Gertrude Stein: Melanctha

I slept with Gertrude Stein, but I’m not gay.

It had been a controversy in my temples, this “gay” thing, but I’m not gay. It is because I read gay books, I work with gays, and I just love their sense of being true to themselves; but I’m not gay “Because gays,” says a psychologist “have got sex with the same gender.” So if you have not sex with the same gender: you are not gay.

And as for me, I am no Gertrude Stein, but I adore her because I love how she puts her words into music. I like how she pushes through with the good possibilities, and write that appealing clean stories for all to read.

“3 Lives” is the unforgettable stories of three women told with poignancy and compassion by one of the most important writers of our century,” says Donald Sutherland, a noted actor with a major in Drama.

Melanctha is a girl loved by everyone, and has done pretty good things like taking care of her mother and being generous to friends. She also would watch the men, and all the things that were busy working. Jeff Campbell gets attracted to her mysterious ways, and she, Melanctha liked Jefferson Campbell: strong, well-built, good looking, cheery, intelligent and good mulatto.

The story of this girl, combines with the story of “The Good Anna” and “The Gentle Lena.” Stein’s sympathy with how women eke out their living runs deep thoughts in her stories. Her style simple, and with no ambiguity, shows lives of ordinary people around. Repetition is one of her styles. I did not get bored reading the story, because it went through like a chant where you would like to reach the chorus. The characters spin the story naturally, and the conversations don’t stop, but give a feeling of excitement. In the end, you would find something in the work, as just like in a poem. Stein chants it well.

“She uses repetition and dislocation to make the word bear all the meaning it has… one has to give her work word by word the deliberate attention one gives to something written in italics,” points Sutherland.

In “Miss Furr and Miss Skeen” (check her titles) it says “She was gay exactly the same way. She was never tired of being gay that way. She had learned very many little ways to use in being gay…” and in most of the sentences, she repeats the word “gay.” And I, as a reader, find them beautiful, and hence the sleep.

Stein was an acknowledged influence on a number of important writers like Ernest Hemingway, Sherwood Andersen, and Richard Wright.

Hearing Test for Kids

Getting a hearing test for children is not always the easiest of processes. The problem is, kids need to have the best possible ability to hear since it is key to their ability to learn well into the future. If you want to have your child’s ears examined, but are unsure how he or she is going to give you the information you need to know what they can and cannot hear, it is best to go to a specialist. These providers will work closely with your children better to understand what the condition of his or her hearing really is.

Finding a Specialist

Often times, parents are told to bring their child in for a basic screening as a part of their annual physical. For every young child, including those that are unable to speak, it can be hard to do much more than just screen for any health problems. To learn about the quality of their ability to hear, on the other hand, parents will need to seek out the aid of a specialist.

Find a specialist that has experience working with children. You also want to find one that is easy to talk to and fun to be around. Children will appreciate those qualities when it comes to providing you with information about whether or not they can hear during the exam. You also want to find a provider that is willing to conduct a full hearing test to ensure there are no problems.

What You Can Do

As the parent, you can prep your kids for this type of examination by providing them with information. Talk to your son or daughter about what will happen and what he or she can expect to occur. Talk about what it means to have this test and what it could mean if there is a problem. Will the child need any special devices? That is dependent on the condition of their ears but you can tell the child in advance that he or she can count on you to help them to choose the right one if it is necessary. Talk about all of the benefits of improving any loss like being able to talk to friends or being able to listen better. By doing this, you can make the entire process less scary for even the smallest of kids.

A hearing test for children is important. You should have one every year for those children who are at risk. Often, problems with hearing do not occur at first but can occur during elementary school. It is a good idea to talk to your child’s pediatrician about any needs he or she may have related to their needs.

How to Kiss the Neck

Possibly one of the most underrated abilities available in a man’s repertoire of seduction. Definitely overlooked as an ability in a WOMAN’S repertoire of seduction, the neck kiss can evoke amazing results if done correctly, and if the recipient happens to be particularly sensitive in their neck, there’s no telling what may happen!

How to Kiss a Girl’s Neck

This is for the gentlemen. Ladies, I’ll be talking to you in just a bit. Guys, it’s time to learn how to kiss a girls neck. When you are getting ready to kiss a girl on the neck, you need to know how powerful of a move this is. This is a kiss that gets very intimate, very close, very fast. This kiss can be made from a normal make out session, or can be started on the dance floor. There are no really set rules when it comes to how to kiss a girl on the neck.

From a make out session: Just break off the kiss, and use a hand to tilt her head back. This will give you a clear approach. Bring your face in and lay down small kisses, or pecks all around her neck, throat, chin line, and collar bone. Also, the soft area under the ear is a great spot to concentrate your kisses. You can try spreading out the kissing, or laying them down in a line. Keep them short, do not lick or slobber on her throat, just try to go with the small pecks.

While dancing: If you have been dancing for a few minutes, and you aren’t sure what to do to intensify your interaction, you should start kissing the girl’s neck. It should not be hard to figure out how to kiss her neck. Just lean your head over her back (assuming you are taller than she is and her back is to you) and breathe gently on her neck. Then take her hair and softly pull it to one side of her head. At this point, she may even help you, by pulling her hair sideways.

If you’re doing these things right, then your girl will probably be closing her eyes, tilting her head back, and maybe even sighing with enjoyment.

How to Kiss a Guy’s Neck

Finally, what you’ve been waiting for ladies. I bet you never guessed that guys’ necks can be just as sensitive as your own when it comes to a little wandering lip action.

The best part about kissing a guy on the neck is that sometimes he won’t expect it. It feels great, believe me. Having a girl’s lips nuzzling up against his throat and caressing his neck muscles, will send shivers right down the spine of any straight guy lucky enough to experience this. Follow pretty much the same rules as listed above for guys kissing the neck. Try surprising your guy by grabbing him from behind, wrapping your arms around him, and softly kissing the back of his neck.


You know how to kiss the neck, but when you’re kissing the neck, there’s a place that you can EASILY transition to that is so extremely arousing, it will leave both guys and girls out of breath and begging for more. Read More about this on my blog, How to Kiss Good Look for the article about the Sexy Secret Spot.

Spastic Diplegia – Symptoms and Treatment

One form of spastic   cerebral   palsy  is known as spastic diplegia. This form is occasionally called Little’s Disease and affects the movement of the upper or lower half of the body. Like other types of  cerebral   palsy , it is caused by damage to the brain. In many cases it is unknown how the damage was caused and it is there at birth.

Yet there are circumstances in which  cerebral   palsy  is obtained after birth because of medical malpractice during the labor and delivery. Some known causes of  cerebral   palsy  include lack of oxygen, infections to the baby or the mother that could have been prevented or other brain injuries like Hematoma that happen during a complicated labor.

Families of a child that has spastic  cerebral   palsy  can talk to a lawyer and take action to be compensated for medical costs when their child’s condition is caused by medical malpractice. Have your case looked at by a professional lawyer who deals with  cerebral   palsy  cases right away.

Symptoms of Spastic Displegia

There are different symptoms which may vary from child to child and depend on how severe the condition is. However, there are some common characteristics, such as their muscle tone is tight because of this their muscles are contracted permanently. This is called hypertonia and it not only affects the limbs of the upper part of the body it also affects the legs.

A child may display the following symptoms:

* Muscle spasms that can’t be controlled

* Joints don’t have much range of motion

* Speaking and walking is hard

* Muscles are tight

* Irregular movements on the upper or the lower parts of the body

* Delays in development (ie: walking)

If your child displays any of the above signs, they need to be seen by a physician. Tests such as MRI, EEG, and CT scans will be run to determine whether your child has this form of  cerebral   palsy .

Treatment Options

Because there is no cure for spastic diplegia there are many treatments patients go through. Some common treatments are:

* Physical therapy it helps keep their muscles flexible and more range inn motion

* Medications such as Botox, to decrease muscle spasticity

* Surgery to control muscle spasticity

* Technology that helps individuals in mobility such as wheelchairs

These treatments not only help with spastic  cerebral   palsy , they help with the other types of spastic  cerebral   palsy  such as spastic hemiplegia, spastic quadriplegia, and others

Does Your Child Have Spastic Diplegia?

It is possible you have a legal claim if there was medical malpractice or neglect that contributed to the condition of your child. Not every case is allowed compensation but if your child suffered from some of the following you may want to contact a lawyer. If you had a baby by C-section or the doctor had to use vacuum forceps, if your baby had severe jaundice, or had seizures after birth, even if your baby had an infection and was treated.

Becoming a Real Estate Investor 101

It’s a new year, you have made that New Year resolution that you will be financially free,you want to be a real estate investor. You have bought the books and have been to the seminars,you are ready to go out and build your real estate empire. You come across your first deal, you double check the numbers to make sure that this is a good investment. For some strange reason, fear has creeped in on you. You doubt whether this is a good deal or not. “Paralysis of analysis” has set in on you and killed the deal. You are still broke, and daydreaming of becoming a real estate investor. This is not the way to become financially free. To become a successful real estate investor, you must be able to make quick decisions on the spot. ” Time is money”, don’t look to be a expert before you begin.

” Paralysis of Analysis” steals dreams. To be successful at real estate investing start with a good education and understanding of how real estate is handled in your area. Build your investment team before you begin, that can be a real estate attorney, accountant, mortgage broker, bird-dog, real estate agent/broker. Get a good feel of what is selling in your area. If you want to make this into a business you will need a business license to operate. Don’t buy property in your name. You can run ads in the newspaper, but you will soon notice that there are a dozen or so real estate investors doing the same thing. You may find that making signs and posting them throughout the neighborhood works really well compared to spending a lot of money on running ads in the newspaper, “but caution” in some neighborhoods, you will get a call from the county to take the sign down.

Overall, this is a great business to be in and it’s fun. But it’s hard work and is not a get rich quick scheme. I have a friend named Theresa who worked at a mill in North Carolina for 15 years. The company, she was with went out of business. Before they closed down she had purchased a house that needed a lot of repairs. It needed a new roof, electrical work, windows and a plumbing job. Most investors were scared off by the amount of work that it needed. She had purchased the house for $15,000.00 did $25,350.00 in repairs, and sold it for $76,100.00.

She made a profit of $35,750.00. She had a lot of courage and belief in herself that it can be done that’s if you put your mind to it. One of the biggest myths out there is having a good paying job will bring you financial security, don’t believe the hype. Some people will tell you that you need a lot of money to start out as a real estate investor. You can start out with no money of your own by locating investment property for other real estate investors, and collect a finder fee if they buy the property. Don’t let the new year catch you day dreaming or making more excuses for not becoming financially free. Get started now!

Dialysis – Side Effects and Dangers

Dialysis, which is primarily used to provide an artificial replacement for lost kidney function is a life saving treatment for those with end stage renal failure.

However in both forms of Dialysis Peritoneal Dialysis and Hemodialysis the patient may experience certain side effects from the treatment.

Side Effects Of Peritoneal Dialysis:

In Peritoneal Dialysis a Catheter is inserted into the patient’s abdomen running from the peritoneum to the surface. The exchange of Dialysis fluid must be done carefully to avoid the spread of an infection. The frequent handling of the catheter and access to the peritoneum results in an increased risk of infection. Infections that reach the peritoneum can be more serious and in some cases severe infections of the peritoneum can be life threatening.

Peritoneal Dialysis in the long term can cause changes in the peritoneal membrance thus causing it to no longer act as a dialysis membrane as well as it used to.

  Hernia  is another problem that can occur due to the fluid load in the abdominal cavity. The insertion of the catheter into the abdominal cavity can also weaken the abdominal walls.

Side Effects Of HemoDialysis:

As most patients with renal failure pass little (or) no urine, HemoDialysis often involves fluid removal. If too much fluid is removed it can lead to side effects such as low blood pressure, fatigue, chest pain, leg cramps and nausea.

As Hemodialysis requires access to the circulatory system, patients may expose their circulatory system to microbes which may lead to an infection of the heart valves(endocarditis) or it can even affect the bones(osteomyelitis).

First use Syndrome is a very rare but severe reaction to the artificial kidney. Symptoms include sneezing, wheezing, shortness of breath, back pain, chest pain (or) sudden death.

Four Main Causes Of Back Pain

Back pain can be mild and temporary, or severe and sustained. It can affect different parts of the shoulders, back and neck and greatly inhibit normal function. Lower pain is among the key reasons why people look for pain management solutions and according to statistics, as many as four out of every five individuals are affected by this problem. But what causes back Pain?

Back pain can come about due to one or a combination of the following factors:

• Poor body posture

• Injured discs

• Disease and disorders

• Sciatica

Poor Posture

Poor posture is one of the main causes of back pain. While at the workplace, many people have to sit at a desk for hours while working on their computers. In most instances however, the chairs they use chairs do not provide enough back support and this forces them to lean forward throughout. This and the fact that they hardly ever leave their desks may eventually make the back give in to muscle imbalance where the muscles in that area may lose their natural function due to under utilization.

Injured Discs

Muscles and ligaments hold the vertebrae together and discs are positioned in between the vertebrae to provide cushioning that also acts as a shock absorber. As a person gets older though, these discs may deteriorate and cause friction between the vertebrae. Strains on the back, such as that experienced when lifting may also lead to herniated discs and disc bulging thus resulting in severe back ache. There are however numerous back pain management techniques that can be applied to deal with such problems.

Disease and Disorder

At times, pain may stem from acquired disorders like arthritis which can contribute to fractures, or scoliosis where the spine may curve in an abnormal way. Ankylosing spondylitis, which causes spinal joint inflammation, is yet another problem that can affect the vertebrae and lead to back pain. Spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, and pregnancy can bring about the same problem as well


Sciatica affects the sciatic nerve which runs from the lower back all the way down to back of the legs. When this nerve is affected, pain may be experienced on the back and this may sometimes even extend to the foot and completely debilitate the patient. Someone experiencing this sort of irritating pain should consult a doctor for back pain management solutions.

Back pain may come and disappear on its own depending on the underlying cause. Whenever you experience pain for a prolonged period or if the pain keeps you from sleeping at night though, it’s crucial to visit a clinic so you are provided with pain management treatment. Keep in mind, back pain can be disabling; it has been established to be a major cause of disability in individuals below the age of 45. This means ignoring it may only cause you bigger problems.

Therefore, you should aim to visit a pain doctor whenever such a problem arises so you have it resolved as soon as possible.

The Causes of Sciatica

It is important to understand that sciatica is not a disease but rather a symptom caused by a set of other underlying factors. Firstly the most common cause of sciatica is a protruding disc or herniated disc which causes pressure on the sciatic nerve. A herniated disc is caused by being displaced as well as external pressure resulting from constant pressure or an accident. However, people that suffer from sciatica due to a herniated disc may not experience pain.

In additional Piriformis Syndrome may also cause sciatica. This syndrome causes the Piriformis muscle to exert pressure on the nerve when a muscle imbalance causes the joint in the area of the pelvis to be displaced which results in the piriformis muscle seat changing and in turn applies pressure on the nerves in that area. Another cause could be due to spinal stenosis which is the constriction or narrowing of the spinal space in the canal which causes muscle imbalance.

Muscle imbalance puts more pressure on the spinal area and hips and in turn causes these areas to become awkwardly positioned as well as causes irritation and inflammation due to continuous pressure and contact on the sciatic nerve. Other causes of sciatica are Isthmic spondylolisthesis which is caused from dislocated vertebrae and in turn causes the nerve to become pinched. However, all these causes have a common factor such as muscle imbalance or muscle strain.

Many people suffer a muscle injury during their lifetime which in turn means that the flexibility of the muscles is reduced and in which case causes pain and causes sciatica symptoms such as muscular irritation, tingling and numbness. Such symptoms may also reflect a health condition and one should consult with a physician in order to make a positive diagnosis.

Depending on what is causing the sciatica symptoms one may require surgery. The common treatment for sciatica is analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications and exercises that are designed for lower back pain which will bring about complete or partial relief. Even though medications and exercises are a common treatment, these need to be taken under the supervision of a professional.

There are also several natural sciatica cures that have proven effective for sciatica pain such as home remedies and homeopathy along with stretching and lower back exercises. In the case of severe sciatica one should follow their physician’s instructions carefully or in some instances the person may have to have a surgical procedure.

Hip Baths

The hip bath is one of the most useful forms of hydrotherapy. As the name suggests, this mode of treatment involves only the hips and the abdominal region below the navel. A special type of tub is used for the purpose. The tub is filled with water in such a way that it covers the hips and reaches upto the navel when the patient sits in it. Generally, four to six gallons of water are required. If the special tub is not available, a common tub may be used. A support may be placed under one edge to elevate it by two or three inches. Hip bath is given in cold, hot, neutral, or alternate temperatures.

Cold hip bath

The water temperature should be 100C to 180C. The duration of the bath is usually 10 minutes, but in specific conditions it may vary from one minute to 30 minutes. If the patient feels cold or is very weak, a hot foot immersion should be given with the cold hip bath.

The patient should rub the abdomen briskly from the navel downwards and across the body with a moderately coarse wet cloth. The legs, feet and upper part of the body should remain completely dry during and after the bath. The patient should undertake moderate exercise like yogasanas, after the cold hip bath, to warm the body.

A cold hip bath is a routine treatment in most diseases. It relieves constipation, indigestion, obesity and helps the eliminative organs to function properly. It is also helpful in uterine problems like irregular menstruation, chronic uterine infections, pelvic inflammation, piles, hepatic congestion, chronic congestion of the prostate gland, seminal weakness, impotency, sterility, uterine and ovarian displacements, dilation of the stomach and colon, diarrhoea, dysentery, hemorrhage of the bladder and so on. The cold hip bath should not be employed in acute inflammations of the pelvic and abdominal organs, ovaries and in painful contractions of the bladder, rectum or vagina.

Hot hip bath

This bath is generally taken for eight to 10 minutes at a water temperature of 400C to 450C. The bath should start at 400C. The temperature should be gradually increased to 450C. NO friction should be applied to the abdomen. Before entering the tub,the patient should drink one glass of cold water. A cold compress should be placed on the head. A hot hip bath helps to relieve painful menstruation, pain in the pelvic organs, painful urination, inflamed rectum or bladder and painful piles. It also benefits enlarged prostatic gland, painful contractions or spasm of the bladder, sciatica,   neuralgia  of the ovaries and bladder. A cold shower bath should be taken immediately after the hot hip bath.

Care should be taken to prevent the patient from catching a chill after the bath. The bath should be terminated if the patient feels giddy or complains of excessive pain.

The "Best" Frozen Shoulder Exercise

The most frustrating problem I encounter when treating a patient with frozen shoulder is apathy. When the patient arrives for their first therapy session they are usually in desperation mode because of the sleepless nights they have encountered over the past 6 months due to shoulder stiffness and pain. They are willing to do just about anything short of cutting off their arm to get rid of the pain and return function… at least that’s what they say to my face during this all important first visit. “What’s the best frozen shoulder exercise?” is usually one of the first questions I get, and the patient’s apathetic expressions begins when I begin explaining that frozen shoulder treatment consists of a combination of exercise and rest, performed in multiple but brief sessions throughout the day. “Do you think going to a chiropractor would help me more?” has been another question on more than one occasion. “Not necessarily, sir” is the reply followed by “their are many techniques to treating your stiff shoulder, most of which are pretty good, but the important thing is that you are somewhere taking action”.

Now I’m not trying to sound like a “self-help” guru, but taking daily action is the absolute crucial first step someone with frozen shoulder can do to help speed recovery. Despite popular belief, just resting the shoulder only makes it more stiff and painful when you have to move it.

Now the next most important step is to avoid making it worse. Now as I just wrote the previous line, I can almost here the sarcasm laden reply of thousands of web surfers as they say “ya think?” However this is not as obviously simple as it seems. You see, in the world of injuries and recovery, my wife is known as a “tester”. If she happens to have an injury such as a painful shoulder, neck, etc… then everyday, no, several times a day she “tests” that injury to see if it still hurts. For instance if reaching overhead pinches or hurts her shoulder, she will repeat this movement throughout the day to see if “it’s getting any better”. The point of all of this is to emphasize that if you happen to be a type “A” personality, then bulling your way through the day using your painful shoulder is not the answer.

This is not to say that you will not feel pain throughout the day during specific frozen shoulder exercise, because you definitely will. The important concept here is to realize the difference between “damaging” pain and “non-damaging” pain. Now I can go into a whole section on the difference between the two (which is out of the scope of this article), but basically “damaging” pain is pain you feel when, obviously, damage is being done to soft tissue, ligament, or bone. Damaging pain is often described with words such as “sharp”, “tearing”, “nerve pain”, and “shooting”. Most people automatically stop when encountering damaging pain (although some low-pain-threshold people will push through damaging pain).

By contrast, non-damaging pain is is pain felt due to shortened muscles, ligaments, soft tissue, connective tissue, or tendons and is often described with words such as “achy”, “dull”, “pulling”, and “pressure”. Certainly there are many more words to describe these two types of pain, but these are the ones I have encountered over thousands of patient visits over the years. The point of all of this is that if you do exercise and do not push through non-damaging pain with frozen shoulder exercise, you WILL NOT improve your chances of recovery. A trained physical therapist can help give you the best combination of frozen shoulder exercise to maximize your recovery.

What Are the Signs of a Stroke?

This year about 800,000 Americans will experience the signs of stroke, and will suffer a stroke of some kind. Stroke happens when blood supply to the brain is interrupted, resulting in damage to the brain tissue. One-third of stroke survivors will have another one within 5 years. Each year strokes claim about 160,000 lives in the United States. Of the 640,000 who survive, many will have long-term disabilities that will effect their quality of life, physical appearance, and their capacity to earn a living.

Early detection

Early detection of the signs of stroke and symptoms of stroke make it much more likely that you’ll survive and have fewer lasting effects.

The National Stroke Association uses an anagram to remind people to act “F.A.S.T.” if you think someone may be having a stroke. Here are some easy things you can do to tell:

F – FACE Ask the person to smile. If one side of the face droops, this is one of the signs of stroke.

A – ARMS Ask the person to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?

S – SPEECH Say a simple sentence and ask the person to repeat it. Are the words slurred and incomprehensible?

T – TIME If you can answer “yes”, to any of the above questions, you need to call 911 immediately. Every second counts during a stroke.

Recently there has been an email going around that is saying another one of the signs of stroke that you could look for in place of the “T” is to have the person stick out their TONGUE. If their tongue is ‘crooked’, if it goes to one side or the other, this is one of the signs of stroke.

While this is also likely true, as a test it is not as valuable than the other three because there is room for interpretation of the results. How ‘crooked’ is crooked? How far to one side does it have to go before you might say it’s definitely one of the signs of stroke? The other three test mentioned above are better to use (smile, raise both arms, speak a simple sentence) and are very easy to determine if there is a problem.

When stroke strikes

Even with quick intervention, strokes can result in long-term disability. Depending on what people can afford, stroke patients may decide to have rehab in a hospital or long-term care facility. Others may even get help in the comfort of their own homes. With therapy, patents can relearn and regain basic activities of daily living such as speaking, eating, getting dressed and walking.

Costs of care

As with all medical care, treatment for stroke patients can be very costly. The 2009 annual cost of stroke is expected to reach $68.9 billion according to the American Heart Association.

Not very many families today are ready to handle the high costs of health care. Especially in today’s economy, it’s very difficult to have extra expenses beyond your normal household budget. Not surprisingly, about half of all personal bankruptcies filed in the U.S. are attributed in part to medical bills.

Cost-saving solution

Recognizing the signs of stroke and the costs of stroke are critical. But you really shouldn’t stop there.

Supplemental health insurance policies provide financial support when an individual is diagnosed with a stroke. These policies, also known as critical illness insurance, provide cash that can be used however you want. A person can use money to cover medical bills, pay for living expenses, or pay for assisted care.

When the signs of stroke are caught early, the long-term effects can be alleviated. And when individuals prepare themselves with a critical illness plan, they gain the peace of mind that comes from securing their personal and financial future.

Gallbladder Pain Relief

Have you felt stomach pains after eating? Feel nauseous and even maybe vomiting? You may be experiencing gallbladder pains.

What is a Gallbladder?

Your gallbladder is located right under your liver, and it is a small pear shaped organ that basically help you digest fat by using bile that is stored inside that organ.

Why am I experiencing pain in my gallbladder?

This can be due to a diet that contains high cholesterol. The high amount of cholesterol causes your gallbladder to produce gallstones, which are hard clumps of cholesterol.

The gallstones is what causes you to feel pain in you abdomen especially after eating. Gallbladder problems have symptoms similar to heart burn or indigestion, except they are more frequent and more painful as well.

What can I do to stop my gallbladder pain?

Well there are several options you can pick. The first step is changing your diet, make sure you lower the amount of cholesterol you intake.

Another helpful way is to find a guide on gallbladder cleanse, also known as a gallbladder flush. What this is a special diet or supplement that will completely clean your gallbladder, allowing you to naturally eliminate gallstones.

Of course, it is important that you diagnose your gallbladder problem as soon as possible, so you can start using a treatment that is best for you.

If you wait a long time to start treating your problem you may need surgery, which is something that should be avoided as it bring more complications.

How Dream Therapy Cures Your Mental Illness

A mental illness is gradually cured through dream therapy because all dreams contain information related to your mental health and your life.

All dreams are produced by God, whose mind is the unconscious mind discovered by Carl Jung. This means that the information contained in your dreams is extremely important and gives you real knowledge.

God is your private doctor. He produces dreams about your problems and your life, giving you numerous explanations about your psychological problems, your behavior, your future, and the meaning of your life.

You will also learn the meaning of death. God gives you many lessons about matters that our scientists couldn’t discover yet, or perhaps never will.

God’s therapy is based on what is necessary for you. He analyzes all the details of your case in your dreams, showing you what He thinks about you.

God is your doctor and but He also is a judge. You are constantly judged because you are a terrible sinner, even if you don’t think so. Your opinion about who you are doesn’t correspond to the truth.

You ignore the content existent into the biggest part of your brain, which is in a wild condition. Your opinion is based on the influence of your satanic anti-conscience, besides being based on the suppositions of your underdeveloped and one-sided conscience.

Your dreams help you abandon your wild nature and evolve, while you acquire consciousness. This means that you understand the meaning of your actions and your mistakes, and you correct your mistakes.

Dream therapy eliminates your revolt because you had traumatic experiences in life, by giving you explanations for the reasons why you had these experiences. The time you will need to be relieved depends on the experiences you had, and on your personality.

You become mentally ill when you follow the absurd thoughts of your anti-conscience, what usually happens when you have a traumatic experience. Your anti-conscience increases your revolt with its absurd thoughts and emotions, while God helps you stop becoming angry thanks to the information He sends you in your dreams.

Anger is a common reaction found in most mental disorders. There are many other symptoms and reactions that characterize each one.

Dream therapy helps you change your philosophy of life and think based on God’s wisdom. You learn how to pay attention to numerous revealing details that compose your reality, and how to always have a wise attitude. Your mental illness is cured thanks to the information you have.

You also understand that your life is a process of transformation. You have to find sound mental health and become a perfect human being in order to purify your spirit. What really matters is what will happen after your death, and not your temporary life on earth.

You dreams help you focus on becoming a better person, and not on having goods and material pleasures. You understand that your personality and your actions are preparing your destiny.

So, you stop following the narrow-minded philosophy of life imposed by the hypocritical world.

Symptoms For Tension, Migraine and Cluster Headaches

There are two categories for headaches: primary and secondary. Primary refers to tension, migraine, and cluster headaches whereas the secondary type refers to those caused by infections or diseases.

Here, I will be focusing on the symptoms for Primary headaches only.

Tension Headache Symptoms:

-The pain begins at the back of the head and the upper neck and feels like a tight band around your head. The pain is most intense over the eyebrows.

-They are seldom associated with nausea and vomiting or sensitivity to light and sound.

-They usually occur infrequently with no fixed pattern. Although in some cases they can be frequent, even daily.

-Despite the pain, they do not stop you from getting on with you daily routine.

Migraine Headache Symptoms:

-40% – 60% of attacks are preceded by premonitory warning symptoms that can last hours or days. These symptoms may include: sleepiness, irritability, fatigue, depression or euphoria, yawning, and cravings for sweet or salty foods.

-Aura is usually associated with migraines in 20% of cases and comes before or in sync with the pain. The most common Aura symptoms are: a blind spot, flashing, brightly colored lights in a zigzag pattern that usually start in the middle of the visual field and progress outward. Less common is a pins-and-needles sensation on the same side of the body in the hand, mouth, arm and nose.

-Throbbing/pounding pain usually in one temple (although in some cases it can be located in the back of the head, the forehead or around the eye)

-Usually aggravated by light, sound and daily activities like walking up stairs and sudden movements.

-Usually accompanied by cold feet and hands, pale face, Nausea, Vomiting, and Diarrhea.

-Typical attacks can last anywhere from 4 to 72 hours.

-The pain is usually only on one side, although in about 1/3 of the cases it can be bilateral. Unilateral headaches usually change sides from one attack to another.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If unilateral attacks are always on the same side, this could be caused by a tumor. See your physician at once to rule out this possibility!

Cluster Headache Symptoms:

-More common in males

-The person is usually restless (pacing, and being driven to desperate measures due to the pain) as opposed to a migraine sufferer.

-excruciating pain around or behind one eye making it become red, inflamed and watery accompanied by a congested runny nose on the same side.

-These headaches come in groups and can be weeks or months long with pain once or twice a day, or more, and then may cease for months or even years.

-The pain lasts from about 30 minutes to one and a half hours at about the same time every day.

In Conclusion:

Although it is always advisable to see your doctor for a specific diagnosis on your case, you can get an idea of what your dealing with by looking over these symptoms to see if they sound familiar to you.

Skin Problems Can Be Connected With Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the diseases that interrupts the work of all body. Nevertheless the causation of some skin problems with diabetes is neglected sometimes. About one third of humans who suffer from diabetes will have skin diseases. All of them should be cured as early as possible to prevent its residual and epiphenomenon.

Here we will add up skin diseases that are apt to emerge in men with diabetes and that are typical for diabetics. If you suffer from diabetes and want to prevent skin problems, it’s better to look after your skin heedfully, to take control of your disease and the suggested level of blood sugar.

Skin Diseases that Are Supposedly to Emerge in Diabetics

Bacterial microbiosis can provoke healthless, inflated, irritated and hot skin. The remedy for such skin infections is antibiotics and regulation of the normal level of blood sugar. The excellent environment for proliferation of bacteria is the redundancy of glucose. Here is a list of some bacterial infections: carbuncles, blotches, hordeolum, nail and hair follicle infections. Diabetics quite often have a typical bacterium which is called staphylococcus.

The other kind of infection which is peculiar for diabetics is mycotic infections that can cause psorous eruption in weeping areas of the body. The eruption is supposed to be red rash with peeling and bulla around it and foamy white incrustation. The best cure is following all doctors’ prescriptions and taking control of diabetes. The fungus as well as bacterial infections is connected with the redundancy of glucose. Yeast infections, bald ringworm, jock itch and dermatomycosis of feet belong to the mycotic infections. The fungus that provokes the mycotic infections in diabetics is candida albicans.

Humans with diabetes often suffer from dry and also lamellar, peccant, red skin. Their skin can crack and it creates favorable environment for germs and later on infections. Dry skin is associated with high level of blood sugar as the fluids with urine egest from the body in order to remove sugar. The other cause of dry skin is nerve disease as sweating process is embarrassed by affected nerves that can’t work properly. Dry skin together with yeast infections and poor circulation can provoke itching. Uncontrolled diabetes favours dry skin and bad blood circulation. The lower parts of legs are often exposed to itching.

Acanthosis Nigricans, Atherosclerosis, Diabetic Dermopathy and Skin Tags: What Is Common.

The mentioned-above diseases are typical skin diseases of people with diabetes.

Acanthosis nigricans is characterized by rich dark dots that emerge in skin crease, for example, groin and neck, armpits and elbows, knees and hands. This skin problem is caused by insulin insensibility. The best treatment for the disease is losing weight and using creams.

Atherosclerosis is notable for induration of the arteries that hampers blood circulation. The aftertrouble of atherosclerosis is cool, dim and glossy skin, a little quantity of hair, thickened and faded toenails. The cure of injuries lasts for a long time if a diabetic suffers from atherosclerosis. In order not to be taken ill with an atherosclerosis you should keep diet, do exercises, take control of your weight, give up smoking, regulate blood pressure and the level of bad cholesterol.

Diabetic dermopathy is known as a disease of small blood vessels. It promotes the reduction of blood supply to skin and furthermore the dots of different shape that seems to be age dots. These lamellar brown spots are supposed to emerge on the front part of the leg. The other names for this skin problem are shin spots or skin spots. The cure is not necessary as diabetic dermopathy is nonhazardous.

Skin tags are peculiar to quarter of people with diabetes. Papillary tumors are small bits of flesh that are supposed to emerge on the eyelids, neck and armpits. Skin tags are associated with insulin insensibility and atypical blood fats. They can be ablated in accordance with the desire.