Treatment of Swimmer's Ear With Homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment of swimmer's ear

As swimming becomes a favorite activity, many parents dread the onset of swimmer's ear. Swimmer's ear or otitis externa often affect children and teenagers who engage in water activities in swimming pools or lakes.

Swimmer's ear is an inflammation of the external canal which occurs after water gets trapped in the ear following a swim, a bath or shower. The inflammation is usually caused by gram-negative bacilli (Pseudomonas or Proteus) or by fungi (Aspergillus) that thrive in moist environment.

The symptoms of swimmer's ear, according to American Academy of Otolaryngology, are as following:

  • itching in the ear
  • sensation of ear is blocked or full
  • pain around ear
  • lymph nodes swollen in the neck
  • decrease hearing
  • fever
  • tenderness in the earlobes

Swimmer's ear is not usually a dangerous infection and alternative methods of treatment may be useful. "Homeopathy medicine is safe and natural, based on the principle of treating like with like", according to Gad Cohen, homeopath and naturopath. Homeopathy remedies work with the whole person to eliminate the cause of the disease rather than the illness alone. "The treatment is highly personalized and the homeopathy remedy is chosen according to the symptoms presented", says Dr. Cohen. The potency chosen should be in the lower range from 6X to 30C. The patient should take the remedy every two to three hours while awake.

Homeopathic treatment

Aconitum napellus : is useful for sudden sunset of earache and for acute cases of fever. The patient awakes at night with pain, anxious and scared and is worse after exposure to dry and cold winds

Belladona atropa : is effective for earaches that come on suddenly with severe, throbbing pain, fever, or sweating. The patient presents a flushed face, is worse with movement, but better with heat and has no thirst. The symptoms are worse at night.

Pulsatilla : useful for earaches accompanied by yellow greenish discharge from the ear, the patient is sensitive to heat, the ear is painful and hot, and cheeks are pale. The patient is not thirsty and has a high fever.

Mercurius solubilis : for earaches with a high fever, presence of thick nasal or ear discharge, sweating, bad breath and irritability. The pain is worse at night.

Hepar sulphuris : is used for painful earache during the night, ear is sensitive to touch and to cold sensation. The symptoms are improved by heat applications.

Chamomilla : is useful when symptoms are worse with heat, but better with movement especially if the child is taken back and forth. A good remedy especially for earaches associated with teeth.

Most homeopathic remedies are sold in pharmacies or health food stores. However, if pain or fever persists beyond 24 hours, you should consult your medical doctor.

How to Deal With Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss?

There are very many conditions that affect the ears of a person and one of the most common one is sudden sensorineural hearing loss. This is where one is not able to listen to anything for a day or more. This only affects one ear and one toes as though the ear is full and most patients usually experience a continuous ringing sound. Most patients also complain of fever like symptoms and dizziness and nausea when they have the condition.

In case you experience this, it is important to seek medical attention as fast as possible to get the necessary help and prevent the condition from becoming worse. There are doctors who have specialized with this condition so it is advisable not to go any medical practitioner if you want to get the proper treatment. Most people usually wait for long periods of time before they go and see the doctor reducing the chances of reversing the condition where one could end up suffering from the problem for the rest of their life. The condition is usually categorized as middle ear infection also known as otitis media and an otolaryngologist or an audiologist is the best person to see to get the appropriate treatment.

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss is diagnosed using special equipment where one has to go through a listening test to determine the extent of the damage. This is normally done in a sound proofed chamber for the specialist to get the correct results. Some of the tests the patients have to go through include, acoustic reflex testing, product distortion otoacoustic testing, pure tone thresholds and speech discrimination scores. Patients also have to go through an audiometric assessment for the doctor to confirm the patient is suffering from the condition. This also confirms that the problem has been caused by the nerves and not perorations, holes, liquid or infection of the ear drum.

In case it is severe, an MRI scan has to be done on the brain of the patients to ensure that there are no tumors on the brain that could be causing the problem. The good news is that the condition is usually not permanent and can be rented for one to continue with life normally. Patients are put on oral steroids or injections of the same for about 2 weeks after one has experienced the symptoms of the condition.

Train the Movement Not the Muscle – Isolation Vs Complex Exercise in Strength Training

As a strength training specialist, I get questions from friends and clients all of the time about the best way to train.  I find that most of the questions, though genuine in their motivation, miss the most important benefits of strength training – function.  One of the most popular questions goes something like this:  “Aaron, what is the best exercise to isolate my ___________ (any variety of body parts – biceps, triceps, abs, adductors, etc)?”

No matter what body part they insert into the question my response is usually – “Why is it you want to isolate?”  Most of the time the answer is ‘I don’t know.”

So the first thing that they need to understand is that our body wants to work with the greatest number of muscles possible.  It is more efficient and effective this way.  The complex movements that our muscles create are achieved through the contraction of multiple muscles at one time.  Some are more dominant than others with certain movements while others serve as joint stabilizers or accessory muscles.  This article is meant to show how utilizing complex (multi-joint) movements is more effective and functional for sports demands as well as every day life and activities.

Isolation exercises are meant to train the body to use only one specific muscle group.  While there is a time and a place for isolation exercises, building a training routine around isolation creates a body that works in a very non-functional way.   In other words, in a way that is not natural.  This can lead to both acute injury and overuse injuries because the muscles are not working together to create a movement.  Instead, you have a bunch of individual muscles that, instead of a powerful, functional movement, create a jerky motion that doesn’t work well.

I have seen many people over the years suffer an injury that was created because of an isolation exercise.  A significantly fewer number of injuries, if any, are caused by doing complex movements.  Complex movements also create a more lean, muscular, and functional body that is better able to generate power and strength by working together to produce force.

If you look at any sport that requires strength, speed, power and agility you will notice that it requires complex movement patterns.  Take a football or soccer player for example.  They don’t train with isolation exercises.  They are performing too many complex movements to waste their time doing bicep curls or leg extensions – neither of which will effectively make them more prepared for their sport.

Some examples of my least favorite isolation, non-functional exercises include:

    o    crunches,

    o    leg extensions,

    o     hamstring curls,

    o    bicep curls,

    o    tricep extensions, and

    o    the worst of all the abduction / adduction machine.  

None of these exercises truly prepare the body for daily movements or much less athletic demands.

Some complex exercises that I like include:

    o    Squats and their variations

    o    Lunges (multidirectional)

    o    Deadlifts

    o    Step-Ups

    o    Push Ups

    o    Woodchoppers

A variety of different exercise routines can be created around these basic exercises.  Upper extremity movements can be added to create a total body workout.  Just 3-5 of these exercises in a circuit routine can be a real butt kicker.  Basically any exercise that trains more than one muscle group at a time is a great complex exercise.  Complex movements like these also train your abdominal muscles the way they were meant to be trained.

When you are considering what exercises are going to be best for you, remember to train movements with complex, multi-joint exercises and leave the isolation to the bodybuilders.  You will create a more functional and healthy body.  For more ideas about how to create a functional body that not only works well but looks even better, go to the Interval Training Guide website.

The Elusive Goals Of Work Team Health And Wellness

For a work team, health and wellness are usually not givens. Many people do not even understand the concepts, let alone ever experience them at work. While some of us are aware that health is the absence of illness, wellness is a much vaguer concept. Some think of it as spiritual, while others see it as mental or physical. In reality, it can be a combination of all three. Being healthy in the mind, body, and soul leads to overall wellness.

In a work setting, health and wellness are often sacrificed in the attempt to achieve corporate goals. People spend countless hours at work, sometimes eating a less than substantial meal at their desks, only to go home for a brief nap before returning to the office. While this may be inevitable every once and a while, it has become a habit for far too many Americans. The result is workers who are unfocused, out of shape, and have a poor attitude. Many contract life-threatening illnesses and depart this world long before they should.

Workers are not the only ones who pay the price for an unhealthy lifestyle. Poor productivity, excessive sick days, and health issues costs employers millions of dollars each year. In the U.S., depression alone costs over $35 billion annually in reduced workplace performance. The total cost of presenteeism- employees who come to work when not fully functional due to health issues- is over $150 billion per year in the U.S., according to one study. Employees force themselves to get the work done, while many are suffering from illnesses caused by unhealthy work habits.

The media has done a great job of revealing the high cost of unhealthy teams. As a result, employers are taking action, implementing health and wellness programs designed to change corporate America for the better. These organizations recognize that employees are their most important asset and they want to care for them better than in the past.

Unless a company is very large, it probably cannot afford to have a health and wellness staff. Some organizations contract with third parties that implement health and wellness programs within the company. Through classroom learning, demonstrations, and interactive activities, employees learn to reduce stress, manage conflict, and improve personal diet and exercise habits.

Cooking, communication, collaboration, relaxation techniques, and authenticity are several topics covered in this type of program. Companies can find vendors that provide everything from workshops that run for a few hours to programs that take place over several days. These providers work with employers to tailor an approach that addresses key wellness issues plaguing staff members. Some companies can get workers back on track after a few sessions, while others require a more long-term approach to employee wellness.

Team health and wellness are critical to improving workplace productivity and keeping employees engaged. The corporate bottom line benefits from both of these and the lives of employees are often permanently changed. This win-win situation is something any business can create with a small amount of money and the proper assistance.

Only Diet Pills Can Make Your Dream Come True

Every person wants to look good no matter if it is a girl or a boy, young or old. After all there is no harm in looking good. Good looks brings great amount of happiness not only to the viewers but also to the person himself. You get attention from large number of people surrounding you, wherever you go. But due to some reasons not everyone possesses such attractive looks and it’s always in their mind to have great looking body. Some people have some facial flaws whereas other is obese due to which they don’t possess a good looking body.

Attaining a good looking body is a difficult task especially for those who are very fat but still it is not impossible for a person to lose weight even after being highly obese. This is made possible by magical diet pills which work on the principle of appetite suppressant. Diet pills such as reductil work by reducing the appetite of the person who is suffering from obesity. Obesity can ruin life of any person who is overeating and does not do enough physical work. Reductil is an ideal pill for such person to lose weight and regain his beautiful figure.

These miracle diet pills are capable of making your dream come true. All you need to do is consume these diet pills according to the advice of the doctor. As reductil can lead to some side effects such as insomnia, dry mouth, anxiety, constipation and dizziness it is important to consult a doctor before consuming these magical diet pills. Normally these side effects are temporary and go away after few days. But if they persist one should consult their doctor, who will who will stop drug consumption or reduce the quantity of your dose.

Buying reductil is also a simple task; all you need is an internet connection and a PC at home. You can buy reductil diet pills from an online pharmacy through internet at very affordable prices. Beside price it also saves your time and effort as all you need to do is place an order for reductil diet pills via internet by using some mouse clicks. Diet pills market is soaring with number of appetite suppressants which forces vendors to sell cheap reductil at less prices. Thus every person irrespective of his or her financial position can make their dream come true by buying reductil at inexpensive price and losing weight in a small time span.

Security Guard Attacked by Syringe Wielding Offender

As a security guard I have found working in retail security more dangerous than most nightclubs because you will encounter a wide range of criminal activities and the offenders are usually not drunk so are harder to deal with.

I was working in a small shopping center in Sydney as a part of a clean up program to reduce the amount of crime and antisocial people in the center. The other security guards have let the criminals walk all over them and now the gangs run the place.

Drug deals openly inside the halls

I always start a new place by going in plain clothes for a few days first to ID some of the regular troublemakers before they know I am a security guard. This way they do not run away from me. On my first day in this center I saw large numbers of drug deals being made openly with customers walking around them. This showed me that they had no fear of the security guards here.

Sitting down nearby having a coffee I saw two security guard patrols walk past them. The guards actually lowered their eyes and moved away from a group of 15 year drug dealers who were smaller than my kids.

I gave my boss the report and prepared for my first shift. It is always harder on the first shift as the criminals are resistant to change and try to assert their dominance over the territory. With this in mind I start my first shifts on Mondays because most customers are at work and leaves me with enough room to deal with the dominance plays that will come.

First patrol

Uniformed and fitted up ready to go I started my first patrol around to let them all know the new security guards were in the area now and things have changed.

To reduce the conflict I give verbal warnings to all that I see that I will not accept criminal behavior and if I catch them later in the week it will be business and arrests will happen.

Most of them will move on and go to another area to avoid being arrested again.

Patrolling the toilets

Security guards need to patrol the toilets to make sure they are clean and safe for customers to use. Not many customers ever realize that we do this for them. In some centers the disabled toilets get used for criminal offences and security needs to check these more often.

On this day I found a female using the disabled toilet to inject herself with heroin. I stand carefully nearby while I instructed her not to use the centers toilets for drug use anymore. She complied but I could see she was already affected by the drug. I walked some distance behind her to make sure she was alright as she left the center.

I completed the rest of my long shift advising locales of the changes in security rules.

A big fella with a syringe

On Tuesday morning I was patrolling the center when I saw a very big guy running down the mall towards me inside something in his hand. He had a maori appearance and was clearly angry about me.

I quickly reviewed all yesterdays interactions but could not find anything thing that I had probably done to this guy.

Self defense against a needle

I can tell you that it is not wise to try and disarm someone with a weapon unless you absolutely have to. You will end up being cut or stuck most of the time, even if you are an experienced fighter. It is the nature of fights that nothing is definite.

I started to walk backwards to gain distance and possibly draw my baton. I saw that all the customers quickly got out of the area and stood by watching the fight.

He was heavier than me and was upset so that I knew pain compliance techniques would not work well. I could not get my baton out as he got to close and I had to grab his arm holding the syringe fast. I grabbed it and held it away from me as I was pushed back into a counter belonging to the deli in the mall.

No one would help

I could see no one wanted to help and I only had seconds to do something. I started talking to him while holding his hand off my chest as hard as I could. It was a stalemate and he was unable to get closer and I was hurting his wrist by using a wrist lock now.

He started yelling that I did not have the right to tell his lady not to use drugs in this center and I was not to approach her ever again. It suddenly became clear why he was attacking me.

I told him that it was the rules and she agreed to it so there was no further issue with me. He started to relax no that a conversation had been scheduled. He let go of me as I I slowly released his wrist and drew my baton in a guard position.

He walked out of the mall holding the syringe.

Customers in shock

I looked around and saw that the customers were in shock. I asked if they were okay andave the owner of the deli bit of a glare for not helping by calling the police of something. Some of the customers could not believe what they had seen and that I had let him go.

Not suicidal

I was sentenced in a difficult position and did not want to get a needlick injury and risk dying just to try and arrest him. My point was made to him. I did not back down and handled myself well. He will think twice before trying that again.

In any case, I am not stupid. I have a description and car registration from the female yesterday and now have his description so I called the police and advised them to arrest him.

They have the equipment and gear to arrest him for more than just assault on me in any case.

© Copyright 2008 by Paul Baker

Wound Care Liability and the Value of Wound Care Certification

As a healthcare professional, it is no longer enough to simply follow orders. All professionals who care for patients with wounds are now being held to a standard of care, and may be held liable for providing wound care of substandard quality, regardless of whatever they believe they are covered by a physician's order. Therefore, wound care practitioners need to be aware of these standards in order to protect their patients and avoid legal issues and denial of reimbursements.

Legal issues involving wounding care management are generally an issue of negligence, or failure to meet the standard of care. Malpractice can be defined as failure to meet standards of care that results in harm to another person. Healthcare professionals may be held liable in the event it is determined that standards of care have not been met, and may be guilty of malpractice if a patient under their care is harmed.

What is the standard of care in wound care management? Standards of care can be defined as the care that any reasonably prudent health care provider would provide in the same or a similar situation. Standards for wound care practice have been determined by several sources:

  • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality – the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) has set out guidelines for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.
  • Patient Care Partnership -the patient care partnership includes basic patient rights, one of which is safe, quality care
  • State nurse practice acts and guidelines -these acts regulate the practice of nurses, and define which treatments and actions may be performed by the nurse in each state
  • Employer policies and procedures -policies and procedures are used to establish standards of care, and may be invoked in litigation claims-such claims may reflect either lack of knowledge or blatant disregard for a policy, and may show negligence
  • Job descriptions -health care employees who provide care outside their formal job description may be heldiable
  • Standards of practice -various professions have individual standards of practice, set by the professional organizations

Medicare has determined that, as of October 2008, they will no longer recover for mainly preventable conditions, including pressure ulcers. This ruling means that healthcare professionals must focus not only on preventing pressure ulcers, but also in treating them when they occur using evidence based wound management procedures. This is but one example of how all healthcare professionals are being held to certain standards in wound care management. It is likely that this trend will continue and that, increasingly, professionals who care for patients with wounds will be held responsible for meeting these standards.

Obtaining wound care certification not only guarantees knowledge of the current standards in wound care, but also ensures that the certified wound care practitioner places current with best practice standards, as maintenance of wound certification requires proof of annually continuing education as well as periodic retesting.


Urvishi is unhappy and silent, walks sluggishly. Did ever Sahil before it watch her slothful? No, no, no. Might a humorous girl grow worried? And much distraught too. She is a silly girl. Silly, silly, silly. Sahil reports.

She fears leprosy might swallow Sahil in total. Might God punish her snatching a
loving friend? Oh, no, no, no. God! Why do not you put sense in Sahil? She has heard from many quarters the tales of leprosy outcasts. It is a horrible disease.
Morning was hateful when Sahil had explained to her the gash over his left hand.

Oh dear Jesus! What an appalling thing going to be happened. Her face nervously went dry and white to ponder about it.
"Are these not the symptoms to leprosy?" She asks to herself then to Sahil.
"No" Sahil answers and explains to Urvishi that the vast majority of healthcare workers who look after leprosy patients commonly do not develop the disease.
"See, how mother Teresa looked after leprosy outcasts?" He praises mother Teresa and assures Urvishi. Worried Urvishi thinks about Belgian priest father Damien who had martyred his life for leprosy patients. Sahil hates to notice sulk on her face.

"Hey, what happened, dear?" He extends his smile.
"Nothing" says Urvishi taking his hand in her own.
Chilly morning of January month gives them warmth of togetherness. They sit on a cement bench entering the main gate of botanical garden where Sahil clears the fogs before sitting. The golden rays of sun, yawning as if sylph kisses his face as he kisses Urvishi 'hands. But sulk does not disappear. A chirping flock of birds passes flying over their heads but birds' happiness does not move her.

"I hate you when you worry about me. Sahil nudges her breaking the silence.
"Is that what you want to say and punish me with your ill words?" She is near to crying in frenzy. Sahil hushes apologically. After a pause, he whispers.
"Urvishi dear- is it really important for you to fly out to Britain this week" He does abruptly change the subject knowing if he does not change, Urvishi might begin to weep cryly otherwise, he before it, had inquired about it scores of times and her decision was final and unchanged. As well, parents too had approved the decision. Mummy was madly happy to send her daughter to Britain getting further study.

"Yes, yes, yes, everything is ready, daughter" Mummy announces- "Your dresses, magazines, food items and money is also arranged"
"No problem, within a day or two, we shall get it also" Papa assures her.
Urvishi had completed her M. Phil in Psychology. What is the use of learning Ph. D from India? She reflected. Passionately, she had the long cherished dreams to seek higher education from Europe and cleared the test with higher rank to grab a seat in Cambridge university, England, the second oldest one in Great Britain after Oxford. Now on, many organizations were coming forward sponsoring her higher education. How could she put off the opportunity? She had explained to Sahil that she might stay there three-four years.
"Three four years?" Sahil saddened gloomily.

"Yes, but- if you say no, I shall abandon the idea of ​​going there. Sahil knows she is lying to him and herself. Her vivid blue eyes speak what is in her heart.
"No. Never. I would never stop you" Sahil presses her hands- "You must fly out and do what the destiny writes for you" And he gushes.
"Thanks, sweetheart" She smiles winningly and wraps him around waist.
"You take care in my absence" Sahil buzzes.
"Oh, yes, I do. You too take care." Her eyes glow with tears.
"When will you positively come back?" Sahil mops her teary eyes and thinks why he again and again asking irrelevant questions. Has not she explained to him earlier the all thing? Urvishi studies the curves of his face and utters gravely.
"Immediately after the thesis submission, I would be back, not a day late" She gushes- "I promise" and she touches a soft twig with his lips.
"But, you must consult your family doctor. I am worried about this gash" Then she touches her fingers onto the cut.
"I fear you get infection" At this, Sahil smiles mockingly.
"It is just a cut by knife, dear that I got yesterday night while slicing mangoes"
"Lie, lie, lie" She tosses the twig over him showing anger.

"Promise, it's not a lie, darling" Sahil says pressing her hands.
After stroll, when they sit on a tea kiosk for tea, Sahil explains that leprosy generally does not spread through purely touching of infected person.
"Did Mother Teresa not touch patients? She touched, touched … again and again touched" but he realizes that Urvishi does not seem believing in him. He is very puzzled how to convince Urvishi. In fact, Urvishi wants him to discard the mission of serving lepers.
"No, no, no"
"Why no, why no, yaar, there're so many other spheres you can contribute" She advises him but Sahil only enjoys the company of lepers. For many years, he is doing this job as a duty. Many doctors are his friends who help him eradicating the menace. And from time to time, he keeps on consulting some NRIs also.
"Deadly sure, leprosy is not easily transmitted diseases if proper care be taken" One of the NRI friend doctor concludes.

When the tea arrives, Urvishi chimes in.
"I do not forbid you for doing this humane service but I am worried you are careless" Her words make Sahil laugh. Careless. He is careless, he laughs …. mocks at himself or Urvishi but she dislikes oddity of his behavior.
"I know- you love your mission with untiring zeal" Thank you, thank you, thank you. His eyes smiles and takes Urvishi's hands in his and pats warmly. Urvishi continues.
I understand what you are doing is not easy. No, it's not. But your mission gives you extreme satisfaction therefore I am happy because you are happy "And she kisses the gash.
"But I'm worried about this cut, darling, take care" With efforts, suppressing his laugh, Sahil changes the subject.
"I hope you must write me a letter everyday?"
"Promise" They clap their hands.
"I must try to rush back after completion the study but do not mind if I fail to rush back forever" Her glances seem Sahil cold and hostile. Did she really want to come back forever? Sahil loves her madly. Might he live without her? He feels sharp claws teething his stomach. Noticing his sadness, Urvishi guffaws with delight.
"I am joking, yaar"
"I do not like unpleasant jokes" Sahil blubbers.
"Sorry, sorry, sorry" And she cradles him into her bosom as if a loving kid. Putting a kiss onto his cheeks, she gushes.

"Sometimes I think darling, is it anything more important than you in my life? And then I myself find answer from my inner self. Without you, I may be be insane. I definitely should not fly away leaving you alone behind. Everything loves love and love is not bigger than duty. They are twins. , I sometimes brood, is it not just my lust for you if I decide to stay back with you.

Then, she pauses for a while. She pants. Rush of emotions chocks her. Stop, stop, stop. But Urvishi continues.
"I know your existence without me is of no value as my being without you too. But without performing duty in life for you as well for me-Sahil, why do not you understand. Could true love ever be bloomed forsaking duty?"
Sahil plucks two bougainvillea flowers, tucks them onto Urvishi's ear. Cool breeze begins to blow expressing its happiness over Urvishi's duty-love decision
"What's the flight time morning" Sahil asks without any burden onto his heart.
"Nine thirty"

Next day morning, they meet again and speed up airport together. Sahil notices Urvishi's sullenness as if she is forcibly dispatched to London. Then they hear the crooning of a lady announcer- this is the last call for Air India International Boeing, passengers please "Urvishi, all of a sudden, looks up at Sahil up and smiles.

"I might be back with the assigned work submitted" She says and places her hand onto his arms. Sahil tries to embrace her but she sees travelers noticing their activity.

"MummyPapa wants I should get citizenship of that country and settle down there. In India, talents always frustrate but I must come back after the completion of my study, I promise, take care, Sahil" She waves and pours inside the plane
"You too"
"I have knitted a woolen sweater for you, get it from mom" Sahil smiles.
"It is my last present for you in India" She adds.
Thanks "
"Be careful. You have been storming into danger. Your leprosy job always would have been frightening me" She then laughs meekly by herself. Within minutes, the plane flies away. But the goodbye hands on both sides are waving until it becomes unseen.

Over a week of her going, he keeps on pondering that he might be mad, cry out wildly and thrash his forehead against the walls. When he again joins his mission. He forgives his meeting with Urvishi. He occasionally rushes to botanical garden where they controlled last day.

Urvishi had promised she would write immediately after she landed there. In initial weeks, then months, he begins to wait getting letter but having got nothing, he phones her MummyPapa home and find Urvishi number determining he would ring her. When he calls her up she is not at home. A device answers a tape recorder message: – 'Hello, this is Miss Urvishi Sharma. I am sorry I am not at home at the present. If you will leave your name and phone number, I must call you back when I come back. Please wait till you hear the signal. Thank you. '

And after that, Sahil hears a sharp long beep and leaves his name and phone number. To talk to machine is an odd experience. In India, hardly anyone uses the machine for answering. He waits and waits on long but Urvishi ever would bother to call him back? His heart sinks; he leaves the idea of ​​telephoning her again. Why does she like this? Sahil feels hurt. He endeavors to forget her. He devotes himself fully into his mission. With the efforts of his organization, some lepers are developed to be cured. Out of zeal to mankid service, unilaterally he is appointed the member of International Social Welfare Organization (ISWO) which headquarter is in New York.

After a year, the elected president of India confers his national social service award for his untiring service submitted to society's outcast class. Under it, he achieves many appreciation letters from foreign government for his indomitable contribution to society. World Health Organization (WHO) too is much worried to eradicate the scourge. He is invited to America (New York) to launch a crusade against leprosy eradication. Even some states governments too confers him citations.

In India, he is many times invited by different state governments to motivate other social organizations to cur this menace. He is invited by school, colleges, universities, hospitals, public homes, working women hostels, convents, religious places, monasteries, gurudwaras, churches, temples and other twenties of institutions to motivate the people. And, he has no time for Urvishi or her memories. He is deadly busy man. However, over half and two years, he surprisingly gets a letter from Urvishi.
My soulmate Sahil,

Love you!
Do not know what you think about me. But I well understand you are not a person of my trust. You promised me to write back. Why you did not, dear? I have taken down pairs of letters to you but you dislike throwing response any of them. What mistake I have done with you, sweetheart? Now, it is my last letter to you, just informing you that I have read about you in newspapers. Congrates! Do not write me back. I'm not expecting now.
Listen, my friend Julia often advises me that generally people with social missions should not be taken as friends or husbands as they are always failed family. Love or passion for them would have no value in their life. Out of your love initially I hated to listen to her advice. Now I think she said right.

Dear, darling, sweetheart Sahil, your demeanor shows me that you do not love me. Do you? I am maybe not a lady of your choice. Considering about you a lot, now I choose a scientist for me and free you forever. He is an American- Mr. Anderson. Nick name- Andy. He has everything- power, position, fame, money.
Now days, he has toured to West Germany and next month we might be in India. Very shortly, we're going to be married. Andy has promised me that he would change my name after marriage- Olivia. He would love to shout me Olivia, dear Sahil. However, I must invite you, no matter, either you come or not. Ultimately, you are my old love and first too, darling. I could not stop myself inviting you. Now let me stop to write you. The more I write the more you hurt, sweetheart.

Yours' Urvishi Sharma
C / o Pushap Pal Singh
124, Twyford Court
Fortis Green, London, UK

After reading the letter, Sahil smiles and sets it into diary. Words scribbled on aerogramme seem him as if cruel stains of agony. Is she really going to be married with a scientist- Andy? Why she had promised him before going to London that she would not leave him alone. Are social activists really failures in life? Urvishi wrote he had lost the privilege to be annoyed. Should he write a letter to her back? Social activists are failures in life. No, no, no. He decides he would try to stop himself writing back to her.

Then oneday, Urvishi's mother admonishes him.
"Son, why do not you answer her letter? You know how disappointed she misses you?"
"Sorry, auntie" And he scribbles a letter to her.
Dear Urvishi,
Hope, you would be fine making your life joyful. You're going to be married to a scientist. Good! Wonderful idea. I think you are a wise lady. In fact, I'm unable to find time for you. Ah, your hand knitted sweater I had donned. Cozy a lot. My all friends praised it. You're coming to India. I welcome you.

Within a week, letter reaches to her. She rings up Sahil.
"Arre, night I watched your interview on CNN channel. Congratulations. I think you're the first one in the state who is recommended for top Magsaysay social service award from US government." Really, a great achievement, yaar "

"I'm thankful to God for this" Sahil humbles. Next, on being asked, Sahil explains that the government of USA is ready providing its organization fifty thousands dollars to eradicate the scourge- leprosy.
A week later, Urvishi visits India. No phone call. No email. Sahil amazes when he sees her in India, when he sees her into his home. Suddenly, the door of the house bursts open and a lady builds into it and surprises all. She is Urvishi. Alone.

"Which husband?" Except Sahil, the other members of the family are unable to recognize her. She is too much weak. She greets Sahil with her kiss. He presses her hands with warmness.
"I'm sorry I could not get to Airport to receive you. Why did not you inform me earlier?" Sahil speaks with a mix of apology and complain.
"In fact, I want to surprise you" She jumps at her shoulders and moves closer to him. Sahil notices that she has been wearing an elegantly tailored tight fitting suit. Hands are perfectly manicured and nails sophistically polished.
"How is Mr. Andy?" Sahil gladdens to hug her.
"Who Andy?" She surprises.
"Mr. Anderson, your hubby" Sahil emissions. Urvishi laughs as if mocking at herself.

"He is bastardly an intelligent man therefore I hate to travel with him, darling" She speaks passionately.
"But I am grateful to being his wife, darling" Darling, darling. Sahil is far much puzzled why she again and again shouts him darling. Might Mr. Andy not be angry with her?
"Your research? Have submitted thesis?" Sahil inquires. She nods and closes her eyes resting her head onto Sahil 'chest as if wanting to listen to the sound of his heart.
"Maybe, next month?"
"Again, you would visit there?
"No, my guide has instructed me that he would be able to arrange it in India" She says cutting his hands to mouth for a kiss.
"I really love your hands, darling. Your hands are truly good; these are really made for the services to poor, the leprosy-ridden patients, the outcasts" Sahil surprises. Why a foreign-returned-married Indian lady lavishes on him?

"I wanted to see your hubby, why did not you bring him with you?" Sahil requests. Urvishi laughs and kisses him. It surprises Sahil more.
"I had lied to you, Sahil. I've married to none. I had been promised to you, I would have been back as soon as possible." She surprises into his eyes. Is Urvishi sincere to him? Sahil astonishes. Really, is she married to none?
"Why did you lie?" Sahib mumbles.
"Sweetheart, I wanted to make your personality great. I did not want you run after me, my body. So I did. And what I did I wanted to do" She takes a deep breath.

"I did know, the more my separation agonise you the more you serve the society, the lepers, the outcasts. mission. I desired to see you a determined social activist "She went on. Sahil amazed … amazed … and amazed. Great lady? Should the award not gone to her credit? Might he ever so much greatness from Urvishi? Indeed, he is very proud of her friendship.

Urvishi meets Sahil's mother and sister and congratulates them on his achievement. Priyanka- his sister calls Urvishi- the goddess of virtues, the beautiful mind etc.
"Didi, I have done this thing out of a sense of duty rather than love. Priya is impressed.
"I understand duty is not lower than love and love is not bigger than duty. Woman is an embodiment of God? But he often thought women- an obstacle in the way to God.

"Hey, where is the gash gone which you had on your left hand?" Urvishi takes his hand into her and scrutinises it. Sahil smiles.
"It has gone to Britain to see up your scientist hubby, Mr. Anderson." He laughs noisily. Urvishi flamboyantly giggling shakes her neck and begins to hurl her fists over his chest and screams.
"I would kill you, my sweetheart"

Can Anxiety Attacks Cause Fainting?

While most people do not fault while having an anxiety more often then not they fear of fainting. This fear can cause even more anxiety which in turn intensifies the anxiety and symptoms of anxiety attacks. The rise in blood pressure a person experiences while under a panic or anxiety attack is what causes a person to feel light headed or some times dizzy as if they are going to faint. Even if a person has never failed during an anxiety attack the fear is more real then the reality of the situation. Controlled breathing can help to reduce these types of symptoms and simple distraction techniques to further calm a persons fears.

The most common form of anxiety causes people to breath faster which most likely will not cause you to fault however there are cases when a person has vasovagal syncope. This is a type of anxiety which causes a person to stop breathing. Most often associated with a blood or injury phobia a person will freeze up at the sight of blood or injures and stop breathing. The lack of oxygen to the brain is what causes people to faint. This form of anxiety is much rarer.

In even rarer cases people who do not experience vasovagal syncope may cause them selves to false just by making it so real in their mind that they actually do fault. In these cases distraction techniques must be practiced regularly in order to achieve a more clam state. Not practicing these techniques could cause injury to the person under attack during a false spell.

The MMR Vaccine and Autism

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects social interaction and communication skills. It occurs in children before the age of 3. It is not certain how big of a role genetics play in autism, but it is believed to play a large role. For many years vaccines, such as the measles vaccine, have thought to play a role in causing autism, but a new report seems to disprove this.

The measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is an immunization that is usually given to children who are about a year old. A second shot is given several years later when the child is around 4 years old. Around 3% of people do not become immune to measles after the first shot and so the second shot is aimed at create immunity in these people. The second dose was not introduced until the 1990's, but the MMR vaccine was first developed in the 1960's.

Today it is used across the world and today less than 1% of people who are under 30 contract measles. The decline in those who contract measles has greatly reduced the number of cases. It is estimated that in the first 20 years of the vaccines use, over 21 million American deaths were prevented.

In 2005 there were only 66 cases of reported measles in the United States. Over half of these cases were traced back to a single unvaccinated person who visited Romania. He returned to America and infected 34 people who were mostly children and almost all were unvaccinated.

In 1998 a paper written in part by Andrew Wakefield cited a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The study found a link between autism and gastrointestinal problems that was aggravated by the MMR vaccine. He suggested that the vaccination should be split up into 3 separate doses, but this has not been shown to reduce the risks associated with the disease. After his study, there was a reported declination in vaccinations.

Recently, a study conducted by Columbia University, the United States Center for Disease Control, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Ireland's Trinity College has concluded that there is no link between autism and the MMR vaccine. The scientists took tissue samples from children who have gastrointestinal problems and autism. These tissue samples were compared to samples from children with similar gastrointestinal problems who do not have autism.

One of the theories presented by Wakefield's paper was that the measles virus would grow in the intestines and spread through the body. Using the same process as Wakefield, but with advanced technology, the scientist did not see evidence of this in the children. Of the 25 children with autism, only one shown signs of the measles virus and of the 13 children without autism, only one shown signs of measles.

These findings appear to disprove Wakefield's original study, but some are unconvinced and feel that the study only addresses one theory and does not rule out that vaccines could play a part in autism.

About Tetanus


If you visit a doctor or general practitioner on a regular basis, then you should have received a tetanus vaccination within the past ten years. However, you may not know what tetanus is, what causes this type of infection, and how to treat it. Since this illness can be quite deadly if no medical attention is sought, it is important for people to be aware of how tetanus is spread and what its symptoms are.

Tetanus Causes

A tetanus infection arises when spores of the C. tetani bacteria are inserted into the body, under the skin. These bacteria tend to infect humans through some sort of cut or laceration. Typically, they enter the body through some sort of puncture wound.

C. tetani tend to live in damp outdoor environments, such as in the soil or animal waste. These bacteria can also be found on rusty nails, which is the most common item associated with a tetanus infection.  However, even though these are the most common locations of C. tetani, the bacterium can really be found just about anywhere.

C. tetani remains in a dormant, spore form until it enters the body and becomes activated. When this happens, it reproduces, multiplies, and releases a dangerous toxin known as tetanospasmin. If these bacteria are allowed to continue reproducing inside the body without treatment, then the victim will experience deterioration in his or her muscle control.

Tetanus Symptoms

Tetanus symptoms typically do not arise in infected individuals until anywhere from several days to several weeks after the initial infection. They generally start off as mild complications but will worsen over time if treatment is not administered. This may happen as a result of misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, or failure on behalf of the patient to seek medical attention.

Common symptoms of a tetanus infection include the following:

·         Muscle spasms and uncontrolled contractions

·         Breathing problems

·         Jaw pain and stiffness

·         Drooling

·         Irritability

·         Fever

·         Sweating

·         Inability to swallow

·         Inability to control urination or defecation

Tetanus can be fatal if it is left untreated. Those infected with this disease will be given medication or vaccines to fight off the bacteria. Long period of therapy are also often necessary to help the patient recover.

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Vaccine Preventable Diseases – Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a common, usually benign childhood disease caused by the varicella-zoster virus (VZV), a member of the herpes family. This virus causes two distinct diseases; varicella (chickenpox) is the primary infection, and later when VSV reactivates, herpes zoster (shingle).

Chickenpox is highly contagious and is spread by coughing and sneezing, by direct contact and by aerosolization of the virus from skin lesions. You can also get it by contact with the vesicle secretions from shingles.

The disease is characterized by fever and a red, itchy skin rash of that usually starts on the abdomen, back or face and then spreads to nearly all parts of the body. The rash begins as small red bumps that appear as pimples or insect bites. They then develop into thin-walled blisters that are filled with clear fluid which collapse on puncture. The blisters then breaks, crusts over, and leaves dry brown scabs.

The chickenpox lesions may be present in several stages of maturity and are more abundant on covered skin rather than exposed. Lesions may also be found in the mouth, upper respiratory tract and genitals.

Chickenpox is contagious from 1-2 days before the rash forms and continues until all the lesions are crusted over (usually about 5 days).

This disease is more serious in adults than in children. Complications of chickenpox are rare, but include pneumonia, encephalitis and secondary bacterial infections.

Infection with this virus usually gives lifelong immunity, although second attacks have been documented in immunocompromised people. The viral infection remains latent, and disease may recur years later as shingle.

To prevent this disease in children, a vaccine was licensed for use in 1995. Doctors recommend that children receive the chickenpox vaccine at 12 to 15 months and then a booster at 4 to 6 years old. The vaccine is effective at preventing mild infection in up to 85% of children and severe forms in up to 95% of children. Some kids who get immunized will still get chickenpox, though with much milder symptoms.

Some people should not get vaccinated for chickenpox; in particular pregnant women. They should wait to get the vaccine until after they give birth or women should not get pregnant until 1-3 months after vaccination.

For children older than 13 and those adults who have never had chickenpox, the chickenpox vaccine should be given in two doses at least 28 days apart.

In addition, those that have a suppressed immune system due to a disease (HIV / AIDS) or a treatment (cancer treatment or steroids) should check with their physician prior to getting immunized.

If your child does get chickenpox, you can help relieve the discomfort that comes with this illness by doing the following:

o Using cool wet compresses or giving baths in cool or lukewarm water every 3 to 4 hours for the first few days. Oatmeal baths, available at the supermarket or pharmacy, can help to relate itching. (Baths do not spread chickenpox.)
o Patting (not rubbing) the body dry.
o Putting calamine lotion on itchy areas (but do not use it on the face, especially near the eyes).
o Giving your child foods that are cold, soft, and bland because chickenpox in the mouth may make drinking or eating difficult. Avoid feeding your child anything very acidic or especially salty, like orange juice or pretzels.
o Asking your doctor or pharmacist about pain-relieving creams to apply to sores in the genital area.
o Giving your child acetaminophen regularly to help relieve pain if your child has mouth blisters.
o Asking the doctor about using over-the-counter medication for itching.

Never use aspirin to reduce pain or fever in children with chickenpox because aspirin has been associated with the serious disease Reye's syndrome, which can lead to liver failure and even death.

As much as possible, discourage kids from scratching. This can be difficult for them, so consider putting mittens or socks on your child's hands to prevent scratching during sleep. In addition, trim fingernails and keep them clean to help lessen the effects of scratching, including broken blisters and infection.

The Importance Of Getting A Rubella Vaccine

What is so important about getting a Rubella vaccine? This airborne illness can cause varying symptoms for adults and children, but can be serious if contracted by a pregnant mother. In this case it can cause birth defects and numerous other problems in the unborn child. Vaccinations are essential for protecting you and your family from a variety of illnesses that are out in the population. When administrated by a trained professional, you will have peace of mind that you and your family are protected.

The Inside Story on Rubella –

The Rubella virus, or German measles is one of the airborne illnesses that is easily passed from one to another by inhaling droplets of bodily fluid from the mouth or nose. Symptoms begin with a one- to two-day low-grade fever coupled with swollen lymph nodes behind the ears or on the neck. The lymph nodes may also be very tender to the touch. A very visible symptom is a rash that initially develops on the person's face and later moves down to other parts of the body. The rash will look like a series of spots, colored either pink or light red. Patches of these spots are also common. The individual may have itching with the rash, which will start to flake off in a few days. These are common symptoms found in children, in which rubella is much milder.

When adults are stuck with Rubella, the symptoms can include the following: headache, not being hungry, inflammation of the eyes, swollen lymph nodes in various parts of the body, joint swelling and pain. There may also be congestion or a runny nose present. This can be problematic if contracted by a pregnant woman. When this happens, the woman can have congenital rubella syndrome, which can cause retardation mentally and in growth and birth defects, including: deafness, liver problems, bone marrow issues, spleen issues along with heart and eyes which are not properly formed.

Protection –

Getting flu vaccines and the influenza vaccine are one way to protect yourself against the most common illness. A Rubella vaccine is also available for babies aged 12 to 15 months, with a required follow-up shot at four to six years old. Those women who are planning on getting pregnant should have their blood tested to see if they are immune to the illness. If there is no immunity to Rubella, the woman should receive the shot a minimum of one month before trying to become pregnant. Already pregnant women will need to stay away from people carrying the Rubella virus and immediately get a vaccination right after pregnancy.

Himalayan Pink Salt for Weight Loss

Himalayan pink salt has numerous attributed health properties which deem it rather preferable for use in our daily life. It is scientifically proven to contain more than 80 mineral salts that provide nutrients to the body and mind of the user.

Among the more important health benefits of the pink salt, weight loss is considered a crucial one. Details are discussed below:

Weight Loss using Himalayan Salt

The majority of our population suffers from obesity and unhealthy diet which leads to accumulation of fat on our stomach and thighs. This is the first sign of an unhealthy lifestyle and if this is not controlled in due time, it will takes its toll in the latter part of life.

A natural way to aid weight loss without the fear of side effects is the Himalayan pink salt. According to a few reports, people have reduced weight when they switched to the natural pink salt for their diet instead of the white table salt. Pink salt can be used just like the white salt: in flavoring, marinating, seasoning, preserving, etc. Another very popular method of using pink salt to promote weight loss is using Himalayan salt sole.

What is salt sole?

Himalayan salt appears reddish pink because of the addition of the mineral salts in it. The essence of the salt is in the salt sole.

To make this sole, put a handful of pink salt granules in a big jug of water overnight. Let is dissolve by itself. You can start using the salt sole from the next day, teaspoon by teaspoon. The salt sole will last until the salt dissolves completely.

How does the Himalayan salt effects weight loss?

Salt content in the body causes retention of water inside the cells of the body through the known phenomenon of osmosis. The excess of water causes body to look swelled and fat; it often is also the cause of cellulite too. The Himalayan salt crystals unlike the common table salt release this extra water from the cells. It also decreases the craving by the body for food high in sugar content and carbohydrates.

How to use Himalayan salt for weight loss:

  • For a natural way to intake mineral salts required for the growth and sustenance of the human body, use a teaspoon of concentrated Himalayan salt sole in a cup full of water and drink it on an empty stomach every morning.
  • Use a Himalayan salt massage stone from time to time. It aids in removing accumulation of dead cells from the surface of the skin which removes toxins and other impurities with it. The massage technique also regulate the circulation of blood flow and health hormones inside the body which cause reduction in puffiness, calms down the nervous system, enhances metabolism and improves digestive system.
  • It is also recommended that you use Himalayan bath salt twice a week to relieve symptoms of body sores and muscle pains.
  • To target a particular area of the body for reduction of fat buildup, like stomach, thighs, hips, etc. we recommend ‘salt sole compress wraps’. Elastic bandages are soaked in a 5% solution of salt sole. (Make sure the water is lukewarm.) Wring the extra water out of it. Apply the bandage on the targeted area and let it sit there for an hour or so.
  • Lastly, exercise and a healthy diet are mandatory to assist the use of Himalayan salt towards the goal of weight loss.

Other benefits of using Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is not only beneficial for weight loss but for following health benefits:

  • Improves circulation in the body
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Cures kidney problems
  • Balances pH levels inside the body
  • Reduces risk of heart attack
  • Decrease symptoms of asthma, sinus infections, and mucus buildup
  • Provides necessary minerals and nutrients to the body

Lumbago is Lower Back Pain – Cause and Treatment

Lower back pain can cause more than pain, it can cause multiple overall long term health issues. Lumbago is a form of arthritis, if not treated at sunset, it will contribute to other heath issues from chronic fatigue to upper respiratory disease.

Impractical Causes:

  • Strain
    By improper lifting and handling of items too heavy for the distributed weight of the person. The back and stomach carry most of the body's work force. Do not push your limit.
  • Fat stomach
    If you have a pot belly, this will cause back trouble as a Fat Stomach will pull the back muscles inward. One way that you can reduce excess belly fat without pills and strenuous exercise, is to use a Neoprene body wrap. By wrapping this around your middle it will cause the area to sweat at the same time support the stomach and back.

    Such support tools will reduce not only the extra subcutaneous tissue but reduce back pain. Make sure that you use the wrap over cotton clothing, like shorts, undergarments etc. otherwise, if left on the skin you will develop blisters.

    The cotton clothing will absorb the sweat.

  • Improper Diet
    You may find that you get constipated and even when you eliminate the pressure may subside but the pain is ever persistent.

    This is because you have not eliminated all that there is to eliminate. Try using the Mucousless Foods and 12 Herbs to Healthy Weight Loss, found on Shepherds Purse Naturals. These two Remedies will specifically help your bowels become regular.

    Using split Flax Seed will scrape the walls of the colon and get you having proper elimination. Use one tablespoon full once a day. Yes, put it in your mouth, half of a tablespoon at a time and drink it down the hatch.

  • Hot and Cold
    If your body is very warm and then suddenly cools off or visa versa. This can cause the muscles to tighten up and once located, have fun.

    Do not sit on cement, stone or marble. These drain the body temperature from the derriere area and can cause the back to suffer for it.

  • This Formula is Confidently Yours!

    Herbal Treatment:

  • 2 Tablespoons Powdered Mullein
  • 3 Tablespoons Powdered Slippery Elm Bark
  • 1 Tablespoon Lobelia
  • 1 small teaspoon Cayenne
  • Mix thoroughly together and then mix in enough boiling hot distilled or purified water to make a thick paste, about 1 quarter inch thickness. Spread evenly on a white cotton cloth or make a muslin pouch large enough to cover the area. Place on affected area while the paste is still fairly hot and cover with plastic wrap.

    Leave on for at least 2 hours and replace. Do not reuse or reheat the contents of the poultice. Always use fresh herbs when reapplying an application.


  • Herbs
  • Plastic wrap
  • Cotton cloth or Muslin pouch
  • Distilled or Purified Water
  • Bowl and Mixing Spoon
  • Needle and thread to loosely sew up the open edge of the Muslin Pouch if used
  • Nutrients:

  • Mullein: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Sulfer
  • Slippery Elm Bark: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium,
  • Lobelia: Vitamin C,
  • Cayenne: Vitamin A, Vitamin B1, Vitamin C, Vitamin G, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Sulfer
  • Baking Soda Cancer Cure?