What to Do When Neck Pain Strikes

It happens to everyone; the experience of waking up with neck pain is remarkably debilitating. Medicically known as adult torticollis, this condition occurs more frequently than you think and is significantly annoying. You go to bed feeling fine, and you wake up unable to turn your head without pain. There are some common things that cause this condition, and some simple things you can do to ease your suffering.

How does Neck Pain Happen?
Overnight you have little control over the circumstances in which you sleep. You may unintentionally place your head in an abnormal position. The temperature may drop and cause neck muscles to spasm. Unusual activities the day before may have put a strain on your neck. Now, when you relax, the muscles seize up. Regardless of the exact source, you wake up with muscles that have tightened to the point of immobility.

When the muscles lock up, they cause the facet joints, small joints that lie along the outside of the vertebrae to jam against one another. The small muscles that control movement along these joints get tighter and the cycle repeats itself. It becomes a vicious circle until you get the neck muscles to relax.

Treatment Options for Pains in the Neck
If you catch the problem right at the beginning, you will have a better chance of a quick solution. Ice and anti-inflammatory medications will help combat the pain and inflammation. For truly severe cases, you may need an injection to help release the muscular contracture, but usually this is unnecessary. Most cases will resolve them within a few days.

If the spasm remains active for more than a week, you may want to consider physical therapy, massage, and chiropractics.

Physical Therapy for a Neck Injury
A physical therapist is trained in maintaining proper range of motion and function in your muscles and joints. With a variety of passive and isometric exercises, a PT can help your neck muscles "reset" and resume full motion. Even after this is achieved, it can take a while for the injured muscles to be fully healed. So keep up with your therapy if you opt for this course of action.

Massage Therapy to Work out Kinks in the Neck
A massage therapist is taught how to help muscles relax. One that specializes in Neuromuscular therapy also knows how to release spasms that occur deep within the muscles. With the spasm resolved, other treatments will progress more quickly. If torticollis is a chronic problem, a massage therapist can help you maintain a more relaxed muscular state, reducing your rate of incidence.

Chiropractors work predominately with the joints. When a person is experiencing torticollis, the neck is most unwilling to allow manipulation of the facet joints. A good chiropractor will spend a lot of time doing many of the same soft tissue manipulations that physical therapists and massage therapists do before attempting an adjustment.

A normal course of chiropractic treatment for torticollis involves 3-4 sessions. Overtime, the joints and muscles will return to place and relax.

Barring an unofficial trigger, almost all cases of torticollis are resolved successfully in a matter of a couple of weeks, at the most. While very painful and generally annoying, torticollis or neck pain is not a serious situation.

Simple Methods To Apply Embroidered Patches To Leather

Embroidered patches can be dated all the way back to ancient Asian civilizations; they’ve been around for centuries. Yet not until recently has it been possible to place them to your clothing using a hot iron and heat-activated glue. With today’s patches you can readily apply them on most fabrics without ever needing a needle and thread. Thankfully having the capability to affix them with a hot iron implies that your fingers are not going to get sore and it is much easier and quicker to do. The only problem is, you can’t iron patches to leather – at least in the traditional sense.

High Temperatures Not Good for Leather

When you’re using a hot iron to attach embroidered patches you’re essentially heating up the glue on the back side till it reaches a semi liquid, tacky state. That requires a great number of heat; heat that can damage the sensitive finish of leather.

It’s true that leather is a very durable material, but the surface is comfortably damaged by concentrated heat sources. This presents two problems. The first problem is the fact that when the leather is damaged, the glue are not going to stick to it and then the patch will fall off. And when the patch does fall off, the leather will be left with an ugly mark where the iron has burned it. The same can be said for vinyl and various types of faux leather. Another thing to consider is that even if you might find a way to make the glue adhere, one slip of the iron that brings in contact with bare leather will leave a burn mark. This is why you should never have a hot iron anywhere near your leather.

Is There Another Way?

We said earlier that you can’t use an iron to place embroidered patches to leather in the traditional sense. The explanation for saying this is because that while you should not try to place iron on patches to leather in the traditional way but there’s a non-traditional method. What this means is that there is special glue that you can use along with an unheated iron. Yes, a cold iron. It will only be important to use your iron as a press.

In order to get this to work properly, you will need to have special glue; leather is notoriously difficult to work with so you won’t be able to use just any old glue. You can find this specialized glue at craft stores, sewing shops, and even some high-end leather goods specialty stores. Just be sure you carefully read the directions on the bottle, making sure that use on leather products is specifically mentioned. Failure to do this could mean that you’re just going to be wasting your money.

The glue needs to be applied to the back of the patch as per the instructions on the bottle and then you should carefully place the patch onto the part of the leather where you want it. Next thing you need to do is use your cold iron to press down firmly onto the patch for the quantity of time as stated on the glue bottle. You can then release the iron and wait for the glue to dry. It’s essential that you know where you want to have your patch before you lay it down. You will be left with an ugly stain if you remove the patch after you might have placed it onto the leather.

A Treatment Regimen for Tonsillitis and Tonsil Stones

Tonsillitis, an inflammation of the tonsils due to infection, affects over a million children and adults each year. The vast majority of cases occur in children between the ages of 5 and 15. Tonsillitis is a contagious disease that is spread in the same manner as a cold or flu – by coming into contact with a contaminated surface area or an infected person's germs via a sneeze or cough.

The tonsils, along with the adenoids, are part of the lymphatic system and together these glands protect us from inhaled and ingested contaminants. Sometimes, however, the glands themselves are infected by viruses or bacteria.

Symptoms of Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis can cause many of the same or similar symptoms as other ear, nose, and throat conditions (eg – strep throat, ear infections, the common cold, etc.). These symptoms include, but are not limited to:

  • Pain or difficulty swallowing
  • Swelling of the tonsils or lymph nodes
  • Sudden, unexplainable ear pain
  • A sore throat with a fever of 101 or higher
  • Unexplained bouts of coughing

The vast majority of tonsillitis symptoms purely cause discomfort and the condition itself is quite serious. Complications of bacterial tonsillitis (tonsillitis caused by bacteria) can, in some cases, give rise to more serious threats such as peritonsillar abscess, glomerulonephritis, or rheumatic fever, to name a few.

Treatment of Tonsillitis

Treatment of tonsillitis depends largely on such factors as the age of the individual with the disease, the severity of the condition, and the cause – whether bacterial or viral. There is no one standard treatment for tonsillitis. Many of the measures taken during treatment will be aimed at alleviating the symptoms of discomfort – sore throat, headache, fever, ear pain, etc.

Whether the infection is caused by bacteria or a virus, the body's immune system will usually rid itself of the infection within four to seven days. If the infection is bacterial in nature a 10-day course of an antibiotic such as penicillin, erythromycin, or roxithromycin may be prescribed to get rid of the infection. Because antibiotics can cause unpleasant side effects such as stomach ache, rash, or dirrhea; and because their use poses some risk of developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria, they will not always be prescribed in children. Because of this potential risk, antibiotics should always be taken exactly as prescribed for the full course of treatment, regardless of how you or your child may feel

Other than antibiotic treatment, palliative measures would likely be the same for both a bacterial or viral infection, and may include the following:

  • Ensuring that children have plenty of soothing liquids and soft foods to prevent dehydration and ease swallowing
  • Using over-the-counter pain killers such as Ibuprofen or Paracetamol (especially for children), lozenges, and oral sprays to combat sore throat
  • Gargling with salt water (1/2 tsp salt to 8 oz water) or a mild antiseptic solution
  • The use of humidifiers or vaporizers

Age-related preceditions to observe involve giving certain over-the-counter remedies to children under the age of 16. In general, they should not be given aspirin during this time due to the possibility of contracting Reyes Syndrome, which can be fatal. Also be careful when giving children over-the-counter cold or pain-killing remedies as dosages need to be age – and sometimes weight – appropriate. Check with your doctor or pharmacist before giving these medications.

Tonsil Stones

A common consequence of tonsillitis is the development of tonsilloliths, of tonsil stones as they are commonly called. Although the exact mechanism of their formation is often debated, tonsil stones develop in an environment that includes bacterial infection, food particles, mucous, and other inhaled or ingested contaminants. These particles get trapped in the folds and crevices of the tonsils and they calcify, forming small whitish stones. The bacterial action on the food particles produces sulfur by-products which are responsible for the bad breath (halitosis) that often compounds tonsil stones.

Tonsil Stone Treatment

Although harmless in and of themselves, tonsil stones can be problematic on several levels. Their presence leads to halitosis and having a bad taste in the mouth, and, as they grow in size and number, they can cause physical discomfort. As tonsil stones are a product of an infection, good oral hygiene is the first place to start treatment or prevention,

Many home remedies exist to deal with tonsil stones. These treatments center around either counteracting the symptoms of tonsil stones or removing the stones themselves. A good deal of treatment involves combating the bad breath that surrounds having tonsil stones. There are numerous products on the market that offer help in this area, including oral sprays, lozenges, special oxygenated tooth pastes, grape seed extract, oral antiseptics, tonsil stone "kits," post nasal drip prevention products, and even gargling with plain salt water. Again the goal is to eliminate as much of the infectious agents as possible and promote a clean, healthy oral cavity.

Tonsil stone removal is often done by both professionals and individuals at home. If stones are a recurrent issue or their size presents a problem, you may opt for removal. Do-it-yourself methods for removing tonsil stones typically involve use such long cotton swabs or water picks (oral irrigators) to manually remove the formations from the tonsils. Working in a limited space and dealing with the gag reflex are obstacles to this method, although the stones are successfully removed by many in this way.

If your tonsillitis is sufficient enough or recurs more than four times a year, you may opt to have the tonsils removed. This obviously represents a permanent solution to the issue of tonsil stones. Your tonsils perform important immunological functions, however, and it would be best to keep them to the extent possible. Most tonsil stones will subside with tonsillitis infections and need not be physically removed.

75 Percent of Us Can Get Diabetes

Only 25 percent of us can eat what we want, whenever we want and not run the risk of getting type 2 diabetes. The rest of us have to lead a healthy lifestyle to ward off this disease.

Your risk factors are higher if you are an Asian, African, Indian, Pacific Islander, or someone in your family is diabetic. If this is the case, then you should learn all that you can about its prevention.

It is now known that a healthy lifestyle will prevent type 2 diabetes and can even reverse it. Prevention is best, but if you already have it, all is not lost. You can delay or even prevent minor some of the complications that high blood sugar can cause.

So, all you have to do is change to a healthy lifestyle. That would be easier to do in 1940, but it is very hard to do these days. We would have to move to an island to get away from all the tempting chips, sodas, high carbohydrate filled sugary snacks that are so easy to get and so hard to walk away from.

The first step in preventing diabetes is then setting your mind on being healthy. It is easy to learn what is necessary for your diet and how much exercise you will need, but motivating yourself is another story. This is an area that is not addressed by health workers in a fashion bringing about much in the way of good results.

We can reverse all of this unhealthy living by doing more to educate everyone starting in kindergarten about how to live a way that improves out health instead of ruining it.

Common Health Issues In The Trucking Industry

Truck driving is a unique profession that, just like virtually any other job, has the potential to cause a variety of types of health issues for those that choose this career. While some of the health issues related to trucking are due to the long hours of sitting and driving, others are more related to lifestyle choices that tend to be common with the industry.

Many trucking companies recognize that some of these lifestyle choices are at the heart of many of the most common health issues diagnosed in trucks. They are providing programs, support and incentives for trucks to make a few simple changes in their exercise habits, diet and lifestyle that will lead to a decreed risk of these health issues developing.


Obesity in the trucking industry is not just a risk; it is one of the most significant issues that is seen in the profession. Obesity is usually a combination of eating the wrong types of foods; those that are highly processed, sugary and fatty, and not getting enough exercise. Often truckers eat two or more meals a day at fast food places, truck stops or diners. The good news is that many of these types of restaurants are now providing healthier options in the form of whole wheat bread, salads and fresh fruit and other healthy snacks. However, it is important that truckers know to make that choice and to limit their take of the less healthy options.

Obesity itself is a trigger for the next three health issues on this list. The more weight that your body carries the more your cardiovascular system works, the greater your risk for developing pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, and the higher your risk is to have an injury when you are loading, unloading, or climbing around the truck to secure a load.

High Blood Pressure And Cardiovascular Disease

High blood pressure and cardiovascular disease is particularly problematic since there may not be any signs until it is a significant health issues. Heart attack, stroke or poor circulation leading to other health complications are common the longer that truckers work in the industry.

To make matters worse many truckers that know that they have these conditions avoid taking prescription medications for the health issue because of their license. This creates a larger risk of a serious condition such as a stroke or heart attack occurring, especially if high blood pressure is known or suspected.

Pre-diabetes And Diabetes

Pre-diabetes and diabetes Type 2 do not prevent a driver from operating a truck provided that blood sugar can be controlled by diet and oral medicines. With the new regulations you may also able to drive if you have Type 1 diabetes provided you meet the requirements for an exemption.

Pre-diabetes is when the blood tests show levels of glucose that elevated but not yet in the range to be diagnosed as Type 2 diabetes. The good news is at this point changing diet and lifestyle can often reverse the problem and prevent Type 2 diabetes from developing.

Back, Neck And Muscle Pains

Strains, sprains and damage to the back, neck and joints are common in the trucking industry. This is partly a combination of the heavy loads that trucks are often required to move combined with their sedentary jobs behind the wheel. Truckers do not take the time to stretch out before using major muscle groups, increasing their change of injury. Repeated injury, especially to the neck, shoulders, lower back and knee can results in significant and chronic types of aches and pains.

Sleep Problems

It is estimated that between 33 and 46 percent of all adults, and slightly higher in males, experience some type of sleep problems. This includes waking up multiple times in the night or having difficulty in staying awake in the day even if they believe they had a good night's sleep.

Sleep apnea, which causes disruptions in breathing during the night, is one of the most common sleep problems. In this condition your breathing actually stops for a few seconds due to a collapse of the airway. Snoring may also be a sign of a sleep disorder but it is not always present.

People that have difficulties sleeping are more prone to distraction, inattention and falling sleep in the day. Sleep apnea has also been linked to increasing risk of vehicle accidents.


Depression is a common mental health problem in the entire population. However, the isolation of the trucking job combined with obesity and other health issues may be linked to a higher rate of depression in the trucking industry.

Other factors may be difficulties in balancing the work and family life due to pressures from the job, irregular schedules and stress on the job that all contribute to the risk of developing depression.

Understanding the most common health issues in the trucking industry can help truckers proactively make changes. Staying fit and healthy, making the right food choices and making time for regular exercise on the road are all recommended as ways to avoid these issues for a healthier life.

Ideal Treatment for Ulcers

In this article I'm going to talk about the most ideal treatment when it comes to ulcers. In case you do not know ulcers are tiny open holes in your stomach, throat, mouth or even on your skin.

These open holes do not mix very well with the various fluids, acids and bacteria that travel around your digestive system. Ouch, that last sentence sounds painful, and yes these open holes do cause pain.

Other symptoms of these ulcers may include feeling unusually tired, being nauseous and possibly vomiting. Oh, and if you vomit up blood or something that looks like coffee grounds, that's serious and you should probably see a doctor. The same goes if you see blood or a blackish powder in your poop.

What causes ulcers is not spicy food, stress or alcohol, which was thought to be the culprit for a long time. Instead it's a tiny bacterium known as H. pylori. You get this nasty bugger from consuming contaminated food or water.

The ideal treatment for ulcers really comes down to not getting the open wound in the first place. This means not to eat a lot of raw meat, drink filtered water and wash fruits and vegetables.

The next line of defense is your immune system. Yep, your body has the ability to blast H Pylori into a zillion pieces, before it causes harm. Some people have stronger immune systems than others, but the great thing is that everyone can make this system stronger.

For starters you want to get a full night's rest every night. One idea that has really helped me is earplugs that stop noise from annoying neighbors. Next drink lots of fluids, do not use a lot of tobacco, maintain healthy stress and do not eat too much sugar. I know cutting back on sugar takes a ton of willpower.

Next there are tons and tons of herbal remedies and supplements that can improve your immune system like getting Peyton Manning as a quarterback for a football team.

One of the best herbal remedies would be olive leaf extract. The benefits of this herb were first discovered around 1880 as healers not aware it could have been used to counteract malaria. It can destroy harmful viruses, bacteria, fungi and the best part is that it does not harm good bacteria, unlike antibiotics.

More good news is that with a study by Upjohn pharmaceutical company in 1970 showed that even with dosage several hundred times higher than the recommended amount, no negative side effects were discovered. When you compare that to pharmaceutical drugs, you can see why I recommend it.

There really are just so many more supplements and herbs that can destroy undesired invaders. In the unfortunate event that this H Pylori puts a hole in your system, it's important to be careful with painkillers. Many of them can harm the digestive system, and cause more damage.

Also you could get drugs that reduce the amount of acid in you body, which can treat the pain, but there are negative side effects. I really recommend natural solutions such as honey, bananas, garlic and possibly licorice. Plus there are many herbs and supplements that can help.

Since I can not cover everything in a short article, I highly recommend you to check out a free report and video guide I created. This report provides many tips for choosing herbs and supplements. Plus a lot more like natural remedies for skin care, improving fitness and your digestive system.

Premature Ejaculation Solutions – How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation And Solve It For Good?

Premature ejaculations solutions is among the most sought after information by men. Indeed, to overcome premature ejaculation is a baffling puzzle that men are eager solve. You can have all the riches in the world, but if you disastrously ruin your sex life by your inability to last longer in bed, everything falls apart.

Naturally, you would like to know how to stop men's speedy orgasm; but really is there still hope to find a method on how to solve premature ejaculations problem?

Facts About Ejaculating Prematurely

Some people suggest that the problem is caused by emotional stress, by wrong sexual practices and even by nutrition and overall health. The habit of reaching orgasm too fast usually persists through the entire life of a man. However, there are ways to last longer in bed before ejaculating because, unlike with impotence in men, there are natural best male enhancement methods that you can do for curing early ejaculation.

Ejaculating Too Soon can Affect your Romantic Life

Inability to long love-making sends a lot of pressure, not just to your self-esteem but also to the dynamics of your relationship. Anxiety over how to resolve premature ejaculations problem could easily turn to a nasty argument that could take a toll in your relationship. It is not uncommon to find couples splitting up because of failure to make the other person happily satisfied in bed.

How to Cure This Problem

Your health, mental state and emotion are a few of the things that can have deliberate effects on your orgasm. Rapidly reaching orgasm is a complicated topic and trying to answer a question on how to solve ejaculation problem is understandably difficult to do. Learning the steps in curing rapid ejaculation takes a lot of effort but not impossible.

There are natural best male enhancement programs that you can easily do as premature ejaculation solutions. To delay orgasm, methods such as Kegel exercises have become very common remedy to stop men's speedy ejaculation.

Many early ejaculation solutions are being offered online, but be careful because some are just deliberate try to deceive people. What you need to understand is that a series of closely monitored natural best male enhancement exercises and strategies is often necessary on how to solve speedy ejaculations problem. Please realize that there is no one step early ejaculation remedy and only with diligence and perseverance can you realize what you really wanted.

For now, here are some premature ejaculation solutions that you can try this instant to improve your bed performance and make your girl say "wow!":

1. Master your self-facilitating habits . This may come as a surprise but it does have a lot to do with solving your premature ejaculation woes. The first thing that you often do is this undoably: when you choke the chicken, you go as fast as you can for the sake of getting an ejaculation. Sure it is an instant pleasure fix but not contributing to your efforts of getting that premature ejaculation solution. This wires your body to get off quickly that even when you are having sex, your pleasure scale zooms up because it got used to your manic pleasuring habits. The fix? Next time you get it on with your hand, think that you are doing it for your girl and not for yourself – in short, slow down!

2. Master your pleasure scale. Very good premature ejaculation solutions start with getting to know your body. You should be able to tell when you are coming and where is that point that is safe for you to go on or otherwise so you can control your arousal to desirable levels. One problem why some men ejaculate early is they just leave themselves to go at it without even watching their pleasure scale. Analyze your body and grade your arousal from 1-10 and learn the feelings associated with it so you can taper your arousal and last till the morning light.

3. Ladies First . Here is a very clever premature ejaculations solution. When you are having sex, sometimes the pressure is so overwhelming, after all, when you are a man you are always expected to deliver every time. So what is an average guy to do? Let your woman have her orgasm first before you. There are so many ways to do it and it does not need necessarily need hard thrusting. Get creative and you will be rewarded. Try this premature ejaculations solutions now!

Get the Skin You Deserve With the Best Natural Acne Product

The devastating effects of acne can put one's life under great pressure and reduce the social interactions to just the absolute necessary. Acne sufferers are willing to try any potential solution hoping to get their life back and so many have frustrating experiences with ineffective products. The result is not only a waste of time and money but usually the deepening of the psychological and social issue as well. The question is what acne products can you trust?

If you are one of those many people failing to heal acne while using one or many of the so called "acne solution" you can find everywhere on the web we dare to claim you are finally in the right place! The Clear Pores Skin Cleansing System is backed up by respected medical doctors with authority in their field of expertise.

From the Clinical Psychology in California, Dr. Michael Carter, Psy.D., RCP, offers his professional opinion of this acne product. Here are a few bullet points in his view:

– A healthy skin is identified with beauty and is psychologically important for one's self image
– Psychological health at both personal and social level is highly influenced by skin conditions such as acne
– Social interactions are influenced by the physical appearance since the key role of a healthy skin in interpersonal relationships
– Self-confidence plays an important role in a healthy psychological perception of self
– Vibrant clean skin increases self-confidence
– ClearPores System offers an unique safe combination of Salicylic Acid-based wash products along with 100% natural pills
– ClearPores is the best product if you target a great body image through beautiful skin

So this product can deliver positive results relative to psychological effects that can counteract acne induced self confidence. Without self-confidence we can fail in both personal and professional life. Family, friends and work can be compromised. Success is to a certain degree dependent of self-confidence and overall appearance meaning that a clean skin is a must for all of us wanting to be successful.

This acne solution proved to be very effective in treating and eliminating acne because improving the self esteem critical to our social development and success. Studies show that subconsciously people desire individuals with acne free skin over those with a bad looking skin which makes this product ideal in so many regards.

With endorsements such as Dr. Carter's ClearPores is the top choice for acne treatments today. It is unthinkable how some people still suffer in silence afraid to try getting their skin acne free. Their reticence should be shattered by all the medical doctor endorsements, those who recommend it because it produces the best results. Try it today, get a clean skin tomorrow.

Food Allergies Are Curable

Allergic reactions have been escalating in recent years, especially among children. When curing allergies, it is essential to understand their causes. There are many known factors that lead to reoccurring allergic reactions such as underlying infections, genetic predisposition, emotional trauma, a weak immune system, a yeast infection, and parasites.

Allergies can be of different types. Environmental allergies, for example, include pollen, ragweed, mold, and other elements found in the environment. People are also allergic to pets and medications. Food allergies can range from lactose intolerance and gluten sensitivity (often reactions to hormones and antibiotics in milk or pesticides contained within wheat), to known foods such as shellfish and peanuts.

If it seems to you that food allergies have a high profile, you are not mistaken. Supermarkets, restaurant chains, and websites offer a variety of allergen-free products. There is even a law that requires that potential allergens be listed on food labels. Schools are especially affected, as they have to accommodate the specific needs of highly allergic children and prevent the potentially serious health threat exposure to certain allergens can precipitate. Having an epi-pen on hand at schools is now required, in case of an anaphylactic occurrence. The tripling cost of epi-pens has distressed parents across the country.

There is no group in the population that is more affected then the youngest amongst us. Recently, there has been a 400% increase in the incidence of food allergies, stated in the book Unhealthy Truth. Private insurance claim lines with diagnoses of anaphylactic food reactions rose 377 percent from 2007 to 2016. Allergies are the 5th largest category of diseases. Author Robyn O’Brien states, “food allergies are not a niche, it is a growing epidemic that is challenging how we think about our food and how it is made. Genetic factors don’t change this quickly, environmental factors do. Are we allergic to food or to what’s been done to it?”

The Journal of the American Medical Association states that the costs of food allergies, from medical care to food to pharmaceuticals is $4,184 per child per year, costing our economy $25 billion, including lost productivity. Emergency room visits due to food allergies are estimated at 40,000 a year and account for at least 300 deaths annually. This statistic doesn’t not include the convenient neighborhood Urgent Care centers.

Many children who suffer from food allergies sometimes present a variety of different symptoms that are often misdiagnosed and mistreated. This can lead to repeated unnecessary rounds of antibiotics and even surgery that do not resolve the underlying issue, which is an allergy. I’ve seen many children with a mold allergy be diagnosed with asthma. This often leads to unlimited use of inhalers and medications. While any item can cause an allergic response, the main food culprits are milk, wheat-gluten, peanuts, shellfish, soy, and eggs. Typical symptoms include breathing difficulty or wheezing, recurring infections, nasal congestion, swelling, nausea, and pain. When you see a child having an allergic reaction, is gasping for air, and you feel helpless to stop it, then you understand the seriousness of allergy.

If you experience symptoms that do not have an explanation, chances are that you might be reacting to a food in a delayed matter. Often the pain symptoms don’t appear until the next day! Food allergies can have serious consequences. They can co-create autoimmune problems and chronic conditions such as eczema, ADHD, asthma, as well as digestive system damage. There are over seventy auto-immune diseases and gluten in wheat is linked to everyone.

Currently, there are no medications or shots that address food allergies. The official prescription requires that the patient avoid the intake of the food item, usually for the rest of his or her life. This can be extremely difficult.

I utilize a holistic technique that works to effectively eliminate food allergies. I have successfully used this technique for over twenty years in treating infants, toddlers, children, adults, and seniors. My natural approach to allergy elimination is safe, gentle, and most importantly it works.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency – 5 Warning Signs

Vitamin B12, or cobalamin, is an essential building block of DNA and is key to the maintenance of our body's genes. In this role, it is an important element in ensuring the proper function of the nervous system and maintaining a healthy hematological profile.

A proper diet and good nutrition is almost always sufficient to prevent B12 deficiency. The vitamin is naturally found in high protein foods such as meat, eggs, fish and dairy. In addition, those who regularly take a multivitamin are not likely to need extra vitamin B12 supplementation. However, ensuring enough B12 is ingested is important given that the body does not easily store the vitamin.

There is a high incidence of B12 deficiency in a few select groups. First, vegetarians or vegans who completely avoid animal based foods are at risk. Children who follow strict vegetarian diets absent from dairy products are particularly susceptible to low levels of the vitamin. Also, it is estimated that a high percentage of the elderly have some level of B12 deficiency. This is because as we age, our ability to extract and absorb B12 from food-based protein sources diminishes. Also, seniors are more likely to have digestive problems, a degraded stomach lining, or have gone through some form of gastro-intestinal surgery. This contributes to the possibility of deficiency among this population. Finally, large amounts of alcohol and caffeine have been shown to decrease the ability of the body to absorb the vitamin.

It is important to recognize the 5 warning signs of B12 deficiency.

  1. Stomach pain or digestive issues
  2. Fatigue and weakness
  3. Loss of sensation or tingling in lower extremities
  4. Impaired cognitive function or dementia
  5. Depression, irritability or moodiness

Stomach pain may be a symptom of pernicious anemia, a condition where the immune system hinders the process by which the digestive system is able to absorb B12. This results in the premature death of red blood cells. The fatigue and weakness that often enterprises low levels of the vitamin are also caused by anemia.

Given the importance of B12 to neurological function, a deficiency may result in several brain function issues such as the last three warning signs mentioned above. Given a predisposition to B12 deficiency in those over 50, the loss of cognitive function, moodiness and irritability is often blamed on age as opposed to not getting enough of the vitamin. This is compounded by the fact that impaired mental function and dementia are often symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Therefore, something as simple as a dietary gap is often overlooked as a cause of mental degradation. This is where supplementation with B12 can result in significant improvements.

Also, it is important to note that the effects of B6 and Folic Acid in coordination with B12 are collectively more powerful than just B12 alone. This is because the systems dependent on B12 also rely on these other alternatives for proper function. B12, along with Folic Acid and B6 are necessary to keep homocysteine ​​in the blood down to healthy levels. Several studies have shown that increased levels of homocysteine ​​are associated with greater incidence of heart disease and stroke. These vitamins can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in that they convert homocysteine ​​to methionine, an amino acid that is used in a productive manner by cells. In two other studies, vitamin B12 and folic acid were also shown to have a role in reducing the number of abnormal, pre-cancerous bronchial cells in heavy smokers.

The primary form of B12 used as a nutritional supplement is cyanocobalamin. However, it is important to note that the absorption of B12 is much higher when the source is food based as opposed to via supplementation. While for extreme cases of deficiency, vitamin B12 is available via prescription as an injection or nasal gel, most supplementation is as part of a multivitamin, delivered as a pill, sublingual tablet, or lozenge. The Recommended Daily Intake of B12 is 6 micrograms (mcg), even though supplements will often deliver as much as 30 mcg. Despite the wide range of dosage options, most healthy adults only need 3 mcg each day. Additionally, B12 taken orally is well tolerated by most and there have been no documented cases of overdose or toxicity associated with the supplement. While occurring infrequently, the side effects of B12 include rash, hives and itching. Those who take any of the following medications may be at risk for B12 deficiency in that they have been shown to hinder absorption: Antibiotics, Proton Pump Inhibitors Cholestyramine, H2 blockers, Metformin, and Potassium Chloride. Calcium supplementation may also assist the body in its ability to absorb B12.

If you feel that you may be at risk of vitamin b12 deficiency, or are exhibiting any warning signs, go see your doctor immediately for more information. Aside from those with extreme medical conditions, the rest of us can easily ensure that we are getting enough of the nutrients essential to health by taking a well-formulated multivitamin.

Childhood Anxiety Signs

Childhood anxiety.

It is reckoned that there could be an epidemic of childhood anxiety that is quietly going unnoticed.

Many children suffer anxiety, worry, nervousness phobias and OCD. Why is this so, Why do parents or carers often fail to spot them and if they think they do, what action to take? lets examine this further.

In the world we live in today, there is always turmoil and upturn to cause a child's life perception uneasiness, stress or anxiety, a large proportion of which go unnoticed to the child but when they do affect them it can cause childhood anxiety.

Most adults dislike change , so for kids that do not understand the reasoning, this can be worried for children that tend to take things in might notice that there are more and more adversity in the world within which they live.Once, children would have lived a fairly sheltered life away from the media, internet and other forms of information and all of the problems in this world. Even hearing parents talking about problems or their own anxiety can have an effect on children, especially sensitive ones.

In the environment we live in today , there are more situations that can provoke childhood anxiety than ever before, including more pressure to succeed. Or they may have suffered a traumatic experience that they find difficult to understand or talk about and so express themselves in different ways. We, as kids, were not taught these emotional coping skills and so in turn do not teach our offspring either.

This is not, however, an excuse for seeking the right kind of help for our kids when we do identify a problem. Nowadays, science has taken leaps and bounds in psychological therapy and cognitive behavioral therapies – so the right treatment is out there to help them.

If you are not sure what to look for in your child but you KNOW something is on their mind – they are your children after all, if you do not know them – then nobody does.

Check out this signs and symptoms guide:

Physical sensations. … the signs you CAN see.

Excessive shyness, the need for constant reassurance, Unexplained distress, nausea, headache, fear, diarrhea, sweating, ulcers, shortness of breath, nervousness and an apprehensive sense of needless worry, nausea, tingling, vomiting, nervous tics, obsessive behavior, stomach pain, (Maybe a sudden tummy ache or head ache before school etc) often in social phobia where they really do not want to go somewhere.

The psychological symptoms

Poor social skills, Upset easily, General worries, Procrastination, Unsure of self, Cries easily, Over – Reacting to criticism, Scared of leaving parent, Avoidance behaviors, Perfectionism, Overly conformist, Requires constant reassurance.

If you recognize any of these symptoms in your or anyone's child then you owe it to yourself as well as them to get the right help as soon as possible. Childhood anxiety can be debilitating and can rob our young ones of a proper childhood.

Unchecked, these problems can become real issues and continue through adolescence and into adulthood. It is widely known that children who suffer from certain anxieties and phobias are more likely to have suicidal tenancies during adolescence and a larger percentage of these turn to drugs as a coping method.

A Simple Twisted Ankle – What Can You Do?

It's so easy to sprain the ankle stepping off a footpath without watching, or running to catch a train or bus, let alone injuring it on the sports field. Do you know what to do with a simple, straightforward ankle sprain?

First, you need some idea of ​​how to self assess the amount of injury. Most ankle sprains involve the soft tissues only: muscle and ligaments. These cases respond well to home management in the first few days. Signs that suggest more significant damage include the fact that the fall was accompanied by a strong sensation of something tearing or snapping apart in the outer ankle. Complete sustainability to take any weight on the foot may be significant, as is the immediate sunset of sliding within minutes of the fall. The only way to categorically confirm bone injury is an x-ray.

Thankfully, soft tissue damage is far more common than broken bone in an ankle sprain. If you can take some weight on the foot, and walk or limp a little after the injury, it is fairly safe to assume you have not broken a bone. The following advice is applicable to every acute or recent injury. The rule to remember is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

Rest is obvious. If it is sore to take weight or use the injured part, rest it. Put it up for the evening. Give up activities such as going to the gym or dancing class for a few days to allow symptoms to subside.

Ice next. At the time of injury, the body was in action, working muscles were dumping blood around the leg, even if the injury only occurred walking along a footpath.

When the sprain occurred, small blood vessels were overstretched and torn. Bleeding occurred in the area. Cooling the damaged part is just like turning off the hot tap. Blood vessels in the area respond to cooling by tightening up, reducing blood pumping into the damaged region.

Pure ice, wrapped in a cloth, applied for 15 minutes an hour, every hour for the first 3-4 hours post injury works best.

Compression. Just as we put manual pressure on a skin cut to stop bleeding, compression reduces bleeding under the skin and reduces swelling. An easy way to compress a damaged ankle is to tie on the ice with a bandage or scarf.

Finally, elevation. In normal daily life, the leg is down at the floor most of the day. In this position, gravity pushes everything downwards. If you leave an injured ankle down, it will swell more. It makes sense to use gravity's effects to your advantage, so sit with the ankle raised higher than the level of the hip, to allow any extra fluid in the limit to drain away. If possible sleep with a pillow under the ankle to assist this process.

How long to recover? If the ligaments were just temporarily overstretched, take it easy for 5-10 days, let all symptoms subside and within 2-3 weeks everything will have settled and recovered. With more damage it can take up to 12 weeks to fully recover.

A really easy exercise from day two onwards is simply to balance on the sore leg. Count to 10 seconds, then 20, with the other leg off the floor. This exercise works all the muscles around the ankle, using your own body weight as resistance.

Some light gym work (non-impact) can begin from 3-4 days post injury. Until you can walk without pain running or contact sports should be avoided.

Bruised, Battered And Inflamed? This Will Help!

Bruises and bumps are an all-too-common occurrence in life. They usually are the result of blood from damaged blood vessels deep beneeth your skin collecting near the surface, which results in a black and blue discoloration.

A bruise is cosmetic, so perhaps (?!) Less of a concern. But under the bruise the cells are damaged and can become fibrotic, leading to hardness and pressure on the body. This is a source of FASCIAL RESTRICTION and can have far reaching "drag" like effects on the fascia (connective tissue) of the body. See our other article on how to release tight fascia. Homeopathic remedies like Arnica Montana will reduce inflammation and speed healing. Combination remedies that include arnica like Topricin and Traumeel we have found to help better. Celadrin which contains CMO (Cetyle Myristoleate) is also standing up well in studies on arthritis.

The key, like most areas of health, is proactive prevention. The reason why most people bruise is that their capillaries are too fragile and essentially are easily torn. One of the best ways to ensure that your blood vessels remain strong and flexible is to make sure you have an excellent source of bio-available nutrients.

Typically, a well-rounded diet with nutritional-type-appropriate organic vegetables and fruits may be sufficient to provide all the micronutrients you will need to prevent bruising from all but the most severe traumas. However, these days with soil depletion, even if we shop and eat diligently we may not reach optimum nutrition. Supplementation is key in today's world. We recommend a product called Intramax which is available through healthcare professionals (and NO is not a MLM!) – this is an excellent liquid, highly bio-available organic food which replaces most other supplements.

If you already have a breeze, nature is full of simple, natural solutions for your health. Among them are the above listed topical remedies that can help speed the healing process of your bruises so they go away faster, as well as plants like cage, banana, onion and aloe. BUT remember the key is to avoid bruises in the first place by being careful, supplementing and having loads of appropriate vegetables and fruits in your diet.

I do not recommend taking acetaminophen for pain associated with common bruising, as it's been shown to cause liver damage with excessive or extended use. Ibuprofen and aspirin are no better, and taken together they can be a downright deadly combo.

There's really no reason to succumb to taking these dangerous drugs for minor, everyday problems, as the risks far outweigh the benefits.

Obtaining good bodywork for treating and preventing "issues in the tissues" is a very prudent preventive health care approach to help you live beyond 100!

Living With An Alcoholic Spouse: A Healthy Detachment

The best thing you can do when dealing with an alcoholic spouse is to detach the abuse of the alcoholic. You can do this if you truly love your spouse and want to help them to possible sobriety. The more you focus all your energies on the alcoholic, the less likely he is to get sober. This article focuses on how you can detach and remain healthy mentally.

Do not Make Alcoholism Your Problem

If you have never read any of the al-anon material then you probably do not know that you are making the disease of alcoholism YOUR problem. One of the sad facts of living with an alcoholic is we become just as mentally and emotionally sick as the alcoholic. This happens because every step of life we ​​take, and every breath of air we breathe has some involvement with the alcoholic. Our emotions overtake our own mental health as we try and cope with the deterioration of the alcoholic in our life. What are we doing wrong? We are concentrating too much on the disease, instead of concentrating on our mental and emotional health. We may as well be tipping the bottle for them. Better yet, we may as well be drinking with them!

Do not Enable

Most spouses of alcoholics do not realize that they are helping their spouse drink just by a few simple behaviors and actions. Several ways in which you may be enabling your spouse to drink is by buying them alcohol, drinking with them, calling the boss and or family members for him because he is too hungry over or too drunk to do it himself. Lying to friends, boss, family and co-workers about him and his drinking problem. Taking them to the store, arguing with them, and behaving like a victim. You are not the victim of alcoholism until you make yourself BECKE the victim.

Get Off The Pity Pot

Get off of the pot pot and begin living for yourself, instead of living for the alcoholic. "Oh poor me, everyday I am suffering and I can not take it anymore" attitude will not get you anywhere. You need to take care of yourself and that can not be done if you are focusing all of your attention on the alcoholic and what he is doing or what he is not doing. Start focusing on what you can do for yourself. Get out of the house, do not hang around the alcoholic, and do not let them abuse you with their words. If you care about the alcoholic in your life, this is what helps them more than anything else.

Detach With Love

You are powerless to getting your loved one to stop drinking. The first step in being able to detach is by realizing that the shenanigans of the alcoholic is not your problem. Do not try and fix their messes for them. Not only does this enable them to continue drinking, but also it justifies their drinking. Do not have any interaction with the alcoholic while they are drinking; that includes, talking and arguing with them. Why fuss and fight with someone who has lost the ability to make any sense? Do not become ensnared in the alcoholic trap with them. Stay out of the trap, so you can help them. Ninety-five percent of what an alcoholic says is manipulative and hogwash anyway. Do not start believing in the lies of the disease. Separate yourself from the antics of the alcoholic.

Pray For The Alcoholic

I can not tell you how important the process of daily prayer can be. Not only does it bring you closer to God but it will also get you into the habit of going to God with your life challenges. God does hear your cries of pain and He will give you the answers you need to get through your trials and tribulations, even if your spouse continues to drink. Be patient and remain faithful in the Lord and He will deliver you from your suffering.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. (Philippians 4: 6)

Natural Therapy For Pancreas Diseases

The pancreas is an elongated and tapered gland that is located at the back of the abdominal cavity behind the stomach in the loop of the duodenum, where the small intestine begins. The pancreas has several jobs to do in the body. Two of these important tasks are: One, it secretes digestive enzymes into the duodenum that helps break down food into particles that the body can absorb. Two, it releases hormones, such as insulin, into the bloodstream.

A brief anatomy course on the pancreas can be helpful. The pancreas has cells that release digestive enzymes. These enzymes flow into a series of ducts. One particular duct is called the pancreatic duct. This duct has an important function – it connects with the common bile duct at the ampulla of Vater. The Sphinster of Oddi is the muscle valve between the ampulla of Vater and the duodenum, where the small intestine begins. The Sphinster of Oddi has a binary purpose. One, it regulates the flow of bile and pancreatic juice through the ampulla of Vater into the duodenum. Two, it prevails the entry of duodenal content back into the ampulla of Vater.

Every part of the anatomy noted above has a particular function or functions. The Sphinster of Oddi controls the movement of bile and pancreatic juice towards the small intestine that helps the body digest food. But it also acts like a door and shuts itself so that no toxins from the duodenum can re-enter the pancreas and go back upstream, so to speak.

The pancreas also works with sodium bicarbonate. You guessed it. It also has a binary function. One, the pancreas secretes large amounts of sodium bicarbonate, which protects the duodenum by neutralizing the acid that comes from the stomach. Two, the secreted sodium bicarbonate creates an alkaline environment for the proper function of digestive enzymes and the normal function of the Sphinster of Oddi.

It can easily be deducted that all these parts need to work properly for the pancreas to do its job. If the pancreas is unhealthy, a large number of pancreatic diseases or illnesses can materialize. Key reasons for pancreatic diseases like pancreatitis are the results of having a problematic liver or gallbladder.

Many scientists believe the Sphinster of Oddi Dysfunction (SOD) is a result of pancreatic diseases. If the Sphinster of Oddi does not work properly, there can be congestion and inflammation of the pancreatic gland. The Sphinster of Oddi is a valve, allowing bile and pancreatic juices to move onward so that the digestive process can be completely completed. If there are difficulties with the secretion or elimination of bile, the pancreatic duct backs up, like the pipe in your kitchen sink. Pancreatic digestive enzymes, which are now clogged, start to digest their own pancreatic cells. This self-destruction can cause congestion, inflammation, pain, cysts and extremely, the death of the tissue in the pancreas.

Pancreatitis and SOD are a few of the pancreatic diseases and illnesses that can stem from an unhealthy pancreas. Millions of people suffer from symptoms ranging from mild to acute due to pancreatic illnesses.

In the 1700s in Europe, a gift from Mother Earth was found. Karlovy Vary thermal spring water hails from a town called Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) in the Czech Republic. This thermal spring water stimulates the stomach and small intestine (duodenum) to release digestive hormones and the correct amount of them. These digestive hormones regulate the entire digestive process, promote secretion and elimination of bile and pancreatic juices, and control the proper function of bile and the pancreatic ducts and valves.

European doctors have been prescribing Karlovy Vary healing mineral water for the treatment of pancreatic, liver and gallbladder diseases for more than 250 years. This mineral healing water is impressive in its ability to multitask. Its benefits are multifold and can help a person heal in several key ways.

Karlovy Vary healing mineral water supplies the pancreas with minerals and bicarbonates, the main ingredients of the pancreatic juices. Healing mineral water created from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt may help with two major problems-pancreatic pain and pancreatic insufficiency. When the pancreas has sufficient minerals and bicarbonates, it runs on a full tank. A well-oiled machine has fewer pains and aches than one running on fumes.

Czech scientists also found that this healing mineral water could promote secretion and increase the activity of pancreatic enzymes in healthy volunteers, people with chronic pancreatitis, and patients who had their gallbladders removed. This healing mineral water not only can help someone with an ailing pancreas, but it can also help someone who is healthy and strong. Karlovy Vary healing mineral water can boost anyone's pancreatic overall health, which is great preventive medicine.

This healing mineral water contains almost all minerals and trace elements that are important for the human body. Water created from the genuine Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt heals inflammations and repairs malfunctions of the digestive tract. It promotes energy, immunity and removals harmful toxic substances.

From the centuries of years of experience using Karlovy Vary mineral water, European doctors not aware that to achieve optimal results, a patient had to drink this water under the supervision of a knowledgeable health practitioner. How much of this mineral water is needed? When should it be consumed, in the morning, in the evening, or both? Not every individual is the same nor has the same symptoms. An experienced health practitioner can advise a patient accordingly.

With that said or in this case written, Karlovy Vary healing mineral water can be used by many in the medical world. Medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, herbalists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and colon hydrotherapists can add this healing option to their arsenal in fighting pancreatic illnesses and disorders. For the millions suffering from pancreatic ailments, they have an organic, non-drug option available to them.

Pancreatic disorders have proven difficult to treat or cure by conventional medicinal methods. Using a non-drug approach that encourages the pancreas to heal and rebuild itself has demonstrated to be effective. This article focuses on the healing properties of the European Karlovy Vary healing mineral water made from the original Karlovy Vary thermal spring salt. Its properties have been tested, studied, and documented by the medical community in Europe. As most of these finds were written in languages ​​other than English, the American public, and its medical professionals remain unaware of this healing option for people suffering from pancreatic disorders.

The information in this article is presented for educational, informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, and advice of a qualified licensed professional.