modifying use. Buildings 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 years old cloak the landscape. Interestingly, if you look at the current United States inventory, required new inventory for housing and for commercial office space is potentially very limited. Assume an increase in housing density driven either from more persons under the same roof or more persons per household and projections can quickly conclude no additional inventory is required. The same conclusion is easily supported for office space as well. Considering a steadily increasing amount of telecommuting and using existing available capacity infers little need for additional space.

    The exceptional office and housing cases for U.S. real estate will be some emerging communities and potentially large population shifts developing from other driving factors. These will focus around some emerging major industries in midsized markets, major government driven shifts, and education center related development.

    Also, commercial warehousing and distribution will grow dramatically supporting the demands of the emerging economies and subsequent increased global trade.

    Opportunistically, smart investment capital needs to adjust due diligence concerns to adapt to these emerging trends. Many investors are failing and will fail to comprehend that the days of inventory growth based real estate investing suddenly is much more risky. Moreover, many aren’t considering that in general investing return assumptions are based on this concept and therefore are flawed. Investors who recognize and adjust their debt and capital management plans accordingly stand to achieve significant gains.

    Where will the best gains develop?

    • Commodity distribution and development based real estate stands to see steady and large gains through the end of the century based upon emerging economy development and global population trends.
    • High value locations in well developed well positioned markets will see tremendous gains as much longer horizon ownership trends develop in place of the highly marketed and over marketed “buy and flip” principals.

    Investors focusing on the principles developing in the face of these new trends will reduce risk and realize outsized gains over their less flexible counterparts.

    Prevention of Breast Tumors & Breast Cancer

    There's a medical term 'Benign Breast Disease' (BBD) which includes a host of breast problems for women. This category includes any type of abnormal breast tissue other than malignant. One condition includes breast tumors which are benign yet have from the normal breast tissue consistency.

    There are a number of cystic conditions 'lumped' under the heading of fibrocystic breast disease. Symptoms may include pain known as mastalgia, heat, swelling and obvious tenderness. Pain and changes in breast tissue can be cyclical within the menstrual cycle, often triggered by low progesterone and high estrogens.

    Recently there's been more attention given to BBD being a risk factor for developing Breast Cancer (BC) and rightly so. Several causes of BBD are the same causes or risk factors for BC.

    In several emerging articles I'll review the medical research from around the world. I spent almost 2 years writing two books, one on the optimization of thyroid hormones and the other on the autoimmune condition Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and was amazed to find hundreds of articles on this subject of risk factors.

    Here is an example of just one of them. The Lancet published an epidemiological study in 1975 which exposed a lower incidence of Breast Cancer in Japanese women compared with women from other parts of the world. The only variable the researchers could find was their higher intake of seafood and sea vegetables rich in iodine. There was a lot of speculation why this might be but it's really only been over the last 35 years that we have a clear understanding as to why.

    I quit to start with the subject of iodine because it is one thing to take a food rich in iodine and quite another to take an iodine supplement. There is danger in this.

    So I'll wait a little and mention two other studies which I believe are very important. They are both similar and prove much the same point. One was out of Pisa, Italy, in 2008. They took 103 women with biopsied ductal cell breast carcinoma and before any intervention or treatment the women were checked for thyroid problems. They were evaluated through thyroid lab tests, physical exams and a thyroid ultrasound.

    It turned out that 48% of them had various types of thyroid problems. The most prevalent was an enlarged thyroid gland termed a goiter. The most common cause of a goiter is an iodine deficiency or insufficiency. The less common cause is excess estrogen which blocks absorption of iodide into thyroid cells.

    The second thyroid condition found was Hashimoto's which is inflammation of the thyroid gland. There are a few theories about the cause of Hashimoto's but the one which is most outstanding is the inflammation of thyroid cells being caused by an increased production of hydrogen peroxide inside the cells. This increased production is due to the hormone TSH or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which, among other things, stimulates thyroid cells to make more hydrogen peroxide, a process required to convert iodide to iodine. This is necessary for the thyroid to make its hormones.

    Normally once thyroid hormones are produced and enter the blood stream then TSH production will subside and so will the production of hydrogen peroxide inside the thyroid cells. But if there's an iodide deficiency and the thyroid can not make its hormones then TSH will remain elevated and continue to stimulate the cells to make more and more hydrogen peroxide.

    These elevated levels of hydrogen peroxide lasting for years and decades often leads to irritation, inflammation and ultimately some degree of destruction. And as soon as the thyroid cells break apart and release hydrogen peroxide, enzymes and proteins you've got the makings for a thyroid autoimmune disease.

    So what's all this got to do with breast cancer and benign breast tumors?

    Obviously the lack of iodide leads to various thyroid conditions including hypothyroidism since obviously the thyroid requires specific nutrients including iodide to make its hormones. No iodide no thyroid hormone production.

    And so often where there's a lack of iodide there's a lack of iodine. Iodine has been proven to protect breast tissue from estrogens, estrogen mimicking chemicals, what are called Endocrine Distrupting Chemical and heavy metals.

    Optimal thyroid hormones help to improve sex hormone binding globulin which lowers free estrogens, improves levels of progesterone (low progesterone is a risk factor) and helps to optimize the body's metabolic rate. A lower metabolic rate causes easier weight gain and the primary source of non-glandular estrogen is fat. Even this form of estrogen stimulates estrogen receptors on breast tissue.

    More on these subjects in future articles.

    So until then, this is Dr. Alexander Haskell

    Natural Pneumonia Cure – Vitamins and Minerals

    An effective pneumonia cure is the use of added vitamins and minerals in your diet. The right nutrients can boost your immunity, relieve your symptoms and prevent further complications.

    Vitamin C

    High dose vitamin C is a fast acting pneumonia cure, particularly if taken at the first sign of infection. I recommend my patients take 500mg of vitamin C an hour until their tissues are saturated with vitamin C. At the point where the body is saturated with vitamin C, any excess spills over into the urine and stools causing loose or watery stools. This point is called bowel tolerance.

    Once you have worked out your bowel tolerance level, go just below this point daily until the infection is cleared from your body.

    Some people only need 5000 – 10000mg to reach tissue saturation and bowel tolerance. Others may need 50,000 mg or more to reach this point. As you get better you should find your bowel tolerance level drops.


    Zinc is a powerful pneumonia cure that boosts your white blood cells and antibody production to fight infection. If you have a sore or inflamed throat then dissolving a zinc lozenge or tablet in your mouth can bring prompt relief.

    Vitamin A / Beta carotene

    Vitamin A and its precursor beta carotene can heal injured epithelial tissue and quell free radical damage. Vitamin A has also been shown to lower the rate of infections so is a good preventative nutrient.


    Selenium is an excellent immune stimulant. It also enhances the absorption of vitamin E – an important antioxidant.

    B Vitamins

    Fatigue and exhaustion are common symptoms of infection. To help with energy levels and nerve health, a balanced B complex is an effective pneumonia cure.


    Magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant that can relieve aching lungs and tight muscles as well as help you get a good night’s sleep. Magnesium can also be absorbed through the skin in an Epsom salt bath. Simply hop into a hot bath to which you have added a couple of cups of Epsom salts. Relax in the bath for at least 20 minutes before heading to bed for the night. You should sleep deeply and wake feeling refreshed.

    The right dosage of these nutrients will vary according to your age, the severity of your infection and your activity levels.

    Endometriosis and Respiratory Symptoms

    For some women that are dealing with endometriosis, they may also find themselves suffering from breathing issues too. However, only a small number of women with endometriosis may also suffer from respiratory problems each month.

    If you are coughing up blood or having chest pains each month, suspecting that you have endometriosis may seem a bit ridiculous, but it can cause these symptoms if it lodges in your lungs. Endometriosis can occur in the lining of the lungs (the pleura) or in the lung itself. Endometriosis in the lining is around five times more common than in the lung, and the majority of occurrences are normally on the right hand side.

    Pleural endometriosis causes the following: –

    o Shortness of breath
    o Pain
    o Collapsed lung (known as pneumothorax)
    o Fluid on the lung (known as pleural effusion)

    Having endometriosis on the lung causes a person to cough up blood, but it is not the only problem you should suspect if you have breathing difficulties. There are additional diseases that can also cause respiratory issues, such as: –

    o Asthma
    o Respiratory infection, such as bronchitis or pneumonia
    o Pleurisy or pneumothorax unrelated to endometriosis

    When it comes to differentiating endometriosis of the respiratory system from other health related causes, it can be a bit difficult and may require a doctor or health professional to suggest the intervention of an MRI or surgery to make sure. For some women that are suffering from this disease, they may also show signs of having asthmatic symptoms which may also interfere with their respiratory system.

    Silicone in the Kitchen For So Many Tasks

    Cooking with silicone provides an easy to store, easy to clean experience in the kitchen. This flexible material that is both heat and cold resistant has exploded in its number of applications for cooking, baking and kitchen preparation in the last several years. This article explores several of these new opportunities to expand your silicone collection.

    In the utensils arena, newcomers have expanded the range of applications from more conventional tools such as spatulas, brushes and spoons to honeydew servers, spoon and fork holders, spoon rests, multi-function openings and bottle scrapers. Joining the more prolific pot handle holders are the silicone lemon squeezer, garlic peeler and cake decorating tools. Like other silicone products, these are available in a wide range of colors and shapes. Examples include spoon rests with a frog design and jar openings shaped like a penguin.

    For egg preparation, silicone poachers are available in both handle and free floating style. Some free floating egg poachers are designed in fun shapes such as that of a hen or of a cracked egg. In addition, egg frying molds with small handles allow the host to create a perfectly round, heart shaped or even flowed shaped fried egg for their breakfast guests. These fried egg molds may likewise be used to create fun shapes for pancakes.

    Some diverse silicone applications that you may or may not see in your local store include cup covers, tea infusers, wine bottle storage holders (a rectangular silicone tray with indentations for lining wine bottles), food ties, bag ties, ice cream molds, collapsible cups and even a turkey sling / lifter!

    As you can see, only the imagination limits the possibilities for silicone in the world or cooking and food preparation.

    Treating Post-Stroke Shoulder Subluxation

    Studies show that most patients who suffer hemiplegia after stroke have shoulder subluxation. With incidences higher in severely-paralyzed patients, shoulder subluxation is one of the most common secondary muscoloskeletal problems after stroke. Shoulder subluxation, nevertheless, can be treated in various ways.

    Also referred to as instability, a shoulder subluxation involves the partial dislocation of the shoulder joint wherein the ball of the upper arm bone slips partially out of the shoulder socket due to spastic muscles pulling the humerus and shoulder blade into abnormal positions.

    Treatment involves the use of heat or ice packs, pain medications, support devices, and shoulder strapping to reduce the pain plus various therapies like prolotherapy, closed reduction, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, electrotherapy, occupational therapy and muscle toning-strengthening exercises.

    1. Closed Reduction and Immobilization through supportive devices

    Closed reduction is a medical procedure wherein the head of the humerus is put back into place by applying a traction to the arm. Afterwards, immobilization takes place through the use of supportive devices for four weeks to prevent the arm from moving. Supportive devices like shoulder cuffs, slings, and braces prevent trauma during ambulation but prolonging their use can cause immobility and encourage spasticity.

    2. Prolotherapy

    Prolotherapy is a medical procedure imploring natural treatment wherein solutions are injected into the affected ligaments, tendons, and joints to stimulate an inflammatory reaction in the body, which in turn, heals the subluxation.

    3. Electrotherapy

    Functional electrical stimulation and cyclical electrical stimulation of the shoulder muscles reduce subluxation but prevents it only if treatment is continuous.

    4. Exercises

    Exercises vary per patient as shoulder exercises are not for those with a history of shoulder dislocations prior to their post-stroke shoulder subluxation to avoid further dislocation. To relax muscles which are too tight, girdle and scapular muscle strengthening exercises are recommended for patients with recurring shoulder dislocations. Weight bearing exercises, rotator cuff strengthening exercises, and shoulder musculature strengthening exercises are often applied to most stroke patients with shoulder subluxation. Remember, it is important to implore a gentle, unexaggerated range of motion each time the patient is exercised.

    5. Proper positioning

    Proper positioning involves maintaining the correct posture while sitting, lying in bed, or doing daily activities. Always remember to carefully transfer, position, and assist stroke patients in daily activities as these are also preventive measures to stroke subluxation.

    Occupational Therapy and Cerebral Palsy

    Occupational therapy is a common treatment for children with cerebral palsy. Many children with cerebral palsy struggle with motor functions, which can prevent them from doing everyday tasks such as eating, getting dressed and washing to performing in school or playing. An occupational therapist can assist children with cerebral palsy through a schedule of physical and mental exercises to help them learn and master these vital life skills.

    What to expect

    It is important to work closely with your child's occupational therapist and develop a game plan that best suits your child's needs. A solid team contracting of yourself, your child and your therapist will produce the most positive results in occupational therapy. With that in mind, open communication is absolutely essential. You want your child to feel comfortable and safe around his or her occupational therapist; they should be able to clearly understand each other and the goals set out for each session. Your child's occupational therapist should also be communicating with your child's doctor, reporting on his or her progress.

    Many able-bodied adults like to push their bodies to the limit when it comes to exercise. However, for children with cerebral palsy, exercise routines should be designed with comfort and care in mind. Your child's occupational therapist should not be too demanding on the workout regimen. Any sort of rough or aggressive exercise would be counter productive and may shy your child away from this form of therapy. A slow, gentle regimen with periodic assessments of your child's range of motion is the key to an effective occupational therapy program for cerebral palsy.

    Finally, you will want to ensure that your child's occupational therapist will be available for the entire duration of your child's treatment. If this is not possible, you should consider finding a therapist who can make such a commitment.

    Questions to ask

    Since you are all a part of a team, any questions or concerns you have should be brought to the attention of your child's occupational therapist. Talk to the therapist about any special equipment or medications your cerebral palsy child might be using before the sessions begin. The occupational therapist may even have special equipment to recommend to you and your child as the sessions go on. You should also discuss whether your child's equipment or medication has side effects that could present issues during the program. In addition, find out if there is any way you can further your child's progress in between therapy sessions.

    Paralysis and Hemiplegic Migraine

    Those who think of migraine as "just a bad headache" may be surprised to hear about hemiplegic migraine, a type of migraine that can involve weakness or even paralysis on one side of the body. But those familiar with migraine know that it's much more than a headache. In fact, it's often not a headache at all! Migraine attacks involve a number of symptoms. Headache is a common one, but there can also be nausea, skin sensitivity, a sensitivity to light or sound, confusion or weakness.

    Hemiplegic migraine is a specific type of migraine. Typically, it's divided into two types – sporadic hemiplegic migraine and familial hemiplegic migraine. Both types are similar, the difference being that those with familial hemiplegic have a close relative that gets migraine with aura – particularly the symptom of weakness.

    If you've got hemiplegic migraine, either familial or sporadic, you may experience:

    * Sudden weakness or paralysis on one side of the body (temporary)

    * Numbness, a pins-and-needles prickling sensation

    * Difficulty speaking

    * Headache

    Headache and hemiplegic migraine may go together. This is considered to be one of the most severe forms of migraine, with reason. The sufferer can be incapacitate by an attack. This is good reason to see a doctor, and if diagnosed to make sure that you carry with you some sort of medical identification at all times.

    There are other challenges when it comes to hemiplegic migraine. First, the number of severe symptoms that need to be evaluated all at once, including weakness or paralysis. Second, the connections with stroke mean that the most common migraine-targeting medications (triptans and egotamines) are not recommended.

    There is good news! For one thing, new genetic research is helping us to diagnose this type of migraine more easily. Also, there are many other migraine treatments and medications that can be used, and that have been used successfully. The important thing, however, is to seek expert help as soon as possible. If you're already aware of a migraine connection, find a headache and migraine specialist if at all possible. If you're not sure, make sure you see a doctor so that she can rule out other different problems, such as stroke. If you seek help right away, you can avoid serious problems. There is help available, as we understand more and more about migraine, paralysis and other types of headache.

    Mini Bike Modification Guide

    It is common these days to see mini bikes being sold in stores already with performance parts fitted, such as K & N style air filters and performance exhausts, however there is always still more work to be done to these bikes.

    They are incredible easy to work on and with such a basic engine the only knowledge needed to work on them is knowing how to use a spanner or a screwdriver.

    Here is a list of modifications recommended in order to increase the overall power of the bike, as well as improving the handling and feel of the bike.

    It would be an idea to start modifying the mini bike with the larger mods, as with these more performance is earned for the money spent. The largest modification which can be done to a Mini bike is to get it bored out to a larger engine displacement. Most of these bikes will come with a 47cc (which is actually only 39cc). These engines can be bored out with a racing kit to 49cc. This will improve the power of the engine due to the larger displacement, improving acceleration and top end.

    If the mini bike is already 49cc there are kits for sale which take the engine up to 58cc again having the same effects as before.

    The next modification it would be wise to make to the mini bike is with a performance exhaust, these come in many makes and models and each style will have a different output to the next, so it is best to look around before jumping in and buying one straight away.

    These exhausts work as they have an expansion chamber, which improves performance on any 2-stroke engine. These exhausts are not usually over expensive; the cheaper systems can be bought for under £ 50, and go up to over £ 200 for the more expensive systems. These are great bolt on performance parts, and can improve the acceleration of the bike with higher low and mid range revs, while increasing top end by up to 10 mph.

    These exhausts will really benefit the bike if it has been bored out as well and the difference in performance will be evidently noticeable.

    The next modification which could have made to the carburettor, and increasing air flow through the bike. Firstly, add a free flow air filter, (K & N style ones). This will mean the bike can take in more air, and the rule of thumb for any engine is – increased air intake + increased fuel flow = increased BHP.

    Therefore this part will help with the performance of the bike, however if an air filter is fitted then the carb will need to be up jetted in order to cope with the extra air, performance is likely to decrease if these changes are not made. Buying new jets for the mini bike increases performance as these jets will allow more fuel to be sent through the carburettor. Tuning will need to be done with this to get the air: fuel ratio correct.

    It is recommended that if modifying the air and fuel intake of the engine that a carb upgrade is purchased. The standard carburettors in these bikes do not have as many adjustment screws as the performance carbs and therefore can not be tuned as highly, and the performance benefits will not be as evident.

    With these changes the bike should have better throttle response with better acceleration and also higher top end speed. This works very well with the performance exhaust and the extra performance with the bike should be easily recognizable.

    Once the Mini bike has been up jetted and a free flow filter and new carb have been fitted then it is time to make some smaller adjustments to fine-tune the bike.

    The next adjustment which could have been made to the bike would be to add a rocket key, this allows the bikes timing to be improved for pulling away and accelerating, meaning that the throttle response and acceleration will be improved.

    It is also likely that the geared of the bike will need to be changed depending on where it is used. This is mainly done through different sized sprockets, and this will be changed depending on how the rider wants the bike to perform

    If a larger sprocket is put on the front or rear of the bike then the top end will be improved while making accelerating slightly slower, however if the Mini bike is fitted with smaller sprockets then the acceleration will be improved while losing some top end. These sprockets can be changed depending on what track is being raced on.

    Due to the modifications made to the bike to improve performance, some other changes will need to be made to the bike so it can cope with the extra power and maintain that good performance. Items such as an NGK spark plug or similar could be used. The standard plugs in Mini bikes are not very reliable and will not be able to cope with the power the bike is producing.

    Also doing this will improve the starting of the bike as well as keeping the bike performing at its best all the time. Whilst changing this is it also a good idea to change the lead and coil going to the spark plug for maximum benefits.

    Another aspect of the Mini bikes which could be tuned is the clutch system. The clutches on the bikes are automatic centrifugal clutches, which will wear very quickly if configurations are made to the bike. It is advisable to upgrade the clutch to a heavy duty clutch with heavy duty springs, these will last a lot longer and also can improve acceleration and throttle response of the bike.

    With all this power now added to the bike it is advisable that you make changes to the brake systems on these bikes. Most of them come with half descent disk brakes anyway but upgrading the brakes may be a good idea, imagine racing around a track doing over 50 mph, and then coming to brake and the brakes just is not man enough to handle the speed, this is why this change is recommended.

    Once all this is done the bike will have been modified a great deal without going too mechanically into it and the extra performance of the bike will leave other bikes standing.

    Just remember to always ride on Private land with the owner's permission and wear protective clothing.

    A Kennel Cough Natural Remedy – Top 7 Benefits of Homeopathic Remedies for Kennel Cough

    A kennel cough natural remedy using a holistic, herbal treatment has many benefits over traditional veterinarian medicines and chemicals. Homeopathic remedies for kennel cough have been around for centuries of years, and recently became more accepted by some Veterinarians and pet experts. Let's look at 7 major benefits a natural, homeopathic remedy can provide your ailing pet.

    • No negative side effects – Sometimes, the "cure" your veterinarian prescribes ends up having a devastating side effect that is far worse than your pet's symptoms! Homeopathic remedies for kennel cough are all natural, so they have zero negative side effects for your cat or dog.
    • Fast-acting – Most traditional vet medicines require a long time to take effect, usually at least 30 days. Then, there is always the chance the first try does not cure your pet's dry hacking cough and sore throat. Then you have to start all over with another "best-guess" treatment. A kennel cough natural remedy contains the herbs and plants wild animals eat to regulate themselves, and work in as little as one week, with some customers showing immediate improvement in their pets.
    • Safe on puppies, kittens and older cats and dogs – Unfortunately, some kennel cough remedies your vet tries can be too toxic and powerful for young pets, older cats and dogs, or extremely weak animals. A natural remedy for kennel cough is safe for all ages and health levels, and can even work for cats as well as dogs.
    • Inexpensive – A veterinarian can wind up costing you several hundred dollars, while a kennel cough natural remedy will set you back about the price of a large bag of dry food.
    • Non-invasive – no shots, just pop a small dose in your pet's mouth – You do not have to stand helplessly while your cat or dog is shot, manhandled and poked by strangers. Applying a homeopathic remedy is as easy as putting a small amount in your pet's mouth. That's it. This can be done in the familiarity of your home, garnishing you no looks of disapproval or distrust from your pet like you get when you return from a vet visit.
    • Boosts overall health through immune system, not just treating the cough – Homeopathic remedies for kennel cough act immediately by boosting the immune system. These herbs and natural minerals treat your pet's sore throat, dry hacking cough and upper respiratory problems, but also ramp up overall health by strengthening the immune system.
    • Saves your time and frustration – No more scheduling Vet appointments, spending time in waiting rooms, and making return trips. A few seconds a day to give your pet its natural, homeopathic remedy and you are done.

    Imagine the joy and sense of well-being you and your pet will share when you use a kennel cough natural remedy to alleviate coughing, sore throat and other high respiratory ailments.

    Golden Tips in Speed Stacking Or Sport Stacking

    The following tips are based on intense practice and researches from videos and feedback from my students who enjoy the challenge in speed stacking. Before you proceed any further, I will like you to first time yourself in any of the speed stack routine and then observe if there is any marked improvement after reading the following 4 golden tips.

    Base – This game is about building pyramids. Like any other type of great architecture construction be it Great Wall of China or the Egypt Pyramid, the base must be solid to withstand any slight knocks later. So to build a solid base, ensure the cups touch and close to each other.

    Gravity – As this name suggests, it always easier to go with than against gravitational force. As such, it will be easier to stack down than stack up. So remember to slide down lightly and not to force down the cups. Always be gentle to your expensive cups!

    Hand – Obviously but not consciously by many, the main tools of this game are your hands, not the cups. Always start with your lead hand to pick the top cup. Place your hand on the sides and not over the tops of the cups.

    Movement – The game is all about speed or timing. The right technique must be cultivated to ensure you can improve with constant practice. Adopt circular motion instead of back and forth or up and down. Both hands must be used at the same time. Try doing this blindfolded and you will be amaze that you can also perform stacking.

    Practice – No one can win an Olympic gold medal without intense training and practice. Records are meant to be broken. You can be the next one if you stay focus and keep practicing. Remember to have fun and sportsmanship though. Cheers.