Forceps Birth Injuries

There are many procedures available to doctors who are delivering a child if complications should arise. Much to the fears and stress of the parents, the birthing process is full of problems that endanger both the child and the mother. Tools such as vacuums and forceps can be important to promote a safe birth. However, especially in the case of forceps, an unskilled or careless physician can cause undue injury to the mother’s womb or to the head of the child.

Although the modern medical establishment has drastically improved the birthing process for the mother, reducing mortality because of child birth to a complete rarity, mistakes can still lead to injury. In the case of forceps, the obtrusive nature of the instrument can lead to tissue tears in the womb, as well as serious lacerations around the vaginal area. The female body usually deals with birth appropriately and minimizes damage to itself, but the addition of an outside force can cause substantial injury and pain.

Children can suffer a multitude of complications due to forceps use. If the child’s face is clenched by the tool too tightly, it is possible that the main facial   nerve , which controls motor function in areas such as the lips and eyes, can become  pinched . A severe enough mistake from a physician can lead to permanent disability and facial paralysis.

A cephalohematoma, or bruise on the head, can develop due to the pressure of a forceps or the child’s passage through the womb. Although this problem usually subsides over time, it is possible that this injury can indicate a skull fracture or may further develop into a more serious problem. Subsequent disease can even include meningitis and jaundice.

To learn more about how parents can defend their legal rights in cases of healthcare worker negligence, contact a medical malpractice attorney.

Vitamin D – Depression and Other Mental Illness Treatment

There are many health benefits for the presence of Vitamin D in your body. Many mental illnesses can be treated with Vitamin D. Depression is seen when there is a lack or insufficiency of the vitamin. This is also effective against illnesses such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and dementia. Many health care professionals advocate the use of Vitamin D to ward it off. Vitamin D is a hormone, and not literally a vitamin like the others. The best way to get it is from being in sunlight. There are other sources of it as well such as fish, fortified milk and many dietary supplements.

Types of Vitamin D

You can get the required dose of vitamin D from sun exposure. But too much of it is not good – it can lead to skin cancer. If you want to be in the sun and use a lot of sun block, you might not get the required dosage. Some foods are rich in vitamin D. There are supplements (powders and pills, etc.) also available that can give you the required dosage, thus helping you avoid symptoms like depression.

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D aids the body in absorbing calcium. Calcium is important for bone density. Having sufficient doses of this hormone prevents you from suffering from side effects such as depression.

Common misconceptions about Vitamin D

The risk of anything bad actually happening when one does not take enough of it is extremely low. For this to happen, you would have to actually take a lot of the supplement continuously over many weeks for it to actually reach a level of toxicity.


Lack of this vitamin has led to becoming a victim of depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder and depression stem from the lack of Vitamin D. Physicians recommend supplements to boost the levels of Vitamin D in a person’s body. Supplements are highly recommended for people who live in high altitude climates or in the northern parts of the country, as the level of sunlight is much lower. Vitamins and other natural remedies can be used to help alleviate the symptoms. There are many signs of depression. They can vary from person to person. They can also range from very mild to very severe and anything in-between. Some signs are an increase or decrease in weight, changes in sleeping habits, change in interests, tiredness, fatigue, feelings that no one likes them, nervousness, feelings of guilt and suicidal thoughts.

The Elderly

This particular age group has been shown to lean towards developing dementia, as well as Alzheimer’s, due to the lack of the vitamin. Their levels of Vitamin D are much lower than any other age group – this could be partially why the elderly suffer from depression.


One has to be careful with the levels of Vitamin D. It is not that simple that the body can metabolize it easily. In some extreme cases, it has led to health issues. There can be health issue with the increased calcium intake. It can also lead to toxicity. In very rare cases, it results in cardiac arrhythmias. The importance of Vitamin D in your diet and daily life is an absolute necessity – allowing your Vitamin D level to drop could cause depression. There are many benefits of this wonder vitamin. Studies have shown that it can prevent cancer and it also helps with osteoporosis. It can help people with mental illness and calm them down. If you want to reap the benefits, consult your physician. All it takes is a blood test to determine you level of Vitamin D. Spending only a few hours in the sun weekly is highly beneficial. If you wear a light sunscreen, you will get all the benefits you need. Your body will naturally absorb these ultraviolet rays. If sun exposure is not possible, then speak to your physician about how you can supplement it. The daily-recommended dosage is about 200 IU per day. This amount offers protection against Mental Illness, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, High blood pressure and many kinds of Melanoma.

Side effects

If you have any of the following side effects, make sure that you let your physician know immediately. Vomiting or any sign of weight loss are reasons to be wary of. A loss of appetite, constipation, weakness of limbs, ache in bones, unusual headaches, itching sensations, a sharp metallic taste in your mouth, regardless of whatever you eat, are all possible signs of toxicity. As always, before you start on any kind of medication, change in diet or supplements, it is always best to speak to your physician before starting on it. This is because they know your medical history and know what would be best for you.

Flashing Lights in Eyes – Migraine Type Headaches


I regularly experience flashing lights in both eyes. These lights can appear at any time but particularly if I get up quickly or Sneeze- I even get them when I’m making love. The symptoms can last up to ten minutes at a time. I’m a 33-year.old man. I have had extensive eye tests but nothing has shown up. It seems to be happening more often, and it is getting more severe. Can you offer any advice?


I have had a number of questions about this subject. What you and my other correspondents are experiencing is really a headache without the pain. People who suffer from migraine type headaches see flashing lights and/or feel dizzy just before the severe pain in the head. The lights are called the ‘aura’ and are a warning sign.

Your flashing lights may, at some point, develop into a headache, which is categorized medically as an ‘exertional headache’, because it starts soon after a sudden exertion. It could be any quick action, such as you describe, or, for instance, moving the head suddenly to the side; or bending down to tie your shoelaces. Dehydration can produce the same effect, so you may experience the lights after along fight. Other triggers are drinking alcohol and eating a heavy, meal. A Chinese meal that contains the additive

monosodium glutamate may also start the reaction since, as with migraine, the lights may be an allergic reaction to something the body sees as an enemy. The classic migraine triggers are alcohol, cheese, chocolate and citrus fruits.

To summarize, I would say that any event or substance that raises the heart rate or blood pressure suddenly can cause flashing lights, just as they can induce a migraine-type headache. But in your case, fortunately, the symptoms go as soon as the pulse rate and blood pressure return to normal.

In my experience, most people who suffer from flashing lights (also migraine and exertional headaches) have had a difficult birth that involved a neck injury (including a forceps delivery, or a whiplash injury, fall, head injury or some similar trauma. This event puts one of the vertebrae in the neck (usually the third cervical vertebra) out of alignment. As a result, the pathway of the vertebral arteries is not perfectly straight. If the cervical vertebrae are properly aligned, they keep the vertebral canal, which houses the arteries and veins carrying blood from the heart to the brain, quite straight. But if there is a kink or curve in the canal and the heart rate suddenly goes up there may be turbulence and restricted blood flow to the brain. It is this reduced blood flow that triggers the flashing lights, dizziness and eventually, for many people, headaches. Some doctors and scientists reading this column may disagree, but I have proven the link to my own (and my patients’) satisfaction by showing that treatment to the neck – plus some other simple remedies – solves the problem.

Here is what I suggest:

* For three to four months (until things, settle down), avoid foods that cause tension in the body – mainly coffee, alcohol, excess salt, monosodium glutamate and any foods that you know you are sensitive to.

* Drink two liters of still, pure water daily between meals.

* Drink two cups of Relaxation Tea or camomile tea, daily, without honey or sugar (or artificial sweetener).

* Ask a partner or friend to massage your neck and shoulders twice a week for six to eight weeks. If you can go to a professional therapist sometimes, this is beneficial. When the sides of the neck are massaged, you will find there is an area (one third of the distance down from the skull towards the shoulders) that will be quite tender. Massage this gently in a rotating movement until the pain eases.

* Do yoga: the cobra swing, boat, semi bridge and turtle postures are particularly helpful.

* Consult an osteopath or chiropractor for two or three sessions, if possible. A practitioner should massage the affected part soften the muscles and then manipulate. One manipulation can fix the problem temporarily but if your spine has been misaligned for a considerable period, you may need more long-term treatment to deal with the problem muscles, tendons and ligaments.

A Woman’s Worst Nightmare: Androgenic Alopecia

The hair is an essential part of woman’s attractiveness and unlike men, not many women would consider the bald look classy, unless they are African beauties who are specifically models. A woman will know that they are experiencing a hair loss problem when they comb their hair and the bristles are full of strands; when they shower and the bathroom is full of hair strands which are more than normal; when the scalp stubbornly shows no matter how much they try to camouflage it with different hairstyles. When this occurs the woman knows they got a problem. Female hair loss can affect women as young as late teens and early twenties and if nothing is done as treatment the problem might grow to advanced levels.

Unlike male pattern baldness, loss of hair in females is not commonly associated with hereditary factors and might not necessarily be due to androgenic alopecia. There are causes of alopecia for women which have nothing to do with this genetic factor and have everything to do with being a woman. The female hair loss may be permanent or temporary and it is difficult for the woman to tell if it is going to be permanent or temporary without an experienced hair specialist’s help. However temporary hair loss has been associated with occurrences in a woman’s life such as pregnancy or illness. It is important to note that women have different hair loss patterns from men and most women have non- pattern hair loss types.

Androgenic Alopecia

This is a sensitivity of the hair follicles to the androgens which are the male hormones causing them to reduce hair reproduction. However, Androgenic Alopecia in women does not result to baldness of the nature that occur in men, it is a bit different since it lacks that cue ball look that is common in male hair loss. Female androgenic alopecia patterns vary in the way they occur. Thinning of hair may occur over the whole scalp with increased thinning mostly at the back side of the head; or the entire scalp experiences thinning with pronounced thinning at the scalp front without affecting the hairline area. In some cases the frontal hairline is also affected.

Scarring Alopecia

This is loss of hair due to scarring of the scalp. The top of the scalp is the mostly affected area and it occurs when the woman braids her hair tightly or in corn rows causing irritation to the hair follicles. Post menopausal women have also been known to experience scarring alopecia due to inflammation of the hair follicles due to their menopausal condition.

Underlying conditions

When a woman is suffering from immune instability which causes a serious condition, one of the symptoms of the conditions might result to hair loss. Conditions such as Lupus, Tellogen Effluvium, cancer, fungal infections and many others involve hair loss. Some of these conditions may be treated and the woman may regain their hair hence the hair loss being only temporary. The woman might consider some treatment options if the hair loss is just natural and they are advised to seek a professionally qualified hair specialist for treatment.

Surgery Treatment Options

Hair Transplant: – A woman might want to consider the surgical techniques to regain their hair. During the hair transplant, hair follicles from other parts in the body are taken and planted at the thinning sections of the scalp, but this idea might not be effective if the woman loses hair all over the scalp.

Scalp Reduction: – This occurs when devices are implanted into the skin causing a stretch on the scalp areas that are still laden with hair and removal of the bald areas is also done to be replaced with hair growing follicles.

Good diet

Taking diets rich in zinc and iron can help in maintaining healthy hair follicles and enable healthy hair production. As the woman opts for any treatment option, taking the appropriate diet for the sake of the hair follicles is only practical.

Hair Products There are also effective products that can cause hair regeneration and thickness, it is important for the woman to be wary because most of these products don’t really work and only very few do. Avoiding products that promise quick results is wise. A good hair product takes time to work, approximately a year and over, the ones that promise weeks results lie, because hair follicles take time before they recover so they can produce new hair.

Women experiencing alopecia should have the condition accurately diagnosed by a certified hair professional so that the correct treatment option is advised. Self diagnosis and resorting to over the counter products is discouraged to avoid bad irreversible effects.

Natural Hair Loss Remedy – A Bluebook For Everyone

Hair loss is a common problem which is bothering people a lot these days. People try a number of ways to prevent this. But it is a fact that there is no remedy which will work for all. A particular remedy might work for you but that does not mean it will work for your friend. The hair loss remedy should be chosen with the reason for hair loss in mind. You need to find out the actual cause. You can do this with the help of certain tests. These tests are usually performed by the physician. They will be the best person to tell you if you are suffering from hair loss due to any internal illness.

You will find a lot of natural hair remedies. The natural remedies are safe and risk free. If they do not work for you, you do not have anything to lose because it would not do any further harm to your hair. The first natural remedy is massage. If you can massage your hair for at least for some minutes everyday the blood flow to the hair follicles will be stimulated. This can also stimulate the growth of the hair. Other than this you will find some electric massage products which can also be of some help.

The next natural hair loss remedy is possible with the help of aromatherapy. You need to blend six drops of lavender oil and bay essential oils and use at least four ounces of almond oil, sesame oil or soybean oil as the base of the mixture. Then massage these oils into your scalp and sit for at least 20 minutes. This method has been used by various aroma therapists to stimulate hair growth. Natural remedies can be done at home and you do not have the fear of side effects.

Silicone Putty

What is Silicone Putty?

It is a two-part RTV silicone rubber, non-toxic material with the viscosity of putty for making simple but detailed moulds. The mould will withstand temperatures up to 315°C.

This rubber does not require moulds or containers which liquid silicon or our RTV rubber requires. You simply mix equal parts of Part A and an equal quantity of Part B which requires less time and skill in preparing the rubber ready for application.

Simply put, it is the fastest, easiest means of producing a reusable mould that is flexible and accurate.

Safety Precautions

It is safe to use and does not give off any toxic fumes. Those who are allergic to silicone should still take all the necessary safety precautions. For most people however there is no need for gloves.

Silicone putty comes in two forms. A general purpose putty and one that is manufactured with food safety in mind that may be used in the manufacture of chocolates and other food materials.

Recommended Storage

Keep in a cool dark storage place with the lids firmly closed. If the putty is not exposed to air it will last for more than one year.


Part A and Part B of the silicone putty is coloured differently to enable you to ensure even and proper mixing. Don’t worry about weighing each part. Just estimate as closely as possible an equal size ball of each part. Knead them together with your fingers until the colour becomes uniform and without streaks. It is advisable to take only a minute or less to do this as the silicone starts curing soon after mixing.

How to use Silicone Putty

Once you have mixed the silicone putty press it over and around the object to create the impression. Let is set for 5 to 10 minutes. When pressing the putty over the model start by pressing from the centre of the object and moving outwards to ensure no air is trapped in the impression.

Silicone putty easily traps air as its viscosity doesn’t allow bubbles to rise as it does with liquid silicones so be careful.

A mould release is unnecessary as silicone does not stick to other objects, however one difficulty is that it can become entrapped in wood fibres and become difficult to remove. If the putty is pushed against a vertical surface it may fall away if not supported due to the easy release properties of the putty.

Unlike a mould made from a liquid silicone you will not finish with a level base to facilitate casting. One way to get around this is to attach two wooden strips to the bottom side of the putty which will act as legs on the mould.

Once the silicone putty has set it will allow you to rest the mould on these strips making a level mould to cast.

As silicone putty begins to set up in as little as three minutes after you have finished kneading, you must work quickly. Extend the putty out to at least 1 cm on all sides of the object to provide a level surface around the mould opening.

As silicone will stick to silicone any thin areas can be repaired by adding additional putty to the completed mould.

What can the moulds be used for?

Silicone Putty moulds can be used at high temperatures such as that of an oven. Therefore Polymer clays can be hardened in the moulds. All types of resin can be used as well as plasters. Chocolates and sweets can be formed in the food safe silicone putty moulds.

By Stan Alderson

Hearing Loss and Earwax – Did You Know?

Earwax is seldom understood, but a common cause for temporary hearing loss. Although it’s easy to think of earwax as a disgusting bi-product of the body, it’s an amazing self-cleaning agent. However, not caring for your ears properly can cause the earwax to build up, creating temporary hearing loss, tinnitus, earaches and other issues.

Earwax, called cerumen by the medical profession, is an antibacterial and lubricating protector of the sensitive ear canal. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s supposed to be there. By chewing, swallowing and other actions of the jaw, the old earwax migrates through the canal to the outer opening of your ear. It then dries and falls away.

When Earwax Builds, Hearing Loss Can Follow

This is the natural order of things. However, a number of patients suffering from hearing loss have earwax build up because of pushing things into their ear, such as bobby pins and cotton-tipped applicators. This pushes the earwax against the flow, back into the ear canal, where it builds and – eventually – blocks the canal.

While cotton-tipped applicators do serve a purpose, that purpose is not to clear earwax from the inside of the ear. These applicators are supposed to be used for the outside of the ear, and were made because people simply didn’t want to wait for the natural process of drying and falling away. They should never be used past the opening of the ear.

Although a buildup of earwax doesn’t always cause hearing loss, it can. It may be partial hearing loss, but can grow into a full   deafness . Patients have gone to their doctor thinking they were going deaf, only to find that earwax had completely blocked the eardrum from receiving the vibrations necessary for hearing.


The symptoms of impacted earwax vary depending on the amount of build up. They include:

  • Earaches
  • A feeling of fullness or stuffiness in the ear
  • Rushing or ringing (known as tinnitus) in the ears
  • Partial or progressive hearing loss
  • Itching inside the canal
  • Excessive coughing

Suffering from one or more of these symptoms indicates earwax build up.

Reducing Hearing Loss and Earwax Build Up

If you have hearing loss due to earwax build up, you’ll need to clean your ears. While cleaning, never put any instrument, applicator or anything solid into your ear canal. Some of the home treatments include, but are not limited to:

  • Drops of baby oil, mineral oil or glycerin
  • Commercial eardrops
  • Hydrogen or carbamide peroxide drops
  • Ear irrigation

It’s important with oils that you don’t heat them past normal body temperature – hotter than body temperature can burn the ear canal. As well, if you’re irrigating your ear, the water, saline or other wax dissolving liquid needs to be warmed to body temperature to reduce the chance of dizziness and vertigo.

  • Home treatments shouldn’t be tried if you have a perforated eardrum, weakened immune system, diabetes or a tube in the eardrum without consulting your doctor.

If home treatments don’t work, you can’t use them because of a weakened immune system, diabetes or other medical condition, or if you have a narrow ear canal, your hearing care specialist can manually remove the earwax.

A final note of precaution: if you often suffer hearing loss or other symptoms due to frequent earwax build up, consult your physician. It may be best to have your hearing care specialist being routine cleanings to prevent other occurrences from happening.

Orgasm Hypnosis – For Men and Women

A common question we get asked relates to orgasm hypnosis. People ask us whether or not it is possible to utilize hypnosis or self-hypnosis as a tool to make yourself or your partner reach orgasm. Due to this frequently asked question, we thought it would be only appropriate to create an article about it, to explain and dispel some myths once and for all.

There are lots of myths out there when it comes to orgasm hypnosis. It seems like all men would like to have the skill to use on women and women would like the skill for themselves. It is a known fact that the most common problem for men in the bedroom is reaching orgasm too early, whereas far too many women don’t reach an orgasm at all. If you do a quick search on Google, you will find lots of websites promising your success in the bedroom if you just hand over your credit card details. Well, I hate to be the one to tell you, it doesn’t work that way.

Let’s start with the men, because that would be the easiest. Can hypnosis help you (as a man) prolong intercourse and delay your orgasm? Short answer no, long answer, yes. Confusing? The short answer is based upon the fact that most men arrive at orgasm too early due to hyper-excitation. In other words, they got too excited too quickly and blow their whistle before the woman has even had time to warm up. Unfortunately, there is little hypnosis can do to avoid a man from being excited about being in bed with a woman, as the excitement is a good thing that you do not want to avoid. However, there is one thing that can be done. Through the use of self-hypnosis it is possible for the man to partially remove themselves from the situation they are in (in bed with a woman that is). By doing this they will decrease the excitation and thereby prolong the time before they reach orgasm. It requires practice and persistence, but can be done with the right help and instructions on how to self-hypnotize.

Now for the women. Can hypnosis or self-hypnosis help you (as a woman) reach orgasm with your partner? Both short and long answers here are a big, resounding yes! We have found that the most common reason why females fail to reach orgasm is an inability to relax and be comfortable. The more they focus on their inability to reach orgasm, the further away from it they will drift, until reaching a stage where they are waiting for their partner to finish. Self-hypnosis is very effective at helping you reach a state of total relaxation, reduce the anxiety and stress associated with the situation you are in and improve your focus on what is going on.

The first step to achieving this is first to find a peaceful place, make sure you are all alone and not going to be distracted. Even though it will eventually be with a partner, the initial practice has to happen in solitude, so make sure phones are switched off and the TV is on mute. It is always a good idea to create a place in your mind where you feel at ease. Some people choose an open meadow on a sunny day and other an empty beach with the noise of the waves in the background. It does not matter what you choose, as long as you feel relaxed.

Once you have found this place you will start repeating your hypnotic scripts. These scripts will be repeated many times over while you are focusing on getting closer and closer to orgasm. Eventually, you will reach a state of hypnosis where you will experience what is called hyper-awareness. Hyper-awareness means that all of your five senses will be heightened, and you will become much more aware of what is going on around you. Do you think having heightened senses might be a good start if you want to reach orgasm?

It is important to note that self-hypnosis is completely safe and that you can wake up at any time without any problems. Once you have practised finding this hyper-awareness, you can start focusing on sexual things which in turn will help you get closer to orgasm. When you have practised this for a while you should be able to reach this state without too much trouble, and when you do it is time to take it to the bedroom. It is this state of hyper-awareness you want to be in when in bed with your partner, and with its help you should be able to reach orgasm much easier. It should also be mentioned that some women that have practised orgasm hypnosis for a while can reach orgasm themselves, with no touching or caressing, but only through narrow focus and focused thoughts.

Electone Hearing Aids – High Quality At An Affordable Price

Electone, Inc, is a hearing aid manufacturer located in Orlando Florida, and is known for both the quality of its Electone hearing aids and its customer service. Electone offers lines both of pre-made BTE hearing devices and to our custom Electone hearing aids with both digital and analog circuitry.

Electone’s Tango, Aurora, Terra, and Rio lines of hearing aids are all designed to accommodate customers suffering from different degrees and types of hearing loss, for those who are mildly   impaired  to those whose hearing loss is profound.

Electone Hearing Aid Lines

Electone haring aids in the Tango line are digital, non-programmable BTE models which have excellent feedback cancellation for improved auditory comfort and clearer speech comprehension. The Tango Electone hearing aids are appropriate for those with moderate to profound hearing impairment.

The Aurora 2 and Aurora 4 Electone hearing aids are both programmable digital hearing aids and can be built as either behind-the-ear or ear canal hearing devices. The Aurora 2 can be ordered as a power BTE hearing device if desired, and is good for mild to moderate hearing loss. The Aurora 4, also indicated for mild to moderate hearing loss, had advanced digital programming

The single-channel digital Terra Electone hearing aids have flexible programming and are suitable for those with a moderate to severe hearing impairment; they are available as both ear canal and behind the ear devices.

The premium lines of the Electone hearing aids are the Rio and the Rio Sierra. The Rio is a single-channel programmable digital hearing device with flexibility and the Rio Sierra has two channels so that the wearer has much-improved sound quality in noisy situations. Both models can be programmed to cover all degrees of hearing impairment form mild to severe, and come not only in ear canal designs but in three distinct behind-the-ear models.

The Electone Rio has readily accessible controls, allowing the wearer to program it for his or her comfort. Both its frequency response and sound input and output are adjustable to the user’s specific hearing needs.


Electone hearing aids also can be made with your choice of optional features, including a traditional or switchless programmable telecoil, and a directional microphone system.

The wide variety of Electone hearing aid options means that your audiologist can fine-tune tune your test programming and give you a choice of either a behind the ear or invisible hearing aid; and that Electone will not have any difficulty producing a hearing aid uniquely suited to your comfort and hearing needs.

How to Start a Conversation With a Woman – Get the Ball Rolling

Are you shy and having issues starting a conversation with a woman? Are you intimidated and don’t know how to start a conversation with a woman? What are the tricks to starting a conversation with a woman?

It can be intimidating and a little scary to walk up to a woman and begin a conversation. This can be especially true if you don’t know her, but have just seen her across a crowded room. To add even more pressure, you may have to keep the conversation going for a little bit until you hit on a topic that you can both discuss equally. If you are unsure where to start when having a conversation with a woman, keep reading for some pointers.

Opening Up

The first thing out of your mouth will be your opening statement. The purpose is to break the ice between the two of you and to get the ball rolling. One of the best ways to do this is to grab their attention and engage the other person in a compelling way. The opener should also want to make the girl find out more about you. The best thing to do is to prepare your opener in advance. That way you are more confident when you go up to her and you won’t stammer as you try to figure out what to say. In addition, you opener should last about ten seconds.

Keep it Going

In addition to having your opener prepared, you will also have to have a follow up prepared as well. You don’t want to say your opening line and then stand around hearing crickets as you try to come up with something else to say. Until a girl warms up, you will have to carry the majority of the conversation. Come up with a routine after your opener which can include questions or stories. You can also use what is going on around you such as a comment about the band or the venue where you are. These routines should be interesting and get a girl’s attention. In addition, they should be relevant to you and honest at the same time. Finally, never follow up with a negative statement. Keep the conversation light and stay away from controversial topics such as abortion, politics or religion.


You will also want to know more about the girl you are talking to. At some point, you will need to start asking her questions about what she likes to do and what she does for a living. Be sure that these are open ended questions that she can’t answer with a simple yes or no. Make her open up and describe her latest adventure or favorite movie. This way, you will not only get to know her better, but you will build some attraction as well.

If you use these tools and take a deep breath before going up to a girl, you will soon find that you can start all of the conversations you want.

Alternatives To Skype

Video calling is a technological advancement that has made communication way easier for many people. In this way, you get to speak with a person from a hundred or so miles away through the Internet. What is better is that you also get to see that person, and vice versa, through streaming videos while your conversation is taking place. Video calling has not only made the original chatting services rather frail, it also bridges a lot of flaws in the world of online communication.

Skype is one of the video calling services that have become popular among many people in different countries. It is a software application that you can download and install in your computer. Essentially, you can make Skype-to-Skype calls for free and Skype-to-other-landlines for a bit of payment.

But since Skype has already too many users, it is just as prone to breaking down and crashing. This is why you must be aware of at least some of the alternatives that you can use should Skype be unavailable.

One of these alternatives is ooVoo. It is an application that allows for a maximum of six people who can chat with each other all at the same time. You can install this through any mobile device as well as in Mac and Windows computers. ooVoo also allows for video attachments that you can easily send to your contacts.

Another great alternative is the Google Voice. Of course, if it bears Google then it may be something great. With free calls via phone and video within the United States, it can really be said that Google Voice has a lot of benefits. The application allows for calls made between PCs for free. Google Voice also comes complete with voicemail, conference calls and transcription of voicemails.

Finally and especially for Mac users, you can consider installing FaceTime. This is actually a far-reaching application because there are so many users of Mac products everywhere. Therefore, video calling a friend who owns another Mac product is definitely made easier. With this you can do Mac-to-Mac calls and communication between your Mac to our iOS. The quality of the video is also rather high, with 720 pixels.

It is important that you find alternatives to Skype so that when it breaks down, you are not left hanging with no ability to call. Just make sure that you would get to use all features of the temporary plan without damaging anything.

What Is Drug Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation or also called as rehab is used to help a particular person to recover from all of his addictions, injuries and physical as well as mental illnesses. The drug rehabilitation programs are the most common types of rehab. All people addicted to drugs essentially require additional assistance and care that is possible only through drug rehabilitation.

Facilities of drug rehabilitation

The drug rehabilitation facilities can help all drug addicts to re-enter the society by transforming themselves. This drug addiction very often changes a particular person’s behavior and this can affect all the aspects of his or her life. This also includes relationships and work In the process of drug rehabilitation, all patients can do their best to regain their normal lives in a healthy and safe manner. There are also many types of facilities related to drug rehabilitation. Some of these specialize in helping of patients with a very specific drug addiction while others can offer a much broader range of drug addiction services. There are also rehabilitation facilities that are age and gender specific. As this can very often help a patient feel more comfortable in the rehabilitation setting there are also inpatient and outpatient facilities.

Committing to complete recovery

All counselors and doctors in rehabilitation centers help their patients to make goals for themselves. Patients are also able to commit to themselves and also their loved ones. This is done by striving to change and struggling to recover completely. They also make their long term goals and their short term goals that can help them go a very long way. Doctors also educate all their patients in rehab to accept themselves as it is the first step to an overall recovery. Patients are quick to learn about the effects that a drug can have on their hopes and bodies. They must be motivated to change themselves and this is possible only by going through a thorough rehabilitation process.

There are also rehabilitation centers that offer very frequent counseling to their patients. These sessions can sometimes also take place on a daily basis. The counselor’s help patients discover and psychological or emotional factors that force them to take an easy route. They try to eradicate all these factors and make them go on the right path. Patients are also encouraged to participate in group therapy in addition to the other processes. This is a part and parcel of rehabilitation.

Dietary Supplements – HCA and CLA

More than half a century since the big war, we still find ourselves fighting the Battle of the Bulge only now it is around our waist. We will do just about anything to shed a few kilos including following surgical options. Before you go that far, however, take a long look at the safer dietary supplements that might be able to provide you with healthier, more natural results.

Staying healthy

By its very nature, weight loss will be partially achieved through the lowering of calories. That is both good and bad. While you will be eliminating many bad things from your diet, you will also be eliminating the body’s sources of nutrition. For this reason, when you cut back on your intake of food you need to use weight loss vitamins. Your body still needs those, just not so many chips! The addition of a weight loss vitamin supplement can help your body efficiently and effectively lose the extra kilos while still keeping you healthy.


Many people want to avoid supplements along with their weight loss vitamins because they have fears of “popping pills”. That does not need to be the case with HCA as many of them are completely herbal and/or organic. HCL (hydroxycitiric acid) is a natural way of helping the body convert carbohydrates. It also functions as a natural appetite suppressant, telling the body it is full faster than it really is. No worries, however, as the weight loss vitamin supplement will still make sure your body gets the nutrition that it needs.


One of the other great appetite suppressants is CLA. (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). This is often called “the fat that makes you slim”. It is found in animal and dairy products and is a very natural part of our diet, you are just taking it in larger amounts but along with weight loss vitamins has been shown to be safe and effective. In fact, it is now being studied as part of cancer treatment as CLA is toxic to cancerous cells. There are two small drawbacks with it however. One, you will need to periodically have you HDL (the good cholesterol) checked as it can lower it. Also, it can lead to insulin resistance so you will want to see how it will affect your blood sugar.

In short, it is not just about losing kilos, it is about staying healthy while you do. A little study and the right supplements will go a long way for you.

Bad Breath Clinic

Does the thought of going to a bad breath  clinic  fill you with embarrassment? If it didn’t, you wouldn’t be a normal human. Most of us find the thought of having a halitosis problem to be intensely embarrassing. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from this unpleasant problem, so you’re definitely not alone. It doesn’t even have to mean you have bad personal habits if you have this problem. The cause could very well be medical. If that’s the case, and it often is, then one of the many bad breath  clinics  around the world can help you.

Does it seem strange that there are  clinics  devoted to treating this problem alone? It shouldn’t seem so strange when you consider how prevalent the problem is. These  clinics  specialize in getting to the root of the problem and eliminating the cause.

That way, not only is the halitosis fixed, it doesn’t come back. Your doctor at the  clinic  will run the appropriate tests to find out what the cause of your particular problem is. These tests may include looking at your digestive enzymes, mouth bacteria, any signs of acid reflux, and teeth problems, as well. The doctor will be very thorough, and by the time the examination is done, you’ll know exactly why you have smelly breath and what to do about it.

The most common cause of smelly breath is too much odor causing bacteria in the mouth, but it’s not the only cause. Sometimes, the exact cause can be difficult to pinpoint, which is why bad breath  clinics  are necessary. When you have bad breath and you know it, it can be hard to have a personal or professional life.

You are aware that your breath is offensive to those around you and there’s not much you can do to mask it. Vigorous brushing of your teeth and copious amounts of mints don’t seem to help. So what can you do but stay inside and away from others? A bad breath  clinic  that specializes in this problem can give you your old life back and increase your self esteem.

Understanding What Is Para Nasal Sinus Disease

Paranasal sinuses are sinus cavities are air filled spaces within the bones of the skull. They are termed as paranasal sinus cavities because they are directly connected to the nasal passage. Paranasal sinus cavities reduce the weight of the skull, produce mucous which lines the nasal cavity and resonate the voice. There are four pairs of paranasal sinus cavities present in the human body. They are the frontal which are present which lie above the eyes in the frontal bone which forms the hard part of the head. The ethmoid sinus cavities lie between the nose and the eyes. The sphenoid sinus cavity lies at the skull base above the pituitary gland. The maxillary sinuses are the largest of all paranasal sinuses. They lie below the eye, in the cheek bone. There are a lot of opinions regarding what is paranasal sinus disease.

Paranasal sinus disease is the inflammation of the lining of these sinus cavities. this inflammation can be caused by allergens, viral infections or bacteria. Another explanation to the question what is para nasal sinus disease is that when the mucous from the sinus cavities stops draining properly, it causes sinus. Healthy sinuses are normally air filled. Infected sinuses become mucous filled because of lack of proper drainage.

One of the most important aspects of understanding what is para nasal sinus disease is understanding its symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of sinus disease are slow fever, headache, facial pain, swelling, jaw pain and toothache. Sinus may also be accompanied by a pus filled nasal discharge which is greenish yellow in colour. This nasal discharge may also be blood tinged.

Apart from understanding what is para nasal sinus disease, it is also important to know the best possible way to cure it. It is best to take advice from a reputed medical practitioner. A course of anti inflammatory drugs or anti allergic medicines helps most of the times. Doctors also advice nasal irrigation or nasal sprays at times. Surgery may be considered in some extreme cases.

Once a person understands what is para nasal sinus disease, he/ she should also realize the consequences of it. A severe case of sinusitis may be a threat to a person’s life. It is best if sinusitis is taken care in an early stage.