Alternative Medicine Treatment for C. Difficile Infection

This article might be for you or someone you love, it is for sufferers that are looking for help. Clostridium difficile has other names such as CDF, C. diff, antibiotic-associated colitis; colitis – pseudomembranous; necrotizing colitis. Unfortunately, common treatment of the C. difficile with antibiotics can not prevent from relapses.

This opportunistic infection causes diarrhea and it is linked to 14,000 American deaths each year, and this is only official statistic.

Some researchers suggest that the C. diff is linked to more than 30,000 deaths per year in the United States, and it strikes about half a million of Americans annually. It is really a superbug. Why is C. diff a superbug? For now, in the battle between antibiotics' and C. difficile, victory is on the side of the resistant species of this microbe.

Clostridium difficile (C. difficile) is a bacterium that causes watery diarrhea, bloody stool, fever, nausea, abdominal pain, or cramps. C. difficile may cause serious intestinal conditions such as colon inflammation (colitis).

People in good health do not generally get sick from C. difficile. Usually we can get Clostridium from food and water.10 percent of the population has this microbe in the gut without noticeable symptoms. A healthy person has a defense mechanism that protects him or her from this superbug.

Doctors and researchers are unanimous that C. difficile occurs mostly after taking broad-spectrum antibiotic, and usually it is an assault on people with low immune system such as young kids, older people and people after serious surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, AIDS, alcoholics ', etc. Many of them had a C.difficile bacterium in their body before taking antibiotics, but they felt OK.

Most of the specialists agree that prolonged use of the broad-spectrum antibiotic triggers C. diffection by destroying the friendly intestinal flora. These microorganisms are called friendly, because "Enemy of my enemy is my friend". Friendly intestinal flora is our best guard from nasty microorganisms, such as microbes, Candida-yeast, and parasites.

Dysbiosis is the condition where friendly intestinal flora is gone, and opportunistic infection takes over gastrointestinal tract (Candida-yeast overgrowth, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth; SIBO). There is a lot of information about dysbiosis, which I described in my eBook: healthy pancreas , healthy you.

C. difficile is the opportunistic infection that increases when it has the opportunity to grow. Harmful intestinal bacteria, Candida-yeast, and parasites will cause damage to the wall of your gut, thus making it vulnerable to multiplying (colonization) of the C. diff This superbug does not act alone. There is increasing evidence that certain other species of opportunistic infection such as Staphylococcus, Klebsiella, Candida-yeast, parasites, etc are also liable for symptoms of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

When you just kill the C. difficile with the strong, broad-spectrum antibiotic or other antimicrobial agents the relief will be temporary. Medically speaking, without restoration of the body's natural defense mechanisms, the victory over these bacteria is difficult to get. Clostridium difficile infection causes many damages to the body systems; therefore, there is no magic bullet for this condition. There are a few things that we can do simultaneously, that would help with this issue.

• Re-establish the friendly intestinal flora
• Bring back body's natural defense mechanisms such as stomach acidity, antibacterial actions of bile and pancreatic juice, intestinal flashing out
• Decrease the colonization of C. difficile in the gut
• Diminish the intestinal infection and internal toxicity
• Repair the damages from C. difficile toxins on the nervous and hormonal systems
Boost the immunity
• Normalize the acid-base balance
• Improve digestion
• Replace deficiency of the vital substances

Sorry to say but in case of C. diff, recommendations to take probiotics (or many of them are low quality) or eat yogurt will not aid. Analogy of the GI-tract with garden can help. If the garden is full of weeds, caterpillars' snails, frogs, and is jam-packed by toxic chemicals, soil is depleted and drained; there are no chances to grow roses and flowers. It requires different ways, hard work, and some period of time to restore this garden to thrive.

Many times and many years, I use this safe, effective, non-drug, alternative, holistic approach. Numerous parts of this unique anti-clostridium program have been widely used in other countries for hundreds of years. It can reduce diarrhea, pain, abdominal cramps, nausea, bloating, bloody stool, bowels urgency, and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Lab tests also can show positive changes.

Some of these alternative holistic methods are:

1. Whole Body Cleansing with colon hydrotherapy and restoration of friendly intestinal flora

2. Herbal Medicine

3. Nutritional Supplementation

4. Healing Food Consultations

5. Karlovy Vary Healing Mineral Water

6. Acupuncture and more

The diarrhea has accompanied human beings for thousands of years. So, doctors all over the world have saved their patients' lives by using foods foods, herbs, minerals, colon hydrotherapy, etc. For the most people, it is understandable, but how about acupuncture? I have seen with my own eyes that a few sessions of the acupuncture alleviate diarrhea, even in the young kids.

Drinking healing mineral water sounds strange for the regular people and medical professionals in US, but it is common in Europe. Treatment of the chronic diarrhea with Karlovy Vary healing mineral water has a long tradition. First medical book about this water was published in 1522. Since then, many articles, books, and clinical experience of the European doctors support healing action of the Karlovy Vary healing mineral water in various digestive disorders including chronic diarrhea.

Ill people either drink this healing mineral water from a hot spring or drink water that is prepared from genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt at home. This healing mineral water cleanses out the wastes and toxins from the intestines, alkalizes bile and pancreatic juice, promotes the growth of the friendly intestinal flora, and alleviates diarrhea, gas, bloating, and abdominal cramps. I wrote an eBook and numerous articles for people and medical professionals, where I discussed this healing method.

C. difficile infection grows year by year. Thousand of victims of this horrible infection use common therapeutic approach "find and destroy" by strong antibiotics. If that way does not work, it makes sense to consider alternative program to restore natural defense mechanism. It works for many people with diarhea after antibiotics. The goal is to find knowledgeable licensed medical professionals.

The information contained here is presented for educational, informational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is not to be used to replace the services or instructions of a physician or qualified health care practitioner.

Rock Hard Erections – 4 Herbs That Can Give You Solid, Longer Lasting Erections Every Time

Getting rock hard erections is extremely important to please your woman in bed. Unfortunately, a vast majority of men suffer with erectile problems all over the world. In US alone almost 18-20 million men over the age of 20 suffer with some of the other form of erectile dysfunction.

Though drugs like Viagra etc., can help you get harder erections, they are notorious for their unwanted and rather dangerous side effects.

There are some herbs and botanical extracts that have been used since ages to boost erectile function and libido in men. What is really great about such herbs is that they do not have any side effects.

4 Herbs that can Give Your Solid, Longer Lasting Erections

There are many herbs that can enhance your performance in bed but the best 4 include:

  • panax ginseng
  • ginkgo biloba
  • tribulus terrestris
  • horny goat weed


Ginseng is one the most well known herbs around. It has been used since 5000 years in China for treating various health problems and disorders. It is not just a great energy booster but also helps increase blood flow throughout the body. This is why it is extremely effective in curing erectile and libido problems in men.

Not only this, this herb also helps reduce stress which happens to a major libido killer in men. Thus, it is a herb that can help cure erectile dysfunction whether it stems form reduced blood flow to the penis or due to psychological causes like stress and depression.


Ginkgo not only increases blood flow to the penis but also helps boost the secretion of nitric oxide. Many men are not actually aware of this but without adequate nitric oxide in your body you cannot get an erection.

Nitric oxide is important to make blood vessels dilate so that they can open up and more blood can flow into the blood holding chambers in your penis resulting in a hard and firm erection.

Thus, ginkgo proves to be a great herb in enhancing sexual function in men.


Epimedium sagittatum or horny goat weed is a great sexual stimulant. It also helps boost the production of nitric oxide in your body to facilitate harder and longer lasting erections.


This herb is important since it helps enhance the production of the primary male sex hormone – Testosterone. This herb is extensively used in Indian and Chinese medicine to cure erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation in men. It not only ensures rock solid erections but also boosts your stamina so that you can last longer in bed.


Though it is not possible neither practical for you to have all the above herbs separately, there are some high quality natural erection pills that combine the above 4 herbs and many more in a potent mix to help you overcome sexual dysfunction.

Such pills not only ensure rock solid erections but also boost your libido or sex drive. They make you last longer during intercourse and also boost your semen production so that you can enjoy massive ejaculations.

Over and above, such pills also reduce your refractory period so that you can get a hard erection soon after ejaculation. This can make you have sex all night!

Good quality pills are clinically approved and do not have any side effects.

So, If You Want to Get Rock Hard Erections, Check out the Best Natural Penis Pills that have become a massive hit with men all over the world.

High Fiber Food Diet Cuts Risk of Colon Polyps

Want to reduce your risk of colon polyps, commonly seen as a precursor to cancer? Lots of research has looked at broad categories of foods… fruits and veggies for instance, now we have a study that’s focusing on specific foods from a high fiber food diet.

Researchers have found that those who regularly eat foods like brown rice; legumes (beans, peas, lentils), cooked green veggies and dried fruits had a lower chance of colon polyps, recognized as a precursor to cancer of the colon.

The recommendations come after an analysis of data from nearly 3000 subjects taking part in a Study who were monitored for an astonishing 26 years.

The participants completed an initial survey that asked how often, on average, they ate specific foods. The follow up survey asked respondents who had undergone colonoscopies to report any colon polyps their doctor had diagnosed. During this 26-year study period, just short of 450 people went on to develop rectal or colon polyps.

The potentially troublesome colon polyp is a fleshy growth that appears on the inner lining of your large intestine. The growths are surprisingly common, and they are even more likely as the years pass.

Doctors know that about 75% of some polyps, known technically as adenomas, will become cancerous if given time enough to grow. This is why your health care team makes such a fuss about having those screenings when you should. Screening is still the best way to prevent disease from taking hold.

The researchers found that risk of polyps reduced by 40% in people who had brown rice once a week; 33% lower among these who ate legumes at a minimum of three times per week.

Eating dried fruits three or more times per week was linked to a 26% lower risk when compared to those who ate less than one dried fruit a week.

As for the cooked green veggies, eating them daily was linked to a 24% lower risk compared to those who ate them on less than five occasions per week.

These numbers held even after the team accounted for factors like a family history of colon cancer, education, physical activity level, intake of alcohol, smoking status, constipation, intake of sweets, use of pain medication and intake of multivitamins. Food variables were also considered, and adjusted for as needed.

So what do the foods studied have in common?

They’re all healthy options, of course… but more importantly; they all contain a lot of fiber that’s known to reduce potential carcinogens in the body. What’s more, cruciferous veggies (broccoli is one) also have detoxifying compounds that might make them a very natural way to protect the lining of the intestine from trouble.

Study researchers believe eating these kinds of foods can help to reduce the number of colon polyps you have, and thus your risk for developing colon cancer.

We know that colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the U.S. and the third most common type of cancer in both men and women according to the American Cancer Society. If you can keep yourself from joining that number, do so.

More work will need to be done on the benefits of a high fiber food diet for lowering the risk of developing colon polyps. In the meantime, have the screenings recommended for your age and health, and make the changes (even small ones) to your diet that will help protect you from this too-often-deadly disease… while you still can.

What To Avoid Eating When You Have Fibroids – 4 Food Groups To Leave Well Alone

You may have already realized that your diet can be linked to having fibroids. However, it is not thought that a poor diet is the only cause of this condition, but there is no doubt that many doctors believe it is one of a number of causes which, when present together, can trigger off fibroid growth. If you are wondering what to avoid eating when you have fibroids, this is a positive step towards recovery as dietary modification can play a big part in the healing process.

If you do nothing else, then consider changing your diet to incorporate foods which are known to be good for fibroid sufferers and avoid those known to cause further aggravation.

There is lots of information about which components make up a healthy diet, but less relating to what you should not eat if you have fibroids. Some women are genetically predisposed to develop fibroids whereas others are not. In general terms, a diet which is high in processed foods containing additives and preservatives, acidic foods, those grown with the aid of pesticides, sugars, refined carbohydrates and the "wrong" types of fats can affect the normal processes within a healthy cell and cause hormonal imbalances. It can also lead to food not being properly digested and the retention of toxins.

What To Avoid Eating When You Have Fibroids

1. White Sugar

Processed sugar has been stripped of all its nutrients and can cause the blood sugar to quickly rise, thus causing the fast release of insulin. This, in turn, can lead to insulin resistance and even diabetes. Other hormones are also involved in the process and when hormones become imbalanced, this puts extra strain on the liver which can contribute to, and aggravate fibroids.

Sugar can also contribute to an acidic stomach environment which can lead to yeast overgrowth and harmful bacteriation colonization within the colon.

2. Refined Carbohydrates and Refined Grains

The processing of these ingredients removes the nutrients and what is left is a substance which becomes stretchy and glue-like when in the intestines. This can then clog the substantive tract and lead to the build up of toxins which, in turn, can suppress the immune system and cause imbalances in the insulin levels.

3. Hydrogenatated and Partially Hydrogenated Oils

Within the list of what to avoid eating when you have fibroids are hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenation can help to stop fats going rancid so the process was used as a conservative measure. Many companies now avoid using these products and will seriously advertise the fact, but you need to check labels on processed foods (which are best avoided anyway). These fats can clog the liver, muscles, spleen and kidneys and have been linked with increasing fatty deposits within the body.

The can sometimes be found in cakes, biscuits and fried foods.

4. Conventional Red Meat and Fatty Meat

Although there is nothing wrong with eating small amounts of very lean, organic meats, conventional beef and pork can contain toxins, growth hormones, pesticides and antibiotics, all of which can disrupted hormonal balance and cause digestion problems and additives. Also, large quantities of red meat can take a long time to pass through the digestive system which can lead to putrification and the release of toxins during the process.

You should also avoid eating processed meats such as bologna, corned beef, sausages, tongue and salami.

If you are looking for further information on what to avoid eating when you have fibroids, you should also be considering the other steps you can take to help with your condition. If you are prepared to devote some time to your own healing, you could probably shrink your fibroids by following a simple set of natural protocols.

Twisted Ovarian Cyst – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

While most women will have no symptoms with an ovarian cyst, some will get more severe complications. The two most common complications for larger cysts are a blast cyst and a twisted ovarian cyst. In this article, we'll look at what causes a twisted ovarian cyst, what the symptoms are, and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

When a cyst grows larger than 4 centimeters in diameter, it can become twisted. A cyst this large can twist the entire ovary like a large flower on a stalk. This condition is called torsion. It is dangerous because it causes the blood flow to the ovary to be cut off, resulting in the death of that ovary. If it happens, you need immediate medical attention.

When you have a twisted ovary, you will have severe pain. You may also have nausea, fever, a swapping of the stomach, and a lump that you can feel. A twisted ovarian cyst is more likely to occur on the right side than on the left. This is due to the large intestine cushions the ovary on the left, whereas the right has no such support.

Once your cyst becomes twisted, you will need to have surgery in order to save the ovary and avoid serious complications, such as infection, blood clots, and even death. It's best to treat your cyst before it becomes this large.

For treating the cyst, most doctors will prescribe birth control pills. However, many women have found that the high levels of estrogen in the pills actually make their cysts larger. A better option is to treat the cyst naturally through correcting your diet and balancing your hormone levels.

How to Deal With Candidiasis of the Mouth

Oral candidiasis or oral thrush is a yeast infection that affects the interior part of the mouth and in several cases it also affects the esophagus and gastrointestinal tract. Candida, the fungus responsible for oral thrush normally lives in our body but imbalance in the environment inside the mouth encourages the rapid multiplication of the fungus resulting to oral candidiasis. It is important to know how to deal with candidiasis of the mouth to get rid of the infection for good.

If you have oral candidiasis, you will see white patches inside your mouth. Soreness or redness inside the mouth is also noticeable. Cracking may also appear on the corners of the mouth. Candidiasis of the mouth is painful and it will be difficult for you to eat or swallow food.

Candidiasis of the mouth usually occurs in people with weakened immune system. Those people who are under treatment for cancer and with AIDS are also sentenced to oral thrush. One way of dealing with oral thrush is to improve your immune system. Get enough sleep, eat a well balanced diet, exercise regularly and live a healthy lifestyle to boost your immune system.

Antifungal medicines are the most common treatment for oral thrush. Your doctor can diagnose the candidiasis of the mouth by scraping samples from the white patches inside your mouth and inspecting it under a microscope. After the proper diagnosis, your doctor can prescribe you with the right antifungal medicine for your condition.

For those people who are into natural remedies, alternative treatment for candidiasis of the mouth is also gaining popularity now.

Can Saliva Transmit Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C (HCV) is the most prevalent liver disease in the world. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 20-30% of people with chronic hepatitis C will actually face life-threatening symptoms. Astoundingly, unidentified sources of infection account for a large percentage of Hepatitis C cases. Most of these unidentified sources are believed to be the result of contact with contaminated blood, the virus's primary mode of transmission. However, of those that are not attributed to blood to blood contact, some unknown cases may possibly be the consequence of salivary transmission. While other body fluids may rightfully raise some concern, such as urine, semen, and vaginal fluids, studies show that these substances must contain traces of infected blood for contamination to take place.

Although the virus's physical measurements are tiny, its concentration is intense. In fact, compared to HIV, the concentration of the Hepatitis C virus in one drop of infected blood is much higher. Unlike HIV and other viruses, direct or indirect contact with contaminated blood (such as a toothbrush) yields the Hepatitis C virus transmissible. As a precaution, individuals with HCV are asked not to share personal items where traces of their contaminated blood may remain.

Despite continued uncertainty, some researchers have found evidence in support of HCV being transmitted via saliva. That is, if it's under the right circumstances. For instance, recent research shows that Hepatitis C is only found in the saliva of individuals with high viral loads. It may be possible for individuals with high viral loads to transmit the Hepatitis C virus through kissing, but the exact risk involved has yet to be determined. Research shows that both people would need to have gum disease in order for transmission to occasion.

Click here to learn more about the potential to transmit Hepatitis C through salivary contact.

Death from Liver Disease

The liver is a very important organ that performs a variety of functions in the human body. Being a large organ, the liver can cope with small damages. If the damage is left untreated, it can worsen the condition of the liver and prevent it from functioning. Severe damage to the liver can result in liver failure and death. Some of the conditions that can lead to death from liver disease are alcoholism, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and viral hepatitis.


Prolonged use of alcohol can cause a variety of mental and physical conditions. Consumption of alcohol affects the liver and other organs. There are three stages of alcoholic liver disease. First, a fatty liver develops in heavy drinkers. Liver functions do not deteriorate at this stage and this condition can be reversed if alcohol is not consumed. The second stage is alcoholic hepatitis where the patient may develop jaundice. The effects can be reversed at this stage if further consumption of alcohol is stopped and treatment is taken. The final stage is cirrhosis of the liver, which is irreversible and severely damages the liver. As a result, functions of the liver are affected, and a person's life span is also reduced.

Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is usually a secondary development. Tumors of the lung, colon, pancreas, or stomach can spread to the liver. Tumors of the liver are either benign or malignant. Malignant, or cancerous, tumors of the liver are of two kinds – hepatoma and cholangiocarcinoma. A hepatoma is a tumor that grows in the liver and invades normal tissue. Cholangiocarcinoma is cancer of the bile duct cells. Advanced stages of liver cancer lead to death.


Scarring of normal tissue and inflammation of the liver leads to cirrhosis. It is one of the top ten diseases in the world that causes death.

Viral Hepatitis

Any of the following viruses can affect the liver and cause death: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis D, Hepatitis E, and Hepatitis X. Among these types A, B and C are the main types of viral hepatitis. Around 40-60% of liver disease deaths are due to hepatitis.

Submandibular Sialadenitis – Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Submandibular sialadenitis is a condition in which the submandibular gland, one of the major salivary glands, gets inflamed. This inflammation can be acute or chronic. Acute infection is usually bacterial in nature, while chronic inflammation is usually related to calculi formation and reduced saliva, due to various causes.

The Ayurvedic treatment of submandibular sialadenitis is aimed at controlling the infection, dissolving small calculi, inducing normal flow of saliva and preventing complications like abscess. Medicines like Sukshma-Triphala, Triphala-Guggulu, Panch-Tikta-Ghrut-Guggulu and Gandhak-Rasayan are used to treat infection and inflammation in the salivary, submandibular gland. Medicines like Maha-Manjishthadi-Qadha, Saarivadi-Churna, Punarnavadi-Guggulu, Manjishtha (Rubia cordifolia), Saariva (Hemidesmus indicus), Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Haridra (Curcuma longa), Daruharidra (Berberis aristata), Deodar (Cedrus deodara), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), Khadeer (Acacia catechu), Bhrungraj (Eclipta alba), Guggulu (Commiphora mukul) and Shallaki (Boswelia serrata) can also be used to reduce inflammation.

Medicines like Gokshuradi-Guggulu, Chandraprabha-Vati, Yava-Kshar, Mulak-Kshar, Shankh-Vati, Pashanbhed (Bergenia lingulata), Kali-Musli (Curculigo orchioides), Ikshumool (Saceharum officinarum), Apamarga (Achyranthus aspera), Sahinjan (Moringa pterygosperma) and Kutki (Picrorrhiza kurroa) are used to dissolve small calculi and help in the normal flow of saliva.

Local applications can be made in the form of ointments containing Manjishtha, Saariva, Haridra, Daruharidra, Chandan and Mandukparni (Centella asiatica). This helps in early resolution of swelling and inflammation, and prevents the formation of abscess or fistula.

Acute symptoms of this condition usually resolve within a few days to a few weeks. Chronic sialadenitis may have a relapsing and remitting course. Ayurvedic medicines like Kanchnaar-Guggulu and Sukshma-Triphala help in resolving the chronic condition and preventing recurrence. Other associated conditions like Sjogren syndrome need to be treated with appropriate medicines. Adequate oral intake of fluids is an important part of the management of this condition.

So, Your Starter Is Just Clicking

Does you starter make a * click * sound when you try to start your vehicle?

Each time you turn the ignition switch to start, does the starter just * click * one time?

That is probably the starter solenoid.

If it goes, * click-click-click-click *, and so on, it may just be a low battery.

A low battery that makes the starter * click * a few times does not have enough * juice * in it to turn the starter over to turn the flywheel over to turn the crankshaft over to make the engine start … phew!

A simple way to tell if the battery is at fault is to turn the headlights on and turn the ignition switch to start.

If the lights go out, then the battery is probably at fault.

Course, you'll have to run real fast after you hit the start position in order to see if the lights go out … or have someone out there watching for you. 🙂

You can purchase a small inexpensive battery charger at most malls, or parts store.

The best way to use a * trickle * chargers is to charge the batter all night, or all day, wherever you pleases.

You can try charging the battery. If it runs down again, then you need to do something.

Remove the battery terminals from the battery post, if you have the * post * type, and clean the post and the inside of the cable clamp.

If you have the side mount just loosen the 8mm bolt and clean the terminal where it comes into contact with the battery. Clean the part on the battery, too. 🙂

Sometimes the battery will build up a lot of corrosion on the outside of the cable clamp.

When this happens, usually, the inside part of the clamp and post will create a hard metallic-like surface.

This stops the flow of electricity from the alternator to the battery.

When you use the battery's reserve, it's gone, no more being put in.

If the vehicle does crank, it will run off the alternator, which is not good. 🙁

If cleaning the post and recharging the battery does not solve the problem, you may need a new one.

Do not run to the nearest * convenience store * and buy a battery.

Take your battery to a place that sells batteries and have it checked.

If it is gone to where old dead batteries go, then you will have to purchase a new one.

You may have other problems … like the alternator; the tension on the alternator belt … several things could make the battery be low … did you leave the parking lights on when you parked, to go shopping? 🙂

Fix Your Eyeglasses With Household Items

Sometimes when you buy new glasses or if you order glasses online, the frames aren’t the proper shape. Over time, your glasses may become warped or a screw may come loose. It’s a hassle to march into your eye doctor’s office every time something slips, bends, or becomes misaligned. No one really wants to spend that kind of time to have someone potentially fix your frames unless you really need it! Besides, what if you’ve been holding off on getting new glasses? Then you have to deal with the pressure of an optician telling you it’s time for an exam only to be told you can wear the same prescription. While some issues, like breakage, warrant an immediate trip to the eye doctor, others do not. Here is a short guide on how to do simple fixes from home with household items.

First and foremost, if your glasses break in any way, shape, or form – go to the eye doctor’s office to get them fixed. Your eyeglasses are of no use to you if you can’t see properly out of them. This includes any scratches or nicks that come across your lenses.

For normal cleaning, you don’t need expensive sprays. In fact, you shouldn’t be using chemicals at all on your lenses! That means no expensive window cleaners, no sprays that state they clean your lenses, TV, and computer screen, and no all purposes cleansers! What can you use? Vinegar and water! Nothing more, nothing less. For a quick clean, mix three parts water to one part vinegar in a spray bottle. Gently mix the two, and then lightly spray your glasses. Using a microfiber cloth, wipe off any smudges, dust particles, and grime. It’s just that easy.

What about your frames? Even the most expensive set of eyeglasses frames can have a few issues. One such issue lies in loose screws. If your temples feel a little loose, just take a small flat-head or diamond-head screwdriver and gently tighten the screw while the glasses are in an open position. Once you try closing the stems, you’ll start to feel the hinge tighten. If the screw is too tight, it may cause the stem to break, so loosen it just a smidge. If you notice the screw becoming loose again, repeat the process but place a dab of clear nail polish on the screw before tightening. The polish will act as a glue without damaging your frames.

What if your frames feel out of shape as a whole? Metal frames are easier to bend and shape into place than plastic frames. If the frames are slightly misaligned, run the frame under warm water and gently bend back into place. If your frames are bent dramatically out of place, ask your optician to fix them. You can also adjust the temples using the same method with hot water but be careful! If you straighten the temples too much, you will risk breaking them if they fall off your face.

There you have it! Three easy household fixes for some common prescription eyeglass problems! Remember, some problems require immediate attention, while others are easily fixed at home. Worse comes to worse, you can always replace your frames and buy glasses online for less than the doctor might charge you for broken frames.

Arterial Ulcers

These are most often found on the areas of your legs and feet that are bony, such as your ankles and the tips of your toes. These areas rub against other things and cause friction on your skin.

An arterial ulcer is the hardest type of wound to heal. If it does not heal as it should, it can lead to the loss of your foot or leg. You need to follow your doctor or nurse's advice about how to treat your hurt to help it heal as fast as possible.

As part of your daily foot care, you need to look for any signs of an arterial ulcer. If you have one, it will most likely:

• have a regular shape that is round, has a punched out appearance
• not drain, or drain just a little
• Be very painful especially at night, causing burning, throbbing and stabbing pains (unless you've lost the feeling in your legs or feet) The pain is normally relieved by keeping legs in dependent position such as dangling legs over the edge of the bed . Individuals may prefer to sleep in a chair which has a negative impact on the healing potential.
• be pale pink, gray or black
• be dry to the touch
• have little or no pulse in the area around it
• cause the skin around it to be cool or cold
• be found on the top of your foot, close to your ankles or on your toes
• minimal to no hair growth on lower limbs

Risk factors for arterial ulcers may include:

• Vascular insufficiency
• Uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus with poor glycemic control
• Limited joint mobility
• Inadequate footwear
• Structural foot abnormality, ie. Charcot foot
• Retinopathy (poor eye sight)
• renal disease
• History of ulcers
• Increased age

Unlike venous leg ulcers, compression therapy is NOT appropriate for treatment of arterial ulcers and a referral is required to a vascular specialist. Where possible the aim will be to revascularize the limit. If surgical intervention is not appropriate, wound management products will be utilized. The dressing is determined by the appearance of the wound bed and the amount of drain. Often times the wound bed is covered with slough; therefore, it is necessary to debride the wound. Debridement can be achieved through several different methods. Since arterial ulcers are painful, it is best to use enzymatic or autolytic debridement along with a non-adherent dressing for easy removal.

Using an oil emulsion dressing will prevent dressing from adhering to wound bed as well as hold in moisture to aid in debridment process.

Home Remedies for Gas

Are you looking for a home remedy for gas and bloating? Check out today's article!

Have you also been looking for quick and effective, easy to follow management techniques for flatulence?

Simply by reading this article this far tells me that you KNOW that gassiness or flatulence can make day-to-day living more difficult because the feeling of tenderness or fullness tends to linger, and the urges to belch or break wind are very hard to control .

If you have felt like just giving up and letting flatulence have its way with you, like I felt just before I started my QUEST, think about this:

There ARE steps that you can perform today that will greatly minimize the impact on flatulence in your daily life.

To share EVERYTHING I have learned on my Quest to red myself from flatulence and gassiness, there would be way too much to write about in this post.

So, i just want to share 3 quicksteps with you today:

1. Learn to integrate exercise into your daily routine . This is one of the most important changes that you can make to your daily lifestyle. Exercise is the most potent natural remedy in the world, and it actually helps us flatulence sufferers manage our excess gassiness effectively.

Why? Exercise helps balance the body in every aspect – it reduces blood pressure, cuts down on bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, and it also helps regulate blood glucose levels so they do not spike or dip, among other benefits. Get at least 20 minutes of exercise per day.

Now, before you think I want expect you to change into one of those "at the gym 20hours per day" types, hear me out first:

It does not matter what kind of exercise you do – as long as it involves some form of physical resistance (eg dribbling a ball, smashing a racket against a shuttlecock, or running in a straight line), it's a good choice – just stick with it. The more consistent you are with exercise, the better the results, so just wait for the exercise to correct your spastic colon. Trust me, one of the first things I learned on my QUEST, is how easy it really is to form good habits. Try it, if I could do it, ANYBODY can do it.

2. Avoid dairy products , or at least minimize your daily consumption. A large percentage of adult Americans suffer from some degree of lactose intolerance.

This simply means that our digestive tracts lose their ability to properly break down all the components of milk. Milk is the base material for all beverages and food items that include any form of dairy.

You can not make a dairy product without milk, period.

If you want to remove one of the largest risk factors that predispose a person to flatulence, cut out dairy products for a week and see what happens. This one was a bit hard on me, I could finish a pound of cheese for breakfast. A cheese midnight snack was almost routine. Still, I persevered, and actually tried this technique, and VOILA, it did work. However, I was not prepared to give up on my dairy for good: My QUEST continued …

If the flatulence does not go away after you have removed all of the dairy-containing food items in your daily diet, try cutting out other common foods in your diet.

Acidic beverages like soda pop and fruit juices can also cause some degree of flatulence and hyperacidity. Try minimizing your consumption of these beverages as well, and see how your body responds. Fruit juices was a huge cause of gassiness for me. As soon as I just slowed down on the regular intake, I experienced vast flatulence decreases.

3. Consult with a nutritionist to find out more about foods that are known for causing flatulence. Beans are widly loathed because they can cause a mean case of gassiness; however, did you know that vegetables like cauliflower can also have the same effect on you? It was not hard for me to COMPLETELY cut cauliflower from my diet!

If you have severe flatulence, a professional nutritionist can educate you about to which foods will trigger more flatulence and which foods will not. A special diet that excludes most trigger foods is essential for the long-term management of flatulence.

A List of Heart Diseases

Although heart disease is in most cases preventable, it continues to be a large public health threat in the United States.

Here is a list of heart diseases and brief descriptions of each;

This list of heart diseases is in no particular order of importance. If you think you have any one of these, see your doctor immediately.

1) Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), is the most common heart condition. This is caused when the arms around your heart get clogged up with arterial plaque, reducing your heart's blood supply. Your treatment program may include a change in diet, medications and so on.

2) High blood pressure, or hypertension, is mostly caused by what we eat. The few symptoms of hypertension include headaches, confusion, or difficulty thinking straight.

3) Heart Attack: Symptoms of a Heart attack typically are, pain or tingling in your left arm for an immense pain in your chest. These symptoms are usually stronger for men than women who often do not realize they're having a heart attack.

4) Tachycardia, an extremely rapid heart rate not due to physical activity. Symptoms are shortness of breath, dizziness, or even just the feeling your pulse racing. Your heart rate not decreasing after physical activity in about 10 to 15 minutes could be and indication of this serious condition.

5) Heart murmurs or irregularities in the sound of your heartbeats. Some are harmless while others indicate a more serious problem.

6) Ischemic heart disease, the reverse of hypertension, is lower than usual blood pressure. Recurring chest pain is the largest symptom of this.

7) Pulmonary heart disease, unusually high pressure in the lungs can cause improper blood flow to your lungs.

8) Rheumatic heart disease symptoms include fever, rash, chest pains, or heartburn. Damage to your heart's valves can lead to their inability to control the direction of blood flow through your heart. This can lead to heart failure.

9) Congenital heart disease is the broad name for several heart defects that you can be born with. These symptoms can range from mild to life threatening. Symptoms may include Shortness of breath or rapid breathing, fatigue, or a blue tint to the lips, fingernails, and skin due to poor circulation, (cyanosis).

10) Inflammatory heart disease is the inflammation of the heart muscles or tissues around the heart due to a bacteria or virus, sometimes rheumatic fever or kawasaki disease. The three types are myocarditis, pericarditis or endocarditis.

11) End stage heart disease is just that, a chronic heart condition that has progressed to a level that may surgical intervention such as a bypass or a full transplant.

There are many risk factors you should be aware of. You may be more at risk than you realize. Start early to prevent or reverse much of the damage that you could be causing. Most of this list of heat diseases can be prevented by making the eight life-style choices.

You only have one heart and it will be working to keep you alive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the rest of your life. How well you take care of it will determine how long that life is.

Your life, make it good, make it last, Christopher Gladden

Leg Lymphedema Treatment

Leg lymphedema treatment or lower extremities lymphedema requires immediate care that will help take care of this condition. Sometimes the initial stages show up discreetly behind the curve of the leg, or sometimes individuals also experience a little heaviness in the synagogues and ankles. As soon as individuals experience such symptoms is best to consult a physician. However leg lymphmedema treatment should be followed as early as possible. Some of the most effective treatments in leg lymphedema are natural methods that are not invasive and do not leave surgical scars on the body.

Treating lymphedema or swelling in the leg caused due to stagnant lymph fluid in the leg can be effectively taken care of with compression as well as manual lymph drainage methods. These methods help regulate the circulation of the lymph fluids in the blocked vessels and also help direct their flow. Another important part of the treatment for leg lymphedema is that patients should avoid wearing footwear that is tight and not comfortable. Instead of choosing footwear with comfortable padding, regularly clipping toe nails and avoiding tight leg garments, socks, undergarments etc. should be on the foremost.

Another leg lymphedema treatment includes the elevating of limbs so that the lymph flow is directed and it also prevails the fluid from collecting in any particular place. There are leg exercises as well that the patient should follow, this again helps in keeping the flow of lymph regulated. This is because exercises help expand and contract the vessels so that lymph fluid flows easily.