Does Uterine Fibroid Symptoms Include Loss of Libido Too?

One of the most common uterine fibroid symptoms is loss of libido. Fibroids may interfere with a woman’s intimate life and relationship with their partners. At times fibroids which are fairly large in size press down the uterus. This overtaking of the pelvic cavity causes pain during intercourse. In fibroids of small or moderate size, the physical symptoms by itself cause a lot of discomfort and uneasiness.

The exact cause of fibroids continues to be a mystery. Scientific studies have indicated that excessive estrogen may be linked to growth of uterine tumors. Some of the factors which are known to put women at a greater risk of suffering from fibroids include:

Genes: uterine tumors are known to be hereditary. If your mother or sister has got fibroids, chances are that you too may suffer from fibroids.

Obesity: Excess body weight is also a contributing factor for growth of fibroids.

Infertility: Women who have not given birth to children are at a greater risk of suffering from fibroids.

Hormonal imbalance is the primary reason for loss of libido in women with fibroids. Imbalance here refers to the imbalance between the female reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone. Most women suffering from fibroids have excessive estrogen in their system. Estrogen is the key hormone which boosts the growth of uterine fibroids.

Estrogen unless balanced out by progesterone can cause fibroids and loss of libido too. In addition it can have a number of other adverse side effects like clotting of blood.

Restoring hormonal balance is therefore essential to maintain a healthy sex drive. Treatment for uterine fibroids with the help of natural remedies helps in shrinking the size of fibroids. This type of uterine fibroid treatment normally improves the overall health and well being of an individual including the libido.

Natural fibroids cure involves a number of aspects. For this type of treatment for fibroids to be successful you need to adhere to the treatment regimen prescribed wholeheartedly. The treatment plan will prescribe in detail dietary changes, vitamins, herbal supplements and other traditional Chinese medicines to be taken orally. It will also chart out a detailed physical exercise and massage routine for you.

With this type of treatment for fibroids, normally the tumor does not recur. Natural fibroids cure helps in shrinking the size of fibroids naturally without any side effects. It addresses two of the serious fibroid symptoms- irregular periods and loss of libido.

With the exception of hysterectomy all other surgical procedures for uterine fibroid treatment often fail. Since natural remedies work to eliminate all the uterine fibroid symptoms and the root causes, the chances of fibroids growing back are very remote.

Two Simple Ways to Make Your Vagina Tight

The sexual pleasure which you derive from a tight vagina is very alluring, that is why men always fall madly in love to women with tight vagina after having intercourse with them. Therefore, every woman needs to tone and tighten her vagina to at least bring it back to that healthy and natural attractive condition. Proper care of your vagina from infancy ensures that your womanhood remains firm throughout your life span. I will expose to you in this article the advantages and ways to maintain a tight and healthy vagina.

If you have a tight vagina you have absolute control over your man, because when he feels the tightness of your vagina and the irresistible sensation he enjoy while having sex with you, he cannot afford spending an hour outside home after the days job.

With a tight vagina you will always attain orgasm in every round of sex due to the radial stiff friction; you will have maximum enjoyment of sexual intercourse. Devoid of any mental ordeal of wide and loose vagina, your partner has the pleasure to thrusting deep inside you.

Above all, a vagina that is tight really has a fascinating outlook and urinary incontinence problems are drastically reduced.

You have two simple ways to make your vagina tight.

1. Through surgery: where the physician perform an operation to tighten the vagina.

2. The use of herbal medicines like instant virgin spray and virgin cream. These herb creams are applied between 17- 25 minutes before sexual intercourse for effective tightening of the vaginal walls. These herbal formulations and other natural kinds of treatment have being in existence for years ago. They can also be applied on regular basis because it clears smelling vagina and keep it permanently tight

Finally, these two simple ways to make your vagina tight is not harmful and does not have after effect but the herbal cream is more effective and reliable.

Stop Dangerous Infected Cysts Before They Start With an Easy at Home Method

Although most ovarian cysts are absolutely asymptomatic and a normal part of the menstrual cycle it is possible for infected cysts to develop. Most ovarian cysts are considered functional meaning that they are harmless and do not require treatment of any kind. They generally disappear within one to two menstrual cycles.

Infected cysts are one of several complications that can occasionally arise which need to be examined more closely. Just like any other cyst in or on the body, bacterial infection does occasionally occur. The trouble with an infected ovarian cyst is that it is difficulty to identify, as it is internal.

Many women begin to suspect that they may be suffering from ovarian cysts when they start to encounter one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Dull or severe and sharp pain or discomfort in the abdomen, pelvic area, thighs and sometimes legs.
  • Fullness, pressure and or bloating in the stomach
  • Breast tenderness
  • Painful periods
  • Irregular bleeding and spotting
  • Lack of menstruation
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea and or vomiting
  • Rib pain
  • Headache

After a cyst is confirmed the woman’s doctor will address the various medical treatments of cyst removal or control.

When the cyst does not resolve by itself then the doctor might also decide to remove the cyst through a surgical process. In some cases when it has been decided not to remove the cyst, or the patient does not realize that the cyst is the cause of the experienced symptoms, cysts can rupture. This is especially dangerous if the cyst is infected.

Infected cysts generally cause pain and occasionally fever. If you are prone to ovarian cysts and have these symptoms it is essential to seek medical treatment.

Effects of ruptured ovarian cyst include scaring, inflammation, peritonitis, i.e. inflammation of mucous membranes, septic shocks, hemorrhage, death of ovary among other symptoms. When an ovary ruptures, the infection is spread throughout the pelvic cavity can spread rapidly to other organs. This is a very dangerous scenario and should be avoided at all costs.

A ruptured cyst may be treated with strong antibiotics, and an internal “clean” may even be necessary. The best form of treatment for infected cysts is actually prevention. Just like a ruptured appendix, generally once the break has occurred damage has already started in the body.

By eliminating the conditions that the body requires to develop ovarian cysts one can virtually guarantee that this situation will never become a reality. Although medications and surgical removal of cysts do not guarantee that they will not return, there are natural methods that can be carried out on a day to day basis that will prevent cysts from ever arising.

These methods have helped women prevent cysts themselves as well as completely avoid complications such as the rupture of infected cysts.

Infant Thrush, Autism, Allergies & Asthma – Is There a Link?

Infant thrush is common yeast infection of the mouth that occurs in infants. Disturbing new findings suggest this early yeast infection can contribute to more serious health problems down the line, including asthma, allergies and even autism.

What is infant thrush? Infant thrush is a oral yeast infection, where yeast cells grow out of control, invading the tissue of your baby’s mouth. Mothers who breastfeed may also develop yeast infection symptoms on their nipples and within their breast ducts. This can be a frustrating and painful condition for both moms and babies.

While most health professionals view infant thrush as an annoying but fairly mild health condition, cutting edge health professionals are seeing that low level, chronic yeast infections may be linked with numerous health conditions, including:



*chronic fatigue


*irritable bowel syndrome


*migraine headaches

*lowered immunity.

You may be wondering, what’s the connection? The problem is that practically all infant thrush treatments, both natural and pharmaceutical, aim at killing the yeast which is present. However, yeast is everywhere, so without correcting the underlying imbalance that allowed the yeast to grow out of control in the first place, the yeast is still present and is almost certain to be present in levels higher than what’s healthy. As soon as you (or your baby) stop taking the drug or herb to prevent the yeast from growing, in many cases it will simply grow back.

Even if the obvious signs (such as thrush patches in baby’s mouth) are not present, the yeast can be invisibly growing within your child’s body. The yeast candida albicans excretes volumes of toxic organic chemicals, so even in small amounts the yeast can cause big health problems. This toxic overload can contribute to any number of health conditions, including autism, learning and behavior disorders, weakened immunity, etc. In fact, many alternative health professionals now include an anti-yeast protocol as a primary part of the program to combat these health problems and they are having great success with this approach.

Recent clinical research shows that most likely autism is not caused by any one toxic event (such as a vaccine) but by a combination of exposure to toxins–this means it’s crucial to get yeast completely under control before it could contribute to a serious problem down the line.

Yeast cells can also invade the tissue of the digestive tract (leaky gut syndrome), allowing too-large particles to pass through the intestinal wall. This contributes to the development of asthma, allergies and other inflammatory conditions.

For these reasons it’s crucial for parents to put a baby with thrush on a safe, non-toxic anti-yeast program that cures the underlying imbalance that allowed the yeast to grow out of control in the first place. This is the only way to ensure that the yeast cannot continue to grow parasitically in your child’s body, whether it’s an obvious problem or not. It’s ideal for breastfeeding moms to treat as well, to avoid passing the yeast back and forth between mother and child.

Hepatitis C and Drug Addiction – Learn What Most Drug Addicts Are Unaware Of

Hepatitis C is inflammation of the liver caused by a virus called the Hepatitis C Virus. It is a blood-borne disease and is the most common cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer in the United States.

I was infected with (HCV) in my drug addiction. When I found out I had the disease I was frightened. I didn’t know how I could have been infected because I did not use intravenous drugs. This prompted me to start studying about the virus and how I contracted it. I would like to tell you about what I discovered that most addicts are unaware of.

Most drug addicts think that if you don’t use needles then you are safe from contracting HCV. However, while studying about the virus I learned that you could contract HVC from sharing a type of instrument to snort drugs with, as well as sharing needles. Small blood vessels in the nose may break open when you snort the drugs and get onto what ever instrument you put in your nose. Most of the time, the amount of blood that gets onto the instrument is so small that it is undetectable. When you share an instrument to snort the drugs, the Hepatitis C virus can transfer from one person to another. HVC is very common among drug addicts.

I know a lot of people in recovery who have the HCV, including myself. Some have already been treated for the virus and some have not. The percentage of addicts who have the virus is very high.

It is also a fact that most people who have HCV do not even know that they have it. Some people who have the virus have absolutely no symptoms at all. Even in advanced stages. I know a few people who did not know that they had the virus until it was too late.

I have one friend who has had a liver transplant. Some are suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and it is very painful. I also know a few people who have lost their lives to the disease. That is why I strongly encourage all addicts, to go to the doctor, get tested for the Hepatitis C Virus. Even if it was twenty years ago when you put yourself at risk, and you have no symptoms, it could save your life.

I was very lucky that I quit using drugs and alcohol before my Hepatitis C reached an advanced stage. Drugs and alcohol will speed up the damage to your liver. I feel that understanding Hepatitis C is the key. I have learned how important diet, nutrition, and exercise is for the liver for someone who has the virus. We can slow down the process of the disease just by stopping the abuse we do to our liver in our addiction. I want to help, I think one of the most important tools in helping others is by helping to educate and raise awareness.

Cirrhosis of the Liver Can Be Prevented

Your liver is an extremely important part of your body. Your liver weighs about three pounds and performs many functions that are vital for life. When your healthy liver tissue is replaced by scar tissue, this is called cirrhosis of the liver. There is no cure for cirrhosis, so taking precautions now may help prevent you from having this disease in the future. You will need to take special care and health in home of Illinois to prevent this disease.

Your liver does many amazing things. It helps your blood to clot and transport oxygen. It also helps by storing nutrients which it later releases back into the bloodstream. The liver also breaks down saturated fat and cholesterol in the body. Most people easily recognize that the liver rids the body of drugs and alcohol. When your liver becomes damaged it slows how the liver processes these toxins. Since the liver has the large responsibility of ridding the body of toxins, cirrhosis of the liver is the 12th leading cause of death by disease in the United States.

Cirrhosis is mainly caused by alcohol abuse, hepatitis C and a fatty liver caused by obesity or diabetes. While men may have to deal with a Da Vinci Prostatectomy, women who drink excessively are more likely to have cirrhosis than men. Cirrhosis has many different symptoms. Loss of appetite, lack of energy, itchy skin, jaundice, bruising easily, weight loss, swelling and fever are just a few.

If you suspect that there may be something wrong with your liver, you should consider getting a physical exam. Your doctor can feel your liver and detect if there are any noticeable changes. If your liver has any damage, it will feel bumpy rather than smooth. If your doctor is concerned about the condition that your liver is in, he might recommend a blood test for further information. You may also need to have a CT scan or ultrasound for a better picture. Your doctor may also decide that some sort of surgery is the best way to go. This may involve a biopsy where your doctor will take a small sample of liver tissue using a Da Vinci robot.

While there is no known cure for cirrhosis, there are many things that can be done to slow or stop the progression of the liver damage. Medications can help with some of the cirrhosis symptoms. A diet low in sodium can reduce the swelling of your body. Quitting drinking can also stop the deterioration. If these are ineffective, a liver transplant may be needed.

How To Raise Sheep – 3 Easy Tips To Help You In Raising Sheep Successfully

People choose to raise sheep for a variety of different reasons. Whether it’s for pure profits or as a pet, sheep can be quite easy to take care of. Since most raise sheep as a means of livelihood, certain guidelines pertaining to health, proper care and even reproduction have to be followed in order to ensure the quality of the breed. Are you looking for tips on how to raise sheep? If you’re thinking of turning this venture into a full blown business, then here are 3 tips that you need to take note of.

1) Provide adequate space and shelter

The first thing that you need to do if you want to know how to raise sheep is to make sure that you have the means to provide you small herd with adequate space and housing. Since its part of a sheep’s nature to frolic and roam around, you need to provide it with enough space that will enable it to do so. The shelter you choose for your sheep should correspond well with its physical built so as not to cramp your herd.

2) Give them enough food and minerals

Since different breeds have different nutritional needs, you should give your sheep the best food and minerals that is suitable for its breed. Don’t hesitate to look up information on what kind of food would be best for your sheep. Or better yet, ask your vet for advice on what additional nutritional supplements your sheep would need. Although it’s easy to think that all kinds of sheep eat the same things, make sure to take in consideration what your specific breed needs.

3) Learn the proper discipline techniques

And just like any other creature in the animal kingdom, sheep have their own personality traits that you need to acquaint yourself with if you want to know how to raise sheep properly. As docile as they may seem to be, they have the tendency to become stubborn and hard headed as well so make sure to learn the proper discipline techniques that they would respond to. If you can, start taming your sheep while they’re still young so that you won’t find it difficult to train them once they grow older.

So there you have it. Now that you know a bit more on how to raise sheep, what are you waiting for? Start looking up different breeds that you can raise in your area today. Who knows? This might turn out to be the cash flow you’re waiting for.

Tabata Anything – Four Minutes of Pain to Gain

The Tabata protocol is a high-intensity training regimen that produces remarkable results. A Tabata workout (also called a Tabata sequence) is an interval training cycle of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated without pause 8 times for a total of four minutes. In a group context, you can keep score by counting how many lifts/jumps/whatever you do in each of the 20 second rounds. The round with the smallest number is your score.

Credit for this simple and powerful training method belongs to its namesake, Dr. Izumi Tabata and a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo, Japan. Their groundbreaking 1996 study, published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise, provided documented evidence concerning the dramatic physiological benefits of high-intensity intermittent training. After just 6 weeks of testing, Dr. Tabata noted a 28% increase in anaerobic capacity in his subjects, along with a 14% increase in their ability to consume oxygen (V02Max). These results were witnessed in already physically fit athletes. The conclusion was that just four minutes of Tabata interval training could do more to boost aerobic and anaerobic capacity than an hour of endurance exercise.

Although Dr. Tabata used a mechanically braked exercise cycle machine, you can apply this protocol to almost any exercise. For example, a basic Tabata workout can be performed with sit-ups. The more muscles used the better, so use full knees-bent sit-ups. Sit-up non-stop for 20-second intervals, followed by 10 seconds of rest. Repeat for a total of 8 cycles.

How effective can just 4 minutes of exercise be? … Very. You will be amazed at how intense the four minutes of exercise will feel. The intervals tax both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. To be clear, this isn’t “eight sets of eight,” although the goal of doing eight reps in each of the 20-second clusters is about right. Instead it’s “as many reps as I can get in” during the twenty seconds, followed by ten seconds rest.

It helps to be able to see a wall clock with a second hand during your four minutes of fun. Stop at twenty seconds, rest ten seconds, and go again. Watching the clock helps with your focus and also in keeping count of the eight cycles…

Here is a longer Tabata workout example. This workout consists of 4 separate Tabata Intervals, each 4 minutes. The total workout will last 16 minutes. Always begin with a moderate warm-up and cool down session. And if you are not already in good shape, check with a doctor before trying.

* Jump Rope

* Pushups

* Squats

* Chin-ups or Pull-ups

Note the 10-second rest periods in the Tabata workout are important, both physically and mentally. Not only do they allow partial recovery, they also provide psychological relief. Switching back and forth from work to rest makes the workout go quickly. Plus, it allows you to train at a higher level of intensity, which what intervals are all about.

Another good exercise for Tabatas is the “squat thruster.” The squat thruster is one of the great lifts being made popular by organizations such as CrossFit. Take two dumbbells and hold them at shoulder height. Squat down, pushing your rear-end back, keeping the dumbbells on the shoulders. As you rise up, press the bells to the overhead lockout position. You can either press as you rise or use the momentum to help “kick” the bells overhead. Keep your weight in your heals and go light! A 25 pound dumbbell in each hand is a very difficult thruster workout!

Pretty much any form of cardiovascular exercise that uses a large number of muscles can be tailored to fit Tabata interval workouts, so feel free to be creative. In addition to the exercises mentioned above, use them with sprints, burpees, a jump rope, the heavy bag, treadmill or rowing machine. Lessen the likelihood of injury by choosing a rate of intensity suited to your level of conditioning – be conservative. Incorporate variety into your Tabata workouts. A few sessions per week will offer plenty of intensity.

What Causes Food Poisoning From Fish?

Food poisoning from eating fish is caused by:

(a) Ciguatera (pronounced: seeg-wha-terra) poisoning: When you eat a reef fish, which is any fish extant in the hot equatorial waters, that has eaten definite toxic food. This alter is in the fish and does not yield when the fish is steamed or unmoving.

(b) Scombroid poisoning: A meat equal histamine builds in both fish after they are caught and they get too warmed. Histamine, this chemical serves as an appall group to preparedness the consternation grouping an incident is offensive a start of the embody.

Intake fish not properly cooled when it is caught, your body may respond to the histamine and it is free into the embody. This poisoning will usually develop 20 to 30 minutes after you love devoured an stilted fish. You may seek flushing with your tegument superficial red, symptom, emesis, hives and sweat inhaling. These symptoms are equivalent any new activity to an allergy.

Do not imagine you leave be allegergic to fish because percoidean is caught by uptake fish with the histamine. You mightiness ask, who can get food poisoning from fish? This food poisoning can be caught by anyone who eats fish with the ciguatera or percoidean poisoning. Within the Undivided States, fish poisoning is solon rife in Island, Florida, New Dynasty, Pedagogue and River.

Listed below are the symptoms of food poisoning from fish and the length of indication your are displeased:

(1) Ciguatera: The symptoms let nausea, reflex, symptom, symptom and numbness. Your embody may be unable to seem emotionlessness and you’ll cerebrate everything feels hot regardless if your are refrigerated. These symptoms instrument endure for 1 to 2 weeks. No penalisation gift aid this write poisoning and the symptoms going on its own in time.

(2) Scombroid: This spatiality of poisoning is bound with an antihistamine (this identify agent blocks the histamine from incoming into your slaying).

These two types of poisoning is rarely ever deadly.

Fish that diffuse ciguatera poisoning is jack, grouper, lineman, sturgeon, monarch mackerel, barracuda and moray eel. Remember, the matter is much cumulous in a fish’s intrinsic organs – never eat them.

Fish to eat to desist feat percoid poisoning do not eat any fish that has not be properly refrigerated or kept on ice. The fish to be elaborated with is tuna, sardines, mahi-mahi or anchovies.

Fish give materialize good and o.k. but “we” all run a attempt of getting one of the above.

Overcoming Duodenal Ulcer

Increasingly more people suffer from digestive disorder nowadays. Statistics indicate that ulcer is the predominant condition among people with digestive problems. Ulcer develops due to inflammation and corrosion in the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Ulcers that occur at the level of the duodenum are referred to as duodenal ulcers, while ulcers that occur at the level of the stomach are called stomach or gastric ulcers. Duodenal ulcer is considered to be of a benign form, while gastric ulcer is considered to be very dangerous. People who suffer from stomach or gastric ulcer may develop more severe forms of the disorder such as perforate or bleeding ulcer. Perforate ulcer refers to breaches within the protective walls of the stomach or internal organs. Bleeding ulcer involves either slow or abundant bleeding of the lesions caused by the disorder.

Ulcer occurs due to the contamination with a certain bacteria called Helicobacter pylori. The bacteria alone can’t produce ulcer, as research findings also indicate its presence in the organism of people who don’t develop ulcer. However, the excessive secretion of gastric acid may cause the deterioration of the mucosal membrane covering the stomach, thus enabling infection with Helicobacter pylori. Duodenal ulcers and gastric, stomach ulcers that involve excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid and pepsin are called peptic ulcers.

Duodenal ulcer occurs to both sexes and regardless of age. However, statistics indicate that male persons are more likely to develop forms of duodenal ulcer than women. In order to prevent the development of either gastric or duodenal ulcer, it is important to control alcohol and caffeine intake. Smoking also contributes to acquiring and the development of duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer, slowing the natural process of healing.

If a person is already diagnosed with a form of ulcer, keeping an appropriate ulcer diet can ameliorate the symptoms of the disorder and also improve the efficiency of the prescribed treatment. An ulcer diet should completely exclude beverages that are known to increase gastric acidity – coffee, tea, (certain teas increase the PH values inside the stomach) milk, (although many people tend to think that milk is benefic for ulcer, in many cases it also increases acidity) alcohol, cola. The foods contained by a good ulcer diet should also be picked according to their level of acidity. It is important to avoid some anti-inflammatory medicines during an ulcer treatment (aspirin, ibuprofen) as they are known to augment the symptoms of the disorder.

Duodenal ulcers are considered to be the most easy to treat among other gastrointestinal disorders. The symptoms of duodenal ulcer ameliorate after only a few days of treatment. However, even after the improvement of the disorder, specific treatment needs to be administered until the complete remission of ulcer. Gastric ulcer is more problematic, as it tends to recidivate after certain periods of time. Gastric ulcer has a pronounced chronic character and it is more difficult to overcome the disorder. Regardless of the form of the ulcer, it is vital to diagnose the disorder quickly, in order to prevent further complications.

Home Remedy – Dealing With Stomach Pains the Easy Way

Have you ever encountered problems dealing with stomach cramps, acid attacks or spasms? Chances are, you have indigestion or you have hyperacidity. I remember my grandmother decades ago taught me this remedy. In the absence of medicines to treat these symptoms, try healing the natural way.

Get a handful of raw rice grains and roast it on the frying pan with the absence of oil, of course. Let if brown while tossing on low fire. Once the grains become roasted, remove the fire and put the grains on a cup. Add boiling water and put a spoonful of sugar. Stir until you see the water turns dark brown like that of a coffee mixture. Carefully remove the floating grains of rice until the brown mixture becomes clear.

Now that you have a natural coffee made of rice grains instead of coffee beans, take lots of sip and make sure that it is still hot, if you can tolerate it. Eventually, you will feel a certain relief of your flatulence and the cramps or spasm shall go away. You might be burping a lot though or excreting gas from your system but at least, that solves your hyperacidity in a natural way. In cases when you suffer from stomach pains due to diarrhea, this mixture shall also help you deal with that and can replace the fluids you lose.

Another way to deal with diarrhea is to cook or boil rice, and extract the soup while the rice is at the boiling point. The thick soup of the rice should be a little bit creamy. You can add a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of sugar on the creamy rice soup when you take it. Eating bananas, apples, and also taking Gatorade or Coke shall also help you recover with the absence of medicines.

Home Remedy – Dealing With Stomach Pains the Easy Way

Have you ever encountered problems dealing with stomach cramps, acid attacks or spasms? Chances are, you have indigestion or you have hyperacidity. I remember my grandmother decades ago taught me this remedy. In the absence of medicines to treat these symptoms, try healing the natural way.

Get a handful of raw rice grains and roast it on the frying pan with the absence of oil, of course. Let if brown while tossing on low fire. Once the grains become roasted, remove the fire and put the grains on a cup. Add boiling water and put a spoonful of sugar. Stir until you see the water turns dark brown like that of a coffee mixture. Carefully remove the floating grains of rice until the brown mixture becomes clear.

Now that you have a natural coffee made of rice grains instead of coffee beans, take lots of sip and make sure that it is still hot, if you can tolerate it. Eventually, you will feel a certain relief of your flatulence and the cramps or spasm shall go away. You might be burping a lot though or excreting gas from your system but at least, that solves your hyperacidity in a natural way. In cases when you suffer from stomach pains due to diarrhea, this mixture shall also help you deal with that and can replace the fluids you lose.

Another way to deal with diarrhea is to cook or boil rice, and extract the soup while the rice is at the boiling point. The thick soup of the rice should be a little bit creamy. You can add a pinch of salt or a teaspoon of sugar on the creamy rice soup when you take it. Eating bananas, apples, and also taking Gatorade or Coke shall also help you recover with the absence of medicines.

Acid Reflux Disease – How You Can Cure It

Acid reflux is referred to as gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. This is a disease that’s can be characterized by a gastric content’s abnormal reflux in the esophagus. The whole process results in to certain chronic symptoms or even mucosal damage.

Most people are under the notion that there’s no cure for this disease. However, the fact is that if taken, proper care and given prime attention, this disease can be easily cured. The patient should hope for the best and keep faith in his or her healthcare practitioner.

Here are certain methods that can cure this disease if properly followed and believed in religiously. Remember that your will power will do wonders to cure any disease. Just hope that it will cure, do your best and the disease will go far off from you.

Tips to cure Acid Reflux disease:

a) Reduce Stress

This is really crucial and will do a lot in curing this disease. Stress works towards increasing the stomach acid levels inside the body and hence result in aggravating the disease further. You can do a lot of things to reduce stress in your life. Try to take up a hobby, do things that you really enjoy or work out at least for half an hour a day. This will help you a lot to combat acid reflux.

b) Drink water

You need to drink plenty of water in order to combat this disease successfully. Focus on drinking at least eight glasses of water each day. Make sure that you don’t drink anything prior to your naps during daytime or before retiring to bed. Remember that it takes the stomach at least three hours to digest the contents. Give it ample time to accomplish the task.

c) Healthy diet

You must focus on maintaining a healthy diet. Try to avoid foods or drinks that are rich in citrus juices. Completely abstain from tomatoes, citrus fruits, lemons, Mexican foods or Italian cuisine.

d) Sleeping techniques

You need to follow certain specific sleeping techniques. Don’t use more than one pillow. More pillows under your head are going to increase the acid reflux via folding the abdominal area.

e) Weight control

Control your body weight if you are serious about controlling acid reflux in your body. Start with a moderate exercise program via consulting your health care practitioner who knows about your problem.

f) Quit smoking

Smoking is an absolute no-no if you want to cure acid reflux. Smoking is known to increase the time period your stomach takes to digest.

g) Abstain from tight fitting attire

Don’t wear tight fitting clothes or accessories such as belts. Wearing tight fitting clothes will compress the abdominal area. This results in severe acid reflux levels and discomfort inside the body.

h) Say no to alcohol

Abstain from drinking alcohol, sodas, acidic drinks and carbonated water. Focus more on high fiber diets.

i) Fatty foods and oily foods

These only work towards making your acid reflux episodes more severe. Say goodbye to these.

Following the above mentioned tips will help you cure this disease.

Clinical Findings of the Coxsackie Virus

The incubation period of Coxsackie virus infection ranges from 2 to 9 days. The clinical manifestations of infection with various Coxsackie viruses are diverse and may present as distinct disease entities.

A. Herpangina
This disease is caused by certain group A viruses (2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10). There is an abrupt onset on fever, sore throat, anorexia, dysphagia, vomiting or abdominal pain. The pharynx is usually hyperemic and characteristic discrete vesicles occur on the anterior pillars of the fauces, the palate, uvula, tonsils, or tongue. The illness is self-limited and most frequent in small children.

B. Summer Minor Illnesses
Coxsackie viruses are often isolated patients with acute febrile illnesses of short duration that occur during the summer or fall and are without distinctive features.

C. Pleurodynia (Epidemic Myalgia, Boruholm Disease)
This disease is caused by group B viruses. Fever and Chest pain are usually abrupt in onset but are sometimes preceded by malaise, headache and anorexia. The chest pain may be located on either side or sub-sternally, is intensified by movement, and may last from 2 days to 2 weeks. Abdominal pain occurs in approximately half of cases, and in children this may be the chief complaint. The illness is self-limited, and recovery is complete, although relapses are common.

D. Aseptic Meningitis and Mild Paresis
This syndrome is caused by all types of group B Coxsackie viruses and by Coxsackie viruses A7, A9 and A24. Fever, malaise, headache, nausea and abdominal pain are common early symptoms. Signs of meningeal irritation, stiff neck or back and vomiting may appear 1-2 days later. The disease sometimes progresses to mild muscle weakness suggestive of paralytic poliomyelitis. Patients almost always recover completely from non-poliovirus paresis. Early in aseptic meningitis, the cerebrospinal fluid shows pleocytosis (up to 500 cells/mcL) with up to 50% polymorphonuclear neutrophils.

E. Neonatal Disease
Neonatal disease may be caused by group B Coxsackie viruses with lethargy, feeding difficulty and vomiting with or without fever. In severe cases, myocarditis or pericarditis can occur within the first 8 days of life; it may be preceded by a brief episode of diarrhea and anorexia. Cardiac and respiratory embarrassment are fatal, or the patient may recover completely. The disease may sometimes be acquired transplacentally. Myocarditis has also been caused by some group A Coxsackie Viruses.

F. Colds
A number of the entero viruses have been associated with common colds; among these are Coxsackie viruses A10, A21, A24 and B3.

G. Hand, foot and Mouth disease
This disease has been associated particularly with Coxsackie viruses A16, but A4, A5, A7, A9 and A10 have also been implicated. Virus may be recovered only from the stool and pharyngeal secretions but also from vesicular fluid. The syndrome is characterized by oral and pharyngeal ulcerations and a vesicular rash of the palms and soles that may spread to the arms and legs. Vesicles heal without crusting, which clinically differentiates them from the vesicles of herpes- and pox-viruses. The rare deaths are caused by pneumonia.

H. Myocardiopathy
Coxsackie viruses of group A and echoviruses have been implicated to a lesser degree. At autopsy, virus infections induce heart disease. The virus may affect the endocardium, pericardium, myocardium, or all three. Acute myocardiopathies have been shown to be caused by Coxsackie viruses A4, A14, B1-B5 and others, and also by echoviruses types 9 and 22 and others. Monkeys infected with Coxsackie virus B4 develop pancarditis, with a pathologic picture strikingly similar to that of rheumatic heart disease. In experimental animals, the severity of acute viral myocardiopathy is greatly increased by vigorous exercise, hydrocortisone, alcohol consumption, pregnancy and under-nutrition and is greater in males than in females. In human illnesses, these factors may similarly increase the severity of the disease.

I. Acute Hemorrhagic Conjunctivitis
Coxsackie virus A24 is one of the agents that can cause this disease

J. Diabetes Mellitus
Serologic studies suggest an association of diabetes of abrupt onset with past infection by Coxsackie virus B4 and perhaps other members of the B group. Experimental studies support the findings in human illnesses; these factors may similarly increase the severity of the disease.

K. Swine Vesicular disease
The agent of this disease is an enterovirus that antigenically is related to Coxsackie virus B5. Furthermore, the swine virus can also infect humans.

What is Edema and Can Adjustable Beds Really Help?

There have been quite a few articles written about how an adjustable bed can assist with the symptoms of an affliction called edema. I have not seen, in any of these articles, any mention of exactly what edema is and how an adjustable bed can possibly help. Most articles I have researched on the subject only make a general and vague connection between the disease and the bed. This article is intended to clarify both shortcomings and shed a little light on a possible easing of someone’s ailment.

Edema is the medical term used to describe an accumulation of fluid between cells in the soft tissue of the body. Edema can develop in any part of your body. The fundamental cause may be much more serious than the accumulation of fluids. Often times, edema is an early warning sign for a much more intense illness such as: Cirrhosis of the liver – Diabetes – Vena Cava Syndrome – Allergies – Infection – AIDS.

The symptoms of edema include redness, heat and tenderness in the affected area. There may be swelling and fluid in an individual arm, ankle, leg, abdomen or in your fingers. You may have puffiness in your face or around your eyes or notice that your shoes never seem to fit like they used to. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult your physician.

Swelling involves the enlargement of organs, skin, or other body structures. It is caused by excessive buildup of fluid in the tissues. This buildup can lead to a rapid increase in weight over a short period of time. This weight gain can occur within a few days to a few weeks. Swelling can occur throughout the body (generalized) or it may be limited to a specific part of the body (localized).

Localized swelling can include: Ankle, feet, and leg swelling – Swollen gums – Swollen glands – Facial swelling – Swelling in the abdomen – Scrotal swelling – Joint swelling – Breast enlargement. Slight edema of the lower legs is a common occurrence in the warm summer months, especially if a person has been standing or walking more than usual.

Generalized swelling, or massive edema (anasarca), is a common sign in severely ill people. Although slight edema may be difficult to detect, especially in an overweight person, massive edema is very obvious as swelling takes on absurd proportions. Edema can be an indication of a chronic and progressive medical illness.

Edema may be generally described in one of two ways: Pitting edema — When you press a finger against a swollen area for 5 seconds and then quickly remove it, an indentation is left that fills slowly. Nonpitting edema — When you press a finger against a swollen area for 5 seconds and then quickly remove it, no indentation is left in the skin.

Common Causes of edema include: Too much salt or sodium intake – Burns – Sunburn – Malnutrition – Too little albumin in the blood (hypoalbuminemia) – Pregnancy – Nephrotic syndrome – Chronic kidney disease – Heart failure – Thyroid disease – Liver failure from cirrhosis – Acute glomerulonephritis – Nephrotic syndrome – Certain Drugs ( Androgenic and anabolic steroids, Antihypertensives, Corticosteroids such as prednisone (causes sodium retention), Estrogens, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Calcium channel blockers)

One of the main options recommended by medical experts for easing localized swelling and prevent skin breakdown from chronic edema, is the use of a pressure reducing mattress and to keep your limbs elevated above the level of your heart when you lie down. That is what an adjustable bed is specifically built to do. The link between an adjustable bed and edema is justified due to it’s functionality.

You could try to prop pillows and other soft materials under yourself but with an electric adjustable bed you will be able to effortlessly position your body to attain an optimal comfort and swelling-reducing level. Just pick up your remote control unit and push the buttons! If you or a loved one suffers from edema and are considering the purchase of an adjustable bed, I hope you find this article useful. An old Portuguese saying , roughly translated, says it all “Whomsoever has health, has it all!”